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Reviewed: 01/17/03 | Updated: 01/17/03

Most Underrated FPS On The PlayStation2

Unreal Tournament is a great game on the PC and has had many games in its long series. Around the time that PS2 launched, Unreal Tournament was released for PlayStation2. Was the port a success or a major piece of crap you ask? It was most definitely a success.

The gameplay is great. The controls are good and are pretty easy to learn if you are used to playing FPS's with a controller. If you don't like the default controls, there are 10 other control schemes for you to choose from. The enemy artificial intelligence is good. The game is pretty hard in my opinion but it will probably be of average difficulty to more seasoned first person shooter fans.

The level designs are good and there is a pretty good variety to them. The levels range from space stations, courtyards, and even a dungeon-looking place. Most of them are multi-leveled and everything connects to form a circle in a way which could be a good or bad thing to you. The guns are sweet. If you are looking for guns that are real in real life, you won't find them here. Guns range from heavy machine guns to laser guns to grenade and rocket launchers. The character designs are good and overall, everything (guns, levels, people, etc) looks really futuristic.

Now on to the actual gameplay. The fighting is very fun. You can play where there are teams or you can play in a deathmatch like scenario. The enemy artificial intelligence reacts well to you and the game can get really hard at times. Sometimes, you might get sniped dead from a guy on a ledge while you are on the ground below which shows you are almost never safe in the game and constantly have to watch your back which is fun. It can get really intense. Most of the time, your enemies will act as if they are real people by the choices they make. The gameplay is really good.

The replayability is great. If you like killing or blowing stuff up, you will definitely like playing this over again. If you have friends to play with, the multiplayer is even better. Since the levels are so big, you can just go around hunting each other and blowing each other up. It's a great party game and a great game for an all nighter if you have someone to play with.

The graphics are great. All the character models and level designs look really good and explosions look sweet. The sound is good. Guns sound awesome and the music is average.

To buy or to rent you ask? I would probably buy this since you can probably find it for under 30 dollars. It is a great game for any fans of the first person shooter genre or any fan of the Unreal Tournament series itself. I am hoping to see another installment in the series on the PlayStation2 in the future.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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