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Spoiler-Free Walkthrough by Casanova973

Version: Final | Updated: 08/31/04

The Getaway
For the Playstation2
Version Final
Spoiler-free walkthrough
by casanova973

This is a spoiler-free walkthrough for The Getaway. If you don't know what a 
Spoiler-free walkthrough is, it's just a small step-by-step guide that should 
get you through the game without giving away any spoilers. 

You're probably thinking "Man, this is such a long game, how can you write 
such a small guide for such a big game?". Well, the point of this guide is to 
get you through the game without giving away any spoilers. This guide is also 
for you so you can print it off and look at it while you're playing the game. 
I am trying to make this guide as small as possible so you're not sitting 
there with hundreds of pages of strategies while playing The Getaway. Hope 
this guide helps!


1. Mission walkthrough
   a) The Frightener
   b) Burning Bridges
   c) Art Appreciation
   d) Aiding and Abetting
   e) Taxi for Mr. Chai
   f) Out of the Frying Pan
   g) Filthy Business
   h) A Touch of Class
   i) The Cowgirl and the Cash
   j) A Cat in a Bag
   k) The Prodigal Son
   l) Aboard the Sol Vita
   m) Bargain Basement
   n) Show Some Remorse
   o) Disturbance in Soho
   p) Painting the Town Red
   q) Escort Service
   r) The Vigilante
   s) Stalking McCormack
   t) Do the World a Favour
   u) The Jolson Files
   v) Meet Mark Hammond
   w) Showdown with Jake
   x) Land of Hope and Glory
2. Ending Note

1. Mission Walkthrough

 a) The Frightener 

- Get in green car and follow red car
- Follow indicators to warehouse
- Shoot guys outside warehouse and go inside warehouse
- Kill guards behind crates
- Go through doorway on your right
- Shoot all guards and go through doorway at back of room
- Go up the stairs
- Kill everyone up there and ignore little rooms 
- Follow hallway to the room at the back

 b) Burning Bridges

- Follow indicators to Republican Restaurant in Soho
- Kill guy at entrance and go into doorway on left
- Kill guards in there and heal
- Go up stairs and kill guards on stairs
- Kill guards in room at top of stairs
- Watch out for barkeeper with Shotgun
- Head up stairs
- Kill guards behind chairs
- Kill barkeeper
- Room will set on fire; get out of room
- Police will come
- Run to bottom of stairs and kill police and gang members
- Get in a car and drive out of Soho

 c) Art Appreciation

- Follow indicators to Art Gallery in Hyde Park
- Keep weapons dis-ingaged
- Strangle guard by stairs and go up stairs
- Shoot your way through Triads
- Heal when you need to
- Go down the stairs and kill two Triads
- Kill Triad with Shotgun, you should be in the basement
- Press against wall and shoot other Triads
- Pick up Charlie's dstatue
- Drive to the Spotted Dog Pub

 d) Aiding and Abetting

- Get in white car with Eyebrows
- Follow indicators to prison van
- Ram the van to break out Jake
- Watch video and follow indicators to warehouse

 e) Taxi for Mr. Chai

- Sneak through first set of guards
- Sneak through second room and hide under stairs
- When guard goes past go up stairs
- Hide behind small green wall
- wait for all guards to go
- strangle any guard you see
- Find Charlie's office
- Watch video 
- You start off in car
- Follow indicators to Chinatown

 f) Out of the Frying Pan

- Drive straight
- Run over any Triads in your way
- Shoot Triads if you have to
- Follow indicators to Holywell Street
- Shoot Triads when you get there
- Run into place and shoot all guards
- Mission ends when all enemies are dead

 g) Filthy Business

- Shoot policeman 
- Get in one of the cars behind you
- Follow indicators to BT Van
- Watch out for gang members and police
- Get in BT van and find real BT Van
- Kill BT employee and get back in van
- Drive to Snowhill police station
- Follow policeman into room
- Go up the stairs into evidence room
- Pick up gun and shoot McCormack outside
- Shoot any police officers and chase McCormack
- Watch out for SO19 officers
- Chase McCormack down the stairs and find Yasmin
- Watch video
- Shoot through SO19 officers and smoke bombs
- Find exit
- Get in a car and drive to depot with Yasmin

 h) A Touch of Class 

- Drive to Touch of Class club
- Go down the stairs and shoot Soho boys
- Shoot strippers if you must
- Kill guards in toilets
- Watch video

 i) The Cowgirl and the Cash 

- Get in car with Yasmin
- Drive to Charlie's mansion in Mayfair
- Drop of Yasmin at Charlie's place but stay in car
- Drive to Yardie crackhouse and beware of police and gang members
- Go around the back of crackhouse
- Shoot Yardies outside
- Go in doors and shoot any Yardies you see
- Go up stairs and watch out for women with knives
- Go to top of stairs and shoot through the doorways
- At very top of stairs is your objective
- Find your objective to complete mission

