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    FAQ/Walkthrough by Ml007

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    Current Version: FINAL - 1/4/03
    James Bond is 007 in...
       /  \                                            |
      /    \        ----       ------       ----      -|---
     /------\      /    |      |-----     |/    \      |
    /        \     \----|      |-----     |      |     |-/
    |       |                           |
    |       |                           |
    |       |        ----       --------|     ------      ----
    |       |      |/    \      |       |     |-----    |/
     \-----/       |      |     |-------|     |------   |
    |          o         ----     ------
    |          |       |/         |-----
    |          |       |          |------
    James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire - Playstation 2
    By: Luke Fritz
    GameFAQ's Username: Ml007
    Copyright 2002 - Luke Fritz
    E-mail: LukeFritz@aol.com
    This is my first FAQ so if you need some clarification or have some suggestions
    just e-mail me or AIM me at LukeFritz@aol.com. Do not e-mail me to ask if
    I know any codes, because there are none. Also, do not e-mail me to ask if
    there are secret levels or different endings. There are none. This FAQ
    contains almost everything you could possibly want to know about AUF. I have
    beaten the game on 00 Agent and have all of the medals. You can also post
    in my help topic on GameFAQs.com. This FAQ may be used by anyone as long as
    credit is given to me, the FAQ is in its complete form, it is not used for
    profit, and you contact me first before using it. So far, here are the sites
    that are allowed to use my FAQ. If you find that anyone else has it, please
    e-mail me.
    Some of the material found in this FAQ is other people's. I take no credit
    for their work. Credit is given where credit is due. I would like to thank
    all the people who helped me create this FAQ. Hope that you find this useful!
    Version 1.0: 1/19/02 - Original FAQ. Includes: Game Information and
    Characters, Controls, Level Walkthroughs, Bond Moves, 007 icons, Gold Reward
    Tips & Tricks, and Multiplayer Tips & Tricks. I will try to get more Level
    Walkthroughs done soon.
    Version 1.1: 1/20/02 - Minor updates, mainly so that the FAQ is easier to
    veiw online.
    Version 1.2: 1/21/02 - Fixed (hopefully) that god-awful title, add some more
    information on Bond Moves and 007 Icons. Also gave the FAQ a different format,
    added a few touches, and listed sites that can have this FAQ.
    Version 1.3: 1/22/02 - Added weapons descriptions, and some multiplayer tips
    & tricks. Also updated sites which can use this FAQ.
    Version 1.4: 1/28/02 - Completed two more walkthroughs, for Cold Reception
    and Evil Summit. Also made general updates and asked for help with more
    Version 1.5: 2/5/02 - WOW. This update is so massive it is unbeliveable. I
    added a level walkthrough for Night of the Jackal, a new section dedicated
    to finding hard to obtain 007 Icons, fixed a ton of spelling errors, added
    some more multiplayer tips and tricks, and updated sites which can post this
    FAQ. Sorry for the delay in the update, but I had a ton of stuff to work on.
    The next update should be in a week or so.
    Version 1.6: 3/3/02 - Well it has been a little more than a week hasn't it?
    I added two more walkthroughs. One for Streets of Bucharest and one for
    Mediterranean Crisis. Also added some more reader tips. Sorry for not
    updating for a while, I have been very busy. But I will finish this FAQ! Only
    three more levels to go!
    Version 1.7: 3/10/02 - One week since the last update. This update includes
    another level walkthrough, this one is for Forbidden Depths. Thanks to Wally
    Stiehm for the walkthrough. Only two more left to do!
    Version FINAL: 1/4/03 - Finally finished this FAQ, way overdue. Thanks to
    Max for the help and everyone else that contributed. This FAQ is DONE!
    Table of Contents:
    1. Game Information, Characters, and Weapons
    2. Controls
    3. Level Walkthroughs (Some are just FAQ's right now)
            A. Trouble in Paradise
            B. Precious Cargo
            C. Dangerous Pursuit
            D. Bad Diplomacy
            E. Cold Reception
            F. Night of the Jackal
            G. Streets of Bucharest
            H. Fire & Water (Just FAQ)
            I. Forbidden Depths
            J. Poseidon (Just FAQ)
            K. Mediterranean Crisis
            L. Evil Summit
    4. Bond Moves (from Ellefan)
    5. 007 Icons (from Palador)
    6. Gold and Platinum Points and Rewards
    7. Gold Reward Tips & Tricks
    8. Tips for for difficult 007 Icons
    9. Multiplayer Tips & Tricks (from the readers!)
    1.              Game Information, Characters, and Weapons
             007: Agent Under Fire is the first Bond game for Playstation 2. Many
    online sites have given this game bad grades, but I think it is the sleeper
    game of the year. Good graphics, OK gameplay, and great multiplayer. It is
    definitely a buy, not a rent, I suggest that you try it if you haven't already.
    The plot is a typical Bond one, I will just leave it at that. Now onto the
    Good Guys
    James Bond- Duh, the famous 007, main character in the game.
    Zoe Nightshade- Woman CIA agent, also has an evil clone. 'Partners' with Bond.
    Q- The famous gadget man. Gives Bond all of his fancy electronic gear. R is
    his successor.
    R- Gives Bond Q's gear. Talks to Bond during missions.
    M- Head of MI6. Bond works directly for her.
    Natalya Damescu- Woman who gives Bond information on the evil deeds of
    Bad Guys
    Adrian Malprave- The main antagonist. She is the head of Malprave Industries.
    Nigel Bloch- Malprave's main henchman. Has a double.
    The Twins- Identical twins who work for Malprave. One asks Bond to "Enjoy
    the view."
    Carla The Jackal- Woman who works for Malprave. She "falls" for Bond.
    Reginald Griffin- Works for Malprave. Has a double. Had a setback in Hong
            Most of these weapon descriptions are from Kyleman, who got the from
    the AUF booklet, courtesy of EA. I modified the descriptons a bit, and added
    the driving and rail guns, but most of this is Kyleman's work. Thanks Kyleman!
    Wolfram P2K: Designed to be the next generation of sidearm for the German
    police, this pistol sports a compact design and smooth single-action firing
    mechanism. The P2K fires special lightweight 9mm bullets. While not the most
    powerful rounds in Bond's world, they allow for rapid and precise firing.
    Bond's Wolfram P2K can be fitted with a silencer that screws into the barrel.
    Press select to arm the silencer.
    Windsor Viper: This large, stainless steel pistol delivers a .44 magnum
    bullet with a tremendous stopping power. The Windsor is limited by a heavy
    recoil, which reduces its rate of fire.
    IAC Defender: Developed for the Israeli military, the IAC fires the
    powerful .44 Magnum round at a steady rate of fire, thanks to a gas-powered
    blowback system. It's a powerful weapon, but the accuracy isn't that great.
    Dartgun: For special missions, R provides this gas powered pistol capable
    of firing non-lethal darts. Use this weapon to immoblize innocent guards in
    the Night of the Jackal level.
    Golden Gun: This special pistol is given as a reward for exceptional service
    in your first mission. It has all of the advantages of the standard P2K, except
    that it's more powerful. In multiplayer, the golden gun is capable of taking
    an opponent down in one shot.
            Submachine guns:
    Koffler & Stock KS7: Developed for German border patrols, the Koffler & Stock
    KS7 is an inexpensive lightweight machine gun, found in great numbers
    throughout the world. It's low firepower, poor accuracy, and small clip size
    make it effective only at close range.
    Ingalls Type 20: Orginally designed for urban police use, the Ingalls Type
    20 never achived popularity because of its poor accuracy. It immediately
    caught on with the criminal underworld, where it's lack of finesse was viewed
    as an advantage rather than liability. Compared to the KS7, the Ingalls has
    a higher rate of fire and a larger clip size.
    Calypso P-750: The large-capacity cylindrical magazine gives the Calypso
    P-750 an unusual look, but it carries more rounds than any other submachine
    gun. An additional grip gives it great accuracy than the Ingalls or the KS7,
    and a high rate of fire makes it a formidable weapon.
    Munitions Belgique PS100: Built for the Belgian military, the PS100 features
    a dorsal magazine that holds more rounds than the Ingalls or KS7. Is's
    superior rate of fire makes the PS100 the most lethal submachine gun in the
    Kazakovich KA-57: The most recognizable assault rifle in the world, the KA-57
    was developed for the soviet infantry during the Cold War. It's a sturdy rifle
    with low stopping power and a slow rate of fire, more accurate than a
    submachine gun, but lacking the punch of other assault rifles.
    Windsor FSU-4: A version of the US Army's standard-issue assault rifle, the
    windsor FSU-4 offers a decent rate of fire and accuracy with the added benefit
    of a grenade launcher. Press select to switch to it.
    Meyer-Westlicher UGW: While other nations preferred steel and aluminum alloy
    weapons, the Austrian Army realized the possibilities of designs based on
    plastics. The UGW features a good rate of fire and excellent accuracy, aided
    by a 3x scope.
    Koffler & Stock D17: This revolutionary design from Koffler & Stock may change
    weapons forever. The D17 fires caseless ammunition which increases the
    weapons accuracy. With a high rate of fire and a powerful 4x scope, the D17
    ensures considerable firepower on a target with a high degree of accuracy.
    Hand Attack: Your hand to hand combat training allows you to deliver a
    devastating knockout blow with your bare hands. In certain situations, a
    single strike can take down an opponent.
    Frinesi Special 12: Used by police forces around the world, this 12-gauge
    combat shotgun has limited range but tremendous firepower. In multiplayer
    press select to make an automatic shotgun.
    SWZ SSR4000: A bolt-action rifle, the SSR4000 can deliver powerful rounds
    accuratly and at great ditances. A single shot from the SSR4000 neutralizes
    almost any opponent, and in addition, the SSR4000 has the power to penetrate
    armored helicopter glareshields. Press select to access the more powerful
    Grenades: Grenades can be used to attack opponents while taking cover.
    MRL-22: This compact, shoulder-launched weapon fires unguided rockets that
    deliver tremendous firepower. Accuracy is not a premium to the MRL-22, since
    collateral damage ensures neutralization of any nearby opponents. In
    multiplayer press select, it allows MRL-22 to shoot guided rockets. The
    rocket tracks your targeting cursor until it hits a solid object.
            Driving Weapons: (Rail levels)
    CH-6: This rocket launcher projects unguided missiles wherever you point it.
    KA-57S: The S stands for "scope." With the scope attachment, this rifle
    becomes a fine weapon for accurate long-distance shooting.
    Shotgun: This 12-gauge weapon features pump-action relaoding. It can also
    operate as a long-distance weapon, but with greatly diminished
    RCH-1: User-guided rockets. When launched, the veiw switches to that of the
    rocket until it impacts the target.
            Driving Weapons: (In the car)
    Machine Guns: All MI6 vehicles come equipped with standard, forward mounted
    machine guns. These have unlimited ammunition, but are by no means the most
    accurate weapon in your arsenal.
    Rockets: These forward firing projectiles have no guidance systems, so use
    with caution. (Yeah right).
    Missiles: Vehicle mounted missiles that will lock onto the nearest target.
    Allow sufficient time for target to lock before firing!
    2.                             Controls
    Regular Controls-
    X- Fire
    Circle- Use Gadget
    Square- Action
    Triangle- Jump
    R1- Strafe Right
    R2- Manual Aim
    L1- Strafe Left
    L2- Kneel
    Control Pad Up/Down- Choose Weapon
    Control Pad Left/Right- Choose Gadget
    Right Analog- Look Up or Down
    Left Analog - Move Around
    Start- Menu
    Select- Secondary Fire
    Driving Controls-
    X- Accelerate
    Circle- Handbrake
    Square- Brake
    Triangle- Change View
    R1- Fire
    R2- Change Weapon
    L1- Fire Machine Gun
    L2- Look Behind
    Rail Controls-
    X- Fire
    Square- Action
    Control Pad Up/Down- Change Weapon
    R2- Manual Aim
    L2- Turn 180 Degrees
    Right Analog- Look Around
    Left Analog- Look Around
    3.                        Level Walkthroughs
            These walkthroughs are for just beating the levels, not getting the
    rewards/medals. The walkthroughs are designed for Agent difficulty. I need
    help completing these so if you can help me do an in-depth walkthrough for
    any level that I have not fully covered yet, then e-mail me at
    LukeFritz@aol.com. Hope these walkthroughs help you out!
            A. Level 1: Trouble In Paradise
            OK this level is so easy that I doubt anyone will need help on it
    but here goes.
            There are two ways to get into the facility.
            The 1st way is to go up on the top using the Q-Claw. Switch to the
    Q-Claw and claw up to the top. Then turn to your right and go down the walkway.
    At the end of the walkway drop down, kneel, and then drop down again, behind
    the guard typing on the computer. Kill him then turn 180 and go forward until
    you get into the next room.
            The 2nd way is to use your Q-Decryptor on the main door in front of
    you at the start. When you go in, you will be caught on camera, the alarm
    goes off, but it doesn't really matter. Turn right and go use the Q-Decryptor
    on the door in front of you. Kill the guard in front of you, then go straight
    into the next room.
