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Reviewed: 11/26/01 | Updated: 11/26/01

Good when played alone, but no multiplayer-hit.

Unreal Tournament was a hit on the PC. Now it's the ps2 time for Unreal Tournament. Let's see what EPIC made of it.

The story in UT(Unreal Tournament) is about a corporation called Liandri. Liandri has bought several buildings and complexes and decides to make money by letting people watch some sort of gladiator fight with guns. The contestors get a nice bounty if they win, so there's a lot of scum too. You're job is to become UT-champion by beating every mode and claim the title.

So much for the great ''story'', but that's standard in these multiplayer first person shoot'em ups.

The graphics in this game are simply the bomb, awesome, fantastic, etc. The characters don't look to beefy and the skins are really totally different. The maps are quite detailed. The frame rate kinda sucks when you compared it to the almighty timesplitters. It also suffers from slowdown when you're fighting with 3 to 4 enemies at a time, but that's not to often.

The sounds in this game are very good. The music theme are sweeping and really get you in the ''killing'' mood. The tunes will get annoying after a while but most of the time you will not be concentrated on this. That's because when you kill someone you here a fabolous screme and your own character sometimes makes a comment. Something like: ''SUCKER!!'' or ''Chew on this''. It's always cool to here bots shout against eachother because there team is losing. Nice sounds and tracks.

Excellent!! The game has 5 settings that are all pretty close to perfection. You play fast and aim fast. You can also play with mouse and keyboard and make your own config. Also when playing with a mouse and keyboard you have no auto-aim that you DO have when playing with a controller. You strafe, aim, shoot very smoothly and fast. If you can't get used to the controls in the game?? No problem, there are tutorial-levels that let you get used more to the controls.
Now for the modes, they are very good. You can play up to 7 bots. The assault-levels and capture the flag -levels are awesome. You could play them for months. The only problem is that the multiplayer is very dissapointing. There's no co-up-mode in deatmatch plus you only have 6 levels. With one player you have about 20. I think this is weird and really bad, cause the game could have been a killer with a good multiplayer. Although it DOES have an option for 4 players

What can I say?? Everybody loves a good deatmatch once in a while. You could be playing it for weeks and maybe months.
PLus with the lots of 1-player maps you'll be busy for a while. Too bad for that multiplayer though.

Well.. that depends. If you rather play alone or with bots and your friends hate FPS. Then BUY.
If you have lots of friends that really like to kick you're butt in an FPS i would say rent. Cause after one night you'll have seen it all.


I would say go for Quake3. Although it doesn't have second weapon functions, it DOES have a good multi-player and a good single-player. Timesplitters has a good multiplayer, but a horrible single-player.
So the choice is yours.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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