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    FAQ/Walkthrough by World3Level2

    Version: 1.13 | Updated: 06/26/09 | Search Guide | Bookmark Guide

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           |                                                           |
           |___     V O I C E     A C T I O N    A D V E N T U R E     |___
                                   v 1.13 06/26/09
                                Written by Joseph Geck
                             Email: starcovenant@yahoo.com
                                    Developer SCEI
                                  NA Publisher Konami
                                 Released  3/02/2004 NA
                                  REQUIRES USB HEADSET
    These sites have permission to host this FAQ as of 10/06/04:
    This guide is free for public use, you may save it to your hard drive and print
    out a hard copy if you wish.  You may not alter or change the guide in anyway
    shape or form.  Furthermore it must remain and be clearly stated where other-
    wise necessary or appropriate that the author is Joseph Geck.  This means you
    may NOT plagiarize by passing this guide as your own or anybody else's by
    removing my name and or adding your own name.  Therefore where I have placed my
    name and others who have helped contribute they stay there for all intents and
    If you would like to host this FAQ at another website or publish it somewhere
    you must contact me and get my permission first.  If you do so I also require
    that you keep up to date with new versions.  You must leave me your email or
    some way to contact you so you can update the one you are hosting.
    1.13  June 26 2009
    I was surprised to find two new Rio Talks Back Easter Eggs in my inbox this
    evening.  Matthew Bennett let me know that saying your favorite word is
    "hope" during the space elevator ride, triggers a unique response.  And
    likewise, Sekundes, shared with me that "bark like a dog" works at any time.
    The appropriate sections have been updated.
    1.12  October 6 2004
    Changed my contact email so send all future emails to starcovenant@yahoo.com.
    And I added the list of sites that have permission to host this FAQ in the
    Copyright section.  I also received an email informing me that "jar of candy"
    might work at the password prompt for Jonathan's Room instead of "strawberry
    candy".  So I updated the appropriate sections.  Thanks to Yunie for the info.
    1.11  September 3 2004
    Added a 2nd spot where you can obtain the SEXY POSE ticket in case you missed
    it the first time.  Thanks to Matt for the heads up.  Then did a little bit of
    reformatting but nothing drastic, the layout and content is still the same.
    1.10  August 23 2004
    Added a 2nd costume to the Secret Costumes, filled in what "strafe" actually
    does and applied it to a boss fight, and fixed a couple of issues regarding
    "check"-ing first before moving on.  Thanks to DEngel's FAQ for the help.
    Check the Contributors section for a more detailed description of what I
    changed thanks to him.
    And to check everything for myself I ran through the game again and fixed too
    many little mistakes to count and added a few extra tips.  I also added a ton
    of new easter eggs I came across on my 2nd playthrough plus an odd glitch (see
    Rio Talks Back - "Use Rations").
    1.00  August 20 2004
    The guide is complete with all the content I intend to add after my first play-
    through.  The only changes I intend to do are fixing spelling/grammar mistakes,
    reformatting and adding things sent in by contributors.  For interested readers
    you should be able to squeeze every last juice out of LifeLine.  Please email
    with any corrections or suggestions especially fight strategies or easter eggs
    (funny lines from Rio).  In my mind the guide is now yours to improve.
    |........................... TABLE OF CONTENTS ...............................|
    || Type CTRL+F to bring up the Find dialog box, then type the 3 digit code   ||
    +* (plus the hyphen) within the square brackets to quickly jump ahead in the *+
    || guide.  Note you might need to press Enter twice.                         ||
    +*                                                                           *+
    ||                                                                           ||
    *+             -------------------------------------------------             +*
    ||             ////////////////| INTRODUCTION |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\             ||
    *+             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\|    [A-AA]    |/////////////////             +*
    ||             -------------------------------------------------             ||
    +*                                                                           *+
    ||              The World of LifeLine                    [a-00]              ||
    +*              -----------------------------------------------              *+
    ||                 Prologue ............................ [a-01]              ||
    *+                 Characters .......................... [a-02]              +*
    ||                 Controls ............................ [a-03]              ||
    *+                 Item Cursors ........................ [a-04]              +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*              Gameplay Tips                            [b-00]              *+
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    +*                 Microphone Input Gauge .............. [b-01]              *+
    ||                 Voice Recognition Tips .............. [b-02]              ||
    *+                 Battle Tips ......................... [b-03]              +*
    ||                 Battle Keywords ..................... [b-04]              ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||              How to Use the Walkthrough               [c-00]              ||
    +*              -----------------------------------------------              *+
    ||                 Structure ........................... [c-01]              ||
    +*                 Assumptions ......................... [c-02]              *+
    ||                                                                           ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||             -------------------------------------------------             ||
    *+             //////////////| THE WALKTHROUGH |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\             +*
    ||             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\|      [D-DD]     |////////////////             ||
    +*             -------------------------------------------------             *+
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*              Preparation/Tutorial                     [d-00]              *+
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||              Guest I - Distress Call -                [d-10]              ||
    *+              -----------------------------------------------              +*
    ||                 Security Room ....................... [d-11]              ||
    +*                 Guest Hall I ........................ [d-12]              *+
    ||                 Guest Room 1/Open Shutter 7 ......... [d-13]              ||
    +*                                                                           *+
    ||              Guest I - Spider in The Hall -           [d-20]              ||
    *+              -----------------------------------------------              +*
    ||                 2nd Half of Guest Hall I ............ [d-21]              ||
    *+                 Guest Room 2 ........................ [d-22]              +*
    ||                 Guest Room 3 ........................ [d-23]              ||
    +*                 Guest Room 4 ........................ [d-24]              *+
    ||                 Sun Suite ........................... [d-25]              ||
    +*                 Equipment Room ...................... [d-26]              *+
    ||                 Infirmary ........................... [d-27]              ||
    *+                 Fight the Spider .................... [d-28]              +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    *+              Guest II - Receiving Port Rendezvous -   [d-30]              +*
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    +*                 Guest Hall II ....................... [d-31]              *+
    ||                 Restrooms/Open Shutter 5 ............ [d-32]              ||
    +*                 Guest Room 5 ........................ [d-33]              *+
    ||                 Moon Suite/Elevator Hall ............ [d-34]              ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||              Staff - Rio Goes Alone -                 [d-40]              ||
    *+              -----------------------------------------------              +*
    ||                 Staff Hallway ....................... [d-41]              ||
    +*                 Control Staff Quarters .............. [d-42]              *+
    ||                 Service Staff Quarters/Rio's Room ... [d-43]              ||
    +*                 Lights Out in the Warehouse ......... [d-44]              *+
    ||                 Into the Air Duct ................... [d-45]              ||
    *+                 Waiting Room ........................ [d-46]              +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    *+              Senior Staff - Hunt for the Stone -      [d-50]              +*
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    +*                 Deserted Observatory Restaurant ..... [d-51]              *+
    ||                 Elevator Ride in Space .............. [d-52]              ||
    +*                 Senior Staff Hallway ................ [d-53]              *+
    ||                 Break Room .......................... [d-54]              ||
    *+                 Shut up Gino & Head Down the Hall ... [d-55]              +*
    ||                 Fight in the Manager's Office ....... [d-56]              ||
    *+                 Exhibit Room ........................ [d-57]              +*
    ||                 Shootout at the Shutter Panel ....... [d-58]              ||
    +*                                                                           *+
    ||              Laboratory - Rio to the Rescue -         [d-60]              ||
    +*              -----------------------------------------------              *+
    ||                 Corridor in Zero Gravity ............ [d-61]              ||
    *+                 The Lab ............................. [d-62]              +*
    ||                 Final Boss & The Monitor Room ....... [d-63]              ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*             -------------------------------------------------             *+
    ||             ///////////////////| EXTRAS |\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\             ||
    +*             \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\| [E-EE] |////////////////////             *+
    ||             -------------------------------------------------             ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||              Bestiary                                 [e-00]              ||
    *+              -----------------------------------------------              +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*              Inventory Items                          [f-00]              *+
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    +*                 Items A - Scenario Items ............ [f-01]              *+
    ||                 Items B - Battle Items & Etc ........ [f-02]              ||
    *+                 Keyword Tickets ..................... [f-03]              +*
    ||                 Keyword Index ....................... [f-04]              ||
    *+                                                                           +*
    ||              Help What Do I Say? (FAQ)                [g-00]              ||
    +*              -----------------------------------------------              *+
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*              Bonus                                    [h-00]              *+
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    *+                 Bonus Menu Unlockables .............. [h-01]              +*
    ||                 Mini-Games .......................... [h-02]              ||
    *+                 Chip Location ....................... [h-03]              +*
    ||                 Secret Costumes ..................... [h-04]              ||
    +*                 Rio Talks Back (Easter Eggs) ........ [h-05]              *+
    ||                                                                           ||
    +*              Credits                                  [i-00]              *+
    ||              -----------------------------------------------              ||
    *+                 Contact Me .......................... [i-01]              +*
    ||                 Contributors ........................ [i-02]              ||
    *+                 Thank You ........................... [i-03]              +*
    ||                                                                           ||
    *                                                                             *
    | -------------------------- INTRODUCTION [A-AA] ---------------------------- |
    |                                                                             |
    Okay you've got your hands on LifeLine, what are you in for...?
    The World of LifeLine [a-00]
    LifeLine is not simply a survival horror game it is an innovative title that
    runs entirely on your voice.  You pass out after the grand opening party of a
    new space hotel on Christmas Eve 2029 gets overrun by monsters.  You find
    yourself stuck in a monitor room in which you have access to the cameras and
    all the security doors in the facility.  With no way out you guide a hotel
    waitress Rio around the JSL station with a common goal of the two of you
    escaping alive.  Rio is entirely voice activated and will do only what you the
    Operator tell her.  It's amazing how well this story concept integrates with
    the gameplay mechanics.
    With the obvious limitations of voice recognition, there are a limited number
    of keywords and actions that are predetermined.  Your goal is to use those
    phrases at your disposal to find items, solve puzzles and defeat aliens.  This
    is very much reminiscent of text based adventures like Zork and the Old King's
    Quest games where you typed in preset commands.  But with LifeLine you say
    those simple commands into the microphone (USB headset) instead of typing them.
    LifeLine is very much the modern day offspring of the classic genre.
    A little warning to gamers interested in giving LifeLine a try.  Keep in mind
    this is not your average new age game with a lot of fast action or complex
    moves.  In fact you can't even move Rio around with the controller.  Simply
    tell her where to go and she does the moving and wandering around herself.
    This exploration style is not what the younger or casual gamer is likely to
    find fun.  On the other hand fans of point-and-click adventures or text based
    games will find a lot here to enjoy.  With that said if you are a gamer that
    wants to try something new and original that's not your tip of the mill video
    game, I highly recommend it.
    One final disclaimer, this game requires a lot of patience.  LifeLine can be
    very frustrating with the sometimes shoddy voice recognition and because the
    majority of the game relies on you identifying unknown objects which is some-
    times darn near impossible.  A lot of the time the unknown object does not even
    look close to what it actually is.  For example what looks like a stack of
    papers might be magazines.  Without a little bit of patience this can get irri-
    tating, but that's where this guide comes in. :)
    Prologue [a-01]
    (As listed in the manual)
    December 24, 2029
    JSL Space Station was attacked by creatures of unknown origin.
    I can't remember how I escaped or when I lost consciousness, but when I awoke,
    I was locked in the monitor room and couldn't get out.  On the monitor I
    received a distress call from the security room.  Thank God, someone else is
    alive!  I then responded....
    Characters [a-02]
    People aboard the JSL Space Station (as listed in the manual).
    [You (the player) - Operator]
    You are locked in the monitor room and can't get out.  But you can communicate
    with others and remotely control the equipment in the station using the
    operation system.  You are working with Rio in order to get out of the monitor
    [Rio - Waitress (onsceen character you control)]
    Waitress at the Station Hotel.  She is looking for something besides other
    [Naomi - Your Girlfriend]
    You were both invited to the inaugural Christmas party at the Station Hotel.
    [Gino - Security Guard]
    Security guard at the Station Hotel.  He has a crush on Rio.
    [Tanaka - JSL Employee]
    Manager of the hotel.  A rude, despicable person.
    [Allen Honda - Space Station Researcher]
    Working in the Space Station test lab.
    [Joe Powers - Head of the Research Center]
    Head researcher in the Space Station test lab.
    [Helen Johnson - News Correspondent]
    She is reporting the historic event taking place at the Space Station Hotel.
    [Takayama - Japanese Prime Minister]
    He was invited to the party at the Station Hotel.  His popularity is waning due
    to Japan's long-term economic recession.
    Controls [a-03]
    Requires the USB Headset to play
    Playstation 2 Controller   For Search                For Battle
    ------------------------   ----------                ----------
    directional buttons        move analysis cursor      not used
    circle                     mic input (hold button)   mic input (hold button)
    square                     confirm selection         not used
    triangle                   display analysis points   display alien parts you
                                                         can attack
    cross                      cancel                    not used
    start                      pause                     pause
    select                     skip events               skip events
    L1                         display map               not used
    L2                         not used                  not used   
    R1                         display item list         switch camera
    R2                         display keyword list      not used
    Note: There is a mistake in the manual that swaps L2 and select.  Use select to
    skip cutscenes (the mic input gauge will be gone) not L2.
    Item Cursors [a-04]
    This is for people who don't have the manual (stupid used games).
    Obtainable Item  [flashing white sparkle]
    Items Rio can pick up.  If the name is displayed give instruction to obtain it
    such as "get", "look under", etc.
    Analysis Cursor 1  [square crosshair outline]
    The item name is displayed.  There is no description or details unlike...
    Analysis Cursor 2  [solid blue square crosshair]
    Push square to display the item's name and description.
    Control Cursor  [square crosshair with 4 yellow arrows on each side]
    Items that the Operator (you) can control from the Monitor Room.  Select the
    item with square.  Push square again to display a list of options in the
    control panel.  Select a choice with the d-pad and confirm with square.
    Sonar Cursor  [radiating gold circle]
    Items that have not been identified.  You must identify them by guessing the
    name or giving a good enough description.  Once identified the cursor changes
    to the Control or Analysis cursors.
    ........................... Gameplay Tips [b-00] ..............................
    The most challenging part of LifeLine is guessing the unknown objects, some-
    times they are really obscure or look different to what you'd expect.  To help
    determine what it is you can use descriptive phrases like green papers, orange
    box, etc and if successful Rio will say "Oh you mean this" and the object will
    be identified.  Use the Walkthrough to just skip all that guessing and find the
    exact name you need.
    Obtainable Items when searching will flash on screen with a white sparkle.  Try
    to move, open, look behind or look under objects to find it.
    There are some things you can "check" that aren't identified as unknown objects
    by the Sonar Cursor.  For example there might be a pile of papers that look
    like scenery but you can sometimes get a response from Rio by checking it.
    That said these exceptions don't generally do much or provide useful infor-
    mation but I will include them if I find them.
    You can pause at any time to think about what you want to say.  This is espec-
    ially useful during battle.  If you're stuck it might be a good idea to pause
    and read this FAQ.
    You can say "Run to whatever" to get there faster.  Plus you can say "hurry",
    "faster", "speed it up" or "run" while walking to start running.
    You can "look", "take", "read", "eat", "use", etc instead of "check" to get
    similar but slightly different results.
    "Consultation" lets you start a conversation with Rio by using Scenario
    keywords (phrases) under the R2 menu.  These are a list of questions that you
    can ask Rio to answer and get further information.  "Stop" to end the conver-
    sation.  The Scenario keywords are updated frequently after new plot develop-
    ments and you can read any of them up to before the final boss.
    This is more of a troubleshoot if anything but if the Analysis points disappear
    (the item names you interact with) press triangle to display them again.
    Microphone Input Gauge [b-01]
    The status of the mic input has 3 available options, the current status is
    displayed in the upper left corner of the screen.
