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Stealing Guide by Alastair412

Version: 1.1 | Updated: 06/17/2004

                         DISGAEA: HOURS OF DARKNESS
                               STEALING CHARTS
Written by Alastair412 - Alastair412@yahoo.com
version 1.1, June 17th, 2004

Disgaea: Hour of Darkness
(c) Nippon Ichi Software Inc.
(c) Atlus U.S.A. Inc.

Copyright 2004, Mario Laubacher (Alastair412). Copyrights only apply to
sections written myself. In particuliar for hard game data, Nippon Ichi and
Atlus' copyrights apply in full.

Contact me via email if you find errors. If you have gameplay questions, it's
probably quicker for you to post your questions to the message boards at

This FAQ may not be published for monetary gain. Written permission is 
required before hosting it on your website.

For all e-mails pertaining to this FAQ, please use "Disgaea FAQ" in your
subject line. Write in plain text if possible. Failure to this may result in
your mail being discarded by the spam filter, and I no longer verify my
quarantine for false positives.


1.  Version History
2.  Scope
3.  Popular Stealing Levels at-a-glance
4.  Ultimate Items Table
5.  Stealing Formula
6.  Stealing Tables
7.  Stat Theft
8.  Stealing Tips & Tricks
9.  Credits and Acknowledgements

=======( 1. Version History )=================================================

06/16/04   v1.0
06/17/04   v1.1 Fleshed out, added Tips & Tricks, Stat Theft and items table

=======( 2. Scope )===========================================================

This Mini-FAQ's aim is simple and straightforward, it answers the recurring
question "What level should my thief be to steal X?". I'll focus only on the
most important items in the game, the rest you can calculate yourself :)

=======( 3. Popular Stealing Levels at-a-glance )=============================

You don't need any formulas, and want to know how to get the all the great
loot? Fear not, here's a rundown of the most popular stuff, using a vanila
stealing hand, and of course, without any stronger enemies bills.
The levels are given for the rare chance that the item you want is rarity 0:

- Yoshitsuna, from LCB item god: thief lvl 1871
  The same applies for any rank 40 weapons from a legendary rank 39 weapon
- Baal's stuff: level 2139
- UberPrinny Baal's stuff: level 3140 
- Item God 2's replicae: level 3604, except:
- Nemesis MKI: level 3605

Caveat: I haven't verified whether the Nemesis MKI's Item God 2 is still at 
level 6933, so the true value may warrant a correction.

Finally, a level 5140 thief can steal anything in the game, period.

If you're interested in details, read on.

=======( 4. Ultimate Items Table )============================================

IG1 is the Item God found at level 100 of regular items, he always holds a
    version of the next best weapon, but at random rarities, except for
    ultimate (rank 40) equipment
IG2 is the Item God found at level 100 of ultimate items, he always holds
    a copy of the item you're in.

Item Class  Name              Where to find?                     Thief level
Fist        Ultimus           IG1 of a legendary God's Hand          1871 (1)
                              IG2 of another Ultimus                 3604
Sword       Yoshitsuna        IG1 of a legendary Cosmic Blade        1871
                              IG2 of another Yoshitsuna              3604
Spear       Glorius           IG1 of a legendary Longinus            1871 (2)
                              IG2 of another Glorius                 3604
Bow         Galaxy            IG1 of a legendary Artemis             1871
                              IG2 of another Galaxy                  3604
Gun         Etoile            IG1 of a legendary Infernal Gun        1871
                              IG2 of another Etoile                  3604
Axe         Apocalypse        IG1 of a legendary Durandal            1871
                              IG2 of another Apocalypse              3604
Staff       Omniscient Staff  IG1 of a legendary Galactic Staff      1871
                              IG2 of another Omniscient Staff        3604
Monster     Nyanko Soul       When Majorly joins                     
                              IG2 of another Nyanko Soul             3604
Monster     Nemesis MK I      Steal from Baal                        2139
                              IG2 of another Nemesis MK I            3605 (3)
Monster     Nemesis MK II     Steal from Prinny Baal                 3140 (4)
Armor       Astro Suit        Steal from General Carter               247
                              IG2 of another Astro Suit              3604
Armor       Super Robo Suit   Steal from Baal                        2139
                              IG2 of another Super Robo Suit         3604
Armor       Prinny Costume    Steal from Prinny Baal                 3140 (5)
Engine      Hyperdrive        Get it by beating your first IG2       3604 (6)
                              IG2 of another Hyperdrive              3604
Accessory   Gao's Guts        When Majorly joins
                              IG2 of another Gao's Guts              3604
Accessory   Myao's Cat Ears   When Majorly joins
                              IG2 of another Myao's Cat Ears         3604
Accessory   Crowdia's Beauty  When Majorly joins
                              IG2 of another Crowdia's Beauty        3604
Treasure    Arcadia           When Majorly joins
                              IG2 of another Arcadia                 3604 (7)

