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FAQ/Walkthrough by Gbness

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 08/22/08

"So many ways to drown a man, so many ways to drag him down...

                         DISGAEA: HOUR OF DARKNESS
                            An FAQ/Walkthrough
                        For the Sony PlayStation 2
                       Copyright 2008 Richard Beast

...some are fast and some take years and years." - Dream Theater

Table of Contents:

This guide, as you will soon see, is pretty big. Seeing as how this takes
effect, you will most likely be lost in trying to find out what you want to
read. There is one way to get to it, instantly. Press Ctrl + F, and then look
for whatever you want. Let's say you want to go to the Basics section. Type in
"IV. Basics", and then you'll go to the basics section, instantly! Pretty neat,

~ -------------------------- * TABLE OF CONTENTS * -------------------------- ~
I. Introduction
II. Legal Disclaimer
III. Contact Rules
IV. Basics
    IVa. Inside Battle
    IVb. Outside Battle
V. Characters/Classes
     Va. Characters
     Vb. Classes
     Vc. Monsters
VI. Walkthrough
    VIa. Prince of the Netherworld
    VIb. Enter Flonne
    VIc. A Hint of Kindness
    VId. Gift from an Angel
    VIe. Etna's Secret
    VIf. Laharl's Challenge
    VIg. On Being an Overlord
    VIh. Reincarnation
    VIi. Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth
    VIj. Angels, Demons, and Humans
    VIk. Hero's Will, Overlord's Way
    VIl. War of the Netherworld, Part 1
    VIm. War of the Netherworld, Part 2
    VIn. What Lies Beyond The Battle
VII. Side Quests
   VIIa. Item World
   VIIb. Prinny Land
   VIIc. Cave of Ordeal
   VIId. Human World
   VIIe. Alternate Netherworld
   VIIf. Beauty Castle
   VIIg. Baal Castle
VIII. Items
  VIIIa. Weapons
  VIIIb. Armor
  VIIIc. Etc.
IX. Castle
    IXa. Dark Assembly
    IXb. Hospital
XI. Credits

                   ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  I. Introduction ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Do I still need to introduce myself, guide after guide after guide? Yeah, I
suppose I do. The name is Richard Beast, I'm just a normal dude like you and
anyone else who has relatively nothing better to do with his time than play
and write for long addictive masterpieces of games like Disgaea. If you aren't
familiar with this game, let me tell you straight off: it has hundreds and
hundreds of hours of gameplay. You could literally play this game forever and
find more and more stuff to do in it, like defeat the umpteenth optional boss
or whatnot. But that's just the kind of thing I love, and if you like side
quests, a light hearted and humorous storyline, and a game that's fun as hell,
Disgaea is your dream come true. So it's pretty much official that this guide is
in honor of Disgaea 3's upcoming release, so until then, let's rock on.

 - Richard "Gbness" Beast

                ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  II. Legal Disclaimer ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

You are NOT permitted to put this FAQ on your site without my permission first.
All you have to do is email me or IM me saying you want this FAQ on your site,
then you can tell me your site and the chance is high that I'll let you. But if
you put this FAQ on your site without my permission I swear you will regret it.
If I let you, not ONE word should be changed from this FAQ! NOT ONE! Got it?
Good. Also, make sure that no money is involved. If you want this FAQ to be sold
on eBay, then just forget about it, man. And don't sell this guide either, or
pay people to use it, or you'll be in such big trouble you don't want to think.

Another little note is that I will not have this guide hosted on many other web
sites besides GameNotOver, GameFAQs, IGN, and Neoseeker. You need full-on
permission if it's not one of the four above sites. I am sick of people ripping
me off (I have been ripped off three times in the past), so if I don't like your
site, I won't let my guide be posted on it. I am sorry, but this is how it has
to be. If you ask politely and I like your site, you will definitely have the
luck of getting it up there. Thank you very much.

                 ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  III. Contact Rules ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

First of all, feel free to check out the stuff I've written on GameFAQs. Those
include a guide for Mega Man 5, a few other Mega Man games, and tons of random
PSX games. Honor to the PSX, yanno? Hopefully, that'll be added with awesome
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and Disgaea 3 guides. As you might be able to
guess, I'm a large RPG fan and writer.

Alright, enough shameless advertisement about me. You can e-mail me if there is
a question you wish to ask that hasn't been answered in the guide, but I REALLY
don't want to bother answering questions that have already been done, answered,
and done again in the guide, if it isn't too much trouble. Feel free to tell me
if there's something I've forgotten, however.

My e-mail address is richard_power1000 [at] yahoo [dot] com. Except, replace the
[at] and spaces with a "@" symbol and the [dot] and spaces with a period; I have
to write like that so I don't get a dozen spam bots e-mailing me and getting me
viruses. Just be polite in the e-mail, don't talk like "omg wtf rich ur gides r
t3h su><0rz & how du i beat vyers", and don't ask something that's already been
answered in the guide, and I'll respond.

And don't bother sending things like:

"You friggin' idiot. Your guides suck, you suck, and everything about you
sucks. DIE DIE DIE!"


"What the hell did you think you were doing writing all that garbage, you piece
of crap?

"I hope you fall down the stairs and break every bone in your body!"

"u su><0rz, eVrYtInG BoUt u sUx, dIe ass!!!!!!1"

I will laugh at such e-mails and delete them. So... if you're not just playing
a friendly joke on me or something, don't bother with that crap cos I've been
through with it too much.

Okay, that's enough for that. My AIM name is rbeast288; sorry, I don't have MSN
or YIM. The list is closed, but I'll add you if you ask politely via e-mail. I
like chatting with people, but try not to overdo it on AIM if I add you to my
list. Since I am busy a majority of the time and all.

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  IV. Basics ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

I have a lot to get into this section. Might as well not waste any time. So,
basically, Disgaea is a turn based strategy RPG. The game is divided into 14
chapters, each with 4-7 battles in them, and your objective is always going to
be to defeat all the enemies. Sounds simple enough, but there's an incredible
amount of depth to it.

 IVa. Inside Battle

In each battle, you can use up to ten characters, which will come from your
base panel. Each character can equip one weapon and three other pieces of
equipment (armor, accessories, etc.), which will affect their base stats
(attack, defense, intelligence or magic, speed or evasion, hit, resistance).
That, and each character has stats for movement, jump which is basically moving
across higher elevated terrain, and throw.


That's right, in Disgaea you can lift and throw characters and enemies. Pretty
neat, eh? First of all, let's start with characters. Lifting and throwing
characters, as well as making a huge tower of characters to throw, is a great
idea for getting them far into a battlefield early. The concept is fairly
simple; just stand next to a character and hit Lift, then you can throw them
3-6 spaces, depending on who's doing the throwing. Then you can set up a tower
of characters the same way, obviously taking into account the fact the character
at the back standing on the base panel who hasn't moved yet, when he's being
done thrown all over the place, can still move.

Geo Effects/Symbols

Geo Effects seem rather complicated at first, but after you get used to them
they really do become second nature. First of all, you'll find a lot of the
areas in Disgaea to have colored floors. Most of these colored tiles come under
the effect of a Geo Symbol which is on any one of these tiles. However, a Geo
Symbol on one colored tile will effect all that are that color, so just letting
you know. Geo Symbols impose certain effects on those squares, some good, most
of them bad. They're everything from extra EXP, to ATK or DEF being increased or
decreased, to taking damage on them, to making the enemy three times more
powerful. See what I mean by good or bad?

If you don't want the effect there, though, or have any other reason, you need
to destroy the Geo Symbol. Here's where it gets interesting: if the color of the
Geo Symbol is the same color as the floor, the effect disappears, and that's it.
If you destroy a Geo Symbol on a floor that's a different color, all of the
colored tiles on that floor just disappear, damaging everything that's on there,
and exponentially increasing the value in your Bonus Gauge. So... that's about
it. Remember, some Geo Symbols aren't on any colored tiles at all, so you may
even want to find one that's on the map and throw it there to put the effect on
those tiles. Comes in handy at times.


Alright, so I've been over all that. Also keep in mind that there's the bonus
gauge, which as you kill enemies and stuff on a map, it increases. As it
increases, you'll get bonus items when the battle is over. I think that's about
it for that, though. Time to talk about the weapons in the game.


Fists are one of the game's primary weapons, used by Brawlers and being an all
around good weapon of choice generally. One of the advantages they have over
other weapons is that they come with an automatic +2 counter, not to mention
they give you added chance of doing group attacks. Then when you get brawlers
and ninjas kicking ass with them, really only swords can beat them when it
comes to having pure power. Just one thing, though: fist special attacks aren't
great for combos, since take skills like Triple Strike, Tiger Charge, King of
Beasts, Rising Dragon... all of those move the target. Still, all of those do
massive damage, and it all culminates with the doomsday blast known as Big
Bang, which has a 3x3 radius and just absolutely rocks. 

Lv. 1  - Triple Strike  - This skill will deal three attacks on an enemy that
                          are each about half as strong as a normal attack. It
                          will also push an enemy ahead one space.
Lv. 3  - Tiger Charge   - Tiger Charge hits the enemy one square ahead, and
                          also pushes it forward for crazy damage, though it
                          requires a few spaces back.
Lv. 6  - Lion's Roar    - Lion's Roar hits all the enemies around a character
                          horizontally, vertically, and diagonally, for a bit
                          more than a regular attack.
Lv. 10 - King of Beasts - King of Beasts hits one enemy for substantially
                          more than a normal attack, but pushes the enemy
                          ahead two spaces.
Lv. 15 - Rising Dragon  - Rising Dragon has a cool attack animation, is quite
                          a bit stronger than King of Beasts, but pushes the
                          enemy behind the user.
Lv. 20 - Big Bang       - Big Bang also has a sweet attack animation, and hits
                          enemies 3x3 panels ahead for about the power of
                          a Tiger Charge. Awesomeness.


Swords are cliched all throughout the RPG world, and Disgaea is really no
exception. Your main character, Laharl, is an absolute godlike character who
uses swords amazingly, and apart from him, the best sword users are probably
just fighters and ninjas. Ah well, you've got strong short ranged power in them,
so what more could you possibly ask for? It all ends up being about the skills,
which tend to cost a lot of SP but have incredible power and diversity. You've
got long ranged attacks in Blade Rush and Wind Cutter, single hitting attacks
such as Hurricane Slash and Dark X Slash, and plus a common fan favorite in
Disgaea, Winged Slayer, which hits the nine squares in front with undeniable
power. Then at the very end you can mow down a line of fire with Dimension

Lv. 1  - Blade Rush      - Blade Rush requires the space four panels ahead to
                           be vacant, but hits all enemies between those two
                           panels for slightly more than a physical attack.
Lv. 3  - Hurricane Slash - Hurricane Slash hits the enemy one space ahead
                           twice for non elemental damage, and for quite a
                           bit more than a standard attack.
Lv. 6  - Wind Cutter     - Wind Cutter hits the enemies that are three to five
                           spaces ahead in a straight line for far more damage
                           than Blade Rush, with a blazing animation.
Lv. 10 - Winged Slayer   - Winged Slayer has a very nice attack animation,
                           hitting a 3x3 radius for the usual damage, but
                           requiring the space three panels behind.
Lv. 15 - Nightsever      - Nightsever is the same concept, but is much, MUCH
                           stronger than Hurricane Slash, plus by then you'll
                           never have SP problems.
Lv. 20 - Dimension Slash - Despite having a lame animation, Dimension Slash
                           absolutely annihilates the five panels straight
                           ahead of the user.


While not quite as popular as swords, spears will serve their purpose in the
game, especially because of Etna, so that you don't need to create a separate
character for them. Once again, it's based on pure power, and the power isn't
topped by much, and a good thing about them is that they can hit two squares
ahead or diagonally, which makes them extremely useful. Some of the skills are
a little weird though, as they tend to move the user. An example being Impaler,
which pushes you one square back. Or Avalanche, which pushes you four squares
back. Most all of them are like that. But all in all, you get a character like
Etna who's so good at them, so I see no reason not to use them, even though I
personally prefer fists or swords, but to each his own.

Lv. 1  - Impaler       - Impaler requires the space one panel back, and hits
                         the enemy for some damage which is just slightly
                         better than a normal attack
Lv. 3  - Sky Lunge     - Sky Lunge requires the space one panel ahead of the
                         enemy, and does damage much better than Impaler despite
                         having horrible max height
Lv. 6  - Asteroid Drop - Asteroid Drop requires the space three panels back
                         from the user, but hits all the surrounding enemies
                         for an attack a bit stronger than a physical
Lv. 10 - Avalanche     - Avalanche requires the space four panels back from
                         the user, but does absolutely insane damage to one
Lv. 15 - Turbulence    - Turbulence is essentially the same attack as Asteroid
                         Drop except it does more damage, and also doesn't
                         require any spaces
Lv. 20 - Spear Storm   - Now Spear Storm actually IS the same as Asteroid Drop
                         requiring three spaces back, except it's fire elemental
                         and does a lot more damage


I don't know about any of you guys, but I'm not a fan of bows at all. You're
only given two choices: bow or guns, and of the two I choose guns by about a
mile. I could go on all day talking about why they're better, but the clique
about bow skills is that while they do weaker damage, they do status effects.
I don't give a damn about causing paralysis or poison on my enemies, I just
want to kill the guys. Bows are MUCH weaker than guns, because first of all,
you'll give guns to Scouts immediately, but bows are only good for clerics
early on. Then you get archers, but by then you're already well on your way
in fists, swords, spears, etc. Then there's the damage formula: (ATK + HIT)/2
= power. That sucks ass. Bows don't give you much of a boost in hit, so that
just makes it hard and annoying on you, seriously. Did I mention they're much
weaker, in both regular power and skills? Oh well, they're definitely usable,
but if you're going to pass one of the seven weapons up, let it be bows.

Lv. 1  - Poison Arrow - Poison Arrow, your first skill, does relatively good
                        damage, for bow standards of course, plus it causes
                        poison, so that's cool. Three spaces away.
Lv. 3  - Dark Flash   - Dark Flash is a pitiful excuse for an attack that hits
                        the enemies 2-4 spaces away, for damage much weaker
                        than Poison Arrow, and deprave. Screw that.
Lv. 6  - Delta Split  - Delta Split is a much better skill that requires the
                        spaces two squares behind and two squares at diagonals
                        from the enemy, but actually does good damage!
Lv. 10 - Sturmhimmel  - A rather decent skill that's hard to get, but it hits
                        the phalanx two squares away for some good damage, as
                        well as paralysis.
Lv. 15 - Zielregen    - Zielregen is... rather decent. It hits the X shaped
                        area three squares away, for fire elemental damage and
                        Forget. Good for what it's intended to be, I guess.
Lv. 20 - Doppleganger - The only actually incredible bow attack, Doppleganger
                        can hit anything in a range of 4, and while it doesn't
                        cause status, it does some great damage.


Of the two long ranged weapons, guns are by far my preferred choice. The first
thing comes from the power. They aren't as strong as fists, swords, spears,
or axes, I'll be the first to admit that. However, they can be used from four
squares away, so I'm not going to complain. Plus the strength in them can be
much more easily managed than bows, since guns only require one stat: HIT.
Yep, if you're using a gun, you have zero use for the ATK stat, better guns
won't have any effect on it. All they'll effect is your HIT, and that's a damn
good thing. So, get a Scout early on, give them the best form of glasses first
available, and they'll be kicking a lot of ass. Not to mention the skills you
get with guns are actually somewhat decent, unlike bows. So in short, get a
Scout as a gunman as soon as you get a Brawler and Warrior at Level 5.

Lv. 1  - Tri-Burst     - Tri-Burst hits one enemy for three ice hits, each hit
                         doing about half the damage of a regular attack. The
                         enemy is one square away in a straight line.
Lv. 3  - Rapidfire     - Rapidfire hits an enemy that's four squares away,
                         though it requires the space three squares away as
                         well. Hits for fire damage, and... I prefer Tri-Burst.
Lv. 6  - Proximal Shot - Proximal Shot hits the enemy right next to you for
                         some pretty damn good damage, though it requires the
                         three spaces behind the gunner.
Lv. 10 - Bullet Storm  - Bullet Storm is a stronger version of Tri-Burst that
                         hits an enemy three squares away, just stronger. And
                         not ice elemental.
Lv. 15 - Totenkreuz    - Totenkreuz is an armageddon blast that can hit one
                         target anywhere within four squares of the gunner, a
                         real treat, and for fire elemental damage.
Lv. 20 - Inferno       - Inferno, while it isn't fire elemental, is even more
                         devastating than Totenkreuz, with the same concept,
                         just within five spaces instead of four. Brilliant.


Axes are... not bad at all, to say the least, and they turned out quite a bit
better in this game than in Disgaea 2. Of the four melee weapons, they're the
strongest, hit the hardest and whatnot, though they decrease the user's HIT.
That never really bothered me, but I'd watch out for it by not equipped the
super good axes until you have a decent level on you. The character you'll
probably want for them is a warrior, since there's not a special character in
the whole game who's exceptionally good with axes. Except Laharl, but that'd
be ridiculous. The skills tend to lean in a very extreme direction, in that
they always hit only one character that's right next to you. So... if you want
to mop a whole floor of enemies, axes are not your choice. If you're taking
down one strong boss though, these are great.

Lv. 1  - Boulder Crush    - Boulder Crush hits the character right next to
                            you twice, each blow slightly weaker than a normal
Lv. 3  - Skull Splitter   - Skull Splitter hits the character right next to
                            you four times, each exactly half the power of a
                            normal attack.
Lv. 6  - Colossal Fissure - Colossal Fissure hits the character right next to
                            you for really kickass damage, and is my early
                            recommendation so long as you have the SP.
Lv. 10 - Violent Storm    - Violent Storm hits the character right next to you
                            several times, and just generally rocks... use it
                            until you get Calamity Drive.
Lv. 15 - Graviton Bomb    - Graviton Bomb hits the character right next to you
                            for amazing fire elemental damage, so definitely
                            use this barring an enemy strong against fire.
Lv. 21 - Calamity Drive   - Calamity Drive hits the character right next to you
                            for godlike damage (we're talking more than triple
                            regular here). Use it unless it's weak to fire.


Staves are by far the weirdest of the seven weapons. First of all, they do not
earn their own skills, yeah, seriously. Instead, they give you added power,
area, and range for your spells, which you should be using instead of special
techniques anyway. That, and they don't even increase your attacking power like
at all, instead they increase your INT. Then again, regular physical attacks
can only be recommended for staff users in asylums anyway, since they use ATK.
Obviously, staves are recommended for skulls, mages, and clerics, that's about
it except Flonne. If you ARE using those type of characters, make sure they
actually do use staves. Especially clerics.

 IVb. Outside Battle

Inside battle is where the true depth of Disgaea exists, but there's a little
to explain outside as well. Like I said before, the game is divided into 14
chapters. When every chapter starts, you'll be in the Overlord's Castle, and
can talk to all your vassals and stuff up to the last room, which is where
the Dimension Guide, shops, Item World, and the Dark Congress are here. The
Dimension Guide is simple -- just talk to her to go to anywhere in the world of
Disgaea that you want to. The Item World I have a whole separate section for.
That leaves the hospital, shops, and the Dark Congress.

This is pretty simple. After every battle, you will keep the damage to your HP
and SP that you started with, as well as the number of characters that were
incapacitated. Because of that, you need to go to the hospital to recover all
that. There, you must pay HL (money) for all your recovery, but you'll want to
do it anyway. Besides, when you get to having recovered a lot of stuff, you
get special prizes. For HP, you'll get Muscles (which increase HP), for SP you
get Orbs (which increase SP), for deceased characters you'll get recovery items,
and for all of them put together you'll get Emblems, the best equipment in the
game which increase all stats.

Even simpler. There are two shops: one will sell weapons, and one will sell
armor and items. Weapons and armor have 40 ranks of quality, and at first the
shops will only start by selling the first three (in other words the crappiest
stuff). But that's what you're forced to buy until your Customer Rank goes up.
When this goes up, you can go to the Dark Congress and petition stronger stuff
in the shops. That increases the Product Rank, which can only go as high as
your Customer Rank. The maximum for Product/Customer Ranks is 12, at which
point the shops sell ranks of equipment up to 38, which is pretty nice. That,
and you can use the Dark Congress to make the shops sell belts, eyewear, and
shoes, which increase ATK, HIT, and MOV/JMP/SPD respectively.

Dark Congress
Alright, here's where the real meat and potatoes of the game outside of battle
lies. The Dark Congress is where you create characters, petition for enemies
to be stronger or weaker, and petition this and that. I don't even know where
to start with this. First of all, in the Dark Assembly you've got what's called
your Demon Rank. It starts at 0, but you can increase it by taking Promotional
Exams, which are basically battles against a set of usually rather easy
enemies. When your Demon Rank increases, your list of available bills that you
can submit increases.

That's not all to it though. To pass a bill, you need Mana. Basically you get
one mana for every level of an enemy that you kill (example, kill a Level 20
enemy and you'll get 20 Mana). Then when you actually start, most of the time
you'll need the approval of the Dark Congress. Obviously the demon way is to
bribe them until they agree with you, but to pass a bill you need the majority
of their favor, with a handicap of the amount of mana the bill cost (example,
for a 30 mana bill when the power of the congress there is 250, you need at
least 140 yays to 110 nays). Obviously the amount of power a senator has
depends on their level. And of course then there's always the option to pass
the bill by force which is my preferred method. But I think that's it. The Dark
Congress is important for creating characters, so make sure you do that. To
close this, here's a list of Demon Ranks and what you can do at each.

Demon Rank 0 -  you can see a list of senators, create new characters, delete a
                character, change the name of a character, take a promotion
                exam, or raise military funds, which basically extorts money
                from the senators and is very hard to do

Demon Rank 1 -  you can make the equipment cheaper or more expensive by changing
                the Product Rank

Demon Rank 2 -  you can can petition for the shops to include eyewear, belts,
                and shoes

Demon Rank 3 -  you can transmigrate the character (reincarnate them at Level 1
                that is) and improve a character's Counterattack

Demon Rank 4 -  you can pass Triple EXP for the next kill on an enemy, start
                with the bonus gauge boosted a random amount, petition for
                only Prinnies to be allowed on the next map, an improve a
                character's Movement

Demon Rank 5 -  you can increase the level of enemies, and after doing that
                decrease their levels, as well as open the gate to Prinny Land
                after Chapter 8

Demon Rank 6 -  you can open the gate to the Cave of Ordeal, which is very
                hard to do

Demon Rank 7 -  at the final chapter, you can open the gate to the Human World,
                which at this point I'd recommend passing the bill by force

Demon Rank 8 -  you can open the gate to the Alternate Netherworld

Demon Rank 9 -  you can open the gate to Beauty Castle

That's about it. Whew... that's the longest game basics section I've ever

                    ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  V. Characters ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Characters, eh? Much love to that. This is divided into characters who
primarily consist of the demon characters who can equip fists, swords, spears,
bows, guns, axes, and staves, plus have three special monster characters who
can equip physical and magical claws, and have their special attacks. Ahead
are classes such as mages/fighters/etc., and then
monsters. We good to go?

 Va. Characters

I needn't explain. Here's all the story characters, be they the main character
Laharl, or the secret ones.

   ~-~  LAHARL  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Laharl is the game's main character, but it would be a bit of a far stretch to
call him a protagonist. The game begins as he wakes up from a two year slumber,
and he realizes his father is dead, which somewhat pleases him because at that
point he can become the Overlord of the Netherworld, which he spends the first
portion of the game attempting to become. He's an incredibly arrogant, stubborn,
self-centered little sucker, and at the same time he has weaknesses to people
who are optimistic, love, as well as women with sexy bodies. Flat chested people
do nothing for him though, so... yeah. But ignoring his personality, Laharl
carries a big sword, and does terrific amounts of damage with it. If you can
get past his awesome Meteor Impact attack for a while though, you'll find that
in the end he actually does develop quite a bit as a character.

Lv. 5  - Blazing Knuckle - Blazing Knuckle, Laharl's first and early kickass,
                           killer technique, does strong fire-based damage to
                           everything around him. Not bad.
Lv. 20 - Overlord's Wrath - The second technique, Overlord's Wrath, hits the
                            cross shaped formation three squares in front of
                            Laharl, for massive non-elemental damage.
Lv. 50 - Meteor Impact - A complete and utter armageddon blast, Meteor Impact
                         hits everything two squares on any side of Laharl
                         for some of the best damage in the game.

   ~-~  ETNA  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

You could say Etna is one of the main heroines in the game, although she really
is nothing much more than Laharl's humble, lowly vassal. Despite her status,
she looked up to King Krichevskoy... and feels no such way towards Laharl.
In the beginning, though, it's obvious that Etna is conspiring against Laharl,
though, as shown by the fact Etna keeps trying to direct Laharl away from her.
That is because Etna is seeking her memories which have been lost. How or why
isn't gone into in a lot of depth, but suffice it to say, Etna is the leader of
the Prinnies and can more likely than not kick your ass. Her attitude can best
be described as sarcastic and a little condescending, though she puts up with
Flonne a lot more than Laharl does. That, and she's probably the best choice
in the early game for spears.

Lv. 5  - Prinny Raid - Although this skill is slightly weaker than Etna's
                       regular spear attacks, this can hit a range further
                       away, for one square of humiliating damage.
Lv. 20 - Sexy Beam - This piece of crap worthless ability hits a whole big
                     set up of squares around Etna, I don't even know how it's
                     done, for awful damage that isn't worth a damn.
Lv. 50 - Chaos Impact - Well... this ability is nothing amazing, but it's a
                        hell of a lot better than Sexy Beam. Hits a structure
                        ahead of Etna for... really good damage. Good range.

   ~-~  FLONNE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Flonne is the complete opposite of Etna and especially Laharl. While those two
are demons and act like demons, Flonne is an angel from Celestia who initially
came to the Netherworld to assassinate King Krichevskoy, but instead she made
her mission to find if demons really could love, which she... accomplishes,
albeit through a bit of a culture shock. Flonne is incredibly sweet and naive
and innocent, which is exactly why Laharl kind of hates her, but kind of loves
her at the same time. In battle, though, she's a mixed bag. She really can't
use any weapon except staves and to a lesser extent bows, so I guess if you
were desperate for an archer you could use Flonne, but staves complement what
makes her useful early, and that's her Power of Love skill, which heals
everyone around her. To get her levels built up, though, I'd get her some Mana
and then make a Star Skull or any other skull. Then have her learn those
spells, so she can fight. After that, she becomes a rather helpful character.

Lv. 5  - Power of Love - Power of Love heals everything surrounding Flonne,
                         even diagonally, and it's EXTREMELY helpful, unless
                         you run out of SP. Amazing technique.
Lv. 20 - Holy Arrows - Too bad it didn't really last. Holy Arrows hits the
                       cross formation four squares away, for damage based on
                       INT, but it ain't that amazing.
Lv. 50 - Divine Ray - Divine Ray has a free range of any cross formation
                      which has its center four squares away. Make sense? It's
                      based on INT, and it's not too bad. That's about it.

   ~-~  HOGGMEISER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Hoggmeiser is known as the richest demon in the Netherworld. I'll just quote
him on this: "Oh money, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways$". He loves
the stuff so much he has to put dollar signs in place of periods and exclamation
points. He's just that badass. He owns the bustling Dinero Palace, and was
originally a vassal of Krichevskoy's, but he quit that, though he keeps a
portrait of Krichevskoy in the palace. That, and he has a son who, despite the
fact he obviously loves money more, actually runs in to defend him when Laharl
goes after Hoggmeiser. He joins at the end of Chapter 3, and he's a Nether
Noble, which is a class of monster. He'll serve his purpose at least in Chapter
4 and maybe 5. I guess.

   ~-~  MADERAS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Maderas was the demon that had a control over Etna for a while, manipulating
her into doing his evil bidding, conspiring against Laharl, and is the villain
of Chapter 5. He was originally a vassal for Krichevskoy, but he was banished
from there for what else, stealing a black pretzel. After that he became
obsessed with becoming Overlord, so since he somehow got Etna's memories, tried
to use her in an attempt to get Laharl's life, but Etna was too smart for that,
actually, and was using Laharl as bait to get Maderas in a trip, all that time.
After that, Laharl and Etna beat the daylights out of Maderas, and he ended up
begging for mercy and joining the party. He's decent and comes in handy in
chapters 6 and 7, I suppose. He's part of the nosferatu type of characters who
you don't get many of, so... yeah.

   ~-~  GORDON  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Gordon is known as the Defender of Earth as far as his life home at Earth goes,
and eventually his General Carter sends him on a mission to the Netherworld to
kill the Overlord. When Laharl and Gordon end up fighting, though, Laharl wins
in a landslide and Gordon is forced to become his vassal, however, and end up
being called the "Slayer of the Netherworld". Great title, huh, and of the
three who end up in the Netherworld, Gordon is the one who wants to go home the
most. Speaking of which, Gordon may be the Defender of Earth, but he is a
bumbling idiot. It takes him about twice as long as anyone else in the group
to catch on to things which are extremely obvious, and he has an almost one
track, dubious state of mind, but that being said, he has a big heart and is
brave for a human. In battle, he's a gunman. I tend to prefer Scouts though
just because of the class, plus Gordon starts with zero mastery in guns. But
he's a very good character, I must say.

Lv. 5  - Gordon Spark - Not much to say about this. Gordon Spark hits one enemy
                        and has a very poor maximum height. Based on ATK but
                        is surprisingly strong.
Lv. 20 - Gordon Punch - The exact same thing as Gordon Spark except it requires
                        one space ahead. Based on ATK again, but it's fairly
Lv. 50 - Gordon Blitz - Gordon Blitz is an extremely powerful skill, same thing
                        as Gordon Spark except much stronger, and once again,
                        only recommended for people with ATK.

   ~-~  JENNIFER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Jennifer is the assistant of Gordon who is later made into another Defender of
Earth, who happens to be a complete genius, a child prodigy, and a member of
the distinct group of people who Laharl hates known as women with sexy bodies.
I mean, just look at her. That's intimidating. That being said, Jennifer is
the daughter of General Carter of the Earth Defense Force. Take that with a
grain of sand or however you will. In battle, Jennifer happens to be a fist
user, but my main problem with her once again is that she comes with 0 mastery
in fists, while at that point I usually have a fist user worked up to about
8.5 or so, so that's a HUGE nod off for her. It's good that her first battle is
10-1 so she can build fists up there, and it always helps to have a fist user
or two when you're in the Item World, but just all in all, much like Gordon, I
prefer a regular fist user to Jennifer. 

Lv. 5  - Star Buster - Not much to say about this. Star Buster hits the enemy
                       next to Jennifer for decent damage, requires the space
Lv. 20 - Cosmic Arrow - Cosmic Arrow is a Winged Slayer type thing with a 3x3
'                       range, doing about Star Buster esque damage... and has
                        a cool animation. I consider these things, ya know...
Lv. 50 - Terminus Omega - Although this attack can't compare to Gordon Blitz,
                          Jennifer's Terminus Omega hits one enemy for pretty
                          outstanding damage.

   ~-~  THURSDAY  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Thursday is a multi-purpose super robot created by Jennifer when she was 5.
Honestly there's not too much to say about this robot as a character -- he's a
hilarious character and despite being robotic has more personality than most
humans. That, and he's incredibly loyal and entirely dedicated to Gordon and
Jennifer. Enough about his character, let's talk about how he is in battle.
On an exterior glance, Thursday appears to be nothing more than a normal type
of monster character, albeit a "Super Robot", but whatever. That couldn't be
more wrong. The first special thing about Thursday is that he has a 150%
affinity in everything except RES at 50%. That is HUGE. He actually cannot be
transmigrated, but when his stats are that high, you stop minding. That, and
he has complete resistance to status effects, and extremely powerful skills.
Robo Bazooka despite its high SP cost is incredibly powerful, and Arigato Roboto
sacrifices himself, but it does such high damage... it just may be worth it.

Lv. 1  - Robo Attack - This is Thursday's least useful attack by a landslide.
                       Basically works just like a Blade Rush, about as damaging
                       as a Blade Rush, but you expect more from Thursday.
Lv. 1  - Robo Crush - A lot more damaging than the previous attack, Robo Crush
                      hits one enemy into the air for several hits, ending in
                      great painful looking damage.
Lv. 1  - Robo Bazooka - My only complaint about this is the huge SP cost of it.
                        Apart from that, it hits everything around Thursday
                        for absolutely massive damage.
Lv. 50 - Arigato Roboto - This is a mixed bag. On one hand it hits everything
                          two squares away in all directions for huge damage...
                          but it sacrifices Thursday. Take that as you will.

   ~-~  KURTIS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Kurtis is the other Defender of Earth besides Gordon, which makes he and Gordon
rivals, although Kurtis is a lot bigger buddies with General Carter, which
becomes a big point in Chapter 12 and later. On a mission in which he was
involved with, Kurtis and his wife and daughter were caught in an explosion,
the latter two died and Kurtis lost 70% of his body, and what he said was the
"remains of his soul". Kurtis then became generally antagonistic towards
Gordon and conducted generally inhumane experiments, though proved his heroism
in the end, reincarnating as a Prinny after sacrificing his life, and coming
back to Gordon's aid. And as a character, he's not too bad, and if you need a
tenth character to round things off, I'd use Kurtis, although he counts as a

Lv. 5  - Rocket Punch - Only thing that really bothers me about this attack is
                        the poor max height. Apart from that, hits one enemy
                        three squares away for great damage.
Lv. 20 - Final Punch - This skill is a lot weaker than Rocket Punch, which is
                       disappointing, but whatever. Hits everything two squares
Lv. 35 - Nuclear Fusion - By far Kurtis's worst attack, this hits the 3x3 range
                          ahead of him for damage that's even weaker than Final
                          Punch. And requires all three squares back. Bah.
Lv. 50 - Pringer Beam - Easily Kurtis's best attack, Pringer Beam is the
                        classic Prinny skill that hits everything around for
                        ridiculously good damage.