    [CANNOT TALK]  Communication is not presently possible.  You cannot say any-
    thing.  This usually happens when Rio is explaining something or during key
    events or cutscenes.
    [TALK NOW]  The onscreen character wants to communicate with you.  You are
    forced (or encouraged) to say something during this time.  In most cases during
    a timed event where you must react quickly or Rio demands a response.
    [(blank)]  You can talk to the on-screen character as you wish.  This is when
    the game gives you full control and you can choose what you want to say.  This
    is your chance to freely explore, look at your options, or consult with Rio.
    Oddly sometimes Rio is waiting for response here too.
    The vertical thin bar on the left side represents how well the game and Rio are
    understanding your commands.  The higher the bar the better you stated the
    words or phrases.
    The horizontal bar that flickers across the middle of where it says TALK NOW or
    (blank) is the loudness or volume of your voice.  The louder you speak the
    farther it goes to the right.  It seems that louder is not necessarily better
    so this is more of an indication of how well your voice is being picked up.  If
    you seem to have trouble first check if the mic is 2 to 3 cm from your mouth
    and second if you are speaking loud enough.
    Voice Recognition Tips [b-02]
    Properly time when you start and end the transmission by pressing circle right
    before you speak and right after you are done.  There is an exception in battle
    see below for details.  It may seem like common sense but in spur of the moment
    situations that require a fast response you may find yourself mistiming the
    button press with your actual talking.  So keep that in mind.
    Speaking like a ro-bot is not nec-ess-ary.  Speak clearly and flow your words
    together at a moderate or slightly quicker pace.  No need to slur your words
    together or leave giant gaps between words either or yell.  In fact you can
    whisper and it still works.
    Battle Tips [b-03]
    IMPORTANT: This is the most important tip I can give you and if your going to
    take anything away from this guide, take this.  Watching carefully you can
    predict when an enemy is going to strike, but dodging them is almost impossible
    since you need like split second reflexes.  If this were an action game it'd be
    easy but trust me you'll say the word wrong, mistime it or flat out screw up
    90% of the time in LifeLine.  So you're in trouble right?  Not so, try this
    instead.  Way before you think the enemy might strike hold circle, say "dodge",
    but KEEP HOLDING DOWN CIRCLE.  Then wait until they attack and let it go.  It's
    kind of like "saving" your move until your ready, and there's no time limit so
    you can save it for as long as you want.
    The great thing is this works just as well on offense.  For example for those
    annoying Evil Hands just say "tongue", keep holding circle and let go when it
    spits it out.  Again you don't have to worry about mistiming it when the enemy
    exposes it's weak spots.  All the problems with timing and blurting out the
    commands under pressure are gone!
    IMPORTANT: I have noticed that the word "shoot" and "left" used in many of the
    body parts does not respond well.  Trust me you'll be really agitated if you
    are yelling "left eye" and she isn't responding meanwhile you're getting hit.
    It seems to work only if you really annunciate the "t" so make sure you say
    "lef-tah" and "shoo-tah".  It will save you a load of grief.
    The monsters get harder as you go on and sometimes will take a few more shots
    even after you destroy the weak points.  If this is the case shoot any of the
    remaining body parts but always go for the "body" last.  If you are still
    having trouble check the Bestiary section to get a more detailed analysis of
    each monster.
    Sometimes the body part target changes if you get hit.  Even worse the target
    enemy changes if the one you are currently on goes out of Rio's view.  It's
    very frustrating and can get you into some trouble so stay alert.
    R1 changes to your view in the Monitor room, it actually looks like your
    watching through a camera.  The zoomed in view of your current enemy target
    allows you to better see his movements and respond to capitalize on his weak
    points.  Be careful you won't be able to see the other enemies lurking around
    near Rio.
    Battle Keywords [b-04]
    These are the basic BATTLE keywords and using them in conjunction and at the
    appropriate times will make fighting a lot easier.  I'll start by explaining
    each term.
    Will fire at the currently selected body part on the targeted enemy.
    Reload ammo.  The remaining ammo is shown in the top right corner of the
    screen.  When you reload Rio will be vulnerable for a number of seconds.  Be
    careful, if you let the ammo run out and try to "shoot" you'll have to wait
    while Rio automatically reloads possibly missing your opening.  It is so
    annoying when your waiting for a Slug to jump and when you shoot, Rio has to
    reload instead.  So make sure to "reload" at a safe distance from an enemy.
    Rio will move around the room to get out of harm's way.  Use this if the
    enemies are crowding in on you.
    This makes Rio run in close to the enemy but not fire.  If there are multiple
    enemies it can help focus in and isolate one enemy.  Use cautiously it will put
    you very close to the enemy and they can attack much quicker.
    ["Recover"] (can use outside of battle)
    Rio will use a Heal Capsule.  The amount available in her inventory is listed
    in the top right corner above the ammo (+).  Use these sparingly but don't wait
    until the last second either.
    ["Dodge", "Dodge right", "Dodge left"]
    Use these right when an enemy is about to strike or has started the attacking
    motion.  If you time it right you can 100% of the time avoid taking damage.
    This is extremely tough to pull off without the CIRCLE HOLDING TRICK, so make
    sure to use it.  Use "flee" instead if your getting ganged up on.
    Makes Rio walk forward and move in closer (not as close as "approach") to the
    targeted enemy.  Use this if your shots are missing to improve your accuracy
    and to stay a safe distance away.
    ["Number 1 (2,3,...)"]
    Changes the targeted enemy.  Use this to switch to the enemy you want Rio to
    shoot at.
    ["Turn around, "Turn right", "Turn left"]
    Occasionally an enemy will not be targeted if they are not in Rio's sight.  Use
    these if you need to target an enemy and get in a position for attack.
    ["Move right, Move left"]
    Use when you're behind cover but shots are getting blocked by the surroundings
    to find an opening.
    ["Get off" or "shake"]
    Shake enemies off that have clamped onto Rio.
    Note you can actually mumble just about anything and it will still work.
    Take a few steps back.  Useful for getting out of enemy range.
    ["Low kick"] (under SPECIAL)
    If enemies get too close use this to temporarily drive them back.
    Rio will empty the entire magazine in her handgun on an enemy until you stop
    her by saying a different body part.  If you like to unload on an enemy this is
    for you.
    Spray with gun fire all (most) of the enemy's body parts in succession.
    (*Thanks to DEngel*)
    ["Launcher"] (After you find grenades/Not really a Battle keyword)
    Rio shoots a grenade at her enemies for more damage.  Be careful unlike your
    infinite ammo you only have whatever you've found.
    Remember you can combine keywords like "Flee and Recover" to run away and heal
    or "Shoot, Shoot, Shoot" to shoot 3 times in succession or "Number 2, head,
    shoot" to switch to enemy number 2 and shoot its head twice.
    ..................... HOW TO USE THE WALKTHROUGH [c-00] .......................
    This is very important in explaining notation and syntax I use, along with
    assumptions I make so please read this first.
    Structure [c-01]
    Puzzle Box/Boss Box/Info Box:
    When you come across a puzzle, boss fight, or need some extra information, I
    will put a detailed answer within the + borders.  This way I can go into more
    detail explaining stuff without making the walkthrough confusing.
    "  "
    Anything you need to say to Rio will be surrounded by double quotes.  In most
    cases I will not specifically write in say this now but integrate it directly
    into my explanations.  You'll probably notice that my exact wording isn't
    always necessary for a given task.  For example I add the word 'the' to a lot
    of what you say for clarity such as "check THE [Cup]", but please note you do
    NOT have to say 'the' 99% of the time.
    [ ]
    These are the objects you have to identify.  You usually can't take them with
    you and consists of things you can "check" or analyze (square).
    These are items you can actually take with you (obtainable).  Occasionally I
    will attach a number ID to it if you can get multiple copies like HEAL
    CAPSULES.  So you can be sure that if it is #10 than you could have a maximum
    of 10, that is of course if you haven't used any yet.  There is an exception
    for both the HEAL CAPSULES and LAUNCHER GRENADES see the Observatory Restaurant
    in the Walkthrough.
    (#) Monster
    The # is how many monsters of that type you have to fight, followed by a name I
    chose.  The first time you come across a new monster you haven't fought before
    I will give you a brief strategy for defeating it.  For more details or as a
    quick reference so you don't have to scan the walkthrough check the Bestiary.
    (OPT) ... (\OPT)
    These are objects you don't have to identify or Map Locations you don't have to
    visit.  Most of the time they are useless but checking them does sometimes give
    you very minor insights into the story.  If I think they offer something inter-
    esting I'll let you know so you can make your own decision whether to bother or
    not.  If you want to speed through the game, just ignore all the optional
    (TI) ... (\TI)
    Another situation you'll come across are timed events.  These require you to
    respond within a set amount of time before missing your chance.  For the most
    part these will not effect the progress of the game but if you don't respond
    with the appropriate response then you might take unnecessary damage.  Be
    warned there are a few that if you don't react with the right statement it's
    Game Over!
    Assumptions [c-02]
    I have used my own discretion in dividing the walkthrough into sections and did
    not always divide it room by room.  For example there are countless times when
    you return to the Hallway and simply go to another room.  In these cases I did
    not split that into a separate section to avoid redundancy and confusion.
    However if there is anything important to do or find I always include it in the
    most appropriate section, such as the last visited room.
    IMPORTANT: To be more concise I combined a lot of the phrases you say to Rio.
    In reality you can only do something to one object at a time.  So please note
    that in a small number of instances you don't actually say exactly what I wrote
    but each one as separate statements.  An example would be if I wrote "check pot
    to the left, in the middle, and to the right".  You would instead say "check
    pot to the left", "check pot in the middle", and "check pot to the right".
    I am aware that this might be confusing but it greatly reduces the clutter of
    writing each one separately and repeating a lot of the terminology.  The
    positives outweigh the negatives and I think you'll agree with me when you read
    through the guide.
    When Rio wants you to analyze, OPEN, CLOSE, turn ON, etc from the Monitor room
    that simply means pressing square at the prompts when the Control Cursor icon
    is onscreen.  I will not explicitly mention the Control Cursor but simply the
    action to do in ALL CAPS.
    Note I will not include as something you need to do, the Scenario word phrases
    under the Consultation command.  For the most part these serve as story fillers
    or extra help so they only clutter the guide.  I will list the available key-
    word phrases in each section just not tell you to use them.  Note "What should
    we do?" is always available and changes depending on where you are.
    Throughout the game on your way to an area ("go to Bedroom") you'll encounter
    an enemy and have to fight first.  Afterwards Rio will stop and you'll have to
    say "go to bedroom" again.  It is implied that after the fight you must say "go
    to bedroom" a second time to continue, I will not explicitly tell you.
    *                                                                             *
    | ------------------------ THE WALKTHROUGH [D-DD] --------------------------- |
    |                                                                             |
    /////////////////////////                            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    _______________________|     PREPARATION/TUTORIAL     |________________________
                           |                              |
                                  ~ Are you ready? ~
    Before the adventure begins you have to test out the microphone in the
    tutorial.  Read the section marked Microphone Input Gauge above if you need
    explanations on the interface.  Just follow the onscreen instructions and say
    the BIG WORD that appears to try to figure what voice volume, timing,
    annunciation, and pronunciation work well and then stay consistent.  Points are
    rewarded for good speech but from here on out seem meaningless.  Keep in mind a
    GOOD, GREAT, EXCELLENT or UNBELIEVABLE means that your speech is good enough
    for Rio to understand you in the game.  BAD means Rio won't comprehend you and
    will not respond properly.  So try to get a feel for what you are doing right
    and what you are doing wrong to save yourself some frustration later on.  You
    should be familiar by the end with basic commands like "walk", "run", "stop",
    "check" and battle commands.  After practicing, the real game begins when the
    story opens with a cutscene.
    Now we begin our tale...
    /////////////////////////////                     \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    ___________________________|        Guest I        |___________________________
                               |   - Distress Call -   |
                         ~ 2029/12/24 Christmas Eve JSL Hotel ~
                                    Surveillance camera
                           There is call from the Security Room.
                             Communication link will be opened.
                                  - press START button -
    You're stuck in the Monitor Room staring at a girl stuck in a cell.  (OPT) For
    some fun don't answer the distress call immediately and listen to the girl's
    Say anything when she asks for a response then OPEN the [Door panel] lock to
    release her.  Later OPEN the [Locker].
    (TI) When the 3-Eyed Worm knocks her out, say "Get Up!".  If you don't you'll
    take some unnecessary damage but will still get up.(TI)
    Prepare for your first battle.  (1) 3-Eyed Worm.  Attack the "left eye",
    "middle eye", "right eye" and then the "red eye".
    After Rio tells you her name and asks for your help.  Say "Naomi" when Rio asks
    for your girlfriend's name, "yes" when she wants your help and "yes" again.
    She'll ask you to say "Consultation", then say "yes" for the last time.
    (OPT) You can say other names for your girlfriend even "Rio" for a laugh.  It's
    amazing the game recognizes quite a few like "Samantha", "Lisa", "Cynthia",
    "Jennifer", "Brianna", "Vicky", "Tina", "Wendy", etc.  This one sucks cause
    you'll have to start over but if you say "no" 3 times when she wants your help
    Rio will screw you over and shoot out the camera.(\OPT)
    Finally You the Operator are in total control of Rio.  From here on out the
    game is open ended and many tasks can be performed in any order.  You can look
    at the map using L1 to find out the name of locations you can investigate.  You
    can press L2 to bring up the Keyword List that shows all the different phrases
    or words that Rio will respond to.  Take note of the Scenario Word category
    where you can inquire about numerous things within "consultation".  For more
    information on all these things look under the Gameplay Tips section.
    Security Room [d-11]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #1
    x1 MICROPHONE CHECK (keyword ticket)
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #2   * This is actually the first you can find.  Since you
                           start with 1 already in your inventory I have labeled
                           this 2 for the sake of consistency.
    Map Locations
    holding cell 1
    holding cell 2
    holding cell 3
    Vending machines
    Save Point
    Keyword List
    - NORMAL -
    "go back"
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Why were you in the detaining cell?"
    "Where am I?"
    "Who's Naomi?"
    "What is JSL?"
    "What are you looking for?"
    "What was that monster?"
    - SPECIAL -
    "Microphone check"
    - BATTLE -
    "number 1"
    "turn right"
    Go to the "Save Point" to save.  Head to the "Lockers" and then "check the
    [Lockers]".  OPEN far left locker, the one still locked (red) to grab CHIP #1.
    (OPT) "Check the [Guard's note]" and analyze.  Note Rio opened the other
    lockers when she was looking for the gun and they were empty but you can open
    them if you wish.  "Open locker 2nd to the left, 2nd to the right, to the
    Go to the "Vending Machines" and "check the [Dispenser] second to the right"
    to get MICROPHONE CHECK Special word ticket.  (OPT) Go to the "Desks" and then
    "read the [Notebook]" to hear about someone's crush on Rio.  Next go to the
    "Table" and "check the [Cup]", "read the [Newspaper], [Report], and the
    "Run to holding cell 1" to get a HEAL CAPSULE #2.  Holding Cell 2 (where Rio
    was locked up) and 3 don't have anything.  When your all done practicing and
    looking around exit through the "Hallway".
    Guest Hall I [d-12]
    Items Obtained
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #3
    Map Locations
    Shutter 7
    Shutter 9
    Shutter 10      * Locations you can visit immediately
    Security Room
    Guest Room 1
    Shutter 1
    Equipment Room
    Shutter 2
    Sun Suite
    Guest Room 4
    Shutter 3
    Guest Room 3
    Guest Room 2
    Shutter 4
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Who is Helen Johnson?"
    The Hall is like a HUB, from here you can travel to different rooms and come
    back when you're finished.  As stated in How to Use the Walkthrough I will omit
    dividing the Walkthrough into a Hall section over and over again to avoid
    unnecessary clutter and confusion.
