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FAQ/Walkthrough by GheddonLN

Version: 1.00 | Updated: 02/23/03

                        T  H  E    G  E  T  A  W  A  Y

                            -- FAQ/WALKTHROUGH --
                                By GheddonLN
                                 Version 1.00
                         Started on February 5, 2003
                        Last updated on February 23, 2003
Welcome to London's underworld where cops don't deal, criminals don't bargain 
and crime bosses don't negotiate. Meet Mark Hammond and Frank Carter: one's a 
former gangster and convicted bank robber, the other a vigilante cop. They're 
two men on opposite sides of the law but joined in their obsession to bring 
down London's crime supremo - Charlie Jolson. Jolson's reigned London's street 
for 20 years, but out here no one stays on top forever.

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0.                        T A B L E  O F  C O N T E N T S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
  A. M A R K  H A M M O N D
    1)The Frightener
    2)Burning Bridges
    3)Art Appreciation
    4)Aiding and Abetting
    5)Taxi for Mr. Chai
    6)Out of the Frying Pan
    7)Filthy Business
    8)A Touch of Class
    9)The Cowgirl and the Cash
   10)A Cat in a Bag
   11)The Prodigal Son
   12)Aboard the Sol Vita
  B. F R A N K  C A R T E R
   13)Bargain Basement
   14)Show Some Remorse
   15)Disturbance in Soho
   16)Painting the Town Red
   17)Escort Service
   18)The Vigilante
   19)Stalking McCormack
   20)Do the World a Favour
   21)The Jolson Files
   22)Meet Mark Hammond
   23)Showdown with Jake
   24)Land of Hope and Glory

/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
I.                      V E R S I O N  H I S T O R Y
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

Version 1.00
O Walkthrough complete
O Side-sections complete
O May fix up/add more things in the future.

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II.                  C O P Y R I G H T  N O T I C E
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This document property of "GheddonLN". All rights reserved. Copyright 2002
by José Felipe Vargas. This document may not be reproduced in any way, shape
or form without written permission from the document's copyright holder, and
it may not be uploaded, downloaded or saved into your hard drive unless from
the following sites permissables:


Failure to abide by this legal contract will result in a lawsuit in which
you may be sentenced to serve a term in prision for copyright infringement as
well as paying out compensation to the document's owner. This document may not
be edited in whole or part, unless given permission by the document's 
copyright owner.

This legal notification applies to international copyright laws and will
be extremely well carried by the authorities, copyright holder, and citizens.

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III.                             C R E D I T S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

O Team SOHO: For producing such a magnificent game.

O Rob McGregor: For providing us with such a wonderful FAQ and Map!

O IceFlamethrower III : For his explicit copyright notice.

O To me: For typing up this FAQ!

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IV.                            E S S E N T I A L S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

X - Accelerate/Confirm/Roll/Crouch/Flatten against wall
O - Jack car
Square - Brake/Fire Gun
Triangle - Drop/Holster weapon/Un-Holster weapon/Go backwards on car
Left stick - Movement
Right stick - Accelerate/Brake/Go backwards(all on car, depending toward
              which direction you push it)
L3 - Nothing
R3 - Nothing
R3 + L3 - Skip cutscenes
R1 - Auto Aim
R2 - Manual Aim
L1 - Nothing
L2 - Manually re-load gun.


The Getaway is a simple game on nature. You must complete numerous missions 
throughout the game and then watch a cutscene. Afterward, you'll have to 
continue with another mission.

The game is broken into four parts: driving bits and on-foot bits, which are 
broken into the stealth and gunfighting parts. Yep, I made all of this names 
up. Anyways, the driving bits are fairly common throughout the game. You'll be 
on the street and there will be numerous cars. You can jack any of them and 
use them to arrive at your destination(it's your only way, actually).

The on-foot bits are also fairly common, present in pretty much every mission, 
like the driving bits. The stealth parts are quite scarce, though: most 
missions can be accomplished by blasting through everything. There are a 
handful of them that REQUIRE stealth. Otherwise you'd fail them. Sadly, 
they're either too short or too easy.

The gunfighting bits are by far the most frequent on the game. In most 
interior areas, you'll have to kill everything on your sight to arrive at a 
certain location. Sometimes, you'll truly need to murder everybody before 
completing the mission. However, in most of the game's missions you'll just 
need to hit a certain part of the area you're in before it completes.



The streets of London are riddled with cars, buses and trucks. All of these 
cars circle around the streets, going here and there. Unlike in the GTA games 
or Driver, for example, your mission's success depends on the cars.

Boarding a car is by far the only mean you have to arrive at a certain 
location. Why? Mark and Frank seem to be very slow when walking and most 
locales are a lot of miles away. Plus, having no pointers on your screen, 
you'd get lost quite fast.

On cars, these problem are easily fixed, though. Even though there are cars 
that are slow like molasses, most of them go at a considerable speed, plus 
they feature CAR SIGNALS, which will direct you to your destination.


Each car has two kind of signals: directional lights, which I'll refer to as 
your car's pointers/signals. The other kind are the hazard lights.

The directional lights are those two yellow lights on both sides of the car's 
behinds. These will lead you to your destinations: when you see the leftmost 
signal flashing, you know you'll have to turn left as soon as possible. These 
car signals can be destroyed by getting hit from behind, so be careful.

Also, sometimes you will note that you hit a junction and your car signals 
don't activate. On these cases, you ought to head toward whichever direction 
you want. You will be directed toward the opposite direction when you do. Not 
to worry, simply follow your signal's advice and go toward the direction it 
points out as soon as possible.

The hazard lights are used to signal that you arrived at your destination. 
When you reach a certain street or area, and your hazard lights flash off, you 
should look for an open door or stairwell that leads somewhere. The hazard 
lights are both directional lights, in a way. When both flash off at the same 
time, it is said that the "hazard lights" are flashing.


Please do not have unclean thoughts about that title. Please. But anyway, it's 
not like somebody will park their car by you and tell you: "please take this 
car, because I am an idiot who's giving it to a mobster/crazy cop".

Yeah, that was lame, but you got the idea. You'll need to rob cars outta the 
innocent people who are just minding their own businesses. Poor people.

You'll have to pick a good car, too. After you've build up experience, you'll 
be able to know which cars are the r0x0r and which cars suck. You'll also 
learn to identify what cars they are.

You'll first need to make the car to want to jack stop. There are various ways 
to do this. You could wait for the semaphore to hit red light and the cars to 
stop by it. You'll have plenty of time to study the nearby cars and pick the 
one of your choice.

You could also stand in front of a car and make it stop. However, be sure the 
car is at a prudent distance before standing in front of it so it has time to 
stop. Otherwise, the car will simply continue forward and hit you aside, 
killing you.

All of this talk about stopping a car is needed, indeed, because you cannot 
jack moving cars. At any rate, stand by the car's doors and tap the circle 
button to take out an innocent ped outta the car. You'll then crawl into the 

Unlike in Vice City, pedestrians do not seem to care about losing their cars. 
They won't pull you out of it, or run after you. You're free to use the car 
without worrying once you've jacked it.


Cars in this game are weak and will wreck and burn out very fast. You have to 
pay careful attention to how it looks to determine how much damage it's 

There is not an exact way to determine the amount of damage your car's 
received, as its shape changes depending on where you're hit. There are, 
however, three general instances your car will hit after certain amount of 

Firstly, it'll start to spurt out white smoke. This happens whenever you bang 
your car constantly or when you drive heads-first into oncoming traffic. The 
car will have a harder time accelerating but it will be pretty good, overall.

Secondly, the car will start to spurt out black smoke. This will happen if you 
drive a white-smoking car for too long. It'll eventually stop and spurt black 
smoke. Also, if you bang your car a lot, it'll eventually start to smoke 

In this instance, you won't be able to move your car... not very fast, at 
least. It'll move at a friggin' 1KPH and will be entirely unuseful. 
Furthermore, if it is hit once again, hard and fast, it'll catch fire. This is 
the third instance: a car that catches fire will lose its lights, its tires 
and black out completely.

There are also other characteristics that'll let you determine how much damage 
you've received, but not very exactly. For instance, we have a shot-down tire. 
This could happen to full-health car, or to a black-smoke car. When a tire is 
shot down, the car will drive much slower. Also, if one of the rightmost tires 
is blown, the car will skid to the right and will be slower.

Your car window's can also be destroyed if hit by bullets. Lastly, if banged 
up from behind too much or too hard, your back lights(or directional 
lights/hazard lights) will be destroyed.


As you should have read, you can die inside a car in The Getaway. It's not 
very easy to do unless you use the appropriate ways, but it can be done. 

If you crash a lot, you'll eventually accumulate enough damage to die at the 
wheels. This seems to be a bit hard to pull off as your character can resist 
way too much damage when inside a car.

Many bullets hitting your windshield it's not good, either. After a few hits, 
it'll crash and any bullets directed towards it will hit the driver, i.e you. 
A few more bullets and your driver will die at the wheels.

Lastly, if you're inside a burning car, you'll obviously die. To make a car to 
catch fire, either shoot at its engine constantly or crash into walls and 


There are several cars and many of them maneuver differently, even though 
there are many similarities between certain cars. Some cars will have a harder 
time turning or accelerating, while others will accelerate to their max in one 
second and powerslide through turns.

There are many things that are good to know about car maneuvering, specially 
because you will spend quite a bit of time inside them. For instance, a police 
car's sirens will grant you the necessary space to wave through traffic 
without worrying about crashing or anything else.

You'll need to learn how to wave through traffic properly. You'll always go 
faster than most of the game's cars, unless a mobster is behind the wheel(they 
drive like maniacs). Crashing head-on into a moving car at top speeds will 
result in a smoking car, which is always bad.

Try always to go around cars when there is nothing on the rightmost side of 
the street(as you need to drive on the leftmost side of it). Trying to get 
around a moving car with oncoming traffic on your right may result in a 
colossal crash that could/will slow you down considerably.

The handbrake and brake are also your best friends, especially when it comes 
to turning and making emergency stops. Sometimes you have no means of dodging 
something. In those cases, hit the handbrake to make an emergency stop. Not 
only that, but if you are going at a considerable speed, hit the handbrake and 
then push the thumbstick to the left or right, you'll powerslide toward that 
direction. A great way to take turns.

Try always to go as fast as _possible_ Cars like the Lotus and TVR(or even the 
Alfa Romeo, Lexus, Honda Civic...) will go at the speed of the light. You're 
bound to crash and smoke out your car if you go at top speeds, no matter how 
much "mad skillz" do you have. When you've gained a lot of speed, tap, don't 
push or fully-press, the X button, to maintain your speed but, at the same 
time, be able to dodge anything.



Common bits throughout the game, you'll need to master all of the tricks Frank 
and Mark have up their sleeves.


This has been talked about extensively throughout 'net and 'zines. Basically, 
in The Getaway, there is a lack of indicators: no health bars, no ammo 
counters, no nothing. There isn't a radar or anything that'll lead you to your 
destination. You basically depend on yourself.

Why did Team Soho take such decision? The Getaway is meant to be played as a 
_movie_, not as a game, therefore realism was a great must. In real life, you 
wouldn't be able to look at how much health do you have simply by looking 
toward the sky and seeing a magical bar there, floating. Furthermore, nobody 
will tell you that your guns are running dry on real life. Once it starts to 
click, you'll know it's empty. No counter or anything for you to boot, my 

One may think that this would make the game considerably worse or harder, but 
having experienced 30 intense hours of The Getaway gameplay, I must say it 
doesn't. In fact, it makes the game better and far more enjoyable. You'll have 
to rely on your instincts and your character's moves(if he's staggering, 
cannot run very well, etc) in order to survive, adding a lot to the game and 
giving it an "immersion factor" never seen before in a game(well, maybe in 
some of them...)


You have health, it's just that you cannot see --explicitly-- how much of it 
you have left. You will depend on your character's models and moves, in order 
to know how much you have left of life. How, you ask?

Firstly, each bullet that hits your character will make a patch of blood to 
appear on the area it hit. When you've been hit a lot, there'll be many 
patches throughout your clothes: you'll know you've been badly hurt when 
you're a walking blood bath... or something. Not only that, but a badly hurt 
character will start to walk slower and breath fast. After more damage, Mark 
or Frank will start to stagger, as if they were to collapse in any minute.

Those are the main indicators of how much damage you've received, so you 
should play close attention to them. To heal yourself and "besten" your 
status, you will hand to lean against walls and wait as your character regains 
his breath and thus, his health. This aspect of the game had me a bit confused 
at first, as I though you had to _flatten_ against a wall to heal. It's not 
like that. Simply stand by a wall and do not move. Your character will 
automatically lean against the well and spend a few second regaining his 

One may question why did Team Soho use such a method for healing, when their 
aim was to make the game as realistic as possible. I certainly don't know, but 
I can draw an a hypothesis or two. Perhaps the lack of health kits(there is 
not a single one on the game)? That could be the main reason they decided to 
employ this system, because the amount of enemies would make the game 
impossible without being able to heal. Maybe I've they had gone a bit Hitman-
ish, they'd have been able to elaborate this game without including a method 
of healing.


There is an obvious shortage of weapons in this game. Nevertheless, the three 
or four of them you'll find are more than enough to fend off against those 
vicious mobsters. You will find three main weapons throughout the entire game: 
the Shotgun, Pistols and the AK. There are also melee weapons and those nice-
looking UZIs. Sadly, both of them are found around thrice in the game, not 
making them "main" weapons.

The pistols are the one you'll use the most due to the plenty-ness of the ammo 
and overall usefulness. At first, you will have only one pistol, but if there 
is one laying on the ground, you can pick it up, too, and become one of John 
Woo's best badasses. If you have one pistol and you run out of ammo for it, 
you're screwed. Having two pistols, one will run out of ammo and you'll be 
free to use the other. And if you pick a second one once again, you'll re-fill 
them with ammo.

The Shotguns and AKs can also be found on the floor, laying around. Unlike the 
pistols, which Mark/Frank holsters when empty, if you run out of ammo for 
these two heavyweights, you'll simply throw them away, accompanied by a swear 
word, must of the time. The Shotguns and AKs are plentiful, and the only way 
you have to re-fill their ammo is to throw them(press Triangle) and pick 
another, full weapon that's on the floor.

As told, you have no ammo counter on this game. The only way to know if you've 
run out of ammo is to... well, run out of ammo. When you do, you'll weapon 
click and, if you're surrounded, you'll be in deep shit. Therefore, you will 
need to keep a close eye on the ammo you have left: do not waste it.


You can't shoot your guns unless you're aiming at something. Maybe that's the 
way TH prevents you from wasting ammo? Who knows, but it's just like that. 

Aiming comes in two different flavors: manual and automatic. There isn't much 
science on this. Tap R1 to automatically aim the nearest enemy: this is 
automatic(auto) aim. Quickly tap R1 to circle through targets. When you've 
picked your target, furiously tap the Square button to fire your weapon.

