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Combat FAQ by Raddishsmoke878

Version: Final | Updated: 06/27/06

The Getaway 					Basics/Weaponry/Combat FAQ

Version: 1.0 
Platform: Playstation 2 
Rating: Mature 
Players: 1

Table of Contents 

1.0 - Introduction
2.0 - Permissions / FAQ Disclaimer 
3.0 - The Combat Guide
4.0 - The Weapons Guide
5.0 - Weapon Location Guide 
6.0 - Special Thanks / Credits 


1.0 - Introduction - This is a game that has been through so much. The 
critics bashed it because it wasn't as good as this or that; they 
simply labeled it as another Grand Theft Auto clone. But they failed to 
see the art in this game. It captures the London underworld very well. 
It was always a love/hate style game, and I happen to be addicted to 
it, even though I saw scores at an average of 6.5. So looking back I 
have decided to go ahead and write an in-depth guide on this awesome 
game, even though the fans continue to disappear.  

This guide focuses on the gritty combat found in The Getaway, and all 
of its realistic goodness. The core gameplay is amazing to mess around 
with and just plain fun to play. It's a blast, but at times the game 
can be unforgiving in the shooting parts of the game, so I have made 
this guide to help rookie players find their way around these difficult 
and sometimes mind numbing missions; this is how the London underworld 
does it, so hold on. 


2.0 - FAQ Disclaimer - If anyone wants to use this data on a fan site, 
or post it on a separate guide, go ahead, but please cite the author if 
you do so, I don't think anyone wouldn't, but to be on the safe side, 
the only site using this FAQ as of now is the one and only, 
www.Gamefaqs.com. This is a Guide and FAQ so it contains plenty of 
spoilers, so read at your own risk. 


3.0 - The Combat Guide

Introduction to Combat - The Sony Dual Shock 2 Controller will be used 
to control Mark and Carter through the London Underworld. You'll need 
to learn a few basic tactics that concern towards the combat mission 
segments found through out the game's story mode. These are pretty much 
all the things you need to know.


Automatic and Manuel aiming 

Automatic Lock-on aiming - Activated by Pressing the R1 shoulder 
button, this automatically lock's onto the nearest posed threat. Such 
as, police on the streets of London or Thugs and mobster's within the 
games missions. The Auto Lock-on technique is the most used and as 
anyone can imagine, it's pretty much mandatory if you're planning on 
surviving all the shootouts found in this game. 

Manuel free-aim - Activated by pressing the R2 shoulder button, this 
allows your current character to aim the weapon they are using, freely. 
Note that the game gives you no crosshair or aiming ridicule. Just 
simply line the wanted target up at the end of the barrel and fire. 
This is pretty much the most accurate way to accomplish a successful 
hit to what you're aiming at. 


Cover attacks 


Blind shooting - Activated when you press the X button near a wall. 
Then navigate to the hallway or next room with hostiles. Once at the 
edge of the doorway or wall corner, press the Square button and your 
current character will fire whatever firearm you have, blindly into the 
next area. With some luck you may hit a Target, but overall this isn't 
as effective as Jumping out. 

Jump shooting - Activated when your press the X button near a wall. 
Simply do what you did to position yourself before you'd blind fire. 
Now once again, your ready to fire shot's into the next room. Press the 
R1 or R2 button depending on which way you prefer to aim, and then take 
your shot. This is very accurate way to kill subjects. It protects you 
fairly well in the process too, that and you can release the aiming 
button and swiftly swing back to cover yourself from enemy fire. 

Crouch and pop-up attack - Activated when you crouch and press X near a 
covered object, much like a car or box. The player can blind shoot or 
pop-up from the lowered cover and attack the foes waiting on the 
opposite side of them. This is a very simple tactic that can save your 
life, if caught in the midst of an intense firefight. The games main 
weapons can perform all of these cover attack's.  




