Review by Toren Elzal

Reviewed: 09/07/03

Warning! Interest in anything else will plummet when you play this game!

Well I really should say this first. I'm not kidding. When you get this game, you won't want to do anything but play it. So free up some time because this game is going to blow you away. Disgaea: Hour of Darkness is a great game that mixes both strategy and rpg perfectly to give you the ability to just bash anything that gets in your way.

GAMEPLAY - 10 (I'd give it 15 if I could :P )
You play as Laharl, heir to the throne. Of the Underworld that is. When I saw that I immediately said ''ALRIGHT! No more 'you have to play as the good guy' type games!'' And let me tell you I was not disappointed. The battles comprise of geo panels, your team, and the enemies team. But the fun doesn't stop there. You can party attack certain enemies, leading to massive amounts of damage, or just sharing the exp with weak characters. Not to mention that if you get four people attacking, you get a really cool party bashing attack. And I can't forget the penguins. Or Pinnys as they are called. Sure they look like penguins, but when you throw them, they blow up! And if that weren't enough they are the easiest to do party attacks with, and their normal attacks are multi hits. Oh god I need to take a breather.....

STORY - 10
Well this is a twist. This isn't a relatively serious storyline. Sure there are points that are serious, but overall this storyline with have you laughing. Its just so darn funny! I mean..opps...don't want to give it away. But if you play this game, you'll see what I'm saying.

Now I bet your might be thinking 'Its not a great graphical game!' Well so? Your point is? I can list a dozen games that didn't have 100% super dooper 3D to them and they still kicked butt. And this is one of them. Sure there are no cool cutscenes where you get to see moving pictures of the characters up close, but that doesn't take away from the fact that its still cool looking. They can convey the feeling of the characters easily. Like when Laharl gets mad, it will show his picture up close, but if you pay attention, he gets mad on the map as well! They don't skimp on it and just let the foreground stuff do the story telling. And the anime drawings were awesome! They do a good job of portraying the characters best qualities.

Here is where I kinda split both ways. Music in this game is really good, and the voice acting is a definate plus. Especially for a translated game. BUT there is one thing I have to say. There are some points in the voice acting where your just blown away, and others where your left....hanging. Like When some characters are supposed to laugh, it kind of sounds like a fake laughter, even when its not supposed to be. Most common is Laharl. Not to mention I didn't like Mid-Boss's voice acting at certain times. This dropped the score on this game a little, but not much.

Oh hell yeah! You have new game + features! And the fact that you can just slaughter the first boss with your weak characters and not even pull out Laharl is a definate plus! Not to mention the multiple endings!

BUY! NOW! YOU MUST BUY THIS GAME! If you have any doubts rent it. Then you'll wish you bought it. And if you can find it preowned, find the previous owner and smack 'em upside the head and tell them 'WHAT WERE YOU THINKING!?' But my warning still stands. You won't want to do anything but play this game. With that said I'm submitting this and going to go play this game now...

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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