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FAQ/Walkthrough by IKelley

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 08/16/04

        ---|----      /       |     |                  |    _________
        .----.     --/----- --, ,--|--,           /___|___   |  |  |
       |----|      /   /    /  |__|__|           /   |      |  |  |
      |----|   o  /_  /   -'|\|  |  | --|-- ---  ___|___   |  |  |
    ----------   '  ,`.    |  `-|--| ,-|-,--,--    |      |  |  |
    _,-'  `\     _,'   \  |    |    |-+-|   /  ___|____ _|__|__|_
                                    `-|-' ,/ \
                                   --|-- '---''     NOCTURNE

                            I speak to my disciples--
                In the future I see the destruction of the Sangai.

      When the sound of the revolving drum reaches the ends of the universe,
             the Eastern Palace will enter into the Taizo with glory.

         The people of the world will become as red souls through Daihi,
            and the throng of demons will follow this transformation.

  The secret master will stand before the souls' Renge and announce a Kotowari.
              This will become the Law of the Creation of the world.

                --From Book 4, Section 24 of the Miroku Scriptures

      The apocalypse of a wrathful god, or an allegory of the demon lord;
                                Our world died.

           A man belonging to a strange sect foretold the destruction,
                  which took place when the light called for it.

          Chaos creeps up from the depths of an ocean deep underground.
                  Scorched earth, where Death attacks Death.

         Searching for a god to pray to, only death and demons respond.
                      The mocking darkness lies to me.

             "The truth can be found in the flames of the Menorah"

         --From the notes of a man that vanished into another dimension
                      SHIN MEGAMI TENSEI III: NOCTURNE
                            (UPDATED FOR MANIACS)

                               August 16, 2004
                                Version 1.2

                               By: Ian Kelley
                         Email: masakadokou@yahoo.com

This Document is Copyright 2003, 2004 by Ian Kelley. All Rights Reserved. It is
protected by US and International Copyright Law. It is for private and personal
use only, and cannot be reprinted in or reproduced in part or in entirety
without the express written consent of the author. This document is intended to
be free and may not be used for any sort of commercial venture, be that selling
it, giving it away as a promotion, or making otherwise making available for
profit. It may not be used or distributed by any website, organization, or
individual, nor may it be used as a refererence or altered by anyone (such as
strategy guide authors/publishers or magazine staff) without express permission
of the author.

Megami Tensei is a copyright of Atlus.

I am not affiliated with Atlus in any way nor is this document an official guide
authorized by Atlus.

                                IMPORTANT NOTES:


This document is formatted to look right with a fixed-width font, and looks best
in around a 9 point font in an 80-column window. It is in Shift-JIS format for
the Japanese characters.

This guide is divided into two sections--an FAQ, under which all the pertinent
data regarding the game's system and so forth is covered, and a walkthrough as a
step-by-step guide through the actual game itself.

Shin Megami Tensei III has a total of five different alignment paths through the
game. (Six for Maniacs) While I've included most of the deviations in dialogue,
etc. that take place in each alignment path, there may be some minor differences
I didn't cover.


I get a ton of email about the various guides I write, and I don't have the time
or the inclination to answer it all. I actually do not answer the majority of
the email I get regarding my FAQs, because most of them are not worth responding
to. If you are writing me an email and want me to respond, keep the following
things in mind:

 * I have a very low tolerance threshold for stupid questions. If you need
   to ask a question, make sure the answer isn't already in this FAQ. The
   "Find" option of your text editor is your best friend.

 * Really basic translation questions I will also consider as "stupid
   questions." If you are playing this game, I am going to assume you can at
   least read the Hiragana and Katakana. I can understand if you can't do the
   Kanji or Japanese grammar, but quite frankly, if you cannot read one writ of
   Japanese on your own you should not be playing a game as text-heavy as this.
   Questions regarding clarification or further explanation of the FAQ are
   welcomed and encouraged, but if you need more hand-holding than these 300
   pages of FAQ can provide, it's time to crack open a Japanese dictionary.
   Questions like "translate the menu choices for me" or "What is Raku-kaja" are
   likely to get you tossed into my killfile. (That last one is a question I
   actually got recently, which demonstrates that the asker not only could not
   read the kana, but was too lazy to search through the FAQ for the answer
   as well.)

 * Put the name of the game you're asking the question for in the subject line
   at least, and at least in the body of the text! I write a lot of FAQs and
   it'll help if I know what game you're talking about. Plus it will greatly
   increase the chance of my reading your email and not accidentally deleting
   it as spam. (Viva la 21st Century Internet and the spam flood it spawned...)

 * I'm not going to be anal about it, but try and keep a decent semblance of
   grammar and punctuation. Also refrain from using AOL-netspeak; use "you"
   instead of "u" and the like. It's only two keystrokes difference, come on.

Other than that, if you have any questions or have found any errors in this
guide, please email me and let me know. Error reports are especially helpful
(hint, hint) Keep in mind I've tried to include everything I know about Shin
Megami Tensei III in this guide and am not hiding any juicy information--if it's
not in this guide, there's a good chance I won't know, though it won't hurt to
ask me.

If you send me corrections or additions to the FAQ, unless you specify that you
wish otherwise, I will add your name (or handle) crediting you for your
contribution at the point of contribution (e.g. "XXX says that [your info]"
unless it's in an unwieldy place. (like, say, for example, I messed up in some
of the demon data and you corrected me, it would break the flow of the document
to place a credit to you smack in the middle of the demon data) In that case
you'll be added to the end of the document in the credits section. Again, if for
whatever reason you do not wish to be specifically credited for your
contributions to the FAQ, please let me know.

Oh, and if you're one of those psychos that wants to track down my home phone
number and call me about the game--you're probably out of luck, as my number is
now unlisted. :) (Yep, it's true--back when I was in college and writing FAQs
from my now-defunct mail account at ikelley@mail.sas.upenn.edu, there were a few
loons that tracked down my number via the university directory to ask me
questions about games over the phone.)


If you want to host this FAQ on your site, your site must be either A)
GameFAQs.com or B) a specific Megami Tensei-themed site. If you are B) email me
first to ask so I know. If you have just a general-purpose game FAQ repository
site that leeches off GameFAQs, do not even bother to email me to ask for
permission to host this FAQ as the answer is no. I explicitly deny the use of
this FAQ to the FAQ thieves at cheatcc.com, Cheatcc.com may not use this guide
in any way, shape or form. If you find this, or any of my other guides, at
cheatcc.com, it does not belong there, and the webmaster has stolen it. Email
their upstream providers at Yahoo and complain, as they never pay any attention
to complaints themselves.

This FAQ is for the Japanese version of Shin Megami Tensei 3. While normally I
would have some sort of caveat here that I have not played the English version
of this game, will not answer English version questions, or will make an English
version edition of the FAQ, I actually *have* played the English version, as I
was hired to help with the translation of the DoubleJump strategy guide. So if
you ask me a question with regards to the English version, I can likely answer
it. However, I am still not going to make an English version of the FAQ even
though I could, I'm not going to do it because of the conflict of interest it
would create. (I can't in good conscience work on an official guide and get paid
for it, then turn around and produce a free competitor to that very same guide)
So, sorry, no English versions of this FAQ. :)

Furthermore, in the past, many of my major FAQs have been stolen by various
commercial interests (magazine and article writers, and in one case even the
game publisher itself) and used as a helper for them to do their job and get
paid. I will not tolerate this. Be forewarned! If you are involved in any job
that concerns the English language version of Shin Megami Tensei III in any
fashion (that includes guide and magazine article writers), *PUT THIS FAQ DOWN 
RIGHT NOW!* I expressly forbid you to even use this as a passing reference. I 
did not write this FAQ so you could get paid for it!

I am planning on giving a copy of this FAQ to a local copyright group that
specializes in identifying plagiarism, and if they think I have a case against
someone, I will press charges with no compunction. Don't think you can steal
this FAQ and get away with it, as I will have little trouble finding out whether
or not you used it--especially if you reproduce one of the deliberate but minor
errors or mistranslations I put in here. >:) Internet FAQ writers do not exist
to do your job for you!


Changes history
For Newcomers: Introduction
For Vets: What's Changed
The Hero of SMT III
 Full Magatama List
Hero Skills by Level and Sample Hero Builds
 Skill List
 Sample Builds:
  Physical Fighter
  Defensive Supporter
  Offensive Supporter
Nakama-Demon Party Members
 Demon Characteristics
 The Races
 Demon to Demon Negotiation
 "Abnormal" Negotiations
 Nakama Nitty-Gritty
 Nakama Advancement
Demon Fusion
 Standard Fusion
 Special Fusions
 Sacrifice Fusions
 Fusion Accidents
 Fusing when Cursed
 Maniacs: Majin Fusion
 Fusion Tables
  Normal Fusion Tables
  Cursed Fusion Tables
  Seirei Fusions
  Mitama Fusions
  Mythology Fusions
Akuma Zensho
Skill List
 Magic Skills
 Mouth Skills
 Eye Skills
 Wing Skills
 Claw Skills
 Bite Skills
 Physical Skills
 Needle Skills
 Weapon Skills
 Conversation Skills
 Unique Abilities
 Hero-Only Abilities
Item List
 Healing Items
 Combat Items
 Miscellaneous Items
 Unlimited Use Items
 The Terminal
 Press Turn Battle
Maniacs: Differences and additions
 Difficulty Levels
 The Kotowari System
 Kotowari Choosing
 Easiest way to get all 5 endings
Tips & Tricks
 The End of the World
 Shinjuku Eisei Hospital
 Yoyogi Park
 The Amara Network
 The Great Ginza Underpass
 The Nihilo Organization
 Kabukicho Prison
 Ikebukuro Tunnel
  Interlude: The Puzzle Boy Game
 Nihilo Revisited
 The Obelisk
 The Amara Network Revisited
 Asakusa Tunnel
 Yoyogi Park
 Asakusa Shrine
 Yurakucho Tunnel
 The Tokyo Diet Building
 Kagutsuchi Tower
 The Bonus Dungeon: The Bando Shrine
 The Amara Deep Zone
  The First Calpa
  The Second Calpa
  The Third Calpa
  The Fourth Calpa
  The Fifth Calpa
Terminology and Mythology References
Bibliography and Recommended Reading
Copyright Information

                             CHANGES HISTORY
1.2 Fixed a bunch of errors, added some extra information, lots of minor
changes. Should be close to being ready for a "final" version. I also cut out
the "Plot and Character Analysis" section. It was kind of a dumb section to
start with and is kind of out of place with the rest of the FAQ, and I keep
changing my opinion of the plot anyway. :P 

Some various and sundry minor changes--grammar and spelling corrections,

Too many changes to list individually--lots of spelling, grammatical errors
cleaned up, cumbersome prose fixed, etc. Added plot summaries to the other four
"canonical" endings, in addition to adding data and walkthroughs for the Maniacs
expansion pack. Fixed a bunch of mistakes, most notably the fusion for
Amaterasu, and one minor error in the Puzzle Boy Level 13 solution (I received
way too many complaints regarding this. Come on people, use your brains--I
remembered NOTHING about this level but upon hearing that the solution was
mistaken I was able to find the error in less than a minute--if the solution
tells you to run into a wall, that move is probably something else) The
FAQ/walkthrough should be more or less finished, though I'm not giving it a
"final" release until more people have found more errors. :)

Initial release

                        FOR NEWCOMERS: INTRODUCTION

Megami Tensei (called Megaten for short in Japan) is one of the biggest console
RPG series in Japan, second in popularity only to Dragon Quest and Final
Fantasy. "Megami Tensei" literally means "Goddess Reincarnation," and derives
its name from the first game in the series, "Digital Devil Story: Megami
Tensei", which was based on the book of the same name by Nishitani Aya. (Aside
from that first game, none of the MT/SMT games have anything to do with
reincarnations of goddesses) The series is generally set in modern-day Japan,
and is an "occult" themed RPG. The "occult" in Japan as it's called is a
subculture movement really into world mythology, ghost stories, alternative
religions, and the like--slightly different than the connotations to that word 
most well-known in the West. The SMT games are more or less tailored to this 
subculture in their plethora of mythology references. There are no fewer than 8 
Megami Tensei games, and substantially more if you count remakes or spin-off 
series like Last Bible and Persona. While extremely popular in Japan, the Megami
Tensei games never came out in the West, partially because of their (generally) 
mediocre graphics, but more likely because of their subject matter--in addition 
to the occult undertones, the series was likely to offend a lot of Westerners'
religious sensibilities; the primary arch-villian throughout the canonical
series has been YHVH, the Judeo-Christian god--whenever he appears in-game he is
always portrayed as being a petty and sadistic despot, and his nemesis Lucifer
usually is portrayed as a noble resistance fighter. Also the Megami Tensei
titles are VERY "Japanese" and would probably seem somewhat foreign to most 
Western game players. Whatever the reasons, the Megami Tensei games have never 
seen a domestic release. (outside of Persona, which is like Megami Tensei Lite 
and doesn't count ^_^)

Being tailor-made to the "occult" subculture, the Megami Tensei games have loads
of mythology references in them--nearly all of the standard enemies you fight in
battles are demons or gods from various pantheons throughout history. These
enemies are researched extensively by the developers--their bibliography for
Devil Summoner, for example, numbers over 500 books--and are usually designed
completely to spec with their mythological counterparts. The character designer
for the series, Kaneko Kazuma, is very well versed in world mythology and has
gained quite a lot of popularity through his work on the series. The real-life
mythological demons are a big attraction for the series, and two spinoff
"games," Akuma Zensho and Akuma Zensho 2, both for the Saturn, are really just
large databases of demons from the games and their mythological backgrounds.

The stories of Megami Tensei/Shin Megami Tensei games tend to be pretty dark and
gritty--usually they revolve around humans either caught in the crossfire
between clashes of divine powers, or struggling against a maniacal god(s) hell-
bent on their subjugation or destruction. Most of the MT/SMT games feature some
sort of massive global destruction/genocide/nuclear holocaust too. The "Shin"
series of Megami Tensei games also has had a moral/ethical focus to them in that
they involve various opponsing ethical or religious factions battling over their
ideologies. None of them are necessarily "good" or "evil" (all "sides" in game
sport their share of nasty and nice people and gods) and the player must choose
whichever side they feel is "right." (and the games always allow the player to
side with neither and "go his own way" as well) There is always a nice element
of moral ambiguity to make the player sweat over his or her decision as well.
Shin Megami Tensei 3 thankfully continues this trend.

Gameplay in the Megami Tensei/Shin Megami Tensei games has been very consistent
throughout all the "canonical" games. (though SMT3 has some substantial
differences) Up until SMT3, all the games had the hero as a Demon Summoner along
with a magic-slinging Partner, and all other party members being demonic allies
summoned via the Hero's computer and use of a substance called Magnetite.
Battles and dungeons are in first-person, with an overworld map connecting
regions and human allies bring both a melee weapon and a gun into combat. All
the games have involved a moon phase, which affects enemy (and sometimes ally)
behavior. All of the games have also featured a "Jakyo Manor" whereby the hero
can fuse his demonic allies together to create new, powerful demons.

Shin Megami Tensei 3 continues a lot of these traditions, but changes a lot of
things too. Some are for the better, some are for the worse, but overall it's
still a worthy addition to the series.

                          FOR VETS: WHAT'S CHANGED

SMTIII plays similarly to the earlier SMT games, but the system has changed. A
lot. If you've never played a SMT game before you won't notice, but the
differences are marked and striking for vets of the series. It's almost like a
strange amalgamation of classic SMT, Persona, and Last Bible, with a dash of
Majin Tensei and Devil Children tossed into the mix.

No more Human Party Members
A lot of Megatenists complained when Atlus released the Devil Summoner and
Persona games as they totally revolved around human, rather than demonic,
characters. Well, SMTIII goes back 180 degrees and even further--almost NOBODY
is human in this game. Not even the hero. In past SMT games, the hero was a
human demon summoner that used his (or her if you picked a female protagonist in
SMT If...) computer to talk to and summon demons. In SMTIII, the hero IS a
demon, and no longer needs a computer to interact with other members of

The hero more or less takes on the characteristics of a demon. He can't equip
weapons or armor (in fact neither is even present in-game) he doesn't use a
computer, and he can fuse himself with demonic essences called Magatama. (more
about that in a minute) He also can cast spells and use abilities restricted to
demons only in earlier games. The "partner" of previous SMT games is gone, and
parties are now limited to a maximum of four members instead of six.

Demon party members can level up
In previous SMT games, the level of your demon allies was fixed and could not
raise, save for the Pocketstation game in the PSX version of Soul Hackers. In
SMTIII, all party members can gain experience and raise levels. As their levels
raise, their stats increase randomly and they can learn new Skills, and with
some, mutate into a completely different--and more powerful--demon.

Majin Tensei-esque combat system
Rather than having round based combat like previous SMT games, SMTIII uses a
player turn/enemy turn-based combat model called "Press Turn Combat." The
implementation is very different from anything earlier in the series.

First-person dungeon perspective change
Rather than use a first-person point of view for dungeons, SMTIII uses an over-
the-shoulder viewpoint. Other than that the basic system is identical to earlier
games. (overworld with "icons", and 3D dungeons)

Demon Fusion Overhaul
The demon fusion system has been more or less gutted, and made much more
simplistic than previous games. The number of available demon races has been
drastically reduced, and skill inheritance has been more or less dumbed down.
Triple fusions are gone and have been replaced by "Sacrifice Fusions." Sacrifice
Fusions sometimes work like the old triple fusions but more often than not they

Alignment made unimportant
Probably the most shocking change to SMTIII is that the Law/Chaos alignment axis
is gone. As previous SMT games revolved entirely around that axis, it gives the
game a drastic change in atmosphere. There is still a Light/Dark alignment axis,
but it is largely irrelevant, as none of your decisions within the story affect
it whatsoever. There are of course different sides with conflicting values
within the story, but they are not tied directly into the gameplay.

                              THE HERO OF SMT III

The hero starts the game as a human, but is almost immediately turned into a
demon. As a demon, he gets a demon race--and rather than use equipment like a
human, he swallows something called "Magatama" to change his abilities.

The Hero is more or less like every other demon in the game. He goes up levels
at set amounts of experience points, and new skills at preset levels, up to 8 at
any one time, as he advances in levels. However, there are several critical
differences between the Hero and the demons he allies himself with.


Most (actually, all) demons have one set race that will never change no matter
how they advance. Your Hero, however, is different. As he masters Magatama (read
the Magatama section for details) his race will change. Whenever you "master" a
Magatama you get a point. When you have enough points, your race will change.
The races are as follows:

Points|Light Race         Neutral Race      Dark Race
0-1:  |                   Majin (魔人)
2-3:  |Shinhei (神兵)     Kishu (鬼衆)      Mato (魔徒)
4-5:  |Seima (聖魔)       Goki (業鬼)       Matoshi (魔闘士)
6-11: |Makyotei (魔教帝)  Shurakan (修羅漢) Mashogun (魔将軍)
12-24:|Shinrei (神霊)     Shura-O (修羅王)  Matei (魔帝)
25:   |                   Konton-O (混沌王)

You'll note that for each "tier" there are three different races, one of each
alignment. Which one you get will depend on which Magatama you have mastered.
Each Magatama you find has an alignment--Light, Neutral, or Dark. The race you
get will depend on the quantity of Light, Neutral, or Dark Magatama you have
mastered. For example, if you've mastered 8 Magatama in total, and most of them
were Neutral, your race will be Shurakan.

In the event of a tie, Light and Dark beat out Neutral. IOW, if you have 1 Dark
and 1 Neutral Magatama mastered (and no Light) then you'll end up with the Dark
race, in this case Mato. If Light and Dark are tied for the most, your race will
be a Neutral one. In the event of a three-way tie, you'll also get a Neutral
race. If you master all 25 Magatama your race will become Konton-o, (混沌王) or
Chaos Lord. Note that this will also require you to be Level 99 since there are
99 skills you can learn. (You can still level up even after reaching Level 99)

Note that hero race is totally cosmetic and has no real impact on the game.*

*Unless you're playing Maniacs, in which case Hero "alignment" makes a
difference in some very minor ways in the Amara Deep Zone.


Each demon in your party has combat options that are totally dependent upon what
skills it has. The Hero, follows the same rules; however, he has several skills
that he can use in addition to and on top of any skills that he has learned
through leveling-up:

Item (アイテム):
The Hero is the only character that can use Items in battle. Items get their own
separate "page" on the battle menu, and take up a turn in battle just like any
other action.

Talk (話し掛ける):
While there are several specialized "Talk" commands that the Hero or his allies
can use to attempt to persuade other demons to join the party or give you items,
the Hero can always use this "generic" Talking command without having to use up
one of his eight Skill slots.

Summon gets its own separate "page" on the battle menu. The options presented
are each of the demons that you currently have in your Stock. If you already
have three demons in your active party, you will have to swap one of them out
with the demon you want to summon. Summoning in this manner costs nothing in
terms of Makka or anything else. (a change from earlier games)

Your demonic allies' skills are limited by what they have been preset, or by
what they "inherited" from their "parent" demons in a fusion. The hero is
different, and customizable. Rather than being defined by a pre-set skillset,
the hero's skills depend upon what Magatama he uses. Magatama is complicated, so
it gets its own section.


Magatama are little demonish things that the Hero will come across in his
journey. There are 25 of them in total throughout the game. By swallowing a
Magatama, it "fuses" with the hero and changes his abilities. The Hero's
Affinity (what elements he is strong/weak to, etc) and statistics will change,
and the skills he will learn on leveling up will change. What Magatama you use
and when will dictate how your Hero advances, so it's important to think
carefully when using them. The Hero can only use one Magatama at a time, all
others will just remain in his stock. While the game says he's swallowing each
Magatama, think of it overall as a special type of "demon equipment."

When your hero levels up, you get to add an additional point to a statistic of
your choosing. Any other changes to him will come about as a result of the
Magatama he is using. These changes will come either in the form of a new Skill,
or by the Magatama going Wild.

Skill Gain:
Each Magatama has several different skills associated with it. In addition, each
of these skills has a level associated with it; your Hero must be at least that
level in order to learn it.

The Hero is equipping Marogare and reaches level 3. The skill "Charge" is a
Level 3 Skill on Marogare, so he learns Charge upon leveling up.

If you "miss" a skill, don't worry--you can still learn it. However, you can
only learn one skill per level--if there are multiple skills you have "missed"
on a Magatama, you have to learn them one at a time.

The Hero ignores Shiranui until he is level 20. He finally equips it and raises
to level 21. Shiranui has three skills that can be learned below level 21--Fire
Breath, Fire Enhance, and Taunt--but he will only learn Fire Breath on reaching
level 21, not all three. To learn Fire Enhance he would have to keep equipping
Shiranui and then learn it at level 22, Taunt at level 23, etc.

Wild Magatama:
Magatama has a mind of its own and upon leveling up will often go wild inside
you. You can choose to let it do what it wants to or force it to stop. If you
let it do what it wants to, the results are unpredictable: They may be good--It
may heal you to max or raise your stats--or they may be bad--it might poison or
curse you instead. There are no Magatama with nothing but bad effects (though
several low-level Magatama have nothing but good) so there is always at least a
chance you will benefit from letting it do its thing.

                               FULL MAGATAMA LIST

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning physical attacks
AFFINITY: Normal Resistance
STAT BONUSES: P+2 M+1 V+2 S+1 L+1
 (LV3) Charge
 (LV4) Analyze
 (LV6) 10% Life Spring
 (LV10) Rampage
 (LV20) Counterattack
 (Special) Penetrate (Maniacs Only)
WILD EFFECTS: Hero healed max, Power +1
LOCATION: Your starting Magatama
USELESS TRIVIA: "Marogare" is derived from the Japanese verb "Marogaru" which
 means "to solidify in a sphere." Connected to the idea of forming the earth
 from primordial chaos.
My ratings: Equip *, Skills ***
 Marogare teaches some pretty useful skills for early on the game--Analyze and
 Counterattack may even be long-term keepers depending on your playstyle.
The final skill on Marogare, Penetrate, is not initially available to you in
Maniacs. Once you get Counterattack the final skill will remain as a "?" until
you get it unlocked at the bottom of the Amara Deep Zone, at which point you can
learn it. Note that this means that you cannot get this skill unless you play
the special new "Maniacs Ending" path through the game. This also means you
can't become a Chaos Lord on the other routes any more, as you can no longer max
out Marogare...

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Ice Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Ice, Weak to Lightning
STAT BONUSES: M+3, V+2, S+2, L+1
 (LV7) Ice Breath
 (LV11) 10% Magic Pulse
 (LV15) Ice Enhance
 (LV21) Fog Breath
 (LV24) Ice Resistance
WILD EFFECTS: Hero healed max, Magic +1
LOCATION: Get after defeating Forneus in the Shinjuku Hospital
USELESS TRIVIA: Wadatsumi is a Shinto sea god.
My ratings: Equip **, Skills ***
 Ice Breath is a fantastic early skill, and Ice immunity is nice. Being weak to
 lightning is rough though, as you'll have a greater chance of being Shocked.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Healing Magic
AFFINITY: Strong to Hama, Weak to Curses
 (LV5) Dia
 (LV12) Fast Retreat
 (LV19) Media
WILD EFFECTS: Hero healed max, Party healed max
LOCATION: Get after leaving Pixie in Yoyogi Park, or bought in Ginza Tunnel
USELESS TRIVIA: The ancient Egyptian symbol of Life. Also an alternate name for
 the Egyptian creator god.
My ratings: Equip *, Skills ****
 Being weak to curse magic is a death sentence, and there are no stat boosting
 Wild effects as far as I can tell. Verdict: A crappy Magatama to be equipping
 "between" level-ups.  The healing magic it gives you is a lifesaver early on in
 the game though.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Combat Support Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Mind attacks (Confusion/Charm/Sleep)
STAT BONUSES: P+2, V+2, S+2, L+3
 (LV8) Taru-nda
 (LV13) Suku-nda
 (LV16) Raku-nda
 (LV36) Breath of Victory
WILD EFFECTS: Party healed to max, Luck+1, Hero poisoned
LOCATION: For sale in the Shibuya Junk Shop
USELESS TRIVIA: "Iyomante" is an Ainu winter festival when a god comes the human
 world in the form of a bear.
MY RATINGS: Equip ****, Skills **
 When you've got Randomizer to drop all stats, the individual stat-dropper
 spells of Iyomante become a lot less attractive, though Breath of Victory keeps
 this from a one-star rating. As a "between level-up" equipper, Iyomante is the
 best Magatama in the early stages of the game--immunities, but no weaknesses.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Fire Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Fire, Weak to Shock
 (LV9) Fire Breath
 (LV14) Fire Enhance
 (LV19) Taunt
 (LV23) Fire Resistance
WILD EFFECTS: Hero healed to max, Speed +1
LOCATION: For sale in the Shibuya Junk Shop
USELESS TRIVIA: "Shiranui" is a strange fire that appears on the surface of the
 ocean that it is said you can see from the top of Yotsuyama mountain on the new
MY RATINGS: Equip **, Skills *
 The hefty Magic bonus is nice, and fire immunity isn't too shabby, but he
 skills overall from this Magatama are pretty lousy, unless you're aiming to
 create a fire-character. And even then, Gehenna does a much better job. Not a
 great Magatama overall.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Shock Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Shock, Weak to Fire
SKILLS: M+3, S+4, L+3
 (LV17) Tornado
 (LV22) Shock Enhance
 (LV24) Battle Cry
 (LV27) Shock Resistance
 (LV40) Shock Immunity
WILD EFFECTS: Party healed to max, Hero Paralyzed
LOCATION: For sale in the Junk Shop in the Ginza Underpass.
USELESS TRIVIA: "Hifumi" (literally "one, two, three") is a method of chanting
 numbers in an attempt to harmonize or resonate oneself with the universe.
MY RATINGS: Equip **, Skills ***
 Ho-hum equipping, and no Wild stat boosting as far as I can tell. The skills
 are kind of useless unless you're shooting to make a Shock guy, and even then
 the last two are a total waste. The first three skills are useful early on
 though, and Battle-Cry/Tornado are potential permanent keepers.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning physical attacks
AFFINITY: Strong to physical attacks, weak to bad status attacks
 (LV18) Heat Wave
 (LV23) Kiai
 (LV25) Sixth Sense
 (LV29) Critical
WILD EFFECTS: Hero healed to Max, Power +1
LOCATION: For sale in the Junk Shop in the Ginza Underpass
USELESS TRIVIA: Kamudo is a powerful sword wielded by gods in Japanese legend,
 most notably by Takemikazuchi.
MY RATINGS: Equip ****, Skills *****
 Kamudo is by far one of the best Magatama to use in the first part of the game.
 Weakness to bad status attacks is a bummer (especially charming) but physical
 resistance, combined with a lineup of top-notch combat skills, makes this
 Magatama a real keeper.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Electricity Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Electricity, Weak to Ice
 (LV21) Discharge
 (LV26) Electric Enhance
 (LV30) Electric Resistance
 (LV44) Electric Immunity
WILD EFFECTS: Party healed to Max, Vitality+1, Hero paralyzed
LOCATION: Thor gives it to you after you defeat him
USELESS TRIVIA: Narukami is a Japanese god of thunder, most famous for his
 appearance in a Kabuki play.
MY RATINGS: Equip ***, Skills *
 The skills you get from Narukami are overall pretty useless unless you're
 trying to make an Electricity guy. The affinity negatives counteract the
 positives (no more Shock status, but lots of Freeze status) but the huge boosts
 to Power and Magic for the period of the game when you get it make it a good
 "between level-up" equipper. If you level while equipping Narukami, it will
 paralyze you with annoying frequency though.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Curse Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Curse, Weak to Hama
STAT BONUSES: M+8, V+2, S+1, L+1
 (LV28) Drink Magic
 (LV32) Resist Curse
 (LV35) Maha-Mudo
 (LV38) Evil Eye
 (LV49) Maha-Mudo-on
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the party to max, Curse the Hero
LOCATION: Get after defeating Ose in the Core of the Nihilo Organization
USELESS TRIVIA: An "anathema" is someone cursed by the Church.
MY RATINGS: Equip ***, Skills ****
 Great stat boosts, especially to Magic, but weakness to Hama is NOT fun and
 could mean easy Game Over if you don't watch yourself. Very nice skills though,
 especially if you're going to make a "dark magic" type of guy.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Ice Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Ice, Weak to Fire
STAT BONUSES: P+2, M+5, V+2, S+2, L+2
 (LV31) Color Dance
 (LV45) Ice Immunity
 (LV52) Absolute Zero
 (LV60) Ice Absorption
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the party to max, Magic +1, Poison the Hero
LOCATION: Get after defeating the boss Mizuchi in the Kabuki Theater
USELESS TRIVIA: A "miasma" is a corrupting atmosphere, but it initially was a
 term to describe the vapor you exhale on cold days--it was thought that this
 vapor carried disease.
MY RATINGS: Equip ***, Skills ****
 If you want to make your Hero an Ice-themed character, this is the Magatama to
 do it with. Absolute Zero is great, and Ice Absorption is another great bonus.
 The stat bonuses are nothing to sneeze at either.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Hama (exorcising) magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Hama, Weak to Curses
STAT BONUSES: P+1, M+1, V+2, S+2, L+8
 (LV32) Hama Lightning
 (LV33) Hama Resistance
 (LV41) Haja Light-beam
 (LV56) Hama Immunity
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the party to max, Heal the Hero to max
LOCATION: Buy it in the Asakusa Junk Shop
USELESS TRIVIA: Nirvana is the state of enlightenment and "oneness with the
 universe" in some sects of Buddhism.
MY RATINGS: Equip ***, Skills **
 If you're trying to make a Hama-esque fighter, you might want Hama Lightning,
 and the Light-Beam is pretty useful too. Otherwise none of the skills of this
 Magtama are anything to write home about. Weakness to curses sucks too, though
 the massive luck boost Nirvana gives you will counteract that to some degree.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Bad Status Immunity
AFFINITY: Strong to physical, weak to Fire and Ice
STAT BONUSES: P+4 M+4 V+1 S+4 L+1
 (LV34) Mental Immunity
 (LV37) Nerve Immunity
 (LV40) Rannyuken
 (LV42) Magic Immunity
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the hero to max, Speed +1, Curse the Hero
LOCATION: In Ongyoki's treasure hoard in the Ikebukuro Tunnel
USELESS TRIVIA: Murakumo, or its full name, the Ame-no-Murakumo sword, is one of
 the Three Sacred Treasures of Japanese legend, along with the Mirror and the
MY RATINGS: Equip **, Skills *
 Bleagh. One of the less useful Magatama. The stat bonuses are nice as is
 Physical resistance, but the weaknesses are a pain. The skills are pretty
 pathetic, though Mental Immunity is potentially useful.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Healing magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Hama
STAT BONUSES: P+2, M+2, V+4, S+3, L+3
 (LV37) Diarama
 (LV39) Breath Shoes
 (LV41) Tetraja
 (LV44) Mediarama
 (LV47) Diarahan
 (LV51) Chakra Shoes
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the hero to max, Heals party to max, ?
LOCATION: Beat the puzzle game in Asakusa to get it
USELESS TRIVIA: A Geis is a Celtic concept, and is an "unbreakable promise."
 Sort of like a "life's quest," something one would be given (usually by a seer)
 that one must do to achieve good luck and fortune.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***, Skills *****
 Not fantastic in terms of equipping, but the skills Geis gives you are great.
 Healing is always nice, but the Shoes skills are especially useful. Just
 about all the skills on this one are worth trying out.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Special Magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Magic (Close/Poison)
STAT BONUSES: P+2, M+6, V+2, S+2, L+2
 (LV42) Taru-Kaja
 (LV43) Suku-Kaja
 (LV44) Maka-Kaja
 (LV45) Raku-Kaja
 (LV46) De-Kaja
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the hero to max, heal the party to max, Paralyze the hero,
 Curse the hero
LOCATION: Get in the Obelisk after defeating the Moirai sisters
USELESS TRIVIA: The Djed is a pillar-shaped holy symbol of the ancient
 Egyptians, associated with Osiris, the god of the dead. It was used in funeral
 rites, and was believed to aid the transformation of the human body into its
 spirit forms.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ****, Skills *****
 Djed is one of the best Magatama in the game, especially the skills. If you
 keep all of them, your Hero will be more or less a one-trick-pony, but a very
 powerful one-trick-pony. All of the first four are game-breakingly powerful. No
 weaknesses and nice magic boost for equipping is icing on the cake.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Bad Status magic
AFFINITY: Strong to Bad Status
 (LV49) Tentarafu
 (LV53) Makajama-on
 (LV56) Zeloth Beat
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Hero to max, Curse the Hero
LOCATION: Get after defeating Mara in the Shibuya Center
USELESS TRIVIA: Muspell-heim is the firey void that the fire giant Surtr guards
 in Norse mythology.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ****, Skills ***
 Great boost to magic and Power makes it a nice equipper. Skills are kind of
 ho-hum though. Zeloth Beat is a nice skill for a physical fighter though.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Fire Magic
AFFINITY: Absorbs Fire, Weak to Ice
 (LV33) Hellfire
 (LV42) Fire Immunity
 (LV45) 20% Magic Pulse
 (LV60) Fire Absorption
 (LV65) Magma Axis
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the hero to max, Vitality + 1
LOCATION: Buy it from the Asakusa Junk Shop
USELESS TRIVIA: Gehenna is commonly known as the Underworld in Hebrew mythology,
 but originated as a valley in the Middle East used as a burning trash dump in
 ancient times.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***, Skills ***
 If you're going to be a fire-guy, this is the Magatama to use. Even so the
 skills aren't that useful overall, and aren't as powerful as other Elemental
 attacks. May be good, may be bad, depending on your style.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Physical attacks
AFFINITY: Strong to Physical, Weak to all magic.
 (LV45) Venom Zapper
 (LV46) 20% Life Spring
 (LV48) Iron Claw
 (LV54) Fierce Counterattack
 (LV64) Kishin-Raku
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the hero to max, Power +1, Vitality +1
LOCATION: Buy from the Junk Collector Manekata in Asakusa
USELESS TRIVIA: Kamurogi is a Shinto concept, an "Earth Force." It is sort of
 like a spiritual force held by the earth, as opposed to Kamuromi, the spiritual
 force of the heavens.
MY RATINGS: Equip: **, Skills ****
 The power boost of this Magatama is fantastic, but being weak to all elemental
 spells is quite painful. The skills learned though are quite useful, though
 inferior to Magatama like Vimana or Gaia.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning special magic
AFFINITY: Immune to Curse, Weak to Hama
STAT BONUSES: P+2, M+8, V+1, S+1,
 (LV51) Jive Talk
 (LV55) Curse Immunity
 (LV58) Chakra of Victory
 (LV60) Charisma
 (LV65) Deathsport
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the party, Poison the Hero, Paralyze the Hero, Curse the Hero
LOCATION: Get from defeating the Jack Frost boss in Kabukicho.
USELESS TRIVIA: Satan is a figure from Jewish and Christian mythology that
 varies wildly depending on the tradition, from a holy angel that judges the
 unworthy to the Dark Side of the supreme god to an enemy of said god. A
 traditionally major player in the Megaten games too.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***, Skills ***
 Satan is a screwy Magatama, with its share of both powerful and useless skills.
 Deathsport and Curse Immunity are the only potential keepers IMO. The magic
 boost when equipping it is decent, but being weak to Hama stinks.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Electricity Magic
AFFINITY: Reflects Electricity, Weak to Shock
STAT BONUSES: P+3, M+2, V+8, S+2, L+2
 (LV60) Shockwave
 (LV62) 30% Magic Pulse
 (LV67) Absorb Electricity
WILD EFFECTS: Heals the Hero to max, Luck +1
LOCATION: Get it after defeating Albion in the Amara Shrine
USELESS TRIVIA: Adama is Hebraic for "dust," and in that tradition's mythology,
 is what humans were originally made from. Why Adama is an Electricity Magatama
 is anyone's guess.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***, Skills ****
 Not a whole lot of skills from this Magatama, but they're all pretty useful.
 The definitive Magatama for an Electricity-themed character. Nice stat boosts
 too when equipping.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Physical attacks
AFFINITY: Immune to Nerve attacks
STAT BONUSES: P+7, M+1, V+3, S+2, L+5
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the party to max, Paralyze the Hero
 (LV50) Withstand
 (LV59) Reppu-ha
 (LV68) Javelin Rain
 (LV71) 30% Life Spring
 (LV73) Meikai-Ha
LOCATION: Buy from the Junk Collector Manekata in Asakusa
USELESS TRIVIA: The Vimana is the flying boat that the gods ride in Hindu
MY RATINGS: Equip: *****, Skills ****
 A very nice Magatama--no weaknesses when equipping, good stat boosts, and
 almost all of its skills are very useful.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Shock attacks
AFFINITY: Absorb Shock, Weak to Electricity
STAT BONUSES: P+4, M+1, V+2, S+9, L+3
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Hero to max, Speed +1
 (LV64) Shinku-ha
 (LV66) Absorb Shock
 (LV72) Spiral Snake
LOCATION: Recieve from Bishamonten after defeating him in the temple in Ueno
USELESS TRIVIA: Gundari is one of the five Myo-o in Shingon Buddhism. He is the
 Myo-o famous for fighting off demons and distributing Soma to the poor.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ****, Skills ****
 Very few skills from this Magatama, but they're all quite nice. Shinku-Ha is
 one of the only "Extreme" level damage skills the Hero can learn, and Spiral
 Snake is another one of those cool Hero-only skills. Nice stat boosts too. Not
 a whole lot of enemies use Electricity so the weakness isn't that bad either.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Healing attacks
AFFINITY: Immune to Hama
STAT BONUSES: P+1, M+2, V+5, S+7, L+4
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Hero, Heal the Party, Do nothing(!)
 (LV45) Judgement Bolt
 (LV57) Samarecarm
 (LV59) Absorption attack
 (LV63) Mediarahan
 (LV70) Divine Retribution
LOCATION: Buy from the Junk Collector Manekata in Asakusa
USELESS TRIVIA: Sophia is from the (now pretty much defunct) Christian Gnostic
 tradition, in which she is the good and benevolent goddess of Wisdom. Her son,
 the evil god Demiurge, was held by the Gnostics to be the same god as the one
 described in the Old Testament.
MY RATINGS: Equip: *****, Skills ****
 Okay, so Judgement Bolt, Absorption attack, and Divine Retribution aren't
 that great. But Samarecarm and Mediarahan are fantastic skills. Hama immunity
 and the Vitality/Speed bonus is nice, but the Power and Magic bonuses aren't,
 and they're usually the most important. Still, no weaknesses makes for a good
 all-around equipper.

