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Championship Mode FAQ by IrishRagan

Updated: 12/01/00

Ready 2 Rumble Boxing: Second Round
Championship Mode FAQ
By: Irish

-Starting Championship Mode
-The Calander
-Through the Ranks
-What you Get
-Added Stuff


Well, lets look at it logically.  I wrote it.  Its my knowledge, my 
wording and my time.  So don't sell it.  Don't change it without my 
permission for your site.  Don't put it in a magazine.  You may use this 
on your website, but only in full and only with  my consent.  But if you 
have a chance to make some money off of this thing, let me know. Okay? 
By the way, the characters and game belong to the company that made the 
game.  Not me.  


Championship mode takes the fighting in this game that much further.  To 
me it adds a lot more 
replayability to the game.  Especially when your playing by yourself 
like I tend to do most of the time.  It also makes the game a little 
more realistic in my opinion. You start with a much weaker boxer than in 
Arcade mode but quickly get to that level and then beyond.  

Since your reading the championship mode FAQ I assume you already know 
how to do all the basic attacks as well as the combos for the Fighter 
you selected.  Therefore I am going to bypass doing all of that.  And 
concentrate on Championship alone.  This should also shorten the FAQ up 
quite a bit.

               Starting Championship mode:

Select your boxer.  You can choose from any of the boxers you have 
unlocked, except for MJ, Shaq, The Clintons and whoever the very last 
character is.  So basically you can choose anybody that has a picture on 
the back of the CD case.  After you have selected your boxer the game 
will go to a short movie.  The game will say something to the effect of 
finally my own gym.  As you drive past a building that doesn't look all 
that great, but remember its yours.

Your character starts at 25% in all of the following stats:
Strength, stamina, endurance, dexterity.
As well as those 4 stats you also have your expirence which you start at 
0%.  That makes sense since you haven't actually had to fight anybody 
when you first start.

Strength:  Well, of course this is how much damage you do.  The higher 
your strength level is the harder your going to hit your opponent with 
each hit.

Stamina:  This is basically what it is.  Your stamina level.  The higher 
it is, the longer your boxer will be able to throw punchs.  The higher 
the percentage is the more punches he can throw before the stamina bar 
drains completly.  It also effects how fast you recover the bar.

Endurance:  This attribute decides how well your boxer can take 
punishment.  This is the most important attribute for your boxer to be 
high on.  If he can't take a shot whats the point of being able to hit 
anything.  Because unfortunatly you will get hit.  

Dexterity:  This is simply put your boxers speed.  The higher the bar 
the faster your boxer moves, dodges punches and of course the faster he 

Expirence:  This is just what it says.  How expirenced is your boxer.  
Basically everything brings this bar up slightly.  Prize fights, title 
fights and even training brings it up slightly.  As far as i can tell it 
doesn't effect how your boxers fights.

Notes:  Endurance is the hardest to get and it probably the best to have 
a lot of.  When you first start out you will have trouble getting this 
but as you improve at the games you will begin to get higher endurance.  
In my expirence endurance is the last one of your attributes to get 
above 90%.  So account for that and try to work on it as much as 

After each fight you gain points in all of your attributes except 
Endurance.  So you don't need to worry about strength and such as much 
as endurance.  So train endurance as much as possible and choose things 
that will up your other attributes as well as Endurance.

            Training your Boxer:

There are 7 different games you can choose from to train your boxer.  To 
train your boxer you must select Train on the menu.  From there you will 
be able to select the game you wish to train with.  Each game trains 
different attributes.  So choose the one that best trains what you think 
your boxer needs to improve on.  You will also be able to select how 
long your boxer trains for.  The long you train the higher your 
attribute will improve.  You may choose two different ways to train your 
boxer.  Automatic or Manual.  Personally I prefer Manual, since you do 
the games yourself and you know how well you do.  Automatic allows the 
computer to do the training for you.  Which I don't like since you have 
no control over how well the training goes.  

 And the games are:

Jump Rope:
At lower levels of this training game it only raises your Stamina 
attribute.  But as you reach level five it begins to work on Stamina, 
endurance and dexterity.  To do this training game you must hit the 
buttons in the order they are sent down in.  You must hit the buttons 
when the bottom of the buttons hit the line.  Notice that all four 
buttons are shown lightly on your screen.  You must hit the button when 
the bottom of the two bottom buttons reach the line.  Regardless of what 
button you have to hit.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Down
Stamina        Up
Endurance   Up
Dexterity      Up
Expirence     Up

Note:  All three that go up, all go up at about the same rate.  So do 
well on this training and improve your character in three attributes.

