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FAQ/Walkthrough by Collie

Version: 1.6 | Updated: 01/05/03

Playstation 2

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FAQ v1.6
Upload 05/01/03
Very first upload 19/12/02

FAQ By written by Collie (Col on Gamefaqs.com) 
Copyright ©2002 Collie.
Email diskocouk@fastmail.fm
Most recent version of FAQ can be found at www.disko.co.uk


This FAQ intends to be a very detailed guide to The Getaway.  Therefore, it is
full of spoilers that may ruin your enjoyment of the game.  If you are looking
for a specific item of help, it is suggested you use the FIND command in your
current program.  If you only want help on missions, skip straight to section


Section 1 - Copyright notice.
Section 2 - Contact the author.
Section 3 - Version History.
Section 4 - About the Getaway - What it's about, unfortunate comparisons to
            Grand Theft Auto, what's different to the demo etc.
Section 5 - Controls.
Section 6 - Characters Guide.
Section 7 - Weapons Guide.
Section 8 - Vehicles Guide.
Section 9 - The Filth (Police Guide.)
Section 10 - Gangs - who, what, where and why type information.
Section 11 - Hints, Tips and Techniques - Includes survival guides + cheats.
Section 12 - Mission Walkthroughs - Mark & Carter Missions.
Section 13 - Free Roam Mode - what to expect.
Section 14 - Locations - Places of interest and interiors.
Section 15 - New Challenges - Get more out of the game.
Section 16 - Bugs, Oddities and other fun things.
Section 17 - End of FAQ credits.

(Future versions of the FAQ may see certain sections reorganised as there is a
bit of overlap at times.)


Section 1 >> The 'Quite Terrific to Read in it's own way' Copyright Notice

This document is copyright by British and International copyright laws.  This
FAQ is for personal use only.  This FAQ may not be reprinted or reproduced, in
part or in whole, in any form, including, but not limited to, electronic
transmission and magazine publication, unless prior consent is given by the
author.  This FAQ may not be sold to anybody, commercial or otherwise.
Referencing or altering of this FAQ is expressly forbidden.  If you own or
operate a website and wish to post this FAQ, contact the FAQ's owner
(see Contact section).

All characters and associated materials are copyright their owner.
No breach of copyright intended.  This guide, its author, and persons
otherwise associated (through contributions, hosting, etc.) make no claims to
the above stated articles.  All trademarks and copyrights not acknowledged in
this document are respected.

Information in this document is provided "as is," without warranty or
guarantee of any kind, either express or implied.

Under no circumstances will this guide, its author, and persons otherwise 
associated with this guide, be held responsible by any party for any direct,
indirect, consequential, or special damages incurred through use of this
document, including without limitation, lost profits, and loss of
computer data.  

If for any reason you do not agree with parts or the entire copyright, you
should not use this guide.  So go away and play with Monkeys instead.


Er, indeed.


Section 2 >> Contacting the Author

Well this is my first ever FAQ and it's taken an age to compile.  I have been
very grateful for all your emails and messages.  However, I'd now prefer to
only receive emails about specific things :

Corrections - cars, weapons, locations, missions etc....
Suggestions - new info for certain sections - new cars, glitches etc
Compliments - If you found the FAQ useful and want to say thanks, then fine.
Other       - If you really think you have something useful for the FAQ then
              by all means, tell me.  Useful being the operative word.

I do not want to receive anymore submissions for things already covered in
this FAQ.  I understand it is now a rather large file, and information is
everywhere, but most of the submissions are stuff I have already covered in
one form or another.

If you want me to help you on a mission because you feel my walkthroughs have
missed something vital out, email me by all means, but not if you just can't
do a mission because you are completely useless or whatever.  If you are vague
in your plea for help, I'll only ignore your email.

If you want to use my FAQ on your site, please ask permission, but make sure
that your site is complete.  Too many people claim to be making sites but
until I see the site, I am not interested.

My email address is diskocouk@fastmail.fm
I can also be found on the Gamefaqs.com boards as 'Col', and on my own
messageboards at http://forum.disko.co.uk

Section 3 >> Version History

Typically the latest version of the FAQ can be found on Gamefaqs.com, or
www.disko.co.uk.  (Date format dd/mm/yy)

v1.6 05/01/03
Several changes to these sections: Free-Roaming; Vehicles; Hints & Techniques,
Locations; gangs.  Plus dozens of other changes elsewhere.  Quite a big update
in the end.

v1.52 03/01/03
About 20+ changes.  A minor update of vehicles, glitches, things you can blow
up, hostages info and other small updates which include minor adjustments to
some mission guides.  Updated challenges section and locations section also.

v1.51 01/01/03:
Quick update, revamped the car section and included ratings for each vehicle.
Also made minor changes here and there.

v1.5 01/01/03:
Happy New Year and all that.  Well I've just replayed the last few Carter
missions, and spent 5 hours in Free-roam trying to find hidden motors, other
locations and what not.  I've now gone and added everything I've learnt to the
FAQ.  I've also added lots of submissions, more glitches, dozens of new or
updated tips and also a new section on things to destroy.  I've credited a few
people I missed out last time and will now concentrate on making sure there
are fewer mistakes.  The FAQ is now complete but for a few minor additions to
be added whenever.  Thanks for all your input and encouragement you have given
me throughout.

v1.4 30/12/02:
I think the numbering of my FAQs is a little off.  I've added so much since
the start, and the last update (60K+), that only incrementing the version
number by .1 seems inappropriate.

Anyway, in the latest update, I've finished Mark's mission walkthroughs and
made at least a dozen modifications to the existing missions.  I also added
some more of Carter's missions, so there's only 5 left to do, and I expect to
add these in a day or so.

There are also lots of new glitches and bugs added, plus some new challenges
and dozens of other new tips, questions and answers and more scattered else-
where in the FAQ.  Finally, I've added a section on Game Locations because
there have been lots of questions regarding what places are in the game.

The FAQ is now almost complete.  Just those last few missions and a few extra
cars and there be only minor updates to add.

v1.31 22/12/02:
A few minor adjustments were made to a couple of Mark's missions, plus some
submissions have been added and corrections made.

v1.3 21/12/02:
Added more walkthrough's for Mark's missions, plus completely revamped the
vehicle list and descriptions.  Added cheats and submissions.  A few minor
changes here and there also and a new 'Challenge' section.

v1.2 20/12/02:
After replaying Mark's missions again today, I've made several pages of notes
that I'm typing up and adding to the FAQ.  Updates include more info on the
Gangs; some modified character info; some modifications/additions to the Car
list; minor changes in various other places; some changes to info about Mark's
missions; and more walkthroughs for Mark Hammond.  I've also added a few new

v1.0 - 19/12/02:
Very first version. I decided to compile this FAQ because I'd played the game
quite a bit and made quite a lot of observations I hadn't seen mentioned 
elsewhere.  It's taken a few days to compile so some stuff might be less
relevant now but hopefully I'll get some additional input from other players.
Some info like place names or cars are thanks to the odd snipets of info I've
read on messageboards such as Gamefaqs.  I still have about 75% of
the missions to write up and to complete the car list and other secrets.
There will be lots of new strategies, tips and bugs etc to write up but most
of the other stuff is pretty much complete already.


Section 4 >> About the Game

The Getaway is an exciting mission based game by Team Soho, a London based
developer.  It has taken 5 years and several millions of pounds sterling to
develop but it's been worth it.

It is set in 26 square miles of a very detailed and realistic London, with
over 50 real life vehicles to drive around in, plus numerous weapons to
dispose enemies with.  With its 3rd person perspective driving and on-foot
combat, all set in an expansive city, it is inevitable that it should be
compared to the Playstation 2 series, 'Grand Theft Auto'.  However, the
Getaway tries to adopt a realistic, movie like approach, with the action
intertwined with regular cut-scenes that advance the plot and provide a real
insight into the dark criminal side of London.  The game also does away with
gaming traditions such as health bars, popup sign posts etc... and forces you
to really take notice of what's going on around you.  In effect, the Getaway
tries to distance itself from the gaming norm and be more of an immersive
Interactive movie.  This has it's advantages and drawbacks and will be
discussed in future versions of the FAQ.

-- The Getaway's Movie-realism Questions -------------------------------------

Because The Getaway chooses to do away with many of the standard things we
expect to see in games, it can be bewildering to the uninitiated who can't
understand why certain things aren't in the game.  Here I'll attempt to answer
some of the common questions raised about the game.  Many more questions are
answered in the various sections of the FAQ.

[ If there is no health bar, how do I know if I'm hurt ? ]
In movies, and in real life, you cannot gauge the level of health of someone
by referring to some magic stat bar that appears at the top of your view.  The
same is true in the Getaway.  Instead of a health bar, yur character will show
visual signs of injury, such as bloodstains on his clothes, holding his wounds
and staggering around.  You must look at your character and use your judgement
to determine whether or not you need healing.

[ There are no health packs and armour, why?? ]
To add to the realism again, you can not rely on some advanced piece of
medical kit to save your from dying.  Instead you must rest and you'll recover
health.  Obviously this is not realistic, but it ties in with the movie-aspect
in that characters in movies often take a lot of damage, rest for a while and
then continue.  The same is true here.

[ Resting is stupid, what's the point in having to stand around to heal ? ]
Many players are accustomed to the use of health kits and set levels of health
to get them through the game.  This is all very well and good but it can lead
to big problems.  How many mission based games have you found yourself having
to restart because you've managed to get yourself shot up too soon and don't
stand a chance of getting through to the end, simply because there isn't
enough health about to help you?  Answer - tonnes.  By resting and being able
to heal as much as is required, in effect, every mission is still possible no
matter what kind of mess you've made for yourself.  There's no need to curse
and restart unnecessary because a mistake cost you 50% health and you know
you'll need 75% later on etc...  Unfortunately, this can make missions a bit
too easy.

[ Where's the map?  How could they miss this out? ]
You have to think about the realism aspect again.  You play the game in the
third person perspective.  You only see what is around your character.  There
are no computer screen popups to help you so you can't have some kind of map
that shows you where you are.  It wouldn't make sense.  If there were a map,
your character would probably need to hold it.  Would you be able to make out
a map from that distance?

Instead of a map, indicator lights show you where to go.  This makes you focus
on the game world, increasing the level of immersion felt.  Also, remember
that your character is a Londoner and a former criminal and bank robber.  He
needs to know his way around.  It is safe to assume he knows where most
streets are (like any Cabbie does) and so he indicates as he makes his way

In any case, a paper map is included in the packaging and can give you some

[ No ammo counters, that's sloppy programming ]
No, it's brilliance. Think about it.  You enter a building, take a gun off a
dead guy.  You spray the room with bullets.  You look at your gun - no ammo
counter.  You think, hmm, I best be careful so I don't run out of rounds, so
you have to really pay attention to what you make your character do.  It's
really a great feature.  Anyway, when your gun does run low - the controller
vibrates.  That means it's usage is about to expire.  Again, you need to pay
attention.  This is better than having a game where you know exactly how many
bullets you have.  It certainly makes gun battles more tense affairs.

[ Is there a replay feature ? ]
No.  Everything is supposed to move forward in real time, apart from cutscenes
but they still go forward in time.  The same way you can't just record your
best moments in real life at a variety of angles, the same way you can't here.

-- The Story-line ------------------------------------------------------------

Mark Hammond is an ex bank robber who's not long been released from prison
after a five year stretch.  He's decided to leave his life of crime behind,
severing his ties with his former employer, Nick Collins, and runs his own
night club.  He also has a wife and young son, Alex.

Unfortunately, right from the very start, his wife is killed outside of his 
apartment and his son is kidnapped as he lays upstairs.  He runs outside to
see a red car speeding off and his wife dying.  Filled with anger, he gives
chase in a desperate attempt to get back his son.  Little would he know the
extent to which he'd have to go to do this and the brutish characters he'd
have to rub shoulders with along the way.

==Comparisons to GTA3 and GTA:VC==============================================

Many people seem to be asking questions about The Getaway, usually wanting to
know how it compares to Grand Theft Auto.  Well I'd like to set them all
straight and point out that the Getaway is not trying to be GTA! It is an
entirely different experience and varies a great deal.  If you play
'The Getaway' hoping for a Vice City clone, you may be disappointed.  The two
share characteristics granted, but The Getaway is a more mature product and
goes for movie-esque realism (if there is such a thing) instead of pure out
and out cartoonish mayhem.  Both games are excellent, but both should be
treated as different.  Also note that TG focuses more on the mission and story
element and thus is very much more linear and direct in its approach, whereas
GTA has a lot more diversity and scope for doing your own thing.

A more in depth comparison will appear in future versions of the FAQ.  Some
brief info is given below.

-- Some FAQ on The Getaway in comparison to GTA:VC ---------------------------

[ What is the music like, are there radio stations ? ]
There are no radio stations.  The Getaway goes down the movie trail by using
snipets of music as a soundtrack to supplement the action.  Much of the music
is retro sounding with a variety of orchestral instruments, but there are also
some techno tunes.  You don't get to choose any tunes to play in your car, but
given the fast paced nature of the driving sections, you haven't got time to
listen anyway.

[ GTA has loads of extras so does this game have any secrets to unlock ? ]
As far as everyone is aware, the only things to unlock are found in the
'Extra Features' option found on the main menu.  These are Free Roam mode and
Credits.  Credits is pretty much self explanatory, and there's an entire
section on Free Roam to be found in the FAQ.  During the Free Roam mode, you
can find 10 rare vehicles.  And that's about it.

== What's different about the full game compared to the demo =================

If you played the demo, you may still be sceptical about playing the full
game.  However, there have been some changes.

@ Face details are much better.  Charlie now looks several years older so he
really does look old which suits the storyline much better.

@ Smoother gameplay.

@ More AI comments - When you're hiding in the warehouse, the AI will taunt

@ Bodies stay dead for longer - in the demo they disappeared quickly. Some
bodies stay for ages.

@ Warehouse is more of a challenge - there are more enemies now than in the

@ The Jag has been replaced with a Rover 75.  This is a shame but the Rover is
pretty good.

== Sequel / Add-ons / Future of the Series ===================================

It appears there will be a sequel to the Getaway and also possible add-ons for
both games.  Before you get carried away, these will be set in London also.
They've spent years recreating the city so you can forgive them for wanting to
get their money's worth out of it.

Further rumours are circulating that the sequel will be a 'prequel' and set
before the events of the first game.  This would make sense and give players
the opportunity to find out about the various relationships that already exist
between the characters - like why Liam is prepared to risk his neck for Mark,
and why Mark and Jake hate each other, and maybe even why Carter is so hell-
bent on nailing the Jolsons etc...

== Other The Getaway Questions ===============================================

Miscellaneous questions.  Many more questions can be answered elsewhere in the

[ What is different between the PAL version and the ??? version ? ]

You tell me.

[ Where is the Rape Scene ? ]

There is no rape scene in any final version of the Getaway.  Mindless violence
towards civilians and members of authority is fine, but rape is bad taste thus
was omitted.

[ Does the time change from day / night ? ]


[ How many hours of gameplay is there ? ]

You could complete the game in about 10 hours, although somewhere in the
region of 15-30 seems fairer.  Free-roam could add up to a dozen, maybe more
hours, but it's down to your own tolerance levels... i.e. some people find it
too tedious to bother with.

[ Is it hard or Easy ? ]
A mixture.  Hard enough not to be finished first go, easy enough to let you
go through the game without getting overly frustrated.  As far as console
games go, it's difficulty is on par with most.

[ Where is the tube / London Underground ? ]

This hasn't been included.  The stairs leading to the underground are
typically closed.

[ Where are the parked cars ? ]

Aside from a few hidden in parks and various buildings, it appears the people
of London daren't leave their motors on the streets for fear of evil and
unforgiving Traffic Wardens giving them parking tickets and worse still,
clamping their car.  That or some unscrupulous car-theft gang have stolen all
the parked cars, leaving you none.

It does seem weird that there is an absence of any parked cars, but they'd
only get in the way. The streets are tight enough to drive through when you've
the Filth up your arse as it were, without having to dodge some parked Micra

[ Why are there so many female police officers ? ]

For reasons known only to Team Soho, the female police officers seem to out-
number their male colleagues, or at least seem equal them in number.  There
would be nothing wrong with this, were it not embarassing for a hard man to be
continously stopped by a bloody woman cop!


Section 5 >> Controls

On Foot :

Left Analog stick - movement.
Square - Shoot (with R1/R2), strike with weapon. / Kill hostage
Circle - Enter Vehicle
Triangle - Draw weapon/Put it away
X - Perform roll (forward or sideways) / When next to person grabs them.
R1 - Auto aim (Hold to target, tap and hold to select new target).
R2 - Manual aim (Hold and move aim with left stick).
L2 - Reload weapon (if nearly out of ammo)

In Car :
Left Analog Stick - Turn car
Right Analog Stick - Accelerate/Decelerate/Reverse when stopped (Recommended)
X - Accelerate (Pressure sensitive)
Square - Decelerate (Pressure Sensitive)
Circle - Exit vehicle
Triangle - Reverse
R1 - Hand brake (Very powerful)
L1 - (Indicator Right - Free Roam Mode only)
L2 - (Indicator Left - Free Roam Mode only)
L3 - Horn/Siren on/off

Start - Menu

Note - When you replay old levels, you can skip most cut-scenes by hitting R3.
Some, like the very last scene you can not skip.


Section 6 >> Characters

[ Character Name - Actor's Name ]

[Mark Hammond - Don Kembry ]
Mark's who you play for the first 12 missions, a former bank robber who has
had his son captured.  He's no push over, and not afraid to tell his enemies
what he thinks about them, even if he's tied up at the time.  

[Suzie Hammond - ? ]
Mark's wife unfortunately gets killed right from the start and the police
have Mark down as the prime suspect.

[Alex Hammond - Joe Barnes]
Mark's son is kidnapped at the start of The Getaway.  It's up to Mark to see
that he survives.

[Liam - Paul Swaby]
One of Mark's best friends and a member of the Collins boys.  Does his best to
help out Mark during the game despite all what has happened, which suggests
that the two of them go back some way.

[Charlie Jolson - Ricky Hards]
The game's chief villain.  An old gangster who is trying to reclaim ultimate
power in what he calls his 'Manor'.  It's Charlie who has kidnapped Mark's boy
and who is blackmailing Mark into carrying out suicidal mission after suicidal
mission.  He has numerous heavies who help him enforce power, namely Eyebrows,
Grievous, his nephew Jake and Harry.  

[Jake Jolson - Dave Gold]
Charlie's nephew.  Is arrested by DC Carter at the 'Bargain Basement Brothel'
at the start of Carter's missions.  Mark has the unfortunate task of setting
him free by ramming the police van transporting him off the road.  He and Mark
have had run ins in the past and he is a complete nutter.  If you don't
believe me, wait until you see the torture scene!

[Jolson's heavies]
These are Eyebrows (Paul Burfoot), Grievous (Jim Darrah), Harry (Michael
Preston) and Sparky (Symond Lawes)

Loyal to Charlie and responsible for kidnapping Mark's son.

Harry is seen carrying a sawn-off double barreled shotgun throughout the game
and appears to be Jolson's right hand man.  It's obvious he dislikes Mark, but
for a brief moment, he appears sympathetic before reverting back to bastard

Grievous is your stereotypical heavy thug.  He is large, not particularly
clever and doesn't have a great deal of input other than to carry out his
boss' orders.

Eyebrows is a well respected member of the Bethnal Green Mob, probably being
next in chain of command behind Jake and Harry.  He does seem to be the one
villian who has some real character, until Jake shows up and he doesn't get
much more of a mention.  (Does anyone know what happens to Eyebrows at the
end?? Frank mentions him during Mark's final scene, but I don't recall
seeing him again.)

Sparky is the torturer who loves his victims to be wired up to the mains.
He's obviously well liked by the others but is not a lead figure of the

Unknown Fat man - Welcomes Jake back when Jake returns after being arrested.
Also appears later on during the hospital level (?) Just another member of
the gang I presume.

[Jasmin - Anna Edwards]
A female 'topper'.  Kills people for a living.  A bit up her own arse and
annoying, but Mark rescues her from the Snow Hill police station.  She then
accompanies Mark on several missions.  She wants to kill Jolson because Mark
was sent to kill her for Charlie, but instead, she agrees to help Mark get his
son back.  She carries a pistol and will help shoot any police officers and
other gang members, she'll even shoot at enemy vehicles tyres to help you
escape.  If you shoot her, even accidentally, she will try to kill you.

[DC Frank Carter - Joe Rice]
A member of the Sweeny Todd (Flying Squad), a special branch of the police. He
is on a mission to arrest Charlie Jolson no matter what the cost, even getting
suspended in the process.  Once you have completed the game as Mark, you then
play as Carter and find out the story from another angle.

[Jamahl - Chopper]
Leader of the Yardies (see section on gangs).

[Shan Chu - ?]
Leader of the Triads (see section on gangs).

[Nick Collins - Russell Levy]
Leader of the Collins Gang, formerly Mark's boss.

[DCI Clive McCormack - Mick Oliver]
Head of the Flying Squad and under Charlie's thumb for 10 years now.  He's
responsible for getting DC Carter suspended.  Mark also has a grudge against
him as it was McCormack who got him sent down for 5 year's in her majesty's
hotel.  As the story progresses, both Carter and Mark think his come-uppance
is long overdue.

[Joe Fielding - Vic Robinson]
Frank's partner. Gets wounded by Jake Jolson and requires protection in a
later mission.  Veteran detective and very knowledgeable about Charlie and
his boss.


Section 7 >> Weapons

There aren't a great number of weapons in The Getaway, but this means you can
really get to grips with the few that crop up again and again.

-- Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------

 You can tell if a gun is about to run out of ammo because the controller
 will briefly vibrate. When this happens, a weapon like the AK-47 will fire
 about 2 more shots before you drop it.

 If an enemy is standing close to you, you will attempt to whip them round
 the head with your gun.  This has it's advantages and disadvantages.  It can
 kill them instantly, but you can also miss, and if you miss the police and
 they hit you, they may cuff you immediately.


== Guns ======================================================================

-- Notes ---------------------------------------------------------------------

 Regarding ratings, these are just a guess.  Accuracy is given as if you were
 using R1 instead of manual aim.  You can usually hit a target from far away
 with R2 if you are careful, but with R1 you can waste an entire magazine
 attempting to hit a distant target.

 You can always carry the pistols, but no more than one other weapon at any
 time.  This is because neither character has magic pockets to hide a small
 arsenal of weapons in.


-=- Pistol -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

You start off with the Glock 17, and this will be the most used weapon in the
game.  It usually takes about 3 or so shots to kill someone, although head
shots take down your enemies faster. (You'll have to aim manually to do this.)
If you find another pistol, you can use both of them together when you use the
R1 Auto-aim feature. This takes out your enemies much faster.  With two guns,
you will reload after about 40 rounds, then after 20 at which case your second
pistol will run out.  You then get another 18 rounds until you are completely
out of ammo for your pistol. Picking up another pistol refills all your pistol

- Ratings -
Power - Moderate (Lethal to head)
Accuracy - Good, decreases a little with distance, more so with 2 pistols.
Rate of Fire - Quite fast. (double with 2 pistols)
Availability - Very common.

-=- Shotgun -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This is a very satisfying weapon to use.  It can hold 5 shells, and you
usually carry enough ammo for one more refill.  Its power is unmatched,
although only at very close range.  From close to medium distance, one to two
shots should be sufficient to take out just about everyone (aside from certain
tough characters) but from long distance it is useless. You can usually find
this carried by thugs and gang members on every level.

- Ratings -
Power - Awesome @ Close distance. Average @ Medium Dist.  None @ long range.
Accuracy - Good @ Close range.  Ok @ medium range. Nil @ Long range.
Rate of Fire - Slow.
Availability - Common during onfoot combat missions, rare otherwise.

-=- AK 47 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

What would a gangster game be without a decent assault rifle?  The AK-47 is a
powerful rifle that has a decent sized magazine (approximately 50 rounds)
which is usually sufficient for you to take out a room full of enemies. It's
best to use it at close to medium range because you don't want to waste too
many rounds.  Because there is no ammo counter you must be cautious in its
usage and look out for the controller vibrating to let you know when it's
almost out.

- Ratings -
Power - High @ all distances.

Accuracy - Good @ Close range.  Ok @ medium range. Poor @ Long range.
Rate of Fire - Fast
Availability - Less common than shotgun during onfoot missions, more common

-=- MP5 -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-

This is carried by the SO19 officers and is pretty much standard issue amongst
many anti-terrorist agencies.  It's an accurate sub machine gun that is ideal
for taking out just about everybody.  Best of all is that you can carry two of
these beasts for double the fun!  Like the AK-47, the controller will vibrate
just before the MP5 runs out of ammo.
- Ratings -
Power - Above Average @ all distances.
Accuracy - Very Good @ Close range.  Good @ medium range. Ok @ Long range.
Rate of Fire - Fast (double with 2 guns).
Availability - Very rare.

== Melee Weapons =============================================================

You can't punch and you can't kick but you can wield a hand held weapon and
belabour enemies about the head with them from close range....

-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 You must not have a weapon readied if you want to pick up a melee weapon.  If
 you walk over a shotgun, AK-47 or MP5, you'll drop your melee weapon and take
 the gun instead.

- Police Baton (Nightstick) - 
You can pick these off the bodies of dead police officers.  It is a very
powerful tool but you have to very close to stand a chance of hiting anyone
with this, plus the butt of your gun works just as well.

- Baseball Bat - 
Carried by some Yardies and criminals, the bat looks the business but again is
not an ideal weapon. Your enemies aren't stupid, they back off and shoot you
from a distance when you carry it.

I've also encountered an Asian looking man with sideburns wandering around
various places of London whilst carrying the bat.  He doesn't appear to belong
to any one particular gang.

- Meat Cleaver -
Carried by some criminals but mostly the Triads.  Looks very mean.  Good for
wanton butchery moments.  One swipe kills a civilian, 2 swipes kills you.

- Crowbar -
A weapon that remains a mystery no longer.  The metal bar crops up regularly
if you look hard enough.  (See below)  It's about as powerful as the other
melee weapons - although 1 swipe to the head is often enough.

*** A chap called Sid reckons that some of the Collins Gang in Carnaby Street
also carry these bars, but don't necessarily attack until you cause a
scene.  This is true because I went down another road in Soho and encountered
a guy with a crowbar.  However, this same man can be found near Bermondsey in
South London.  Maybe he's just a strange chap as opposed to a gang member. ***

*** Kev Stone reckons that during Carter's mission in Chinatown, a Triad gang
member goes bananas with one of these. ***

*** Further places it can be found.... 'mechanic' in Charlie's garage during
one of Carter's missions; Yardies on Mission 16... ***

-- Questions -----------------------------------------------------------------

[ I've heard there is a cricket bat, the game is in London so it true? ]
Not as far as I'm aware.  Typically, gangsters use baseball bats.  They're far
more convenient to use if you think about it.  Plus Cricket isn't that popular
in London so why would a gangster have a bat just because the game is in
London, England?

[ Where is the crowbar ? ]
According to a chap called Lee, during the 'Taxi for Mr. Chai' mission, when
you are in the warehouse, there are some heavies near some crates that are
carrying crowbars (or they will when they attack you). Unfortunately, because
the mission is stealth based, you are not allowed to attack with such items so
you cannot in effect use this then.  Apparently it shows up later in Carter's
missions too, but like all melee weapons, it's worthless.

[ How many guns can I carry ? ]
You can carry a maximum of two pistols and one additional weapon.  If you
decide to get out your pistols, you will drop the other weapon you carry.

[ Can you buy weapons like in GTA? ]
No.  You have to salvage them off corpses.

[ Where's the sawn-off Shotgun ? ]
Harry, one of Jolson's heavies, is seen carrying a sawn-off double barrelled
shotgun.  Obviously we'd all like to get our grubby hands on such a fine piece
of hunting kit but I've yet to find an opportunity.  I suspect you cannot find
or use the gun in this game, although perhaps in the sequel/addons.


Section 8 >> Vehicles Guide

There are 50 motors or so in the game, ranging from Golf carts to doubledecker
buses to Forklift trucks to TVR sports cars.  10 of the vehicles are hidden
and only available in free roam mode.

Note that the area you are in can have a big effect on the type of car you are
likely to find.  In the wealthy areas of London, such as Mayfair, expect to
see plenty of luxury cars and sports motors; but in poorer areas you'll find
more old vehicles.

== The List ==================================================================

Well after many long hours of research and playing the game, I think the list
is all but complete.  Thanks to those who submitted new vehicles, pointed out
mistakes etc.  If there is anything else that needs to be added, please let me

Since v1.51 I've added some ratings to the vehicles to give you my opinion of
their features.  These are by no means accurate or final.

-- Ratings Explained ---------------------------------------------------------

Availability - How common the vehicle is.
 1 = Very Rare (only one or two to be found)
 2 = Very Rare (probably used only by certain groups of people.)
 3 = Moderately common, mostly found in select areas.
 4 = Found in most places
 5 = Typically can be found just about everywhere.

Desirability - How much you'd want the car, aesthetics, speed factors etc.
 1 = Horrible, only take this if it is your last resort.
 3 = Alright, not the best but not bad.
 5 = A must get car.

Next to the desirability rating are some comments which reflect on the rating
given.  If the car is common, this counts against its desirability.  If it
is ugly, this counts against it also.  If it is fast or agile (has good
handling) then this is a positive.  There may be other remarks and comments
made here.

Getaway Potential - Chances of making a good Getaway from cops, gangs etc.
 1 = You'll be lucky to get 10 yards clear in this.
 3 = Average chance thanks to average speed, corning ability etc.
 5 = Provides you with an awesome opportunity to escape trouble.

Next to the Getaway Potential rating are some comments which reflect upon the
rating given. Fast and agile are plus points, slow or poor agility are minus
points.  Other miscellaneous remarks are also given here.


>> Vans, trucks and other commercial vehicles

 Commercial Van
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 1 (Godawful vehicles)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (You might as well hand yourself in to the police)

Unknown manufacturer.  Looks like a Ford transit with the Ford badge removed.
Comes in numerous forms for different uses.  All are hopeless at cornering and
will slide and spin with little assistance from you.

Plain (white) - Unmarked version.  Has some speed, but it doesn't take much
for the van to perform unintentional donuts.  Found in most places.

City Link - Green & Yellow livery.  Tends to be found more in the highstreets.

FedEx - Has FedEx logo.  Seems to be stuck in first gear.  Found here and

BT Van - Found in mission 7.  Looks likely to be banned from the game in the
near future.

Royal Mail Van - Red brick-esque van that has little speed or worthwhile use
(other than for delivering the post).  Often found in the region south of the

 Daihatsu Hi-Jets Van
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 1 (Ugly and useless)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Pathetic.)

A Small commerical van, the type you expect to see have a sign on the window
saying, 'Van for Hire'.  Often has boxes in the back.  Not even worth opening
the door.  (Thanks to Razo for the name.)  Found in the same places as the
Toyota Hi-Ace below.

