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Easy to like, hard to love. 09/29/06 Aleksius
The first third of the game is terrific, but then things fall apart... 09/07/10 neonreaper
I love what Snake did with his hair... Hey, wait a minute! 08/02/12 BloodGod65
The problem with Sons of Liberty is that is better remembered than actually played. 04/23/04 Braben
Some new stuff, some cool stuff, some bad stuff... but just overall not as good as the original 03/03/08 darkknight109
Hideo Kojima must be stopped. 12/02/01 DConnoy
Peep how we do it, keep it real, it’s penitentiary steel 07/04/03 Denouement
Just a city boy... 08/29/05 discoinferno84
Metal Gear Solid 2 is everything a sequel should be like! 09/03/02 Dogg
Almost perfect... 05/26/04 El Greco
Metal Gear meets The Matrix in Hideo Kojima's most recent effort to create the perfect interactive movie 03/12/02 EOrizzonte
A blend of outstanding gameplay and tiring confusion. 07/30/04 Fein
Three Minutes 05/15/08 ffmasterjose
Kojima Strikes Again!!!!! 01/03/05 goduke1029
"Raiden, turn the game console off right now!" 02/08/16 Groovy_Batman
Small problems balanced out by the best video game story yet. 02/18/02 hangedman
"Fission Mailed"? More like "Mission Failed." 09/11/06 hecktic00
Snake? Snake?! SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?! 07/06/09 horror_spooky
Warning: Metal Gear Solid Fanboy Reviews MGS2- Sons of Liberty 09/28/06 jshark2000
Die hard with a mullet 02/02/03 Kane
Snake's first appearance on the playstation 2 09/16/04 kidgame2001
It's not my fault Australia is in the southern hemisphere! 04/05/02 KingBroccoli
Refined, unique, entertaining, yet intrinsically flawed 06/23/03 kristina kim
Blurs the Line Between Entertainment and Art 11/20/01 Logic Blue
Dragon's Lair for the year 2001 01/02/02 lylemcd
The best storyline in the whole series... for those smart enough to follow it. 04/27/10 LynnJynh9315
What the HELL went wrong with this title !?!?! 07/23/04 Mister Sinister
A dense story saved by engaging gameplay 01/14/14 nastynate3118
This is the absolute greatest stealth action game of all time. A masterpeice that still shines today. 12/09/04 notnats335
Fantastic gameplay with a deep, intelligent, and unparalleled story 01/30/08 OctoCam76
Everyone should play this game. 07/10/04 Oren Murasaki
Sneakin' around in a box has never been so much fun!! 11/23/01 PS2 4 Life
A Must-Have for PS2 Owners (PAL Review) 10/20/03 Rhuman13
I've spotted the enemy! Requesting backup! 12/24/02 Shady
Don't buy into the hype; it's great, but not perfect 02/25/02 Starwind
Hideo Kojima Takes Stealth Gameplay To A Whole New Level. 10/05/04 Tarrun
Not Just A Game, But Also A Work Of Art 02/11/03 THAguyINgta3
Among the Best Games Ever Made. Masterful. 02/23/06 thesolidshark
Smokes his Cigarette with Style! 11/07/04 tollbooth
Best game on the Playstation 2, and that's saying a LOT given how stacked the system is. 10/29/10 UltimaterializerX
Snake's the man to beat 007. 04/10/04 wutai2nd
Les Enfants Terribles vs. The Patriots 07/17/03 xanxus
The Perfect Tactical Espionage Action!!! 12/16/02 YSF
I can't think of a better tagline than: FISSION MAILED KONAMI! 09/20/11 Zylo the wolf

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