Speed Bag:
Well, if you've ever watched Rocky you know what this is.  This Game 
improves your Strength and your Stamina.  Basically you have to hit the 
bag as fast as you can to get earn points.  You have a limited time to 
fill your point bar up.  The time bar is the top one, which is blue I 
believe.  To earn a RumbleMaster level you must fill the point bar 
completly without running out of time first.  Points are gained by 
making the bag bounce of the ceiling.  You have 4 punches to throw 
during this excerise.  Right Jab, Right Hook, Left Jab, and Left Hook.  
By fair the easist game in my opinion.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Up
Stamina        Down
Endurance   Up
Dexterity      Down
Expirence     Up

Note:  Once again the two attributes that go up in this one go up at 
about the same rate.  So if you want to go up more in one area choose 
something else.

Heavy Bag:
Once again a basic boxers training excerise.  In this you must throw the 
punch that you are instructed to do before the time bar runs out.  You 
must be able to throw Right and Left Jabs and Body blows, as well as 
Right and Left Hooks, and of course the Uppercut.  You are told how to 
throw the punchs prior to starting the game.  This works on your 
strength mostly.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Up
Stamina        Up
Endurance   Down
Dexterity      Down
Expirence     Up

Note:  This is good for improving your Strength and Stamina at the same 
time.  Only one that does that as far as I recall.

Sway Bag:
Basically its a bag in the middle of a bungee string.  You punch the bag 
and then dodge it in the order that you are told to.  You only throw one 
punch then dodge the bag the rest of the time.  You must be able to 
dodge quickly left, right and back.  And you must be able to remember 
the order of the dodges you are told.  The higher the level you get the 
faster the bag is, the faster the commands are and the most you have to 
remember.  This works on your dexterity mostly as well as one other 
attribute mildly.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Down
Stamina        Up
Endurance   Down
Dexterity      Up
Expirence     Up

Note:  You get the most in the attribute Stamina for doing this one.  
But this training excerise is also very difficult in the higher levels.  
Or at least to me.

Rumble Pads:
This game is made to improve your Dexterity.  This game makes you knock 
down the pad that is up as fast as you can by hitting the correct 
command button.   There are only 6 pads, but the game move as a high 
rate of speed and is probably on the harder games to do.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Down
Stamina        Down
Endurance   Up
Dexterity      Up
Expirence     Up

Note:  This is probably the most difficult game.  Or at least to me.  
You get the most in the attribute Dexterity.  This is a good game to 
become good at.  Helps your character greatly to have a high dexterity.

Rumble Aerobics:
Once again this game mostly works on your Dexterity as well as a little 
on another attribute.  You must follow the commands of Julie your 
instructor.  She can get rather annoying but isn't to bad if you just 
pay attention to the commands you must enter.  The higher the level you 
train at the more buttons you must use and the longer the chains get.

Levels 1-10
Strength       Down
Stamina        Down
Endurance   Up
Dexterity      Up
Expirence     Up

Note:  This helps your Endurance the most.  This is probably my favorite 
one to do.  Just because it improves your Endurance so much when your at 
a high level. Only problem is Julie can get really, really annoying.

Weight Lifting:
This game improves your boxers strength and nothing more.  You must curl 
the weights by holding either A or B until your bar raises into the 
green area.  You have to get both bars into the green to gain points.  
Once you do it once the green bars shrink.  You will alternate between 
the buttons starting with A then going to B.  And remember the bar moves 
up slightly longer than you hold the button for.  So you must adjust 

Levels 1-10
Strength       Up
Stamina        Down
Endurance   Down
Dexterity      Down
Expirence     Up

Note: This is a good one for upping your strength quickly.  I usually do 
this for a few days after doing something for my Endurance.  It makes up 
for basically everything you lost on your Strength from that excercise.

There are also two things you can do to improve your boxer without 
training.  But these cost money.  Lots of money.  Which you earn by 
winning prize fights.

The first the the Vitamin Program which will costs you $10000.  It 
raises your Stamina and your Dexterity.  Improves your Stamina by 10% 
and your Dexterity by 5%.