(1)   You can steal a God's Hand from the Zombie King in Cave of Ordeals 5.
      Note that its rarity is random, so you may want to save and reload
      until you get a legendary one (1/32 chances)
(2)   You will get a legendary Longinus for reaching level 25 spear mastery
      with one character, entering the Dark Assembly, then speaking with the
      Longinus character in your castle
(3)   To be confirmed - I don't know for sure whether the IG2 here is also at
      level 6933, or higher.
(4)   Nemesis MKII is already at level 100 when you get it
(5)   Prinny Costume is already at level 100 when you get it
(6)   It will pop up in your inventory without notice, so make sure you have
      some space left.
(7)   In theory, you could get an Arcadia from the IG in an exodus, but it's
      supposedly extremely unlikely. I've never seen one myself.

=======( 5. Stealing Formula )================================================

The stealing formla was discovered by Scy046. Here's the simplified version
you'll find in Bend's Item Guide:

Thieves have a stealing chance up to 99%.
c = h + t*2 + 25 - e - r*3 - a

c: The percentage chance to steal.
h: The HIT statistic of the hand being used (including specialists).
t: The level of the thief.
e: The level of the enemy.
r: The rank of the item.
a: 0 if the rarity of the item is Normal, 10 if the rarity is Rare, 30
   if the rarity is Legendary, or 100 if the item has rarity 0.

Non-thieves can steal at 50% chance at best, using the following formula:

c = h + t - 30 - e - r*3 - a

c: The percentage chance to steal.
h: The HIT statistic of the hand being used (including specialists).
t: The level of the thief.
e: The level of the enemy.
r: The rank of the item.
a: 0 if the rarity of the item is Normal, 10 if the rarity is Rare, 30
   if the rarity is Legendary, or 100 if the item has rarity 0.

=======( 6. Stealing tables )=================================================

When toying in spreadsheets with the above formulas, you'll quickly find a
handy shortcut formula:
Required level = Enemy level /2 + N
N varies a lot of course. That's where the tables fit in :)

The tables below use vanila stealing hands for calculation. The good thing:
If you use better hands (or one with marksmen on it), you can substract 
(hand's hit - 20)/2 from N.

Example: If N=140 (from the table), and you use a bandit's hand with no
marksmen, the required level becomes Enemy level /2 + 121

Legendary items, Rarity 1-7

Item Rank   N
39          101
40          102
41          104
42          105

Legendary items, Rarity 0

Item Rank   N
39          136
40          137
41          139
42          140

While I wonder why bother since most of you will use a level 9999 surt anyway,
here are nevertheless the values, again with a stealing hand.

This time, the shortcut formula is as follows: Enemy Level +N.
If you're using a better hand, this time you can substract (hand's hit -20)
from N.
Example: If N=286 (from the table), and you use a bandit's hand with no
marksmen, the required level becomes Enemy Level + 226

Legendary items, Rarity 1-7

Item Rank   N
39          207
40          210
41          213
42          216

Legendary items, Rarity 0

Item Rank   N
39          277
40          280
41          283
42          286

=======( 7. Stat Theft )======================================================

Thieves, and Thursday can steal stats from anyone: monsters of course, but
also from clones and even your own party members!

