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Reviewed: 09/19/04

A long line of Unreal Tournaments have come out, but only a few have had what it takes to be called champions

A long line of Unreal Tournaments have come out, but only a few have had what it takes to be called champions. Unlike the other Unreals the Playstation 2's rendition of UT takes the whole concept of first-person shooter to the next level.

The whole aspect of Unreal Tournament is to get in the game, grab some power-ups and/or upgrades then hunt down your opponent. Who says this is boring? Quite the contrary, not only is the integrity of the name UT upheld, it by far breaks the mold. With 10 characters playable from the start and 9 more to unlock as you progress through the games 4 modes which span over 30 levels, replayability was never so splendid.

The first mode of play, which hardcore first-person shooters should already suspect, is deathmatch. In deathmatch, you and up to 3 computers or friends battle it out to the death. Nothings really special about the mode, what is special is how this mode is carried out. You start off with a basic one-handed gun called the enforcer. The enforcer not only shoots like you would expect it to, but all guns (including this one) have a second and more deadly attack. L1 will fire a fast more accurate shot while L2 shoots a slow more damaging shot that is less accurate. Inevitably you will come across another weapon ranging from a high powered sniper rifle to a minigun, which can spew out hundreds of bullets a minute. Every gun really has no downside to them, even if you're stuck with an enforcer, all you have to do is pick up another one and you got double the damage with a second one. Medkits, health viles and armor are really packed in to each level to ensure recovery from a heated situation doesn't turn ugly on you. Besides the items and weapons this game is fast. Not just fast, lightning fast.

Most of the time you're running around looking for someone to shoot, when you find an opponent, hold on to your socks or they will got knocked off. If your playing the game on the easiest level the coms move left and right to try to avoid your shots and give a challenge, but thats not UT is it ? Turn the difficulty on one of the bottom two, then we got a game. The computers AI can be thought to be good in this game because they will hunt for power-ups, get all the good weapons and come after you in full force. If you're not ready it's too late because they will zig-zag, jump over your head, shoot while running away and just about any other tactic that pro-shooters use. Then when you're good enough turn the difficulty on inhuman. If you can survive this hell-hole and come out victorious, You are a true Unreal tournament champion.

The other modes are: Capture the flag, Domination and Assault. CTF is just how it sounds, If you don't know...Where have you been? Domination is sort of a defender game. There are 3 points on the map that must be claimed and defended by you and your comrades. To take a point walk up to it and change the mark to your teams symbol. Watch out because the other team wants to control those areas too. Evey 3 or so seconds you get a point that adds to an overall score for the game. The more areas you have taken the more points you can accumulate at a time. Command your team-mates to either defend taken areas, attack the opposing sides areas in an attempt to claim their territories or follow you around and do what you do. The last and most fun game-play mode is Assault.

You are given objectives, then like a mission you have to accomplish them. This involves clear thinking and lots of strategy because you need to make sure that you complete the mission faster then your opponent. You can either defend first or attack first. Defending lets you guard and stop the attackers from completing the mission, they will always get it done, it's your job to slow it down as much as possible. When attacking you need to kill defenders and get your tasks done as soon as possible. It will always be easier to attack then to defend because dying on offence will respawn you closer and closer to your objective mark to keep the game flowing; dying on defence will respawn you in a random location which can be confusing and mean the difference between being behind or infront of your attackers.

Unreal Tournament is hours of fun on the Playstation 2. From the amazing graphics to the variety of games and even online play, this game is sure to keep the FPS genre of gamers satisfied.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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