 j) A Cat in a Bag 

- Shoot any Yardies outside 
- Get in any car
- Drive to depot in Kings Cross
- Watch out for Yardies
- Watch video
- In warehouse, shoot Sparky
- Press against crates and don't waste bullets on Jake
- Shoot any gang members you see
- Shoot barrels by the stairs to kill more enemies
- Go up the stairs and shoot guard with shotgun on balcony
- Go through doorway on balcony
- Go down stairs and follow Jake
- Run into dark room

 k) The Prodigal Son 

- Follow Yasmin as she shoots first two guards
- Pick up pistols on the floor
- Kill guard with AK
- Go up the stairs
- Kill every guard you see
- When coast is clear, go through exit
- Hop in silver Lexus
- Follow indicators to Charlie's mansion in Mayfair
- Go down stairs at side of mansion
- Go through doorway and press against wall to get past lasers
- Shoot guard in kitchen in doorway on your left
- Shoot two guards in next room
- Go through doorway and shoot two guards, one has a shotgun
- Go to bottom of stairs and shoot guards at top of stairs
- Press against left wall to get past lasers on the stairs
- Go onto balcony and shoot guards
- Watch out for guard on the balcony above
- Go through doorway in front
- Roll under lasers and shoot enemy running down stairs
- Go up stairs and go through doorway on right
- Sneak past lasers in room and go to bottom of next stairs
- Shoot guards by Yasmin and go up stairs
- Go through doorway on right and sneak past lasers once again
- Go up stairs and shoot guards
- Sneak past next set of lasers and go up the stairs
- Go to room on far right to complete mission

 l) Aboard the Sol Vita 

- Go inside Charlie's mansion and get in his TVR
- Follow indicators to the ship
- Watch out for gang members and police
- Go on ship and shoot your way through gang members
- Go up stairs on left of ship
- Shoot any guards you see and go through doorway on left
- Go down steep stairs
- Kill guards next to machinery
- Go through doorway and shoot any guards you see
- Try not to get hit by a shotgun
- Heal when you need
- Go through doorway at back of ship
- Watch out for crate on ceiling
- When it beeps, run out the way 
- Shoot guy on balcony and anyone else you see
- Go up the stairs and go down stairs at end of balcony
- Shoot any guards you see
- Go through doorway on right
- Blow up the vehicle by shooting barrels
- Again, watch out for crate on the ceiling
- Shoot guard on balcony- he is tough
- If you need to, go up stairs to kill guard
- When guard is dead, mission is complete
- You have now completed all of Mark Hammond's missions

 m) Bargain Basement 

- You now play as Frank Carter
- Follow your partner into Bargain Basement
- Go left at top of hallway and shoot two guards
- Go to end of hallway and kill guy with shotgun
- Go right and shoot at guards through the ceiling
- Follow hallway to the end and go up the stairs
- Shoot any guards you see
- Go to where hole in ground is
- Press against wall on right to get past hole
- Shoot your way through guards and whores
- Find Joe, he's not far
- Go up stairs by Joe 
- Shoot guards on your level and press against wall to get past hole in ground
- S019 officers will come now to help you
- Go into room on the left and watch video
- You have to rush Joe, your partner to the hospital
- Get out of the bargain basement and get in police car in front of you
- You don't have much time so be quick
- Follow your indicators to the hospital
- When you arrive at hospital in time you complete mission

 n) Show Some Remorse

- You start off in control of your car
- Follow your indicators to depot in
- Get out of your car and shoot Yardies talking and smoking
- Shoot Yardie standing on big crate
- Kill any Yardies on the floor scattered around
- Watch out for big yellow cranes. If you are hit by one you will die
- Keep shooting Yardies and pick up their MP5's
- Follow path until massive car park thing
- When you get to this car park thing, S019 officers will come
- Help S019 officers shoot Yardies
- Find white van to complete mission
- The mission won't complete until all Yardies are dead

 o) Disturbance in Soho 

- Get in your car and follow your indicators to Republic restaurant in Soho
- Take cover behind any car and shoot Soho boys through the smoke
- They are hard to see but just shoot whatever target your gun points at
- Pick up any MP5's from dead S019 members
- Shoot gang members behind blue car to end mission

 p) Painting the Town Red 

- You start off in your car
- Follow indicators to big car park in Chinatown
- Kill any gang members in chinatown
- Use whatever object you can as coverm and heal often
- There are a lot of Triads and Yardies - kill them all
- Run into big car park where more gang members await
- Pick up any good guns you see on the floor
- Head down through the car park and shoot even more gang members
- Countless numbers of Triads and Yardies will appear, just shoot whoever your 
  gun points at
- At bottom of car park, S019 officers will back you up
- Beware of Triads taking cover behind pillars
- Follow car park all the way to the end to finally complete this mission.