Hostage Taking - If you get behind an enemy or civilian, you can press 
the X button to grab them, and take them hostage. If you're out in the 
streets, a hostage can be taken and the police that are chasing you (if 
they are) that are in front of you will raise their hands as not to 
pose a threat. The game can however be taken from a more brutal 
approach. By pressing the Square button they can do the following: If 
you're playing as Mark, and he's unarmed, he will break the hostage's 
neck. With a Handheld firearm such as a Pistol, he will perform a point 
blank headshot. Or with a Rifle type firearm, he will push the subject 
forward and deliver a single shot into the back of the subject. DC 
carter will either apprehend the subject if unarmed, or if he has a 
weapon, will smack them with it.  

Explosive Barrels - Through out the main game, you will run into these 
red colored barrels that can be locked onto and fired upon. They do 
extreme amounts of damage, and they serve as just another edge in 
combat. Keep your distance though, the shrapnel and explosion can cause 
major damage or even instant death, shoot at your own risk and be 
careful if you're standing near one, as thugs can unload their own 
weapons into it. 

Healing - To recover from any damage you may have sustained from combat 
or vehicular incidents, you may at anytime walk up near a wall and the 
Character your playing as will lean against the wall and begin to 
recover his lost health. The condition of your character on screen can 
be indicated by his walk, and ability to aim accurately. Healing is a 
prime factor in completing your missions, so try to find a quiet spot 
and rest up. You may also find out that heavy smoke from over damaged 
cars or a mission in which a building is burning down, may cause you to 
collapse, this too can be recovered from. 

Melee Combat - If you happen to find one of The Getaway's various melee 
weapons, or you just happen to be very close holding a gun, press 
square to smash them with either the butt of the Rifle, or the pistol 
grip. Melee weapons act very much the same. However, the exclusive 
melee weapons deliver a much more lethal attack. These range from blunt 
objects to serrated objects. 


4.0 - The Weapons Guide

Weapons List and Status 

The weapons of the Getaway consist of Ranged firearms and Melee weapons 
that can be found during missions, However, Most of these weapons 
cannot be found in Free-roaming mode. Nonetheless, you'll have a chance 
to use all of them. To pick one up, walk over it. And make sure your 
not holding something else. 


SIG P220 9mm 

This semi-automatic handgun is found in just about every mission of The 
Getaway, and somehow, the SIG serve's as one of the finest weapons in 
the game. The SIG's lightweight cartridge and slim line design, offer's 
the player total concealment. This is the only gun to in which Mark and 
Carter can hide on their bodies away from the innocent. The accuracy of 
the SIG is quite impressive and has a stable range as well. You'll find 
yourself pinned down at times only to quickly pop out and fire four to 
five shots and down a target rather quickly. The SIG also packs a 
fairly powerful punch and can do so in a rather small time period. In 
other words, the rate of fire is also satisfying as well. This premium 
blend of performance results in a clean cut weapon, that is useable on 
most fronts found throughout The Getaway. However, to make matters even 
sweeter, the SIG 220 is almost always going to be dual wielded by your 
character, not only doubling your chances at bringing a foe down, but 
almost matching the power of that found in an automatic weapon. 
However, that's not always the case. 

AKM 7.62mm 

This is the first rifle style weapon found in The Getaway, and it's 
quite amazing to be frank. The accuracy may be the only down fall of 
this weapon. This is a rugged variant of the AK47, thus it uses the 
same caliber of ammunition. That being the armor piercing 7.62mm round, 
capable of shredding through car doors, hoods and sawing straight 
through any kind of Kevlar vest on the market. The AKM offers you 
massive power in an extremely high rate of fire package. This is 
overall the most used weapon in this game, but is later replaced. The 
AKM again, however, is horribly inaccurate and with such a lacking 
feature it almost makes no use for the AK's impressive range of fire. 
While it may take several burst of fire to eliminate a target at a 
large distance, it will do so rather quickly. The AKM will also serve 
as the best weapon at Blind shooting as you can pelt an amazing amount 
of bullets into one room and nail at least one thug. This is one of the 
two weapons you can get in the Free-roam mode, most Soho gangsters 
carry them, just open fire on their car, and they will get out of the 
vehicle, at that point you can eliminate the subject and grab the AK. 
So in the end the AKM is very useful indeed, but it lacks in a few 
spots, but excels right where the other is needed. Flawed, but it is 
still a great weapon to pick-up in The Getaways story mode. 

