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FAQ/Walkthrough by Soliduous

Updated: 03/13/03

Please contact me at Ninjahawk@AOL.com

Be sure to write "Seek and Destroy" or S&D in the subject heading, or I will
likely assume you're trying to get me to look at your porn site.  If you would
like to help me improve this faq, please do so.  I will publish your
name/handle.  Please send me information you might have that I left out the
first time, like:
1) Your own strategy for a level
2) The reward for each level
3) The battle arena/Expert arena for each town
4) Anything I may have missed
5) Anything I may have gotten wrong (especially the names of the first few

This is my first FAQ.  I’m making it because Seek and Destroy is such a
wonderful game (see my review at
http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/ps2/review/R49868.html) that it seems sad that
there are virtually no faqs or online help pages anywhere online.  The point of
this faq is to show you how to access all the different missions on multiple
playthroughs.  The order in which you trigger mission marker (red flags on the
overworld map) often affects what the missions will be like.

Moreover, the game encourages replay by letting you keep all the money from
your previous endeavors, and because each boss battle gives you a choice of
three tanks, and you can only pick one each time.  But this is a fun game, and
identical missions play differently depending on your tank configuration.

Although I've listed which camoflauge would be appropriate in each case, I'm
not entirely sure that having the right camo does anything.  Even if it does,
the game is easy enough without it.

Below is a rough map of the overworld.  The numbers refer to the mission order
I recommend, for reference:

                     *********            *******************
      ***************         *          *    21      22     *
    *                          *        *  20                 *
    *   11                    *         *                      *
    *                         *         *                      *
     *  10                9   *         *       18             *
      *                   13  *         *  16         17    19 *
      * 12                   *           *     *****           *
      *                     *             *****     **         *
      *                     *        ***              **       *
      *                     *       *   *               **     *
     *                      *      *14  *                 *****
     *   6           7      *      *    *
     *                      *      *    *    15
    *          8            *       *   *
   *                         *       ***
  *                           *****
 *                            2    *
 *        3                         *
 *                               4  *
  *   1                             *
   *          ****             5    *
    **********    ******            *
                        **        **
2.  TUGHL (not a mission)
3.  RESCUE THE MAJOR! (Plains)
4.  DARING RESCUE! (Urban)
6.  DESTROY THE TOWERS (NALDNICK) (Urban, Plains for the boss)
8.  DEFEND! (Forrest)
11. INSIDE THE HIDEOUT (Nighttime)
14. NIBELIA (not a mission)
15. CASTLE IN THE SEA (Normal)

fun stuff
This is the mission you’ll start the game in, and also the mission you’ll redo
immediately after beating the final boss.  It’s easy, even without a single
powerup; just destroy around 8 tanks with the aid of 6 allied tanks.  Test out
destroying buildings, trees, and other objects.

Of course, you won't get a chance to customize your tank before the mission. 
If you beat the game previously, you'll automatically start in the tank you
played the final mission with.  Otherwise, you'll have the choice of 15 starter
tanks with no upgrades attached.

Within Rivageders the town is the pink tank you can get stuff from.  One code
is found by driving into the volcano in the first continent of the overworld. 
Others are found by doing well in the non-campaign battlemode.  See the codes
page on Gamefaqs.com.
Are there people in the tanks, or is Seek and Destroy a game featuring
tank-based lifeforms?
2. TUGHL (not a mission)

At this point in the game (that’s right, after the first mission) you should
visit Tughl, the city (look for the blue flag) on the far southeast of the
first continent.  The city of Tughl will be available for visiting after the
first and second missions, but not after unless you've visited it already.
Tughl is the only place you can get the Hover special part (almost necessary to
win the Parachute Drop minigame later on) and other stuff.

Also within this town is the pink craftsman tank that only answered "..." 
otherwise.  If you bring him the secret part from the Inside the Hideout
mission, he'll make you the QPU computer part.  Of course, it's weaker than the
Ultra CPU, but hey.
My tank is better than your tank!
Now you have a choice of two missions, both of which are to rescue Gen. Ahmadi.