Stat theft is based on the same stealing formula, but stats are considered 
normal rank 0 items.

Which gives us the following stealing formula:
Chance = Hit of Hand + Thief Level * 2 + 25 - Enemy level

In substance, a thief level 5027 can steal stats from any enemy.

Thursday uses the non-thieves formula:
Chance = Hit of Hand + Thursday Level - Enemy Level -30

Simplified, to have 50% chances of stealing any stat, Thursday must be 50
levels above the enemy you want to steal from.

How much stat points you can steal is currently still being investigated, but
the amount is always set per monster type.

Currently, we believe that the formula to calculate how much stat points you
can steal is as follows:

Gain = N * Stat factor
Where N is a set amount per monster type
Stat Factor is either just the percentages of each stat of the rogue class, or
a combination of this factor and the class' raw stat value. We're still
investigating whether boosting a stat at character creation will increase the
gain or not.

In essence, this means that Space Pirates (and Thursday) will benefit most
from stat theft.

EXP appears to be somewhat randomized so far.

What is certain, as well, is that stolen stats are not included in pupil
benefit, and that they don't count in transmigrations.

In one of this FAQ's next revisions, we ought to be able to give you a 
complete table of N for each monster. Currently, let's simply state that the
last version of any monster class will yield the best Gain, and that this
doesn't exceed 30 in any case. So stat theft is a slow business.

=======( 8. Stealing Tips and Tricks )========================================

Here's a short list of a few handy stealing tricks:

- The only thing which matters for a thief is his level. Don't waste time
transmigrating him or whatever, just level him up
- The fastest way to level up your thief to 3605 is as follows:
  1. Get 300 statisticians, 1900 armsmasters, a good sword and some gladiators
  2. Create a Samurai, and equip her with the above and a sword
  3. Go to 5-3 and attack enemies until she gets 10 sword mastery
  4. Get the needed mana needed to transmigrate at genius
  5. Transmigrate into any thief
  6. Use Winged Slayer ad nauseam on CoO3
- To steal, you need at least one hand in your item bag. Select it using
  the item command in battle, then select who you want to steal from
- The better the hand, the greater its range. Use this to your advantage
- Safe stealing I: for situations where you need more than one round with
  your thief, use invicibility geo pannels to your thief's advantage
- This means for item gods, gency out at level 99, save and reset as needed
- If the item god has Tetra Star, a bug bypasses invincibility, so beware
- Safe stealing II: when geo pannels can't help you (Baals), move your thief
  into position, steal, then have a sacrifical lamb walk up to your thief and
  throw him back into your base pannel.
- Safe stealing III: remember that the Yoshitsuna is a ranged weapon
- Remember that if you just lack the needed levels, adding spare marksmen to a
  hand will help you out
- If you find the coveted Legendary Cosmic Blade on an enemy which is in an
  unreachable part of a level, use your scout's geo change ability and pray
  you get warp. Unless you have a hyperdrive, of course.
- The easiest way to get a hyperdrive, all things being equal, is probably
  getting the bonus Longinus in your castle. Just get level 25 in spear
  mastery for one character and talk to Longinus, steal the Glorious from its
  item god, and go beat the item god 2 at the Glorious' bottom.
- To get a Legendary Cosmic blade, either steal it from an enemy, get it from
  bonus lists in high level items, or steal it from the item god in a legendary
  Amano-Hahakiri. For the latter, gency out at level 99, save, and reload until
  the item god's cosmic blade is legendary (1/32 chances).
- In case you're wondering, one majin in BoE (after beating Majorly) has an
  Amano-Hahikri. You still have 1/32 chances that it will be legendary, you'll
  eventually get lucky.

=======( 9. Credits and Acknowledgements )====================================

This FAQ owes directly to Scy046 and Bend's work. The headers for this FAQ
were shamelessly lifted from JungleJim's excellent Training FAQ, which is
hosted by gamefaqs.com
Thanks to JungleJim in particuliar for the parallel work in investigating
stat theft.

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