    Analyze the [Video disk].  Half of the Hall is sealed off.  Shutter 9 and 10
    are locked permanently, the panel is broken.  But go to "Shutter 9" anyway for
    a HEAL CAPSULE #3, but first take out (3) Slugs.  Take them out with shots to
    the "stomach" or "mouth" when they jump, rollover, or stand up.  Shutter 7 is
    locked and you'll need a Shutter Key.  It's in "Guest room 1",  fight more (3)
    Slugs on the way and OPEN the [Door panel] to go in.
    Guest Room 1/Open Shutter 7 [d-13]
    Items Obtained
    x1 ZOOM IN (keyword ticket)
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #4
    x1 CHIP #2
    x1 SHUTTER KEY #1
    Map Locations
    Living area
    Save Point
    Emergency panel
    Keyword Lists
    - SPECIAL -
    "Zoom in"
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Why are you so cranky?"
    "I wonder if Naomi's alive?"   * Available after meeting Tanaka.
    "What is the Manager like?"
    "What do you think of the PM?"
    (OPT) Head to the "Emergency Panel" to find out the Shutter Key is missing.
    Next the "Table", "check the [Camera], [Pamphlet], and [Coffee Cup]".(\OPT)
    Stop by the "Living area" and "check the [Briefcase]" before you "open the
    [Briefcase]" to get ZOOM IN ticket.  (OPT) "Read the [Document]", "check the
    [Telephone]" and "check the [Wine]" if you want.(\OPT)
    Continue onto the "Bed" for a fight with (1) Slug.  After the cutscene keep
    going for another HEAL CAPSULE #4.  Then hit the "Dresser" and "check the
    [Trunk]" to get CHIP #2.  (OPT) You can "check the [Mirror]".(\OPT)
    Before you leave go to the "Bathroom" then "check the [Sink]" and "check under
    the [Sink]" to get SHUTTER KEY #1.  (OPT) Also "check the [Mirror]" and "check
    the [Shower]".  For a laugh tell Rio to "Take a shower".(\OPT)
    Then drop by the "Save Point" and head for the "Hallway".  Back outside "go to
    Shutter 7".  After Rio opens the [Shutter panel], OPEN the shutter with the
    Shutter key.  Fight (1) 3-Eyed Worm.
                                    NOW LOADING
                             communication is stopped.
                                    please wait ...
    ///////////////////////////                          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    _________________________|          Guest I           |________________________
                             |   - Spider in the Hall -   |
                         ~ Time to squash that 4 legged freak ~
    2nd Half of Guest Hall I [d-21]
    Items Obtained
    Map Locations
    Guest Room 1
    Shutter 9
    Security Room
    Shutter 1
    Shutter 2
    Shutter 3
    Shutter 4
    Shutter 7        * Appear after trapping the spider.
    Shutter 10
    Equipment Room
    Sun Suite
    Guest Room 2
    Guest Room 3
    Guest Room 4
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Do you have any friends?"             * Appear after trapping the spider.
    "What's the relationship with Gino?"
    "Is a rescue team coming?"
    On your way to "Shutter 4" a spider chases Rio down the hall.  (TI) To escape
    from it quickly CLOSE the [Shutter panel] or it's Game Over!(\TI)
    After you get the AUDIO PASSWORD 1/2 from Gino walk to "Guest Room 2" and OPEN
    the [Door panel].  Note Shutter 1 and 4 are blocked off for now and Shutter 2
    and 3 can be opened after you obtain the Shutter keys.
    Guest Room 2 [d-22]
    Items Obtained
    x1 LOW KICK (keyword ticket)
    x1 CODE NOTE
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #5
    x1 CHIP #3
    x1 SHUTTER KEY #2
    Map Locations
    Living area
    Save Point
    Emergency panel
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    "Low kick"
    (OPT) "Run to Emergency panel" to see the Shutter key is gone.(\OPT)  Next go
    for the "Living area" and "check the [Gloves]" a ticket will fall on the floor.
    Rio will pick up the LOW KICK.  (OPT) "Check the [Dress]" and ask Rio to "wear
    dress" and she will make a comment.(\OPT)
    Move on to the "Table" and fight (3) Slugs.  "Read the [Catalogue] and analyze
    the CODE NOTE then "Take CODE NOTE".  (OPT) "Check the [Corpse]".(\OPT)
    Move towards the "Dresser" to get HEAL CAPSULE #5.  (OPT) "Check [Mirror]" and
    "check [Bag]".(\OPT)
    Two more, first go to the "Bathroom" and "check the [Makeup]" to see the
    password.  It's the same as on the Dresses.  (OPT) "Check the [Shower]" and
    "check the [Mirror]".(\OPT)
    Finally stop at the "Bed" and "check the [Night Stand] for CHIP #3.  Now "check
    the [Safe]" and input 2021 to get SHUTTER KEY #2.
    Puzzle Box:
    Get the password by translating the Roman Numerals XX-XXI (20-21) on the
    dresses on the Bed and the Living area or the makeup in the Bathroom.
    Before you leave hit the "Save Point", exit to the "Hallway" and enter "Guest
    Room 3" after unlocking the [Door panel].
    Guest Room 3 [d-23]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CAMERA CHECK (keyword ticket)
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #6
    x1 CHIP #4           * Unlocked mini-game Word Jumble
    Map Locations
    Living area
    Save Point
    Emergency panel
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    "Camera check"
    (Ti) Rio's in danger there are monsters behind her!  Say "Behind you" to warn
    her or she'll take some damage.(\TI)  Then fight the (3) Slugs.
    Make sure you go to the "Emergency panel" this time to find a broken Shutter
    key.  "Take the Shutter key" to reveal a ticket.  You'll get the CAMERA CHECK.
    (OPT) "Check [Oxygen mask]".  For more useless checking go to the "Table" and
    "check the [Wine], [Champagne], and [Meat]".  You'll have to take on (1) Slug
    There isn't anything to do at the Bed or Bathroom so run over to the "Dresser"
    and fight (2) Slugs.  "Check under the Dresser" for a HEAL CAPSULE #6 and
    "check the [Cigar case]" then "open the [Cigar case]" to get CHIP #4.
    (OPT) "Check [Corpse]" and "check [Mirror]".  You must be thinking to yourself
    how much more mirrors and bodies can a person check?  I hear ya.(\OPT)
    (*Thanks to DEngel for the correction*)
    Save your game at the "Save Point" and then exit to the "Hallway" and head to
    "Shutter 3" and OPEN the [Shutter panel].  Rio will use the Shutter Key you
    found in Guest Room 2.  On entry fight (1) 3-Eyed Worm.
    Rio will try to enter the Sun Suite but she only has 1/2 of the audio password
    so run off to "Guest Room 4" and unlock the [Door panel] like always.  Note
    even if you know the password it won't work.
    Guest Room 4 [d-24]
    Items Obtained
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #7
    x1 CHIP #5
    x1 CATEGORY GAME (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Living area
    Save Point
    Emergency panel
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    "Category Game"
    As soon as you enter you get to take on some new aliens, (2) Evil Hands and
    (1) Slug.  "Tongue" when it sticks it out for a quick kill or "inner mouth"
    when it opens the little hole.  (OPT) Check "Emergency panel" to find only a
    broken Shutter Key.(\OPT)
    First walk over to the "Living area" and "check [Rations]" for another HEAL
    CAPSULE #7.  Next "check behind the chair" so Rio finds the corpse and AUDIO
    PASSWORD 2/2.  (OPT) "Check [Helmet], [Steel pipe], and Corpse".(\OPT)
    Now pass by the "Bed" to get CHIP #5 and then head to the "Dresser" and "read
    [Invitation]".  See the ticket, "check back of [Invitation]" to get the
    CATEGORY GAME.  (OPT) "Check [Mirror]".(\OPT)
    (OPT) Go to the "Table" and "check [Projector]" then turn it ON to see a map of
    the Space Station.  Now "check the [Screen] and [Blueprint]" and then "read
    [Questionnaire]".  The "Bathroom" is empty.(\OPT)
    Before you go save at the "Save Point".  Now go outside to the "Hallway" and
    back to the "Sun Suite".  You have to say the AUDIO PASSWORD 1/2 and 2/2 in
    conjunction with Rio.
    At the first prompt say "I want to monopolize" written on AUDIO PASSWORD 2/2.
    Now you have to say the whole thing from both passwords together simultaneously
    with Rio.  Synchronize and say with her "Even the very shadow that you cast in
    sunlight.  I want to monopolize" to finally enter the Sun Suite.  (Is it just
    me or are you like what the heck is that supposed to mean?)
    Sun Suite [d-25]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #6
    x1 SHUTTER KEY #3
    x1 SPIN THE GUN (keyword ticket)
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #8
    Map Locations
    1st floor
    Save Point
    Coffee table
    Second floor
    2nd floor
    First floor
    Bed             * After meeting Allen on the 2nd floor and going back.
    Wash room
    Keyword List
    - BATTLE -
    "Spin the gun"
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "How are things on earth?"
    "Naomi isn't around..."
    "What are they researching here?"
    "What do you think of Allen?"
    "Where is the announcer?"
    Start by going to the "Lounge" and fighting another (1) 3-Eyed Worm but he's a
    little stronger.  Make sure to use multiple shots to destroy each eye before
    going onto the next one.  He won't be dead yet go for the "mouth" or "tail"
    when it's electrified (blue) or shaking.   Afterwards "check the [Fruits]" to
    get CHIP #6.  (OPT) "Check the [Bouquet], [Champagne], and [Photograph]".  You
    can even "smell the flowers".(\OPT)
    (OPT) Before you head upstairs you can visit the "Bathroom" to find the honey-
    moon couple deceased or the "Coffee table" to "read the [Message card]" and
    "check the [Coffee cup]".(\OPT)
    Now go upstairs to the "Second Floor" and you'll grab a SHUTTER KEY #3 from
    Allen and ALLEN'S REFERENCE KIT.  Turns out you need to find a flame thrower in
    the Equipment Room.  Rio will automatically go back downstairs but you want to
    go back up.
    Head for the "Second Floor" again and hit the "Wash Room".  First thing "check
    [Toilet]" to identify it then "close Toilet Lid" to nab the SPIN THE GUN ticket
    and "check beside [Toilet]" for one more HEAL CAPSULE #8.
    (OPT) "Check [Mirror]".  Tell Rio to "use the [Toilet]" and "use [Toilet
    Paper]" for some funny responses.(\OPT)
    (OPT) Before you head back down you can go to the "Bed" and "check Allen, the
    [Flamethrower], and [Lab Coat]".  Better yet try and "Take the [Laptop PC]" and
    watch Allen, little defensive are we?(\OPT)
    Go back to the "First Floor", save your game at the "Save Point", exit back to
    the "Hallway", and head for "Shutter 2".  OPEN the [Shutter panel] and your on
    your way to the Equipment Room.
    Equipment Room [d-26]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #7
    x1 TAUNT (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Utility unit
    Supply unit
    Food unit
    Mechanical unit
    Save Point
    Data unit
    Hallway >>
    Keyword List
    - BATTLE -
    Rio finds that the Flamethrower is out of fuel.  Time to find another fire
    weapon.  (OPT) If you want go to the "Mechanical unit" and "check the
    [Flamethrower], [Power panel], and [Shelf]".  By doing so, you will have
    identified all the Power panels and Shelves in the room.  You can stop by the
    "Food unit" only to find nothing.(\OPT)
    For some clues to solving the next puzzle run over to the "Data unit" and then
    "check [Notice]"  The picture shows you the necessary steps for maneuvering the
    Supply unit lift.  See the next part for full details.
    (OPT) "Check the [Search device]" and "check the [Cart]".(\OPT)
    To pick up some extra goodies stop by the "Utility unit" first (if you haven't
    already you'll need to "check the [Power panel] and [Shelf]") and turn ON the
    [Power panel] on the lift.  Now turn ON [Lift panel] and move to the middle
    shelf and "check" to get CHIP #7.  Next move to the upper right shelf and
    "check" to get TAUNT.  To drop back on solid ground, "get off" to step lift but
    make sure to turn OFF the [Power panel].  See the Puzzle Box below for details.
    With the power ready head to the "Supply unit" and turn ON the [Power panel] on
    the lift.  Now turn ON the [Lift panel].  Move around the shelves in the
    pattern on the [Notice] in the Data unit section to get to the middle right
    shelf.  The pattern is UP, RIGHT, DOWN/LEFT DIAGONAL, RIGHT.  "Check" the shelf
    to get the MAGNESIUM CHIP.  Get off by going DOWN and LEFT.
    Puzzle Box:
    The Utility unit and Supply unit lifts share the same power source.  So you
    must have only one [Power panel] ON (operational) at a time. If the [Lift
    panel] says there is only 50% voltage then you need to turn OFF one of the
    [Power panels].  A rough sketch of the pattern is on the [Notice].
                      *     *      
                      *  ---*----- 
                      *  |  *   /  
                      *  |  *  /   
                      *  |  * /    
                      *  | /*      
                      *  /  *      
                      *  ---*---   
                      *  |  *  |   
                      *  |  *  |   
                      *  |  *  |   
                      *  |  *  |   
                      *  ---*---   
                      *     *      
                      *  ^  *      
    The lift jams when moving certain directions, so you have to work around the
    pattern to get to the middle right shelf.
    With the magnesium in hand save at the "Save Point", exit the "Hallway" and go
    to the "Infirmary".
    Infirmary [d-27]
    Items Obtained
    x1 SEXY POSE (keyword ticket)
    x1 ID CARD
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #9
    x1 CHIP #8           * Unlocked mini-game Complete the Phrases
    Map Locations
    Save Point
    Operating table
    Case 1
    Case 2
    Case 3
    Case 4
    Case 5
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    "Sexy pose"
    Rio will make you guess what kind of things you can find in an Infirmary.  At
    this point you have to name off a few but you can say just about anything that
    is in the room or could be in the room like "Operating table", "Case files",
    "doctors", "syringe", "scale", "bedpan", or my favorite "nurse", etc.
    Now Rio can't remember the name of the weapon she's thinking of, it's on the
    tip of her tongue.  This is an absolute mystery if you don't recognize her
    hints.  Say "Molotov cocktail" to help her out.  Again you can say a bunch of
    different things like "machine gun", "missile", "launcher", "spear". "sword",
    "tazer", or my favorite "tank" to get a reaction.  Unlike before you have to
    say it or you don't move on.
    (OPT) Go to the "Operating table".  When Rio is silent say anything to snap her
    out of it.  You can also stop by the "Bed" for nothing.(\OPT)
    Your next must hit spot is the "Desk".  First "check the [PC]" and then turn it
    ON to get a SEXY POSE ticket.  More importantly "check the [Drawer]" to get an
    ID CARD.  (OPT) For some other observations "check the [X-ray photo] and
    [Cabinet]" and "read [Medical book]".(\OPT)
    Now to use your ID CARD start at "Case 1", "check [Card reader]" and "use ID
    CARD".  Then OPEN the [Switch] to get HEAL CAPSULE #9".
    (OPT) You can skip "Case 2" and "Case 4", they contain monsters and you won't
    get anything for beating them.  Case 2 has (3) Slugs and Case 4 has (2) Slugs
    and (1) Evil Hand.(\OPT)
    Definitely stop by "Case 5" though and OPEN the [Switch] to get [@Chip (#8)].
    Last but not least go to "Case 3" and OPEN that [Switch] to get alcohol and Rio
    will go make the [@Molotov cocktail].
    It's time to roast a Spider!  Save your game at the "Save Point", exit out the
    "Hallway" and "run to Shutter 4" (It's a long way back).
