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Reviewed: 09/07/03

Able to rival with the best SRPG

Disgaea is one of those games that has the full potential to become an all-time classic.

The gameplay is very deep. Beside fighting on strategic maps, you can upgrade your items in the Item World, summon the Dark Assembly for extra stuff, unlock different worlds, you can even bribe your senators so they will pass a bill!
This game can easily cause you to spend 40-ish hours to play. Being able to throw enemies and allies across the field adds alot more depth and strategy to the core of the gampelay.

If you're looking for a plot, don't sweat. The story is interesting enough to keep you going. The on-purposingly cheesy dialogues are funny and likeable. Each of the main characters have their own distinctive personalities. Great humor makes the story shine like a gem. The story starts as the demon prince, Laharl, wakes up after having slept 2 years just to find out his father have died 2 years ago. As the rightful heir, he must venture through the first few episodes to become the overlord of Netherworld. Along the way, you'll meet some goofy characters like mid-boss Adonis, Power Rangers spin-offs, Lame-o space captain. Especially during the Power Ranger wannabe's level, I was laughing my A$$ off. This game is full of anti-hero jokes. One hell of an atypical storyline. Even the episode previews are wacky as hell.

The graphics of the game isn't bad, but nothing close to spectacular. 2D sprites, sweet character designs, and nice special effects are all here, but don't expect FFX-like qualities. it's more like a ''best-looking PS1-game award'' winner.

Music and sound effects are neatly done here. Voice over are very good, the voices fit nicely with their counter parts. For example, Gordon has the lamest voice fittingly tokened to his lame look and lame personality.

Control-wise, you can't really go wrong in a SRPG game. Designers will require to have Down Syndrome to screw a SRPG's control up. So the most important factor is its menus. Luckily, Disgaea provides a very user-friendly menu system that allow players to easily scroll through.

Beating the game straight up isn't all that difficult, just spend a few good hours leveling up and you'll have no problem liquidating the final boss. But the real difficulty lies in the unlockables. Getting all the hidden character class, having the congress pass all the bills, customizing your own ultimate weapon, and seeing all 8 endings can be an intimidating task. Many gamers will simply walk away from them and claiming ''I've beat the game already, so there's no need to waste time.'' My suggestion is don't. Please, level up and discover all the easter eggs, it's worth it.

Replay value isn't all that high for this game, but this game can live longer than your pet turtle's life-expectancy. As said earlier, it can take 40 hours away from your life easily, but I've heard gamers spend more than 150 hours on it! Assuming that you are playing FFX and is able to uncover all the secrets, and beat the game in around 100 hours. This game can outlast FFX like an energizer bunny. After you beat the game, you can carry your items and stats over to a new cycle(new game).

Ultimately, it has become my favorite strategy role-playing game. I bought the game become it got pretty good reviews and there was still a few weeks before Final Fantasy Tactics Advance is released. So I wasn't hoping to get alot from Disgaea. But boy was I wrong. It was like discovering a whole new world after popping the disc into my PS2. Anyone passing on this game would make a grave mistake.

Never played SRPG: TRY

Always loved SRPG: BUY

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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