GAIA: ガイア (DARK)
DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning Physical Attacks
AFFINITY: Strong to Physical, Weak to Shock, Hama and Curse
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Hero, Power +1
 (LV61) Deathbound
 (LV69) Death Counter
 (LV74) Mother Earth's Dinner
 (LV76) Attack All
LOCATION: Behind the heavy doors in the Mantra HQ--need a power of 24 to open.
USELESS TRIVIA: Gaia is the mother earth goddess from Greek Mythology. It's also
 one of the two big traditional Megaten religions, that of Chaos.
MY RATINGS: Equip: **, Skills *****
 The +10 boost to Power and Vitality will make you an absolute killing machine,
 but weakness to all forms of death magic is asking for trouble. The skills on
 Gaia are all GREAT though, and if you're going to make a physical fighter are
 all potential perma-keepers.

DESCRIPTION: Focuses on learning All-Purpose Magic
AFFINITY: Normal resistence
STAT BONUSES: P+2, M+10, V+5, S+1, L+2
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Party to max, Curse the Hero
 (LV72) Makalakarn
 (LV75) Megido
 (LV78) Tetrakarn
 (LV80) Supreme Blast
 (LV82) Megidora
LOCATION: Buy from the Junk Shop in the last dungeon
USELESS TRIVIA: Kailash is the name of the mountain upon which the Hindu gods
 are said to live.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***** Skills: *****
 Aside from the Ultimate Magatama, Kailash is quite simply the best Magatama in
 the game. OK, so it has no resistances, but it has no weaknesses either, and
 the huge Magic boost makes it the definitive Magatama for magic-users. And all
 of the skills are extremely powerful.

DESCRIPTION: Magatama that holds Ultimate Power.
AFFINITY: Immune to everything but All-Purpose attacks
STAT BONUSES: P+10, M+10, V+10, S+10
WILD EFFECTS: Heal the Hero to max
 (ANY) Megidoraon
 (ANY) Unblemished Power
 (ANY) Flame Reflection
 (ANY) Ice Reflection
 (ANY) Electricity Reflection
 (ANY) Shock Reflection
 (ANY) Physical Reflection
LOCATION: Recieve froom Masakado after completing the Bando Srhine
USELESS TRIVIA: Masakado is the guardian deity of Tokyo. He was also an actual
 historic person who led a revolt in the 10th century against the Emperor,
 which, while short-lived, could be argued led to the eventual takeover of the
 country by the warrior class.
MY RATINGS: Equip: ***** Skills: *****
 Bottom line--Masakadus is just plain unfairly powerful. All the
 skills are fantastic, the stat boost is fantastic, the immunities are
 fantastic. You'll simply be a walking tank with this Magatama. It's hard to
 get, but nothing will stand in your way once you have it.


3:  Charge ***                                                    Marogare
    Rather useful in the early stages of the game. Not a long-term skill by
    any stretch of the imagination.
4:  Analyze ***                                                   Marogare
    The only likely long-term keeper from Marogare. Being able to see enemy
    weaknesses at a moment's notice is nice. But once you get the item that does
    the same thing for free, this skill becomes useless.
5:  Dia ***                                                       Ankh
    Hey, it's healing. Who can complain? Very useful at the start of the game.
6:  10% Life Spring **                                            Marogare
    A 10% boost to your life is nice, but not worth wasting a skill slot on IMO.
7:  Ice Breath ****                                               Wadatsumi
    A _great_ early-on damage spell. You will use this a lot early on in the
    game. Very useful!
8:  Taru-nda  **                                                  Iyomante
    I'm not a fan of stat-dropper spells. It's useful, but not worth holding
    onto for long periods of time, especially when Battle Cry works better.
9:  Fire Breath **                                                Shiranui
    The least useful of the breath weapons. Sure it's great against fire-weak
    enemies, but I much prefer Ice Breath--it can freeze people.
10: Rampage ***                                                   Marogare
    It's better than Charge, and at really high levels can do decent damage, but
    overall it's not worth it. Eventually you'll want to replace it.
11: 10% Magic Pulse **                                            Wadatsumi
    Same deal as 10% Life Spring--a 10% boost to max MP is not worth the slot.
12: Fast Retreat *                                                Ankh
    Yes, a higher chance of escaping battle will save your butt occasionally,
    but learning to fight well works much better. Excusable in the second time
    through the game with its super-hard enemies. Worthless in Hard Maniacs
    games when you can't run from battle anyway.
13: Suku-nda **                                                   Iyomante
    Again I'm not a fan of stat-droppers, and Fog Breath works much better.
14: Fire Enhance **                                               Shiranui
    Enhance skills can make individual spells very powerful, so they can be
    useful. Whether or not it's worth taking up an extra slot is your call.
15: Ice Enhance **                                                Wadatsumi
    Same deal as Fire Enhance; not worth it unless you're making a special
16: Raku-nda ***                                                  Iyomante
    The best of the stat-droppers, because there's no skill that you can have
    that reduces defense better.
17: Tornado *****                                                 Hifumi
    I can't believe they give you a skill this powerful this early. 25 MP is
    steep at level 17, but you will lay waste to all in your path with it at
    this point. A potential permanent keeper.
18: Heat Wave ***                                                 Kamudo
    A nice physical damage technique, and it looks cool too. It will serve you
    well for a while, but you probably won't want it in your final build.
19: Media ****                                                    Ankh
    The only reason this skill doesn't get 5 stars is because Sophia teaches you
    better healing skills. VERY useful in the early stages of the game.
19: Taunt *                                                       Shiranui
    A useless skill unless your entire party is immune to physical attacks. The
    tradeoff is NOT worth it and you're likely to get killed using this skill.
20: Counterattack **                                              Marogare
    Counter is nice--except that it can work against you. If a charmed comrade
    attacks your Hero, you may end up killing it with this skill.
21: Fog Breath: ****                                              Wadatsumi
    Like Suku-nda, only a whole lot more effective. Possibly even a permanent
    keeper, depending on your build.
21: Discharge: ****                                               Narukami
    A nice attack spell, sort of the Electric equivalent of Ice Breath. About as
    useful as Ice Breath.
22: Shock Enhance ***                                             Hifumi
    Same deal as all the other Enhance techniques. The only difference is that
    with Tornado and Shock Enhance at Lv22, you will be a killing machine.
    Worth having for a while, even if you don't keep it permanently.
23: Fire Resist *                                                 Shiranui
    Garbage. If you need fire resistance that badly, just pop on a Magatama that
    gives you immunity.
23: Kiai *****                                                    Kamudo
    If you plan on making a physical-fighter type, this will probably be your
    first permanent keeper skill. You can do obscene damage with the use of this
24: Ice Resist *                                                  Wadatsumi
    Like all the other Resist skills, a total waste. Avoid.
24: Battle Cry ****                                               Hifumi
    Like Taru-nda, only better. Quite useful if you want to make a stat-killer.
25: Sixth Sense ***                                               Kamudo
    I don't know if preventing back-attacks is worth its own skill slot, but you
    _can_ have your entire party wiped out before you get a chance to do
    anything with particularly nasty back attacks, so it's worth thinking about.
    A definite contender in second-time-through games, as back attacks are
    downright lethal with the boosted enemy damage.
26: Electric Enhance **                                           Narukami
    The same deal as all the other Enhancement skills....
27: Shock Resist *                                                Hifumi
    As useless as all the other Resist skills.
28: Drink Magic *****                                             Anathema
    A fantastic skill. Chakra Drops are expensive--you can refill your MP
    wherever and whenever you want with this skill. A must for any magic-using
    Hero build, though Chakra Shoes will probably replace it eventually.
29: Critical **                                                   Kamudo
    An increased chance of critical hitting sounds nice--and it is--but it
    just isn't raised all that much--not enough so that you can rely on it. A
    gambler's skill, to say the least.
30: Electric Resist *                                             Narukami
    Another Resist skill to be passed over.
31: Color Dance **                                                Miasma
    Does confuse things with high frequency, but confusion is not all that
    helpful as status ailments go. Not worth a slot IMO.
32: Curse Resist *                                                Anathema
    One-hit-kill resistance is better than most other resist skills, but is
    still not worth the slot. Pass.
32: Hama Lightning ***                                            Nirvana
    Damage of Hama-type is rare, and does lots of damage on undead, so this is
    a pretty nice attack spell. A lot of enemies are immune though.
33: Hama Resist *                                                 Nirvana
    Same deal as Curse Resist--except Hama almost never works on your Hero
    anyway. Forget this skill.
33: Flames of Hell ****                                           Gehenna
    Since your Hero can't learn Prominence, this is the best Fire damage you're
    going to get. A good skill for a Fire-character.
34: Mental Immunity ****                                          Murakumo
    It's a resist/immunity skill, but being Confused or Charmed is a royal pain,
    especially toward the end of the game, so it can be really useful. Good for
    a purely defensive build.
35: Mahamudo **                                                   Anathema
    An instant-killer spell...except it really doesn't work very often. A
    gambler's skill to be sure. Better passed over for Mahamudo-on.
36: Breath of Victory ***                                         Iyomante
    Heal a chunk of HP after each battle--a nice skill. Maybe not a permanent
    one, since Breath Shoes are better, but useful nonetheless.
37: Nerve Immunity *                                              Murakumo
    Like Mental Immunity. Immunity to Bind and Paralyze can be useful, but
    so few enemies use Nerve attacks that it's not worth it IMO.
37: Diarama ****                                                  Geis
    Healing, and more powerful than Dia. While not a perma-keeper, a very
    useful spell nonetheless.
38: Evil Eye ***                                                  Anathema
    Pull Evil Eye off, and you've got almost a guaranteed kill. But like most
    other Curse skills, it's a real gamble. It doesn't work all that often.
39: Breath Shoes *****                                            Geis
    If you are a physical fighter, this skill is an absolute necessity to help
    make up for the HP your Skills consume.
40: Shock Immunity *                                              Hifumi
    Like other resistance-category skills, not worth the slot.
40: Rannyuken ***                                                 Murakumo
    An excellent skill for a Physical fighter. Damage plus confusion. A good
    replacement for Rampage.
41: Haja Light-beam ****                                          Nirvana
    Maybe not a permanent skill, but a nifty one. Kind of like a more powerful
    Charge, with a higher rate of critical hitting. One of the coolest-looking
    skills too.
41: Tetraja ***                                                   Geis
    Insta-death Hama/Curse magic is indeed irritating as anything, but is it
    really worth a skill slot keeping this magic? Could go either way, your
    choice. Not a bad pick for a defensive character.
42: Taru-Kaja *****                                               Djed
    Let's face it, the -Kaja spells are the traditional Megaten game-breakers,
    and SMT3 is no exception. Increased attack damage is always nice.
42: Flame Immunity *                                              Gehenna
    Another resistance/immunity to be passed over. Why bother when you can
    absorb it instead?
43: Suku-Kaja ****                                                Djed
    Of all the -Kaja spells, this is the least effective. I find it works better
    to decrease enemy accuracy/evade than to increase yours. Still a nice skill
44: Electric Immunity *                                           Narukami
    Not worth it IMO. Just equip Narukami for the same effect.
44: Maka-Kaja *****                                               Djed
    Overwhelmingly powerful. No longer a magic resistance booster, Maka-Kaja now
    boosts spell power. Heal 300+ HP with a humble Dia spell with this skill!
45: Ice Immunity *                                                Miasma
    Why bother when there's an Ice absorption/reflection skill too?
45: Raku-Kaja *****                                               Djed
    Again, a great spell. Boosts your physical resistance. Nice to have.
45: 20% Magic Pulse **                                            Gehenna
    A noticable boost to your MP. Whether it's worth it is up to you.
45: Venom Zapper ***                                              Kamurogi
    Like Rannyuken, only it inflicts poison instead of confusion. Not a keeper,
    but a useful skill nonetheless.
45: Retribution Thunderbolt *                                     Sophia
    A useless skill. If something can be affected by Hama spells, it's best to
    use Hama Lightning or attempt to kill them outright. Not worth thinking
    about IMO.
46: De-Kaja ****                                                  Djed
    Great skill against enemies that boost their stats through the stratosphere.
    A keeper if you're creating a support-oriented character build.
46: 20% Life Spring **                                            Kamurogi
    The extra boost to HP is nice, but is it necesary? I don't think so, but
    it's up to you to decide.
47: Diarahan *****                                                Geis
    Heals a single character to max HP and isn't too taxing in terms of MP
    usage. Need I say more?
48: Iron Claw ***                                                 Kamurogi
    The most powerful single-target physical attack skill in the game. (that the
    Hero can get, that is) The problem is, it misses ALL THE FREAKING TIME! I
    say you're better off with Haja Light-Beam or Spiral Snake.
49: Mahamudo-on ****                                              Anathema
    A great spell. Kills things with great efficiency. There is a gambling
    element to the spell still, but quite effective. A must for a curse-build.
49: Tentarafu ***                                                 Muspel
    OK, Tentarafu is a fun and potentially profitable spell as it confuses
    enemies, but in the long run it's not all that practical. And most bosses
    are immune to it.
50: Withstand *****                                               Vimana
    I used to not like this skill much, but now I put it on virtually all of
    my builds. Useful as a second chance and counter to the many insta-death
    spells present in-game.
51: Chakra Shoes *****                                            Geis
    If you are going to be a spellcaster of any sort, this skill is absolutely
    essential. With it you can cast spells with abandon; without it you'll have
    to scrimp on every MP. One of the most useful skills in the game!
51: Jive Talk **                                                  Satan
    A very unusual skill, that's for certain. Being able to negotiate with Yoju,
    Gedo, and Yuki is useful--except that on a whole those three races are
    pretty weak and not that useful in fusions. Not a keeper skill IMO.
52: Absolute Zero *****                                           Miasma
    Like Ice Breath, only much, much more powerful. The most powerful Ice skill
    in the game for the Hero.
53: Makajamaon **                                                 Muspel
    Nothing spectacular. It's true some of the nastiest enemies are magic users,
    but this spell doesn't work consistently enough to make it worth it IMHO.
54: Fierce Counterattack: **                                      Kamurogi
    More powerful than Counterattack, but still not worth it IMO. Especially
    when Death Counter is available to you. Has same drawbacks as Counter.
55: Curse Immunity ***                                            Satan
    Probably the most useful of the Immunity skills your hero can get, but still
    not worth it IMO. Using Withstand (which will be almost as effective, and
    work for Curse AND Hama) is a better option if you want to go this defensive
56: Hama Immunity **                                              Nirvana
    Again, why? Hama almost never works on your Hero anyway--use Withstand
    instead. Don't bother unless you're going for a very specialized build.
56: Zeloth Beat ***                                               Muspel
    OK, Zeloth Beat looks really cool, and critical hits fairly often, but the
    HP requirement for this skill is absurd, and it misses a lot. Your call on
    whether to keep it.
57: Samarecarm ****                                               Sophia
    A very, very useful skill...however, not a permanent keeper, since there's
    an unlimited-use item that does exactly the same thing in the last dungeon.
    Unbelievably useful until you reach that point though.
58: Chakra of Victory ***                                         Satan
    It's helpful...but Chakra Shoes is more useful. Getting attacked more than
    once within a single moon phase is a rarity, so on the whole the Shoes are
    more effective.
59: Reppu-Ha ***                                                  Vimana
    Straight physical damage to all enemies you're facing. Does substantially
    more damage than its "sister" techniques Heatwave, Rannyu-ken, and Venom
59: Absorption Attack **                                          Sophia
    At first the idea of healing every time you land a physical attack sounds
    great, until you see the meager amount of healing you get with this skill.
60: Ice Absorption ****                                           Miasma
    Quite useful. If you're making an ice-guy or an absorption-themed character,
    a great skill.
60: Flame Absorption ****                                         Gehenna
    Same deal as Ice Absorption. Maybe a little less useful since there's no
    status ailment attached to Flame like there is with Ice.
60: Charisma *                                                    Satan
    Since the Hero will always be in your party, it's nice to have Charisma on
    him, but not worth wasting a slot IMO. You're better off bringing in a
    temporary demon with Charisma for when you want to do negotiations.
60: Shockwave *****                                               Adama
    The best electricity attack in the game for the Hero. Quite nice!
61: Deathbound *****                                              Gaia
    Deathbound is like a really powerful version of Rampage. Useful, but I
    prefer attack-all physical attacks than the crap-shoot random versions,
    though the random versions have the advantage of sometimes multi-hitting
    single targets. Since it's a Weapon skill, damage scales based on HP, so
    that's a bonus.
62: 30% Magic Pulse ***                                           Adama
    If you're going to get an MP-boosting skill, this is the one to take. It's
    up to you whether or not you think it's worth it.
63: Mediarahan *****                                              Sophia
    If you want a healing character, you must get this skill. VERY useful,
    though Mediarama _will_ suffice until you're a very high level.
64: Kishin-Raku ****                                              Kamurogi
    An excellent all-enemies attack skill. Only the Hero can use this one too.
64: Shinku-ha *****                                               Gundari
    One of the only "Extreme"-level damage skills in the game that the Hero has
    access to. It's Shock though, which not a lot of high-level demons are weak
    to. Still a great skill though.
65: Magma Axis ****                                                Gehenna
    An unusual skill--does fire damage but uses HP rather than MP. Looks really
    cool too. I love this skill--I've done over 2000 damage with it toward the
    end of the game, though it's more of a personal preference than anything.
65: Deathsport *****                                              Satan
    Wow, is this one effective skill. Attacks all the enemies and criticals a
    whole lot too. Lower damage overall than Mother Earth's Dinner, but its
    high critical rate and lower HP requirement make it a better skill IMO.
66: Shock Absorption ****                                         Gundari
    Probably the least useful of the Absorption skills, since not a whole lot
    of demons use Shock attacks. Still potentially worth your while though.
67: Electricty Absorption ****                                    Adama
    Another useful absorption skill. Whether it's worth getting depends on your
68: Javelin Rain ****                                             Vimana
    Admittedly Javelin Rain is a really cool-looking skill, but it's basically
    the same as Zeloth Beat only with Close effects, which aren't as useful.
    However it does do more damage. It misses with annoying frequency though...
69: Death Counter ****                                            Gaia
    Makes you a nightmare against monsters that attack you physically. On the
    other hand, it makes charmed allies a nightmare to you. A risky but
    potentially useful skill.
70: Divine Retribution ****                                       Sophia
    This game-breaker skill of previous Megaten games has been gutted. It has
    the same effect, but rather than doing All-purpose damage, it does Hama
    damage, making it worthless against bosses. Not too shabby otherwise though.
71: 30% Life Spring ***                                           Vimana
    If you want a HP-boosting skill, then take this one. Otherwise pass it over.
    It's a noticable boost, but I don't think it's worth wasting a slot myself.
72: Makalakarn ****                                               Kailash
    Reflecting magic is always great, and this is a very useful spell, though
    the MP requirement is steep. If I'm going to use this spell I personally
    prefer keeping it on my Nakama rather than the Hero though.
73: Spiral Snake ****                                             Gundari
    Spiral Snake and Haja Light-Beam are almost the same, but Spiral Snake does
    slightly more damage. Better than Iron Claw since it doesn't miss all the
73: Meikai-ha ****                                                Vimana
    One of the best do-damage-to-all-enemies physical attacks in the game. A
    great skill for a physical fighter. The only reason it doesn't get five
    stars is...
74: Mother Earth's Dinner *****                                   Gaia
    ...because this skill trumps it by a good margin. Yikes, this is one
    brutally effective skill. Not only does it do more damage on the whole
    than Meikai-ha, but it also criticals more often in my expereince. A
    decided perma-keeper for a physcial fighter.
75: Megido ***                                                    Kailash
    Your first available All-Purpose attack. By the time you're this level
    though you'll want to be only picking keepers, and this skill is not a
    keeper simply because Megidora and Megidoraon are better. Still nice though.
76: Attack All ***                                                Gaia
    Attack All is a fantastic skill for most of the game. The problem occurs
    late in the game--which is when you can first get this skill--as there are
    long stretches where virtually every fight  will have a physically immune
    enemy in it, making use of this skill dangerous. If you take it, you will
    need a single-target Physical skill to use in these occasions.
78: Tetrakarn ****                                                Kailash
    Same deal with Makalakarn. Great skill, heavy MP use. And also I prefer
    keeping this skill on my Nakama rather than my Hero.
80: Supreme Blast *****                                           Kailash
    Ho-lee crap. Supreme Blast is just amazing. It is, by far, the most damaging
    attack available to you in the game. It's all-purpose, meaning it can work
    against anything, but it can Critical like a physical attack. It even does
    more damage than Megidoraon, though it can only hit one enemy at a time.
81: Megidora ****                                                 Kailash
    Like Megido, only substantially more powerful. Hits all enemies for oodles
    of damage. What more could you want?
**: Megidoraon *****                                              Masakadus
    Megidoraon is the most powerful attack spell in the game. It's All-purpose
    type meaning it cannot be blocked, and does quite a lot of damage to all
    enemies when you let it loose.
**: Unblemished Power ****                                        Masakadus
    This is kind of like Hama Lightning, only it hits everything. Very powerful,
    but ineffective against a lot of enemies, and often you'll get more bang for
    your buck with Divine Retribution. Still a good skill though.
**: Flame Reflection ****                                         Masakadus
    I personally prefer absorption to reflection--usually demons that cast
    elemental spells on you are immune to the elements they're casting so
    reflection does little aside from eat up Press Turns. This is still a good
    skill though.
**: Ice Reflection ****                                           Masakadus
    Basically the same deal with Flame Reflection, only with Ice.
**: Electricity Reflection ***                                    Masakadus
    Another Reflection skill, but I'm not too fond of it, simply for the reason
    that there really aren't a whole lot of enemies that use Electricity, and
    even fewer with really powerful Electricity attacks.
**: Shock Reflection ***                                          Masakadus
    Ditto Electricity Reflection. Almost NOBODY uses Shock against you at the
    later stages of the game. If you could get this skill early on it might
    have been better, but by this point in time it's just a waste IMO.
**: Physical Reflection *****                                     Masakadus
    Do I really need to comment how great a skill this is? You'll be blocking
    nearly half the attacks in the game with this, and soaking up enemy Press
    Turns like mad. VERY nice.
??: Penetrate *****                                               Marogare
    Only available in Maniacs, and only available if you take the new
    route through the game. At first it sounds rather uninteresting, but it's
    virtually impossible to kill the last boss without it. It comes in quite
    handy in many other situations as well.

                             SAMPLE HERO BUILDS:
Here are some good sample Hero builds. None of them include skills from
Masakado's, since that's sort of like a bonus Magatama. Obviously any build will
be tougher with the skills it comes with. These are all very specialized builds,
and are not necessarily better than any build that you can come up with--you may
decide you want to be good at a lot of things rather than great at one thing.
These are just some suggestions. If you have any other good builds, I'd love to
hear of them and how you use them.

                               PHYSICAL FIGHTER:

EARLY GAME                   MID-GAME                  FINAL BUILD
Charge                       Haja Light-Beam           Spiral Snake
Heatwave                     Kishin-Raku               Deathsport
10% Life Spring              20% Life Spring           30% Life Spring
Breath of Victory            Breath Shoes              Breath Shoes
Counterattack                Fierce Counterattack      Death Counter
Kiai                         Kiai                      Kiai
Critical                     Critical                  Critical
Media                        Medirama                  Mediarahan

Primary Stat: Power
Greater stat focus: Vitality/Speed
Lesser stat focus: Magic/Luck

This build focuses entirely on physical attacks. One one-target attack, one All-
targets attack, and then a bunch of Passive skills to enhance the build. The
healing spells are in there just because it's kind of a waste to have all that
MP and not be able to use it, and healing is very useful to have on your hero.
Depending on how you want to build this character you might want to substitute
different skills--for example, substituting Attack All or another physical
attack skill for Critical is potentially a good idea. Scuttling the Counter s
kills for another attack (weapon based like Deathbound or status ailment-
inflicting like Zeloth Beat.) is another option. In terms of dealing raw damage,
this is probably the type of build to shoot for.


EARLY GAME                   MID-GAME                  FINAL BUILD
Fire Breath                  Hellfire                  Magma Axis
Ice Breath                   Absolute Zero             Absolute Zero
Discharge                    Shockwave                 Shockwave
Tornado                      Tornado                   Tornado OR Shinkuha
Drink Magic                  Chakra Shoes              Chakra Shoes
Hama Lightning               Tentarafu                 Supreme Blast
Mahamudo-on                  Maka-Kaja                 Maka-Kaja
Media                        Medirama                  Mediarahan

Primary Stat: Magic
Greater Stat Focus: Luck/Power
Lesser Stat Focus: Vitality/Speed

This is one of my favorite builds, and close to the one I took first time
through the game. This build is primarily designed to exploit enemy weaknesses
and increase your Press Turns during battle. By having a skill of each of the
four main attack-spell elements, it ensures that the Hero will be able to
exploit the bulk of the elemental weaknesses that your opponents have. Maka-Kaja
will add insult to injury.

                             DEFENSIVE SUPPORTER:

EARLY GAME                   MID-GAME                  FINAL BUILD
Drink Magic                  Chakra Shoes              Chakra Shoes
Fog Breath                   Fog Breath                Tetrakarn
Battle Cry                   Battle Cry                Makalakarn
Raku-Nda                     Taru-Kaja                 Taru-Kaja
Breath of Victory            Raku-Kaja                 Raku-Kaja
(Whatever)                   Suku-Kaja                 Suku-Kaja
(Whatever)                   Maka-Kaja                 Maka-Kaja
Media                        Medirama                  Mediarahan

Primary Stat: Vitality
Greater Stat Focus: Magic/Speed
Lesser Stat Focus: Power/Luck

The Hero with this build will be next to useless himself in battle, but will be
able to beef his Nakama into massive engines of destruction. Early on in the
game before the -Kaja spells are available, you can pretty much give whatever
skills you want to him as there's not much in the way of support available at
that point. The offensive support skills Fog Breath and Battle Cry should be
ditched for Tetrakarn and Makalakarn by the end of the game, since by that point
you'll be using Randomizer for stat dropping, and your Hero can't use that.
You'll want to boost Vitality and Magic most so you can get your HP and MP up--
the other skills are less important since you won't be doing most of the
fighting yourself.

                             OFFENSIVE SUPPORTER:

EARLY GAME                   MID-GAME                  FINAL BUILD
Drink Magic                  Chakra Shoes              Chakra Shoes
Fog Breath                   Fog Breath                Fog Breath
Battle Cry                   Battle Cry                Battle Cry
Raku-Nda                     Raku-Nda                  Raku-Nda
Evil Eye                     Mudo-On                   Mahamudo-on
Tentarafu                    Color Dance               Color Dance
(whatever)                   Makajamaon                Makajamaon
Media                        Medirama                  Mediarahan

Primary Stat: Luck
Greater Stat Focus: Magic/Speed
Lesser Stat Focus: Vitality/Power

This build is like the offensive counterpart of the defensive support character.
He is primarily focused on softening up the enemy and making them easier to kill
by his allies. The Fog Breath/Battle Cry/Raku-Nda are there to lower stats
(Taunt can be substituted for Raku-Nda, though that's risky) and the rest of the
skills are designed to inflict status ailments. Luck is the most important stat
since a lot of the skills are all-or-nothing type skills, and you'll need as
good a chance as possible to succeed with them, which is why Speed is also
important. (so the enemy doesn't dodge, though I think only Mahamudo-on can be
dodged from the above skillset) A good lineup of Nakama is vital for this build,
as the Hero by himself will be as weak as a baby.

                             IMPENETRABLE WALL:

EARLY GAME                   MID-GAME                  FINAL BUILD
10% Life Spring              20% Life Spring           30% Life Spring
Fast Retreat                 Fast Retreat              Fast Retreat
Media                        Medirama                  Mediarahan
(Element) Resistance         Breath Shoes              Breath Shoes
Sixth Sense                  Sixth Sense               Sixth Sense
Hama Resistance              Hama Immunity             Hama Immunity
Curse Resistance             Curse Immunity            Curse Immunity
Critical                     Withstand                 Withstand

Primary Stat: Vitality
Greater Stat Focus: Speed/Power
Lesser Stat Focus: Magic/Luck

The Hero of this build will be a lot like the Hero of the previous Megaten games
in that the only thing he'll be able to do is attack, use items, and summon
allies. (though he will have some healing magic, just so the MP doesn't go
totally to waste) He won't be all that useful in battle and will have to leave
most of the fighting up to his Nakama, but he will be extremely difficult to
kill. The boosted HP of the Life Spring skills go hand-in-hand with Breath
Shoes, the Hama/Curse Immunity protects him from insta-death attacks, and
Withstand protects him just in case an enemy gets a lucky shot in. Sixth Sense
and Fast Retreat stand to prevent back attacks and give you a chance to escape
battle, just in case. You might consider substituting Mental Immunity for Fast
Retreat as well. While this build is admittedly pretty boring, it is a
great one to use the second time through the game when enemies do more damage
and a lucky Critical attack just might kill a full-health Hero...

There are plenty of other potentially good builds, these are just some ideas to
get you started.

                           NAKAMA--DEMON PARTY MEMBERS

Like all Megatens before it, your party in SMT3 is primarily composed of demons
whom you recruit on the battlefield. Given the right conditions, virtually any
enemy you encounter outside of bosses can be persuaded to join your party. Up to
three demons can be in your active party at any one time, but you can "stock" up
to eight, and this stock will be increased to ten and then finally twelve. You
can summon demons whenever and wherever you want as well. Nakama--allied demons-
-operate under very similar rules as your Hero, though the way they advance is
slightly different.

                             DEMON CHARACTERISTICS:

Alignment and race are probably the most important factors when you're dealing
with demons. Each demon falls into a specific race, and each race has an
Alignment associated with it. There are three basic Alignments--Light, Neutral,
and Dark.  (Yes, Law and Chaos have unfortunately gone the way of the dinosaur)

Light demons are pretty much all gods of some sort or other. They're almost all
loved and worshipped deities by their various pantheons. However, true to
Megaten form, Light does not necessarily equivocate to "good" pe se--I doubt
there'd be a lot of people that would claim that the Chimera is "good" for
example. Light Demons will rarely cross your path in the game and when they do,
they won't be willing to join your party or negotiate no matter what you do.
(especially since most you will encounter are in the form of bosses) However,
they can be created through fusion and tend to be much more powerful than their
Neutral or Dark brethren.

With only a few exceptions, Neutral demons are minor deities or supernatural
creatures from some mythos or other that fall between the lines and are neither
benevolent gods nor devils/evil gods, though there are exceptions. (Quetzalcoatl
and the Greek Fates, for example) The bulk of the demons you will encounter in
the game are Neutral. They can be enticed into joining your party normally
(though during full moons they go nuts and won't usually listen to you) through
negotiations. Unlike previous Megaten games, Neutral demons potentially serve as
a lot more than fusion fodder, and can be truly viable allies.

Dark Demons are generally evil gods, monsters, or devils, reviled by whatever
pantheon believes in them. (Like the other two alignments, there are of course
exceptions) You'll encounter a fair number of Dark demons in normal encounters,
though they are less numerous than Neutrals. Dark demons can be quite powerful
(Jashin and Maou are powerhouse races on par with the Light races) but they
won't generally join you when you talk to them. It's not impossible to get a
Dark demon to join you through persuasion, though it is substantially more
difficult. You're best off trying to do so during a full Kagutsuchi. Three of
the Dark races--Maou, Jashin, and Kyocho--are intelligent and are open to trade
when you talk to them, but will not join. The other three Dark races--Yoju,
Yuki, and Gedo--are semi- or non-intelligent, and are normally impossible to
communicate with at all, though a special conversation skill exists that will
allow you to talk to them like a Neutral demon.