    Fight the Spider [d-28]
    Are you ready?, say "yes" and Rio gives you the prep talk.  Now OPEN the
    [Shutter panel].  Watch the spider's mouth as soon as it opens say "Now!",
    don't worry you have more than one opportunity.  If you mistime it or take too
    long it's Game Over!  After the cutscene you'll be stuck in Guest Hall II.
                                    NOW LOADING
                             communication is stopped.
                                    please wait ...
    ////////////////////                                      \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    __________________|                Guest II                |___________________
                      |     - Receiving Port Rendezvous -      |
                      ~ Spider 0 Rio 1, lets get outta here! ~
    Guest Hall II [d-31]
    Map Locations
    Shutter 4
    Rest Rooms
    Shutter 5
    Guest Room 5
    Shutter 6
    Shutter 8
    Shutter 12
    Moon Suite
    Elevator Hall
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Tell me about yourself."
    "Tell me what you're looking for."
    "Powers and Allen?"
    "What do you think of Powers?"
    Now that your locked into the 2nd Hallway you have to find a way out.  You only
    have one choice go inside the "Rest Rooms".
    Restrooms/Open Shutter 5 [d-32]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #9
    x1 AUTO-FIRE (keyword ticket)
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #10
    x1 SHUTTER KEY #4
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #11
    Map Locations
    Men's washstands
    Men's stalls
    Ladies' washstands
    Ladies' stalls
    Save Point
    Keyword List
    - BATTLE -
    When Rio tells you about the haunted bathroom be a tough guy with "I'm okay" or
    a wimp with "I'm scared".  She's scared to go into the Men's Stalls, when she
    tries to back away say "no".  Then ease her worries with a few supportive words
    "Don't be scared" or "be strong" and finally "yes" when prompted.
    Once you regain control you'll want to head to the men's side first, go to the
    "Men's stalls".  Note Rio will be so scared she'll barely even walk, even if
    you say "hurry" she won't run.  There is also an annoying delay sometimes when
    you walk up to the stalls.  (OPT) OPEN the [Closet] for a fight with the usual
    (3) Slugs.(\OPT)
    Moving on "open 2nd [Stall] to the left" to grab CHIP #9.  (OPT) The 1st and
    3rd have nothing ("open Stall to the left, 2nd to the right") and the 4th has
    (3) Slugs ("open Stall to the right").
    Turn around and go for the "Men's Washstands", and "shoot middle [Mirror]" to
    reveal 029 on the wall.   (OPT) If you "shoot left Mirror or right Mirror" you
    won't find anything.  You can also "check [Trash can]" to find out it's empty.
    Next head to the "Ladies' Washstands", you'll notice all the objects have
    already been identified from the Men's side.  This time the trash isn't empty,
    "look in [Trash can]" for the AUTO-FIRE ticket. (OPT) The 3 Mirrors on this
    side are useless but you can "check" or "shoot" them if you want.
    Last but not least go to the "Ladies' Stalls" and "open Stall 2nd to the left"
    to get HEAL CAPSULE #10.  (OPT) Again you can open the other stalls.  This time
    the 1st and 4th Stalls are empty and the 3rd Stall has the (3) Slugs.  To piss
    Rio off tell her to "go pee" or "clean the toilet".  She's so cute when she's
    scared, not to mention angry.(\OPT)
    Now the closet actually has something worthwhile.  "Open [Closet]", turn it ON
    then open it with the 029 password.  (OPT) If you want "check [Pendant]" but
    make sure you do it first cause you can't go back.(\OPT)  "Read [Note]" for an
    interesting revelation and SHUTTER KEY #4.
    Now you can move on.  Stop by the "Save Point", exit to the "Hallway" and head
    for "Shutter 5" and OPEN the [Shutter panel].
    Run to "Shutter 8" for a fight with (2) Evil Hands and a HEAL CAPSULE #11.
    Then move on to "Guest Room 5" and OPEN the [Door panel].
    Guest Room 5 [d-33]
    Items Obtained
    x1 SHUTTER KEY #5
    x1 CHIP #10
    x1 SHE SELLS (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Living area
    Save Point
    Emergency panel
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    "She sells"
    Last Guest Room, I promise.  When you first enter take out (1) 3-Eyed Worm plus
    (2) Slugs.
    (OPT) The "Emergency panel" still doesn't have a Shutter key.  At the "Living
    area" you get a little hint for later.  You can "read the [News board]", "check
    the Sunglasses", and "check Wig" (*wink*, *wink*).(\OPT)
    Continue to the "Bed" and you'll find room is filled with fire.  (OPT) If you
    want "check the [Chair]" and "check the [Rope]".(\OPT)  To cool off the fire
    "shoot the [Bucket]" then "shoot the [Extinguisher]".  Rio will grab the
    SHUTTER KEY #5 from the Dresser for her efforts.  (OPT) The "Dresser" will be
    empty if you choose to go.(\OPT)
    Okay once your at the "Bed", "check [Bathrobe]" then "check pocket of
    [Bathrobe]" for CHIP #10.  (OPT) "Check the [Corpse]".(\OPT)
    Last stop the "Bathroom".  Remember that wig in the other room, "check [Wig]"
    on the dead body and Rio will find a ticket that says she sells.  Say "sea
    shells" to complete the tongue twister and get SHE SELLS.  You can play the
    mini-game now by answering "yes".  (OPT) "Check [Mobile phone]" and for a laugh
    ask her to "take off your clothes" a couple of times.(\OPT)
    Save your game at the "Save Point" and hit the "Hallway".  Back in the hall go
    to "Shutter 6" and fight another (1) 3-Eyed Worm.  OPEN the [Shutter panel].
    Moon Suite/Elevator Hall [d-34]
    Items Obtained
    x2 HEAL CAPSULE #12, #13
    Map Locations
    Receiving port
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Humanoid alien?"
    "About the PM's entourage..."
    Rio hears something behind the door and wants you to warn her if you see any-
    thing suspicious.  When Rio goes past the corner and you see the guy behind her
    say "right!" to dodge his swing.  When she asks is it okay to shoot say "no".
    Note if you fail to alert her or tell her to "shoot" him you will take some
    extra damage.
    Answer "yes" when Rio asks if you'll open the Shutter gate to the port.  When
    you're outside the now locked Moon Suite go to "Shutter 12" and fight one more
    (1) 3-Eyed Worm.  You'll get HEAL CAPSULE #12 for the win.  Keep going to the
    "Elevator Hall" but first take out (1) Evil Hand and (1) Slug.
    Stop by the "Elevator" first and fight (1) Evil Hand and (1) 3-Eyed Worm to get
    Now head for the "Receiving port" and "check the [Power panel]" then turn ON
    the two sides while the PM party pesters you.  Then OPEN the [Gate switch] in
    the middle to open the Shutter gate.  Watch the cutscene and say "yes" you'll
    help her.  Note if you say "no" 5 times she'll shoot the camera and it's Game
    Over just like at the beginning of the game.
                                    NOW LOADING
                             communication is stopped.
                                    please wait ...
    //////////////////////////                          \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    ________________________|            Staff           |_________________________
                            |     - Rio Goes Alone -     |
                         ~ New outfit, new gun, new mission. ~
    Staff Hall [d-41]
    Map Locations
    Receiving Port
    Control Staff Quarters
    Service Staff Quarters
    Area A
    Area B
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "How far away are you?"
    "Naomi wasn't there..."
    "About this hotel's structure."
    "I wonder if the PM and his people are OK?"
    "What do you think of that captain?"
    Better than her sleek new outfit Rio gets a new toy, the MACHINE GUN replaces
    your Hand Gun automatically.  Now with your new gear it's time to explore a new
    part of the hotel, the Staff section.  New, new, new!  If you thought it was
    getting a little old exploring all the Guest Rooms, the change of scenery will
    do you good.
    Little info on the Machine Gun, it's stronger but you have to reload more often
    which takes some getting used to.  You also can't "Spin the gun", woop-de-doo.
    Who cares right?
    Okay first things first run to the "Control Staff Quarters" and OPEN the
    [Door panel].
    Control Staff Quarters [d-42]
    Items Obtained
    x4 HEAL CAPSULE #14, #15, #16, #17
    x1 STRAFE (keyword ticket)
    x1 NIGHT VISION (Control system document)
    x1 EMPLOYEE ID (Jonathan)
    x1 EMPLOYEE ID (Gustav)
    x1 CHIP #11
    Map Locations
    First floor
    Shower room
    Storage Area
    Second floor
    Save Point
    Second floor
    Jonathan's room
    Gustav's room
    First floor
    Keyword List
    - SPECIAL -
    Go ahead and save your game at the "Save Point".
    First walk over to the "Galley" and "check the [Dinnerware]" to nab HEAL
    CAPSULE #14.  Second "check the [Wax paper]" for the STRAFE ticket.
    (OPT) Just for the heck of it "check the [Ham], [Cheese], [Bread], [Donut],
    [Juice], [Coffeemaker], and [Coffee beans]".(\OPT)
    Hit the showers and go the "Shower room" and test out your new machine gun on
    (1) 3-Eyed Worm and (3) Slugs.  Inside the shower "check the [Shampoo] for HEAL
    CAPSULE #15.  (OPT) "Use [Shower]" for a good laugh as always.(\OPT)
    Okay the next two areas are optional but give you big hints on an upcoming
    puzzle.  So skip ahead if you want.  Be warned you might still have to fight
    the monsters found in the optional section.
    (OPT) After you're all clean go to the "Storage Area" and duke it out with
    (5) Slugs.  You can mow down the Orange Slugs with 3 "head" shots from the
    Machine gun.  For a major hint for the next puzzle (see below) "check the
    Fruits Candy [Cardboard box] with picture" and "read the [Invoice]".  If you
    are really bored "check the brown and white [Cardboard box]" and "use the
    [Vacuum cleaner]".(\OPT)
    (OPT) Stop by the "Table" and "check the [Jar of Candy]".  The picture is the
    same thing that's on the box.  "Check the [Candy]" and "eat candy" for more
    hints.  If she won't eat them try leaving the table and then going back.  If
    that doesn't work you might need to try guessing the password on Jonathan's
    room first.(\OPT)
    Time to move upstairs, go to the "Second floor" and drop by "Jonathan's room".
    OPEN the [Lock panel], but before you get in you need a password.  The food he
    is collecting?  Say "strawberry candy" to break into his dorm.
    Puzzle Box:
    Okay let me spill the beans why this is the password for wondering minds.  The
    Invoice in the Storage Area says Jonathan ordered a lot of Fruit's Candy.  Now
    notice the pictures advertising Fruit's Candy actually show 5 colored candies
    orange, yellow, green, purple, and pink in the upper left corner.  The picture
    shows the corresponding fruits in the background, pink being strawberry.  On
    the table there's candy poured out all over the place and you'll notice that
    the "strawberry candy" is missing. (OPT) If you fail to make the connection
    immediately, you can have Rio "eat candy" to tell you the flavors.(\OPT)  If
    you put the clues together you'll realize Jonathan is hoarding all the pink
    strawberry flavored candy.  Get it?
    "Jar of candy" also worked as the password for one reader.  But I have tried
    this personally with no luck.  In theory it should not work because the pass-
    word is supposed to be a food, however this reader was still successful.
    (*Thanks to Yunie*)
    Okay back to the game.  In Jonathan's dorm you need to "check the [PC]" and
    download (square) the NIGHT VISION (Control system document).  Also "check the
    Employee ID" to get EMPLOYEE ID (Jonathan). (OPT) The only thing left to do is
    "check the [Jar of Candy]" and of course "eat candy".  Mmm...strawberry.(\OPT)
    Behind you is the "Balcony".  "Check under the bench" to get the SCIENTIFIC
    DOCUMENT. (OPT) If you want "check the [Trash can] and [House plant]".(\OPT)
    Now for the other dorm.  Head for "Gustav's room" and OPEN the [Lock panel].
    Time for another puzzle.  What's with these locks on doors now a days, geesh?
    Say "2Chloro 3Methyl Pentane" to break in and get EMPLOYEE ID (Gustav).
    Puzzle Box:
    You need to match the Chemicals formulas from the scientific document with
    Read This.
                |           |
                | Read This |
                |                   |
                | CH3-CH-CH-CH2-CH3 |
                |      |  |         |
                |     C1 CH3        |
                |           |   # = yellow
                | Chemicals |   * = red
                |                                             |
                | Butane              #2Chloro*3Methyl Butane |
                | CH3-CH2-CH2-CH3     CH3-CH-CH-CH3           |
                |                          |  |               |
                | Pentane                #C1 *CH3             |
                | CH3-CH2-CH2-CH2-CH3                         |
    Here's the best explanation I can think of.  Read This matches the right
    Chemicals formula piece by piece except for the CH2 in Read This.  Notice the
    C1 is yellow and the CH3 is red, they match 2Chloro and 3Methyl (the blue
    matches Butane).  Note the only difference between Butane and Pentane is one
    extra CH2 in Pentane.  If the Chemicals formula 2Chloro3MethylButane is missing
    the necessary CH2 in Read This, then Pentane has the extra CH2 you need.  So
    you simply swap Butane for Pentane in the Chemicals formula.  I'm not sure if
    this is right but that's my take on it anyway.
    Now it's time to open the lockers downstairs.  Go down to the "First floor" and
    to the "Lockers", then "check the Locker".  OPEN the 1st locker and put in the
    password 1515155 found on Jonathan's ID for another HEAL CAPSULE #16.  Now OPEN
    the 2nd locker and put in the password 7994265 found on Gustav's ID to get
    CHIP #11.
    After all your hard work save at the "Save Point" and exit to the "Hallway".
    Once your back in the Hall go towards the "Warehouse".  Rio hears gun shots in
    the Warehouse but gets locked out.  She says she has the Warehouse key in her
    room.  Before you go stop by "Area A" for HEAL CAPSULE #17.  (OPT) Area B is a
    dead end.(\OPT)
    Now run to the "Service Staff Quarters", but first fight a (1) 3-Eyed Worm.
    Service Staff Quarters/Rio's Room [d-43]
    Items Obtained
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #18
    Map Locations
    Save Point
    Second floor
    Rio's Room
    First floor
    As soon as you enter the room you'll fight the Giant Plant Boss and (2) Slugs.
    Shoot the "branches" to expose the eyes, then immediately shoot the "left eye",
    "middle eye" or "right eye".  If you're fast you can mow it down before it
    attacks so ignore the Slugs until after.  If you're a little slow don't worry
    just "dodge" every so often to avoid the blue energy balls.
    Rio goes to her room and finds it trashed.  When she gets depressed tell her to
    "Cheer up!" twice and remind her to get the "WAREHOUSE CARD KEY".  Note that
    you can't explore Rio's Room even if you try to go back.
    When your back downstairs stop at the "Galley" for HEAL CAPSULE #18.  "Go to
    the Save Point" for a quick save then leave to the "Hallway" and run back to
    the "Warehouse".
    Lights Out in the Warehouse [d-44]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #12   * Unlocked mini-game The Calc
    x1 BREAK TIME (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Area A-1
    Area A-2
    Area B-1
    Area B-2
    Area C-1
    Area C-2
    Keyword List
    "That alien earlier..."
    The lights are out so Rio uses her Night Vision.  Can you see?  Answer "yes".
    Rio tests to see if you can see her by telling her what hand she raises.  She
    will test you 3 times and it's random but possible answers are "left", "right",
    "both" or "neither".  Note you could have come in here without the Night Vision
    but you wouldn't have been able to win the Which Hand? game.
    (OPT) Area A-2 and Area B-1 are just halfway spots so you don't need to
    actually go to them.  Area A-1 is where you came in.(\OPT)
    You do need to head for "Area B-2" to get CHIP #12.  Along the way you'll have
    to fight a long streak of battles so keep an eye on your health (remember you
    can "recover" outside of battle).  First fight off (3) Evil Hands, watch out
    they tend to trap you in a tight space so "flee" right away.  Next is a slug
    fest with (5) Slugs.  Keep going and fight (2) Evil Hands and (1) Slug.  And
    even further ahead duke it out with more (3) Slugs.  Then prepare to fight
    (1) Evil Hand and (2) Slugs.  Whew, almost done.