Pump-action 12 gauge 

These standard 12 gauge shotguns will be seen very rarely at times, but 
overall it won't bother you in the least bit. As most people know, 
shotguns have absolutely no accuracy or range, but rather a massive 
'cone' of lead sprays. While this seems true in The Getaway, this 
hefty-weight, pump shotgun can be somewhat useable in a very tight 
situation. If you're down to one handgun, this may come in handy as the 
corridor clearer you'll need to retrieve the fallen targets weapons. 
The real power of this gun is for use on cars or maybe blind shooting, 
however, the recoil obscures what little aim you may have had. While 
the shotgun can be equipped with its massive buckshot 12 gauge shells, 
big enough to bring an elk down, these really feel stiff, and just un-
responsive. The Shotgun isn't seen much at all and serves as more of a 
problem or threat to your character on screen, than as a weapon you may 
need for eliminating opponents. The large cone of pellets can be used 
to damage clusters of foe's, but over time, your health will be chipped 
away rapidly, as the opponent attacks in torrent with automatic fire 
over your pump and fire weapon. Perhaps a good, hide and shoot weapon, 
but most certainly not a prime choice in the firefights you're going to 
encounter. However, if they weren't bad enough on foot, at times when 
gang cars open fire on you, they will soon start to use the shotgun, 
this can be a major hazard as its blast can cause extensive damage to 
both your car and your character, avoid them at all cost. 

MP5A4 9mm Sub-machinegun

Beyond the second half of the game, you will be introduced to this 
automatic machine pistol that is superior under every category. The MP5 
can emit a fury of 9mm rounds at a very accurate and, high rate of 
speed. While most would think that a 9mm round would be too weak to 
eliminate armored targets or even survive in a firefight with such 
weapons as AKMs and shotguns, it's actually all about the craft of the 
weapon, that being the amazing MP5. The 9mm rounds are much lighter and 
accurate than the 7.62mm cartridge, and also travel faster. The MP5 
alone is a master of arms as it holds a large amount of power, supreme 
accuracy, and unheard of range. The gun not only does everything that a 
blend of the SIG and AKM would do, but it also has a much faster rate 
of fire. The MP5 is yet again useful in every situation. Blind firing 
will never have been so easy up until now. To make things even better, 
and im not lying, it can be held akimbo with another! However, the MP5 
isn't acquired until much later portions of the games missions, and 
only on DC carter's chapter. But nonetheless, the Mp5 is pure 
perfection. The mission within that transpires in the China Town 
parking garage is one that I'll never forget, especially when I 
discovered, just how awesome this weapon was. It's hands down, the best 
weapon found in The Getaway.

Police Baton 

Although it's not very useful, you can bash civilians with it, or, you 
can use it on a mission if you're in need of some fresh challenge. The 
'Billy club' can be found very easily in The Getaway. As you may know, 
the foot patrol officers are always on the sidewalks and carry these. 
Simply kill them and they will drop it. This is the second weapon found 
in Free-roam mode, besides the AKM. This as well as every other melee 
weapon cannot be concealed but it's a pretentious weapon anyway. 


It took me forever to find this weapon, but I found one during a 
Yardies mission while playing as mark. It is basically the same as the 
Baton, but it will kill a foe much faster, but as for civilians, they 
die in one hit, as always. 


To begin with, this is the most powerful melee weapon in the game, and 
during one of the earlier missions, you'll see a few foes in this one 
house attack you with one. It can kill your character in one to two 
substanual hit's so be careful. As for you getting one, the same goes 
for them, but again there's really no point unless you're just out for 
thrills or challenge. Therefore, it's just another melee exclusive. 

Baseball bat 

Well, this is an exact clone of the mass produced Baton found through 
and through the city of London. It has no up's or down that compare to 
the Billy Club, it's just rare. 


There you have it, the list of weapons that are beheld within this 
game, and all of its wisdom. I hope you enjoyed that, which was all 
based on personal use and gameplay, so it's not only accurate from in 
game testing, but its home brewed! Cheers!