 Toyota Hi-Ace 
 Availability      = 5 
 Desirability      = 1 
 Getaway Potential = 1 

Small commerical van.  Has bullbars and 6 ridges on the roof.  I've probably
driven this more than the other vans and thus it has become my favourite of
these.  It actually has a fair bit of pace, and the bullbars add a little more
pushing power than that of the smaller and inferior Daihatsu van.  Found in
the downmarket and industrial areas, but occasionally elsewhere.

 Bedford Astravan 
 Availability      = 4 
 Desirability      = 1 (Its a van.  It's old and it's not nice)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Handles better than other vans but is still poor)

Like the old Escort Van, the Astravan is more or less a Vauxhall Astra that
has modifications to make it into a small utility van used by professionals
and odd-job Eddies.  Thus this looks more or less like an estate car.  It
would be amusing if it had a ladder on the roof-rack but it doesn't.  These
were manufactured in Luton in the UK, which is in the county of Bedfordshire,
and I suspect this is how the Commercial vehicle arm of the Vauxhall motor
company got its name.

The Bedford Astravan is slightly more preferable over its other van counter-
parts, because it handles more like a standard car.  Without the ladder on
the top, I prefer to ignore this.  It can be found here and there, in the more
downmarket areas mostly, but a couple are hiding in Hyde Park.  (Thanks to
Razo for the name correction.)

 Daihatsu Hi-Jets Pick-up (Royal Parks Van)
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 2 (The lure of grass cuttings has some strange pulling
 power.... but why?) 
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Likely to be trashed and burnt out fast)

Found in Hyde Park in a carpark, and also by a small building in Hyde Park.
Has grass cuttings in the back.  Quite nippy once it gets going but it's quite
a journey in itself to get this out of Hyde Park in one piece. So unless
you're patient, you'll probably have a broken Pick-up before the gangs nearby
even get a whiff of this.  Best you leave this in the park.

 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 1 (Slow, rubbish and not furry dice!)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Cops will be all over you.)

Slow and bulky goods transport.  Has a random company logo on the side.  Found
in most places, often in the more industrial areas, on the larger roads.  When
inside, the camera gets inside the lorry, with indicators near the steering
wheel.  Lack of furry dice count against its desirability rating.

 Tow Truck
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 1 
 Getaway Potential = 1 (wheee....corner...aaaargh...spin....crash...nicked!)

Looks like some kind of roadside truck breakdown services provide.  Its rear
trailer is not connected to the cab and acts as a ramp in the game.  This is
very slow and awful at turning.  There are at least 3 of these dotted around
London.  One can be found down St. James Street, another somewhere south of
the Thames.  Its sole saving grace is that the lights on top can be switched
on with a gentle tap of the L3 button.

If you've always wanted to be a breakdown assistance driver, here is your 
chance.  Of course, after a spin in this, it'll be your vehicle that needs
the assistance.

 Larger vehicles for transporting people

 Renault Espace
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 2 (Ugly)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Slow, poor agility)

French people carrier.  Below average agility.  Can be found here and there,
often North of the Thames, near City of London, Broadgate and places like
that.  It was ugly when it was first released to the public, but it was pretty
much the first of its kind, so I won't be too harsh on this.  As a Getaway
vehicle, it'll get you halfway from A to B, but you'll need another vehicle
to get you the rest of the way.

 Toyota Townace
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 1 (Ugly as sin.)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Average Speed, poor agility)

A Camper-type van by Toyota.  Looks like something your grandparents might
drive, should they like Camper vans.  Underneath the disgusting exterior is
a surprisingly nippy ride, but you should try and find a better mode of
transport than this if you want to get anywhere - either fast, or in style.
This is very common in the SE area of the game, south of the Thames River.

 London Cab
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 1 (Very Slow, Ugly, Common)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Very Slow, poor agility)

Comes in maroon, green and black.  Extremely poor acceleration and top speed.
Found all over London.  Often seen using the bus lanes.  This is one vehicle
that can be tipped over thanks to some dodgy suspension and silly design.
The most common usage of the taxi in the game is to rest against it's stupidly
high side during breaks in street fights with the Fuzz.

 London Bus
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 1 (Very Slow, very common)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Too big and slow to evade cops)

Distinctive red doubledecker London bus.  Very slow but you can drive it a bit
like a tank and stop for no-one.  Found all over London, often clogging up the
roads.  Sadly you can't hop on the back and you can't take any passengers
with you - not even Jasmin!

 Single Decker Bus
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 1 (Very slow, who wants to drive a bus anyway?)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Too slow and cumbersome to use)

This is typically found south of the Thames, near Tower Bridge.  Slow and not
as much fun as it's double sized brother.  Like many buses, you can expect
some of the passenger seats to be stained with the urine of an aged lady.
Thank goodness smell-o-vision hasn't been invented in the gaming world yet.

 Range Rover
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Stylish in a rugged way.)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Has power and speed but not cornering ability)

Luxury offroader for the wealthy.  Not to be confused with the Land Rover
which is a different vehicle altogether.  This is a big 4x4 that has plenty of
power under the bonnet (hood) thus is fairly fast and has plenty of pushing
power.  This is quite common, especially over on the Eastern half of the map.

>> Small City Cars 

 Brabus A-Class
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Aesthetically pleasing, very nippy)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Excellent speed and agility to get through tight

Looks like an A-class Merc.  Brabus produce sporty versions of Mercedes Benz
cars.  So it's no surprise this is quite fast.  In fact, this is probably the
fastest of the small cars, and definitely has the best acceleration in its
class.  Once you've reached top speed (which is about average compared to the
other cars), the Brabus will weave through the traffic with few difficulties,
it's compact size being a big help.  A couple of shunts will take its toll on
the car however.

This is mainly to be found around the Hyde Park area, but also in the areas
near the Thames river, but never south of it.  See www.brabus.com

 Fiat Punto
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 2 (Uninteresting and common)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Nippy, but far better to be found)

The Punto is hardly the most stylish car in the game, it's sloped rear begs to
be shunted so that its looks might be improved somehow.  The Fiat badge is the
most distinctive marking I can describe, so if you're confused which car is
the Punto - look for the blue badge.

Aside from the aesthetics, what you'll notice is that the Punto is actually
quite nippy - it has instantly pleasing acceleration and its handling is
good enough for you to weave through traffic.  It soon reaches a lowly max
speed however, and it's not the sort of car that hard men like Frank and Mark
want to be seen driving.  This is quite commonplace and found all over London.

 Daihatsu Sirion
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 2 (Attractive, but far too common and average speed)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Average ability and speed.)

Like many of the cars in the game, the Sirion is what the designers add when
they can't get the car they want in the game.  This small car is commonly
confused for the new mini, probably because of the front grill and small
shape.  It's clearly not the same motor however, and in reality, most of us
wouldn't even think about driving this.

It is quite nippy though, and handles well enough, but like all small cars,
doesn't really power-slide which can be an invaluable technique at times.
This seems to the most common vehicle in the game, bar buses and Taxis.  If
you drive around an area long enough, one should show up.


 Nissan Micra
 Availability      = 5
 Desirability      = 1 (Ugly as sin, slow and very common)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Not durable enough or fast enough for a good getaway)

My least favourite car in the game, because it is arguably the most common
(alongside the Sirion) and it is poor in just about every aspect.  It's ugly,
but distinct (has Micra badge on back) and should be your very last resort
getaway car.  It has good handling for weaving through traffic, but you'll
probably be pushed into a bus shelter or the back of a lorry on the straights
when you're being pursued so leave this alone.  Very common in London.

 Citroen Saxo
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 2 (Common and average ability, poor top speed)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Unpowered and too weak)

Citroen's only contribution to the Getaway is pretty much similar to the other
small cars, being nippy but slow overall.  This doesn't seem to have much of a
top speed and it won't take too many knocks before burning out. Found near
Mayfair, Soho, and along the northern most road running East to West, plus
plenty of other places. See www.citroen.com

>> Coupes and sports motors

 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 4 (Very fast, aesthetically pleasing)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Quite a big car, prone to hitting traffic)

The ZT is what happens when MG take the Rover 75 from their newly acquired
Rover brand, and give it a seriously sporty modification.  Think what Cosworth
do to Focuses and Escorts, and you'll have some idea what to expect from this.
This is a sleek beast with awesome alloys, styling and a nice rear spoiler.

The car's engine and handling has been vastly improved and it compete with
many of the other sporty motors in the game.  It is quite durable, but with
the extra speed comes higher impact crashes, so you'll still total it as fast
as most other cars.

This is a desirable car that is found in the more upmarket areas of London,
especially City of London and around Hyde Park.
See www.xpower-mg.com for more info.

 Nissan Skyline GT-R
 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 4 (Very rare, very fast, aesthetically pleasing)
 Getaway Potential = 5 (Vroooooooooom..... and now he's gone)

This black beast goes like shit off a shovel.  It has paired round rear lights
and a spoiler, plus a distinctive GTR badge on back.  This is only driven by
the Triads (usually around Piccadilly) and is black, but two white versions
can also be found hidden away.

If criticism were to be thrown at this splendid car, it is perhaps that it
takes a lot to master its handling.  It's not a small car and with all that
power under the hood, you'll be forgiven for writing it off in no time.

 TVR Cerbera
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 5 (Extremely rare, very stylish, very fast)
 Getaway Potential = 5 (Speed is king)

The TVR in the game is awesomely fast as well as being stylish. Found in the
car lockup during one of Carter's missions.  The Blackpool based car
manufacturer seems to get its car in every game worth its salt, and there is
little doubt that this is the favourite of many players. See
http://www.tvr-cerbera.fsnet.co.uk/ for more info.

 Lexus SC430
 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 3 (Quite attractrive + fast)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Good all-round agility)

This is the sporty Lexus that the Collins Gang drive.  Looks a little like an
Audi-TT which the designers had to replace.  Whilst I admit it does have a
good amount of pace and top speed, I don't find it especially inspiring and I
I don't like the Collins Gang's castoffs.

 Lotus Elite
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Great retro-styling, quite rare, fast)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Very fast but hard to control)

One of the many classic cars in the game, this Lotus is one of the most
distinct cars in the game, having a 2 seater old sports car style body, and 2
long exhaust pipes sticking out the back.  This has tremendous acceleration
and top speed, but the handling is atrocious, and weaving through busy traffic
and cornering at high speeds are two luxuries you'll have to go without,
unless you don't mind constantly fighting to keep the car pointing in the
right direction.

 Jensen SV8
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 4 (Very stylish, very fast, only moderately common)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Fast and has good maneouverability, but weak overall)

The Jensen SV8 is a modern 2 seater sports car that was produced only a few
years ago, and in any colour the customer wanted.  However, this has very
little in common with the older Jensen cars, it's basically the badge that has
reused by another manufacturer in an attempt to cash in on the formerly
popular brand.

This is very distinct, being a soft-top sports car with rear lights arranged
in groups of 3.  It is one of the fastest non-hidden cars you'll find in the
game and seems to handle quite well, though it'll be in the breakers yard in
little time because of its light construction.
See http://www.pumacars.com/sportscars/jensensv8.html

 Lotus M250 
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 5 (Awesome looks, speed and agility, plus extremely rare)
 Getaway Potential = 5 (Speed and light steering, unfortunately weak.)

Found in a garage along with a TVR during one of Carter's missions, this white
Lotus is an extremely fast motor with amazing acceleration and awesome looks
to boot.  Suffers from weak durability, but the aim is avoid the traffic and
not to hit it.  Drive through the middle of the road or pavements to get more
lastability out of it.

In real life, the M250 has a 250BHP engine that delivers a top speed of 155mph
(limited by electronics) and a 0-60mph of 5 seconds.  It is designed to
compete against the ever popular Porsche Boxster and BMW's Z3.

See http://www.automotive-technology.com/projects/m250 for more.

 Saab 9X Concept Car
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4
 Getaway Potential = 4

Found at Charlie's Warehouse during Carter's stealth mission there.  Also see
Hidden/Rare cars to find another location for this.  Has a white, space-age
design.  With 300BHP, it's extremely fast.  See www.saab9x.com

 Toyota MR2
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 2 (Looks badly dated.  Common)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Fast)

This is the Eighties version of the popular 2 seater sports car from Toyota.
It is showing its age, looking rather box like and angular, but it makes up
for the downfalls of its aesthetics by being very fast off the mark.

It's top speed is quite good, and it corners ok, but it doesn't seem that
strong.  There is one advantage of this car however, and that is that it is
mid-engined. Now whilst shunts to the front strangely still damage the engine,
to actually set the car alight by shooting it, requires you hit the grills on
the rear hood of the car.  This makes it a little more difficult for cops and
gangsters to damage with their guns (try shooting the car from a distance and
finding how hard it is to burn) but they can still shoot your tyres.

The MR2 is strangely common, although more numerous in eastern half of London
or where the other older cars (and Range Rovers) are.

>> Luxury cars 

 Rover 75
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Quite stylish, not too common, good speed)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Fast, too big for its own good)

MG Rover's top of the range car.  This is sometimes mistaken for a Jag,
although its nowhere near as refined as one.  It's a long car, looks
sophisticated but despite having a large engine, offers few thrills.  The
acceleration and top speed are as you'd expect - quite good, but you can
usually half-inch a better motor than this.

All Red version's of the R75 seem to have been bought by the Bethnal Green Mob
so look out when you're travelling through Southwark and see one.  Usually,
you can find this car in the upmarket, posh areas - Bayswater Road, Mayfair

 Lexus IS200
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 3 (Fast, good agility, common)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Fast)

Lexus are serious competitor's to the BMW and Mercedes brands, and this
saloon car is always reliable - being fast, fairly durable and has good
handling.  Unlike it's bigger brother, the IS430, this has more rear lights
and looks sportier.  This is common in many places, especially around Soho,
Piccadilly and similar areas.

 Lexus IS430
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 4 (Quite rare, fast, tank-like durability)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Good speed and durability at cost of agility)

The IS430 is a large and luxurious motor, yet surprisingly curve free and
slightly brick-like in styling.  The rear has no markings on back other than
the Lexus Logo (and the lights obviously). It is extremely durable and has a
monster 400BHP under the hood.  So it's fast and powerful, but at the expense
of agility and you'll often have to punch your way through traffic, rather
than diligently weaving through.

This is what the Bethnal Green Mob cruise around in when they're not in their
Rover's.  Their version is white/cream colour and can often been seen well in
advance, so do a U-turn if you must to avoid them.  This can also be found in
Soho and wealthier areas, often in a variety of Green shades.

 Brabus SL
 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 4 (Very fast. Uncommon.)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Speed + agility)

Take the Merc S500L, give it to a manufacturer that tunes and tweaks cars,
let them replace the badge with one of their own, then stick it in the game.
The result?  A super-charged Merc with the Brabus badge.  This is the Yardies'
second choice car, usually encoutered towards the end of the game, or down
the less run down areas of their territory in the NE of the map.  This is one
of the fastest cars in the game, and with 4 exhaust pipes, sure looks the
business.  See www.brabus.com

>> Other cars

 Honda Civic
 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 3 (Fast. Triad's castoff.  Not as nice as Skyline)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Speed + agility)

You'll find the Triads favour this car during the onset of the game, but tend
to ditch this for the Skyline later on, and in Free-roaming mode especially.
This isn't the hatch version of the ever popular car, but appears to be the
coupe.  It has diamond-esque shaped rear lights.  One can be found in the
Carpark in China-town during Free-roam mode but only the Triads can be found
driving this on the roads (unless you nick their car).  It is reasonably fast
and agile but isn't one of my favourites.

 Renault Laguna (Estate)
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 1 (Who honestly wants an estate car?)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Average agility, marked down for estate factor)

The Laguna estate car favours the family man, but it has enough speed for
criminal usage too.  Surprisingly fast, although not overly, but it looks too
boring and mundane being an estate that you never really want to get in it.
It is common in most parts of London.

 Saab 900
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 2 (Poor aesthetics, common)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Quite fast)

Classic Swedish car.  Looks crap, but it is quite fast.  Often found near
Charlie's warehouse and other downmarket areas.

 Saab 9-3
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Average in most areas)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Quite fast)

Modern successor to the 900 series.  Looks better and has a fair bit of grunt
under the bonnet.  Most likely to be found towards the western half of the

 Honda Accord
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 1 (Looks like a box on wheels.)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Bulky. Average speed + agility)

Late Eighties version of this saloon.  Quite durable.  Often comes in pale
green or blue colour.  Found in abundance near Tower Bridge area and S. of

 Peugeot 306
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 2 (Very common. Only average speed + agility)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Some speed + agility)

Quite nippy, available just about everywhere (although not in the areas S. of
the Thames).  For some some reason, every single 306 in London has been
abroad - notice the GB travel sticker on the back.

 Jensen Interceptor (MK II/III)
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 3 (Love/hate looks.  Quite rare.  Very fast.)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Good speed but can you keep it from crashing?)

The Interceptor is a classic motor from the Jensen stable, and a car that went
through many incarnations.  The one in the Getaway is perhaps the last of
those.  It has a distinctive retro styling, with a huge rear windscreen and
black roof.  It has excellent acceleration, but it's top speed is bettered by
cars such as the TVR and Skyline.  It's cornering ability and durability is
average. Found near Snow Hill area and the roundabouts in the Barbican region,
as well as north in the King's cross area.  See http://www.british-steel.org/

 Rover 2000 (P6)
 Availability      = 3 
 Desirability      = 1 (Ugly and below par agility and speed)
 Getaway Potential = 2 (There are far better cars out there)

The Rover 2000 is a saloon car heralding from the 1960s/70s.  It certainly has
a loyal following, even today, and serves as alternative retro car to the
Interceptor in the game, being found in exactly the same areas as the Jensen.
It isn't as fast, and it's acceleration is worse, plus I don't like its
particular styling.  Not the best choice of Getaway car in the game.
(Thanks to Razo for the name). See www.p6club.com for more info.

 Rover SD1
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 2 (Old and only average speed)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Some speed + cornering ability)

Another retro car, the Rover SD1 was built during the 1970's-80's and is a 5
door hatchback.  There are two versions in the game, this being the standard,
3.5L non-customised version, hence has no spoiler.  Aesthetically, it is a
little Capri-esque in design (perhaps an alternative to the Ford Team Soho
didn't have permission to include).  It has average speed and ability.  Also,
it only seems to be common in the less upmarket areas, such as south of the
Thames (Bethnal Mob area) and NE (Yardie Territory).  I do admit that I like
this car in black.  See http://www.roversd1club.co.uk/

 Rover SD1 Yardie Version
 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 3 (Good looks, quite uncommon)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Quite fast, but faster cars are out there)

The Yardie's favour two cars, this one being the most common and typically
encountered near their crackhouse in Holywell row, and also near Snow Hill
police station.  This is customised version of the SD1, having a large
spoiler, gold alloys and a navy blue paint-job.  Certainly looks the business,
despite not having great acceleration, though it does reach a decent top speed
overall.  I'm not convinced this is noticeably that much of an improvement
over the standard model, aside from the looks.

 Toyota Corolla
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 3 (Average speed and agility, common)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Average)

Apparently the world's most popular car.  For getting around London, it does
the job perfectly.  Quite common.  Often found along the west bank of the
Thames and near Hyde Park.

 Alfa Romeo 156
 Availability      = 4
 Desirability      = 3 (Average speed and agility, common)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Average)

Quite fast and reliable car.  The car Mark starts the game with.  Available
everywhere, typically wealthier areas.

>> Emergency Vehicles 

 Vauxhall Vectra (Marked)
 Availability      = 3 (0 in Free Roam)
 Desirability      = 3 (Fast, but it's a police car)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Very fast)

Used by Armed Response Police.  Has red stripe across side.  Very fast.  These
tend to show up after you attack the regular patrol officers in groups of 3.

 Vauxhall Vectra (Unmarked)
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 3 (Fast but Vectra is boring)
 Getaway Potential = 4 (Very fast)

Grey Vectra with flashing blue lights next to normal lights.  Used by DC
Carter.  Fast.

 Peugeot 306 (Police Car)
 Availability      = 3
 Desirability      = 2 (Who wants a 306 Police car, honestly?)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Agile and quite fast)

Improved version of the standard road going 306.  Has a yellow stripe across
the side and police markings and sirens.  Unlike standard version, this one
hasn't been abroad.  Usually carries two armed law-enforcement officers,
sometimes one.  Quite nippy but a little boring to drive when there are so
many better ones out there.  Note that these tend to disappear when you cause
mayhem, being replaced with the faster Vectra's.

 Police Riot Van
 Availability      = 2 (0 in Free Roam)
 Desirability      = 2 
 Getaway Potential = 2 (Some speed, awful handling)

Standard transit van that has police markings and various other modifications
to make it suitable for active police duty.  Has protective cover for front
windscreen.  Usually found at the side of a roadblock as a deterent to pursued
cars from smashing through the blockcade.

 Availability      = 2
 Desirability      = 1 (Awful)
 Getaway Potential = 1 (Less said the better)

Found in abundance near Tottenham Court Road.  Slow and not very useful but
has a Ne-nah, ne-nah siren for good measure.

 Dennis Fire Engine
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 1
 Getaway Potential = 1

Only seen it during Carter's mission in Soho.  Probably awful.

 Prisoner Transport Van
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 1
 Getaway Potential = 1

This is only in the game once and is responsible for transporting Jake to
court.  Of course, it doesn't make it.

Have I missed any? 

>> Free Roaming Cars - Rare/Hidden

Any mistakes, cars missed out ?  Let me know...

 MK II Roadster
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4
 Getaway Potential = 5

You start with this in the Free Roam mode.  It obviously isn't hidden, but I
don't recall seeing it in the story mode.   Extremely fast!  Also appears to
be refered to as Lotus/Caterham 7 these days.

 Concept Saab
 Ratings see section (sports cars and coupes)

Found in underground parking garage in Chinatown.  China Town is located in
the row of 2 parellel roads directly below Shaftesbury Avenue in Soho.  Once
you've found China Town, the carpark is at one end.  You won't miss it.  The
Saab 9X is on level 3B.


 TVR Cerbera
 Ratings see section (sports cars and coupes)

i) There is a Mansion down the western end of Bayswater Road.  Look for a gap
in the blue fence.  A trail leads to a mansion with several motors out front
and a garage opposite.  The TVR is outside.

ii) The TVR is also in the Garage located in Southwark.  Look on the map for
Blackfriars Road.  There is a dead-end road that leads east.  That is where
the lockup is.  (See Free-Roaming section for info on this)


 Lotus M250
 Ratings see section (sports cars and coupes)

Found in the both the same places as above TVR.  Extremely fast.  I'm think it
has a slightly better acceleration than the TVR in this game but it's light
frame means it doesn't last long.  Formerly confused as an Elise, the M250 is
a different beast altogether.


 Go Kart
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4
 Getaway Potential = 4

Found in the Garage opposite the Mansion in Bayswater Road.  It is tiny but
fast.  It's great fun but doesn't take much to put it out of action.

 Lotus Espirt
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4
 Getaway Potential = 4

Find Marylebone Road on your map and drive there.  Now find Baker Street.  At
the junction where Baker Street meets Marlyebone, to the north, hidden by the
HSBC building, down a small alley is this beast.

Although it's an aging sports car, it's still looks mean, and it has plenty of
speed and acceleration, although it's not as fast or as fun to drive as the
more modern Lotus motor in the game.

 Golf Buggy
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 1
 Getaway Potential = 1

Venture into Hyde Park.  It's a maze.  But find where the trails meet up and
there's a sign with a map.  Face the opposite way to this map and there should
be a large open area of grass (if not, and there's some kind of pavillion near
you, you're in the wrong part of the park).  Drive across this area of grass
and lurking behind some bushes is the Golf Cart.  It's very slow and not much
fun at all.  There was a cheat code connected to this, but the popular opinion
seems to be that it is bollocks so I removed it from the FAQ.

 Armoured Car (Tank)
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 5 (Extremely rare.  Has a gun for god's sake!)
 Getaway Potential = 3 (Gun might help, but it's slow and weak)

Often referred to as a Tank, it's more of a light armoured car or transport.
It's located down Birdcage Walk.  If you go west from Westminster Bridge and
across Birdcage walk, it'll be behind some fencing on your left.  Take it and
use L3 to fire it's gun. The range is quite short but the power is lethal.

This isn't a fast vehicle and it seems to damage just like any other vehicle
so you have to be careful.  Due to some bizarre game engine limitation, you
can't cause more than 2-3 explosions or fires at once so after a while it
starts to look like the gun isn't working when it is.

Also note that you can quite easily die whilst driving this vehicle because
it won't show when it's on fire if you've already reached the maximum number
of burning objects on screen.  If you find the Tank has slowed to a crawl and
is smoking badly, get out.  Don't be a hero and drive on because you might end
up dead behind the wheel (or whatever steers that thing.)

(Available in Story Mode also)

 Barry Boy Peugeot
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4 (extremely rare + fast)
 Getaway Potential = 5 (Very fast)

AKA Boy Racer Peugeot 306.  This car is a right beast with spoilers, low
profile skirting, suspension etc and a beefed up engine.  Just trying to get
it out of it's hiding place in one piece is a challenge in itself.  It is
found in an underground carparking lot down Horseferry Road.  If you are
heading west, there will be an alley on the right hand side.  Carefully go
down the alley, then down into the carpark and take your prize.

 White Nissan Skyline GT-R
 Availability      = 1
 Desirability      = 4 (Looks awesome, plus very rare, plus very fast)
 Getaway Potential = 5 (Awesome speed and agility)

The Triad's drive black Skyline's but you can find two white ones.  These
beasts sure can shift it in a hurry, and they look pretty cool too.

i) The first Skyline is located in the mansion in Bayswater Road.

ii) The second is hiding in a garage, behind some boxes down a one-way street
in Bermondsey Street.  (Available in story mode also)

 Daihatsu Hi-Jets Pick-up
 Ratings see section on vans.

Technically not any more hidden than they are in normal mission mode.  See the
Vans list for more info on where to find these.

 Tow Truck/Breakdown Truck
 Ratings see section on vans.

Same as Hi-Jet Pickup above - they're in the same place they are in mission 

[ Gang Cars ]
For more info on these, go to the section on Gangs.

[ Police Vehicles ]
Go to section on the Filth for more info.

-- Some Vehicle Related Questions --------------------------------------------

[ Where is the Jaguar that was in the demo ? ]
For licensing reasons, the jag has been removed.  It is a shame because it is
a well known fact that Jaguar's were the gangster's car of choice in England.
The Mark II Jag was the perfect getaway car, but sadly not in this game.

[ I've seen a Merc, why isn't it on your car list ? ]
There are no Mercedes Benz vehicles as such in the game.  Licensing reasons
again I'm afraid.  However, a company called Brabus produce beefed up verious
of Merc cars and rebadge them as their own.  This has meant Team Soho could
include Mercs even though Mercedes themselves didn't want their cars featured.
There are 2 or more such Brabus Mercs in the game.

[ Where is the Capri, the Beamers, the Aston Martin etc.... ? ]
Again, licensing problems have meant many car manufacturers refused to let
their cars be used in such a violent game.  It's a tragedy that such cars are
missing and we'd all love to drive them.  I'm most disappointed about the
Capri, that would have been awesome.

[ Where is Charlie's Bentley ? ]
Eagle-eyed (or car knowledgable) players have noticed that Charlie cruises
around in a tasty Bentley during certain cutscenes.  Unfortunately, no-one can
find it in game.  I've spent hours searching London and I haven't found it -
though undoubtedly, there are places I and other people have missed. I fear it
won't be found however.

== Vehicle Damage ============================================================

Vehicles can only sustain so much damage before they give up the ghost and
stop altogether.  As a car gets damaged it starts to smoke.  When the
controller vibrates, your car is in danger of catching fire and/or stopping
completely.  This is a warning for you to ditch the vehicle.  If the car
receives too much damage it will catch fire. If you have a passenger, eg.
Jasmin, Eyebrows, they will probably die in the flames.

Direct hits to the front of the car and the radiator will seriously damage the
health of your vehicle.  If you want to destroy a vehicle fast, aim for this
area.  About 5-10 direct blasts with a pistol will set the vehicle alight. The
MR2 (and certain other vehicles) have mid or rear engines and thus shooting
the front of the car will not affect them, although colliding with objects
from the front will still damage your car as if the engine had been hit.

**** Note, vehicles will not explode, only catch fire. ****

**** Also Note, standing next to a vehicle as it catches alight may hurt you
as you'll start to stagger as if you're dying.  When you move away from the
flames, you perk back up again though. ****

**** If you set a car on fire and someone is in it, they will run out on
fire. ****

As well as damage to the body (including doors, the trunk and lights), tyres
might also get punctured which causes your car to lose speed and control,
making the car difficult to keep straight.  Stingers will puncture any tyre
they make contact with, stopping you almost instantly if all 4 are hit.

The Police and other gang members generally aim for your tyres when attacking
you for the very reason that you'll have to stop and find a replacement motor,
but they also aim at you and the windows.

Windows can also be smashed.  Three direct pistol shots are required to break
each window.  Unfortunately, it doesn't seem possible to kill someone whilst
they are in their vehicle by shooting the window.  You can seriously hurt them
so they stagger out bleeding, but 1 shot assassination attempts are out of the
question.  You can be hurt whilst driving, however, as stray bullets from
driveby shootings can hit you.  If you stagger out of a car almost dead even
though you were full of health before, that is why.  Sometimes you are even
killed at the wheel so be careful.

*** For some reason, the side window closest to the rear windscreen on just
about every motor is unbreakable. ***

*** Killing someone whilst they are in the car is possible, besides merely
setting fire to their car.  Block off both doors - driver and passenger side.
Now they have nowhere to run and die in the car! ***

*** Note you can kill people driving forklifts.  They die at the wheel and
disappear. ***

Certain vehicles have more tolerance for damage than others.  Obviously buses
and lorries can take quite a lot of damage, whereas a small mini can't.  I
also find the Lexus are often like mini tanks, sustaining more damage than

**** Note, running over pedestrians and other people can damage your car as
well as slowing you down.  If your car is already smoking, running someone
over can be enough to force you to a standstill ****

**** Note, although not confirmed, I suspect on some levels the damage model
for certain cars is adjusted.  I found on levels where I am forced to ram a
vehicle that I can take more punishment but I could be mistaken. ****

*** According to Kurlac, you can still drive cars once they've burnt out and
lost their wheels.  However, don't expect to get anywhere fast. ***

*** When the tyres have completely gone, sparks will fly as the wheel rim
makes contact with the ground ***

== Some More Car related questions and answers ===============================

[ Can my vehicle flip over like in GTA ? ]

This is a rare event in this game, but sometimes your vehicle flips over. When
it does, there is a chance it will catch fire, but even if it doesn't, you'll
have to quickly crawl out.  The best way to flip a car is to approach a
ramp and go up it at a sideways-ish angle.  Your car will end up all over the
place, sometimes flipping over and over.  Also, if you have a Taxi (or perhaps
a small van) if you swerve as a police car rams you, the vehicle may become
unbalanced and tip over.

[ Can bits fall of my car ? ]
Not exactly.  The car can become a mangled mess of scrap metal, and tires can
completely burn out, plus windows can be smashed, but things don't tend to
fall off.  You can expect doors to buckle and come off their hinge, as can
the boot (trunk) of the vehicle.

