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Why is everybody pickin' on me? 10/27/03 Ashande
A little repetitive but sometimes, we can forgive. 11/01/03 damien5314
A better 3D Castlevania, and a glimpse of things to come 04/21/08 DrLight66
Dracula May Cry 11/20/03 drunkgod
Another unbiased review by yours truly 10/27/03 Elbryan42
It really isn't that bad 12/26/06 Ethel
The first step in taking castlevania to the 3D world is revolutionary 01/16/04 Fady Kiriakides
A Look Back In History 06/17/19 GameTitan83
Why Lament when this game is so great? 11/29/03 Gandalf685
Why are there never any lesser vampires in CV? 11/04/04 HEMIstation
This game is like swiss cheese: there are holes, but you'll end up loving it just the same. 10/27/03 honestgamer
A nice attempt that lacks a certain bite. 10/27/03 ichijohikaru
This Time Konami did it Right 11/09/03 kaneada
The man with the whip is back, putting gameplay where it belongs: in games 11/08/03 leesmapman
3D + Castlevania = STOP IT PLEASE!! 10/27/03 LUVNUTS
75 reviews later.....and I still love the Castlevania series. 09/18/06 Megaman1981
At last a good and true Castlevania game 03/09/04 nabuch
Hm? 02/01/04 Naru2005
Not so great, not too bad either. 07/04/04 Niebeer
A step in the right direction, and boy is it a fun step! 10/28/03 richie259
Brand Spankin' New! 11/04/03 SamuraiJosh
The Legacy of the Belmonts begins 10/27/03 sauronsama
Great Game! 11/25/03 soulreaver99
My Own Laments Scream at the Lacking Essentials Which Made SotN So Grand 10/27/03 SXITH
Castlevania redefines its origins. 08/10/09 Tenshi No Shi
As much as I like Castlevania... 11/11/03 The Whyte Fox
Don't want to cut this game short but.... 01/07/04 thewhitemoogle
Castlelamia: Lament of Boredom 04/13/04 tollbooth
A great game for Castlevania fans 06/21/04 Van Ruyn
Truly elegant 10/27/03 Yeuh Fei Long

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