    Once you finally get to Area B-2 Rio will climb the cargo and grab CHIP #12 at
    the dead end.  When she returns you have one last fight with (2) Evil Hands and
    (1) Slug.  Note this is by far the longest number of consecutive fights you'll
    face the entire game.  Nothing the rest of the way is as grueling as this, so
    pat yourself on the back. :)
    Run to "Area C-1" for the BREAK TIME.  Finally go to "Area C-2" and turn ON the
    [Main switch].  When the lights go on things get ugly.  Tell Rio to "run".
    Note even if you stay behind and "shoot" you'll still run away.
    Into the Air Duct [d-45]
    Items Obtained
    x3 HEAL CAPSULE #19, #20, #21
    x3 LAUNCHER GRENADE #1, #2, #3
    x1 LAUNCHER (keyword ticket)  * Automatically after you find the grenades.
    Map Locations
    Save Point
    Area A
    Area B
    Area C
    Area A
    Area B    * Lower level of duct
    Area C
    Area D
    Waiting Room    * Hall after the duct
    Elevator Hall
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "You've got great reflexes."
    "I wonder if the Manager is okay?"
    - BATTLE -
    Save your game at the "Save Point" after that long stretch of battles.  Then
    hit up "Area A" for HEAL CAPSULE #19.
    Move on to "Area C" for a fight with (1) Slug and a new enemy (1) Frog.  It's
    weak on its belly, so shoot either the "hind leg", "front leg" or "tail" to
    flip it over.  Now quickly aim for the "left stomach" and "right stomach" to
    make the "red stomach" appear, destroy it to win.  You'll get LAUNCHER
    GRENADE #1.  Two things to know about the grenade shells.  You can fire them
    for extra damage in battle, but of course you've got to have grenades.  You
    also need them on the field to destroy panels that block your path.  The Frogs
    are one of a kind because they always drop a Launcher shell (except in the
    Observatory Restaurant they drop Heal Capsules too).
    Keep going to "Area B" and Rio will destroy the blockage using a shell.  it's
    time to guide Rio across the ducts, say "yes" after she explains what to do.
    Okay let me give you some instructions on how to do this.  The specifics are
    past the box, but use these tips to better understand my step-by-step guide.
    Puzzle Box:
    Say "red", "blue", or "green" to go around the gaps as Rio walks forward.  To
    make it across keep these 6 things in mind.
    - If the floor starts to shake move to a different color.
    - If Rio comes to a gap don't worry she'll just stop and you can give her the
    next color.
    - You can use "hurry" to pick up the pace but Rio will fall into the gaps.
    Just say "walk" to slow her down again or "stop". (You don't need to "hurry" to
    get through)
    - You can have Rio "stop" at any time, just tell her to "walk" again, you'll
    need this on the 2nd half to avoid the gas.
    - Rio can also skip over the middle blue rail and jump all the across from red
    to green or vice versa.
    - If Rio falls she will lose a little health.  However you actually will want
    to fall twice to pick us some Heal Capsules (see below).
    Is it just me or is there a strange sense of satisfaction that comes from
    watching her lose her balance and take a tumble?  Oh how cruel. ;)
    Okay time for the specifics.  The first thing you should do is stay on red and
    let Rio fall to the lower level.  "Go to Area B" for HEAL CAPSULE #20 then to
    "Area A" to climb back up.
    This time avoid falling, for the most part you wait until you get close to a
    gap or the block shakes before you move.  Following that rule of thumb work
    your way across "blue", "red", "blue", "green", "blue", "green" and "red" to
    get to the halfway point.
    Again you'll want to fall down so jump to "blue" immediately and let the gas
    push you off.  Hit up "Area D" for HEAL CAPSULE #21, then go to "Area C" to
    climb back up.
    Guide her properly this time and make sure to "stop" frequently so Rio won't
    run into the gas.  There's a couple ways to do this but this sequence should
    work.  "Green", "blue" (before the gas leak), then "stop" and "walk" at the gas
    leak.  When you get to the two blue gas leaks in a row "stop".  Then after the
    1st one goes off quickly "walk", "stop", "green", "stop" and "walk" over the
    green gas leak.  Continue with "green", then "red" over the gap in blue, then
    back to "blue".  Pause in the middle of the blue again ("stop", "walk") then
    wait at the edge (Rio will stop automatically).  Jump on "green" when the gas
    stops and quickly "walk" to get out of the way.  Jump to "Red" and then finally
    "blue" at the last step.  Whew made it to the other side. :)
    If you fall too much you'll get an angry Rio. ;)  Rio grabs two LAUNCHER
    GRENADES #2,3 and jumps down into another hallway.  In any battles from here on
    out you can use the Special word "Launcher" in battle to fire some shells.
    Next stop the "Waiting Room".
    Waiting Room [d-46]
    Items Obtained
    x1 CHIP #13
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #22
    x1 JUMP (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Vending machine
    Business Center
    Save Point
    Elevator Hall
    Observatory restaurant
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "I wonder if Naomi is safe?"
    "You're looking for a green orb?"
    "Where is Gino?"
    "The announcer was dead..."
    - BATTLE -
    When Rio is searching through the discs ask "What are you looking for?" or
    "What's going on?".  She'll want your help finding a disc marked August 8th.
    Analyze each [Memory disc] until you find the one with Video footage marked
    8/8/2029 (it's the top left one).  Say "red and blue stars" to grab the one
    Rio's looking for.
    Say "Gino" when she asks for somebody who might know about the stone.
    (OPT) The other people you've run into like "Manager Tanaka", "Joe Powers",
    "Allen", "Prime Minister", or my favorite "me" all trigger responses.(\OPT)
    Say "yes" both times when she asks if you want to know about the stone.
    There no monsters here so you can explore without any trouble.  Notice the Chip
    and Heal Capsule in the background during the cutscenes, now is your time to
    get them.
    Head for the "Vending machine" and "check the [Video camera] to get CHIP #13
    and "check under the bench" for a HEAL CAPSULE #22.  (OPT) For some other
    useless searching "check Helen Johnson [Corpse]". Camera Man [Corpse], [DVD],
    [House plant], left [Dispenser]", and right [Dispenser]".(\OPT)
    Next on the list is the "Business Center".  "Check the [Key box]", OPEN it, and
    then use "Jonathan Turner" (the guy who liked strawberry candy, his name is
    written on the Control system document) as the password to get the RESTAURANT
    KEY.  Don't forget to "check the [Copier]" and "use the [Copier] in the front"
    to score the JUMP ticket. (OPT) "Check [Copier] in the back".(\OPT)
    (OPT) Feel free to visit the "Window" and the "Table".(\OPT)
    Finally the "Save Point", go ahead and save.  it's about time huh.  Exit to the
    "Hallway" and head to the "Elevator Hall".  Once inside go to the "Observatory
    Restaurant".  Note you will come back to the elevator later.
                                    NOW LOADING
                             communication is stopped.
                                    please wait ...
    /////////////////////////                            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    _______________________|         Senior Staff         |________________________
                           |    - Hunt for the Stone -    |
                               ~ Getting to know you. ~
    Deserted Observatory Restaurant [d-51]
    Items Obtained
    x1  CHIP #14
    x1  I'LL LEAVE IT TO YOU (keyword ticket)
    x3+ LAUNCHER GRENADE #4, #5, #6 ...   * Get as many as you want, details below.
    x2+ HEAL CAPSULE #23, #24 ...
    Map Locations
    VIP seat 1
    VIP seat 2
    VIP seat 3
    VIP seat 4
    Save Point
    Exit2     * Sealed off
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "That man in the restaurant..."
    - BATTLE -
    "I'll leave it to you"
    Once you're inside say "yes" or "no" when she asks if you remember this place.
    First drop by "Section 1" for HEAL CAPSULE #23.
    Let me lay it out for you before we get started.  The restaurant has 5 panels
    to break through so you'll need 5 grenades.  You should have 2 since you
    haven't been in any fights yet and you used one to break the panel blocking the
    air duct.  So go to either "Section 2, 3, or 4" to stock up on at least 3 more
    shells (although you probably don't need any from here on out see below).  Note
    if you head to 2 or 4 you will automatically be taken to the Chandelier, just
    go back to one of the sections.
    Info Box:
    Sections 2, 3 and 4 are respawning points for Frogs, if you are all out of
    shells go to any one to replenish your supply.  Each fight will be against
    either (1) Slug and (1) Frog or (1) 3-Eyed Worm and (1) Frog and the prizes
    change after a while.  The battles and prizes are random but you will always
    get one or two Launcher shells, a Heal Capsule or nothing for your efforts.
    As you can see you can fight for as long as you want to get as much stuff as
    you want.  To keep things simple I have not counted the 4th shell or any there
    after (you only need 3 to continue), nor any of the Heal Capsules towards the
    final total.  The ID numbers then do not reflect the extra shells and capsules
    you can get hence the + in the final amounts.
    Do you actually need more grenades?  No there are no more barriers to break
    down.  The only thing you might use them for is the next boss to make it a
    little easier.  You will get 3 more before then so you are probably good to go.
    Don't worry he's not too tough whether you use shells or not.
    Once you have five grenades you can go to "VIP seat 2" and use one by saying
    "launcher" to blow up the [Panel] to get through and grab CHIP #14.
    Move on to "VIP seat 3" and "check [Floor lamp]" first then "check top of
    [Floor lamp]" to get the I'LL LEAVE IT TO YOU. (OPT) Before you leave you can
    "Read the [Menu]".(\OPT)
    (*Thanks to DEngel for the correction*)
    (OPT) Go to "VIP seat 1" if you want but there's nothing to do.(\OPT)
    Head over to "VIP seat 4" and use a 2nd shell to blow up the [Panel] with the
    grenade "launcher" to get another HEAL CAPSULE #24.
    Now go to the "Chandelier" and say "launcher" one more time to break the last 3
    [Panels].  You'll get the ELEVATOR CODE for your efforts.
    Save your game at the "Save Point" and move on.  Exit2 is blocked so go to
    "Exit 1" to get back to the Elevator Hall.
    Elevator Ride in Space [d-52]
    Items Obtained
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #25
    Map Locations
    elevator                     * Before the ride
    Observatory restaurant
    Exit1                        * After the ride
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "When we get to earth..."    * Available after the elevator ride
    "How was earth?"
    "Is this hotel okay?"
    Walk to the "Elevator" for a fight with the Yellow Crab Boss.
    Boss Box:
    Its main attack is to disappear and drop down on you from above releasing a
    circular shockwave.  Use the CIRCLE HOLDING TRICK to "dodge and jump" right
    when it disappears, and you should avoid the shockwave and create a little
    space between you.  Now you have a small amount of time to get one shot off
    before it charges you or disappears to strike again.  Go for whatever is facing
    you the "eye" or the "mouth".
    Note that it sometimes flips to the mouth at the last second to charge you, so
    not only do you miss you also get hit.  Hopefully by moving with the dodge
    you'll have more time to react.
    Once you're inside the Elevator check the Elevator code and enter the operating
    code 0423 in the [Touch panel].
    Rio rides the observatory elevator where you get to see a beautiful view of
    Earth and listen to the great melody from the title screen.  You really get to
    know each other on the way up.  Rio even makes a little pass at you, too bad
    you have a girlfriend.  Doh!
    Answer "yes" when she asks if you feel alive.  The next couple parts I think
    you can almost say anything you want.  First say something when she asks what
    your first word was, then again what your favorite word or saying is, and
    finally say a big fat "yes" when she asks if you want to know about her.
    When you finally get to other side of the space station "go to Exit 2" for
    another battle against (1) 3-Eyed Worm and (3) Slugs.  Once inside you'll nab
    another HEAL CAPSULE #25.  Then head for "Exit 1" to the Senior Staff Hall.
    Senior Staff Hallway [d-53]
    Map Locations
    Exhibit Room
    Manager's Office
    Break Room
    Elevator Hall
    Next destination the "Break Room" but kill (1) 3-Eyed Worm on the way.  This is
    a breeze it's all the way at the other end of the hall just shoot from a
    Break Room [d-54]
    Items Obtained
    x2 LAUNCHER GRENADE #7, #8
    x1 CHIP #15
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #26, #27
    x1 JUMPBACK (keyword ticket)
    Map Locations
    Vending machine
    Save Point
    Keyword List
    - BATTLE -
    Once inside you get to fight another (1) Yellow Crab.  Then head straight for
    the "Save Point" for a much needed save.
    Go to the "TV" next, too bad there's no time to relax.  Fight off (1) 3-Eyed
    Worm and (2) Slugs then grab LAUNCHER GRENADE #7.
    Next stop the "Table" to do a little clean up.  "Check the [Coffee powder]" and
    "clean the [Coffee powder]" to get the MANAGER'S OFFICE KEY and "check the
    [Mug]" to get CHIP #15.  (OPT) You can also check out those impossible to guess
    cups.  "Check the [Coffee bag], [Teacup], [Tea mug], and [Cardboard box]".
    Plus "read the [Report]" to find out Allen's been a bad boy!(\OPT)
    Yep you guessed it another "Vending machine" to search.  "Check top of left
    Vending machine" to grab HEAL CAPSULE #26 and "open [Trash can]" for another
    LAUNCHER GRENADE #8.  (OPT) Go ahead and "check the [Cardboard box]" again and
    "check the [Dispenser] 2nd from the right".  it's just a paper cup!  Thought it
    was something better huh.(\OPT)
    Last stop the "Galley", but first fight with (3) 3-Eyed Worms.  Don't worry
    they don't appear all at once.  Say "[Tea bag]" to get the JUMPBACK technique.
    (For some reason "check tea bag" does not work, what's up with that!?)  Anyway
    "check the [Coffee bag]" while you're at it to get HEAL CAPSULE #27.
    (OPT) "Check the [Tissue paper]" and "taste [Sugar]".(\OPT)
    Best to save one more time, "Save Point", then exit out the "Hallway" but wait
    what the...?!
    Shut up Gino & Head Down the Hall [d-55]
    Items Obtained
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "I wonder if Gino is okay?"
    (TI) It's Gino but he won't listen to Rio.  He tries to force her to go with
    him.  Just "threaten" him to shut him up real quick.  Note if you don't Gino
    knocks you unconscious and it's Game Over! (\TI).
    Time to walk better yet "run to the Manager's Office" (it's a long way down).
    On the way take out (2) Evil Hands and (1) Slug.  Now for one tough battle
    against (3) Frogs.  The red one is stronger and hangs on the ceiling.  Try
    unloading 3 shots in a row to make it flip and then go for the stomachs.  All I
    can say is be precise, quick, and move often.  You'll get another LAUNCHER
    GRENADE #9.
    If you struggle with the fights I recommend you go back to the Break Room and
    save your game so you don't have to do it over.  There is a boss fight coming
    up.  You've been warned.
    Finally enter the "Manager's Office".
    Fight in the Manager's Office [d-56]
    Items Obtained
    x1 LAUNCHER GRENADE #10, #11
    x1 CHIP #16                     * Unlocked Category Game
    x1 SEXY POSE (keyword ticket)   * If you missed it in the Infirmary
    Map Locations
    Shower booth
    Save Point
    Hotel Registry
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "Why did Tanaka turn into a monster?"
    "The poor Manager..."
    "What happened to Powers?"
    "What is Paracelsus?"
    - SPECIAL -
    "sexy pose" (only if you missed it the 1st time)
    (TI) Rio is confronted by the Blue Alien (Male) Boss.  When it pins her against
    the wall, "shoot" twice.(\TI)  If you don't he'll slowly drain your health
    until you die and of course Game Over!  He's not as tough as he looks.  Outlast
    the freak and you'll get TANAKA'S NOTE.
