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  • Unlike the first two Onimusha games. Onimusha 3 is the first game in the Onimusha series where the level enivornments and areas are rendered entirely in 3D

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  • The setting on Onimusha 3 to be staged in Paris was to make the game much more appealing for Western audiences and the poor sales on Onimusha 2. The sales for the game Onimusha 2 were the worst in Europe and Capcom mentioned they 'lost the war' in Europe because of the poor sales, so Capcom decided to make some parts of the game to be set in modern day Paris, was the answer to help sell Onimusha 3.

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  • After deciding for modern Paris to be in the game, the idea of time travel in the game came about to allow the idea of modern Paris and ancient Japan to connect together for Onimusha 3.

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