 q) Escort Service 

- Drive straight in your car
- Ram Range Rover
- Get back to prison van and watch video

 r) The Vigilante 

- Start driving in your black Saab
- Follow your indicators to Yardie crackhouse
- Watch out for Yardie gang cars shooting and ramming your car
- This is same crackhouse as "The Cowgirl and the Cash" mission
- Go down alleyway and go through doorway on your right
- Shoot any Yardies in your way and go up stairs
- Keep shooting any Yardies in your way and continue up staircase
- At top of stairs you will find your objective
- You complete the mission when you enter the room at the top of the stairs

 s) Stalking McCormack 

- You start off with your two fellow......
- Run through the burning doorway
- Run down the stairs and kill Yardie
- Wait for a while outside the massive gang war
- Join in when you are ready and take cover by any object you can find
- Shoot every gang member you can
- Get in Yardie car when you are done
- Follow your indicators to where McCormack is waiting
- When you see McCormack in his red car, follow him
- Keep your distance from McCormack or you will have to restart mission
- Follow McCormack into the depot
- Follow McCormack through the depot
- Get in the white Lexus
- Follow your indicators to the hospital
- Run to the second floor of the hospital
- Joe is in one of the doorways on the side of the hall
- Mission is complete when you find Joe

 t) Do the World a Favour 

- Get out of the room and keep tapping R1
- Shoot anyone you lock on to
- Shoot your way down the stairs
- Somewhere at bottom of stairs is fat guy from Bethnal Green Mob. Kill him 
  quickly because he's very tough
- When you've killed all of the Bethnal Green Mob in the hospital, find the 
- Get in the car
- Follow your indicators 
- When you get to garage, shoot any guards you see
- Run into the garage and shoot two or three guards
- Don't worry about other cop, if he dies nothing happens
- Run through next doorway and shoot guard by range rover
- Run to corner of next room
- Walk over papers on floor to complete the mission

 u) The Jolson Files 

- Head through doorway
- Choose between two of the fastest cars (TVR or Lotus)
- Follow your indicators to back of Charlie's warehouse
- Press against wall and strangle the two guys
- Run up stairs to get into the warehouse
- You are using stealth here
- Be aware of enemies around you and sneak past all the guards without being 
- Being seen will end the mission
- Head up the stairs and go into one of the doorways on your side to complete 

 v) Meet Mark Hammond 

- Shoot guy running towards you
- Go up stairs and shoot anyone you see
- Escape through back door
- Get in one of the two cars
- Follow indicators to warehouse
- Head inside the warehouse and look around killing enemies
- When all guards are dead mission is complete

 w) Showdown with Jake 

- Run towards the large door where cars went through
- Kill two guards with their backs to you
- Shoot guy dead with AK
- Get in the white Lexus
- Follow indicators to the "Sol Vita"
- Aboard the ship just how you did with Mark Hammond
- Shoot all the guards you see and heal as often as you can
- Follow Jake as he runs like a maniac on board
- Watch out for guards with shotguns and AK's
- Don't waste any bullets on Jake until he stops and faces you because you 
  cannot hurt him until the end
- When you get to the last room, Jake will turn around and try and kill you
- Pistol whip him, or shoot him as much as you can
- Jake is tougher than other bosses in the game, so don't under-estimate him
- When you kill Jake mission is complete

 x) Land of Hope and Glory 

- You have to escape the boat in three minutes
- I would recommend ignoring all of the guards here and just run to the exit
- Only heal if you are really weak and you're about to die
- The exit is on other side of the boat, you should remember it from Mark 
  Hammond's mission
- Only shoot guards with shotguns, and get rid of the annoying buggers who 
  just shoot you
- Shoot the barrels also if you are in danger
- When you exit through the doorway that you came in by, you complete the 

CONGRATULATIONS! You just completed The Getaway. I hope you enjoyed it!

2. Ending Note

Well, that is my Spoiler-Free guide for the Getaway. The point of this guide 
is so you can print it off and use it for when you're playing it yourself. I 
tried to make this guide as small as possible so it's easier for you to read 
and understand, and I don't think I could have made this guide any more 
shorter. Also, this is a Spoiler-Free Walkthrough, so I hope I didn't give 
away any spoilers at all during this guide. If I did, please contact me at:


Just a little legal notice:

This may be not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal, 
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed 
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other 
web site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a 
violation of copyright.

In other words, do not do anything at all to or with this guide without MY 
permission. If you do, I will take things very seriously.

You can find the latest versions of this guide at GameFAQs (www.gamefaqs.com) 
and/or Gamedestination (www.gamedestination.net).

Thank you!

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