.hack//Infection Part 1 Cheats


  • Liminality Keywords

    These keywords give you rare items that you can't get anywhere else.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ice BarGo to Delta:Hideous Organ Market Scaffold
    Rusty Nail & KagayuzenGo to Delta:Voluptious Her Remnant
    Soul Blades & Ceramic HelmGo to Theta:Dog Dancing Passionate Tri Pansy

    Contributed By: Megarpggal2002.

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  • Secret character

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    GardeniaBring a letter to her in Theta: Soft Solitary TriPansy after reading Gardenia's fan club message on the board
    NatsumeGott statue in Delta: Raging Passionate Melody after reading her message on the board
    SanjuroFind his sword in Delta: Hideous Destroyer's Far Thunder after reading his message on the board

    Contributed By: Saint Michael.

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Easter Eggs

  • Liminality DVD Easter Egg - Timeline

    In the Title Menu, select Data. Then highlight Main. Press Right, then Left. You then receive instructions on how to operate the Gallery. These controls work for the timeline. (The timeline goes from Late 20th Century to approx. 2009. Obviously, this is the storyline's timeline.)

    Contributed By: rererb.

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  • Parody Mode, Mummy Ship, Goblin Summon

    To access Parody Mode, .hack with funny dialogue, the Mummy Ship with extra boss, and the Goblin Summon, simply beat the game. (JP Version Only)

    After beating the game, you will get a mail from Bandai telling you the location of the Mummy ship. Inside the Mummy ship is an extra boss.

    Also after beating the game, on the BBS is the final goblin location. Beat the goblin, and equip all the other Goblin equipment. You can now summon a yellow goblin to attack.

    Contributed By: z026445.

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Area/Level Hints

  • Thunder Equipment Area

    The area, Theta Chosen Solitary White Devil, will generate all of the highest level Thunder armors at the Gott Statue and is a two floor dungeon with only one magic portal between the entrance and the statue. From the entrance, take a left at each branch to arrive at the Gott Statue chamber. The Gott Statue will award 1 of 3 selected pieces of equipment each time the dungeon is exited and re-entered while visiting the area. In order to change the selection of equipment the Gott Statue is offering, one must gate out to the town and re-visit the area and the dungeon.

    Contributed By: Sinner2501.

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.hack//Mutation Part 2 Cheats


  • Parody Mode (Japanese Version)

    Once you beat the game you unlock Parody Mode.

    Contributed By: thelazrgundam.

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  • Unlock secret characters

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    MarloHe will post a message on the board asking you to go to a dungeon. help him in defeating the monster at the bottom.
    MoonstoneYou should have found him in the previous dungeons. at a certain point he will send you an e-mail. Go were he asked and clear the dungeon.
    Nuke UsugimaruAfter reading his post on the board go to that location. then defeat the monster on B3 floor.
    RachelAfter reading her post go to that location. Find the item she is looking for and trade items with the others on B1 floor.

    Contributed By: Saint Michael.

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Easter Eggs

  • Secret Areas from the DVD & Manga

    From the included DVD:
    / Capricious Unending Corridor
    Find: Gemini Soul (rare weapon) and Chinese Food(trade it for special spear)

    From back of .hack//SIGN DVD set 2:
    / Bottomless Soul Kaleidoscope
    Find: Stat Increase Book (water +4)

    From a Japanese manga, has not been translated into English, but the area still works. Not sure how we in America were supposed to find it without help from overseas :
    /Lightless Sacred Remains
    Find: Bent Glasses (rare headgear)

    Contributed By: thfisher.

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  • Secret Information on Bonus DVD

    In the Liminality DVD, select ''Data''. Then highlight the Gallery. Press Right, then Enter (X on a Playstation 2). You will find secret information on characters and behind-the-scenes information on the storyline.

    Contributed By: Doody the Clown.

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