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  1. There are some cards I want and I've been having a hard time getting them. The cards I want are as follows mega thunderball, trial of nightmare, castle of dark illusion, time eater, boo koo, gear golem the moving fortress, yamatano dragon scroll, temple of skulls, fiend sword, mystic lamp, candle of fate, binding chain, wolf, contract of mask, beastly mirror ritual, curse of the millenium shield, insect immitation, and shield and sword. What I want to know is which starter decks these cards are in or if I have to reincarnate them.

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    stuffz0rz - 8 years ago
  2. Additional Details:
    To make it easier for me to understand your answers, list the starter deck as something like tactical warrior deck or thunder nyan nyan deck (just two deck leader examples I know).

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    stuffz0rz - 8 years ago

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  1. castle of dark illusion, time eater, yamatano dragon scroll, temple of skulls, contract of mask, beastly mirror ritual, curse of millenium shield, insect imitation, and shield and sword are not in any starter deck that I've seen, but I do know where to get some of these cards.
    castle of dark illusion- Dark ruler graveyard slot
    Temple Of Skulls 3 Dancing Fairy
    Temple Of Skulls 3 Koumori Dragons
    Temple Of Skulls 3 Larvae Moth
    Temple of Skulls 3 Bright Castle
    Temple of Skulls 3 Dark Plant
    Temple of Skulls 3 Turtle Oath
    curse of the millennium shield- Pegasus Crawford graveyard slot
    insect imitation- weevil graveyard slot
    shield and sword- yugi graveyard slot
    binding chain- Tea graveyard slot
    wolf- T. Tristan Grey graveyard slot
    fiend sword, gear golem the moving fortress, mystic lamp, binding chain, and wolf can be reincarnated.

    Here is a diagram of the board, and secret card locations
    A _ _ _ _ _ _ _
    B_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    C_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    D_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    E_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    F_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    G_ _ _ _ _ _ _
    1 2 3 4 5 6 7

    Tea- Servant of Catabolism/E5
    T. Tristan Grey- Novox's Prayer/D5
    Margaret Mai Beauford- Dust Tornado/E7
    Mako- Time Eater/E6
    Joey- Rigras Leever/E7
    J. Shadi Morton- Souleater/D4
    Jasper Dice Tudor- Dharma Cannon/D4
    Bakura- Shape Snatch/A7
    Yugi- Carat Idol/D1
    Weevil- Eradicating Aerosol/D7
    Rex Raptor- Cold Wave/A7
    Necromancer- Eternal Rest/A1
    Keith- Stain Storm/C4
    Darkness Ruler- Exile of the Wicked/B6
    Labyrinth Ruler- Catapult Turtle/A7
    Pegasus Crawford- Electromagnetic Bagworm/A4
    Ishtar- Jowls of Dark Demise/D4
    Richard Slysheen of York Warrior Elimination/B4
    Seto- Moisture Creature/D4
    Manawyddan fab Llyr 1891 Brain Control/D4
    Manawyddan fab Llyr 1985 Eye of Truth/D4
    NOTE: most of the monsters are immortals

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  1. I got Mega Thunderball by getting 3 in a row of Thunder Nyan Nyan
    J.Shadi morton will play Thunder Nyan Nyan upright in defence position

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  2. -Correction for above-
    i got 3 thunder Nyan Nyan in a row just now and got Raigeki DC 80 card number 700
    but J.Shadi Morton does use a thunder megaball

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  3. Mega Thunderball: Thunder Nyan Nyan starter deck or Shadi
    Trial of Nightmare: Patrician of Darkness starter deck
    Castle of Dark Illusions: Darkness-Ruler
    Time Eater:Use Hidden Card abilty
    Boo Koo: Reincarnate
    Gear Golem the Moving Fortress: Seto
    Yamatano Dragon Scroll: Birdface starter deck
    Temple of Skulls: 3 in a row slots
    Fiend Sword: Illusory Gentleman starter deck
    Mystic Lamp: Serpentine Princess starter deck
    Candle of Fate: Darkness-ruler
    Binding Chain: Tea
    Wolf: King Tiger Wanghu / Molten Behemoth starter deck
    Contract of Mask: Reincarnate
    Beastly Mirror Ritual: Reincarnate
    Curse of the Millennium Shield: Pegasus
    Insect Imitation: Tea
    Shield & Sword: Joey
    The hidden card ability lets you find hidden cards whenever you move your deck leader to a particular space on each duelists' board. Hope this helps and good luck. :)

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