The easiest is the one just North of Rivageders. A transport carrying Ahmadi
must be stopped.  Fight off 6 enemy tanks (3 allies) while trying to destroy
the transport.  You must prevent the transport from escaping either by
destroying it quickly enough, or by driving ahead and destroying the bridge. 
If you destroy the bridge when the Transport is on it, it’ll fall into the
water, trapped.  Shoot it like you would ducks in a barrel.


Just southeast of Tughl is a second mission you can access after doing the very
first mission. This one is a cool, albeit harder indoor rescue of Ahmadi with
tons of destructible buildings (causing me to bounce about after they were
rubble) and tanks that shoot powerful, slow pink points. This mission
substitutes for the one where you have to stop the transport.  You’re alone on
this one, and it’s rather challenging unless your tank is decked out with
enough weapons to make the level cheap.

I love all the smoke everywhere.  It almost compensates for the N64-styled
If you do the second mission listed above, a desert mission will become
available.  It's rather tough compared to starting missions; enemies have
longshot, missiles, and lay bombs.  Regular bad guys will try and freeze you
with drums while the boss hits you with the longshot.  There are also pre-laid
bombs waiting to destroy you.  There’s a small oasis at the center of this
level, but don’t bother with a water special part; it's too small to matter.

Note: this mission is VERY skip-able, so check the map.
Do the Smoke and Chaff subweapons do ANYTHING?
Now you have a choice of two missions located above Rivadegers.  Which one you
do first affects what they will be like.

6. DESTROY THE TOWERS (NALDNICK) (Urban, Plains for the boss)
Do Naldnick first and the level will be a 3 minute-timed mission where you have
to destroy four towers.  You’ll be alone, and enemy tanks will fire pink dots
at you, but this isn’t a hard mission by any means; the tanks, with those slow
pink dots, are quite good at killing you if you aren't strafing.

Then, you’ll face a helicopter boss, Sgt. Matthews.  He'll alludes to the
spider walker boss you could have faced, saying that was just a lure.  He isn’t
that hard unless you have a weak main weapon and no subweapons that are good at
airborne enemies, in which case it just takes awhile.  The Supershot shell and
single missile work just fine.

Do Bacherit second, then, and you get one of the most fun city battles.  The
goal is to destroy everything with a red flag on top of the main bunker in the
center of town, but don’t let that be your only thing!  No, kill all the other
enemy tanks, back up your allies, destroy all the tons of different citizen
buildings, and generally have fun!


Do Bacherit first and the mission will be a the game’s only stealth mission,
during the night.  Enemies will spot you if you fire weapons, run into their
small purple dot fire, or if you get too close to one.  The goal is to make it
inside the compound.  Honestly, I can’t say that the anti-noise cat treads
affect anything.  You could do this cheap-o using the NVC night vision internal
part, a flying special part, and just fly over everyone, but for fun use the
flare gun Subweapon B to see and try and drive it through.  You’re alone on
this one, obviously.

NALDNICK (Urban, Plains for the boss)
If you do Bacherit first, then doing Naldnick will be different as well.  This
time, your goal is to wipe out 6 Stationary Gun Barracks scattered around town
while fending off 6 enemy tanks.  The caveat, however, is that you’ll fail the
mission if any of your weapons accidentally hit a building or even a tree, so
be careful when aiming for one of those tanks.  This level is actually quite
challenging, because it’s hard to fire sparingly and still survive.

