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Reviewed: 01/05/05 | Updated: 08/14/06

There is no reason not to get this game

Disgaea is one of those "cult" games. Disgaea was a big hit in Japan but it got no advertising and it was an unknown obscure game. Since just about nobody heard of it, it didn't sell much and not many people know of it. That's disappointing. Disgaea is a great, no, awesome game that even rivals Final Fantasy Tactics. Disgaea is a strategy RPG much like Fire Emblem or Final Fantasy Tactics. It's a great buy and even though only a few people know of it, the people do know will agree that it is one fantastic game.

Storyline/Characters: You start off as a young demon prince named Laharl who has been sleeping for a few years. When he awakes, he finds out that his dead has passed away and that many other demons are trying to take the thrown. Laharl, along with his pals, must embark on a quest to get back the throne. But don't be fooled! There is many other features of the story, not just that!

The storyline is filled with humor, some of it childish and lame but some other humor is mature and quite funny. There are many plot twists in the game and you'll meet several new allies and foes along the way. The characters are pretty good too. The first person you meet is Etna, a girl who goes along with Laharl but has some secrets of her own. As I've said, you'll meet many characters and you will witness many of the characters development throughout the game. 9/10

Game Play: The game play may confuse you at first, but once you get the hang of it, you'll probably agree this is the best type of game play you'll ever use. This game goes on a turn based style in which the map you fight in (Be it a forest, volcano, castle etc) is divided into small squares. For each of your certain characters, you can move X squares and attack from X squares away. There are also many different classes such as ghosts, ninjas, brawlers, dragons, there are over 100 classes. Wow is right! Each class will have something unique about them. A mage can cast magic will a brawler will use physical attacks. It's up to you to determine what classes you want in your team and how you utilize them is vital.

Your characters grow levels by experience. You get experience by killing enemies or sometimes as a bonus after clearing a stage. You can increase your stats by purchasing weapons and accessories for your characters. You buy these with HL. HL is the money of this game and you get it by winning battles. You can also use HL to heal your characters. Also, there is 9999 levels that a character can grow. Wow!

Item world is a feature of this game and it can be vital to the game play. You can access Item world at almost any time during the game (When you aren't in battle) and it can be really useful. You basically select an item in your item bag and you go inside of it. You need to clear 10 levels of item world. There are two ways to do this. One way is to simply kill all the enemies while the other way is to find the teleport square which will bring you to the next world. After you clear 10 levels, you'll be transported out of item world and the item you went inside of will be upgraded!

Another feature of this game is the summon assembly. When you kill enemies, you get mana. Mana is used to create characters or to allow a vote casting for proposals. You also have a demon rank. The higher your rank, the better proposals you'll get to do. Proposals can make the game easier. Some proposals include unlocking new worlds, improving movement or counterattack or to be able to buy better stuff. When you choose a proposal, senators will vote on it. You can make it lean in your favor by bribing the senators with items. The senators will either say “Yay” or “Nay” to the proposals. If there are more Yays then Nays, the proposal passes.

There are even more unique features to the game play in this game. One thing that comes to mind is geo panels. Geo panels are included in many battles so it is important you know what they are. They are basically a crystal type thing that can give special abilities to the characters on the map. For example, a geo panel can make all characters invincible, raise their stats or give extra experience. Sometimes the geo panels only work for the enemies and you might end up destroying them a lot. I personally like the geo panels even though they frustrate me at times. The game play is perfect. 10/10

Graphics: The graphics are done in an anime style. I personally like it but you might not. The graphics are not anything that will blow your mind but if you take into account all the data and stats that are crammed into this game, you may just be impressed. 10/10

Sound: Yes, this game has voice acting. Sometimes the voice acting can get a little annoying (Flonne) but I thought the voice acting was actually pretty good on an overall scale. The attacks are also rather realistic. If you slam an enemy down with a sword, it will sound like you are slamming an enemy down with a sword. 5/5

Music: A lot of people complain about the soundtrack to this game. Honestly, it isn't great but it isn't bad by any means. There are some legendary songs on this game, they just happen to be rare which makes me sad and probably you too. But the music isn't so awful that you will be forced to plug your ears because it is not bad by any means. 3/5

Difficulty: This game can pose a challenge, I will be the first admit I found this game challenging. This game is not for the simple minded, it is for intelligent strategic people who know what they are doing. The difficulty to this game is perfect though. You may get hung up for a while at a certain part but it will not be impossible and with a little leveling up and upgrading , you'll be just fine. 10/10


Storyline/Characters: 9/10
Game Play: 10/10
Graphics: 10/10
Sound: 5/5
Music: 3/5
Difficulty: 10/10

Overall: 47/50 = 94% = A (Close to a 10 but this game will settle with a 9)


Amazing Game Play
Good story
Gnarly cast of characters
Good graphics
A few memorable songs
Well-done voice acting
Good difficulty
Will keep you entertained for a long time
Many features


The music is mediocre
Sometimes the story/humor in the game is childish

Overall: Wow, this is truly one fantastic game! You will be hooked; it rivals Final Fantasy Tactics and is superior to Phantom Brave, Fire Emblem, and Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. It really can leave you wondering and there are some memorable quotes and characters. You will laugh at some of the humor but you will also roll your eyes sometimes too. But seriously, the game play, storyline, just about everything in this game will blow you away. You just need to be sure you make wise decisions and level up your characters good right off the bat. If you are not smart with this game then you may not succeed with it. This game will probably never be a greatest hits and the price is actually increasing on this game. I would not wait any longer! You must get this game and see it's beauty. This game is amazing! This game was so good that a sequel is coming out. A cult game like this getting a sequel? You'd better believe it.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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