[ Why has my car suddenly slowed to nearly a complete stop ? ]

There are two reasons why a car should suddenly stop.  One is a complete blow
out of all your tyres - ie running over a stinger; the other is that your car 
engine has taken too much damage.  When you car is smoking, it tends to give
up completely after a certain amount of time, regardless of how you've been
driving since it started smoking.

[ Can I store my car in a garage for safe keeping ? ]

No. This isn't Grand Theft Auto.  Neither character you play in the game has
much call to secure a stolen motor in a lockup for later.  It may have been
nice in Free Roam mode to have a safe place to store your car but it's not
that big a deal.

[ My car suddenly swerved, but the tyres are still in tact, wtf ? ]

Sometimes, if your car is badly damaged and you get shot, the car might
suddenly swerve.  I never really noticed this until I replayed the game
recently but I suspect it's just your character reacting to being hit
whilst driving.

[ Can I do drive by shootings ? ]

Sadly no.  Unless I've missed something, you can't do this, although your
passengers will.  (Apart from the police officer).

[ I heard there is a London Taxi mode, a bus mode etc, is this true ? ]

These features never made it into the finished game.  As there is no score or
money meter, it would have been pointless anyway.


Section 9 >> The Filth (Police)

Note : the Police in this guide may be referred to as: The Bill, The Filth and
The Fuzz.  Mark usually calls them the Rozzers.

As Mark Hammond, you'll find yourself struggling to escape the clutches of the
Filth in just about every level.  They come in a number of varieties.

[Bobbies on the Beat]

Patrolling on foot are these police officers who wear dark uniforms with
those silly large helmets. They are armed with a truncheon, or police baton
and are the least dangerous of all the police in the game.  You can usually
just run these over.  If they hit you with their baton there is a good chance
that you'll drop your guns and be arrested.  The only thing you need to worry
about with these cops is if they rat on you and radio to base when they see
you acting out some crime.  Oh and they sometimes sneak up behind you when you
rest and bop you around the back of the head and arrest you.

[Patrol Officers]
These drive about in a Peugeot 306 with a yellow stripe on the side.  They are
armed with a pistol and have some body protection.  Sometimes there will be
two officers in the car, other times one.  They are very common around London
and usually the first to give chase before the ARV's are called in.

As a threat, they are minimal, taking a few shots to kill with the pistol, but
a head shot kills them instantly.

**** On the first couple of levels these coppers don't have any armour and can
be killed much easier.  They are also more lenient at times early on. ****

[Armed Response Vehicle Officers]
Driving Jam Sandwiches (Vectra Police car with a red stripe across the side)
these are much more difficult to evade than the 306 coppers.  Once you've
caused enough carnage, they'll start showing up with alarming regularity,
often from behind and in front.  They usually swerve to block you off, causing
much damage to your motor.  If Yasmin or Eyebrows is in the car with you, let
them come at you from your left side and your passenger will try and shoot
their car, hopefully hitting their tyres, thus slowing your pursuer down.

If you take too much damage, get out of the car and prepare to attack them.
Each car has 2 officers, both armed with pistols and with some body armour.
A few shots sorts them out and you are free to continue on your journey.
If you take too long killing them, more will arrive.

These are the nearest thing London has to a SWAT team, being specially trained
officers who wear body armour, gasmasks (at times) and carry MP5 submachine
guns.  You won't encounter them often, but if you do, take them out as fast as
you can.  Their MP5 guns are both rare and decent.  On Carter's missions,
they'll offer valuable backup.... or at least when they die and you take their
MP5s they will.

[Station Officers]
Snow Hill is populated with numerous police officers, the majority of them
being similar to the ones you find in Patrol cars.  There are also some that
don't carry guns, and some SO19 there too.  At first they will not attack,
but as soon as you stray too far in the station or attack someone else, they
will spring into action.

-- Tips ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 The police value the life of others.  If you hold someone hostage, they will
 not shoot you.  However, if you have your back to them, they will. You can
 also shoot whilst holding a hostage by using the R1 or R2 buttons to aim.

 If you see a police officer wearing just a white shirt or a blue sweater,
 the fool has forgotten to bring along their body armour.  You can dispose of
 these cops with less than half the ammo.

 When you are Carter, the police will provide backup.  If you get into a
 scrap with some gang members, any nearby cop will get out of their car and
 help kill/arrest your attackers.


== Loosing the Filth (or other gang members) =================================

If you got the cops on your tail, you'll probably want to lose them as fast as
possible, lest you run out of time in your mission and need to start over.
There are several methods you can try.

-- Tips ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Listen out for the cops. If you here some screeching/skidding noise, they're
usually right behind you.  Now is the time to act.

If a gang car spots you and gives chase, the police decide to chase you
regardless of whatever you are doing.  However, if you stop the car, the gang
and the police will fight each other which might give you an opportunity to


@ Out-drive them

Just drive as fast and as best you can.  Use the pavement if you must.
Hopefully you'll shake them. However, their cars have a lot of grunt and it
might be difficult.  Also, don't hit pedestrians. They slow you down and
damage your car.  Switch lanes as often as possible too.  The police often
collide with oncoming traffic.

*** If you find an extremely fast car, such as the TVR, as long as you can
manage to keep it going and not hit anything, you'll find you lose the cops
in no time. ***

@ Brake
The police have 2 usual tactics.  One is to come at you head on and slide
across your path, hoping to force you to stop as help arrives from behind.
The other is for them to get alongside you and push you against the wall, or
other obstacle in an attempt to force you to stop.

If they are coming head on and you start to go to the side to avoid them, they
will counter by cutting across and sliding in an effort to block you.  With
practice, you can quickly change directions again and force them to miss.  If
you start to turn as you get close to them, then brake suddenly and switch
directions, you should skip past them and they'll feel like an idiot.

If they're approaching you from the side, just hit the brakes and they'll end
up over-shooting you and possibly hiting a solid object.  With practice and
some luck, you'll find you can usually escape the Filth this way.

@ Shoot their tyres

If you got a passenger, they'll shoot the coppers car, usually the windows
(to kill the driver I presume) but there is also the possibly that they'll
hit the cop car's tyres.  This requires a bit of luck and skill on your part.
Force the cops to approach you on your left side, where the passenger is. The
passenger will shoot with their gun. Once the cops have a puncture, it's
easier to escape.  However, they often have a replacement car to continue the
chase.  On some levels, these turn up almost immediately.

@ Crash, bang, wallop.

You can always try and force your cop pursuer to crash and give up the chase.
Drive as maniacally as you can towards a dead end, fence, another vehicle or
whatever.  At the last moment, swerve to the side.  If the cop was close
enough to you, he or she will probably collide into the solid object and be
out of the chase.

@ A Gentle Push.

Guide your pursuer into another obstacle by giving him a gentle nudge towards
oncoming traffic or a sign post.  Time your side swipe right and the result is
often both effective and amusing.

@ Swap motors.

The cops in this game will only chase you if they know what motor you're in.
Once they're after you, try and shake them off as best you can.  Then ditch
your motor and get a new one.  If you do this and there are no police officers
about, you can drive in your new car and they won't know it's you! However, I
find you usually have to kill the cops who are chasing you first, and then
make sure no others are about (use R1 to auto aim.  If nothing happens, you
should be in the clear).  If you drive like an idiot in front of the cops,
they will chase you again.  On some levels, at certain stages, this method
doesn't appear to work however. Such as at certain roadblocks. Dangerbaz seems
to believe you can get through some roadblocks if you have a different car but
you have to wait for them to wave the traffic through.

The best time to swap motors is when there are 3 cop cars in view and no cops
about.  They only ever send three cop cars at once.  You can then take a
motor (even their own) and they won't know until the next time you cause
trouble. (Look out for bobbies on foot from ratting on you though.)

@ Get to your mission objective.

This is a bit silly, but merely arriving at your mission objective is often
enough to finish the level regardless of whether or not the cops are following
you.  For instance, you can drive to Charlie's warehouse and lead the Filth
there and it doesn't matter.  You'd think that would be the last thing a crime
lord would want - the cops at his door.

-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 The cops will deploy roadblocks if they are desperate to catch you.  This
 usually consists of a couple of police cars and a Riot Van.  They also place
 stingers in the road which puncture your tyres.  Sometimes there is a ramp
 you can use to jump over the road block, but at other times the only course
 of action is to force a gap through the blockade to avoid the stingers.  Go
 as fast as you can as you'll require all the momentum that you can muster.
 Drive towards the roadblock and aim for wherever there is a slight gap and
 ram the front/rear end of whatever vehicle is in the way of your pathway to
 freedom. There will also be cops shooting at you so it's crucial you don't
 get slowed down too much, so don't hit a cop car smack bang in the middle.
 You'll often get a puncture or a smoking motor so try and avoid roadblocks if


== How to Avoid Getting the Fuzz after you ( Road Safety 101 ) ===============

If you drive carefully, chances are the cops won't go barmy and start driving
around like lunatics trying to arrest you.  Here's what to do to not arouse
their suspicions.  (Note - Carter does not have to worry about obeying the

i)    Stick to the right side of the road.  That's the left in England.
ii)   Don't go the wrong way through one way streets.  If they see you doing
      this, you're done for.
iii)  Don't speed.  Try not to go too fast or you'll be wanted for dangerous
iv)   Don't hit and run or hit anything for that matter.  The slightest error
      of judgement when driving and they'll have you.
v)    Don't drive through bus lanes.  Those are the pinky/red coloured strips
      on that the buses use.
vi)   Don't shoot anyone, run around with guns or beat any one up.
vii)  The police will be alerted to your presence as long as you are being
      pursued by gangsters. Lose the gangsters before you can lose the police.
viii) Don't car jack whilst the Filth are about.

Unavoidable Issues - When the cops will go after you no matter what...

i)    Roadblocks - Often you are instantly recognised and shot at.
ii)   When being attacked by gangsters, the police will end up targeting you.


Section 10 >> Gangs

In the Getaway, London is populated by four sets of gangs.  There are the
Triads, Collins Gang, Bethnal Green Mob and the Yardies.

Throughout the game as both Mark and Carter, you'll come up against them time
after time.  Fortunately, there isn't a great deal of difference between them.
They all carry the same weapons (mostly) and all will attack you when you
drive through their territories.  You know when you are being attacked by them
because your character will usually mention it and go, 'oh no it's the ....'
Plus a short and unsettling alert sound will be heard.  When this happens,
they'll give chase in their fast cars and shoot your car with an AK-47.  You
can also recognise the gangs by the comments they make as they chase you.  For
example - the Triad's obviously have a Chinese accent.

Here is a brief and incomplete guide to the gangs.  Please help me fill in any
missing details...

-- Triads --------------------------------------------------------------------

Area - SW area of London (Hyde Park) also China Town (Soho).  Also like to
drive around Piccadilly.
Cars - Drive Nissan Skyline GT-R, Honda Civic
Alert Noise - Short noise ending with a kind of 'chime'

Notes - Easiest to recognise because of the way they talk and look.  Chinese.

Led by Shan Chu Lee, the Triad's crimes include heroin importing, protection
rackets and immigrant smuggling.  Drive-by shooting is another misdemeanour to
add to the list when you play the game.  You'll first encounter the Triads in
their Civic's, as this seems to be their prefered choice car whilst on
missions, but later on, you'll find them increasingly driving around in their
superior jet black Skylines.

--Storyline Spoiler--
The Triads become involved in the story when Mark steals a statue from the
Reptilian Museum in Hyde Park that contains a kilo of smack.  They're also
forced into confrontations with the Yardies when the Yardies suspect them of
tipping off the police of their operations at the depot, and when Mark fools
the Triads into thinking the Yardies killed on of their friends.  They don't
have much input after that, but they show up at the end to kill Mark who has
been promised to them and all the other gangs for the grief he has caused

-- Collins Gang -------------------------------------------------------------

Area - Soho. Also found not far from Mayfair and Oxford Street.
Cars - Only seen them drive the Sporty Lexus SC430
Alert Noise - Short noise that consists of stringed instruments.

Notes - Can be very annoying trying to shake them down the busy Soho streets.

Collin's Gang, or 'the Soho Boys' as they're often referred to are Hammond's
previous employers.  Led by Nick Collins, they are one of the bigger threats
to London's populous and control several bars and clubs - such as the
'The Republic' and, 'A Touch of Class'.  Their members are often seen wearing
waistcoats and bald heads seems to be the most common hair style.  There are
also some guys packing crowbars in Soho who may or may not be Collins Gang.
Probably are.

--Story-line Spoiler--
Collins Gang are the first gang to be hit during Mark's suicide missions. Mark
is told to burn down the Republic restaurant, despite it being one of former
haunts during his time in the gang.  The attack on the Republic forces the
gang into a confrontation with the police, but they have little other input
in the game until Mark pays a visit to their strip club, and then at the very
end of the story.

-- Bethnal Green Mob ---------------------------------------------------------

Area - South of the Thames.
Cars - Drive Lexus IS430 and Rover 75's.
Alert Noise - A very brief suspense type noise.  You should recognise it.

Their boss is Charlie Jolson and he's an old hand at this crime game. Charlie
and his mob have had London in fear for 20 odd years and he's determinded to
make sure it stays that way.  Charlie has a mansion in Mayfair, a depot in
King's Cross and a warehouse in Southwark.

--Story Line Spoiler--
Charlie and his crew are responsible for creating the mass gang wars that take
place during the course of the game.  Charlie gets his heavies to kidnap Mark
Hammond's son, then he forces Mark to carry out suidicide missions to spare
Alex's life.  Mark is repeatedly tricked and mislead information so that he
ends up creating all out war and mayhem across London - first by attacking the
Soho boys, then the Triads, then leading the Triads to the Yardies who attack
each other.  The reason for the war is so that the Bethnal Mob can take on
the other gangs now that they are weakened, and that so Charlie can reclaim
his power in his 'manor'.

Charlie sets up a meeting with the rival gangs on a ship called the Sol Vita,
offering to give them Mark Hammond, the guy responsible for the recent
trouble.  However, whilst Charlie would like the gangs to believe he is being
sincere, he is really plotting a mad plan to blow up the ship, with everyone
else on it.  When the gang's leaders are dead, London will be back under
Charlie's rule.

-- Yardies -------------------------------------------------------------------

Area - NE of London Map, Shoreditch, Broadgate etc
Cars - Drive Rover SD1s, occasionally Brabus SL
Alert Noise - Most distinctive. You hear a rattle-esque noise and a 'whoop',
'whoop' type alarm
Notes - Their cars are perhaps the easiest to lose of all the gangs, but they
appear to be quite numerous.

Despite the money the Yardies make selling coke, they live in derelict
apartment blocks and have the least impressive cars (well, now that I've seen
them drive their Brabus SL, I take that back!).  They use the Riverside
Depot to collect their drugs, and also have a crackhouse in Holywell street.

--Storyline Spoiler--
When the Filth pull off a successful raid at a depot where the Yardies are
collecting their cocaine shipment, the Yardies immediately suspect the Triads
were responsible for the raid.  But when Mark later drops off the body of
Johnny Chai, a tortured Triad who the Bethnal Mob killed, Mark leads the
Triads to the Yardie crackhouse, thus making the Triads suspect the Yardies
killed Johnny.  These two events trigger two battles between the gangs,
firstly, one in China Town - the other in the Holywell crackhouse. These
battles leave the Yardie's leader Jamahl furious, and seeking vengeance on
whoever is really responsible.

== How to lose Gang cars =====================================================

Gangs will ruthlessly pursue both Mark and Frank and they can be a serious
threat to your chances of surviving the mission.  When a gang car spots you,
a little noise will sound (see above) and then they'll try and force you off
the road.

As well as ramming you, their favourite method is get alongside you, so that
their passenger side is pointing towards your car.  Then one of them will fire
an AK-47 out of the window.  If they hit your tyres or radiator, you'll end up
having to ditch your car. When you stop, 2 guys get out of the car, the driver
has pistols, the passenger an AK-47.  Sometimes you can't afford to kill both
the guys or you're outnumbered so you need some tactics to avoid them.

@ Firstly, look at the section on losing the Filth.  Many of the driving
techniques work on them, although they always know you are driving the car.

@ Try and avoid their territories.  Easier said than done.

@ If the Police are after you also, stop and take cover.  The Police and gangs
will attack each other which might give you a chance to escape.  If the police
manage to get close to the gang members, they usually arrest and cuff them.

@ Get out of the car and kill the gang members if at all possible and leave
the area. Sometimes it is far easier to kill 2 men on foot than it is to lose
a car around London.

@ Drive through their rival's territory.  I haven't checked this, but it might
be the case that they give up the chase if you enter other hostile areas.
This might explain why they suddenly stop chasing or why you never seem to be
attacked by more than one gang at once.

@ U-turn before they give chase.  Often you'll spot their cars lying ahead in
wait.  Turning around and taking another route might be worth considering.


Section 11 >> Hints, Tips and Techniques

== Health & Healing ==========================================================

There are no health kits in the game and no stat bars so it's down to your
judgement to see that Mark and Carter don't get killed.  When they are hurt,
their clothes become blood stained.  When they are almost dead, they will
stagger uneasily and their aim will be badly affected.  To heal yourself, you
must stand close to a wall.  Your character will then lean with his elbow to
the wall, and then he'll start breathing heavily.   

-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 Standing next to a wall in this case does not mean standing with your back to
 it.  Do not use X to get against the wall and expect to heal.  You just have
 to be very close to the wall and your character leans automatically.

The blood stains will eventually disappear as you rest and you'll stand
upright and sway a little.  Full healing can take up to a minute and you'll be
vulnerable throughout.

Generally, you can take a couple of shotgun blasts or several pistol rounds
before dying.  Two hits by a heavy weapon around the head usually floors you
also.  Bear this in mind when you consider whether or not you need to rest.

-- Tips ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 When healing, never heal right next to a doorway.  If you do, it is not
 uncommon to be shot through the doorway or hit around the head.  The police
 will even cuff you straight away sometimes which is a tad unfair.  Try and
 rest with some distance between you and a doorway. This is important on the
 police station level where you may need to regularly rest.

 If your character leans to rest, then stands upright, then leans again etc..
 you need to move to rest properly. The game gets confused if you try to rest
 in corners or sometimes when near objects such as tables.
 Bloodstains sometimes remain even when fully healed.  They will disappear
 shortly however.  The blood probably belongs to someone else hence the
 reason it stays temporarily even when you are fully rested.

 When you rest, it's as if a magical homing beacon switches on that enables
 your enemies to seek you out.  Often you'll be attacked by enemies when
 resting, sometimes by additional ones that you wouldn't expect to come
 across when walking about normally.  Whether they are specially added for
 when you rest, or they just come from afar and seek you out I don't know,
 but you will definitely notice you'll have several more encounters during
 heavy resting sessions.

 You are fully healed when your character stops leaning against the wall and
 sways his body in a cocky manner.  That's your cue to return to the carnage.

 You can rest against the taller vehicles such as London Cabs, buses, vans
 etc.  Therefore, when fighting in the streets, it can make sense to seek
 such a tall vehicle to hide and rest behind.


-- Dying and Getting Busted --------------------------------------------------

@ If you are suffer too much damamge, you'll eventually die. Seems reasonable.

@ If you are hit twice with a melee weapon, you'll die (most times)

@ If the police hit you twice with their batons you'll put your hands up and
surrender instead (most times).  If you happen to be crouching at the time,
you should still be able to roll to the side and out of immediate danger

@ If you roll or walk right into a copper with his gun or baton drawn, you
usually put your hands up straight away  - very frustrating.

@ Never pick up a weapon whilst standing directly in front of a copper either.

@ Explosions can kill you if you stand too close.

@ Being in a car too long when it catches fire will kill you.

@ Getting shot whilst driving can kill you.  The gang members aim for the
windows and if the glass is smashed, they'll hit you and the game over thing
will pop up when you least expect it.

@ Falling from a great height is a killer.  Don't fall through any gaps in the

@ Stepping in front of other vehicles is a killer.  It doesn't take much for
your character to die if hit by another vehicle.  Hell, even walking into the
front of a parked car can kill you.

@ If a crucial character snuffs it, you don't die but you do lose the mission.

== Skip Cutscenes ============================================================

R3 can skip some cutscenes.  If you reload a saved game, you can skip all
cutscenes, bar the very important ones - such as the ending.  Some people will
argue that R3 hardly ever works.  Bollocks.  In the 30 or so cut-scenes in
the game, I had no problems skipping all but a few of the longer ones.  If the
level is still new to you however, you generally can't skip the scene.

== Ammo Considerations =======================================================

You don't get much ammo in the game so you need to be very cautious when using
a decent weapon such as the Shotgun or AK-47.  Be aware that it is often
better to ditch a gun with virtually no ammo left than to keep it, fire one
shot, and then drop it and wait for you to get the pistols out.

-- Tips ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 If there are numerous weapons on the floor, it might be worth ditching the
 one you are carrying to pick up another with more ammo.  You can't carry
 spare clips so you'll need to judge which one you think has the most ammo.

 Remember, if the controller vibrates when you're using a gun, it's about to
 run out.

 Be careful when picking up other weapons.  The times I've been shot or
 arrested when picking up another gun are numerous.

 You can conserve ammo by using manual aim and going for the head or other
 vital area. However, the additional time it takes to aim may not be worth it
 in the end so choose wisely.  I tend to use headshots in street encounters
 when the police or gangs are trapped behind other vehicles from a medium/
 long distance.  You can usually fire a few rounds (aim the tip of the gun
 about a millimeter above their head) from faraway with less risk to yourself.

 Also shooting blind around an object or corner can be a tremendous waste of
 ammo as it's difficult to know how many shots are required to hit your
 target, if it is at all possible in the first place.  Avoid shooting blind
 unless you really think you can make the shot count therefore.

 Long shots with R1 are rarely worth it.  If you must shoot from a distance,
 drop your current gun and manually aim with a pistol.  The pistol has a high
 accuracy rating as long as you're aiming manually. An AK-47 is ok too, but
 only with manual aim.  Manually you can kill someone from far with 1 round
 instead of an entire magazine.

 If you are incredibly short on ammo, try resorting to melee weapons or hiting
 foes around the head with your gun at close distance.  You could try
 grabbing them and snapping their neck too.

 Before a mission or stage ends, try and get a decent weapon equipped - such
 as an AK-47.  It can be a bonus to start the next stage or mission with a
 good weapon from the beginning rather than having to resort to pistols.
 Moreover, if you restart the stage again, you'll have the same weapon you
 were carrying when you began the stage. However, if the gun only had 2 rounds
 when the stage began, it'll still only have 2 rounds when you restart.

 After seeing an enemy drop when you're using R1, immediately tap it again
 to select the next enemy otherwise you waste ammo shooting at a corpse.

 Wait for enemies to exit a vehicle before opening fire.  You can waste half
 an AK-47's ammo by shooting at the doorframe of a car.  Also back off the
 trigger when the cops or gang members take cover.


== Driving Tips =============================================================

London is a busy city with lots of sleepless traffic and an array of confusing
roads.  Navigating the streets of London can be a nightmare.  Fortunately you
are provided with a map in the packaging which gives the location of several
landmarks.  It's up to you to find the landmarks in the game to figure out
where you are.

If you want to avoid the police whilst driving, read the section 'The Filth'
and the Road Safety 101 sub section.  For gangs, read the 'Gangs' section.

-- Basic Navigation ----------------------------------------------------------

During missions, you'll need to go to various locations by following the
indicator lights on the back of your motor.  If the left indicator is 
flashing, you are advised to take the next turning left.  Similarly, if
the right one is flashing, take the right turning.  When both are flashing,
(Hazard lights are on) you have arrived at your destination.

However, it is not always easy to follow the path they provide you with, nor
is it always the optimum one.  Leading you down the wrong way of a narrow
one-way street can cost you the mission.  Sometimes it is advisable to miss
the first turning and take the next if it means avoiding on-coming traffic.

If you approach a junction and you are clueless as to which direction to take,
ie, the indicators aren't flashing as you approach it, go in one direction.
Generally, if the indicator blinks rapidly, you have gone the wrong way so do
a U turn and you should find the indicator blinking slower.

As you get very close to your final destination, the indicator may blink fast
more often.  You're not necessarily going the wrong way, just the final few
corners may take you around to the goal rather than directly to it.

Also be aware that unlike the cities in Grand Theft Auto, London's roads are
far less uniformed in layout, in fact, they're a complete mess.  In GTA you
can often miss a few turnings and cut across some field or alley to get to
wherever it is you want to be.  In London, you can miss a couple of turnings,
think you'll be able to get back on track shortly and find yourself on the
other side of London, miles away!  To avoid this, try and stick to the 
routes provided, or use the map.  After a while you do memorise some of the
locations and roads and that will help you in the long run.  Also look out for
landmarks and tube-stations (which usually have the name of the area/street
they are on) to help you gain your bearings.

[ Roundabouts ]
Where several junctions meet, there is generally a roundabout, a circular road
that joins the junctions together.  These can be confusing when following the
indicator lights... often you don't know when to turn off.  Also, you may want
to avoid alerting the police so you will want to get around the busy ones with
the minimum of fuss.  Basically, give priority to cars on the right.  If you
do your own thing, you may be side-swiped.  If the police are nearby, they'll
nab you.  Practice makes perfect however so have fun driving round these.

[ One Way Streets ]
London is full of these one way streets where traffic can only legally go in
one direction.  Often you'll be forced down these to escape the cops or
gangs.  Use the pavements if you can to avoid head on collisions. You really
don't want to get stuck down these so try and avoid them if possible.

[ Power slide turns ]
You'll often need to perform some kind of fast cornering maneouvre to evade
the police and anyother would be attackers. The best way is to power-slide
around the corner.  To do so requires the use of the hand brake (R1).

You can use just the hand brake with varying results.  It is extremely
sensitive in this game and will often spin you right round again, rather than
making you perform a perfect slide.  When approaching a corner fast, gentle
use of the hand brake, combined with some (or full) throttle will have you
performing stunt driver-esque slides.  Trying the same feat in Vans is often a
complete waste of time - they seem to spin like crazy.  However, if you find
the sole use of the hand-brake isn't working, before turning the wheel, apply
a little brake, then use the hand-brake before accelerating again.  This often
gives you some extra control.

Remember, practice makes perfect and you have to expect to completely mess up
occasionally, it's all part of the fun.

[ Use the space (3rd Lane) ]
Using the pavement can be a great way to speed through London, and safer than
risking the busy roads.  However, you run the risk of hiting pedestrians,
railings and alerting the police.  However, at times, using the pavements is
a must.

Also, if the road ahead seems busy, try driving through the middle of the
road, between the two lanes.  You'll often scrape your car alongside the
others but it remains the most efficient way to get through London's busiest
roads.  You will need to be both brave and careful if you wish to make the
most of the '3rd' lane however, but it is very rewarding when you successfully
navigate through the middle of a busy road whilst leaving the cops boxed
behind some double decker bus.

== Survival Tips - Kill or be Killed For =====================================

You're going to take a lot of damage during the course of the game and every
mission you're likely to need some resting.  However, you can help yourself by
being careful and avoiding taking unnecessary punishment.  Here's some
techniques to make life easier on the mean streets of London.

*** Some of these methods are taken from the manual.  However, some techniques
from the manual have been omitted from this guide.  They're probably not that
helpful or easy enough to look up anyway. *** 

[ Blind Shooting / Shooting Blind ]
Sticking your gun out over an object or around a corner means you don't have
to be firing out in the open where it is dangerous.  When crouching down in
front of a low crate, or with your back to the corner of a wall, just hit
square to fire a blind shot.  Fire a few more times.  If you're hiting
nothing, you may have to shimy across and try again.  You may find you have
better luck using different weapons.  Overall, blind shooting is rarely that
useful, however at times it can be a safe way to kill the odd gangster or

[ Use R1 often ]

If you're wandering around a maze like yard or through tight corridors, an
enemy might jump out at any moment.  Tap R1 as you make your way through the
level. If there's an enemy in range, you'll automatically turn to shoot.
This can sometimes prevent you from getting unexpectedly shot in the back.
Also when resting for long periods, occasionally tap R1 just in case someone
is sneaking up behind you.

[ In extremis - when outnumbered and death seems inevitable. ]

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you are facing numerous enemies
at once, generous use of R1 during the fight will help get you through your
strife.  By generous, I mean tap and move on after a few rounds, rather than
when the enemy is necessarily dead.  This can temporarily cripple your foe,
making them a little less effective, and then you can target them again.  It
isn't wise to switch between targets too often however, so concentrate on a
killing a couple of guys, then the others, rather than randomly shooting
bullets at all of them.

If you find your foes are ahead and close together and you have an automatic
weapon, manually spraying the area from side to side may be a more effective
silencer yet.  A good place to practice this technique is mission 3, in the
basement of the Art Gallery and right at the very end where you are attacked
by about 5 guys at once.

[ Roll ]
Use X to perform a quick roll in the direction you have your left analog
stick pointing. This makes you a smaller target and can enable you to find
cover more efficiently than by merely jogging.  You can still get shot but it
is worth trying.  Rolling is also a faster means of travel than jogging so if
you can't keep up with someone on foot, roll after them!

[ Swing, Shoot, Swing, cover.]
One of the most useful tactics in the game is to quickly swing out in the
open, fire a few rounds and swing back to cover.  Get up against a wall with
the X button.  When you're as close to the edge of the wall or a doorway as
you can be, the camera will show you whats beyond the wall.  If there's an
enemy, you'll want to pop out and fire a few quick rounds.  To do this, push
the left analog stick in the direction you want to swing out and hold it
there.  Then use R1 to auto-aim the nearest enemy.  Shoot with the square
button, but don't release the left analog stick or you'll go back behind the
wall.  When you're done and want to resume your cover position, release the
left stick.  You can also swing out and manual aim by using the R2 button

If you are crouching down instead of having your back to a wall, you only
need to use R1 or R2 to pop up and shoot.

[ Assess the Danger ]
Prior to entering a room or walking out into an open space, you may want to
survey the area ahead.  The best way to do this is to get up against a wall
prior to stepping out into the open or around a corner.  Press X when standing
beside a wall.  If you are at the edge of a wall, the camera will show you
what lies beyond.  Sometimes you may want to look around before you reach the
edge.  To do this, get off the wall and use the R2 button to go into free-look
or aim mode.  Use the analog stick to pan the view around.  On stealth
missions it is crucial that you use both methods to scout before you walk into
an enemy.

[ Get off the Wall ]
If you're up against the wall and you see enemies running towards you, try and
gun them down before they reach you.  If you can't, get off that wall.  They
will probably try and smack you around the head and you can't react if you're
still on the wall.

[ Run them down ]
On some missions, especially some of Carter's, you can pretty much plough your
enemies down by running them down with a motor.  Even if your car smokes and
the wheels are punctured, you can usually do a lot of damage.  This saves you
from having to take shots directly into your torso.  You do need quite a bit
of speed to run people over, otherwise they tend to just get knocked to the
side.  If you knock them into another object, you have a greater chance of
killing them.

[ Use explosives ]
Sadly there are no grenades, molotov cocktails or rocket launchers in the
Getaway, but there are numerous explosive barrels and fire extinguishers that
are begging to be shot. 