Succeed in this, and you’ll face the boss.  This time, it’ll be the spider-like
walker amalgam of all those parts the helicopter boss was carrying the other
way you tried this mission.  He’s not so hard, just drive around firing, try
not to get close.
I love the second after a burst shell connects, and the poor Q-stein knows he's
going to die and there's nothing he can do about it.
8. DEFEND! (Forrest)
Protect the King!  This is located in between Bacherit and Naldnick.  A
tree-infested stage where you, Jevons, and two other tanks must stop slews of
enemy tanks arriving by the fours from destroying the two tents behind you. 
Not very difficult mission, as long as you're fast.  Jevons and friends do an
admirable job of slowing down the Q-steins long enough for you to finish them
off.  After 3 minutes, Ahmadi and Rodeschild arrive and the mission is over. 
Then, you'll get special praise from the king himself, who is in a white tank.
Note: Mid-mission, when the game says "Enemy Reinforcements!" and moves the
camera away from you for a split second to show the reinforcements arriving,
you still have control of the tank during that half-second.  Feel free to keep
blasting until the camera comes back to you.

In every urban mission, I probably kill more innocents inside those buildings
than I save.
This is located in the Northeast of the first continent.  This is a simple
plains stage where you just follow Rodeschild and 6 allies, carving your way
through 2 groups of 8 enemies, then the boss, Germinario protected by 2 more
tanks.  Germinario is a black Sturmtiger tank with the launcher subweapon. 
Easy.  You won't have problems here.

If this game has taught me anything, it's that war is fun and easy!
At this point, 2 mission choices appear to the North.  Which one you select
does not affect anything, so I'll assume you go for the southernmost flag
first.  The missions are identical until you do them both.

10.  THE INVADERS (Snow)
With the aid (not that they help much) of 3 allies, engage a group of 6 tanks
and the sub boss.    The thing is, though, as soon as you attack, they will
generally make a break for it.  If any of them escape, you lose the mission.  
Still, engage them well enough, and they will all turn and fire at you.  This
mission isn't too hard if you have a good engine and relatively good weapons. 
The sub boss, Cmdr. Yugo, is a black tank armed with the Drill shot, but not
much of a threat.

11.  INSIDE THE HIDEOUT (Nighttime)
The famous nighttime mission.  I recommend using the Flare Bomb subweapon over
the NVC internal part, for fun.  If you find that annoying, and don't want to
use the Searchlight, then use the NVC.  Anyway, take out 6 tanks in the first
room, drive through the second room into the small room, then you'll trigger
the sub boss fight in the second room.  This black tank is kinda fast, but
otherwise not that hard.  The pillars and stalagmites are all destructible, but
the big boulder that the black tank often uses for cover is not.
see a short cutscene, then get kicked back out into the overworld.
Searchlights are for Resident Evil/Silent Hill enthusiasts.  NVCs are for the
Splinter Cell crowd.  The Flare Burst is for ...well, I dunno.
Next are 2 more red flags.  I'll assume you do the one just under the last two
you did.

12.  FEAR OF FLAILS (Snow)
This is a boss battle against a giant tractor-type bad guy.  He'll charge you
with his rolling flail-like tractor front, then lift the flails up while
releasing tornados.  Getting hit by either will send you flying.  Luckily, with
a good engine, you're in no real danger.  Run around, taking potshots.