   ~-~  PRIERE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Priere is the Overlord of the Alternate Netherworld, who's been waiting there
for a thousand years, killing anyone who approaches, and no one has fought
here and survived. Until Laharl, that is. As a matter of fact, the Alternate
Netherworld is very optional, and Priere is one of the three super hard mega
bosses that this game has to offer. She's a Level 2000 Overlord (also known as
the main character in La Pucelle Tactics if you were curious), and if you can
defeat her, which is a very hard task without relying on cheap underhanded
tactics, she will join your party. You'll be glad for that, let me assure you.
First of all, Priere comes with an Arcadia, which is the best emblem in the
game and only gets better as you go into its Item World, and she can really
stand her own in battle, since she has Omega Heal automatically. This is just
further complemented by all her stats just generally being awesome. So... to
put it bluntly, Priere is awesome.

Lv. 1  - Dragon's Rage - This one is a physical attack which is good since that
                         is what Priere excels at. It has a free range and hits
                         one target, splendid damage and all that.
Lv. 1  - Requiem Aeternam - One of the strangest special attacks in the game,
                            this one has a free range and can hit a 3x3 square
                            for INT based damage. Not bad.

   ~-~  MARJOLY  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

Marjoly is least commonly known as the antagonist of the game Rhapsody: A
Musical Adventure, which is even less known than La Pucelle Tactics, if that
were at all possible. But either way, she is a witch who is covered with a
ridiculous amount of makeup and disguise to hide her age, and she lives in
Beauty Castle. She is known as the most feared witch in the Netherworld, and
when you fight her in battle you will soon come to realize why that is. When
you first get Marjoly she will utterly cream even Priere in the stats, and it
helps that she has four Rank 40 legendary, unique items equipped, but moving
on, her ATK and INT are both incredible, the latter of which will really come
in handy weighing in the face that her specials (the Tera spells and that
almighty Dark Conjuration) do their damage based on INT. And what can I say,
she joins at Level 2500, although if you level both Priere and Marjoly up to
their max, Priere will definitely come out on top in ATK. But what does that
matter, Marjoly is almighty.

Lv. 1  - Tera Fire/Wind/Ice/Star - Yes, Marjoly really does learn all the Tera
                                   spells at level 1, and though they have no
                                   default use, they're incredibly good.
Lv. 1  - Dark Conjuration - One of the neatest special attacks in the game,
                            Marjoly hits everything that's up to two spaces
                            away (yes, even in diagonals) with a black hole
                            type of thing that looks deadly. Incredible.

 Vb. Classes

This refers specifically to the humanoid classes. Monsters aren't special
enough, so they get a different section. But wait... doesn't that just make
them even more special? Whatever, I don't know.

   ~-~  BRAWLER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Brawler       --  N/A
  Pugilist      --  Level 5
  Fighter       --  Level 12
  Black Belt    --  Level 25
  Wushu Master  --  Level 50
  Eternal Fist  --  Level 100

A male brawler will probably be the first type of character that you create,
simply because you're going to want to have a character who can use fists
with you. Brawlers exist to do exactly that: pummel whatever the opposition is
with the power of their fists. They don't have any innate other abilities
except that, they just rock at fists and nothing else. They'll start with an
A in fists, though when you get to Eternal Fist they'll be at an S in them.
My only problem with them is that they come with a 50% aptitude in SP, DEF of
all things, and RES. I don't care much about RES, plus I can live without the
SP, but the DEF is fatal, and you're going to need a lot of heavy armor on them
in the early and even late portions of the game, which is why I'd recommend
reincarnating them into Fighters as quick as possible. That's their only real
flaw though. Apart from that, they own at fists.

   ~-~  WARRIOR  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Warrior       --  N/A
  Battler       --  Level 5
  Centurion     --  Level 12
  Champion      --  Level 25
  Hero          --  Level 50
  Cosmic Hero   --  Level 100

Usually a male warrior is the second type of character that I create, because
I want a good axeman among me. Speaking of which, there's actually a huge
difference between male and female warriors this time around: both are very
talented at swords, but males are good at axes, whereas females are good at
spears. I don't need either for swords, and I also don't need someone for
spears... that's what I have Etna for. Their aptitude rates are about the same
for each class though, except the female gets speed more quickly and the male
gets hit more quickly. So yeah, when you have a male, despite the fact they
feel the need to say "I'LL FINISH THIS!" after just about every single attack,
they're badass, and will have an A in axes until they become Cosmic Heroes,
in which they'll get an S in them. Overall, amazing characters.

   ~-~  SKULL  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Red Skull     --  N/A
  Green Skull   --  N/A
  Blue Skull    --  N/A
  Star Skull    --  Red/Green/Blue Skull at Level 5
  Prism Skull   --  Star Skull at Level 35
  Galaxy Skull  --  Prism Skull at Level 50

Skulls are... self explanatory. They're your resident magic users in this
game (except for Mages, though I'm more of a Skull guy myself). Obviously,
skulls have almost no affinity in anything except staves, which they start
with a good solid S in. The same thing applies to stats, which all of them have
weak affinities except SP, INT, and RES. That's why I'd recommend making a
Red Skull first, then making a Green Skull shortly after and then a Blue Skull.
Level them all up to Level 5 and then you can make a Star Skull right after,
which is quite a bit better, with higher HP, defense, speed, and hit. Hard to
beat all that. When you have a Star Skull, level that guy up for a while, in
fact you may even not want to promote right into a Prism Skull when it's first
available, since all you really get are bonuses to move, jump, and attack. The
reason being Prism/Galaxy Skulls don't get Tera spells. Whatever you want.
Either way, always have either a Skull or a Mage handy. All skulls learn
regular, Mega, Giga, Omega, and sometimes Tera versions of their spells, as
well as Braveheart and Magic Boost, which increases ATK and INT respectively.
Oh yeah, and the only real difference between Skulls and Mages is that Skulls
have more HIT and Mages have more SPD.

* Note: F/I/W refers to Fire, Ice, and Wind. Also, the Star spells under the
        Prism/Galaxy section only applies to Galaxy.

Red/Green/Blue Skulls       Star Skulls               Prism/Galaxy Skulls
----------------------      -----------               -------------------
Lv. 1   - F/I/W             Lv. 1   - Star            Lv. 1  - F/I/W/S
Lv. 8   - Mega F/I/W        Lv. 9   - Magic Boost     Lv. 8  - Mega F/I/W
Lv. 9   - Magic Boost       Lv. 12  - Mega Star       Lv. 9  - Magic Boost
Lv. 12  - Braveheart        Lv. 12  - Braveheart      Lv. 12 - Braveheart
Lv. 20  - Giga F/I/W        Lv. 25  - Giga Star       Lv. 20 - Giga F/I/W
Lv. 40  - Omega F/I/W       Lv. 50  - Omega Star      Lv. 25 - Giga Star
Lv. 100 - Tera F/I/W        Lv. 120 - Tera Star       Lv. 40 - Omega F/I/W
                                                      Lv. 50 - Omega Star

   ~-~  MAGE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Red Mage     --  N/A
  Green Mage   --  N/A
  Blue Mage    --  N/A
  Star Mage    --  Red/Green/Blue Mage at Level 5
  Prism Mage   --  Star Mage at Level 35
  Galaxy Mage  --  Prism Mage at Level 50

Mages are... self explanatory. They're your resident magic users in this game
(except for Skulls, and I admit I'm more of a Skull guy myself). Obviously,
mages have almost no affinity in anything except staves, which they start
with a good solid S in. The same thing applies to stats, which all of them have
weak affinities except SP, INT, and RES. That's why I'd recommend making a
Red Mage first, then making a Green Mage shortly after and then a Blue Mage.
Level them all up to Level 5 and then you can make a Star Mage right after,
which is quite a bit better, with higher HP, defense, speed, and hit. Hard to
beat all that. When you have a Star Mage, level her up for a little while, in
fact you may even not want to promote right into a Prism Skull when it's first
available, since all you really get are bonuses to move, jump, and attack. The
reason being Prism/Galaxy Mages don't get Tera spells. Whatever you want.
Either way, always have either a Skull or a Mage handy. All mages learn regular,
Mega, Giga, Omega, and sometimes Tera versions of their spells, as well as
Braveheart and Magic Boost, which increases ATK and INT respectively. Oh yeah,
and the only real difference between Skulls and Mages is that Mages have more
SPD and Skulls have more HIT.

* Note: F/I/W refers to Fire, Ice, and Wind. Also, the Star spells under the
        Prism/Galaxy section only applies to Galaxy.

Red/Green/Blue Mages       Star Mages                Prism/Galaxy Mages
---------------------      ----------                -------------------
Lv. 1   - F/I/W            Lv. 1   - Star            Lv. 1  - F/I/W/S
Lv. 8   - Mega F/I/W       Lv. 9   - Magic Boost     Lv. 8  - Mega F/I/W
Lv. 9   - Magic Boost      Lv. 12  - Mega Star       Lv. 9  - Magic Boost
Lv. 12  - Braveheart       Lv. 12  - Braveheart      Lv. 12 - Braveheart
Lv. 20  - Giga F/I/W       Lv. 25  - Giga Star       Lv. 20 - Giga F/I/W
Lv. 40  - Omega F/I/W      Lv. 50  - Omega Star      Lv. 25 - Giga Star
Lv. 100 - Tera F/I/W       Lv. 120 - Tera Star       Lv. 40 - Omega F/I/W
                                                     Lv. 50 - Omega Star

   ~-~  CLERIC  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Cleric   --  N/A
  Priest   --  Level 5
  Bishop   --  Level 12
  Sage     --  Level 25
  Prophet  --  Level 50
  Savior   --  Level 100

Clerics are another one of those classes that you absolutely cannot do with.
There's no way you can just settle for Flonne and Power of Love to keep you
healed. You're going to need a Cleric... and they're just another one of those
classes that have a male and a female form. Basically, the female form is
better in just about every way except attacking power, to me. Plus you need the
female to unlock the Angel class, so that's another reason right there. But on
the subject of attacking power, clerics are always going to have extremely
mediocre attacking power, so I'd have a cleric use a bow until you get them
high enough to unlock the Archer, then just have the clerics use staves from
then on. Face it, if you're using staves, you get much, much more range, the
spells grow faster, and they're stronger to boot. Hard to top that. Build a
cleric up with double attacks, and you'll have one of the most valuable
characters out there. Especially in the end game when you'll want Shield to
protect your characters, or Espoir to heal status effects.

Lv. 1  - Heal
Lv. 7  - Espoir
Lv. 9  - Shield
Lv. 10 - Mega Heal
Lv. 15 - Magic Wall
Lv. 25 - Giga Heal
Lv. 50 - Omega Heal

   ~-~  ARCHER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Archer      --  3 Mastery in Bows
  Sniper      --  Level 6
  Striker     --  Level 14
  Valkyrie    --  Level 30
  Ace Archer  --  Level 60
  Freischutz  --  Level 120

If you plan on using bows at all during the game, an archer is definitely your
best bet. The first hard thing to do is to actually unlock the archer though,
which requires a weapon mastery of 3 in what else, bows. So to do that, I'd
build up a Cleric to level 3 in bows, then just get an Archer right after that
and give the Cleric staves. When you get the archer, she'll have to catch up
to everyone else, plus I've already ranted about how bows are my least favorite
weapon, but just so you're reaching all territories. When you get her going,
the Archer will have decent ATK and HIT, fairly weak DEF and RES, and I guess
not bad HP. Definitely a worthwhile character, plus you need to train an archer
if you ever want to unlock an Angel.

   ~-~  ROGUE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Rogue         --  Level 5 Brawler & Warrior
  Thief         --  Level 6
  Bandit        --  Level 14
  Prowler       --  Level 30
  Raider        --  Level 60
  Space Pirate  --  Level 120

Oh dear, it's the Rogue, the thief type character in here that you knew had to
exist in some way, shape, or form. Of course, you know with thieves that they
are going to have the worst stats in the game. The rogue has exactly that: his
SPD isn't too bad, everything else blows. HP is terrible, the damage he does
sucks, he has horrible affinity in just about everything... so what redeems the
rogue, then? The fact they're the only class who can use thievery hands with
any decency whatsoever. They are the only class that can exceed 50% chance of
stealing, and their formula gives you a hell of a lot more advantage, let me
tell you. So, the question is whether they're worth bothering with or not. I
say if you plan on going further than Chapter 14, absolutely. If not, don't
bother. Just note that to get a Majin, you need a Level 200 Rogue.

   ~-~  SCOUT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Scout       --  Level 5 Brawler & Warrior
  Surveyor    --  Level 6
  Ranger      --  Level 14
  Strider     --  Level 30
  Geo Master  --  Level 60
  Lord        --  Level 120

Scouts are very, VERY useful, and I mean it when I say that. For starters,
you'll unlock them about the same time that you unlock the Rogue, but I promise
you these guys are amazing. First of all, they have an A in guns and will
eventually get an S in them when they become Lords, so that's the first great
thing. Second of all, they come with a few unique abilities: Geo Change, which
in a cleared map or anywhere in the Item World, randomly scatters around Geo
Symbols and colored tiles, which can be great for adding some spice to your
battle or building up the battle gauge, and also Dark Cannon, which adds a gun
in there which you can control for ten seconds to damage your enemies. But
getting back to them being gun experts, they are, and they're to guns as
warriors are to axes or brawlers are to fists. As for stats, they've got the
necessary HIT, not too bad HP, and good SPD and whatnot. Don't form a party
without one of these guys in there, ever. And hey, you need a Level 200 Scout
to unlock the Majin.

   ~-~  NINJA  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Ninja         --  Level 10 Male Brawler & Warrior
  Adept Ninja   --  Level 6
  Elite Ninja   --  Level 14
  Shadow Ninja  --  Level 30
  Master Ninja  --  Level 60
  Shinobi       --  Level 120

Ninjas are... rather good characters, I have to say. The first thing to note
is that you're going to need one of these to unlock the Majins, so if you're
going into the postgame, don't ignore them. Ninjas really are an improvement
over the Brawlers, in that their defense isn't too bad (the base stat is
rather crappy but they get 80% aptitude which later becomes 100%), plus while
they obviously have incredibly high SPD since they are, after all ninjas, their
HP and ATK are both quite solid. Even with their weaker stats like SP and RES,
they're still a lot better than the Brawler's crappy 50% aptitudes. Plus not
only that, but the ninjas have S affinities in fists, not to mention 3 counter.
That, and they have 6 move, eventually 7. So overall, I'd highly recommend
using a Ninja, even if only as an addition to Brawlers.

   ~-~  RONIN  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Ronin        --  Level 10 Female Brawler & Warrior
  Samurai      --  Level 7
  Bushi        --  Level 18
  Kengo        --  Level 37
  Blademaster  --  Level 75
  Shogun       --  Level 150

My first, and really my only problem with Ronins is that they require the
female Brawler and Warrior to unlock, the two classes that I don't tend to
use, so I don't end up unlocking Ronins until later, which is rather
unfortunate since they're actually a very, very good class. The first thing
to note is that they have 110% aptitude in ATK. That's just amazing, and not
something you'd really expect from looking at them. All of their stats are
fairly good, except for the ones which aren't really important, so that's a
good point. That, and they have an S in swords, spears, AND axes. Like, from
a Ronin onward. Isn't that amazing? That's really all I have to say about
Ronins. If female characters are your thing, get a ronin.

   ~-~  KNIGHT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Knight        --  Level 10 Female Warrior & Mage
  Vanquisher    --  Level 7
  Rune Knight   --  Level 18
  Chaos Knight  --  Level 37
  High Knight   --  Level 75
  Space Knight  --  Level 150

I dislike Knights rather strongly, and the only reason I would even consider
using one is because you need one to unlock the Angel class. First thing is,
is that Knights are really damn slow. Only four movement, is my book, isn't
easy to forgive. Then you get their aptitudes, which are a load of ass. At
first, they don't get a single stat with 100% aptitude. What is up with that?!
Even when you get them to Space Knights, they only get a few stats to 100%,
but nothing over that. They have B proficiency in swords and staves, neither
of which will ever become A's. It's like, they do everything decently, but
absolutely nothing well, and I can't settle for that. I'd rather use a skull
for my magic, and Laharl or a ronin for swords. Plus I will never get over
that movement range. The only thing I really DO like is how they get all the
stat boosting spells.

Lv. 1  - F/I/W
Lv. 6  - Magic Wall
Lv. 7  - Magic Boost
Lv. 9  - Shield
Lv. 10 - Mega F/I/W
Lv. 10 - Braveheart
Lv. 25 - Giga F/I/W
Lv. 50 - Omega F/I/W

   ~-~  EDF SOLDIER  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Recruit       --  30 Mastery in Guns
  Officer       --  Level 10
  Cyborg        --  Level 25
  Psi-Soldier   --  Level 50
  Space Police  --  Level 100
  Space Marine  --  Level 200

EDF Soldiers are an otherwise very good class with one very fatal flaw: the
sheer difficulty and time consumation that comes with unlocking them. You
seriously do need 30 mastery in guns to unlock them, and by then, hell, I can
already have a transmigrated Divine Majin to use guns, which is really what
EDF Soldiers exist to do. I'll admit that, they were pretty much built for
guns, always having an S in them, not to mention a 120% aptitude for guns.
But then again, the Divine Majin has all of those as well, and is a lot easier
to unlock... and that's saying something. They're obviously not a bad class at
all; I mean, they've got extremely high HP and DEF, not bad ATK, and very good
HIT, but to get them, you need to jack up a Lord with Armsmasters and spend
hours in the Item World using guns. And when it comes down to that, I'd just
rather transmigrate the guy into a Divine Majin to use guns.

   ~-~  ANGEL  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Angel          --  Level 100 Female Cleric, Knight, Archer
  Angel Cadet    --  Level 10
  Angel Soldier  --  Level 25
  Crusader       --  Level 50
  Avenger        --  Level 100
  Paladin        --  Level 200

Angels, the guys and girls who kicked your ass all throughout Celestia, are
another rather hard to unlock, but otherwise extremely good class. To get them
you need to level up a cleric, a knight, and an archer all up to Level 100,
and with a good half hour of CoO3 drilling, that's quite easy to do, and worth
the trouble. Angels excel in just about every way, with great affinity in all
weapons except fists, as well as 100% aptitude in all stats, plus a 110% in
RES. That, and they learn offensive and healing magic, which is quite helpful.
So in the end, I'd recommend taking that Cleric and that Archer of yours and
turning them into Angels, quite frankly, since Angels are great at both bows
and staves. Teach them Omega Heal from pupils, and they'll be unstoppable. But
trust me, you ain't seen it all...

   ~-~  MAJIN  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Majin          --  Level 200 Male Brawler, Warrior, Scout, Rogue, Ninja
  Mega Majin     --  Level 28
  Giga Majin     --  Level 56
  Omega Majin    --  Level 120
  Tera Majin     --  Level 250
  Divine Majin   --  Level 500

...you ain't seen nothing until you get a Majin. Unlocking them is a real pain
in the ass, as you need a Level 200 Brawler, Warrior, Scout, Rogue, and Ninja,
but once you get them the only class you'll consider using again are Angels.
The first thing to note is they have an S affinity in... all weapons. You got
it right, there is nothing a Majin can't use, and thus no reason to use any of
those old characters anymore. As for the regular Majins, they have no less than
110% aptitude in every stat, then once you level them up to Omega Majins, they
get 120% aptitude in everything. No need for Brawlers and Scouts with their
crappy DEF and RES, Majins have amazing ATK and HIT, while being impossible to
kill at the same time. That, and when you hit the uber Divine Majin class, you
get 7 Move, 35 Jump, 5 Counter... and that ignoring the bonuses you can give
them via the Dark Assembly, or their crazy base stats. These guys are absolute
gods, and it takes a lot of work to get a Divine Majin, but when you do you
will never look back.

 Vc. Monsters

And this refers specifically to the monster classes, of which there are... a
lot of. Also, you may notice that by listing a type of the monster, I mention
places. You need to kill the monster to unlock it. Just clearing that up.

   ~-~  FAERIE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Hobbit       --  Practice Map
  Puck         --  5-2
  Brownie      --  10-3
  Koropokkuru  --  Alternate Netherworld 1
  Lilliput     --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Phooka       --  Dark Congress, Item World

Faeries (why they're called that I may never know) are one of the enemies in
Disgaea that I dislike the most. I don't mind their Petit Flare or Chomper
Combo attacks much, but it's the attacks in between that generally piss me
off the most. Their Demon's Breath attack causes sleep, which is one of the most
frustrating things you'll ever get in Disgaea, and then there's Camarderie,
which randomly hits targets across a very long range. I suppose as far as the
monsters themselves are concerned, they aren't exactly that strong. In fact,
Hobbits are some of the first monsters you come across, but I don't care, they
still annoy me.

Lv. 5  - Petit Flare
Lv. 15 - Demon's Breath
Lv. 30 - Camarderie
Lv. 50 - Chomper Combo

   ~-~  SPIRIT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Ghost    --  Practice Map
  Boggart  --  1-3
  Specter  --  6-5
  Wraith   --  9-4
  Fiend    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Phantom  --  Dark Congress, Item World

Spirits, more commonly known as ghosts, aren't that bad to deal with. You'll
see a good deal of them as the game goes on, and they're always some of the
enemies with the least DEF and the most RES. Take advantage of that. Their
actual techniques aren't too bad: Pixie Magic is mildly irritating, Shock
Magic and Ice Magic you will almost never see, and I can name a lot worse
attacks in this game than Bomb Magic. Guess that's really all there is to say.
Not strong.

Lv. 5  - Pixie Magic
Lv. 15 - Shock Magic
Lv. 30 - Bomb Magic
Lv. 50 - Ice Magic

   ~-~  GOLEM  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Golem      --  5-4
  Spriggan   --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Ekim       --  Demon Rank 6 Promotion Exam
  Djinn      --  Alternate Netherworld 2
  Ullikummi  --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Gogmagog   --  Dark Congress, Item World

Golems are another extremely tame type of enemy, which is a far cry from what
their appearance would lead you to believe. Sure, they may be big and furry
and whatnot, but Golem Dunk is just about the only attack they ever use, and
while that one's strong, it's not that terrible. I very rarely if ever see the
others, except an occasional Psionic Wave which causes paralysis, but still, I
don't mind Golems, plus in the Dark Congress they tend to love me. I'm not sure

Lv. 5  - Golem Dunk
Lv. 15 - Golem Cannon
Lv. 30 - Psionic Wave
Lv. 50 - Golem Smash

   ~-~  TREANT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Man-Eater  --  6-1
  Oakrot     --  8-2
  Treant     --  8-2
  Zakkum     --  Cave of Ordeal 1
  Erl King   --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Yggdrasil  --  Dark Congress, Item World

I absolutely despise Treants. Every single one of their attacks annoys me in
one way or another. Putrid Breath causes a number of annoying side effects
even if it isn't that strong, Stomp-o-rama is an attack that in Chapter 8 you
will see over and over again which does a rather heavy amount of damage,
Pounding Spree is a rather irritating attack to endure, and Paranoia is an
extremely powerful attack that hits an extremely wide range. Sure, I know these
guys don't look like much, but they're the most annoying enemies in the game,
just about. Kill them.

Lv. 5  - Putrid Breath
Lv. 15 - Stomp-o-rama
Lv. 30 - Pounding Spree
Lv. 50 - Paranoia

   ~-~  WINGED  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Imp       --  2-3
  Gremlin   --  6-1
  Agathion  --  Demon Rank 6 Promotion Exam
  Alp       --  11-3
  Incubus   --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Daemon    --  Dark Congress, Item World

I take that back, the Winged are even more annoying than the trees, if that
were at all possible. First case being the first skill they get, Hell Pepper,
which sprays the enemies in front of them for HUGE damage (no kidding, almost
twice their regular attacking power), and for poison to boot, which does its
damage the next turn. That, and they can move six spaces, which allows them to
kick your ass fast, too. They're almost always the first things I can kill when
I get a choice, even in the end of the game when they get that god awful Air
Assault attack which does a lot of damage to a line of characters. At least
Ionize is weak and Holy Dust is just a healing technique.

Lv. 5  - Hell Pepper
Lv. 15 - Holy Dust
Lv. 30 - Ionize
Lv. 50 - Air Assault

   ~-~  DARK KNIGHT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Killer Armor  --  4-1
  Dark Knight   --  4-4
  Dullahan      --  9-1
  Avenger       --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Demonic Suit  --  Alternate Netherworld 3
  Executioner   --  Dark Congress, Item World

Dark Knights are some of the most powerful of the most powerful. First of all
they have terrible SP, RES, and INT, the first two of which would come in handy
more than you'd think. Plus all their skills hit only one enemy, except for
Gigantic Slash which hits two and is thus their most dangerous attack to me,
and in the end the only thing that redeems them is their sky high ATK stat and
their high HP. If you're leading a ten character wide assault on the enemy,
Dark Knights will be nothing to you. If you're only using two characters, I'd
keep an eye out for these guys.

Lv. 5  - Power Slice
Lv. 15 - Lightning Slash
Lv. 30 - Gigantic Slash
Lv. 50 - Blade Frenzy

   ~-~  LANTERN  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Pumpkin    --  4-1
  Decoy      --  4-1
  Mandrake   --  11-1
  Scarecrow  --  11-2
  Jack       --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Halloween  --  Dark Congress, Item World

Lanterns, better known as the pumpkin heads that are all over Chapters 4 and
11, are really one of the weakest types of enemies in the game if I'm being
honest. They're not horrible, but they pale in comparison so much to Dark
Knights and all those other things, that it's hard to really give them credit.
First of all they've got Jackknife and Jack the Ripper, the latter of which is
strong and the former pathetic, Jack Rush which is their only even remotely
annoying attack, and Jackpot, which is strong but... just meh. They can't even
cause status effects, so don't worry about them, don't make one either.

Lv. 5  - Jackknife
Lv. 15 - Jack the Ripper
Lv. 30 - Jack Rush
Lv. 50 - Jackpot

   ~-~  GARGOYLE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Gargoyle  --  6-1
  Guardian  --  10-1
  Nebiros   --  Cave of Ordeals 5
  Balrog    --  14-5
  Seth      --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Pazuzu    --  Dark Congress, Item World

I'm running out of things to say about monster characters, especially the
uninteresting ones like Gargoyles. They've got all the stats that you would
expect, except their attacks are for the most part extremely feeble. Eruption
for one thing, is an extremely weak skill based on INT. 'Nuff said. Soul Eater
drains HP which I guess is always a good thing for them, but Minimize at barely
stronger than regular ATK is their actual most damaging attack. So in other
words, these guys pretty much suck. Come to think of it, they don't bother me

Lv. 5  - Minimize
Lv. 15 - Soul Eater
Lv. 30 - Cannonball
Lv. 50 - Eruption

   ~-~  SHADOW  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Nightmare  --  4-3
  Shade      --  8-4
  Lich       --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Chernobog  --  8-4
  Death      --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Thanatos   --  Dark Congress, Item World

Shadows are fairly decent enemies I suppose. If it's a one on one showdown
between you and a Shadow you definitely have the upper hand: their only
remotely powerful spell is Fire & Ice -- the others in terms of actual damage
are quite piddly, but they hit a line of enemies, whether it's a Dimension
Slash type of thing in front, or a horizontal line parallel to them. Because
their stuff is based on INT, they come with a decent stat there but you'll
want to build that up anyway if you choose a Shadow, which I do not.

Lv. 5  - Fire Dance
Lv. 15 - Ice Dance
Lv. 30 - Light Dance
Lv. 50 - Fire & Ice

   ~-~  SERPENT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Serpent      --  Demon Rank 8 Promotion Exam
  Mizuchi      --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Sea Dragon   --  14-5
  Rahab        --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Leviathan    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Midgardsorm  --  Dark Congress, Item World

One of the rarest types of monsters in the game, and that's a pity because
Serpents are one of the coolest types of enemies in the game, except there's
only one of them in the actual story. Their actual techniques are rather
strong, such as Quadra Nosedive and Death Drop, plus their finale, Supernova,
is a total doomsday blast. So when it all comes down to it, I never use monsters
but Serpents are one of the top choices if you want to.

Lv. 5  - Flap Dance
Lv. 15 - Quadra Nosedive
Lv. 30 - Death Drop
Lv. 50 - Supernova

   ~-~  GALACTIC DEMON  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Cyclops   --  8-1
  Sentinel  --  10-3
  Nataku    --  Cave of Ordeal 3
  Talos     --  Cave of Ordeal 3
  Ravana    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Argus     --  Dark Congress, Item World

Galactic Demons are mixed bags. First of all, they have 150% aptitude in DEF
and RES. No kidding, these guys especially with their base stats are going to
take a lot of manpower to take down. They're actually relatively powerful too,
and for one thing their Magnetic Field and Magnetic Flash techniques are quite
strong. But it's time for the killing point: Galactic Demons have a movement of
2. No, I didn't make that up, they can only move two spaces at a time, which is
why in battles like 8-1 and 10-3 you won't see them. That's their downfall in
Cave of Ordeal 3, so you can strike them with magic from afar, and they can
never hope to scratch you. I wouldn't make one of them, but they get to being
quite an eyesore against you with their high defensive stats.

Lv. 5  - Magnetic Wave
Lv. 15 - Magnetic Blast
Lv. 30 - Magnetic Field
Lv. 50 - Magnetic Flash

   ~-~  DRAGON  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Dragon       --  2-4
  Fafnir       --  10-2
  Nidhogg      --  10-5
  Azhi Dahaka  --  14-5
  Tiamat       --  Alternate Netherworld 4
  Bahamut      --  Item World

Dragons are one of the few monsters that I would actually consider creating one
of and using on a semi frequent basis in battle. For one thing they may have
100% growth in their stats like everyone else, but they have such high base
ATK that it doesn't really matter, not to mention HP too. That, and their skills
are all devastatingly powerful and when you fight dragons in the postgame you
will come to marvel at their power. The strange thing about their skills is that
each type of dragon has a different set, though they're all essentially the
same. Dragonic Furor/Freeze/Flare... it's just wind/ice/fire, same attack. The
same applies to Blue/Red Nova, and the awesome, cheap and strong Bloody Talons
is the same whatever way you slice it. It's the perfect set of skills, and
they're all devastatingly powerful. Overall, I still don't care for monsters
outside of Thursday and Kurtis, but dragons are very fine.

Skills - Dragon            Skills - Fenrir            Skills - Nidhogg
----------------           ----------------           ----------------- 
Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons     Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons     Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons
Lv. 15 - Ice Breath        Lv. 15 - Ice Breath        Lv. 15 - Fire Breath
Lv. 30 - Blue Nova         Lv. 30 - Blue Nova         Lv. 30 - Red Nova
Lv. 50 - Dragonic Furor    Lv. 50 - Dragonic Freeze   Lv. 50 - Dragonic Flare

Skills - Azhi Dahaka       Skills - Tiamat            Skills - Bahamut
---------------------      ----------------           -----------------
Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons     Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons     Lv. 5  - Bloody Talons
Lv. 15 - Fire Breath       Lv. 15 - Ice Breath        Lv. 15 - Ice Breath
Lv. 30 - Red Nova          Lv. 30 - Blue Nova         Lv. 30 - Red Nova
Lv. 50 - Dragonic Flare    Lv. 50 - Dragonic Flare    Lv. 50 - Dragonic Flare

   ~-~  UNDEAD  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Zombie       --  2-1
  Ghoul        --  7-1
  Corpse       --  7-4
  Ghast        --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Wight        --  Demon Rank 11 Promotion Exam
  Zombie King  --  Cave of Ordeal 5

Zombies, eh. The most cliched, infamous type of monster in RPG, and world
history. Well, the only reason you would even think about making a zombie as
a character is if for some strange reason you want to inflict status effects
on the enemy, which is really all they're good for. Zombie Puke, for instance,
causes poison. Zombie Swarm causes paralysis, and the other two are incredibly
weak attacks that hit multiple characters, but are so pathetic you won't even
care. Don't make a zombie. Seriously, stay away, there's a reason Chapter 7 is
just about the easiest one in the game.

Lv. 5  - Zombie Puke
Lv. 15 - Zombie Twister
Lv. 30 - Zombie Gatling
Lv. 50 - Zombie Swarm

   ~-~  NETHER NOBLE  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Brute       --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Death Boar  --  Cave of Ordeal 4
  Minotaur    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Humbaba     --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Archdemon   --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Behemoth    --  Dark Congress, Item World

I have almost nothing to say about Nether Nobles, because you see so few of
them in the game that you'll forget they exist. The first one you'll ever see
is Hoggmeiser, who is really the guy you'd use if you ever had the desire to
use a Nether Noble. So yeah, these monsters aren't my profession, sorry, but
I'll tell you right now that Megaton Crush is one of the strongest techniques
out there, if you want to build Hoggmeiser up that far.

Lv. 5  - Spinning Slash
Lv. 15 - Darkness Slash
Lv. 30 - Earthshaker
Lv. 50 - Megaton Crush

   ~-~  BEAST  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Manticore   --  3-2
  Nue         --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Myrmecoleo  --  14-5
  Chimera     --  Beauty Castle 1
  Tao Tieh    --  Alternate Netherworld 3
  Sphinx      --  Dark Congress, Item World

Besides Dragons, Beasts are the only character I would really consider making,
just because their attacks are some of the strongest in the game. Devour is an
insanely strong attack, Beast Rend and Death Ray are both great attacks except
the latter damages with INT instead of ATK -- they're both long distance line
long attacks, and Stinger Strike is also a good attack for what it is. Bottom
line is, these guys are some of the most menacing you'll fight, and one of the
best types there is.