The second is Rumble Mass which improves your boxers strength an 
unrealistic amount.  Which isn't much different from the price which is 
just $25000.  Nothing major right?  Improves your Strength by 30% and 
your Endurance by 7.5%.

                The Calander

You have your calander for all your events.  The months are exactly like 
a real calander.  When you train you may choose how many days you train 
for on this calander.  The longer you train for the more points you 
improve or lose in the areas of responsibility.  Of course you lose at a 
slower rate than you gain.  Also on this calander are the fights you 
have scheduled.  Prize Fights will shown by a dollar sign and titile 
fights are shown by what looks like a championship belt to me.  Not sure 
though.  TV is a little small.  You have a posted date on your main 
screen for Championship mode.  So, keep track of when your fights are 
and make sure you don't skip them.


You have two different fights you will fight in Championship mode.  Once 
is the Prize fight and the other is the Title fight.  You begin unranked 
in Championship mode.  So you basically start as a nobody and become the 
world champ.  Basically a lot like Rocky.  It just takes you more 
fights, and your much smarter.

Prize Fights:  Prize fights are for money.  And to improve your boxers 
skills, and your skills with that boxer.  They are a good time to rack 
up wins and to earn money at the sametime.  Each Prize fight is worth 
$2000.  You are able to skip these fights.  But why would you?  The 
whole point of the game is to fight.  Not to train.  Or at least those 
are my thoughts.  Anyways, if you skip the Prize fights you won't be 
able to buy either the Vitamin Program or the Rumble Mass.

Title Fights:  These you must fight.  You have no choice.  You may know 
for a fact your about to get blasted out of the ring, but you still have 
to fight each and everyone of them.  These are the fights that move you 
up in the rankings and get you that much closer to RumbleMan.  And so 
you know all of your opponents are just about even with you in attribute 
points in the begining.  But you soon just blow them out of the water.  
And as long as your competent with your fighter you should have no 
problems.  Except of course against RumbleMan.  Because no matter how 
much more pumped your character is.  He will still be able to pummel you 
at times for some reason.

         Through the Ranks

Starting Championship Mode:  You will drive past your new gym and it 
will say something like, Finally my own Gym.  This is a short little 
movie clip that will happen a few more times in the game.

Rank 10:  You will once again cruise past the your Gym as the building 
slowly starts to clean up it will say.  Getting ready for the press.  
Basically  your Gym stops looking like part of the ghetto.

Rank 7:  You will get an aerial view of your Gym and the surronding 
area.  A building will get destroyed and your new parking lot will 
appear.  Saying, a fighter needs somewhere to park. 

Rank 6:  You will get a Rumble Mass stand in your Gym.  Saying, Now 
thats Rumble Power.

Rank 3:  You will have an added glass enclosure to your Gym.  Gotta make 
room for new customers after all.

Becoming Champion:  Your character dances around the ring much like in 
Arcade mode.  Then it will go through the Credits, Save and then send 
you back to the main menu.  Now make sure you allow the game to go 
through the credit and then save.  Otherwise you beat RumbleMan for now 
reason and will have to do it again.

                    What you Get

Well, your probably wondering what the point of completing Championship 
mode is.  Well, best I can tell its just two more outfits for each 
character.  I could be wrong about this though, since I've only 
completed it with 4 chatacters.  But for the most part the extra outfits 
are much cooler looking than the ones you start with.  So that for one 
makes it worth it to me.

And in my opinion, Championship mode is just more fun to compete in.  It 
has more variety than Arcade since you have a lot more control over how 
your character devolps and such.  You are also in charge of how good he 
is and such.  Championship mode to me adds a lot to the game just 
because you are in charge of your character and you train.  As well you 
get to train and do the games yourself.  So thats that much more that 
you get to do in the game.  And its not just all fighting, although that 
is the whole point of the game.

                  Added Stuff

Well, if you made it this far, either your really bored or this FAQ is a 
lot better than I thought it was.  Thanks to you people who read this 
far, and enjoyed it.  You can email me at IrishRagan@hotmail.com with 
further info or questions.  And of course thanks to Sega for putting 
this game out on a system I had and could afford.  And thanks to Sears, 
Roebuck and Co for giving me a job that allowed me to buy this system 
and game.  Goodfight and goodnight.


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