If you see enemies standing near explosives, shoot the explosives (use R2 to
manually aim if you find yourself targetting enemies instead.)  There are
numerous times when blind shooting around corners can blow up the barrels,
thus saving you some effort.

With fire extinguishers, shoot them once... gas disperses around the room.
Wait for a few seconds and then shoot it again.  You'll be treated to a nice

Finally, Forklift trucks have fuel tanks at the back.  Shoot these and they
explode killing anyone nearby.

[ Take Hostages ]
If you're struggling to make your way through a level, having a human body
shield can be of great help.  Sneak up to someone and press X.  If you are
close enough, you'll grab them by the neck.  If not you'll embarassingly
perform a forward roll and probably end up dead.  Presuming you managed not
to mess up, you now have a human shield.  Depending on the enemy, and the
hostage, the other people may or may not still shoot at you.

The Police won't attempt to attack you if you are holding one of their own or
an innocent civilian, although they'll probably still go for a Yardie.  Gang
members don't care who you have as hostage, unless it's someone of importance,
such as a boss or right hand man etc.

With your hostage, movement is tricky but do your best with the analog sticks.
You want to manoeuvre the hostage so they are in the line of fire of wherever
your enemy is.  If they are not, and you have your back to someone, they'll
try their luck and shoot.  (If you hostage is hit, 2-3 shots will kill them
and you'll drop the body.)

A good thing with hostages is that you can still shoot if you're holding them.
Take out your pistol with the Triangle button if you haven't already and use
R1 and R2 to aim at enemies.  Kill them as they stand there helpless, arms

Note - If you gun runs out of ammo whilst you have a hostage, or you don't
have a weapon at all, you can still grab them and snap their neck/cuff them by
using the square button. 

Grabbing someone by the neck is also a silent attack, providing they never
noticed you before you grabbed them.  Therefore you can use this method to
take out guards during stealth missions.

If Mark is holding a hostage without a gun equipped, pressing square will make
him snap the victim's neck, whereas Carter will stamp on their calf and arrest
them.  If you have a hostage with a gun equipped, Mark will shoot them with
the square button whereas Carter is more humane and merely hits them around
the back of the head with his weapon.  Ouch.

*** If you want to take a hostage but you're finding everyone runs too fast
away from you, rolling will get you to them quicker than jogging. ***

*** Your sidekick will kill your hostage if you let them get to close.  This
can be annoying. ***

*** If you hold someone hostage, their weapon seems to disappear, so if you're
out of ammo, don't take someone hostage if you need their weapon. ***

-- Street Combat -------------------------------------------------------------

You'll often find yourself in a situation where you need to fight in the
streets.  This isn't ideal because you'll risk attack from all sides and it
can be difficult to fight off attacks from every direction.  The police in
particular prove troublesome with their annoying tendancy to sneak up from
behind, then bopping you on the head a couple of times and then cuffing you.

Some tips therefore....

[ Only get out when you need to ]

Don't bother getting out and fighting the Fuzz or whoever if you don't need to
as you always have a chance of losing them in the traffic.  However, if things
are looking grim, and your motor is bellowing smoke like there's no tomorrow,
or the tyres are completely shot, or you're boxed inbetween numerous cars with
no quick escape likely, then it's a good idea to gun down a few people and
then continue on your journey.

[ Give yourself some cover ]

When you get out of your besieged vehicle, try and position yourself behind
your vehicle or another that is nearby that will offer some protection.  If
you're just going to stand in the open as half a dozen cops start shooting at
you, then you're either brave, or stupid.  If you have a tall vehicle that
you can use for cover, good, because it'll have additional uses (see below).

[ R1 is your best friend ]

Use R1 as much as possible when out in the open because it'll help you track
the numerous enemies that will be swarming towards you.  Tap it often so you
won't get any surprise attacks from behind.  When you think the coast is
clear once more, tap R1 to make sure.  If you don't lock on to anyone, you're

[ Take hostages ]

Hostages are your best friend when fighting cops.  Some gang members won't
shoot their friend either.  Therefore use a hostage to make your escape easier
but remember never to show your back to a hostile person because they'll

[ Watch the Road ]

Whilst other cars generally stop, and their drivers flee at at the first signs
of danger, some cars will drive past the warzone.  If you're on foot and in
their path, then you're dead.

[ Cops & Robbers don't mix ]

The police and gang members will duke it out, given half a chance, and this
can be used to your advantage.  Other officers will help out Frank regardless,
but Mark has to make sure the Filth and gang members are close before they
fight.  So if you're being pursued by both gang members and cops, get them to
fight.  The Gang members often lose however, and it's not uncommon to see
them get handcuffed to the ground.

[ Know when to run ]

You can't win every battle, you may need to run if you want to return to fight
another day.  When you're taking a beating and your suit looks like it needs
replacing, retreat to the nearest (and hopefully unmanned) vehicle and get out
of there.  If your enemy is ahead of you, reverse your way out of trouble and
then perform a 180 turn and then hit the accelerator and drive as fast as you
can away from the conflict zone.  Wheelspin and smoking tyres is optional.

[ Rest ]

If you're fighting in the open, you can take lots of damage and you'll
obviously want to rest at some stage.  If you happen to see a tall vehicle
such a Cab or van nearby, you can briefly lean on it to recover some health.
Ideally, this vehicle will provide your cover also.  Unfortunately, your foes
will probably try and sneak around and get you when you rest so stay alert and
don't rest for long, not until they're safely out of the way at least.  You
can also rest against trees, phone boxes and buildings as well as other items
if you so wish.

[ Hit me with your rhythm stick ]

It sometimes pays to resort to a good old fashioned swipe with the butt of
your weapon to floor your enemies than to try shooting them several times.  If
for example you notice a cop sneaking up from behind, a mere swipe with the
square button is often more effective than trying to aim and fire off half a
dozen pistol rounds.  If an enemy is getting out of their car door, stand near
and swipe them as they get out and they'll be dead in no time.  If you're low
on ammo, or indeed entirely out, this is also a good option.  An AK-47 or
shotgun tends to knock out your opponent in one swipe compared to the pistol's
2 hits.

However, it is also risky to swipe cops - if you miss, there's about a 50%
chance you'll get arrested.  Timing is crucial - as is luck.

[ And then there were none ]

It seems the cops only send 3 cars after you at once (aside from roadblocks
which don't really count.)  With this in mind, if you're fighting in the
streets and there are only 2 cop cars around - know that the 3rd is on its way
or it is parked around the corner.  If you dispose of all the cops in those 3
cars, you'll have time to rest and steal another car and make a safe getaway.

== Sidekick help =============================================================

On some levels you may be accompanied by other people who will help you to
achieve your mission goal.  Eyebrows and Yasmin are the two characters that
spring to mind, although when you are Frank Carter, sometimes you will be
aided by another armed cop.

Your sidekick is as vulnerable as you are.  They'll get run over and killed,
stagger and hold their wounds and meet their maker if they substain too much
damage (although Jasmin can take a lot of punishment, she doesn't seem to rest
to heal herself).  You therefore should do your upmost to protect them.  You
don't really need to worry too often about Eyebrows or the cop that follows
Carter, but Jasmin is a crucial character.

She carries a pistol with unlimited ammo and will shoot any enemy in sight,
including some hiding behind cars from right across the screen! She has a bad
habit of not getting into a car if there are still people to shoot.  Like all
sidekicks, she doesn't seem to want to rest to recover and if you shoot her
she will retailate if you manage to accidently hit her with a weapon.

I find at close quarters she is most vulnerable but she can usually handle
herself in a small gunfight.  On mission 12 there is a moment on the boat
where she will run ahead of you and into two guys with an AK-47 and a shotgun.
You probably won't be able to stand and shoot from where you are without
hitting her so you'll need to quickly run up to her and shoot beside her.
Or better still, stand back and manually aim at the 2 guys. After this, there
are just a couple of more guys to kill before you finally have to stop
worrying about her.  About time too!

Also make sure she follows you to wherever you have to go in your mission.
Sometimes she'll not follow you and if you get to the mission objective and
she isn't there, you'll have to start again.  Sometimes she doesn't follow
because she's stuck inbetween vehicles (even in the pavement!) so make sure
you give her plenty of space to follow you.

*** Jasmin (and possibly Eyebrows) is immune to your weapons it seems.  You
can run them over and kill them, but you can't kill them with your weapons.
Melee weapons won't even hit them. ***

== Emergency Vehicle Tips ====================================================

If you are driving an emergency vehicle (one that has sirens) you may notice
that other road users attempt to move to the side of the road to let you pass.
However, oncoming traffic rarely responds and you'll still hit them.

I've noticed that using your siren whilst going down a narrow one way street
is risky.  For some reason, pedestrians jump into the ROAD and end up under
your car.  This slows you down and damages your car.  I advise you to turn off
your siren if you find this happens.

Also be aware that using the sirens draws unnecessary attention to yourself,
especially in Free Roam mode where the gangs will immediately go after you.

*** There will be additional tips in future versions ****

Section 11b >> Cheats

Apparently there are some cheats for the Getaway posted on Gamewinners.com.
These cheats are now circulating through messageboards and email so I'll
grudgingly add them here.  I suspect these are complete bollocks, but I'll let
you try them out anyway.

If they're nonsense, let me know.

[ More Health ]
Press Up, up, left, left, right, right, circle, circle, down at the title
screen. If you hear a woman groaning, then you've got it to work.

[ Armored car weapon ]
Press Up, Down, Left, Right, Square, Triangle, Circle at the title screen.  If
the lady groans, you'll have a new toy that you can use during missions.


Section 12 >> Missions

You will play the Getaway as two different characters: Mark Hammond who's son
has been kidnapped, and DC Frank Carter of the Flying Squad.  Both characters
get 12 missions each, with most missions consisting of 2 or more stages
levels.  First you play as Mark, and then you play as Carter and get his side
of the story.

I prefer Mark's story because it's easier to identify with his character and
the struggle he is facing as he is forced to do jobs in an attempt to somehow
get back his son.  His levels also have a little more diversity and better
cutscenes.  Carter's missions are more or less straight shoot outs with a few
stealth missions added in for measure. Because the police never pursue him in
the driving stages, it also makes these pointless diversions.

Typically, each mission has a driving section (getting from A to B, perhaps
by following C) and an on-foot action section that will require either stealth
(sneaking around without being detected) or a straight shoot-out.  I will try
to be thorough for each part, though not so for the driving sections.  There
is a large 'hit & miss' element to these sections, and if you follow the
indicators and use my techniques to avoid danger, you should get to your
objective anyway.

Some missions will have a time limit to them and you'll obviously need to
achieve your goal before the alloted time runs out.  Often your character will
make some kind of reference to when you're running out of time, but the
biggest indicator that you're in trouble is that you'll hear a noise warn you
that you've only got about a minute left.  You'll hear a kind of ting/tapping
noise play once.  Then as the time continues to runs out, the noise repeats
over and over with greater speed and urgency.  When it reaches its climax, you
lose the mission. 

-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 You can replay missions without having to start from the beginning again.
 First make sure you have saved your game.  Then go to 'Load Game' from the
 main menu.  Select the slot you want to load and press X.  Now you can use
 the left analog stick to select which of the missions you've already played
 that you want to replay.  Hit X when the one you want appears.


-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 Each mission is separated into various stages.  Each stage has an objective
 to complete, such as drive to a location.  When that objective is met, you'll
 move on to the next stage, often straight away.  Listen out for a little 
 suspense tune to play, that's when you've reached the next stage.  When you
 next fail your mission, you'll restart from the beginning of the current
 stage, rather than from the very beginning of the entire mission.  Which cuts
 down on the frustration factor.


-- Note ----------------------------------------------------------------------

 When you cross over stages in a mission, that is you complete the first part
 and continue onto the next part, the immediate events that occur can be
 different to when you restart over.  For example: You may arrive at a depot,
 get out of your car and have to shoot several gang members.  If you die, the
 gang members might not be there again.  Also note that there is a random
 element to the behaviour of the enemies.  E.g. I've played mission 12 several
 times and found the enemies sometimes sneak up on me, other times they wait
 for me to go to them.  Therefore these walkthroughs are not 100% accurate.
 You must keep on your toes.


== Mark Hammond's Missions ===================================================

-- Mission 1 - The Frightener ------------------------------------------------

Synopsis :
Mark's wife has just been murdered and his son's been kidnapped by some people
driving off in a Red Rover 75.  You have to follow that car and find out where
they're taking your son.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Very Easy

Guide >

You start off in a decent motor, Mark's green Alfa Romeo.  Floor the gas pedal
with the X button (or right analog stick) and chase the Red Rover.  It's a
case of making sure you observe which way the indicator lights are telling you
to go.  Because the kidnappers want you to follow them, they won't drive too
fast giving you enough time to get another motor if you find yourself trashing
your car in London's traffic.  After a couple of minutes you'll find the car
parked and the hazard lights will flash.  Get out.

- Part Two -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

(Note: Although this is easy, as this is the very first on-foot guide I will
explain all the little details that I won't bother to mention again. It is a 
little long winded in places.)

A nice introduction into the on foot combat system.  Straight away, run up to
the doorframe and hit X to get up against the wall.  Edge along with the
left analog stick so you are right next to the doorway.  Depending on where
you parked and got out, you may or may not have been spotted already.  Either
way, you need to poke out and start shooting the guards.  Push the left analog
stick to the right and then hold down R1 to aim at the nearest guard.  Now tap
square a few times and they'll die.  Release the analog stick to take cover if

If you missed the guard and/or they start charging towards you, press X to get
yourself off the wall.  It is very easy to be killed because you're stuck with
your back to the wall whilst they're smashing you around the head.  Try and
turn so you are facing the doorway (quite a task with the Getaway's controls)
and prepare to hit the thug with your pistol either by whipping them (square
button) or by firing, (R1 and square).  That ought to silence him, plus
you can take his gun for double the fun.

*** Cam Miller suggests that you can park your car near the entrance to the
warehouse, facing down towards the road.  Then run to the entrance to get the
attention of the guards, then run back behind your car and use it as cover to
kill the first couple of guys.  Whilst this is ok if you're having trouble
with the controls at first, it's not really very necessary as the gun fight
is far from difficult in the first place. ***

If you've not taken out the other guard on the ground, repeat what you did for
the first guard.  Then go for the guy on the balcony.  To do this, assume your
position up against the doorway.  Swing out again, this time hold down R2 to
manually aim.  Adjust your aim and go for the barrels up the top of the screen
and hit square a few times.  Bang!  Cue badly burnt chap!  Notice a gun has
fallen to the ground... you'll want that.

Step out from your cover and enter the yard.  Take a few steps forward.  If
you hold down R1, it should auto-aim at a guy way back in the building.  See
if you can make out the fire extinguisher near where the guy is and manually
aim at it.  One hit will make it release gas.  Wait for the gas to spread out
and then hit it again.  Bang again! Up to three people will have been killed.

If you step further forward, another guy will exit the building and come
towards you.  Kill him and make sure you have picked up one other pistol.
Then pick up the gun that fell from the balcony, it's an AK-47. (Note, if you
shot the barrels on the ground first,  the AK-47 would have been covered in
debris and you wouldn't be able to reach it.)

Before you enter the building, you might have suffered damage and you'll need
to take some time out to rest.  Check for bloodstains on Mark's clothes if
you're not sure you're hurt. To heal, stand sideways close to a wall and wait.
Mark should automatically lean against the wall and start breathing.  It
roughly takes 3 deep breaths to recover from each hit you've received,
sometimes more, sometimes less.  If you're struggling to align yourself with
the wall to rest, hit X so you are against the wall, then hit X again.  You'll
now start resting.  Make sure you rest behind cover obviously!

Now to enter the warehouse.  If you've shot the Fire extinguisher before
entering and heard a few cries of agony, this should be easy.  Assuming you
have, run into the room and prop yourself up against the beer cases to the
left.  Edge as far to the left as you can but don't jump out.  Instead, let go
of the directional control and hit square a few times.  This is 'blind firing'
and it's a great tactic at times.  About 10 shots of the AK-47 later and the
barrels by the stairs should explode, killing one or more guys.  You could
save ammo by not firing blind and using R1 to target the guy on the stairs but
this is good practice nonetheless.

Step off the crates and edge towards the door on the left.  A guy should come
out.  Shoot him.  There may also be another guard wandering about, kill him
also. ***Note that the position of the enemies can vary depending on
what you do.  If they're alerted to your presence sooner they may already be
sneaking up on you.***  Your AK-47 is probably low on ammo if it hasn't run
out already, and if you felt your controller vibrate as you were firing it,
this is a warning it's almost empty.  Ditch it for a shotgun that should be
next to the body of someone you've just killed.

Now go towards the back of the room, and to the right is a doorway.  You
should see a guard go past.  Wait until he's out of sight and enter the room.
Prop yourself against the wall of beer crates ahead and swing out into the
opening where you saw him pass.  Use R1 to target him with your shotgun when
he walks past again and let him have it.  Get off the wall go right across to
the next set of crates.  Edge across and you'll see another guard.  R1 and a
couple of shots from your trusty shotgun and it's lights out for another
luckless chap.

Now you want to get off the wall and make your way to the next doorway.  It
isn't difficult to find.  If you head towards the guy you just killed, and
face left, there should be a row of crates to your left and some crates to
your right against a green wall.  Walk between the rows of crates and another
guard will try his luck.  Laugh evily and silence him for good with your 
gun.  Remember to rest if you're wounded.

Now go through the doorway and you'll hear two guards bitching that you're
about.  Go up the stairs and immediately press R1 to target the goon.  Kill
him.  Go up the stairs and get up against the wall by the doorway.  You'll see
two chaps who aren't in the best of spirits for knowing you're on the rampage.
Pop around the corner and shoot them by using the R1 to target and square to
pump them full of lead.  When one is dead, tap R1 and hold it again to target
the next one, else you'll merely be shooting at a corpse.  You could also
manually aim for the barrels but it isn't necessary.  Now enter the room and
as you go around the low wall, through the open doorway you'll see someone
running around the corner.  Get ready to target him and kill him.  Rest if

Now go around the room, and prop yourself up against the far wall and edge
towards the left.  You'll see a doorway ahead and a guy on patrol.  It's
unlikely you'll have any shotgun ammo left, but pistols will suffice.  Jump
out using your now well rehearsed method and shoot the guy.  Another will also
try it on so silence him also.  Now go forward towards where they came from
and prop yourself against the left wall.  There's a guy around the corner,
kill him.  Now simply run into the office and go left to meet the people's
friend, Charlie Jolson.

-- Mission 2 - Burning Bridges -----------------------------------------------

Synopsis :
So Charlie's got Mark's boy and the only way Mark can make sure his son won't
be killed is to whatever Charlie asks him to.  First thing on the agenda is to
burn down the Republic Bar in Soho... only problem is, that's one of the
Collins gang's businesses and Mark used to be a member of them!

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Very Easy

Guide >

Like the majority of driving sections, this is a case of following the
indicator lights to get you to your objective.  If you turn a corner and the
indicator lights rapidly flash, you're in the complete opposite direction to
what is recommended.  A U-turn ought to get you back on track.  Often the
indicators lead you down a one-way street which might alert the old Bill if
you're going the wrong way down them.  There's always another route remember
it's just not always easy to find first time.

You shouldn't have any problems getting here if you remember not to alert the
police.  You know that you've arrived at your location when the hazard lights
blink.  You're looking for a bar/restaurant with a bouncer outside.  To be
honest, you shouldn't miss it, there's a big sign with its name on it.

*** Note - Some people use the no time limit imposed on this mission and treat
it as an alternative to 'Free Roam Mode'.  Because the cops are still out in
force, it's a less tame alternative. ***

- Part Two -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Easy but be wary.

Guide >

It took me several attempts to complete this mission when I played it, as
something I wasn't expecting would occur: like getting stuck on the stairs and
not being able to attack; running out of ammo for the first time; and for some
reason not being able to kill the last barman.

Anyway, get out of your car and approach the bouncer.  He recognises you and
you're not welcome.  You can now use X to grab him, and then square to break
his neck.  Nice.  Or you can get out your pistol and hit him over the head
with it.  Sometimes the police are nearby and get alerted when you attack the
bouncer.  Just go inside and they'll wait aside with their toys.

**** Note - the bouncer may decide to go inside before your get to the door.
You'll have to kill him now. ****

There are a couple of armed heavies on the stairs, and 3 more downstairs.
The ones on the stairs should stay there if you don't let them see you and
the ones downstairs might already be after you for killing the bouncer.  If
this is the case, from the doorway go left.  Hold R1 and try and target them,
you may be able to shoot them through the gap in the wall.  If not, get behind
the counter by going up to it and hiting X.  Be careful you don't accidently
roll forward instead.  I've done that about a hundred times before and it's
annoying.  You can blind shoot by using square, or use R1 to pop up and take
aim.  In any case you should kill these guys easily.  Rest if you take damage.

Then make your way to the stairs and prop yourself up against the wall.
Sidestep across to the edge and get ready to pop out and kill the two guards.
Another guard will run down the stairs. Kill him before he reaches you because
he'll hit you over the head if you're stuck against the wall, and two hits
will usually kill you.  If you find some customers are running down the stairs
you might consider letting them get out of the way first.  If not, you'll have
to shoot through them.

When those muppets are disposed of, start going up the stairs.  Stop before
you get to where there's a landing and use R2 to aim up into the room on your
left.  If you are careful, you can kill the barman with a single shot to the
head and he won't be in a position to fire bacl.  Dispose of the guy in the
middle of the room with little fuss.  Then continue up the stairs and enter
the room where you just killed the guards.  Behind the bar is a shotgun and
it's got Mark's name on it now.  Rest if injured.

Exit the room and you'll want to go up the stairs.  Point your shotgun towards
the clown that runs down the stairs and remove his inards with your finest
buckshot.  Now go up the stairs some more, and around the corner. Ahead is a
room with several armed and dangerous chaps in there.  Go towards the doorway
and aim with R1, fire and you'll probably kill one in 2 shots. Another guy
will try his luck but he should never have stood under that ladder on the way
to work because you're about to provide more business for Soho's undertaker.

Try and rest if their shotguns have ruined your suit but don't do it too near
the doorway.  Now enter the room and there will be two more guys at the far
end of the room, but up to two more nearer to Mark.  Gun these down quick and
go for those in the far end of the room next.  Shoot them and the place will
catch fire.  Be careful of the barman to the far right who is packing a 
shotgun.  It's best to stay out of his line of fire and just ignore him.

Rest if you're hurt, or do a little victory jiggle if you're not.  The fire
alarm will eventually start.  Now to leg it.  Exit the room and run down the
stairs.  There might be another armed chap on the stairs so kill him. One
foolish cop, lets call him PC Deadman, has ventured into the building. Kill
him as fast as you can and you'll see why he earnt that name.  Now go outside
and jump into the Red car.  Now you need to lose the Fuzz.

Do whatever you need to do (see section on 'Losing the Filth' if you want some
pointers) and drive away from Soho and away from the police.  Once you've done
enough, it's cutscene time and Mark will call his old friend Liam.

-- Mission 3 - Art Appreciation ----------------------------------------------

Synopsis :
Although Mark has convinced Liam to help him try and find his son, he still
has to answer to Jolson.  Charlie wants Mark to go into the Hyde Park area
and bring him back a souvenir.  Some people would be happy with a picture
postcard, but not Charlie, he's after a statue filled with drugs that belongs
to the Triads.  Cue Mark on another suicide mission to infiltrate a museum
and snatch the swag from under the Chinese gangster's noses.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy - but be wary.

Guide >

Very simple, just follow the indicators.  Avoid the cops if you can and drive
into the Museum's grounds and up to the front door.

- Part Two -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

This mission is a fair bit tougher than the last.  You'll have to handle
several enemies at once and need to rest quite often, leaving you vulnerable
to sneaky Triads shooting you in the back.

When you enter the museum you are safe to walk around if you don't have your
guns out.  You'll notice several Chinese men talking in their native tongue
and acting suspiciously.  The way to the statue is up some stairs so that's
where you need to head.  However, when you go up the stairs, you'll find those
Chinese chaps weren't art appreciators, but gun-totting gangsters!  Rather
than take these guys out in the open, I prefer to snap their necks before I
venture towards the stairs.  This way you decide where the fight takes place
and there are plenty of alcoves to hide and wait in.  When they're all dead,
go up the stairs.

Explore the area and you'll find yourself being attacked by several Triads
sometimes from behind, sometimes charging in from the front.  Generous usage
of the R1 auto-aim feature will keep you alive.  Rest when you can, but make
sure no-one is about.  At times they'll sneak up on you when you're resting,
so occasionally break the rest by holding R1 to check if any dastardly foes
are around.

After witnessing the Triads threatening some museum visitors, gun them down
and you'll soon come to some stairs.  Kill the two guys at the bottom of the
stairs, and look out incase someone sneaks up behind you (not always).  Once
downstairs, kill the Triad. Now rest until you're fitter than a butcher's dog
and go down another set of stairs.  Be wary, kill the Triad you immediately
see and another will shout out, 'He's on the stairs'.  Go down and immediately
hammer R1 and the fire button to take out a Triad with a shotgun.  Now go
forwards a little and back up against the right side of the wall.  Listen out
for more guards coming down the stairs.  Sometimes there is 1, sometimes 2,
but if you move fast sometimes there's none at all.

Now swing out and try and kill the guy hiding behind the box with the pistols.
Another crazy China man has an AK-47.  Kill him too and take the gun.  If you
rest now, you may find another guy runs down the stairs so kill him.

I have no perfect strategy for this next part so pray to whatever god you
worship to see you through this.  From the crate where the guy was hiding,
if you turn to the right, there's a room with a boiler.  If you get any
closer to the room, a whole load of angry Triads will charge aimed to the
teeth with heavy weaponry.  Obviously you want them dead and they want you
dead.  It would be nice to reason with them but the only thing they understand
is brutality so let them have it.  Kill the first two that appear and more
emerge.  Spray bullets with gay abandon towards the Triads and hope they
all drop dead before you run out of ammo.  Expect to take a fair amount of
damage.  Once they're dead, run into the room they were defending and take
your prize.

**** You can make the boiler at the end of the room explode.  After disposing
the first two guards near the boiler, shoot the boiler.  A stream of oil will
appear through the middle of the floor down some gutting.  If you shoot the
oil, it'll ignite and the flames will travel towards the boiler and then there
is an explosion which kills all the enemies.  You must be cautious and shoot
the boiler fast because one of the triads with a shotgun will try and kill
you. - Thanks to Carl Wainwright for that tip ****

- Part 3 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Moderate.

Guide > Delivery boy Mark has to drop off the statue to Charlie at the Spotted
Dog pub.  Right from the off, he'll have the Triads after him.  Because of
this, the cops will be after him too.  The Triads don't exactly give chase but
the cops will and they won't leave you alone unless you shake them off.  Once
you're satisfied you can handle the old Bill, drive to the pub.

-- Mission 4 - Aiding and Abetting -------------------------------------------

Synopsis :
Mark is a little pissed off to say the least, and he wants his boy back.
Charlie has other plans.  After receiving a bottle over the back of the head,
Mark has to set Jake Jolson free from the clutches of the police.  He's being
driven to Court in a Police van and Mark has to ram the sucker off the road.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Moderate.

Guide >

You got Eyebrows with you for this one and he's a right character. Let him get
in the car before you drive off or you'll lose immediately.  Follow the
indicators to get you to that Van.  If you drive too eratically, the police
will give chase. Eyebrow's will warn you to get rid of them and will shoot out
of the passenger side window if a police car approaches from your left side.
He'll puncture their tyres, but most likely he'll just make a few holes in
their bodywork but try and force the cops to his window if you can.  Every
little helps.  Lose the cops and get that van.

When the Hazard lights flash, you'll slow down and Eyebrows will tell you to
watch the show.  Ahead is the Police Van and it's escort.  A Range Rover will
drive past and take out the escort and will be pursued by an unmarked Vectra
(Carter).  Now go after the Van.

Taking out the van is easy, you just got to ram it a few times.  Try and use a
bit of panache... don't just shunt it up the backside, but aim to hit the
front wheels.  You'll do more damage and are less likely to damage your motor
although if I recall correctly, the Lexus you get given is very tough.  If the
Van collides into an object, like a pedestrian or iron-railing, then that's a

The van will eventually crash and there will be a nice cutscene and some fond
and not so fond reunions.  With Jake free and him causing a bit of a scene,
the Fuzz are alerted and it's time to run again.

*** Note during the chase, Eyebrows will go "Hey there's the boys".  If you
look carefully, you'll see the Range Rover crash.  ***
- Part 2 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

Follow the indicators and they'll lead you back to the warehouse where you
first met Charlie.  The Fuzz are all over you but do your best to avoid them.
You do not have to lose the Filth, you just need to get to that warehouse.
Eyebrows will provide some support but don't rely on him.

Note that you cannot ditch this car on this level because Jake is hiding in
the back and can't afford to be seen so he won't leave it.  However, you can
still make it even if your car is smoking badly, just crawl if you must to
the warehouse.

-- Mission 5 - Taxi for Mr. Chai ---------------------------------------------

Synposis :
You arrive back at the Brethnal Green Mob's warehouse and everyone seems
pleased to meet Jake.  Jake is led upstairs to take part in the torturing of
a triad called, Johnny Chai.  Whilst the torture is taking place, Mark
decides as he's not being guarded, that he should take the opportunity to
find his son.

- Part 1 -

On Foot Stealth > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

After an amusing and gory torture scene that is just a little Tarantino
inspired, Mark finds himself alone in the warehouse for the first time
and decides he has to find his son after a conversation with Liam via the
mobile phone.

You may have noticed I've described this level as 'On Foot Stealth' as
opposed to 'On Foot Combat'.  This is because stealth is the order of the day.
If you are spotted, you fail your mission.  If you attack anyone, you fail
your mission, if you make too much noise you fail etc.... You can however
break someone's neck, but only if no-one notices.

I don't recall the exact details of this mission but there are at least a
couple of guards you should dispose of.

Firstly, you are told not to go anywhere by a guard.  He's standing next to a
doorway and that's where you want to go through.  Have a brief wander in the
current room and turn back.  He's gone.  Go through the doorway into the room
with all those stacked crates of beer.  Go left to the back of the room, and
walk all the way over the other side.  Now follow the wall round and you'll
see there is a room to your right with a chap with his back to the door, and
another man with his back to you, guarding the entrance to the stairs.  Walk
slowly up to this second man.

When you are very close to him, use X to grab him. Now go through the doorway.
Someone is coming so you need to hide.  With your hostage, walk under the
stairs.  You won't be spotted and the coast will be clear.  Snap the poor
guy's neck and hurry up the stairs.

Now get up against the wall before entering the doorway. Jake, and a few 
others wander past and into another room.  A few seconds later, another one
follows.  Now enter the room. Briefly wait for the guards to assume their
positions.  Now don't walk through the doors ahead, but walk around the room.
When you reach the back, you'll see a guard with his back to you, and a door
to your right.  Slowly creep into the door on the right.  Grab the guy and
snap his neck.  Walk back out this room and sneak behind the other guy. Snap
his neck.  You may not have to snap his neck but the more I get, the merrier
I am.