                                   THE RACES:

MAJIN (魔神): Majin are without exception (in this game at least) the chief
deities of their pantheons. They are amongst the most powerful races in the game
and are more difficult to fuse than most of the other races. They are well-
rounded all-purpose demons, adept in both physical and magical combat.

MEGAMI (女神): Megami are high-ranking goddesses in their pantheons. They're not
that great as combatants when compared to most other Light demons of similar
level, but are very good at using magic, especially healing magic.

HAKAISHIN (破壊神): Literally meaning "God of destruction," Hakaishin are gods
that deal out the wrath and punishment when necessary in their pantheons. (Or in
the case of Shiva, they literally ARE gods of destruction) As allies, Hakaishin
are almost all bruisers, focused on doling out heavy amounts of physical
punishment, though they can hold their own magically too. Like the Majin, they
are tricky to fuse.

JIBOSHIN (地母神): Goddesses that usually rank a little lower than Megami in
their pantheons. Jiboshin are a mixed bag, and are more varied than Megami.
They're not geared toward physical combat (with the exception of Kali) but are
better at it than Megami. They wield a range of magic, a mix of offensive and
defensive spells. Jiboshin is another race that is difficult to fuse, and
usually requires other Light demons as "ingredients" to make.

KISHIN (鬼神): With the sole exception of Thor, (and Futomimi if you're playing
Maniacs) Kishin are all warrior gods from either Japanese or Buddhist mythology,
whose purpose is to protect something or other. They are all powerhouse demons,
geared toward physical combat and are all capable of using weapon techniques.
(except for Takeminakata, who doesn't even have arms, the poor guy) They also
all learn some sort of attack magic, though that's not their forte.

SEIJU (聖獣): Seiju are all holy beasts that skirt the line between supernatural
creature and god, though they aren't usually the target of worship within their
pantheons. As Light demons go, Seiju are pretty much the bottom of the barrel,
and aren't all that much better than Neutrals. They're usually focused on
physical attacks--claw and bites usually--and aren't too good at magic, though
they often have a decent selection of spells.

SHINJU (神獣): Shinju are like Seiju, except more powerful. They're gods in the
form of animals, or gods that "naturally" appear as animals. (Well, not Kaichi, 
but still) They are also one of the trickier demon races to fuse.

SEIREI (精霊): Seirei are elementals, and as party members they aren't anything
to write home about. Their true function is fusion-fodder; when combined in a
fusion they can raise the rank of their "partner" demon in a fusion so are quite
useful in that regard.

MITAMA (御魂): Mitama are Shinto aspects of the soul/emotions. Like Seirei, they
aren't too useful as party members. Their role too is in fusions--when fused
with a demon, they can boost that demon's stats. In that sense they can be more
useful than Seirei and are thus harder to fuse/come by.

DAITENSHI (大天使): The Daitenshi are the four Seraphim, the top-ranking angels
from Christian mythology. All of them are very powerful, well-rounded allies
that make great endgame demons to have along with your party. They're good at
both physical and magical attacks, though they're a little bit lacking in the
Endurance department. Daitenshi is a special demon race that can only be gotten
through Mutations or special fusions. Note that in Maniacs there is a fifth
Daitenshi, and he is a Seraph from the Judaic, but not Christian, pantheon.

GUNSHIN (軍神): The Gunshin are war gods. Though not exceptionally powerful,
they are reasonably well-balanced demons with some very useful skills. Their
skills are more geared toward physical rather than magical combat, though they
can hold their own in either role. Gunshin is a special demon race that can only
be gotten through Mutations, and there are only two of them.

GENMA (幻魔): Genma are heroes and demigods from epic tales of mythology. As
races go, there is no real one trait you could pin down on them. Some are more
combat-oriented, some (well, actually one, there are only three of them) are
more magic-oriented. All have useful skills. Genma is another special demon race
that can only be gotten through mutations.

RYUJIN (龍神): There are only two Ryujin in the game. Both are from the Chinese
Shiseiju. (four holy beasts) They're like a more powerful version of the Ryuo
(well, for their level, the highest-level Ryujin is lower than some Ryuo) and
their techniques are similar. Both absorb Ice, and both are geared toward using
ice as well. Both also can only be attained through Mutating other dragons.

REICHO (霊鳥): There's only one Reicho in the game, and he can only be attained
through mutation. He's a capable demon for when you get him though, and will
potentially help a lot in the last quarter of the game or so.

IRYO (威霊): Like the Reicho, there's only one Iryo in the game, and he also can
only be attained through mutation. He's also a really powerful ally.

YOMA (妖魔): Yoma are primarily lesser deities or supernatural creatures. They
are so-so fighters and decent spellcasters, mostly focused on support or status
ailment spells. Probably the most notable aspect of the Yoma is their propensity
for demon mutations--fully two thirds of the Yoma in the game can mutate to
higher forms.

YOSEI (妖精): Yosei are whimsical fantasy creatures--fairies, trolls, goblins,
etc. With a couple of exceptions, they are rather weak fighters, but are
exceptional magic-users, usually specializing in elemental magic. There are a
handful that can mutate as well. As demon races go, Yosei aren't too powerful

TENSHI (天使): Tenshi are like the Daitenshi in that they are all angels from
Hebrew and Christian mythology, except they are lower, "generic" angel types.
They are all geared toward Hama and Healing-type spell usage, are good
spellcasters, and can dish out a fair amount of damage as well. However, they
are very fragile and die easily, especially since all of them are weak to

DATENSHI (堕天使): Datenshi are all fallen angels/demons encased in the 72
pillars of Solomon from Hebrew mythology. Datenshi are among the more powerful
of the Neutral races, and are adept in both physical and magical combat, though
they are more geared toward the former. They tend to learn physical attacks or
combat/offensive support spells. All are immune to Curse magic, but none can

RYUO (龍王): Ryuo are dragons or lesser dragon gods. Two (Quetzalcoatl and
Yurlunggur) are even the chief deities of their pantheons. Ryuo are a very
powerful Neutral race, at least on par with some of the lesser Light races. They
all have exceptional Vitality and lots of HP, but usually make shabby
spellcasters. Most of their skills are of the elemental or support variety.

MAJU (魔獣): Maju are animal spirits or monsters, and are geared toward physical
combat, usually using bite or claw attacks and having greater-than-average HP
and power. They make shoddy spellcasters though and most are weak to some form
of elemental magic.

CHIREI (地霊): The Chirei are mostly earth spirits or deities. They are an odd
race; there are six in total, and they are split into two categories more or
less. The top three are rather powerful physical fighters that can take a lot of
punishment. The bottom three are pretty weak, are more geared toward elemental
magic, and mostly appear at the beginning of the game. All in all the Chirei are
weaker than most of the other races.

YOKI (妖鬼): The Yoki are almost all Japanese Oni of some sort or another. As
allies, they act like a physical counterpart to the Yoma--decent fighters and
so-so spellcasters. Of the Neutral races, some of the Yoki are among the
strongest; the most powerful Yoki is easily an endgame ally, on par with many of
the stronger Light demons.

KIJO (鬼女): The Kijo are primarily warrior women from various traditions around
the world. They are quite a balanced race, being good at both physical fighting
and magic. Overall they're a mixed bag, with no single defining trait between
them. The high-level Kijo are quite powerful and can prove to be very useful.

YAMA (夜魔): Yama are primarily "life draining" types of demons, often with
sexual overtones...things like vampires and succubi fall into this category.
They are powerful spellcasters and so-so physical combatants. Their spells are
usually geared towards curse magic or inflicting the enemy with negative status
effects. Overall they are a very versatile race. The highest-level Yama ranks
among the most powerful demons in the game.

JASHIN (邪神): Jashin are either evil deities from within their own pantheons,
or deities demonized and vilified by neighboring religions. They are a "bruiser"
race, tied with Maou for the most powerful Dark race and easily on par with any
of the Light races. With a few exceptions, they are very offense-oriented
demons, and are jacks-of-all-trades.

MAOU (魔王): Maou are all gods that are "arch-villains" from within their
pantheons. They are the most powerful Dark race, and also one of the most
powerful races in the game in general. They are good at just about anything they
do. Maou are a lot like a Dark version of the Majin. They're also equally tricky
(if not more so) to fuse.

YOJU (妖獣): Yoju are monstrous beasts, creatures feared by people within their
respective pantheons. As allies they're more or less the Dark equivalent of
Maju. They are primarily but not exclusively physically offense-oriented demons,
using their claws and jaws to attack. They make pretty average allies overall.
All of them are immune to Curse magic, which is a bonus.

YUKI (幽鬼): Yuki are undead; ghosts, zombies, spirits, that sort of thing. They
are all curse-oriented demons and are likewise immune to curse-based attacks.
However, aside from the strongest ones, as demons go they're not that great.
They're powerful, but they make horrible spellcasters and usually are rather
lacking in the HP department as well. Being undead, almost all of them are weak
to Hama, which is a bummer if you've got them as allies (but great if you're
fighting them!)

GEDO (外道): Slimes, blobs, weird things that walk the line between living and
non-living material--that's what Gedo are. Gedo can make useful allies if used
right; almost all of them are strong to physical attacks and can take a lot of
punishment. They're also better than Yuki at spellcasting, though every one of
them is weak to Hama-spells. Overall, they're an average/slightly below average

KYOCHO (凶鳥): There's only one Kyocho in the game, and he can only be attained
through a special fusion. He's also the only "unique race" enemy you'll
encounter in the game outside of fusion, mutation or a boss fight. As an ally
he's not too shabby and will prove useful toward the end stages of the game. All
of his stats are pretty decent except luck. That he's weak to Hama spells is a
downer though.


In order to get demons to join your party, you will have to recruit them via
negotiations. Negotiations are extremely watered-down from previons Megaten
games--no longer can you have conversations with demons, you just cut straight
to the chase and buy them off with money and items.

The following is a basic flowchart for normal negotiations to get a demon to

                              Level Check
                ,----->,-> Demon Makes Request <-.
               /       |     |            |       |
              |        `---Accept       Refuse---'
              |              |            |
              |              |        Demon Gets Angry
              |              V
              |    Joins <---Demon Considers Offer--->Demon Leaves
              \                     |
                              Demon Asks Question
                                 |         |
                        Likes Answer      Dislikes Answer
                             |                 |
                        Demon Joins        Demon Leaves*

*Ally Intervention will not work here.

Level Check:
Demons will only join your party if your Hero is an equal or higher level than
they are. If the target is a higher level than the Hero, then the negotiations
will automatically fail and you'll lose a Press Turn.

Demon Makes Request:
The demon you are talking to asks you for something, either Makka, an item, or
to absorb some of your life. If you refuse, the demon will either get angry or
ask for something else instead. If the demon asks for Makka, then any allies
with the "Bargain" skill will intervene and try to get them to lower their

Demon Gets Angry:
If the demon gets angry, it will either break off conversation, leave, get ready
to fight, or attack you. If it just breaks off conversation, you can try talking
to it again. If it gets ready to fight, you can no longer talk to it. If it
attacks outright, then you lose your turn and the game automatically switches to
an enemy turn. If any of your allies have "Mediate," "Maiden Mediate," or "Booze
Party," they will attempt to use these skills to calm the demon down.

Demon Considers Offer:
A demon can do this up to three times in a single conversation. Each time it
considers your offer, there is a chance that it will decide to join you or
switch to its final question. The first time it considers your offer, the chance
of it joining you is extremely low, but each successive time it considers your
offer the chance of it joining is higher. When the demon you are talking to
considers your offer, your allies with passive conversation skills will often
jump into the conversation to try and get them to join. "Persuade," "Brown-
nose," "Selfishness," "Brotherly Love," and "Booze Party" are all skills that
can be used to try to sway a demon considering your offer.

Demon Leaves:
If the demon leaves after considering an offer, then sometimes it will give you
an item or heal you instead of joining you. If it leaves after getting angry it
will never give you an item. Allies with the skills "Stop" or "Booze Party" will
attempt to keep a demon from leaving mid-conversation.

Demon Asks Question:
At this point the demon will ask you a question about your values. If you answer
in a way that the demon likes, it will always join you. If you answer in a way
that they DON'T like, then they will leave.  Ignore the way they ask the
question (ie for a "Don't you think X," "yes" is not always what you want to
say) and consider their background within their Kotowari (if they have one)
before asking. For example, angels have little respect for the weak, so if they
ask you if you think that the weak should be protected, answer no. Youth Female
demons respect confidence, so when they ask if you think you could beat them in
a one-on-one fight, answer yes. And so forth--it may take a little
experimentation to figure out what each demon is looking for.
For some bizarre reason, in Maniacs the demons don't seem to have a set answer
they're looking for when asking questions. There was a random factor even in
Nocturne, but in Maniacs it seems like more or less a total crap shoot when
answering these questions. The same demon asking the same question may want
different answers at different times.

Demon Joins:
Success! The demon agrees to your terms and joins your party as a Nakama.

There are some conversation skills that are designed to try to get items or
money out of demons rather than getting them to join. The following is a
flowchart for just such an attempt to trade with a demon:

                       ,-> Demon Makes Request <-.
                       |     |            |       |
                       `---Accept       Refuse---'
                             |            |
              Demon gives you item     Demon Gets Angry

Note that it's much simpler to get items out of a demon than to get them to
join. Demons will usually only make around two requests before agreeing to your
terms. Other than that, trade negotiations work the same way as normal

                           DEMON TO DEMON NEGOTIATION

On the whole, your demon allies are a lot better at negotiation than you are. In
addition to persuading a demon to join, they have skills that can be used to try
and get money, items, or gems from their "targets."

The most important thing about demon-to-demon negotiation is that their
conversation skills can have "immediate effects." When this happens the game
will tell you "Your persuasion had an immediate effect on (target)!" Immediate
effects are automatically triggered if the conditions for the conversation skill
being used are met. The conditions are target and speaker age, target and
speaker gender, speaker personality, etc.

Immediate effects can be both positive and negative. With a positive effect,
your target will do its "happy" animation and conversation will either
immediately succeed without you having to give them anything, or the
conversation will automatically succeed the first time the demon considers your
offer. With a negative effect, your target will do its "angry" animation and the
conversation will automatically fail--and the target may attack.

Here's a list of the positive and negative effects I've heard of and found so


Positive: Female Youth talking, Male target
Negative: Male talking, Male target

Positive: Non-Child talking, Child target
Negative: Child talking, Non-Child target

Positive: Adult talking, Youth or Child female target
Negative: Child talking, Adult target

Headhunt is kind of a crap-shoot skill. It seems to produce an immediate effect
when the talker is a substantially higher level than the target. The funny thing
is, I've seen it produce both Positive and Negative effects with the same
speaker and the same target! It appears to be random whether or not the
immediate effect will be positive or negative, though positive seems to be a lot
more common.

Positive: Male Youth talking, Female target.
Negative: Male talking, Male target.

Positive: Speaker is a substantially higher level than the target
Negative: Speaker is a substantially lower level than the target

Positive: Kagutsuchi is currently Silent
Negative: None

Positive: Male Speaker, Female target
Negative: None

Positive: Valkyrie is the Speaker, Male target.
Negative: None

Positive: Speaker is a substantially higher level than the target.
Negative: None

Positive: Speaker is a child
Negative: Target is a child

Positive: Speaker is a substantially lower level than the target
Negative: None

Positive: Speaker is a substantially higher level than the target
Negative: Speaker is a substantially lower level than the target

I don't think this skill has any Immediate Effects.

No Immediate Effects with this one either, I think.

No Immediate Effects with this one, though I should probably note that this is a
rather risky skill to use. If you use it too much it may backfire and the demons
will come back to collect your debt. With interest--they'll take 1/3 of whatever
money you're carrying.

                                 PASSIVE SKILLS:

Since Passive skills kick in without you actually having any control, the
designers of the game were nice enough not to include any negative Immediate
Effects. (I think...I vaguely remember pissing off a Sudama with Persuade but
I'm not sure) Either way it never says "immediate effect" for passive skills, it
seems to be somewhat random. However there are some times where it always (or 
almost always) works. Those that I have found are the following:

Brotherly Love only gets triggered when a demon of the same race can use it
against another demon of the same race. E.G. if you are trying to persuade Yosei
Troll to join, Yosei High Pixie can use Brotherly Love (if she has it) since
both Troll and High Pixie are Yosei. If it gets triggered it almost always

Always works when the target is a substantially lower level than the one

Always works when the target is a substantially higher level than the one

Always works when either a youth or adult girl is using against a male target,
or a child is using against a youth or adult target.

                             "ABNORMAL" NEGOTIATIONS

During a full moon the excessive light from Kagutsuchi drives demons wild, and
makes it impossible to have normal conversation with them--they act drunk or
stoned. Usually if you talk to them during a full Kagutsuchi they will just
ignore you, but sometimes they will ask you a question, sometimes really odd. If
you answer the question in such a way to make them happy, they will give you an
item, or, in the case of Yoju, Yuki and Gedo, sometimes join you.

Attempting to talk to a demon when you're facing several is a risky proposition;
for each demon you choose not to talk to, there is a chance that it will
interrupt you and stop you from talking to its ally. If this happens, the turn
will automatically switch over to the enemy's turn, and they will get a free
attack on you.

This only happens when you use demon-to-demon negotiation and ask for money or
items from your target. After you succesfully complete the trade and get
whatever you ask for, there is a small chance that your transaction will pique
the interest of any other demons you are facing, and they will ask to trade too.

Sometimes the demons you face will initiate conversation with you and ask if you
can spare some sort of item. If you give them the item, they'll either reward
you with money, another item (sometimes the same item you gave them!),
information, or a request to join your party. In my experience, if a Yoju, Yuki,
or Gedo is the one begging, they will ALWAYS request to join your party--useful
since they won't normally join you otherwise. If you refuse to give them
anything, they usually just leave.

This is a lot like demon begging, except that instead of asking you to give it
something, the demon will ask you a question about your values, much like the
"final question" during normal negotiation. The results are the same as begging.
However, if the asker is a Dark demon, it won't join you and will only give you
items, money, and information. Since Yoju/Yuki/Gedo are too stupid to have
normal conversations they won't ever come forward with a question.

If a demon is the only one in its party left and you take out a substantial
chunk of its life left, it will sometimes interrupt you mid-turn and ask you to
let it escape in exchange for money, items, or information. Sometimes they will
offer to join your party for free too. In very rare occurances if you let your
guard down after they beg for their life, they'll take the opportunity to get in
a surprise attack.

This only happens when you use demon-to-demon negotiation. They are special,
preset conversations that happens when two demons with a mythological connection
speak to one another. (Usually, but not all--for example Dionysus and Mada are
two totally separate pantheons--their connection though is that they're both
gods of liquor) For example, Scathach is Setanta's master in Celtic mythology,
so there is a special conversation the two of them can have when talking to one
another. Orthrus and Kerberos are brothers, and there's a rather humorous
exchange between the two you can get as well. Usually you'll get an item
afterwards, but not always--Rangda and Barong start a fight. Here are the
special conversations I've found so far:

Speaker                Speakee

Ame-no-Uzume  -->    Sarutahiko
Scathach      -->    Setanta
Orthrus       -->    Kerberos
Chimera       -->    Kerberos
Chimera       -->    Orthrus
Any Daitenshi -->    Any Tenshi
Kali          -->    Dakini
Valkyrie      -->    Loki
Odin          -->    Loki
Thor          -->    Loki
Barong        -->    Rangda
Dionysus      -->    Mada
Kurama Tengu  -->    Koppa Tengu
Kurama Tengu  -->    Karasu Tengu
Garuda        -->    Naga
Garuda        -->    Naga Raja
Shiva         -->    Naga
Shiva         -->    Naga Raja

All special conversations are one-time only; after that if you have the same
demons talk to each other the result will be the same as any normal

                                NAKAMA NITTY-GRITTY

Okay, so you've succeeded in your negotiations, and now have a demon fighting
alongside you as your Nakama. Nakama work a lot like your Hero with a few

If you want to actively use a demon in your party you'll have to summon it. You
can have up to three Nakama as active party members; the rest you can "store" in
your Stock. Only your hero can actively summon Nakama (there is a skill "Summon"
that demons can use, but it just summons a random Nakama) and can do so either
during battle or outside of it. If the Hero summons a Nakama in battle and the
party is already full, he'll have to pick a demon currently in the active party
to swap out. For some odd reason you can't actually swap out demons outside of
battle; you have to actively return your demons to your Stock first.

Demons in the Stock don't gain experience from battles, (unless they have the
skill Memory Enhancement, but even then they will only receive 50% of the
experience your active party members will) and their passive skills, like
Treasure Hunt or the Shoes skills, will not work.  However, while not in battle,
demons in the Stock can still cast spells on your party, like Lightma or the
healing spells. Note that any multiple-target healing spells will also only work
on the active party--you can't use them to heal demons in the Stock.

You have the option to Dismiss any demon allies you have from the menu screen
outside of battle. Keep in mind that once you dismiss an ally, it is gone
PERMANENTLY. If you want to use that demon again, you'll have to re-hire or re-
fuse it, and any experience points or levels it has gained will have to be

Nakama have two types of Affinities--a basic Affinity and a Transfer Affinity.
Neither of these will ever change.

A demon's basic Affinity dictates what sorts of attacks it is strong or weak to.
While these innate strengths and weaknesses will never change, they can be
"bypassed" by the use of skills. For example, the skill "Hama Immunity" will
supercede a natural weakness to Hama. However a "worse" skill on a demon with
natural resistance (e.g. "Flame Immunity" on a demon that naturally absorbs
flame) will be ignored. Overall, the game looks at all the skills and natural
affinities, and picks the highest priority, from lowest to highest:
Normal Resistance, Weakness, Immunity, Absorption, Reflection.
So, for example, if you had a demon that had both the skills "Ice Absorption"
and "Ice Reflection" then it would reflect, not absorb, any ice attacks. If the
demon only had "Ice Absorption" as a skill but had "Ice Reflection" as an innate
Affinity it would still reflect ice attacks since reflection is "better" than
NOTE: "Resistance" skills by themselves are unusual. They will reduce
damage/success rate from said skills, but will not actually negate any weak
points. So, for example, if Maju Orthrus (naturally weak to Ice) had the skill
"Ice Resistance," Ice attacks would do less damage than if he didn't have the
skill, but will still count as exploiting his Weak Point and do more damage than
to a demon with similar stats but no Ice Weakness. Also note that Resistance
skills "stack;" a demon with "Ice Resistance" that was already naturally
resistant to Ice will take even less damage. Also, Resistance skills cut both
ways when it comes to damage--an Ice Absorbing demon that also has an Ice 
Resistance skill will heal less than if it didn't.

Transfer Affinity really only plays a part in demon fusion--it dictates what
types of Skills a demon is likely to receive from its "parent" demons. Transfer
Affinity is covered in more detail in the fusion section.

Each Demon has a Rank, which lists how "high" it is in comparison to other
demons of its same race. This rank is dependent upon the demon's initial, not
actual level. For example, the lowest-ranking Chirei with a rank of 1 is Kodama,
who is level 3. The next highest ranking Chirei, Kahaku, has a rank of 2 and
level of 5. Rank really only factors in when dealing with Seirei, and is covered
in more detail in the fusion section.

                               NAKAMA ADVANCEMENT

Nakama can advance in level and experience just like you. There are actually
several different ways that Nakama can advance--via normal leveling-up, via
Mutations, and via Fusing.

Nakama can gain levels just like your hero by earning experience points through
battle. When a Nakama levels up, several things happen. First, they will gain
extra HP and MP, and one of their stats will go up by one point at random.
Second, they can learn new skills. Third, they can attempt to change one of
their skills to a more powerful or new skill. Fourth, they will sometimes give
you a gift. Finally, they can mutate.

1) HP/MP/Stat gain
How much HP and MP your Nakama gains depends on its Vitality and Magic levels
respectively. What stat they gain upon leveling up is totally random, though
somewhat weighted--each demon has a stat or two that they will tend to favor
over the others. For example magic-using demons will tend to favor Magic over
Vitality. Overall they advance in such a way to accentuate their strengths
rather than to cover their weaknesses.

2) Gaining New Skills
Each Nakama starts out with two or three skills already available to it, but for
each level it gains it will (usually) learn a new skill. What skills it will
learn are preset, and you can check by looking at its status screen to see what
skill it will learn next. There are a few rare occurances where a Nakama will
have to gain two levels to gain a new skill, but those are few and far between.

3) Self-Altering Skills
Sometimes when leveling up, one of your Nakama will attempt to transform one of
its skills into something more powerful. You will have to give it permission to
go ahead and try. If you do, it will have a 50% chance of success. If it fails,
the skill will not power-up, but will turn into something completely different--
which could be potentially better or worse. There will be a 100% chance of
failure if either one of the following conditions are met:

 A) The demon has already successfully powered up a skill (including previous
    forms if the demon is a Mutation)
 B) The demon already has the "target" skill.

Here is a list of all the skills that can be powered up.

Agi/Agirao/Agidain --> Maharagi/Maharagion/Maharagidain
Bufu/Bufura/Bufudain --> Mahabufu/Mahabufura/Mahabufudain
Jio/Jionga/Jiodain --> Mahajio/Mahajionga/Mahajiondain
Zan/Zanma/Zandain --> Mahazan/Mahazanma/Mahazandain
Megido --> Megidora --> Megidoraon
Hama/Hamaon --> Mahanma/Mahamaon
Mudo/Mudo-on --> Mahamudo/Mahamudo-on
Makajama --> Makajamaon
Dia/Diarama/Diarahan --> Media/Medirama/Mediarahan
Recarm --> Samarecarm
Flame Resist --> Flame Immunity --> Flame Absorption
Ice Resist --> Ice Immunity --> Ice Absorption
Electric Resist --> Electric Immunity --> Electric Absorption
Shock Resist --> Shock Immunity --> Shock Absorption
Physical Resist --> Physical Immunity --> Physical Absorption
Hama Resist --> Hama Immunity
Curse Resist --> Curse Immunity
Nerve Resist --> Nerve Immunity
Magic Resist --> Magic Immunity
10% Life Spring --> 20% Life Spring --> 30% Life Spring
10% Magic Pulse --> 20% Magic Pulse --> 30% Magic Pulse
Bright Sky Critical/Silent Sky Critical --> Critical
Counterattack --> Fierce Counterattack --> Death Counter
Claw --> Poison Claw --> Paralysis Claw
Bite --> Poison Bite --> Charm Bite --> Paralysis Bite --> Petrify Bite
99 Needles --> Poison Needles --> Paralysis Needles --> Petrify Needles

Failure is actually only a relative failure. Each skill has a rank. This rank
determines how easy or difficult it is for a skill to be transferred during
fusion. The more difficult it is for a skill to be transferred, the higher its
rank. If a skill fails to be powered up, it will become a random skill from the
next higher rank. For example, Agi is a rank 1 skill--if it fails to become
Maharagi when an ally tries to power it up, it will become a random Rank 2 skill
instead. To see the skills and their ranks, check out the Fusion section of the

4) Gifts
This doesn't happen very often--maybe about a 20% chance per demon levelup--but
sometimes your Nakama will give you a present when you level up. Gifts vary,
from minor items like a Dis-Poison, to major items like Somas, and even
occasionally will give you Incense. It seems like the greater the disparity
between your level and the level of your Nakama, the greater the chance they'll
give you something.

5) Mutations
Predetermined demons can "mutate" into a new form after "maxing out" and gaining
all the skills it can learn. These forms are always more powerful and a higher
level, and almost always connected mythologically as well. To find out whether
or not an individual Nakama can mutate, use a "Kugatachi Water" on it, and it
will not only tell you whether it can Mutate, but how soon the Mutation will
occur as well.

Note that it IS possible for a post-mutation demon to be a higher level than the
Hero, but not by much. I think it can only be 3-5 levels above the Hero tops.
Even if your Nakama is maxed out, if your Hero's level isn't high enough, it
won't mutate. This is important, because there are some early-level demons whose
post-mutation forms are substantially higher than their pre-mutation forms--for
example, Yama Lilim is only level 8, but mutates into a level 80 Yama Lilith. If
you max out Lilim when you're level 15, she still won't mutate into Lilith, and
won't for a l-o-o-o-ng time.

Also, some of the post-mutation forms appear in the game as bosses. As a rule of
thumb, any demon that appears as a boss in-game can't join your party until you
either defeat it or pass the point in the game where you would have fought it.
(for bosses you only fight on certain alignment paths) This holds true for
mutations. So you even if you have a maxed-out Tenshi Throne and are the right
level, if you haven't killed Daitenshi Uriel yet, Throne won't mutate.

The following are all the demons in the game that can mutate:

Yosei Pixie       -->  Yosei High Pixie  --> Yama Queen Maeve
Yama Lilim        -->  Yama Lilith
Maju Inugami      -->  Shinju Makami
Ryuo Nozuchi      -->  Ryujin Genbu
Maju Nekomata     -->  Seiju Senri
Yoma Koppa Tengu  -->  Yoma Karasu Tengu --> Genma Kurama Tengu
Yoki Momunofu     -->  Jashin Arahabaki
Yoma Dis          -->  Gunshin Valkyrie
Ryuo Naga         -->  Ryuo Naga Raja
Ryuo Mizuchi      -->  Ryujin Seiryu
Yoma Ongkot       -->  Genma Hanuman     --> Hakaishin Seitentaisei
Yosei Setanta     -->  Genma Cu Chulainn
Yoma Djinn        -->  Yoma Ifreet
Yoma Purski       -->  Gunshin Ganesha
Megami Sati       -->  Jiboshin Parvati
Maju Sparna       -->  Reicho Garuda
Chirei Gogmagog   -->  Iryo Albion
Megami Scathach   -->  Jiboshin Skadi
Tenshi Throne     -->  Daitenshi Uriel
Maou Abbadon      -->  Maou Arsiel
*Maou Beelzebub   -->  Maou Beelzebub (fly form)

*Maou Beelzebub is only available in Maniacs

You can cancel out any mutation if you wish. Cancelling isn't permanent; the
demon will continue to attempt to mutate on each successive level-up.

                                 DEMON FUSION

Fusion is the big way that demons advance in SMT3. Fusions are all done at the
Jakyo Manor. What you do is pick two demons out of your current Stock, and fuse
the two of them together to create a new, more powerful demon.

SMT vets may be a little disappointed by the fusion system in SMT3 as it has
been more or less gutted. No longer can you fuse three demons together, (save
for Sacrifice fusions, which I'll cover later) and technique/magic inheritance
has been totally watered down from the earlier system. But it still has quite a
bit of depth to it, and is easy to get a hang of.

You can fuse your demons willy-nilly and hope you get a good result, but it is
to your advantage to learn the fusion system so you can predict what kind of
Nakama you'll create. Here are the basic rules to find out what demon you are

1) Take the two races of the demons you are fusing and cross-reference them on
the fusion charts. The race indicated on the chart will be the resulting race of
your fusion.

2) Take the average of the BASE levels of your starting demons rounding down,
and add 1 to make sure that the resulting demon is more powerful than just the
average. This will be the absolute minimum level of your resulting demon.

3) Find a demon whose base level is the same as this number, and that will be
your result. If there is no demon of the target race with this level, the next
highest demon of the same race will be the result. If this number is higher than
all demons of the target race, then the target will be the highest-level demon
of that race that does not have a special fusion or mutation associated with it.

We will fuse a Level 8 Yama Lilim with a Level 19 Yosei Jack O'Lantern.

Checking the charts, we see that Yama fused with Yosei will make a Tenshi.

(19+8)/2 + 1 = 14.5.  We round this down so we get level 14.

There aren't any Tenshi of level 14. Therefore we pick the next highest Angel,
Level 19 Tenshi Archangel.

Our final result:
Yama Lilim + Yosei Jack O'Lantern = Tenshi Archangel.

You might wonder what would happen in the example above if you had raised Lilim
and Jack O'Lantern's levels so that they were much higher. The answer is that
the result would still be the same though, as it is the BASE level of demons
that determine fusion results, not their current level. You could level Lilim
and Jack O'Lantern to level 99, and you'd still get a level 19 Tenshi Archangel
fusing the two together.

Which brings me to my next point--Any experience that your "component" demons
have obtained will be lost when you fuse them together. No matter how much
experience they have gained, the new result will always be at its base level
with no experience. (This is not the case for Sacrifice fusions, which I'll
explain later)

So, you might ask, what's the point of putting all that work into my Nakama if
I'm just going to lose it all? There is still some benefit to doing so, and that

...Skill Inheritance. When you fuse two demons together, the result gets to keep
some of the skills of its "parents." The more you build up the "parent" demons,
the more skills get inherited by the "child" demon. The number of skills that
will be inherited by the "child" demon is determined by getting the sum of the
skills learned by all "component" demons:

Known          # Transferred
4 skills:      1 transferred
5-8 skills:    2 transferred
9-12 skills:   3 transferred
13-15 skills:  4 transferred
16-19 skills:  5 transferred
20-24 skills*: 6 transferred

*This level requires a Sacrifice fusion

What skills will be inherited by the target is random--but it is a "weighted"
randomness. Each skill is given a "rank." The lower its rank, the more likely it
is to be picked for transferrence in a fusion. The higher its rank, the less
likely it is to be inherited. The skills and their ranks are as follows:

Agi, Bufu, Jio, Zan, Suku-nda, De-kunda, Death Touch, Claw, Bite, Charge, 99
Dia, Patra, Posumdi, Closdi, Taru-nda, Raku-nda, Lullaby, 10% Life Spring,
Allure, Beg, Bargain
Hama, Mudo, Dorminer, Plinpa, Paraladi, Petradi, Suku-kaja, Analyze, Noble-Death
Crash, Taunt, Nerve Resistence, Mind Resistence, Magic Resistance, 10% Magic
Pulse, Sexy Eye, Close Eye, Poison Claw, Poison Bite, Hell Stab, Poison Needles,
Scout, Headhunt, Smooth Talk, Request, Swap
Agirao, Maharagi, Bufura, Mahabufu, Jionga, Mahajio, Zanma, Mahazan, Shibabu,
Marin-Karin, Tetraja, Riberama, Self-Destruct, Flame Resistence, Ice Resistence,
Electric Resistence, Shock Resistence, 20% Life Spring, Bright Sky Critical,
Quiet Sky Critical, Breath of Victory, Poison Gas Breath, Parala-Eye, Brainwash,
Hero Hunt, Blackmail, Borrow, Persuade, Brown-nose, Mediate
Makajama, Media, Mepatra, Makatora, Taru-kaja, Maka-kaja, De-kaja, Lightma,
Torafulee, Discharge, Drink Magic, Kiai, Physical Resistence, Hama Resistence,
Curse Resistence, 20% Magic Pulse, Counterattack, Breath Shoes, Withstand,
Treasure Hunt, Fire Breath, Ice Breath, Fog Breath, Wing Flap, Paralysis Claw,
Charm Bite, Paralysis Needles, Yamaoroshi, Silent Sky Vow, Brotherly love, Stop,
Hamaon, Mahanma, Mudo-on, Mahamudo, Diarama,  Liftma, Suicide attack, Judgement
Bolt, Endless Sleep, Strange Soundwave, Summon, Flame Enhance, Ice Enhance,
Electric Enhance, Shock Enhance, Nerve Immunity, Mind Immunity, Magic Immunity,
Chakra of Victory, Bind Voice, Battle Cry, Paralysis Bite, Rampage, Zetsumyoken,
Abduct, Stone Hunt, Selfishness, Threaten, Maiden Mediate, Booze Party
Agidain, Maharagion, Bufudain, Mahabufura, Jiodain, Mahajionga, Zandain,
Mahazanma, Raku-kaja, Estma, Hellfire, Tornado, Drink Blood, Abyssal Melody,
Flame Immunity, Ice Immunity, Electric Immunity, Shock Immunity, 30% Life
Spring, Critical, Absorption Attack, Fierce Counterattack, Chakra Shoes, Panic
Voice, Petra Eye, Iron Claw, Petrify Bite, Petrify Needles, Guillotine Cut
Megido, Tentarafu, Makajamaon, Mediarama, Recarm, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn,
Absolute Zero, Hama Lightning, Carnal Release, Randomizer, Hama Immunity, Curse
Immunity, 30% Magic Pulse, Memory Advancement, Evil Eye, Hell Fang, Reppu-Ha,
Heatwave, Anyaken
Mahanmaon, Mahamudo-on, Diarahan, Recarmdora, Shockwave, Shinkuha, Flame
Absorption, Ice Absorption, Electric Absorption, Shock Absorption, Death
Counter, Hell's Eye, Fudoken
RANK 10:
Maharagidain, Mahabufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Megidora, Prominence,
Physical Immunity, Flame Reflection, Ice Reflection, Electric Reflection, Shock
Reflection, Attack All, Rannyuken, Venom Zapper
RANK 11:
Mediarahan, Samarecarm, Unblemished Power, Divine Retribution, Distant Prayer,
Physical Absorption, Meikai-Ha, Deathbound, Hasso-Happa
RANK 12:
Physical Reflection
RANK 13:
War Cry of Victory
RANK 14:

What skills a demon will get will be listed before the master of the Manor asks
for your confirmation. If you like the current skillset, go ahead and fuse that
demon. If you DON'T like the current skillset, just cancel the fusion and pick
the same demons again--a new skillset will be generated from the "parents." Just
keep in mind that the higher rank the skills of the parents, the harder it will
be for them to transferred. If say, the parents have War Cry of Victory and
Megidoraon, you will be cancelling and re-picking fusions for quite a while
before you get a skillset with both skills in it. This is especially true if
your "parents" have "noise" skills--not-too-useful but low-rank skills.
If you've got two beefy demons packed to the gills with super techniques, but
one of them has a lowly Rank 1 technique like--say, Jio--then Jio will be one of
the techniques picked for virtually all fusions between the two.

