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Reviewed: 10/29/00 | Updated: 10/29/00

The game of the year for the PC is now on the PS2

Oh my... Epic sure has made the PC game run smoothly on the PS2. It looks and (after you get use to the controls) feels better. This game kicks more rear end than the PC version. Well, almost.

Sound is one variable that adds or takes away a great deal from a game. UT has supreme sound! You huff as you jump and taunt the oponents as you kick some rear. The guns sound as if they are real and make you jump on your couch as they are fired. They've kept most of the old soundtract, and trust me it makes you want to win!

When you first start playing the control can make you wonder if this game was really worth buying (I suggest that you go into the control options and change it to control type B). You'll get use to it, trust me. After about 10 or 15 mins of playing, and maybe looking through your intruction manuel a few times, you'll see that the control is supurb for what the PS2 has to offer; and if you just can't get a hold of the control, there's always the option of getting a keyboard and mouse ^___^

UT is known for its multiplayer tournment style. So you're probably wondering, how good is it's multiplayer system? Well, it kicks the lama's know what... You have the ability to have two player matches, hook up a multi-outlet for up to four player matches, or (if you have a ton of dough$$) you can get four tvs together with four PS2s and four copies of UT; all contected through fire wire ($40 a cable) and a hub ($100) and have a four player match without split screen. The only problem is that you can't play multiplayer domination or assualt (you do have capture the flag and deathmatch), which kinda sucks, but doesn't take away too much from the game.

Epic has added most of the levels from the PC game (such as Facing Worlds) and has added a ton more with about 50 in all. Every single one of the levels make you feel embeded in the game. The levels make this game totally different from other first person shooters on consoles, and are a great reason for purchasing this game.

Overall I would give this game a 10 1/2! I know that goes above the rating scale, but this game deserves it, with its adrelien rush gameplay, its multiplayer tournament matches and its futuristic fighting/fps style.

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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