Lv. 5  - Stinger Strike
Lv. 15 - Beast Rend
Lv. 30 - Devour
Lv. 50 - Death Ray

   ~-~  SUCCUBUS  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Empusa     --  5-3
  Lilim      --  5-4
  Succubus   --  Cave of Ordeal 2
  Carmilla   --  Alternate Netherworld 5
  Hecate     --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Lilith     --  Dark Congress, Item World

Ugh, Succubi... one of the most annoying types of enemies in the game, in my
opinion. First of all, whenever you encounter them, they tend to have higher
HP than the rest of their surroundings for some reason, and while I don't mind
their Thunderbolt attack much, Hip Attack is extremely bothersome as it drains
HP from you, plus if you're fighting a bunch of these high leveled, they've
got Evil Healing. Makes Cave of Ordeal 2 rather annoying. Flying Spark is a
rather damaging attack too. While I wouldn't use them yourself, they're very

Lv. 5  - Hip Attack
Lv. 15 - Thunderbolt
Lv. 30 - Evil Healing
Lv. 50 - Flying Spark

   ~-~  KIT CAT  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Nekomata   --  5-3
  Cait Sith  --  Cave of Ordeal 2
  Werecat    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Tail Ring  --  Alternate Netherworld 5
  Elbacky    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Bastet     --  Dark Congress, Item World

If you thought Succubi were annoying, get a load of Kit Cats. Possibly my
least favorite type of enemy to fight in the entire game (you see them most
primarily in Chapter 9), Kit Cats are fast and extremely dangerous. It's the
ranges of their attacks that gets me the most: Mystic Blast is one of the worst
attacks in the game, hitting a line of characters for extremely high damage,
plus in the battles you find these little biotches in, you're never able to
get them out a straight line. Even when you can, Fists of Fury isn't much
better. These things have a TON of ATK, HIT, and SPD... so to put it bluntly,
I hate them.

Lv. 5  - Rapid Kick
Lv. 15 - Fists of Fury
Lv. 30 - Mystic Blast
Lv. 50 - Delta Kick

   ~-~  NOSFERATU  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Vampire      --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Strigoi      --  14-1
  Neuntoter    --  14-1
  Varcolaci    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Nosferatu    --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Unholy King  --  Dark Congress, Item World

Nosferatus fit into a slightly less extreme category that Nether Nobles do.
In Chapter 5 you'll get Maderas, who is a Nosferatu and really the only one
you'll ever want to bother with if I'm being honest. These guys are incredibly
uncommon, except you see Unholy Kings in the Dark Congress all the time. Then
again, you will see Strigois and a Neuntoter in Chapter 14, hence they not
being as uncommon as Nether Nobles. But like I said, you've got Maderas, and
I'm not an expert here, so I'll move on.

Lv. 5  - Chaos Fire
Lv. 15 - Chaos Swarm
Lv. 30 - Chaos Force
Lv. 50 - Chaos Plasma

   ~-~  GREAT WYRM  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Efreet       --  Baal Castle 1
  Shaitan      --  Demon Rank 11 Promotion Exam
  Marid        --  Dark Congress, Item World
  Flamberg     --  Beauty Castle 1
  Surt         --  Baal Castle 1
  Kagustuchi   --  Dark Congress, Item World

Just to clear it up, the skills differ depending on which wyrm you're using.
Because I have to say, that'd be one long name for an attack. That being said,
besides dragons these are the types of enemies I'd really consider using, and
in fact I always like to try and capture one from the Patriach's Seal in Baal
Castle so that I can use them against Baal himself. These things are mostly
good at hitting several characters. Dance is a Winged Slayer type of thing,
Column a Chaos Impact sort of thing, Roar is a strange formation, and Burst hits
everything around for the most damage. Overall these guys have very high HP and
ATK, so if you're going to use monsters you can't go wrong with a wyrm.

Lv. 5  - Fiery/Raging/Frigid/Astral/Diabolic Dance
Lv. 15 - Fiery/Raging/Frigid/Astral/Diabolic Column
Lv. 30 - Fiery/Raging/Frigid/Astral/Diabolic Roar
Lv. 50 - Fiery/Raging/Frigid/Astral/Diabolic Burst

   ~-~  PRINNY  ~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~-~

  Pvt. Prinny  --  N/A
  Cpt. Prinny  --  Prinny Land 1
  Gen. Prinny  --  Prinny Land 2
  Prinny King  --  Prinny Land 3
  Prinny God   --  Prinny Land 3

Prinnies... who doesn't love them. The first thing I have to note about them is
that there's only five classes of them that can be unlocked without hacking
devices. I hear the sixth one is Big Sis Prinny, which would make sense, but
that's all I got for ya. Prinnies obviously aren't that great, but they have
their uses. Rather than use a regular Prinny I would rather use Kurtis, and
that's because Kurtis has slightly better skills in compensation for everything
except Pringer Beam, which he also has. Pringer Beam is the best reason to use
Prinnies, bar none. It's a ridiculously powerful attack, with an extremely cool
animation (who doesn't get mesmerized by that apocalyptic laser of death), and
Kurtis has it too. Besides that, Prinnies really are just a bit of light comic
relief, except of course for the fact that if you throw them, they explode. The
damage it does to the nearby enemies is always half of their maximum HP. So,
if you have a lot of legendary Galactic Muscles, you can put them to very good

Lv. 5  - Prinny Barrage
Lv. 20 - Prinny Dance
Lv. 35 - Prinny Bomb
Lv. 50 - Pringer Beam

                 ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VI. Walkthrough ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

And here we go with one of the most enjoyable strategy RPG experiences ever,
which just got even better in Cursed Memories and will hopefully improve even
more in Absence of Justice. Just a few usual notes...

-> As par usual with my guides, they're littered with bad jokes and spoilers.
   So read with caution, but don't worry about missing stuff due to that kind
   of thing... the game isn't too bad with that, plus I'll take care of ya with

-> I throw in a lot of notes for the guide itself about what I did, but since
   there's no way in hell that I'm going to demand the impossible with you
   playing the game exactly as I did, I'm not going to ask you do to the same
   thing. Just keep it in mind, either before or after I do it.

 VIa. Prince of the Netherworld

The story begins as the son of the Overlord, Laharl, awakens from a two year
nap, and his vassal Etna informs him that his father, King Krichevskoy, is
dead. So, now, Laharl wants to be the Overlord, which is simple enough in
execution. When you emerge, head out of Laharl's room to the right to enter
the throne room. Talk to Laharl's vassals if you want, then at the end of the
castle, feel free to buy stuff with the incredible lack of money that you
possess. When you're ready to go, talk to the dimension guide to the north
to head to the first tutorial.

 1-1X  ~~  Tutorial  ~~  Battle Basics 1  ~~  Bonus Level: 1

Lv. 1 Ghost x3

Alright, the first battle in the game isn't anything difficult at all, even if
the scene right before would suggest otherwise. Etna, right before the battle,
calls in three Prinnies for assistance, and they're in your party from here on
out, but to be honest I really wouldn't suggest using them at all. Monsters will
have their place in battle, but for now and the next couple quick battles, focus
on using Laharl and Etna so they can get weapon levels and experience. The scene
before shows Laharl getting his ass kicked by the three ghosts, but I fully
suggest having Laharl come out and try to slice the ghosts to pieces. He'll do
enough damage to kill them in about two hits, and Etna is almost as strong as he
is. The ghosts have absolutely no chance of killing you, so in short, just have
Laharl and Etna kill everything and move on to the next tutorial.

 1-2X  ~~  Tutorial  ~~  Battle Basics 2  ~~  Bonus Level: 1

Lv. 2 Hobbit x1
Lv. 1 Ghost x4

The tutorial right before this battle will explain how to lift and throw
characters, which is extremely useful all throughout the game, but I sure as
hell wouldn't bother in this battle. You've got a hobbit, which is a little
stronger than the ghosts, and one more ghost, and that's about it. Nothing
Laharl and Etna can't wipe off the floor. You might notice that Laharl and
Etna will probably during this battle hit a weapon mastery of 1 and be able to
use their respective specials, Blade Rush and Impaler, and if that happens, I'd
certainly recommend it; Etna's makes her attack a lot stronger, and Laharl's
mows right through multiple enemies at a time. Regardless, this battle is easy
as hell. Go on to the next tutorial.

 1-3X  ~~  Tutorial  ~~  Geo Effect  ~~  Bonus Level: 1

Lv. 2 Hobbit x1
Lv. 1 Ghost x5

Etna will now explain the Geo Effect, which I explain my basics section too,
but yeah, pay attention to this stuff, since you'll be seeing it all game
long. Here you'll have six enemies to play with, on a battlefield consisting
of blue and red squares. Blue squares are Def + 50%, red squares are EXP and HL
+ 50%, dropped from the enemy. Obviously, you're going to want all the enemies
on those, and thankfully the game is kind enough to put all the enemies there
initially. It's possible to play around so that everyone starts out there, but
quite frankly I'm content with killing everything straight off. Laharl and
Etna should at this point be more than strong enough to kill everything that's
there. Feel free to move over to a blue square later, so that enemies are lured
to the red squares around you, and you can kill them when they're there.

When that battle gets over, congrats, you're officially done with the tutorial
battles. What lies ahead is much much much harder. =P But in any case, the
Dark Assembly is now open, which basically allows you to create characters. My
first choice would be to use Laharl and his hopefully over 10 mana to create a
Brawler who is Incompetent. From there, he may still be Level 1, but buy him a
Double Slap and a Protector and he'll be just fine. That, and a zombie will give
you 300 HL right near the hospital, so you're getting there. Speaking of which,
make sure from here on out you go to the hospital after every battle, because
you'll need to be healed. When you're ready, talk to the dimension guide again,
and now a place called Vyers Castle is open. Might as well rob it, right?

 1-1  ~~  Vyers Castle  ~~  Magnificent Gate  ~~  Bonus Level: 1

Lv. 2 Red Skull x1
Lv. 2 Hobbit x2
Lv. 1 Ghost x6

The first real battle of the game is the entrance to this castle... yay. The
actual first thing to notice is that you're standing right next to a Geo
Symbol, and the whole field up ahead is Enemy Boost x3. Ouch, you really do
not need everything ahead of you to be three times their normal strength. So
to remedy that, make sure you break that little bastard, and then have someone
else pick up the adjacent Geo Symbol (the one that says EXP + 50%) and throw it
into the field right below it where you came in. Now everything ahead of you,
not only has taken a lot of damage from destroying that geo symbol, but your
bonus gauge is up, plus the stuff ahead of you will give more EXP. I like that
a lot!

With that, time to start your strike. Three ghosts will more than likely come
out of the castle gate, so have the three or however many characters you're
using beat them to pieces. Keep yourself away from the Red Skull who is by far
the most damaging of the nine foes you'll have here, and with that everything
should be dead in no time. You can go ahead and break the EXP geo symbol if
you want your bonus gauge to fill even more, but regardless you should have
a ton of stuff when you get done. At this point, go to the hospital, and now
you may want to go make a male Warrior at the Dark Assembly (I prefer them to
the females, since Etna is essentially a glorified female warrior at this
point at least), and buy a decent axe for him. That, and/or a Red Skull or
whatever color you want for them. If you need to, use the Practice Map in the
Tutorial to build them up. When you're ready, enter the Blessed Court.

 1-2  ~~  Vyers Castle  ~~  Blessed Court  ~~  Bonus Level: 2

Lv. 3 Brawler x1
Lv. 3 Warrior x1
Lv. 2 Hobbit x4
Lv. 1 Ghost x4

This battle is incredibly easy, and a hell of a lot easier than the next two
battles. In honor of that, I would highly recommend using this as a good
opportunity to level up the characters you just recently created at the Dark
Assembly. The first four enemies directly near you are four ghosts, which will
die in a couple hits anyway, so everything is screaming for your weaker
characters to take over, especially since at this point Laharl and Etna are
probably both Level 5 and thus have their respective character specials
(Laharl's being the awesome Blazing Knuckle, Etna's being the rather decent
Prinny Raid).

Another thing worth noting is that towards the middle of this stage are a
few yellow panels which because of their Geo Effects will give whomever stands
on them Def + 50% as well as Attacks + 1. Both are something you DON'T want in
the hands of the enemy, so get over there and stand on them before the enemies
are lured to them. If the enemies do get there, just break the Geo Symbols on
either side (which is my recommendation) or throw them away. The only two
remotely challenging opponents here are the Brawler and Warrior, and they are
weak enough that Laharl and Etna can weaken them, and your other character(s)
can just finish them for cheap EXP. After this is done, I'd suggest going to
the Dark Assembly and making a Cleric. I personally prefer female, but it's
your choice. Then you can give her either a bow or a staff, your choice again.
When ready, let's go to the Corridor of Love.

 1-3  ~~  Vyers Castle  ~~  Corridor of Love  ~~  Bonus Level: 2

Lv. 4 Warrior x1
Lv. 4 Archer x2
Lv. 4 Red Mage x1
Lv. 3 Boggart x5
Lv. 2 Ghost x1

Okay, this battle is just a little slight bit tougher than the last couple
we walked out of, but it still ain't too bad. You might just want to use
Laharl a bit more actively here, and utilize a little more strategy, because
honestly against those archers, your weak characters stand no chance. Your
first objective should be to have someone destroy one of the Geo Symbols to
the right of where you come in, as the 40% Recovery will just make the fight
last longer than it needs to. Then at that point, you'll notice you're facing
stronger versions of Ghosts, called Boggarts. They still aren't anything
special at all, so move the majority of your party towards that direction,
and kill the two that are there. At that point, the archers will probably
come after you.

It's without any doubt that I say the Archers are easily the most dangerous
opponents here. I'd move Laharl over there as quickly as possible when they
start coming after you, and if he has Hurricane Slash, he will slaughter them.
If not, Blade Rush should still do the trick. If your mage is using the
element they're weak against, that will give them a lot of trouble. When they
eventually die, you're left with two more boggarts that probably already came
at you and got killed, and a Warrior and Red Mage, who are barely stronger
than the Archers, and can't hit at long ranges. Spread your EXP out among
your party wisely, and at the end you're left with a lone Ghost sitting at
the bottom of the room, eagerly awaiting his death. 

Once that's battle is done, you have but one battle left in the chapter, but
it's quite a challenging one. To start with, I'd make sure Laharl has a
Swordbreaker or better equipped, that you have a good deal of hospital prizes
(another Imperial Seal and the Muscle Brawn are essentials), and that your
characters just generally have good equipment. ALSO, THERE IS SOMETHING VERY
the shop if you look around, plus a switch behind the throne a little back.
Examine both, then a door will open in the room in between those two. Go there
to read Etna's diary. You have to read it every chapter; if you do this you
get a prize in the last chapter. But enough of that, do that, make sure your
characters are good and strong, and enter the Hall of Caresses to meet Vyers.

 1-4  ~~  Vyers Castle  ~~  Hall of Caresses  ~~  Bonus Level: 3

Lv. 6 Mid-Boss (Mid-Boss)
Lv. 4 Warrior x2
Lv. 4 Archer x1
Lv. 4 Green Mage x1
Lv. 3 Boggart x5

What you have before you is the first potentially challenging battle in the
game. The setup is that you have the game's first boss, Vyers aka Mid-Boss,
standing in the back, while two warriors guard him, and there are two red
panels in the center with Enemy Boost x6 and Attack+1. You are virtually
required to get rid of this little problem before doing anything else. Set up
three or four characters to start with, with Laharl in the base panel, not
moving. Set up a tower and throw Laharl to the square on the left right
below the line of the three Geo Symbols. When he lands, have him perform a
Blade Rush to hopefully destroy all three Geo Symbols. If they aren't all
destroyed, just reset, your battle will be effectively screwed.

Supposing you actually do blow up all the Geo Symbols, your battle will be
much easier for it. Go easy on the weaker characters for at least a turn,
because of the overload of Boggarts right near the entrance, and then after
the enemies get one turn of attacking, you can just let loose and kill
everything short of the two Warriors next to Mid-Boss. You have a number of
ways to kill the archer and green mage on the red panels. Laharl's Blade Rush
works, Etna's regular attacks are great, a magic user works too, so do bow and
gun users if you have one of those. That's if you want to keep it long distance.
If you want to make it aggressive and just go up to them and knock the life out
of them, that works too.

The warriors will fall in short time, but try to stay out of Mid-Boss's range
until then, since Mid-Boss is the fiercest of fiercest, the strongest enemy you
have yet to fight. His HP is well up into the hundreds, while I personally doubt
your Laharl is up to 100 yet, though he might be, I dunno. Either way, proceed
with caution around Mid-Boss. If a line of characters is set up, beware, he will
hit you with his special Adonic Blast, which he can only use once, but trust me
that hurts. Also, try not to use regular physical attacks on Mid-Boss, as he
will counterattack, and in a straight fight he will win, trust me. Stick to
Laharl with Hurricane Slash and Etna with Sky Lunge. Numbers, all hitting him
with their best stuff, will cause him to fall. He runs away, while Laharl is
left to all the bounties of the castle. Watch all the ensuing scenes, and at
this point Chapter 1 is complete. One down, thirteen to go!

 VIb. Enter Flonne

Chapter 2 begins as you're shown a glimpse of the world known as Celestia, where
angels live. The polar opposite of the Netherworld, where demons live. The guy
who's apparently the head honcho of the whole thing, Seraph Lamington, sends a
Love Angel called Flonne out to assassinate King Krichevskoy (yeah seriously),
so Flonne gets into the castle and starts talking to herself, but sure enough,
Laharl catches her and she runs away. Guess tracking her down is our mission

When you emerge in Chapter 2, make sure the first thing you do is go to Etna's
secret room and read her diary. And with that, it's time to take advantage of
all that money that you without a doubt have now from winning that battle. Not
to mention you can actually spend it on stuff other than the hospital. The first
thing I'd do is go to the Dark Assembly and have Laharl take the first two
promotion exams. The battles are extremely easy, but when you get done, I'd
definitely petition to give the shops better stuff. With that, buy whatever you
choose, and then let's get started on this.

 2-1  ~~  Frozen River  ~~  Forsaken Land  ~~  Bonus Level: 4

Lv. 4 Archer x2
Lv. 4 Cleric x1
Lv. 4 Zombie x5

All chapters should start out with something nice and easy, right? This is
exactly the kind of thing you would hope for. Surrounding you at first are
five nice, easy zombies, while on a top of a large pillar of ice await two
archers and a cleric. The zombies give nice amounts of EXP while at the same
time prove to be just as easy as anything you encountered in the previous
chapter. I might add: everything in the entire Frozen River, which means all
of Chapter 2, is weak against fire. So if you made a red skull, this is your
lucky day, though my strategy is to eventually raise a Level 5 red, green, and
blue skull so that you can in the end get a star skull. But whatever, I'm

Eventually the zombies will be gotten rid of, and only the three humanoids on
top of the pillar will remain. They're way too high for you to talk to, so you
have a couple of options: have your mage stand at the bottom of the pillar and
hit them with spells, which definitely works, but the intended way is just to
stand on the ice to the right of the place, and throw a character or two up
there. All the enemies up there are weak anyway, so you shouldn't have any
trouble. Not much to do when you get done with that, except go to the hospital
if you need to. As 2-2 starts, Lamington is seen in Celestia talking to an
unknown character, and Flonne gets away.

 2-2  ~~  Frozen River  ~~  Icy Breath  ~~  Bonus Level: 4

Lv. 4 Zombie x9

This battle is even easier than the last one. Icy Breath is basically one
extreme long, frozen wasteland, with a few zombies spread out in groups all
throughout the place. If they can't get together and collectively deal damage
to you, there's just about no way in hell anyone who isn't seriously weak can
die here. I won't even bother with a strategy; you've got Laharl, Etna, and a
few other characters who should probably range from almost their level to being
able to kill a weakened enemy, so just go from one part of the wasteland to
another, killing enemies. Simple as that.

Speaking of which, since that was a nice easy battle, you should probably at
or around this point have a Level 5 Brawler and a Level 5 Warrior. With both
of those criteria you can unlock the Scout class, which I strongly recommend
doing, since they are rather good with guns, and that will complete all of the
weapons for everyone, though I'm not quite sure how much HL you have to spare
for good weaponry. Ah well, if you make a Scout here or sometime soon, he'll be
almost on par with the rest of your party by the end of Chapter 2, I promise.
Might as well start battle 2-3.

 2-3  ~~  Frozen River  ~~  Eternal Winter  ~~  Bonus Level: 4

Lv. 7 Gremlin x1
Lv. 6 Imp x4
Lv. 4 Zombie x6

Slightly more challenging than the last two battles, but that sure ain't
saying much. Your enemies here are the six zombies right near you when you
come in, and four imps in the back, plus a gremlin which is a glorified imp.
These imps are by far the strongest and most annoying enemies on this map,
and some of the worst in the entire game. Their signature attack is the Hell
Pepper, which hits a line of three characters in front of them for rather
heavy damage as well as poison. You will absolutely loathe them by the time
this game's over, but let's do one thing at a time, starting with the zombies.
They're in straight lines of three, which are basically asking for you to use
Laharl's Blade Rush or a three square long Fire attack from a Red Skull.

With the number of characters you should have at this point (someone for all
seven weapons), the zombies will all be dead at the end of two turns, tops.
By then, the imps should all be on your ass. If they got into a decent
position, make sure your Red Skull hits them with something powerful. Apart
from that, play it out depending on how they're set up. Save the Gremlin for
last, while you kill off the remaining imps with Boulder Crush, Tiger Charge,
Sky Lunge, Hurricane Slash, and whatever other devastating attack you've got in
your arsenal. Once that's done, make sure before going to the chapter's last
battle that you've read Etna's diary, and then proceed to the end of the Frozen
River, where Laharl and Flonne will finally face off.

 2-4  ~~  Frozen River  ~~  White Death  ~~  Bonus Level: 4

Lv. 8 Dragon x1
Lv. 7 Gremlin x2
Lv. 6 Imp x3
Lv. 5 Angel (Flonne)

Yes, the final battle of the chapter is once again the hardest battle of the
chapter, but this battle isn't as overwhelming as the one against Vyers from
earlier. The setup is that there are three imps in a horizontal line a few
squares from the base panel, then a little further up are two gremlins. At the
very back are Flonne and the dragon. My suggestion is to pull a complete out
offensive on the imps right near the base panel immediately. Pull out Laharl
with Blade Rush (or if you're really desperate you can always throw him to one
side of them and Blade Rush all three of them at once), someone to use guns on
them, and also a Red Skull using Fire on them is pretty hardcore, I have to
say. It'll be a little tough to kill all three of them at the end of one turn
though, plus you'll have Gremlins on top of that.

Make sure you aren't lining three characters up, because the imps will not
hesitate to use Hell Pepper on you. Make absolutely sure you kill all the
gremlins because you start fighting the dragon, though, as they'll just make
matters a lot worse. Assuming you have four or so characters alive after that
big mess of imps and gremlins, the dragon and Flonne aren't a problem. Flonne
is the healer, but she dies in about one hit with her 40 HP and complete lack of
offensive ability. As for the dragon, the key is to not have had Laharl waste
SP by using Blazing Knuckle and stuff, because Hurricane Slash will do 65-70
damage, so it's obviously your best attacking tool. Once again, the tactic of
numbers doubling up on one character is by far the most effective attacking

Once that dragon has been your biotch, Chapter 2 ends as Laharl and Flonne
come to sort of an understanding. Flonne reveals that she was after King
Krichevskoy, but Laharl claims not to miss him as he doesn't know the emotions
of love and sadness. Don't we wish we didn't. I might add, the music here is
absolutely beautiful, not to mention the one that plays in Etna's little drama
TV thing is amazing as well. But to make a long story short, Flonne has now
joined your party, and Chapter 3 is upon us.

 VIc. A Hint of Kindness

So Chapter 3 begins as Etna tells Laharl that it's time for the Prinnies to get
their paychecks, which bites Laharl in the ass as he keeps saying Etna's vassals
are his. That means he has to cough up the money, except it's obviously not
coming out of his pocket. Such is Flonne's first observation of the Netherworld.
Anyway, go read Etna's diary then talk to the Dimension Guide, who says that
the richest demon's place is locked. To get in, you need a Level 10 thing
equipped on Laharl. To get that level, you need to go through ten floors of the
Item World. Damn, that's a lot of work. To start with, buy a Short Sword or crap
like that, then talk to the item world gal to get in there.

 3-1X  ~~  Item World  ~~  Short Sword  ~~  Bonus Level: N/A

completely random

Time for me to explain the Item World. If you entered a nice, cheap, easy
item like a Short Sword, you basically have ten battles that will for the most
part be easy as hell as long as you don't run into some annoying cheap ass Geo
Effects. It's easier and harder than that though -- to end a battle, you have
two choices: kill all the enemies, which can be hard because some of the weird
layouts for these places, or get to the exit panel. Just hit R2 at the base
panel to find where it is. Some of them are right next to you when you come in,
while others are half a mile away from you when you enter and guarded by half a
dozen angry enemies that have every single Geo Effect in the game imposed on
them. All depends on the situation.

Regardless, the opening battles start out incredibly easy, though they get a
little harder as they go (id est, going from level 1 to about level 5-6, not
too bad). The best technique by far to get to ugly spots for exit panels, is
to make a tower of characters and throw them there. Definitely helps out. When
you get to Level 10, you'll find a enemy known as the Item General, and if you
beat him, the stat increases you get on the item after the battle are slightly
better, so why not just the battle through. Plus, you get a second Mr. Gency's
Exit if you win the tenth battle, and they sell for some great money anyway.
When you're done, you can go right back to the Overlord's Castle. Odds are the
weapon you got turned out pretty good, but just talk to the Dimension Guide
with it equipped to open up Dinero Palace (yeah the name speaks for itself),
go to the hospital and do what you will with equipment. Now Chapter 3 really
does begin.

 3-1  ~~  Dinero Palace  ~~  Gaudy Entrance  ~~  Bonus Level: 5

Lv. 7 Pugilist x1
Lv. 6 Pugilist x1
Lv. 5 Brawler x7

And Chapter 3 couldn't start off any easier. All of your enemies here are
Brawlers or upgrading versions of Brawlers, which leads to a rather simple
battle. Right off the bat you have three Brawlers right in front of you. Easy
as pie, just hit them and they'll die in one turn. At this point, the Pugilists
at the top will come down after you. These guys are a little tougher due to
their higher HP and strength, but so long as you keep Laharl and your other
strong as hell characters in front, with the weak characters who are just there
to garter EXP in the back, you won't have any problems. Especially with the
even weaker Brawlers behind the walls, who fight with bows. Haha, what a joke.
I didn't have a single character die in this battle. Time for 3-2, which starts
with a rather informative but amusing exchange between Etna and Flonne.

 3-2  ~~  Dinero Palace  ~~  Golden Courtyard  ~~  Bonus Level: 5

Lv. 9 Priest x1
Lv. 8 Manticore x1
Lv. 6 Pugilist x8

This battle is barely harder than the last one. Maybe the slight increase in
difficulty can be attributed to the fact there's at least a small variety in
the type of enemy here, but oh well. I digress. There's four pugilists right
near you when you come in, so I assume you're pretty used to killing whatever
is right in front of you when you come in anyway. Face it, they have less than
70 HP each anyway, so you should be able to finish them off quite easily. Then
what you have in front of you is a blue line of the floor which has No Entry
on it. So yeah, obviously you can't pass through there until the Geo Symbol is
destroyed. Not to mention what's on the other side of that uses projectile
weapons... very dangerously.

The Geo Symbol, which is about as strong as anything else in the battle if you
can actually believe that, is to the right of the line. If it's going to take a
turn or two to get to it, though, feel free to use long range attacks like
Etna's spear, magic, or bows and guns to scratch the stuff on the other side.
Eventually you'll be faced with a priest and a manticore. Definitely kill the
priest first as his Fire is one of the most dangerous aspects here, plus he
uses Heal and Shield... very nasty. The manticore will most likely be your last
target, but yet again, if everyone is still alive and can pound on it, you
shouldn't have any troubles. After this, take care of business, and enter 3-3.
Turns out that the owner of this palace really is a former vassal of Laharl's.

 3-3  ~~  Dinero Palace  ~~  Flashy Passage  ~~  Bonus Level: 6

Lv. 10 Pugilist x1
Lv. 7 Pugilist x4
Lv. 6 Brawler x1
Lv. 4 Brawler x15 

No, that isn't a typo, there really are sixteen brawlers here. Definitely the
most enemies in any battle yet. That being said, this battle is extremely
manageable. Obviously your first task is to get rid of all the brawlers in
your immediate vicinity, but this can be easily done. Start with the left by
having a mage hit all three of the first brawlers with something with the line
of three option for magic. That should weaken if not kill all three of them.
Then for the right, have a strong physical attacker kill the first one in one
blow, then move Laharl to the space where she once stood. Have Laharl use Blade
Rush, effectively slicing the next three to shreds. Then with your remaining
few physical attackers, have them kill whatever they can that's left and in your
range. Just so long as you keep your healers back.

I gotta say, there must be an awful lot of brawler corpses in that room they're
in. Oh well. A turn in, and the brawlers will probably just all come forward,
except for the four in the back with bows. When they do, you should probably
be able to get rid of all the ones that have HP in the 40s, crushing 'em like
ants. The one with 240+ HP and a spear, however, deserves a little more of your
attention though. Just handle her with care. You know, Hurricane Slash, Tiger
Charge, Sky Lunge... that kind of nice, painful care. =) The four brawlers on
the back are the biggest jokes of all; just throw someone up there and have
them wreak havoc. Or you can use spears, bows, or guns. Whatever keeps your boat
afloat. Just move on to 3-4, a perfect case of fighting to the death over power
and money. Ah, I love the Netherworld.

 3-4  ~~  Dinero Palace  ~~  Lavish Hall  ~~  Bonus Level: 6

Lv. 12 Rich Demon (Hoggmeiser)
Lv. 10 Pugilist x2
Lv. 6 Wall of Meat x6

I didn't make that up either. The first six brawlers here are seriously called
the Wall of Meat. Anyway, you should make your objective to kill every member
of this so called wall of meat within the first turn. They don't move, and they
also aren't very strong, but as a whole they pose a greater threat than
Hoggmeiser. Kill one or two on the left first so that you can get Laharl in
there to use Blade Rush and damage all of them, which believe me will severely
weaken them. They have generally very low defense, so any type of physical
attack will cripple them. After that, the two pugilists will be left. They're
about as strong as the Level 10 Pugilist from the last battle. Strong... but
not against the advantage of numbers.

Eventually you run into Hoggmeiser. Don't even touch him if the pugilists are
left. In fact, if he gets near you I'd just have some strong guy throw that
money grubbing bastard away from you. Just kill the pugilists, utilize Flonne's
Power of Love attack, which is great for healing everyone in a selected area,
and then Hoggmeiser is left. He's quite the boss; he has about 400 HP, rather
strong attacks, and his Spinning Slice is the equivalent of Laharl's Blazing
Knuckle, hitting everything around him. However, once again. Numbers make all
the difference. Hurricane Slash, Skull Splitter, Tri-Burst, someone casting
magic on him... pile all that on top of him, and what with his defense which
isn't exactly outstanding, and the demon personification of Square Enix is
defeated. Oh yeah, have I mentioned yet how epic this music is? Seriously.

The scene that follows the battle is rather touching. Laharl is about to kill
Hoggmeiser off, but his son steps in for him. Flonne explains why this is, then
Laharl gets flashbacks and lets Hoggmeiser go, only taking 5000 HL with him.
You badass, you Laharl. Hoggmeiser also joins your party, which is nice of him.
Afterwards, Chapter 3 is done. Time to start Chapter 4.

 VId. Gift from an Angel

Chapter 4 begins with Vulcanus back in Celestia thinking stupid thoughts, and
taking a pendant from Flonne. So apparently Flonne can't survive in the
Netherworld, so she says she'll give Laharl "something good" if he helps her
find it. Fair enough, that's Laharl's specialty. Anyway, you definitely have a
lot of money to blow off at this point, so make you do that. Perhaps you should
increase the expense of items. Also, if you've been using a red skull... make a
blue skull now. Seriously, just for this chapter, trust me. Make sure Etna's
diary is read, and let's get fighting.

 4-1  ~~  Blazing Core  ~~  Road of Flames  ~~  Bonus Level: 7

Lv. 12 Killer Armor x1
Lv. 11 Decoy x2
Lv. 9 Pumpkin x4

Chapter 4 starts out exactly how Chapter 3 started: with a very simple and
rather easy battle. Seems we're back to fighting monsters. The first four
start on a square of green panels with an EXP + 100% effect, which is quite a
treat. Obviously, that means you need to kill the enemies when they're on the
squares, not when you're on them. Use this to your advantage and get some
lower leveled characters some EXP, why don't you, it really helps. The Pumpkins
aren't hard enemies, plus they're all weak against ice. Treat that as you will.
If you can, lure the Killer Armor and the Decoys on to the green squares, though
that isn't necessary. You'll be seeing a lot of Killer Armors, and they're by
far the strongest enemies yet, but with magic and Hurricane Slash and whatnot,
one of them won't give you a large casualty count. On to 4-2.