            Now you are in the same place if you go either way to get in. Turn
    right and go into the elevator. Press action and then the game loads a new
    room. As you "wake up" shoot the guard in front of you, as you descend. He
    is behind a desk. Get out of the elevator, pick up the guards ammo and then
    turn right, go up the steps, and use your Q-Laser to break the lock and open
    the doors. Go straight until you get a cutscene showing the guards running
    behind cover and then showing a car with a barrel on the back. Obviously from
    the cutscene, shoot the barrel on the back of the car. You will kill all of
    the guards. Now go down the ramp, collect their ammo, and continue down the
    ramp on the right. Kill the guard hiding behind the box on the right, and
    advance until you get the cutscene showing you the guards coming down the
    hall and the body armor. Kill the guards (there are around four), get the
    body armor and advance down the hall where the guards came from. You will
    stop, as the game loads a new room.
            When you wake up you are facing a room with plants and red and blue
    lights. As you go into the room, the lights will turn off, leaving you in
    the dark. In the right corner there is a guy throwing grenades, be sure to
    take him out first. Kill all the other guards in the room. Be sure to duck
    behind the rows of plants to avoid being shot. When you get out of that portion
    of the room, turn left, there is a guy with a shotgun behind a box. Take him
    out, and get the body armor behind the box. Then turn around and get the
    briefcase on the shelf on the right, containing the vials you are looking
    for. Open the door and the game pauses to load the final room.
            As you wake up, go up the stairs to the next level. To your right
    is the next set of stairs. Go up the stairs and advance. Shoot the sniper
    on the platform across from you. The game will play a cutscene which is the
    sniper dying in a crappy way ;). When you get to the main area, the game will
    play another cutscene.
            As the cutscene ends, there are two ways to get to the other side.
    Go to the right (where the sniper was). Pick up his gun and you can test it
    out right there or you can move along. Once you get to the far side, there
    will be stairs leading down. Take them and go straight at the bottom. You
    will probably heard one of the guards spot you, but don't worry, it doesn't
    matter. Go into the elevator and press action.
            When you get out, go forward, turn left, and then go forward again,
    then turn right and go through the opening. Now, there is a guy hiding behind
    the boxes in front of you. There is also a guy to your left, also behind some
    boxes. Kill them and then advance. There is body armor on the wall to your
    left. Kill guards until you are close to the corner. Then shoot the barrels
    to kill the rest. Advance again, and Zoe (the girl) will say something like
    "Watch out, its a trap James." A guard will come out around the next corner.
    Kill him and then turn around the corner (to your right). Two guards will
    come out of the elevator. Kill them and then advance, until you can go onto
    the walkway to the sub (on your right). Go down the walkway and go to Zoe.
    Go around the other side of her and use your Q-Laser to cut through the chain
    holding her to the sub and then presto!
                               *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: How do you get the armory keycard?
            A: Use the 1st method of getting in, once you drop behind the guard,
    use your fists to kill him. He will leave the keycard on the desk.
            B. Level 2: Precious Cargo
            This level is rail level, meaning that you don't control where you
    are going. So I will just tell you what to shoot. Remember always to use the
    machine gun that you start with, except where I tell you to use the rocket
            At the start, turn to your left. Zoe (who is driving) will say "Watch
    out for that helicopter!" Sure enough a helicopter comes over the ridge to
    your left. Shoot the guy hanging off the side for a Bond Move, then shoot
    down the 'copter. Next, turn back forward and shoot the helicopter ahead.
    It shoots missiles, so get it out of the way quickly. When you do that, soon
    after where the 'copter was, Zoe says "They are right behind us." By now you
    should think, note to self - listen to Zoe. Because she basically tells you
    what to do. Anyway, turn around and a car races up to pursue you. You can
    do one of two things to cars that have people shooting at you.
            The first way is to shoot the tires out on the cars, they spin out
    of control and they can't follow you. I recommend this version, rather than
    the second, because it isn't that hard (but it is harder than the second
    version), it gets rid of the cars (the second way doesn't) and it gives you
    Bond Moves. The second way to take out cars is to shoot the guy that pops
    out of the sunroof or to shoot the car until it explodes. This isn't that
    hard but people keep on appearing out of the car and it takes lots of time.
    Back to the walkthrough.
            Shoot the car behind you after the helicopter. After that Zoe will
    say "They're right in front of us!" And they are once again she is right.
    There is an armored van in front of you. Shoot the tires out (you can't blow
    it up). As you progress through the next part of the level be sure to spin
    180 all the time, so that you can check the cars around you. Pretty soon Zoe
    will say "James, there is a roadblock ahead" and then Bond says "Turn left
    here, Zoey!" You will turn into an alley. Straight ahead is a guy with a rocket
    launcher. Take him out and then you stop, as they have set a trap for you.
            There are three different places that people are located. Left, Right,
    and Straight. Shoot the barrels around the roadblocks. The way out is to the
    right, but if you want to have fun shoot all the barrels, and see a lot of
    explosions. After you get out of the trap, turn 180 degrees. A limo is chasing
    behind you. Shoot it, and any other cars behind you. Then turn forward and
    shoot the guy on the sidewalk around the next corner. Coming up is a big
            Switch to the rocket launcher. Shoot the gas station and it should
    blow up. Then shoot the helicopter. After that Zoe will say "Those cars are
    in the way!" Look to your left and blow up the cars in the way. Zoe then says
    "That's gotta hurt!" Ahead is the factory.
            Shoot the guys (with the machine gun) outside the factory as you go
    in. Once you stop inside the factory, shoot everyone on the left and above
    you to advance. As you advance, shoot the guys with rocket launchers ahead
    of you on the walkway. Also, shoot the guy on the right, next to the fan.
    As you get out of that room, you are in the last room.
            As you come to a stop, get rid of a lot of the guys by shooting the
    barrels to your left. Once you have killed everyone, shoot the blinking red
    light to your right. It moves the crane load under the target. Then shoot
    the red block on the crane to drop the load on the target and then it is:
                               *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: Why does Zoe tell me everything? Kind of makes it pointless.
            A: If you want to not know everything that is coming your way, then
    put it on 00 agent and the game will not tell you everything.
            C. Level 3: Dangerous Pursuit
            It would be impossible to guide you through this entire level,
    because there are many different roads to take. But I can tell you what you
    need to do.
            At the start, go straight. Follow the road and enjoy the great
    graphics until you get to the roadblock ahead. Then use your rockets to shoot
    the barrels on the left of the two cars. This blows everything up. It is also
    a Bond Move. Keep on following the road. When you get into the tunnel shoot
    the barrel ahead to blow everything up again, again getting a Bond Move. After
    you get out of the tunnel it is up to you. I suggest that you take the road
    to the left, and keep left until you get the Q-Booster in the middle of the
    road. Then look at your radar in the top right of the screen. It will show
    you a green dot on the top. That is where you have to head. Take any roads
    (it doesn't matter which) to get to the dot on the radar.
            Once you catch up to the dot (which is the van you have to disable)
    follow it until you feel that you are close enough that you can use the
    Q-Booster the get close to the van. Use the Q-Pulse when you are very close
    to the van (almost touching it). The Q-Pulse takes a second or two to charge,
    then it triggers and disables anything that touches it. You might have to
    use the Q-Pulse twice, so be sure to pick up any that are in your path along
    the way to the van. When you disable the van, it is then
                               *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: I can't get close enough to the van, what do I do?
            A: Use any Q-Booster that you can find to catch up.
            FAQ: How do I switch to the Q-Pulse?
            A: Use R2 to switch weapons AND gadgets in driving mode. Use R1 to
    set the Q-Pulse off. Remember, it takes time to trigger.
            D. Level 4: Bad Diplomacy
            This level you can't kill the guards, so you have to use the Dart
    Gun for the entire level. If you run out of ammo, just use your fists until
    you can get some more. Be sure to not let the guards see you, because if they
    do they will run away from you and sound the alarm, ending the level.
            At the start, there is one guard walking in front of you. Shoot him
    with the dart gun before he sees you and sounds the alarm. Then advance forward.
    Go to your left down the hall. Follow the hall. You will see an elevator to
    your right, go past it for the moment. Around the corner, shoot the guard
    walking down the hall away from you and then go into the room to the left
    of where you killed the guard. Get the darts, next to the desk in the left
    corner of the room. Once you get the darts then go back to the elevator, get
    in and press action to go up to the next level.
            Once you get out of the elevator, turn left and go down the hall until
    you meet up with the guard in this area. Get rid of him and then turn around
    and go back where you came from. This time go to the right of the elevator
    and go through the doors at the end of the hall. When you open the door, make
    your way through the kitchen until you make a noise, by knocking some bottles
    over. A cutscene will play, it shows a guard hearing the noise and turning
    towards the room. Quickly go to the door where the cutscene played and kill
    the guard as he turns around. Then look forwards and shoot the guard walking
    in front of you, down the hall. Advance down the hall. There are some lasers
    on the floor. The lasers set off alarms if you touch them. Use your Q-Specs
    to see the control panel in the wall. Open it and then use your Q-Laser to
    disable it. You can do this with any lasers.   Defeat the guard ahead, and
    then turn around. There is a guard outside the window. Shoot him and then
    turn around again. Go to the end of the hall and use your Q-Specs to see a
    secret door on your left. This has ammo and body armor in it. Get the goods
    and then go back to the open window and jump outside. A cutscene plays. Use
    the Q-claw to go up to Griffin's Quarters. Drop down to the ground.
            Walk through the window on your left. Then walk forward until you
    see a door on your right. Open it to play the cutscene of Malprave and get
    the keycard to open Griffin's off. Then walk forward until you see the first
    door on the left. Enter the door and get the dart ammo. Then turn around and
    use the keycard on the door in front of you. The cutscene plays. You see that
    Griffin has an evil clone, and you have to fight him.
            When you 'wake up' you will be facing the clone. Shoot him twice
    anywhere with the dart gun. Pick up the password generator that he leaves
    on the ground and head back towards the window. Go to the computer on the
    desk and press the action button. You will finish an objective. Now you just
    have to get out.
            Go back to where you killed Griffin. Right behind where you defeated
    him is another door. Use the keycard to go through it. A guard is just below
    you, to the left, around the glass cases. Shoot him, then go on down the hall.
    There is a laser that moves up and down. Just use your Q-Specs and Q-Laser
    again to disable it. Shoot the guard in front of you, walking down the hall.
    Walk past the elevator and shoot the guard at the end of the hall, then turn
    around and head back to the elevator. Enter it and press action.
            Once the elevator opens, turn left and walk down the hall. Go through
    the door at the end, where you originally came in. Then go up to the doors
    straight across from you.  There is a guard at the door when it opens. If
    you have any ammo left you can shoot him, or you can just run by him to end
    the level.
                                *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: I run out of darts and the guards always run away when I try
    to hit them. What should I do?
            A: Try to sneak up behind them and strike fast, don't wait.
            Level 5: Cold Reception
            To beat this level, try staying inside vents, sniping people with
    head shots. Don't alert the guards, they will set off alarms, bringing in
    lots of people and making the level much harder.
            OK, here goes. You start out in the reception room, just after talking
    to the twins for the first and last time. To get out of the room, go up the
    stairs to the desk on the right of you when you start. Press action on the
    blinking green button next to the computer, and the door opens. If you press
    either one of the other buttons, then they open doors with guards behind them.
    As a cool extra (that I found out myself) you can go up to the piano in the
    starting room and press action and it plays the Bond Theme.
            As you go through the door on the right, there is a vent ahead and
    a door on the right at the end of the hallway. Take the vent, by using the
    Q-Laser to break the lock. Go into the vent and look to the right, through
    the next vent that looks into the room. Put the silencer on the gun and kill
    the guard in the room. Now turn left and continue down the vent until you
    reach the next room. Kill the two guards in here from the vent. Across from
    you is another vent. You need to go into it, but not right now. Get out of
    the vent and go right, into the room where you just killed the guard from
    the vent. Go over to the the blue drawing, across the room from the vent.
    Get your Q-Camera out and photograph the drawing.
            Turn around and go into the vent which you saw from the first vent.
    There is one guard walking around the next room, so snipe him and then get
    out of the vent. Go into the room in which the guard was in and photograph
    the yellowish document. Now turn right and press action on the picture of
    the tiwns. It opens up to reveal body armor, a rocket launcher, and a shotgun.
    Turn around now, and go staight. Open the door, and then go down the hallway.
    You can see an elevator ahead but don't go over to it. There is a guard waiting
    to your right. Rush around the corner and take him out. Facing the same way
    (the elevator to your left) go down the hall that the guard was in. On the
    bookcase to your right is a keycard. Pick it up and then go to the elevator
    and get in.
            As you go down the elevator, get ready to shoot once the door opens.
    When the elevator opens, shoot the guard across from you. Now advance and
    turn left. Go through the door in front of you. turn to your left and go down
    the stairs. This is the maiframe area. Go straight across to the other side
    and turn left. Kill the guard walking here and then go back to the stairs.
    Facing the stairs, turn right and go staight until you can see the guard ahead.
    Kill him and now you have to turn off the alarm, using the keycard you got
    on the boookcase upstairs.