You can also use the Manual Aim, or Free Aim, which seems to be kind of 
sluggish, specially with the Shotgun and AK: they're "aiming radius" is very 
limited. On the other hand, the pistols are manually aimed quite easily. Hit 
R2 to activate this mode. You can turn, aim up, down and fire your gun even if 
you're point toward an innocent ped or a barrel of juice.


Mark and Frank have a repertoire of moves and acrobatics that'll you rely on 
throughout the game. They can roll, flatten against a wall, crouch and a lot 
more of stuff. Firstly, we have rolling. Use the X button in conjunction with 
the analog thumbstick to make your character roll. During major gunfights, 
roll to get away or to escape Harm's way. Also, because the character you 
control is usual slow like molasses, rolling provides a faster way of arriving 
at a certain place. You can still be hit when rolling, though.

Crouching and flattening provide the stealth factor the sequel should make 
good use of(please, please...). Crouching Is basically a roll-lite... hum, not 
really. Basically, stand by a waist-high crate and press X to crouch behind 
it. The flattening move made itself famous with Metal Gear Solid, especially 
the PSX version. Simply tap X when you're by a wall to flatten against it. 
Then, you can shuffle along it and do numerous things.


When crouching behind a crate or flattening right next to a corner, you can do 
jump-out shots. These are extremely useful, especially on certain situations. 
There is no better way to explain something than by using an example, so on we 
go: you're flattening right next to a doorway on your left. You can see three 
mobsters standing inside the room. So, you push left and jump out in front of 
the doorway and start blasting at the mobsters. That's how jump-out shots work 
in corners. They provide decent cover and accuracy. Very useful overall.

Crouching, jump-outs work a bit different. Instead of jumping-out, you'll 
simply stretch to your sides, depending toward what direction you push your 
thumbstick. When stretching, you can shoot at your enemies. Let go of the 
thumbstick to return to your original position. But wait, there is more. If 
you press the auto aim button(R1) while crouching behind a crate, the 
character will stand up and aim at the nearest mobster. Let go of the auto ai 
button and you'll crouch back. Awesome, isn't it?

Then, we have those "blind shots" that I used once or twice throughout the 
game, mostly by accident(even though there were a couple of situations where 
they proved to be quite useful). Doesn't matter if you're crouching or 
flattening next to a corner, it works the same way. Basically, just press the 
square button when in those positions: if by a corner, Mark/Frank will take 
his hand around the corner and fire his gun at whatever is there. You can 
control at what he shoots. When crouching, your character will raise his hands 
over the crate and fire away. In either case, your character does not know 
what he's aiming at. You can't control it, either.


Another move that's become very popular in recent action games and with a good 
reason: they're overly cool and normally quite useful. Too bad that's not the 
case in this game, to a degree at least: they're cool, but not _too_ useful. 
Like I said, to a degree. 

The chokehold itself it's not what's useful, let me tell you. Yeah, if you put 
yourself in front of a policemen with his favorite policewoman within your 
arms, he won't shoot. However, anybody that's not in front of you(i.e. on your 
sides, behind you...) will immediately fire away without remorse.

Chokehold provide you with the chance to kill your enemy(or at least "take 
out" or "dispatch" them) in one hit. When in a chokehold, tap Square and 
you'll pull off some flashy move that ends up with the dead of the mobster you 
were grabbing. Mark will either snap their neck, blast their brains out or 
make a hole through their stomach if he's wearing a heavyweight weapon.

Frank, on the other hand, it's much more sensible. When you tap Square with 
somebody on your grasp, you won't kill him, no matter what you have equipped. 
Funny, you've murdered tons of mobsters yet you cannot kill one. Maybe because 
it'd be a cold-blooded, cowardly murder? I dunno. Basically, with Frank, 
you'll slap your enemies across the head with your weapons buttocks and arrest 

Chokehold is the main ingredient in the stealth portions of the game. You have 
to go unnoticed, but sometimes it is needed to kill a mobster or two. Using a 
gun to do so it's a big no-no, even if you(and the game) know that nobody 
would know. In this case, you will need to kill a mobster by chokeholding him. 
With Mark, it's advisable to snap their necks(have no weapons equipped) and 
with Frank, it is recommended to arrest them(again, have no weapons equipped).



There are many laws and things to keep in mind as you drive throughout London. 
It's not really necessary to _follow_ them, but it's still a good idea to know 
what they're all about. Also, keep in mind that they drive on the leftmost 
side of the road. I thought that creating a whole section for that would be 
unnecessary, so I just pointed it out here.


In many streets, there are bus lanes. They're located on the leftmost side of 
the road, as usual, and they're orange colored. On these lanes, doubledeck and 
singledeck buses drive. They're so big and sluggish that having them drive on 
the normal lanes would clog up the streets(there are some lanes here as well. 
They were constructed because ---you guessed it--- those buses were clogging 
up the streets way too much).

Bus Lanes are normally devoid of any kind of car, therefore you can drive 
through them like a maniac without worrying... unless there happens to be a 
bus on the lane as you go. Buses are very slow and they will not give you the 
way even if you're in a police car. If a bus if blocking your way, the best 
thing to do is to hit the normal street again and drive through it.


There are several places where several streets meet in one big, converging 
point. In these places, traffic would be a complete mess were it not for the 
roundabouts(called rhomboids here in my country). Basically, in the middle of 
all of these junctions, there will be a concrete, circular area that allows 
the easier flow of traffic. The police in this game do not like people who 
don't follow the law, so you'll need to learn how to get through these 
roundabouts, unless you want the police on your ass. I don't have general 
pointers. Just practice.


These are quite often and a pain in the ass. London's streets are very thin 
and these are the thinnest of them all. In One Way streets, traffic heads in 
only one direction. If you happen to hit one way street that goes the opposite 
direction you're going, you just arrived at hell. It's very hard to maneuver 
through these, mainly because they're clogged up full of cars and are VERY 
thin, as most of the streets in this game(no wonder why, whenever I see photos 
of London, the streets are completely clogged up). Even if the cars are going 
the same way as you, they normally go quite slow and space is limited, meaning 
you cannot wave through it. You'll visit them quite often throughout the game.


Present everywhere, they help to prevent total and utter madness on the 
streets. It's a cute little tower planted on the sides of a street. They have 
three lights: Yellow(replaced with Amber in this game), Red and Green. Red 
Green "BLITZ AWAY!!!!". I normally don't pay attention to these things unless 
I want to prevent a Filthy chase throughout London.


Near Semaphores, you may see some white stripes on the floor. These are Zebra 
Crossings. Supposedly, peds should cross the street through these when light 
is red. In this game, peds do not cross streets often, so the crossings are 
just there to show off. In my country, stopping above one of these crossings, 
even if the light is red, is worth a punishment from the police, which range 
from paying money to taking lessons about the "art" of driving correctly.


The Filth or the police, important part of The Getaway. They will make your 
life impossible throughout the game, so on we go.


They're simply some policemen walking around the street with their batons, 
_trying_ to keep the city safe. If you do something minor, they will 
immediately run toward you and smack you across the head with that baton of 
theirs. You won't see many of these guys, mainly because when you do something 
"wrong" you will immediately catch the bigger guy's(and girls, of course) 
attention. They will sometimes aid the biggies, though.


Once you do something rather bad, the Police Cars will come blitzing in their 
cars. If you're on foot, they'll make a hard stop, crawl out and un-holster 
their weapon, ready to blast your brains out. If you're inside a car, they 
will start following you, banging up and trying to make you stop BY ANY MEANS 
necessary. There are two kind of police cars in this game: The Peugeot and the 
Vectra(as well as the van, but you only see it like once or twice...). The 
Vectras are the better ones. Be careful of them.


    They're bad too, you know. They will use various tactics to stop you
    as you drive. You should watch out of these:
    O ROADBLOCKS: The Filth will put roadblocks throughout London to stop
      you on your tracks. These Roadblocks have different "structures" and
      flavors. Sometimes, it's just some cars piled up together. You can 
      either look for an open space between them, or crash through them. 
      These cars seem to be very weak on roadblocks, and they will fly 
      away if hit.

      We have the roadblocks composed of two vans and two cars. The vans
      are on the sides, while the cars are in the middle. Between each car
      and van there is plenty of space to get away through. There will be
      many policemen/women on these roadblocks, too, shooting at you, 
      trying to smash your windshield. Even though vans are a pain to push
      away, this kind of roadblock is considerably easier to go through.

      Lastly, we have a variation of the previous roadbloack. Instead of
      an open space between  a car and a van, you'll find "stingers". They
      are basically a line of nails put on the street. These roadblocks 
      are nearly impossible to get through without damaging your car. You
      should crash through them, walk out of your car, murder a few of the
      Filthos and then jack the nearest car.

    O THROUGH THE WINDSHIELD: The armed police will always aim toward your
      windshield, trying to smash it so they can hit you. If you jack a car
      that's very near an armed policemen/woman, he's bound to destroy your
      windows and damage you a bit, or a lot of they get a lucky shot.

    O CRASHHHHH!: If you're going somewhere and a police car is coming in
      the opposite direction(and you've done something bad) they will power
      slide in front of you, forcing you to crash. These situations are a 
      bit hard to predict. If a police car pulls this off, you will probably
      crash and lose momentum. As you progress through the game, you'll be
      able to know if the police car is going to powerslide, thus being 
      able to dodge them. Remember, practice makes the master. Never forget



    Just a few tips if you're being pursued hotly by the Filth, or any gang
    for that matter. Don't damn me of these don't work for you. You just 
    suck and that's not my fault.

    O OUTSPEED: The most basic way, yet the most ineffective, unless behind
      the appropriate wheels. Basically, you will have to outspeed the Filthy
      cars. Leave them behind. Lose them. Not many cars can do this, but there
      are some that have enough acceleration to pull this off, like the Honda
      Civic or most of the secret cars that you can find throughout the main
      game. Outspeeding them is not something easy to pull off, surprisingly,
      as the police is VERY persistent.

    O TRAFFIC WAVING: This works wonders, specially if you know how to pull it
      off. Wave through traffic skillfully, but dangerously at the same time,
      to lose The Filth. When I say "skillfully but dangerously" I mean: blitz
      in into a car, as if you were going to smash it, but wave in the last 
      minute. If you have a police car behind you, they will crash as they're
      not very skilled. Do this on one-way streets(especially the ones that
      go the opposite way you go) for better results

    O POWERSLIDING: Drive toward a wall and do a powerslide as you're about to
      hit it. The police car will crash into the wall at high speeds. That 
      would be their end, that's for sure. Also, while you have a police car
      on your back, you could powerslide into a hard turn. They'll slide a bit
      far and lose momentum. Accelerate away and they won't be able to catch
      you up.

    O MASS MURDERER: Another semi effective way to get rid of the Filth is to
      simply destroy their cars and murder them. You usually have a limited
      amount of cars following you. Be sure you have a good Getaway car with
      you and park. Wait til the coppers stop, too, and crawl out of your car. 
      Look for a good vantage point and take good aim. Shoot at the coppers
      and their cars. Wait for any extra copper that comes. Once you see 
      they've stopped appearing, board your car and make... The Getaway.

    O TIRES OUT: I question the use of this strategy, as it is utterly
      ineffective. Basically, shoot down the tires of a moving cop car to
      make it stop following you. This is very hard to do, making it highly


Policemen and women are equipped with pistols normally. They'll shoot from 
afar try to nail and nail you. They'll also aim at your car as you make your 
getaway, mainly the windshield, so they can nail you, the driver. Armed 
policemen should be disposed of if they're getting too near, because you could 
end up getting busted or killed, thus failing the mission.


These carry gas masks, body armors and are properly outfitted with UZIs and 
whatnot. They're the elite of London's police force. Very well trained and 
marksmen, you will have a hard time taking them out...

Wellll, not really :) They're as easy as your normal cop, except that they 
take a bit more damage and those UZIs deal a fair amount of punishment to you. 
They're normally accompanied by numerous units as well, but they're still very 
easy to take out.

As Frank, you shouldn't worry about these guys. In fact, they will offer 
plenty of help to you. They will fight alongside you(like any other cops you 
find in certain situations). They are no cowards, so they will fight against 
mobsters even if they're outnumbered 100 against 1. Because of their bravery, 
you should let them do the dirtiest job, while you handle what's left. Damn 
you, coward.


One may think that The Filth are not able to bust you, because they never seem 
to _try_ But they can, just not too easily. For instance, they can't take you 
out of your car. Nope. They only way they can bust you is when you're on foot. 
Get too near them(as in, lip near) and they will aim at your head, make you 
turn and drop your gun, thus busting you. As long as you don't get very near 
them, this shouldn't be a problem.


/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
V.                        T I P S  'N'  F U N 
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

A short section with some game tips.

O Heal Often. Mark and Frank are very weak personae, so you should heal them
  as often as possible.

O Lose the Filth. Try to lose them as soon as possible. Sometimes they won't
  bother you much, but if they're, then get rid of them.

O Always keep your pistols full. They're by far the best weapons in the game.
  You should always have both of them and with plenty of ammo. You won't
  regret it, truthfully.

O Use the Shotgun at short distances. Enemies will die in one shell. Enemies
  far away may not even receive the hit.

O Use the AK on riots. When you're outnumbered five versus one, pull out that
  AK of yours and start blasting. At short distances, you can kill big groups
  of mobsters fast, and with ease.

O Use the cop car. Especially as Frank. It will help a lot, with its trademark
  sirens, that make people give you the way.

O Follow traffic laws. There'll be some missions where you'll have the cops
  right at the beginning. There'll be some missions where it won't be like 
  this. If that's the case, don't drive like a maniac to prevent a filthy 

O Save. After every mission.

O HAVE FUN! This should be obvious :)

/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
VI.                         W A L K T H R O U G H
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /


Mark Hammond is the ex-convict who just got out of jail. He wants to try out a 
new life, one without deaths and robbery, with his wife and his son. 
Unfortunately enough, he's caught in the middle of a tornado just as he starts 
to enjoy it. A tornado that involves the Collins, the Triads, The Soho and 
Charlie Jolson, London's crimelord for more than 20 years. Is Mark up to the 
challenge that's getting back his kidnapped son? That's something you'll 


----- ----------

Mark Hammond's "normal day in England" goes sour when some mobsters kill his
wife and take away his son. He decides not to let the criminals escape and
boards a nearby car. This is when you take control.

Start off by driving straight and turning right at the junction. Drive forward
(be sure you keep the red car on your sight) and go across the long street.
Eventually, you'll have to turn left. Do so and drive on until your car
signals you must head to the right. Take the first right you see.

Go through the short road and turn right. You'll notice that there are two
roads to proceed through. Take whichever one you want, as both "merge" in a
bit. Wave through the traffic, going along the leftmost side of the road,
and go left when you first can. Now comes a rather long highway. Blitz through 
it, trying not to crash. At the other end, you'll have to turn left. Do
so, and take another left immediately. Drive on(it's a rather long street)
until you reach a merging point between all of the roads around here.
Continue forward(if you have the car on your sight, you should be able to know 
in which direction you've got to go)

It's a rather long street, but eventually, the music will go off and your car 
will start signaling you to go left. Take the first one you find, and drive 
until you have to take another left. Do so and you'll find the red car parked 
by a warehouse. Park yours by it and get off your car. Un-holster your weapon 
afterward: things are going to get hard in a bit.