    Boss Box:
    At the start, shoot every body part that is glowing red until they all stop
    glowing.  "Strafe" might be useful here but you'll need to "flee" when it
    lunges to get an open shot at its "tail".  From here there are 2 strategies.
    Option 1:
    There aren't anymore bosses you need them for so if you saved some grenades,
    "launcher" and it will knock him down and all his parts will glow red again.
    Then quickly "shoot, shoot, shoot" or "auto-fire" at whatever part you're
    aiming at.  In all honesty you won't need grenades the rest of the game (and
    you'll get 2 more anyway) even for the final boss so if you have them use them.
    Option 2:
    If you you're fresh out of shells, don't worry.  "Flee" and it will shoot a
    blue fireball at you.  Simply "dodge" using the HOLD CIRCLE trick, then one of
    the different body parts randomly glows red.  Quickly shoot at it.  This will
    take longer but you can easily take 0 damage.
    It kind of dances around you and sometimes he'll lunge at you.  If he does
    you can "flee" and a few of his body part glow red.  You know what to do. ;)
    Save at the "Save Point" you deserve it!  Then stop by the "Hotel Registry" for
    a LAUNCHER GRENADE #10 shell.  Head to the "Desk" and "check [Document]" then
    "take [Document] on desk" for the NUMBER NOTE.  (OPT) "Check the [Monitor],
    [Document] on floor, and [Document] on chair" for useless information.(\OPT)
    Now for something useful, hit the "Shower Booth" for LAUNCHER GRENADE #11.
    Finally run over to the "Bed" and "check pillow" to get the last CHIP #16.  If
    you missed the SEXY POSE you can grab it on the [Bookshelf]. (*Thanks to Matt*)
    Note I have not been able to confirm this. (OPT) "Check the [Monitor],
    [Notebook], and [Bookshelf]" if you want.  You can also "use the [Robe]".(\OPT)
    Time for a brain teaser, say "check [Safe] and "open [Safe]" then punch in the
       "4 to the right"
       "6 to the left"
       "2 to the right"
    Puzzle Box:
    The # on the left side is the spaces or number of times you say to move it.
    The # on the right side is the position (0-7) rotating clockwise around the
    dial (see diagram).  The orange dot indicates your position.  The goal is to
    match the numbers on the Number note (found at the top of the screen), from top
    to bottom, to the numbers on the safe.  You can move spaces either left or
    right to change your position on the dial.  You can always "reset" to start
       4-4          7   1
       6-6         6     2
       2-0          5   3
    So the puzzle goes as follows "4 to the right" (it doesn't matter you could say
    "left" too) so it moves around 4 spaces and lands on the 4th position, remember
    it starts at 0.  Then "6 to the left" which will rotate it all the way around
    counting backwards past 0 (4 spaces) and 2 spaces more from 7 to 6.  This is 6
    spaces and the position is 6.  Finally the last 2-0 is "2 to the right" to move
    2 spaces and land back on 0, completing the sequence.
    Once you open the safe you'll get the EXHIBIT ROOM KEY and ALLEN'S DISC.
    After watching a revealing video head outside to the "Hallway" and run to the
    "Exhibit Room".
    Exhibit Room [d-57]
    Map Locations
    Case 1
    Case 2
    Case 3
    Case 4
    Case 5
    Case 6
    Case 7
    Case 8
    Case 9
    Case 10
    Exit 1
    Exit 2
    Save Point
    You have to open the door in unison.  Press (square) twice on the [Door panel]
    so it gets to the last screen where you have to choose ON or OFF.  Then say
    "Get Ready Set" and select ON simultaneously with Rio when she swipes the card.
    You have to be exact so after she says 'now' and starts to swipe the card, hit
    (square) right when the card is about to slide through the panel.
    First thing make sure to save at the "Save Point" since you won't get another
    chance for some time.
    Now you have to find the Philosopher's stone in 1 of the 10 Cases!  Just check
    "Case 3".  (OPT) Check "Case 1,2,4,5,6,7,8,9,10" and "Exit 2".(\OPT)  You can
    tell it's case 3 because from the right angle you can see that the metal
    barrels have wires hooked up to it.  Before you get there you will have to
    fight at least two battles.  Either
    (1) Giant Plant Boss again and (2) Slugs,
    (3) 3-Eyed Worms (2 are harder) or
    (1) Yellow Crab Boss again.
    Once you finally get to Case 3, Analyze the [PBX].  It's a bomb!
    Puzzle Box:
    Analyze the [Time fuse] and read Rio the instructions (yellow).  If you screw
    up it's Game Over!  There might be a time limit but there's more than enough
    time to finish, don't panic.
    Step 01:
    "Enter the sum of the last digits of today's date."  Rio says it's 12/24/2029,
    Enter 15 (2+4+9).
    Step 02:
    "Enter the number of guest checked into the Hotel."  She says 13, hold up!
    She stops you, check Tanaka's note in the R1 menu.  Enter 50.
    Step 03:
    "Enter the sum of the last digits of PM Takayama's birth date."
    When Rio freaks out tell her to "relax".  When she leans forward play (analyze)
    the VIDEO DISK on her hip.  His birthday is today.  Enter 15 again.
    After it's all over tell her "yes" that you'd like to meet her on earth.
    Shootout at the Shutter Panel [d-58]
    When the marines show up and chase you down to the Guest section CLOSE the
    Shutter panel immediately.  Oh no it's stuck!
    Puzzle Box:
    Prepare for a little shootout.  First "Check the levers".  You need to keep
    shooting whatever color is on top.  "Shoot red" or "shoot yellow" (after the
    first time just say the color) to spin the levers and raise the arm.  Note the
    marines will try to lower it.  Make sure you "hide" to take cover from them
    when they shoot and that you have at least 1/2 of your health at all times.
    Occasionally they fire grenades and if you aren't behind cover you'll take a
    lot of damage (you get hurt a little even when you "hide").  If you're real
    fast you could shoot 5 times in a row and close the shutter without ever having
    to hide.  You can also shoot the marines "left or right soldier" to knock them
    back but it isn't really necessary.
    Later "run" when Gino fights the Blue Alien (Female).  If you decide to stay
    behind and help ("shoot") you'll be killed and it's Game Over!  Trust me when I
    say you don't want to do this part again.  Ugh!  Then witness the awesome
    climax of the game.
    After it's all over tell Rio to "cheer up" and on you go to the testing ward.
                                    NOW LOADING
                             communication is stopped.
                                    please wait ...
    /////////////////////////                            \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
    _______________________|           Laboratory         |________________________
                           |     - Rio to the Rescue -    |
                                 ~ "...Rescue me..." ~
    Corridor in Zero Gravity [d-61]
    Items Obtained
    x1 (air) SHOOTER
    x1 HEAL CAPSULE #28
    Map Locations
    Hatch 1
    Hatch 2
    Hatch 3
    Hatch 4
    Hatch 5
    Hatch 6
    Keyword List
    - SCENARIO -
    "What should we do?"
    "The remnants of Paracelsus?"
    "The power of words?"
    "Are you close to me now?"
    "Is it zero gravity?"
    "What's a philosopher's stone."
    "The first lady was attacked by an alien."
    "That Allen..."
    "What happened to Gino?"
    "What was that group?"
    OPEN the [Case] to get the SHOOTER.  (You automatically have JOSEPH'S DISC)
    I've got good news for you!  The rest of the game there are no monsters just
    the final boss.  That means you don't need anymore Heal Capsules or grenades
    (you don't need any for the Final Boss).  So if you ran out let out a big sigh
    of relief!  Wooh...
    (OPT) With all that's happened you have a lot of questions for Rio.  Now is a
    good time to start a "consultation" if you like to do that.(\OPT)
    Okay head for "Hatch 1" and OPEN the [Hatch panel].  Then drop underneath
    through "Hatch 5" for another HEAL CAPSULE #28. Next enter "Hatch 2" and OPEN
    another [Hatch panel] to enter the Lab.  Hatch 3, 4 and 6 are blocked.
    The Lab [d-62]
    Map Locations
    Experiment rack 1
    Experiment rack 2
    Experiment rack 3
    Hatch 3
    Sample cases
    Storage booths
    Save Point
    Keyword List
    "What should we do?"
    "Where is Naomi?"
    "The monsters were made here?"
    "Allen was conducting research here?"
    "You're strong."
    "It's about Naomi."      * After the major cutscenes
    "What's a fake stone?"
    "Powers is Joseph?"
    I'd recommend saving your game here at the "Save Point".  Before you jump to
    conclusions, you'll save one more time before the final boss.
    You only really need to go to 2 places and check 2 things.  Exploring every-
    thing else is pretty much useless and isn't really even worthy of the name
    optional but feel free to look around.  Note if you want to check out every-
    thing, you must do it before you turn ON the INPUT PANEL.
    (OPT) At each "Experiment rack 1, 2, and 3" you can "check the [Control panel]"
    and "check the [Robot arm]".  By the "Storage Booths" you can "check the
    [Lock Lever]" and all the storage racks ("check [Storage Rack] to the left, 2nd
    to the left, 2nd to the right, and to the right".  And at the "Sample cases"
    you can "check the top, middle, and bottom [Sample case]".  Note Hatch 3 is an
    entrance back to the Corridor but is blocked for now.(\OPT)
    The first and only place you can do anything at this time is at "Experiment
    rack 2".  See the floating object in the upper left corner.  "Check up" and
    analyze the [Shoe].  You need to get through the hole in the ceiling but are
    blocked in.
    Now you can go to the "Storage Booths" and "check the [Control Device]".  The
    [Message panel] and [Input panel] will tell you what to do.  Turn ON the
    [Input panel] and enter the codes as Rio says them within the time limit.  She
    mumbles the codes very fast and screws up sometimes.  My best advice is to type
    the codes in digit by digit as soon as you hear them because some are quite
    long.  Then make any corrections after her final answer which is always right
    before the 5 second countdown.  If your having trouble, try pausing the game
    (start) but be careful sometimes it clips her voice.  You'll have to enter 6
    random codes.  These are the ones I've heard but there could be more.  Remember
    pound = # and star = *.
    2765#      (she'll say ## but take one back)
    Time for some great plot twists!  When Rio is in front of the test tube brain,
    turn OFF the [Control device].  Then during the next scene say "Naomi" when Rio
    is getting shocked (warning you lose health until you do).  Then answer "no"
    it's not your fault, and "yes" you'll wait for Rio.
    After all the commotion SAVE YOUR GAME, you can return to the Hatch 3 Save
    Point.  This is your last opportunity to save!  This is also your last chance
    to consult Rio, so if you want to hear about the latest happenings do it now.
    When you're ready come back to the Corridor and go forward to "Hatch 6".
    (The go-between Hatch 4 is now open).
    Final Boss & The Monitor Room [d-63]
    Map Locations   * The rooms you enter is scripted.  You can't choose.
    Shuttle Port
    Monitor Room
    Zero-gravity warehouse
    Finally Rio is in front of the Monitor Room!  Answer "yes" if you can see her
    and "yes" if she can come in.  Surprise!  Watch one of the coolest cutscenes in
    the game.  (Except for that horrible dubbing, did you catch it?)  This is it,
    our last dance!  *Wink*  The final boss.
    Boss Box:
    Listen to Rio's explanations even when it looks like you have control, pay
    attention to what she says.  The bottom health bar is your ship and the top is
    the boss.  Notice your weapons of attack, there are 2 thrusters you control
    simultaneously.  The left thruster is you yourself (the operator) controlling
    with the directional pad.  As the operator you have full range of movement.
    Rio controls the right thruster and you control it by telling her what to do.
    However hers is locked to an imaginary 3x3 square grid where you can move in 8
    directions (despite what Rio says) by saying the basic 4 directions "up",
    "down", "left" and "right" or the diagonals "upper left", "lower left", "upper
    right", or "lower right".  Ready?
    Okay first use them both to take out the incoming flying eyeballs.  Remember
    each thruster only defends about half of the screen so use them together.  Once
    he puts up the red barrier; use yours (d-pad) to take out the blue left wing
    and Rio (say) to take out the right.  Fire at the middle of the wings where it
    looks like a little bug.  Finally aim both directly at the now vulnerable blue
    monster.  (The diagonals work really well for this.)  Repeat the process until
    his life bar at the top is depleted.
    The eyeballs keep coming throughout the fight but focus on hitting him and
    ignore them if you have to.  Even if you do get hit you should still have
    enough life.
    Remember he is only vulnerable when he turns blue after the barrier goes up and
    you destroy it.  Note if you don't destroy the barrier he will fire unavoidable
    blue fireballs and become invincible again.
    Almost done.  Once Rio is in the Monitor Room say "LOVE" as the password.
    Congratulations!  You have just finished LifeLine, enjoy the ending (I really
    liked the music).  You can save your game after the credits to unlock two new
    costumes on your 2nd playthrough.  Load the COMPLETE DATA to start from the
    beginning and Rio will be wearing a new outfit.  Then she will get another
    costume at the halfway point when she changes clothes. (*Thanks to DEngel*)
    You'll also start with all your leftover Heal Capsules, special keyword tickets
    and bonus chips.  Oddly you can still find the bonus chips again but not the
                                  COMMUNICATION END
    *                                                                             *
    | ----------------------------- EXTRAS [E-EE] ------------------------------- |
    |                                                                             |
    ............................... BESTIARY [e-00] ...............................
    This is a comprehensive list of all the monsters in the game.  The available
    body parts to shoot are listed and should be spoken into the mic (or "Shoot" if
    already targeted).  Body parts preceded with a * are weak points, {#,#} are
    parts that should be shot first and <{#,#} are not initially available and only
    appear after hitting or destroying the body parts listed in the curly brackets.
    I have also written down the BEST TARGET ORDER.  The body parts should be
    attacked in the order from left to right.  If multiple body parts are within
    { } then they can actually be shot in any order.  In most if not all cases the
    selected body part should be attacked until a red X says it has been defeated.
    I also have included extra notes to help you.
    yellow - weakest
    blue   - weaker
    orange - strong
    gray   - stronger
    black  - strongest 
    1) "head"
    BEST TARGET ORDER = {"stomach", "mouth"} when they jump or are standing up.
    Your best bet is to go for the "stomach" or "mouth" when it's standing, rolling
    over or jumping.  If you hit its stomach when it's in the air it will either
    die or flip over, go for the "mouth" for a 2-shot kill or a huge hit.  Note I
    wouldn't wait around for it to jump, hit it when it's rolling and standing too.
    Be aware that sometimes if you hit the blue slug's "stomach" when its standing
    it flips over and you can shoot the "mouth" for a 2-shot kill.
    Some of the blue slugs change to orange when hit.
    Once you get the Machine gun the Orange slugs can be taken out with 3 shots to
    the "head".
    "Low kick" may come in handy to drive them back.
    3-Eyed Worms
    gray - weak
    tan  - strong
    red  - strongest
    1)*"right eye"
    2)*"middle eye" 
    3)*"left eye"
    4) "mouth"
    5) "body"
    6) "tail"
    7)*"red eye" <{1,2,3}
    BEST TARGET ORDER = {"right eye, "middle eye", "left eye"}, "red eye",
    "mouth", "tail", "body"
    Stay away at all times to avoid its charge and breath.  If it does charge
    "flee" for safety.
    On the tougher version "shoot" each eye multiple times until it's destroyed
    (crossed off with a red X).
    If you destroy all the eyes and it's still ticking go for the "mouth" when it's
    open and/or it's spitting its nasty breath or "tail" when it's electrifying or
    wiggling.  As a last resort shoot the "body".
    Evil Hands
    1) "front limb"
    2) "body"
    3) "hind limb"
    4) "mouth"
    6)*"inner mouth"
    7) "eye"
    BEST TARGET ORDER = "tongue" when it shoots out its tongue or "inner mouth"
    when the little hole appears on its underside.