            Use the keycard on the computer on the right of the mainframe room,
    straight ahead and to the left a little from the stairs. It disables the alarm.
    Now to get out of the room. Use your Q-Decryptor on the three spots on the
    green walls of the room to open the door on the far side.
            Go over to the doot on the far side, diagonal on the left from the
    stairs. Open it by pressing the green blinking button to the left of the door.
    Now follow the hallway until you get to an elevator. Press action on the
    blinking green button to go down.
            After the game loads the next part to the level, get off the elevator
    and follow the hallway until you get a cutscene, showing you a spot to use
    your Q-Claw. Q-Claw up, then duck into the vent. Now here is the tricky part.
    This room that you are now in is huge and has a ton of guards. If they set
    off the alarm then you have to find a different way out. But it is not that
            Before I start you have to know that here are mant different ways
    to get around this room, and if the guards set off the alarm it doesn't matter,
    you just have to get out a different way.
            Look down on the grate opening in the floor of the vent that you are
    in. Go across it and then look through it. Wait for a guard to come. You have
    to act fast once you see him because they can, for some stupid reason, see
    you in the vent. Shoot the guard then turn around and drop down out of the
    vent. Now turn around and go up the stairs. Take the guards ammo and go look
    for other guards to shoot. Turn right and go into the huge cavern, that is
    fenced off in the middle. Kill any guards that you see in this room and then
    quickly turn to your right and go into the next room. Kill any guards you
    find here, so that there are now no more guards If the guards did not sound
    the alarm then go through the open blast door into the next room. If the alarm
    DID sound, go up the ladder near the blast door, facing the wall.
            If you went through the blast door: Kill the sniper ahead of you,
    and then turn right and go down the stairs. Kill everyone on the bottom by
    blowing up the barrels, but don't go down there. Turn left and go into the
    room ahead, up the stairs. Shoot the guard here, and then download the program
    that is flashing green on the wall with your Q-Remote. Now re-trace your steps,
    going up the stairs and going past where the sniper was. Follow the catwalk
    to the door, where you download the program from your Q-Remote to open the
            Once you open the door, be ready to fight. There are two super thugs
    that you have to fight. I suggest using the shotgun, which should kill them
    in two shots. Kill the thug in front of you, and then go foward and turn left
    and kill the second thug. Now turn right and shoot the guard behind the open
    door. Now advance quickly and take out the sniper to the left of you, across
    the area. Now go right and go into the room. Go up the ladder on the right
    of the room to get up to the tram line. Once you get off the ladder, turn
    left and go over to the hook. Press the action button and then watch Bond
    ride down the tram line to a nice getaway.
                               *MISSION COMPLETE*
            Level 6: Night of the Jackal
            Wow, this level rules. One of my favorite levels in the game to be
    sure. The level is also pretty tough the first time through, so follow the
    walkthrough word for word.
            As you start out, don't go forward immidiatly. Know your surroundings
    - look around. Once you advance, a bus will pass by infront of you, and crash
    into the front gates of the embassy. Now the chaos starts. Basically, there
    are terrorists all around you. You have to shoot and move fast during this
    portion of the level. In the same alley as you started out in, there is body
    armor in a shop. Break the window and jump in to get it if you need it. Now
    onto the terrorists.
            Straight in front of you at the start, way down across the road, two
    terrorists are behind a building, waitng for you to come. Shoot both of them
    and then turn right and shoot the guy with grenades. Now advance in the same
    direction, and shoot the two terrorists behind the fountain. DO NOT SHOOT
    ANYONE INSIDE THE EMBASSY GATES! If you do, about five terrorists will turn
    around and start wasting you. To get past the sniper, you can either just
    run past in an area where the laser beam isn't close to, or shoot the sniper
    until he dies. If you go straight into the alley ahead, there is a shot gun
    and body armor in the shop windows. Get these, and then turn around and go
    out of the alley, and then turn left. Advance and then turn left. Advance
    again, and then shoot the guy in front of you. Get his ammo and then go right,
    under the arch.
            There are two more guards that will attack you once you get past the
    arch. They come from opposite sides, so my suggestion would be to get behind
    cover and kill the terrorists one at a time. Once you have killed them both,
    advance until you are under the ledge on the right, so the sniper can't see
    you. Now look up and advance into the snipers veiw. Shoot him fast, so he
    can't get a shot off. Once you have killed him, use your Q-Claw to grapple
    up to the ledge above you, on the side of the building. Now jump over to the
    balcony where the sniper was, and get his gun. Face outwards, and Q-Claw over
    to the building you just jumped from. Once you land on the ledge, follow it
    to the right around a corner and into the safehouse. If you can't do this,
    you can always break in through the windows.
            Once you are in the safehouse, go forward and to the right. There
    are two doors. The one on the right is locked, so go to the left and into
    the bathroom. Advance until the cutscene plays (Yeah baby!)
            Once the cutscene ends, advance through the shower and around the
    corner to the back balcony. Use your Q-Claw to get across to the embassy.
    Once you Q-Claw across, turn to your left and go forward until you fall off
    the roof. Once you have landed turn around, go up the stairs, and turn left.
    Use the Q-Card that R gave you to open the door. Go inside and the game stops
    to load a new room.
            Once you start playing again, get the body armor under the stairs
    if you need it and then go up the stairs. Follow the walkway until you get
    to the door. Now get ready to fight and save some hostages.
            Open the door with your gun ready and wait until a hostage comes
    running out of the room directly in front of you. Shoot the terrorist that
    is holding her hostage, and then turn left. Go forward, but don't advance
    around the corner yet. Ariound the corner is a hostage andf a terrorist.
    Quickly take the terrorist out, and then advance forward to the final hostage
            In the room coming up, to your right, there are three terrorists and
    three hostages. If you wait long enough, the terrorists will say some cool
    things. The terrorists are in a room with glass all around, so just shoot
    through that. Kill the rightmost terrorist first, be sure not to hit any
    hostages. Now take out the other two, one is across from you and the other
    is tucked behind on the left. Once you are done killing all of them it should
    say objective complete. If it does not, then you need to go back. If it does,
    jump into the room with the three hostages, take the terrorists ammo and
    advance in to the next room.
            Behind the mainframe computer on the left is some body armor. Get
    it by going around on the closest wall to you, and coming back the same way.
    If you don't do this, it is OK, you will just get hurt by sparks a little.
            Go and advance into the hallway. Follow it until the window on the
    side blows open, to reveal a terrorist with greandes. Kill him and then
    advance down the the hallway again. Ahead of you is the kitchen from earlier
    in the game, but this time with a lot of angry terrorist inside...
            Actually, this room is easy. Open the door and kill the guy behind
    the bar ahead. Turn to the left and fire rapidly at the three guys here. If
    you need to, duck back behind the door it is bulletproof. Once you have killed
    every body in the room, go over to the body of the first terrorist that you
    killed sand pick up his ammo. Now go over to the right-most far corner. There
    are sniper rifle bullets here. Pick them up and the turn around and go forward.
    On the left side of the room is more sniper ammo. Pick it up and then go pick
    up all of the other guards ammo. Now get out of the kitchen, through the door
    on the left.
            Advance down the hallway until you get to the center part, with the
    burning elevator. Get ready to fight two guys as you advance around the corner.
    Shoot them both, one is hiding on the left, and one is to the right. Once
    they are dead and you have picked up their ammo, advance again. When you turn
    to right, into the rotunda, shoot the terrorist ahead. Now you have to find
    the escape route that M refers to.
            You don't even have to put on the Q-Specs. The escape route should
    be obvious to anyone who is English, and since I am half British, (but was
    born in the good old USA, still live in Portland, Oregon) I found this quite
    easy. The escape route is hidden behind the United Kingdom flag on the right
    of the rotunda. It is the first flag on the right, just a few feet from the
    doorway, and it is red, white, and blue. The red part is a cross. Once you
    find it, go up to it and press action on it. It opens up to reveal the secret
            Go into the room and then follow the route to the left. Talk to Natalya
    Damescu and get the ammo and armor to the right of the door. Then open the
    door with the Q-Card and stop, as the game loads the next room.
            The room you start out in is just before the boss. Once you start
    out, look up and shoot the barrels on the top walkway, since a terrorist is
    lurking there. Once you have killed him, go directly under where he was and
    pick up the body armor and ammo. Now you are ready for Carla the Jackal.
            Adavance into the next room with the sniper rilfe out. To kill Carla,
    use the sniper rifle to deal damage to her fast. Hide behind the boxes on
    the left. Shoot her in the head and shoot the barrels next to her on the left
    of the room, on the walkway that she is on. Once she moves over to the claw
    thing on the wall (three moves since the start) go over to the right of the
    room and press the green button, sending her to her death.
            Once you have killed her, go up the ladder on the left of the room.
    Follow the walkway and get the ammo that Carla dropped. At the end of the
    walkway is armor. To the left is the door to the final part of the level.
            Go up the stairs and open the door to reveal the helipad. Let the
    helicopter take off. Once it does, you can do one of two things to kill the
    helicopter coming out. The first (and the easiest, and more fun way in my
    opinion) is to man one of the four machine guns in each corner of the roof,
    and shoot down the helicopter once it comes up each time. You have to move
    each time the gun runs out of ammo. Man the gun by pressing action near it.
    Once the helicopter explodes the mission is over.
            OR, you can pull out your sniper rifle and shoot the helicopter pilot
    in the head, once he comes into sight. This method is harder, but faster.
    Once the pilot is hit, the helicopter will spin out of control and then crash
    into the embassy, and land near the door you came in from. Get away from this
    area, because you will die if the helicopter lands on you. The machine gun
    in the left corner close to the wall from the door you came in from is in
    range of the crash too. Go to the edge of the roof, if you want to be sure
    not to even be close to the crash. Once the helicoper crashes the level is
                              *MISSION COMPLETE*
            Level 7: Streets of Bucharest
            This level starts out with you in the car, then it changes in the
    middle to a tank (rail). Thanks to littleleo for the walktrough, basically
    the entire thing is his.
            Car Section
            OK. You start this level in your car on the streets. Head down the
    first road, following the arrow pointing you the way to the locator. On the
    way pick up the Q-slicks just a bit further down the road from the start of
    the level and try to get in front of a car chasing you and use the Q-slicks
    you just got to stop it and get a Bond Move. On your way to the train station
    pick up the missiles and rockets and any other pick-ups you come across.
            When you get to the train station avoid the armour unless you are
    very low on it. Go between the trains and pick up the locator, which is on
    the far side of the train station, and try and shoot down the two helicopters
    that are either side of the train track with missiles to get another bond
    move. If you haven't already got the armour get it now and leave the train
    station driving down the middle road. There is some armour on the way and
    some more missiles.
            During the journey to the next objective on your map, shoot the enemy
    vehicles that get in your way and a helicopter will shoot a hole in the bridge
    you originally came across. If you successfully jump it you will be rewarded
    with another Bond move and be one step closer to the chip. Continue to the
    chip and pick it up. Now carry on full speed through the tunnel ahead and
    you should go onto two wheels and get another bond move. If you want to get
    full enemy count then turn and kill both cars that where in your way. Then
    continue down the steps ahead and up a hill over a gap in the street. This
    will earn you the last bond move in the car section.
            Finally travel along the street a bit further until R contacts you.
    He will tell you about a Q-booster. Look out for it just before the park.
    If you miss it there is another one in the park. Now equip the Q-booster and
    head towards the big flight of stairs ahead. Use the Q-booster at the bottom
    of the stairs and you will go flying through the window of a tank storage
    building! Note: You have to be going full speed and engage the booster on
    the middle of the steps to make it over the river.
            Tank Section
            In this section you are on rails, as you were on mission 2 and you
    have to shoot the enemy vehicles with a chain gun or a cannon that is attached
    to the tank. I won't need to give directions for this section but just to
    say shoot everyone you see. A lot of the people have rocket launchers and
    if you are on a hard difficulty then you will get hurt quickly! The first
    Bond Move is in a closed area with blockades on every exit. Look to the right
    and shoot the barrels with your chain gun making sure not to hit any of the
    people, or you wont get the Bond move.
            Then turn to the right and destroy all the other blockades and then
    you will get moving again. Soon after you will see a helicopter fly in. Destroy
    it for another Bond move and then shoot the cars that chase you down again.
    A short time later there will be a cut scene with a bridge and cars blocking
    it and a helicopter hovering above it. For another Bond move shoot the
    helicopter until it explodes and destroys the bridge.
            Bond will then travel over the wrecked bridge and you will go into
    night vision mode. In this part shoot anything that is white, the people are
    standing on top of the buildings ahead of you. Only two vehicles will come
    during this bit. For the final Bond move you have to shoot a barrel that is
    next to a vehicle with a man standing to the left of it. You will see this
    when M contacts you and tells you that Malprave's men have commandeered a
    supply train. The barrel is to the left of the car next to the man.
            After the night vision goggles have worn out there will be another
    scene showing two tanks and a train above going across a bridge. To destroy
    the tanks you have to equip the cannon and shoot one of the red train
    compartments which will explode and crush the tanks.