Go to the doorway and flatten against the wall. Wait for the first two enemies 
to appear and do a jump-out shoot. You could also wait them to get near the 
doorway and tap square. You'll shoot without looking, but you'll probably nail 
them. Once the both are dead, walk through the doorway.

There is another doorway across the one you used to enter. Approach it and two
enemies will appear. One is atop the metal staircase to the left, while the 
other comes through the doorway I just mentioned. You can kill them both in 
one hit, effortlessly, by shooting the red tanks below the staircase. Even if 
you don't kill these two thugs with the tanks, be sure to shoot at the tanks 

Approach the doorway and flatten against the wall. You should notice an enemy 
a bit far away. Do a jump-out shoot and tap the square button rapidly to 
quickly dispose of him. Once you've done so, quickly enter the warehouse and 
turn left. Flatten against the nearest wall and wait until you see a man with 
a shotgun running toward you. Kill him as fast as you can, because that 
shotgun delivers quite a bit of damage, I'm telling you!

There are three more enemies in this area. One of them moves around, and I've 
noticed that he's usually by the man with the shotgun. Another one is on a 
short catwalk, at the bottom side of the area, on the left. He's got some red 
tanks below him, so if you shoot those, he'll go down along with them. The 
third one will most likely show up once you blast the tanks, or when you kill 
everybody else in the room. He'll show up on the leftmost side of this area, 
by some blue crates.

Head to the bottom of the area and look for a doorway on the right. Flatten 
against its walls and wait. Eventually, you'll see an enemy walking about. 
Wait a bit longer: he patrols that area constantly. Once you see you have a 
"clean chance" of killing him, jump out and blast away.

Once he's dead, move all the way forward, toward the enemy's dead body(it'll 
be in this area if you followed my advice) and turn right. Go around the 
corner and have your finger ready because there will be a mobster waiting for 
you there. Kill him and move on and go left. Walk on until a mobster jumps out 
on you. Kill him and proceed until you find a door. Go through it.

Climb the staircase. Kill the enemy you'll find along your way and at the top, 
flatten against the wall next to the doorway. Wait for the two mobsters on the 
other side to get on your sights and jump out on them. Afterward, head through 
the doorway and turn left. You'll see an open door, but ignore it. Move on and 
kill the third mobster that appears. At the end of the path, turn left and 
flatten against the wall by the corner. Kill the two enemies you'll see and 
head through the doorway. Follow the path until a cutscene ensues.


--------- -------

Just as Mark wakes up from the beating he got, he receives a call by Charlie. 
He wants us to pay a visit to our old friends, the Collins, in Soho, and 
destroy their restaurant. Mark's got no choice but to go on and murder his old 
friends. Otherwise he won't see his son again.

Make good use of your car signals to get to the restaurant. Yeah, I could give 
you exact directions, but I feel it's unnecessary and useless, if you ask me. 
I think you can get to our destination quite easily by yourself.

Once you arrive at the restaurant, park by it(it's a blue building with a 
mobster next to it). Approach the mobster and grab him in a chokehold(be sure 
you don't have your weapon on) and snap his neck inside the restaurant. 
Afterward, go up the staircase. You'll see two mobsters standing on the top. 
Un-holster your weapon and kill them. Afterward, enter the bar to the left and 
kill the two extra mobsters there. Grab the Shotgun and head back outside, and 
then continue going upward. Another mobster will walk down the staircase as 
you go up. Kill him, too.

Go through the doorway at the top and you'll arrive at a resting room with 
around 6 mobsters on it. There is one directly across the doorway, sitting on 
a chair, and another two in front of this one, sitting on a chair too. A 
fourth mobster will(most likely) hide behind a nearby pillar. Crouch behind a 
chair and wait him to jump out so you can kill him. The fifth mobster is on 
the bottom of the room, by the wall. While still crouching behind a chair, 
kill him, effortlessly. There is a sixth one on the bar. As you approach it, 
roll and have your fingers on the R1 and Square buttons, so you can shoot him 
as you get up. This one is equipped with a shotgun, so be careful. Keep in 
mind that the ones sitting on chairs may get up and come toward you and try to 
kill you, duh.

Now, a bit after the bar there are some lamps. Shoot them with your gun and 
you will cause fire to start. Once the fire alarm sounds, that's when you must 
escape. Get out of the bar as fast as you can, because the smoke can kill you.
There might be a mobster or a policeman along the way, be careful about that. 
Outside, get on your car(the red one). Our next objective is to the cops off 
our tails and then exit the Soho area. To get the cops outta your tail, drive 
fast around small areas and they will eventually crash. As you exit Soho, a 
cutscene ensues.


----- -----------

Just as we leave Soho, we're called by Charlie. He wants us to go to the Art 
Gallery where the Triads are having a party and steal a drug-filled statue, 
from the basement. 

Follow the indicators of your car and you will reach the gallery in no time. 
Park outside it and un-holster your guns. Head through the front door and roll 
as you enter. Have your fingers ready because there will be four mobsters 
waiting for you. Two will come from the left and two from the right. Roll a 
lot and you should win this gunfight with no damage received. If you were hit, 
rest for a bit before moving on.

Head left from the secretary's desk and go past the gallery you see. Go around 
the corner and move forward until you see a red-orange piece of art(?). A bit 
north from it there is a staircase; go up it. At the top, head forward until 
you find a gray statue. There are two doorways by it: take whichever one you 
want and kill the two mobsters that appear. A third one will come soon 
afterward: kill him too. Afterward, go through the big doorway here.

There are a lot of civilians in this gallery listening to an exposition, as 
well as three mobsters. Two of them will most likely ambush you as you blitz 
into the room, while the third one is on the bottom of the gallery. Once 
you've killed them all, head into the next gallery. Here, turn left and kill 
the two mobsters that appear. Go around the corner and run straight(a third 
mobster could appear here) and go down the staircase. Do it as fast as you can 
because you could get shot by the two mobsters that are waiting for you at the 

After climbing down the staircase, you should head through the open door on 
the left. Flatten against the wall and jump out on the guy that's on the 
staircase. Once he's dead, go down the staircase yourself. There will be one 
guy with a shotgun as you. 

At the bottom, head to the right. Kill the mobster that's behind a crate, as 
well as the one that appears soon afterward. This one was carrying an AK: pick 
it up. Now, head back to the staircase and run through the hallway across it. 
As you move on, you're ambushed by around 7-8 mobsters(no joke). Be sure you 
have the AK on your hands, because about half of these mobsters have AKs and 
shotguns; no weak weapons. Be sure you kill them all before moving on

(NOTE: Some extra mobsters will come down the staircase as we move on. Kill 

If you don't want to risk your life, there is another way to kill this huge 
group of mobsters. See that orange crate? If you shoot it, oil will spill out 
and if you shoot the oil, there will be a HUGE explosion that will kill all 7-
8 mobsters. And you too, if you're not careful.

Either way, pick up the statue that's around the corner. Once you do, you'll 
see a cutscene and will end up in a car. Now you have to follow your lights so 
you can arrive at "Spotted Dog", our destination, duh. You have the Triads AND 
the police on your back, so it won't be easy. Zig-zag through the traffic at 
top speed in order to get the Triads off your back easily. The police is 
another story, though. They take a lot of work to get off. The best way is to 
drive through a filled-up street. Blitz on toward a car and turn in the last 
minute. That should do it. It's not like it's necessary to get the police off 
your back, though. You can complete the mission with them following you.

(END MISSION NOTE: On the gallery, you'll notice that sometimes a mobster 
might appear out of nowhere. This is because we caused so much ruckus that 
they've been alerted and have started following you. This'll happen throughout 
the mission, so be careful)


-------- --- --------

Charlie wants you to liberate a convict who's being carried around the city. 
How, you ask? By ramming the convict's transport. You've got your "partner" 
Eyebrows along with you, who'll do the dirty job.

Start off by following your car's signals to find the convict's transport. As 
Eyebrows instructs, keep yourself away from the police until you find the 
transport. Otherwise, you don't stand a chance of finishing this mission, I'm 
telling you. Once you find the transport, have in your sights and start 
following it. Your purpose here is to hit the thing hard. The best ways to do 
this is to come from behind and blast its back, and then, start driving by its 
side, and "rub" your car against it. It will then accelerate away. When it 
does, hit its back again and rub against its side. Keep doing this and it'll 
eventually stop.

Now you'll see a cutscene. After the transport wrecks, Eyebrows crawls out of 
the car and shoots down all of the guards with an AK. Jake, the convict we 
were going to rescue, crawls out of the transport and salutes Eyebrows. Then, 
Eyes' takes out a dummy Jake(a dead body that resembles Jake) and puts it by 
the transport. Jake then pleases himself by blasting the transport using a 
grenade launcher. How cool, eh? After some more things, the group blitzes away 
and you take control once again. Now, what you need to do is to follow your 
car signals so you can arrive at the warehouse once again, with both Eyebrows 
and Jake with you.

Keep in mind, though, that you'll have a very persistent police following you. 
The car you're driving is surprisingly resistant, so you can bang it up 
constantly without worrying about needing another car(keep in mind that if 
your car dies, you're screwed). If you want to buy yourself a few seconds off 
the police, try waving through traffic that flows the opposite way you go. The 
police isn't very skilled when it comes to dodging cars, so they'll eventually 
crash. Like I said, I wouldn't worry about them. Just try to make it to the 

Watch the cutscene.

This part of the mission is pure stealth, pal. I've been waiting for this :) 
Too bad it's very short.

Start off by approaching the guy right in front of you. Grab him in a 
chokehold and take him away from the doorway. Snap his neck afterward. Now, go 
through the doorway and head a bit forward, toward some crates and a mobster. 
Go around the crates and slowly approach the mobster's back. Then, chokehold 
him and snap his neck, too. Once he's dead, run forward and you'll find 
another mobster. He'll most likely scream something(he said something about 
Jackie Chan here o.O) but it's just to scare you. Snap his neck.

Turn around and move as if you were going to where you killed the second 
mobster but go around the corner. Run down the hallway until you see an 
opening to your right. Get on it and you'll find another doorway. Ignore it 
for now and slowly walk to the left of it and you'll find another 
mobster(fourth). Chokehold him and kill him. Then, go through the doorway 
that's right in front of the mobster you just killed. Immediately roll toward 
the opening that's below the staircase and wait a mobster to go down it.

When the mobster leaves, get out of your hiding spot and run upstairs. At the 
top, go through the doorway and crouch behind the short wall. Pay attention to 
the conversation and wait until the mobsters mention that they're going to 
leave. Once they do, run toward the open room here. Go through the door that's 
inside and turn left. There is a mobster there. Chokehold him and kill him. 
Now, go around the corner and run toward the open doorway at the other side. 
As you approach it, roll to evade a mobster's sight. Afterward, run all the 
way to Charlie's office.


------ --- --- ----

So, our partners were torturing this poor guy and left him almost dead. 
Bleeding and suffering. It's your job to deliver his body at a restaurant in 
Chinatown. Not too hard, I says. Follow your car signals and you'll arrive 
there in no time. Keep in mind that once you're near the restaurant(or when 
you enter Chinatown) Triads will start to follow you. Ignore 'em and complete 
your job as soon as possible.


----- -- --- ------ ---

Right after you deliver Chai's dead body on Chinatown, you start being 
followed by Triads, this time for good! You must lead them to Holywell Street. 
These guys are pretty tough as they'll bang you recklessly while using their 
AKs to shoot you down. Also, you will, most likely, get the police attention 
as you progress through the mission, so be careful.

Once you enter the warehouse in Holywell street, you realize you've been set-
up. Now, start off by running INTO the warehouse, so the triads enter along 
with you. By the entrance there is a Yardie holding an AK. Grab him in a 
chokehold and snap his neck/shoot his brains out. Afterward, enter the 
warehouse properly and run to the right. There will be a car there. Stand 
behind it and start shooting away at everything your weapon aims at(press R1). 
Keep in mind that two triads will appear on the left, next to the car you're 
using as cover, so be prepared for that. If you ever need to heal, stand 
besides the big container in front of your car(on its backside) and then 
continue shooting.

Always keep in mind that an occasional Triad will appear around the area 
you're in, so try not to rest THAT much. Our objective here is to survive, so 
don't jump into the "main fray"(shoot from afar) and keep yourself alive by 
healing and killing any Triad that dare into your territory. If you want to 
speed things up, you could also try and burst in into the main fray, but that 
could get you killed. Either way, you'll have to wait until everybody's DEAD. 
DEAD. When you stop hearing gunshots and the mobster's voices, that's when 
everybody's visiting St Peter on heaven. And that's when you should exit the 
warehouse, in order to complete the mission.


-------- --------

You start off in front of the warehouse of the previous mission. It's not like 
you're safe because you just ended a mission. The police and the Triads will 
be all over you if you don't move fast. Start off by jacking a nearby car; the 
purple Triad car that's around it's a great choice for this mission, as it is 
very fast. 

So, start off and follow your car indicators. The police will follow you 
throughout the mission and you should try to get them off your back if you 
can(even though they'll appear somewhere else and start following again, but 
you'll have bough a few minutes for yourself). 

The Triad car, although fast, is utterly weak, so try not to bang a lot into 
other cars(don't drive into oncoming traffic). The police will form barricades 
to stop you as well, and these are doomsday for the Triad's car. There is 
always an space between the cars that form the barricades, so be sure to make 
good use of those.

Eventually, you'll see your car's hazard lights to start flashing. When they 
do, look around for a white van parked around. Once you find it, stop in front 
of it/behind it(as near as you can), crawl out of your car and run. Enter it 
before a policewoman/man can knock you down and bust you. Once you enter the 
car, you'll see a cutscene and then start the next part of the mission.

Start accelerating away and eventually, you'll get a call from Harry. He'll 
mention that the real van is heading toward the police station. If it arrives, 
you won't be able to use your dummie van because, hey, the real one arrived 
already! So, you must find and destroy the real van. Do so by following your 

Once you find the real van, Mark will say "There it is" or "Ahí está" if 
you're playing with language set-up to Spanish, like me :) But anyway, once 
you find it, keep in your sights and start following it. 

Start off by ramming its back, and then catching up with it once it 
accelerates away. Then, ram its back again, or ram its side if you prefer. 
Ramming its side will make the enemy van to rack up damage faster, and you can 
catch up with it easily(because, when you ram its back, you push it forwards).
Either way, the van will eventually smoke out and stop. The driver will then 
run away. Once it does, it's time to pay a visit to the policemen.

Follow your car indicators to the police station(try not to get the police's 
attention because that car of yours sucks when making getaways). Once you 
arrive, enter the station and approach the guard that's in front of a doorway. 
He'll say something. Follow him and he'll take you to the room with the wires 
you're supposed to fix. 