 4-2  ~~  Blazing Core  ~~  Parched Ground  ~~  Bonus Level: 7

Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
Lv. 11 Decoy x2
Lv. 9 Pumpkin x7

After an amusing cutscene, you get a battle that is possibly even easier than
the last one. What a treat! You start off with a decoy and five pumpkins right
around you. My suggestion would be to use Blade Rush and Wind Cutter if you
have that on the ones that are a little further away, while your short ranged
attackers like a brawler and a warrior smash down the ones that are right next
to you when they come out of the base panel. Then you can always weaken the
further ones through long ranged attackers, and characters like Etna who have
slightly better movement. One or two may be left afterwards, but at this point
enemies of this strength shouldn't be too enpowering. At that point, solidify
your characters around the middle, use Power of Love and Heal, and let's keep

The other pumpkins, decoy, and killer armors are far away from the ones you
just killed, and as such they won't even move. Haha... just makes it easy for
you. The Killer Armors are particularly slow, so take your time getting in
there. The Decoys are barely stronger than the Pumpkins, meaning soon the only
thing left will be the Killer Armors. Handle them one at a time like before,
but if you can hit them both with the same attack (Blade Rush, Wind Cutter, et
cetera), by all means do so, since their Power Slice attack can do up to 80+
damage depending on who it hits. Not nice, so kill those bastards, then get
ready to go to 4-3.

 4-3  ~~  Blazing Core  ~~  Blazing Field  ~~  Bonus Level: 8

Lv. 14 Nightmare x1
Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
Lv. 11 Decoy x5
Lv. 9 Pumpkin x5

And here we have a slightly more complicated battle. Almost all of the field
except for a little bit over to the right of it, as well as where you come in,
is covered with a red field that has an Enemy Boost + 50% field. That's not
good. It's bearable, unlike Enemy Boost x3, but it's still quite bad. To start
off with, I'd have Laharl stand in front of the five Pumpkins to block them
from coming in, and then I'd have someone throw someone else across the gap to
the right. At that point, someone should throw the Enemy Boost + 50% Geo
Symbol over to the right. An alternative way is to take the Damage + 20% symbol
and throw it onto the field, then wait five turns and everything will just die
immediately, but that's an extremely lame ass way of finishing this battle. So
seriously... why do that.

After you get the symbol off, the rest of the battle isn't too bad. The Pumpkins
will already be dead or close to dead, so just gradually move up, and the Decoys
will basically come to you one by one, never all at once. Also, the Nightmare
at the top is higher leveled than the Killer Armors, but its attacks aren't
NEARLY as overwhelming. Its Fire Dance is long range, but it does about half the
damage. Just worry about the Killer Armors and make sure you're not fighting
two of them at the same time. Power of Love is still a great technique for
getting yourself cured, so as long as you're careful around the Killer Armors,
you should be fine. So, just get to 4-4, where we run into our old pal Mid-Boss
again, who has Flonne's pendant from Vulcanus, and is in a rather evil mood.

 4-4  ~~  Blazing Core  ~~  Molten Labyrinth  ~~  Bonus Level: 8

Lv. 17 Mid-Boss (Mid-Boss)
Lv. 15 Mandrake x1
Lv. 14 Nightmare x2
Lv. 12 Killer Armor x4

Alright, this earns the honorary title of first battle in the game that I'll
refer to as being really damn hard. The first and last of your problems being
Mid-Boss. You'll first glance over at him to find he has over 800 HP, but that
won't haunt you yet. You'll be haunted by the fact there's four Killer Armors
here, and a bunch of enemies even higher leveled than they are. The key here
is not to just rush ahead and try to take on all four Killer Armors at once,
cuz if you do you will get your ass beat badly, and then there's no way you
can handle Mid-Boss as much as you've been weakened. Keep your characters near
your base panel, and a couple of the Killer Armors will come after you. Some
of the enemies (one of the Nightmares usually) will also come from the right
side of the bridge, so if that happens, send one good character like Laharl
there and just use him to kill 'em all.

I'd say the enemies that take precedence of killing first over all others are
the Killer Armors, then the Mandrake, then the Nightmares. Even though the
Mandrake is just a souped up Pumpkin, its Jack the Ripper attack is deadly,
and its stats are comparatively higher. The Nightmares do little more than
their weak Fire Dance attack anyway. Do this battle wisely by making sure you
keep everyone alive (meaning that no matter how strong or weak they are, get
them healed when they get below half HP, because Mid-Boss can do that much
damage). When you do get to Mid-Boss, avoid keeping characters in rows and
lines, because his Adonic Blast can hurt everyone set up that way. What's worse,
he can use it twice. Not only has it got range, but it does about 100 damage to
everyone, too. Ugh.

Definitely don't get started on Mid-Boss until you're done with everything else.
In fact, don't even approach his range, he'll come after you by himself after
three or so turns. Keep everyone together roughly, and just hammer on him with
everything you've got, unless Laharl or someone else is to the right of the map
killing one last enemy, in which case he can do that and come back. Don't forget
that you have Hoggmeiser in your base panel, and while he definitely isn't as
strong as Laharl or Etna, his Spinning Slash can do great damage while stopping
him from being countered. That, and he can trade hits with Mid-Boss, though the
latter will win in a straight fight. Just someone there to take hits away from
everyone else and give added support. If you're strong enough and have enough
characters, Mid-Boss will fall. Flonne reveals that he tricked Laharl, saying
that her "gift" is to make him realize that he can love. Bahaha. Classic. With
that, Vulcanus disappears and Chapter 4 ends.

 VIe. Etna's Secret

Chapter 5 begins as Etna and Flonne are laughing at a humiliating photo of
Laharl, which on the back says that if Laharl doesn't come to Jotunheim for a
duel, the picture will be spread throughout the Netherworld. What is on the
picture, no one knows. I'd say it's either Laharl crossdressing, or doing
something after being kicked in the nuts. With that, though, this chapter has
started. The obvious first step is to read Etna's diary and then get into
Jotunheim, but I have some important notes for you first.

Jotunheim is another place with all enemies having 50% resistance to ice and
weakness to fire. That being said, if you've been following my guide up to this
point you trained a red skull, a green skull, and a blue skull to Level 5, and
now a Star Skull is available. If you did that... wonderful. I would definitely
have Flonne create the Star Skull, because if Flonne stands next to her pupil
and uses Star three times, she'll learn the spell herself, so then she can
actually contribute something to the battle. A Star Skull can do damage that
totally ignores all the resistances/weaknesses, so that's overall a good thing.

Also, just a note on hospital prizes. Hopefully those are going good, but you
may not be caring much for the higher leveled orbs. You know, the Dark Orb, the
Blood Orb... I mean, do you really need all that extra SP and RES? Your choice,
but if you don't and they don't have any extra bonuses in things like INT which
are quite helpful, I really would suggest selling them off, since you can make
a massive profit off them. Make sure your equipment is up to snuff, especially
armor, since I for one tend to overlook it around this point. But ah well. 5-1.

 5-1  ~~  Jotunheim  ~~  Absolute Zero  ~~  Bonus Level: 9

Lv. 12 Imp x9

This is one of the most frustrating battles in the whole game, if I'm being
entirely honest with you guys. However, amazingly enough, this is actually the
hardest battle in the entire chapter. First of all, the layout. The whole place
consists of a yellow Geo Symbol field that has the following effects: Ally
Damage + 20%, Atk - 50%, and Def + 50%. Obviously your first task is to destroy
the Ally Damage + 20% symbol, which is to the north of where you come in,
surrounded by three of this battle's nine Imps, which as I mentioned earlier are
the most annoying things in the entire game. So basically, punch them out of the
way and get to the Geo Symbol, which you need to break as fast as possible.
Laharl is your guy for that, with some long ranged support. Also, if you can
get a Scout with a Dark Cannon set up there, that'll actually work very well.

Even after the Geo Symbol is gone there, everyone's attacks will still be doing
half the damage because of the effects here. The joke is on you, though, since
the Imps use Hell Pepper which causes Poison. That being said, Flonne isn't
going to die, and Power of Love is still a great technique, so use that to
your heart's content. If you wish to maintain your sanity though, destroy at
least one of the Geo Symbols. If you can do that, though, the battle should
pretty much fall into place. The imps will end up all gathering together, so
as long as you try to hit them all at the same time whenever possible, you're
used to them and they won't kill you. That's the most annoying battle in this
chapter, and the next battle is the second most annoying. =) Starting with
Laharl almost dying for the most ridiculous reason ever.

 5-2  ~~  Jotunheim  ~~  Endless White  ~~  Bonus Level: 9

Lv. 15 Ninja x1
Lv. 15 Scout x2
Lv. 12 Puck x7

This fight is a little easier than the last one, but not by much. What you'll
start off against are seven pucks, the first five virtually crowding you. And
then there's Laharl, whose ATK, INT, DEF, and RES have all been halved due to
Flonne being a dumbass back there. So yeah, Laharl isn't gonna be great here,
though he IS your strongest character, and even with his stats halved he's
still better than some of your other characters probably. With that, you're
going to have to rely on your other strongest attackers. The best of who is
probably Etna, and you're going to really have to be looking for an instance in
which she can't use either Impaler or Sky Lunge.

Kill the Pucks as fast as possible, while keeping your weak characters back,
and towards the left. I say this because to the right across the water are two
Scouts with guns. Not nice, they won't hesitate to take a weak character like a
Brawler and pummel him down with Tri-Bursts. Characters like warriors who are
legitimately strong, though, can stay closer to the right and kill the Pucks
with some good old Skull Splitting action. Then the Ninja will come in, who
has a rather high speed and because of that should be weighed down with a
gunner or someone else with high HIT, but he isn't really as annoying as the
two Scouts. Handle them last, using Etna's spears to get them from a distance,
Laharl's Blade Rush or Wind Cutter, and your own Scout. So long as you keep
weak characters away from them, this battle will end well enough. On to 5-3,
where Laharl reveals his relative lack of libido.

 5-3  ~~  Jotunheim  ~~  Terrible Cold  ~~  Bonus Level: 9

Lv. 14 Empusa x5
Lv. 14 Nekomata x3

Did they hire someone to write the names of these maps for less than minimum
wage? Just a thought. But anyhow, 5-3 is the best map yet, because almost the
whole thing is covered with an Invincibility field! The only way to get rid of
it is to have someone go to the very end of the field and throw the red Geo
Symbol on to the single green panel. Sounds like a pain in the ass, doesn't it?
Well, it is, but in the immense amount of time that it'll take for someone to
get over there, have your characters attack the catgirls as well as themselves,
so that you can build up your weapon mastery! Seriously people, that is
exactly what this is about. Especially the fist users, since they counterattack
so many times. To get over to the upper right faster, throw the catgirls out of
the way, and use Triple Strike to get them out of the way.

Eventually whomever you're using will get to the end, and throw the thing on
there. Hopefully Laharl, since he still sucks ass in this battle. But when
that's done, you'll find... this battle is rather hard too. The Nekomatas use
Hip Attack, a bitch of an attack that drains HP from you. Ugh. Use your best
magic here, fire if you've got any, and go into full out aggression. Hopefully
their SP is sucking pretty bad right now, which is something you can definitely
do during the invincibility stage, but another good idea would be to use
Asteroid Drop or Lion's Roar, since no doubt they're surrounding you in the
middle. That's all I can say for this. Full out offensive. Ready yourself for
5-4, the most epic scene yet in the game, not to mention the most epic music

 5-4  ~~  Jotunheim  ~~  Ice Queen  ~~  Bonus Level: 10

Lv. 19 Demon Sire (Maderas)
Lv. 16 Golem x1
Lv. 15 Lilim x2
Lv. 14 Empusa x4

Despite being the most epic battle yet, the last battle of Chapter 5 is also
the easiest battle of Chatper 5. Heh... what kind of sense does that make. All
you have is less catgirls than last battle who are no stronger, a Golem who is
actually relatively strong, and a laughably easy boss. Nice change of pace!
The beginning part of this place is split into three paths, one on each side
and one in the middle. Two of the catgirls are right in the middle, so I just
threw out everyone except Laharl and Etna, who went for the two at the side,
and the two in the middle died in about a couple hits each. The only even
potentially dangerous thing here is the Golem, which you want to use Wind
Cutter and Prinny Raid and all that long ranged stuff on as soon as you can.
You don't want to taste its Golem Dunk attack. Believe me.

The two Lilims will naturally come in right after the Empusas, but since the
Empusas WILL at that point be all you've been past, they shouldn't be too much
of a problem. Maderas will likely come down from one of the sides, meaning he
won't do diddly squat to you. Just use all the long ranged stuff and then when
it gets next to you, short ranged stuff at your disposal on the Golem, and then
the fight is basically over. All Maderas has to offer is 650 HP compared to
Mid-Boss's 800, a special technique called Chaos Fire which is insultingly
weak, and a coward who half the time won't even attack, but will just run
away. That, and his defense is nothing that Hurricane Slash and Sky Lunge
can't make short work of. I can say I rather like this battle! With that,
Chapter 5 ends with a resolution between Laharl and Etna, and it ends up happy
for everyone... except Mid-Boss. Paves the way right into Chapter 6.

 VIf. Laharl's Challenge

Chapter 6 immediately starts as Laharl reads a letter that he's had sent out
all over the Netherworld, saying that that day he will carry a deed for the
position of Overlord to the end of the Blair Forest, and if no one can take it
from him, he'll become the Overlord himself. Can anyone guess how THAT is gonna
turn out. Well, almost all the vassals except the necessary ones are gone from
the castle at this point, but in any case, read Etna's diary, and then if your
brawler and warrior, if you're using them, are at Level 12, I'd refrain from
transmigrating them into third tiers yet. I just wait for the fourth tiers, but
oh well, my thoughts, you can do what you want with them. When you're ready,
let's start 6-1.

 6-1  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Calamity Woods ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 12 Ghost x2
Lv. 12 Boggart x2
Lv. 12 Hobbit x2
Lv. 12 Puck x1
Lv. 12 Man-Eater x2
Lv. 12 Imp x2
Lv. 12 Gremlin x2
Lv. 12 Golem x2
Lv. 12 Killer Armor x2
Lv. 12 Dark Knight x1
Lv. 12 Pumpkin x2
Lv. 12 Decoy x1
Lv. 12 Gargoyle x2
Lv. 12 Nightmare x2
Lv. 12 Zombie x2

Damn, now I didn't make up that list of enemies. You really are fighting 27
enemies, which come in just about every type of monster seen so far. Still,
this battle is quite easy and I'll tell you why, and Laharl spelled it out in
the intro scene: you need to take them on ONE AT A TIME. That's right, the
island right at the beginning with the base panel is very small, and connected
to the main area with all the monsters, by an extremely narrow walkway. So
everything on the other side can only dream of hurting you except with their
weak ass Mega Wind and stuff like that, while only one monster gets on that
bridge and hammers away at the character in the front. Trust me you can handle
one monster. See what I'm getting at here?

Start off by having Laharl stand a little back and fire away with Wind Cutter.
Wind Cutter and to a lesser extent Blade Rush are absolute godsends in this
battle, so make use of them. Then someone like Etna or someone equally strong
can stand in front to defend everyone else, then you've got Flonne and your
Star Skull or whatever other mage you have. They're great too, at hitting
down the enemies that have been weakened, and just at starting to peck away at
some of their HP's. Just stay where you are for a few turns, until the number
of enemies is way reduced, or until Laharl runs out of SP for Wind Cutter. Then
you can start getting a full assault going. Emphasis goes on killing the
Nightmares first, because Fire Dance is nasty, then the Imps/Gremlins because of
their poison, then the Killer Armors. Make sure that you don't let Flonne get
killed, because in the small space you're given, Power of Love is amazingly
useful. Just handle this safely from a distance, one at a time, and your
casualty count will be next to zilch. Enjoy the crazy bonuses you get from the
battle, then let's go on to 6-2.

 6-2  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Ritual Site ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 24 Demonslayer (Sardia)

Well... this battle is the exact opposite of last one. That had 27 enemies
who were all weak as hell, this one has one enemy who's the closest thing to a
god you've seen yet. Sardia the Demonslayer, essentially a pimped Knight, has
1300+ HP, as well as ATK and DEF nearing 300, and she isn't afraid to use
Wind Cutter. My first recommendation for you before this battle begins is to
BUY NEW WEAPONS. Otherwise you're going to be pretty pissed off doing next to
no damage against that huge pile of HP. Meanwhile though, you want to have
yourself set up so that Sardia can't hit two characters at once with Blade
Rush or especially Wind Cutter. That's not too hard to do.

I would set up a position at first with Laharl five squares away to use a
Wind Cutter immediately, while he has a couple attackers on either side, like
a phalanx. Then Sardia will come forward, hit you with something, and now you
want to surround her. If you have four strong attackers around her, hopefully
a long ranged attack like a Scout outside hitting her with Tri-Burst and stuff,
and also a mage or two bearing down on her (a Star Skull and Flonne casting
Star every turn will REALLY take her HP down as a few turns go by), and you'd
be surprised how fast 1300 HP will go down. Just watch out for your attacks
like Sky Lunge, Triple Strike, and Tiger Charge, which move the character, and
for god's sakes don't put a bunch of characters four or five squares away from
her. That's a bad idea. Then in the end, leave the kill to someone who you'd
like a ton of EXP going to. Then keep going.

 6-3  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Witches' Den ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 16 Pvt. Prinny x2
Lv. 15 Pvt. Prinny x3
Lv. 12 Pvt. Prinny x2
Lv. 11 Pvt. Prinny x1
Lv. 10 Pvt. Prinny x1

This battle is a joke in every way from the ridiculous formation to the
actual difficulty of the thing. I give them credit for the hilarious idea of
this, but the actual battle is freaking easy. First of all, if you want to make
it even easier, just throw all of them and they'll explode, instantly killing
them obviously, but not netting you any EXP or HL. But who wants to do that?
Only a couple of the Prinnies here are any strong at all, and half of them
will just sit there doing nothing, waiting for you to attack them. The Prinnies
on the far ends, for instance. The ones in the middle aka the base men, though,
are slightly threatening, but so long as you keep weak characters out of the
range of their Prinny Barrage, this fight is just a total joke. Just move on
6-4 fast, where an Overlord comes out to play and then splits into ten.

 6-4  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Writhing Shadow ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 75 Alt. Overlord x10

Do I even need to explain the first part of this battle? You're facing ten
Overlords, one of which could kick your ass, let alone effing ten of them. And
there really is nothing you can do about it except send ten of your characters
out, let them get blown to bits, and guess what? It ain't game over; the vassals
who left the castle come back to help you, even though they were only waiting
to ambush Laharl in the first place. Bahaha. So now you have six allies who
are all Level 200-300, obviously a hell of a lot stronger, though you still
can't control them.

The vassals will absolutely slaughter the Overlords, but let me tell you a
little secret right about now, if you want to play it extremely cheap. The
vassals will attack, dealing tons of damage, then the Overlords will counter
and whatnot, then when a turn is all said and done, an Overlord may be left
with something like 100-150 HP. Really close to the brink of death, if you know
what I mean. If you throw one of your characters in there and have him kill
that Overlord, you will receive an absolutely insane amount of EXP. Like, more
than the boundaries of cheapness would ever allow for. Not to mention a lot of
HL as well. If you want to do that, then go ahead. Stop reading this guide if
you do that though. =P But anyway, that wasn't the last battle. Chapter 6 is
the first chapter to be more than four battles.

 6-5  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Nightdwellers ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 20 Prism Ranger (Prism Red)
Lv. 17 Specter x4
Lv. 17 Puck x4
Lv. 17 Man-Eater x4

This battle is in my opinion the hardest so far in the game, bar none. First
of all, the entire map is covered with a Warp effect, meaning every turn you
will be teleported somewhere completely random. That could be good, as in the
enemies going somewhere else while you surround some of those annoying Pucks
and can beat the daylights out of them, or it could turn out equally bad.
Either way, I'd start the battle off by pulling Laharl out far enough to use
Wind Cutter, while everyone is far back. The Specters here, are by far the
least of your worries. The Pucks are the most annoying thing here, as their
Demon Breath does 50-60 damage on top of causing sleep, which is hard as hell
to wear off. The Man-Eaters aren't too bad unless you're in a line, in which
case they'll stomp the lot of you.

So it all depends on where you end up at first. If you get to a good position,
that'll have a lasting effect on the whole battle. And if not... that's too
bad. Either way, I wouldn't bring out your mages and weak characters until you
get somewhat weakened enemies right near the base panel, since they'll run the
most risk of anyone. I also recommend during this battle, bringing Maderas out
so he can float around weakening enemies. The battle is randomized enough so
that it's appropriate. Especially as far as Prism Red is concerned, since he's
one hard mofo. His main special does on average about 100-110 damage, and he's
got a good 500 HP on him, so Maderas weakening him will help. Apart from that,
use whatever you've got available at that point, making sure you leave him for
last or close to last. Good luck, 6-6 is easier.

 6-6  ~~  Blair Forest ~~  Heart of Evil ~~  Bonus Level: 11

Lv. 22 Mid-Boss (Mid-Boss)
Lv. 20 Gargoyle x2
Lv. 17 Puck x10

Oh great, it's the third battle against Mid-Boss. He is actually easier this
time around than in Chapter 4; instead the only bad thing here is the ten
Pucks that surround you when the battle starts. You're in for your absolute
overkill if you enter this battle and don't do something about those Pucks.
First thing I'd do is have Laharl use Blade Rush or Overlord's Wrath (or
Blazing Knuckle if two who are weak against fire are next to each other) on
them, and hopefully that's close to a one hit kill. There's always the bow
skill Dark Flash, which while I normally dislike it, can prove useful in this
situation. Asteroid Drop, Lion's Roar if you have the SP to use that skill,
use it all. Same with Flonne and someone else for magic.

If you can kill at least half of the Pucks in one turn, that should probably
be enough, as the only thing besides them are a couple gargoyles, and, well,
Mid-Boss. The gargoyles will come down after the second turn, so until then,
make sure you have all the Pucks dead. The gargoyles tend to stay rather close
to each other, so using the same multi target attacks are good as ever. Then
you have to deal with Mid-Boss, who is actually easier than last time, since
his special technique, Adonic Fury, only hits one character. While the damage
from it tends to exceed 200, it's still one target, so don't worry about that.
His 1100 HP isn't as bad as it seems, so long as you have someone attack him
from behind. The best stuff is still Hurricane Slash and Sky Lunge, as always.
If you're having trouble with this battle, the best advice I can give is to
go to the shops and buy stronger weapons.

After the battle, Mid-Boss escapes saying he has stomach cramps... yeah, no
comment. Laharl then, finally, becomes the Overlord. Much to his happiness and
Flonne's dismay. Because speaking of which, somehow Vulcanus immediately finds
out that Laharl became the Overlord, and that Flonne is a traitor. Laharl is
left to scream and laugh evilly, and then Chapter 6 is drawn to a close. Ready
for Chapter 7 much?

 VIg. Of Being an Overlord

A little bit after the events of Chapter 6, Laharl is still laughing evilly,
overjoyed at his new status of Overlord. That being said, Etna comes in with
his first job... and it's helped a kid find his pets who have been lost. Yeah,
that's seriously Laharl's first job. Doesn't help that the kid is a little
annoying brat, albeit one who owns Flonne royally. Anyway, the vassals are
back, though they don't have anything too special to say, so just read Etna's
diary, and then start 7-1, in Salamander's Breath.

 7-1  ~~  Salamander's Breath ~~  Scorching Wind ~~  Bonus Level: 12

Lv. 23 Ghoul x1
Lv. 20 Zombie x13

I love this battle. No, I really do, I feel sentiments like that towards any
battle which has a HL + 50% and an EXP + 100% bonus spread out all over the
whole thing. On top of that, this fight ain't too tough either, so think of
it mainly as an opportunity to raise up your lower leveled characters by
having them land finishing blows on the zombies. While the zombies do have
high-ish HP, their defenses and resistances tend to be quite low, so just let
loose. Give it your multi hit attacks and everything else that you've got,
and while you may end up with a few dead characters by the time it's all said
and done, that's to be expected. Feel free to come back to this battle at a
few points, since battles like this are few and far between. Enjoy the HL,
then let's hit up the not as awesome 7-2.

 7-2  ~~  Salamander's Breath ~~  Column of Fire ~~  Bonus Level: 12

Lv. 26 Corpse x1
Lv. 23 Ghoul x2
Lv. 20 Zombie x7

See what I meant by this place not being as awesome as the last? Column of
Fire is surrounded by an Enemy Boost x3, which is seriously bad for you. It
doesn't help that the Null symbol is way over behind a pyramid of zombies, so
you need to use throw manuevers to get on the other side. I just do this by,
on either side of the pyramid, having a character with bad throwing range step
two squares out, then a character with good throwing range like Etna or a Scout
come one square out, while Laharl stays on the base panel. Then have the
character with bad range pick up Laharl, and the character with good range pick
up the two together, then throw them both towards the null panel at the back.
At that point, Hurricane Slash that thing, I say!

That being said, you'll probably need two trips to the null panel, since the
symbol of course needed to have a ton of HP. It'd be incredibly advantageous,
however, if you can do it with only Laharl and a Hurricane Slash or Overlord's
Wrath. To do that, you'll need a damn good weapon for him, probably a belt,
and also a mage to come out and use Braveheart on him (trust me you'll be doing
that a LOT later). If you can't though, feel free to make two trips. When that's
gone, everything disappears, and then you have the zombies to finish off.
Nothing more I can say except use Laharl's Wind Cutter and Overlord's Wrath
attacks to get rid of the pyramid, save the Corpse and Ghouls for last, and
try to keep everyone alive as long as you can. That's really all I can say.
Good luck with this, enjoy your bonuses and then go on to 7-3.

 7-3  ~~  Salamander's Breath ~~  Raging Earth ~~  Bonus Level: 12

Lv. 20 Zombie x6

This battle is easy as hell, probably even easier than that joke back in 7-1.
To start off with, a river of lava is in the middle of this place. The side
you're on has a Damage + 20% effect as well as Silence. Not so good. The other
side is barren, but in between the two are a couple paths, with No Entry and
No Lifting effects. Simple; start by getting all your characters out and
sending them to the left side of the lava river, where the No Entry symbol is.
At that point, you'll see there's six zombies on the other side (yeah I know
not much), and a few of them at a time will move over to where you are. Then
they'll proceed to use Zombie Twister and get on your side.

First of all, Zombie Twister is incredibly weak, and second of all, the zombies
have horrible defense which is just compounded by the 20% damage they too will
be taking. Your primary focus should be towards slashing and shooting down the
No Entry symbol (which bows and guns really help for let me tell you), but if
a zombie gets over, feel to free to have a couple characters waste them. Etna
or anyone else you might use for spears are great too, for both hitting the Geo
Symbol and hitting zombies who are across the green line. When it finally
disappears, send your whole party across, and since they're definitely hurting
at that point, Flonne's Power of Love special is extremely helpful. At that
point, probably only a couple of zombies remain, so celebrate your lack of
being under Silence by using Wind Cutter and Tiger Charge and all that lovable
stuff. Too bad you get just about no HL out of the whole deal. Cheap bastard
zombies. Oh well... 7-4 next.

 7-4  ~~  Salamander's Breath ~~  Crimson Plains ~~  Bonus Level: 13

Lv. 26 Corpse x2
Lv. 23 Ghoul x5
Lv. 20 Zombie x4

And this battle... is even easier than the last one, if you could actually
believe that. The four squares surrounding the base panel are all red with
attack and defense boosts, while the green squares on the outside of the
red ones have attack and defense penalties. So basically, sit your four
strongest short range physical attackers on those four squares, and the only
thing that'll hurt them is poison from Zombie Puke, which is legitimately
annoying and you might want to have a Faerie Dust or Espoir ready for that
just in case. Meanwhile, feel free to have a gunner sit on the base panel or
way outside all that chaos, sniping down the zombies to gain EXP. Same with
someone to use bows: this place is nothing more than a training course.
Especially when there's 13 zombies to start off with, and they're going to
surround you, being unable to use Zombie Twister all the while, like the good
little idiots they are. =) Let's go finish the chapter.

 7-5  ~~  Salamander's Breath ~~  Ember of Dreams ~~  Bonus Level: 13

Lv. 27 Zombie x1
Lv. 26 Corpse x3
Lv. 23 Ghoul x4
Lv. 20 Zombie x4

What a dramatic intro. Aramis introducing the boss of this place as a
legendary zombie with a horse wiener (yeah no joke), and then the amazingly
epic theme Battle of Eight Beat playing in the background. This theme is so
awesome I just can't get over it. But in any case, this battle is definitely
more challenging than those last two jokes, but 7-2 in my book still goes
unsurpassed. This battle has two bridges on either side of the place, while in
the center is a large Def + 100% area. I suppose in theory you can fight the
battle out on that, but it's too much a pain in the ass for me. Nothing will
come at you from the left bridge; all the enemies are concentrated towards
the right, so send your characters there, and get ready for a swarm of

Bunch all your characters up against the wall, so that Zombie Twister can't
be used, and as usual keep your weaker characters to the back. These zombies
are no stronger than before, even though there's three corpses this time
around. All of them seem weak in comparison to the uber zombie at the end,
though, who comes equipped with the three infamous special items. The horse
wiener gives it added strength (...), the Mahogany's Brain increases its INT,
and the Hercules Body that huge HP count. I would definitely suggest building
up a rogue to mid teens in levels for this battle to steal that equipment,
since it's one of a kind, and the only place to get it in the whole game.
Plus, where else do you get to say that you just mugged a horse's genitals off
a juiced up zombie? Seriously.

The highlight of the scene that follows is that Laharl says Aramis can pay him
back with his body. Bahaha. Etna even spots that right out. I don't really see
what was the retrospective use of Chapter 7 in the grand scheme of things, but
suffice it to say that it's done and Chapter 8 is about to begin, coupled with
far less sexual innuendo on my part. ;]

 VIh. Reincarnation

The chapter begins as a whole number of Prinnies began singing to the red moon.
The song itself is actually not bad at all, though I'm still dying to figure
out what it's a parody of. If anyone knows, please feel free to inform me.
But in any case, Flonne is seen talking to the Big Sis Prinny you saw back in
Chapter 3, and a lot of Prinnies are at that point gone, so Laharl wants after
them. A few things to do though: buy some items which you will definitely need
as this chapter is much harder than the last, talk to the vassals, one of who
will give you a Staff of Sorcery which I'm willing to bet is better to whatever
staff you have equipped now, read Etna's diary, then go talk to the zombie near
the Dimension Guide. His "hint" to you is that the Prinnies are in the Lunar
Snowfield. Uh huh. Great hint.

 8-1  ~~ Lunar Snowfield ~~  Theatre of Death ~~  Bonus Level: 14

Lv. 27 Cyclops x2
Lv. 24 Man-Eater x10

Don't let the beautiful, soothing music fool you. This battle is HARD as HELL.
That's really good, behind the game's saddest theme by far, hide the roughest,
fiercest, hardest battle yet in the game. The Theatre of Death is surrounded
by a lot of tree stumps, and all with an Enemy Boost x3 symbol towards the
very far back. Which I counted; there's two bridges to take here to get to the
Enemy Boost x3 symbol, and both ways it's 24 spaces. What a tease. Well, I
guess I've said it all; you need to form two groups of five characters, and
throw them all the way to the back side of this place. Unless one of them can
destroy the symbol in one hit, which I highly, HIGHLY doubt. 

Even if you don't use them, I'd recommend making a Rogue just for this battle.
They can throw 6 spaces, which is quite helpful since you only have five
characters to make it that far. With that, form two rather even, separate
groups, but keep one thing in mind: have the two characters that you want to
keep alive the longest start at the base panel. Those are the ones that will
end up at the Enemy Boost x3 and Def - 50% symbols, which are far out of the
reach of any of the enemies here. Characters that are just there to throw
others to the back (like healers, which you just don't have time for in this
battle) can stay at the end of the line, where they won't be getting very far.
When you finally do get a couple characters there, you need to have one of
them pick up the Def - 50% symbol, and the other pick up the Enemy Boost x3
symbol and throw it to the blank panel where the Def - 50% symbol once stood.

But that's right, there's no way around Def - 50% for a turn, unless you're
actually strong enough to destroy the Enemy Boost x3 to start with. And sure
enough, you'll probably get slaughtered by Stomp-o-Rama in a turn or two
anyways. But since that attack tends to hit other tree stumps, make the best
of the characters you still alive, just so that you ensure Laharl won't be
stealing all the EXP from everyone. Also, with the Def - 50%, I'd have a
character at the back to play around with it, picking it up when its your turn
so that the enemies have their defense halved, then throwing it back when it's
their turn. Just my thoughts. Then when the cyclopsi are left... they actually
aren't that bad. Their strength and magic are both horrible, but they have
defense from hell, so make sure you didn't destroy that symbol. Good luck, this
battle is just lethal. Detour to the hospital, then hit up the easier 8-2.

 8-2  ~~ Lunar Snowfield ~~  Frigid Garden ~~  Bonus Level: 14

Lv. 32 Treant x1
Lv. 32 Oakrot x1
Lv. 32 Man-Eater x1
Lv. 16 Treant x1
Lv. 16 Oakrot x1
Lv. 16 Man-Eater x1
Lv. 8 Treant x1
Lv. 8 Oakrot x1
Lv. 8 Man-Eater x1
Lv. 4 Treant x1
Lv. 4 Oakrot x1
Lv. 4 Man-Eater x1
Lv. 2 Treant x1
Lv. 2 Oakrot x1
Lv. 2 Man-Eater x1
Lv. 1 Treant x1
Lv. 1 Oakrot x1
Lv. 1 Man-Eater x1

Oh the melodrama, to start this place off. That referring to the scene, of
course. This battle is as easy as Theatre of Death was hard. You have 18
trees to fight here, three of them are a little strong, fifteen of them are
pansy play that you can finish off in a hit or two. That's how it all starts.
The map begins with six trees in front of you. Let your weak characters like
bow users and whatnot take care of the first couple, then Laharl can use Wind
Cutter on the back few, and then with Sky Lunge, Colossal Fissure, and all
the other attacks that you're used to at this point, that'll be six dead tree
stumps. Then split your party into roughly half, one to kill the Oakrots next
to you where you start off, and one to kill the trees that are far past the
Man-Eaters. The Lv. 32's give quite decent EXP, the others... not so much. If
you need to use the hospital after that, go ahead. Otherwise, go to 8-3. An
interesting scene, and then another rough battle.

