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Reviewed: 08/28/03

A Sleeper hit game!

While many people are busy playing Soul Calibur 2 (Multi), F-Zero GX (GC), Star Wars: KOTOR (X-box) there is one game that did not get that many hype here in North America. Sure it was a huge hit in Japan as written in the back of the game box. This game is something that you should not overlook just because of its 2-D graphics or that its not that popular like those new games I mentioned earlier. Anyway if you did pick out this copy than you my friend made a good choice because you wont see this game other than at ebay for a huge price tag. And also you love strategy games like FFT than this game is a perfect match for you, anyway, on to the review of this game and how this game is definitely a sleeper hit. This game has many new features never seen in a strategy game before and also one thing is that you can go over the level 99 limit. Im not kidding here folks, you can be level 300 and still not be the max level. This game is not like any other game you see before and this feature is a good thing.

Most story takes the role of good vs evil well in fact, you are in the netherworld and the netherworld is in turmoil and anarchy because the king has died and many other demons and imps are going for the crown. Since you are the prince you heir to the throne. You most show those other demons that they are messing with the wrong prince for trying to steal the throne and become the king. The story has some plots and some slap-stick humor.

One word the gameplay is excellent. Since this a strategy/RPG game, you will control many different units from the main characters to characters that you have recruited or that some NPC joined your party. During battles, you take turn moving you units imputing commands from move to attack, you can also do combos for more damage and more exp. The spells, skills animation are wonderful. Just look at any trailer of this game and you will know what I mean. The controls are easy to learn and there is a tutorial in this game for people that are new to this or veterans. Unlike FFT which has only 20 character classes, this game has a whooping of 150 character classes! One thing new added to this game is the item world. This item world is really interesting because, you can level up your items from weapons and armour to healing items. It sounds confusing but in fact, it is really fun to go there and level up your items.

The graphics are not really the strong point in this game more likely the weak point in this game. But other than the fact that graphics don't make a game it's the gameplay that counts after all. The graphics are 2-D. The animation like I said before is beautiful from the many spells and skills. The anime characters look very nice and well detailed even the monsters look cool(Just check out the penguins)

The music is great. One song called ''The Invasion from Within'' is made by a punk group called Tsunami Bomb! The music matches the atmosphere of the netherworld. The sound is great and one thing Atlus added that many people will love is that you can change if want Japanese or English character voices etc.

If you loved playing FFT than this game is meant to be played or if you want a game than has 40 of gameplay plus 100+ of side quests that's right over 100+ hours of side quests even longer than dragon warrior 7 100+ Or that the fact that you wont to get higher than level 99 than this game will keep you busy for a very long time.

-Innovating ideas like the item world
-Can surpass level 99!
-Excellent animation
-Beautiful music/sound
-Over 100+ of side quests

-Camera can be annoying at times

Rating:   5.0 - Flawless

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