Got a skill you really want to transfer in a fusion, but the game stubbornly
refuses to allow your "target" demon to inherit? There's another element of
transferrence you have to factor in--the characteristics of your "target" demon.
For example, if your "target" demon isn't holding a weapon, you can pick and
repick your fusion until you're blue in the face, but you will never get the
skill "Guillotine Cut" to transfer, since that skill requires that its user have
some sort of weapon. If your target is a semi-intelligent beast, don't expect to
be able to transfer conversation Skills to it. Each skill in the game has a
"type" assigned to it, and each demon in the game has a list of types that it is
allowed to inherit. To find out the types, look in the Skills section for more
details. To find out which demons have which types, check out the Demon List
section. (I don't guarantee that the latter is going to be accurate, as a good
deal of those are semi-educated guesses--there's only so much testing I can do
before going stark raving insane. Generating the Fusion tables and the full
demon list was bad enough!) Note that this skill transferrance applies not only
to fusion "targets," but also to Mutations as well. For example, if your High
Pixie had "Wing Flap" and mutates into Queen Maeve, you will lose that skill
since Queen Maeve doesn't have wings.

There's also a very small subset of skills that are demon-specific. For example,
only Maou Surtr can use the spell "Ragnarok." These demon-specific skills can
never be transferred to ANY other demon.

                                  SPECIAL FUSIONS:

There are four Seirei in total, and they are a special race. They're not so hot
as allies go, but are instead designed to be a special type of fusion fodder. To
create Seirei, you need to fuse two of the same race of demon together. You can
also buy Seirei from Rag's shop in Ginza. What Seirei will be generated depends
on race--check the charts to find out who makes what.

The Seirei's primary purpose is to provide an artificial "Level up/Level down"
boost. Seirei change the rank of the demon they were fused with. For example,
LV20 Yoki Momunofu plus a Seirei would either give you LV25 Yoki Oni (Rank up)
or LV4 Shikigami. (Rank down) Each demon race reacts differently with each of
the four Seirei--check the charts a little further down to see how. If you think
you can use the Seirei to cheese your way to a ranked-up unique or difficult-to-
fuse race, think again--all four Seirei Rank-down the difficult-to-fuse races,
(unless, of course, you're cursed...) and you can't fuse them at all with the
unique races.

Mitama are a lot like the Seirei, in that there are four of them and they're a
special race. Mitama are created by fusing two Seirei together, and you can buy
them in Rag's shop as well. Mitama are all "power-up" demons. When you fuse a
Mitama with another demon, rather than transforming it to an entirely new demon,
it merely boosts its stats. A Yosei Pixie + a Mitama will produce a Yosei Pixie,
but a Yosei Pixie with higher stats. When you fuse a Mitama with another demon,
that demon also retains all of its experience and skills that it has. (though
you can transfer skills from the Mitama to it if it has blank skill slots)

Mitama can be fused with any demon as many times as you want. There's nothing
stopping you from fusing Mitama over and over until you max out a demon's stats.
Actually there is one thing stopping you--a demon's stats cannot be more than
doubled from their "natural" values via Mitama fusion. So if a demon has a
"natural" Power of 15, you can fuse Aramitamas with it until you're blue in the
face, you'll never get it above 30. (that is, unless you gain it a level and
get it a power of 16, in which case you can fuse Mitamas till you get 32, and
so forth.)

There are some demons that can only be fused through special, unique fusions of
demons, where the target demons have mythological significance from within the
same pantheon. Often these are done through Sacrifice fusions--for example,
there are some "good" gods in one pantheon that are demons or "evil" gods in
other, competing religions. By setting up a fusion that would create the "good"
god, and then sacrificing a Jashin, you can get the "evil" version of that god
from its competing religion. In any case, try fusing demons that seem to
"partner" together or are connected somehow and often you'll get a new result.

If you want clues, I've included some hints on how to get them, followed by
out-and-out spoilers for each one, later in the document.

Even following all the rules above, you may find that you still can't fuse the
demon you want. This may be because of a few caveats within demon fusion.

1) Bosses must be killed before you can fuse them. Like the mutations, if a boss
is still alive and kicking, you can't fuse it yet. The sole exception to this is
bosses that you only fight on certain alignment paths. In this case, you just
have to pass through the point of the story where you WOULD have fought it. For
example, you won't fight the Daitenshi on the Yosuga alignment route. On that
route, once you pass the part of the story where you would have fought them
had you been another alignment, they will be unlocked and available to you. Note
that there are some exceptions: there are a handful of bosses that can be fused
before you fight them, and a boss you have to fight twice before you can fuse

2) Demons that are "mutation products" cannot be fused. If you tried to rank-up
Yama Nyx with a Seirei fusion, you wouldn't get Yama Lilith, since you can get
Lilith by mutating Yama Lilim. (In fact, since Lilith is the highest Yama, you
wouldn't be able to fuse rank-up Seirei with Nyx at all) If you wanted Yama
Lilith, you'd either have to Mutate Lilim or get one to join you directly via

3) Demons that are fused via Mythology fusions can ONLY be fused via Mythology
fusions. So if you try to rank-down Majin Odin with a Seirei fusion, you won't
get Majin Amaterasu, since she has a Mythology fusion associated with her.
Instead, you'd get Majin Atavaka (since he's the next Majin down after

                                SACRIFICE FUSIONS

Sacrifice Fusions are a new addition to the Shin Megami Tensei series. You will
not be able to perform Sacrifice Fusions until you reach Ginza, and even
afterwards, you will only be able to perform Sacrifice Fusions during a full
Kagutsuchi. A sacrifice fusion is much like a normal fusion--you pick two of
your demons to fuse, except that you also pick a third demon to "sacrifice," so
it's more or less like fusiong three demons together. However, Sacrifice fusions
work much differently than triple fusions in previous SMT games.

With the exception of Mythology fusions, sacrificing a third Nakama in a fusion
will not change the resulting demon. If the first two demons form Kishin
Zochoten, no matter whom you sacrifice, you will still get Kishin Zochoten. So
what's the point in doing Sacrifice fusions?  The reason that Sacrifice fusions
are superior to normal fusions is that you can use your sacrifice to power-up
your target demon.

Normally when you fuse two demons together, the target will only inherit the
skills of its "parents." When you add a sacrifice into the mix, the target
"child" not only inherits skills from all three "parents," but also inherits any
experience points that the Sacrifice has gained in battle. In fact, it goes
beyond simple experience point transfer--products of Sacrifice fusions get one
and a half times as many experience points as the Sacrifice had gained. So if
your Sacrifice had gained, say, 100 EXP in battle, the product of the fusion
would have 150 EXP added on on top of its "base" state.

The net effect is that you can get a leveled-up demon as soon as you fuse it,
without having to build it up from scratch. Its HP, MP, and stats will all be
raised according to the number of levels it goes up within the fusion. However,
this comes with a few caveats. First, the product demon with its added EXP still
can't be a higher level than the Hero. Say your Hero was level 49--he would be
able to fuse LV47 Majin Atavaka with no problem. But, if you tried to fuse
Atavaka and sacrifice a demon that would raise his level to 50, you would not be
able to do the fusion since he would be too powerful for you.

Second, demons won't learn any skills they would normally through any levels
they gain via Sacrifice fusions. At least not initially. At their next level-up
though, they will learn any skills they should have gained before. For example,
Kishin Takeminakata has a base level of 17. Say you do a Sacrifice fusion and
fuse a Level 20 Takeminakata. Now, if you had fused Takeminakata normally and
leveled him up to level 20 via battle, he would have learned Makajama, Threaten,
and Parala-eye...but the LV20 Takeminakata created by Sacrifice fusion will not
have any of these skills. However, as soon as you level-up the newly fused LV20
Takeminakata to LV21, he will learn all three skills at once, plus De-Kaja (the
skill he normally learns after gaining four levels)

Overall, Sacrifice fusions are much more useful than normal fusions, and you
will probably find yourself doing virtually ALL of your fusions via Sacrifice
fusion once you gain access to it, since it allows you to "keep" the hard-earned
experience your party has gained through battle. However, the 1.5x experience
bonus is a double-edged sword. While you can sacrifice your developed demons
over and over again, you will find the experience point bonuses will quickly
grow out of control, and eventually reach a point where your sacrifice-beefed
Nakama will level up your fusions 10 levels or more when sacrificed, rendering
it pretty much useless as a sacrifice when trying to create Nakama even
marginally close to your own level. Unless you're trying to make a very low-
level demon powerful enough to "play with the big boys," such recursive
sacrificing is counterproductive.

                                 FUSION ACCIDENTS

Fusion Accidents are back from earlier SMT games, and they're much more painful
than they used to be. Gone are the days of Devil Summoner and Soul Hackers where
fusion accidents could give you unique or super-powerful demons. Now they're
almost all negative.

Every time you do a demon fusion, there's a chance that things will go awry and
the demon you fuse won't be the demon you planned for. It'll be clear that an
accident has occurred mid-fusion, as a loud, irritating alarm starts blaring and
your target demon gets vaporized and replaced with a new demon. This new demon
is randomly chosen from all the normally fusable (aka no Mythology fusions or
Mutations) demons within a range of 15 levels below to 3 levels above your
Hero's current level. So it is possible that you'll get a demon more powerful
than your Hero, but much more likely that you'll get a weak one. In addition,
the skills that get inherited by a demon produced by a fusion accident are
repicked totally at random. If that wasn't bad enough, if you were doing a
Sacrifice fusion, you lose ALL the experience your Sacrifice would have brought,
as the new demon is always set at its "initial" state with no experience.

The good news is that fusion accidents are pretty rare, and there's only a 1 in
256 chance of them occurring. The bad news is that during full moons and new
moons, this chance gets boosted to 1 in 16. This makes doing Sacrifice fusions
extra risky, as they can only be done during a full moon--so if you do Sacrifice
fusions they will always be at greater risk of Accidents.

                             FUSING WHEN CURSED

If your hero is Cursed when you go into the Jakyo manor, you'll notice that the
background music is changed, and the Master of the manor will address you as
呪われし者, "ye accursed one." When you're cursed, fusions change dramatically--
no matter what you pick as your "ingredients," you will only be able to fuse
Dark demons (no Kyocho though) or Yama. This can be beneficial if you're trying
to fuse Maou or Jashin, but detrimental if you want to fuse anything else.
Except for Seirei fusions. When you're cursed, all Seirei fusions are "reversed"
(that is, level-down Seirei become level-up Seirei, and vice versa) This is
extremely useful, as you can then do level-up fusions with powerful races such
as Majin, Hakaishin or Maou.

                             MANIACS: MAJIN FUSION

This might be a little confusing as there are two types of Majin in-game
with Maniacs, just with different Kanji--魔神 vs 魔人, but they're pronounced
the same. This deals with the fusion of the 魔人 type of Majin. This only
applies to Maniacs, as Majin don't appear in the "vanilla" version of Shin
Megami Tensei III: Nocturne.

Majin are a special, new kind of demon, and while not newcomers to the Megami
Tensei series, this is the first time you can get them in your party. Majin
follow special rules for fusion:

First, since all Majin are bosses, you have to defeat them before you can fuse
them, the same way it works for other bosses in SMT3. Second, you need to have a
Deathomen stone, which will be lost during the fusion. (死兆石) These are found
in treasure chests in the Amara Deep Zone. There are a limited number, so use
them wisely! Third, Majin are fused simply by fusing any demon of the "Mazoku"
demon genus (Yama, Yoma, Yosei, and Maou) during the right phase of the moon--
though which Majin you get will depend on which species. For example, to fuse
Majin Matador you need to perform any fusion that would normally result in a
Yoma--any Yoma will do. Lastly, Majin must be fused during specific Kagutsuchi
phases. It'll be blatantly obvious that you're doing a Majin fusion as you'll
get a little skull icon in the fusion tables when picking your "ingredients."

The formulas for each of the Majin are as follows:

Yama Majin:
Silent: LV 61 Black Rider
1/8-Half: Normal Yama fusion
5/8-Full: LV 37 High Priest

Yoma Majin:
Silent: LV 52 White Rider
1/8-Half: LV 30 Matador
5/8-Full: Normal Yoma Fusion

Yosei Majin:
Silent: LV 55 Red Rider
1/8-3/8: Normal Yosei Fusion
Half-7/8: LV 42 Hell's Angel
Full: Normal Yosei fusion

Maou Majin:
Silent: LV 63 Pale Rider
1/8-3/8: Normal Maou fusion
Half: LV 69 Mother Harlot
5/8-7/8: Normal Maou Fusion
Full: LV 77 Trumpeter

Note that this means that among the Majin, only High Priest and Trumpeter can be
created via Sacrifice fusion. Of course this means that once High Priest and
Trumpeter are defeated, you can't ever do Maou or Yama sacrifice fusions again
so long as you still hold Deathomen stones. Life's a bitch sometimes.

                                 FUSION CHARTS

Here are fusion charts for normal double-fusions within SMT3. To make them
easier to use, I've broken them down by alignment: Light + Light, Light +
Neutral, Light + Dark, Neutral + Neutral, Neutral + Dark, and Dark + Dark. The
following is a key for the abbreviations for each race:

Light Races:

MAJI: Majin 魔神
MEGA: Megami 女神
HAKA: Hakaishin 破壊神
JIBO: Jiboshin 地母神
SEIJ: Seiju 聖獣
DAIT: Daitenshi 大天使
GUNS: Gunshin 軍神
RYUJ: Ryujin 龍神
REIC: Reicho 霊鳥
IRYO: Iryo 威霊

Neutral Races:

YOMA: Yoma 妖魔
YOSE: Yosei 妖精
TENS: Tenshi 天使
DATE: Datenshi 堕天使
RYUO: Ryuo 龍王
MAJU: Maju 魔獣
CHIR: Chirei 地霊
YOKI: Yoki 妖鬼
KIJO: Kijo 鬼女
YAMA: Yama 夜魔

Dark Races:

JASH: Jashin 邪神
MAOU: Maou 魔王
YOJU: Yoju 妖獣
YUKI: Yuki 幽鬼
GEDO: Gedo 外道
KYOC: Kyocho 凶鳥

                                 NORMAL FUSION TABLES:

                               LIGHT + LIGHT FUSION TABLE

                                      L I G H T

   MAJI | **** **** **** **** HAKA MEGA **** KISH MEGA **** MEGA MEGA MEGA| MAJI
   JIBO |                **** HAKA SHIN MAJI KISH KIJO **** HAKA **** HAKA| JIBO
   SEIJ |                          SEIR TENS KISH YOMA RYUO MEGA JIBO SEIJ| SEIJ
 G DAIT |                               SEIR KISH MEGA SEIJ MAJI MEGA MAJI| DAIT
   GUNS |                                    **** SEIJ JIBO MAJI KISH HAKA| GUNS
 H GENM |                                         **** SEIJ KISH MEGA HAKA| GENM
   RYUJ |                                              **** KISH HAKA JIBO| RYUJ
 T SHIN |                                                   **** SEIJ HAKA| SHIN
   REIC |                                                        **** MAJI| REIC
   IRYO |                                                             ****| IRYO

                    LIGHT + NEUTRAL FUSION TABLE

                           N E U T R A L

 G DAIT | MEGA SEIJ MEGA JIBO **** **** **** **** **** DATE| DAIT
   GUNS | **** **** SEIJ JIBO KISH SEIJ KISH **** **** ****| GUNS


                  D   A   R   K

   MAJI | **** **** **** **** **** MAOU | MAJI
   MEGA | HAKA **** JASH **** **** MAOU | MEGA
 L HAKA | MAOU MAJI **** **** **** MAOU | HAKA
 I KISH | **** **** **** **** **** HAKA | KISH
   SEIJ | **** **** **** **** **** KISH | SEIJ
   GUNS | KISH **** **** **** **** **** | GUNS
   RYUJ | RYUO **** **** **** RYUO **** | RYUJ
 T SHIN | MAJI **** **** **** **** YOJU | SHIN
   REIC | **** **** **** **** **** MEGA | REIC


                     N   E   U   T   R   A   L

 T RYUO |                     SEIR YOKI DATE MAJU KISH DATE | RYUO
 R MAJU |                          SEIR YOMA KIJO GEDO YOSE | MAJU
 A CHIR |                               SEIR YOSE YOJU GEDO | CHIR
 L YOKI |                                    SEIR MAJU KISH | YOKI
   KIJO |                                         SEIR CHIR | KIJO
   YAMA |                                              SEIR | YAMA


                  D   A   R   K



                  D   A   R   K

 R YUKI|                **** YOKI JASH | YUKI
 K GEDO|                     **** JASH | GEDO
   KYOC|                          **** | KYOC

                                CURSED FUSION TABLES:

                               LIGHT + LIGHT FUSION TABLE

                                      L I G H T

   MAJI | **** **** **** **** JASH GEDO **** JASH MAOU YOJU YOJU MAOU JASH| MAJI
 I KISH |                     **** **** GEDO JASH MEGA MAOU YOJU **** JASH| KISH
   SEIJ |                          **** GEDO JASH YOMA YAMA MAOU **** JASH| SEIJ
 G DAIT |                               **** JASH MEGA YOJU MAOU MAOU ****| DAIT
   GUNS |                                    **** SEIJ **** YOJU JASH ****| GUNS
 H GENM |                                         **** YOJU JASH MAOU ****| GENM
   RYUJ |                                              **** JASH JASH ****| RYUJ
 T SHIN |                                                   **** YOJU ****| SHIN
   REIC |                                                        **** ****| REIC
   IRYO |                                                             ****| IRYO

                    LIGHT + NEUTRAL FUSION TABLE

                           N E U T R A L

 G DAIT | GEDO GEDO GEDO **** **** GEDO **** **** **** GEDO| DAIT
   RYUJ | GEDO GEDO GEDO GEDO **** **** **** YUKI JASH ****| RYUJ
   REIC | **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** **** ****| REIC


                  D   A   R   K

   MAJI | **** **** **** **** **** MAOU | MAJI
   MEGA | HAKA **** JASH **** **** MAOU | MEGA
 L HAKA | MAOU MAJI **** **** **** MAOU | HAKA
 I KISH | **** **** **** **** **** HAKA | KISH
   SEIJ | **** **** **** **** **** KISH | SEIJ
   GUNS | KISH **** **** **** **** **** | GUNS
   RYUJ | RYUO **** **** **** RYUO **** | RYUJ
 T SHIN | MAJI **** **** **** **** YOJU | SHIN
   REIC | **** **** **** **** **** MEGA | REIC


                     N   E   U   T   R   A   L

 T RYUO |                     SEIR YOKI DATE MAJU KISH DATE | RYUO
 R MAJU |                          SEIR YOMA KIJO GEDO YOSE | MAJU
 A CHIR |                               SEIR YOSE YOJU GEDO | CHIR
 L YOKI |                                    SEIR MAJU KISH | YOKI
   KIJO |                                         SEIR CHIR | KIJO
   YAMA |                                              SEIR | YAMA


                  D   A   R   K



                  D   A   R   K

 A YOJU|           **** GEDO YUKI YUKI | YOJU
 R YUKI|                **** YOJU **** | YUKI
 K GEDO|                     **** **** | GEDO
   KYOC|                          **** | KYOC

                SEIREI FUSIONS



           FLAMIES       AQUANS        AEROS      EARTHIES
AQUANS   |                ****      KUSHIMITAMA   ARAMITAMA  |
AEROS    |                             ****       NIGIMITAMA |
EARTHIES |                                           ****


 MAJIN     |  DOWN     DOWN    DOWN    DOWN
 KISHIN    |  DOWN     DOWN    DOWN     UP
 SEIJU     |   UP      DOWN    DOWN    DOWN
 YOMA      |  DOWN      UP      UP     DOWN
 YOSEI     |  DOWN      UP     DOWN     UP
 TENSHI    |   UP       UP     DOWN    DOWN
 DATENSHI  |   UP      DOWN     UP     DOWN
 RYUO      |   UP       UP     DOWN    DOWN
 MAJU      |   UP      DOWN     UP     DOWN
 CHIREI    |  DOWN     DOWN     UP      UP
 YOKI      |   UP       UP     DOWN     UP
 KIJO      |   UP       UP     DOWN     UP
 YAMA      |  DOWN     DOWN     UP     DOWN
 MAOU      |  DOWN     DOWN    DOWN    DOWN
 YOJU      |   UP       UP     DOWN    DOWN
 YUKI      |  DOWN     DOWN     UP     DOWN
 GEDO      |  DOWN      UP     DOWN    DOWN
 * Shinju, Daitenshi, Gunshin, Genma, Ryujin, Reicho, Irei and Kyocho cannot be
fused with Seirei. Also, all the "Downs" and "Ups" are reversed when fusing
while cursed.

 SAKIMITAMA:  Vitality & Luck up 20%
 KUSHIMITAMA: Vitality & Speed up 20%
 NIGIMITAMA:  Magic & Luck up 20%
 ARAMITAMA:   Power and Speed up 20%


 RACE        NORMAL                  CURSED
 DAITENSHI | DATENSHI                (Can't fuse)
 GENMA     | YOMA                    YAMA
 SHINJU    | (Can't Fuse)            YOJU
 IREI      | (Can't Fuse)            GEDO
 YOMA      | YAMA                    YAMA
 YOSEI     | YAMA                    YAMA
 TENSHI    | JASHIN                  JASHIN
 RYUO      | YOKI                    YUKI
 MAJU      | YAMA                    YAMA
 CHIREI    | YOJU                    YOJU
 YOKI      | YUKI                    YUKI
 KIJO      | JIBOSHIN                (Can't Fuse)
 YAMA      | JIBOSHIN                (Can't Fuse)
 JASHIN    | HAKAISHIN               YUKI
 YOJU      | YAMA                    YAMA
 YUKI      | GEDO                    GEDO
 GEDO      | YUKI                    YUKI
 KYOCHO    | HAKAISHIN               GEDO

                               MYTHOLOGY FUSIONS


                                MAJIN AMATERASU
Read the story about Amaterasu shutting herself up into the cave. Fuse together
some of the major players that enticed her out to get her. Sacrifice the

                              JASHIN GIRIMEKARA
Girimekara is thought to be Sri Lanka's demonized form of the Indian Ganesha.
Since you can't make Ganesha through fusion, try the next closest thing and
sacrifice an evil god.

                                KYOCHO GURULU
Gurulu is Sri Lanka's demonized form of the Indian Garuda. Like Ganesha, you
can't make Garuda through fusion, so use the closest thing with an evil god in
the mix.

                                JASHIN SAMAEL
Samael is an "evil angel" within Hebrew mythology. What rank of angel is Samael?

                                 YOKI ONGYOKI
This one should be obvious just playing the game. What did you need to do first
before you could fight Ongyoki?

                              DAITENSHI RAPHAEL
Raphael is a higher rank than Uriel, but a Seirei fusion won't work. What other
type of demon would you want to fuse to make a Seraph?

                              DAITENSHI GABRIEL
The same principle behind fusing Raphael works for fusing Gabriel.

                              DAITENSHI MICHAEL
A similar principle behind fusing Ongyoki works for fusing Michael.

                               HAKAISHIN SHIVA
There has been a traditional "special fusion" for making Shiva ever since SMT1,
and it still holds here. If you don't know it, then try fusing two mortal
enemies from the island of Bali.

                         DAITENSHI METATRON (MANIACS ONLY)
Metatron is the most powerful of the angels, and is fused a lot like the other
Seraphim in the game are. However, Metatron is also "one with God." In the SMT
games, God is the "ultimate evil." You'll need to use a sacrifice that reflects


Kishin Takemikazuchi + Shinju Yatagarasu, Sacrifice Megami Ame-no-Uzume

Any fusion that would normally make Yoma Purski, Sacrifice any Jashin

Any fusion that would normally make Maju Suparna, Sacrifice any Maou

Any fusion that would normally make Tenshi Throne, Sacrifice any Jashin

Yoki Kinki + Yoki Suiki, Sacrifice Yoki Fuki

Daitenshi Uriel + Tenshi Dominion

Daitenshi Raphael + Tenshi Throne

Daitenshi Uriel + Daitenshi Raphael, Sacrifice Daitenshi Gabriel

Shinju Barong + Kijo Rangda

Daitenshi Michael + any other angel, Sacrifice any Maou

                                AKUMA ZENSHO

Aside from fusions, the Akuma Zensho is the other function of the Jakyo Manor.
"Akuma Zensho" loosely translates to "The Complete Book of Demons." Once you
reach Ikebukuro, you will gain access to it. The Akuma Zensho "stores" all the
demons you have had as party members. Whenever you fuse, mutate, or recruit a
new demon into your party, it gets recorded into the Akuma Zensho. When you
enter the Jakyo Manor, you can use the Akuma Zensho. You get two options: Record
(登録) and Browse. (閲覧)

Initially the demons in the Akuma Zensho are recorded in the default state, with
whatever levels, stats, and skills they had when they first joined your party.
When you pick "Record" you are given the option to record the demons in your
current party into the Zensho, replacing whatever status is currently recorded
there. In this way, you can record a fully "fleshed-out" demon into the Zensho,
with all its skills, level-ups, stat boosts, etc.

Browse lets you do just that, browse the Zensho and view all the demons you
currently have recorded. It will list all the names of the demons, either in
racial or level order. (you can pick with the L1/R1 buttons) Press the O button
to select whatever demon you like, and you will be brought to its status screen.
You can also use the L1 and R1 buttons to go to a "view" screen, where you can
use the controller to spin the demon around and change the angle you view it at.
You can also use the L1/R1 buttons to go to the "mythology" screen, where you
can read a short mythological background of the current demon in question.

The most useful function of the Browse ability is that you can also use it to
summon demons at will. Press the O button at the demon's status screen and the
Master of the Manor will ask you if you want to summon that demon into your
party. Agree, and that demon will be summoned into an empty slot in your Stock,
with whatever status is currently recorded in the Zensho. In this way you can
have your cake and eat it too--you can record a demon in the Zensho, use it as
fusion fodder or a sacrifice for a new demon, then turn around and re-summon it.

However, this comes at a cost--summoning demons using the Akuma Zensho is
exorbitantly expensive, to prevent you from abusing the system and summoning
powerful demons willy-nilly. The cost to summon a demon scales with its power,
so if you power up a Nakama and record it into the Zensho, the cost to re-summon
it will rise as well. Even mid-level demons can cost tens of thousands of Makka
to summon. If you manage to complete the Akuma Zensho, recording all possible
Nakama into it, the Master of the manor will give you a price break, and the
cost to summon all demons will be halved.

Another nifty feature of the Akuma Zensho is that it spans multiple playthroughs
of the game. After you finish the game, you get the option to play through again
at a higher difficulty level, and the current status of the Akuma Zensho will
carry over to the new game. Of course, your level will be too low to summon most
of the demons in it, but it can still give you a real advantage if you fuse low-
level demons with powerful Skills and record them into the Zensho, then summon
them early on in your new game...

                                  THE DEMONS

Here is a list of all the demons that can be recorded into the Akuma Zensho, at
their "base" statistics. There may be errors in here--to make this thing I had
to do a boatload of fusions and uses of Analyze to see demons' "base"
statistics, and I may have missed a few and ended up recording down "enhanced"
demons, but I think I have it down fairly well. Also I had to guesstimate some
of the "transfer" and Personality parts of the thing, so it may be wrong. All in
all it may not be 100% accurate, but this monstrosity took a freakishly long
time to write up so please don't flame! :)

Notes on the key:

STATS AND AFFINITY: These are the base stats that the demon will have when it
joins you. Note that when you face a demon as an enemy, often they will have
totally different stats and affinities than when they are in your party. When
you fight Ongyoki as a boss for example, he's not immune to Physical attacks,
but he is in your party. When you fight Majin Amaterasu as a random enemy in the
Bando Shrine, she has more hit points than her base HP are when you have her in
your party.

SKILLS: Some of the skills listed have asterisks next to them. These skills are
"base" skills that the demon automatically comes with when you first fuse or
recruit them. The rest of the skills you'll have to learn by leveling-up the
demon. The only time you WON'T see a demon with these base skills is if they are
a Mutation product (i.e. if you mutate Lilith, you won't get her innate skills,
but if you recruit her, you will) or if you purposely replaced them in favor of
others. Also, don't use this as a guide to what enemy demons will use on you--
often enemy demons have skills they won't get as allies, and vice versa.

These are the types of skills that can be transferred to this demon when it is
either fused or advanced. The part before the colon is the demon's affinity--
what types of skills are most likely to be transferred during fusion.
If an affinity has an "opposite," then skills of that opposite type are less
likely to be transferred.

Affinities with opposites are as follows:
Fire vs. Ice
Electicity vs. Shock
Hama vs. Curse

If there's no colon, it means that the demon cannot be fused (aka, a mutation)
and therefore has no transfer affinity. Or if there is, there's no way for me to
find out.

Everything after the colon is the list of types of skills that can be
transferred to the demon. The skill classes as separated in the skill list are
listed below. Note that the general-purpose "magic" category from the skill list
can be transferred to any demon.

Mo: Mouth
Wi: Wing
Cl: Claw
Bi: Bite
Ph: Physical (weaponless)
Ne: Needles
We: Weapon
Ma: Maiden Mediate
Ta: Talking/Conversation

In this case, said skill types ARE important with mutations, since all the pre-
mutation skills transfer over to the post-mutation form if they are
"acceptable." (e.g. Mutate High Pixie to Queen Mabe and she'll lose the "Wing
Flap" ability since Queen Mabe has no wings) Also with mutations it's important
to note that the Transfer stats listed here are by no means the only types of
skills that said demon can gain. For example, you can never transfer Mouth
skills to a Valkyrie (since Dis can't have them) but Valkyrie CAN use them.
(once I had her Agirao mutate to Fire Breath)


There are 15 Personality types within SMT3.

GOD: Tough to nail down a description, except that it's what you'd probably
expect a god to talk like. Kind of classical-Japanese style way of talking.
WARRIOR-MAIDEN: Forceful yet feminine at the same time. Acts like a woman that
 doesn't take any crap.
BUSHI: Talks like a samurai from a trashy samurai flick.
HEE-HO: Your traditional "Jack Frost" type of speech. Like a little child, but
 in a weird form of speech that's trademark Megaten.
ANIMAL: Speaks fluently and intelligently, but decidedly not in a human voice.
MINDLESS: Doesn't really speak at all, just groans and makes weird noises.
 Sometimes a couple of intelligible words will come out though.
BEAST: Semi-coherent beast speech. All Yoju have this type of personality, and
 no other demon tyes do.
GENTLEMAN: Like the "gentleman" description from the Soul Hackers guidebook.
 Polite and refined, but kind of haughty at the same time.
LADY: The female version of gentleman. Polite, refined, sometimes haughty.
OLD MAN: Talks like an old man...kindly but sometimes crochety.
OLD WOMAN: Not THAT old, but talks a lot like a woman in late-middle age might
 speak. Kind of crochety.
GUY: Talks a lot like a guy in his teens or 20s would talk.
GIRL: Talks a lot like a girl in her teens or 20s would talk.
LITTLE BOY: Like a child under 10. Innocent but sometimes spoiled.
LITTLE GIRL: A young girl--more mature than "little boy" though--maybe around
 early adolescence.

There is actually a sixteenth personality type, that only the Gijin--the
Manekata--have. Since you can't get any Manekata to join you though, you won't
find any of them here. Also, in Maniacs, all the "new" demons have their own
unique personality type.

DESCRIPTION: This is more or less a translation of the mythological roots of the
demon from the Akuma Zensho. It's not an exact translation--being a mythology
buff myself I interjected a bit of extra trivia here and there. :)

                                MAJIN (魔神)

LV 93: Vishnu ヴィシュヌ
HP/MP: 708/384
P:27 M:35 V:25 S:20 L:26
Distant Prayer*, Divine Retribution*, Hell's Eye*, Prominence, Meikai-ha,
Unblemished Light, Physical Reflection
Reflect Hama, Curse Immune, Strong to Everything
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
One of the top gods in Indian mythology. The god that maintains the universe. A
deification of sunlight. He has 10 forms or avatars, and in order to bring about
justice appears in various places in various bodies. Probably the most
worshipped Hindu deity today, and represents "maintenance" in the creation-
maitnenance-destruction cycle.

LV 78 Mithra ミトラ
HP/MP: 819/309
P:27 M:25 V:27 S:16 L:18
Randomizer*, Megidora*, Mahamudo-on*, Death Contract, Divine Retribution, Fog
Breath, Mahanmha-on, 30% Magic Pulse
Reflects Physical, Curse/Hama immune, weak to Ice
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
Ancient Persian deity. A high god that is both a war god and a sun god.
Possesses all the truth and harmony in the world, and exacts retribution on
evildoers that attempt to distort this. As a harmony-maintaining god, he is said
to possess the power to cure illness. In addition to his wild popularity as a
"Mystery Religion" god, Mithra has had a position in the Zoroastrian and Vedic
Hindu pantheons dating back thousands of years. Mithra worship still exists in
some places in the world, making him one of--if not THE--oldest gods still
worshipped today.

LV 65 Odin オーディン
HP/MP: 498/270
P: 24 M: 25 V:18 S:17 L:16
Bufudain*, Agidain*, Deathbound, Makajamaon, Entice, Mahabufudain, Maharagidain
Ice/Hama Immune, Weak to Shock
Physical: Mo, Ph, Ne, Ta
Supreme god of Norse myths. A warrior and magician, and eternal seeker of
knowledge. He appears as a one-eyed warrior. He weilds a magic spear, Gungnir,
wears a powerful ring, Draupnir, and rides atop Sleipnir, an eight-legged horse.

LV 56 Amaterasu アマテラス
HP/MP: 438/237
P: 19 M: 23 V: 17 S: 16 L: 16
Fire, Hama, Curse Immune
Tetrakarn*, Prominence*, Shinkoha, Randomizer, Flame Reflect, Distant Prayer
Physical: Mo, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Gentleman, Adult, Male(!?)
Japanese goddess of light and head of the Shinto pantheon. As written in the
Kojiki, she is the ruler of the "Takamagahara," the country of gods. A symbol of
the sun, and the goddess that gives light. It is said she was born from the left
eye of Izanagi. And why the HELL did Atlus make her look like a MAN this time!?
I understand you can only have so many demon models, but at least use the Ame-
no-Uzume/Kikurihime wireframe! Sheesh!

LV 47 Atavaka アタバク
HP/MP: 402/183
P:24 M:14 C:20 S:10 L:14
Reflects Hama/Curse, weak to Nerve and Mind
Critical*, Yamaoroshi*, Withstand, Bind Voice, Fierce Counterattack, Rannyu-ken
Physical: Mo, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
One of the 8 Great Yaksha Kings like Bishamonten. He gathered together the
Yaksha Kings, the Four Heavenly Kings, the Asura and the like for Buddhification
and had them swear oaths of loyalty to Buddhism. Atavaka is more commonly known
in Japan as "Fudo-Myo-o" (the Unmovable Myo-o) and is in charge of protecting
the Dharma.

