Game Trivia

  • If you play the Japanese release, you have the chance to get Invincible Jar for the first kill of Mirage Skeleton.

    Contributed By: SweetHotArtist.

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  • In the House of Sacred Remains, on reaching the door leading into the hall with the save room before the boss, there is a picture on the wall of the Habsburg dominion's only female ruler during the eighteenth century, Maria Theresa. The portrait is mirrored and her dress is red, as opposed to her original green colored dress.

    It's a strange observation, since the events of this game take place in the eleventh century, whereas Maria Theresa lived in the eighteenth century.

    Contributed By: ZebuFrenzy.

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Famous Quote

  • Walter: ...But I am beloved by the Night! You will taste my powers!
    Leon: I'll kill you AND THE NIGHT!

    Contributed By: discoinferno84.

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