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FAQ by Kythlyn

Version: 1.04 | Updated: 04/03/05

Pop'n Music  Best Hits (Playstation 2)
Secrets FAQ and Track List

Written by: Ari Margo (Gamefaqs: Kythlyn)
Version   : 1.04

Copyright 2004 Ari Margo

This is a free document that is not intended for commercial
use. It is free to be distributed FREELY. It may NOT be used
to make money in ANY FORM. I give my permission
for this document to be modified and improved upon in a tasteful
manner as long as my name remains on the document. Most of the
information contained here was either discovered directly
from the game or obtained via one of Konami's Japanese
websites translated through Altavista's Babelfish. I
created this to spare other Pop'n fans the trouble
of deciphering poorly translated Engrish since no other
FAQs were available for this game at the time of writing.
This FAQ was NOT designed to be very in depth. It is
merely to give importers enough information to get the most
out of the game. If you need more in depth information about
the Pop'n Music series in general, there are very detailed
FAQs for other games in the series already available at 


Table of Contents: 

Section 1: Track List
Section 2: Secrets
  1. How to unlock secret songs.
  2. Special Options
  3. Difficulty Toggle
  4. Ojama
  5. Instant Give-up
  6. Expert Mode
  7. Best Hits! Mode

Section 3: Closing
  1. Version Information
  2. COntact Information


Welcome. Pop'n Music Best Hits is a compilation of songs from all of the
Playstation 1 Pop'n Music games. There are actually only 5 new songs in this
whole game. If you haven't played those games, then this should be a lot of
fun for you, though I feel that you'd be better off just playing those games.
If you have played those games, then this game is one of nostalgia. Have fun.

In Pop'n Music Best Hits, a song's difficulty is represented by a two digit
number. The higher the number, the more difficult the song. If instead of a
number you see ".." then that particular difficulty is not available for
that song. The most difficult song according to the number is the EXTRA
version of SCREEN with a rating of 42. The easiest is RAP with 06.

The chart below contains all 54 of the songs in the game. Songs marked with an
asterisk * are secret and must be unlocked (see SECRETS section).
Songs marked (translated) had their titles written in Japanese characters
so I could not decipher their names. I ended up using Babelfish, but the
names will sound sort of strange.

GENRE          SONG TITLE                                     CHALLENGE
                                                         NORMAL  HYPER  EXTRA
                                                            \      |      /
                                                             \     |     /
                                                              \    |    /
                                                               \   |   /
POPS           I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU                       08|13|..
*POPs remix    I REALLY WANT TO HURT YOU                       22|..|..
RAP            YOUNG DREAM                                     06|..|..
DISCO KING     FUNKY TOWN'75                                   15|..|..
IDOL GIRL      LOVE FIRE                                       10|24|..
NEO ACO        (fly higher than) the stars                     12|22|..
*NEO ACO remix fly higher (than the stars)                     20|..|..
DIGI ROCK      ROSE                                            14|..|..
VISUAL         WHITE BIRDS                                     12|..|..
CANDY POP      GIVE ME YOUR PAIN                               11|27|..
J-GARAGE POP   Miracle Moon                                    13|23|..
*J-GARAGE POP+ Miracle Moon - L.E.D. LIGHT STYLE MIX -         18|27|..
SEXY GIRLS     Loneliness                                      18|23|..
KANGTONG       Harmonyone happening running (translated)       11|29|..
DREAMY         penguin                                         12|..|..
NIGHT OUT      Transparent manicure (translated)               09|..|..
*NIGHT OUT rmx Transparent manicure (translated) moonlit mix   16|22|..
FRIENDLY       Over The Rainbow                                08|..|..
VISUAL 2       Cry Out                                         15|23|36
*VISUAL 2 rmx  Cry Out (Superior Mix)                          14|25|..
AMBIENT        birds                                           10|22|..
POWER FOLK 2   We would like to break you (translated)         23|..|..
FUTURE         ostim-art                                       14|25|31
HORROR         Ghost Z  (translated)                           12|..|..
LATIN ROCK     Yabaionna (translated)                          13|..|..
CLASSIC 4      Concentare                                      16|41|..
PERCUSSIVE     West Shinjuku cleaning tune (translated)        11|24|35
J-TEKNO 2      power plant                                     12|24|32
HEART          Pink Rose (from KEYBOARDMANIA)                  14|24|..
NEO GS         Shock of Love                                   14|29|..
FRENCH POP     une fille dans la pluie                         15|..|..
*FRENCH POP J  une fille dans la pluie remix                   17|..|..
SKY            Then (translated)                               16|..|..
SOFT ROCK      Homesick Pt.2&3                                 17|..|..
*SOFT ROCK LNG Homesick Pt.2&3 (Long Version)                  19|28|..
ANIME HEROINE  Door of magic (translated)                      19|24|..
POWER FOKK 4   SLOW DOWN                                       27|..|..
HIP ROCK       Large opinion (translated)                      27|34|..
TRANCE         Foundation of our love                          16|32|..
SYMPATHY       Usual Days                                      08|16|..
MELO CORE      H@ppy Choice                                    18|25|34
DIGI POP       Hurry up!                                       16|26|31
SPIRITUAL      lasting                                         08|14|..
OI PUNK        Don't you think? it is sad (translated)         17|27|41
SHOTEN         Theme of laughing point (translated)            07|16|25
LUPIN          Theme of Lupin three world ' 78 (translated)    11|18|25
CANDY CANDY    Candy & candy (translated)                      09|23|..
YATTAMAN       Song of Yattaman (translated)                   09|22|26
FLANDERS       Being full of opening (translated)              12|22|..
*J-POP remix   Life                                            08|22|..
*CUTE remix    Regaining - Again my lovely day - (translated)  09|21|..
*TECHNO 80s rx Water Melon Woman (remix)                       10|29|39
*SCREEN        GALAXY FOREST 11.6&12                           14|37|42
ELECTRO        Invisible Lover                                 12|25|33