LV 38 Horus ホルス
HP/MP: 312/162
P:12 M:16 V:14 S:21 L:10
Reflects Hama, Strong to Physical, Weak to Curse
Memory Advancement*, Mahanma*, 20% Magic Pulse, Dekunda, Liftma, Medirama, Hama
Hama: Mo, Ey, Wi, Cl, Ph, Ne, Ta
In ancient Egypt, a god that represented the sky, hawks and falcons, the flow of
the Nile River, and generally stood for the blessings and greatness of nature.
Occasionally Horus was seen as the chief god of the pantheon, and because of
that he was also sometimes seen as a sun god. Horus is the son of Isis and
Osiris and is often represented as a falcon or a man with a falcon's head.

                                MEGAMI (女神)

LV 64: Scathach スカアハ
HP/MP: 486/270
P:21 M:26 V:17 S:18 L:15
Shock, Hama, and Magic Immune, Weak to Electricity
Critical*, Mahazandain*, Shock Reflection, Silent Sky Vow, Retribution Bolt,
Chakra of Victory, Shinkuha
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Warrior-Maiden, Female, Adult
A Celtic witch goddess. The queen who rules the alternate dimension "The Land of
Shadows." While she is a powerful sorceress, she is also an able warrior and
took Cu Chulainn in as her protege. She was the one who gave him his magic
spear, Gae Bolga.

LV 54: Lakshmi ラクシュミ
HP/MP: 414/234
P:14 M:24 V:15 S:13 L:16
Reflects Hama, Bad Status Immune, Weak to Electricity
Mediarahan*, Allure*, Chakra of Victory, Petra-Eye, 30% Magic Pulse, Samarecarm,
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Female, Youth
The goddess of beauty and good fortune in Hindu mythology. She is the wife of
Vishnu and the mother of the god of love, Kama. Whenever Vishnu appears on earth
in avatar form, Lakshmi appears in one as well to become that avatar's mate.
Lakshmi's form is that of the ideal of feminine beauty, and she is famed for her
dazzling good looks. She is also known as an alluring dancer, and is said to
have enthralled many a god doing so.

LV 48: Sati サティ
HP/MP: 366/204
P:11 M:20 V:13 S:15 L:17
Absorbs Fire, Reflects Hama, weak to Ice
Agidain*, Recarm*, Sexy Eye*, Maharagidain, Makatora, Request, Carnal Release
Fire: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Female, Youth
In Hindu mythology, the goddess that was the first wife of Shiva. Because of a
dispute between her father Daksha and Shiva, she immolated herself in flames and
died, but was reincarnated as Parvati and married Shiva once again.

LV 30: Sarasvati サラスヴァティ
HP/MP: 246/141
P:9 M:17 V:11 S:9 L:12
Immune to Hama and Bad Status, Weak to Fire
Close Eye*, Chakra Boots*, Recarm, Allure, Mahazanma, Shock Enhance
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Youth, Female
A Hindu goddess, the wife of Brahma. Said to be an incarnation of a river, her
name means "One who has water." She is also known as a goddess of the arts, and
is said to have a mastery of 64 different types of music and arts.

LV 18: Ame-no-Uzume アメノウズメ
HP/MP: 156/90
P:6 M:12 V:8 S:8 L:12
Immune to Shock and Hama, weak to Electricity
Media*, Mahazan*, Hama, Allure, Petra-Eye, 10% Life Spring, Chakra Boots
Healing: Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Girl, Youth, Female
Japanese goddess of the arts. Proponent of Chingon, (providing rest for dead
souls) Shintaku (fortunetelling) and many other Kagura. (Shinto musical dances)
The episode where she did a striptease dance in front of a cave Amatarasu had
holed herself into in an attempt to entice her out is especially famous. Later,
she became the wife of Sarutahiko.

                           HAKAISHIN (破壊神)

LV 94: Shiva シヴァ
HP/MP: 786/363
P:32 M:26 V:36 S:26 L:15
Immune to Hama and Curses, Strong to everything.
War Cry of Victory*, Hasso-Happa*, Carnal Release*, Shockwave, Death Counter,
Megidoraon, Physical Absorption
Physical (Electricity?): Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
One of the three great Brahmanic gods of Hinduism. Like Vishnu, Shiva has a
great deal of dedicated worshippers even today. While wielding unparalleled
destructive power, at the same time he is a god of medicine and rebirth. It is
said that all things revolve around the rythm of his dance.

LV 61: Hokutoseikun ホクトセイクン
HP/MP: 504/255
P:23 M:24 V:23 S:14 L:12
Immune to Hama and curses, strong to physical, weak to flame
Chakra of Victory*, Fudoken*, Retribution Bolt*, Hell's Eye, Smooth Talk,
Mahamudo-on, Divine Retribution
Curse (Hama?): Mo, Ey, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Old Man, Adult, Male
Hokutoseikun is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese deity Beidoxingjun. He
is a god within some schools of Taoist thought, one that governs death and
judgement. Hokutoseikun appears as an ugly old man, wrapped in robes that are
translucent like ice.

LV 54: Seitentaisei セイテンタイセイ
HP/MP: 432/201
P:22 M:13 V:18 S:20 L:16
Immune to Hama, Curses, and Physical
Hasso-Happa, Silent Sky Vow, Attack All, Death Counter
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
Seitentaisei is the Japanese name of the famous Chinese Qitiandasheng, which is
another name for the monkey god/hero Sun Wukong, or Son Goku as he is known in
Japan. Wukong was born when an enchanted stone on the top of a mountain was
filled with life force by the heavens. A constant troublemaker, he went on a
journey through the three worlds of the heavens, the earth, and the lands of the
dead, angering the gods and even receiving a stern admonition by Sakyamuni
Buddha. However he was saved by the Buddhist priest Sanzo-Hoshi, and set out on
another journey. Wukong is usually depicted riding a cloud, and wielding a magic
staff that extends at will.

LV 44: Dionysus ディオニュソス
HP/MP: 354/354
P: 16 M:20 V:15 S:13 L:15
Immune to Flame, Curse, and Hama, weak to Ice
Maharagion*, Fire Immunity*, Booze Party, Abyssal Melody, Reppu-ha, Maharagidain
Flame: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Gentleman, Adult, Male
Dionysus is the Greek god of wine and of the theater, and was especially popular
among women. He was originally the god of life that protected the Thracian
mountains. It is said that he was the one that discovered the grape vine and
learned how to make wine from it, afterwards spreading the method for making it
amongst the humans of the world.

                           JIBOSHIN (地母神)

LV 74: Skadi スカディ
HP/MP: 570/309
P:23 M:29 V:21 S:18 L:15
Immune to Shock, Hama, and Magic, Weak to Electricity
Makajamaon, Maka-Kaja, Electric Reflection, Great Earthquake
Shock: Ey, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Warrior-maiden, Adult, Female
Skadi is the goddess of darkness from Celtic mythology. Her name means "Shadow,"
and this "shadow" was the one that all the gods would be consumed by on the
final day of judgment. Skadi was often thought to be the same as Scathach.

L67: Kali カーリー
HP/MP: 540/258
P:25 M:19 V:23 S:19 L:13
Reflect Curse, Immune to Flame and Hama, Weak to Ice
Tentarafu*, Deathbound*, Death Counter, Fog Breath, 30% Life Spring, Anyaken
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Girl, Adult, Female
Kali is one of the faces of Shiva's wife from Hindu mythology. She has a
terrible side as an earth goddess, bloodthirsty and aggressive, and is usually
depicted wearing human skulls and wielding bloody swords. However, at the same
time she is also said to give great blessings and fortune to her followers, so
ends up being a goddess with two very distinct, different sides.

LV57: Parvati パールヴァティ
HP/MP: 432/240
P:15 M:23 V:15 S:16 L:20
Absorbs Flame, Reflects Hama, Weak to Ice
Medirama, Tetrakarn, Retribution Bolt, Unblemished Power
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Youth, Female
Parvati is one of the faces of Shiva's wife from Hindu mythology. She is
exquisitely beautiful and and represents all beauty in the world. She is always
by Shiva's side, and is the only one that can help to open his third eye.
Parvati is the reincarnation of Sati, Shiva's first wife who self-immolated

LV 41: Kushinada-Hime クシナダヒメ
HP/MP: 330/180
P:12 M: 19 V:14 S:10 L:18
Reflects Hama, weak to Curse
Medirama*, Selfishness*, Poison Neeldes*, Maharagion, Paraladi, Treasure Hunt,
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE:  Lady, Youth, Female
A goddess from Japanese Mythology. A goddess of the harvest and of farming. She
is the youngest of eight daughters of Tenazuchi and Ashinazuchi, but lost all of
her sisters who were sacrificed as offerings to the great monster Yamata-no-
Orochi. The story of how Susa-no-O defeated the Orochi and rescued her is
famous. The reason that Kushinada-Hime looks like she has combs all over her
body in-game is because of another famous story, where Susa-No-O turned her into
a comb and put her in his hair to hide her.

LV24: Kikuri-Hime キクリヒメ
HP/MP :210/120
P:10 M:16 V:11 S:8 L:11
Immune to Hama, Nerve, and Mind, Weak to Flame
Diarama*, Sexy Eye*, Maiden Mediate, Posumdi, Mepatra, Recarm
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Youth, Female
Goddess from Japanese Mythology. She is the goddess of Hakusan Mountain, and was
the arbitrator between Izanagi and Izanami when they had their famous quarrel in
Yomotsu-Hira-Saka, the slope that leads down to Yomi, the Japanese Land of the
Dead. Basically, as the story goes, Izanagi went to Yomi to retrieve his dead
wife Izanami, but ran away revolted when he saw her all infested with maggots.
She got really angry and Kikuri-Hime was their mediator. In turn, she is also
seen as a goddess associated with death and rebirth.

                                KISHIN (鬼神)

LV 76: Thor トール
HP/MP: 612/288
P:28 M:20 V:26 S:12 L:17
Immune to Hama and Electricity, weak to Magic and Nerve
Death Counter*, Jiodain*, Meikai-ha*, Mediarahan, Mahajiodain, Fudo-ken, Flame
Electricity: Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Bushi, Adult, Male
Norse god of thunder. Next to Odin, he had more worshippers than just about any
other god in the pantheon. He wears magic gloves that double the wearer's
strength, and weilds Mjollnir, a battle hammer can be thrown at an enemy to
crush it, and yet will always return to the hand of its owner on its own. He is
the strongest god among the Aesir.

LV 72: Bishamonten ビシャモンテン
HP/MP: 756/267
P:25 M:18 V:25 S:17 L:15
Reflect Flame, Immune to Hama, Weak to Ice
Retribution Bolt*, Attack All*, Prominence, Flame Enhance, Stop, Withstand,
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A guardian Bodhisattva within Buddhism. One of the Shiten-O (Four Kings),
originally named Tamonten (or Kuvera from Hinduism). One of the Hachibushu, the
eight guardian deities/Bodhisattvas that defend the Dharma. Under orders from
Taishakuten, he guards the North. He became very popular as a war god amongst
the Bushi in Japan, after Shotoku Taishi (famous prince in Japan that lived in
the 6th & 7th centuries) prayed to him for victory.

Maniacs Only:
LV 63 Futomimi フトミミ
HP/MP: 498/267
P:20 M:26 V:20 S:15 L:12
Immune to Hama, Curse and Bad Status, Strong to Physical
Kiai*, Battle Cry*, Close-Eye*, Charge*, Critical, 30% Life Spring, 30% Magic
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne
A good Manekata, reincarnated in the Vortex world after being guided by the "Mud
 Bell of the Afterlife" when in his dead, pure Magatsuhi state. Because of his
 great virtue, he attained the power of a Kishin.

LV 52: Jikokuten ジコクテン
HP/MP: 426/204
P:21 M:16 V:19 S:11 L:12
Reflect Ice, Immune to Hama, Weak to Flame
Fudo-ken*, Diarahan*, De-Kunda, Bufudain, Silent Sky Vow, Mahazandain, Shockwave
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A guardian Bodhisattva within Buddhism. One of the Shiten-O (Four Kings) One of
the Hachibushu, the eight guardian deities/Bodhisattvas that defend the Dharma.
Under orders from Taishakuten, he guards the East.

LV 45: Takemikazuchi タケミカヅチ
HP/MP: 372/177
P:19 M:14 V:17 S:11 L:10
Reflect Electricity, Immune to Hama, Weak to Shock
Jiodain*, Discharge*, Mediate, Anyaken, Breath Shoes, Mahajionga*
Electricity:  Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
Japanese thunder god. When the Amatsu-kami took control of Japan, he was sent
Takamagahara on a mission to meet O-kuni-nushi and persuade him to turn control
of the land to the Amatsu-kami. He wields the sword Tokka-no-tsurugi, and is
said to have been the father of the old-style swordfighting in Japan.

LV 39: O-kuni-nushi オオクニヌシ
HP/MP: 312/165
P:16 M:16 V:13 S:11 L:10
Reflect Hama, Immune to Curse
Rannyu-ken*, Mahamudo*, Smooth Talking, Agidain, Makajamaon, Summon
Hama: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Gentleman, Youth, Male
One of the Kunitsu-kami from Japanese mythology. After passing the trials that
Susa-no-o gave him, O-kuni-nushi married his daughter Suseri-Hime and the two of
them established the country of Izumo. Because of this, he is known as the
founder of Izumo and is the most important god within the tradition there. He is
also a patron of agriculture and medicine.

LV 33: Komokuten コモクテン
HP/MP: 282/135
P:16 M:12 V:14 S:9 L:9
Reflect Shock, Immune to Hama, weak to Electricity
Yamaoroshi*, Mahazanma*, 20% Life Spring, Headhunt, 10% Magic Pulse, Tetraja
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A guardian Bodhisattva within Buddhism. One of the Shiten-O (Four Kings) One of
the Hachibushu, the eight guardian deities/Bodhisattvas that defend the Dharma.
Under orders from Taishakuten, he guards the West.

LV 27: Zochoten ゾウチョウテン
HP/MP 234/111
P:15 M:10 V:12 S:7 L:10
Immune to Hama, Magic, and Nerve, Weak to Shock
Zetsumyoken*, Agirao*, Mahanma*, Stop, Hamaon, Curse Resistance, Critical
Electricity (physical?):  Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A guardian Bodhisattva within Buddhism. One of the Shiten-O (Four Kings) One of
the Hachibushu, the eight guardian deities/Bodhisattvas that defend the Dharma.
Under orders from Taishakuten, he guards the South.

LV 17: Takeminakata タケミナカタ
HP/MP 168/75
P:11 M:8 V:11 S:9 L:5
Reflect Electricity, Immune to Hama, Weak to Flame and Nerve
Silent Sky Critical*, Maha-Jio*, Jionga*, Makajama, Threaten, Parala-Eye, De-
Kaja, Kiai
Electricity: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Gentleman, Adult, Male
Military god from Japanese mythology. He is both a god of hunting and of the
harvest, and is also one of the seven Fukujin, Japanese gods of happiness and
good fortune. When Takemikazuchi came to claim the land, Takeminakata fought on
behalf of his father O-Kuni-Nushi to retain control of the country, but was
defeated. He fled to the country of Shinano, and later was said to have been
forbidden to leave the land of Suwa contained within.

                                 SEIJU (聖獣)

LV 55: Chimera キマイラ
HP/MP 426/204
P:23 M:13 V:16 S:17 L:10
Absorb Flame, Immune to Hama, Weak to Mind and Nerve
Fire Breath*, Flame Enhance*, Battle Cry*, Iron Claw, Abduct, Suicide Attack,
Strange Soundwave
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
A monster with the head of a lion and a goat, and with a snake for a tail.
Originally she was a holy beast representing the seasons, but eventually ended
up as a violent monster within Greek mythology. Her parents are the Wind Giant
Typhon and the snake goddess Echidna.

LV 43: Byakko ビャッコ
HP/MP 348/153
P:19 M:8 V:15 S:17 L:8
Immune to Ice and Hama, Weak to Fire
Breath of Victory*, Petrification Bite*, Ice Breath*, Critical, Headhunt, Kiai,
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
"Byakko" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese "Baihu." One of the "Four
Holy Beasts" appearing often within Chinese mythology and thought. His direction
is west, his season is autumn, and his element is metal. In ancient Chinese
literature, the "Lord of 100 Beasts" is the tiger, and Byakko is the top-ranking
one among them.

LV 36: Suzaku スザク
HP/MP 276/138
P:10 M:10 V:10 S:17 L:13
Absorb Electricity, Immune to Hama, weak to Ice
Liftma*, Wing Flap*, Fire Breath*, Recarm, Mediate, Mahajionga, Breath of
Flame: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
"Suzaku" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese "Zhuqiao." One of the
"Four Holy Beasts" appearing often within Chinese mythology and thought. His
direction is south, his season is summer, and his element is fire. He is a huge
bird that looks a lot like a quail, and is said to sing in an enchantingly
beautiful voice.

LV 27: Senri センリ
HP/MP 216/135
P:10 M:14 V:9 S:12 L:9
Absorb Shock, Immune to Hama, Weak to Electricity
Mahazanma, Treasure Hunt, Stone Hunt, Absorption Attack
Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Girl, Youth, Female
A creature that is born when an extremely old mountain cat undergoes a
transformation. It transforms into a beautiful woman and seduces human males to
steal their life energy. The highest rank amongst the Nekomata. It is said that
the reason that "monsterized" animals try to gather life energy is because they
want to become Senri themselves.

LV 21: Unicorn ウニコーン
HP/MP 186/99
P:9 M:12 V:10 S:7 L:7
Immune to Hama, Magic, and Mind, Weak to Electricity
Raku-Kaja*, Mahabufu*, Media*, Breath Shoes, Paralysis Bite, Tetraja, Me-Patra,
Healing: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
A white horse from Scottish legend, notable for the spiral horn protuding from
its forehead. It will only open its heart to young women that remaine chaste,
and will not let anyone else touch it. It is said that its horn can be ground
into a powder that can be used as a panacea that will cure any and all sorts of
illness or disease.

LV 13: Shisa シーサー
HP/MP 120/57
P:9 M:6 V:7 S:9 L:6
Absorbs Electricity, Immune to Hama, Weak to Flame
Discharge*, Claw*, Battle Cry, Brainwash, Petrification Bite, Counterattack,
Flame Resist
Electricity: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
A holy beast that bestows luck and protects households from any and all types of
demons. While its appearance is very similar to that of a Komainu (stone dog
statues that protect Shinto Shrines) it is actually designed after a lion. Tales
of the Shisa originate in and are primarily concentrated within mythology from

                                 SEIREI (聖霊   )

LV 20: Flamies フレイミーズ
HP/MP 156/96
P:10 M:12 V:6 S:6 L:7
Absorb Flame, Immune to Hama and Curse, Weak to Ice
Maharagi*, Bright Sky Critical*, Maka-Kaja, Media, Mind Immunity, Agirao
Flame: Ph, Ne, Ta
Of the four Elements, an elemental of Fire.

LV 15: Aquans アクアンズ
HP/MP 126/75
P:6 M:10 V:6 S:6 L:8
Reflects Ice, Immune to Hama and Curse, weak to Fire
Suku-Kaja*, Hama Resistance*, Mahabufu, Nerve Resistance, 10% Life Spring,
Ice: Ph, Ne, Ta
Of the four Elements, an elemental of Water.

LV 11: Aeros エアロス
HP/MP 102/57
P:5 M:8 V:6 S:8 L:5
Immune to Hama and Curses, Strong to all magic
Dia*, Jio*, Lullaby, Marin-Karin, Mind Resistance, Poison Needles
Magic: Ph, Ne, Ta
Of the four Elements, an elemental of Air.

LV 7: Earthies アーシーズ
HP/MP 90/36
P:6 M:5 V:8 S:4 L:5
Immune to Hama and Curses, Weak to Shock
Jio*, Patra*, Raku-Kaja, Magic Resistance, Mediate, Mahajio
Electricity: Ph, Ne, Ta
Of the four Elements, an elemental of Earth.

                                 MITAMA (御魂)

LV 35: Sakimitama サキミタマ
HP/MP 270/138
P:10 M:11 V:10 S:11 L:20
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Dorminer*, Swap*, Analyze*, Mahazanma, Medirama, Mahajionga, Tetrakarn
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
One of the four souls from the "One Spirit, Four Souls" concept within Shinto.
Sakimitama is the happy and optimistic aspect of the spirit and is the source of
happiness, love, compassion, and other related emotions. It is said to bestow
good fortune in hunting and fishing.

LV 32: Kushimitama クシミタマ
HP/MP 240/150
P:9 M:18 V:8 S:12 L:12
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Suku-Kaja*, De-Kaja*, Analyze*, Shock Resistance, Ice Resistance, Electric
Resistance, Flame Resistance
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
One of the four souls from the "One Spirit, Four Souls" concept within Shinto.
Sakimitama represents the intelligent and rational aspect of the spirit and is
the source of intelligence, wisdom, clear thought, and other related emotions.
It is said to bestow good health and recovery from disease.

LV 29: Nigimitama ニギミタマ
HP/MP 234/117
P:10 M:10 V:10 S:16 L:10
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Raku-Nda*, Persuade*, Analyze*, Flame Enhance, Ice Enhance, Electric Enhance,
Shock Enhance
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
One of the four souls from the "One Spirit, Four Souls" concept within Shinto.
Nigimitama represents the serene, moderate aspect of the spirit and is the
source of calmness, respect, trust, and other related emotions. Of the dualistic
nature of the spirit, Nigimitama is the more harmonic and composed.

LV 25: Aramitama アラミタマ
HP/MP 210/105
P:12 M:10 V:10 S:10 L:10
Immunity to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Taru-Kaja*, Bright Sky Critical*, Analyze*, Breath of Victory, Breath Shoes,
Counterattack, Charge
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
One of the four souls from the "One Spirit, Four Souls" concept within Shinto.
Aramitama represents the wild, forceful aspect of the spirit and is the source
of anger, passion, valor, and other related emotions. Of the dualistic nature of
the spirit, Aramitama is the more rough and untamed.

                                YOMA (妖魔)

LV 52: Ifreet イフリート
HP/MP 402/225
P:15 M:23 V:15 S:14 L:9
Absorbs Flame, weak to Ice
Agidain*, Taunt*, Maka-Kaja, Maharagidain, Summon, Prominence
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
A type of elemental from Arabian legend. A powerful spirit with magical powers
of flame. They will grant all sorts of favors to those who summon them, but are
of a rather irritable disposition, and will immediately kill any master they
take a disliking to.

LV 48: Purski プルキシ
HP/MP 390/189
P:19 M:15 V:17 S:9 L:12
Immune to SHock and Hama, Weak to Electricity
Bind Voice*, Memory Advancement*, Scout*, Fudoken, Panic Voice, Shock Enhance,
Rannyuken, Mahazandain
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Gentleman, Adult, Male
An elephant-headed god from Indian mythology. He has a third eye in the middle
of his forehead and is often depicted with a snake wrapped around him. Judging
from his appearance, one might expect that Purski was influenced by the also
elephant-headed god Ganesha; however, in actuality he originates from Tibet, and
is thought to be an indigenous god to the people of the Himalaya mountains.

(Note--this is one demon whose correct romanization has escaped me so I'm using
the one that Atlus uses. I know that he is a Himalayan folk deity with an
elephant head and is often seen in Nepalese Mask Dances, and I have seen him
kanafied as both プルシキ and プルキシ on Japanese sites. He seems to have been
so much "fused" with Ganesha that all attempts of mine to find a reference to an
earlier name have failed. IOW, "Purski" may not be right)

LV 44: Djinn ジン
HP/MP 342/189
P:14 M:19 V:13 S:14 L:8
Absorbs Shock, Weak to Nerve
Shock Enhance*, Zandain*, Mahazanma*, Diarama, Suicide Attack, Brown-Nose, Taunt
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Old Man, Adult, Male
A wind and fire spirit from Arabian legend. Widely known as its "Genie in the
lamp" form. It can spontaneously create palaces and treasure at will, and is
capable of transforming itself into other shapes as well. There are many stories
of Djinn being sealed within bottles and pots by the summoners that called them.

LV 37: Ongkot オンコット
HP/MP 288/138
P:14 M:9 V:11 S:15 L:12
Strong to Physical, Weak to Magic and Nerve
Critical*, Rampage*, Taru-Kaja*, Tetrakarn, Zetsumyoken, Stone Hunt, Suku-Kaja,
Noble Death-Crash
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A monkey god from Indian mythology. A general amongst the army of Hanuman. His
most famous exploits are recorded in the epic poem "The Ramayana," in which he
led an army of monkeys against the Rakshasa, and successfully defeated all the
enemy generals.

LV 28: Karasu Tengu カラステング
HP/MP 234/117
P:12 M:11 V:11 S:10 L:8
Reflects Shock, Weak against Magic
Wing Flap*, Taru-Kaja*, 20% Magic Pulse, Brotherly Love, Mahanma, Critical,
Wi, Ph, Ne, Ta
A type of Tengu. The Karasu Tengu does not possess a very long nose like his
more well known brethren, but just like its name suggests, is said to have a
crow-like beak (Karasu means Crow) which it hides behind a mask. They have a
evil side to their personality, and are said to tempt people into depravity and

LV 23: Dis ディース
HP/MP 198/111
P:10 M:14 V:10 S:7 L:6
Absorbs Flame
Tetraja*, Agirao*, Makajama*, Diarama, Petra-Eye, Makatora, Mepatra
Support: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Youth, Female
The Disir are from Norse mythology, a group of low-ranking goddesses that are
much like spirit guardians, watching over humans and their families. In addition
to their roles as family protectors and agricultural goddesses, they are said to
bring fortune in battle, where they work as servants of the Valkyries. In that
capacity, they have a very similar role in their "choosing of the dead."

LV 19: Koppa Tengu コッパテング
HP/MP 144/87
P:10 M:14 V:10 S:7 L:6
Immune to Shock, Weak to Magic
Wing Flap*, Taru-Kaja*, Memory Advancement, Shibabu, Makatora, Suicide Attack,
Shock: Wi, Ph, Ne, Ta
A type of Tengu. Possessing less spiritual power than the other kinds of Tengu,
Koppa Tengu appear substantially smaller than their brethren. It is said that
wolves that live an exceptionally long life span do not die but rather undergo a
transformation, and after that turn into a form much like that Karasu Tengu.

LV 14: Isora イソラ
HP/MP 132/66
P:9 M:8 V:8 S:6 L:3
Strong to Ice, Weak to Fire
Analyze*, Poison Bite*, Abduct, Lullaby, Ice Breath, Media
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
An indigenous Japanese sea god. It lives at the bottom of the ocean, and possess
the power to control water at will. Isora was worshipped by the Azumi, a fishing
tribe in ancient Japan.

LV 8: Apsaras アプサラス
HP/MP 84/42
P:6 M:6 V:6 S:5 L:5
Absorbs Electricity, Weak to Flame
Lullaby*, Allure*, Close-Eye*, Mahajio, Mind Resistance, Makajama, Dorminer
Support: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY TYPE: Lady, Youth, Female
A water spirit from Hindu mythology. Her name means "One that moves in the
water." She appears as a young woman, and her enchanting beauty is used by the
gods to prevent holy men from acheiving too much power by making them capitulate
to their earthly desires. Also, she has a role in the Vedic tradition of
bringing the souls of those that died in battle to Indra's heaven.

                                YOSEI (妖精)

LV 57 Titania ティターニア
HP/MP 432/240
P:14 M:23 V:15 S:12 L:13
Reflects Hama and Curses, Strong to all magic
Absolute Zero*, Request*, Mediarahan, Plinpa, Charisma, 30% Magic Pulse, Distant
Magic: Wi, Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Lady, Youth, Female
The wife of the Fairy King Oberon, ruler of the Moonlit Forest. Said to have her
roots in the moon goddess Diana from Roman mythology. Afterwards was
reinterpreted as an English fairy, and was established as a fairy queen in
Shakespeare's "A Midsummernight's Dream."

LV 46 Oberon オベロン
HP/MP 354/195
P:16 M:19 V:13 S:8 L:10
Strong to Physical, Weak to Magic
Heatwave*, Smooth Talk*, Medirama*, Makalakarn, Diarahan, Tornado, Bufudain,
Magic: Wi, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Youth, Male
King of the fairies. His wife is the fairy queen Titania, and he is in charge of
all matters dealing with the fairies. He is very old, but due to a curse he
received when he was young, is eternally stuck in the body of a boy. He is
constantly being admonished by his wife for falling in love with human women.

LV 43 Setanta セタンタ
HP/MP 378/165
P:17 M:12 V:20 S:12 L:6
Reflects Shock, Weak to Magic and Nerve
Estma*, Guillotine Cut*, Suku-Kaja*, Fierce Counterattack, Taunt, Magic
Immunity, Smooth Talk, Reppu-Ha
Physical: Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Youth, Male
A brave youth from Irish mythology. After killing a ferocious guard dog with his
bare hands, he offered himself to take its place, upon which he was given the
name "Cu Chulainn" which means "fierce dog."

LV 38 Troll トロール
HP/MP 354/144
P:14 M:10 V:21 S:4 L:9
Absorbs Ice, Weak to Mind
Beg*, Closdi*, Mahabufura, Rampage, 20% Life Spring, Lightma, Diarahan
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
Trolls are cruel giants that appear in many European legends. They are often
depicted appearing by bridges or narrow roads and blocking the passage of
travellers. While extremely stronge, Trolls are also quite stupid, and are often
beaten by weaker but craftier opponents. Their origin is normally thought to be
as a race of giants within Norse mythology.

LV 26 Kelpie ケルピー
HP/MP 210/117
P:9 M:13 V:9 S:8 L:7
Strong to Ice, Weak to Shock
Plinpa*, Mediate*, Paraladi*, Paralysis Bite, Nerve Immunity, Marin-Karin,
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
A water spirit told about in Scottish folklore that resembles a horse. While it
has a dreadful side, drowning those that it entices to ride it, it also is said
that Kelpies will become exceptionally fast and loyal steeds to those that
manage to tame them.

LV 19 Jack o'Lantern ジャックランタン
HP/MP 162/87
P:8 M:10 V:8 S:6 L:7
Absorbs Flame, Weak to Ice
Agi*, Maharagi*, Selfishness*, Parala-Eye, Charge, Agirao, Ice Resist
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Hee-Ho, Child, Male
A spirit from England a lot like the Will-o-Wisp. Jack o'Lanterns are said to be
the souls of people who led depraved lives prior to death, but could not pass on
to the afterlife so wander the earth endlessly, never being able to attain

LV 10 High Pixie ハイピクシー
HP/MP 84/48
P:4 M:6 V:4 S:6 L:10
Strong to Electricity
Wing Flap*, Paraladi, Me-Patra, Request, Treasure Hunt, Torafulee
Wi, Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Little Girl, Youth, Female
Leaders of groups of Pixies. Pixies with exceptional magic power and leadership
abilities are called High Pixies.

LV 7 Jack Frost ジャックフロスト
HP/MP 78/45
P:5 M:8 V:6 S:4 L:4
Absorbs Ice, Weak to Flame
Bufu*, Brotherly Love*, Silent Sky Critical*, Mahabufu, Swap, Ice Breath, Breath
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Hee-ho, Child, Male
A snow and frost spirit from England. Jack Frost is mischevious but not evil or
sinister. However, he has a dark side in that he is said to freeze those that
anger him to death.

LV 2 Pixie ピクシー
HP/MP 36/24
P:3 M:6 V:4 S;2 L:7
Strong to Electricity
Dia*, Jio*, Allure, Raku-Nda, Posumdi, Wing Flap
Healing: Wi, Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Little Girl, Child, Female
Forest sprites originating from English legend. It is said that children that
die before being baptized transform into Pixies. They never appear in places
that people can see directly, but have a sybiotic relationship with humans in
several ways. Pixies are said to reward people that help them out.

                                TENSHI (天使)

LV 64 Throne ソロネ
HP/MP 492/258
P:18 M:22 V:18 S:15 L:15
Reflects Hama, Absorbs Flame, Weak to Ice and Curse
Mahanmaon*, Prominence*, Brainwash*, Mediarahan, Close-Eye, Divine Retribution,
Hama: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult, Male
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, the third rank. They
number amongst the Thrones (Cherubim and Seraphim are sometimes considered
Thrones as well, depends on the version of the mythology) a high-ranking
category of angel. The highest ranking angels made of physical matter. Their
name means "wheel" and their job is to carry the throne of God on their

LV 50 Dominion ドミニオン
HP/MP 390/204
P:15 M:18 V:15 S:11 L:11
Reflects Hama, weak to Curse and Magic
Diarahan*, Hama Lightning*, Tetrakarn, Persuade, Maka-Kaja, Makajama, Mahanmaon
Hama: Wi, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Male, Adult
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, the fourth rank. They
number amongst the Lords, a middle-ranking category of angel. Their job is to
tell others of God's power.

LV 41 Virtue ヴァーチャー
HP/MP 348/174
P:12 M:17 V:17 S:8 L:7
Reflects Hama, Weak to Shock and Curse
Mahanma*, Stop*, Medirama*, Petrification Needles, Makalakarn, Mahajionga,
Retribution Bolt
Hama: Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, the fifth rank. They
number amongst the Powers, a middle-ranking category of angel. They are in
charge of "doling out" miracles, and are said to give humans courage.

LV 33 Power パワー
HP/MP 294/123
P:16 M:8 V:16 S:7 L:6
Reflects Hama, Weak to Nerve and Curse
Silent Sky Critical*, Brainwash*, Taru-Kaja*, Guillotine Cut, Mahanma, Hamaon,
Nerve Immunity
Hama: Wi, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Male, Adult
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, the sixth rank. They
number amongst the Powers, a middle-ranking category of angel. Their job is to
be guards, and in order to keep demons from invading Heaven, they are said to be
constantly on the lookout, patrolling the corridors of Heaven.

LV 28 Principality プリンシパリティ
HP/MP 222/120
P:11 M:12 V:9 S:7 L:9
Immune to Hama, Weak to Curse and Nerve
Bright Sky Critical*, Zanma*, Brotherly Love*, Diarama, 10% Magic Pulse, Hamaon,
Hama:  Wi, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Male, Adult
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, low-ranking angels from
the seventh rank. They are said to be in charge of the welfare of countries and

LV 18 Archangel アークエンジェル
HP/MP 156/72
P:11 M:6 V:8 S:7 L:6
Immune to Hama, Weak to Ice and Curse
Taru-Kaja*, Yamaoroshi*, Hama, Estma, Wing Flap, Persuade, Diarama
Hama: Wi, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Male, Adult
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mytholgy, low-ranking angels from
the eigth rank. They are said to be responsible for the welfare of countries and
civilization. They are said to be the highest-ranking kind of angel that has
direct contact with human affairs.

LV 11 Angel エンジェル
HP/MP 108/54
P:4 M:7 V:7 S:7 L:6
Immune to Hama, Weak to SHock and Curse
Dia*, Hama*, Stop, Patra, Petradi, Paralysis Needles, Breath of Victory
Hama: Wi, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Lady, Female, Youth
Within Christianity, Judaism, and Islam, agents of God whose job is to carry out
his orders. They are often depicted as having wings, and can be of either
gender. Within Christian mythology, there is a hierarchy of nine different ranks
of Angels in total, and "Angels" themselves are the lowest rank within.

                                DATENSHI (堕天使)

LV 68 Flauros フラロウス
HP/MP 540/246
P:27 M:14 V:22 S:13 L:12
Immune to Curse, Strong to Nerve
Iron Claw*, Blackmail*, Battle Cry*, Deathbound, Withstand, Meikai-ha, 30% Life
Spring, Hasso-Happa
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, We, Ta
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He appears as a leopard-faced
warrior, and has the power to see and communicate the past and the future. In
addition, he can control fire to his will, and will burn the enemies of those he
finds favor with.

