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Reviewed: 12/30/00 | Updated: 12/30/00

A fresh new idea.

I think that Rockstar is trying to go for a Playstation 2 track record. With them releasing Oni in a while, and having released this and Midnight Street Racing, something's going on... But who cares, this means we get more games! Yippee! Smuggler's Run puts you in the role of a young, fresh new smuggler who just got excepted into a smuggling group. So every mission, he goes off against cops, as well as other smugglers. But don't just expect the enemy to be pushovers. They usually drive in a posse, and can just pop out of nowhere into your way and steal the goods right in front of your eyes. But you'll be out with a vengeance. There's a multiplayer and a mission based campaign mode. The normal to expect. Sound is nice, the announcer is a girl, there's enemy voices telling you to back off and hit the road. Music isn't new, but it makes do. The graphics are good. Nothing that looks blocky, except for the occasional. Smooth, polygonal action! The gameplay has easy controls, missions that vary, although get repetitive at times. The replay is medium or should I say average. The same ol' multiplayer, except no guns and other weapons, only driving and smashing. Each multiplayer match is usually with several other computer opponents, and the theme is capture the flag. Overall, if Rockstar can keep up good titles, and some, then they'll eventually be a big shot publisher, like Electronic Arts and Nintendo. If they are going to make a sequel though, they should put in some gadgets or weaponry. I mean, the game's easy, but isn't it nice to just blast the world away, Twisted Metal style? Drumroll, please-the scores.

The Scores
Graphics-8-Utilizes Playstation power.
Replay Value-6-I need more than a few missions!
Gameplay-7-Controls a plus for this one.
The Final Score-7-Tah Dah! A decent mission racer.

So in conclusion of my review, this game may not be the next Driver, Grand Theft Auto, or 007 Racing, but it makes the cut. If you don't fully believe me or my review, then go out to the store and rent it. The game's at least worth a rent, if I do say so myself.

Peace out-Agent_x

Rating:   3.5 - Good

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