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Reviewed: 09/04/03

Can't spell Disagae without EXCELLENT!!

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness released on 27th Auguts 2003 by Atlus and Nippon is no doubt, the BEST damn Tactical RPG a game can offer! Disgaea is a tactical rpg that shouldn't even be compared to FF: Tactics for its originality.

You may think that a 2D graphic may be ancient history in todays gaming industry. However, I could not see this game being converted to one of those cheezy 3D games. Disgaea really shows off the anime style of a game. Its both cute and stylish ^_^!! The characters designs are SWEET!!!

I give it a 9/10

Although the sounds in this game isn't all bad, but the battle songs doesn't really appeal to me. It can get tedious some times but some of the tracks in this game just rocks. The dubbing isn't bad either, showing compete hilarity in each of the characters. And if you don't like the dubb, a japanese voice change is available.

The sound deserves 8/10

Ah, the great gameplay of Disgaea. Disgaea is a world itself with many things to do. Well in short, theres a lot of variability but it's quite complex for those who just started. You live in your base, the castle and have a dimenson teleporter teleports you to various places. You won't be actually controling you character outside the castle. Each area is learnt from various events and sidequest, and most of them are needed to advance the story.

The battle doesn't differ too much from the original tactics genre, and some can relate it to Vandal Hearts 2. You get a players turn to do anything you want with your people and have plan them either to attack, magic, lift, or produce any other actions. When your characters are set, hitting the EXECUTE button will trigger the action of each character. And don't worry, your enemy won't wander off when you're just about to plan an attack. A lot of strategy is needed for this.

Also a geo system is added to the strategy genre. In every battle, there's at least a pyramid named Geo Pyramind that has different effects depending on the color. It may heal the enemy on special coloured grounds, geo ground, or give a monster some strenght boost. It all depends. Now if you can succesfully control the geo pyramid, you'll be able to set of a chain reaction, causing damage to the coloured grounds. Nifty ain't it?

Disgaea provides a large variety of mini games, such that you'll need to complete in order to strengthen your character. The dark assembly is the first of many. The dark assembly can create characters using the manas you won from each battle. A selection of classes is given to your created character and more will be provided as you gain more power. The second use of the dark assembly is to manufacture law within the Disgaea world. You could either decide to have expensive items sold at your shop or cheaper items to be provided. It all happens within the dark assembly.

The item world is another neat feature where you'll be able to modify different items to either give them better stats or higher price. Dealing with the monsters inside each monsters might be a tough job for beginners.

System is by all 10/10

The king of the Underworld has recently passed away. Now demons began taking advantage of this condition as they race to become the ruler of the Underworld. Unfortunately you, Laharl the son of the king had fallen into an accidental slumber for two years, giving the contenders of the throne a head start. Now Laharl fights for his right with his servant Etna againts the candidates.

Not very original, but there's a lot of humor in this game that you won't even notice a single cheeziness of this game. The characters provide a huge plus on the story.

Story is 10/10!!

Overall: 10/10
Get this game! NOW!!

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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