Once you arrive, do not even think about killing him. That's a big no-no. 
Instead, wait for him to leave and leave the room you too. Go right and around 
the corner, into the "main hall". Run forward into the custody area and go up 
the stairs at the northern end.

At the top, go around the corner and run across the hallway. At the end, go 
left and then go right. Blitz through the only open door there. Run through 
this room and go through the door at the other end. Then, go right toward the 
end of the hall and turn right. Go through the open double doors here and run 
forward. Go left at the intersection and enter the evidence room. Pick up the 
pistol in the ground and exit the room. Move along the hallway backwardly(as 
if you were returning) and flatten against the corner to eavesdrop McCormack, 
our target. Wait until McCormack goes around the corner and flatten against 
the wall next to it. Eventually McCormack will go through a doorway and turn 
left. Follow him and wait until he enters the Computer Room. Flatten against a 
nearby wall and wait him to leave.

Enter the computer room itself and make a left. Go around the mainframes here 
and look for the lone guard. Chokehold him and snap his neck. Grab his gun too 
and holster it. Afterward, go through the door McCormack went through and go 
around the corner. Run through the hallway and make a right when you can. You 
should McCormack heading left. Follow him down the stairs and keep following 
him afterward, until he arrives at the interrogation room. Follow him inside, 
un-holster your weapon and start shooting. If you've been following this 
walkthrough, you probably have the twin pistols right now, so it should be 
easy to kill good old 'Cormack. Once he's dead, you'll see a cutscene with 
Yasmine. She knows where your kid is, so Mark can't kill her just yet.

After it, you'll take control of Mark. Yasmine will act as your sidekick here, 
too. Start off by exiting the interrogation room and killing the guard that 
comes in your way. Run across the blue hallway and kill the two guards that 
appear. Go around the corner and kill the guard with a baton there. Run 
forward and take a right into the hallway there those smoke grenades came of. 
Kill the three SWAT(I know it's not SWAT because it's England, I just don't 
know who they're called there) and pick up their guns. They're automatic and 
you can carry two at a time. Now, backtrack a bit to the interrogation room 
and take the semi-yellow hallway to the right. Follow the path to a fully-
yellow hall and enter the dining room.

Here, kill the two guards and move on. At the bottom of this area there is an 
open door. Go through it and kill the guard that's on the ball room. Once in 
the ball room, head right and kill the SWAT there. Then, exit the ball room 
properly and head to the left. You'll see the garage's door is closing up! You 
have to shoot down the motor in order to prevent it from closing up. If you 
can't, backtrack a bit and go through the open door left of the double doors 
you used to get here. Turn right and kill everybody you find(be sure to heal 
if possible) and look for the main door. Exit through it and kill any nearby 
guard. Jack the police car nearby(not the van) and wait for Yasmine to get 
inside. Then, accelerate away(follow the indicators). The police car is very 
weak, so you're going to(most likely) change cars as your make your getaway. 
No worries, as the police seems to be very easy to lose in this mission. 
Eventually, you'll arrive at your destination and end the mission.


--- ----- -- -----

Charlie wants you to pick up a lap dancer at the Touch of Class club. Off we 

Follow the car indicators and you'll arrive at the bar in no time. You're 
bound to find a barricade on the way to the bar: once you blitz through it, 
you'll end up getting the police on your back. Lose them if possible, as your 
car is very weak and the police likes to bang you a lot. Also, you could try 
to activate your car's sirens, hehe :)

You'll eventually arrive at the club. Park in front of it and approach the 
front door. There'll be a guard in front of it. Chokehold him and blast his 
brains out. Then, go through the door. Inside, run forward and go left. 
Proceed down the stairs.

At the very bottom there'll be a pair of open double doors. In the other room 
there are some mobsters who'll start shooting as soon as you approach the 
door. Take cover by flattening against a nearby wall and start to jump out on 
the mobsters. If you can't nail the mobster(s), roll into the room and start 
shooting at everything. It should be an easy gunfight, but you should heal 
after it though.

Approach the lap dancer here(she'll get killed...) and four more mobsters will 
spurt out. Kill them and take your time to heal. Pick up any weapons here and 
approach the bar. Kill the mobster that jumps out and steal his AK once he's 
dead. Then, go through the door by the bar(not the one inside it). There may 
be some mobsters here. Kill them and go around the rightmost corner to end the 


------------- --- --- ----
Remember the lap dancer that got killed? Well, that was our target! Hammond 
goes nuts but Yasmine's got a plan. They then exit the club, with Yasmine 
dressed up as a lap-dancing cowgirl! After some more stuff, you'll be inside a 
car. You'll have the police and some gang members on your back, but you should 
ignore them. 

Anyways, from the bar, move north and turn left. The left sign will start 
flashing here once again, but ignore it and run all the way to the street's 
end(it's pretty long). That's when you should turn left. I've discovered that 
you can lose the gang members and the police quite easily this way(if they're 
following you, and even if they're not, I've seen the won't mess up with you 
anymore after taking this route, for a while at least. A bit weird, eh?). From 
here, just follow the car signals until you find a street where the hazard 
lights come up.

Park in this street and go out of your car. Yasmine will get out too and enter 
the Charlie's house. Get back on your car and blitz away. Follow your signals 
to the Yardie crackhouse. There will be many barricades along the way, and 
you'll have both the Soho men as well as the Yardies on your back. This part 
is a chore to complete, mainly because the crackhouse is far away. Eventually, 
you'll arrive at a street where your lights will signal you to stop

Park besides the cracked wall and go through it. Advance through the alley and 
flatten against the rightmost wall. Jump out on the two yardies here and move 
on. A third yardie will blast through the door here. Kill him and break on 
through to the other side. Inside the house, move through the hall and enter 
all of the rooms here to kill every yardie you find. They move around the 
house, so I really can't give exact locations. Once everybody's down, go up 
the stairs.

In the second floor, kill the mobster in the room across of you. Then, 
immediately kill the lady with the meat clever that'll run toward you. Here 
meat clever is surprisingly damaging, finishing you off in two swipes. If 
she's getting too near, back off and kill her from afar using free aim. Either 
way, kill any mobster that comes toward you and run down the hall toward 
another staircase. In the room to the right there'll be four yardies, one of 
them being the DJ, so kill them all. Then, go up.

At the top, kill the two yardies that were waiting for you, and any additional 
yardies that spurt out. Take time to heal and go through the rightmost door 
closest to the window here. Kill the three yardies there(they're carrying 
shotguns and AKs be careful) and step into the room to finish the mission.


-------- -- - ---

Hammond grabs the cash and elaborates a quick plan on how to keep it. He needs 
his friend's(Liam) help, but he's more than glad to help.

There will be a yardie coming right towards you. Gun him down and jack a 
nearby car. Accelerate away and follow your car signals to the depot in King's 
Cross, your destination. You'll have Yardies and policemen(this means plenty 
of roadbloacks) giving chase to you. Lose them if you can because the road to 
the depot is quite long.

You'll(probably) need to switch cars, but you'll eventually arrive at your 
destination(the depot you arrived at with Yasmine a couple of missions ago). 
Watch the cutscene.

After it, flatten against the crates in front of you and do a jump-out to the 
left. Kill the three mobsters there. If one of them gets away, heal and wait 
him to come back and kill him. After they're dead, head to where they were and 
go left. There'll be a mobster on the other side. It's nearly impossible to 
kill him from a good distance, so approach him a bit and... he'll run away. 
Take note of the route he takes and heal(if you need).

He'll go behind some crates, so go and follow him. As you go, kill the one 
mobster who comes and those two mobsters to the left, along some conveyors 
belt. Around the crates there is a set of steps, along with two mobsters. Kill 
both of them from afar and move on to the steps. Two more mobsters will spurt 
out of an alley to the right, so kill them. An extra mobster will start 
sniping you from behind(he's up some tall crates) but you should ignore him.

Run up the steps, killing the one mobster with a shotgun along the way. 
Halfway up, tap R1 and Hammond will turn right and aim some mobsters below, 
near a crate complex. Shoot the first one. When you aim at the second mobster, 
you will hit some gas tanks and create a great explosion. After this, continue 
up the steps and through a door.

Go down the staircase to the left. At the bottom,  go through the doorway to 
the right. Shoot the mobster there and he'll run away. Follow him through the 
door and across the hall. At the end there'll be a doorway. Run through it to 
finish this mission.


------ -------- ---

Well, Hammond's been caught and all hell will break loose soon. It seems he 
just lost his one-man war, when, all of a sudden, detective Frank Carter comes 
and saves the day.

Exit the cell and follow Yasmine(she picked up the weapon Frank left. Bitch). 
Pick any weapons on the floor and go around the corner. Here, you'll probably 
see Yasmine slaughtering some other mobsters. Wait for here to kill them all 
and follow her through the hall to the northwest.

Go up the staircase here and turn right. Wait for the mobsters to start 
showing up. Another major gunfight will ensue, with around six mobsters, some 
of them equipped with AKs and Shotguns. Yasmine will put her ass somewhere and 
stay there shooting and receiving damage.

If you're not careful here, she'll die, or at least receive a substantial 
amount of damage. It's better to stand by her, trying to take the hits, and 
shoot anything that moves. A great strategy to lessen the damage you get is to 
crouch in front of the short, blue crates here. Some enemies will probably get 
around them and hit you(and it's a pain to hit them if this happens), but the 
others will have a hard time nailing you, while it's quite easy for one to 
shoot down any mobsters this way; press R1, let a burst of bullets fly off and 
let go R1 to crouch again. Repeat. 

Also, you could flatten against a set of crates around and jump out on the 
mobsters. This strategy is quite inefficient, because the nearest set of 
crates that would be usable for this is semi-out of the way, meaning you'd 
have to wait for the mobsters to get very near you and Yasmine. The "crouch-
behind-blue-crates" works wonders, for me at least.

Another strategy I've used includes the free-aim option(press R2). As you go 
up the staircase, turn right and stand on the left side of the stack of crates 
there(the ones that shoot out juice if shot). Hold R2 and kill the mobsters 
that spurt out from across the room. Then, move forward a bit and aim to the 
right. Look for a Mr. Shotgun and gun him down, followed by his pals. Mr. 
Shotgun & co are a bit hard to kill mainly because they come from far away. 
Here, it would be wise to employ both Free-Aim and Auto-Aim. This combination 
proves to be deadly against this groups. After everything, be sure to heal, 

Anyway you choose, head forwards a bit, pass some tall crates and turn left. 
That's the doorway that leads out the warehouse! However, five mobsters will 
ambush you as you get near. Two of them will appear from behind, while the 
rest spurt out off the doorway(sometimes, three or more of them will be 
standing right next to the doorway, waiting for you) It's not like you have 
time to react, so back off and shoot at the same time. Sometimes, the mobsters 
don't appear immediately, but once you're getting near the doorway. If that's 
the case, you could back off a bit and use the crates for protection. 

Once done, heal and exit the warehouse. Get in the car there and accelerate 
off the warehouse. Follow your car signals. In this mission, fortunately 
enough, the Filth is NOT after you. I've had to re-do this part of this 
mission quite a few times and I've never dealt with the police... unless 
Yasmine shoots a Charlimen's(made-up word) car, you drive like a lunatic, or 
kid a ped. Be sure to drive like you'd(hopefully) do In real life: slowly and 
without banging other people's car.

Eventually, you'll arrive at a street where you car indicators start to flash 
off. This is Charlie's house street, so pull out of your car and look for a 
staircase going down. Take it and head through the door.

You'll be on a resting room, of sorts. Head through the only open door here. 
When you do, a laser field activates right in front of you. There are seven 
beams that spurt off the ceiling. These are quite easy to get through. Flatten 
against the right or left wall and move to the other side. When you do, the 
field de-activates. Run down the hall.

At the end, there are two doors. One of them is protected by a laser field, 
while the other is completely clear, to the left. Go through this one and into 
the kitchen. Kill the mobster here and head through the other open door. In 
this room, kill the two mobsters. Afterward, head through the hallway on the 
northeastern corner of the room.

This'll lead to a storage room. Move on and kill the Shotgun-wielding mobsters 
that jumps around the corner. Go around the corner, too, and kill the other 
mobster there. In here, there is a staircase that goes up. Approach it. A 
laser field appears, as well as three mobsters at the top. Tap R1 and kill 
both of them before moving on.

This laser field is very simple, too. Just flatten against the leftmost wall 
and move upward. The rightmost wall Is out of question. Once you get past the 
field, it de-activates so Yasmine can get through. Go up.

At the top there'll be an open door right across the staircase. Now, if you 
turn around you'll spot another open door on the staircase's side. If you go 
through it, you'll find a beautiful car, the TVR. Heh, you cannot take it now, 
so head through the door across the staircase.

Kill the mobster here, as well as the mobster that appears on the balcony 
above you. Now, you'll notice that there are two doors here. Take the 
rightmost one. Once you go through it, a laser field activates and leaves 
Yasmine outside! Blast it. Head through one of the doors here, into a hall. 
Run up it. As you approach its end, another laser field appears. This one is a 
bit tricky.

There are four horizontal beams and a small space below them. You'll need to 
be a bit skilled here, but only a bit :) Anyway, run up to the field and as 
you get near it, roll through the space. If done correctly, you won't hit the 
beams. Once you get past this field, Yasmine will appear behind you.

Approach the big staircase here and kill the two mobsters that appear. Run up 
the staircase then. At the top, you'll see that the doorway in front of you is 
covered by lasers. There is another one to the right, completely clear. Go 
through it and Yasmine gets trapped again! Damn lasers. Head into the adjacent 
room and a whole lotta lasers activate!

The first set of lasers(horizontals) have to be rolled under. Once you do, 
turn right and look for a lone, horizontal laser. Roll under it and flatten 
against the wall. Move on to the other side and run through the double doors 
here. Continue up the staircase, killing anybody that ventures into your path.

In the next floor, we'll have a very similar situation to the ones we've 
already had. The path that goes further up is blocked, so run through the door 
to the right. When you do, a bunch of lasers activate. Flatten against the 
wall to the right of the door and move to the right. At the other side, roll 
through the space below the lasers here. You'll need to do this twice to get 
around the pool table. Then, go through the door.

This floor is also quite simple. Roll under the horizontal beam blocking off 
the door and then flatten against the wall. Slip past the vertical beam and 
all of the beams here de-activate. However, another field will appear on the 
next room. Roll under it and head through the door. Continue up the stairs.

In the next floor, everything in front of you is blocked off. Turn right and 
you'll find a semi-hidden hallway. Run down it and head through the door 
there. When you do, a laser field activates, as you usual. Roll down the one 
in front of you and murder the mobster that comes through the door. Roll down 
the side nearest to the door the mobster went through(next to the bed).

Go through the only open door inside the bathroom. More lasers... There are 
some vertical ones directly to the left, while there are a bunch of horizontal 
ones in front of you. Start off by rolling under the horizontal ones in front 
of you. Run to the other side of the room and roll down the lasers again. Head 
through the door and up the stairs. At the top, head through the leftmost 


--------- --- --- ----

Mark sees his son being taken inside a car by Harry and his friends. Not 
knowing what to do, he calls Carter. Too bad he's in deep shit too. It's 
Hammond and Charlie only now.