Now you want to head towards Charlie's office.  You'll see it ahead, but if
you step out, to the right, Jake and the others will spot you. Instead,
quickly perform a roll straight into the office.  They won't see you and you
can stroll into Charlie's office.

- Part 2 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy.

Guide >

So Mark's found the office and sent Liam off to several places to look for his
son.  Jake finds Mark and wants him to deliver the now dead Mr. Chai to the
Triads in China town.  Mark's not keen on having to transport a dead man in
the passenger seat of his car but he's got no choice.

The Police seem to be very lenient unless you hit them or cause a big scene
on this level but that doesn't mean you should start driving like a maniac.
Your car, a crappy Honda Accord seems more or less immune to regular damage.
You can have a lot of shunts and it still seems to work fine.

Just follow the indicators into Soho and drive into China town.  Look for the
'Siu Fung' restaurant and a cutscene will take place whereby you kick Chai
out of the car, much to the displeasure of his kin.

-- Mission 6 - Out of the Frying Pan -----------------------------------------

Synposis :
Well you've upset the Triads and they're giving chase.  Jake has ordered Mark
to lure the Triads to Holywell Street where Charlie's boys are going to be
waiting for them.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Moderate.

Guide >

Straight away, you'll have triads chasing you, plus a few on foot with guns
who will shoot your car.  Do your best to follow the indicators to until you
arrive at your destination.  The place you're looking for has a car with no
wheels parked under an archway, plus a sign that says 'Durrant & Taylor'.

Your car will suffer damage like normal and one shunt into the front could
total it so be careful.  As well as the Triad's tailing you, you'll have the
police and even the Yardies as you near Holywell Street.

- Part 2 -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Moderate/Hard

Guide >

Quickly, exit your car and run through the archway as the Triad cars are
approaching.  Whack the guy round the back of the head with your pistols and
be ready for war!  You've been tricked, this is a Yardie crackhouse!

*** Phy has an alternative strategy for the start of the mission:
" On the Out Of The Frying Pan mission, playing as Hammond, I found that 
parking a car just in front off the archway with the car-with-no-wheels-on-it,
so close that no one could get past it helped me a great deal, because I just
ran into the small nich on the right under the archway and hugged the wall.
Then all I had to worry about was the ocasional stray Yardie coming my way,
because the Triads couldn´t get past the car. "

You may have to kill the Triads on the way out though, if the police don't get
them first that is. ***

Take the AK-47 the guard dropped and turn right and run behind the Maersk
container.  Straight away a Triad will have followed you so get ready with R1
to kill him.  Stay behind this container and kill anyone who shows up.  Don't
get too close to the left side of the container because those barrels may blow
up and kill you.  Now from your position behind the container go right and
you'll see a low brick wall ahead and some yardies shooting from windows.  Try
and take these out from your current position.  These yardies throw molotovs
(possibly homemade explosives) out the window and if you kill them, sometimes
they drop their explosives and you'll see a big explosion where they were.

Now run, using cover to the doorway on the left where the Yardies emerge from.
Pick off any yardies along the way.  In the building, kill the Yardie you find
then go outside and under the archway there may be a single Triad.  Kill him.
Before you leave this area, pick up a fresh AK-47.

Run through the archway to the street and you've finished this part.

**** Note : The battle between the Yardies and Triads doesn't always end as
quickly each time.  I've run out to the low brick wall and found a load more
Triads suddenly appear.  Do your best to speed up the time it takes to
resolve the battle by getting involved when you can. **** 

-- Mission 7 - Filthy Business -----------------------------------------------

Synposis :

Mark's a bit pissed off at being used to start a gang war between the Triads
and Yardies and demands he get his son back.  Harry's on the phone to him this
time and he almost sounds sympathic and reasonable, promising to Mark that he
just needs to do one more job to get his son back.  That is to go to Snow Hill
police station and kill the head of the Flying Squad, Inspector McCormack and
also Jasmin who is being detained down at the station.

- Part 1 -

" Find Telephone Repair Van in Grosvenor Place "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Hard.

Guide >

The police will have been alerted to your presence and will give chase.  You
can try and ease the situation (albeit only a little) by waiting for a cop car
to show up (it'll be there in 10 seconds) and killing the driver.  Then go
towards the direction the cop car appeared from and you'll see another cop car
and an officer outside shooting.  There are some Yardies to the left who have
parked their car out of view and waiting in ambush.  Often they will start a 
fight with the Filth.  In any case, make your way towards the cop and kill him
then take on the Yardies on the left.  Sometimes their car is strangely vacant
so take it.  Now drive on and follow the indicators.

Soon more Yardies will give chase and this means the police too. Do you upmost
best to make it to your destination (which is a BT Van that you need to
hijack).  Don't be afraid to take on the police and Yardies if you have to.
(This is why I recommend making sure you pick up an AK-47 before you leave the
Yardie's crackhouse to give you more firepower.)

There will be numerous road blocks which mean the police immediately recognise
you.  When you reach the road block with the ramp (a skip with planks you can
drive over) you're about half way there and doing well.

The BT Van is in "Grosvenor Place', down a road with a bus lane and dozens of
buses nearby.  When you spot it, drive up to it and get in.  It doesn't matter
if the police are after you at this stage, just get in the van.

- Part 2 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Easy

Guide >

There doesn't appear to be any police around so just follow the indicators and
you'll find another BT Van.  This is the real BT van that is on its way to the
Snow Hill police station.  You have to take its place so you can pose as the
repairman and get into the nick.  You'll find the BT Van outside of a HMV
record store, and then you just have to ram it as it drives off.  Be careful
because it sometimes turns suddenly and you can hit railings.  Don't total
your van because you need it to complete the mission.  A few hits and the van
pulls over and the repair man runs.  Now make your way to the police station.

Note - The police are on patrol again after you take out the other van so just
drive carefully.  Remember you only have a few minutes to make it to the
station but that should be enough.

- Part 3 -

On Foot Combat > Difficult Rating - Very Hard (Moderate if adopt stealth mode)

Guide >

This is probably one of the most challenging stages in the entire game and if
you die a few times, then don't feel any shame because it's tricky.

You're here to top the Inspector and Yasmin but you can't go into the station
with a gun.  Harry has told you that there's an evidence room on Floor 1 where
there is likely to be some hardware.  You need to get into that room. However,
you can't just go straight there, you need to fit in first.

Enter the station and a police officer is waiting for you.  Follow him into a
room where you're supposed to repair some dodgy phones.  He'll wander off.
Now that he is gone, you are free to roam the station.  If you stray too far
however, you'll be attacked and arrested by the cops.  You need to get
upstairs so exit the room you're in and face the closed double doors ahead.
Take a right here, then a left and go straight forward until you see the 
stairs at the back of the room on the right.  Go up them.

Once upstairs, go round the corner and straight on.  Turn right, then follow
the corridor.  Go forward past an open door and turn right and walk forward
and take a right past the water cooler.  A few steps forward on your left is
the evidence room.  Run inside and take the pistol from the floor.  Now you
have a gun, it's time to find McCormack.

Fortunately for you, you don't have to go far to find him.  Exit the room and
go right.  You'll see McCormack talking to another officer.  You can try a
stealth approach and follow him around the station and finally kill him, or
you can recreate a scene from the Terminator movie and blast everyone in
sight.  This FAQ shows you the latter option, because it's more fun and
sneaking around is for wimps with names like 'Snake' and 'Raiden'.

Get close enough so you can get a good shot, but not close enough so he sees
you.  Now use R2 to manually aim for his head.  Fire a few shots.  He'll run
and the alarm will go off.  You'll immediately be attacked from both flanks so
make a retreat to the evidence room, using R1 to kill a few cops along the
way.  Once you're back in the room, get between the table and the storage
cupboards at the back.  Try and rest if you can, facing the door.  Several
officers will walk into this room every now and again and you can pick them
off as you rest.  If you can't rest here (it can be tricky) stand the other
side of the the table instead, making sure you're facing the door.  Take
another pistol when you have the chance, but don't get caught picking one up
when a copper is standing nearby - they'll arrest you straight away.

When the coast seems clear and there are at least 6 dead officers around, rest
until healed.  There are two courses of action to take now, one involves
pursuing McCormack around this floor and killing everyone, the other is to run
downstairs and clear that floor out instead.  If you go on a rampage upstairs,
you'll need to kill every officer in every room.  Take hostages if you need to
and be wary of McCormack.  If you encounter him and shoot a few times, he
should run off.  But it can depend on where you both are.  Sometimes he'll not
die and stand around constantly.  If you make your way around the top floor,
killing everyone, when you go downstairs, SO19 will be waiting for you.  Kill
them as you run downstairs and take their guns.  Another couple of officers
are nearby so gun them down.  McCormack should be running with his back to you
so fire a few times.  Chase him, killing whoever gets in your way and he'll
run for cover in an interview room.  When he is here, he'll die.

If you chose to go clear the downstairs area instead, you'll find the
interrogation room is closed.  It only seems to open when every single last
copper is dead, as that's when S019 show up and that's when McCormack can be
found downstairs.  Rest often when you go on rampages, but not too close to
doorways.  Give yourself a chance to react to anyone sneaking up on you.
Remember if a copper sneaks up behind you, they can arrest you pretty much

If you're finding McCormack is being stubborn and won't die, the game has got
a little confused.  I've had fights with him around corners where I had to
repeatedly hit him around the head with my gun several times in an effort to
get him to move.  Sometimes you need to be somewhere else before he'll
respond.  I've had problems with other characters that aren't immediately
killable before.  I suspect if you don't do exactly what is expected, weird
things happen.

Anyway, if you have him on the run and he's retreated to that interrogation
room, you can kill him.  Enter the room and a cutscene plays.

*** Alternative Method : Rather than go postal and stain the hallways of the
police station with the claret of 2 dozen police officers, you can stalk the
DCI as he makes his way around the station.  Put your gun away when you exit
the evidence room and then get close enough to him so that he starts talking
to the other copper - but not so he sees you!  When he walks off, follow him.
Don't let him see you so hang back in the previous room or corridor.
Eventually he'll go into the interrogation room where you can whip out Mr.
Glock and gun him down.  If at any time you are spotted, resort to Terminator
mode.  It's about 5 times easier adopting this Stealth approach, thus is the
sissy's way of playing. ***

*** If you see another version of yourself stalking the corridors, it's not a
ghost, it's just McCormack pulling off some Harry Potter-esque wizardry.  Gun
him down as per usual for the nerve he has. ***

- Part 4 -

On Foot Combat + Driving > Difficulty Rating - Moderate.

Guide >

Mark was supposed to kill Jasmin, but she's convinced him that she is his only
hope in finding his son alive.  Mark agrees to let Jasmin live and the two of
them attempt to leave the station.... alive.

There may be more than one way to attempt this part.  After killing the cop 
in front of you, go left from the interview room, then go towards the staff
recreation rooms and out into the back gate.  Before you reach the canteen,
an officer with a shotgun and another approaches so quickly kill these. Rest
briefly if you must but be aware that more cops arrive from behind and that
you'll need to move fast. Jasmin can only take on so many cops so you have to
consider her health as well as your own.  You should see an entrance outside
so quickly leg it out here.

Jasmin tells you to shoot the gate's motor before it closes.  I've never
managed this as you are quite some distance away.  I have got a couple of
shots in with a shotgun, but nothing that could prevent the gate from closing.
She then tells you to try the front entrance.  Rest before going back inside
and then go back the exact way you came, but don't go back into the interview
room, carry on forward. Turn left then go forward and the exit should be on
your right.  Kill the S019 officers and get into a car.

If you try to go any other way at the start of this mission, SO19 officers
will lob tear gas into the corridors in an effort to daze you.  Fighting in
the gas is a nightmare so it's best to turn back when you see a canistor go
off - or quickly roll past it and take on the SO19 where there is no gas. If
you then take an MP5 - shooting the rear motor on the gate is a piece of cake.
Cam Miller also found the MP5 worked wonders on the gate when he mailed me.

Once in your car, you can probably take it easy and follow the indicators.
Charlie's Depot in King's Cross is the destination and it isn't too far.  If
you need to swap vehicle, make sure Jasmin has easy access to your new motor's
passenger side or she may die trying to get in.

If you find yourself driving up a hill towards multiple lanes of one way
traffic you're almost there.  At the top of the hill and across the junction
is Charlie's depot.  Drive into the yard.

*** Stopping the Gate from Closing is possible says Sam Minshall :
If you use a pistol and aim for the electric moving box and hit it, the gate
will stop, and after Jasmin makes some kind of remark, jump into the parked
Vectra and drive through the gate. ***

-- Mission 8 - A Touch of Class ----------------------------------------------

Synposis :
Harry wants to know if Mark has finished the job and killed McCormack and
Jasmin.  Mark lies and says he has, even though Yasmin is sitting right next
to him.  Harry then tells Mark he has to go back into Soho and pick up a
dancer called 'Layla' that Charlie wants to see.  One problem, she works at
the 'Touch of Class' club and that belongs to the Collins gang.  Mark agrees
to do it and Yasmin decides she wants to help Mark by going after Charlie.

- Part 1 -

" Get to the 'Touch of Class' Nightclub with Yasmin "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Easy but be wary.

Guide >

A case of following the indicators into Soho.  Be vigilant of the Soho Boys
attacking you as you near your destination and try not to alert the police.
Yasmin will help you shoot any police and gangs you encounter though.

When you arrive at your destination, look for a white building with the club's
name up in lights and a bouncer outside.  Get out of the car.

- Part 2 -

" Find Layla the Exotic Dancer in the Club "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Easy.

Guide >

Grab the bouncer and break his neck, then take out the others in the foyer.
Go downstairs and several members of the Collins gang will be shooting at you.
Using your best gun, use R1 and rapid use of the fire button to take out as
many as you can and get cover if you're badly hurt.  As you approach the bar,
the Barman pops up from behind the counter and sprays the room with his AK-47.
Shoot him and the bar catches fire.  Now go towards the bar and on your left
are a couple of rooms where some gangsters appear from.  Search the rooms and
kill these people.  When they're all dead and you enter the back room of the
club the mission ends.

-- Mission 9 - The Cow Girl & the Cash ---------------------------------------

Synposis :
Layla has been killed during the fight at the club.  This spells doom for Mark
but Yasmin decides to pose as the stripper and gets into the fetching Cow girl
outfit.  Charlie calls and wants to hear from Layla, and Jasmin manages to
bluff her way through the conversation. Charlie wants Mark to drop off 'Layla'
at his mansion, and has one 'last' job for him.  He wants Mark to pay the
Yardies a visit and steal their crack money and deliver it to the King's Cross
depot.  With Yasmin already agreeing to top Charlie when she gets there, Mark
decides he'll keep the money for himself and tells Charlie he'll do the job.

- Part 1 -

" Drop Yasmin at Charlie's House in Mayfair.  Find Yardie Crackhouse "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Easy (then moderate).

Guide >

This is quite a long driving section.  First you must drop off Yasmin at
Charlie's house over in Mayfair, then you have to across town and go to
the Crackhouse.

The first part is quite easy.  Avoid confrontations with police and try and
shake any Soho boys that might give chase.  Drop Yasmin off outside the
house with the St. George's Cross markings on two Lion statues.

*** Yasmin can sometimes be a little troublesome, refusing to enter the
building but she usually enters eventually. ***

However, you're going to run into trouble sooner or later and you'll have
a few run ins with the police, thanks largely to several roadblocks with
stingers.  Do you best to get rid of them and look out for Yardies when you
enter their territory.  They're numerous and want you dead.  You're looking
for a damaged wall with a gap in it that leads down to an alleyway. It should
be safe to get out and walk down, but if you've been followed you may need to
kill a yew yardies first.

- Part 2 -

" Get the Cash in the Yardie Crackhouse "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Moderately difficult.

Guide >

Go down the alley then back up against the wall.  You'll see a couple of armed
men chatting, one with his back to you.  Pop out and gun them down, and
another guard runs out of the door on your right.  Kill him.  Further forward
is another yardie so kill him too.  If there's a decent gun left on the floor
take it and enter the building through the doorway.

Once in the building, it's a simple case of search each room and quickly gun
the Yardies down using R1 to target.  Clear this floor then find the stairs
and ascend them.  There should be a yardie in the room in front of you to the
left.  Now quickly gun him down and also the psychotic lady with the Meat
Cleaver.  She can be very hard to target because your tend to target the men
first, and there's one hiding in a room across the hallway. Her cleaver can
kill you in about two swipes but hit her if you struggle to auto-target her.
Also note a guy will have followed you up the stairs - take this guy out too
if you haven't already.  *** He'll only appear if you didn't kill everyone ***

Rest when you've cleared the immediate area of any danger. (Use R1 to check if
anyone is about - if the view doesn't move, you're safe.... for now).  Now
go through each room and empty them of their occupants.  *** Note - the wall
of one room can be shot through and you'll find a DJ behind some decks.  Shoot
him if you haven't already.  If you shoot the decks, the music stops. ***

There are two sets of stairs leading up.  Go up one and you'll immediately be
warned that you're dead.  You'll have to kill a couple of guys, one with a 
shotgun and then 2 more enter from a room to your left, one with an AK-47.
Kill them all and enter the far room on your right where the guy with the
shotgun appeared from and you'll complete the mission.

If you went up the other stair case, you'll be in a room.  Look out for a guy
and another behind a broken wall with an AK-47.  Kill them both, then go
through the gap in the wall, taking the AK-47 and then keep moving until you
see two rooms ahead.  Two Yardies run out, one with a shotgun, one with
pistols.  Kill them then enter one of the rooms ahead.  The mission ends.

*** Note the Yardies sometimes move around the house so they might not be
where I've said.  For example, on the ground floor, sometimes two yardies are
sitting down on a sofa.  Other times they're up and walking about. ***

-- Mission 10 - Cat in the Bag -----------------------------------------------

Synposis :
Mark's grabbed the money and told Liam that he's going to leave it behind for
later.  He also tells Liam that he's going after Charlie and that he has a
plant already in Charlie's gaff who is working on making a hit.  You'll see
Liam drive off in his TVR.

- Part 1 -

" Get to Depot to Exchange Money with Charlie "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Easy/Moderate.

Guide >

You'll find yourself outside and there should be Yardies about.  Gun them down
and take a motor and get the hell out of there.  You're aiming to get to the
Depot in King's Cross but there is no time limit you need to worry about.  If
ever you need to get out and confront the Yardies, always grab the AK-47 or
Shotgun that is dropped before resuming your journey.

- Part 2 -

" Escape from the Bethnal Crew and go after Jake "

When you reach the depot, Mark stuffs a cat into a bag and hands it over to
Jake who is on collection duties.  He'll think it's the money in the bag and
Mark quickly legs it into the Depot as Jake opens the bag only to have the cat
jump on face.

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Moderately difficult.

Guide >

This is part stealth, but with lots of shooting.  Note that my method sees you
taking on every last person.  So if you're up for a long fight, get reading.

You'll start off behind some crates in the depot.  Ahead are Jake and friends
and dozens of stacked crates and a walkway.   Immediately 'Sparky' (you ought
to remember him from the torture scene) will seek you out. Give yourself some
cover and wait for him to appear and gun him down.  Be warned that he can take
more damage than the typical gangster so if you brought a shotgun with you,
then that is a welcome bonus.  When he's croaked it, one of the others will
complain that Sparky's been killed.  Now run towards the back of the depot and
hide behind some crates. Kill whoever appears.  Now you should be able to make
out two metal constructions in front of you with stairs leading up.  Ascend
the nearest one (if you have your back to the crates it'll be the one on the
left.)  On the other platform is a chap with a gun so kill him quickly.  You
have quite a bit of cover here so rest until fully healed.  Before you walk
off the edge of this thing, use R1 to check for any nearby enemies below.  Gun
them down with a pistol if there are any.

Now go down the stairs to the floor (not the stairs you climbed up) face right
and run forward to the crates ahead.  Follow these crates to the left of the
depot and back up against the wall as you near the end of them.  You should
see a guard with a shotgun behind a conveyor belt.  Kill him quickly by
popping out.  When he's dead, go round the crates, and start to go forwards
towards the other end of the depot and you'll see a few people shooting ahead.
If you have an AK-47 you can usually kill these or force them to take cover.
Be careful of other guards that might appear when you're here and use R1
occasionally to be sure.  When everything seems 'safe', go forward a little
and look for some crates on your right.  There should be a gap between them
that you can walk through.

Go through the gap and against the wall directly in front.  Sidestep along to
the left and you'll see  several heavily armed gangsters.  If you quickly
'blind shoot' around the corner, you should hit the explosive crates and they
will all be killed.  Alternatively, pop round the corner and manually aim for
the explosives.  Bang!  Take an AK-47 from the remains.

** If one of the guards approaches you before you get your shot in, hold him
hostage when he walks past.  Use him as a shield and shoot the explosives. ***

Now exit this little enclosure and turn right.  If you're attacked by guys
wearing suits, obviously you need to kill them.  Assuming you've turned right
you should be facing the stairs and balcony where Jake will taking potshots
at you.  Run quickly forward, towards the crates in the middle of the
immediate area.  If anyone is about, you'll need to kill them.  Now go towards
the brick wall and then further forward towards the crates ahead.  To your
right should be a gap to shoot from where the crates are stacked lower.  If
you roll towards this crate you can crouch down and then pop up and shoot the
explosives on the other side.  This kills two guards.

Ahead on the walkway is a guy with a shotgun that needs disposing of so take
him from here if you can.  Go right and stick close to the crates.  Use R1 to
target a guy hiding near some shelves.  When he's dead look for some white
crates ahead.  You want to run behind these so that directly behind is Jake
on the stairs.  Now quickly turn round these crates and run towards Jake, but
duck into the room on your right.  Kill the guy with the shotgun and take it.
Now exit this room and run up the stairs where Jake was.  He's gone.  When
you're up these stairs go through the doorway and he'll shout, "You're
dead meat, we'll have you Hammond".  Run down the next set of stairs you find.
Jake will be in the nearby reception area of the Depot. Shoot him and he runs.
Follow him into the darkened room and it'll be lights out.

**** Note, this particular level guide is a bit sketchy and longwinded.  It is
possible to achieve the goal quicker and with less fuss, but my guide will
probably involve you killing everyone, and have you exploring the entire
complex.  It will be nice to know the layout for when you return here as DC
Frank Carter. ****

-- Mission 11 - The Prodigal Son ---------------------------------------------

Synposis :
Mark's walked into a trap and finds himself in a cell with Jasmin.  Standing
in front of them is none other than Charlie, Harry and Jake. It appears Jasmin
falled to kill Charlie and now they're both in trouble.

It's in here that they learn Charlie's mad plot - Charlie is going to arrange
a meeting with the leaders of all the other gangs, and give them Mark Hammond,
the guy responsible for all the chaos.  Only it seems Charlie's intentions
aren't as honourable as the gangs might think.

Mark and Jasmin are then left alone to ponder about the situation they've got
themself in.  After the nearest to a 'heart to heart' in the entire game,
Frank Carter appears on the otherside of the door and agrees to bust Mark &
Jasmin out - but only if Mark helps him nail Jolson.  Mark relunctantly agrees
and the scene is set for a daring escape.

- Part 1 -

" Escape from the Basement With Yasmin "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Quite difficult.

Guide >

This part is short and sweet but can be a mini-nightmare with death around the
corner.  When you start, Yasmin will pick up the gun that Carter leaves behind
which obviously makes you weaponless!  Follow her out the cell and she will
attack two gang members standing at the end of the corridor. When they're
dead, run up to where they were standing and try and take a gun.  Sometimes it
is difficult to see the gun but you'll really want one.  Now turn and face the
large open room with some stairs hidden away at the end. As you approach the
stairs, two guys run down, the first one carrying a deadly shotgun.  You'll
need to kill him without taking too much damage.  Now head to where the guys
came from and around the corner are some stairs going up. Jasmin will probably
start going up these if you get too close to them, so stand back and rest
first if you need to.

Then taking the shotgun, go up the stairs.  Carter will have distracted some
of the guards but you'll still need to kill them all.  Well, I suggest you do
as it's more fun to empty the place than leave a couple behind.  Anyway, once
up the stairs, turn right and run behind the crates so that the doorway and
guards is directly ahead (or thereabouts).  Now all hell will be let lose.

You can probably try a couple of methods depending on your circumstances.  Try
killing all those ahead of you with your shotgun through rapid use of R1 to
select a new target when each guy dies. They'll approach from ahead, sometimes
they come out from the row of crates to your right.  In any case, kill them
all and briefly rest if you can before venturing near the doorway.

Grab an AK-47 or fresh shotgun and make a beeline for the doorway.  There is a
fire extinguisher in sight and another guard.  As soon as you're spotted, 
expect several guards to arrive with shotguns and other weapons from behind
the crates.  You could try blowing up the fire extinguisher to kill them, but
I found it was ineffective.  Instead, I recommend shooting these as fast as
you can.  Jasmin should help, but beware the power of the shotguns.  They can
spill your claret faster than a randy bull can shoot its load in to a moo cow.

When you think you've done enough, run or stagger as the case may be into the
car outside in the yard to your left.  Get in the car.

- Part 2 -

" Get to Charlie's Mansion with Yasmin "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Quite difficult.

Guide >

A case of escaping the gang cars and avoiding the police.  When you first get
in the car, you may find the immediate area is surprisingly devoid of any
Bethnal Green mob motors, but if you fail and restart, there are usually a few
nearby - if not around the very first 2 junctions.

Be wary of the large number of police road blocks and be advised to switch
motors when necessary.  You do not want you and Jasmin to be in a car that
catches on fire!  Do your best to reach Mayfair and Charlie's house which is
the same place where you dropped Yasmin off earlier.

*** You can use this as an opportunity for a more action packed Free Roam
mode, complete with psychotic gangsters and AR officers.  Certain cars won't
be available (including those in the lockup and the mansion) but others are -
such as the White Skyline in Bermondsey Street and the Armoured car!  However
the car doesn't fire during mission mode.  Having Yasmin shooting beside you
does make up for it - to a degree. ***

- Part 3 -

" Avoid the Electronic Traps and Find Alex "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating - Difficult.

Guide >

Perhaps the most infamous level when it comes to talking about frustrating
moments in the Getaway, Charlie's mansion is full of ridiculous laser beams
which set off poison gas when walked through.  I actually managed to get
through this level first time with little in the way of problems, but on my
second attempt for when I was writing the guide, I accidently hit the lasers
on two occasions, then had to stagger out of the gas and kill the guards
before I could rest and catch my breath.  In short, it is possible to achieve
success on this mission as long as you're extra careful and concentrate.

When you arrive outside of Charlie's mansion (house with the statues remember)
look for a gap in the railings that lead to some stairs leading down.  Now
Yasmin should run down these and you can follow.  However, when I replayed
this level for the guide, I ran down first and Yasmin disappeared completely.
She managed to communicate with me to warn me about the lasers, but other than
that, I was alone.  For the sake of this walkthrough, we'll assume she is
still about.

Anyway, go down the stairs and go through the door.  Turn left then slowly
walk through the door.  Suddenly the laser beams turn on!  You don't want to
walk through these beams because they'll set the alarm off and release deadly
poison gas that will rapidly deplete Mark's health, plus guards wearing
gasmasks will appear and take potshots at you.  To get past this first set of
lasers, get up against the right wall (use X) and then sidestep past the
lasers.  You'll need to use this technique several times so pay attention.

Once you've sidestepped past the lasers, they should deactivate.  So get off
the wall and walk forward.  Turn the corner and there should be three doors.
One to the right, one to the left, and one further up ahead.  As you approach
the door on the left,  a pressure pad activates some more lasers.  Get up
against the doorway, then sneak into the room.  There should be a guy in there
who isn't paying attention.  Quietly tip-toe towards him and snap his neck.

If you exit this room again, there should be some guys standing behind the
lasers at the end of the passageway.  Kill these with your pistols and go back
to the room where you snapped the guy's neck.  Now look for another doorway
ahead and go into the next room.  Carrying on walking through a kind of arch-
way.  Not far from here are some stairs.  As you near the stairs, more lasers
go off (if I recall correctly) and you need to get up against the left-hand
side wall and sidestep past them.

There is a guy at the top of the stairs with a shotgun, so it's best to kill
him before he gets a chance to unload some buckshot into your torso.  Go up
the stairs.  You'll see a guy hiding behind the doorway ahead.  If you don't
get too close, he doesn't react and stands there with his arm and leg sticking
out a bit.  Manually aim and kill the idiot.  Once you've reached the landing
of the stairs, you can turn around and enter a garage on the left that
contains a TVR but you can't use it on this level so remember it for the next

Instead of checking out the TVR, go straight through the door where the idiot
was standing.  On your right will be a chap with some pistols who has 'shoot
me now' tattooed somewhere about his person.  Suffice to say, you should shoot
him or he'll only be disappointed.  There is also a sneaky guard who fancies
himself as a sniper and is camped out on a balcony ahead.  Kill him and then
when no-one else is about, rest.

Once the claret has washed out of your clothes, continue your search for Alex
by walking through the left-most door ahead.  Some laser beams appear and
Jasmin will point out that she is trapped and that you need to find the 
pressure pad that deactivates them.  Continue walking further forward and some
more lasers appear.  Yawn, it's getting tiresome now.   You'll need to roll
under these and then all the lasers are deactivated.  Jasmin should reappear.

Now find the stairwell and kill anyone you meet on the way.  Go up the stairs,
then go into the room on your right.  Lasers suddenly appear behind you so
go into the next room.  There should be numerous lasers and the exit you're
looking for is at the end of the room on the left.  Unfortunately, although I
did this room first time, when replaying and making notes for this guide, I
made a minute error that set off an alarm and I had to leg it out of the room
and gun down some guards that appeared.  I have a gap in my notes where I
meant to replay the level and this room again so I'll have to revert to my
memory to get you through the room.

To get through this room, roll under the first set of lasers in your way,
then carefully, and I mean carefully, make your way to the right hand side of
the wall and edge against it.  (If there are any other lasers in the way, you
should roll under these).  Once against the wall, carefully edge along past
the lasers.  Get off the wall when you have to and very carefully make your
way to the door.  This is where I accidently hit the laser the second time I
played because I wasn't paying attention.  Anyway, go through the door and as
you approach the stairs, kill the guards that appear.  *** If you set the
alarms off like I did, these guards will have entered the room wearing gas
masks ***

Now go up the next flight of stairs and make sure Jasmin is with you.  If
she isn't (ie she vanished like she did for me) then you can stop worrying
about her from now on.   Once up the stairs, (kill the guards if you haven't
already) and go to the room on your right.  Surprise, surprise, you're
trapped again.  This time in a snooker room.   Get up against the right hand
side wall and sidestep past the lasers.  Get off the wall.  Roll under the
lasers ahead (use R2 to adjust your viewpoint to line yourself up if need be)
and now roll under the lasers on the other side of the table.  Exit through

Roll under the lasers near the sofa so you're up against the wall with a
doorway along the right.  Sidestep towards the doorway and the lasers switch
off.  Go through doorway and roll under the next lasers and then turn left
through the door and the lasers deactivate again.  Now go up the stairs and
kill the guards.  Note that if they drop their shotguns on the stairs, it can
be impossible to pick up their weapon so don't waste time running about trying
to get them.  Once the guards are dead and you're up the stairs, turn right,
then turn right again and make your way down the passageway towards the door
on your left.  Slowly enter the room.

