Review by El Greco

Reviewed: 08/19/03

Incredibly exciting

Unreal Tournament was probably the first FPS that I ever played and ever since my first play through I have been a big fan of these games. The gameplay, graphics, and sound are all very well presented. The game pits you against human enemies with odd, explosive, and incredibly fun weapons. There are several different game modes in the game, so you aren't just going around shooting people for the entire game, although I have nothing against doing that.

When you first start the game you are put into a match with one opponent, which is incredibly easy, this just serves to get you acclimated to the battle system and controls. Then the game gets progressively harder your enemies have better accuracy, there are more of them, and there are many new weapons that you can use to blow them up with and for them to do likewise to you. Once you pass a few levels a new ladder becomes available, domination. This is where you go around trying to capture and hold three different outposts in the level. There are seven completely different levels for this ladder mode. Once you clear a few more stages you get the Capture the Flag ladder. This is essentially just a normal game of CTF except you can kill people if they steal your flag. The last ladder is the Assault ladder, the one that I find the most enjoyable. In this ladder you must attack, destroy and overrun an enemy base in a set amount of time while another team tries to stop you. When the time is up or the objectives are destroyed the game resets and your positions are switched, the opposing team tries to overrun your base while you defend it, if they can do it faster than your team did then you lose if they fail to do it before the time is up you win the match.

The graphics in this game are better than most FPS that I have played since I first picked this up. The graphics and textures are smooth and realistic, from smoke trails of rockets, to explosions of the assorted explosive weapons that you are provided with, and even blood spurting out of your enemy when you are pumping 100 rounds into his back. All the weapons have appropriate sounds and looks. When you launch 6 rockets at someone there is a tremendous ''Whoosh!'' and you can hear them fly towards their target and if say the impact on a diagonal wall they will all hit in rapid succession, ''Boom, boom, boom...''

The game provides you with twelve weapons to blast away playfully at your enemies with. You are provided with a small miners tool that can pulverize your enemies when you run into them, a chainsaw which you can use to quickly decapitate your opponents, a small rifle type thing that shoots globs of toxic waste, a sniper rifle since no shooting game is complete without it, a rocket launcher for the same reason, a tactical guided nuclear missile to my delight, a weapon called a shock rifle which shoots out laser beams, and some others since this sentence is getting too long.

Sometimes when you are in some of the higher difficulty levels and you have all the players in the match in the same area all with extremely powerful weapons you can get a very intense free-for-all battle going, there are rockets fling around, body bits obscuring you vision, smoke drifting up through the air, and gunshots flying all around you, you fire a rocket take out the guy with the flak cannon, duck, turn around shoot the guy lining up a shot with his weapon, the guy on the side of your screen explodes and suddenly there are only two more people left, the guy on the other side of the room fires a rocket at you, quickly moving to the side you dodge it, you fire a rocket at him but it goes to the side and impacts the wall next to him damaging him a little bit. Then you manage to line up a perfect shot at him you fire and he explodes as do you since he managed to get a shot on you while you were lining up your shot. All of the previous events can take place in about seven seconds, so you have to think fast, and shoot fast in order to survive.

The game has a practice mode in which you can choose one map to practice your skills on and some optional mods such as one shot kill, 130% game speed, 60% game speed, low gravity, and a few more that make the gameplay much more exciting.

To balance the game out all characters have the same ability, strengths, and life. The only way to win is to outgun your opponents instead of relying on higher stats or something like that. The enemy AI is pretty good so it can match up to the ability of a human player pretty easily, and when you get to the higher difficulty levels the AI is either much better or their weapons are a whole shitload more powerful because the hardest difficulty is insane!

The game comes with a multi-player option so you can play head-to-head against 3 of your friends. The screen splits into four quadrants and then you play. The game also comes with and I-Link capability so you can play online against other players that you do not know, but if your PS2 doesn't have Internet capabilities then you are stuck playing with either your friends or with the games bots either of which is incredibly fun.

If you get bored easily with things or you are not a great fan of FPS, which is unlikely after playing this game, you may get tired of the repetitive gameplay, once you beat the game but that will not happen until a long time after the game has been beaten.

If I had to give it some scores I would rate it the following...

Fun Factor-10/10


Overall, this is an incredibly exciting and intense game, it is a definite buy for anybody, even first time FPS players, you will get your moneys worth, especially now since it is probably only about $15.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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