 8-3  ~~ Lunar Snowfield ~~  Freezing Souls ~~  Bonus Level: 14

Lv. 28 Battler x14
Lv. 28 Blue Mage x2

This battle only looks like it's potentially rough. In reality, the fact
there's fourteen battlers only helps to build you up, because generally only
two to four of them come at you at a time. I could kill at most two and weaken
one or two a turn, though I didn't use Maderas or Hoggmeiser or anyone else
like that, so if you want to do that, that might help. The battlers have all
varieties of weapons, but generally it's axes and spears. In fact, don't be
surprised if an axeman comes right out and hits you with Skull Splitter. Still,
they don't have any long ranged attacks with the exact of spears hitting two
squares away, so they won't be doing anything serious to you as long as you
have your strong attackers in the front with the mages and healers towards
the back. If you can do that, you'll easily kill off 2-3 a turn.

There's ten male battlers in all right near the entrance, so you'll be there
a while. Power of Love, for the millionth time, is an amazingly useful ability
here, as is regular Healers casting Mega Heal, which should easily get you
through whatever the Battlers throw at you. Then you'll notice four female
Battlers at the other end, with two Blue Mages behind. My recommendation is,
since those six absolutely will never move, and use bows to boot (ugh), that
you destroy the Attacks +1 and Enemy Boost x3 symbols, and then throw the
ATK - 50% symbol on there. With that, those battlers can't do squat to hurt
you. Also, since you're doing a lot of hacking and slashing at this point, note
that before Chapter 9 starts, which is in a couple battles, I like to have
Laharl at level 10 in swords. Keep that in mind when deciding who's attacking
what, it'll help. Anyway, when that battle's done with, let's end the chapter.

 8-4  ~~ Lunar Snowfield ~~  Under the Moon ~~  Bonus Level: 14

Lv. 33 Chernobog x1
Lv. 30 Shade x2
Lv. 27 Nightmare x6

Believe it or not, 8-4 is probably the most straightforward battle in Chapter
8. Crowding you when you enter are six Nightmares, which use very annoying
long range attacks and make you hate them in the process. My biggest suggestion
is that when you pull your party out of the base panel, do not align them in
any sort of formation, because that is the exact thing that the Nightmares like
to snipe down. Apart from that, the Nightmares themselves are weak and will
generally only have room enough for a few of them at a time to come after you.
The Shades and Chernobog, on the other hand, have much more HP, and take many
more hits to bring down, though they don't have that much more attacking power.
Again, I want Laharl at Lv. 10 in swords before Chapter 9, so if he ain't
there yet, this is your opportunity. This battle isn't too bad, really just a
test to see if you're tough enough.

What follows after this battle is probably the most touching scene in the
entire game. The Prinnies head off, and you find out who the big sis prinny
was, and trust me, you were not expecting that. Anyway, from here on out,
Laharl is... not as bad of a guy as a whole, though. It's this scene that
changes him. Plus it's just that music that does it for me. And Chapter 8 ends
as the Prinnies once again sing that Red Moon song. As for Chapter 9, that
starts with seeing three people named Gordon, Jennifer, and the robot Thursday
out in space. Thursday's line = badass.

 VIi. Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth

What's with the title of this chapter? Couldn't they settle for "Captain
Gordon" or "Defender of Earth"? Geez. Anyway, as I was saying, in honor of the
last chapter being called Reincarnation, I think it's right about time to
promote your brawler and warrior, if you're still using those (which I do), to
a Black Belt and Champion. It's okay if you're not to that point yet, but it's
just something to think about, and you can always build them up using 7-1, or
even the battle we're about to start. Read Etna's diary, update your equipment,
then hit up 9-1.

 9-1  ~~ Stellar Graveyard ~~  Valgipus IV ~~  Bonus Level: 15

Lv. 33 Dullahan x1
Lv. 30 Nekomata x8

And now you see why I told you to get Laharl at level 10 in swords. The
formation of the enemies here is that of a 3x3, which is the exact kind of
radius that Winged Slayer blasts. That, and I'd personally pull out a mage to
use Braveheart on him, just to further increase his ATK. With a decent stat
(around 500 or upwards), he should be doing massive damage to them; not killing
them, but hurting them badly. If you want to assault them right off the bat,
the real only other option is to kill the Dullahan in the middle with long
ranged attacks like guns and magic, and then throw a fist or spear user in the
middle and use Lion's Roar or Asteroid Drop. And that's not a very easy option,

You'll want to kill at least 3-4 of the enemies here as soon as possible, if
I'm being completely direct with you. The Nekomatas may be little catgirls,
but their Fists of Fury and Mystic Blast attacks are beyond deadly, and if any
are left alive, you absolutely can't leave your party lined up, or they'll
just kill you, plain and simple. The Dullahan is no better; its Gigantic Slash
attack is some of the worst stuff you've seen yet. So when Laharl gets done
with his business, you can always use Asteroid Drop or Lion's Roar to further
weaken the enemies, then single them out with Tri-Burst or Rapidfire depending
on their elemental weakness, Colossal Fissure, Tiger Charge if that's an
option... really the flow of this whole battle depends on how your first turn
comes out. And if you have a lot of trouble here, really the only advice I can
give is that leveling up is your friend. Do your business and then hit 9-2.

 9-2  ~~ Stellar Graveyard ~~  Thurvean Sector ~~  Bonus Level: 15

Lv. 33 Dullahan x4
Lv. 30 Nekomata x11

The scene before this battle is hilarious. But that's beside the point. This
battle starts as a complete cage match, while you're inside a set of green
lines with no Geo Effect, with six Nekomatas. Outside of this is a bunch more
nekomatas, and no less than four Dullahans. I'll say this only once: you NEED
to take the Geo Symbol on the inside and throw it on the green lines to create
a No Entry effect, or you might as well be holding a sign above your head that
says SLAUGHTER MY ASS. Six Nekomatas is hard enough, let alone five Nekomatas
and four Dullahans. Obviously, your first goal is to kill as many of the
Nekomatas in the caged in area as possible on the first turn. I'd like to point
out that the two to the right of the base panel in the initial camera setting
can be hit at the same time with Winged Slayer, Asteroid Drop, or Lion's Roar.

After your real physical attackers are done doing their thing, send another
character out and have them throw the No Entry symbol onto any green panel, and
that will fence everyone else out. In setting this up, though, make sure that
everyone is at least a small distance away from the green squares, as the
enemies all have long ranged attacks. Yeah, what a bunch of cheapskates, I
know. When you actually get everything in the small inside area killed, though,
at that point you'll want to use long ranged attacks to kill everything else.
That means Blade Rush, Wind Cutter (recommended), spears, guns, bows, magic,
then of course you can always destroy the Geo Symbol at the beginning of a turn
so that your fist and axe users can have a turn at glory. Just utilize some
caution in this battle, and you'll live. 9-3? 

 9-3  ~~ Stellar Graveyard ~~  Sphere VIII ~~  Bonus Level: 15

Lv. 36 Black Belt x3
Lv. 32 Pugilist x10

This battle annoys me. Seriously. The layout is basically eight Pugilists
standing around the center, surrounded by red squares which have ATK + 50%
and DEF + 50% effects. Notice I said surrounded by, not on, so move as many
characters as you can on there, and start hacking the life out of them. While
they have about 600 HP each, they're quite puny, plus when I brought out my
whole party, most of them were either weak naturally or reincarnated and a
little weak after, and they only killed one character, so... yeah, that speaks
for itself. So long as you take up the good squares, they will die in about
two hits no problem. And you want them dead quick, because way at the back of
this place are two more pugilists, and three black belts.

The pugilists are just as weak as the crap you just finished off. It's the
Black Belts that are evil and ruin this fight overall. They each have 1200+
HP, much better stats than the pugilists, as well as strong ass attacks, and I
promise you that the majority of your party, unless they're strong, will end
up dead. That being said, the pugilists need killing first, otherwise damage
will just pile on you even faster. Stay on the good squares and use long range
attacks while you can, then eventually all I can say is that for the Black
Belts, throw the best of whatever you can on them, while guarding the red
squares. Honestly, if you can't win this battle, which don't get me wrong, is
perfectly understandable, then leveling up is probably in your best interest.

 9-4  ~~ Stellar Graveyard ~~  Cross-Point ~~  Bonus Level: 16

Lv. 34 Wraith x11

What a joke of a battle after the last three brawlfests. Though the whole
field is green, you may see there's no effect on them. Indeed, there's one
blank panel that has Silence on it, but why you would want to bother with
that, I can't but fathom. The Wraiths aren't very damaging, and while they
are well within their ability to pull out a Giga spell which does 250 damage
or thereabouts, a lot of the time they choose not to attack at all. I really
discourage magic users here, since the Wraiths have RES from hell. Instead,
just treat their incredibly low DEF with your powerful axe stuff, sword stuff,
all the physical stuff you have. Let Flonne just use Power of Love (no spells)
when it's necessary, and this fight will be a breeze. Enjoy the plethora of HL
that follows, then let's finish the chapter.

 9-5  ~~ Stellar Graveyard ~~  Primordial Soup ~~  Bonus Level: 16

Lv. 38 Defender (Gordon)
Lv. 38 Super Robot (Thursday)

Believe it or not, 9-5 is the easiest battle in the entire chapter. It's like
Chapter 5 all over again. This time around, though, there's only two enemies:
Gordon and Thursday. Gordon is the easier to kill, even though he has more HP
overall. Thursday, while having piss poor RES, has extremely high DEF, and
about 1700 HP compared to Gordon's 2100. Gordon is the easier to wear down
though, so go for him with all of your strongest characters. That's all there
really is to say about this battle. Just pull your way through it with utter
brutality against Gordon to start with. Thursday doesn't help out much except
with his Robot Bazooka attack which he can only use once, and Gordon prefers to
keep it simple with gun attacks. When Gordon's gone, use your magic and other
withstanding good stuff on Thursday, and the battle will be over. Trust me, if
you can win this battle, otherwise you wouldn't have gotten to it.

And after that battle, Vulcanus instantly finds out that Flonne injured a human.
What is he, a friggin' stalker? Seriously, it's like he has a camera up Flonne's
regions or something. But in any case, Gordon is at this point forced to become
Laharl's vassal, and of course Thursday and Jennifer join your party as well.
That ends the business in the Stellar Graveyard, and Chapter 9.

 VIj. Angels, Demons, and Humans

Gordon, unhappy in the Netherworld, hatches the brilliant plan of escaping from
Laharl whenever he can. Meanwhile, Etna, Flonne, and Jennifer decide to picnic
in the Sea of Gehenna (and how Flonne knows what that is, is beyond my grasp),
and that's Chapter 10, which Laharl decides to tag along in. Enjoy the stuff
that Gordon and Jennifer come with. I prefer my regular gunner and fist fighter
definitely, but they're still quite decent characters, though I would take their
great stuff and replace it with the good stuff my characters had, you know? I
know, you get my drift. Read Etna's diary, buy stuff if you want, then go to
10-1, where right before you'll see a cutscene between that General Carter and
his buddy Kurtis, who knows Gordon a bit too well.

 10-1  ~~ Sea of Gehenna ~~  Fervent Melody ~~  Bonus Level: 17

Lv. 34 Guardian x5

A nice and easy battle to start Chapter 10 off, 10-1 is like 5-3 all over
again: it's got an Invincibility field spanning most of it, except a set of
bridges in the middle. There's only five enemies here, and you have to lure
them in there. Except the Invincibility area has a No Lifting effect on it
as well, which is a real problem. That means, since the last couple Guardians
absolutely refuse to move to the bridges, you're going to need to rely on your
fist fighters with Triple Strike to get them on there. Surely you've been using
a fist fighter up to this point, plus you got Jennifer after Chapter 9, even
though she starts with no mastery in fists.

Start by moving a vast number of characters out near the bridges, but not quite
on them. Make sure to use no less than ten characters here, since there's an
invincibility effect here, dammit, you want extra weapon mastery, right? Then
the two Guardians on the other side of the lava will come over, and that's at
least a couple that you can get rid of right off the bat. Then at that point
you'll just need to keep your characters where they are until the Guardians come
moderately close, then Triple Strike them over repeatedly. Then when you have
them where you want, make sure you have characters surrounding them to ensure
they can't move anywhere else. When they're on the bridge, just beat them
senseless. Let me put it bluntly, this battle won't rack up your hospital bills
very much. =)

 10-2  ~~ Sea of Gehenna ~~  Wasteland of Woe ~~  Bonus Level: 17

Lv. 40 Fafnir x1
Lv. 36 Dragon x2
Lv. 33 Brownie x1
Lv. 28 Puck x2
Lv. 27 Puck x3
Lv. 23 Hobbit x5

This battle looks a lot harder than it is in actuality. To start off with, the
Hobbits are insultingly weak. The only thing here that uses the most annoying
attack, Camarderie, is the Brownie over to the right. That's the biggest threat
besides the dragons, but anyway, I would split the group up into three to start
with, while Laharl goes to the left or middle in order to kill the Dragon that
will come that way. Plus the Pucks there are lined up perfectly for a Wind
Cutter, let's not ignore that. The Dragons aren't extremely terrible, since it
actually is possible to kill them fast if you gang up on them, due to their low
HP. It's the Fafnir that's the big threat.

The majority of your party should be pointed to the right where the Fafnir will
no doubt come down, and it's where the Brownie and strong Pucks are. A fist
fighter, an axe user and whatnot need to be there on the onslaught, trying to
kill them before the dragons come full swing, since when you're taking a lot of
Blue Nova in the face, you'll be dying pretty fast. Behind them, though, I will
say one thing: you need a cleric ready to spam Espoir, because Demon Breath
WILL put you to sleep. So in short, when you get to the second half of this
battle, you can't let up on the healing. So long as you survive all the imps,
the dragons won't take long to wear down. Go to 10-3, where the chase against
Mid-Boss continues.

 10-3  ~~ Sea of Gehenna ~~  River of Lava ~~  Bonus Level: 17

Lv. 40 Sentinel x1
Lv. 33 Brownie x4

Beware of the Sentinel. It sits in the center of the map, sporting about 1200
DEF, and while it doesn't use its strong attacks, it's boosted by 40% Recovery,
No Lifting, Enemy Boost x3, and Attacks + 1. Not good. So to remedy this, just
start by heading straight across the left bridge, towards where the Enemy Boost
x3 effect is. There's two Brownies around there, so Wind Cutter them from a
distance and then bring in the rest of your army to lay down arms against them.
Then you have a choice. You can kill the rest of the Brownies and throw a DEF
- 50% panel onto the green squares (which requires, essentially, the destruction
of all the green symbols here), or just go straight for the Sentinel and take
it on in all its 1200 DEF glory.

I choose the second option. Bring your whole party towards the center of this
map, with a fist fighter leading it. Use Triple Strike to kick it off, then
Laharl or someone else can stand where it once stood. Hah. It's not going to
move anywhere, so at that point you can use the strongest stuff you've got to
take it down. I would recommend a couple mages around there to use Braveheart
on Laharl, just so that the damage he does will be somewhat decent, but you can
just slice away and it's barely going to fight back. At that point, the
Brownies will just be icing on the cake. Hmmm... brownies, icing, cake in the
same sentence. I'm getting too hungry for this. Whatever, go to 10-4.

 10-4  ~~ Sea of Gehenna ~~  Searing Tyranny ~~  Bonus Level: 18

Lv. 35 Treant x12

This battle makes the last three look hard. Believe it or not. A lot of this
place is covered with a green EXP + 100% field, in which the Treants will start
on. So if I were you I would aim my characters to the left, while Laharl lets
loose with Winged Slayer and everyone kills those five Treants as fast as you
can, then have a couple characters block off the Treants on the right from
getting off the EXP + 100% field. The Treants will come charging right at you,
but most of the time they won't even attack. Just line up so that you can use
Wind Cutter, Asteroid Drop, and then pick off the rest with single hit attacks.
I didn't even have one character die here, but just be ready to go into 10-5.
The scene before it is quite... dramatic to say the least.

 10-5  ~~ Sea of Gehenna ~~  Inferno ~~  Bonus Level: 18

Lv. 44 Mid-Boss (Mid-Boss)
Lv. 40 Fafnir x2
Lv. 31 Puck x8

I can't decide which I like more, Battle of Eight Beat or Beautiful Round Dance.
Both themes are utterly amazing though, so it's cool either way. This battle is
a lot harder than the last few, although it's still not that bad. I'd start off
by sending your party towards the left, where Mid-Boss WILL come down after
you, but he's actually hardly a threat this time at all. It's the two Fafnirs
that you have to worry about. At least in the first turn or two of this battle,
I'd suggest just sending out your stronger characters and leaving the healers
like Flonne and your cleric in the base panel, cuz, well... this battle can
get a bit rough.

Multi-hit attacks like Winged Slayer get a lot of good opportunities in this
fight, so make sure you take use of them. To get away from Mid-Boss and to
generally improve the direction of the battle, move your whole party from left
to the right, but don't split them up. The enemies here are just a little bit
too fierce for that. If you can get through everything with your lives, though,
Mid-Boss is a piece of cake. He has a very impressive HP count, that's about
it. Hell, his Adonic Fury isn't even that strong, and you can't give too many
compliments to a guy that can only hit one character a time. With a whole
party ganging up on him, Mid-Boss will die in a couple minutes flat.

'Cept Mid-Boss is never dead. He runs away, saying the duel is a draw cuz he
already ate the lunch. Wow... what was the point of this whole chapter again?
Gordon at the last minute realizes his spaceship is in ruins, and even though
Laharl promotes him from a vassal, he's still not happy. Since there IS just
about no way to get back to Earth. Oh well. Chapter 11 starts on that note.

 VIk. Hero's Will, Overlord's Way

The chapter starts with Carter and Vulcanus making negotiations, then Gordon
moaning in despair. Apparently the so called EDF will rescue him though, so I
guess that's good for him. Meanwhile, Laharl receives a challenge from the
"Defender of Earth". Nope, not Gordon. The target place is the Forest of the
Dead (wow, I wonder how many months it took them to come up with an ingenious
name like that). But first, TALK TO THE LION IN THE THRONE ROOM. He'll give you
the Vile Brilliance, which is an amazing spear, more than likely better than
whatever Etna has right now. Read Etna's diary, stock up on stuff, then go to
11-1. You may also consider starting Prinny Land at this point, but refer to my
side quests guide for that.

 11-1  ~~ Forest of the Dead ~~  Ghostly Whisper ~~  Bonus Level: 19

Lv. 38 Mandrake x6
Lv. 37 Star Skull x6

Alright, I admit Chapter 11 really does represent the beginning of a steep
incline in the difficulty of this game, but this battle is friggin' hilarious.
I think of the Mandrakes and Star Skulls lined up here so appropriately for
Winged Slayer, Asteroid Drop, and Lion's Roar, and I just burst into tears
laughing. That's how easy this battle is. Move Laharl one square to the left
and up and then unleash Winged Slayer, throw Etna in between, then just
single handedly pick the rest of the enemies off. I'll admit, they actually
have somewhat decent attacks; I mean, the star skulls have Giga Star, plus
there's Jack Rush and Jack the Ripper and all that crap from the Mandrakes,
but it doesn't really matter when you can easily kill nine of the twelve
enemies here in one turn. Did I mention they're all on EXP + 100% panels? No?
Well, you know that now. Let's fight a harder battle, shall we.

 11-2  ~~ Forest of the Dead ~~  Rising Fear ~~  Bonus Level: 19

Lv. 44 Rune Knight x1
Lv. 41 Red Skull x1
Lv. 41 Green Skull x1
Lv. 41 Blue Skull x1
Lv. 40 Scarecrow x7

Told you that this chapter was going to get harder, fast. It's quite a long
scene to introduce it, but this battle is quite a bit rougher. Starting with
the Scarecrows, who are all in their cliche method, hiding behind trees and
waiting to ambush you. While they have a lot of HP, they aren't your problem.
It's the skulls on the hedge at the top. They have all their corresponding
spells up to Omega, and they aren't afraid to use them, and utterly decimate
you. I guess you could say there's two ways of remedying this problem though,
the first of which is just laying low for the first turn, and then they'll come
down. At that point, make them your primary targets, and after they're done,
move on to the Scarecrows.

Alternatively, you could play it aggressively and throw someone like Laharl or
Etna up to the hedge, and with a Braveheart or two, wipe one or two of them out.
That leaves you incredibly vulnerable and prone to Scarecrow assaults. That's
two strategies, pick either one. When you're done with the skulls, though, the
rest of the battle ain't too bad. The Rune Knight has Wind Cutter and all that
other dangerous stuff, but she doesn't have the attacking power and the defense
to complement it appropriately, meaning that's just child's play. Just get rid
of the skulls, that's all that needs to be said here. How about some 11-3 to
follow it off.

 11-3  ~~ Forest of the Dead ~~  Crawling Terror ~~  Bonus Level: 20

Lv. 43 Alp x12

It's very possible (and quite easy as a matter of fact) to get through this
entire battle without taking so much as one hit. You might see that the Alps
(basically upgraded Imps) are sitting on blue panels that have the following
effects: DEF + 100%, Recovery 40%, and No Lifting. They like that, and that's
the key. They're never going to move. That being said, if you crowd them they
will use Mega Wind and probably Hell Pepper to punish you for that, but that's
why you stay back from a distance, and if their RES is low enough (200-300) use
Giga Star and stuff, though your main thing in Wind Cutter. Even though they
have super jacked up defense, they should be no match for your characters, so
long as you handle them one at a time.

That's just what you need to do: handle them one at a time. Don't try to kill
two in one turn; it's quite hard. What's more, leave an Alp damaging but alive,
and doubtless there's going to be characters around just begging for Mega
Wind, which is relatively strong. But if you do that, the fight will move
slowly, but the only thing you'll be losing is SP. Then at the very end, there
are two Alps next to each other on a hill, which I would wait until you get to
the top of the hill to kill. Then you can pincer them from either side, and
more than likely kill them both unless you're out of SP. Serves them right for
being such wastes of life. Go to the hospital to get all that SP back, and now
the chapter is... just about done already!

 11-4  ~~ Forest of the Dead ~~  Hero's Tomb ~~  Bonus Level: 20

Lv. 45 Corpse x3
Lv. 43 Alp x6
Lv. 40 Scarecrow x6
Lv. 35 1st Defender (Don Joaquin)

Looks simple enough, but the damn designers of this place had to make a blue
field cover the place with Enemy Boost x6. What the hell is their problem. I
didn't make that up, you need to take care of the Enemy Boost x6. There is a
rather easy way to do this, though. First of all, you want to make a tower of
about four characters (the last one including the guy on the base panel who
will be throwing the stuff at the end). Throw the characters over to the far
east side of the map where the Geo Symbols are, and have the last one throw
one of the Scarecrows at one of the Geo Symbols. That will automatically
destroy the Geo Symbol, because the developers actually decided to be nice
about it. Then make a second tower and get them thrown all the way to the same
place, then pick up that same Scarecrow and chuck it at the second Geo Symbol,
and voila. A normal map.

This map certainly is a lot harder than most of the others in this chapter,
though, mainly because of the six Alps. They have good movement, so you have
no way of telling where they are and who they're going to attack. Neither do I;
I mean, after you threw all your characters out there, doubtless your party is
spread all over the place, but the ones back near the entrance should head
west. That path is lined with Alps, but that's no problem. Kill them as fast as
you can, since the path on the east has enough stuff on it. Tons of Scarecrows
for one thing, plus it's the residual area for the Corpses. So that's what the
battle will turn into: two separate brawls, just make sure that a healer is on
each end. Then Don Joaquin will be left, and I honestly have to say he is the
easiest joke of a boss in the entire game. Nippon Ichi obviously intended him
as a joke, since his attacks have ridiculous animations, his ATK stat is weak,
and he's the lowest level enemy here (...). His HP isn't even that impressive,
so just pound on him with whatever you've got left, and that brings Chapter 11
to a close.

Flonne gets ready to cuss Laharl out good, but then Don Joaquin shows up, says
that what Laharl did was right, and then even heals Thursday, out of the
goodness of his heart. Then the question becomes what Flonne was about to call
Laharl. My money's on a bastard. Naughty little angel. Anyways, this is the
strangest ending chapter ever, but once it gets done with, some lightning is
seen flashing in the Stellar Graveyard, and that begins Chapter 12.

 VIl. War of the Netherworld, Part 1

Most people think this chapter is quite hard. I don't; this chapter is very
tame compared to the next and last two chapters, but it's a preparation point
for the storm that does lie ahead. First order of business is to go read
Etna's diary as usual, then you're probably going to have a lot of HL to blow
off after the battle with Don Joaquin, so do what you want with that, then
let's go to... Stellar Graveyard II. I swear, the people who named these places
were paid less than minimum wage.

 12-1  ~~ Stellar Graveyard II ~~  Embryon ~~  Bonus Level: 21

Lv. 48 Officer x1
Lv. 44 Recruit x7

All the kids love Captain Gordon!... not. On a serious note though this battle
is one of the most basic and straightforward in the entire game. First of all
the green portion of this map, you are advised not to step on because of the
Ally Damage 20% effect, but to hell with that, step on it anyway if it helps
you kill these guys faster. I would just move all of your characters forward
and split them into two groups at the forks, since more or less the soldiers
will stay on the paths, making sure that the two groups are relatively even,
though perhaps a little heavier on the right one, since that one has the
Officer on it. None of the recruits do anything except shoot with their guns.
No specials or anything. Once again: so basic a caveman could do it.

 12-2  ~~ Stellar Graveyard II ~~  Core Point No. 4 ~~  Bonus Level: 21

Lv. 44 Recruit x11

Argh, this time you've got a red floor that has a Silence effect, and a green
floor that has an Ally Damage 100% effect. Yeah no joke, instant death. In
that case, I'd make a small tower of characters who can throw a long distance
(Gordon, a scout, a rogue, etc.) and throw someone at the back all the way to
the Silence symbol, then that character can pick up a Recruit and throw the
bastard onto the Geo Symbol, which instantly destroys it. Har har har. Just
make sure you don't send a whole army over there, as the distance is shorter
than it looks, and if you overshoot it, you'll be forced to throw characters
into the green area. Don't want instant death now, do we?

After that, though, you aren't going to undergo much of a threat. If you didn't
send ALL of your characters to the right to destroy the Silence symbols, the
rest can come out on the left side of the place, to take care of the Recruits
there. Since 11 recruits is a lot more than it looks like, let me tell you.
They have no ways of long distance attacking or skills, as they all use axes,
so just protect your healers and mages by keeping them to the back. They can
be extremely helpful here, especially against the two gunners at the top where
Kurtis was. For those, I just used magic for one that had low RES, and the other
I had Etna use Avalanche on, which is a complete godsend. Either way, this is as
simple as the other battle. Follow it up with 12-3.

 12-3  ~~ Stellar Graveyard II ~~  Star Cluster ~~  Bonus Level: 22

Lv. 48 Officer x2
Lv. 44 Recruit x9

Now here we have a much more interesting battle. The red part of the floor,
this time around, has Invincibility and Ally Damage 20% on it. The green part
has Enemy Boost 50% on it. Well... Enemy Boost 50% is definitely tolerable,
let me tell you, plus it's definitely better to fight it out on the green
section than go all the way to the end and destroy the Geo Symbols. The key
is, the red field has all those effects on it, but it doesn't have No Lifting
on it. AHA! Plus I might add, Invincibility stops you from doing damage, but
it ain't gonna stop ya from healing. Which means you need to keep Flonne
somewhere safe. Gathering everyone around her and using Power of Love will
win you this battle.

To start off with, I would have someone move to the left of the three recruits
in front of you and throw them into the green, then someone else can move where
the recruit stood and throw another one in there, and then in the two turns,
even though they're boosted 50%, you should be easily be able to kill them.
At that point, the rest of the recruits will be drawn to you like a moth to a
flame. Just stay where you are, making sure that the healers are protected, if
not standing on the invincibility place, just so long as five turns don't pass.
The officers, however, are smarter and won't go right for you, so when the
recruits are dead, reunite your whole party on the red area, use Flonne's Power
of Love and a cleric with Mega/Giga Heal every turn to make sure you're good,
then get the two officers onto the green and proceed to beat the hell out of
them. Long process, but a very safe one. And feel free to take advantage of the
invincibility to build weapon levels.

 12-4  ~~ Stellar Graveyard II ~~  Sidereal Rift ~~  Bonus Level: 22

Lv. 52 Rival (Kurtis)
Lv. 48 Officer x2
Lv. 44 Recruit x7

Now this battle is a real fight. No annoying Geo Symbols this time, it's just
Laharl's army and Kurtis's army fighting to the death. Once again, all the
enemies will instinctively be drawn to you as soon as you come out, but this
time around you've got the green area to go to without any worries, so please
do that. Then of course, the recruits are right near you when you start, so try
and kill one or two of them before the first turn is up. It'll only take Kurtis
and the officers a couple turns to get right within your range and start laying
down some hurt.

As this is, once again, the last battle of the chapter, I'd say just go on an
all out offensive and that will be the best strategy, even if more characters
may end up dying in the long run because of it. That of course doesn't mean
you shouldn't protect Flonne and your healer, but at this point you really
should be strong enough to smack some recruits around a bit, and then still
have the fight in you that's required to beat Kurtis. Speaking of Kurtis, his
HP exceeds 3000, and he's got around 800 ATK and 600 DEF. That being said, I
had three strong attackers left at that point, and if you've got the skills as
well as the levels at this point, he can't really hurt you too bad. Just do not
keep a bunch of characters two squares away from him in any direction, since
that is exactly what his Final Punch attack targets. Again, not a complicated
battle, and it comes down to strength, so if you can't handle this, go to 11-1
and level up, is really all I can recommend.

With said battle done, Kurtis goes over to take Jennifer to the Gargantua, the
main ship of the EDF fleet, and it's revealed that Jennifer is Carter's
daughter, which can't be good. That's how Chapter 12 ends, and instead of one
of those long annoying Etna monologues, it's just "to be continued", and
Chapter 13 starts, with the Gargantua coordintes already plugged in.

 VIm. War of the Netherworld, Part 2

The war of the Netherworld rages on, but that was a quick transition, I've got
to say. There's really nothing more I can say, except to go talk to the vassals
if you want, definitely read Etna's diary as you don't want to miss the second
to last one, and go restock on items, since Chapter 13 towards the end gets a
little rough, and Chapter 14 is the hardest of hard. Just take note though that
Laharl gets a super good sword at the beginning of Chapter 14, so go easy on
his stuff. Start 13-1, and Laharl will be seen blowing up the whole EDF fleet
himself. Hahaha, what a badass, plus to make Flonne happy he even lets them
escape. First battle...

 13-1  ~~ Gargantua Deck ~~  Point Alpha-III ~~  Bonus Level: 23

Lv. 100 Big Gun x2
Lv. 50 Turret x4

The most simple battle in the entire game. Seriously this actually is the only
battle in which your objective isn't to kill all the enemies, but instead, to
just reach one square. At the other end of the Gargantua is a yellow square
which happens to be the entrance to the place, so you need to walk over to it.
Note that I said walk over to it, for some reason if you just make a tower of
characters and throw one on there, it won't work. Instead, just make a tower of
three characters or so and throw them to the far end, then have someone walk
there and the battle ends right there.

I would highly discourage you from trying to fight this battle out, as the
damage the turrets do is far beyond your reach. On the other hand, though, this
is the cheapest and easiest battle in the game really, and though you don't
get any EXP or HL, you WILL get the first item on the bonus gauge, so this is
the fastest way so far to get a bunch of items to sell for cheap, or EXP. Just
a thought. Move on to 13-2, where you'll see Kurtis's true colors, and fight a
bunch of super... human... androids?

 13-2  ~~ Gargantua Interior ~~  Main Corridor 1 ~~  Bonus Level: 23

Lv. 50 Cyborg x6

Straightforwardness to the end. In all seriousness, what can six mere enemies
do to you, even if they are supposed super human androids? Not much. Four of
them are fist fighters whereas two of them at the back use guns, so if you
use your characters to set up a protective wall of sorts towards the front,
you won't have a problem keeping the characters at the back alive. My first
suggestion would to have a mage or two use Braveheart on Laharl, then let him
Winged Slayer the first three cyborgs. At that point, you should easily be able
to kill 2-3 of them in one turn, no matter how many Tiger Charges you take
next turn. This is easy and made even simpler with 3x3 ranged attacks. Move on
to 13-3. Laharl: "Clean up your own damn mess!" Carter = owned.

 13-3  ~~ Gargantua Interior ~~  Main Corridor 2 ~~  Bonus Level: 23

Lv. 55 Psi-Soldier x1
Lv. 51 Cyborg x1
Lv. 50 Cyborg x1
Lv. 45 Recruit x5

More icing on the cake. First of all, the five recruits are lined up like
the Wall of Meat from Chapter 3 if you remember that, meaning they're just
perfect for Laharl to whip a Winged Slayer at, then follow up with magic that
has a long range of effect, Asteroid Drop, and Lion's Roar. Just make sure
that the characters who have mediocre movement, if there are any, have targets
within their reach so you don't have to waste characters to throw them, which
means the middle one is the easiest target, if you know what I mean. In one
turn you should easily be able to kill the five recruits, meaning the cyborgs
will come at you right after. They're not that bad, though the Psi-Soldier is
a pain in the ass. His Wind Cutter will ensure a few characters of yours going
to the grave, believe me, but you'll have characters left over who are able to
contend with him. Next battle is MUCH tougher than this, so stock up on armor.
After Gordon and Kurtis have a final trade of words, the epic battle begins.