Walk up to the bed and crouch by it by pressing x. Edge along to the end, then
roll sideways to the right to avoid the lasers.  Shoot the guy who comes
through the doorway ahead.  Roll under the next laser and enter the room where
the guard came from.  You're now in the bathroom.  You haven't got time to
drain the lizard so go through the next room and kill the guard with the
shotgun who enters from the door on the left.  

From where you entered this room, go forward, then roll under the laser.  Walk
very carefully between the laser and chairs towards the closed door at the end
of the room.  Roll under the next laser if you have no other option and exit
the doorway and kill the guard.  Go upstairs.

Kill any more guards that appear and then enter the left most room ahead.
Hurrah, you've finished the level.  Hopefully you didn't trigger off 2 sets of
alarms like I did when I was writing the guide!

If you do set off the alarms, you can still survive.   You just need to roll
out of the room and gun down the 2-3 guards that appear, then you have to rest
to recover.  The actual laser puzzles aren't that difficult to work out what
you have to do to avoid them, it's just being extra careful you don't walk in
to them which is the tricky part.

-- Mission 12 - Aboard the Sol Vita ------------------------------------------

Synposis :

After the tedious trip through Charlie's warped laser palace, Mark peers out
of the top floor window and sees his son being dragged into a car below on the
street.  Fearing the worst and running out of options, Mark gives Carter a
buzz on the mobile.  Carter's hiding in Charlie's depot in King's Cross and
tells Mark to pop over to a dock and find the Sol Vita ship where Charlie is
holding the meeting - and where Alex is most likely to be.  And so in Mark's
final mission, he decides to get back his son... about time too!

- Part 1 -

" Drive to Sol Vita with Yasmin "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Hard.

Guide >

You need to reach the depot where Charlie has arranged a meeting with all the
rival gangs, plus where Mark's son is being kept.  Jasmin will tell you that
you need a fast car.  Nonsense, because you'll probably need to switch cars
often and end up totalling a fast car in no time anyway.  However, lets humour
her and find the beast that is the TVR Cerbera.  Go back down the stairs by
the railings and into Charlie's house again.  Quickly, find the basement and
go up the stairs and take a right and you'll be in a garage.  There, ahead of
you is the TVR and it's begging to be taken for a spin.  Jump in and the
garage doors open. Let Jasmin get in and drive out the garage, making sure not
to smash into a car as exit.

Now you need to contain your excitement at driving this extremely fast piece
of sex on wheels and make your way through London and to the docks.

It's quite a trek to the docks and you'll encounter numerous gangs and police
roadblocks along the way.  Do your best to follow the indicators.  They'll
lead you to dead-end.  Don't panic though, you just have to get out on foot
and walk down an alleyway on the left handside of the road.  There will be
numerous boxes and rubbish everywhere so weave through these and make sure
Jasmin follows you.

- Part 2 -

" Search for Alex on board and kill Harry "

Driving > Difficulty Rating - Very Hard.

Guide >

Well this is it folks, it's the final part of Mark's story and it isn't easy.
It took me a few goes to complete this mission, and whilst writing this guide,
lots more times.  There is some random element to the level, and sometimes
you'll need to watch your back constantly, other times you won't.  In any case
this mission will test all your survival skills.  Once you've completed it,
Carter's missions will seem easy in comparison.  Just don't give up on the 
level.  It is possible, even though my brother has attempted it about 30 times
and is tearing his hair out in frustration.

Ok, so you're at the docks.  Run towards the transit vans, then go past the
bollards and turn right towards the boat.  Yasmin will leg it like a whippet
towards the stairs and go up them, onto the boat, and then will start 
attacking the Yardies on the right hand side.  This place is a warzone.
Charlie has invited all the gangs here and they've brought their heavies along
to play.  If you had any sense, you'll have picked up an AK-47 off a gang car
before you got here.  It's always a good idea to start with a heavy weapon.

Anyway, follow Yasmin up the ramp to the boat.  Now here is where the fun
begins.  If you stand around, Yardies from the right get you, Triads from the
left get you.  My method is to turn left from the ramp, then nipping through
the path on the right towards the otherside of the boat.  You'll have to kill
some gang members ahead, but that isn't too difficult, and also the odd gang
member who will come at you from behind.  Then turn left towards the aft of
the ship where the stairs lead up.

If going left from the ramp doesn't work for you, go right instead and take on
the Yardies.  Make your way along the boat and turn left towards the aft of
the boat.  You'll see a burnt out Forklift ahead.  Kill any enemies along the
way and take a fresh AK-47.  Whatever method you use, be quick, be fast and
don't hang around.

When you approach the stairs, Yasmin may run ahead of you, the silly moo cow.
Hang back and manually aim towards the end of the boat and two men run out
so quickly kill these without hiting Jasmin.  If you reached the stairs by
running anti-clockwise towards here (ie you went right from the ramp) you
should get to the stairs ahead of her, so you can take these guys out no

Once these two guys are dead, Jasmin runs around the corner and ducks into
a door into the ship on the left.  Follow her, but take out 2 more guards
ahead.  Dispose of them, then take a fresh AK-47 off the floor.  Enter the
ship and go down the stairs.  That's the last you need to see from Jasmin so

Once down the stairs, you'll be in some kind of engine/boiler room.  Harry
will be downstairs and will take a shot at you before running out of the room.
Rest before going down the next set of stairs.  You'll need all the health
you can muster for the next part.

Once fully rested, go down the stairs.  Quickly turn right and gun down two
thugs.  If hurt, rest before moving on.  Go through the door and turn right.
Kill the two guys ahead (if you rested in the engine room, they might have
already attacked you).  Kill these clowns, (shooting the barrels might help)
and also shoot anyone who wanders ahead.  Now go forward, then lean up against
the left hand side wall.  Edge along and you'll see that down the passageway
is a guard hiding behind some explosive barrels.  Pop out and shoot him, and
the barrels may explode, if not don't worry, just make sure he's dead, plus
anyone else nearby.

I should mention that there are plenty of AK-47's about, so make sure you take
a new one before moving on.  Also be aware that sometimes, if you rest here,
from behind more guards appear.  They don't always - you can carry on and you
won't see them til later, but other times they show up.  Kill them if they do.
Anyway, get off the wall you're on, turn the corner and walk down the
passageway where the guard behind the barrels was.  Kill the 3 guards ahead
with your AK-47 and make sure you kill the one with the shotgun quickly.

A little further ahead, there will be an opening on your left.  Stop before
reaching this.  If you are eagle eyed, tap R1 and Mark will aim at a distant
figure ahead.  Drop your AK-47, then use R2 to manually aim at the chap's
head with your pistol.  It is very hard to hit the guy, but try a few shots
regardless.  If you kill him, it'll make things a little easier in a moment.
Pick up your AK-47 again and then lean against the left-hand side wall.  Edge
along to the opening on the left and swing out and kill the guy with the
shotgun on a balcony ahead.  Swing back and get off the wall.

Now don't go left where you just killed the guy with the shotgun, but go
forward towards where the guy was hiding.  Use R1 and target the guys hiding
in the shadows ahead.  If you didn't kill the guy who was ducking down earlier
you must kill him too but he's a tricky customer.  Gun everyone down and take
a new AK-47 and rest.  Be careful of people sneaking up on you as you rest.

Once healed again, you should have spied a doorway on the left leading to a
room.  Enter but be very vigilant.  Harry is in here and he's playing with a
toy.  He's controlling a crane and will drop boxes on your head that will kill
you if you stand around in one place.  When you hear the crane stop, and
you've been standing around, move or you're dead.

From the doorway, venture forward, then left, then forward, killing a guy
ahead and a guy on a balcony to your left.  Don't stand around too long trying
to kill them mind, just try and take them out with the minimum of fuss.  Go
towards the left hand side of the room, then forward,  then left through a gap
in the crates.  Hopefully, you'll see some stairs not far from here so go up

You're on a walkway and right across the other side of the room is mean old
Harry.  You can't get him from here, so make your way to the exit directly
ahead and kill the chap that pops out from the left.  Now go down some stairs
and you'll see some barrels.  Kill the guards ahead and walk forward and
through the doorway.  You're back in the room with Harry, but on the other
side.  Grievous appears to be driving a forklight truck, so avoid the forklift
and kill the driver.  Now walk around the crates, and kill the chap on the
ground.  When you get close to Harry who is above you, just shoot him a few
times and he dies.  And then that's the end.... watch the cutscene!

== DC Frank Carter's Missions ================================================

Often short and sweet is the order of the day with Frank.  You'll probably
breeze through these missions in comparison to Mark's although the stealth
missions can be a little confusing (you often don't know where exactly you
have to go to finish the mission!)

-- Mission 13 - The Bargain Basement -----------------------------------------

Synopsis :
DC Frank Carter and DC Joe Fielding are on a surveillance mission outside of a
Brothel.  They spot Eyebrows of the Bethnal mob and more importantly, Jake
Jolson, Charlie's psychotic nephew.  Carter and Joe decide to go after Jake
and arrest him - not waiting for backup.

- Part 1 -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

Follow Joe into the building and he'll run on ahead of you.  Go forward and
the passageway to the left has 2 armed gangsters.  Kill them and take another
pistol.  Now search the area and look for some stairs leading up.  The place
is falling apart and 2 of the 3 sets of stairs are broken.  Find the one that
isn't.  If you can't find it, it's near to where a guy with a shotgun blasts a
hole in a wall and if you hear a hooker noisily plying her trade, then you're
almost there.

Go up the stairs and you'll see ahead there is a corridor leading left and
right and a broken floor ahead.  A gangster also walks past so kill him.  Then
turn left and kill the guy in the room.  Grab his shotgun if you don't have
one.  Now walk up to where the hole in the floor is.  To the right, you'll
notice a narrow ledge.  If you use X to go up along the right hand side wall,
you can side step your way past the broken floor boards.

You'll stumble across 3 people next.  One fires a shotgun through a wall on
your left and the other 2 are ahead of you.  Take out the 3 guys with your
shotgun and replace it with the shotgun that the guy behind the wall was
using if you're low on ammo (remember you have 10 shells max).

Head on forward and you'll see a corridor with red lighting.  Edge past the
broken floor boards like you did earlier.  You'll see Joe and he's hurt.  He
tells you to go up the stairs to your left and get Jake, but first kill the
guy hiding in a room ahead and to the right.  Now go up the stairs.  Rest
first if you are hurt.

Up the stairs and you'll hear Jake taunting you, but your biggest concern is
the two armed gangsters nearby.  Kill them fast and SO19 backup arrive.  Let
them march on ahead and follow where they go.  They should take out any gang
members easily.  Another guy with a shotgun will shoot through a wall and 
kill one of the police officers.  Kill him and replace your shotgun with a
new one.  Keep on moving and you'll see some officers urging you to keep
moving.  The floor will suddenly cave in and they'll be killed.  You need to
edge along the left hand side of the wall to continue.

Now just follow the SO19 officers and they'll find Jake and arrest him.  If
one of them is killed, take their MP5 gun.  The mission ends.

- Part 2 -

"Rush Joe to the UCL Hospital on Tottenham Court Road"

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Very Easy

Guide > 

Joe needs to get to the hospital quickly because he's badly wounded.  Take the
unmarked Vectra and use L3 to turn on the sirens.  All you need to do is
follow the indicators.  The police will block off any incoming traffic when
you need to turn so you shouldn't need to worry about hitting anything head on
although you still need to drive carefully.  I'm not entirely sure but I found
that if I hit anything during this mission, my car became damaged much faster
than normal and virtually came to a standstill before I reached the hospital.
You can't leave the car once Joe is in it so make sure you drive carefully.

Once you reach the hospital, you need to drive up to the emergency entrance
where the ambulances park.  Do this and you'll complete the mission.

-- Mission 14 - Show Some Remorse --------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

During an irate telephone conversation between the head of the Flying Squad
(DCI McCormack) and Charlie Jolson, Charlie insists that McCormack get rid
of Carter.

When Frank Carter talks to his boss about interviewing Jake Jolson, his boss
tells him he'll do it himself because Frank is a liability.  Extremely
annoyed, Frank listens in on McCormack's interview with Jake and overhears
Jake mentioning something about Yardies having a stash of crack cocaine at the
Riverside Depot.  Frank decides to infiltrate the depot regardless of what his
superior thinks.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Very Easy

Guide >

You need to get to the Riverside Depot which is just east of Tower bridge.
Just follow the path the indicators provide you with and before long you'll
cross over the bridge.  Keep following the lights and you'll see a high
brick wall with an opening to the left.  Drive through the opening and follow
the path to an entrance into the depot.  You should have virtually no trouble
getting here.

- Part 2

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Moderate (some sudden death moments).

Guide >

You're about to infiltrate a depot full of armed Yardies and giant machinery
on wheels (also known in the business as Cranes) that circles the various
containers and which kill anyone caught in their path.

If you are continuing from when you were driving and enter the depot, a group
of 4 yardies will have probably have run off already.  Shoot any that haven't.
If you've died and are restarting the mission, they'll still be standing
around and you should be able to kill a couple before they run off.  In any
case, enter the depot and be wary of a sniper with an AK-47 hiding up on a
container at the right hand side.  Go forwards and then turn right and get
along the right hand side of the containers, close to the sniper and shoot any
yardies that may still be about.  When there is no-one but the sniper, move
forwards a little and then away from the right hand side.  This is to give you
an angle to shoot him.  If you manage to kill him and he's right on the edge
of the containers, his AK-47 will fall to the floor and you can take it, if
not, you can't.

Now look for a gap in the containers ahead.  Make sure the machinery isn't
moving and run between the two containers.  Wait for the machinery to go past
again and go forward and between 2 more containers.  Note that these machines
sometimes kill the Yardies and sometimes they don't.  Therefore there may or
may not be a couple of yardies to kill about now.  Kill any you see and rest
if you must but be cautious of more Yardies sneaking up on you.

Now turn left and go inbetween the gap in the two containers ahead.  Now go
right, go between the containers and go right.  There should be a sniper on a 
container ahead.  Kill him.  Go a little further forward and kill another
sniper behind the one you just killed.  Look out for another yardie roaming
around here too, and of course, avoid those big crane wheels!

Now go forward and you'll want to head towards the furthest blue container
that you can see.  Go around this container (avoid the wheels) and there is a
Yardie with a baseball bat.  Kill this guy and then run up to the row of
containers that have 'Freight Liner' written on them.  Follow these containers
and you'll come to an opening on your right which leads to 2 rows of
containers ahead, and a large area with containers to your right.  Now you can
go right and take out any Yardies you see, including some with shotguns, or
you can just go straight ahead and towards the main yard where the final show
down is.  I recommend the latter option.  Either way, all the Yardies tend to
amass and try and kill you.

Presuming you decide to go forward, there are two paths to take, both end up
at the yard.  Go down either and be prepared to kill a couple of yardies with
shotguns.  Don't rest yet.  Several more armed guards will come from behind
so take them out.  When the dust appears to have settled, rest. A Transit van
will probably have drove off in the yard.  Now for the final shoot out.

Go forward and take cover behind some palettes.  There are several yardies
around and they're difficult to take out in the open.  Using a pistol rather
than a shotgun, try and take out a few Yardies.  Backup should arrive.  When
they do, let them mop up the last yardies, but offer support to speed things
up.  When the last Yardies are arrested or are killed (they're usually by the
transit van now located in the bottom right area of the yard) the mission

-- Mission 15 - Disturbance in Soho ------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Carter responds to call for armed response at a restaurant in Soho.  It's the
Republic bar that Mark set on fire.  Following the fire, the police and the
Soho boys are having a barney.  Sort out the troublemakers.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Difficult

Guide >

As far as Carter's driving sections go, this is maybe the most difficult.  You
don't have time for sight seeing, you have to drive straight from the depot to
the bar in Soho.  If you follow the indicators, you'll have a fair amount of
on-coming traffic to avoid.  If you manage to get through this without taking
any damage (ie your car isn't smoking or has steering to the side) you can
probably make it to the bar as long as you don't get slowed down too much by
crashing or being attacked by gangsters.  Once in Soho, you'll probably have
less than a minute to find the Bar.  Keep following the indicators and you'll
hear some commotion and eventually you'll see some Fire-engines and police
cars.  You're here.

- Part 2 -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

You'll see several police vehicles and officers having a shoot out with
several of the Soho boys who are generally hiding next to cars.  My method of
attack is to simply keep in my vehicle and ram my way through to the end of
the street and running over as many as I can.  When you reach the end, more
gangsters make an appearance.  Your motor is probably smoking so get out and
take out the nearest guys with whatever weapon you have.  (Hopefully you
picked up an AK-47 before finishing the last mission.)  Using cover or long
manual aim shots, pick your way back through the Soho street and duck behind
other vehicles if need be.  You can probably rest if you're far enough away
and you can also cap them in the head with well aimed manual shots.  After a
few minutes everyone is dead.  Try and nab a decent gun before killing the
last of them.  If the mission hasn't ended, you must have missed someone so
march up and down the Frith Street and find the sucker who is hiding.

-- Mission 16 - Painting the Town Red ----------------------------------------

Synopsis :
Straight after the scene in Soho, you'll see a cutscene where the Yardies go
after the Triads in Chinatown, thinking that the Triads were responsible for
the bust at the depot.  The two rival gangs are caught in a bitter feud and
you have to go in there and sort them out.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : So easy why bother?

Guide >

Straight away, do a U turn (180 turn). Now follow the indicator lights.  China
Town is less than a minute away.

- Part 2

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

This is carnage, there's burnt out motors and nutters with weapons everywhere.
You don't immediately have police backup, save for a couple of brave bobbies
here and there, so you got to silence this place by yourself.

I took a Riot Van to China Town and my first course of action was to repeat
what I did in the last mission - run as many people over as possible to spilt
them up.  When you get to the end of the road, stop before well before you
reach the carpark.  In the event that any Yardie car appears, wait for them to
get out and gun them down.  Head back towards China town and pick off the gang
members with your gun.  There's an explosive canistor or fuel drum that will
blow up and kill a few.  Take cover where possible and rest when you have
silenced the mob.  It isn't too difficult. Now look for the 'Sui Fung City'
restaurant.  There are some guys in here.  Kill them and go down the stairs to
find a fresh AK-47.  Rest before going outside and then make your way towards
the NCP carpark at the end of the road.

There you'll find one or more guards shooting.  Instead of charging straight
at the guy, run towards the right hand side of the wall nearest the entrance
and pick him off by using the old R1 and swing out method.

Head into the carpark and as you follow the road down to the left, you are
warned to wait for backup... as if!  You're going to walk into a huge fire
fight between the Yardies and Triads. Take out the nearest enemies in front
and take cover. SO19 arrive at last.  Take cover behind a black car as ahead
are some more armed criminals so take these out. If you look to the left
you'll see the next lower level of the carpark.  Go towards the left and kill
a guy down there.  Now face the end of the carpark again and surge forward
towards the ramp on the left that leads down.  Several Triads will run out in
an effort to reach the lower deck.  Gun these down.

Make your way down the ramp, killing any triads still ahead and then quickly
run towards the right hand side of the carpark and seek cover.  There are a
bunch of Yardies next to a car.  If you didn't take out the guy standing
around before you went down here, he'll be on the left side of the car park
and shooting you.

If you get closer to the parked red car, a Yardie car appears and crashes
causing a big explosion which kills just about everyone.  There may be
one Yardie left so step out after the crash and kill him.  Now turn around
and look for a door that has a stairway leading down.  Go through the door
and start to go down the stairs.  Another gun fight is taking place.  You
should have an SO19 officer still with you at this stage and he provides
valuable fire support.

If you are careful before leaving the stairwell and entering the fray, you
can generally pick off the gangsters without getting hit.  However, SO19 will
swoop in, this time in greater numbers.  You should also notice two cars
driving off in a hurry down another ramp.  Follow these on foot.

You'll find there are numerous gangsters once you emerge from the ramp, so
take cover against a wall and try and pick them off carefully.  Your SO19
friend ought to help a little.  Once you've cleared this level, head down
the next ramp.  You'll see the two cars again, a Red Corolla and a Purple
Nissan Skyline GT-R.  Interestingly, neither of the drivers of the cars
are bothered about you.  They park their vehicles and you can even drag them
out before they react.  But kill the guy in the red car, then walk over to
the next ramp down.  The Purple car drives past and parks.  He sits there so
shoot the car and kill him.

Head down the nearby ramp to the lower level and there's a guy nearby - kill
him.  Once you round the corner, you'll see 2 more parked cars and about 6
gangsters with guns.  Take cover against the left wall and you can attempt to
pick them off.  If you get close enough, SO19 reinforcements arrive behind
them and arrest them.

The mission ends when the last member is arrested or killed.

-- Mission 17 - Escort Duty --------------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

McCormack shows up at the Car park and he's not happy with Frank. After giving
the detective a right ticking off, he tells Frank he has to escort the police
van carrying Jake Jolson.

When Frank storms off, McCormack talks to Charlie on the phone and is told by
the Bethnal Green mob's leader that Jake must be set free.

- Part 1 -

" Protect the Prison Van convoy by taking out the gang members in the Range
Rover "

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Moderate/Hard

Guide >

You start off in your unmarked Vectra.  Follow the van.  As the van approaches
a junction, your hazard lights may flash.  A Range Rover then appears and
takes out a police car ahead!  You have to take out this Range Rover.

Chase the Range Rover and do your best to force it to stop before it gets
away.  It first travels down Snow Hill, then takes the first right turning.
Chase it down a long straight, past several junctions.  Try and hit it, but
keep chasing it if you're not close enough.  Be careful of several railings
and traffic lights that you may hit in your pursuit of the felon, especially
the ones near the tunnel.

He'll eventually veer left at when the road leads to a T-junction so try and
cut him off.  Be careful you don't hit the traffic lights as you corner at
speed.  He then veers right at the next corner, then he takes a left down a 
narrow road, then left again.  Chase him down a road with bus lanes and he
takes the first left down a one-way street.   Soon the pursuit continues
past a roundabout, and then down a couple more roads.  The timer noise will be
alerting you at this stage that you're running out of time.  When he drives
down a road with a no entry sign, you're too late and he'll speed off into the

The best way to take out this Range Rover is to cut him off when he goes to
turn.  You can force him to collide into you and he'll be smoking in no time.
If you get ahead of him, he'll even ram into your back and damage himself.

When the Range Rover is badly damaged, it'll catch fire.

- Part 2 - 

" Rejoin the Convoy "

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

Straight after the Range Rover is taken care of, you'll receive a radio
message telling you to rejoin the van's convoy.  You don't have much time so
quickly follow the indicators.  There will be a trail of burnt out cars and
before you know it, the screen will go black and there will be a cutscene.
It's the one you saw when Carter crashed his car when you were Mark.

-- Mission 18 - The Vigilante ------------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Back at the station, McCormack is furious with Frank and suspends him, blaming
him for everything.  Carter starts to suspect his boss of something and wants
to know what's up.  Storming out of the room, a WPC tells Carter that some
rookie cops have been attacked during a surveillance mission in Yardie
territory.  Despite being suspended, Carter heads off to help them.

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy/Moderate

Guide >

You start off in Frank's black Saab 900 in the parking lot at the back of Snow
Hill station.  Drive like a lunatic and follow the indicators.  The Yardie's
are in force nearby and will seriously devalue your car by ramming and
shooting it into submission.  When the hazard lights flash, just ahead on your
left you'll see an alleyway with some concrete bollards.  Get out here and gun
down the Yardie.

- Part 2 -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

The first part of this stage can be incredibly difficult if you've been
followed by Yardie cars.  Indeed, I had half a dozen deadly Yardies attack me
before I even went down the alleyway on my first attempt and I perhaps should
have tried running them over with my car because they killed me.

When I restarted, the coast was clear.  I could go down the alley safely.
(Although on one rare occasion after being killed, a Yardie with an AK-47 was
shooting me from across the road.)

When you go down the alleyway, kill anyone who runs up to you, then as you
follow the path round, Frank will shout out something about being a cop and
two Yardies near a doorway will surprisingly enough, attack him.  Kill these.

Enter the building through the doorway and you can go up the stairs.  As you
ascend them, on your left, a Yardie is walking past.  Manually aim and take
the sucker out.  Two more run out from nearby.  Kill these also.  Once you've
reached the top of the stairs, turn left, and you'll be attacked by some
Yardies in a room ahead where they grow their drugs.  You can usually kill 2
gang members before entering the room.  Then get away from the doorway and
rest if you need to.

Enter the room with the drugs and there will be a guy behind some decks on
your left, and also another Yardie at the back of the room.  Kill them both.
If you hit the decks, the funky but repetitive music stops.  Now search the
room for an AK-47 and exit the room.

Now head up the stairs, but before you enter the room on your left, get up
against the room.  You'll see Yardies standing about and some chemical
apparatus.  There will be 1 near the doorway, and 4 more on the other side
of the table.  This can be tricky.

If you blind shoot with your AK-47, you can kill one straight away.  Stop,
then a guy will run towards the doorway from the left.  If you time it right,
you can blind shoot him too.  If you miss, get off the wall and smack him one.
Once you've killed two guys, providing no-one else has moved, swing around the
corner and start shooting at everyone.  The table nearest to you will catch
fire and blow up.  Your AK-47 will probably expire so you may have to kill the
last couple of guys using pistols.  When the dust has settled, run through the
doorway as it will be on fire, and run to the back of the room and through the
next doorway.

*** In the room with the tables and lots of Yardies, you shoot the red
canistor by the table to kill them quickly instead, but I prefer maniac R1
tapping action and blind shooting to get me through this room. ***

-- Mission 19 - Stalking McCormack -------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Carter finds the two rookie cops tied up in the back of the room.  Harris is
out cold, but the other is alive and tells Frank how McCormack sent them on
this crazy mission.  With the building on fire and a warzone going on outside,
Carter decides to return to the station and find out what McCormack's game is.

- Part 1 -

" Head to Snow Hill Police Station.  Follow McCormack when you get there. "

Driving & On Foot Combat --- > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

This part is really 2 parts in one, requiring shooting at first, and then a
driving section.  If you fail the driving section, you must redo the entire

First of all, you have to get Harris and Ryan out of the crackhouse and lead
them to safety.  You start in the room where you found them and you just need
to go back out, through the burning doorway, down the stairs, then down the
stairs again.  As you get towards the bottom of the second set of stairs, you
will see a Yardie nearby.  Gun him down and make you way out the door.  It's
war again!  The Yardies are defending themselves from the Triads but both
sides will stop at nothing to kill you.

As you venture outside, take out the Yardie ahead to your left, plus anyone
else you see.  You have to move fast because otherwise the Rookies get shot.
If you march on forward with an AK-47 and use R1 well enough, this is easy.

Go towards the archway and there will some Triads about.  Kill the nearest one
and the cops arrive to take care of the rest.  When the coast seems clear,
go onto the street and take a car - preferably a Triad Civic.

Once in the car, follow the indicators.  Soon the Hazard lights flash and you
will slow down.  Ahead, McCormack's red Corolla should appear into view.  You
have to follow him across London.  You can't get too close or he'll spot you,
but go too far back and you'll lose him completely.  When following and the
hazard lights flash, don't get any closer.  Ease off the accelerator and brake
if you need to.

When on the straights, give the accelerator a brief tap, then glide.  Wait a
couple of seconds then tap the accelerator again.  This way you won't go too
fast and end up right behind his ass.

Follow him to the King's Cross depot but park your car out of view.

- Part 2 -

" Follow McCormack.  Sneak into Charlie's Depot. "

On Foot Stealth > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

When you arrive at the depot, the DCI will get out his car and make his way to
the entrance.  Wait till he enters then approach the entrance and get up
against the doorframe so you can take a sneak inside.  When the coast is clear
go through the reception room to the room in the back, then prop yourself up
against the doorframe.  You'll see McCormack talking to someone about guns.