You need some wheels in order to get to the Sol Vita, our destination(a ship). 
Remember the TVR I mentioned during the last mission? Well, you can get back 
to Charlie's house and jack it. Once you do, the garage opens. Blitz away from 
this place and go left. Your car will signal you to go right as you exit the 
garage, but if you do, you'll be crashing into the oncoming traffic and 
committing felony. So, go left and drive into the highway. From there, follow 
the car indicators.

Keep in mind that even though this TVR is by far the fastest car you've driven 
so far, it's also very weak. At top speeds, crashing head-on into another car 
will smoke it out immediately. Also, the police is NOT on your ass on this 
mission, so try to drive fast but calmly. Do not be slow like molasses though. 
Be fast, but careful.

The car signals will take you to a street(on the other side of the Tower 
Bride. It's a pain to get there) covered with cones. Blast through them and 
you'll come to a dead-end. Your car wants you to go left. How? Get out of your 
car and run through the bollards to the left. Run across this field, to the 
other side.

You'll arrive at the Sol Vita docking bay. Run to the left and head into the 
parking lot there(the one with the vans). Go to the other side and run along 
the ship until you find a ramp going up it. Run across it and you'll see rival 
gangs fighting. Take cover and watch how everything unfolds. Then, kill the 

Head to the northeast, near the area of the burning forklift. Run across this 
forklift. Kill all the mobsters that attack you and go around the corner. Once 
everybody's dead, head through the open hatchdoor. In here, you'll see a 
staircase going down. Go down the staircase and go left. Run down another 
staircase and kill the guys that come around the boiler here.

There is an open hatchdoor here, so run through it. Turn left and kill the 
mobster that jumps off the corner. Head forward and go right. Kill the 
mobsters that spurt out. Then, run forward(more mobsters may appear behind 
you, watch your back) and go right when you can. Kill the mobster atop the 
catwalk here. Head to the junction and you'll be ambushed by a WHOLE LOTTA 
BUNCHA MOBSTERS! This part is by far the toughest we've faced so far, 

After dying, I can recommend a few things: remember the guy that was above a 
catwalk? Shoot the tanks below that catwalk and you'll lure some mobsters into 
your trap. Kill them and approach the junction. If no more mobsters come, 
backtrack to the hatchdoor you used to get here. This time, go right. You'll 
find some more mobsters here, too. Once you go around the corner, the coast 
will be [most likely] clear. If it is, run up north. More mobsters will 
appear. This time around(if you're at full health) you should be able to kill 
them with no trouble.

Heal and head through the open hatchdoor on the left wall. Here, you'll start 
being shot by mobsters. Also, notice how the crate in front of you goes up. 
Once it is fully up, roll under it to prevent being crushed. Shoot the guys on 
the catwalks. Now, remember the crate I told you about? It's still moving 
about.  From the doorway, go left and take the second right you find. Move 
across this short hallway and look for the second opening between the crates. 
Go through it and head left, up the staircase. If you stay mobile, the crate 
won't hit you.

At the other side of the room, controlling the crate, is Harry. You can't hit 
him from here, so run across the catwalk. Kill the mobster that spurts out on 
the left. Head through the door that goes north and go down the stairs. Kill 
the mobsters here and run forward. Head through the doorway. You'll be back on 
the room where Harry is, just on a different place. Stand by the doorway and 
wait for a forklift to pass near you. Gun the driver down.

Head to the left and kill any mobster that comes your way. Once you get near 
the platform Harry is on, tap R1 and start blasting. Eventually, he'll go 
down. When he does, move below the platform for a cutscene. Enjoy!


El Tombo of the Flying Squad, Frank Carter's been obsessed about everything 
involving the Jolsons for quite a while now. His lifetime dream is to nail 
down Charlie Jolson, London's crimelord for 20 years, and put him in jail. His 
superiors do not share his interest, so Frank Carter must fight against the 
Bethnal Green Mob(or Charliemen) by himself... and with the occasional help of 
Mark Hammond himself.


---------- --------

Frank is on his car, minding his own businesses, when he suddenly spots 
Eyebrows, of Charlie's gang. Something's fishy 'round here, so we'll have to 

Follow Joe(man, he's fast...) into the building Eyebrows went in. Inside, run 
across the hallway and turn right. Kill the mobster that appears behind you. 
Now, backtrack a bit and run forward. A mobster here will raise his hands 
Arrest him and run down the hallway. At the end, go left and kill Mr. Shotgun 
there and get his weapon.

Go through the hall that goes north. Kill the mobster there, as well as the 
one above you. A third mobster will also appear, so kill him. Then, head 
forward and up the staircase. Above, kill the mobster that appears on the 
right. Wait a few seconds and another one will appear on the left. Kill him.

Afterward, approach the gap that's across the staircase. You need to cross it. 
Now, this part reminded me a lot of MGS2, but anyway. Flatten against the 
rightmost wall and shuffle along the small piece of floor there, to the other 
side. Here, head left. Kill the mobster that's running at you. Head forward 
and kill the mobster that jumps out of one of the rooms here.

At the end of the hall, two mobsters will appear by the one with his hands 
raised. Kill both of them and run through the door to the left. Kill the 
shotgun guy there to prevent a potential ambush. Heal and head back to the 
hall. Go around the corner and head into the red hallway here. Flatten against 
the wall to the right and shuffle along to the cross the gap.

Head right and you'll find Joe, wounded. Carter suggests going to a hospital, 
but Joe says he's right, that should nail Jake. Follow his advice and head 
forward. Head through the open door here and kill the mobster that was waiting 
for you. Head back to where Joe is and go up the staircase behind him.

At the top, kill the two mobsters around the corner. By now, backup should 
have arrived. Stand by the staircase and wait for them to kill the mobsters. 
Then, follow them down the hall. Wait for them to kill more mobsters and go 
right when the coast is clear. Run down the hall and kill the two mobsters 
that spurt out on the sides.

At the end of the hall, go left and join the backup team. Wait for them to run 
but don't follow them immediately. The floor will crash below the backup team 
and around 3 of them will die. Blast it. Shuffle to the other side by using 
the leftmost wall. Your buddies will start blasting at some mobsters. Wait 
until the coast is clear and head left. Head through the open door there and 
watch how your pals arrest Jake.

After the short loading time, exit the brothel and approach wounded Joe. Head 
into the car here(not the police car) and wait for Joe to get inside. We have 
to take him to the hospital. Activate your sirens and follow your car signals 
to the hospital. You'll know you're near when you see a lot of ambulances. 
Anyway, once you arrive at the hospital, park on the emergency "street" and 
the mission ends.


------- ---- -------

You'll have to head into a depot, to the other side of the Tower Bridge. 
Follow your car indicators to arrive there. You'll be followed by gangsters on 
your way, so try to get them off your back. Once your hazard lights start to 
flash off, head out of your car and head into the small area covered by 
bollards. Un-holster your guns and kill the first four yardies that greet you. 
Head further into the depot and kill the yardie to the right, on top some 

Now, you should have seen a moving crane. If it hits you, you die. Obviously, 
you should worry about dodging it. You could get around the bunch of crates 
here, but unless you're very skilled, you'll end up dead. So, how do we get to 
the other side, you ask? In each row of crates, there is a small opening you 
should make use of. Go through them, dodging the crane and you'll arrive at 
the other side. If you feel you cannot dodge the crane, and the opening is 
nowhere near, flatten against the wall.

On your way you'll probably find some yardies for you to kill, but anyway, 
once you arrive at the ooother side(it's a bit of a long way), a huge group of 
yardies will start shooting and dying. They're not trying to kill you, don't 
panic. They're fighting against your backup team. Take cover and kill any 
yardie that dares into your path.

You should have seen a white van blitzing away as you approached this area. 
Wait until everybody's dead and look for this van. If you do this early, 
you'll probably have to kill some yardies by yourself. But anyway, once you 
approach the van, Frank Carter will yell "out of the car"(that's what he said 
in Spanish, anyway) and you'll end the mission.


-------------- -- ----

You have to drive to the Republic Restaurant at Soho, the one we burnt out as 
Mark. Accelerate away after the cutscene and activate your sirens. You're 
under a time limit, so you need to move fast. Your sirens will make cars to 
give you the way, while you can break the law without worrying about getting 
followed by the police. The car signals will lead you to a junction where it 
doesn't tell you what direction to take. Head right and across the bridge. 
Then, simply follow your signals to an area barricaded by a Fire Engine and an 
Ambulance. Park by the them and get out of your car. Un-Holster your weapons.

Run down the street toward where to the two backup guys are and follow them. 
Constantly tap R1 until you aim at the something. Wait until you're at a 
prudent distance and start shooting at the first set of mobsters. Eventually, 
you'll reach an area that's completely smoked out. Some mobsters will be 
there, shooting at you, using the smoke as cover, as well as some of the 
Filth's cars. Tap R1 and wait until you can see your target, before shooting 
at him, to conserve some ammo. If you get badly hurt, lean against a wall and 
rest, while the others do their job. Then, continue down the street.

Approach another set of mobsters hiding behind a black car and kill them from 
afar. Then, as you continue, one blue car will swerve in. Two mobsters spurt 
out of it, so take some distance and aim, shoot without mercy. Afterward, a 
third car will come and park behind the blue car. The blue car was smoking 
when this happened, in my game, so I had to get around it and shoot the 
mobsters. If that's not your case, simply shoot constantly from afar with your 
pistols(or the UZIs), rolling if needed. Heal after this and proceed. Another 
blue car swerves in, along with a police car. Two mobsters crawl out of it, 
while another four appear around the street.

Shoot down the mobsters that come out of the car and then crouch behind it. 
Equip your pistols(throw the Shotgun/AK if you have it) and do jump-outs on 
the mobsters. A mobster per jump out, or two. It's very easy to get rid of 
these guys, but you should take all of the necessary precautions, just case. 
Anyways, once they're dead, the mission will end.

The Backup Team will help you quite a bit on this mission, so count on them: 
heal when they're dealing with the mobsters and take cover. Eventually, most 
of them will die and it will be only you against these guys. If a backup unit 
dies, take his UZI and make good use of it. Keep in mind that the goal of this 
mission is to murder everything, so if you *think* you've killed everybody and 
it still doesn't end, backtrack and look for mobsters throughout the street.


----------- --- ---- ---

Follow your car indicators(put your sirens on for an easier travel) and you'll 
arrive at a street where the rioting is taking place. Ride through the burnt 
out vehicles and ram any mobster that gets into your way. Ride toward the 
other side and enter the carpark there. Get out of your car and un-holster 
your guns. Ride down the path(along the leftmost side) and kill a shotgun guy 
that dares into your path.

At the bottom, you should see two burnt out cars and a gunfight taking place. 
Take aim and shoot all of the mobsters there, like a complete madman. 
Afterward, move on and crouch behind one of the burnt out cars and jump out on 
the mobsters farther into the carpark. If they're too far away and you can't 
nail them, get a bit nearer, carefully(use the numerous structures here) and 
shoot them down. Once they're all dead, continue down the path. You'll see 
some mobsters going down a ramp.

Follow them. At the bottom, there will be two mobsters in front of you, trying 
to beat you out. Shoot down as fast as possible to prevent too much damage. 
Then, roll into the area they were in and tap R1. Carter will aim at a mobster 
in a dark nook. Shoot him. Once all of this has been cooked, you should take 
notice of the mobsters covering behind a blue car on the leftmost end of this 
area. Flatten against a nearby wall and jump out on them. If you have the 
pistols equipped, you should be able to kill them without too much trouble.

Approach the car the mobsters were covering behind. As you go there, two more 
mobsters are bound to appear on a nook to the right, so kill them. You should 
have seen a speeding Yardie car crash. Heal and move into the destroyed 
structure. Tap R1 and you'll aim at a Yardie on the right. If you don't move 
to a different location. Kill this yardie and backtrack a bit. Look for an 
open fire exit door and get through it. Go down the steps. Kill the two 
mobsters to the left and get back into the fire exit staircase. Backup units 
will appear and a huge gunfight will start. Aid them if possible, but be sure 
to maintain yourself healthy.

The Backup units are bound to get murdered, so you'll have to fight anyway. 
Once everybody's dead in this floor, proceed down the ramp at the end. Here, 
three mobsters will greet you, as well as two speeding cars. Kill the mobsters 
and watch out for the cars that go down. Lean against the wall nearest to the 
ramp and jump out on the mobsters around the car. Now, this is sounding a bit 
repetitive, and it is. Continue down the ramp, kill the mobsters you find and 
repeat. If a ramp is blocked, look for a fire exit staircase.

Your job here is to murder everybody, or at least arrest them. It shouldn't be 
too hard. Just use appropriate protection, heal when needed and may the force 
be with you :) If the mission doesn't end when you kill the "last" mobster, 
backtrack and look for the REAL last mobster ;)


--------- -------

After the cutscene, there'll be a prison convoy right in front of you. Follow 
it normally, as you would. Eventually, your hazard lights will start to flash 
and you'll slow down. Out of nowhere, a Land Rover comes blasting and crashes 
in. Activate your sirens and turn left on the street. Follow the indicators 
until you can finally see the Rover. Keep in your sights and blitz in.

They're formidable drivers and you have to destroy their car. When I say 
formidable, I truly mean it. They never slow down and never crash. They use 
lanes as their primary way of getting away, ramming any ped that dares into 
their path. I wouldn't recommend mimicking their ways, as they normally dodge 
VERY skillfully some signposts that would smoke out your car If hit.

Make good use of the handbrake when you have to take a hard turn. That way, 
you'll power slide into the street and regain control of your car without any 
kind of damage. Keep in mind that you'll lose a few seconds this way, right 
before accelerating, but it's a price you'll have to pay. You'll probably fail 
this mission on your first attempt, so try and study the Rover's patterns.

If the turn is manageable, use the normal brake. It's a bit harder to control 
a power slide on the wide streets, at least for me. It's not like there's a 
potential crash right around the corner on wide streets/turns if you drive 
correctly, anyways. So, keep the normal brake on these streets/turns.

To smoke it out, crash into its back hard and constantly. If you manage to 
keep up with it, you can get a few hits on the Rover before it accelerates 
away and leaves you twiddling with your thumbs. Also, if possible, rub your 
car against the truck's side to deal even more damage. Be sure you don't leave 
the Rover alone until it is completely burnt out. It should take only a few 
rubs before the Rover burns out completely.

You'll have to find the van then. Follow your indicators and blitz as fast as 
you can. You're under a time limit, but, you won't have to repeat the whole 
mission if you fail, so don't' sweat. Anyway, on your way to the van, you'll 
see police cars thundering their way to the van, as well as burnt out cars. 
Skillfully dodge the latter. Once you find the van, you'll see a cutscene, 
once you've seen before, although a bit different...


