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While Red Octane�s IN THE GROOVE will remind players of Konami�s DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION, the game kicks up the difficulty a notch in several ways, the most prominent of which is requiring three or four arrows to be hit at once. This means players will have to not only jump around but drop to the floor to slap arrows with their hands. Another major difference between IN THE GROOVE and DDR is the arrows. Here, they are fully polygonal, meaning the arrows can spin around, bounce up and down, look like they�re vanishing into the background, and other tricks that challenge the player. Another addition is the mine arrow. Stepping or slapping one of these will cause the arrow to explode and break the combo chain the player was building up. Fortunately, the game includes a large variety of difficulty settings (13 different difficulty levels in all), so even beginners can get into the dancing action. The game play modes include all of the standard ones gamers have come to expect in a dancing game: arcade mode, two-player challenge mode, workout mode, and never-ending modes are all available for players to enjoy. The song list is fairly large as well with over 70 titles. For dance fans that have mastered everything on the market, IN THE GROOVE kicks up the difficulty and will make gamers rethink their entire approach to dancing games as they learn to use their hands and feet together.

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