5.0 - Weapons Location Guide


Here is a detailed guide on how to acquire weapons found through-out 
the game, and their earliest locations.


SIG 220 - These are always with Carter or Mark. So this is a no 

Location (Story Mode) - The SIG220 will always be on your character so 
just un-holster the guns. You can find more of these in early missions, 
and on any police officer. 

Location (Free-roam mode) - These are also available right as you enter 
free-roam mode, as always; they will be strapped onto you. Again, some 
gangs and Police officers carry these around.   


AKM 7.62mm - The always useful and most certainly brutal AKM is found 
outside of the clothes on your body.

Location (Story Mode) - Found in the very first mission, under a 
staircase you destroy early on, after the car chase.

Location (Free-roam mode) - Find a Soho, Triad or Yardie gang car and 
attack the vehicle. The gangsters inside will get out, the driver will 
have an SIG and the passenger thug will be packing the AKM, dispose of 
the enemy and take his weapon. 


Pump-action Shotgun - Your street sweeper is found as easy as the AKM, 
so you can enjoy that mediocre range alas! 

Location (Story Mode) - Found once again on the very first mission as 
both Mark and Frank. The shotgun is carried by the thugs found inside 
either the warehouse (mark) or the Brothel (Frank).

Location (Free-roam mode) - Well, it's actually not found in the free-
roam mode, sadly. But you won't mind, will you? 


MP5A4 9mm - The most substantial weapon in the getaway is also the 
rarest, but over time, it will payoff.

Location (Story Mode) - The last few missions with Mark, there are 
rumors that one can be found on a distant thug, that's not viewable. 
The MP5 in Frank's game however, is rather common. It was like the 
first mission I believe in which you get the MP5. SWAT issued. 

Location (Free-roam mode) - Some say the police have one, but I have 
yet to see that, but maybe im wrong. But to my knowledge (and I have 
played free-roam for well over 5 hours) it's not found in this mode.


Police Baton - Just so you can yell "Oi! Break yourself fool!" and 
crack some skull...

Location (story Mode) - Patrol officers all around you have them; they 
can also be found in Mission 5 inside the Police station. 

Location (Free-roam) - Same coppers, only in free-roam, they are women. 


Crowbar - Used for manholes and breaking bones through out the streets 
of London. 

Location (story mode) - It is in that mission in which you invade a 
Yardie apartment; there are cars on blocks everywhere. Top the bottom 
right, you will see a pile (well, a hill) of garbage. Behind it, lay 
this steel battle axe.

Location (Free-roam mode) - I have yet to return to that place, but so 
far, no sign of one. 


Baseball Bat - If it was useful, I would keep typing. 

Location (story mode) - Carried by any kind of Yardie, you fight them a 
lot as Mark, so keep your eyes peeled. 

Location (Free-roam mode) - there isn't one


Cleaver - Please, why can't we have ONE good melee weapon in free roam 
besides a Billy club? 

Location (Story mode) - During the Yardie crack house mission, the 
crazed women there will come at you intoxicated with these. 

Location (Free-roam mode) - I wish... 


Well, there you have the locations of just about every weapon; this is 
all from personal experience. Thanks for reading! 

9.0 - Special Thanks 

I'd like to thank the following...

Team Soho and Sony - For producing a game that many will appreciate 
even when the dust clears, And to Sony for the creation of the PS2.
Thanks for all the hard work.

CJAYC - For making GameFAQs so I can display all my reviews/codes/FAQs

My Mom - For buying the game back in 2003, even though I sold in 2004 
and bought it again in 2006, but I still say thanks to her. 

TVR - Thank you for allowing Sony to put one of my all time favorite 
cars in this game! 

And a special, special thanks to the XB general board for being the 
best on GameFAQs (caliguy1971, Gundude2450, Cin2, AP and Shadow_elite) 
you guys are great! 

And thanks to who ever posted this on GameFAQs along with all of my 



Written by: Raddishsmoke878 (Kyle Wilcox) 5/30/06 - 6/24/06

United States 

Copyright 2006 - Kyle Wilcox (Raddishsmoke878)


~ End FAQ ~

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