Review by wwesniper2003

Reviewed: 08/28/03

Wow this game is Amazing

This is a wonderful game and I'm giving a review to people who want to know if this game is worth while.Iv never done a review before but I guess I have to try.

Sound: Well I like the sound in this game it is clear but in some parts the sounds can mix and there hard to hear I also think that some of the battle voices could be louder. I also like the voice acting it is very good its the first game I have played that has voice acting that doesn't suck hard also if you find the English voices annoying you can change them to Japanese. Score 10/10

Graphics: This area was my only small concern the graphics are good but I find that they should have made the sprites look better, they also look like little children. The Tech's and skills are animated very very well. I think if they changed the 2d sprites to 3d characters then the game would flow better. 9/10

Gameplay: This is were the game shines the gameplay is wonderful the battle system is well done but there have been complaints about the exp gaining system, also I don't like how you can only get a item world exit{mr.gencys exit} on every tenth floor because it can be sometimes very hard to get to every tenth floor unless you skip floors which I don't recommend, there are a very wide variety of skills and weapons/items and spells there is also tons of different combinations that should keep you playing for over 100 hours unless you speed through. I think this is a masterpiece so I give this area a 10/10

Fun Factor: Disgaea:hour of Darkness is very fun and is very funny, some of the jokes can be cheesy but I still think that having a penguin with magic powers who toast a small group of enemy's is very fun and very cool at the same time, if you enjoyed tactics ogre and final fantasy tactics then you will love this game. 10/10

Final Score: Well this game is a surprise to me because I didn't think a game like this could be possible any fun and at the same time didn't know that Atlus was capable of releasing such a work of art, this is one of the best or the best game of 2003 and I hope that Atlus will continue to make games as wonderful as this, other then the small Graphical error this game gets a wonder 9.2/10

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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