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Reviewed: 08/03/01 | Updated: 08/03/01

Smuggling Across The Border Anyone?

I never thought that a time like this would come. A time where the whole concept of a game is to run from border patrol and smuggle goods to different places. I thought that I was going to have to experience this in real life if I wanted to become a smuggler. Now, with the Playstation 2 console power and the great minds at Rock Star a game called Smuggle's Run emerges. Now this game may not be the game parents want their little seven year olds playing, but I would like to say that this game game is for anyone who enjoys a true videogame. Videogames were made to let us run our imagination and do things that are not possible and now Rock Star lets us run our imagination and do things that are illegal. Thank you!

Graphics: 9/10
Whoa! You can go anywhere you want? Wow, I hear that a lot when I show my friends this game. The environments in Smuggler's Run are huge. I believe that each course is at least 5 square miles which means you can drive around for minutes without running out of space. The cars that you drive are extremely detailed but that's not where the graphics shine. Want to drive your car in to the snow? In Smuggler's Run you'll see many different terrains that each drive differently and look beautiful. You'll think to yourself that you are watching Cops on television when you first glance at the game. Now you must be thinking ''Well, the graphics in Playstation 2 games are supposed to be good.'' Well, you're right, but Smuggler's Run had one of the most impressive graphics from the launch titles. Why you might take a few minutes to look around at the scenery in the game, you better not look long because those border patrol men are coming!

Gameplay: 10/10
This is where Smuggler's Run shines. The game is so simple yet so complex in it's own way. Pick up the goods before the rival gang gets them and take them from Point A to Point B without getting stopped by the border patrol. Sounds easy doesn't it? Well, some levels in the game are near impossible when you first try them out. Pick from a SUV or a Buggy for your driving needs. The two cars drive a lot differently so it will take you a bit of time to find out what one you enjoy more. There is two ways of not getting the job done in Smuggler's Run. One way is that you run out of power and the other way is that border patrol stops you. So basically you need to concentrate all the time while playing this game. While many fans of racing games may think this game is a little bit out of hand, a lot of casual fans of this genre will love this game.

Control: 9/10
All games like this need good control and Smuggler's Run does not disappoint. The control here is so basic that you will be able to know how to drive your car perfectly the first time you pick up the game. The steering, breaking, and everything else you can think of is made perfectly in this game. There is little to no slowdown and the environments are vast. The controls in Smuggler's Run is everything you could ask for and more.

Sound: 8/10
You wouldn't expect too much sound from a game like this. Smuggler's Run has the engine noises and all the other goodies that come with all other racing games. The thing that makes Smuggler's Run sound so good is the sirens in the game. After playing this game for countless hours it actually seems like you are being chased by the police. The sound is so realistic that it will make you look outside to see what the problem is. Also, the soundtrack provided by Guidance Recordings does more then please you while playing this game.

Overall: 9/10
Overall, Smuggler's Run is a great game to get. The game came out roughly 9 months ago but I would still pick it up if you have any extra money laying around. The whole concept of the game is great and you won't be disappointed at all.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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