LV 58 Decarabia デカラビア
HP/MP 450/240
P:15 M:22 V:17 S:12 L:12
Immune to Curse, Strong to all magic
Analyze*, Bargain*, Tetrakarn*, Suku-Kaja, Hell's Eye, Endless Sleep, Torafulee,
Magic: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. A strange-looking demon in the
form of a five-pointed star. He has a comprehensive knowledge of birds and
gemstones, and it is said that his minions are in the form of birds themselves.

LV 45 Ose オセ
HP/MP 354/168
P:17 M:11 V:14 S:12 L:11
Immune to Curse, Weak to Nerve
Raku-Kaja*, Battle Cry*, Venom Zapper*, De-kaja, De-kunda, Blackmail, Kiai,
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He appears as a half-human, half-
leopard. He has an extensive knowledge of liberal arts and will grant any such
knowledge to those that summon him. In addition, he can transform those that
summon him into any form they desire, though such power only lasts for a very
short time.

LV 37 Berith ベリス
HP/MP 324/141
P:16 M:10 V:17 S:8 L:6
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Ice
Mudo*, Abduct*, Heatwave*, De-Kaja, Maharagion, Abyssal Melody, Flame Enhance,
Flames of Hell
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: God, Adult, Male
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He appears as a terrible king
riding atop a huge horse. Among the 72 Pillar Demons he is an especially high-
ranking lord, and is said to burn to death those that do not offer the proper
deference to him. He also has the ability to turn any metal into gold.

LV 29 Eligor エリゴール
HP/MP 258/114
P:14 M:9 V:14 S:6 L:6
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity
Hell Stab*, Raku-Kaja*, Bright Sky Critical*, Mudo, Rampage, Riberama, Threaten,
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult, Male
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He appears as a mounted knight. He
has the ability to see the future, and is also a great military tactician. He is
also said to have the ability to make members of the "upper crust" of society
fall in love with whomever he dictates.

LV 20 Forneus フォルネウス
HP/MP 180/81
P:10 M:7 V:10 S:5 L:8
Absorbs Ice, Immune to Curse, Weak to Electricity
Paralysis Bite*, Riberama*, Bufura, Borrow, Fog Breath, Electric Resistance,
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
One of the gods of the 72 Pillars of Solomon. He appears as a giant silver
winged fish. He is exceptionally talented in matters of language, knowing much
about figures of speech, linguistics, and morphology. In addition, he is said to
have the ability to make people well-loved by friend and foe alike.

                                  RYUO (龍王)

LV 66 Yurlunggur ユルング
HP/MP: 576/246
P:18 M:16 V:30 S:9 L:13
Immune to all magic, weak to Bad Status attacks
Jiodain*, Raku-Kaja*, Shockwave*, Electricity Enhance, Mediarahan, Samarecarm,
Healing: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
A copper-bodied python from Oceanic mythology. It is a great god that transcends
both good and evil, and is a deity of the weather and farming. Because it is
said to live in a holy spring filled with rainbow-colored water, it is also
known as the "Rainbow Snake."

LV 55 Quetzalcoatl ケツアルカトル
HP/MP: 492/201
P:16 M:12 V:27 S:9 L:11
Immune to Ice, strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity
Petrify Bite*, Brotherly Love*, Absolute Zero*, Rampage, Ice Enhance, Ice
Absorb, Poison Gas Breath, Recarmdora
Ice: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
The supreme deity from Aztec mythology, though originally he derives from Toltec
tradition, Quetzalcoatl's name means "Feathered Snake." Therefore, he is often
depicted as a snake with wings, although he was said to take on many other
forms. He created humanity by sprinkling his own blood on the bones of those of
a previous age, and is said to be the father of culture and good harvest. In
addition, it is said that Venus is Quetzalcoatl's heart.

Lv 37 Naga Raja ナーガラジャ
HP/MP: 348/138
P:15 M:9 V:21 S:8 L:9
Absorbs Electricity, Strong to Physical, Weak to Flame
Absorption Attack*, Taru-Kaja*, Counterattack, Discharge, Smooth Talk, Reppu-Ha,
Flame Immunity
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult, Male
The kings of the Nagas, half-human, half-snake gods from Hindu mythology.
Particularly powerful Nagas are known as "Naga Rajas." Nanda, Takshaka,
Hachidairyuo and the like are all examples of Naga Rajas.

LV 34 Mizuchi ミズチ
HP/MP: 318/141
P:12 M:13 V:19 S:7 L:7
Absorbs Electricity, Immune to Ice and Curse, Weak to Flame
Bufura*, Mahabufura*, Maka-Kaja*, Makalakarn, Mepatra, Rampage, Fog Breath
Ice: Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
A water spirit from Japanese mythology. The ruler of the inhabitants of ponds,
lakes, rivers, and any other bodies of fresh water. It's said that wherever
there is a marsh or pond with lots of fish, a Mizuchi will appear and become its
master. It controls the power of illusion, and is said to be able to cause
hallucinations in its enemies.

Lv 28 Naga ナーガ
HP/MP: 264/108
P:13 M:8 V:16 S:7 L:8
Absorbs Electricity, Weak to Flame
Absorption Attack*, Taru-Kaja*, Swap*, 20% Life Spring, Fog Breath, Hell Stab,
Electricity: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
Within Hindu mythology, cobras that are deified into half-human, half-snake
gods. While extraordinarily poisonous, they control the powers of rebirth and
revival as well. They are said to live in paradises beneath rivers, lakes, and
the ocean, and frolic with song and dance whenever they are not in battle. The
Nagas are notorious enemies of Garuda, who eats them.

Lv 14 Nozuchi ノズチ
HP/MP: 144/60
P:11 M:6 V:10 S:4 L:7
Absorbs Shock, Weak to Electricity
Charge*, Poison Gas Breath*, Counterattack, Brown-Nose, Raku-Kaja, Noble Death-
Physical: Mo, Ph, Ta
An Earth Spirit from Japanese mythology, whose name derives from "God of the
Plains." It is said to hide in the shadow of trees and plants. It's not evil,
but is wild and uncontrollable, and as a result is said to sometimes bring
calamity to humans that it sees.

                                MAJU (魔獣)

Lv 61 Kerberos ケルベロス
HP/MP: 456/225
P:23 M:14 V:15 S:17 L:12
Reflects Flame, Strong to Physical, Weak to Ice
Iron Claw*, Bind Voice*, Fog Breath*, Fierce Counterattack, Stop, Hellfire,
Attack All
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
From Greek Mythology, the guard dog of the Underworld, Tartarus. He is said to
be a giant, valiant dog with three heads and the tail of a snake. His father is
the Wind Titan Typhon, and the snake goddess Echidna is his mother. He is the
older brother of Orthrus.

Lv 54 Suparna スパルナ
HP/MP: 408/219
P:13 M:19 V:14 S:22 L:11
Reflects Shock, Immune to Bad Status
Zandain*, Fog Breath*, Suku-Kaja*, Mahazandain, Poison Claw, Stone Hunt,
Shock: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult
Legendary birds from Hindu Mythology. Its name means "One with beautiful wings."
It is said that they can creates great winds by flapping their wings, and also
have the ability to change the size of their body at will. The Suparna are the
servants of Garuda.

Lv 34 Orthrus オルトロス
HP/MP: 282/126
P:16 M:8 V:13 S:11 L:6
Absorbs Flame, Weak to Ice
Fire Breath*, Paralysis Claw*, Flame Enhance, Scout, Battle Cry, Hell Fang
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne, Ta
A great two-headed dog from Greek Mythology, and the younger brother of
Kerberos. Orthrus is the guard dog of the monster Geryon's ranch on a remote
island at the end of the world. He was a great guard dog, but was killed by a
single blow from Heracles during one of his twelve tasks--to steal the cows of

Lv 23 Badhbh Cathach バイブ・カハ
HP/MP: 186/87
P:16 M:8 V:13 S:11 L:6
Strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity
Liftma*, 99 Needles*, Stop, Wing Flap, Shock Resistance, Chakra of Victory
Physical: Mo, We, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
A goddess from Celtic Mythology, who doubles as both a goddess of war and of
love. Her name means "Crow of the Battlefield," and just as it suggests, she
appears as a crow on the battlefield, where she pecks at the bodies of the
fallen to carry their souls onward.

Lv 18 Nekomata ネコマタ
HP/MP: 156/90
P:7 M:12 V:8 S:7 L:7
Absorbs Shock, Weak to Electricity
Paralysis Needles*, Marin-Karin*, Paraladi*, 10% Magic Pulse, Claw, Request,
Close Eye
Support (shock?): Ey, Cl, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Youth, Female
From Japanese folklore, a cat that has lived an exceptionally long life and
underwent a transformation. Nekomata have great wisdom and can understand human
speech. Depending on the level of power they get in their transformation, their
depiction tends to vary, but some Nekomata are said to fully transform into
people, or even control the dead.

Lv 13 Inugami イヌガミ
HP/MP: 132/60
P:10 M:7 V:9 S:6 L:5
Immune to Flame and Curse, Weak to Shock
Fire Breath*, Bite*, Media, Raku-Nda, Fog Breath
Flame (support?): Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
From ancient Japanese tradition, the spirit of a dog that is believed to possess
humans. Those possessed fall into a state called "Inuzuki" (literally, "Dog
Attached") and go crazy. In addition, they are often used as Shikigami
(familiars, servant spirits) by Onyoshi ("Ying-Yang users" literally, Eastern
mystics of the past)

                                CHIREI (地霊)

Lv 55 Gogmagog ゴグマゴグ
HP/MP: 456/207
P:22 M:14 V:21 S:7 U:14
Immune to Physical, Ice, and Curse, Weak to Flame
Tornado*, Rampage*, Diarama*, 30% Life Spring, Taru-Nda, Evil Eye, Raku-Nda,
Support (Ice?): Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
Giants said to have lived in the British Isles in ancient times. Its name means
"Antagonist." They were said to be so huge that they could destroy a huge
sailing barge with but a single wave of the hands. The Gogmagog constantly
scared off invaders to the islands, but were eventually defeated by Brutus of

Lv 49 Titan ティターン
HP/MP: 396/177
P:21 M:10 V:17 S:8 L:13
Immune to Shock, Weak to Electricity
Headhunt*, Guillotine Cut*, Taunt*, Parala-eye, 30% Life Spring, Fierce
Counterattack, Fire Breath
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
One of the three races of giants born between Gaia and Uranus in Greek
mythology. In contrast to the other two which were decidedly monstrous, only the
Titans were born in "normal" human form. They all wear bronze armor, and are
outfitted like heavy warriors, or so it is said.

Lv 35 Sarutahiko サルタヒコ
HP/MP: 312/126
P:18 M:7 V:17 S:7 L:6
Immune to Hama and Curse, Weak to Nerve
Rampage*, Lightma*, Bargain, Petra-Eye, Counterattack, Kiai, Hell Stab
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
A god from Japanese mythology. Sarutahiko was one of the most talented gods
amongst the Kunitsu-Kami (the gods of earth, as opposed to the Amatsu-Kami, the
gods of Heaven) and is sometimes said to be the father of the Tengu. After the
Tenson-Korin (Descent of the Divine Progeny, lit.) he was the first to challenge
the Amatsu-Kami, but was seduced by the charms of Ame-no-Uzume, who later became
his wife.

Lv 13 Sudama スダマ
HP/MP: 96/60
P:7 M:7 V:3 S:8 L:8
Strong to Shock, Weak to Flame
Zan*, Beg*, Mahazan, Suicide Attack, Makatora, Maka-Kaja, Suku-Kaja
Shock: Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Little Boy, Child, Male
A nature spirit from Japanese folkore. It is said that Sudama live in ancient
trees and rocks. They are not evil, but as watchers of the mountains, they
sometimes appear as humans or monsters to give warnings.

Lv 5 Kahaku カハク
HP/MP: 60/30
P:4 M:5 V:5 S:6 L:5
Strong to Flame, Weak to Ice
Agi*, Request*, Patra, Selfishness, Sexy Eye, Raku-Kaja, Maharagi
Flame: Ey, Wi, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Little Girl, Child, Female
"Kahaku" is the Japanese name of Huabai from Chinese folklore, who is a tree
spirit said to live in trees that have hung themselves on. Huabai appear as
beautiful young girls clothed in white, but they are much smaller than humans.
They can't speak, but their voices are said to be as beautiful as those of

Lv 3 Kodama コダマ
HP/MP: 42/21
P:4 M:4 V:4 S:6 L:5
Strong to Shock, Weak to Flame
Zan*, Brotherly Love*, Dia, Charge, Scout, Shock Resistance
Shock: Ph, Ne, Ta
A plant spirit from Japanese folklore. Kodama are said to live inside trees that
are over 100 years old.

                                 YOKI (妖鬼)

LV 81 Ongyoki オンギョウキ
HP/MP: 625/324
P:23 M:27 V:23 S:20 L:11
Immune to Physical, Curse, Magic, and Mind, Weak to Hama
Anyaken*, Summon*, Tentarafu*, Megido, Blackmail, Mudo-on, Venom Zapper, Battle
Cry of Victory
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Bushi, Adult, Male
One of the four Oni led by Fujiwara Chikata, the legendary personage of the
Heian period of Japanese history. Chikata held land between the lands of Iga and
Koga and was from a powerful family, and is said to have started a revolt
against the emperor. Ongyoki is spelled "隠形鬼" in Kanji, which literally means
"Concealed-Form-Oni." He had the power to become invisible and to make it look
like there were copies of himself. Some believe that Ongyoki was the base model
for the "romanticised" ninja of today. (as the pajama-clad men of martial arts
film today never actually existed in history)

Lv 66 Fuki フウキ
HP/MP: 516/261
P:18 M:21 V:20 S:19 L:11
Immune to Shock and Curse
Mahazandain*, Zandain*, Bind Voice, Rannyu-Ken, Silent Sky Vow, Fog Breath
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
One of the four Oni led by Fujiwara Chikata, the legendary personage of the
Heian period of Japanese history. Chikata held land between the lands of Iga and
Koga and was from a powerful family, and is said to have started a revolt
against the emperor. Fuki is spelled "風鬼" in Kanji, which literally means
"Wind-Oni." He could control the winds at will, and used that power to knock
over all his enemies.

Lv 62 Yoki Suiki スイキ
HP/MP: 492/258
P:18 M:24 V:20 S:14 L:9
Immune to Ice and Curse, Weak to Flame
De-kaja*, Absolute Zero*, Ice Enhance*, Evil Eye, Bufudain, Scout, Breath of
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
One of the four Oni led by Fujiwara Chikata, the legendary personage of the
Heian period of Japanese history. Chikata held land between the lands of Iga and
Koga and was from a powerful family, and is said to have started a revolt
against the emperor. Suiki is spelled "水鬼" in Kanji, which literally means
"Water-Oni." No matter where he was, he had the ability to call forth great
drowning waves with a wave of his arm.

Lv 59 Yoki Kinki キンキ
HP/MP: 647/216
P:23 M:13 V:24 S:7 L:15
Strong to Physical, Weak to Magic
Rampage*, Kiai*, Raku-Kaja*, Taunt, Noble Death-Crash, Borrow, Reppu-ha
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
One of the four Oni led by Fujiwara Chikata, the legendary personage of the
Heian period of Japanese history. Chikata held land between the lands of Iga and
Koga and was from a powerful family, and is said to have started a revolt
against the emperor. Kinki  is spelled "金鬼" in Kanji and literally means "Gold
(or Metal)-Oni." His body was solid it was almost like it was made out of metal,
and swords and arrows alike would merely bounce off his thick hide.

LV 54 Shikioji シキオウジ
HP/MP: 420/234
P:14 M:24 V:16 S:10 L:10
Reflects Hama and Curse, Immune to Physical, Weak to Flame
Paralysis Needles*, Mahamudo-on*, De-Kaja*, Brainwash, Close-Eye, Mahanmaon,
Hama (Magic?): Mo, Ey, Ne, Ta
An extremely powerful type of Shikigami used as a servant among the most elite
of those that practiced the mystic arts of Ying-Yang. It could ward off calamity
and scare away demons of sickness, but its base nature is of a Kishin, and very

Lv 44 Yomotsu-Ikusa
HP/MP: 342/177
P:17 M:15 V:13 S:9 L:10
Immune to Nerve, Weak to Shock
Petrification Needles*, Petradi*, Analyze*, Beg, Silent Sky Vow, Yama-oroshi,
Curse: Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Old Man, Adult, Male
An Oni from Japanese mythology that lives in Yomi, the Japanese land of the
dead. When Izanami got pissed off at her husband Izanagi in the incident at
Yomotsu-Hira-Saka (Izanagi saw her, infested with maggots--she had died--and was
disgusted; this offended Izanami greatly) she sent Yomotsu-Ikusa to chanse after
him. They form an army, led by Yomotsu-Shikome.

Lv 25 Oni オニ
HP/MP: 222/96
P:13 M:7 V:12 S:6 L:7
Strong to Physical, Weak to Nerve
Raku-Nda*, Bargain*, Rampage*, Battle Cry, Estma, Beg, 20% Life Spring, Anya-Ken
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
Ugly, cruel, and violent evil monsters that appear in many Japanese legends and
myths. They attack human settlements and cause great destruction with the huge
iron clubs they wield. They have horned heads, (with one, two, or three horns)
their skin is reddish, and they have fangs as sharp as swords.

Lv 20 Momunofu モムノフ
HP/MP: 180/78
P:13 M:6 V:10 S:7 L:8
Strong to Physical, Weak to Bad Status attacks
Charge*, Kiai*, 10% Life Spring, Zetsumyo-Ken, Persuade, Suicide Attack
Physical: Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
A warrior god from the ancient mythology of the indigenous Japanese. A servant
of Arahabaki, a Soil God from the same pantheon. It is said Momunofu was used as
the model for the famous folk hero "Momotaro," and later became the basis of the
word "Momunofu" used by the Bushi class. ("Momunofu" is another word that means
Bushi/Samurai/Warrior that was used by the warrior class in Japan)

Lv 4 Shikigami シキガミ
HP/MP: 48/28
P:5 M:5 V:4 S:5 L:5
Reflects Electricity, Weak to Flame
Jio*, Headhunt*, Taru-Nda, Suku-Nda, Magic Resistance, Taru-Kaja
Electricity: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
Familiar demons used by the Onyoshi. ("Ying-Yang Users" literally, a type of
Eastern mystic) They have many servant-oriented skills, ranging from taking care
of the mystic's immediate vicinity, to placing curses upon the mystic's enemies.
They are used for many different functions.

                                KIJO (鬼女)

Lv 72 Rangda ランダ
HP/MP: 552/288
P:19 M:24 V:20 S:14 L:15
Reflects Physical, Weak to Electricity
Randomizer*, Paralysis Claw*, De-Kaja*, Chakra Shoes, Makajamaon, Hellfire,
Death Counter
Support: Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Old Woman, Adult, Female
A witch from the mythology of Indonesia and Bali. She is a representation of
evil in Bali Hinduism, and is always fighting with her arch-enemy Barong, who
similarly represents good. Even if defeated, Rangda will always come back from
the dead, and fights a battle that never ends. On the mainland Rangda is more
known as a fertility goddess that brings good harvest, but her role as witch and
opposer of Barong is more famous.

Lv 67 Atropos アトロポス
HP/MP: 504/285
P:16 M:28 V:17 S:15 L:14
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Mind
Jiodain*, Zandain*, Bufudain*, Electricity Enhance, Shock Enhance, Ice Enhance,
30% Magic Pulse, Megidora
Magic: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Little Girl, Youth, Female
From Greek Mythology, one of the three sisters appointed to managing the Threads
of Fate by the head of the pantheon. She is one of the "Moirai," or as more
commonly known "The Fates." After Lachesis measures out the appropriate amount
of the Threads of Fate, Atropos cuts the thread. For that end, she is depicted
holding a pair of scissors in her right hand.

Lv 63 Lachesis ラケシス
HP/MP: 492/267
P:16 M:26 V:19 S:10 L:15
Immune to Bad Status Attacks
Maka-Kaja*, Raku-Kaja*, Makalakarn*, Suku-Kaja, Dorminer, Tetrakarn, Raku-Nda,
Support: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Lady, Youth, Female
From Greek Mythology, one of the three sisters appointed to managing the Threads
of Fate by the head of the pantheon. She is one of the "Moirai," or as more
commonly known, "The Fates." Lachesis measures out the length of the threads
that Clotho spins. It's said that the length of each thread that Lachesis
measures decides the lifespan of an individual.

Lv 58 Clotho クロト
HP/MP: 438/240
P:16 M:22 V:15 S:16 L:12
Immune to Hama and Curse
Hell's Eye*, Mahanma*, Selfishness*, Mediarahan, Endless Sleep, Carnal Release,
Healing: Ey, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Warrior Maiden, Youth, Female
From Greek Mythology, one of the three sisters appointed to managing the Threads
of Fate by the head of the pantheon. She is one of the "Moirai," or as more
commonly known, "The Fates." Destiny is represented as a thread woven into a
large tapestry, and Clotho is the sister that spins out that thread.

Lv 52 Dakini ダーキニー
HP/MP: 414/189
P:21 M:11 V:17 S:13 L:10
Strong to Flame, Weak to Ice
Abyssal Tone*, Breath of Victory*, Mahamudo, Abduct, Agidain, Venom Zapper,
Physical(?): Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Adult, Female
Goddesses of love and human interaction from Hindu mythology. They originated as
wind spirits and are the servants of Kali. Dakinis are sometimes said to eat
human flesh, and it is said that they hold parties every night at graveyards and
funeral pyres. Their name means "Woman who walks the Wind."

Lv 43 Yakshini ヤクシニー
HP/MP: 348/162
P:17 M:11 V:15 S:11 L:9
Immune to Shock, Weak to Electricity
Abduct*, Guillotine Cut*, Riberama*, Bind Voice, Ice Immunity, Tentarafu, Fierce
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Youth, Female
She-devils from Hindu mythology. They actually originated as fertility goddesses
worshipped by the Dravita people, but as their religion competed with Hinduism
they became incorporated into Hinduism as evil demons. (As one man's god is
another man's demon) Yakshinis are the female counterparts of the Yaksha, and
specialize in seducing and tricking humans. They are usually depicted as
voluptuous, totally naked women.

Lv 32 Yomotsu-Shikome ヨモツシコメ
HP/MP: 246/144
P:8 M:16 V:9 S:10 L:9
Immune to Magic and Nerve, Strong to Mind, Weak to Flame
Borrow*, Petra-Eye*, Mahazanma*, Curse Resistance, Strange Soundwave, Paralysis
Needles, Absorption Attack
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Old Woman, Adult, Female
A demoness from Japanese mythology that lives in Yomi, the Shinto Land of the
Dead, famous for being hideously ugly. She was the first pursuer that Izanami
released to chase Izanagi at Yomotsu-Hira-saka. (see entry on Yomotsu-Ikusa and
Kikuri-Hime for more info) She leads an army of Yomotsu-Ikusa.

Lv 20 Taraka ターラカ
HP/MP: 186/78
P:10 M:6 V:11 S:6 L:7
Immune to Nerve, Weak to Ice
Shibabu*, Taunt*, Analyze*, Raku-Kaja, Headhunt, Suicide Attack, Jionga*,
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Old Woman, Adult, Female
A demoness from Hindu mythology. She lives in the forest where she preys on
travellers. Every night she prowls through the darkness seeking male victims. If
finds one that she likes, she will have sex with him and suck out his life
force. If not, she will simply eat him, starting from the head.

Lv 7 Datsueba ダツエバ
HP/MP: 72/45
P:4 M:8 V:4 S:5 L:6
Immune to Nerve and Mind, Weak to Electricity
99 Needles*, Shibabu*, Bargain, Bufu, Patra, Dorminer
Support: Mo, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Old Woman, Adult, Female
A monster from Japanese folklore. She strips the clothes off of dead sinners
crossing over Sanzu-no-Kawa (a river the souls of the dead cross over, a lot
like the river Styx from Greek Mythology actually) and hangs them on the
branches of trees--the more crimes they committed in life, the more clothes she
steals. In contrast to her appearance as a wizened old woman, she has very sharp
eyes, and the glint therein is said to bestow blessings upon innocent souls
crossing over the river.

                                 JASHIN (邪神)

Lv 83 Mada マダ
HP/MP: 678/312
P:30 M:21 V:30 S:14 L:16
Absorbs Physical, Immune to Curse, Weak to Magic
Randomizer*, Meikai-ha*, Blackmail*, Grand Intoxication, Diarahan, Taru-Kaja,
30% Life Spring
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
A monster god from Hindu mythology, created by Chyavana to save his butt when
Indra was out for his blood. Mada's name means "drunkenness," and he is the god
of liquor and intoxication. He can change the size of his body whenever he
wants, and can become so huge that he could swallow the entire universe and all
the gods in one gulp. Needless to say Mada stopped Indra dead in his tracks when
he threatened Chyavana...

Lv 73 Samael サマエル
HP/MP: 576/297
P:19 M;26 V:23 S:19 L:16
Reflects Hama and Curse, Weak to Electricity
Mahanmaon*, Mahamudo-on*, Prominence*, Samarecarm, Tetrakarn, Death Counter,
Physical Reflection
Curse: Mo, Ey, Bi, Ph, Wi, Ne, Ta
Samael's name has the somewhat contradictory meaning of "Splendorous poisonous
one." A very mysterious and confusing angel from Hebrew mythology. Samael
appears as a huge winged snake, and while being an angel is a leader of demons
as well. Some interpret him as being a fallen angel, and later Jewish
interpretations have him as the Serpent in the Garden of Eden myth, but that
does not match up with a lot of his descriptions within earlier Hebrew
scriptures. The common belief among mythologians is that he originated as a
"good" angel and over time evolved to an "angel representing the cruel/vengeful
aspect of God" to outright "demon."

Lv 65 Totetsu トウテツ
HP/MP: 516/258
P:18 M:21 V:21 S:15 L:18
Immune to Curse, Weak to Magic
Megido*, Tetraja*, Borrow*, Drink Blood, Hell's Eye, Chakra of Victory,
Magic(?): Mo, Ey, Bi, Ph, Ne, Ta
Totetsu is the Japanese name of the Chinese Taotie, a terrible monster feared in
ancient China. It looks like a goat with a human face, with concealed sharp
fangs. The Taotie has an endless hunger and eats anything and everything it can
get its hands on and yet still never achieves satiation. In addition, it steals
the treasure from anyone weaker than it, though it will flagrantly brown-nose
anything stronger than it.

Lv 58 Girimekara ギリメカラ
HP/MP: 474/225
P:22 M:17 V;21 S:13 L:13
Reflects Physical, Immune to Curse
Bind Voice*, Rannyu-Ken*, Abyssal Tone, Discharge, Randomizer, Reppu-ha
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Adult, Male
A giant monster elephant from Sri Lankan mythology. It is said to be the mount
of the Demon Lord Mara, who tried to tempt the Buddha so he would not achieve
enlightenment. It is thought that Girimekara is either a demonized Ganesha or
Airavata. (as the Buddhist Sri Lankans and Hindu Indians came into conflict
quite a lot) Girimekara has an evil eye, and it is said that anything that falls
under its gaze will fall ill.

(Note: I've had tremendous trouble locating English resources on Sri Lankan
demons--I don't want to think about the trouble I went to find "Gurulu"--and
have come up totally empty-handed on Girimekara. Even in Japanese sources it's
been really hard finding anything about him outside of Megaten-related links.
So, this romanization may be wrong)

Lv 45 Pazuzu パズス
HP/MP: 390/192
P:16 M:19 V:20 S:10 L:8
Immune to Curse, Weak to Ice
Hell's Eye*, Medirama*, Threaten*, Shock Immunity, Petrification Needles,
Tentarafu, Moist Wind
Shock: Mo, Ey, Wi, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: God, Adult, Male
Pazuzu is the demonic god of wind and tempest from Babylonian mythology. He has
the head and arms of a lion, the clawed, taloned legs of a hawk, the wings of a
bird, the poisonous tail of a scorpion, and his phallus is a gigantic snake.
Pazuzu is a bringer of disease to humans, and it is said that those that fall
under his blight can only be cured through the use of magic.

Lv 33 Baphomet バフォメット
HP/MP: 300/150
P:8 M:17 V:17 S:9 L:10
Reflects Curse, Weak to Hama
Maka-Kaja*, Summon*, Silent Sky Vow*, Evil Eye, Maharagion, Endless Sleep,
Abyssal Tone,
Magic: Mo, Ey, Wi, Ph, Ne, Ta
The goat-headed demon summoned in the Black Mass. In some interpretations he
represents all demons. Baphomet's origins lie in the story of the Knights
Templar. The Knights Templar was a religious order of knights in the Middle Ages
that was accused of crimes against the Church; one admitted to worshipping an
idol called "Baphomet." After his confession, details on the god/demon Baphomet
were formulated, and soon after he was said to be a god worshipped by witches.
There is some dispute as to whether or not the Knights Templar really did
worship Baphomet, as the information was extracted via the Church's torture

Lv 30 Arahabaki アラハバキ
HP/MP: 294/120
P:14 M:10 V:19 S:6 L:9
Reflects Ice, Immune to Physical, Hama, and Curse, Weak to everything else
Mahabufura, Petra-eye, Mudo, Panic Voice, Absorption Attack
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
A supreme deity from ancient Japanese mythology of the Kohun period. He is
usually seen represented in the form of Shako-Kidogu. (a special kind of
mud/clay figurine or doll) Because he was worshipped by Nagasunehiko, enemy of
Emperor Jimmu, Arahabaki became a symbol of treachery and his worship was
forbidden for a long time afterwards.

                                MAOU (魔王)
Maniacs Only:
LV 95 Beelzebub (Fly Form) ベルゼブブ
HP/MP: 738/372
P:35 M:28 V:28 S:29 L:21
Reflects Hama and Curse, Immune to Bad Status
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne
The demon lord that rules Hell. His name means "Lord of the Flies." He uses his
fly underlings to carry and control souls. It is said that Beelzebub is the
cursed form of the Canaanite god Baal. However most scholars think that
Beelzebub actually derives from a minor god, Baal-Zebulon, patron deity of the
ancient city of Zebulon, and was just one of the many "rival" gods demonized by
the monotheistic faction of Hebrews. (like Bael is from the "big" Baal) Since
"Zebulon" is close to "Zebub," the Aramaic(?) word for "fly," it was an easy
jump to make.

Lv 91 Mot モト
HP/MP: 759/369
P:25 M:32 V:31 S:16 L:19
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status, weak to Electricity
Maharagidain*, Mahazandain*, Maka-Kaja*, Summon, Threaten, Shock Absorption,
Magic: Ph, Ne, Ta
The Mesopotamian god of death and sterility that terrorized the land of Canaan
in Babylonian mythology. His name means "death" and he lives in the Afterworld.
Mot's rivalry with the fertility god Baal is legendary, and through his
machinations Mot managed to kill him. However, Baal's younger sister Anat had
him brought back to life, after which she exacted revenge on Mot by killing him.
However Mot did not stay dead, and it is said that Anat slays him every harvest
season, only for him to revive again each spring.

Maniacs Only:
LV 84 Beelzebub (Human form) ベルゼブブ
HP/MP: 666/333
P:32 M:27 V:27, S:19 L:19
Reflects Hama and Curse, Immune to Bad Status
Mahajiodain*, Megidoraon*, Memory Advancement, Electricity Enhance
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne
The demon lord that rules Hell. His name means "Lord of the Flies." He uses his
fly underlings to carry and control souls. It is said that Beelzebub is the
cursed form of the Canaanite god Baal. However most scholars think that
Beelzebub actually derives from a minor god, Baal-Zebulon, patron deity of the
ancient city of Zebulon, and was just one of the many "rival" gods demonized by
the monotheistic faction of Hebrews. (like Bael is from the "big" Baal) Since
"Zebulon" is close to "Zebub," the Aramaic(?) word for "fly," it was an easy
jump to make.

Lv 77 Arsiel アルシエル
HP/MP: 624/306
P:29 M:25 V:27 S:14 L:16
Reflects Curse, Immune to Hama, Strong to all Magic
30% Life Spring, Tetrakarn, Hell Fang, War Cry of Victory
Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
From Hebrew mythology, the lord of "Gehenna," one of the 7 layers of Hell.
Despite the "-el" ending, his name means "Black Sun," and he was actually copied
from the Babylonian underworld god "Aciel." Occasionally he is seen as being the
same as the Lord of Locusts, Abbadon, and sometimes he is seen as the same as

LV 74 Surtr スルト
HP/MP: 588/282
P:28 M:20 V:24 S:15 L:19
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Curse, Nerve, and Mind, Weak to Ice
Hellfire*, Battle Cry*, Heatwave*, Electricity Absorb, Attack All, Smooth Talk,
Flame: Mo, Ey, Ph, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: God, Adult, Male
A giant king from Norse mythology. The ruler of the land of fire, Muspellheim,
he wields a giant flaming sword named "Laevateinn." In the grand battle that
would be the twilight of the gods, Ragnarok, it is said that he will lead his
armies into Asgard, destroy the Aesir, and afterwards, the world.

LV 69 Abbadon アバドン
HP/MP: 564/279
P:26 M:24 V:25 S:13 L:15
Reflects Curse, Immune to Hama, Strong to all Magic
Attack All*, Panic Voice*, Mahabufudain, Threaten, Fierce Counterattack, Ice
Reflect, Meikai-ha
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
The Lord of the Abyss told about in the book of Revelations in the Christian
Bible. He is depicted as a demon lord leading a huge throng of gnats, locusts,
and other irritating insects infested with infectious disease. It is said that
Abaddon originates as a deification of the swarms of locusts that occasionally
flood over crops and destroy them.

LV 52 Loki ロキ
HP/MP: 432/216
P:16 M:20 V:20 S:12 L:16
Strong to Physical, all magic, and Bad Status
Mahabufudain*, Makajamaon*, Prank, Charisma, Torafulee, Mudo-on, 20% Magic Pulse
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
The "evil god" of Norse mythology. In actuality, Loki is not really evil, but
unpredictable, cunning, and a trickster/practical joker. On one hand he helps
the gods out quite a lot, including obtaining valuable artifacts for them
(including Thor's hammer) but on the other hand spawns such irritants to the
gods like Fenrir and Hel. After enough nasty pranks, including tricking the
blind god Hodur into killing the supreme god Odin's son Baldur, he was thrown
out of Asgard.

                                YAMA (夜魔)

LV 80 Lilith リリス
HP/MP: 606/330
P:17 M:30 V:21 S:17 L:15
Immune to Hama and Curse, Strong to all magic
Carnal Release*, Hell's Eye*, Mahajiodain*, Drink Blood, Hell Fang, 30% Magic
Pulse, Megidoraon
Mo, Ey, Bi, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Adult, Female
From Hebrew mythology, the first woman, and the first wife of the first man,
Adam. Her relationship with her husband was tumultuous as she demanded equality
and he demanded superiority--finally, after refusing to "be on the bottom" and
getting raped by Adam, Lilith fled the Garden of Eden and became a demon.
Despite the circumstances of her banishment, she became seen as a symbol of
infidelity. Lilith actually originates as a Babylonian earth goddess.

LV 70 Nyx ニュクス
HP/MP: 522/291
P:15 M:27 V:17 S:16 L:15
Strong to All Magic
Dorminer*, Makalakarn*, Endless Sleep*, Randomizer, Drink Magic, Absolute Zero,
Absorb Flame
Magic: Ey, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Adult, Female
The goddess of the night from Greek mythology. Originally it was said that she
was born from chaos, and her name meens "the mother night." She is depicted as a
goddess draped in long flowing black robes. Versions of her birth and origins
vary, but one interpretation has her as a creator goddess, laying a silver egg
that produces the gods responsible for the creation of the world.

