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Is this possibly as good as Goldeneye on N64? 01/23/02 AlphaX
The Misfire 10/02/02 Art
Bond is back ...... and with style! 01/09/02 Ash_
This game should not be set "under fire" 01/07/03 BAdB0i87
A disappointment 09/08/02 BannedUser07
My name is Bond. James Bond...but not the Agent. 05/16/05 Computerbug8
A cheesy spy movie in game form 07/16/04 Critic Man
007...You have 1 objective: READ THIS NOW! 02/07/02 da maphier man
A movie theme in an arcade game 11/20/01 Dark Evil
Great game, but lacks 1-player value... 01/18/02 DaviO
Oh thank heaven..........for 007!!! 04/05/02 DBZserpent
A good game, but flawed 02/25/02 Elias26
This game is under serious fire, watch out! 12/10/01 fantasyfan
007's PS2 debut is one I'm very "Bond" of... 04/25/04 JFinlay
As good as Nightfire.. 02/04/03 KasketDarkfyre
A really good game with a few flaws 07/20/02 LoveFist VC
The best game under James Bond franchise since Goldeneye 03/24/02 MaoTheGreat
Bond is back and better than ever! 11/28/01 Ml007
A short and sweet game. 12/01/01 T Dog
Nothing too revolutionary but still a damn fun game 11/26/01 TerranRedneck
“Could Have Had Capabilities, But Lost Them (sadly)” 04/18/03 WelshPride
Play it on the Nintendo 64 instead. 05/21/06 wets_niarb
A great game, but not up to the style of Goldeneye. 12/11/01 WooBarb
It isn't the worst Bond game in the world, but it isn't the best either.... 03/27/02 Wrestlingfanatic
Agent Under Fire remains faithful to past Bond games, but also has some very noticable flaws. 11/17/01 Xkefka3X
Definately not worth the $50 02/16/03 YanaMan

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