I say, let Nibelia sink! They'll just complain later about our military tactics
when we need to attack Iraq.
This is a confusing mission to trigger, since the red flag appears in
Zambneal's location, yet driving over it takes you to Zambneal as the city that
hosts the Shop, Garage, and Arenas.  What you have to do is drive within
Zambneal past the striped trafic divider into the harbor, then press circle
when near Rodeschild (the blue tank with the white stripe).  Talk to him, and
if you're equiped with a water special part, you'll access the mission.
This is Seek and Destroy's only water mission.  It's an escort mission, so you
lose if you let all 3 Proton battleships get sunk.  You're underseige from
helicopters, which shoot missiles down at the allied boats, and jets, which
drop the more deadly homing torpedos into the water.  The air gattling gun can
work, but the missiles (even the single) turret attachments do just fine
against airborne baddies.  The real threat, however, is the 6 enemy
battleships, which are far more manueverable than your allies, and have 2
turret guns each. They're not too hard to sink, but using a slower water part
may adversely affect your chances for success.  This isn't that hard of a
mission; it ends when one of the Proton ships makes it accross the ocean.
After completing this mission, Nibelia, the only city on the middle continent,
will be accessible.
will not start the mission no matter how many times you talk to him.
14. NIBELIA (Not a Mission)
I should mention that the city Nibelia is now accessible on the middle island.
15.  CASTLE IN THE SEA (Normal)
This is one of my favorite missions.  You start it whenever you drive/fly west
of Nibelia.  You're put on the deck of a large battleship bristling with
various defenses.  The goal is to destroy that big black tower in the center.
First, you've got to get past 3 giant triple-cannonball launching  turrets. 
Destroy those and the battleship will spawn 4 small vacuum generators that
create a black hole in the center of the deck that'll trap you while other
weapons cut you to pieces.  You have to destroy all 4 generators to stop it, if
the black hole bothers you that much.  On the right are turrets pointed away
from the ship that you can destroy, but don't have to.  On the left are rows
and rows of smaller turrets that shoot missiles, which are dangerous in their
large numbers.  Behind the tower are three scud launchers that you may have
noticed landing around you this entire time.  You could, of course, skip
destroying all this and move on to the target, but that's no fun.  I should
note that trying to fly in this level before the majority of these guns are
destroyed is SUICIDE.  This is NOT a workable bombing mission.
In front and back of the black tower are two smaller ledges.  Destroy one, and
out pops a giant, dangerous gattling gun turret with good auto-tracking. 
Destroy that, and the boss (the black tower) is wide open.  When he falls,
every remaining weapon on the deck blows up.

Enemy territory! Time to destroy all those city buildings ON PURPOSE!
After finishing Castle in the Sea, three mission triggers will appear on the
final continent.  If you want to do the game's only aerial mission, don't do
the one on the far right/east until you've finished the other two plus a fourth
that appears after you defeat those.  To do the other variation for that
mission, just trigger Magiscopic before you do the other two missions.  Just
follow the order I've listed below if you wanna fight the aerial boss.

A nighttime urban battle, so equip the flare bomb, searchlight, or NVC.  The
goal is to take out 4 groups of 4 tanks with the aid of 5 allies plus
Rodeschild. This level is so big, however, that you'll rarely see more than one
ally onscreen.  Flight parts can alleviate the problem of driving around.  The
tanks are better than on the previous two islands, but not dangerously so.  
Interestingly enough, this is almost the only level where the enemy tanks
aren't all the same.  Allied bombers will rain down fire occasionally and
anti-aircraft guns near those searchlights return fire, but neither of these
events seem to affect your mission.  Radar is VERY helpful.  Some tanks might
take cover behind debris, so look for that.  Occasionally, I found a group of
tanks in the small water areas of the level (don't bother with a water part),
but I think my allies took care of those most of the time.
see a short cutscene, then get kicked back out into the overworld.
Let your cannons do the talking.

A cool stage where the goal is to destroy three weak buildings inside a
four-walled fortress within 3 minutes, alone.  The fortress itself is protected
by 12 tanks armed with the Crump Shell plus a big turret at each corner of the
fortress.  You could fly over it all inside the center, but you better take out
the turret at the corner where you intend on entering this way; otherwise, the
turret will blast you out of midair.  If you want, have fun destroying all the
tanks, then the turrets before entering to get the defenseless target
buildings.  You don't need a flying part; just drive up hill near one of the
edges and fall in.
My cannons say, "Boom!"

18.  DEVILS IN THE SAND (Desert)
You must protect Capt. Boane and Rodeschild as all of you are assaulted by
about 4 waves of 5 tanks.  Each wave has a different type of tank.  Each tank
isn't quite so strong, but you must be fast.  This is an escort mission,
remember.  Keep in mind that, as in the DEFEND! mission, you can keep firing
during the instant cutscenes where more tanks pop out of the sand.  Not so
hard, but be warned that your 2 allies behave like retards for this mission;
they just stand there, firing occasionally.