Maniacs Only:
LV 66 Ja-aku Frost ジャアクフロスト
HP/MP: 474/270
P:24 M:24 V:13 S:16 L:24
Reflects Flame and Curse, Absorbs Ice, Immune to Hama, Strong to Physical
Mahabufudain*, Mahamudo-on*, Rampage*, Diarama, Magic Immunity, Nerve Immunity,
Mind Immunity
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Hee-ho, Child
A Jack Frost that sought out powerful evil. He wandered the Vortex World
training, until he acheived the wicked power he was after. He still retained his
cute appearance, but the awesome power within him is incomparable to his earlier

LV 56 Queen Maeve クイーンメイブ
HP/MP: 522/291
P:12 M:27 V:12 S:12 L:19
Strong to All Magic
Medirama*, Jiodain*, Taru-Kaja*, Mediarahan, Makalakarn, Dorminer, Tetraja,
Ey, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Adult, Female
A fairy queen from Celtic Mythology. Maeve actually originates as neither fairy
nor queen, but as a patron goddess of Ireland. Post-Christianization of Ireland,
she became seen as not a goddess but a mortal of legend or a demon that haunts
dreams. Afterwards she became confused with Titania and became seen as a queen.
Queen Maeve is said to have had many husbands, and gave each of them a nectar
liquor mixed with her own blood, to give them right of authority to rule the
lands of Ireland.

Lv 53 Loa ロア
HP/MP: 414/225
P:16 M:22 V:16 S:12 L:7
Immune to Mudo, Magic, and Nerve, Weak to Hama
Mahamudo*, Tetraja*, De-Kunda*, Poison Bite, Petra-Eye, Self-Destruct, Mahamudo-
on, Randomizer
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
Loa is a general term for gods and holy spirits within the Voodoo religion.
Specifically, Loa are the spiritual forces that intervene directly with human
affairs, as opposed to the higher god(s) that do not directly interfere. It is
said that the powers that Loa grant to humans vary by the individual, and those
more aligned with shadow can use them to evoke powerful curses. The Loa probably
originate with animistic spirits of nature from the native Yoruba religion in

LV 47 Chiun キウン
HP/MP: 372/198
P:14 M:19 V:19 S:11 L:8
Immune to Mudo, Strong to All Magic, Weak to Hama
Mudo-on*, Charm Bite*, Strange Soundwave*, Suku-Kaja, Trade, Raku-Kaja, Evil
Eye, Hama Immunity
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
"Chiun" gets a passing reference in the book of Amos in the Old Testament as a
god that the Israelites worshipped before they adopted worship of their main
tribal deity, and is said to represent a star. In actuality, Chiun is really
Kewan, an Assyrian god/name for Saturn. (the planet/star) Chiun is often
juxtaposed with another idol, Moloch.*
*Note: Actually it says "Sakute" in-game, and I had no clue what they were
talking about until I managed to get my hands on a Japanese translation of the
Bible, in which instead of "Moloch," as appears in the English bible, I saw
"Sakute." The kana "Sakute" is nowhere near any of the names for the god Melech
from which "Moloch" originates, but I'm going to assume they are one and the

LV 37 Succubus サキュバス
HP/MP: 288/159
P:10 M:16 V:11 S:10 L:10
Immune to Mind, Weak to Hama
Dorminer*, Analyze*, Selfishness*, Endless Sleep, Sexy Eye, Drink Blood,
Support: Ey, Wi, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Youth, Female
A female demon from legend in medieval Europe used to explain erotic dreams.
Incubus is the male form of this demon. Succubi enter the dreams of sleeping
men, have sex with them, and steal their spirit by doing so. The face of a
succubus is actually that of an extremely ugly old woman, but when she appears
in a dream, a succubus appears as a stunningly beautiful young woman.

LV 25 Incubus インキュバス
HP/MP: 198/117
P:7 M:14 V:8 S:9 L: 7
Immune to Magic and Mind, Weak to Shock
Brown-Nose*, Sexy Eye*, Wing Flap*, Paralysis Bite, Smooth Talk, Evil Eye, Drink
Support: Mo, Ey, Wi, Cl, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Guy, Youth, Male
A male demon from legend in medieval Europe used to explain erotic dreams.
Succubus is the female form of this demon. Incubi enter the dreams of sleeping
women and impregnate them. During the Dark Ages, whenever a nun got pregnant,
incubi were frequently the ones that got blamed.

LV 18 Fomorian フォモリア
HP/MP: 192/75
P:8 M:7 V:14 S:4 L:5
Immune to Ice, Weak to Electricity
Bufu*, Lullaby*, Charge, 10% Life Spring, Abduct, Mahabufu, Rampage
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
The Fomorians are a race of evil giants from Celtic legend. They are often
depicted as barbarians with the heads of mountain goats, horses, or other
animals. They are ruled by the kings Indech, and the "Evil Eye," Balor. They are
said to have lived in Ireland from ancient times, where they beat back the
invasion of races from the west again and again.

LV 8 Lilim リリム
HP/MP: 78/48
P:4 M:8 V:5 S:7 L:4
Immune to Electricity, Weak to Ice
Raku-Nda*, Sexy Eye*, Analyze, Silent Sky Vow, Taru-Nda, Maha-Jio
Support (Electricity?): Ey, Wi, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Girl, Youth, Female
From Hebrew mythology, the name of the children of Adam and his first wife
Lilith. They are usually interpreted as being demons like their mother, or else
as nightmare demons. It is commonly thought that the idea of the Lilim was
brought to Greece, where they became known as the Empousae.

                                  YOJU (妖獣)

LV 75 Hraesvelgr フレスベルグ
HP/MP: 564/285
P:20 M:20 V:19 S:25 L:11
Reflects Ice, Immune to Curse, Weak to Flame
Mahabufudain*, Ice Enhance*, Wing Flap*, Physical Resistance, Iron Claw, Breath
Shoes, Electricity Reflection
Ice: Mo, Ey, Wi, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne
From Norse mythology, a huge, omniscient eagle that sits atop the tallest branch
of Yggdrasil, the World Tree, and watches over the whole world. It also is said
to be responsible for creating all the winds of the world. Hraesvelgr's nemesis
is Nidhoggr, the great snake that lives among the deepest roots of the tree.

LV 43 Mothman モスマン
HP/MP: 366/183
P:11 M:18 V:18 S:8 L:8
Immune to Flame and Curse, Weak to Electricity
Evil Eye*, Paralysis Claw*, Torafulee, Panic Voice, Fire Breath, Electricity
Curse (Flame?): Mo, Ey, Wi, Ph, Cl, Ne
An unconfirmed animal said to have been sighted in America in the 1960s-1980s.
It was given its name because of the "Moth Wings" protruding from its sides. It
is said to be extremely sensitive to the smell of blood, and as soon as it
detects it, it will carry off the person bleeding back to its lair so it can
drink their blood.

LV 31 Nue ヌエ
HP/MP: 258/120
P:14 M:9 V:12 S:8 L:8
Immune to Ice and Curse, Weak to Flame
Paralysis Claw*, Battle Cry*, Ice Breath, Panic Voice, Ice Enhance, Mahamudo
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne
A monster from Japanese legend. It has the head of a monkey, the arms and legs
of a tiger, and the tail of a snake. In the _Heike Monogatari_, it would hide in
dark clouds in the dead of night every evening, from where it would launch
attacks on the Imperial palace.

LV 25 Raiju ライジュウ
HP/MP: 204/120
P:8 M:15 V:8 S:8 L:5
Absorbs Electricity, Immune to Curse, Weak to Shock
Jionga*, Lightma*, Claw, Discharge, 99 Needles, Electricity Enhance
Electricity:  Mo, Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne
A monstrous animal from Japanese folklore that is said to come to earth along
with bolts of lightning. Normally they run around in thunderclouds, riding the
occasional thunderbolt down to earth. It is said to have fangs and limbs like a
weasel, but there is some dispute amongst the details.

Lv 15 Bicorn バイコーン
HP/MP: 150/63
P:10 M:6 V:10 S:5 L:4
Immune to Curse, Strong to Bad Status, Weak to Electricity
Suku-Kaja*, Charm Bite*, Maharagi, Bright Sky Critical, Nerve Resistance,
Plinpa, Parala-Eye
Support:  Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
An evil monster in the shape of a horse, with two spiral horns protruding from
its forehead. Its name can be interpreted as both "Two Horns" or "Crescent-
Shaped" but its original derivation is not clear. Sometimes you will see the
two-horned monster "Re'em" from Hebrew mythology mistranslated as this.

LV 6 Chin チン
HP/MP: 72/36
P:4 M:6 V:6 S:5 L:5
Immune to Curse, Strong to Bad Status, Weak to Flame
Close-Eye*, Posumdi*, Zan*, Poison Needle, Battle Cry, Wing Flap, Mahazan, Nerve
Shock: Mo, Ey, Wi, Ph, Ne
"Chin" is the Japanese pronunciation of "Zhen," a poisonous bird from Chinese
legend. It has a beak similar in color to copper, and has a special like for
snakes, which it eats often. The strength of its poison is unparalleled, and it
is said that if a Zhen flies over fertile land, all its crops will wither and
die, and if you dip one of its feathers into a bottle of wine, it will turn it
into a deadly poison that can kill in a single gulp.

                                    YUKI (幽鬼)

LV 63 Vetala ヴェータラ
HP/MP: 474/249
P:22 M:20 V:16 S:11 L:14
Reflects Curse, Weak to Electricity and Hama
Paralysis Claw*, Noble Death-Crash*, Drink Blood, Raku-Nda, Fierce
Counterattack, Megido, Rampage
Curse: Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne
A type of Gaki mentioned in Hindu and Buddhist mythology. From amongst the
uncountable number of Gaki, the strongest of them are called Vetala. Its ears,
head, and limbs are flaccid and lack direction, and are always hanging very low.
Vetala hide in graves, using spells to manipulate corpses and bring harm to

LV 49 Legion レギオン
HP/MP: 420/180
P:19 M:11 V:21 S:9 L:9
Reflects Curse, Weak to Electricity and Hama
Tetrakarn*, Death Touch*, Physical Resistance, Reppu-Ha, Hell's Eye, Plinpa,
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne
A mass of evil spirits mentioned in the Gospel of Mark in the Christian bible,
as "we are many." The name actually originates from military terminology used by
the Romans at the same time it was written; "Legion" was a term used to
designate a regiment of soldiers numbering around 5,000.

LV 28 Pishacha ピシャーチャ
HP/MP: 270/114
P:8 M:10 V:17 S:7 L:6
Immune to Curse, Magic, and Mind, Weak to Flame
Poison Bite*, Suku-Nda*, Parala-Eye, Drink Blood, Strange Soundwave, De-Kunda,
Curse: Ey, Ph, Cl, Bi, Ne
A type of carrion-eating Gaki from Hindu mythology. Pishachas enter the human
body through the mouth, and until driven out by spells or medicine, afflict its
victim with sickness. In addition, it is said that anyone that actually sees a
Pishacha will die within nine months. Pishachas are said to be the spirits of
those who met especially violent ends.

LV 20 Laughing Skull ラフィン・スカル
HP/MP: 156/96
P:7 M:12 V:6 S:7 L:8
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Curse, Weak to Magic and Hama
Suku-Nda*, Parala-Eye*, De-Kaja, Dorminer, Self-Destruct, Hell Stab
Support: Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
From Dominican folklore, a sentient human skull. Laughing Skull gives off an
indescribable shrill laugh, and its voice is said to freeze the hearts of those
that hear it.

LV 17 Yakka ヤカー
HP/MP: 150/81
P:8 M:10 V:8 S:5 L:6
Immune to Curse, Weak to Ice and Hama
Death Touch*, Taru-Nda*, Mahajio, Taunt, Dia, Poison Claw, Diarama
Curse: Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne
A demon of sickness from Sri Lankan mythology. Yakka derives from the Hindu
Yakshas. Its evil eyes have the power to afflict people with disease or
insanity. It is said to be able to take on numerous different forms, but its
"true" form is that of a small, ugly demon.

LV 11 Choronzon コロンゾン
HP/MP: 156/45
P:9 M:4 V:15 S:1 L:2
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Shock and Hama
Agi*, Suku-Nda*, Fire Breath, Rampage, Torafulee, Petra-Eye
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne
A demon that the real-life magician Aleister Crowley attempted to allow to
possess his body in the early 20th century. It is an amalgamation of evil
consciousnesses. It is said that Choronozn tries to hamper and lead astray those
that come close to learning the true nature of knowledge.

LV 4 Gaki ガキ
HP/MP: 54/24
P:5 M:4 V:5 S:6 L:4
Immune to Curse, Weak to all Magic
Claw*, Suku-Kaja*, Agi, Death Touch, Poison Claw, Fog Breath
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Cl, Ne
Gaki are the forms of those that fall to the "Gaki Path," one of the "6 paths,"
a concept of the afterworld from certain lines of Buddhist thought. (Whereby
upon death, one that does not attain Buddhahood is reincarnated in a "higher" or
"lower" path based on one's karma, from highest to lowest being: Celestial
beings, Ashuras, Humans, Animals, Gaki, Demonic beings) As everything a Gaki
eats disappears in their mouths, they must suffer insatiable hunger. Gaki were
used to explain why corpses rot--it was thought that invisible Gaki were eating
the corpse.

                               GEDO (外道)

LV 52 Shadow シャドウ
HP/MP: 420/216
P:10 M:20 V:18 S:16 L:8
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Shock and Hama
Physical Resist*, Mudo-On*, Mahajionga, Drink Magic, Maka-Kaja, Taru-Kaja, Raku-
Kaja, Suku-Kaja
Support: Ph, Ne
A phantasm that appears exactly like the person who sees it. It is said that one
who meets a Shadow will die within a few days. There are similar legends like
this from cultures all around the world, and it is said by some to be an actual
condition that causes mental illness.

Maniacs Only: LV 45 Sakahagi サカハギ
HP/MP: 360/186
P:17 M:17 V:15 S:15 L:11
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Maharagion*, Mahabufura*, Mahajionga*, Mahazanma*, Panic Voice*, Battle Cry*,
Shock Immunity, Electric Immunity
Physical: Mo, Ey, Ph, We, Ne
An evil Manekata, reincarnated in the Vortex world after being guided by the
"Mud Bell of the Afterlife" when in his dead, pure Magatsuhi state. Because of
his cruel actions, he was reborn as a Gedo.

LV 42 Phantom ファントム
HP/MP: 336/177
P:9 M:17 V:14 S:15 L:7
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Shock and Hama
Drink Magic*, Self-Destruct*, Mahajionga, Suicide Attack, Taru-Nda, De-Kaja,
Support: Ph, Ne
A ghost-like entity from English folklore. It is also said to be a vengeful
spirit of a human with a remaining grudge against someone or something in the
world. It appears in a very similar form to whomever sees it, and is said to be
an omen of death and misfortune.

LV 28 Black Ooze ブラックウーズ
HP/MP: 264/111
P:11 M:9 V:16 S:6 L:6
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity and Hama
Close-Eye*, Charm Bite*, Noble Death-Crash, Death Touch, Drink Magic, Panic
Voice, Hama Resistance
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
An entity that appears as a monster without a definitive form; a Black Ooze is
an evil will that could not attain a true body and become a full-fledged demon.
It merely eats victims and grows bigger.

LV 16 Blob ブロブ
HP/MP: 156/66
P:8 M:6 V:10 S:5 L:7
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Ice and Hama
Taru-Nda*, Self-Destruct*, Poison Needles, Marin-Karin, Drink Magic, Zanma
Shock: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
A shapeless monster most famous for its appearance in various Hollywood movies.
Its body is like a blood-red bubbling slime that eats people and increases in
size. In the movies, the only way to stop it is to freeze it and stop it from

Lv 7 Moryo モウリョウ
HP/MP: 66/42
P:6 M:7 V:4 S:5 L:5
Immune to Curse, Weak to Hama
Plinpa*, Poison Needles*, Zan, Death Touch, Chakra of Victory, Mahazan
Shock: Ph, Ne
A spirit or incarnation of a dead person that could not pass on, appearing in
Japanese legend and folklore. Sometimes they have ill intentions but they are
not powerful. Often they are depicted as "Onibi," ghostly, disembodied flames
floating in the air.

LV 6 Slime スライム
HP/MP: 54/33
P:6 M:5 V:3 S:5 L:7
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Flame and Hama
Death Touch*, Bite*, Suku-Nda, Self-Destruct, Battle Cry, Strange Soundwave
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
A primordial monster with a body made up of ooze. There is dispute to its
origins, which remain rather unclear. Generally they are depicted as gathering
and "eating" light.

LV 1 Will o' Wisp ウィルオウィスプ
HP/MP: 30/18
P:4 M;5 V:4 S:5 L:3
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to Hama and all magic
99 Needles*, Zan, Riberama, Death Touch, Self-Destruct, Maka-Kaja
Curse: Ph, Ne
An Onibi (disembodied ghostly flames) legend from many parts of the world. It is
said that the Will o' wisp is the soul of a person that wanders the earth,
choosing not to go to the land of the dead. They appear in graveyards or swamps,
tricking travellers to take the wrong path. Will o' wisp are actually a natural
phenomenon--diphosphane gas produced from rotting organic matter oxidizing and
giving off a strange glow.

                               DAITENSHI (大天使)

Maniacs Only: LV 95 Metatron メタトロン
HP/MP: 744/387
P:32 M:34 V:29 S:24 L:16
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Mahanma-on*, Megidoraon*, Taru-Kaja*, Maka-Kaja*, Randomizer*, Divine
Retribution, Flame of the Sinai, War Cry of Victory
Hama: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, We, Ne
The greatest of the angels, and the one most enshrouded in mystery. He is known
by many other names, such as "The Face of God" and "The Angel of Contracts." In
contrast to his job of preserving the world, he is also said to perform numerous
acts of cruelty upon mankind.

LV 90 Michael ミカエル
HP/MP: 678/360
P:29 M:30 V:23 S:25 L:18
Reflects Hama, Immune to all magic
Deathbound*, Withstand*, War Cry of Victory, Taru-Kaja, 30% Magic Pulse,
Magic: Wi, Ey, Ph, We, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: God, Adult, Male
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, one of the four
Seraphim, the highest rank. His name means "Like God" and he is the highest
ranking of all the angels. The right hand of God and most superior entity,
Michael wields a mystical weapon that can turn aside any blade it locks arms
with. As the story goes, Michael was not originally a high-ranking angel, but
was promoted to lead the armies of Heaven as a reward for his performance in
fighting back the rebellion led by Lucifer.

LV 87 Gabriel ガブリエル
HP/MP: 654/351
P:24 M:30 V:22 S:24 L:12
Reflects Hama, Immune to Flame, Electricity, and Shock
Samarecarm*, Jiodain*, Mahajiodain*, Venom Zapper, Persuade, Electricity
Enhance, Unblemished Power
Electricity: Wi, Ey, Ph, We, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Lady, Adult, Female
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, one of the four
Seraphim, the highest rank. She is a messenger angel, and is the one that
informs the Virgin Mary of her impending pregnancy in the Nativity myth. Her
name means "Unifying One." Her face is that of a young woman, and unlike a lot
of angels is often interpreted as neither male nor gender-neutral, but as being

LV 84 Raphael ラファエル
HP/MP: 636/330
P:26 M:26 V:22 S:28 L:17
Reflects Hama, Immune to Flame and Shock
Malakalarn*, Tetrakarn*, Chakra Shoes*, Distant Prayer, Mahanmaon, Fudo-Ken,
Divine Retribution
Support: Wi, Ey, Ph, We, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult, Male
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, one of the four
Seraphim, the highest rank. His name means "One that heals." He is said to be
the guardian of the Tree of Life, opposite the Tree of Knowledge in the Garden
of Eden. Most of Raphael's exploits take place in the Apocrypha, where he has
roles as imprisoner of Azazel (an angel that gets booted out of Heaven for
having sex with human females) and guide of Sheol, the Hebrew underworld.

LV 73 Uriel ウリエル
HP/MP: 558/291
P:25 M:24 V:20 S:21 L:18
Reflects Hama, Immune to Flame
Heatwave, Absorption Attack, Megidora, Unblemished Power
Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Adult, Male
Within the hierarchy of angels from Christian mythology, one of the four
Seraphim, the highest rank. His name means "Flame of God." On the last day of
judgement, Uriel is said to be the one that oversees and enforces resurrection
and retribution. In addition, he has the duty of carrying the stars in the sky,
and as mentioned in the Apocrypha, guarding the gate of the Garden of Eden,
wielding a flaming sword.

                                 GUNSHIN (軍神)

LV 58 Ganesha ガネーシャ
HP/MP: 474/237
P:21 M:21 V:21 S:12 L:13
Immune to Ice, Shock, and Hama, Weak to Electricity
Withstand, Absorb Shock, Randomizer, Reppu-ha
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Bushi, Adult, Male
An elephant-headed god from Hindu mythology, the son of Shiva and Parvati. Other
versions of the story have him as a god made from dust to guard Parvati's bath
and keep Shiva from peeking in on her. This made Shiva angry and he lopped off
his head. (other versions of the story when Ganesha is his son have Shiva
accidentally reduce his head to ashes with a look when Parvati first shows dad
his newborn boy) Since Ganesha needed a new head, Shiva took the head of the
first thing to come by--an elephant--and replaced it.

LV 33 Valkyrie ヴァルキリー
HP/MP: 282/135
P:15 M:12 V:14 S:12 L:10
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Hama
Guillotine Cut, Hero Hunt, Counterattack, Critical
Ey, Ph, Ne, Ma, Ta
PERSONALITY: Warrior Maiden, Youth, Female
Daughters of the supreme god Odin, from Norse mythology. They are said to ride
their horses through the air, clad in full armor and helmet. In preparation for
Ragnarok, the Twilight of the Gods, the Valkyries are sent out to bring the
souls of human warriors to the hall of Valhalla. Their name means "One who
carries the dead."

                                   GENMA (幻魔)

LV 52 Cu Chulainn クー・フーリン
HP/MP: 414/201
P:21 M:15 V:17 S:14 L:15
Reflects Shock, Immune to Hama
Zandain, Retribution Bolt, Charisma, Venom Zapper, Attack All
Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
PERSONALITY: Gentleman, Youth, Male
A hero from Irish/Celtic Mythology. His name has the unusual meaning of "Fierce
Dog of Chulainn," and his original name was Setanta. He is described as a tall,
cheerful, handsome young man. Wielding the magic spear Gae Bolga, received from
his teacher, he went on many adventures and battles, which are all quite famous.

LV 46 Hanuman ハヌーマン
HP/MP: 326/174
P:17 M:12 V:15 S:19 L:13
Immune to Hama, Strong to Physical
Raku-Kaja, Withstand, Abduct, 30% Life Spring
Mo, Ey, Ph, Ne, We, Ta
A hero from Hindu mythology. He has the power to constantly change his
appearance to his will, and fly through the sky. His many heroic exploits are
detailed in the epic poem "Ramayana," where he leads his army of monkey warriors
on an invasion against Sri Lanka, and helps Rama rescue Sita from the clutches
of Ravana. Hanuman's name means "One with a Jawbone," and he is often depicted
as a human with the face and tail of a monkey.

LV 38 Kurama Tengu クラマテング
HP/MP: 306/165
P:13 M:17 V:13 S:17 L:8
Absorbs Shock, Immune to Hama
Hama Lightning, Shock Enhance, Fog Breath, Shinku-ha, Meisei-ko
Wi, Ne, Ta
PERSONALITY: Bushi, Adult, Male
A Tengu said to live in Kyoto's Kurama mountains. In Japanese legend, the Kurama
Tengu have the greatest level of power and intelligence amongst all other Tengu,
and they are said to have great powers in warding off misfortune and bestowing
blessings. It is sometimes said that the Kurama Tengu is actually the form that
Bishamonten takes at night.

                               RYUJIN (龍神)

LV 44 Seiryu セイリュウ
HP/MP: 396/171
P:15 M:13 V:22 S:9 L:11
Absorbs Ice, Immune to Hama, Weak to Flame
20% Life Spring, Petrification Bite, Ice Breath, Hama Lightning
Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
"Seiryu" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese "Qinglong." One of the
"Four Holy Beasts" appearing often within Chinese mythology and thought. His
direction is west, his season is spring, and his element is wood. Of the four
Beasts Seiryu is the most noble, and lives in a huge palace underneath the

LV 30 Genbu ゲンブ
HP/MP: 240/106
P:9 M:11 V:16 S:4 L:10
Reflects Hama, Absorbs Ice, Weak to Electricity
Bufura, Estma, Ice Enhance, Ice Breath
Mo, Ph, Ta
"Genbu" is the Japanese pronunciation of the Chinese "Xuanwu." One of the "Four
Holy Beasts" appearing often within Chinese mythology and thought. His direction
is north, his season is winter, and his element is water. He has great wisdom
which he received by seeing the future, and is said to sometimes transform into
a human and fight demons.

                                  SHINJU (神獣)

LV 60 Barong バロン
HP/MP: 456/246
P:22 M:22 V:16 S:16 L:14
Reflects Hama, Absorbs Electricity, Weak to Curse
Shockwave*, Bind Voice*, Iron Claw, Mediarahan, Absolute Zero, Curse Immunity
Healing: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Cl, Ne, Ta
A lion-like divine beast from the mythology of Indonesia and Bali. He represents
the side of Good in Bali Hinduism, and is eternally at odds with the witch
Rangda, who represents the side of Evil. Even if he is defeated he will always
revive, and continues his fight with Rangda eternally.

Lv 46 Yatagarasu ヤタガラス
HP/MP: 348/195
P:13 M:18 V:12 S:16 L:10
Reflects Shock and Hama
Chakra of Victory*, Hama Lightning*, Shinku-ha, 20% Magic Pulse, Shock Enhance,
Healing: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
A spirit bird from Japanese mythology. A holy crow with three legs that
Amaterasu sent to serve humans. When Emperror Jimmu became lost in battle,
Yatagarasu led his forces to battle. Because of his high divine status, it is
said that anyone unworthy that sees him will go insane.

LV 26 Kaichi カイチ
HP/MP: 210/114
P:13 M:12 V:9 S:9 L;7
Immune to Ice and Hama, Weak to Bad Status attacks
Poison Gas Breath*, Closdi*, Hell Stab*, Hamaon, Scout, Paraladi, Mahbufura
Ice: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
Kaichi is the Japanese pronunciation of "Jiezhi." (sometimes seen as "Xiezhi
too) A mysterious beast that looks like a sheep, appearing in Chinese legend.
Its eye can see through any lie, and it has the power to always tell whether
what is being said is the truth or not. When it occasionally appears in the
human realm, it uses the power stored in its sharp horn to exact justice on evil

LV 24 Makami マカミ
HP/MP: 186/108
P:11 M:14 V:9 S:7 L:11
Reflects Hama, Immune to Flame
Immune to Mind, Petradi, Diarama, Recarm
Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne, Ta
A divine beast from Japanese mythology. A deified wolf. It is said to be strong
in warding off calamity, especially in protecting houses from fire or theft.
They have been drawn on ema--wooden tablets with pictures of animals (usually
horses) that are hung at shrines with wishes written on the back asking for
divine aid--since old times. However, they have also been seen as a ferocious
symbol of terror, as a beast that eats people.

                                   REICHO (霊鳥)

LV 63 Garuda ガルーダ
HP/MP: 492/243
P:22 M:18 V:19 S:24 L:12
Reflects Hama, Immune to Magic and Nerve, Weak to Curse
Mahanmaon, Persuade, Shinku-Ha, Withstand
Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
A holy bird from Hindu mythology. In order to rescue his mother, who had been
captured by the Naga, he assaulted the heavens in order to get a cup of Soma,
the nectar of immortality as ransom. Impressed by his skill at avoiding the
other gods in his assault, Vishnu granted him immortality in exchange for his
service, and thereafter Garuda became Vishnu's mount.

                                   KYOCHO (凶鳥)

LV 63 Gurulu グルル
HP/MP: 492/255
P:18 M:22 V:19 S:24 L:12
Reflects Curse, Immune to Nerve and Mind, Weak to Hama
Zandain*, Fog Breath*, Mahazandain*, Mahamudo-on, Brown-Nose, Shinku-Ha,
Shockwave, Death Counter
Support: Mo, Wi, Ey, Ph, Cl, Ne, Ta
A demon in the form of a giant eagle from Sri Lankan mythology. Gurulu has been
interpreted as a demonization of Garuda from Hindu mythology, as Hinduism has
been at odds with the beliefs of the native Sri Lankan population in the past.

                                    IRYO (威霊)

LV 64 Albion アルビオン
HP/MP: 694/252
P:25 M:20 V:25 S:10 L:16
Immune to Physical, Ice, and Hama
Absorption Attack, Physical Absorption, Recarmdora, Meikai-Ha
Ey, Ph, Ne, Ta
The ancient ruler of the British Isles from the native mythology of England. The
forerunner of the Gogmagogs, and the first giant said to have lived in the
British Isles. In Greek mythology, he is said to be the giant son of Poseidon
and his legal wife, Amphitrite.

                     ALL MANIACS ONLY: MAJIN (魔人)
LV 80 Dante ダンテ
HP/MP: 612/306
P:25 M:22 V:22 S:25 L:16
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status ailments, Strong to Magic and Physical
E&I*, Rebellion*, Round Trip*, Whirlwind*, Holy Star*, Taunt*, Never Give Up*,
Threaten*, Twosome Time, Stinger, In My Father's Name, Showtime
A devil hunter that entered the Vortex World. He wields twin pisols, "Ebony" and
"Ivory" and a greatsword, "Rebellion." It is said that the blood of the
legendary swordsman "Sparda" flows through his veins.

LV 77 Trumpeter トランペッター
HP/MP: 588/324
P:21 M:31 V:21 S:24 L:15
Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status ailments
Divine Favor Trumpet*, Maharagidain*, Mahabufudain*, Mahajiodain*, Mahazandain*,
Maka-Kaja, De-Kaja, Demon Fate Trumpet
Magic: Ey, Ne
An angel and minion of God with a trumpet, prophecied in the Revelation of John.
It is said that when he plays his trumpet the earth will go ablaze, the stars
will fall, in addition to many other disasters, which will turn the world into
a land of death.

LV 69 Mother Harlot マザーハーロット
HP/MP: 528/267
P:23 M:24 V:19 S:19 L:19
Reflects Physical, Absorbs Electricity, Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Empress' Libido*, Mahajiodain*, Makajamaon*, Dekunda, Kiai, Shockwave, Evil
God's Harsh Voice
Support: Mo, Ey, Ph, Bi, Ne
The "Great Whore" told about in the Revelation of John. She is said to ride on
the back of a seven-headed, ten-horned beast that opposes God, and holds a
golden cup full of impurity.

LV 63 Pale Rider ペイルライダー
HP/MP: 486/267
P:24 M:26 V:18 S:17 L:13
Immune to Ice, Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Pest Crop*, Mahabufudain*, Endless Sleep, Venom Zapper, Silent Sky Critical,
Bright Sky Critical
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, We, Ne
One of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as described in the Revelation of
John, which describes the end of the world. He rides upon a pale horse, where he
is accompanied by the underworld, Hell.* Associated with "Pestilence," he is
tasked by God to destroy by killing people with disease.
*I know this makes absolutely no sense, but take it up with the author of
Revelations, not me or the game :P

LV 61 Black Rider ブラックライダー
HP/MP: 462/258
P:22 M:25 V:16 S:20 L:13
Absorbs Ice, Immune to Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Soul Balance*, Absolute Zero*, Drik Magic, Mahamudo-on, Megidora, 30% Magic
Pulse, Megidoraon
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ne
One of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as described in the Revelation of
John, which describes the end of the world. He rides upon a black horse and
holds a pair of scales in his hands. He is tasked by God to cause Famine and
kill the resulting suffering people.

LV 55 Red Rider レッドライダー
HP/MP: 438/228
P:23 M:21 V:18 S:15 L:13
Immune to Electricity, Shock, Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Tera Sword*, Shinku-Ha*, Shockwave, De-Kunda, Death Counter
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ph, We, Ne
One of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as described in the Revelation of
John, which describes the end of the world. He rides upon a red horse and wields
a sword. He is tasked by God to rob the earth of peace, and make people fight
amongst themselves. He is most frequently associated with "war."

LV 52 White Rider ホワイトライダー
HP/MP: 408/207
P:23 M:17 V:16 S:18 L:13
Immune to Flame, Hama, Curse and Bad Status
God Arrow*, Prominence*, Tetraja, De-Kaja, Chakra of Victory
Curse: Mo, Ey, Ne
One of the "Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse" as described in the Revelation of
John, which describes the end of the world. He sits upon a white horse and
wields a bow. He is given a crown, and tasked to kill and conquer.

LV 42 Hell's Angel ヘルズエンジェル
HP/MP: 336/168
P:17 M:14 V:14 S:17 L:10
Absorbs Shock, Immune to Fire, Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Hell Spin*, Hell Burner*, Hell Exhaust, Attack All
Shock: Ey, Ph, Ne
Hell's Angel's name means "Angel of Hell,"* and he is a terrible rider that
manifests as a demon. The anger produced by hating himself and the world turned
himself into an abominable entity focused solely on violence and destruction,
*Oddly enough, this is probably redundant information to most Japanese, as well
as English speakers.

LV 37 High Priest だいそうじょう
HP/MP: 288/174
P:12 M:21 V:11 S:13 L:10
Immune to Hama, Reflects Curse, Absorbs Magic and Mind, Immune to Nerve
Meditate*, Mahanma-on*, Mahamudo-on, Distant Prayer, Banno-Sokubodai
Magic: Mo, Ey, Ne
A monk that killed himself while trying to save humanity through fasting and
meditation. Through the blessing of the Buddha his body did not rot and
continues to exist. It is said that he will reappear before humanity on the
coming day of salvation. (I actually suspect that High Priest is supposed to be
Miroku himself)

LV 30 Matador
HP/MP: 246/117
P:12 M:9 V:11 S:19 L:9
Immune to Shock, Hama, Curse, and Bad Status
Mahazan*, Andalucia of Blood*, De-kunda, Kiai, Taunt, Red Cape
Physical: Ey, Ph, We, Ne
A bullfighter who had many brushes with death, now born as a Spanish death-god,
that seeks a "death aesthetic." The targets of his deadly sword, "Espada," have
switched from bulls to humans.

                                    SKILL LIST

There are a whole lot of skills in SMT3. I thought of breaking them down in many
ways--by element, by type, etc., but in the end I decided to group them by
Inheritance rather than anything else. Each skill not constrained to a single
character has an Inheritance type which dictates how you can transfer it from
demon to demon. For example, only demons with claws can inherit Claw attacks
from their "parent" demons. The Inheritance types are as follows:

Magic: General-purpose spells
Mouth: Skills that require the mouth (breath weapons and battle cries)
Eye: Skills that require eyes to use (eye-beams and the like)
Needles: Skills that consist of firing needles at the opponent
Claw: Attacks that require claws to use
Bite: Attacks that require sharp teeth to use
Wing: Skills (actually skill, there's only one AFAIK) that need wings
Physical: Physical attacks that don't require a weapon
Weapon: Attacks that require some sort of weapon to use
Conversation: Conversation skills--require some degree of intelligence

ALL offensive attacks, with the sole exception of the self-destruct attacks,
have some sort of type or affinity. (ie fire, ice, physical, etc.) In general,
skills that require HP to use will be Physical damage. (there are only two
exceptions, and they are both Hero-only skills) The amount of HP required is a
percentage of the user's max HP, and will scale up accordingly. For example, a
13% attack will cost 13 HP for a user with 100 max HP, and 26 HP for a user with
200 Max HP. Skills that require MP have constant requirements.