The next part I'll probably make a mess of describing so here's a feeble map.
(Note this isn't by any means to scale.  It's just a brief guide to the first
part of the depot.)
 /|\(4) |     | 
  |     |_____|
  |         _____ _____ _____
           |     |     |     |
              ___ _____ _____
             | H |  L  |  H  |
             | L |     (1)
             |___|      |
         - - - - - - - /
       /      ___
       |     | H | 
       |     |___|
~~~~~[ D ]~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

D = Doorway.  H = High Crates.  L = Low Crates (you can crouch next to them).
- = Path to take. ~ = Wall

Wait for McCormack and the other guy to move on.  Now run through the doorway
and enter the depot.  Referring to my crap mini-map, dart inbetween the two
crates ahead and prop yourself up against very edge of the crates at 1.  The
camera will allow you to see if anyone walks past the low crate towards the
left.  After a little while, a guy will walk past the brick wall ahead at (2)
and past the crates.  He ends up walking off through the doorway or somewhere
else.  In any case, forget about him once he's gone.

Now get off the crates, then go back get out of this little enclosure by going
back through the gap in the crates, then turning right and facing the brick
wall ahead.  Follow the wall (2) along to the right of the depot.  Then when
you reach the end of the wall, turn left and run to the left handside of the
depot (3).  Now run straight down to the back of the depot (4).

As you run towards the back of the depot, you'll see to your right that McC
has stopped and is talking to someone else.  Go up stairs of the metal
platform ahead and spy on them.  They are discussing gun trading.  They'll
walk off.  So go down the platform again (the opposite end to which you got up
here).  Now turn right, run up to the crates ahead and edge to the left and
check the coast is clear.  Keep making your way up to the next set of crates
ahead, making sure no-one is nearby.  Now go forwards towards the stairs at
the same end of the depot where you started from.  When you go up the stairs
and start to move forward on the walkway, a cutscene takes place.
- Part 3 -

Driving & some on foot > Difficulty Rating : Easy

" Race to Hospital.  Find Joe "

Guide >

During the cutscene, Frank overhears his superior talking about trading the
guns from a bust that are stored at the depot.  The head of the Flying Squad
is bent!  However, he also hears McCormack telling some hitmen where to find
Carter's partner Joe in hospital.  Appears McCormack wants Joe dead, maybe to
cover his tracks.  You have to get to Joe before the heavies do.

You start off outside the depot and on foot.  The first thing you must do is
half-inch another motor.  Take whatever you can find, and follow the indicator
lights.  You'll go down a very long straight, then you'll need to take a left
and then finally a right.   The hospital entrance is on the right side and has
blue signs on the wall.  Stop outside the entrance and get out on foot.

Now enter the hospital and you'll see some stairs leading up from the
reception room.  Go up these.  Then take a right turn and go across the
walkway.  Now run through the first floor, straight to the end where you'll
see a sign showing stairs leading up to the second floor.  Go up the stairs
and follow the corridor and you'll see a cop outside a door.  Go into the room
the cop is guarding and you'll find Joe.

-- Mission 20 - Do the World a Favour ----------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Carter, elated because he finally has something to nail his bent superior
with, is interrupted during a conversation with Joe.  Joe tells him that
McCormack has just been killed by Hammond and that he was working with Charlie
for years.  If Frank is to get the Jolsons, he'll have to find some evidence
to put him away.  Like many criminal masterminds, Charlie's clever fronts
have prevented the police from getting his mob thus far, but Joe reckons there
is a lockup in Southwark where Frank can find the evidence that will finally
put Charlie and his gang away for good.  Suddenly, gunshots are heard outside.

- Part 1 -

" Save Joe and secure the hospital "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Moderate.

Guide >

You start off in Joe's hospital room.  Go out the door and immediately target
the guy ahead of you with your gun.  Appears Charlie's goons are here already.
Further down the corridor to your right are some more guys with pistols.  You
can take cover against the object ahead of you that has the x-ray pictures on
it.  One of them will shout "lets spilt up" and they start going off in
various directions.   Pop out and kill the 2 or so guys immediately ahead.
Some WPC (Women Police Officers) arrive behind you, for some reason they speak
in a man's voice, but they'll stand guard here.

Now go towards the end of this corridor, making sure you kill any hostiles as
you go.  When you see the walkway ahead, be careful.  On the otherside, near
the stairwell leading down is a guy with a shotgun.  For your own safety, and
for the safety of everyone else in the building, kill this guy and take his
gun.  Briefly rest in the room where you found him if you must.

*** Mr. Shotgun guy may venture into the main corridor before you reach the
stairs. ***

Now you should go down the stairs near to where he was.  When you reach the
bottom, turn right and ahead a guy will be shooting you, and he'll probably
shout something out too.  Hazard a guess at what you should do to this guy.
Also, at the back of the room, to the right, another heavy is standing about.
He might be half in the open, half hidden, but shoot him regardless.  I also
saw another guy hiding behind the glass doors of the ward directly ahead.  He
ran off when I aimed at him, so I concentrated on the guy to my right.

Now in my case, when I shot the guy at the back of the room and to the right,
he was only wounded, but he ran off, clutching his sides in agony.  If he does
this to you, chase the critter by going down the corridor to the right.  You
might see another wounded heavy running away too.  Chase them and they lead
you to the main corridor of the 1st floor.  Kill the 2 wounded guys (if they
are here) and also another couple of guys ahead.

Now make your way through this corridor, to the very end, killing anyone who
pops out along the way.  When you've reached the end of the corridor, turn
around, rest and go back the way you came, making sure you kill anyone you
missed here.

You now want to enter the ward that you saw when you first came down the
stairs; it'll be on your right now.  Enter, go forward a few steps, then hit
R1 and your aim will immediately swing to the doorway on your right.  Kill the
guy with the AK-47 and also aim at the fat guy in blue.  He won't die, but he
will give up and run off after a while.  Now go through the doorway those guys
came from, then turn around and rest against the wall whilst looking back
through the doorway.  Make sure you grabbed the AK-47 as well.  As you rest,
you'll notice fatty running past (I think it is the same guy that welcomed
Jake back at the warehouse during mission 5).  Shoot the fatso and he'll
stagger past and through the door to your left.

Go forward a few steps and from the ward on your right, a guy with pistols
will be shooting at you so shoot back until he stops.  Go left and out of the
ward.  You'll probably hear some gunshots going off.  I rested against the
wall to the right of the stairs and managed to get shot through the wall, so
if you need to rest, do it away from the stairs.  When you're ready to give
them hell again, go down the stairs.

You'll see several police officers about, and also, at the bottom of the
stairs, the fat guy has eaten his very last pie because he's dead.  Now if
you didn't hear a message that the police station is secure, you need to go
back up the stairs and search the corridors and rooms again.  I found 3 or so
more guys hiding in various rooms with AK-47s and shotguns on the first floor,
despite walking past the rooms twice and killing lots of people already.
Keep searching and destroying and when you get the nod that the place is
secure, make you way back down to the reception area and out the front door of
the hospital.

*** You can have a little fun in the hospital by shooting the blue machines in
the rooms with patients in them.  You can also shoot balloons, bottles, water
cooler etc, but best of all, kill the guys who are on the ventilators (but not
Joe obviously).  When they die, the machines give off that flat-lining noise,
which is quite amusing for a while. ***

*** Sometimes, at the end of this part of the level, one of the male officers
will follow you around the hospital and becomes a sidekick for the remainder
of the mission.  When the Hospital is secure, go down to reception and look
around.  There are several officers about.  If you see one moving towards you
(he is wearing a blue top and a cap if I recall) then he's your buddy.  Go
outside and let him get in your car with you. ***

- Part 2 -

" Go to lockup in Scoresby Street "

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

Like most of Carter's driving sections, this is barely a challenge.  Follow
the indicators, be careful of gangs etc etc.  It's the final part that proves
to be interesting.  As you go down Blackfriars road to the lockup, there are
some Bethnal guys waiting in ambush.  If you then turn down the alley to the
lockup, you'll find cars and heavies ahead, and 2 cars behind.  This equals a

The first time I played this mission, I completed it first attempt, no
problems (I had another cop in the car with me who took some bullets for me),
but for the guide, I admit to being lazy.  I drove down the road, towards the
parked cars ahead and reached my destination, with two Rovers right behind me.
Now onto the next part of the mission.

- Part 3 -

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Moderate/Hard

Guide >

As I was saying, I was lazy here.  I tried to run a few people over, but there
were so many of them and my car was already damaged that I didn't last too
long and took one too many bullets through the windscreen and died at the
wheel.  Ideally, I would have drove into a corner, got out and used the car as
cover and picked off each guy.  It was the 2 guys behind that caused the agro
but dying wasn't a bad thing to do.

After dying, you'll find yourself about 20 feet away from the 2 parked cars
ahead and the entrance to the lockup.  I'd suggest you run towards the parked
Red car, shooting at the two guys on the other side of it.  With a bit of good
fortune, one or perhaps both of them shall be dead.  From behind, one of those
Rover 75's may turn up and cause you trouble again.  Take out the two guys who
get out of the Rover, then get some cover behind a car, and/or rest before
entering the actual lockup.

To be honest, the lockup is very small and simplistic.  There's nothing to it.
Once you have a clear run and get up against the doorway to the lockup, it's a
case of shooting whoever appears.  For fun, shoot the car lift control at the
back of the garage.  It'll flatten a guy below as the car falls to the ground.
Rather oddly, shooting the other control box produced an identical effect
even though the car was already on the ground.

Anyway, walk around the lockup, kill anyone you see (they're often hiding in
the corners, and may sneak up behind you also) and when you reach the
back of the second garage, the screen fades to black.

-- Mission 21 - The Jolson Files ---------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

In a not at all cheesy game moment, Frank finds exactly what he is looking
for, plans and notes that implicate Charlie into all sorts of things.  He
particularly takes an interest in a warehouse Charlie has in Southwark.  Our
hero then decides to investigate the building...

- Part 1 -

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Very Easy

Guide >

Before exiting the garage, look for a dark passageway at the back of the room
that leads to another garage with some very nice motors in them - a TVR and a
Lotus.  As you approach the cars, Frank will say, 'TVR or Lotus, TVR or
Lotus...' then when you go up to the door of one of them (eg the Lotus) he'll
say, 'the Lotus it is then.'  Take either car, it doesn't really matter, it's
only a brief journey about half a mile away.

Follow the indicators.  You're looking for the rear entrance of the warehouse
you've visited before as Mark.  Just outside the entrance you'll see a red
post box.  Stop just before you get to the entrance and get out the car.

- Part 2 -

" Sneak into basement and find Charlie. "

On Foot Stealth > Difficulty Rating : Moderate.

Guide >

Yawn, another stealth mission.  If you get up against the wall of the entrance
way, you'll see two guys talking.  One will then walk to your left and into
the warehouse, the other will go forward and have a smoke near the awesome
Saab 9X concept car.  If you're feeling adventurous, (or want to make a grand
entrance like I did the first time I played the level) you can actually drive
into the yard and run the two guys over.  Get it right and it's a great gaming
moment.  Get it wrong and it's mission failed.

Assuming that you're playing it safe, drop any gun you are carrying and
holster your pistols.  Enter the yard.  Slowly walk towards the guy by the
Saab, but walk close to the wall, then sneak up behind him and use X to grab
the sucker, then square to cuff him. Once he's out of the way, go up the
stairs ahead and go through the door.  Go through the next door. A shaven
haired yob will have his back to you.  You can grab him and put some of your
magic, never-ending supply of cuffs on him, or you can simply creep past him
and go up the steps and into the next room.

When you have gone into the next room, as you approach the next doorway,
you'll see that there are some guys talking on the warehouse floor below.  Now
quickly race down the stairs and hide against the crates ahead that are near
the little door.  If you edge along these crates to the left, you'll see 3
guys or more discussing Charlie's madcap plans.  Another two guys approach
them.  In a few moments, they start dispersing about the warehouse.  When they
have all walked off, get off the crates and go through the door and into the
main section of the warehouse.

You'll see one guy possibly ahead, but 2 guys to your right who are talking.
Get up against the crates to your right and wait for them to finish talking.
When they're done, they walk off, one to the left, the other bald chap will
go to the back of the warehouse.  Slowly follow him, and grab him when he
stops.  Be very careful because he has acute hearing and may turn around if
you get too close.

From where you grabbed this guy (and cuffed him), make sure you are facing
towards the end of this room where several rows of crates are (not the same
crates and direction you just came from).  Walk forward until you see two
people ahead near some stairs on the left leading down.  One of them will go
down the stairs, leaving his colleague alone.  Sneak up behind the unlucky
fella and cuff him, then go down the stairs to the basement.

Go down the corridor, but before you turn left round the corner, get up
against the left-hand side wall.  You'll see two guys talking.  Wait until
they move.  When they have moved, go around the corner, and turn left and
you'll see a guy standing alone and by a TV.  Very quickly, sneak up behind
him, grab him, and then take him with you around the corner where you just
came from.  Then cuff him.

When you go around the corner again, his mate will now be watching TV alone.
The idiot.  You might as well sneak up behind him and arrest him too.  Now
if you go right, there's an archway/passageway. Go through this, then turn
right again and walk forward.  The cutscene kicks in.

-- Mission 22 - Meet Mark Hammond --------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Carter busts Mark and Jasmin out of the basement (this ties in with Mark's
storyline obviously).  Whilst Mark is going to try searching Charlie's house
in Mayfair, Carter is going to follow Jake to the King's Cross depot as Jake
has the detonator that is required for the bomb that mad man Charlie is
planting on the Sol Vita ship.

- Part 1 -

" Escape the Warehouse "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Hard

Guide >

You start off in the basement, near the stairs leading up to the warehouse
floor.  There is a guy in a green top walking down the stairs towards you.
Take him out and ascend the stairs.  This is chaotic.  Enemies can quite
literally pop out of nowhere and as soon as you take a rest, more seem to

When you're at the top of the stairs, sometimes there is a guy ahead shooting
you, but more likely a guy with a red top will emerge from behind the crates
(although on my 3rd attempt, he magically appeared in front of me).  Start
shooting and also beware the guy to the right, towards the middle of this
area.  Now move on forward towards a gap in the crates where there is a
doorway to the other section of warehouse.  Shoot the guys on the otherside
and you may also hit the fire extinguisher and kill a couple, but don't rely
on it.

To your right, from the doorway where there is a small blue palette or crate
nearby, more guards appear.  There will be 2 at first, one will have an AK-47
which you really need.  Take it and briefly rest near near the doorframe if
you must, but be aware that they just seem to keep coming if you stand around
so at some stage you must move on.  Go through the doorway and ahead you'll
see the stairs leading to the back entrance, and to the left the doorway
leading to the entrance Mark uses.  That entrance is too heavily guarded, as
not only is it a battle to enter the yard, but Bethnal Green Mob cars enter
the yard also and prove tough to kill.

Instead, using your AK-47, shoot the guys on the stairs and make you way
towards them.  Rush to the stairs, using R1 to target anyone on your left as
you approach them.  Just fire enough rounds to make it to the stairs, then run
through the doorway, then find your way out to the back entrance.  There will
be a couple of guys in the yard to kill, plus a car pulls up.  It's generally
much easier to kill them here than in the other yard.  When you've killed
everyone, take the Saab concept car and drive out of the yard.  Start driving
around for a little while and the indicators will start working again.

- Part 2 -

" Follow Jake into the Depot "

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Easy

Guide >

Just follow the indicators to the depot.  You'll have some Bethnal cars after
you, but when you cross over the Thames, you're out of their back yard and you
should pretty much have a clear run to the depot.  When you see the depot,
park quite close to the entrance and get out.

- Part 3 -

" Sneak into Depot "

On Foot Stealth > Difficulty Rating : Easy/Moderate

Guide >

This is so short that I am loathe to give a walkthrough.  It can be a little
tricky because it is not obvious whereabouts you are supposed to go in the 

First of all, get against the doorway of the building.  There are two guards.
One walks into the room in the back of the reception area (forget about him)
and the other goes to the room on your right, then up the stairs, then into
the room on the right.  You can kill this second guy by grabbing him and
putting the cuffs on.  Equally, you can let him go to the room upstairs and
ignore him.

Whatever you choose to do, go up those stairs and then go to through the
doorway ahead and on your left a little.  You'll see the depot floor ahead.
Go through the doorway, go right and go down the stairs, waiting for the two
guys to stop talking.  When one of them walks away, grab the other guy and
put the cuffs on him.

Now if you do this next part right, the mission is all over in the next 20
seconds.  Yes, it's that short.

Here is a brief and not entirely accurate map of the where you need to go.
Unfortunately, thanks to the limitations of ASCII and my map making skills,
it has become somewhat far removed from the actual layout but it should be
ok if you follow the numbers and guide.

|                   |___|   ___    # |     |   | = A Crate
|  . . . . .        _4_    |   |   # |     |___|
|  . . . . .       |   |   |___|   # |
|  . . . . .       |   |   __3_    # |     ###  = Conveyor Belt
|  . . . . .       |___|  |    |   # |
|  Jake and      _________|   _|   # |     . .  = Area where Bethnal Mob
|  his chums    |            |     # |     . .    are located.
|  are here.    |          __|     # | 
|  . . . . .    |    _    |        # |
|  . . 2 . .    |___| |___|        # |
|  . . . . .                       # |
|__________   _________      ########|
         |   |         | 1         # |
         |   |_________|     ########|
         |_______________    ########|
         |                           |
         |                    S      |

Right, you should be near S on the map, so make your way forward to the
conveyor belts ahead.  Now go up to the crates at 1.  Lean against the crates
so you can see Jake and the others by the vans at 2.  There is one guy
wandering about.  Make sure he has walked past and out of view.  When he has,
get off the wall, then go past behind the crates, out of sight towards the gap
at 3.  Now the map's dimensions and what not have gone horribly wrong, but it
should still be obvious where you are.   Now go forward from the gap in the
crates and turn right and forwards make your way to the gap at 4.  Walk to the
gap and the mission is complete.

The only real risk on this level is the one eagle eyed guy walking up and
down by point (2).  If you walk from 1 to 3 and he's stopped near the others
he'll probably see you.

-- Mission 23 - Showdown with Jake -------------------------------------------

Synopsis :

Well, this is pretty much the most action packed part of Carter's game.
Mark calls Carter on the mobile.  Carter tells Mark that Charlie has taken his
son to the Sol Vita ship, and that he will go after Charlie.

- Part 1 -

" Follow Jake to the Sol Vita "

Driving > Difficulty Rating : Moderate

Guide >

When you start this mission, press triangle and take your pistols out.  Ahead
you will see a van and car drive out of the depot doors.  I tried shooting the
van's tyres for a laugh but didn't seem possible (if anyone can do it let me
know).  Anyway, shoot the clown nearby and also his friend by the depot doors.
Although the van sometimes runs him over.  Get out of the depot and run
towards the Lexus parked at the end of the yard.  A guy will run out holding
an AK-47.  You could ask to trade pokemon cards with him, but the obvious
and correct thing to do is to kill him and take his gun.  Now get in the car
and exit the depot and follow the indicators.

You'll find yourself running into quite a few yardies at first - but this time
they nearly all seem to be in the Brabus SL which is lightning fast and hard
to evade - especially when there's 2 of them.  Get out and kill the drivers
and their passengers if you need to and take their car and drive to the depot
where the ship is.

When you reach the depot and go through the entrance, you need to turn right,
then left and then park next to the other vans.  Now get ready for some fun.

- Part 2

" Find Jake on board and stop him "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Hard.

Guide >

When you get on the Sol Vita, the events that happen are before Mark's trip
here, therefore the boat is crawling with Charlie's boys and not a mixture
of Triads, Yardies and Collins gang - not yet anyway.

On foot, walk towards the ramp that allows you to get on the boat.  There are
at least 3 options now, ranging from crazy, calculated and unnecessary.  First
of all, drop your gun and put away your pistols.  Slowly walk up the ramp,
then grab the guy ahead and cuff him.  Take his gun. Now here are the methods:

Crazy :
This is the method I used about 8 times before finding new ones. After cuffing
the guy, go right from the ramp and roll forward towards the stairs leading
up to the very front of the boat.  Those Bethnal lot will be shooting at you
so take cover behind the large red structure up here.  They can't get you at
the moment and they're too stupid to climb the stairs.  Now if you take a few
small steps back from the large red object (sorry I forget what it actually
is) and take another step to the right (or 2) you can probably manually aim at
the heads of some guys below to your right.  Get back behind cover, do the
same but this time go to the left.  If you're getting hit, you're not using
your cover well enough. With enough care, you can dart back and forth, using
cover and manual shots to kill nearly all the guys ahead of you.  When just a
few remain, get closer to the edge and use R1 to autoaim and kill them fast.
You can't rest up here without leaving yourself vulnerable so if you're crap
at manual shots this isn't for you.  When everyone is dead (can take about 3
to 4 minutes) go down the stairs.  I found if I then rested here, a guy with
a shotgun always appeared out of the blue from behind so be careful.  When
everyone is dead go to the 'next part'.

Unnecessary :
Kill the first guy next to ramp.  (Btw, is he a Yardie? I can't remember.)
When the others know you are here, instead of fighting on the ship, get
down and away from the ramp.  They have the high ground, but as they walk
around the side of the ship to get you, they can't shoot down because of the
angle.  This gives you an opportunity to aim for their heads and kill the 
dumb idiots.  After a few snooze filled minutes shooting heads and anyone
who wanders onto the ramp, go up the ramp and prepare for the 'next part'.

Calculated :
This is the method that makes the most sense and is what I think Team Soho
expect the player to try.  As you near the ship, notice that there are some
explosive containers to your left.  A crane on the ship is picking them up,
one at a time and depositing them on board.  A guy in a forklift then takes
these containers and drops them off at the far side of the ship near to
where there are a few groups of people.  So after silently disposing of the
guy next to the ramp, take his AK-47 and get up against the container ahead.
Sidestep along to the right hand edge.  You'll see that on the other side of
the ship are some heavies divided into groups, and you might see the forklift
drop off a load next to the group on the right.  Wait a while, the forklift
will drop off more containers, this time near to the next group of people.
Eventually, 4 containers will be dropped, one next to all the heavies.  Now
pop out into the open and you'll be spotted.  Quickly, use R2 to manually
aim and fire as many shots into one of the sets of explosives fast.  They are
stubborn but when one lot explodes, a chain reaction will occur and they all
explode, killing just about anyone standing nearby.  Unfortunately, depending
on how many sets of canisters you allowed to be deposited, some guys will
run around the ship and attack your left flank.  Turn around and with what
AK-47 ammo you have left, kill them.  Resort to pistols if need be.  Now for
the 'next part'.

Ok, so whatever method you chose, you should now make your way towards the
back of the boat.  Face the back of the boat and there are two routes - 
left side and right side (right side of ship is where all those guys were
standing).  Go down the left side of the ship and up the stairs and you'll be
confronted by Jake already!  He'll probably run around the back of the ship
and enter the hull so give chase and fire a few shots at him if need be.  Go
around to the aft of the boat and look for the doorway into the ship on your
right.  Enter then turn right.  Jake is here so shoot him and he runs.  As you
move forward, two more guys appear from the doorway ahead and to the left is
another.  Kill them as fast as you can.  Go left and take the AK-47 off the
guy you just killed.  Rest if you must, but always watch your back.  Go up
the stairs here.

Immediately, turn right around (180 degrees).  Ahead, near the other set of
stairs leading up are two awkward guys.  Kill both and also a guy on the 
right.  I then ran into the bottom right corner of the room where the chairs
are situated, then turned around so I had a perfect view of the entire room
and began to rest.  As if by magic, across from me, a guy with a shotgun
appears so quickly gun him down if he does, and anyone else that may be

Now venture forward, and you should see a doorway on your right that leads
outside, but another ahead that leads to a kitchen. Walk into the kitchen
area and kill the guy with the AK-47.  He might have his back to you.  Now
through the door that leads outside.  Kill the guard here then go up the 
stairs.  Ahead, just around the corner is Jake.

Go forward, towards the blue wall, then when you can see Jake around the
corner, start shooting him.  Two guys may run out and take the bullets and
Jake will retreat further.  Now get against the grey wall and edge along
and you'll see Jake standing about near the edge of the boat.  Pop out and
unload everything you got on him.  If he is really injured, he'll run up to
you and you can just smack him over the head with your gun.  If he's being
stupid, he won't die and he'll just stand there.  If he's devious, he'll jump
onto some device and make his way to the front of the ship where you'll have
to go and chase after him and kill him there.  When he dies, the cutscene

-- Mission 24 - Land of Hope & Glory -----------------------------------------

Synopsis :
I'll let you find out what is going on by letting you watch the cutscene.  All
you need to know for the walkthrough is that you have less than 3 minutes to
abandon ship.  You'll be attacked by everyone so be careful.  It's like the
Yardie/Triad battle earlier but more claustrophobic and intense.

- Part 1 -

" Escape from the Sol Vita "

On Foot Combat > Difficulty Rating : Hard

Guide >

Note that there is some randomness to this level.  Sometimes certain people
will kill each other making your task easier, other times they won't.  You
might also stumble into someone with a shotgun, or you may see him leg it
instead.  Thus what you read and what you experience may not be entirely
identical here (if my walkthroughs ever are.)

Anyway, straight away, run down the stairs and some guys run past.  Another
guy ahead of you shoots the barrels behind you and the stairs explode killing
those who ran past.  Now kill this guy and any others ahead, picking up an
AK-47 before you charge up the stairs towards the end of the passageway.

Once up the stairs, there is a war going on in the cargo hold.  Roll twice
towards the other end of the walkway, then go down the stairs.  Some of
Charlie's lads will say 'Charlie's gone' or 'get the hell out of here' and
everyone is in a panic and the rival gangs are shooting each other.

Once down the stairs, veer left around the crate, until you see an opening.
It can be tricky to see so turn sharply.  Walk through the opening and shoot
the guy ahead who has a shotgun.  If you miss he'll run off.  Go to the end of
this passageway and turn right and use R1 to aim at the triad crouching down
by a low crate.  Kill him and walk forward.  To the right, behind the crate is
a very troublesome chap with a shotgun who may get in a very tight angled shot
that knocks the stuffing out of you.  Hopefully he'll merely walk into the
open or you'll turn the corner and gun him down with R1 with the minimum of

-- Tip ----------
If you allow certain people to run off, they kill others in their path, making
it easier for you to get out of the cargo hold.  For example, when you go down
the stairs and turn left, if you let the guy ahead run off, he'll kill the 
guy with a shotgun around the next corner (but not the guy crouching down) and
also a couple of others.  This saves you quite a bit of time.

Once he's dead, go right, then go left, then right and ahead is a doorway
(hopefully) with some barrels.  Quickly, manually aim for the barrels and they
will explode, killing 2 people.  If you take too long, several people walk
towards the doorway and make your life a misery.  Once the barrels have
exploded go through doorway, using R1 just before you get through to make sure
another guy hiding on your right is dead... if he isn't, kill him.  Now go
through doorway and straight away hit R1 and kill the guy on your right who
survived the blast.  Now turn left from the doorway and follow the gang
members ahead who are fighting one another.  You can shoot them, but it should
end up for the best if you just let them get on with it and then shoot the
last man who is still standing.

Go towards the end of the ship, and take the second left.  There will be a
doorway to the right.  Now if you let the gang members ahead of you fight it
out, hopefully they'll have killed the 2 Collins gang members who prove to be
a mini nightmare here.  If they haven't, kill the waistcoat wearers, then rest
against a wall.  You can't rest for long, so a few brief breaths will have to
suffice (2-3 breathes = 1 pistol amount of damage healed).  Go through doorway
and there will be people on the walkway above, and people down below.  Again,
if you let the gang members fight it out, there are fewer to deal with.  Gun
as many down as you can and make your way to the stairs.  Go up these, then up
the next stairs.  Ahead to your left is the exit.  A Collins Gang guy is here
and he may run to safety or try and fight you.  See what he does and react if
you need to and get off the ship!

You've done it.



Section 13 >> Free Roaming Mode

Free Roam mode is an extra you unlock by completing the game with both Mark
and Frank Carter.  It basically gives you a more relaxing opportunity to
explore the sights of London.

You start off in a MK II Roadster (thanks to Non-Killing Machine) with a
pistol as Mark.  The starting point is Great Malborough Street, near Carnaby
St. facing east. (Thanks to Xpazeman)

You are free to explore as much as you like.  Here are some details of what to

@ Police are lenient
The Police won't harass you.  You can drive like a maniac and they won't care.
However, if you hit someone, or them, they will attack.  Also, if you are seen
to be carrying a weapon on the street or they see you hijack a vehicle, the
police will respond and attack.

I've only seen the 'Bobbies on the Beat' and 'Patrol cops' though and no Jam
Sandwiches or SO19 officers.  Once you kill these cops you will be able to go
about your business.

@ Other gangs are less trouble.
As you travel through gang land terrority, you are less likely to be attacked
by gang cars.  Often they will ignore you and you can attack them when you
like.  Each gang car contains 2 people.  One has a AK-47, the other a pistol.
Kill both.  The only time the gangs will attack first, is usually if you slam
your car into them, or the police are after you.  You can often shoot the side
windscreen of a gang car in Free Roaming mode and only one gangster gets out,
that's how easy they can be.

@ Most Interior Locations are closed.  You can only access foyers and not
entire complexes.  This is a shame.  It would have been nice to be able to
attack the police station or warehouse at will.

--- Bug or Feature ?? ----
I have noticed a strange thing in Free-Roaming mode.  If you immediately play
Free-Roaming from the menu, all interiors are blocked off.  However, if I
complete Frank's last mission again, when I go to Free-Roaming, several
interiors are accessible - if not the entire building, but foyer's.  See
locations section for more info on this.

@ You can find hidden vehicles.
Dotted about London are 10 hidden vehicles for you to find.  You can not save
these vehicles for later however.  If these vehicles get trashed, leave the
area and they should return.  Note that many of these vehicles can be found in
mission mode also.

@ You can still die or be arrested.
You're not superman, you're still mortal and still liable to be arrested if
you cause too much trouble.

@ You can control your indicator lights.
Use L1 and L2 to control your indicator lights.  Completely pointless but fun
if you want to convince a friend you're still on a mission.

@ You can get lost.
Regularly.  Thanks to whoever designed London's confusing road system for

-- Note------
You might want to use mission 2's driving section, or another such as
Mission 11's trip to Charlie's Mansion with Jasmin as an alternative to Free-
Roam as it'll be more action packed.  Unfortunately, the Armoured Car's gun
won't fire (perhaps you need the cheat first) and the Mansion in Bayswater
road is not accessible but most other hidden cars are.


Section 14 >> Locations

London, being a historical city, is full of landmarks, many of which you'll
see as you drive through the game.  Probably the best way to reach each one
is to drive around in Free Roam mode (see above).  This makes it much easier
to drive from location to location.

If you look on the map supplied with the game, there are many points of
interest noted on it.  Look out for these when driving around London to find
your way around.  If you aren't sure where you are, look out for Train
stations and underground stations.  There are several about and they are
typically named after the road or area they are found in.

== Some Places to Visit ======================================================

Tower Bridge - The Bridge the American's wanted but they got London Bridge
instead.  It's found on the eastern side of London and is a large but somewhat
narrow bridge.  Sadly there are no Beefeaters about, and the 2 lanes are
usually packed with single decker buses.

Big Ben - Possibly the most famous Clock Tower in the world.  This large clock
is found in Westminster.  You'll know it when you see it.  Unfortunately, it
often looks very blurry.

Buckingham Palace - Where the Queen lives when she wants to rough it.  As if!
A Huge Palace in the South-eastern part of the city.  No royal guards in their
silly uniforms are about.

Nelson's Column - Located in Trafalguar Square, this tall statue of Admiral
Nelson should really be swarming with pigeons and covered in bird muck.

--- More Later ---

== Interiors =================================================================

These are locations that you'll visit as Hammond and Carter that you'll have