The secret codes must be performed on the Title Screen
where you would choose a mode. If you are successful you
will hear a sound effect. Then when you play in Arcade Mode,
the song will be available one time only on its
appropriate stage, and then permanently in FREE Mode once
you play it. You can also unlock the songs using specific
methods described below.

Pop'n Controller

Left  White  = Button A / Button 1 / L2
Left  Yellow = Button B / Button 2 / L1
Left  Green  = Button C / Button 3 / D-pad Left
Left  Blue   = Button D / Button 4 / D-pad Up
Red Button   = Button E / Button 5 / D-pad Right
Right Blue   = Button F / Button 6 / Triangle
Right Green  = Button G / Button 7 / Circle
Right Yellow = Button H / Button 8 / R1
Right White  = Button I / Button 9 / R2

GENRE      : POPS remix 
Code       : 12433376
Method     : Clear POPS with 0 Bads.

GENRE      : NEO ACO remix
Code       : 432777234777
Method     : Clear NEO ACO with 0 Bads.

GENRE      : J-GARAGE POP remix
Code       : 696414696418
Method     : Clear J-GARAGE POP with 0 Bads.

GENRE      : NIGHT OUT remix
Code       : 786933
Method     : Clear NIGHT OUT with 0 Bads.
GENRE      : VISUAL 2 remix
Code       : 3938363
Method     : Clear VISUAL 2 with 0 Bads.

Code       : 77877877887
Method     : Clear FRENCH POP with 0 Bads.

Code       : 78987673234
Method     : Clear SOFT ROCK with 0 Bads.

GENRE      : J-POP Remix
Code       : 9181716134
Method     : Clear CANDY POP with 0 Bads.
             Can also be unlocked in BEST HITS mode RANK 9.

GENRE      : CUTE remix
Code       : 943219678
Method     : Play normal mode and select UOWO as your player character.
           : Can also be unlocked in BEST HITS mode RANK 8.

GENRE      : TECHNO 80s remix
Code       : 1231987 
Method     : Clear DREAMY with 0 Bads.
           : Can also be unlocked in BEST HITS mode RANK 7.

Code       : 79796897934 
Method     : Play normal mode and select HARMANOV as your player character.
             Then clear CLASSIC 4.
             Can also be unlocked in BEST HITS mode RANK 2.

2. Special Options

There are 4 gameplay special options that can be adjusted on the
options menu. They can also be adjusted on the loading screen for
a song. Press select before the song begins and then you can
change the options.

High Speed: The notes scroll faster. There are four levels to this
setting. The choices are off (slowest), X2, X3 and X4 (fastest).

Mirror: In this mode, the note patterns are completely reversed. The A
row will be on the I row and the I row will be on the A row. B will swap
with H. E will swap with G. D will swap with F. E will remain unchanged.

Hidden: In this tricky mode, the notes will actually vanish before the
reach the bottom the the screen, making the game much more challenging.

Random: When this is on the note patterns are randomized. Songs that you 
thought you mastered can be much more challenging with this on.

3. Difficulty Toggle

On the music select screen, press select or simultaniously press the two
yellow keys (B and H) to toggle the Difficulty Style from Standard 9-Key
to HYPER or EXTRA. Those settings are much more difficult.

4. Ojama

If you enable OJAMA in the option menu (go to SKIP and turn it ON) then
in NORMAL mode before a song begins you can choose some special effects
for the song that will make it more challenging. Here is the list as it
appears in the game.