 13-4  ~~ Gargantua Interior ~~  Main Corridor 3 ~~  Bonus Level: 23

Lv. 60 Rival (Kurtis)
Lv. 55 Psi-Soldier x3
Lv. 50 Cyborg x6

This is it... the epitome of the difficulty in Chapter 13, and not even the
last battle, to boot. I would recommend before you get started that you buy a
fair deal of HP and SP recovery items, because you're going to need them. This
place is split into four paths right off the bat, and you start in the middle.
At the end of three of them are Enemy Boost 50% symbols, which you'll want to
get rid of immediately. To do this, whip a few decent characters on each end
out, and throw the Cybrgs to the far end. Next turn you're going to take some
hits because of this, but it can't be helped. Then at the other end is Kurtis,
who right now is the least of your worries, and you have about three turns to
kill all the cyborgs before Kurtis comes to settle things.

Definitely have a Faerie Dust or two on you before starting this. The gunners
will inflict you with deprave and sleep, two effects you definitely don't want
at a time like this. But in any case, when you're done destroying the Geo
Symbols, start immediately with the carnage. The cyborgs are all weaker to
magic than to physical attacks, so take advantage of this and make sure you
have a skull out to blast them to bits with Giga Star and the like. At this
point your group will probably be split into three, though it's also okay to
split it into two to be more aggressive on the soldiers that are already there,
then for the three remaining in the last hall, they can be put to rest with the
might of your party right before Kurtis approaches. It works quite well.

Thankfully, usually for a turn or two the cyborgs thrown at the Geo Symbols
won't move, and therefore won't attack, which just makes your job easier. As
this huge fight rages on, I'd actually put a healer or two in the middle, as
ironically the cyborgs will naturally go for the characters already in the
hall, rather than in the middle. Eventually though, Kurtis will be left. If
you only have 1-2 characters left, your death will be slow and painful. If
you've got more though, or you just have items, he should definitely be
manageable. At this point I'd throw out every last iota of strength you have
remaining, with Avalanche, King of Beasts if you have that, Violent Storm if
you have that, Hurricane Slash or Wind Cutter... just go crazy, and hopefully
you have a recovery item or two, which is quite useful when you're dealing
with this sort of power, this late in the battle. With a little luck, and
some mad skills on your part, the battle will end in your favor.

Kurtis needs to rest, but he leaves you with some cryptic words. I echo
Gordon's words at the end of this scene. Anyway, that wasn't the last battle,
there's one more left, which is supposedly the showdown with Carter. Go to the
hospital as you definitely need it, make sure Etna's diary is read, and note
that when you beat the next battle, you cannot return to the Gargantua. The
only reason you want to is to take advantage of 13-1 and its efficient bonus
gauge cheat system, but otherwise, finish it up with 13-5.

 13-5  ~~ Gargantua Interior ~~  Bridge ~~  Bonus Level: 24

Lv. 55 Angel Cadet x2
Lv. 50 Angel x8

I lied. The scene before here is incredible, don't get me wrong, but the
actual battle is rather lame, and 13-4 was by far the harder one. Don't get
me wrong though, this is the first time you will fight Angels in battle. They
come equipped with spears and bows, two weapons you definitely haven't seen
much of enemies using. The Angel Cadets at the back use bows, and even though
all of them will be coming forward, you won't be taking too many hits from
them. It's the spear users that you need to worry about, since they're not
afraid to use Sky Lunge on you. Fortunately though, the halls on either side
here are incredibly narrow, and perfect opportunities to let loose with a
Winged Slayer or Asteroid Drop.

I say aim for the Angels before the Angel Cadets, because in my opinion
they're honestly more dangerous. Your best bet is physical attacks all around,
since most of the enemies here have relatively high RES and can't be damaged
too much by magic. Either way, this battle will be over before it really
begins, and Carter manages to escape only to get his ass beat by Mid-Boss.
Yeah, never thought I'd live to see the day when Mid-Boss totally owns a
person. And I guess this kind of reveals what was going on all this time as
well. After another Etna scene, it's time for chapter 14.

 VIn. What Lies Beyond The Battle

This is it. The final chapter. Not to mention the hardest one of them all. It
starts out with Flonne wanting to go to Celestia to talk to Lamington, and
the group pretty much agrees. While you're here, talk to the ghost in the
second room to get the Diabolic Sword, which is without a doubt the best sword
in your possession, fit for Laharl to kick some angelic ass, and then there's
the Testament that, if you've been reading Etna's diary all along, will be
lying in the corner where Etna usually goes to read her diary. So... that's
just great. Do those two things, and also consider finishing Prinny Land and
starting the Cave of Ordeals at this point. In any event, 14-1 is open, and
your enemy is none other than a more serious Mid-Boss.

 14-1  ~~ Celestia ~~  Field of Virtue ~~  Bonus Level: 25

Lv. 70 Mid-Boss (Mid-Boss)
Lv. 65 Strigoi x3

There's almost nothing to say about this battle except you're on a massive
field, and at the four sides of it are three monsters and Mid-Boss. That, and
the whole field is covered with EXP + 100%. No kidding, this is without any
doubt the best level up spot in the entire main story, at least until you get
to the Cave of Ordeals. So enjoy it while Mid-Boss is here and Beautiful Round
Dance is playing. The strigois are weak, and they'll go down in about three or
four hits or so. Then you've got Mid-Boss. I wish for the sake of the epic
proportion that I could say he's a tough boss, but he's not that challenging
despite his high level, and his kickass Adonic Buster attack, which albeit
damaging, and having a huge range, isn't that bad. He's got about 5000 HP,
which isn't much considering obviously your whole party is gonna be alive.

And of course I can't help but mention that Mid-Boss gives a TON of EXP when
you kill him. Like, 260,000 EXP, that's enough to bring someone from Level 51
to Level 57. Since he's only going to be here once, choose your killer wisely.
He's not got much DEF, so take that into account. And then after this battle
is over, feel free to fight it again, over and over! When you're prepping for
the side quests, 14-1 is THE place to go. Hell, go do the first floor or two
of the Cave of Ordeals now, Prinny Land too. Then when you're ready, 14-2.
Flonne gets rejected by angels, you know how to respond.

 14-2  ~~ Celestia ~~  Paradise ~~  Bonus Level: 25

Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x1
Lv. 60 Angel Cadet x2
Lv. 55 Angel x6

This, like 6-5 from way back then, is a battle that completely comes down to
luck and a gamble. The angels start a long distance back from you, but the
whole field is covered with a Warp effect. That, and the Warp symbols are a
long way away (that's right, there's two of them), so I'd just say leave this
battle to the luck of the draw then throw characters up there to shoot angels
at the symbols and leave yourselves sitting ducks. That being said, I'd try to
bring Laharl out and use Wind Cutter on one of the angels on either side, which
will either weaken or kill said angel. With another long distance on top of
that, you'll at least have one less angel to play with.

Bring all of your attackers, mages or no, out of the base panel, and just have
them surround it, then the Warp symbol will send them anywhere... the angels
too. At that point, you can find angels anywhere, and rip them apart. As you
might notice, they only have a little over 1000 HP each, so it won't take
them long to die, especially with Laharl. Him with Hurricane Slash is pretty
much instant death to any angel he touches. Or close to, so that any weaker
character can finish the angel off. Definitely work your way up among angel
class, because while the Angel Soldier has tons of HP and ATK, he's equipped
with an axe, which has no long ranged attacks. So, rather than fight it early,
I'd just run away from it, then it can't do anything. 14-3 is a quick trade of
words with Vulcanus, then more angelic brawling.

 14-3  ~~ Celestia ~~  Angelic Choir ~~  Bonus Level: 26

Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x1
Lv. 60 Angel Cadet x3
Lv. 60 Valkyrie x2
Lv. 57 Rune Knight x4
Lv. 55 Angel x3

Be-friggin'-ware of the three Angel Cadets. Two of them are equipped with
swords whereas one of them is equipped with a spear, but all of them kick your
ass, albeit in different ways. Start by spreading your characters out, though
directing the majority of your focus to the left, where the Angels are. The
red squares here have a Recovery 20% effect, as well as DEF + 50%, but the
Angels there aren't on them. There's two free ones for you, where I would
promptly put Laharl to the right and Etna to the left. Laharl works great to
the right, as he can start with Wind Cutter on the distant angels, then when
the ones above get a little closer, there's always Winged Slayer. The ones
above actually are the Angel Cadets I talked about, so that's just convenient.

To the left though, a gunner and stuff are your best bets. I would keep a
healer in the base panel for a turn and be ready to use Espoir on your main
fighters, since the Valkyries use Dark Flash, which puts deprave on you, which
prevents you from getting EXP. Screw that. For the angels that are on red
panels, have a fist fighter Triple Strike or King of Beasts them, and then
occupy those spaces yourself. That'll really help out in the long run. Then
when the Angel Cadets get close, focus on the one with the spear, as Asteroid
Drop really is the worse of the threats you can face here. While Laharl kills
off the Rune Knights, and then this rather rough fight will come to a close
soon enough, and pave way for one that's about three times harder.

 14-4  ~~ Celestia ~~  Coliseum ~~  Bonus Level: 26

Lv. 70 Crusader x1
Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x4
Lv. 60 Valkyrie x6

This battle is seriously ridiculously hard. This is harder than 13-4 or any
of those others back then. This is a trial to see how strong your characters
are, and how well they can endure absolute, neverending punishment from gods.
What the Coliseum of Celestia is, is a battle that confines your characters to
a zigzagging path while high leveled angels with all forms of ridiculously
powerful weapons pelt them with deadly magic and some of the strongest skills
in the game. Before this battle starts I would recommend stocking up on both
HP and SP replenishing items, and a Faerie Dust or two, because you're going to
need them. That, and you want a mage with a very good staff and magic. I'd
recommend no less than 700 INT.

When you start out, bring your Star/Prism Skull out. Notice the Valkyrie (a
souped up archer) who's just a little bit outside the enclosed area of the
base panel? Have the skull stand where he is and throw out a Giga or Omega Star
although the range of 2 will most likely be necessary. Costs a lot of SP, but
it's necessary. After the spell goes off, have said mage run away, further into
the maze. Meanwhile, Laharl can come out and hit the Valkyrie that's lined up
with the space a few squares ahead with a Wind Cutter. With any luck, which
may require a Braveheart or something, the Valkyrie will die. If not though,
that's fine. At this point, an Angel Soldier will attempt to take care of one
of the two Valkyries. Of course, the Giga Heal that he uses will consume just
about all his SP. This renders him about useless.

The enemies will gradually get closer and closer to your base panel. But that's
okay, it puts them into range of Giga/Omega Star and a slieu of Wind Cutters.
Just make sure your healer is out towards the bottom left corner, where just
about nothing can even think of hurting her. Eventually though, you're going to
want some characters to move further up. Indeed, this whole place is covered
with a No Entry zigzag that hurts you exponentially more than the enemy, but
you have to live with it. When you get to the second line though, eventually
you'll want Laharl to sit there and use Wind Cutter on the angels on the other
side of the red zigzag. A Scout comes in tremendous handy here, because not
only is the Dark Cannon amazing, but guns are great for manuevering attacks at
the enemy. That's about all I can say. Once the Angel Soldiers run out of SP,
they can do nothing to you anymore since they all use staves, and it's in your
best interest to keep a healer alive so that they're left to throw spells at
you forever. It's a long, extremely hard battle, and one that will leave you
with only a few characters alive when it's all said and done, but that last
Valkyrie towards the back will be easy picking if even two characters survive.

Just bring HP and SP items, so that you can get through what you'll face, and
so that Laharl's Wind Cutter will never be retired. Good luck with that
nightmare, next battle is a bit easier. The scene before it is one of the
better ones in the game, and basically, the reincarnated Kurtis as a Prinny
is your last story character. NICE.

 14-5  ~~ Celestia ~~  Divine Prison ~~  Bonus Level: 26

Lv. 75 Azhi Dahaka x1
Lv. 75 Sea Dragon x1
Lv. 75 Balrog x1
Lv. 75 Myrmecoleo x1
Lv. 75 Neuntoter x1

Hard to say much about this battle, since it's just five demons who are quite
a bit stronger than you, but once again, you've got the advantage of numbers.
It's basically two dragons, one of those Maderas type of monsters, a beast
chimera type thing, and... an annoying Balrog. Of those monsters, I'd say the
Myrmecoleo (the beast/Manticore monster) is easily the hardest. Its Beast Ray
attack is worse than anything you'll find here, but note that the four except
the Azhi Dahaka (the dragon) will come straight at you. The dragon is slow and
prefers to wait a turn or two before coming out. Hey, I'm not complaining. So
all I can say is, you're definitely strong at this point if you got through
that battle, so you can handle these guys. They have a lot of HP, but if you
can kill one per turn, that's more than enough. Just focus on that Myrmecoleo,
then probably the Neuntoter, then if the Azhi Dahaka is there yet, it. Whatever
has the least HP to compensate for strength.

Next stop: the Seraphic Sanctuary, aka 14-6. Next scene is just as dramatic as
the last.

 14-6  ~~ Seraphic Sanctuary ~~  Inner Sanctum ~~  Bonus Level: 27

Lv. 75 Avenger x3

Wow. Hahaha. What a joke. You just got through two hard ass battles, then one
battle against a few stronger enemies... now you're fighting even fewer, weak
as anything enemies. The Avengers are basically upgraded Angels, and they're
equipped with fairly decent weapons, but they don't have any skills learned
for them. No, seriously, nothing except magic, which they won't even use. The
attacks are weak, and there's only three of them in a rather small area. Just
bring your party out, and you'll probably kill them all in two turns. Go on to
14-7, it's a lot more intense than this.

 14-7  ~~ Seraphic Sanctuary ~~  Hall of Justice ~~  Bonus Level: 27

Lv. 80 Archangel (Vulcanus)
Lv. 70 Crusader x4
Lv. 65 Angel Soldier x5
Lv. 60 Angel Cadet x3
Lv. 55 Angel x5

Geez. First I'd like to give this place credit and say that it's a very unique
and interesting design. Just the thought of being at the bottom of a spiral
staircase with essentially the game's villain at the top is a fantastic idea,
but man, this is one hard battle. I guess this is the first tip I'll throw out
there: stay where you are. Do not move all the way up the steps looking to
attack Vulcanus right off, because the Crusaders will just kill you and laugh
on your corpse. You've gotta start slowly, by first bringing Laharl out of the
base panel and moving him about six spaces forward, while the rest of the group
gets organized behind him. I wouldn't bring out your healer until the battle
really gets going though, since the angels use magic and things such as Wind
Cutter which are long range and will cause more trouble now than they're worth.

The five Angels in front of you are complete wimps. They've only got a little
over 1000 HP, so they'll die in about two hits. They're lined up against the
wall right in front of where you come in, each wielding one of the five melee
they're good with. Laharl's Wind Cutter is your best option, plus if you want
to keep your distance, they'll come close, and then you can hit them with
Etna's Avalanche, which propels you four squares back, and then you've got
magic as well. Those are by far the easiest enemies here, but note that there
are three Angel Cadets right above, which will come join the fray as soon as an
Angel or two are dead. I know it's quite tempting to use Laharl's Meteor Impact,
but do NOT. It costs far too much SP, and you'll need a ton of SP for all the
Hurricane Slashes that Vulcanus will take. Use Winged Slayer, it costs a lot
less, and covers just as good a range.

Your characters, especially the ones with long ranged manuevers, will stay
back as the Angel Cadets and Angels cover the center. At that point, let loose
with Lion's Roar and Asteroid Drop and all that good stuff, while a Scout shoots
them with his most appropriate techniques (remember that Tri-Burst is ice while
Rapidfire is fire), and with any luck several will die at the same time. Of
course, then no less than five Angel Soldiers come down, and I honestly have to
say that if you can beat those guys, you've effectively got this battle won if
all your characters do in fact stay alive through all of it. Laharl's Wind
Cutter is perfect for the formation they'll end up is, so is an Asteroid Drop
or Lion's Roar at the side. This is the point in which I'd suggest having a
healer there, while a skull stays to the side of the square type structure
where the base panel is on, throwing out Giga Stars to no end.

Just kill the ones with less HP first, as they aren't afraid to use Giga Heal.
Occasionally the angels may even get in each other's way and not attack, but
I wouldn't count on it. That right there is the hardest part of the battle, as
the Crusaders will make it down, but usually one or two at a time, so they
aren't nearly as much of a threat. They're sword users with Wind Cutter though,
and they've got over 2000 HP, so use Violent Storm, King of Beasts, and all the
other strong stuff you've been building up for this moment. At that point,
Vulcanus will probably take another turn or two to come down, so if Flonne is
still alive, have her Power of Love up the characters you've still got standing.
I'd highly recomend having an Immortal's Pill or any other such HP/SP recovery
item for Laharl, so that he's at his full strength ready to go attack Vulcanus.
And of course you should have a regular healer still alive, taking care of you
from a distance. I wish life were like that.

Vulcanus himself... has 10,000 HP, and man is he pissed. His actual ATK stat,
though, shouldn't be higher than Laharl's though he's certainly got the HP
advantage. His signature attack is Divine Anger, which hits a line of
characters. Guess I don't need to tell you not to make a formation like that.
But anyway, if you have Laharl and a couple other attackers still alive, this
fight will be a piece of cake. If not, though, you may have trouble. Even if
you have Nightsever (which I didn't), I would just use Hurricane Slash, non
stop, because it's the best thing you have for your SP. It'll do about 1000
damage most likely, give or take depending on your level. Make use of anyone
still alive, whether they're attacking or just serving as decoys, since
Vulcanus will almost never attack more than one character at a time. In fact,
I've never seen his other two specials. Anyone know what they look like? But
in short, if you manage everyone efficiently, you will come through the 17
sentries and Vulcanus alive. Go to the hospital, take care of last measures, and
if you're truly ready, enter 14-8. The scene is quite climatic and emotionally
attaching, but you've got a final battle to upend.

 14-8  ~~ Seraphic Sanctuary ~~  Sacred Altar ~~  Bonus Level: 28

Lv. 90 Seraph (Lamington)
Lv. 75 Avenger x5

Well... it's the final battle of the game, and god damn is it hard! Lamington
really is your last enemy, and he's no pushover, but I think I've found a
strategy for him that, as long as Laharl is Level 60 and the others are at
least 50 or so, will get you through this battle without a problem. First
though, some perspective. Lamington is surrounded by five Avengers, the best
angels yet. Get close to them, and they'll kill you. We have to lure them in

Bring Laharl out about three spaces forward, while three or so other attackers
gather around him in a square formation. At that point, bring a healer and a
skull out, and use Braveheart and Shield/Magic Wall on them. It's quite
unfortunate that you don't have Flonne for this battle, and using 2-3 mages to
boost your stats isn't a horrible idea either. But anyway, two of the Avengers
for me, came out, while Lamington waited there. That's absolutely perfect. It's
easy to kill two of them in one turn, especially with boosted stats. Just keep
using Braveheart, while Laharl rips the Avengers who came next to you to pieces
with Hurricane Slash. With Sky Lunge/Avalanche and Skull Splitter/Violent Storm
and whatnot in there too, you can very easily kill a couple Avengers in one

Here's the thing though. If you did that, odds are you just moved forward a
little. Lamington may or may not come forward at that point and hit you with
his Armageddon attack. Obviously you don't want to put your mages to the
front lines, so whomever gets hit should be able to survive it, which is all
you need. You DO have a healer right behind, right? Of course, another Avenger
or two will be close as well, so kill him as fast as possible. And if possible,
do try to hit Lamington at the same time. Only one or two Avengers should be
left at that point, with your party a bit spread out so that Lamington can't
instantly hit all of them. For me, Lamington just went straight for the base
panel to hit my mage and healer. He killed the healer, but not the mage. But
he WILL be close to the base panel, which is key.

You can do one of two things here. If you have a good thief, by all means
steal Lamington's Testament and his weapon if you can, but I didn't need to.
Instead, bring a weak character out and lift Lamington when you get done
hitting him. The character lifting him will take 10,000 damage or more, but
Lamington won't be able to do anything that turn. That is how to do it, while
each turn, you keep pounding on him with your strongest techniques that the
footing permits, all the while being juiced up with Braveheart if your mage(s)
is/are able to. When you don't have any characters left to lift Lamington,
he should be down to at least less than 10,000 HP, which is easily manageable
if you have four or five strong attackers still alive.

As the fight wears on Lamington will use Judgment instead of Armageddon, which
does a lot more damage to one character, but just that. One character. Very
manageable. Meanwhile, don't let up. Laharl should be using Hurricane Slash or
Nightsever nonstop, since he probably is your strongest character, especially
if he has that Testament from Etna's diary equipped. I'd bring some healing
items just to be safe, but if you get a good start and reduce Lamington to
below half of his enormous HP before hacking at him, you WILL win if you got
through this chapter this far. Supposing you manage to win, congratulations,
you just beat Disgaea. Enjoy the ending, whichever one that you get. Now...
ready for some side quests?

                   ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VII. Side Quests ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

Most if not all of the side quests in Disgaea are battle related struggles that
require insanely high levels that can only be obtained after the main story is
done. Don't get me wrong, they're fun as anything, but just letting you know.
So except for the Item World and MAYBE Prinny Land, I wouldn't read this
section unless you're done with the main story. We cool?

 VIIa. Item World

The Item World is an absolutely massive world that can be accessed at any point
from the Overlord's Castle, just by talking to the red mage next to the
dimension guide. All you need is an item of any sort, and then you can enter
that item and proceed through a series of maps to increase the power of said
item. So, the general concept.

Take any item. Talk to the Item World guide and select said item, and then you
will enter the first floor. It is completely and utterly random what the map
looks like. But basically, you can make it through the map by either killing
all the enemies, or getting to the gate, which could be anywhere in the map.
Sometimes it's all the way across the map from the base panel, sometimes it's
two squares away. And in fact, a lot of the time it has a Gatekeeper that you
need to move with a fist technique or kill before you can get on there, but
needless to say, that's how you move through floors.

So the pattern continues for nine floors until you reach Level 10. The floors
that are multiples of ten are quite special, in that they have an Item General,
Item King, or an Item God in there. Depending on which floor you're on, exactly.
But basically, these are basically extremely strong enemies who if you kill them
will dramatically increase the growth of the stats on the item. Fair enough?
So then you're given the choice to exit the Item World. If you want to escape
the Item World at any other point, you need a special item called a Mr. Gency's
Exit, which can be rather hard to come across, but are always found in the bonus
gauge after every tenth battle. The total number of floors depends on the rarity
of the item.

  Common    (Rarity 33-255) - 30 floors
  Rare      (Rarity 8-32)   - 60 floors
  Legendary (Rarity 0-7)    - 100 floors

On floors 10, 20, 40, 50, 70, and 80 you will find Item Generals. On floors 30,
60, and 90 you will find Item Kings, and on floor 100 you will find the
acclaimed Item God. These guys are very hard, but oftentimes, they come with
some good equipment. So, that's that. And yes, as you finish floors of the
Item World the stats in your items will increase, big time.

This is where it gets interesting. When you enter a place, you may come across
an enemy that says CHECK above it. These are known as specialists, and they
are responsible for additional stat boosts on your item. That's great, right?
Indeed, it is, but you can make it even better by getting to that enemy and
defeating it, because in actuality it's not really an enemy -- it's a neutral
character that will attack everything, and all the other enemies will aim for
it. If they kill it, you get no bonus. If you do the killing, then you get the

Also, after you defeat a specialist (known as subduing it), you can talk to the
Item World guide and move a specialist from one item to another. Then if you
have two like specialists, you can combine them into one higher leveled
specialist, which means the same stats, but more room. You can only put so
many specialists onto one item, but the maximum number increases as you kill
Item Generals/Kings/Gods, so there. Here's the list of specialists, because
I'm nice like that:

Stats                                 Status Effects
------                                ---------------
Dietician    - Increases HP           Alchemist    - Adds poison effect
Master       - Increases SP           Hypnotist    - Adds sleep effect
Gladiator    - Increases ATK          Witch Doctor - Adds paralyze effect
Sentry       - Increases DEF          Amnesiac     - Adds forget effect
Teacher      - Increases INT          Gangster     - Adds deprave effect
Coach        - Increases SPD          Professional - Adds critical effect
Marksman     - Increases HIT          Pharmacist   - Resistance to poison
Physician    - Increases RES          Coffee Maker - Resistance to sleep
Statistician - Increases EXP          Medicine Man - Resistance to paralyze
Broker       - Increases HL           Social Worker- Resistance to deprave
Manager      - Increases mana         Firefighter  - Resistance to fire
Artisan      - Increases item         Aeronaut     - Resistance to wind
                         potential    Cryophile    - Resistance to ice
Armsmaster   - Increases weapon

So, that's it for specialists. Now, a little foreword for you people who are
out searching for the ultimate items.

Ultimate Items
The Item World is the place to go if what you're looking for is the best stuff
the game has to offer. That being said, it's a very long and arduous process
getting the best items, and especially if you plan on maxing all of them out.
Let's say you want to get the most popular of these, which is the Rank 40 sword
Yoshitsuna. This is the process you must go through.

First of all, you need a LEGENDARY Cosmic Blade, which is the Rank 39 sword.
This is a VERY hard to get, and there are a few ways of doing it. First, you
can find it in the bonus gauge of an extremely hard map (I'm talking the end
of Beauty Castle or Baal Castle, or a really deep Item World), which requires
an insane amount of luck. What requires slightly less luck is to enter an Item
World of an extremely high leveled item and find an enemy that has a legendary
Cosmic Blade, then steal it, but that still requires a ridiculous amount of
patience and tries. If all else fails, though, you need to get a legendary
Amano-Hahakiri, which is the Rank 38 sword, which can be bought in stores,
just not the legendary version. Then you can go all the way to floor 100 of it
and steal a legendary Cosmic Blade from the Item God at the bottom. Then again,
that takes ages, especially when you know what you're going through next.

So you have a legendary Cosmic Blade. Good, the hard part is over. Now you need
to go into it, and fight your way all the way down to Level 100, where the
Item God is. And I might add, some of the battles you'll face on the way down
are absolutely ridiculously freaking hard, and the enemies are absolute deities
that can make mincemeat out of Marjoly, for crying out loud. Doesn't help that
when you actually do get to Level 100, you'll find the Item God, and the only
way to get the Yoshitsuna, the weapon you want, is to steal it from him. Not
that easy, you're going to need either a character leveled up just about to
the max, or a rogue that's also ridiculously high leveled. If you actually can
do that, though, and then escape with your life, congrats, you just got the
ultimate weapon: the Yoshitsuna.

I hate to say it, but this applies to all the types of items in the game. Fists,
swords, spears, bows, guns, axes, staves, monster weapons, armor... it's all
there. Except for emblems; you get the Arcadia from Priere when she joins you.
Then again, the item world is addictive. Have fun with it. You access it at any
time, and it can be as easy or as hard as you want it to be. But now, that's
enough from it. Time to embark on an easy side quest. Prinny Land.

 VIIb. Prinny Land

Prinny Land can first be unlocked after Chapter 9, though I generally start
the first map right around Chapter 11, as that's when the difficulty curve
picks up. First of all, though, you need to be at a certain Demon Rank, and
you need 400 mana. Neither are hard to do; the promotion exam before said Demon
Rank is a joke. Hell, even passing the bill to get in there is easy, since the
difference you need to win by is only 400, so if you come with your pockets
full of bribery items, you can probably pass the bill by force if you need to.
When you want to start the place, by all means do so.

 15-1  ~~ Prinny Land ~~  Prinny Land 1 ~~  Bonus Level: 20

Lv. 40 Cpt. Prinny x1
Lv. 35 Pvt. Prinny x16

Yeah, I said you should be around Chapter 11 or so, but the bare minimum is
Chapter 9. Doesn't really matter, since this battle is so ridiculously easy
anyway. In fact, it's more of an elongated pain in my ass than a battle anyhow,
since it's sixteen prinnies, most of which don't bother attacking at all, all
of who are weak as hell. Bring all your characters out and have them quickly
move up, occasionally having one or two make a diversion here and there to kill
the Prinnies on either side of the place. Beware of Prinny Barrage and make sure
your cleric is one of the ten characters you bring (Flonne with Power of Love
is good as ever even though she's probably the one who will take the majority
of blows), then you'll find the Cpt. Prinny. It's weak, and it's not going to
move. Just hit it, if you're in Chapter 11 you have the Vile Brilliance spear,
right? Don't worry, optional battles get MUCH, MUCH harder than this.

 15-2  ~~ Prinny Land ~~  Prinny Land 2 ~~  Bonus Level: 25

Lv. 50 Gen. Prinny x4
Lv. 35 Pvt. Prinny x6

I would recommend doing this battle as early as Chapter 11-12, honestly, cuz
this is really easy. At first glance, the geo effects make it look like it
isn't. You've got 20% Recovery, and Clone. Clone is the dangerous one, in that
it'll make a carbon copy of anyone standing there, be they friend or foe, and
that copy will of course be an enemy. Here's the thing though: it only makes
one clone a turn, so obviously it's not going to be that big of a deal. If
there's only one thing there, you can easily handle it in one turn, right?

Well, yes, you would be right. I'd try to kill the four Gen. Prinnies at the
corners of the central platform as quickly as possible, though. Rely on
Etna's amazing Avalanche attack, Laharl with Hurricane Slash, and whatever the
best stuff your fist, axe, and gun users have. If you've got King of Beasts
and Bullet Storm, those are incredible. There are six Prinnies on the back
wall, but they're just as pathetic as they were last battle, and they'll almost
always end up in a dumbass formation that begs for apocalypse, so give it to
them. You obviously won't be able to finish this battle in one turn, so handle
whatever the clone gets made of with care, and if you're low leveled, enjoy the
bonus prizes. If you're high leveled... you're really bored, aren't you.

 15-3  ~~ Prinny Land ~~  Prinny Land 3 ~~  Bonus Level: 30

Lv. 100 Prinny God x1
Lv. 70 Prinny King x1
Lv. 50 Gen. Prinny x13
Lv. 40 Cpt. Prinny x6

Interesting formation there. If you're taking this battle on during Chapter 14
or especially after the final boss, it should be a snap. First of all, the six
captains and four generals in front of you when the battle starts die in one
or two hits. 700 HP just doesn't cut it anymore, sorry, so treat them as such,
you can probably kill all but one or two in the first turn. Most of them won't
even be able to hurt your main attackers, though there's the Prinny King at the
back who's slightly stronger, but not by much. He's only got about twice as
much HP, so once again, if you're in Chapter 14, Laharl can almost kill the
Prinny King in one hit from Hurricane Slash.

And then you have nine more generals sitting in front of the Prinny God, in
worship. If you're able to before they come forward, by all means have Laharl
use Winged Slayer and a mage use a spell that hits nine panels. Those two
alone can easily wipe all of them out, which would be good, since they spam
Pringer Beam beyond belief. But then you're left with the Prinny God. Once
again, if you beat the two last bosses, the Prinny God and its pitiful 6000
HP won't even challenge you. You SHOULD note that it has a Testament, which
is worth stealing if you get the chance, plus it's not weak. It can do as much
as 2500-3000 damage to your mages. But after an otherwise easy battle like
this, your attackers are all alive, and it just doesn't have the DEF to endure
what you can show it. Good job, Prinny Land is over. Hate to say it, but what
lies ahead is about a thousand times harder.

 VIIc. Cave of Ordeal

The Cave of Ordeal can be unlocked any time you want, so long as your Demon
Rank is high enough, and you have the necessary mana to do it. It takes 700
mana, and if you plan to pass it without using force... it's pretty damn hard.
I certainly wouldn't recommend raising your Demon Rank any more than necessary,
since it's in your best interest to keep it simple. It's going to take a time or
two going through it giving them bribes, and it doesn't help that every time
you do it, it takes 700 mana. In short, I would suggest forcing it through
this method:

Find the highest leveled, or at least a very high leveled senator, and make
sure they vote yea for the bill, then start the vote. With any luck, they will
vote yes, and if everyone else votes nay, here's what you do: if they're lower
leveled, just throw them into the senator that voted yea. Seriously, just throw
them in there and the first senator's level will increase, except if the first
senator was higher leveled, he'll still be neutral in the battle with a yea
vote. Repeat the process with all the senators, just making sure they... are
appropriately leveled, and by doing that you can easily unlock it. I'd recommend
starting this somewhere around Chapter 14.

 16-1  ~~ Cave of Ordeal ~~  Cave of Ordeal 1 ~~  Bonus Level: 30

Lv. 60 Manticore x1
Lv. 50 Zakkum x8

The enemies here are... a little damaging. Yeah, the Manticore has this Beast
Ray attack which hits a line of characters and racks up damage fast, plus the
Zakkums use that annoying Paranoia attack which has a weird range, but as I
said, this map is easily doable in early Chapter 14. First of all, there's
Etna godlike Avalanche attack, which is great in so many ways I can't even
begin to count. I'd start by bringing just the strong physical attackers out
and then after they do their thing, let the trees use Paranoia and whatever.
Then bring your mages out and wreak some havoc, now that they're a lot less
vulnerable. After that, the Manticore will be left, and it has about 4000 HP.
Not extremely hard, would you say? Especially if Laharl has the Diabolic Sword.
Hurricane Slash will do 1000+ damage a hit. Probably later into Chapter 14 you
can try CoO2. 

 16-2  ~~ Cave of Ordeal ~~  Cave of Ordeal 2 ~~  Bonus Level: 35

Lv. 100 Succubus x1
Lv. 85 Cait Sith x4
Lv. 75 Nekomata x6

Alright if you got through the final boss and/or Prinny Land 3, the second
floor of the Cave of Ordeal shouldn't be too bad. It's similar in nature to
Prinny Land 3, except the normal enemies are more powerful, but the strongest
enemy is a lot weaker. If you leave a lot of the enemies alive though, they're
going to Cat Blast the life out of you, so start off by hitting them with
attacks that have an area of effect that can reach all of them. It's very
inconvenient that the cats are on either side of you in the way they are, but
it can't be helped. Regardless, if you're not grossly underleveled you should
be able to make your way through them until just the Succubus is left, and you
can easily kill her with just Laharl. 