    Hitting the "tongue" is the ideal shot for a one-hit kill.  Use the HOLD CIRCLE
    BUTTON technique to be exact.  Plan B is to gun for the "inner mouth".
    If there are other monsters take them out first but stay real close to the Evil
    Hands.  If you do they will not be able to hurt you.
    Ideally when the area is clear of other enemies, "back" off (or "flee") as far
    away as possible so you have plenty of time to react when it sticks out its
    green - strong
    red   - stronger
    1) "body"
    2)*"left stomach"   {4,5,6,7}
    3)*"right stomach"  {4,5,6,7}
    4) "mouth"
    5) "tail"
    6)*"hind leg"
    7)*"front leg"
    8)*"red stomach"   <{2,3}
    BEST TARGET ORDER = {"hind leg", "front leg", "tail", "mouth"},
    {"left stomach","right stomach"}, "red stomach".
    Go for the "hind leg", "front leg", or "tail" to make it flip over.  If you
    destroy those (red X) with no results go for the "mouth" and "body".  Then when
    it flips over quickly strike "left stomach" and "right stomach".  Finish it off
    when the "red stomach" appears.  If it flips back over just repeat the process.
    Keep moving with "flee", it's very quick.
    They are special monsters that drop Launcher Grenades or Heal Capsules.
    Final word of advice if there are multiple enemies of different types, kill
    them in this order: Evil Hands, Frogs, 3-Eyed Worm, Slugs.
    Boss Spider (1st Encounter)
    Location: In the Hall by Shutter 4 after opening Shutter 7.
    Immediately CLOSE the [Shutter panel] to escape.
    Boss Spider (2nd Encounter)
    Location: Showdown behind Shutter 4
    Say "Now!" as soon as the spider opens its mouth.  Don't rush you will have
    multiple opportunities.
    Boss Giant Plant
    Location: Service Staff Quarters and possibly the Exhibit Room.
    1) "root"
    3) "body"
    4) "leaf"
    5)*"right eye"  {2,8}
    6)*"middle eye" {2,8}
    7)*"left eye"   {2,8}
    BEST TARGET ORDER = {"branches", "vines"}, {"left eye", "middle eye"}
    Shoot the "branches" ("vines" also works but seems to not respond as well) to
    expose the eyes.  Immediately shoot the "left eye", "middle eye" or "right
    eye".  And repeat.  You can mow him down before he even attacks.  If you take
    too long just "dodge" the blue energy balls.
    Kill the 2 pesky orange slugs with 3 "head" shots each.
    Boss Yellow Crab
    Location: Elevator Hall in the Staff section and possibly the Exhibit Room.
    1) "head"
    2) "left claw"
    3) "right claw"
    5) "fin"
    7) "horn"
    BEST TARGET ORDER = {"mouth", "eye"}
    It will disappear and then smash you from above sending a circular shockwave
    all around it.  Your best bet is to "dodge and jump" with the CIRCLE HOLDING
    TRICK right when it disappears.  If all goes well you should avoid the shock-
    wave and create a little distance between you.
    Then as soon as you dodge (or get hit) shoot whatever is facing you either the
    "mouth" or "eye".  You only get one shot each time and you have to do it quick
    before he vanishes or charges.
    Sometimes it will flip to mouth at the last second and then charge you.  But
    because you already stepped back (from dodging) you should have more time to
    react and not only do some damage but avoid getting hit yourself.
    Boss Blue Alien (Male)
    Location: Manager's Office
    1) "head"
    2) "left arm"
    3) "right arm"
    4) "right leg"
    5) "left leg"
    6) "tail"
    7) "body"
    At the start, shoot every body part glowing red until they all disappear.  Use
    "strafe" for a little help and make sure to "flee" when it lunges to get a shot
    at its "tail".  From here there are 2 strategies.
    Option 1:
    There aren't anymore bosses you need them for so if you have some grenades
    "launcher" and it will knock him down and all his parts will glow red again.
    Then quickly "shoot, shoot, shoot" at whatever part your aiming at.
    Option 2:
    If you don't have grenades left try this.  "Flee" and it will shoot a blue fire
    ball at you.  Simply "dodge" using the HOLD CIRCLE trick, then one of the
    different body parts randomly glows red.  Quickly shoot at it.  This will take
    longer but you can easily take 0 damage.
    If you are hesitant to use up all your grenades in all honesty you won't need
    them the rest of the way even for bosses, so if you have them use them.
    It kind of dances around you and sometimes will lunge at you.  "Flee" and a
    few body parts will glow red.  Shoot any of the available targets and you're
    good to go.
    Final Boss ???
    Location: Shuttle Port
    Use the left and right thrusters simultaneously by using the d-pad (left) and
    telling Rio where to move (right).  Rio can move in 8 directions within the
    imaginary 3x3 square grid "up", "down", "left", "right", "upper left", "upper
    right", "lower left", and "lower right".  Use them both to take out the
    incoming flying eyeballs.  Once he puts up the red barrier fire at the middle
    of the 2 wings where it looks like a little bug.  Then aim both directly at the
    monster.  (The diagonals work realy well for this.)  Rinse and repeat.
    The eyeballs keep coming throughout the fight but focus on hitting him and
    ignore them if you have to.  Even if you do get hit you should still have
    enough life.
    Remember he is only vulnerable when he turns blue after the barrier goes up and
    you destroy it.  Note if you don't destroy the barrier he will fire unavoid-
    able blue fireballs and become invincible again.
    ............................ Inventory Items [f-00] ...........................
    (As listed in the R1 Menu)
    Items A - Scenario Items [f-01]
    15-shot magazine
    Uses 9 mm shells
    Weight: 1,075g
    [Video recording disc]
    Interview Footage
    Dec. 24, 2029
    Filming location unknown
    [Shutter Key] (Total:5)
    A key for operating emergency shutters.
    The key must be slotted into the shutter panel to enable operation of the
    [Audio password 1/2]
    A document with the audio password for entering the Sun Suite.
    It is written.
    -Even the very shadow that you cast in sunlight.
    [Code note]
    I = 1
    V = 5
    X = 10
    XV = 15
    XX = 20
    [Audio password 2/2]
    A document with the audio password for entering the Sun Suite.
    It is written. -I want to monopolize.
    [Allen's reference kit]
    JSL Development Stack Advertising DVD
    On the case, it is harshly scribbled,
    -Only fire can stop arthropods.
    [Magnesium chip]
    A specially formulated chunk of magnesium that can be used to light a fire.
    [Molotov cocktail]
    A primitive weapon of a bottle filled with ethyl alcohol and a cloth fuse.
    [Machine gun]
    Submachine gun
    30-shot magazine
    Uses 9mm shells
    Weight: 3,550g
    [Control system document]
    Security camera upgrade feature
    Night-vision system provides clear visual reception under low-light conditions.
    Administrator: Jonathan Turner
    [Employee ID (Jonathan)]
    Jonathan T.
    Dept: Control Section
    Cleared for Control Staffroom
    Locker ID: 1515155
    [Scientific document]
    The document is filled with scientific formulas.
    [Employee ID (Gustav)]
    Gustav M.
    Dept: Control Section
    Cleared for Control Staffroom
    Locker ID: 7994265
    [Warehouse ID card]
    A card key for emergency use.
    It provides access to the warehouse.
    [Restaurant key]
    A card key for emergency use.
    It provides access to the observatory restaurant.
    [Elevator code]
    The operating code for the elevator.
    Destination: Senior staff section
    Matched ID: 0423
    The elevator operates solely on keyed-in control codes.
    [Manager's Office key]
    A card key to the Manager's Office.
    [Tanaka's note]
    Out of 50 guests,
    13 survivors as of 2:16 (Akashi Standard Time)
    [Number note]
    [Exhibit room key]
    A card key for the exhibit room's entrance.
    To disengage the exhibit room's lock, this card key must be used by two people
    working in unison.
    [Allen's disc]
    A memory disc that Allen had lost.
    [Joseph's disc]
    Joseph's memory disc
    An air nozzle attachment that uses compressed air to propel the user in zero-
    gravity environments.
    It is worn on the user's belt.
    Items B - Battle Items & Etc [f-02]
    (Heal Capsules and Launcher grenades can be accumulated infinitely in the
    Observatory Restaurant.  See the Walkthrough for details.)
    [Heal Capsule] (Total:28+)
    Portable emergency food rations.
    A quick and efficient means of replenishing water, electrolytes, minerals, etc.
    Restores HP.
    [Launcher grenade] (Total:11+)
    Special ordnance,
    manufacturer unidentified.
    To be fitted on a machine gun for converting the weapon into a grenade
    (Used to destroy Panels that block your path and as a stronger ammo in battle)
    [Chip] (Total:16)
    A trendy and popular collectible item.  Something happens every time four chips
    are collected.
    (See the Chip Locations section below)
    Keyword Tickets [f-03]
    These are tickets you find that have keywords on them.  The keywords are listed
    under SPECIAL or BATTLE in the R2 menu.  They offer additional helpful func-
    tions that can be used in either battle, while searching, or to ask Rio for
    help.  Some are just for show too like the Sexy pose and Spin the Gun.  The
    Ticket keywords are listed below along with their function and location.
    Let's you start a conversation with Rio by using the SCENARIO keywords.  After
    key events you'll get new keywords.  Say them to ask Rio for more details.
    Great way to get more out of the story.
    Location: You automatically get it in the Security Room
    ["Microphone Check"]
    Lets you determine how well the voice recognition is cohering to your voice
    commands.  Kind of useless.
    Location: Security Room "Vending machines", "check second [Dispenser] from
    ["Zoom in"]
    Lets you zoom in to get a better view of items or objects.  This is a great way
    to help you determine the identity of an object.
    Location: Guest Room 1 "Living area", "open BRIEFCASE".
    ["Low kick"]
    Use in battle to drive back enemies that are dangerously close.
    Location: Guest Room 2 "Living area", "check GLOVES".
    ["Camera check"]
    Lets you pinpoint Rio's location in case she is somewhere off screen or hidden
    behind a background.  Kind of useless.
    Location: Guest Room 3 "check EMERGENCY PANEL", "take SHUTTER KEY".
    ["Category Game"]
    Lets you play a mini game with Rio.  She picks a category like U.S. states and
    the two of you trade off picking items in that category.  The first person to
    miss loses.
    Location: Guest Room 4 on the "Dresser", "check back of [Invitation]".
    ["Spin the Gun"]
    Rio spins the gun in battle like in the ol' West.  It doesn't work with the
    Machine Gun.  Useless.
    Location: Sun Suite "second floor" "Wash Room", "close Toilet lid".
    Rio taunts the enemies during battle just for fun.  Useless.
    Location: Equipment Room "Utility unit" move to upper right shelf and "check".
    ["Sexy pose"]
    Rio strikes a playful pose for the camera.  Cute but not all that sexy :(
    Location: Infirmary "Desk", "check the [PC]" and then turn it ON.
    Or in the Manager's Office by the "Bed" on the bookshelf. (*Thanks to Matt*)
    Note I have not confirmed this.
    Rio will empty the entire magazine in her handgun on an enemy until you stop
    her by targeting a different body part.
    Location: Restrooms "Ladies' Washstands", "look in [Trash can]".
    ["She sells"]
    Play a tongue twister game with Rio.  Rio says a tongue twister and you have to
    repeat it.  Very tough.
    Location: Guest Room 5 "Bathroom", "check [Wig]" and say "sea shells".
    Spray all the enemy's body parts in succession.
    Location: Staff Room "Galley", "check [Wax paper]".
    ["Break time"] (not really a ticket)
    Rio sits down and takes it easy.  Good for keeping Rio from wandering around
    and out of trouble. ;)
    Location: Warehouse "Area C-1".
    ["Launcher"] (not really a ticket)
    Rio shoots a grenade at her enemies.  Be careful unlike your ammo you only have
    whatever you've found.
    Location: Automatically after you find grenades in the Air Ducts.
    Rio will jump in battle.  Useful in dodging the shockwave of the Yellow Crab.
    Location: Waiting Room "Business Center", "use the [Copier] in the front".
    ["I'll leave it to you"]
    Rio will fight the enemy on her own without your guidance.  I encourage you not
    to do this because she will not generally go for the weak points and will not
    shake off enemies.  If you do, watch closely to step in when necessary.
    Location: Observatory restaurant "VIP seat 3", "check top of [Floor lamp]".
    Jump backwards out of harms way.  The game doesn't recognize this command real
    well (at least for me) and it isn't really necessary to avoid damage.  "Jump",
    "dodge" and "flee" are much easier to use.
    Location: Break Room "Galley", say "[Tea bag]".
    Keyword Index [f-04]
    Found in the R2 Keyword list.  The 4 categories of keywords are: NORMAL which
    are used in the field, SCENARIO are used during "consultation" with Rio,
    SPECIAL are extra moves Rio can do, and BATTLE are used during fights (there
    are actually many more).  The 4 column headings represent the different
    situations where you can use them.  The X marks when they can be used, the - is
    if they can be used only sometimes.  For reference searching is when you are at
    a map location like the Bathroom and have to guess unidentified objects.
    Motion is when you're walking around between map locations.
    |NORMAL                                          |      |      |      |       |
    |                                                |      |      |      |       |
    |"Walk"                                          |      |  X   |  X   |       |
    |"Run"                                           |  X   |  X   |  X   |       |
    |"Stop"                                          |      |      |  X   |       |
    |"Go back"                                       |      |  X   |  X   |   X   |
    |"Check"                                         |      |  X   |      |       |
    |SCENARIO                                        |      |      |      |       |
    |                                                |      |      |      |       |
    |"What should we do?                             |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Why were you in the detaining cell?"           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Where am I"                                    |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Who's Naomi?"                                  |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What is JSL?"                                  |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What are you looking for?"                     |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What was that monster?"                        |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Who is Helen Johnson?"                         |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Why are you so cranky?"                        |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"I wonder if Naomi's alive?"                    |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What is the Manager like?"                     |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What do you think of the PM?"                  |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What should we do?"                            |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Do you have any friends?"                      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What's the relationship with Gino?"            |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Is a rescue team coming?"                      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"How are things on earth?"                      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Naomi isn't around..."                         |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What are they researching here?"               |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What do you think of Allen?"                   |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Where is the announcer?"                       |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Tell me about yourself."                       |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Tell me what you're looking for."              |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Powers and Allen?"                             |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What do you think of Powers?"                  |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Humanoid alien?"                               |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"About the PM's entourage..."                   |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What should we do?"                            |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"How far away are you?"                         |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Naomi wasn't there..."                         |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"About this hotel's structure."                 |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"I wonder if the PM and his people are OK?"     |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What do you think of that captain?"            |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"That alien earlier..."                         |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"You've got great reflexes."                    |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"I wonder if the Manager is okay?"              |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"I wonder if Naomi is safe?"                    |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"You're looking for a green orb?"               |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Where is Gino?"                                |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The announcer was dead..."                     |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"That man in the restaurant..."                 |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"When we get to earth..."                       |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"How was earth?"                                |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Is this hotel okay?"                           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"I wonder if Gino is okay?"                     |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Why did Tanaka turn into a monster?"           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The poor Manager..."                           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What happened to Powers?"                      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What is Paracelsus?"                           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The remnants of Paracelsus?"                   |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The power of words?"                           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Are you close to me now?"                      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Is it zero gravity?"                           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What's a philosopher's stone."                 |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The first lady was attacked by an alien."      |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"That Allen..."                                 |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What happened to Gino?"                        |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What was that group?"                          |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Where is Naomi?"                               |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"The monsters were made here?"                  |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Allen was conducting research here?"           |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"You're strong."                                |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"It's about Naomi."                             |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"What's a fake stone?"                          |      |      |      |   X   |
    |"Powers is Joseph?"                             |      |      |      |   X   |
    |SPECIAL                                         |      |      |      |       |
    |                                                |      |      |      |       |
    |"Consultation"                                  |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Microphone Check"                              |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Zoom in"                                       |      |  X   |  X   |       |
    |"Low Kick"                                      |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Camera check"                                  |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Category Game"                                 |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Spin the Gun"                                  |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Taunt"                                         |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Sexy pose"                                     |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Auto-fire"                                     |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"She sells"                                     |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Strafe"                                        |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Break time"                                    |      |  -   |  X   |       |
    |"Launcher"                                      |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Jump"                                          |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"I'll leave it to you                           |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Jumpback"                                      |  X   |      |      |       |
    |BATTLE                                          |      |      |      |       |
    |                                                |      |      |      |       |
    |"Shoot"                                         |  X   |  X   |      |       |
    |"Reload"                                        |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Flee"                                          |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Approach"                                      |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Recover"                                       |  X   |      |  X   |       |
    |"Dodge"                                         |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Forward"                                       |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Number 1"                                      |  X   |      |      |       |
    |"Turn Right"                                    |  X   |      |      |       |
    ...................... Help What Do I Say? (FAQ) [g-00] .......................
