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Reviewed: 09/06/05

Dood...... This game is awsome!!

BE WARNED!!! For this is my VERY first contribution to Gamefaqs, and this may include a little bit of bad grammar, typo's ect. So I just want you all to enjoy this and find this useful for future reference.

Now, to the game!

First up is the story.

The story gets a 9/10.

The story is about the prince of the netherworld who just woke up from a two year nap, and found out that his father had died while he was in some a deep sleep. The boys name is Laharl. When he finds out that his father died, really doesn't care. Why? Because he is a demon. All he can care about is getting his fathers place on the throne, and the title overlord. So he sets with a vassal named Etna, to kill anyone who plans on becoming overlord while Laharl was sleeping. So the story gets more in depth, and funnier along the way as you battle among many enemy's that you battle. Yes the game is funny. At first I thought that this game was all funny until I realised how great the battle system is. More on that later. But everyone should understand the humor in this game. It's funny, but their are a few times when Laharl mentions something about women... Yeah. So there is somethings that kids should not hear, but for everyone else, it's all funny.

Gameplay, gets a 10/10

Oh man, this is where the game REALLY shines. The gameplay in your average, strategy game would be the same as pretty much all the other ones right? Well this game is FAR different from any other game I have played. With over 150 character classes to chose from, this game will make you chose different people each time you play. Now once you get into a battle it gets even better. There are your standard action commands like "Fight" "Item" "Defend" along with a few others. But in Disgaea, it not only has those commands, but a it gets a little more complicated then that. Disgaea adds a "Pick Up" Feature to the game. So you can pick up and throw fellow comrades and enemy's! Enough about that, lets move onto something else in the game, shall we? Per say when you have Laharl right next to the enemy and somebody behind him, and at his left and his right, they will activate a team attack. Not only are they impressive to watch,but it does quadruple the damage instead of just having one person attacking! But then there are sometimes you have to think in this game. More about that later

Next up is Geo-Symbols. These things effect the squares you move on, and if you land on it then you get whatever it does. Like if a geo symbol says that their will be enemy boost 50% then you would want to destroy that Geo-Symbol. Yes you can destroy them. If you don't like the effect of a Geo-Symbol then just find it, then destroy it. So these little things could either help you or the enemy.

Now a little tidbit about strategy.

Many a times will you want to throw your controller on the ground in frustration because one of your lower level people just got killed by a higher level monster he was just about to beat. So close... And so sad as well. But this game is still all about the strategy. Would I want to move there? Then you check and see if your opponent can move right next to you and hit you before you can get the first strike. Do I want to team up, or take him down by myself? Do I throw someone? Do I destroy the geo symbol first?

Now to explain the Item World.

The Item world is a world where you can level up any item you want. The item could be legendary and you could level it up. It's like this game has no boundary's. Well, once you go inside the item to level it up, you will find enemy's called residents that are blocking your path. Not only that but they give out EXP for your guys. May as well level up your guys while your in there. Anyways. The Item World has one hundred levels to it, and once you get to every tenth level, you can chose to go back to the castle to get out of the item, or stay in and level it up some more. Along the way you will find higher level enemy's, which for some may be a bit to powerful. But if you leveled up before you came in then you will be fine.

Now I forgot what this was called, but there is this little thing that you can do to a group of people called the "Seniors". You can approach them on many different things. Like making the inventory at the shops more expensive and powerful, or adding something to the inventory. You can also raise the levels of all the enemy's in the netherworld, or lower them. You could also try to get money out of them, or if none of the above work you can force them to do what you want. By killing them that is. Then you can get whatever you want that way, but be warned! Once you kill them the influence they have on you wil drop, and it will be harder to negotiate what you want.

Then you add all the skills and magic in this game, along with the item world you have the gameplay for Disgaea! There is still so much more to this game, I just can't really explain it all. So we will move onto another section.

Sound/Music gets a 8/10

I am putting sound and music together, to perhaps make it quicker. Pretty much all I have to say for this section is that everything sounds like it should be where it should be. All the spells and magic, all the voice acting, all the sounds that the skills that you use, all of it sounds good, and it sounds right where it needs to be. Now most of the music in this game is either computer orchestrated, or orchestrated. Both sound really good in the game. There is even a Japanese punk rock song in this game, which is actually pretty good. If you like Japanese music that is.

Re-playability grabs a 10/10

With all the character classes, spells,skills and items galore this game will keep you coming back for more! (Hey that rhymed! I'm the new eminem!!) Not only that, but there is a new game +. So when you beat the game and start a new game plus, you pretty much get everything you had when you beat the game. All your levels and vassals and such, you get back to keep on playing until you hit level 9999. I crap you not, you can go to level nine thousand, nine hundred and ninety nine. That will even take the experts of this game a long time to get that high. But if you power level then by the end of your first play through you should be somewhere around level 250. So this game will take you a long time to get really high. With all the stuff mentioned above this game will let you rise the enemys levels, so you can beat them for more EXP. But anyways... Good luck with that... Because this game will take you quite a while to beat.

Rent or buy?

If you like strategy games that are challenging then get this game. If you feel you need to try it before ya buy it, then go to blockbuster and rent this game. It's worth it. Along with all the things mentioned before hand, this game will last you until the Playstation 4 comes out. If you are a slow player like me that is....

All in all this game gets a 10 out of 10

(I feel like Adam Sandler now! Oh how giddy like a school girl I feel right now!)

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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