There are a large variety of challenges that can be selected with the blue
buttons (D and F) and the green buttons (C and G). The left blue and green
buttons control the left column and the right blue and green buttons control
the right column. Highlight the two challenges you want and then press the red
button (E).

Hi-Speed X2  : This activates High Speed 2 during certain sections of the
               song. Be warned that if you already have High Speed on from
               your game options that this will stack and be that much
               faster! I recommend turning such options off before trying this.

MINI POP     : The notes will be much smaller than usual.

SUDDEN       : This activates SUDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will appear towards the bottom of the screen).

Skinny POP   : The notes will be very thin.

Dance        : The rival character will dance on the main screen to blind you.

Ninja Hi Spd : Hi Speed with blinking horizontal notes.

HIDDEN       : This activates HIDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will vanish towards the bottom of the screen).

Bara Bara    : Changes the shape of the notes so that some are fat and others
               are skinny.

Gura Gura    : The whole playing screen moves around making you dizzy.

HELL         : When this is active in the game, you'll notice your groove meter
               flashing. During this time correctly played notes will barely
               fill the meter at all, but missed notes will be much more

FAT POP      : The notes will be much bigger than usual.

CHARACTER POP: This turns all of the notes into your rival's head. It can be
               tough if you depend on the colors of the notes to guide your
               hands because instead of having blue, yellow, green, red and
               white, there will be only 2 colors depending on the character.

Hi-Speed X4  : Just like Hi-Speed X2 but even faster.

Ojama        : With this enabled, whenever you start playing well your rival
               will activate its OJAMA, which is basically some sort of visual
               distractions. Some rivals have REALLY challenging OJAMAs.

ROCKET AND   : This will add High Speed 4 and a distracting vertical visual
Hi-speed x4    effect at certain points in the song.

wiggle POP 1 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.

SQUISH 1     : The screen is squished from the top and the bottom
               so that the playing area is smaller.

SQUISH 2     : The screen is squished from the left and the right
               so that the playing area is smaller.

White POP    : The notes are drained of their color and all turn white.

EXCITE       : This can add a lot of challenging distractions as you play.

OMG POP      : The screen is FLOODED with notes. Blinding.

Wiggle POP 2 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out a lot.

ALWAYS ON    : This one is tricky. Basically if you select this for one of your
               challenges then the other challenge will be activated throughout
               the entire song instead of fading in and out all the time.

Hidden +     : In this mode you barely get to see the notes before they
Sudden         vanish. Very tough.

EXCITE +     : Excite mode plus Ojama. Lots of distractions.

Inverted     : The screen inverts so that the notes fall from the bottom
               of the screen and up to the top.

Wiggle POP 3 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.
               High Speed will also be enabled. 

Hidden +     : This is rediculous. Don't bother even trying this unless
Sudden +       you have practically memorized the song your are playing.
Hi Speed      

5. Instant Give-up

If for whatever reason you decide that you want to quit playing a
song before it is over, just press start and select.

6. Expert Mode

In EXPERT mode you have to survive 4 songs without ever emptying your groove
bar. Easier said than done, lots of the expert courses are very difficult.
Your bar will only fill up a tiny bit after each song is cleared.
Songs marked with a STAR are HYPER versions. EXTRA versions are marked by a
strange looking EYE icon.

If you want, you can also create up to four of your own expert courses by
pressing select on Original Course 1, 2, 3 or 4. Choose your songs and
press select to toggle the difficulty level.

Here is a list of the Expert Courses:


D|Song 1          D|Song 2         D|Song 3         D|Song 4           CHALLENGE

N|POPS            N|IDOL GIRL      N|DISCO KING     N|CANDY POP        *
N|DREAMY          N|KANGTONG       N|LATIN ROCK     H|AMBIENT          * *
H|SYMPATHY        H|J-TEKNO 2      H|TRANCE         E|OI PUNK          * * * *
H|FLANDERS        H|YATTAMAN       H|CANDY CANDY    H|LUPIN            * * *

7. Best Hits! Mode

This is a different way of playing through the game. Pop'n Music on a track
if you will. You start off on RANK 10 and work your way down by clearing songs.
Each song you clear unlocks another song on the list. There are a few secret
songs on this list, though they can also be unlocked by other means (see SECRETS
section). The main difference in this mode is there are a couple insane POP-kuns
talking to you in between songs. Of course, they're talking in Japanese so you
probably won't know what they're talking about unless you are fluent in the
language. Anyway, it's fun, so give it a shot.

SECTION 3: Closing

1. Version Information

1.00 : First Version
1.01 : Fixed grammatical errors.
1.02 : Added list of Expert Courses.
1.03 : Fixed a couple minor issues.
1.04 : Fixed a typo. ...yes, just a single letter.

2. Contact Information

If you want to contact me for any reason, I can be e-mailed at:
gamefaqskythlyn AT gmail DOT com

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