            NOTE: To destroy the tanks you have to equip the cannon and shoot
    one of the red train compartments which will explode and crush the tanks.
    To defeat the tanks, you have to switch to the tanks cannon, by pressing down
    on the control pad, on the left of the controller, and then shoot one of the
    red fuel cars on the train going across the bridge. Be sure to aim slightly
    ahead of the red car, to give the shell time to get there. Once you do this
    it is
                            *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: How do I defeat the tanks at the end, under the bridge with the
            A: To defeat the tanks, you have to switch to the tanks cannon, by
    pressing down on the control pad, on the left of the controller, and then
    shoot one of the red fuel cars on the train going across the bridge. Be sure
    to aim slightly ahead of the red car, to give the shell time to get there.
            Level 8: Fire & Water
            This walktrough was made by Max, mchugg@ozemail.com.au. THANKS!
            Run along the pipes and up the first ladder. Turn right to find a
    guard. Shoot him and grab his ammunition. Climb the next ladder, shoot the
    guard, and grab more ammo. At the next level are two guards. You can kill
    them with little or no damage if you are quick and careful. Climb the ladder
    and run face first into the wall, turn 90 degrees left, move forwards a couple
    of steps, then turn another 90 degrees left again. You should now be looking
    directly at the guard who normally sets off the alarm. Shoot him and he will
    fall, exposing the guard hiding behind the box, and shoot him quickly because
    when he opens fire he does a lot of damage.
            You can now clearly see a helicopter hovering above, but don't shoot
    it because if you destroy it now, you cannot get 13 Bond moves. Climb the
    next ladder and open fire when the head of a guard working on a computer comes
    into view. After a cut scene, dash to the top of the ladder and run towards
    Bloch, ducking as soon as possible to be protected by the
    bullet-proof glass.
            If you really must destroy the helicopter, this is the place to do
    it. Stand at the right hand end of the left window, so that you can just see
    the green vertical piece of the window frame on the right hand edge of the
    screen. Get a grenade, and aim so that the vertical piece of the cross hair
    is aligned with the drive shave for the main rotor, and the horizontal piece
    is aligned with the top of the cockpit. Throw two grenades. The second
    grenade will cause a flame to come from the base of the rotor. At this point,
    about 4 pistol shots will cause the helicopter to explode. Having done this,
    you now can't get any more than 12 Bond moves. Using the Q-remote, get the
    computer program, (Bond move #1) picking up the ammo from the floor.
            Go to the door, crouch, and use the laser on the lock. (Bond move
    #2) The helicopter will take off - let it go, but keep clear of its fire,
    as it rises above the bullet proof glass. Using the crane remote control,
    drop the carton that is hanging in the air. (Bond move #3) Shoot the four
    guards who are outside. Had you destroyed the helicopter earlier there would
    have only been two and you would have met the others later when they would
    have been much harder to kill.
            When the guards are dead, go across to the door at the left hand side
    of the ladder you climbed, go outside, and pick up some armor. With the crane
    remote control, activate the two cranes to get the other two Bond moves. (Bond
    moves 4 & 5) If you do this now you won't forget, as the later option of hopping
    across the crates is too slow and risky. Also the heavy machine gun on the
    platform near the second crane takes up too much time, it is much more
    efficient to fight on the ground when you come to that place. Now go back
    through the computer room and exit the door to the left hand side of the window.
    If you have gold and are going for platinum, shoot the drum that you see as
    soon as the door opens, and a 007 token will appear.
    (007        PUMP ROOM
            You need the Calypso to be ready. Walk forward and shoot the three
    guards that appear, then refuel your Q-jet. As you came into the room there
    was a pile of boxes directly ahead of you and close to the rail, but with
    a narrow gap between them and the wall. Switch to the MRL-22 and move into
    this gap, ready to shoot a guard who is on patrol directly opposite. If he
    isn't there, simply wait for him to return. Switch to the sniper rifle, and
    move around to the rail on the left hand side of the pile of boxes. Crouch
    and you will be able to kill the first sniper by hitting him in the legs.
    Next jump to the top of the  boxes - they are stacked 3 high - and hit the
    second sniper. While you are up there, switch to another weapon and put a
    shot into the drums piled down below as a safety precaution for later.
            Move to the far end of the rail where the staircase goes down to the
    floor, and engage the sniper rifle again. Directly opposite you, at the other
    side of the room, is a platform with a ladder. Just to the right of this ladder
    is a guard who is waiting to shower you with grenades when you are down on
    the floor. Go down the metal stairs until you are about two steps up from
    the floor. Take him out with the sniper rifle. Switch to the MRL-22, go down
    the steps, and move to the centre of the room, turn left and move forward
    until there is a central pillar on your right. A guard will appear from around
    the pillar, so take him out, then move forwards, when you will see a second
    guard who should be removed quickly.
            Now move over to the ladder on your left. If you have achieved gold,
    you will see a 007 icon (007 token #5). To get it, walk around the right hand
    end of the chain wire fence. Then climb the ladder and there is a door on
    your left, with a pile of drums inside that you can't quite see. Two guards
    will appear, one of them of the tougher variety. You can dispose of them either
    by lobbing a grenade through the door, or shooting them as they appear in
    the doorway. Enter the room and move forward until there is a door to your
    left and a control panel with a green button directly ahead. Don't touch the
    panel yet. Go through the door onto a platform where you will find sniper
    rifles and armor. Collect what is there, return to the room and start the
    pumps by pressing the green button.
            Two huge arms in the main room will begin to move up and down. Get
    the MRL-22 ready. When the arm on your right is going down, dash out of the
    door, turn right and go to the end of the platform. When the arm rises you
    will see a super guard who can be removed with (in order of preference) MRL-22,
    sniper rifle, grenades or pistol. The Calypso isn't a good option
    because a kill takes too long and the super guards fire back with considerable
    accuracy. Turn 180 degrees and move back to the rail by the door, where you
    will see another super guard who also must be removed. Go back into the control
    room and exit the way you entered. If you need more armour, there is some
            Level 9: Forbidden Depths
            This walkthrough was made by Wally Stiehm or itisprettysweet on AIM.
            As long as you shoot fast and accurately, there is nothing to this
    rail level.
            At the start there is a guy to your left, after you shoot him, go
    ahead and bring your attention, and the sight of your gun, up toward the
    ceiling, because after about 5 seconds there is a flashing red light that
    means a turret gun is there, and if youre quick, you can blow it up before
    it even has time to shoot at you.
            Your gun will auto-aim to it after you have started shooting at it,
    just hold the trigger until it blows up. Next, you will go down for a few
    seconds, then you will start turning right, you will see another cart come
    into view. Let your auto-aim zero in on it, then just hold the trigger, if
    you hit it consistently, it will blow up quickly, but it usually takes at
    least one clip unloaded on it to finish it off.
            After this, there are a few curves that come to a straight-away, and
    right above the track is a tower. There are two men in this tower, kill them
    both for some ammo (and a 007 icon when going for the platinum medal). Right
    when you go under the tower, you will hear intruder, then you will see the
    red lights on the ceiling that indicate the turret guns. Shoot quickly and
    they will both explode before they shoot you, this also gives you some ammo.
    Next, you go through a door, and after a few seconds, a cut scene shows you
    a little ways down the track to reveal a large blockade set up to stop you.
            Nigel Bloch has stopped his cart and is turned around waiting for
    you and giving orders to his men to stop you at all costs. All of the men
    are on the platform left of the track, your auto-aim will go from man to man
    as you kill them, but I will tell you where they are anyway. One is directly
    to your left as you enter the area, then there are two more, one in the doorway,
    and one next to the first stone pillar, two more are behind the desk, and
    then there are three more around the second stone pillar, however, after
    killing the men behind the desk, a door opens and another man is there. After
    killing all the men, shoot the flashing red button behind the desk, you'll
    get a bond move and will continue forward.
            You curve right for a couple seconds, then another cart comes into
    view, let the auto-aim do its thing, and hold the trigger, this one explodes
    faster than most of them. Now you go down a hill and into a see-through tunnel
    (you can see the water and fish outside of the tunnel). This tunnel is a
    constant curve right. Be ready, because at the end of this tunnel, there is
    a turret gun on the ceiling. Right after you destroy the turret gun, you will
    hear someone say "It's just you and me." Tap L2 to turn around quickly and
    use the auto-aim on the guy and the cart blows up very quickly. Now, turn
    back around and you will go down and come to a fork in the track, you go left,
    and then come to another fork, you go left again, and now there is a cart.
    Kill this guy fast, because he has rockets and if he hits you with one, you
    don't last much longer.
            You reach another fork, and the cart in front of you goes right and
    crashes into the un-opened door, you go left, and Nigel Bloch is there. You
    can't kill him, but shoot him relentlessly anyway, because as long as you
    shoot him, he doesnt shoot you, as soon as you stop shooting, he starts. You
    get to another fork, he goes left, and you go right. He says something over
    the speakers to his men, and you continue going. Then you turn left and start
    going up, immediately, a turret gun comes into view at the top of the climb,
    it is nearly impossible to destroy this one without taking any damage, so
    dont get discouraged if it gets a few shots off on you. After you get to the
    top of the hill, you enter a large area, a man is next to the track on the
    right, the auto-aim goes to him, after you kill him, you get a shotgun in
    the middle of the track (so far, I have found this shotgun useless, because
    it is slow and is nothing compared to the machine gun you are using).
            Now you will go slowly through this area and will start to curve left,
    your gun will go to a man who is on the right side next to the track, kill
    him. Now you straighten out and start to go up, another turret comes into
    view. This one is also difficult to get without being shot yourself. Now you
    will come into another large room, where another blockade has been set up
    to stop you. Follow these instructions closely to kill all of the men fast,
    while taking a minimal amount of damage.
            As you enter the room, move your gun to the right, and when your cart
    stops, hold R2 and shoot the barrel that the men are all around, this gives
    you a Bond Move. Now keep moving your gun more to the right and shoot the
    man up on the balcony. Now another man comes out on the lower platform, still
    on the right side, shoot him and turn rapidly back to your left. There are
    two pillars; one on each side of the track, there is a man next to each of
    them. After you kill these men, everyone in that area should be dead, if you
    did it correctly, and killed everyone, the door will open in front of you.
            Be ready, because there is a cart on the other side, start shooting
    it right away because he has a rocket launcher. You will continue forward
    after killing this guy, and will get back on the regular path. Right after
    you exit the blockade area, a turret gun is on the ceiling, be ready for it.
    Now, a man with rockets will be on the right side of the track. After him,
    another turret gun, and then a man will be on the left side of the path, and
    then another turret gun. Now a man will be on the left side of the path, and
    then a man on the right side of the path. Now another turret gun, and another
    man on the left. Next is another one of those towers, kill both men for another
    007 icon. After them you will see a cart, this is Nigel Bloch. Keep shooting
    him so he doesn't shoot you. Shoot him until he says "You're a dead man Mr.
    Bond!" After this he doesnt shoot anymore. However, keep your auto-aim on
    him, because he drops a series of mines that you must shoot before you get
    to them.
            If you keep your auto-aim on him, every time he drops a mine, it should
    switch to the mine, shoot it and get your aim back on him. Repeat this step
    until you see a turret gun on the ceiling. If you got all the mines before
    they got you, you get a 007 icon, and if you destroyed all of the turret guns
    in the level, after you get this one, you also get an icon. Now he goes left
    and closes the door, so you have to take the dangerous route. You bust or
    shoot through a gate, then turn and come upon a fan, shoot the fan, then you
    turn and see two more fans, shoot them both for a Bond Move. Now you turn
    left and see steam and a flashing red button, shoot the button and the steam
    turns off, there is one more of these. After going through both of those,
    you get another Bond Move.
            Now shoot through, or bust through the gate as you did when entering
    that tunnel. You enter a large circular room where the track just goes around
    and around. As soon as you get in, a cut scene shows Bloch running into some
    kind of facility hanging in the air. After that, there are three men at three
    different platforms around the room, after you kill them, another cut scene
    shows Bloch come out from inside the facility onto a long platform. He says
    "Come on, let's go Bond!" Put your auto-aim on him and fire away, it will
    take a little while, sometimes a couple times around the track to finally
    shoot him enough. After you have shot him enough, a cut scene shows him run
    back inside the facility and apparently activate something. The whole thing
    starts moving and he screams "Time to die!"
            Now there are three more men on the platforms, they have special
    rocket launchers with guided rockets. After killing them, another cut scene
    has Bloch say, "This is where we say good-bye Mr. Bond!" The entire middle
    of the room opens up revealing a large vat of some toxic lava looking substance.
    And the fan above the room stops moving so that there is no ventilation to
    stop the poisonous gas from filling the room.
            Now you have to act fast. Listen carefully, because you have little
    time before the gas kills you. Switch weapons until you have the RCH-1. Look
    up and you will see three things above the fan blades that glow a reddish
    orange color. Fire a rocket, you can move it even after you have fired to
    ensure that you will hit the target. If you hit it, a cut scene shows it fall
    and break one of the supports holding up the facility. Now do this again,
    the second time there is no cut scene. Now do it one more time, and you have
    completed the mission.