    This is a list of some of the more difficult (impossible?) words or phrases you
    need to say and solutions to the puzzles.  Chances are this is a common trouble
    spot so I would check here first before hunting through the rest of the guide.
    How do I move around the Supply unit in the Equipment Room?
    First make sure the [Power panel] is OFF at the Utility unit.  Then move in
    this pattern: up, right, down/left diagonal, right.
    What is the weapon Rio wants you to guess in the Infirmary?
    "Molotov Cocktail".
    Where is the password for the Closet by the Ladies' Stall?
    "Shoot middle Mirror" at Men's Washstands, the password is 029.
    How do I get the item behind the Corpse in the Guest Room 5 Bathroom?
    "Check Wig"
    What is the voice password for Jonathan's Room (the food he collects)?
    "Strawberry candy"
    What is the voice password for Gustav's Room (the one with the formulas)?
    "2Chloro 3Methyl Pentane".
    How do I grab the disc (8/8/2029) Rio is looking for in the Waiting Room?
    "Red and blue stars"
    What is the name you use to open the Key Box in the Waiting Room?
    "Jonathan Turner".  (The guy who liked candy.  His name is written on the
                         Control system document [Night Vision].)
    What do I say to get away from Gino in the Break Room?
    How do I open the combination lock on the Safe in the Manager's Office?
    "4 to the right"
    "6 to the left"
    "2 to the right"
    What is the sequence for diffusing the bomb in the Exhibit Room?
    Enter 15, 50, 15
    How do I close the shutter to escape the marines?
    Repeatedly shoot whatever the top lever is either "red" or "yellow".
    I'm stuck in the Laboratory/Corridor and there's nothing to do?
    This is a 2 step problem where you must do the 1st part to unlock the 2nd part.
    First in front of "Experimental rack 2" there is a floating object in the upper
    left corner.  "Check up" to find a SHOE.  Second go the "Storage Booths" and
    "check CONTROL DEVICE" and you'll be on your way.
    What is the last password when you're in the Monitor Room?
    ............................... BONUS [h-00] ..................................
    Here is a list of all the secrets, mini games and easter eggs.
    Bonus Menu Unlockables [h-01]
    The Bonus feature is the last menu on the title screen when you start up Life-
    Line.  You will unlock a new mini-game for every 4 chips you collect in the
    main game.  There are a total of 16 chips and 4 games, not counting the
    tutorial which is open by default.
    This is the Tutorial you are forced to do when you start a New Game, nothing
    special except trying to rack up a high score by correctly annunciating the
    keywords onscreen.
    Word Jumble
    20 words are scrambled on screen.  You get 3 guesses in the 12 second time
    limit to rearrange the letters in your head and say the unscrambled word.  The
    faster you guess it, the higher your score
    Complete the Phrases
    There are 20 famous phrases with a missing word.  Say the word within 10
    seconds in the fastest possible time and get a high score.  But you only get
    one guess so make sure you know it before blurting something out.
    The Calc
    Solve each of the 20 math problem and speak the answer within 10 seconds.  All
    the problems are basic algebraic equations from the simple to the complex.  You
    have to remember the order of operations too: *,/ first then +,- from left to
    right.  For example 10*2-2*2+4 = 20.  Some of these are pretty difficult to do
    in such short a time period but the faster you answer, the higher your score.
    Category Game
    Rio picks a category like U.S. Capitols and the two of you trade off picking
    items in that category.  The first person to miss loses.  She keeps track of
    your head-to-head records.  This is the same game you can play with Rio within
    the normal game.
    Mini-Games [h-02]
    Say the name of the mini-game at anytime during the game to play.
    Category Game
    Find it in Guest Room 4 on the "Dresser", "check back of [Invitation]".
    Rio picks a category like U.S. Capitols and the two of you trade off picking
    items in that category.  The first person to miss loses.  This is the same game
    you can play with Rio in the Bonus Menu.
    She Sells
    Find it in Guest Room 5 "Bathroom", "check [Wig]" and say "sea shells".
    Play a tongue twister game with Rio.  Rio says a tongue twister and you have to
    repeat it.  Very tough.
    Chip Locations [h-03]
    This is a brief summary of where to get all the bonus Chips for the Bonus Menu
    (1)  In the Security Room open the far left locker.
    (2)  In the Guest Room 1 "Dresser", "check [Trunk]".
    (3)  In Guest Room 2 by the "Bed", "check [Night stand]".
    (4)  In the Guest Room 3 "Dresser", "open [Cigar case]".
    (5)  In the Guest Room 4 go to the "Bed".
    (6)  In the Sun Suite "Lounge", "check [Fruits]".
    (7)  In the Equipment Room at the "Utility unit", turn on the [Lift], move to
         the shelf in the middle row, middle column and "check".
    (8)  In the Infirmary Room in "Case 5".
    (9)  In the Restrooms Men's "check [Stall] 2nd from left".
    (10) In Guest Room 5 on the "Bed", "check pocket of [Bathrobe]".
    (11) Found in Gustav's Locker in Staff Room, the password is 7994265.
    (12) "Area B-2" in the Warehouse.
    (13) In the Waiting Room at the "Vending machine", "check [Video camera]".
    (14) "VIP seat 2" in Observatory Restaurant.
    (15) In the Break Room on the "Table", "check [Mug]".
    (16) In the Manager's Office "Bed" "check pillow".
    Secret Costumes [h-04]
    Finish the game and load your COMPLETE DATA.  You'll start a new game but this
    time Rio will be wearing a new - dare I say "revealing" - outfit.  All I can
    say is who wears short shorts?  Rio wears short shorts!  If you just want to
    check it out real quick hit select to skip all the cutscenes.
    At the midway point when she change clothes she'll get another sexy outfit.
    (*Thanks to DEngel*) If you just want to know what it looks like so you don't
    have to play again, she is draped in black leather.  Less revealing but still
    Note: In typical video game fashion she magically has her original clothes on
    during the hi-res cutscenes.
    Rio Talks Back (Easter Eggs) [h-05]
    This is funny (and not so funny) dialog that Rio says when you say not so
    obvious things during not so obvious times.  "ANYTIME" means these should work
    at anytime.  "SPECIFICS" only work in certain rooms when checking specific
    objects.  If you find some more email me and you'll get full credit (make sure
    to include Rio's response verbatim).
    Suicide, don't be stupid there are people counting on us.
    ["Shoot yourself"]
    Ha Ha.  Don't worry there are plenty of ways for me to die in here.
    [Swear at Rio]
    I can't believe you'd say that to a woman.
    Would you please stop swearing like that?
    ["What's your sign?"] (*Thanks to Matthew Miller*)
    My sign is No Parking.  Now let's get a move on.
    ["Bark like a dog"] (*Thanks to Sekundes*)
    Little dog? Woof! Or big dog? RUFF!
    At the very beginning when she
    asks for your girlfriend's name.
    Rio! Wait a sec that's my name.  Why do you know it?  But that's not it...
    ["No"] x3, x5
    When Rio wants your help at the very beginning
    And at the Receiving Port
    Okay I understand, I won't ask you again, goodbye...(BOOM!)
    Fine I've had enough.  Our partnership is over.  See ya!  Or not...(BOOM!)
    (Rio screws you over and shoots the camera.  Warning: You'll have to start over
    if you do this.)
    ["Take a shower"/"Use Shower"/"Wear Dress"]
    Guest Room 1 and 2 Bathrooms & Staff Room Shower Room
    What? Take a shower.  Mm Mm.  Not in your lifetime!
    What do you mean you want me to shower?  Don't make me angry.
    Geez you should try hiding your ulterior motives better.
    Geesh, Can you ease up on that already.
    There you go saying that sort of thing again.  I just changed a while back, I'm
    ["Wash your face"]
    Guest Room 1, 2 and 5 Bathrooms
    My face is it that dirty?  We don't have time for that now.
    Is it that dirty?  It's not bothering me any.
    This isn't the time to be worried about appearances.  Although it does actually
       bother me.
    ["Eat Rations"/"Use Rations"/"Taste Rations"]
    Guest Room 4 Living area
    I've tasted one before.  It's disgusting.  I'd rather starve than eat one
    Oh Yuck!  Emergency rations, a Heal Capsule's a lot more palatable.
    I said I don't want to eat it!
    Are these what you would usually eat?  Eww.
    Note: "Use Rations" sometimes causes a funny little glitch where the camera
    switches to the Table in the other room.  There is an unidentified object on
    the ceiling, weird...Even weirder sometimes the screen goes all black, lights
    out huh.  But this time there is an unidentified object and an obtainable item
    indicator.  What the heck?
    ["Wear Helmet"]
    Guest Room 4 Living area
    If I put on something like this, my hair would be totally messed up.
    ["Pillow fight"/"Sleep"]
    In front of a Bed
    Listen do I look like a child to you?  Geez anyway it's no fun to do it alone.
    You mean sleep?  How am I supposed to sleep under these circumstances.
    ["Touch Allen"/"Shoot Allen"/"Pillow fight"]
    Looking at Allen on Second floor of Sun Suite
    Don't make me do something like that?
    Shoot Allen!?  If you're joking I don't hear anyone laughing. (whispering)
    What?  I should have a pillow fight with Allen.  That's stupid!
    ["Use Toilet"/"Sit on Toilet"/"Use Toilet paper"]
    Wash room on Second floor of Sun Suite
    What? You mean for me to use the toilet now?  What's your problem!?
    I'm not doing anything of the sort.
    Is this some kind of game to you?  Ah geez.
    ["Clean the Toilet"]
    Wash room on Second floor of Sun Suite
    Restrooms Men's or Ladies' Stalls
    What am I a janitor?  You can forget it.
    Clean it!  Why don't you do it pal! (scared & pissed)
    ["Go pee"]
    Restrooms Men's or Ladies' Stalls
    Hey you know I really am scared.  Don't say anything stupid you jerk!
    You really are an idiot sometimes! (scared & pissed)
    ["Use Cart"]
    Equipment Room Data unit
    You sure you're not mistaken?  What are we doing grocery shopping?
    Infirmary item guess
    Oh so you like nurses.  Well okay. (coy)
    Infirmary item guess
    Uh yeah bedpan.  (grossed out)
    Infirmary item guess
    A syringe I hate them.  (angry)
    Infirmary item guess
    A scale, I certainly don't want to get on one.
    ["Take the X-ray photo"]
    Infirmary Desk
    I can't stand anything gross.  I don't need it okay.
    ["Tell me about yourself.]
    SCENARIO Word after killing spider
    ...My age, measurements and hobbies are my business.
    ["Shoot Corpse"]
    Guest Room 2, 3, 4 and 5
    Could you really do that?  Shoot a dead person.  I absolutely refuse.
    Shoot this person.  That's a perfectly awful thing to say.
    Shoot...What a horrible idea!  That person's already dead.  
    Look get over it, I'm not going to do that.
    ["Take off your clothes"]
    Guest Room 5 Bathroom (it seems to only work here)
    That's sexual harassment pal!  But you're not a co-worker.  Hmm...all your
       doing is losing my trust.  Yep.
    Geez, you are so nasty I swear!  (disgusted)
    ["Wear Bathrobe"]
    Guest Room 5 Bed
    And put on the bathrobe.  I'm not going to do that.  What are you thinking?
    ["Eat Donut"]
    In Galley in Staff Room
    No way.  This is so unhealthy.  It's calorie content must be sky high.
    ["Use Vacuum cleaner"]
    Storage Area in Staff Room
    You want me to clean?  Huh a neat freak.  Not too cool considering what's going
       on around us.
    [Fall too much in the colored ducts]
    Staff section
    Ouch! Your instructions are lousy!  I hurt all over.  Ouch!
    ["Hope"] (*Thanks to Matthew Bennett*)
    Rio asks what your favorite word is during space elevator ride
    That was the last item in Pandora's Box.
    ["Taste sugar"]
    In Break Room Galley
    Yeah Sure!  We'll be needing some sugar soon.  NOT!
    ............................... CREDITS [i-00] ................................
    Contact Me [i-01]
    Joseph Geck
    Email: starcovenant@yahoo.com
    Please I encourage you to email me about anything pertaining to this guide.
    It's so motivating and encouraging to know someone cares enough to read this
    walkthrough and even contribute.  In fact my goal is that this guide becomes a
    sort of community effort where you can find contributions from other people
    besides me.  To be a collective effort that contains everything you would ever
    want to know about LifeLine, the Be All & End All FAQ.  So please if you have
    tips, strategies, funny easter eggs, or God forbid corrections then email me
    and let me know.  And I will make sure to give every contributor due credit.
    Feel free to email me about any spelling/grammar mistakes and to let me know
    how you like the FAQs.  So let's make this walkthrough great, I look forward
    to hearing from you!
    Contributors [i-02]
    Wonderful wishes and a mighty big thank you goes out to:
    [DEngel] His FAQs informed me of a couple errors in my Walkthrough, what
    "strafe" is for, and that there are actually 2 new costumes on your 2nd play-
    through.  My mistake was that I forgot you need to "check the Cigar case" and
    the "Floor lamp" before you "open the Cigar case" and "check the top of Floor
    lamp".  You can find all the answers to the mini-games in his excellent guide.
    [Matt] Told me that you can get the SEXY POSE in the Manager's Office if you
    missed it in the Infirmary.
    [Yunie] Let me know that "jar of candy" might also work as the password for
    Jonathan's Room.
    [Matthew Miller] Gave me another funny Rio Talks Back Easter Egg.
    [Matthew Bennett] Contributed one more Rio Talks Back Easter Egg.
    [Sekundes] Another Rio Talks Back Easter Egg.
    Thanks To [i-03]
    First and foremost I thank all of you for reading this guide.  There's nothing
    more gratifying than knowing people are benefiting from your work.
    I'd like to thank GameFAQs for providing a free outlet for writers to publish
    their work.  And thanks to all of its members and contributors who have
    dedicated their time to helping other gamers including myself.  I am proud and
    hopefully worthy to join the ranks of FAQ writers, the people that have
    inspired me to do more than simply play games.
    Thanks to X-Play's Adam Sessler (and many other review sites) for ripping on
    this game with a 2/5.  You have no idea how tempted I was to try it out just to
    see how bad it was.  And thanks to PSM for giving it an 8/10 like it deserves.
    Toys R Us, one of the few retail stores that refuses to take it off the shelf.
    And finally the developers of LifeLine for creating a completely new and
    innovative experience and Konami for publishing it in North America.  And of
    course for giving me an opportunity to write my first FAQ.
    With that I bid you farewell.  Until next time...
    May your inventory be full and your stats maxed out!
    All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are owned by their
    respective trademark and copyright holders.
    Copyright: Joseph Geck 2004  #1

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