Additional MusicCult of Luna
Additional MusicSociety 1
ArtistEdward Bowman II
ArtistJoe Cesario
ArtistJames Crowson
ArtistDave Finley
ArtistJason Hasenauer
ArtistJames 'Lars' Hawkins
ArtistTyler Hinkle
ArtistDarren Lee
ArtistHong Ly
ArtistKhanh Nguyen
ArtistChris Regalado
ArtistCaterina Shintu
ArtistDanny Tamez
ArtistChristine Thomas
ArtistTodd Williams
Audio Director / Cinematics MixerGene Semel
Composer - Additional Ambient MusicMatt Gruber
Composer - Ambient and Battle MusicDevin Townsend
Composer - Main TitleCraig Stewart Garfinkle
DAdditional Sound DesignBrian Fredrickson
Development ProducerTrevor Snowden
Dialogue EditingScott Purvis
Dialogue EditingPat Ryan
Dialogue Supervisor and CastingFred Hatch
Executive ProducerMark Teal
International Services Localization Manager - SpanishRafael Lopez
International Services ProducerPaul Dew
Lead ArtistPerry Scalf
Lead DesignerChris Pasetto
Lead ProgrammerRandy Culley
Lead ScriptorRene Hakiki
Level Designers and ScriptorsDonnie Cornwell
Level Designers and ScriptorsRobert Evinger
Level Designers and ScriptorsBrian Freyermuth
Level Designers and ScriptorsSteve Gazda
Level Designers and ScriptorsRobert Hanson
Level Designers and ScriptorsDan Kingdom
Level Designers and ScriptorsHenry Lee
Level Designers and ScriptorsSteve McLafferty
Level Designers and ScriptorsAlendor 'Zack' Vulaj
Localization - FrenchEmilie Castellano
Localization - GermanOlaf Becker
Localization - ItalianCaterina Schinto
Music - "Beneath the Surface"SKINLAB
Music - "Losing All"SKINLAB
Music - "My Last Serenade"Killswitch Engaged
Music - "People = Shit"Slipknot
Music - "Perpetual Black Second"Messhugha
Music - "Pure Hatred"Chimaira
Music - "Slave the Way"SKINLAB
Music - "Stay With Me (Unlikely)"Celldweller
Music - "Stigmurder"Chimaira
Music - "Straws Pulled at Random"Messhugha
Music - "Temple From The Within"Killswitch Engaged
Music - "The Dehumanizing Process"Chimaira
Music - "The Heretic Anthem"Slipknot
Music - "The Last Firstborn"Celldweller
ProducerChuck Cuevas
ProgrammerCalvin Lin
ProgrammerDylan Lindeen
ProgrammerRodney Relosa
ProgrammerDanny Stanley
ProgrammerDarren Walker
Sound DesignersRobert Burns
Sound DesignersScott Tang
Voice Over Talent - Arnold "Armpit"John Mariano
Voice Over Talent - AttisTony Jay
Voice Over Talent - BlakeKevin Michael Richardson
Voice Over Talent - CainMichael Bell
Voice Over Talent - Ching TsunDee Bradley Baker
Voice Over Talent - City Ghoul CivilianDee Bradley Baker
Voice Over Talent - Cult Ghoul / Thug / Soldier / KamikazeAlan Oppenheimer
Voice Over Talent - CyrusKevin Michael Richardson
Voice Over Talent - DuBoisBrian George
Voice Over Talent - FisherEril Boen
Voice Over Talent - GieseNick Jamison
Voice Over Talent - Glowing GhoulJohn Vernon
Voice Over Talent - HaroldAlan Oppenheimer
Voice Over Talent - HieronymousBrian George
Voice Over Talent - JaneVanessa Marshall
Voice Over Talent - JesseAlan Oppenheimer
Voice Over Talent - MaryGrey Delisle
Voice Over Talent - Mutant BlobTony Jay
Voice Over Talent - Mutant Grunt / SoldierKevin Michael Richardson
Voice Over Talent - NadiaGrey Delisle
Voice Over Talent - NarratorTony Jay
Voice Over Talent - Nightkin / Super-MutantMichael Bell
Voice Over Talent - Patrol / Plasma / Kamikaze RobotCam Clarke
Voice Over Talent - PattyBJ Ward
Voice Over Talent - Psycho Ghoul UserJohn Mariano
Voice Over Talent - Raider LieutenantBJ Ward
Voice Over Talent - Raider Thug / DrunkNick Jamison
Voice Over Talent - Raider Torch / SoldierJohn Mariano
Voice Over Talent - RhombusJohn Vernon
Voice Over Talent - RichardEril Boen
Voice Over Talent - RubyVanessa Marshall
Voice Over Talent - Shop Tec Vending ComputerBJ Ward
Voice Over Talent - Tesla / Service RobotBrian George
Voice Over Talent - Turret / Sentry RobotNick Jamison
Voice Over Talent - Tutorial ComputerKristakis Gepetto
Voice Over Talent - Vault DwellerMichael Bell
Voice Over Talent - Vault ManCam Clarke
Voice Over Talent - Vault-Tec Computer CalixEril Boen
Voice Over Talent - VidyaGrey Delisle
Voice Over Talent - Wasteland ManDee Bradley Baker


Data and credits for this game contributed by necropenguin, akeboshi, LordAndrew, Blueberry Buttface, solidfranz, oliist, and Hardkoroff.

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