                                 *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: How do I beat the end, where I am going around in circles on
    a track?
            A: Use the machine gun on Nigel until you use the rocket launcher
    at the end. You have to shoot Nigel until he goes inside. This can take a
    while but basically just be sure to hit him, using the auto-aim with the
    machine gun. After that, shoot the guys on the sides, they have rocket
    launchers. Once you shoot ALL of the three guards and pick up their rocket
    launchers, then you have to shoot the three glowing red things at the top
    of the room. The rockets are fly by wire meaning you can control where they
    go, even when they are in the air.
            Level 10: Poseidon
            You start of by dropping down from a hole in the celing, because you
    went into that tunnel at the end of Forbidden Depths. There are two locked
    grates around you, the one out of there is the smaller one. Use your Q-Laser
    to unlock it and advance through the small corridor.
            As you get closer to the end of the corridor, look through the grate
    and you should see a guard patroling around. Shoot him before you get out
    of the tunnel. Now unlock the grate with your Q-Laser and advance out.
            Right in front of you is a door. Use your Q-Decryptor to open it.
    Get ready though, as there is a guard behind the desk in front of you once
    the door opens. Kill him and take his weapon. There is more ammo, and a few
    grenades on the shelves on both sides of the room. Get it and then get out
    of there.
            Turn right and go open the door ahead. There are two bad guys hiding
    behind crates in the large room that you step into. The one to the left has
    grenades, take him out, then the guy to the right. You may want to hide behind
    the doorway so you can't be hit by one of the guards, so you can focus your
    attention on one at a time.
            Once you have killed both of the guards, go straight and press action
    on the green button on the far side of the room, in the middle. This makes
    the elevator doors come around you, and you are taken down to the next level.
            As the glass doors of the elevator slide open, don't move. Let me
    describe to you what is about to happen. Once you step out of the elevator,
    two thugs come up though the floor in glass tubes, one on each side up the
    room, to the left and right of the shark ahead. I like to start out with the
    thug on the left, so once you move out of the elevator, move over there. I
    suggest using the viper, and if you know where the thug is going to come up,
    it is quite easy to get a couple of headshots in. Go over to the other thug
    and get rid of him, using the shark tank as cover. Once both are dead go to
    the right of the room (from the elevator) and turn to the right again. A door
    is built into the wall. Go through it.
            Now you have to be cautious again. Follow the corridor, but don't
    go through into the next room, until you can see the guard patrolling in front
    of you, to the left. Advance quickly, but stay against the wall. Kill the
    guard patrolling and the guard in the white suit by the computer ahead. This
    room is symetric down the center, and there is another guard in a suit just
    to your right. Advance out from the wall's cover and kill the guard. Take
    all of the ammo, and go through the door ahead. This takes you to the next
    room, where there are tons of guards.
            Once you enter the room, don't move. I like to crouch and throw
    grenades ahead to get rid of some of the bad guys. Once you throw your grenades
    out, go ahead and venture out into the open to the left. Straight ahead, by
    the first tank are some guards, if you didn't kill them before. Basically
    follow this romm from left to right, killing everyone. When you get near to
    the very right a big guard comes out of the elevator ahead. If you are ready
    for him, it isn't a problem. Once you kill him, turn around and go back the
    way you came from. There are now three more guards at the start of the room,
    where you came in from. Be careful, these guys can converge around you in
    many different ways, so take one out at a time. Now you can get down to business.
    Download all three programs on the tanks with your Q-Remote. You will get
    a Bond Move for each one. Now go over to the elevator. There is Body Armor
    behind the orange barrels on the left. Go down the elevator and prepare to
    use some stealth.
            As the elevator opens, come out and quietly go down the steps and
    look to the left, where there is an opening. Go into it and follow the corridor
    to the center, where there is an opening to the right. A guard is in here,
    shoot him and go over to the green light and press action. This should set
    off the trip wires in the room and the remote gun at the top of the room will
    handily kill all or most of the guards in the main room. NOTE: This may not
    work all of the time, if it doesn't, the next part will be a little harder,
    but still beatable.
            Pick up the verification code on the side of the room (see FAQ at
    the bottom) if you want to and make your way out of the room. Now make your
    way around the far wall of the room ahead. Shoot each of the guards, including
    the ones in the bulletproof posts. In these three posts there are green lights,
    places to upload the Q-Remote with the programs you downloaded in the room
    above. Get all three and your objective will be complete. The room will start
    shaking, it's time for you to get out of there.
            There is a door to get out on the far right corner from where you
    came in. Use your Q-Decryptor to open it, and get ready for the tough guy
    behind it. Once it opens, kill him and go on. The game will stop to load the
    final level of the mission.
            This place is pretty hard to navigate, I will just tell you what you
    need to do. You need to go to the right, out of the control center where you
    start out. Avois the snipers all around or just kill them. Go into the place
    where the first sniper is, straight ahead. Press action on the green button
    to lower the stairs onto the submarine below. Make your way down the the wall,
    you can either run to avoid snipers on the other side or hide behing boxes
    and try to get them, it really doesn't matter that much. Head down the steps.
            Now you have a big task ahead. Get a gun out that you feel comforatable
    with. Ahead there are two sets of guards. Move around to be a hard target.
    Once you have taken care of them, run up the stairs at the far end that you
    lowered on to the submarine.
                                  *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: What's with the 'good' and the 'bad' ending? What is it?
            A: The game starts you in a different position on Level 11 if you
    beat Poseidon, in a good or bad way. If you want to start out the 'good' way,
    you have to get the verification code in the control room in Poseidon (where
    you push the green button to activate the lasers) the code is on the right
    side as you come in. It doesn't do anything except make the ending different
    and start you in a different place on Level 11.
            Level 11: Mediterranean Crisis
            All of the credit for this walkthrough goes to Todd Reynolds. Thank
    you very, very, much!
            If you started the level with the "good ending" you'll start on the
    outside of the ship with a ladder in front of you and a shotgun and armor.
    Climb the ladder being careful not to alert him of your presence. Shoot him
    with your silenced P2K or if you want double points, punch him from behind.
    Next go over to the door with your P2K out. Shoot the guard before he realizes
    you're there and pick up his ammo. Go down the stairs and you will be presented
    with a few different doors and choices. Take a left and open the unmarked
    door. Wait in the doorway with your P2K out and go for a headshot when the
    guard meanders along. Take his ammo, then go into his room and pick up the
    extra P2K ammo, you'll need it.
            Leave the room and take a left until you see a door labeled BRIG.
    Standing to the left of the door, open it. Be ready to shoot the guard inside,
    from now on assume I mean head shots, and to pick up their ammo. Use the Q-laser
    on the lock on the left cell and both doors will open. Go into the right cell
    and use the Q-Laser again on the second lock. Jump up and go into the vent.
            Crawl along until you see an opening with a guard not facing you in
    it. Look down the hall for another guard. Snipe the guard at the end of the
    hall with your P2K, this might take a little practice. Next shoot the guard
    directly in front of you. Do not open the lock.  Continue through the vent
    until you reach the last opening. Look out, on the far end of the room there
    is a guard walking back and forth, if you shoot him quick enough a superguard
    will notice and come running, being careful not to be shot yourself, shoot
    him in his head twice.  Cut the lock and drop down to get a message from M.
            Now backtrack and get everyone's ammo. Then continue through the door
    at the left side of the conference room. Underneath the stairs is armor and
    2 grenades. Up the stairs there is a man typing at a computer oblivious to
    you. Before you shoot him, and before he notices you, shoot the head of a
    guard walking to the left through the glass (if this is too hard skip it)
    this will of course alert the typing man who you will extinguish. Take out
    the other two men in the room below from your position, being careful of men
    rushing you. Once that is done use the Q-laser on the lock to your left.
            Go through the vent and look out the exit, get a head shot of the
    guard you see with the P2K. Drop down into the room and go to the right side
    as far forward as you can. Look up to find a Q-Claw spot and pull yourself
    up. Going in the door and taking a left will bring you to another typing man,
    hopefully he will still be oblivious to you. If so, run up and punch him in
    the back of the head, if not, bounce a grenade around the corner and take
    him out. Get his ammo and the Harrier program from the room he was in.
            The next part gets mildly tricky. Go out of the room and continue
    on, you will see another window and more guards patrolling.  Go outside from
    there and standing behind the box, snipe the only visible guard with the P2K,
    if you successfully get all headshots you won't alert anybody and everything
    will be copasetic. Go back to the window and start by taking out the second
    guard in the fenced in area thus breaking the glass.
            Take your time and kill every guard in the next area BUT the sniper,
    you'll need his gun and don't want it to disappear. When you're done, drop
    off to the right and burn off the lock to the fence gate, but don't go thru.
    Go along the edge of the ship again and look for another Q-claw spot. On top
    there is armor and a door. Go thru and through a hall to another door, be
    aware that when you open this next door the typing man is not going to be
    a retard this time, so shoot him in his head, then shoot the sniper and take
    his gun.
            To your right there will be two more guards, both probably standing
    right by barrels. So once you've blown them up, continue on across the bridge
    and up the stairs at the end of it. You will get a message from Zoe and she's
    in trouble. Ahead of you will be a hot water heater or whatever those are,
    get into the corner directly behind it and in front of the stairwell, being
    careful not to let the supersoldier around the bend see you. Bounce a grenade
    around the corner to kill him, or go around the corner quickly, and then go
    back and shoot the steam out, so it the guard runs into it.
            Pick up the guys gun and go up to the door to bring up the next area.
    There's armor if you need it right off. Wait at the bottom of the stairs for
    a guard to wander out in front of you just asking to be sniped with your P2K.
    At the top of the stairs use the Harrier program to fry the guys standing
    outside. Go up the stairs and before you head outside, wait for a guard to
    wander in front of you like a fool, blast him and continue outside and take
    a right. At what seems like a dead end look up and to the left, snipe the
    guy you see up there with the sniper rifle or your P2K, then use the claw
    to go up to where he was.  Once on top immediately get out your P2K and crouch
    up against the wall right to the left of the door.
            There will be guards positioning themselves inside, wait for one to
    rush you outside, shoot him in the head. Then look up and there will be one
    or two men standing up against the window inside, not shooting you, or
    shooting and missing, take them in the head by popping up and aiming,
    crouching quickly, then popping up to shoot. Many guards will come out, just
    crouch and outside and snipe them, or when they come outside kill them fast
    with the shotgun. Once all the guards inside are dead, go in and to the left,
    pick up the armor and ammo, and go out the door to the right of the room.
            Continue on until your at the bottom of an extensive stairway. This
    part can be rough, there are two grenadiers above you, a supersoldier, and
    a sniper. Underneath the stairs there is armor if you need it. Climb these
    stairs in sections killing whoever you can see with quick headshots. The
    supersoldier notices you when you get to the first landing, two headshots
    and he's. Take out the next grenadier from wherever you can do it safely and
    out of the snipers line of view.  When you get to the platform the sniper
    is eyeing walk backwards up the stairs until you can see his head but he can't
    see you, take him out.  Go to the top of the stairs. There's armor if you
    need it there.
            Opening the door will alert two guards, it shouldn't be hard to get
    two headshots. There are more guards around the corner, but back out into
    the top of the stairs. Throw a grenade through the entrance where the sniper
    was standing and shots will be visible aimed at you, yet missing, it you bank
    it well you will easily eliminate two guards you can't see. Get out your SR4000
    and go into the next area, wait and a helicopter will appear you know what
    to do, take out the pilot. If you can't do that, just hide until it goes away.
    Continue on and there will be a ladder. Use the Q-laser to open the lock at
    the top, but be on the ready for two guards to come running from behind you,
    shoot them or escape up the ladder, your call. Going up the ladder will mean
    a guard rushing you while another mans a mounted machine gun, take out the
    rusher and shoot the barrels by the machine gunner. Continue on to another
    ladder, on the right, use the Q-laser on the lock at its top and ascend it.
            There will be a guard 5 feet from you directly in front of you, take
    him out and then take out a guard to your right, once again point blank, be
    careful not to shoot the lady in white. She will tell you that she can disarm
    the nuke and that Zoe is being held below when you use the q-laser to unlock
    her. Use the Q-remote to get the program in front of you then continue to
    the next area. There is a hook you can slide on, use square to use it, but
    hit square again quickly to get right back off, you will drop to a level that
    is one lower than where you were. Burn off the lock on the floor and drop
    through. Press the green button to operate the crane and get Zoe out, then
    shoot any barrel to kill both guards. Zoe will tell you that you have to keep
    the clone leaders from escaping and that she will pick you up in a harrier.
            There is a door to the right of where you came from and a long ladder,
    DON'T fall down, climb down. If you do fall there's armor there to fill you
    back up, but you're killing off points. Through a door there is a spot to
    use the missile program, it will eliminate a sniper, then take out a
    supersoldier that will rush you. Continue forward and M will tell you that
    the world leader clones are going to escape on the helicopter on the runway.
    Run to the mounted gun quickly. Use the mounted machine gun to quickly destroy
    it then Zoe will come out with a harrier and if you walk close to the railing
    down about three stairs to your right you will mysteriously be on it and the
    mission will be over.