At this point Cave of Ordeal 3 is open, which is a lot tougher to finish than
anything at this point, so I really can't recommend trying that until you're
at least a little into the 100's in your levels. Until then, play around with
the Dark Congress until you can get the Human World open, and then go there and
in the Field of Virtue in Celestia to level up. The Item World isn't too bad
for that either, depending on the item you're entered. Eventually at that point
you'll have to buy some better weapons, and around that time, you can probably
try Cave of Ordeal 3, which will serve as your leveling place from the moment
you can beat it, to until you're over Level 2000. Seriously.

 16-3  ~~ Cave of Ordeal ~~  Cave of Ordeal 3 ~~  Bonus Level: 40

Lv. 160 Talos x1
Lv. 150 Nataku x8

Oh yeeeahhhh. The famous Cave of Ordeal 3, which happens to be the single best
place in the entire game for leveling up. Not only do these cyclopses give a
lot of natural EXP, but the field is surrounded by EXP + 50%, which only makes
it much better. But here's the problem. At the weakest enemies setting, which
is obviously what you'll be fighting this battle with at first, all the enemies
have about 4000 DEF, except a rare instance here and there in which they have
2000 DEF but about 8000 RES. So basically, you're going to have to be quite
strong if you want to take this battle on. The Catch 22 of the whole thing is,
however, that to get such strength the best place is in 14-1, which when you
get to Level 80 becomes a rather slow place for leveling. The Item World can
resolve that, though. My Laharl had 2500 ATK and was at Level 87 when I took
this one on for the first time, and I didn't have a problem.

Here's the key. All the sentinels are arranged in a 3x3 formation, which is in
other words perfect formation for Laharl to unleash a Winged Slayer on them.
Bring out all your strong characters and have 2-3 mages use Braveheart on all
of them. Then send everyone back to the base panel (convenient that you can
just cancel it like that eh?), and have Laharl come out and hit them with
Winged Slayer. That's not even going to come close to killing them all, but in
a few turns, since they can barely move, you should easily be able to weaken
them down to killing level, plus there's always magic which is able to hit them
however you want. At first, this place will be slow and take a long time to
kill these guys, but as you progress through the optional parts of the game,
this place will be incredibly fast and easy for leveling yourself up to about
2000 or so.

 16-4  ~~ Cave of Ordeal ~~  Cave of Ordeal 4 ~~  Bonus Level: 45

Lv. 300 Death Boar x1
Lv. 250 Dullahan x2
Lv. 210 Alp x6

I have very little to say about this song. Basically, you're surrounded by
six Alps when you start this battle off, and honestly those are in my opinion
the most annoying enemies in this battle. As usual their Hell Pepper and Air
Assault are the two most annoying attacks you will ever receive. A little bit
behind them, however, are four Dullahans, and depending on how you fight this
battle, you may end up fighting one or two of them, but if you handle this with
long ranged attacks like Wind Cutter, guns, and magic, you should actually be
able to handle them quickly without taking much damage, really. To me, this
battle comes down more to your equipment than levels. You can take it on any
time from Levels 150-250, depending on how much you've gone into the Item World
to get goods, or been able to buy Rank 36+ stuff, but all in all, the Death Boar
has a ton of HP, but isn't really that amazingly powerful. So that's what my
strategy comes down to... level up.

 16-5  ~~ Cave of Ordeal ~~  Cave of Ordeal 5 ~~  Bonus Level: 50

Lv. 1000 Zombie King x1
Lv. 700 Tiamat x1
Lv. 400 Nebiros x4
Lv. 350 Nightmare x6

Once more I will be completely straightforward with you for this battle: I
actually completed the Alternate Netherworld and got Priere before going for
this battle. And like I said in the fourth battle there, I was Level 700 when
I did that, and that's really the sort of level I'd recommend before setting
out here. If you DO beat the Netherworld first, which if you follow my strategy
is very doable at Level 700-800, then this fight will be an absolute piece of
cake. VERY IMPORTANT THOUGH: You need two characters with a throw of 6, since
Nippon Ichi thought they'd be cute and design a platform between two sets of
land that are twelve spaces away. I used a rogue as well as Gordon, but make
sure you don't bring them out of the base panel until everything on the main
area (everything except the Zombie King) is dead.

You are initially surrounded by ten enemies; four Nebiroses, and six
Nightmares. How rough they are will come down to how high leveled you are, and
like I said, you'll easily be handle them with Laharl if he's Level 700+, and
everyone else is 300-400, which they were for me. Since they don't come with
equipment, you will completely edge them out if you have good stuff, even if
they're higher leveled. Eventually though, you've got to deal with the Tiamat.
That's the hardest thing in this battle, in my opinion. If you have Priere like
I did, piece of cake. Otherwise, give it every last thing you've got. Hell, if
you can steal its weapon or armor, go ahead and do that, that will definitely
make things easier. Supposing that most to everyone survived the onslaught of
the first ten enemies, it shouldn't be any trouble.

Now you have to worry about the Zombie King that's way off in the distance. To
get there, you'll need to have one character with 6 throw pick up another
character with 6 throw, who's lifting your character(s) who are taking on the
Zombie King. Again, if you have Priere this is a non issue (but note that she
counts as a monster and can't lift anyone else), but if you're using Laharl
or anyone else, you should still be okay. The Zombie King has rather low DEF
except for the fact he has a Nirvana which is the key point. Personally I had
tons of Nirvanas from the Item World and didn't care one bit about it, but if
you do, I encourage you to get it. The Zombie King, even though it's 300 levels
higher than the Tiamat, isn't as threatening in my opinion, so just kill it and
be done with it. Your prize for making it through the entire Cave of Ordeal is
a God's Hand, which is the Level 39 fist. Meh, that's okay I guess. If you
haven't yet, finish the Alternate Netherworld, otherwise start the almighty
Beauty Castle.

 VIId. Human World

The Human World bill is the first seriously challenging one to pass. You've got
to level up one more than was necessary to unlock the Cave of Ordeal, and then
you'll notice the Human World bill takes 1200 mana. No joke, at that point
the senate tends to have 1200-1500 votes. Remember that you're handicapped by
the amount of mana is took? So, obviously, you're going to have to pass the
bill by force. Like I said before, use the method of throwing lower leveled
enemies into higher leveled ones that voted yea, and then you shouldn't have a
problem. I'd be done with Prinny Land and about two floors into the Cave of
Ordeal before attempting this place. Laharl's gonna pay a visit to Carter,
hell yeah.

 17-1  ~~ Human World ~~  Central City ~~  Bonus Level: 35

Lv. 95 Space Marine x1
Lv. 90 Space Pirate x1
Lv. 80 Prowler x1
Lv. 75 Bandit x2
Lv. 70 Space Police x12

Ugh. Hard battle indeed, especially if you're low leveled. I'd recommend about
Level 75-80 for Laharl, and mid 60s to low 70s for everyone else. Now, the
strategy here isn't going to be too unique for me. Stay where you are. That's
right, bring about six characters out, with Laharl spearleading them, and
then one of the dozen Space Police here will come forward, and then you can
use stuff like guns, Wind Cutter, Avalanche and whatnot to keep yourself back
but still do damage. You absolutely can't run forward and try to wreak havoc,
or you will just get Bullet Stormed up the ass. But in the process of killing
that Space Police though, one or two more will come for you. That's how it
should be. One or two at a time, not all seventeen enemies at one time.

Except after a little bit, though, a bunch more enemies will come down. The
Space Police will only come after you when you get into their range, but the
thieves and the Space Marine are quite a different story. I know the Space
Marine has over 3500 HP, but make him your first target, since his HIT is
almost as high as his HP, and he's got Totenkreuz and Inferno, and isn't going
to mince words to use them. The thieves on the other hand are relatively weak
and nothing special, even that Space Pirate. If you can get through that huge
storm in the middle, target them with attacks like Meteor Impact and Winged
Slayer to kill them most efficiently, as well as keep your mages alive so they
can do damage (yes these guys have very low RES), the rest of the battle will
be quite doable. Just six Space Police who are weak as hell, nothing you don't
see in real life. Not really, but yeah. Next battle is even harder, so level
up some more and then try it if you want.

 17-2  ~~ Human World ~~  Neo Eden ~~  Bonus Level: 40

Lv. 110 Psi-Soldier x2
Lv. 100 Cyborg x3
Lv. 90 Officer x2
Lv. 80 Recruit x8

So you're going to attempt Neo Eden at a low level? I commend you for that! As
a matter of fact, with some mages to cast Braveheart on you, it's actually not
that hard -- I took it on at Level 78 and got through without a problem. First
order of business is to bring about four characters out just barely in front
of the base panel, which is conveniently in a corner. Then, at the far back,
bring out a mage and use Braveheart on the all of them, and odds are most of
the soldiers will come after you with Rapidfire, Bullet Storm, and all that
good stuff. After a turn which you will easily survive, bring out someone else
with Braveheart to ensure that you're as strong as possible, and then just go
full out crazy with Winged Slayer, Meteor Impact, Avalanche, Bullet Storm, then
when the five soldiers on the left side are withered to about an end, King of
Beasts and Violent Storm. Those five will be dead in no time.

Then you have to worry about the five on the right. Well, I personally sent
Laharl and a couple other characters down there to take care of that big mess,
although from the left side you can always use Overlord's Wrath and magic and
whatnot, and they can't do much about it. The left side especially, though,
needs to be careful, because as soon as you get in range, the cyborgs will
come after you. The cyborgs and psi-soldiers are by far the hardest enemies
here, as they are masters in axes and guns respectively, with the attacking
stats to back them up. That being said, I had a character throw Laharl to the
right side of them and weaken all three cyborgs with Wind Cutter, then I was
able to finish them off in one more turn, but if that's not an option, lure
them out very slowly and pray they don't use Graviton Bomb or Calamity Drive.
The Psi-Soldiers, despite being towards the far back, will also come out very
quickly, but if you have more than three characters alive, they shouldn't be
too hard to kill. Enjoy the bonus gauge stuff from that battle, this one is a
lot more doable than Cave of Ordeal 3 at low levels.

 17-3  ~~ Human World ~~  EDF Headquarters ~~  Bonus Level: 45

Lv. 220 General (Astro Carter)
Lv. 180 Defender? x2
Lv. 130 Space Police x6

NOTE: Do NOT enter this battle without saving. If you win, you will see an
alternate ending, and if you lose... well, you lose.

This battle is miles ahead of Neo Eden and especially the Hall of Sin in the
Alternate Netherworld. Maybe because it's against a boss, the "prism ranger"
General Carter. Surprisingly though, Carter and the two Defenders aren't what
I would call overwhelming, since all they use is Swift Justice. But when you
add everything in this battle up together it amounts to a damn difficult battle
and because of that I would suggest no lower than Level 150 for Laharl when you
start this off, everyone else not too far behind. Good classes, good characters,
and then start out by bringing your party out and having mages use Braveheart
on all of them. From here on out, Braveheart is the way of the future.

So with some strength going on, unleash your strongest stuff on the Space
Police. The Defenders and Carter are to the back, and will usually come at you
from one side or another, so when they do that, you'll be ready to hit them
down one at a time, unless you're really powerful. Initially I would split the
party into two groups just to efficiently be able to kill the six Space Police,
and then bring them all back together again to bear down on Carter and the
others. Again, this battle is a brawler that for the most part comes down to
being high leveled and having good weapons and armor, and it's a little bit
pointless anyway, since either way it just ends the game.

 VIIe. Alternate Netherworld

Alright, this right here is the hardest bill to pass. You'll have to level the
Demon Rank up twice after it's high enough to propose opening the Human World,
since the Netherworld requires 3000 mana to open, and of course, proposing
this will make the senators loathe you even more than if you wanted to extort
money from all of them. Bunch of bastards, I say. But the reason this is the
hardest, is because you'll want to open the Alternate Netherworld at Level 100
or so, maybe a little higher, when some of the senators you'll need to defeat
(since obviously passing it the 'legit' way is out of the question now), are
Level 450 or higher. There's the Mysterious Seal aka Beauty Castle to unlock
after this, but the thing with that is if you can't force that to open then you
really have no business going there, honestly.

All I can really recommend to you is to go to Cave of Ordeal 3 and berserk it
until you get to about Level 100-110, and then pass a few simpler bills at the
Assembly, until you get a senator far beyond Love to you. As much as proposing
to open the gate to the Alternate Netherworld is enough to drop them from Love
to Loathe, no joke. All you need is one high leveled senator on your side and
then you can have the battle go from there by throwing the enemy senators into
the one who voted yea, which usually when you pass this bill, will be at least
1-2 even if they all really loathe you. Eventually you will be able to pass it
though, and this place will be open. Get ready for the hardest place yet.

 18-1  ~~ Alternate Netherworld ~~  Alternate World ~~  Bonus Level: 35

Lv. 130 Koropokkoru x5
Lv. 110 Specter x11

I wonder how long it took them to come up with that brilliant name. In any
case, this battle is a total joke no matter what level you are. And obviously
you passed the bill to open this place, so you can't be too bad. Basically,
the base panel is on an island in the center of this place, and the enemies
are all on separate islands surrounding you. All of the enemies here are
glorified Ghosts or Faeries, the former of which can do next to nothing. The
latter tend to use Camarderie if you get close to them, but in any case, I'd
start out by using attacks like Wind Cutter, Overlord's Wrath and whatnot,
magic and guns to get rid of the enemies that are close, then start throwing
a bunch of characters to the large island towards the middle. At that point,
go to either side and clear out what's left. The enemies here are pathetic,
so don't worry. At least next place has a more badass name. Hall of Sin.

 18-2  ~~ Alternate Netherworld ~~  Hall of Sin ~~  Bonus Level: 40

Lv. 200 Death x3
Lv. 170 Djinn x6

Okay. This battle is slightly tougher than the last one, but if you were able
to unlock this place, once again, you should be well within your ability to
win this battle. First off, this place is cool looking, and your enemies are
golems and shadows. The Djinns, which are Golems, are completely harmless.
Their attacks are a little damaging, but very rarely will they use their
techniques to hurt more than one character at a time. Meanwhile, if you bunch
all your characters together you'll be able to kill them without a problem. The
main problem is the Deaths, who have a LOT more HP than the Djinns, and can
take more punishment in general. At the left-right fork which comes up very
soon, don't split your party. Keep them all together, and when you come across
a Death, handle them from a distance with the entire wrath of your party, one
at a time. If you can get rid of them, this battle will be easy.

 18-3  ~~ Alternate Netherworld ~~  Hall of Penance ~~  Bonus Level: 45

Lv. 400 Tao Tieh x1
Lv. 350 Demonic Suit x4
Lv. 300 Scarecrow x12

This battle is MILES harder than the last two, and not something that should
be done at Level 100 like those. I wouldn't suggest taking this on at any
lower than Level 250; it's the Tao Tieh that ruins this all. That, and you're
going to want some damn good equipment. There really is no hurry to get past
this battle at all if I'm being honest, since the next couple battles require
a minimum of about Level 700, but if you absolutely must get past this battle,
here is my strategy. Bring out four characters initially, then a mage or two
on the side for Braveheart. Then send them all back to the base panel except
of course the mages who have already acted. Only bring out one or two
characters, and send them in the OPPOSITE direction from the Tao Tieh that's
toward one side. That is very important, as it's without a doubt the strongest
enemy here.

Hopefully the mages should act somewhat to lure the enemies away from your
fighters who you brought out. Otherwise though, you want to have a character or
two out in the open to try and kill off the Scarecrows as fast as possible,
since they are good at hitting characters in lines. The Demonic Suits can wait
until after the Scarecrows are dead, but meanwhile, Laharl should be hitting
as many enemies at a time with Meteor Impact, in a corner, as possible. If he
can only hit one, use Nightsever until you're dying. Eventually you'll want to
have someone come out and use Omega Heal on everyone who's fighting, because
you will have a character or two dying. When the Tao Tieh finally gets in range,
you'll want to keep hitting as much stuff at one time as you can, but if it's
left alone, if you still have a character left to call from the base panel,
then after a turn, pick it up so that it can't attack that turn. That will
save you a lot of time, and can make the difference in the battle. Again, tough
battle. Very tough. But winnable, especially if you're good enough to do the
next one.

 18-4  ~~ Alternate Netherworld ~~  Malefic Seal ~~  Bonus Level: 55

Lv. 900 Tiamat x1
Lv. 750 Azhi Dahaka x2

There is very little strategy I can give for this battle except that if you
level yourself up, you'll be able to handle it, but there is no way in hell
you can get through here at lower than Level 700. And I say that taking into
consideration that your Laharl, if you play the game and fight Cave of Ordeal 3
the way I do, is probably a hell of a lot higher leveled than the rest of your
party. Personally I was able to win this battle with my Laharl at Level 760,
which is enough to win the next battle as well, but this will be a true utter
struggle. I'm also not going to recommend entering this battle without
Dimension Slash. That was the foundation for this whole battle for me, and you
can't do without it. First of all though, bring out your four characters in a
square as usual, and have no less than four mages use Braveheart on all of
them. Now Laharl should be ready to kick some ass.

Assuming Laharl has a very powerful weapon (nothing less than a slightly
leveled Amano-Hahakiri, a Cosmic Blade is preferable), I had him go to the
right and get just close enough to the Azhi Dahaka to be able to pelt it with
a Dimension Slash. After that, believe it or not, the dragons will come down
but they should not attack. In fact, if you manage to keep the dragons close to
each other, they will use their Dragonic Flare attack and hit each other,
which REALLY speeds things up. But I digress. TAKE CARE OF THE DAHAKAS FIRST.
The Tiamat has a lot more HP and is far more powerful. Meanwhile, if you can
kill the Azhi Dahaka in at most three turns, you know that you have a chance
in this battle. An attack I absolutely loved here was Etna's Avalanche, since
it will send you four squares back, and especially if you get up the stairs,
the dragons usually can't be bothering coming up after you.

Hold absolutely nothing back once the dragons get close to the base panel.
Obviously you're going to want to spread your party up so they can't just use
a Dragonic Flare and blast them all to bits, but of course those mages that
you used for Braveheart work great as decoys so that your strongest fighters
get several turns. Again, the Dahakas are your targets, but if you can use
Dimension Slash to hit two or more of them at once, by all means do. Otherwise
use Nightsever, Graviton Bomb if they're weak or even neutral to fire (or
hell, Calamity Drive if you have that), Totenkreuz/Inferno, Avalanche, Rising
Dragon... if you are high leveled and strong enough, using that strategy, you
will win. Otherwise you will not. That is what it comes down to.

 18-5  ~~ Alternate Netherworld ~~  Warrior Maiden ~~  Bonus Level: 60

Lv. 2000 Overlord (Priere)
Lv. 1500 Tail Ring x1
Lv. 1500 Carmilla x1

Ugh. What an enormous pain in the ass. Well, that being said, this battle is
one of the most epic things ever. Not only are you fighting an Overlord
legitimately now, but this game's best song, The Invasion Within, plays. But
let me call to your attention that if you aren't extremely high leveled, this
battle will take at least half an hour, possibly longer. Actually, this battle
is quite winnable at Level 750 if you utilize a little trick, but if you want
to actually want to fight this through, Priere will own you. Not only is she
Level 2000, but she comes equipped with the Arcadia, which is the game's best
emblem. It's legendary, and gives ridiculously good boosts. So in short, this
battle puts you in quite a quandary.

However, like I said, there is a very easy but very long way to win this
battle. I'd like to thank Salah al Din for coming up with this, because it's
really amazing. Notice that there's the main, central area that everything is
in, which is surrounded by small three to six square long islands. If you
throw the cat girls and even Priere on those, they will NOT attack you, heal
themselves, or do anything. To set this up, I would have a character or two
with 6 throw (which you need for Cave of Ordeal 5 anyway), and bring ten
characters if you need to to do it, so long as you throw them out but don't
have them act. Quite doable, since they won't do anything to you once they're
on those islands. At that point, make sure you have a minimum of two mages
out. Preferably four. You need the Braveheart.

Your main concern here if you can accomplish that, is that you don't run out of
SP. In fact I would bring along an SP recovery item or two here, because after
Braveheart gets you five times, every turn you'll need to use it twice every
turn to get your strength completely maximized, and that can be very consuming
on the SP. For the catgirls feel free to use guns and whatnot to add onto the
damage, but Priere herself has 500,000 HP, and Wind Cutter for me did anywhere
from 10,000 damage to 16,000, meaning this fight will go on a VERY long time.
Stick with Wind Cutter though, even if Dimension Slash does more damage. You
can't run out of SP, otherwise the battle is lost. If you have either the
strength to go through it the hard way or the patience to go through it that
way, though, your reward for this place is Priere. Priere is a FANTASTIC
character; her ATK is amazingly high and can only be rivaled by Divine Majins,
plus she comes with an Arcadia, one of the best items in the entire game bar
none. Now that the hard ass Alternate Netherworld is finished, finish the Cave
of Ordeal if you haven't yet, then take on Beauty Castle, which your new Level
2000 character can do it herself.

On a side note, though it's probably useless at this point, enjoy the supreme
amount of HL you get from this place. Let's not forget the items either, a
bonus rank of 60 is pretty damn high.

 VIIf. Beauty Castle

Alright... Beauty Castle. The two level super dungeon that's otherwise known as
the Mysterious Seal. I'm gonna go out on a limb and say this is impossible to
pass the legitimate way. Let me put it this way, the highest power you'll ever
get from the Dark Assembly is 5200 or so, and you need the majority by 5000.
Weigh in that suggesting this makes them hate you, your ancestors, and your
very existence, and you have a problem. I suppose it's possible in theory to
pass this that way, but I suggest having a life instead. Meanwhile, Priere if
you got her in the Netherworld (which you definitely should have if you plan to
seriously go through this place), can slaughter the entire Dark Assembly by
herself. Just do that, then enter the place. 

 19-1  ~~ Beauty Castle ~~  Foreboding Seal ~~  Bonus Level: 56

Lv. 1500 Flamberg x1
Lv. 1200 Chimera x2

The Malefic Seal from the Alternate Netherworld all over again, except this is
much much easier. If you got Priere from the Alternate Netherworld, which you
definitely should have otherwise you have no business hanging around in Beauty
Castle, this battle is a total joke. Instead of dragons, you're facing a great
wyrm and a couple of beasts. No problem at all, if they come close, just hit
them with Requiem Aeternam, but otherwise, Dragon's Rage will just beat the
living piss out of them. Priere, being that much higher leveled than them, and
with the Arcadia which is among the best equipment in the game, is all you
need, but if you want to have her team attack with someone else, that's a good
idea too. Next battle is much, much worse.

 19-2  ~~ Beauty Castle ~~  Foreboding Seal ~~  Bonus Level: 62

Lv. 2500 Witch (Marjoly)
Lv. 1800 Prophet x2

Hot damn, it's another uber boss. The Witch Marjoly is no easy cookie. All of
her stats are higher than Priere's, she comes with some amazingly powerful
spells, and she's got two Prophets for support. Plus there's no cheap island
trick to get her to not attack. However, I myself have discovered another
method of getting beating Marjoly. It requires only this as preparation: I
leveled Priere up about 30-40 times, I forget the exact number at this point,
and also I went to the Item World of the Arcadia and leveled it up ten times
(aka, ten floors). You can probably win this battle without going through
those preparations, but I did them anyway. With that, Priere absolutely must
be equipped with the Arcadia, and preferably with a Nirvana or two on top of it.
Just, whatever the best stuff you have is.

Assuming you want to try this, your absolute first task is to lay down on the
two Prophets. Of course Priere isn't your only character, but use her Dragon's
Rage on them for some good results, then with Laharl, Etna, and your other
pre-Priere characters (foreign concept now eh? =D), and with any luck you'll
be able to kill everything except Marjoly. Believe it or not, it is actually
possible for Priere to kill Marjoly. Here is the key: Priere has Omega Heal,
and the INT to heal herself for about 70,000 HP every turn. Isn't that nice?
Meanwhile, let's look at Marjoly. If there's multiple characters around, she
won't hesitate to use her Dark Conjuration attack, which is a black hole of
deadly. Apart from that, my Priere was weak against ice, meaning I had to take
a Tera Ice in the face every turn. THIS IS THE ESSENTIAL POINT: Marjoly will
always be casting a spell, which depending on the range in which she uses,
will take up 1000-2000 SP. Her SP is very finite.

Meanwhile, as long as you haven't used Omega Heal three billion times before
now, it shouldn't cost that much SP, and bottom line is, Priere will not run
out of SP. Your objective is to not run out of HP. Marjoly has a lot of HP,
and a hell of a lot more than Marjoly, but the rate at which her SP goes down
is much greater than Priere. If Marjoly decides to attack you, that could be
good or bad. She is of course stronger than Priere, but it doesn't help that
both Priere and Marjoly have very very high counter rates, so they'll be
trading hits back and forth. Bottom line is, get Priere to 150,000 HP, and
then use Omega Heal every turn unless Marjoly only reduces you to 100,000 or
so, in which case you can risk using Dragon's Rage. When Marjoly's SP has
finally run out, build your HP back to about 210,000 on average and then pummel
her to the ground.

Beauty Castle was short, to say the least, even though that battle was even
longer than the one against Priere. And congrats, you now have the last
character in the game, Marjoly, who puts Priere to shame. If you're really
crazy, go on to Baal Castle next.

 VIIg. Baal Castle

Baal Castle will be unlocked once you clear out Prinny Land, the Cave of
Ordeal, the Alternate Netherworld, and Beauty Castle. Not an easy endeavor,
but hey, at least you don't have to pass a damn bill to get in here. And yeah,
it's true, you don't have to beat the Human World, since it's impossible to do
so anyway. Like Beauty Castle, this is short and sweet.

 20-1  ~~ Baal Castle ~~  Patriarch's Seal ~~  Bonus Level: 58

Lv. 2000 Surt x1
Lv. 1500 Efreet x3

What can I say about this battle, except for the fact you obviously have
Marjoly in your party if you're even here. Marjoly can very easily solo this
battle. If you want to make it especially easy, just take off the Gao's Guts
or something except the Crowdia's Beauty from Marjoly and replace it with a
high leveled Arcadia, which since you have Marjoly in the first place, you
really should make a concentrated effort towards leveling up. But yeah, no
matter how you slice it, start with Dark Conjuration, the Surt will come down
and probably kill the Efreets himself, and you can win this battle in your
sleep. Also, you may want to consider throwing the Efreets into the Surt and
using the Stronger Enemies bill, then attempting to capture them. That is the
generally least time consuming way of defeating Baal, if I'm being honest.
It's something to think about.

 20-2  ~~ Baal Castle ~~  Lord of Terror ~~  Bonus Level: 70

Lv. 4000 Tyrant (Baal)

Oh god, no... it's Baal, the Level 4000 Tyrant. Hate to say it, but after you
beat Baal, you can actually fight an enemy that's EVEN HARDER, but for your
general early completion purposes, you can say you're about done with Disgaea
if you manage to beat Baal. And believe me when I say that's hard. For one
thing, "you've gotta be kidding! Level 4000?!" speaks for itself. That, and his
size. Baal is like, a giant. He comes with two great pieces of equipment, one
being the Nemesis which is stronger than Marjoly's Rank 40 Nyanko Soul, as well
as a rare Super Robo Suit, which is the Rank 40 armor. And it has one huge icon
I might add. =O So yeah, Baal has three ways of killing you: his physical
attack, Sword Rain which is absolutely deadly and hits several lines of
characters, and Gran Sword, which is a Diabolic Dance/Winged Slayer type of
thing, I think. Hard to say.

Either way, Baal is HARD, and don't think you can waltz in here at Level 1000
or 3000 and expect to damage him, let alone beat him. There's a few ways to
make him a bit easier though. As I mentioned earlier, I'd pass the Stronger
Enemies bills to get a high leveled Surt or two and capture them. Minimum Level
4000, preferably a lot higher. Get a couple good hands (Bandit's Hands are
fine) and steal his Nemesis and Super Robo Suit. I'd reset if you can't get
them first try. It should be a 50% chance after all, so no reason not to. If
you succeed in that, that is good, you definitely made this battle, and your
highest leveled monster character, whether it's Priere, Marjoly, or a Surt,
should immediately equip it, as it's no doubt better than the Nyanko Soul if
that isn't leveled up. Same with the Super Robo Suit, that's a phenomenal
piece of equipment. Unfortunately though, Baal still has a little over 200,000
ATK, which isn't a pleasant number.

That is the last piece of strategy I can give to you for this battle. You need
levels, levels, levels, and the equipment to back it up, whether you're using
normal characters or monsters. Like I said, using monsters is probably a much
faster way to become stronger, despite how frustrating and time consuming it
can be. Baal is hard as hell, but if you're strong enough, he will eventually
go down, in which case Laharl will have his title change to Tyrant. If you go
back to this battle, Baal will be replaced with an Uber Prinny that is Level
6000 and even harder. Have fun with that. Apart from that, that really is the
last side quest, so if you actually did get through that, congrats. =)

                    ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  VIII. Items ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

This section obviously extends to include all the weapons, armor, and other
equipment and stuff in the game.

 VIIIa. Weapons

This is just to conserve space and stuff. It goes in order of fists, swords,
spears, bows, guns, axes, staves, and monster weapons.

Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Wristband        |  0   |  0  |  0  |  3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  1  |  0  |
Rock Fist        | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  4  |  0  |
Double Slap      | 0-2  |  0  |  0  |  9  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |
Leather Glove    | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 15  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 10  |  0  |
Iron Claw        | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 19  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 13  |  0  |
Power Gauntlet   | 1-5  |  0  | 15  | 27  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 13  |  0  |
Hyper Knuckle    | 2-6  |  0  |  0  | 33  |  0  |  0  | 10  | 21  |  0  |
Lethal Knuckle   | 2-7  |  0  |  0  | 40  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 26  |  0  |
Fake Fist        | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 48  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 32  |  0  |
Cross Counter    | 3-9  |  0  |  0  | 60  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 40  |  0  |
Swift Knuckle    | 3-10 |  0  |  0  | 72  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 48  |  0  |
Magic Cuff       | 3-11 |  0  | 40  | 82  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 48  |  0  |
Poison Knuckle   | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 93  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 62  |  0  |
Megaton Punch    | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 105 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 70  |  0  |
Fist of Fury     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 116 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 77  |  0  |
Mach Punch       | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 128 |  0  |  0  | 80  | 80  |  0  |
Spiked Glove     | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 138 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 92  |  0  |
Bagh Nakh        | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  |
Mystic Hand      | 6-12 |  0  | 70  | 165 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 110 |  0  |
Metal Fist       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 180 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 120 |  0  |
Silver Arm       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 195 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 130 |  0  |
Demonic Fist     | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 210 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 140 |  0  |
Karate Chop      | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 225 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  |
Mistral Fist     | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 240 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 160 |  0  |
Jupiter's Fist   | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 262 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 175 |  0  |
Straight Punch   | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 285 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 190 |  0  |
Mirage           | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 308 |  0  |  0  | 160 | 160 |  0  |
Kwanca           | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 330 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 220 |  0  |
Bahamut's Fist   | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 352 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 235 |  0  |
Golden Arm       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 250 |  0  |
Crisis           |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 405 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 270 |  0  |
Diabolic Fist    |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 435 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 290 |  0  |
Platinum Arm     |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 465 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 310 |  0  |
Galactica        |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 495 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 330 |  0  |
Terra Smasher    |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 525 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 350 |  0  |
Punisher         |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 562 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |
Zodiac           |  12  |  0  |  0  | 650 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 400 |  0  |
Infernal Fist    |  12  | 200 |  0  | 750 | 200 |  0  |  0  | 450 | 200 |
God's Hand       |  --  |  0  |  0  |1000 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 500 |  0  |
Ultimus          |  --  |  0  |  0  |2000 |  0  |  0  |1000 |1000 |  0  |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Common Sword     |  0   |  0  |  0  |  4  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Short Sword      | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  8  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Swordbreaker     | 0-2  |  0  |  0  | 13  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bronze Sword     | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 19  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Long Sword       | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 26  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Ninja Sword      | 1-5  |  0  |  0  | 34  |  0  |  0  | 10  | 10  |  0  |
Sharp Edge       | 2-6  |  0  |  0  | 43  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 20  |  0  |
Bastard Sword    | 2-7  |  0  |  0  | 53  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Broad Sword      | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 65  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Magic Sword      | 3-9  |  0  | 15  | 80  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
2-Pronged Blade  | 3-10 |  0  |  0  | 95  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Great Sword      | 3-11 |  0  |  0  | 110 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Taser Sword      | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 125 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mortuus Blade    | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 120 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Psychic Sword    | 4-12 |  0  | 25  | 155 |  0  | 25  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Stabbing Knife   | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 170 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Evil Thwarter    | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 185 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Hibernal Sword   | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muramasa         | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 220 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Light Sabre      | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 240 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Vajra            | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 260 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mistral Sword    | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 280 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Jupiter's Sword  | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 300 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bloodlust        | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 320 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Masamune         | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 350 |  0  |  0  | 50  |  0  |  0  |
Bahamut's Fang   | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 380 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Adamant Sword    | 8-12 | 150 |  0  | 410 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Demon Killer     | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 440 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Wyrmslayer       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 470 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Laevateinn       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 500 |  0  | 70  | 70  |  0  |  0  |
Diabolic Sword   |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 540 | 100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Crusade          |10-12 |  0  | 80  | 580 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 80  |
Kusanagi         |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 620 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Excalibur        |11-12 | 100 | 100 | 660 | 100 | 100 | 100 | 100 | 100 |
Schichishi-Tou   |11-12 |  0  | 150 | 700 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Infernal Sword   |11-12 | 200 |  0  | 750 | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 200 |
Arondight        |  12  | 200 | 200 | 900 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 |
Amano-Hahakiri   |  12  |  0  | 600 |1200 |  0  | 600 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Cosmic Blade     |  --  | 300 | 300 |2000 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 |
Yoshitsuna       |  --  |1000 |1000 |4000 |1000 |1000 |1000 |1000 |1000 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Common Spear     |  0   |  0  |  0  |  3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Iron Lance       | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Knight's Lance   | 0-2  |  0  |  0  |  9  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bogus Spear      | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 15  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Long Spear       | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 19  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Koshimoto Spear  | 1-5  |  0  |  0  | 27  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bushido Lance    | 2-6  |  0  |  0  | 33  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Trident          | 2-7  |  0  |  0  | 40  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Paralyzing Spear | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 48  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Falcon Lance     | 3-9  |  0  |  0  | 60  |  0  |  0  | 20  |  0  |  0  |
Forgetful Spear  | 3-10 |  0  |  0  | 72  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Black Spear      | 3-11 |  0  |  0  | 82  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Silver Lance     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 93  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Kung Fu Spear    | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 105 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 40  |  0  |
Venomous Spear   | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 116 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Moonlight        | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 128 | 20  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Skewer           | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 138 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mistral Spear    | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Jupiter's Spear  | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 165 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Special Lance    | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 180 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Vile Brilliance  | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 195 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Golden Lance     | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 210 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bone Lance       | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 225 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Zephyr           | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 240 |  0  |  0  | 50  | 50  |  0  |
Bahamut's Horn   | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 262 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Benkei           | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 285 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Demonic Spear    | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 308 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Pallas Athene    | 9-12 | 60  | 60  | 330 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Kiyomasa         | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 352 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Hero's Spear     | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Platinum Lance   |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 405 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Li Shuwen        |10-12 | 70  |  0  | 435 | 70  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Diabolic Spear   |10-12 |  0  | 80  | 465 |  0  | 80  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Walkeure         |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 495 |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |
Gungnir          |11-12 | 100 |  0  | 525 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Gae Bolga        |11-12 |  0  | 100 | 600 |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Caladbolg        |  12  |  0  |  0  | 700 | 150 |  0  | 150 |  0  |  0  |
Infernal Spear   |  12  | 200 |  0  | 800 | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 200 |
Longinus         |  --  |  0  | 200 |1000 |  0  | 200 |  0  | 200 |  0  |
Glorius          |  --  | 400 | 400 |1500 | 400 | 400 |1000 | 400 | 400 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Common Bow       |  0   |  0  |  0  |  2  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  1  |  0  |
Hunter's Bow     | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  2  |  0  |
Longbow          | 0-2  |  0  |  0  |  8  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  4  |  0  |
Big Arrow        | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 12  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |
Blessed Bow      | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 17  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  8  | 10  |
Pixie Bow        | 1-5  |  0  |  0  | 22  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 11  |  0  |
Enchanted Arrow  | 2-6  |  0  | 10  | 28  |  0  |  0  | 10  | 14  |  0  |
Warrior's Bow    | 2-7  | 20  |  0  | 35  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 17  |  0  |
Sprite Bow       | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 43  |  0  | 10  |  0  | 21  |  0  |
Venomous Bow     | 3-9  |  0  |  0  | 53  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 26  |  0  |
Elven Bow        | 3-10 |  0  |  0  | 63  |  0  | 10  |  0  | 31  |  0  |
Spirit Bow       | 3-11 |  0  |  0  | 73  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 36  |  0  |
Master Bow       | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 83  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 41  |  0  |
Bow of Havoc     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 93  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 46  |  0  |
Bow of Justice   | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 101 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 52  |  0  |
Silver Bow       | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 113 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 56  |  0  |
Flex Bow         | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 123 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 61  |  0  |
Plasma Arrow     | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 133 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 66  |  0  |
Hero's Bow       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 146 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 73  |  0  |
Shining Arrow    | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 160 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 80  |  0  |
Mistral Bow      | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 173 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 85  |  0  |
Jupiter's Bow    | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 186 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 94  |  0  |
Golden Bow       | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  |
Judgement Arrow  | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 213 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 106 |  0  |
Remote Bow       | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 233 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 116 |  0  |
Platinum Bow     | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 253 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 126 |  0  |
Kuki             | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 273 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 136 |  0  |
Bow of Virtue    | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 293 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 146 |  0  |
Arcane Bow       | 9-12 |  0  | 40  | 313 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 156 |  0  |
Yoichi's Bow     | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 333 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 166 |  0  |
Bahamut's Aim    |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 360 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 180 |  0  |
Percival         |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 385 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 190 |  0  |
Prometheus       |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 410 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |
Starchaser       |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 440 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 220 |  0  |
Diabolic Bow     |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 500 | 100 |  0  |  0  | 250 |  0  |
Ull's Bow        |11-12 |  0  | 100 | 550 |  0  | 100 |  0  | 300 |  0  |
Fleche Enflammee |  12  | 100 |  0  | 700 |  0  |  0  | 100 | 500 |  0  |
Infernal Bow     |  12  | 200 |  0  | 750 | 200 |  0  |  0  | 600 | 200 |
Artemis          |  --  |  0  | 250 | 900 |  0  | 250 |  0  | 700 |  0  |
Galaxy           |  --  | 300 | 300 |1500 | 300 | 300 | 300 |1200 | 300 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
RQ22 Common      |  0   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  3  |  0  |
Model 24         | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |
RQ38 Custom      | 0-2  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  9  |  0  |
Dolphin EX       | 1-3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 15  |  0  |
RQ-P38           | 1-4  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 19  |  0  |
Nether 35        | 1-5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 27  |  0  |
KLZ900           | 2-6  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 33  |  0  |
RQ44 Magnum      | 2-7  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 40  |  0  |
Model 48         | 2-8  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 48  |  0  |
Dune Eagle       | 3-9  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 60  |  0  |
Nether 58        | 3-10 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 72  |  0  |
ZK Auto 13       | 3-11 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 82  |  0  |
Ion 8k Ninja     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 93  |  0  |
Model 56         | 4-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 105 |  0  |
RQ57 Dragon      | 4-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 116 |  0  |
LDT52-R          | 5-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 128 |  0  |
Nether 72        | 5-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 138 |  0  |
P50-XX           | 5-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  |
Ion 9k Samurai   | 6-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 165 |  0  |
RQ66 Saint       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 180 |  0  |
GH401WZ          | 6-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 195 |  0  |
H30k             | 7-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 210 |  0  |
PS-714           | 7-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 225 |  0  |
RQ77 Godslayer   | 7-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 240 |  0  |
Nether 108       | 8-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 262 |  0  |
T-199X           | 8-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 285 |  0  |
Karlten          | 8-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 308 |  0  |
RQ99 Omega       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 330 |  0  |
Gilgamesh        | 9-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 352 |  0  |
Olympus          | 9-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |
Odyssey          |10-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 405 |  0  |
Phillipan        |10-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 450 |  0  |
Fujiyama         |11-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 500 |  0  |
Beowulf          |11-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 | 600 |  0  |
Tiamat           |11-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  | 650 |  0  |
Brunhild         |11-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 700 | 100 |
Siegfried        |  12  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  | 750 |  0  |
Fenrir           |  12  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 800 |  0  |
Infernal Gun     |  --  | 200 |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |  0  |1000 | 300 |
Etoile           |  --  | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 |2000 | 300 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Common Axe       |  0   |  0  |  0  |  5  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -1  |  0  |
Villager's Axe   | 0-1  |  0  |  0  | 10  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -2  |  0  |
Battle Axe       | 0-2  |  0  |  0  | 16  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -3  |  0  |
Bronze Axe       | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 23  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -5  |  0  |
Iron Axe         | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 32  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -7  | 10  |
Tomahawk         | 1-5  |  0  |  0  | 42  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -9  |  0  |
Warrior's Axe    | 2-6  |  0  |  0  | 53  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -11 |  0  |
Mighty Axe       | 2-7  |  0  |  0  | 66  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -14 |  0  |
Steel Axe        | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 81  |  0  |  0  |  0  | -17 |  0  |
Stamina Axe      | 3-9  | 20  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -22 |  0  |
Axe of Sorcery   | 3-10 |  0  | 20  | 118 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -25 |  0  |
Pixie Axe        | 3-11 |  0  |  0  | 137 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -28 |  0  |
Falcon Axe       | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 156 |  0  |  0  | 20  | -32 |  0  |
Enchanted Axe    | 4-12 |  0  | 20  | 175 |  0  | 20  |  0  | -35 |  0  |
Silver Axe       | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 193 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -40 |  0  |
Dwarven Axe      | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 212 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -45 | 20  |
Bloody Axe       | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 231 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -50 |  0  |
Adamant Axe      | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 250 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -53 |  0  |
Demon's Axe      | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 275 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -55 |  0  |
Dream Axe        | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 300 |  0  | 30  |  0  | -60 |  0  |
Headhunter       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 325 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -65 |  0  |
Hero's Axe       | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 350 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -70 |  0  |
Mistral Axe      | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -75 |  0  |
Jupiter's Axe    | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 400 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -80 |  0  |
Golden Axe       | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 437 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -87 |  0  |
Vigaro's Axe     | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 475 |  0  |  0  |  0  | -95 |  0  |
Axe of Death     | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 512 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-102 |  0  |
Rune Axe         | 9-12 |  0  | 40  | 550 |  0  | 40  |  0  |-110 |  0  |
Terra Firma      | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 587 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-118 |  0  |
Hellish Axe      | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 625 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-125 |  0  |
Bahamut's Talon  |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 675 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-135 |  0  |
Platinum Axe     |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 725 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-145 |  0  |
Axe of Slaughter |11-12 |  0  | -50 | 900 |  0  | -50 |  0  |-180 |  0  |
Mercurius        |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 825 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-165 |  0  |
Diabolic Axe     |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 875 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-175 |  0  |
Empyrean Axe     |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 937 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-187 |  0  |
Balmung          |  12  |  0  |  0  |1000 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-200 |  0  |
Infernal Axe     |  12  | 200 |  0  |1200 | 200 |  0  |  0  |-240 | 200 |
Durandal         |  --  |  0  |  0  |1500 |  0  |  0  |  0  |-300 |  0  |
Apocalypse       |  --  | 500 | 500 |2500 | 500 | 500 | 500 |  0  | 500 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Wooden Staff     |  0   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  4  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Light Staff      | 0-1  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  8  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Witch's Staff    | 0-2  |  0  |  5  |  0  |  0  | 13  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mage's Staff     | 1-3  |  0  |  7  |  0  |  0  | 19  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Smiting Rod      | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 10  |  0  | 26  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Quality Staff    | 1-5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 34  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Hibernal Staff   | 2-6  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 43  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Stamina Staff    | 2-7  | 20  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 53  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Swordstaff       | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 25  |  0  | 65  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Pixie Staff      | 3-9  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 80  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Forgetful Staff  | 3-10 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 95  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mortuus Staff    | 3-11 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 110 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Staff of Sorcery | 4-12 |  0  | 30  |  0  |  0  | 125 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Silver Staff     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 140 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Elven Staff      | 4-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 155 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Blessed Staff    | 5-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 170 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Sage's Staff     | 5-12 |  0  | 30  |  0  |  0  | 185 |  0  |  0  | 30  |
Staff of Hope    | 5-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Enchanted Staff  | 6-12 |  0  | 40  |  0  |  0  | 220 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mistral Staff    | 6-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 240 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Jupiter's Staff  | 6-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 260 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Staff of Virtue  | 7-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 280 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Golden Staff     | 7-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 300 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Prophet's Staff  | 7-12 |  0  | 60  |  0  |  0  | 320 |  0  |  0  | 90  |
Rune Staff       | 8-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 350 |  0  |  0  | 100 |
Rainbow Rod      | 8-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 380 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bahamut's Wit    | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 70  | 70  | 410 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Holy Staff       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 440 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Saint's Staff    | 9-12 | 30  | 30  | 30  | 30  | 470 | 30  | 30  | 30  |
Gambantein       | 9-12 | 90  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 500 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Diabolic Staff   |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 100 | 100 | 540 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Tainted Staff    |10-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 580 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Polansky's Staff |11-12 |  0  | 120 |  0  |  0  | 620 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Yggdrassil       |11-12 | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 660 | 100 |  0  |  0  |
Mjollnir         |11-12 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 700 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Dark Matter      |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  | 750 |  0  | 150 |  0  |
Kerykeion        |  12  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 800 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Infernal Staff   |  12  | 200 |  0  |  0  | 200 | 900 |  0  |  0  | 200 |
Galactic Staff   |  --  |  0  |1100 |  0  |  0  |1100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Omniscient Staff |  --  | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 |2000 | 500 | 500 | 500 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Paw Glove        |  0   |  0  |  0  |  5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Scratch Claw     | 0-1  |  0  |  0  | 10  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Crab Pincer      | 0-2  |  0  |  0  | 16  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Shocking Grasp   | 1-3  |  0  |  0  | 23  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Poison Needle    | 1-4  |  0  |  0  | 29  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bat Parasol      | 1-5  |  0  |  0  | 42  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Cat's Claw       | 2-6  |  0  |  0  | 53  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Lizard Tail      | 2-7  |  0  |  0  | 66  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Porcu-Spine      | 2-8  |  0  |  0  | 81  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Electric Eel     | 3-9  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Cobra Fang       | 3-10 |  0  |  0  | 120 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Spiked Shell     | 3-11 |  0  |  0  | 135 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Wolf Fang        | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Tentacles        | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 170 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Vampire Fang     | 4-12 |  0  |  0  | 193 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Gorilla Foot     | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 218 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Lionheart        | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 231 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bear Claw        | 5-12 |  0  |  0  | 250 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Tiger Fang       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 275 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Panda Claw       | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 300 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Nessie Attack    | 6-12 |  0  |  0  | 325 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Medusa Eye       | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 350 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Brocken          | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 375 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Demon's Hand     | 7-12 |  0  |  0  | 400 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Fiendish Claw    | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 437 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Primal Force     | 8-12 |  0  | 70  | 475 |  0  | 70  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Goblin's Fury    | 8-12 |  0  |  0  | 512 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mystic Eye       | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 550 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 110 |  0  |
Geo Saber        | 9-12 |  0  | 60  | 587 |  0  | 120 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Destroy          | 9-12 |  0  |  0  | 625 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Lightning Fang   |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 675 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Dragon Tooth     |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 725 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Enigma           |10-12 |  0  |  0  | 775 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Orichalch Claw   |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 825 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
El Dorado        |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 875 |  0  |  0  | 100 | 100 |  0  |
Dragon Heart     |11-12 |  0  |  0  | 937 | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Belial Force     |  12  | 200 |  0  |1000 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Amon Force       |  12  |  0  |  0  |1200 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Lucifer Force    |  --  | 300 | 300 |1500 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 | 300 |
Nyanko Soul      |  --  | 400 | 400 |2000 | 400 | 400 | 400 | 400 | 400 |
Nemesis          |  --  | 800 | 800 |2500 | 800 | 800 | 800 | 800 | 800 |
Nemesis Mk II    |  --  |1500 |1500 |3500 |1500 |1500 |1500 |1500 |1500 |

 VIIIb. Armor

This includes regular pieces of armor and emblems only. Stuff like belts and
all that is in the other section. Note that I changed the CR from the weapons
to 'rank'.

Name             | Rank | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Amulet           |  1   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Protector        |  2   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  6  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bulletproof Vest |  3   |  0  |  0  |  0  | 10  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Fancy Lid        |  4   |  0  |  0  |  0  | 15  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Leather Jacket   |  5   |  0  |  0  |  0  | 21  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Chain Mail       |  6   |  0  |  0  |  0  | 27  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Dimensional Cape |  7   |  0  | 10  |  0  | 33  |  0  | 10  |  0  |  0  |
Power Jacket     |  8   |  0  |  0  | 15  | 40  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bushido Armor    |  9   | 10  |  0  | 10  | 47  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Magic Vest       |  10  |  0  | 20  |  0  | 54  | 20  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Armor     |  11  | 30  |  0  |  0  | 62  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Steel Armor      |  12  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 70  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Fur Coat         |  13  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 78  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Dandy Gown       |  14  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 87  | 25  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Stealth Cape     |  15  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 95  |  0  | 30  |  0  |  0  |
Stinky Jacket    |  16  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 105 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Ghost Cape       |  17  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 115 |  0  | 20  |  0  | 20  |
Prophet's Robe   |  18  |  0  | 30  |  0  | 125 | 30  |  0  |  0  | 20  |
Silver Tux       |  19  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 135 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Gritty Vest      |  20  | 30  |  0  |  0  | 145 | -20 |  0  | 30  |  0  |
Mistral Armor    |  21  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 160 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Jupiter's Armor  |  22  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 175 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Cactus Armor     |  23  |  0  |  0  | 40  | 190 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Hero Cape        |  24  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 210 |  0  | 40  | 40  |  0  |
Gold Tux         |  25  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 230 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Reaper's Cloak   |  26  | -50 | 50  | 50  | 250 | 50  | -50 | 50  | -50 |
Black Armor      |  27  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 270 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 30  |
Nine Tail Fur    |  28  |  0  | 40  |  0  | 300 | 40  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Platinum Tux     |  29  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 330 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Dragon Jacket    |  30  | 50  |  0  | 50  | 360 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Orichalch Shield |  31  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 390 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bahamut's Scale  |  32  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 420 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Evil Armor       |  33  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 450 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Shield of Aegis  |  34  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 480 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |
Celestial Armor  |  35  | 70  | 70  | 70  | 510 | 70  | 70  | 70  | 70  |
Infernal Cape    |  36  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 550 |  0  | 150 | 150 |  0  |
Infernal Shield  |  37  |  0  | 150 |  0  | 600 | 150 |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Infernal Armor   |  38  | 150 |  0  | 150 | 650 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 150 |
Nirvana          |  39  |  0  |  0  |  0  |1000 |  0  |  0  |  0  | 500 |
Astro Suit       |  40  | 500 |-100 | 800 | 400 |-300 | 100 | 100 | 200 |
Super Robo Suit  |  40  |1000 |1000 |1000 |2000 |1000 |1000 |1000 |1000 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Name             |  CR  | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Imperial Seal    |  5   | 20  | 10  | 10  | 10  | 10  | 10  | 10  | 10  |
Dark Rosary      |  10  | 40  | 20  | 20  | 20  | 20  | 20  | 20  | 20  |
Devil Ring       |  14  | 70  | 35  | 35  | 35  | 35  | 35  | 35  | 35  |
Feather Token    |  18  | 110 | 55  | 55  | 55  | 55  | 55  | 55  | 55  |
Sofia's Mirror   |  22  | 160 | 80  | 80  | 80  | 80  | 80  | 80  | 80  |
Pravda Necklace  |  26  | 220 | 110 | 110 | 110 | 110 | 110 | 110 | 110 |
Royal Ring       |  30  | 300 | 150 | 150 | 150 | 150 | 150 | 150 | 150 |
Testament        |  34  | 400 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 | 200 |
Exodus           |  38  | 540 | 270 | 270 | 270 | 270 | 270 | 270 | 270 |
Arcadia          |  40  |1000 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 | 500 |

 VIIIc. Etc.

Going in order: muscles, orbs, belts, shoes, eyewear. Armor and emblems are in
the armor section. Enjoy.

Name             | Rank | HP  | SP  | ATK | DEF | INT | SPD | HIT | RES |
Muscle Brawn     |  2   | 10  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Hustle    |  5   | 25  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Spirit    |  8   | 60  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Fight     |  11  | 110 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Ace       |  14  | 200 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Victory   |  17  | 300 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Dream     |  20  | 500 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle World     |  25  |1000 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Muscle Star      |  33  |2000 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Galactic Muscle  |  39  |5000 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Common Orb       |  2   |  0  |  5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  5  |
Psyche Orb       |  5   |  0  | 15  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 15  |
Dark Orb         |  8   |  0  | 30  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 30  |
Blood Orb        |  11  |  0  | 50  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 50  |
Star Orb         |  14  |  0  | 80  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 80  |
Moon Orb         |  17  |  0  | 120 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 120 |
King Orb         |  20  |  0  | 180 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 180 |
Holy Orb         |  25  |  0  | 260 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 260 |
Chaos Orb        |  33  |  0  | 400 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 400 |
Universal Orb    |  39  |  0  | 800 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 800 |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Quasi-Power Belt |  1   |  0  |  0  |  3  | -1  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Power Belt       |  3   |  0  |  0  | 10  | -3  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Endeavor Belt    |  5   |  0  |  0  | 18  | -5  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Belt of Will     |  7   |  0  |  0  | 30  | -9  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Mega-Power Belt  |  9   |  0  |  0  | 45  | -13 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Monster Belt     |  11  |  0  |  0  | 60  | -20 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Super Belt       |  13  |  0  |  0  | 80  | -25 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Steel Belt       |  15  |  0  |  0  | 100 | -33 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Aura Belt        |  17  |  0  |  0  | 120 | -40 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Love Belt        |  19  |  0  |  0  | 140 | -45 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Spirit Belt      |  21  |  0  |  0  | 160 | -50 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Hero Belt        |  23  |  0  |  0  | 190 | -60 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Soul Belt        |  25  |  0  |  0  | 220 | -70 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Training Belt    |  27  |  0  |  0  | 250 | -80 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Bravery Belt     |  29  |  0  |  0  | 310 |-100 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Guts Belt        |  31  |  0  |  0  | 350 |-115 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Shaolin Belt     |  33  |  0  |  0  | 400 |-130 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Black Belt       |  36  |  0  |  0  | 500 |-150 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Chakra Belt      |  38  |  0  |  0  | 700 |-200 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
Champion Belt    |  39  |  0  |  0  |1500 |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Slippers         |  4   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |MV+1
Cross-Trainers   |  6   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  5  |  0  | 20  |  0  |  0  |MV+1
Ninja Shoes      |  8   |  0  |  0  |  0  | 12  |  0  | 50  |  0  |  0  |MV+1
Falcon Shoes     |  10  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 25  |  0  | 100 |  0  |  0  |MV+1
Angel's Sandals  |  30  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  | 300 |  0  |  0  |MV+2
Accelerator      |  39  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 200 |  0  |1000 |  0  |  0  |MV+3
Hyperdrive       |  40  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |MV+99
                 |      |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |     |
Common Glasses   |  2   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  2  |  0  | 10  |  0  |
Magnifying Glass |  5   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  7  |  0  | 25  |  0  |
Nerd Glasses     |  8   |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 14  |  0  | 50  |  0  |
Plastic Nose     |  11  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 24  |  0  | 90  |  0  |
Opera Glasses    |  14  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 35  |  0  | 140 |  0  |
Nightvision      |  17  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 50  |  0  | 200 |  0  |
Crosshair Scope  |  20  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 70  |  0  | 280 |  0  |
Foresight        |  23  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 100 |  0  | 400 |  0  |
Destiny Lens     |  26  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 150 |  0  | 550 |  0  |
Providence       |  30  |  0  |  0  |  0  |  0  | 250 |  0  | 800 |  0  |

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  IX. Castle ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

This is just a genuine section of lists such as the stuff in the hospital.
Nothing too special.

 IXa. Dark Assembly

This is a more in-depth look at the Dark Assembly, from what I did in the game
basics section. Feel free to ignore the ranting.

Let's go back to the basics of the Dark Assembly. You talk to the one knight
in the Overlord's Castle to go get a menu of bills you can pass. The majority
of these bills, except for creating/deleting a character or changing their
name, require approval from the Dark Assembly. So when you choose such a bill,
you will be taken to the assembly room where there are a number of senators,
who could be of any attitude towards you. Could be total support, could be
leaning yes, could be strongly against.

You need to get the majority of the votes when you're passing a bill, but it
has a handicap of the amount of mana it took to make the proposal, which I
explain in the basics section if that doesn't make any sense. Bottom line is,
you need to get the approval of the senators, and the easiest way to do this
is obviously through bribery. You can scroll through the senators who are in
attendance at the time, and get a choice of the items in your possession, and
can see what the senators think of them. It's either Must Have, Interested,
Slightly Interested, Not Very Interested, or Does Not Want.

Believe it or not, the actual rank of the item doesn't matter at all. In fact,
Rank 1 items have the same possibility of being Must Haves at Rank 40 items
do. So obviously... when going to bribe senators, just buy a bunch of crap from
the armor shop, and go do your thing. The actual formula for what they think of
the items has to do with the rarity of them, and is so incredibly complicated
it might as well be random. So for all our intents and purposes, it IS random.
But anyway, each senator starts with an innate "point value" towards you, and
that determines their opinion of you. The higher the more they like you, and
it increases as you bribe them, obviously. 

   Love              - 151 or more
   Total support     - 145-150
   Strongly for      - 141-144
   In favor of       - 135-140
   Leaning yes       - 131-134
   Either way        - 125-130
   Leaning no        - 121-124
   Against           - 115-120
   Strongly against  - 111-114
   Total opposition  - 105-110
   Loathe            - 104 or less

Then like I said, items can be Must Have, Interested, Slightly Interested,
Not Very Interested, or Does Not Want. The first three will increase their
affection for you, obviously Must Have doing more than Slightly Interested.
And here is the list of bills, the Demon Rank necessary to pass them, and
how their aptitude changes per bill.

 Proposal              | Rank | Mana | Aptitude  
Raise Military Funds   |  0   |  10  |   -50    |
More Expensive Stuff   |  1   |  10  |   +25    |
Cheaper Stuff          |  1   |  10  |   +25    |
Eyewear Inventory      |  2   |  30  |    +0    |
Belt Inventory         |  2   |  30  |    +0    |
Shoe Inventory         |  2   |  30  |    +0    |
Transmigrate           |  3   | 100  |    +0    |
Improve Counterattack  |  3   | 300  |    +0    |
Triple EXP             |  4   | 100  |    +0    |
Bonus Gauge Boost      |  4   | 100  |    +0    |
Prinny Day             |  4   | 100  |    +0    |
Improve Movement       |  4   | 500  |    +0    |
Stronger Enemies       |  5   | 100  |    +0    |
Weaker Enemies         |  5   |  10  |   +25    |
Prinny Land            |  5   | 400  |    +0    |
Cave of Ordeal         |  6   | 700  |   -25    |
Human World            |  7   | 1500 |   -50    |
Alternate Netherworld  |  8   | 3000 |   -75    |
The Mysterious Seal    |  9   | 5000 |   -100   |

So that's that. After you actually propose the bill, you bribe and then it
will either be accepted or rejected. If it's rejected, you can either give up
or pass it by force. Passing it by force is usually hard because the senators
will no doubt be higher leveled than you, but here's the trick: if a high
level senator is on your side, throw anything with a lower level into it, and
then the lower one against you will disappear, and the higher leveled one that
voted yea, will have its level increased. That's the key. With that, have fun
with the Dark Assembly.

 IXb. Hospital

This is a list of the amount of HP, SP, and revivals necessary to obtain the
items in the hospital. Just for the record, the formula for the HL required to
heal yourself are:

Cost For HP     - Total HP / 3
Cost For SP     - Total SP x 2
Cost For Revive - Total HP x 2/3 + (Level x30)

Name             | HP Cost | SP Cost | Revivals |
Muscle Brawn     | 100     |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Hustle    | 400     |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Spirit    | 1,000   |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Fight     | 2,000   |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Ace       | 5,000   |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Victory   | 10,000  |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Dream     | 40,000  |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle World     | 100,000 |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Muscle Star      | 200,000 |   N/A   |   N/A    |
Common Orb       |   N/A   | 50      |   N/A    |
Psyche Orb       |   N/A   | 200     |   N/A    |
Dark Orb         |   N/A   | 500     |   N/A    |
Blood Orb        |   N/A   | 1,000   |   N/A    |
Star Orb         |   N/A   | 2,000   |   N/A    |
Moon Orb         |   N/A   | 5,000   |   N/A    |
King Orb         |   N/A   | 10,000  |   N/A    |
Holy Orb         |   N/A   | 20,000  |   N/A    |
Chaos Orb        |   N/A   | 50,000  |   N/A    |
Caterpillar Egg  |   N/A   |   N/A   | 5        |
Charred Newt     |   N/A   |   N/A   | 10       |
Rooster Blood    |   N/A   |   N/A   | 25       |
Snake Kidney     |   N/A   |   N/A   | 50       |
Bat Soup         |   N/A   |   N/A   | 80       |
Frog Sweat       |   N/A   |   N/A   | 120      |
Immortal's Pill  |   N/A   |   N/A   | 170      |
Imperial Seal    | 200     | 100     | 5        |
Dark Rosary      | 700     | 300     | 15       |
Devil Ring       | 2,000   | 1,000   | 40       |
Feather Token    | 5,000   | 2,000   | 70       |
Sofia's Mirror   | 10,000  | 5,000   | 110      |
Pravda Necklace  | 40,000  | 10,000  | 160      |
Royal Ring       | 100,000 | 20,000  | 220      |
Testament        | 200,000 | 50,000  | 300      |

                       ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  X. FAQ ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

There are some questions which I know are going to come up at some point, so
here they are, answered for you within this guide. Happy? Yeah, everybody is
at some point.

[Q] When did this game come out and how good is it?

[A] This game came out on January 30, 2003 in Japan, and on August 27, 2003.
    How good it is depends on if you like relatively long lasting strategy RPGs
    with hilarious plots. If so, then it's incredible.


[Q] What's the maximum for stuff?

[A] The maximum for levels is 9999. The maximum level for an item is 30 for
    normal ones, 60 for rare ones, and 100 for legendary ones. The maximum for
    each stat is 21,474,836. 


[Q] How do I get the best weapon in the game?

[A] Oh god. That would be the Yoshitsuna. To do it, you need a legendary Cosmic
    Blade, which is hard as hell to get. There's three ways to do it: get lucky
    and find one in the bonus gauge, steal one from someone in a high leveled
    Item World, or steal it from the Item God at the end of a legendary Amano
    Hahakiri, something else hard to get as well as time consuming. So if you
    get that... you need to venture all the way through 100 floors of utter
    madness in the Item World, until you find the Item God there and steal the
    Yoshitsuna from it. That, of course, assuming you have a rogue that is
    pretty damn high leveled. So yeah, it's ridiculously hard to get and only
    recommended for the hardcore. But if you're hardcore, by all means do it.


[Q] What are the best level up places in the game?

[A] The first good level up spot is 5-3, what with its invincibility panels.
    7-1 is decent afterwards, but then there's 10-1, which is particularly
    good if you're bored. Then there's 14-1, which has an EXP field that will
    help you drastically. Use that until you're strong enough for Cave of
    Ordeals 3, which will give you ridiculous levels with Winged Slayer and Big
    Bang, until you reach about Level 2000. Then there's the first level of
    Beauty Castle, but nothing is better than the Item World, at any level.
    You can make it as easy or as hard as you want, so how can you go wrong?


[Q] How many endings are in this game and how do you unlock all of them?

[A] There's a lot of endings to put it bluntly. Here's the ones I know of.

   Bad Ending - finish the last battle having passed 100 bills by force
   Etna Ending - have 100 ally kills before ending Chapter 5, choose to kill
   Flonne Ending - have 50 ally kills before ending Chapter 3, choose to kill
   Good Ending - finish the last battle with no ally kills
   Human Ending - finish the final battle of the Human World
   Mid-Boss Ending - lose to Mid-Boss in any battle against him
   Normal Ending - finish the last battle with at least one ally kill
   Very Bad Ending - finish the last battle having killed an Item God

                     ~-~ ~-~ ~-~  XI. Credits ~-~ ~-~ ~-~

You have just gone through yet another huge RPG guide, copyrighted and written
by none other than a lifeless nerd. Or, in other words, me. Interpret that in
any way you wish. So with that, hope you enjoyed this guide and this game, and
expect to see my name on many more guides in the future. Disgaea 3 will
definitely be one of them! For now, thanks to these people.

- Sailor Bacon: For taking over GameFAQs in the place of CJayC, which I'm sure
must have been extremely difficult shoes to fill. He's doing a great job, so,
my hat is tipped.

- Stephen Ng: For being the FAQ editor for IGN, which is the other site that I
write for. I am honored to write for IGN, since it is a great site. I was also
very glad to do an exclusive for IGN.

- Salah al Din: For writing one of the best guides on the site which probably
ended up better than mine, for this game. =P Specifically for the strategy for
Priere which I used on my playthrough, and is pretty much amazing. Kudos.

- Makai Senki Disgaea Akurasa Wiki: For being the ultimate resource for anything
you wanted to know... or didn't want to know about Fire Emblem. Amazing little
site. <http://akurasu.net/wiki/index.php?title=Makai_Senki_Disgaea>

- Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Dream Theater, The Eagles, Queen, Van Halen, The
Beatles, and many others: You probably know why I'm thanking you, but I don't
believe this guide would be up as quickly if it weren't for all of you.

- All the guys who first got me started writing from GameFAQs and all of my
best friends like SinirothX, Psycho Penguin, Meowthnum1, CVXFREAK, Karpah,
ZoopSoul, Crazyreyn, Gobicamel, asa2377 (OH EM GEE YOU TROLL), Warhawk, Cyril,
supernova54321, Minesweeper, AlaskaFox, me frog, RHarrison, masterzero99, Tom
Hayes, wayalla, djg40, MTincher, NickBush24, BurningFox, AquaBlast, and
definitely more that I'm forgetting: you are some of the best friends that
anyone can have, and I may have quit FAQing/left FCB forever without all of
you. Thank you for everything and for motivating me to get my ass in gear.

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