The cannons actually have Phds, but they like to call out the onomatopoeia
sound of their attacks, anime-style.

If you do the mission out of the order mentioned, don't worry; it's still fun. 
Volzol will mention that he's waiting for a bomber when you show up, alone.  
The goal is to destroy 8 tanks and the black tank sub boss, Volzol.  Volzol has
the scatter shot, and the tanks are tougher than the average Q-stein, so keep
moving.  Other than that, this level still isn't that hard, but it's more
enjoyable than the too-easy levels.  The battle takes place in the airfield
that's visible later on when you enter the city of Magiscopic.


If you do this mission in the order I've mentioned, your tank will
automatically be equipped with an experimental flying special part (so don't
bother using your favorite one).  You'll be in a flying battle against the
bomber mentioned in VOLZOL'S AP UNIT mission.  "Flying" basically involves a
Star-Fox-style corridor minigame where you move in 2 dimensions (above/below,
left/right) to avoid aerial mines released by the bomber.  This is a
challenging mission, because all of your weapons' ranges are calculated as
being MINUS the supposed speed of the bomber and you.  Thus, only long-range
weapons stand a realistic chance of hitting.  Also, aiming with your turret, or
at an angle, becomes insanely difficult.  My advice is to line up the shot,
keep the turret centered, and aim the tank forward, perpendicular to the plane
you're moving in.  The targets are the bomber's four engine/turrets.  The
16-Missile Rack works wonders here, auto-targeting just fine.
Frankly, I was dissapointed as this is the game's only aerial mission.  I much
would have prefferred something, say, a volcano level with very few safe
landing spots (to refill the fuel gauge), where all the combat would take place
midair, against other similarly equipped tanks or even the helicopters and
planes from the Castle in the Sea mission. Whatever.
Magiscopic, by the way, is home to the hardest Battle and Expert Arenas.
One time, I dreamed I was lying in bed with a hot girl on top of me--except we
were both tanks, rather than people!  I DID NOT MAKE THIS UP!  I think I've
been playing this game for too long.
Be warned that this mission is very skip-able.  You will not be able to do it
if you trigger the other one, first.  Ahmadi has been killed (NOOOOOOOOO!!!)
and you must now take revenge by destroying the boss that finished him.  This
boss is essentially a backwards tricycle, a  turret mounted between two giant
wheels with a rotating wheel sticking out the back.  Its attacks are
double-supershots from the turrets, vertically launched ice spreaders that can
freeze your tank, and vertically launched crumps with a greater spread than any
of your crump shells.  He's fast enough that you'll need a good engine to avoid
getting run over, but hardly hard.  The less powerful your weapons are, the
longer it'll take, that's all.  If you decide to go airborne, he can't hit you
at all, so don't be cheap.

The mother of all missions.  The goal here is to get at least one of a team of
12 allies (including Rodeschild and Boane) through the battlefield.  You'll be
be attacked along the way by helicopters, 8 blockhouses with cannons, and
strategically positioned tanks.  You might be inclined to drive ahead and clear
the way, but this can turn out to be suicide (unless, of course, you have
powerful weapons, in which case everything is cheap and easy).  Instead, stick
with the main group.  The 12 of them provide some great cover fire.  Take out
the blockhouses, though, since the allies tend to focus only on enemy tanks. 
When the enemy tanks are all destroyed, the allies will be able to drive on
through.  This is a long, involved mission, but it's not that hard if you keep
on your toes.