------ ---------

Now, you've got to arrive at a Yardie Crackhouse. This time around, you're on 
a black Saab that's got no sirens, so that means no easy waving through 
traffic. Also, you'll have the Yardies ramming you and performing drive-bys on 
your fragile car. You're bound to lose it sometime as you go to the 
crackhouse. When you're about to jack another car, try to get a police car, to 
make good use of its sirens.

Eventually, you'll reach a street where the indicator(either left or 
right)flashes off like all hell is about to break loose, before the hazard 
lights flash. Get out of your car when this happens and look for a bollard-
blocked alley. Un-holster your gun and run down the alley. If you were being 
followed, gun down any Yardie that got out of his car and dared into your way.

Kill the yardie on the alley and continue on. At the end, by some bags of 
trash, there'll be an open door. Go through it and go down the hall. At the 
end, go left and up the stairs. Kill the yardie directly to the left and then 
hit R1. You'll aim at some yardies across a doorway, barricaded behind some 
bags and whatnot. Shoot them down, standing next to the staircase. Then, head 
into the area they were barricaded in(you'll find two more yardies as you 
enter) and snag any AK or Shotgun you find. 

Backtrack to the staircase area and continue up. At the top, there'll be a 
doorway. Stand next to it and look around the corner. There are approximately 
seven yardies there. Also, those "display" cases are bound to explode if shot. 
Anyway, do a jump out and let go a burst of AK bullets. You're bound to hit 
the cases, as well as some yardies. Do timed jump-outs and you'll nail down 
all of the yardies and take little to not damage. Heal if possible and head 
into the display room.

Keep in mind that if you shot down the display case nearest to the doorway, 
the doorway itself will catch fire. If that's case, carefully maneuver through 
it to prevent second degree burns :) Also, a yardie or two may jump into this 
room as you get through it. Kill him, of course. Anyways, snag an AK here if 
you're empty and head through the door across the room. 

You'll find the rookie cops you were sent to save and they'll explain you the 
situation. They were sent by McCormack to cover up some crap between the 
Yardies and the Triad. They agree with the Carter that the operation stinks 
and very bad. Something's up with McCormack and he doesn't want to tell. 
Anyways, you're done with this mission.


----------- ---------

You'll be on the room where the rookies were. Head across the display room and 
the through the burning doorway. Run down the staircases and kill the yardie 
by the doorframe. A huge gunfight is taking place on the courtyard. Stand by 
the doorframe and wait for a body or two to hit the floor.

Tap R1 and you'll aim at the nearest mobsters, standing by a black car to the 
left. Kill both of them and tap R1 again, to direct your attention to a big 
group of mobsters to the right. Gun all of them down. As long as you're 
standing by the doorframe and not on the courtyard, you should survive this 
little part without receiving any kind of damage.

Head to the northeastern part of the courtyard and three mobsters jump on you. 
Two of them spurt off the sides of the container to the left, while the other 
is sniping you from a window. Start off by throwing any Shotgun/AK you have 
and gunning down the guy on the window. Your pistols are bound to hit this 
guy, while Shotguns and AKs(mainly Shotguns) tend to miss.

Kill the other two mobsters and re-pick your AK/Shotgun. Head outside this 
area. On the garage right before the street, where a yardie car is 
(apparently) being repaired you'll be able to gun down three mobsters. Then, 
on the street, gun down the mobster to the right, as well as the mobster to 
the left, by some cars.

Heal after this and jack a nearby police car and follow your indicators. Your 
job is to get to the police station at Snow Hill. Eventually, you'll arrive at 
it and your hazard lights will come up and you'll slow down. Stop and wait for 
a red car to appear.

That is McCormack. The trick is to follow him, duh, but not too close. If you 
get very near him, you'll fail the mission and you'll have to do the whole 
courtyard fighting crap. Now, if you get too far away and lose him, you'll 
also fail the mission. So, keep a prudent distance. 

It's important to know that having the X button fully-pressed will make your 
car accelerate to its top and thus crash into Mc's, falling the mission. Try 
to tap the X button occasionally, so you let your car drive by "itself", or 
slide along the ground. I've found that I can keep up with Mc while not 
getting very near him this way. Also, if you need to brake IMMEDIATELY, use 
the handbrake.

I've noticed that the sirens effect the distance you need to keep. For 
instance, I was using the sirens once, and I had quite a good distance from 
Mc, yet I still failed the mission. I really couldn't prove this theory as the 
next time I played the mission I didn't use the sirens once I found Mc. Either 
way, better safe than sorry, so try and go siren-less the whole way.

Another tip: If Mc is getting a bit far from you and you can't identify his 
car, pay close attention to whatever car seems to drive like a maniac. Mc will 
often drive around cars that are too slow for him and drive along the center 
if the street. He'll also ram peds if he cannot dodge them and get onto the 
lanes. Pay close attention to these details and you won't lose him, granted. 

Eventually, you'll arrive at the King Cross's depot, the one we visited in "A 
Cat in a Bag". Enter and turn right. You'll see Mc crawling outta his car and 
entering the building. It doesn't matter if he sees you here, he doesn't seem 
to care. Run out of your car and go inside the building.

Go through the doorway behind the reception desk and turn left. Go through the 
only open door there. Immediately hide behind the crates next to Mc and the 
mobster and eavesdrop on them. Then, after they're done, follow them down the 
"hall" and to the right. Flatten against the wall(not the crates) and shuffle 
to the corner so you can look at the mobsters talking. Listen to their 
conversation and wait for them to run down along some parcels.

Do not try to run after them, coz you'll be spotted by Mc and you'll fail the 
mission. Instead, run forward a bit and go left. Run behind the crates and go 
right at the end. Flatten against the lone, yellow crate, so you have a clear 
view of Mc. When you see they're about to leave, shuffle to the right so 
you're not seen. After this, the mobster and McCormack will go different ways.

Ignore the mobster. McCormack will go further into the depot(north), so follow 
him, closely but carefully. Eventually, he'll arrive at an area with two 
mobsters, by some red beams. Stand by a crate that let's you spy on Mc, while 
listening to their conversation. Be sure you're not seen, too. Once they're 
done, they'll simply stand there, doing nothing.

Now, they're standing by a cage of sorts, with two staircases. On of them on 
the right side, the other on the left. Mc and the mobster are by the rightmost 
one, chatting and everything. What you need to do is to maneuver to the 
leftmost staircase and go up it. This poses no kind of challenge, as Mc and 
the mobster are overly distracted. Either way, once on the cage, Mc and the 
mobster will finally walk away.

Mc will go right, along the conveyors, so run down the staircase and run 
behind  him. Do not worry about being spotted, unless you bump into Mc's ass. 
You'll see he'll go up a staircase and into a walkway. Follow him up.

Once you hit the walkway, you'll see a cutscene. McCormack is plotting against 
Joe, Carter's pal. And that's, my friend, all of the excuses Frank needed. Mc 
is going down.

You'll appear outside the depot. You have to break on through London and hit 
the hospital where Joe is in. Grab the nearest car and blitz toward the 
hospital. If you ever find a police car, jack it and activate the sirens.

Either way, once the hazard lights come up, get out of your car and look for 
an open door on the right. The main doors are useless. Continue down the hall 
and up the staircase. Run across the corridor to the right. It's very long, 
but at the end there'll be a staircase that goes into the second floor. Go up 
and look for a room being guarded by a police. Get in there before your time 
runs out.


----- --- ----- - ------

Your job here is to clean up the hospital of mobsters. Start off by exiting 
Joe's room and aiming forward(northward). Kill the line of mobsters there and 
run on. At the end of this hall there'll be a room with some beds on it. There 
may be a mobster here, with a shotgun, so kill him.

Backtrack to Joe's room and go south. You may find another set of mobsters as 
you go, so kill them. Go down the staircase; you'll find more mobsters here, 
hiding in rooms and on the hallway, shooting at you. Snipe from afar with your 
pistols, as they're very accurate so you're bound to kill all of these 
bastards with little to no trouble. Proceed onwards.

You'll reach a room with a considerable amount  beds on it. There is also an 
adjacent room to this one here. This part is riddled with mobsters and 
whatnot. You have to be very fast here, killing them all before they can kill 
you. Also, be wary for a fat mobster here: he can sustain so much damage, it's 
not even funny. You can empty both guns on him and he'll be alive.

It's a good idea to bring a shotgun for this fat mother(...) as he's bound to 
kill once, twice and thrice o.O If you empty all of your shells on him he'll 
probably go down. Also, you could shoot him a few times and wait for him to go 
inside the adjacent room. Heal, and ride in. Kill everybody, including the fat 
mobster, who is probably very weak. If you get rid of everybody else, you can 
kill mr. fattie with your pistols; I've done it, hehe.

Furthermore, even if you feel like mr. fattie will go down in the next hit, 
try not to just stay there and play a slap match with him until somebody dies. 
Oh no. Fire a few bullets, roll around and shoot some more. Also, spend a few 
seconds healing, roll and shoot. I've learned through experience that being 
still will get you murdered against fattoman.

Lastly, if you have a weapon with a good butt along with you(like the shotgun 
or the AK), you could try and hit the fat mobster with it. Firstly, shoot him 
a few times. Approach him afterward, and start smashing. If you're at full 
health and you've pumped him full of shotgun shells before, you should be able 
to kill him before you die. Heal after this, of course.

Keep in mind that you're still not done. The game likes to play with you, so 
you'll have to go back and forth between floors and this area(around where you 
fought with the fat mobster), as new mobsters will continue spurting out. 
Eventually, you'll notice that no more of them appear. When this happens, go 
back to the area where the fat mobster once was.

Go down the one semi-hidden staircase here. You'll be on the ground floor. 
There is a good bunch of Filthy people here and if they tell you you're done, 
then you can proceed with the mission. However, if you're told that you should 
go back up, then there are still some mobsters to take care of. When they give 
you the ok(i.e. they tell you you're done), run out of the hospital

Jack the nearest car. You have to go to a lockup. Drive calmly as you have no 
pressures on you. Also, jack a police car, if possible, to use its sirens.

The car signals will lead you to a dead-end with some cars parked on it. Crawl 
out of yours and kill the mobsters that will greet you. There are only two or 
three of them, plus any mobster that was following you(most likely). Anyway, 
once the coast is clear, run through the open doorway here. 

There'll be approximately five mobsters here, all around the car that's being 
repaired. You have little to no floor space to maneuver on, so jam on the 
"shoot" button as fast as possible to kill this guys. Try to roll, too. 

Get to the door to the right of the car that's being repaired. From the 
doorframe, shoot a mobster right across you and ride in. Turn right and snipe 
that mobster, the one over there, who looks like he likes James Bond 
movies(??). Run toward the area he was in and another mobster will jump out 
some stalls on the right. Kill him.

Tap R1 and Carter will turn around slower than Ferenc Puskás would if he was 
still playing(he's approximately 70 years old, and was a football(not the 
American kind) player, Hungarian, part of the "Golden Generation", for the 
record). Two more mobsters have decided to play smart on you by shooting your 
fragile back, so show 'em how fragile you're by killing them.

Heal, but be sure you're looking toward the doorway, as a mobster will 
probably crawl in. Once you're at full health, go toward the bottom of the 
room and approach the shelf by the gate. The screen will blacken and you'll be 
asked to save your game. Do so and watch the cutscene.


------ ------ -----

Right after the cutscene, run forward and through the door on the right. Go 
through this dark hallway and then into the garage, where you'll find two 
sweet, sweet, SWEET looking cars. These are the Lotus and the TVR. You have to 
pick up one of them; we've already use the TVR, so why don't we try the Lotus? 
Indeed. It's your choice though.

Follow your indicators. The warehouse is quite near, so you won't be able to 
fully enjoy either car. Blah. When your hazard lights come up, in the middle 
of the street, crawl out of your car and look for a mail box, red. Behind it 
it's the entranceway to the warehouse.

Flatten against one of the entranceway's walls and eavesdrop on those two 
mobsters. Wait for one of them to go inside the warehouse and for the other to 
stand by the car. Silently approach the one by the car and chokehold him. 
Handcuff him and run through the green doorway.

You'll find a bald mobster with his back at you, by some steps. You can either 
chokehold him and then putting him out, or ignore him and go up the steps. 
It's better to put him out now and go up the steps... well, not really, but 

Approach the other open doorway here and eavesdrop on those three mobsters. 
After they disperse, one of them will come toward the area you're in. Keep 
yourself together and stay on the wall. Once he goes way, head through the 
doorway and down the steps.

Run forward and flatten on the first set of crates you find; on its back. 
Shuffle to the left and you'll see two mobsters coming toward you. They'll 
eventually stop and talk. Eavesdrop on them. Once they stop, one of them will 
head through a door further to the left. Follow him and watch him disappear on 
the distance. Then, flatten against the crates next to the door and eavesdrop 
on these mobsters.

Once they're done, one of them will walk to the left and they other will 
continue forward and put himself behind a crate. Now, what you need to do is 
to run forward and follow the one that put himself behind a crate(it's usually 
the bald one) and handcuff him. To approach him without risking your mission, 
shuffle along the crates behind him, or you may end up blowing your cover up; 
it's not necessary to do this.

Head right and forwards. Flatten on that blue crate tower and shuffle along 
one of its ends. Play close attentions to those two mobsters by the stairs. 
One of them will proceed down, while the other stays there. When he's left, 
alone, move forward, behind a brown crate. Go around it and you'll be behind 
this mobster. Handcuff him and proceed down the staircase.

At the bottom, go forward and flatten on the leftmost wall before going around 
the corner. Shuffle along until you can see the two mobsters here. Wait for 
them to leave. Now, look at this simple map I'll use as a reference:
|SS|  |         MOB2 Quick explanation: The SSs indicate the staircase area.
|SS|  |TT MOB   |    The * is a wall you must flatten on, so you can see MOB,
|SS|__|    /    |    who's in front of the TTs, or a TV. MOB 2 blocks the way
|SS *      /    |    into the cell area, our destination. The / contain the
|_______________|    pillars in this room.

So, flatten on * and look. There is a mobster in front of the TV set. 
Eventually, the other mobster will approach the set, too. Now, the next part 
is about speed. Both mobsters will be drooling all over the screen, so, get 
around the /s, or pillars and run into the cell area as fast as you can. Head 
to the rightmost side of it and you'll be asked to save your game.


------- ---- -------

After the cutscene, a mobster will be coming right toward you. To kill him 
before he's able to do anything, have your finger on the R1 button as the game 

Run up the stairs and look to the right. Our objective is to get to the door 
over there, behind the crates. Mobsters will move about this area, so it's a 
bit hard to give exact directions.

One thing I can tell you is that a mobster will get around a set of crates in 
front of you, while four mobsters snipe at you from the right. Start off by 
aiming at the mobster who'll be in front of you and killing him. Snipe the 
other four mobsters from here as they'll have a hard time nailing you. Also, a 
fifth mobster might appear over there, so snipe him down too.

Heal by leaning behind the crates closest to the wall here. You're bound to be 
attacked by mobsters as you do, or at least find one as you leave. Not to 
worry. Kill him and resume what you were doing.