                            *MISSION COMPLETE*
            FAQ: How do I rescue Zoe?
            A: I usually snipe Zoe's captor's from the top of the ship. Just make
    sure not to hit the explosive barrels that are all around her.
            FAQ: How do I disarm the warhead?
            A: At the end of the level, after you come out of the door, and before
    you have to destroy the helicopter, there is a place that you can use your
    Q-Remote on if you got the program earlier in the level. Download the program
    and it disarms the warhead.
            FAQ: How do I shoot down the helicopter at the end?
            A: Man the machine gun (press B) overlooking the runway. If you run
    there fast, before the cutscene starts, you have more time to shoot the
    helicopter. Start shooting it right away, before it even takes off, to inflict
    maximum damage.
            Level 12: Evil Summit
            NOTE: The base of this walkthrough was done by King9992 or gcrib89
    on the gameFAQs message boards. I modified this walkthrough extensively, but
    the original walkthrough was done by him. Thanks!
            In the beginning you start off on a helipad. First off, go right,
    straight through the door and then kill the guard that is behind it. Get the
    sniper rifle out of the locked box to your right. Cut the lock with the
            Kill two of the snipers with the rifle (the ones on the left are best),
    and if you have Golden Accuracy on, then kill the other two with the P2K.
    Then go out the way you came in, and go over to the right and use the elevator
    to get up to the snipers platform. If you shot them with your P2K before,
    then pick up their ammo, and if you didn't then shoot them both and then pick
    up the ammo. Collect the ammo from both sniper towers.
            Now you need to get the door program. Get the program from the left
    sniper platform, using the Q-Remote. When you collect it then look down at
    the helipad where you started. What seems like unlimited guards come out of
    the door. Once you shoot someone then another one comes out, for about 3
    minutes. Get out the sniper rifle and kill everyone that comes out of the
    doors. If you kill them with head shots then you should end up with about
    7 or 8 shots left but that's only if you don't miss.
            Then go down to where the guards came out of and go collect their
    ammo. If you are fast enough then you should have about 500-800 rounds with
    the D17. (the ammo dissapears if it is not collected fast) Then go to the
    bridge that you crossed to get to the sniper towers and use the Q-Remote to
    open the door and kill the guard down the stairs, if you didn't kill him
    already. Then make your way to the door at the end of the hall.
            When the game stops loading the next room, open the door in front
    of you. This is this main room in the level. It is huge, and can take awhile
    to get accustomed to. In this room you need to save four of the G8 leaders.
    Shoot all of the guards in the room to rescue the leaders. If you have any
    ammo for your P2K left, kill as many guards as you can with it. Then use the
    d17 from now on. BE SURE NOT TO HIT A LEADER! When they are all dead go and
    get their ammo.
            Now go up the ladder on the far side, on the same level and directly
    across from where you came in. Get the armor and the ammo for the sniper rifle.
    Then go down on to the bottom level and collect the Silo 1 program (the only
    program that is flashing green) with your Q-Remote and then follow the colored
    line on the floor to go into the silo. You have to do this procedure for each
            Kill the guards in the silo to get their ammo and save the another
    world leader. Try distracting the guards to come into veiw so that you can
    easliy kill them. If you fall to the bottom of any silo, don't worry, there
    is always a way up. Get the body armor on the side on the way out that are
    in all of the silos.
            Do the same for Silo 2 but this time there are four guards. Make sure
    to kill all of them, there is one to kill even after you save the world leader.
    Get the body armor if you need it and then continue on to Silo 3.
            Gcrib89's srategy: In silo 3 you can go left or right. I recommend
    left because if you go right then you have to time your jump so you land on
    the MOVING platform. Going left you could use your jetpack or you can fall
    and use the Q claw.
            My srategy: Try distracting the guards again. In this silo you can
    see a guard once you get in, between the missle and the ladder. If you get
    the guards attenion with gunfire then they will either kill themselves by
    going down the elevator or go down the stairs to the left, putting themselves
    in easy range. If they don't, then follow the other srategy.
            In Silo 4, shoot the guard that is clearly visible ahead and then
    go up the stairs to the left to kill the other gaurd in the silo. Watch out
    for the world leader though, because he will run around. Once you shoot the
    last guard you save the President of the United States of America, but you
    get locked in that silo. So go down to the bottom of the silo, by either jumping,
    which uses health, or going down the ladder, close to the missle and where
    the president was. Once you get to the bottom, go through the door, turn right
    at the end of the hall and get the armor if you need it. Go up the elevator
    and it is cutscene time.
            Time to kill an old adversary. When you get to the part where Nigel
    is jet packing around, you have to shoot him until he goes into the next room.
    This is where you should use the sniper rifle to hurt him fast when he is
    jumping around and shooting rockets. Try aiming where he is going to land
    and then shooting, don't follow him with the scope. When you get him with
    the sniper rifle then you save a whole bunch of ammo, and he goes away faster.
    If you have the sniper rifle you can shoot him in the head 1 or 2 times (depends
    on difficulty) or you could use a different gun and he will fly in to a little
    hole in the top of the room that you have to follow him into.
            To get to the hole you use your jetpack to fly to the broken catwalk,
    that Nigel shot down. Get the body armor and re-fuel the Q-Jet. Now Q-Jet
    up onto the catwalk and walk slowly up to the top. Don't miss, or you will
    most likely fall into a pit of flames. Once you get up there, look directly
    across from you and use the Q-Claw to get over there and go in to the hole.
            When you play again, he will be floating in the air, in the starting
    room of Cold Reception. When you land from the cutscene DON'T MOVE and you
    will pick up rocket launcher. Don't move because you are on a moving platform
    and if you go to the sides then you will fall and die. Shoot Nigel with the
    rocket launcher or any other gun and he will die and you will watch the only
    ending in the game.
                          *MISSION AND GAME COMPLETE*
    Congratulations! You have just beat James Bond 007: Agent Under Fire! If you
    beat it on agent or 00 agent then you get a movie at the end, showing most
    of the Bond Moves. Yep, that is it. No secret levels or anything like that.
    And the ending that you saw when you beat Evil Summit is the only ending.
    I get a ton of questions about that. Now to get all of the medals and the
    cheats. Read on to find tip on how to get those high medal scores.
    4.                           Bond Moves
             For those who don't know, Bond Moves are when you get that
    Duh-Duh-Da-Da, in the middle of the game, for completing a Bond like action.
    These Bond Moves give you points at the end and are also fun to get. A complete
    list of Bond Moves is below.
             These Bond Moves are ALL from Ellefan's FAQ (which I helped somewhat
    with, but he did all the hard work). Thanks a lot Ellefan!
    Level 1 - Trouble in Paradise
    - Open the main door with your Q-Decryptor.
    - Use the Q-Claw to get up to the roof.
    * After getting onto the roof, drop down and punch the guard working at the
    computer, he'll drop a keycard that you'll need.
    - Open the locked door with the Q-Decryptor.
    - Use the keycard you got from the guard to open the armory.
    - Use the Q-Laser to cut the lock on the gates.
    - Shoot the fuel tank on the back of the forklift.
    - Shoot the rope that the crate is hanging from.
    Level 2 - Precious Cargo
    * While all of the following go in chronological order, the most important
    Bond move to remember is to shoot out the tires of all the cars that chase
    you throughout the level.
    - Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the first helicopter.
    - Shoot the barrels next to guys on the right when Zoe says "James, we're
    - Shoot the guy hanging out of the side of the helicopter at the roadblock.
    - Shoot a rocket into one of the building columns behind the roadblock.
    - Shoot the barrels on the left side (on the second level, there's one guy
    above, and one below)
    - Shoot the two guys on the catwalk above the entrance to the last room.
    - Shoot the barrels on the forklift in the last room.
    Level 3 - Dangerous Pursuit
    - Shoot the barrels to the left of the first roadblock you encounter.
    - Shoot the barrels on the right side of the tunnel leading out into the city.
    - This next one needs some directions. Coming out of the tunnel into the city,
    stay to the left. You'll enter an area where the sky is orange, keep going
    until you pass a big building on the left with a skywalk going over the road.
    A little ways further, on the corner on the right, you'll see a gas station
    with two jerks in front of it shooting at you. Shoot the pumps to kill these
    - Use the Q-Smoke to disable one of the cars accompanying the van.
    - Disable the van with the Q-Pulse on the first try.
    * BONUS BOND COOLNESS - This isn't a Bond move, and I'm not entirely sure
    why, but it's still fun. From the gas station you blew up, go to the right.
    You'll come to a bridge going across the road. Turn right just before the
    bridge. You'll pass a large colorful sign on your left, keep going and turn
    right. Follow this road and you'll see a building with an awning with flashing
    lights and a Q-Booster in front of the doors. All I'll say is that you can
    go smashing through those doors. The rest is up to you :)
    Level 4 - Bad Diplomacy
    - After going to the second floor and through the kitchen, you'll encounter
    a laser tripwire thing. Don your Q-Specs to see the secret panel. Open it,
    and cut the wires with the Q-Laser.
    - Go around the corner and past the open window (watch out for the guard :P)
    and you'll find another laser tripwire. Do the same thing you did for the
    last one.
    - Keep going around to the left and put your Q-Specs on to see a secret door
    on the left side wall. Open it and go in.
    - Go out the open window you passed before and use your Q-Claw to go up to
    the second floor.
    - Go through the room with the computer and open the door on your right. Watch
    the cutscene long enough to see Bond pick up the keycard. (But if you don't
    watch it all, you'll miss the jiggly show :P)
    - Pick up the passcode generator Griffin drops after you beat him.
    - On your way out, you'll hit another laser tripwire. Same as first two.
    Level 5 - Cold Reception
    - Cut the lock on the first vent cover you find after going through the left
    door from the main room.
    - Get the access card from the bookshelf behind the middle door.
    - Use the access card on the computer up the small set of stairs to turn off
    the data port alarms.
    - Take a picture of the little model oil rig near the exit door.
    - After using the Q-Claw to enter the first vent, go to the end of the vent
    and use the Q-Claw again to enter the second vent.
    - Use the Q-Remote to get the security door program.
    - In the large room with the tanks, kill a guard with steam by shooting a
    valve on one of the large tanks.
    - Open the security door with the Q-Remote.
    Level 6 - Night of the Jackal
    * It's a good idea to save a couple rounds of sniper rifle ammo till the end
    encounter with the gunship.
    - After using the Q-Claw to go up to the ledge, jump over to the balcony where
    the sniper was.
    - From the balcony, Q-Claw to the ledge beside the window. Follow the ledge
    around and go into the apartment through the open patio doors.
    - Use the Q-Claw to get across the street to the embassy.
    - Use the Q-Specs to see the secret door behind the Union Jack flag. (Facing
    the entrance to the large circular room, it's on the left)
    - Rescue Natalya Damescu (Talk to her)
    - After getting Carla the Jackal to the last point on the catwalk, move to
    the far right side of the room. You'll see a button near some crates, press
    it to kill her and hear a classic Bond-esque line.
    - Shoot the pilot of the gunship with the sniper rifle.
    Level 7: Streets of Bucharest
    - Use the Q-Slicks to get rid of a car chasing you. (Any one)
    - Destroy the two helicopters at the train station.
    - On the way to finding the chip, jump the bridge blown out by the helicopter.
    - After finding the chip, keep going full speed into the short tunnel ahead;
    you should go up onto two wheels and go between the cars. (thanks Palador)
    - After going between the cars, you'll go down some stairs then up a hill
    with a winding path on it; keep your speed up going up the hill and you'll
    jump across the road.
    * The following moves are done in the tank.
    - When you enter the large are with guys directly in front of you and a van
    on the left, shoot the barrels to the left of the van.
    - Kill the first helicopter you come across.
    - Kill the helicopter that appears over the bridge.
    - When M says that Malprave's men have commandeered a supply train, you'll
    see a limo and a guy standing beside it on the left side of the road. Shoot
    the barrels to the left of the guy.
    Level 8 - Fire and Water
    - Obtain the crane program with your Q-Remote.
    - Cut the lock on the door next to the crane program computer.
    - Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging directly outside the computer
    - Cut the lock on the vent to the left of where Bloch stands and yells "Come
    on, Bond."
    - Use the Q-Remote to activate the two cranes and lower the crates. (Each
    one counts as a separate Bond move)
    - Cut the lock on the vent directly across from the first one.
    - Shoot the pilot of the helicopter with your sniper rifle.
    - In the room with the giant pump arms, use the Q-Claw to get up to the platform
    where you jump onto the arm.
    - Use the Q-Claw to go from the catwalk on the huge tank on the right to the
    other huge tank.
    - Use the Q-Remote to drop the crate hanging above the two jerks.
    - Shoot the pilot of the helicopter who announces he has you surrounded.
    - Use the Q-Claw to go right up to the top platform.
    Level 9 - Forbidden Depths
    - Shoot the blinking red light to open the security door in the first section
    where you stop.
    - Shoot the barrels between the group of jerks on the right side of the second
    area where you stop.
    - Shoot the centers of the fans in the tunnel leading to the last area.