the ability to walk into, as opposed to walk around. Note, Free-Roaming refers
the accessibility of the location in that mode.  F-R Bug refers to playing
Free-Roaming straight after completing Carter's last mission.

[ Jolson's Warehouse ]
Location : Cluster of roads in Southwark.
Free-Roaming : All access blocked off.
F-R Bug: All access blocked off

Mark will visit this place 3 times.  Carter once.  It is full of
beer and contains Charlie's office where he keeps a map of his opertions.

[ Jolson's Depot ]
Location: King's Cross.
Free-Roaming: Yard open, front door closed.
F-R Bug: Yard open, front door open but only reception accessible.

Mark will go into this building once, Carter twice.  This is
where illegal guns taken from a police raid are kept and traded, as well as
drugs probably.

[ Reptilian Museum ]
Location: Hyde Park area.
Free-Roaming: Grounds open, museum closed.
F-R Bug: Same as normal.

Mark will visit the museum that the Triad's are using to store
their smack once.

[ Republic Bar ]
Location: Soho, Frith Street.
Free-Roaming: Closed.
F-R Bug: All floors open, but place is devoid of life. Fire-alarms don't work.

Owned by Collins Gang.  Mark makes one trip here on
Mission 2.  It has 3 levels, with 3 rooms in total.

[ Touch of Class Club ]
Location: Soho, near Carnaby Street.
Free-Roaming: Front Door Closed.
F-R Bug: Ditto.

Run by Collins Gang.  Mark makes one visit here.  This is one of the Collins
Gang's strip clubs and is where you'll find Layla.

[ Yardie Crackhouse ]
Location: Holywell Row (T4 on map)
Free-Roaming: Both entrances blocked, though alleyway accessible.
F-R Bug: Ditto.

Mark enters here twice, once only the yard and one room.  Carter raids it once
also.  This is the run down building where the Yardie's cultivate some of
their drug crops.

[ Riverside Depot ]
Free-Roaming: Entrances blocked.  Unsure about alleyway.
F-R Bug: Unknown.

Mark arrives here in Mission 12, and Carter makes 2 further trips here.  The
seen of some illegal cargo importing.

[ Cargo Ship (Sol Vita) ]
Docked at the Riverside Depot (?).  The scene of many a great shoot-out.  Both
characters end their story here.

[ Charlie's House ]
Location:  Mayfair
Free-Roaming: No way in.
F-R Bug: Ditto.

Found in the upmarket area, Mayfair.  Has 2 statues outside with St. George's
cross on them.  Mark has to infiltrate this area once but can return at start
of mission 12.  This is Charlie's place of relaxation when he isn't at work
in his office and planning meglomaniac schemes.  It is full of laser beams and
poison gas, but also has a tasty TVR in the garage that is begging to be taken
for a spin.

[ Snow Hill Station ]
Location: Snow Hill (P6 on map)
Free-Roaming: Both entrances locked.
F-R Bug: Front reception area is open.

The Police station located on a Hill.  This is where the Frank Carter and the
Flying Squad are based in this game, plus there are numerous other divisions,
including S019.  Mark causes a scene here on one blood-filled occasion.  

[ NCP Carpark ]
Location: Near China Town, south of Shaftsbury Avenue in Soho.
Free-Roaming: Open!
F-R Bug: Also open.

Scene of much gangland violence.  Has numerous floors which contain several
cars.  In Free-roaming mode, you'll find an extra special motor on level 3B.

[ Sui Fung City Restaurant ]
Location: Chinatown in Soho.
Free-Roaming: It's closed for business.  Door on glass smashable.
FR-Bug: Same.

A small restaurant with stairs leading down and an AK-47 waiting at the
bottom.  Carter can enter this once.  Not sure about Mark.

[ Bargain Basement Brothel ]
Location: Marylebone?
Free-Roaming: Closed.
F-R Bug: Unknown.

DC Carter and Fielding perform a raid in this run-down building.  Looks not
entirely like something you might see in Silent Hill.  Probably one of Bethnal
Green Mob's own businesses as Jake and Eyebrows are found here.

[ UCL Hospital ]
Location: Tottenham Court Road
Free-Roaming:  Front door closed, exterior ambulance entrance blocked off.
F-R Bug: Front door closed, but exterior ambulance area accessible.

This is one of the many hospitals in the area, and where you need to take Joe
to on one mission, and to return here and to protect him on another.

[ Bethnal Green Mob Garage ]
Location: Southwark.
Free-Roaming: Closed.
F-R Bug: Open.  Garage with TVR and Lotus is open, and you can access the rest
of the Garages from in there.

Found down a dead-end road that is connected to Blackfriars Road in
Southwark.  Carter raids one of their lockups and finds several tasty motors
hiding there.  You can return here in Free-Roam mode, but only if you replay
Carter's last mission first.

[ Spotted Dog ]
A pub that Mark visits but only during a cut-scene.

[ Mark's Appartment ]
Mark can be found laying on his bed at the very start of the game when his
wife and kid are taken.  You cannot actually return here as it is used for
cut-scene purposes only.

Anymore that I've missed out?

== Questions about Locations =================================================

[ Can I go into all the buildings in London ? ]
Engage your brain.  Obviously not as that wouldn't be realistically possible.

[ What about when I unlock Free Roam mode, can I go into them then ? ]
Nope.  Think about it - there are thousands of buildings.  To accurately make
them all, it would take the developers another 5 years at least!

[ Are the interiors open during Free Roam Mode ? ]
I haven't visited them all in this mode, but they do seem shut off.  Some may
have a foyer or reception you can enter, but that's sadly it.  NCP Carpark,
The Republic Restaurant and the car lockup in Southwark are the only ones that
are fully accessible during this mode - but only if you replay Carter's last
mission and complete it before playing Free-Roaming mode again.  This is
either a deliberate feature or bug in Free-Roaming mode.

[ Are there any Football stadiums in the game ? ]
Nope.  They're mostly in North London anyway and the game is based in Centre

[ Where is Camden, other places ? ]
Sadly, London was too big for the developers to map the entire area so some
places have been left out.

[ Do any locations have location specific people, London Guards etc? ]
It doesn't appear so which is a big shame.


Section 15 >> Challenges

The Getaway is a great game but it's lacking the replayability stakes.  If you
bought the game and completed it in the first few days, you might be feeling
shortchanged.  Sure there's the 'Free Roam' mode but it's not exactly 
exhilirating.  You can replay the missions and attempt them differently,
although unlike maybe GTA or Hitman 2, there is very little scope for trying
out new tactics.  Generally you can either speed through a level, or you can
attempt to explore every last inch of a level and make sure you kill every
last gang member.  Both methods usually involve pretty much the same thing, if
there is even the scope in the first place.  Instead it's up to yourself to
set yourself new challenges.

So I put it you the Getaway players to come up with some worthy challenges
we can all maybe attempt so we can get some more life out of this considerable
game.  Email me if you have any ideas.

Non-specific examples might be:

@ Only use pistols for the entire game and if the pistols run out, resort to
melee attacks.

@ Survive an entire mission without healing.

@ One car missions - in the driving sections, never leave your car.  If it
catches fire, you'll have to burn or walk the rest of the way.

@ On the Buses - At every opportunity, take a bus instead of a car.

@ Manual Aim only (thanks to Non Killing Machine for the idea)

@ Tyre Shooter - If you shoot the tyre of a moving car, it will skid to the
side.  This is a difficult task, but if you position yourself near a busy road
you have plenty of chances to get your shot lined up with R2.  Once you've hit
one tyre with your current aim, you're ready to begin.  Now shoot as many
successive tyres of moving cars in a row so that each one skids, and collides
into the back of another.  It's difficult to hit more than one in a row, so
instead, see how many you can hit with one full clip of ammo or say 20 shots,
or just how many you can get before you're totally out of ammo.

The most I've hit so far with my pistols before they both ran out is about 6.

(Thanks to Kurlac for the initial idea of shooting a moving car's tyres.)

@ Cop Lover
You must play the game without killing any police.  You can bop them over the
head with your gun or a police baton, but no other violence is permitted.
McCormack is bent so you can kill him.  Mission 7 is the real problem, but
the first part of the police station it is possible not to kill anyone but
the DCI.  The next part would require some extremely agile rolling and swiping
moves to avoid dying - if Jasmin kills the cops instead of you, that would be
allowed.  Is it possible??  Please email me if you've tried to get through
Mark's game without deliberately murdering a cop.

@ Pyro-maniac Fun
Set fire to as many people as possible as they sit in their cars before all
your ammo runs out.  To do this, don't get too close to their car, and then
spray the front of the car (between the front lights) with bullets.  They burn
quickly.  Some cars, such as the mid/rear engined MR2 are unaffected by this
because their engine is in the back and not the front, yet as Rob McGregor
points out, these cars can sometimes still damage as if they were front
engined motors.

@ Timed Runs
Race from one part of London to another in the fastest times.  Difficult to
know what routes to suggest because of the obvious traffic problems and hard
to master roads - not least other gangs or cops getting you.

-- Mission Related Challenges ------------------------------------------------

Some difficult and new challenges to test yours (and mine) skills during the
game.  Please email new possible challenges, plus tell me if you managed to
achieve any of these and how.

--[ Mission 5 - Part 1 - Silent Assassin ]-----------------

Kill as many of the guys in the warehouse as possible without getting caught.

Depends on how many you go for.  Extreme if you go for nearly every one.

You'll have to make sure a guard doesn't see you and then grab them and snap
their neck.  Obviously many can't be killed (if there is someone else next
to them for example) but there may be more who can be.  I kill 3 when I play,
but perhaps 6 or so can die.

--[ Mission 7 - Part 3 - Stealth Hit ]---------------------

Kill McCormack without alerting or killing any other cops.

Moderate (as far as Challenge difficulty goes.)

You'll have to be extra specially careful to make it to the interrogation room
to attack the DCI without alerting anyone else.  The best way is perhaps to
approach the interrogation room from the side and not the front where he'll
shoot you as you march down the corridor.

--[ Mission 7 - Part 4 - Pacifist ]------------------------

Exit Police Station without your character killing any one.


No shooting allowed or snapping necks.  Attacking with butt of gun (thus only
knocking them out is allowed.) Exit the station whilst sparing the lives of
the Filth.  Jasmin will shoot people, but those deaths will be on her
conscience not yours.

The ideal way out would be through the front door but S019 and their tear gas
will get you.  If you go through the back way, you'll have a guy with a
shotgun and several others hiding by pool tables etc who will get you.  Plus
you'll have to shoot the motor to stop the gate from closing which is hard
in itself.

If you take the first guy you see hostage, that might help you - but Yasmin
will kill the hostage if she gets close to him, or she'll accidently shoot
the hostage whilst going for someone else.

--[ Mission 7 - Part 4 - Back Escape ]---------------------

Merely shoot the gate's motor and stop the gate from closing, thus letting you
escape from the cop-shop via the rear entrance.

Easy (As far as challenges go)

When you go outside, you have about 5 seconds to manually aim at the yellow
box on the actual gate.  The best weapon is the MP5 but a pistol can do the
job too.

--[ Mission 11 - Part 3 - The Gas Man]-----------------------

Usually, the challenge is to not hit the lasers, so why not turn this idea up
on it's head and deliberately hit them!  Stumble through at least one laser
beam per 'puzzle' room and survive to end of level.

Very hard.

Puzzle rooms are what I call rooms where the lasers go off behind you and trap
you in, the only means of escape being to get past the lasers to the next room
where the lasers deactivate.  The challenge is to set the laser (and alarm)
off, then stagger out of the room and gas and gun down the guards that arrive
and rest.  You'll have to set the laser closest to your target doorway off
otherwise you'll never make it.  It should be possible because I've set off
2 alarms on the same attempt and survived to the end.

The more alarms you set off, the greater your achievement is on this

[ Mission 23 - Part 1  - Tyre Shooter ]

Attempt to hit the tyres of the Van that drives off in the depot right at the
very beginning.

Perhaps impossible.

Immediately take out your pistols and manually aim for the van's tyres as it
speeds off.  I have managed to hit the van but not the tyres.  For the sake
of the game, it should never be shot, but what if you could?

-- Other Challenges ----------------------------------------------------------

[ Free-Roam Weapon Hunt ]

Find as many of the game's weapon as possible in free-roam mode.

Impossible to find every single one perhaps?

Do you best to locate each of the weapons in game.  Weapons you can find are:
Pistols (everywhere), AK-47 (gang cars), Police Nightstick (found on the Beat
Cops 'Bobbies'), Crowbar (see weapons section - certain people carry these),
Baseball Bat, (see weapons section - an Asian guy has carries this around),
extinguisher (not really a weapon, but the Republic restaurant has one you can
blow up), Tank Turret (armoured car has a working turret).

The Shotgun, MP5 and Meat Cleaver seem missing from the list.  There seems to
be no way to find the MP5 because SO19 don't show up.  I've seen a Yardie in a
car once carry a shotgun, but never again and not in Free-roam.  Meat Cleaver
you might expect to find in Yardie or Triad territory but I've had no luck.

If you can find the missing weapons let me know.  Try and find one of each of
the other weapons without dying in the meantime.

Section 16 >> Bugs and Oddities (and the occasional fun thing too)

The Getway is full of bugs and minor glitches as well as some rather unusual
things that occur out of the blue.  Very few have any detrimental effect on
the game, but these are things that perhaps the QA team or Team Soho could
have taken note of.  If you spot anything not mentioned here, please send them
in. (See contact section.)

@ Disappearing People
Sometimes people disappear for no reason.  You can drive through them on
occasion or they just vanish.

@ Pop up people
Also, people can pop up out of nowhere as well as cars.

@ People stuck in pavements.
Occasionally some pedestrians or other characters get stuck in the pavement.
Running them over puts them out of their misery.

@ Getting Arrested blues....
This is a bit disappointing.  If Jasmin is with you and you get arrested and
cuffed, she sometimes shoots the copper who cuffed you.  You'd think that as
there are no more cops around, she'd have saved you.  But no, you're still
arrested and it's game over.

@ In and out of cars.
Get out of a car just as another car ploughs into you and you may find
yourself back in the driver's seat.

@ Jasmin doesn't like getting shot.
This isn't a bug but worth mentioning anyway.  Jasmin has a bad habit of
getting in your line of fire. If she does, she will turn around and attack 
you.  If someone else attacks her, she gives up and attacks them instead.  It
is preferable that you never hit her or you risk failing the mission.  In
Mark's last mission, there are a couple of places where she really can get in
the way, but try not to hit her nevertheless.

@ Get back in the damn car!
Sometimes Jasmin refuses to get back into a car if you've stopped to take out
some annoying gang members or police officers.  This is because she wants to
kill every threat, even if they're miles away.  She does eventually get back
in the car but it can be annoying having to wait.

@ Disappearing Jasmin
On my first attempt to complete mission 11 where you have to get to Charlie's
Mansion, just before I got there, I stopped the car and Jasmin ran out. She
vanished.  I couldn't find her.  When I died (deliberately) she was waiting
for me outside and everything was normal.

Today, on my first attempt on this mission again (by first attempt, I mean by
carrying on from the last mission and not having to restart again), she was
with me outside the house but when I went inside, she had vanished.  I had
to complete the entire level without her!

@ Continuity Problems
On Mark's second mission you have to set fire to the Republic bar.  Once the
place is on fire, there is a Red Rover waiting outside.  Take another car
instead and when the cutscene plays when you've lost the police, it will
show Mark in the red car, despite the fact that when the scene ends, you're
in another car altogether.

@ Changing Number Plates
Look at the registration plate of a car during a cutscene.  When you play the
mission, the plate has changed!  This happens to all but the most important
cars... DC Carter's Vectra is uneffected.

@ Wrong Year 
The number plates don't really give an indication as to the age of the vehicle
you're driving.  New cars can have D reg plates, old cars P reg etc...

@ More trouble on Stairs.
On the Mansion level (mission 11), Mark refuses to pick up weapons left on the
stairs, especially shotguns.  This can be annoying although there are plenty
to find on this level.

@ Strange Ghosts
It is apparently possible to meet 'Ghost' versions of yourself during some
missions, such as Mission 7, the Police Station, and also as DC Carter on
another mission.  According to Paul Griffiths, it is McCormack who becomes a
ghost of Hammond when you chase him around the Police station.  I assume with
Carter, it will be Jake who becomes Carter's ghost.  You still have to shoot
them to win the mission.

@ Forklift...
Sadly, killing people by running them over with this seems near impossible.
But if you crash into the explosive barrels in Mission 1, then Boom, every
dies but you.  I tried this again as Carter on mission 23 but I died at the
wheel.  You can also blow up the fuel tank on the back for more fun.

@ Snow Hill Police Station.
Thanks to NextBigThing for mentioning that the name of the station has
no connection to the the one in 'The Bill' called Sun Hill.  But what are the
chances of those two names then?

@ Driving when dead.
On one occasion I was being shot at badly and the view point swayed to the
side as if I was dead and lying on the floor. However I was still walking
and got into another vehicle. When in the vehicle, I had no control and it
drove halfway through a tunnel wall. The 'Mission Failed' screen appeared

@ Magic walls
It's not unusual to see people's heads or other body parts or even cars to
go through a wall partially.

@ Teleportation.
On Carter's second from last mission, on the boat, there is a forklift truck.
I tried to kneel down in front of it.  I was teleported about 20 feet away and
was kneeling against the side of the boat.

@ It's not a gun fools
People on the street will run around and cry, 'He's got a gun' even if you are
holding a melee weapon such as a bat.

@ A Bus is not a car
A minor thing, but characters refer to vehicles like Buses and Lorries as cars
when they drag their drivers out.

@ Speed Blur
If you are in a fast car and driving at great speed, you'll find London
becomes a far uglier place.  That's because the textures are toned down when
you go fast so the game can cope.  As soon as you slow down or near an object
the textures improve.

@ Other speed issues
Near Buckingham Palace the game slows down quite a lot.  There are numerous
parks and dozens of cars about so it's not surprising.  Also, there are often
glitches ala GTA when the textures aren't displayed fast enough leaving the
game looking messy.  People popping out of nowhere is also related to this.

@ More Teleportation
A cop was getting out of his car, when his car received a shunt.  The car
went forwards, but the cop continued his 'get out of car animation' several
feet away in mid air!

@ Fun with the Queen
--- Submitted by Mark ---
To provide the Queen with some entertainment, get a fast sports car (like a 
Jenson), from the park that unduates onto the area in front of buck house, 
drive to the far end, and then turn round so the memorial is in front of
you.....and cane it through the park in a straight line back towards
the Palace, eventually the body will start to roll too much and on the last 
final bump, the car will if its light enough, flip over but not catch fire 
leaving you to walk away leaving this car on its roof.
---Crazy stuff!---

@ DJ - shut up!
Not a bug but interesting.  If you shoot the decks in the Yardie crackhouse
during Mark or Frank's missions, the music stops!  But it's my favourite tune
in the game so I try not to destroy it.

@ Walking through air ....
--- Submitted by Lee ----
On mission 12 on the Sol Vito I was on the platform opposite Harry. I went
down the stairs leading back down into the storage room thing where I'd came
from. but instead of going down I was moving around in thin air! I could move
around all I wanted and shoot, roll and everything! But I screwed up and
before i'd noticed harry had killed me. This could be one helpful glitch and
save time and health if only i knew how I did it.
--- Cheers --------------

@ Attack of the Giant Police
According to Daniel Devlin, there is a black TVR on Mark's last mission,
which, if you shoot the back window, will attract the attention of a female
officer who pops into the garage.... twice the size of you.  Sounds mad
especially as this has never happened to me.

@ Stealth stupidity.
There are a few occasions where you must wander around a complex and not be
spotted or you fail the mission and it'll say, 'You were caught'.  Well try
this.  On one such level, sneak up behind a guard.  Let him see you and
straight away grab his neck and break it before he can react.  In reality, you
should get away with this - he never had a chance to warn anyone.  Yet in this
game, it is immediately game over.

@ Who you talking to?
Character's speech is scripted to occur at certain times during a mission,
regardless of whether or not everyone is in the correct place.  Mark will have
a conversation with someone even if he's wandered off into another room.

@ Drive Through Police
Being pursued by police, I drove towards a dead end.  I made one police car
overshoot me and another car crashed into my back.  The car that went past me
smashed against a wall and as I was ploughed into it by his mate, a sudden
glitch made the police car I hit disappear behind me and I hit the wall

@ Floating Triads
I killed a triad on the stairs and his body floated across the stairs into mid

@ Walk Through Phone Box - There's a red phone box (maybe more than one) that
you can walk straight through.

@ Get out and die
If someone attempts to get out of a car door but another car is blocking the
door from opening, sometimes in emergencies, they will try to get out
regardless, and end up dying in front of the other vehicle (which was parked).
I even saw two cops both walk into the front of a park police car and fall
over and die, one after the other!  Bus drivers are particularly liable to die
this way - just make sure a car is stopped close to the bus driver's door (but
not so it is completely blocking it) and the driver will get out and die.

@ David Copperfield-esque Magic with a Bouncer
On Mission 2, outside the Republic is a bald headed bouncer. I grabbed him and
I marched him towards the front doors of the bar, and then after telling him
that he had a 5 count to say goodbye to all his loved ones, snapped his neck
on 3.  Incredibly, his body fell on the other side of the building, through a
glass door.  Somehow, in his dying moments, he performed a magic trick that
would impress even the great ugly one.

@ Paper Walls
It is possible whilst on foot to perform a swipe and kill someone even though
they're on the other side of a solid wall.

@ One mile an hour getaway
My friend, being the poor gameplayer that he is, had a troublesome encounter
with the Filth and some Yardies during the first part of mission 7.
Practically surrounded by enemies on the streets of London, he jumped into a
Sirion and tried to make a getaway whilst being pelted with bullets from all
angles.  The game then went into 'spook' mode and slowed down, plus his car
must have had greased wheels because the car wheels were spinning with smoke
piling out as he desperately tried to reverse, but to no avail - he couldn't
get anywhere and the controls became unresponsive for about 30 seconds.  He
eventually managed to slowly reverse and then tried to make his getaway as the
game returned to normal speed.  10 yards past the blockade where the Yardies
and Police were and the game over screen popped up.  Appears that in the
confusion and slow motion madness, he died at the wheel.

@ Wheels of Random Death!
On mission 14, you have to infiltrate a Yardie depot where some cranes are
moving around on giant wheels.  Now if they directly hit you, you die.  But
sometimes you go right through them or get slightly knocked to the side.  In
effect, death by these contraptions can be somewhat random.

@ Crash
On one not too happy an occasion, the game crashed during the Mission Briefing
screen.  Everything locked up and I had to reset the PS2.  Rob McGregor also
found the game locked up for him when he performed a standard roll and I also
had the game crash whilst re-loading a saved game.

@ Rob McGregor adds another thing (pay attention chaps) :
In the Carter mission where your sneaking through the warehouse and you get to
the area where large pallets of boxes of booze are being lifted through the
area before going downstairs, I pressed X and leaned against one of the
existing ones... waiting for one of the guys to head downstairs. As I was
doing so the transport pushed a pallet along the row I was hiding in and it
pushed me along with it. Carter stayed completely hidden along side it for the
entire movement until it was put down just behind the guy you need to take out
at the top of the stairs.

@ Rob McGregor, now becoming a mini-celebrity on this FAQ has this to add

I thought you'd like to note some the location you start in the Free Roam mode
on Great Marlborough Street is right near Sony Computer Entertainment Europe's
London office (where Team Soho is working from one would believe). Also if you
look around the streets you get some indications on when the team worked on a
particular area (like certain theaters show certain shows or movies from a
time period, billboards with very old advertisments, and certain stores and so
forth which only existed at certain times).

@ Car stuck in the ground.
Guess who's got another glitch! Yes, it's Rob again:

Smashing around one of the parks, I pulled on the handbrake to do a 180, and
somehow got the car stuck in the ground. If I tried to move the car acted like
the handbreak was stuck on... When I finally got out of the car I noticed that
all 4 wheels were stuck below the level of the map and the cars body was
eventually sitting on the ground. I finally got it unstuck by slamming down
the on the reverse and sitting there for half a minute or so until it got
itself unstuck.

@ Death by dead car.
Another one from the McGregor archives, this one is dynamite:

I pulled over to the side of the road as the car as I was driving crapped out
and caught on fire. As the fire went out I went on a bit of a run in the area
I was in, then came back to the burnt out car. As I was showing someone at the
time about how you can drive burnt out cars at like 2 mph I hopped in, moved
it, and then hopped out. As I was running forward after getting out I clipped
the front of the burnt out car and Hammond fell over and died like he'd been
hit by a moving car on the street.

(I also found myself killed by my own parked car.  I left it in Green Park, on
a slope. I went to get back in but fell over the front and died!)

@ The Floaters.
McGregor had a lot of free time on his hands apparently and found this glitch

I guess this is the opposite end of the people being stuck in the pavement.
While driving on the side walk I've encountered at least three people floating
at about a meter or so above the ground and walking around as normal. Driving
into them gives the same reaction it would as normal.

@ A Funny place to park a van.
A Van decided to park inside of a double decker bus whilst on a hill.  The
front half of the van was inside of the bus, but just visible at the side.  I
managed to get in the van and it suddenly bounced out and was free of the

@ Frank can do no wrong.
It's pays to be on the law's side in this game.  Frank can drive like a
lunatic, run over pedestrians, kill fellow officers, probably can piss on the
street too and he doesn't get in trouble.  Therefore you can afford to be a
lot more reckless as Frank and this makes his missions easier.  It also makes
little sense that an upholder of the law is the worst offender of all.

@ Invisible bullet proof wall
During mission 11, on my way to Charlie's mansion with Yasmin, I ended up near
one of those dual lane roads with black railings inbetween (such as the ones
you find going east-west at the Blackfriars underpass.  There was a police
road block on both sides.  I ran through the roadblock on my side, then got
out and killed all the cops.  However, on the other side of the railings,
there were 2 cops who were ignoring me (and Yasmin was ignoring them) and they
were waving traffic through.  Despite having a clear shot at them, when I
fired, I hit an invisible barrier.

@ Hostage Trick with Railings.
On one of the bridges such as Southwark bridge, there are railings by the edge
of the road.  A pedestrian was walking roadside of these, I was walking on the
other side, on the pavement.  I managed to grab him, and he went through the 
railings and I could drag him around.  When I snapped his neck, his body fell
a few feet to the other side of the railings again.

@ Bethnal Green Mob magic.
Whilst replaying Mission 11, the car section where you drive from the
warehouse to the Mansion, at the start, there is often one of their cars
nearby - but the passengers are missing.  Sometimes they get out and walk...
but where?  Perhaps through walls as one of them suddenly appeared behind me
in the Yard, despite me being in the yard and watching the entrance the entire
time.  I also saw another one of them walk through a wall, disappear, walk in
to view, disappear etc... something had gone terribly wrong.

@ Disco Style Cycle Lane
Down near a road opposite of the Millenium wheel and on the other side of the
Thames, there is a 2 lane road with cycle lanes (sorry about the vague
description of the road.) One of the cycle lane markings in the road doesn't
appear to be aligned correctly with the rest of the cycle lane (that little
section of lane is a few pixels out).  More so, if you look at the bicycle
marking at certain angles, it kind of flashes in some kind of bizarre disco
like fashion.  It's quite neat.  There's also a bus lane to the north of the
city with an identical problem.

@ Easy Mark, we're almost there.
When driving about London with Yasmin as Mark's co-driver, she'll occasionally
offer pearls of wisdom, such as "we're almost there."  Bollocks you'll
probably say and you'd be right.  I used Mission 11's driving section as a
substitute Free Roam mode and spent ages just driving around Southwark and
Borough, miles from our objective.  Every few minutes, despite being no
further to Mayfair than when we started, she'll say we're almost there.  I
suspect, although I could be wrong, that these "we're almost there" messages
are time based rather than location based - all except ones that are very

@ Out of synch talk
In missions where characters have conversations during the game, you can
completely mess up the synch and accuracy of these conversations by reacting
too quickly at certain points.  For example, during mission 7 where you must
take out DCI McCormack, I rushed to the evidence room, grabbed the pistol and
shot at him as fast as I could.  He ran off, I ducked into a room for cover
and started to kill cops as they ran into the room.  Almost a minute later, he
McCormack can be heard talking as he was still standing and talking to the
other cop.  In short, these conversations are purely executed and Team Soho
should have allowed for players who play fast - rather than slow as expected.

@ Floating Stairs
This was a freak occurence I noticed, but thought it was a one-off so didn't
mention, and then Lasse Kleive Lien emailed me with the same glitch so it's
obviously worth mentioning.  Outside of the art gallery, there are some stairs
leading down.  It is possible to walk down them and float in mid-air.  Turning
around and walking back around fixes this however.

@ Free-Roaming Interiors Bug?
Free-roam mode seems to cut-off certain areas unless you replay Frank's last
mission again - see Free Roaming area for more info.

-- I love blowin' things up! -------------------------------------------------

New for version 1.5 of the FAQ, a list of fun things to blow up and destroy or
just any things (there aren't that many.)  Please me if you know of any other
things in the game you can destroy...

@ Flat-liners
During the hospital level where Carter must protect Joe, you can go in the
individual rooms and destroy the blue machines, but best of all, shoot a
patient and the life support machine gives the 'flat-line' noise.  Hohoho!

@ Balloons
Found mainly in the hospital in the wards, these don't go pop but kind of fall
to pieces.  Most odd.

@ TV Sets
Find a TV set and shoot it.  There's only ever crap re-runs on the box anyway.

@ DJ, Stop.
Shoot the decks in the Yardie crackhouse and the music stops.

@ Walls
Some walls can be shot through which knocks the plaster off them.  The Brothel
and Crackhouse are two such places.

@ Explosive Containers

Come in red and orange varities.  Shoot the container, wake the explosion.

@ Fire Extinguishers
Shoot once, wait for gas to spread around the room a little and shoot it
again.  Guaranteed satisfication everytime.

@ Spillage
Shoot those water containers (coolers ?) you find in offices and the water
pours out.  Shoot the beer crates and beer drains from them.

@ Tyres
Always satisfying when they get shot - unless of course those tyres are
currently connected to your vehicle.  Shoot the tyres of moving vehicles and
watch them skid out of control... often right into you.

@ Oil Lamps
Found in Republic Restaurant in Soho.  During mission 2, these set the fire
alarm off.  In free-roam mode, they catch fire for a little while but nothing
else happens.

@ Glass, windows etc
Car windows and certain windows of some buildings can be shot and smashed.
Glass bottles can also be shot to pieces.

@ Car Engines
Shoot the engine and after the black smoke pours out, the car catches fire.

@ Heavy Weaponry.
The Armoured transport can fire explosive rounds which destroys other cars and
pedestrians.  Great fun, but the game will only allow 2-3 explosions on screen
at once so the fun is somewhat limited.

@ People
Shooting people is boring, but watching them fry when you explode a fire-
extinguisher near them is always a laugh to watch.

@ Car Lift Controls
In the chopshop in Southwark, there's a car on a car lift.  Shooting either of
the controls next to it results in the car tumbling back down to earth. Rather
strangely, shooting the other control box afterwards makes the car shoot up
almost instantaneously, then fall back to earth again.

@ Computer screens
Go mental in Snow Hill station, first floor - there's tons of them.

@ Glass Tables
In the Touch of Class nightclub in Soho, the glass tables can be shot to
pieces.  Also note that the gangsters kick these over (presumably to take
cover, but the tables break so easily you wonder why they bother.)

@ Surveillance Cameras
Find a camera (such as the one in the evidence room in Snow Hill) and shoot


Section 17 >> Credits and thanks

Phew, that took quite a long while to type all that.  But I might as well give
out some thanks...

Team Soho - For making The Getaway.
SCEE - For releasing it.

Gamefaqs.com for their terrific site (and for hosting this FAQ)

Everyone on the Gamefaqs board who has had something useful I could add to
this very first version of the guide.

Some of the names and the majority of the controls I've obtained from the
Getaway's manual.

Cars - Many I've obtained through reading messageboard discussions, others
I've looked up on the net by going to car enthusiast sites.
Also just gone to www.thegetaway.co.uk and used it to fill in the blanks of a
few car names.
Also thanks to 'Mark' who pointed out about the Yardie's Brabus, the MR2 and
some other useful things.  And to Razo for his information on the Rover P6 and
various vans.  Xpazeman provided the location of the TVR, Lotus and Kart.
Thanks to Paul Evans for the Rover P6 link.  Razo also is credited for a few
names, and he pointed out on the Gamefaqs board that the Lotus Elise is infact
the new M250, which makes more sense because I'd never seen an Elise that
looked like that.

Phil Brunford pointed out another location for the crowbar.  Thanks to all six
thousand others who offered places where they'd seen it too.

Cheats taken from Gamewinners.com and the various messageboards where people
have been spreading them around.

Thanks to Rob (Roy?) McGregor for his numerous bugs and other things that I
probably have forgotten to include.  I also used his guide to find the Golf
Cart and Espirt.

Thanks to CoyotesRUs123 for reminding me about a left/right side of the road
error when locating the Armoured car.

Thanks to those who have emailed me with information, their names can be found
where the information they supplied is typed.  Many people have made valid
submissions, but I've only credited the first person to make each useable
one.  If I've missed anyone else out, my apologies.



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