That's it, man! There's no way!  Game over, man, game over!
Prepare to die, Q!  This is the final mission of the game.  You'll assault
their hometown (no, you can't explore this city later, it doesn't have an arena
or shop) along with 6 allies.  There are around 12 tanks scattered throughout
the city, ready to take you out.  These are the strongest normal tanks in the
game, which means they're not that tough (sigh).  Drive around, using your
radar to find the targets.  If you still have trouble by now, then a
Playstation 2 just isn't your thing.  Be sure to destroy all the town's
buildings, as they're all sympathizers with the enemy!
Finish these tanks off, and you'll face the boss, the leader of the Q's.  His
first form is a giant, barely-moving tank.  Hit him while moving, and he'll
fall.  His second form is a moving tank.  Again, hit and move.  The final form
poses somewhat of a challenge.  He's now a giant tentacle with an armored head.
 Ignore the head and avoid the protective wheels circling him (touch either and
you'll be flattened for a bit).  He'll send out small bee-like enemies that
will latch on to you and slow you down.  you can destroy those, but it doesn't
hurt the enemy.  You can only hit the boss in his third form when he bends his
head down and puts it on the ground.  Then, get at its back and hit the roots
(the head is protecting the front) with all you've got.  He's strong, and
actually tough enough to kill you the first time, but that's ok; die, and
you'll get to retry it from the third stage.  Isn't war wonderful?  Win, and
you get a ticker-tape parade! Yay!
Win the game and you’ll get an inordinate sum of money.  You’ll also be awarded
the Angel Wings, a flying Special Part with infinite fuel and good speed, but a
bit on the heavy side.
You’ll also get the BTE Special tank, the only tank in the game with the H, B,
and T designations.  Like the Maus, this tank can hold heavy weapons AND move
its turret, but it can also hold Body and Turret heavy weapons.  The catch is
that its weight limit is 1800.

1) In the Zambneal Battle Arena (the Water Arena), if you don't have a water
special part, you will sink to the sea floor when you drive into the ocean. 
Almost all of your weapons are then ineffective, but the Drum Bomb subweapon
releases exploding drums that zip up to the surface, mining the water.  You can
get a cheap kill by staying underwater, driving under the swimming tank, and
throwing Drum Bombs up at him.

2) In the Expert Arena where you have to destroy towers made of giant tires,
you can antagonize the cpu opponent.  Shoot at it, and it will turn its
attention on you.  Since you're both indistructible, this gives you ample
opportunity to destroy the towers at your leisure.

3) The Air Gattling gun works at close range on ground enemies.

4) Chaff, Smoke, Speakers, Grand Blaster, and Air Burst are worthless as


As you've noticed by now, Seek and Destroy is an easy game.  The problem is,
the enemies never really rise to the challenge posed by your increased
upgrades.  My solution is to handicap yourself. Using the 16 Missile Rack,
especially when combined with fast reload, just destroys the play balance. 
Here is my personal favorite combination:

Tank: BTE Special
Main: Burst Shell (I love the delay, then orange smoke)
Sub A: Blaze Cannon (Flame in the earlier levels)
Sub B: Missile ( even the 4-Launcher is somewhat)
Engine: QCharge
Travel: Spiky Cat
Special: Propeller (so fun)
Internal: Fast Reload
Turret: High
Computer: Ultra CPU (although I try aiming manually in general)
Radar: MultiHigh
Armor: None (otherwise I'd be over the limit)
Camo: Forrest

Still too easy?

))Try equiping the Propeller flying part and the Drum Bomb and doing a mission
strictly from the air.

))Try equiping the Angel/Devil wing, no Drum Bomb/Grand Bomb, and still doing
the mission without ever returning to the ground.

))Try beating the game without upgrading AT ALL (except for the engine, turret,
cpu, and travel parts) with a tank weighing less than 1000.

))Try doing a mission using the strictly close-range weapons (flame throwers,
chainsaw, side saw, etc.).

))Try doing a mission with the Maus (H designation with a rotating turret), the
Positron main gun, but no cpu at all.

Most of all, HAVE FUN!

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