Proceed onward to that green door on the distance(it's closed up). Once you 
approach it, all hell will break loose. Three mobsters will ambush you from 
the left, three from the right, one from the front and another one(s) from the 
back. This part seems to require careful planning and strategizing, but it's a 
simple slap match where somebody will die.

Start off by aiming at the left battalion. Once you've got them in your 
sights, shoot as you back off, trying not to be shot by the other guys. Once 
the left battalion is dead, the other mobsters will be dispersed and all over 
you. Roll constantly and look for the closest target, and murder him. Roll and 
tap the R1-Square buttons with a good rhythm. Luckily, you'll get through this 
without dying. 

This part can be a bit complicated, of course, but that's the strategy I use 
and it seems to be very efficient. As long as you stay mobile, right after 
disposing the left battalion, and try not to get too near anybody, you should 
be able to get through this gunfight. Not painlessly, but you'll get through 
it; if you don't, please don't get discouraged and try again.

As you heal(you're healing, right?), have your fingers ready as you're bound 
to be shot by some other gangsters(heh, first time I refer to them like this 
:-). If you're distracted, you could get killed and you don't want that, 

Remember that green door that's closed up? Pick up any pistol that's laying 
around so you have both of them fully loaded, as well as a Shotgun. Head left 
and exit the warehouse. Two mobsters will walk toward you; let them get a bit 
near and fire off your Shotgun before they shoot: if near, they'll die in one 

Immediately turn around and shoot that/those mobster(s) that have appeared on 
the warehouse and that are coming toward you. If you're by the doorframe, 
you're bound to be hit by a mobster that appears next to the doorway.

Once these are dead, direct your attention to the Lexus that just arrived and 
its "contents". Two mobsters will crawl out of it, one with an AK. Shoot both 
of them with your Shotgun and pick up the AK. If there is still anything 
taking potshots at you from the warehouse, kill him now.

Around two or three mobsters will run down the street and snipe you from 
there. To save that precious pistol ammo, use the AK on them. You'll probably 
waste all of your ammo before they die. Also, stay away from the red tanks by 
the catwalks here: they'll probably blow up, and you don't want to be near.

Kill the mobster behind the white container to the right and lean on the wall 
there to heal. A couple of mobsters might appear as you heal: one will go 
around the containers and appear in front of you, while the to other spurts 
off the warehouse. There could be more, in different locations but I haven't 
bothered to check.

Board the Lexus unless you want to waste precious time selecting an 
appropriate car from the street. Blitz away; you'll have to follow Jake to a 
depot. This doesn't mean you'll have to keep his car on your sights on your 
fail: just follow your indicators. Not to worry about traffic laws, as you're 
a cop and it doesn't matter.

This is a timed part, so don't bother about police cars unless you smoke out 
yours and there is one passing by. You'll probably fail, but don't get mad. 
Also, you have the Bethnal guys on your back. You can lose them quite 
painlessly, but if you find another Bethnal car on your way, you'll start 
being followed again.

Eventually, you'll hazard lights will come up. Look for the King's Cross depot 
we've visited a couple of time and ride in. Crawl out of your car and un-
holster your weapon. Things are going to get a bit un-nice in a while... um, 
yeah. At nary rate, head through the main door.

You'll see two mobsters, one going forward and the other one heading right. 
Grab the one that was about to head right and handcuff him. The other one 
won't even care. Head right yourself and up the stairs there. At the top, run 
left and through the open door.

Head right on the catwalk and go down. Two mobster will be at the bottom. One 
of them will eventually head away. Handcuff the one that's left alone. Now, 
run forward and go left at the conveyor belts. Flatten against the crate and 
spy: you'll see a big bunch of mobsters, as well as a van.

From here, run across to the conveyor belts and turn left. Run down this area 
until you see that red cage on the distance. You'll also hear some mobsters 
having a conversation here. Time for another short mappie:

             VAN & FUN
         CC                      Short explanation: that cute lil' "MOBSTER 
         CC^C                    MOBSTER" signifies that there are two 
   CCCCCCC |C                    mobsters gossiping about nothing there.
    ^-----> CCC MOBSTERMOBSTER    The C's are crates, and VAN & FUN is the
    |CCCCCCC                     van that contains all of Jake's party
    |<-------                    items. Those arrows are the direction you 
should take. Once you hit the area with the last "^", you'll be asked to save 
and the mission will end.


----------- ---- ----

After the cutscene, run forward and shoot at the van. It'll ride away and kill 
a mobster. Kill the other mobster by yourself and run off the depot. The van 
will accelerate away and a mobster with an AK will try to snipe you. With your 
pistols, you'll be the one who'll snipe him.

Ride into the nearest Lexus and accelerate away. You have to follow your 
indicators to the Sol Vita. They'll direct you to the Tower Bridge, 
eventually. Cross it and continue down, taking a left when you're signaled to. 
Eventually, you'll start being directed to the left. Look on your left and 
look for an open green gate. 

Go through it and ride right and follow your indicators. They will take you to 
the parking lot with the vans we saw as Mark Hammond. Ride out of your car 
here and run toward the ramp leading into the ship. Go up it and kill that 
mobster as you go.

Head to the right(be sure you pick the AK) and around the "corner". Here, 
you'll have to fend off against around eight mobsters. They'll come at you in 
various groups, each composed of three to four mobsters. Snipe the first 
groups with your AK and dispose of the rest with your pistols. Also, heal 
between each gunfight.

Heal as much as you can, because you're bound to be attacked from the left. 
They'll probably appear on your back before you know it. You're probably still 
fighting those other mobsters, so you'll have to dispose of [these] rather 
quickly if you want to survive.

Once done, head go right from the blue container and run down the path. Head 
left and go past the forklift and up those wood steps. Go forward. A mobster 
will jump on you and when you kill him, two more(or three) will appear from 

(NOTE: You could stay around here, the outside of the ship, for a bit longer. 
More mobsters are bound to appear as you wait; kill them of course. If you 
have to backtrack here to kill Jake later on, it'll save you a lot of trouble, 
as there'll be less mobsters to deal with and you can concentrate on Jake)

Once dead, head through the open hatchdoor here. Aim to the right and kill the 
mobster over there. Another two will appear to accompany him; kill both, too. 
Then, go around the corner and kill that AK guy. Get his weapon and heal. 
Ascend up the staircase(a guy with a Shotgun appeared here in my playthrough, 
be extra careful)

At the top, you'll be ambushed by exactly five mobster. One of them is on the 
kitchen and is the one you'll probably aim first; ignore him  for now. Two 
mobsters are around the open hatchdoor here, and two to the right behind the 

Roll to the right and hit the R1 button. You'll probably aim at the guys 
around the hatchdoor. Let go a barrage of your bullets to kill both. Hit the 
R1 button again to aim to the rightmost battalion; kill them and then kill the 
guy on the kitchen if he's still alive. All of this will happen in seconds and 
you'll probably receive no damage.

Run through the open hatchdoor here and head right. There could be a mobster 
there: kill him and go up the steep staircase there. Go forward and stand by 
the rail. Snipe at those two mobsters that can be seen around the corner. A 
third one(Jake) will also shoot at you. You're bound to lose quite a bit of 
health if you stay there trying to kill Jake because he, as usual, has a lot 
of health.

So. after murdering those two mobsters, back off a bit and heal(NOTE: A 
mobster ambushed me here and almost killed me; be careful. But then, I picked 
his AK). When done, run down the path. Jake is probably there. Aim and 
furiously shoot at him, as fast as possible. If you can, get near him and slap 
him in the head.

Now, if he's not there, read on: head back to the outside of the ship(there'll 
be new mobsters as you go) and head toward a raised area on the south(there 
may be some mobsters here). I found Jake there and killed him using the same 
simple yet effective(like during most of the game) strategy: shoot like a 
madman(if you wonder how he got there, he used a crane at the top of the ship; 
I've seen him doing this)

After this, there'll be a cutscene.


------- -- ---- --- -----

After the cinema, go down the staircase you're in and watch it blow up behind 
your back. Snipe those three mobsters in front of you and run forward. Turn 
left and kill the mobsters atop those catwalks. They'll then blow up and block 
your path. Head back to the "main path" and run forward. At the end, go up the 
staircase and through the door.

If you hit R1 here, you'll aim at some guys on a catwalk on the other side. 
I'd ignore them. Go down the staircase to the right and maneuver through this 
looping crate-maze, murdering any mobster that dares into your path. Look for 
an open hatchdoor on the rightmost wall and run through it. Outside, snipe 
that huge group of mobsters, standing next to the doorway. Then, heal if 
possible and run forward.

Go left and kill the mobsters here(there could be three). Go up the short 
steps and through the hatchdoor. There will be two mobsters here and another 
one at the catwalk there. Kill both the three of them and go up both steep 
staircases here. Don't bother about healing, you're almost done. Head through 
the hatchdoor to the left after going up the second staircase and watch the 

/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
VII.                            W E A P O N S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

Nearly every time I hear "Shotgun", I remember Resident Evil, where that 
weapon is priceless. Not so in this game, though. The Shotgun comes packed 
with two "bags" of shells, each two containing approximately 7 shells. This 
means you have between 12 to 14 shells to shoot with. These shells, as usual, 
will not be very powerful unless very near the enemy.

Why? Because when you shoot, numerous "shellies" burst out your gun, and 
they'll disperse as they travel. An enemy that's close will absorb all 
shellies, thus sustaining maximum damage. If you try to shoot an enemy that's 
leaps from you, you'll do little damage, and sometimes you won't even nail 
your target! It's important to properly use this thing's ammo, as it doesn't 
have a lot of it. Closer enemies, as told, will die in one shot. You should 
this weapon if you're going "up, close and personal"


I also get sweet memories of RE when I hear this thing's name in any game. 
Fortunately, In The Getaway, the pistol(s) prove to be worthy unlike in 
RE(unless it is CVX, but we're getting a bit outta topic). At first, you'll 
have just one pistol. It's fast but not very powerful. It is, however, this 
game's sniping rifle: you can gun down ANYTHING from ANY distance.

Furthermore, you can pick a second pistol if you find it laying on the ground. 
If you do so, you'll have two pistols to show off with! Not only that, but 
you'll be faster when it comes to shooting, thus enemies will go down quicker 
as you're deploying x2 bullets per Square-button-press! ORGASMIC! 
Unfortunately, you'll have to use the Free Aim option many times with the 
pistols, and when you do, you can only use one of them. Bleah.


This weapon seems cool, powerful and ass-kicker, but it is not like that, 
sadly! It is still cool, but not powerful and it doesn't kick many asses 
unless you're really well placed. Firstly, it takes way to many bullets to 
kill an enemy with this guy, for some damn reason, unless really close. 
Secondly, enemies from afar could drain your whole clip before going down! 
It's VERY inaccurate. As I said, [2] enemies are bound to empty all of this 
weapon's clip before dying, IF they're far away.

However, you'll eventually find yourself in a situation where everybody's near 
you and coming right toward you, like something you simply you cannot stop. In 
this case, depending on your distance, you could lay waste on these guys with 
your AKs very fast and painlessly. It's a good weapon to use when you have to 
murder numerous mobsters at prudent distance. Otherwise, stick with your 
trusty pistols.


The pistol's brother(s). They're as small as the pistols, but much faster and 
a bit more powerful. With speed, comes inaccurateness, too. These are 
basically AK lite: not as fast, but not as inaccurate, either! You can carry 
two of them, too. I really cannot write too much about these, as you only get 
to use them on like four missions.


Batons, Meat Cleavers and Baseball Bats... and the  buttocks of your weapons, 
too! These things are unusually powerful: a hit of a Baton or a gun buttock 
will send your enemy into wonderland... for a while, at least. Apparently, 
they'll eventually wake up and alert their buddies. I've yet to see this.

/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
VIII.                     S E C R E T S  &  M I S C.
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
A short and sweet section where I'll list the game's limited amount of 
secrets(if any) and numerous glitches and fun tidbits. Rally ho!


If you were disappointing because you couldn't explore London during the 
game(for the record, I wasn't. I was expecting it) then this mode is for you. 
Once you fully beat the game with both Carter and Mark, you'll unlock this 
mode. You can access it by selecting the "Extras" option on the main screen.

You will start on a Lotus 7 facing to the east, on Great Marlborough Street, 
south of Oxford Street. Once you start, you're free to explore! You'd be 
surprised by the amount of miles you can explore, no doubt about that. If you 
didn't have time to explore during the main game, it's time to do so and enjoy 
the sights!

In Free Roam, many new and slick cars will have appeared. They are put in 
strategic locations, normally out of the way, for you to find. Nearly none of 
these cars can be found easily. They're very out of the way and you don't have 
pointers about where to find them. If you must find them, check out the Car 
Database section, further into the guide, as well as Rob McGregor's map.

Also, I must point out that in Free Roam mode, the police doesn't give a damn 
about you. If you break one too many laws, they'll give chase, but they'll 
eventually forget about you, especially if you bothered to lose them. Finally, 
you can crash, kill and cause madness throughout London without any kind of 
trouble! A true blessing indeed.


A glitch that affects tons of games, mainly those 3D ones :) Basically, if you 
get too near a wall and start rubbing against it, you'll partially go through 
it. This doesn't happen very often, though, and it's not like it will ruin 
your gaming. Your car also seems to have this problem. Furthermore, peds, cops 
and whatnot may disappear after bumping into a wall.


Believe it or not, when I saw this glitch happening, I got very mad, mainly 
because I was expecting something a bit better from the game. But anyway, this 
is what happened. I shot down the engine of a car with its driver still 
inside. The car caught fire and the driver didn't crawl out of his car. Then, 
I got into the car, and, Mark didn't take out the dead body that was blocking 
the way. Strange, indeed! I tried this numerous times, and I came to the 
conclusion that dead bodies inside cars will vanish once you enter the car.


A nasty glitch that can be fixed if it happens to you. Something I didn't know 
when it happened to me, though. Had to reset the game because of it. But 
anyway, it's something very annoying, and I'm not entirely sure if it's a 
glitch, but it's happened to me quite often so I'll just list it up here. What 
happens is that, after banging my car too much or going backward for long 
periods, my car will simply continue going backwards. I crawl out of it, get 
into another car and the automated reverse mode activates once again! This can 
be easily fixed by accelerating. Not with the X button, but by pushing FORWARD 
with the rightmost thumbstick.


The carpark where you can find a Lotus 7 is also a prison, it seems! If you 
get inside, you cannot get out unless you board a car! Trying to escape on 
foot will make an invisible wall to appear on the carpark's gate, outta 
nowhere! The only way to escape is to board the Lexus and ride out.


