Nba Street Vol 2 inputing cheats?

  1. your NBA stret vol 2 section you list cheats for the instructs you to go to the "Enter codes now" screen but there is no uch screen I have checked all the options to no avail. and you can not hold L1 as instructed on the main brigs up a help screen. thanks for your time. If you could instruct me on how to enter te codes it would be greatly apreciated. Thanks again.

    User Info: upstream4life

    upstream4life - 11 years ago


  1. To do the chet you go int to any pick up game and enter your name and stuff and then wen ou are don wid that on the the bodom of the scren is should say ender codes and then you enter the chet.

    User Info: asdfjkl12

    asdfjkl12 - 11 years ago 0   0
  2. Go to a pick up game. (Can be done in other games, but wont have effect on court if its a turbo cheat etc)

    Once you have put in your name, you get one more screen of your stats, hit x to pass that screen.
    on the next screen down the bottom you will see a flashing "enter cheats now"

    User Info: triplem1075

    triplem1075 - 8 years ago 0   0

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