    - Shoot the red lights on the left side of the same tunnel to turn off the
    Level 10 - Poseidon
    - Cut the lock on the smallest vent cover in the opening room.
    - Obtain the system pressure, temperature, and chemical regulator programs
    using your Q-Remote. (3 separate Bond moves)
    - Press the green button in the control room of the cloning room.
    - Use the Q-Remote to apply program changes to the three terminals in the
    cloning room. (3 separate Bond moves)
    - Press the green button on the left side of the submarine room to lower the
    Level 11 - Mediterranean Crisis
    - Cut the lock and enter the vent in Zoe's cell.
    - After entering the first hangar part (coming in behind the guy typing on
    the computer) cut the lock on the vent to the right. Go through the vent and
    make your way along the railing of the ship. Use the Q-Claw when you see the
    white circle thing to get up to the higher level.
    - Use your Q-Remote to obtain the Harrier program.
    - In the second area where you have the chain link fence to your left, and
    the railing to the right, use your Q-Laser to cut the lock on the chain link
    - In the same area, keep following the rail again, and use your Q-Claw when
    you see the white circle thing.
    - In the room you're in after Zoe says she's found the conference room, look
    out the window and use the Q-Remote to fire up the Harrier and toast the jerks.
    - After leaving that room, follow the path around and use your Q-Claw when
    you see the white circle thing way up and to the left.
    - Shoot the helicopter pilot with your sniper rifle.
    - Use your Q-Laser to free the Navy chick.
    - Use your Q-Remote to get the missile program.
    - Use the hook, but don't go right down! Instead, press the action button
    again to let go and land on the floor below.
    - After you land, cut the lock, drop down and press the green button to get
    Zoe out of harm's way.
    - Use the missile program to fire the missile and kill the sniper.
    Level 12 - Evil Summit
    - Cut the lock on the box in the building nearest the start point.
    - Get the access hatch program from the left tower using your Q-Remote.
    - Swing from the left tower to the right via the cable hook.
    - Swing from the right tower back to the building you got the sniper rifle
    from via the cable hook.
    - Open the access hatch using the Q-Remote.
    * Before you do the next one, make sure you're standing on the catwalk.
    - Cut the bundle of wires at the top of the room with your Q-Laser.
    - Rescue the French Prime Minister.
    - Rescue the German Chancellor.
    - Rescue the UK Prime Minister.
    - Rescue the US President.
    5.                   007 icons (for Platinum Medals)
            For those who don't know, 007 icons give you a Platinum Medal if you
    collect all of the icons in a level and reach a certain point value. 007 icons
    only show up after you beat a level and get a Gold Medal. If you get all of
    the icons in a level, it puts your point total up 50,000 points.
            These icon locations are from my old topic asking where they were.
    I put some up, but most of these are purely Palador's. Thanks for all of your
    help Palador, you helped me beat the game. Mr.Easy posted these icons in his
    FAQ but he took them from my topic, without asking Palador, and not giving
    Palador any credit, so I am giving him no credit.
    Level 1 - Trouble in Paradise
    1. At the very beginning, Q-Claw up to the top of the building. The 007 icon
    is at the end of the ramp.
    2. In the room after the first elevator, it is sitting on top of several crates.
    Jump on the crates to get to the 007 icon.
    3. In the darkened room in the third area (the one before you get the vials),
    the 007 icon is to the left near the end of the room.
    4. In the fourth area, the 007 is to the left of the ramp leading to the sub
    Level 2 - Precious Cargo
    *In this Rail mission, the 007 icons appear on the "track" if you will only
    if you perform certain things. Below is a list of now where to get the 007
    icons, but how to make them appear.
    1. Destroy the two blue limos forming the roadblock.
    2. Shoot the helicopter after exiting the warehouse.
    3. Shoot the goon standing near the end of the street after turning left.
    4. Subdue all three goons guarding the entrance of the factory.
    5. Shoot the column without killing the goons after entering the factory.
    6. Shoot the last fan after the column.
    Level 3 - Dangerous Pursuit
    1. At start, turn around and head left. The 007 icon is at the end of the
    2. Shoot the wooden crate in the middle of the road after the roadblock.
    3. Head to the convention center to the left of exiting the warehouse district.
    The 007 icon is in the small area within the convention center.
    4. Just past the convention center is a gas station with goons surrounding
    it. The 007 icon is in the gas station.
    5. Down the same street as the convention center and the gas station, the
    scenery to the left will change from buildings to trees. The 007 is on the
    sidewalk to the left right after the scenery changes.
    Level 4 - Bad Diplomacy
    1. On the first floor, past the elevator and past the second guard is a room
    where darts can be found. The 007 icon is in front of the darts.
    2. On the second floor, head left after leaving the elevator. The 007 icon
    is on the far side of the rotunda.
    3. On the second floor, it is in the secret room past the window leading to
    Griffin's quarters. Use the Q-Vision glasses to see the secret room.
    4. On the third floor, in the room just past Griffins room where there are
    several glass displays. The 007 icon is to the right of the glass displays
    near the stairs.
    Level 5 - Cold Reception
    1. Push the right button at start (the one that opens the door to the right,
    where the guards are). This opens up the room with the guards where the 007
    icon is located.
    2. In the vents that lead from the main room where the ML-22 can be seen in
    the window and connects to the room where the blueprints are.
    3. In the mainframe room, just to the right of the stairs in the mainframe
    4. In the second area, in the middle of the second set of vents above the
    5. Follow the second set of vents to the very end to an alcove. The 007 icon
    is in that alcove.
    6. In the cave past the blast doors, it is on top of the steam vents in the
    bottom of the cave.
    7. At the bottom of the cave is a ladder leading to the top of the cave. The
    007 icon is at the foot of this ladder.
    Level 6 - Night of the Jackal
    1. In a store window in the same area as the Firensi and the Armor.
    2. In the second sniper's nest (where the SSR can be received)
    3. In the room where the lady in red hides after being rescued. It is
    immediately to the right of the door.
    4. In the area where the helicopter if fought with, it is in the far end of
    the area, behind the crates.
    Level 7 - Streets of Bucharest
    1. Behind a pillar under the first bridge.
    2. At the far end of the train area. (After entering into the train area,
    turn right)
    3. After picking the locator up, it is in the alcove where the armor and the
    missiles can be found.
    4. Floating in mid-air in the area after the microchip.
    *The next two are in the Tank Rail area. As before in the second mission,
    these icons only appear after you accomplish the following tasks.
    5. Shoot the tanker that is being followed by two armored vans.
    6. Destroy both helicopters right before the hotel
    Level 8 - Fire and Water
    1. Immediately after going out of the door from the room where the crane
    program, shoot the barrel in front of Bond. The 007 icon is in front of Bond.
    2. After going through the chain-link fence, head to the vent to the left.
    In the room that the vents lead to, the 007 icon is behind the barrels on
    top of a few crates.
    3. In the area before the pump room area, the 007 icon is hidden below the
    cranes holding the metal crates.
    4. In the area before the pump room area, the 007 icon is on the bottom level,
    underneath the bridge that connects the helicopter pad and the walkway
    leading to the door to the pump room.
    5. In the pump room, the 007 icon is on the far side of the room on the bottom
    level, on top of the crates behind the ladder leading to the platform on the
    right side of the area.
    6. After exiting through the door in the upper level of the pump room, head
    to the right. The 007 icon is behind a group of barrels.
    7. In the same area as 007 icon #6, the 007 icon is below the tower with the
    8. Up the elevator to the final area where the third helicopter appears, the
    007 icon is in the corner of the room behind crates and barrels. Shoot the
    barrels to get to the icon.
    Level 9 - Forbidden Depths
    *As before in previous Rail missions, these 007 icons only appear after you
    do something. Just do the below to make the icons appear.
    1. Kill both guards in the first tower.
    2. Kill both guards in the second tower.
    3. Destroy all of Bloch's mines. This one will appear right after the last
    mine is destroyed.
    4. Destroy all gun turrets on the ceiling. This one will appear right before
    the fans.
    Level 10 - Poseidon
    1. Right at start, Q-Laser the larger vent to the left. It is in the vent.
    2. In the second area, shoot the barrels immediately to the right. The 007
    icon will appear after the barrels are shot.
    3. On the bottom level of the second area, just to the right of the stairs
    leading from the elevator.
    4. In the third area, to the right of the start is a small room with armor
    and grenades. The 007 icon is in the room.
    5. Go down the stairs and immediately turn right. Go around the crates to
    a small vent. Crawl through the vent to the end, there the 007 icon is.
    Level 11 - Mediterranean Crisis
    1. On a lower level on the outside of the first area. (This icon would be
    right in front of Bond if the good ending of Poseidon played)
    2. In the left cell in the Brig. (This icon would be right in front of Bond
    if the bad ending of Poseidon played)
    3. Go into the vent in the right cell of the brig. Follow the vent all the
    way to the end.
    4. From the briefing room and up the stairs, go into the vent in the right
    wall of the first control room and follow it to the end.
    5. From the control room where the Harrier program can be obtained, go out
    through the door leading to the side of the ship. Turn right and go down,
    where Bond would be on the other side of the chain link fence. There is a
    Q-Claw target near the side of the ship, leading to a ledge. Q-Claw to the
    target to the ledge. Or a different way of getting to there is after getting
    past the sniper, go into the control room and through the door. Follow the
    passage way to the ledge. The icon is on the ledge.
    6. Behind some crates on the way to the walkway with the sniper near the end
    of the area.
    7. To the left of the foot of the stairs leading to the bridge in the second
    area behind the crates is the 007 icon.
    8. Fall down the hole instead of using the hook to get to Zoe. The 007 icon
    is below the hole.
    9. To the far right corner of the area where the super-goons are guarding
    Level 12 - Evil Summit
    1. On top of the right sniper tower.
    2. On top of the left sniper tower.
    3. On top of the projector, in the same area as the SSR bullets and armor.
    4. At the bottom of the launch room of the French Prime Minister.
    5. Outside of the far door leading to the German Prime Minister.
    6. At the bottom of the launch room of the American President.
    6.               The Gold and Platinum Points and Rewards
            These are from my cheat post on GameFAQ's. These are the ONLY cheats
    in the game. There are NO push-button-codes that work that have been
    discovered. I must get 5 e-mails a day asking me if I know any codes. THERE
    ARE NO CODES! Just beat the game without cheats, it isn't that hard.
    Format is: Medal - Points Needed to Get: Reward for Medal ~ What the Cheat
    Level 1: Trouble In Paradise
    Gold - 50,000: Golden Gun ~ Makes The P2K Gold. (not kill in one shot)
    Platinum - 50,000 + 007 Icons: MP Map - Rocket Manor
    Level 2: Precious Cargo
    Gold - 50,000: Golden CH-6 ~ A Golden Rocket Launcher w/ Unlimited Ammo for
    Platinum - 50,000 + 007 icons: MP Game Mode - Golden Gun
    Level 3: Dangerous Pursuit
    Gold - 70,000: Unlimited Missiles ~ Just what it says, Unlimited Missiles
    in driving levels.
    Platinum - 70,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Stealth Bond
    Level 4: Bad Diplomacy
    Gold - 70,000: Golden Accuracy ~ Makes the P2K have perfect, pinpoint
    Platinum - 70,000 + 007 Icons: MP Powerup - Gravity Boots
    Level 5: Cold Reception
    Gold - 90,000: Golden Clip ~ Makes the P2K have a larger clip size. (12 instead
    of 6)
    Platinum - 90,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Guard
    Level 6: Night Of The Jackal
    Gold - 90,000: Gold Grenades ~ Golden Grenades are given at the start of some
    Platinum - 90,000 + 007 Icons: MP Weapon - Viper
    Level 7: Streets Of Bucharest
    Gold - 100,000: Lotus Esprit ~ New car for driving levels.
    Platinum - 100,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Alpine Guard
    Level 8: Fire & Water
    Gold - 100,000: Rapid Fire ~ Rapid Fire for the P2K.
    Platinum - 100,000 + 007 Icons: MP Weapon - Calypso
    Level 9: Forbidden Depths
    Gold - 110,000: Golden Armor ~ Golden health wheel.
    Platinum - 110,000 + 007 Icons: MP Modifier - Full Arsenal
    Level 10: Poseidon
    Gold - 120,000: Golden Bullets ~ Makes the P2K's bullets more powerful.
    Platinum - 120,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Cyclops Oil Guard
    Level 11: Mediterranean Crisis
    Gold - 130,000: Regenerative Armor ~ Health regenerates in some levels.
    Platinum - 130,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Poseidon Guard
    Level 12: Evil Summit
    Gold - 130,000: Unlimited Ammo ~ Unlimited ammo for the P2K.