Apparently, riding in a Go-Kart is not enough for Mark, as he tries to make 
people think it's a normal car, by opening an _invisible_ door when he enters 
the car. Maybe the Soho Team members were too lazy to change this animation? 
Or maybe Mark's gone nuts!? Also, when you go backwards on the Go-Kart, Mark 
will put his arm around an invisible seat and look back. Yep. He's definitely 


I do not seem to understand why, but Yasmine is soooo obviously a glitchful 
girl. I seem to have a lot of problems when she's with me, but most of these 
are small tidbits that aren't worth listing. Two things caught my attention, 
though. This is one of them: I was  gunfighting with the police and I decided 
to board a nearby van. I jacked it and Yasmine got inside. As I drove away, 
Yasmine stayed floating on the air! She was _sitting_ on the air, like she was 
inside the van, but of course, she actually wasn't. She was on the middle of 
the street, floating, for god's sake! I crawled out of my car and lost the 
mission shortly afterward!


This happened to me with Yasmine. I crawled out my car and the Filth started 
to shoot at me. Yasmine pulled out her guns and started firing. And she 
wouldn't stop! It was insane. She'd fire about twice as fast as you normally 
would, and after she ran dry, she'd reload and keep firing. Bullets didn't 
seem to hurt her, either. She was just there, shooting and shooting. I decided 
it was enough, so I got inside my car and tried to force her inside. She 
wouldn't. She just kept shooting, even though everything was dead around. I 
was forced to re-start the mission.


An useless bit of info; that's why I left it last. So, you thought that when 
you completed "Land of Hope and Glory" you had finally got rid of those car 
signals? Well, you can still see them in Free Roam! Hit R2 to signal to the 
left, and R1 to signal to the right. A good way to follow traffic laws.
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
IX.                L O C A T I O N S  &  L A N D M A R K S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

Aside from driving a Buggy-Buggy(ir Lotus 7, if you prefer), going to London 
is one of my lifetime dreams... well, not really. Going to _Hungary_ would be 
my lifetime dream, but visiting London(or anything at England) wouldn't be too 
bad, anyway! At any rate, if I were to visit to London, I'd make sure to visit 
all of its Landmarks and interesting locations. Here are the ones I'd visit, 
that are contained in the game: (

-_-NOTE: If you feel like one or more of these SHOULDN'T be called Landmarks, 
please e-mail me about it and I'll remove it/them.-_-


Even though getting into the palace itself to talk with the queen is just 
wishful thinking, I'd make sure to at least visit the surrounding areas so I 
can have a bath of magnificence! This beautiful castle is surrounded with 
fences on the game(and with a good reason). Located a bit to the south of the 
starting point in Free Roam. Drive into the Piccadilly and head to its western 
ends. From there, make your way to the Palace.


A thin bridge with some towers atop it. I dislike the layout of it, as it is 
very thin and its often polluted with cars and buses. Too hard to maneuver 
through, too, especially if you're behind a Lotus or a TVR. It's on the 
easternmost corner of the city, on the eastern side of the Mansell Street.


You're probably sick of hearing Big Ben right now. There are numerous clock 
towers throughout the world, but the Big Ben is by far the most popular. 
Elegant and well crafted, the Big Ben WOULD(sigh) quite a sight to look at. 
You can do so in the game, but the structure looks very foggy(sigh again). 


Similar to the French's Arch of Triumph(is this the correct name? I did a 
Spanish-to-English translation, so I wouldn't know), although in the game it 
looks smaller(it could be bigger in real life). It's located in the 
westernmost side of Oxford Street.


A busy street riddled with stores that sell clothes and whatnot of the highest 
quality. It's where celebrities buy their clothing and what-have-you. From 
your starting point in Free Roam, head forward and take the first left you can 
to hit Oxford Street.


Located on the eastern side of Piccadilly. I don't know much about this. If 
you do, please contact me about it.


It is a bit unclear to me what is the purpose of this. In fact, I do not even 
know what it exactly is! I seem to think that is some kind of ferry/wheel-
shaped boat that circles around the Thames River. I've also heard it's broken 
several times. At any rate, you can see it swimming 'round the Thames.


Where the Government meet to discuss various matters. I read a craptacular 
book called "Justice", about some terrorist who wanted to blow this very same 
landmark! They also mention Guy Fawkes on that book: he's the one who tried to 
blow the Houses long ago and was arrested. He was afterward killed. The Houses 
are located by the Thames, a bit to the west of it.


A large river that flows through central London. You can located it quite 
easily, specially if using Rob's map.

/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
X.                         C A R  D A T A B A S E
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
But of course! This game wouldn't be the same if cars were absent. Unlike the 
GTA games, the cars here are those cars you can buy at a local car dealership, 
as long as you have a lot of money :) This car database includes a list of all 
of the cars in the game. You can find pics of them at 
www.thegetaway.playstation.com; cars section; "Real Cars" subsection.

(NOTE: You won't find any descriptions and whatnot here; just a list. For the 
secret cars, I'll just give out their locations).

Anyway, here are the basic cars:

*ALFA ROMEO 154                        
*ROVER 2000
*SAAB 800
*SAAB 83
*10 SECRET CARS(Continue on...)


Now, onward with the secret cars. I've used Rob McGregor's excellent map as a 
reference; be sure to thank him. Oh, here you can find the map:


I'd recommend downloading it, as it is very useful.




The car you start with on Free Roam mode.


This one is quite far from where you start, so I'll give you a general 
pointer. Put yourself in the southern end of the [Tower Bridge](map's 
perspective -- around U11) and go down the [Tower Bridge Road]. Take the first 
right on this street into the oncoming traffic. Keep close attention on the 
leftmost side of the road: once you see can turn left, do so. Drive through 
this thin street and into the tunnel. Continue down the street after the 
tunnel, past an intersection. After this intersection, look to your left for 
an open carpark, with yellow walls. Get inside and you'll find the Lotus on 
the leftmost corner.


I car I've always dreamed about, even though I didn't know it was called Lotus 
or anything. I always called it Buggy-Buggy. In fact, that's how cars that 
look like this are called. However, I must admit that this was has a lot more 
style than your average Buggy-Buggy. It's tremendously fast and easily 
controllable, which makes it easy to prevent crashes and whatnot. It's also 
very durable: yeah, if you ram it up into a car at full-speeds, it'll smoke, 
but name me one car in The Getaway that doesn't have this defect, uh ? You 




From the starting point, ride forward and take a left into [Oxford Street]. 
Ride through it and go right before you hit [New Oxford Street](the sixth 
right you can take). You'll be on the [Charing Cross Road] Ride down it and 
take the third right you can into the [Shaftesbury Avenue]. Here, turn left 
once it is possible and you'll be on Chinatown. Ride inside the carpark that's 
around here. Inside, go the bottom, where you'll find this nice car(we've 
already seen it. Try to remember where :))


This car is simply not my kind of car. It's very, very ugly. The front looks 
pleasing, but the back, being very round, it's quite ugly, at least for me. 
Furthermore, this car is extremely weak. The first time I found it, it brunt 
out before I could take it out the carpark! And no, I was not bumping into 
walls on purpose. I simply hit three pillars and it caught fire! Amazing! I've 
been able to take it out, though, and experimented its high acceleration and 
maneuverability. Overall, not very good.




From the starting point, turn around and ride down this street into the 
[Regent Street]. Here, go left and take an immediate right into [Conduit ST]. 
Drive through this street to hit a merging point between [Old Bond Street] and 
[New Bond Street]. Ride left into Old Bond and you'll eventually reach 
[Piccadilly]. Here, simply turn right and then left into [St James Street]. 
Drive through it and keep an eye on the right side of the road, where you'll 
find it(it's the lone truck there).

LOCATION # 2,3...

This car is quite frequent throughout the map I'm using. I've decided to use 
the location above only, as it is seems to be very easy to find the car there. 
If you wish to find it in different locations, please refer to the map.


Basically a big truck. Not very ugly, but not very cool looking, either. On 
the other hand, it's very slow, as usual, but that makes it very easy to turn. 




Drive to [Piccadilly] and go right as if you were going to [St James Street]. 
Instead of turning left into this street, drive down Piccadilly until you 
reach the [Hyde Park Corner]. Here, make a hard left so you end in the 
[Constitution Hill]. Drive down it and you'll be in the Buckingham Palace 
area. Now, start from here and look for black iron gates on the rightmost side 
of the palace. Ride along it through the [Birdcage Walk] and you'll eventually 
find an open gate that leads into the area with this sweet car. You can fire 
its cannon with L3.


Hah, this is amazing! It's basically a lite tank: not too big, with a small 
turret. It's about the size of an Alfa Romeo, but a bit taller. At any rate, 
it seems to be very powerful, although I'll smoke out rather quickly if hit in 
the front numerous times. Also, it features a cannon you can use by hitting 
L3. If you hit a car with this cannon, it'll stop, badly damaged. And then, if 
you bump into the car, it'll catch fire! This beast's "bumpage" capabilities 
are very high: you can wreck a car just by bumping on it!




Start off by getting to [Oxford Street] like if you were going for the Saab 
Concept. This time around, instead of turning right, turn left and ride down 
this long street until you reach [Bayswater Road]. By the end of the street, 
you'll be able to veer left. Do so and head for the rightmost side of the 
road. Look for an opening on this blue wall and head through it. Run down the 
path and you'll reach the backyard of a house, where the Skyline will be.


Follow the directions to the Lotus 7's second location. Shortly after you go 
through the tunnel, there'll be an interception. Head left and drive down the 
street and keep a VERY CLOSE eye on the leftmost side of the road. You'll 
eventually find a garage with some cardboard boxes in front of it. These are 
easily miss-able, so try and pay attention as you drive. Behind the boxes 
you'll find the Skyline, ready to be taken for a drive.


This another car I've always dreamed about... well, somewhat. That cute lil' 
"wing" its got on its behind it's something I always wanted on the cars my mum 
and dad used to buy me(I still buy some, but by myself!). It looks like the 
purple car the Triads seem to use a LOT, but with that wing(heh) and a bit 
longer and wider. It's as fast as that purple car, maybe a bit more. Quite 
manageable, too. But in the end, way too similar to the Triad's purple car.




It is the other car on the area where the Skyline is.


A good car, rather long(I refer to these as "Tomb Cars") and not too pretty. 
No, I'm not nuts. It's not very well crafted, in my eyes, as it seems too long 
and short. Nevertheless, it's quite fast as all of the secret cars are, but 
quite weak too, specially if you bang it up from the front. 



On the same area where you can find the TVR and the Skyline, there is a small 
wooden guardhouse. Get inside and you'll find the Lotus.


Looks like a Lamborghini, and is as cool as one. Very fast and 
resistant(unless you decide to drive head-on into an oncoming car) and very 
maneuverable, specially on tight turns and on traffic-waving. 




Inside the guardhouse the Lotus is in.


I got a burn on my arm because I touched the motor of one of these... 
nevertheless, it was a very fun day... Er, yeah, whatever. It's like a Mario 
Kart... Kart, except not as cartoony. It's a bit slow(surprise, surprise!) and 
slides a lot. Smokes out rather quickly, too.




Head to [Bayswater road] and drive into the street where the entrance to the 
Skyline/TVR/Lotus/Go Kart area is. Instead of heading inside this area, 
continue down the street, along the leftmost side(on the walking lane, if 
possible). Keep your eyes open for two pillars that mark the path into the 
park. Once you find it, ride into the park. Inside, explore the area until you 
find a four way intersection. Ride northward(straight ahead) and look for the 
entrance(on the left) to a road that leads into a pure grass, completely open 
and ped-free area. Behind some bushes here you'll find this fragile little 


A small, light golf cart. It's not very fast, even though it's small, and 
smokes out rather quickly. 




Explore the park where the Golf Cart is until you find the Four Way 
Intersection(tm) once again. Continue straight and keep an eye to your right. 
You'll see a parking lot. Get inside and board the HiJet. It's the little van 
with a "ROYAL PARKS" inscription.


A truck that has grass on its back. Not much more else to say.




Ride into [Oxford Street] by going forward, then left, from the starting 
point. In here, simply head left. Right before the [Marble Arch], you'll be 
able to turn right(if you don't seem to know where, drive directly into the 
Arch and backtrack a bit, looking for the first right to take) Do so and drive 
through the rather long road, [Gloucester Palace]. At the end of it, turn 
right and keep a close eye on the left side of the road. In fact, drive on the 
walking lane. Eventually, you'll bump into a "house" that leads into the 
underground area. Left of it is a thin and highly miss-able alleyway. With 
this car parked inside.


It's basically another Lotus, but not so pleasing on the eyes. The Lotus 
reminds me of cream, due to its round structure, beautifulness and overall 
gorgeousness. On the other hand, whenever I say the Esprit, I think of a 
cardboard box. The Esprit also looks like a Lamborghini, but it's not as round 
on the edges and the behind/front as the Lotus. It's much more box-shaped. 
Furthermore, its lights are square-shaped, unlike the Lotus'. It's very fast, 
but I'd take the Lotus over it any day.


12)PEUGEOT 306


Head to Piccadilly and go right until you find the [Hyde Park Corner](past the 
underground road). When you do, go right and around it and then go left once 
you can. Follow the road into [Grosvenor Place]. Drive down this long road. 
It'll have a few turns, and numerous chances to go left. You should take the 
first right this road features, in [Victoria Street](NOTE: There are other 
rights, but they lead into blocked off portions of the city. That's why I 
didn't list them.) When you do, go left and then right again. Follow the road 
into [Horseferry Road.] In this road, look for a blue wall on the left. Hug 
along it and you'll eventually find an alleyway blocked off buy cardboard 
boxes. Go around the boxes and through the open garage. Go down into the 
bottom level. In here, there'll be a broken car, a black car(Maserati Coupé). 
This car is across from the broken car. It looks like your average Peugeot, 
although its back is a lot more different.


Like an average Peugeot, with a couple of modifications. First off, it's 
behind is different, and looks WAY cooler and more "technological". Also, it's 
front side is a bit modified, in the vein of its back. Lastly, it SOMEHOW has 
a purple shadow underneath it. It's much faster than the normal Peugeot, too.




In the same underground area where the Peugeot 306 is. It's the one that looks 
like an hybrid of the Lexus and Alfa Romeo.


Looks like Vice City's Banshee. In this game, as told, it looks like an hybrid 
between an Alfa Romeo and a Lexus. It's not as long, though, and it's behind 
looks much better than the Lexus' and Alfa Romeo's: it's a bit rounder, not so 
"plain" like the AF and more stylish. Its front side it's also thinner, in the 
vein of the AF. I've seen this car in black, and in blue with white strips.
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /
XI.                          O D D S  &  E N D S
/--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- /

Thanks for reading this FAQ! I'm glad that you found it useful(you did, 
right?) and that you had a somewhat good read ;) If you have anything to 
contribute, send it my way to yggdrasil_999 at yahoo dot com and I'll be more 
than glad to put it up! Nos vemos later!


I'm Colombian(that's in South America) guy who loves videogaming, writing, 
reading, playing soccer and hockey. I'm a huge soccer nut, fan of weak teams 
that once were great(Hungary... remember, 6-3 in _Wembley_...) and 
Valencia/Real Betis/Barcelona/Real Madrid. My favorite games are the RE 
series, Final Fantasies, Tales of... games, Resident Evil games and Metal Gear 
games. Or any game where you can rip everything apart. See you next time!

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