    Platinum - 130,000 + 007 Icons: MP Model - Carrier Guard
    7.               Gold Reward Tips & Tricks
            These are tips and hints for Increasing your score on the levels,
    getting Gold and Platinum Medals. To get the Platinum Medals, you have to
    have the Gold Medal on the level first. To get Gold and Platinum medals you
    have to get a required # of points on the levels. Points are given at the
    end based on:
            Weapon Accuracy
            Ammo Efficiency
            Bond Moves
            Damage Taken
            Enemies Subdued
            Overall Time
            007 Icons (for Platinum Medals)
            Level 1: Trouble In Paradise
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Operative
            This is really easy. Just do all the Bond Moves and basically just
    do my level walkthrough fast. My high score on this level is around 250,000,
    so it is not hard at all. If you are really having trouble getting the points,
    put your difficulty up to Agent. If you put it on a higher difficulty level
    then you get a bonus at the end. The bonuses are:
    Operative- None
    Agent- x1.5
    00 Agent- x2.0
            Level 2: Precious Cargo
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Operative
            Since this is a rail level you can't really go faster, except by
    shooting the guy on the sidewalk, giving you a different way to get to the
    roadblock near the end. When you are in the factory, make quick work of the
    guards, and you will have this medal easy. Just do most of the Bond Moves
    and you will be fine.
            Level 3: Dangerous Pursuit
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Operative or Agent
            This level, people are having a little difficulty with. Most people
    slow down to do all of the Bond Moves. That really isn't necessary. Put the
    difficulty on Agent to make up for the lack of Bond Moves that are possible
    to do. Just go really fast to the van and disable it quickly using the
    Q-Booster to catch up to it and the Q-Pulse to disable it (try for the first
    time, it is a Bond Move).
            Level 4: Bad Diplomacy
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Operative or Agent
            This one is simple. Just do everything fast. Also, get tons of points
    for Ammo Efficiency by using your fists, instead of the dart gun. Do all the
    Bond Moves, because they don't take that much time. At the very end, if you
    don't want to waste ammo and time, just run by the guard in the door.
            Level 5: Cold Reception
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Agent or 00 Agent
            To get this medal, don't worry about time. Go slow, do ALL of the
    Bond Moves, go for head shots, hide in vents, and snipe people. Just make
    sure to beat the time limit at the beginning. Don't set off the alarms. They
    bring in more people that you have to kill.
            Level 6: Night Of The Jackal
            Suggested Difficulty for getting Gold - Agent or 00 Agent
            This is a difficult one to get the Gold medal on. Go slow at the start.
    Be sure to kill everyone, until you hear no gunfire. Kill everyone inside
    the gates too. Then kill the sniper, and get his gun, which is a bond move.
    Then speed up and go as fast as possible. Get the 2 boxes of sniper bullets
    in the bottle room. When you get to Carla the Jackal, you can kill her easily
    by doing what I said in the walkthrough. Be sure to shoot down the helicopter
    with the sniper rifle, to get another Bond Move. Just try to get all the Bond
    Moves, doing it fast, except at the start, where you should kill everyone.
            Level 7: Streets Of Bucharest
            Suggested Difficulty - 00 Agent
            I put the suggested difficulty on 00 Agent because it is not that
    much harder than Agent and you get more points. Try just doing this level
    fast, doing some, but not necessarily all, of Bond Moves. Try not to use a
    whole lot of ammo, especially in the tank. This level is hard just to beat
    on 00 Agent, because of health. If you beat it though, you will probably get
    the cheat.
            Level 8: Fire & Water
            Suggested Difficulty - Agent or 00 Agent
            For some reason I thought that this is one of the hardest levels to
    get a gold medal on. But many people had no difficulty with it. I kind of
    don't like this level. But on with the tips for the medal. To get it you have
    to be very fast, skip some Bond Moves, and not get hit almost at all. You
    can lower the two cranes in the second area from the first area. Go outside
    the room where you download the crane program. You can see the two cranes
    outside. Use the remote there, instead of using up lots of time to do it on
    the next level. Once you get to the next level, I suggest that you take the
    right vent, once you laser off the gate lock. Go up the ladder at the end
    of the vent and go straight for the pump room. Kill the guy that comes around
    the corner, and then shoot the sniper on the walkway ahead. Then go straight
    into the pump room. IGNORE the Bond Move of shooting the helicopter pilot.
    Do all the other Bond Moves and complete the level fast, like in my level
            Level 9: Forbidden Depths
            Suggested Difficulty - 00 Agent
            This level has a pretty hard difficulty of getting the Gold Medal.
    But it is not even close to impossible. Just be sure to use the machine gun
    exclusively, except for the end. Use the analong stick (not the red crosshair)
    to aim, because it is faster. Make sure to do all of the Bond Moves. Always
    look up and train your eyes to look for the red lights of the machine guns
    or else they will waste you and lower your damage taken score.
            Level 10: Poseidon
            Suggested Difficulty - 00 Agent
            This level is easy (in my opinion) to get the Gold Medal on. If you
    just complete the level on 00 agent doing all of the Bond Moves, then I don't
    see how you can not get the gold medal. Just watch your health, because it
    is easy to take a lot of damage fast in this level. Know where all the body
    armor is, because it is plentiful. All in all, not that hard.
            Level 11: Mediterranean Crisis
            Suggested Difficulty - 00 Agent
            This level is so big that the opportunity for points is everywhere.
    Just do all of the Bond Moves and you will be fine. Don't even try to go fast,
    just slow down and try to focus on the other point categories. Go for head
    shots and go slowly. That's really it, explore the level for more point
            Level 12: Evil Summit
            Suggested Difficulty - 00 Agent
            NOTE: You can easily get the gold medal on this level, by downloading
    the door program at the top of the sniper tower over and over. It gives you
    a Bond Move each time you do it. I consider this cheating though, and below
    is a way to get it without cheating.
            Evil Summit is hard to get a gold medal on. But here is how I did
    it. Kill EVERYONE at the beginning when they come out of the door. Snipe them
    from the platforms. Pick up all of their ammo (this is great for ammo
    efficiency). Use the D17 exclusively, until you get to the part where Nigel
    is jet packing around. This is where I used the sniper rifles auto-aim to
    hurt him fast when he is jumping around and shooting rockets. When you get
    him with the sniper rifle then you save a whole bunch of ammo. That all that
    I can think of, just go fast EXCEPT at the beginning where you snipe everyone
    from the platforms (this takes a while).
    8.               Tips for finding difficult 007 Icons
            This section is very new, so I will be adding to it soon. Many people
    need help  obtianing some 007 Icons, so I am making it a part of my FAQ. The
    icons below are the same numbers from the 007 Icon location FAQ above. (#5
    in table of contents) If you think that there should be one here that isn't
    here, then e-mail me at LukeFritz@aol.com. DO NOT e-mail me asking about the
    last Forbidden Depths icon, because it is beyond even me. Look below for tips
    and walkthroughs.
    Level 1 - Trouble in Paradise:
    Level 2 - Precious Cargo:
    2nd Icon - Shooting the helicopter is WAY easier with the machine gun, not
    the rocket launcher. Be ready to shoot fast ahead, once you get out of the
    5th Icon - As you come into the room, don't shoot the guy on the catwalk
    straight ahead. The generator is on the left of the wall in front of you,
    under some catwalks. It is kind of grayish, and if you shoot it with the rocket
    launcher then it blows up and you will advance. I think that this will get
    you that icon.
    Level 3 - Dangerous Pursuit:
    This is a walkthrough for the level three icons, originally posted in my help
    topic on gameFAQs.com. Do exactly what I say. I am assuming that you are
    getting the one at the start. Just go to the left at the very start, where
    you emerge from the warehouse district. The second one is in the convention
    center. OK, now keep going the same way as you were before, when you went
    into the convention center, but at the first opportunity to go right, do so.
    Stop and turn around right after you turn right. Face towards the convention
    center. You are now facing the gas station. Blow it up, get a Bond Move, and
    get the icon inside, at the very back, between the pumps. Now. Turn around
    again and go back down the same street that the convention center is on. Get
    the Q-Booster in the middle of the road, it will help you out later. Now just
    hug the left side of the road, around a few turns and the icon is on the
    sidewalk. NOW go and get the van. During the first part you don't have anybody
    following you. The mission is not timed, so there is no limit on the time
    to get to the van, you just have to keep it in sight once you find it. Hope
    this helps!
    Level 4 - Bad Diplomacy:
    Level 5 - Cold Reception:
    6th Icon - To get this one, you have to jump up on the cliff opposite of the
    steam container and then take a running jump onto the container, so that you
    can get the icon on top.
    Level 6 - Night of the Jackal:
    Level 7 - Streets of Bucharest:
    3rd Icon - This icon is found after the jump, after you pick up the locator
    from the train. Look around the streets and you should be able to find it.
    6th Icon - To get this icon, use the cannon on one of the helicopters and
    the machine gun on the other.
    Level 8 - Fire & Water:
    Level 9 - Forbidden Depths:
    4th Icon - If you are looking at this section, it is almost assuredly for
    this icon. This has got to be the most talked about icon to find ever. I must
    have had a stroke of luck, because I played it twice and I got it. IT IS
    SHOOTING THE GUNS! That is the icon. Many people have trouble with this one.
    All that I know is that when I got the medal it was on 00 Agent, and it was
    shooting all of the guns, mostly using the right analog to control. But
    someone e-mailed me with this:
    I have found what to do on Forbidden Depths. First, pick up both rocket
    launchers (CH-6) as this makes it easier. Then, after Bloch has put down the
    last mine, whip out your CH-6 and blast the last gun turret, then quickly
    fire rockets under the closing door which Bloch is going through. You also
    have to destroy the gun turrets.
    -Sam Leving
    Here is another piece of information sent to me by littleleo:
    I missed the last turret and still got the icon. Deal lots of damage to Bloch.
    I got both of the CH-6's and when I shot Bloch with them then it gave me the
    icon at the end.
    Hmm, maybe there are two ways to get the Icon? We might never know.
    If you have any more srats for this icon that would help, e-mail them to me
    and I will put it on this FAQ, with credit given to you.
    Level 10 - Poseidon:
    Level 11 - Meditteranean Crisis:
    1st Icon - If you are missing one of the two icons at the start of this level,
    go back and finsh Poseidon the "right" way. (See FAQ for that level) This
    will put you in a different starting position, and now you can easily find
    the other icons, like the one in the brig.
    Level 12 - Evil Summit:
    9.                   Multiplayer Tips & Tricks
            These tips and tricks were given to me by readers like you. If you
    think any more should be put in, just e-mail me and I will do so, giving credit
    to you.
            From czy bkr:
            Wine Celler Trick - The wine cellar trick is best used with four
    players. Have two teams of two each. Have one member of the team try to pin
    down the other one or two members of the team in the wine cellar pit with
    the big wooden thing on top. Have the other member of the team go around and
    find a wheel that they turn so the wooden
    thing on the roof comes down and crushes the other two players of the opposing
            Avoid Getting Hit By The Train - This hint is for the escort level
    of multiplayer. If you are on the tracks, and you hear a train coming, go
    to the far end of the railroad and hug the edge of the wall, get as far away
    form the track as possible and you should be able to miss getting hit by the
    train. This works great for killing and protecting those VIPs.
    Hope these help you!
            From Craptastical:
            On the Harbor level, climb up a the ladder on the building with two
    ladders. Use the Q Claw to get on top of the roof opposite of the wall you
    are near. Some body armor is there and if you jump with the jetpack, You can
    get up on the more elevated part of the roof and snipe your opponents and
    they won't suspect a thing.
            Use the Q Claw to stay up on a ceiling (to do this, hold down circle)
    and aim down and shoot at your opponent when they walk into the room.
            On the town level, you can use the Q Claw to get in one of the two
    towers in the tall castle.
            From Kyleman:
            1. If you run out of ammo just use your Q-Claw as a weapon, it does
    ok damage.
            2. In the level with the pipes you can place Trip Mines in the holes
    and in the tubes making it impossible to jump over and to get in the tubes.
            3. In the Town level you can use your Q-Claw to get in the balcony
    or use your Q-Claw to get on top of the buildings making a great sniping point.
            4. In the level with the tubes shoot the pipe near the part where
    there's a hole in the wall and you can place a Prox. Mine where you cant see
            From Sam Leving:
            On the Dungeon level, face the middle jail cell and turn around. Go
    forwards, and before the first set of steps, turn right. There is a wall with
    a few sticking out bricks. Push the one nearest the right to open the cell.
    You can trap enemies in here to by presing the brick again. If you get trapped,
    aim for the brick and shoot it, it should open the door.
            From the6milman:
            In the dungeon, not only can you use the central chandelier as a
    shooting perch, but on the lowest level (if youre coming down the stairs,
    so this would be on the left handside) there is a big brick sticking out of
    the wall and it has some weird cement stuff around it. Shoot it or press action
    on it. It opens the center dungeon cell door (but it will also close on you
    if you are in it too long). Also in the middle tier, on one of the far walls,
    there is wreckage and two barrels visible next to a large vat with a spigot.
    Shoot the barrel, and the thing explodes and all the bricks tumble and yield
    a secret room with armor inside.
            From Johnathan Jackson:
    Here is a tip for multiplayer mode. It works well in any course with a celing.
    Just use the Q-claw at the roof and keep holding the O button. You can then
    look down and shoot others from above
            That is the end of my first FAQ. Hope everyone liked it. I put a lot
    of time and effort into this. Copyright 2002 Luke Fritz

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