The Types/Affinities are as follows:

FIRE: Burning damage.
ICE: Freezing damage. Can inflict the FREEZE status as well.
ELECTRIC: Electrical shock damage. Can inflict the SHOCK status as well.
SHOCK: Kinetic force damage (ie damage done by winds, vibrations, etc)
HAMA: Hama is a Shinto concept--the idea of "granting passage" to restless
  spirits so they can travel on to the next world, often by placing blessed
  strips of paper called o-Fuda near them. General purpose holy damage too.
CURSE: Damaging curses--usually death, but also STONE and FLY status
ALL-PURPOSE: Almighty damage that cannot be resisted, reflected, or otherwise
NERVE: Attacks on the nervous system to impede movement--BIND or PARALYZE
MIND: Mental or psychological attacks--SLEEP, CHARM, or PANIC
MAGIC: Hexes, enchantments, etc--CLOSE or POISON

                               MAGIC SKILLS

Name           Japanese        MP   #   Type       Notes
Agi            アギ        3   1   Fire
Agirao         アギラオ         6   1   Fire
Agidain        アギダイン      10   1   Fire
Maharagi       マハラギ         8  All  Fire
Maharagion     マハラギオン    15  All  Fire
Maharagidain   マハラギダイン  25  All  Fire
Bufu           ブフ             3   1   Ice         Can Freeze target
Bufura         ブフーラ         6   1   Ice         Can Freeze target
Bufudain       ブフダイン      10   1   Ice         Can Freeze target
Mahabufu       マハブフ         8  All  Ice         Can Freeze target
Mahabufura     マハブフーラ    15  All  Ice         Can Freeze target
Mahabufudain   マハブフダイン  25  All  Ice         Can Freeze target
Jio            ジオ             3   1   Electric    Can Shock target
Jionga         ジオンガ         6   1   Electric    Can Shock target
Jiodain        ジオダイン      10   1   Electric    Can Shock target
Mahajio        マハジオ         8  All  Electric    Can Shock target
Mahajionga     マハジオンガ    15  All  Electric    Can Shock target
Mahajiodain    マハジオダイン  25  All  Electric    Can Shock target
Zan            ザン             3   1   Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Zanma          ザンマ           6   1   Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Zandain        ザンダイン      10   1   Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Mahazan        マハザン         8  All  Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Mahazanma      マハザンマ      15  All  Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Mahazandain    マハザンダイン  25  All  Shock       Insta-kills the Petrified
Megido         メギド          30  All  A/P
Megidora       メギドラ        37  All  A/P
Megidoraon     メギドラオン    50  All  A/P
Hama           ハマ             6   1   Hama        Death (40%)
Hamaon         ハマオン        10   1   Hama        Death (60%)
Mahanma        マハンマ        15  All  Hama        Death (20%)
Mahanmaon      マハンマオン    25  All  Hama        Death (30%)
Mudo           ムド             6   1   Curse       Death (40%)
Mudo-on        ムドオン        10   1   Curse       Death (60%)
Mahamudo       マハムド        15  All  Curse       Death (20%)
Mahamudo-on    マハムドオン    25  All  Curse       Death (30%)
Shibabu        シバブー         5   1   Nerve       Binds (60%)
Dorminer       ドルミナー       8  All  Mind        Sleeps (30%)
Plinpa         プリンパ         5   1   Mind        Panics (60%)
Marin-Karin    マリンカリン     5   1   Mind        Charms (60%)
Tentarafu      テンタラフー    15  All  Mind        Damage + Panics (20%)
Makajama       マカジャマ       4   1   Magic       Closes (40%)
Makajamaon     マカジャマオン   5  All  Magic       Closes (20%)

Name           Japanese        MP   #   Effect
Dia            ディア           3   1   Heals HP (low)
Diarama        ディアラマ       7   1   Heals HP (medium)
Diarahan       ディアラハン    15   1   Heals HP (all)
Media          メディア        12  All  Heals HP (low)
Mediarama      メディアラマ    20  All  Heals HP (medium)
Mediarahan     メディアラハン  35  All  Heals HP (all)
Patra          パトラ           5   1   Cures Sleep, Bind, and Panic
Mepatra        メパトラ        12   1   Cures Sleep, Bind, and Panic
Posumdi        ポズムディ       5   1   Cures poison
Paraladi       パララディ       5   1   Curse paralysis
Closdi         クロスディ       5   1   Cures close
Petradi        ペトラディ       5   1   Cures petrification
Recarm         リカーム        20   1   Raises the dead
Samarecarm     サマリカーム    35   1   Raises the dead to full health
Recarmdora     リカームドラ   0 Other Caster dies, heals party's HP/MP to max
Makatora       マカトラ        10   1   Gives an ally 10 MP

Name           Japanese        MP   #   Effect
Taru-kaja      タルカジャ      12  All  Raises attack power by 25%
Raku-kaja      ラクカジャ      12  All  Raises defense power by 25%
Suku-kaja      スクカジャ      12  All  Raises accuracy and evasion by 25%
Maka-kaja      マカカジャ      12  All  Raises magic power by 25%
De-kaja        デカジャ        10  All  Removes enemy -kaja effects
Taru-nda       タルンダ        20  All  Lowers attack and magic power by 12.5%
Raku-nda       ラクンダ        20  All  Lowers defense power by 12.5%
Suku-nda       スクンダ        20  All  Lowers accuracy and evasion by 12.5%
De-kunda       デクンダ        20  All  Removes party -nda effects
Tetrakarn      テトラカーン    45  All  Reflects physical attacks for 1 turn
Makalakarn     マカラカーン    45  All  Reflects magical attacks for 1 turn
Tetraja        テトラジャ      15  All  One-time Hama or Curse blocker

Name      Japanese    MP  Effect
Estma     エストマ    10  Until next "Silent," reduces low-level encounters
Riberama  リベラマ     8  Until next "Silent," increase encounter rate
Lightma   ライトマ    12  Until next "Silent," light dark areas
Liftma    リフトマ    12  Until next "Silent," negate floor damage
Torafulee トラフーリ  25  Immediately flee from battle
Analyze   アナライズ   2  Analyze a single enemy's data

Name               Japanese          MP   #   Type        Notes
Hellfire           地獄の業火        18  1-4  Fire
Prominence         プロミネンス      30  1-4  Fire
Absolute Zero      絶対零度          25  1-4  Ice         Freezes (15%)
Discharge          放電               9  1-5  Electricity Shocks (15%)
Shockwave          ショックウェーブ  25  1-4  Electricity Shocks (15%)
Tornado            竜巻              25  1-4  Shock
Shinkuha           真空刃            13   1   Shock
Death Touch        デスタッチ         5   1   A/P         Drains HP
Drink Magic        吸魔               2   1   A/P         Drains MP
Drink Blood        吸血              10   1   A/P         Drains HP/MP
Suicide attack     特攻          All HP   1   Special**
Noble-Death Crash  玉砕破        All HP  1-4  Special**
Self-Destruct      自爆          All HP  All* Special**
Hama Lightning     破魔の雷光        10   1   Hama
Unblemished Power  汚れ無き威光      30  All  Hama
Judgement Bolt     裁きの雷火        12   1   Hama        Halves HP
Divine Retribution 天罰              36  All  Hama        Halves HP
Endless Sleep     永眠の誘い         16  All  Nerve       Kills Sleeping targets
Lullaby           子守り歌           13   1   Mind        Sleep (70%)
Carnal Release    肉体の解放         13  All  Mind        Charm (50%)
Strange Soundwave 怪音波              9  All  Mind        Panic (20%)
Abyssal Melody    魔界のしらべ       30  All  Magic       Damage + Close (15%)

* Self-Destruct affects everyone in the battle, both allies and enemies
** Kamikaze techniques ignore all enemy affinities when doing damage

Name           Japanese        MP   #    Effect
Distant Prayer 常世の祈り      50  All   Heals all HP and status (except Curse)
Taunt          挑発            20  All   Lowers enemy defense but raises attack
Randomizer     ランダマイザ    48  All   Lowers all enemy stats by 12.5%
Kiai           気合い           5  Self  Next physical attack does ~2.5x damage
Summon         召し寄せ        14  Spec  Summons a random ally

Name                 Japanese        Effect
Flame Enhance        火炎高揚        Increases Fire skill damage by 50%
Ice Enhance          氷結高揚        Increases Ice skill damage by 50%
Electric Enhance     電撃高揚        Increases Electricity skill damage by 50%
Shock Enhance        衝撃高揚        Increases Shock skill damage by 50%
Physical Resistence  耐物理          Reduces damage taken from Physical attacks
Flame Resistence     耐火炎          Reduces damage taken from Fire
Ice Resistence       耐氷結          Reduces damage taken from Ice
Electric Resistence  耐電撃          Reduces damage taken from Electricity
Shock Resistence     耐衝撃          Reduces damage taken from Shock
Hama Resistence      耐破魔          Increased defense against Hama spells
Curse Resistence     耐呪殺          Increased defense against Curse spells
Nerve Resistence     耐神経          Increased defense against Bind/Paralyze
Mind Resistence      耐精神          Increased defense against Sleep/Charm/Panic
Magic Resistence     耐魔力          Increased defense against Close/Poison
Physical Immunity    物理無効        Blocks Physical attacks
Flame Immunity       火炎無効        Blocks Fire attacks
Ice Immunity         氷結無効        Blocks Ice attacks
Electric Immunity    電撃無効        Blocks Electricity attacks
Shock Immunity       衝撃無効        Blocks Shock attacks
Hama Immunity        破魔無効        Blocks Hama spells
Curse Immunity       呪殺無効        Blocks Curse spells
Nerve Immunity       神経無効        Blocks Bind and Paralysis attacks
Mind Immunity        精神無効        Blocks Sleep, Charm, and Panic attacks
Magic Immunity       魔力無効        Blocks Close and Poison attacks
Physical Absorption  物理吸収        Physical attacks heal user
Flame Absorption     火炎吸収        Fire attacks heal user
Ice Absorption       氷結吸収        Ice attacks heal user
Electric Absorption  電撃吸収        Electricity attacks heal user
Shock Absorption     衝撃吸収        Shock attacks heal user
Physical Reflection  物理反射        Reflects physical attacks back at attacker
Flame Reflection     火炎反射        Reflects fire attacks back at caster
Ice Reflection       氷結反射        Reflects ice attacks back at caster
Electric Reflection  電撃反射        Reflects electricity attacks back at caster
Shock Reflection     衝撃反射        Reflects shock attacks back at caster
10% Life Spring      一分の活泉      Increases Max HP by 10%
20% Life Spring      二分の活泉      Increases Max HP by 20%
30% Life Spring      三分の活泉      Increases Max HP by 30%
10% Magic Pulse      一分の魔脈      Increases Max MP by 10%
20% Magic Pulse      二分の魔脈      Increases Max MP by 20%
30% Magic Pulse      三分の魔脈      Increases Max MP by 30%
Critical             会心            Increased chance of critical hits
Bright Sky Critical  煌天の会心      100% chance of criticals during Full Moon
Quiet Sky Critical   静天の会心      100% chance of criticals during New Moon
Absorption Attack    吸収攻撃        Heal ~10% the damage you do when attacking
Attack All           全体攻撃        Normal attacks hit all enemies facing you
Counterattack        反撃            Small damage physical counter (50% chance)
Fierce Counterattack 猛反撃          Medium damage physical counter (50% chance)
Death Counter        デスカウンター  High damage physical counter (50% chance)
Breath of Victory    勝利の息吹   Heal 20% of max HP after every battle
Chakra of Victory    勝利のチャクラ  Heal 10% of max MP after every battle
War Cry of Victory   勝利の雄叫び    Heal HP and MP to full after every battle
Breath Shoes         息吹の具足      Heal 10% of max HP every Kagutsuchi change
Chakra Shoes         チャクラの具足  Heal 20% of max MP every Kagutsuchi change
Withstand            食いしばり      Once per battle, withstand a killing blow
Memory Advancement   見覚えの成長    When in the Stock, gain 50% of party EXP
Treasure Hunt        宝探し          Occasionally find items on the world map
Penetrate            貫通            All attacks of character ignore physical
                                     resistance, immunity, or absorption (but
                                     not reflection) Only available in Maniacs.

                               MOUTH SKILLS
Name               Japanese        MP   #   Type   Pow  Sca  Notes
Fire Breath        ファイヤブレス   9  1-5  Fire    30  --
Ice Breath         アイスブレス     9  1-5  Ice     25  --   Freezes (20%)
Bind Voice         バインドボイス  14  All  Nerve   --  --   Binds (20%)
Panic Voice        パニックボイス   8  All  Mind    --  30   Panics (30%)
Poison Gas Breath  毒ガスブレス     8  1-5  Magic   25  20   Poisons (20%)
Name           Japanese        MP   #    Effect
Fog Breath     フォッグブレス  30  All   Reduces accuracy & evasion by 25%
Battle Cry     雄叫び          40  All   Reduces attack & magic power by 25%

                                 EYE SKILLS
Name               Japanese        MP   #   Type   Effect
Petra Eye          ペトラアイ       6   1   Curse  Petrifies target (50%)
Evil Eye           イービルアイ     8   1   Curse  Reduces target's HP to 1(50%)
Hell's Eye         ヘルズアイ      10   1   Curse  Death (70%)
Parala-Eye         パララアイ       5   1   Nerve  Paralyzes target (40%)
Sexy Eye           セクシーアイ     5   1   Mind   Charms target (55%)
Close Eye          クロスアイ       5   1   Magic  Closes target (40%)

                                   WING SKILLS
Name               Japanese        MP   #   Type
Wing Flap          羽ばたき         9  1-5  Shock

                                   CLAW SKILLS
Name               Japanese        HP   #  Notes
Claw               ひっかき        6%   1
Poison Claw        毒ひっかき     18%   1   Poisons (40%)
Paralysis Claw     マヒひっかき   17%   1   Paralyzes (40%)
Iron Claw          アイアンクロウ 14%   1

                                   BITE SKILLS
Name               Japanese        HP   #   Notes
Bite               かみつき       12%   1
Poison Bite        毒かみつき     18%   1   Poisons (40%)
Charm Bite         魅惑かみつき   18%   1   Charms  (60%)
Paralysis Bite     マヒかみつき   17%   1   Paralyzes (40%)
Petrify Bite       石化かみつき   22%   1   Petrifies (60%)
Hell Fang          ヘルファング   15%   1

                                PHYSICAL SKILLS
Name               Japanese        HP   #
Charge             突撃           10%   1
Hell Stab          地獄突き       12%   1
Rampage            暴れまくり     13%  1-5
Reppu-Ha           烈風破         25%  All
Meikai-Ha          冥界破         32$  All

                                 NEEDLE SKILLS
Name               Japanese        HP   #   Notes
99 Needles         九十九針       10%   1
Poison Needles     毒針            7%   1   Poisons (40%)
Paralysis Needles  マヒ針          7%   1   Paralyzes (40%)
Petrify Needles    石化針         12%   1   Petrifies (60%)

                                  WEAPON SKILLS
Note: The power of all weapon skills scale with the amount of HP the user has.

Name               Japanese         HP   #   Notes
Zetsumyoken        絶妙剣          13%   1
Yamaoroshi         ヤマオロシ      14%   1
Heatwave           ヒートウェーブ  16%  All
Deathbound         デスバウンド    14%  1-5
Hasso-Happa        八相発破        35%  All
Guillotine Cut     ギロチンカット  17%   1   Paralyzes (40%)
Fudoken            不動剣          22%   1   Binds (65%)
Anyaken            暗夜剣          22%   1   Closes (40%)
Rannyuken          乱入剣          32%  1-4  Panics (30%)
Venom Zapper       ベノンザッパー  36%  All  Poisons (20%)

                               CONVERSATION SKILLS

Name            Japanese        Effect
Allure          誘惑            Use sex appeal to try to get a new ally
Abduct          誘拐            Recruit an ally by attempting to kidnap it
Scout           スカウト        Attempt to "recruit a rising star" as an ally
Headhunt        ヘッドハント    Recruit by bullying an enemy into joining
Smooth Talk     口説き落とし    Recruit using smooth & seductive speech
Brainwash       洗脳            Attempt to brainwash enemy into joining you
Silent Sky Vow  静天の契り      Recruit an ally during a Silent Kagutsuchi
Request         おねだり        Ask a demon for items or money
Beg             物乞い          Beg a demon for items or money
Blackmail       恐喝            Threaten enemy into giving you items or money
Stone Hunt      ストーンハント  Ask a demon for a magic stone or gemstone
Swap            物々交換        Trade your items for their items
Borrow          借金            Borrow lots of money--dangerous if overused

Name            Japanese      Effect
Bargain         値切り        When a demon asks for cash, try to lower price
Brotherly love  同族のよしみ  Persuade an indecisive demon of same race to join
Persuade        説得          Use logic to persuade an indecisive demon to join
Selfishness     わがまま      Whine to try to get an indecisive demon to join
Threaten        脅す          Browbeat an indecisive demon into joining
Brown-nose      ゴマすり      Kiss an indecisive demon's ass to get them to join
Stop            引き止め      Stop a demon from leaving mid-conversation
Mediate         執り成し      Try to calm down an angry demon
Maiden Mediate* 乙女の仲裁    Try to calm down an angry demon--high success rate
Charisma        カリスマ      Raises chances of favorable reactions in general

*Maiden Mediate is a special skill, and only "maiden" demons can use it or have
it transferred to them.

                              UNIQUE ABILITIES:

Name               Japanese     MP   #   Type    Notes           Demon
Moist Wind         湿った風     25  All  Shock   Paralyzes       Pazuzu
Meiseiko           明星光       22  All  Hama    Does damage     Kurama Tengu
Ragnarok           ラグナロク   30   1   Fire                    Surtr
Shinkoha           神光破       20  All  Hama    80% Damage      Amaterasu
Grand Inebriation  大いなる酩酊 15  All  Mind    Panics (65%)    Mada
Dead Fly Funeral   死蝿の葬列   50  All  A/P*    Death (100%)    Beelzebub
Flame of the Sinai シナイの神火 50  1-5  A/P                     Metatron

*While Beelzebub's Dead Fly Funeral does All-Purpose damage, the insta-death
part of the attack is Curse-aligned.

Name                 Japanese           HP   #    Demon
Great Earthquake     大地震            45%  All   Skadi

Name            Japanese   Effect                                      Demon
Hero Hunt       英雄狩り   Recruit a hero in the name of the war gods  Valkyrie*
Prank           悪戯       Recruit an ally via use of trickery         Loki
Death Contract  死の契約   Recruits, randomly petrifies on refusal     Mithras

*Hero Hunt can be transferred to other demons, but it only "works" when Valkyrie
is using it.

Name            Japanese   Effect                                   Demon
Booze Party     酒の宴     Wash away all disputes with wine!        Dionysus*

*Booze Party can be transferred to other demons, but it only "works" when it's
Dionysus doing the talking...maybe Mada too though, since he's another god of


Name                 Japanese         Cost #  Type  Effect
Andalusia of Blood   血のアンダルシア  6% All Phys
Red Cape             赤のカポーテ      12 N/A N/A   Maxes out Matador's Evade
                                                    and Accuracy

Name             Japanese      MP  #   Type   Effect
Meditate          瞑想         10  1    A/P   Large HP/MP Drain on target
Banno-Sokubodai   煩悩即菩提   15  All  Mind  Damage + Random Mind Ailments(40%)

Name          Japanese         Cost    #   Type     Effect
Hell Spin     ヘルスピン       25%HP  All  Phys
Hell Burner   ヘルバーナー      8 MP  All  Fire
Hell Exhaust  ヘルエギゾースト 15 MP  All  Shock    Damage + De-Kaja effect

Name          Japanese       MP  #  Type    Effect
God Arrow     ゴッドアロー   20  1  Hama    Instakills (100%)

Name          Japanese       MP  #  Type    Effect
Tera Sword    テラソード     10 1-5 Phys    Damage + Panic (30%)

Name          Japanese       MP  #  Type    Effect
Soul Balance  ソウルバランス 30 All Magic   Halves HP + Closes (100%)

Name         Japanese        MP  #  Type    Effect
Pest Crop    ペストクロップ  16 All A/P     Damage, Instakills Poisoned targets

Name                   Japanese       MP  #  Type  Effect
Empress' Libido        女帝のリビドー 15 All Mind  Charm (20%)
Evil God's Harsh Voice 邪神の蛮声     37 All A/P   Heals Mother Harlot's HP

Name                   Japanese      MP  Effect
Divine Favor Trumpet   神恩のラッパ  1   Character with lowest % HP among both
                                         allies and enemies gets HP/MP maxed.
                                         Can "pick" bosses, but won't actually
                                         heal them (fortunately)
Demon Fate Trumpet     神恩のラッパ  1   Instakills enemy with lowest % HP.
                                         Never fails, except against bosses.

Name                 Japanese         Cost  #  Type      Effect
E&I                  E&I              2     1  Physical  Multi-hit
Rebellion            リベリオン       10%   1  Physical  High Critical Rate
Round Trip           ラウンドトリップ 25   All Electric
Whirlwind            ワールウィンド   25   All Shock
Holy Star            ホーリースター   10   All N/A       Same as De-Kunda
Taunt                挑発             0    All N/A       Same as Taunt, heals MP
Never Give Up        ネバーギブアップ N/A  N/A N/A       Same as Withstand
Twosome Time         トゥーサムタイム 10%  All Physical  Panics (30%)
Stinger              スティンガー     12%   1  A/P       Instakills (20%)*
Showtime             ショータイム     40   All A/P
In My Father's Name  父の名に誓って   N/A  N/A N/A       Increases all
                                                         damage by 1.5x

*Stinger's success rate apparently raises as Dante raises levels. Once he's at
about level 150, it nearly always instakills, making it much more valuable than
it is at lower levels. (Of course, getting Dante that high a level is not
practical, but stil...)

                             HERO-ONLY ABILITIES:
Name            Japanese         MP   #     Type       Notes
Color Dance     原色の舞踏       18  All    Mind       Panics (65%)
Magma Axis*     マグマ・アクシス 15%  1     Fire
Supreme Blast*  至高の魔弾       17%  1  All-Purpose

*Both Magma Axis and Supreme Blast consume HP rather than MP.

Name                  Japanese         HP    #   Notes
Haja Light-Beam       破邪の光弾       13%   1   Frequently Criticals
Spiral Snake          螺旋の蛇         16%   1
Zeloth Beat           ゼロス・ビート   40%  All  Binds (20%)
Kishin-Raku*          鬼神楽           30%  All
Deathsport            死亡遊戯         32%  All  Frequently Criticals
Javelin Rain          ジャベリンレイン 40%  All  Closes (20%)
Mother Earth's Dinner 地母の晩餐       35%  All

*Utterly useless trivia here, but this skill's name is something of a double
entendre. It can either be pronounced "Kishin-Raku" in On-yomi, or "Oni-Kagura"
in Kun-yomi (different types of readings for Japanese characters) and the
meanings differ thereof. The On-yomi reading means "War God's Delight" and the
Kun-yomi means what it says--a Kagura is a special kind of Shinto dance
performed to worship the gods/kami. Oni is a Japanese ogre-monster. I'm sure the
word choice was deliberate. :)

Name            Japanese       Effect
Fast Flight     逃走加速       Increases your success rate for fleeing battles
Sixth Sense     心眼           Reduces chance of being back-attacked
Jive Talk       ジャイブトーク Persuade Yoju, Yuki, or Gedo to join

                                    ITEM LIST

                                  HEALING ITEMS

Name          Japanese           Buy  Sell  Effect                            -
Medicine      傷薬               100    50  Heals 50 of one character's HP
Hogyoku       宝玉               ---   250  Heals one character's HP to max
Hogyokuwa     宝玉輪             ---  5000  Heals all characters' HP to max
Maseki        魔石               ---    50  Heals 25% of one character's HP
Chakra Drop   チャクラドロップ   600   300  Heals 25% of one character's MP
Chakra Pot    チャクラポット     ---  1000  Heals one character's MP to max
Great Chakra  グレイトチャクラ   ---  7000  Heals all characters' MP to max
Soma Drops     ソーマの雫         ---   800  Heals 50% of one character's HP/MP
Soma           ソーマ             ---  6000  Heals one character's HP/MP to max
Ikutama        生玉               --- 10000  Heals all characters' HP/MP to max
Muscle Drink   マッスルドリンコ   400   200  Heals HP/MP, but with side-effects
Chigaeshi Tama 道反玉             600   300  Revives a dead character
Hangonko       反魂香             ---  1200  Revives a dead character to max
Iwakura Water  イワクラの水       200   100  Cures party's Sleep/Panic/Bind
De-Stone       ディストーン       100    50  Cures one character of Stone
Dis-Charm      ディスチャーム     100    50  Cures one character of Charm
Dis-Poison     ディスポイズン     150    75  Cures one character of Poison
Dis-Palyze    ディスパライズ     150    75  Cures one character of Paralyze
Dis-Close      ディスクローズ     150    75  Cures one character of Close

                                  COMBAT ITEMS

Name           Japanese           Buy  Sell  Effect
Maharagi Stone  マハラギの石       250  125   Same as the spell Maharagi
Mahabufu Stone  マハブフの石       250  125   Same as the spell Mahabufu
Mahajio Stone   マハジオの石       250  125   Same as the spell Mahajio
Mahazan Stone   マハザンの石       250  125   Same as the spell Mahazan
Mahanma Stone   マハンマの石       300  150   Same as the spell Mahanma
Mahamudo Stone  マハムドの石       300  150   Same as the spell Mahamudo
Megido Stone    メギドの石         ---  400   Same as the spell Megido
Megidora Stone  メギドラの石       ---  600   Same as the spell Megidora
Makajama Stone  マカジャマの石     200  100   Same as the spell Makajama
Tetraja Stone   テトラジャの石     ---  200   Same as the spell Tetraja
De-kaja Stone   デカジャの石       ---  200   Same as the spell De-Kaja
Butsuhankyo     物反鏡             ---  250   Same as the spell Tetrakarn
Mahankyo        魔反鏡             ---  250   Same as the spell Makalakarn
Blinding Sphere くらましの玉       ---  450   Same as the spell Torafulee
Wagtail Feather セキレイの羽       ---  200   Same as the skill Carnal Release
Poison Arrow    毒矢               ---  150   Damage to all enemies + Poison
Pot of Dying    瀕死の壷           ---   50   Reduce all enemies' HP to 1

                                MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS

Name           Japanese           Buy  Sell  Effect
Lightball       光玉               600  300   Same as the spell Lightma
Hover Sphere    浮き足玉           400  200   Same as the spell Liftma
Kugatachi Water クガタチの湯       300  140   See if an ally can mutate or not
Fuma Bell       封魔の鈴           ---  150   Fewer encounters till next Silent
Shuma Whistle   集魔の笛           ---  150   More encounters till next Silent
Happy Ticket    しあわせのチケット  *    10   Get 10 and you can pick a prize

*A Happy Ticket is given to you whenever you leave a store after buying more
than 1,000 Makka worth of goods.


Name             Japanese      Sell  Effect
Power Incense     力の香        1000  Heal HP to max, Max Power + 1
Magic Incense     魔力の香      1000  Heal HP to max, Max Magic + 1
Vitality Incense  体力の香      1000  Heal HP to max, Max Vitality + 1
Speed Incense     速さの香      1000  Heal HP to max, Speed + 1
Luck Incense      運の香        1000  Heal HP to max, Luck + 1

                              UNLIMITED USE ITEMS

Name                    Japanese       Sell  Effect
Far Sight Telescope    万里の望遠鏡  50,000  Same effect as the skill Analyze
Hama Spirit Fan          破魔の霊扇   50,000  Same effect as the spell Mahanma
Chakra Kongotan    チャクラの金剛丹   50,000  Heals a little bit of MP
Hangonshinshu            反魂神朱珠 100,000  Same effect as a Hangonko


Name         Japanese       In-game Description
Agate        メノウ         A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes truth.
Amethyst     アメジスト     A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes loyalty.
Aquamarine   アクアマリン   A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes fortune.
Coral        コーラル       A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes wisdom.
Diamond      ダイアモンド   A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes pure love.
Emerald      エメラルド     A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes marriage.
Garnet       ガーネット     A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes friendship.
Jade         ヒスイ         A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes good luck.
Onyx         オニキス       A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes trust.
Opal         オーパル       A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes joy.
Pearl        パール         A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes purity.
Ruby         ルビー         A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes passion.
Sapphire     サファイア     A beautiful shining stone. Symbolizes kindness.



The Vortex World of SMT3 is kind of weird. Post Tokyo-Fertilization, the ground
sort of flew up into the air and attached to itself, making it so the "world" is
spherical, like the inside of a hollow sphere. If you're ever in an outdoor area
in game, look up into the sky and you can actually see the ground on the other
side of the city.

In any case, one of the defining characteristics of this new world is
Kagutsuchi. Kagutsuchi is the moon that exists in the dead center of the Vortex
World, constantly emitting pulses of light. Its function is pretty much the same
as that of the moon in previous SMT games. It goes through 8 separate phases,
but instead of dictating the shape of the moon, the phases indicate the light
output of Kagutsuchi within its pulses. It goes from Full (8/8) at the apex of
its pulse when it is giving out the most light, to Silent (0/8) when it's not
giving out any light at all. There are no waxing and waning phases like earlier
SMT games, but for all intents and purposes Full is like the Full Moon of
earlier games, and Silent is like the New Moon of earlier games. As you move
around, the phase of Kagutsuchi slowly changes from 0/8 to 8/8 and back again.
Kagutsuchi will NOT change phase if you sit still--you must move in order for it
to change. Also, the speed at which it changes phase varies depending on where
you are--it changes phase much more quickly on the overhead map (since you're
traveling a greater distance)

Moon phase has several effects on gameplay. First and foremost is its effect on
combat. The brighter the moon, the more ancy the demons get. They will be more
likely to respond to negotiations and less likely to attack during the darker
moon phases, and more rough and violent during the higher phases. During a Full
Moon, the excessive light from Kagutsuchi more or less drives them nuts and they
act drunk. In addition, the brighter the moon, the tougher the demons will be.
They will do more damage and take less during the brighter phases, though the
difference is very slight. You can really feel the difference though during some
boss battles, for example. Some demons will act differently in the way they
conduct combat during different moon phases as well.

Second, moon phases have a huge influence on Magic Boxes. There are two types of
treasure chests in SMT3--regular treasure boxes, which look like hovering red
cubes, and Magic Boxes, which look like small chests on the ground. The content
of Magic Boxes varies by the moon phase. It can either contain a good treasure,
or a lousy treasure of a Maseki or two. The closer the moon phase is to Full,
the better the chance you will get the treasure instead of a Maseki. During a
Full Kagutsuchi, the chance of you getting the treasure from a Magic Box will be
100%. During a New Kagutsuchi, the chance of you getting the treasure is 0%--in
other words, it wil ALWAYS give you Maseki during a new moon.

Note: Throughout the walkthrough section of this guide, if you ever see an item
with an asterisk after its name, that indicates that specific treasure is the
"treasure" result of a Magic Box.

Lastly, there are a few story-based events that rely on moon phase--either
optional events that will only take place during specific phases (there will
always be someone around to give you a hint in this case) or events that take
place after a certain period of time, marked by the number of moon phases that
have passed.

                                THE TERMINAL

In past SMT games, the Terminals were a set of computers networked together that
allowed you to record your progress or teleport from terminal to terminal. In
SMT3, you save the game at big magic cylindrical stones with runes on them
throughout the game--which are also called Terminals, despite the fact they're
about as far from being computer terminals as you can get. Still, their function
is basically the same. You can use the terminals to either save your game, or
teleport to any other Terminal. However, you can only teleport to Terminals that
you have already visited.

There's also a new type of Terminal in SMT3--the Sub-Terminal. (says S-Terminal
in the upper-right hand area of the screen when you're near one) The Sub-
Terminal works the same as a normal Terminal when you save your game, but its
teleportational capacities are much more limited. Each Sub-Terminal is linked to
a Main Terminal, and can only teleport back to that Main Terminal. You can't
teleport anywhere else using them. You can still save there though.


Traditionally, there has never been such thing as a "Town" a la garden variety
RPGs within SMT games, and SMT3 is basically the same. You can get attacked
pretty much anywhere, and there are no real "safe havens of civilization." Shops
exist independently, and while they are usually found in clusters, are not
necessarily linked in any coherent way. As there's no real equipment in SMT3,
shops have kind of taken a back seat in importance, but are a good place to
stock up on healing items. Also some stores will sell you Magatama that you
won't find anywhere else. There are four shop owners in-game:

The first shop owner you'll run into is a Hee-Ho-Kun, a Jack Frost. He won't
stick around for very long, which is good, because he's a very run-of-the-mill
shopkeeper. His items are rather blah (though he does have a few Magatama) and
he won't give you any Happy Tickets.

The Flamboyantly Gay Manekata (FGM from here on) is the main shopkeeper
throughout the game. He mans all the mainstream stores (taking over Jack Frost's
store once you reach Ikebukuro) and will be the guy you probably do the most
business with. His inventory differs from store to store (and if you go back to
an old store, he will inexplicably always be there, even if the area he is in
was since abandoned) so you may need to teleport to an old area to find what you
are looking for. Unlike Hee-Ho-kun, the FGM will give you a Happy Tickets
whenever you leave his shop after buying more than 1000 Makka worth of stuff
from him. Once you have 10 tickets, he will give you a free pick from one of
three boxes:

Black: Various gemstones--also can give you Hogyoku.
White: Either a Hangonko or a Stat Incense of some sort.
Pink: Various rare healing items--from Soma to Chakra Pots, and even Ikutamas.

Personally I find the White box by far the most useful, but the Pink Box can be
great if you're really low on healing items. (Keep in mind that while it does
deal out super expensive items like the Ikutama, you can never make a profit
off it as it costs 10K Makka at the bare minimum to get a Box pick)

You'll meet the Junk Collector Manekata fairly early on, but he won't open up
his shop until about halfway through the game. He only has a shop in one place,
where he sells a wide variety of items you won't be able to buy anywhere else,
in addition to some more common fare. He also sells several upper-level

Small Box: Never picked it, but I think it's the same as FGM's Black box
Medium Box: Same as FGM's White Box
Large Box: Same as FGM's Pink box, I think

Rag's shop is in Ginza, and it's a very unusual shop. You don't use money in it
at all--you use gemstones to buy the things that you want. All of the stuff you
buy from here is super-rare stuff that you can't purchase anywhere else. (though
you can get them out of treasure chests or the occasional monster drop) In
addition, you can buy Seirei or Mitama off of Rag. Rag's Item List stays
constant, but his Seirei/Mitama list changes with every phase of the moon. You
can ALWAYS buy any Seirei or any Mitama at their "base" statistics, but he also
sells several different versions of leveled up Seirei/Mitama--it's these
versions that change every phase.

Rag's Item List:

ITEM:                COST
Hogyokuwa            3 Aquamarines
Chakra Pot           2 Sapphires
Great Chakra         1 Diamond
Soma Drops           1 Amethyst
Hangonko             1 Pearl
Megido Stone         1 Ruby
Megidora Stone       2 Rubies
Pot of Dying         1 Emerald & 1 Coral
Mahankyo             1 Opal & 1 Onyx
Butsuhankyo          1 Opal & 1 Turquoise
Dekaja Stone         1 Garnet & 1 Coral
Tetraja Stone        1 Garnet & 1 Aquamarine
Fuma Bell            1 Garnet & 1 Turquoise
Shuma Bell           1 Coral & 1 Turquoise
Blinding Sphere      1 Onyx & 1 Aquamarine

Rag's Seirei & Mitama List:

Name        Level      Cost                      Alternate Cost
Earthies    Lv 7       1 Agate & 2 Onyxes
Earthies    Lv 8       2 Agates & 2 Onyxes       2 Agates & 3 Onyxes
Earthies    Lv 9       3 Agates & 2 Onyxes       3 Agates & 3 Onyxes
Aeros       Lv 11      1 Agate & 2 Turquoises
Aeros       Lv 12      2 Agates & 2 Turquoises   2 Agates & 3 Turquoises
Aeros       Lv 13      3 Agates & 2 Turquoises   2 Agates & 3 Turquoises
Aquans      Lv 15      1 Agate & 2 Aquamarines
Aquans      Lv 16      2 Agates & 2 Aquamarines  2 Agates & 2 Aquamarines
Aquans      Lv 17      3 Agates & 2 Aquamarines  3 Agates & 3 Aquamarines
Flamies     Lv 20      1 Pearl & 1 Coral
Flamies     Lv 21      1 Pearl & 1 Garnet        1 Pearl & 1 Turquoise
Flamies     Lv 22      1 Pearl & 1 Aquamarine    1 Pearl & 1 Onyx

Aramitama   Lv 25      1 Jade & 1 Ruby
Aramitama   Lv 26      1 Jade & 2 Rubies         2 Jade & 3 Rubies
Aramitama   Lv 27      1 Jade & 3 Rubies         2 Jade & 2 Rubies
Nigimitama  Lv 29      1 Jade & 1 Amethyst
Nigimitama  Lv 30      1 Jade & 2 Amethysts      2 Jade & 1 Amethyst
Nigimitama  Lv 31      1 Jade & 3 Amethysts      2 Jade & 2 Amethysts
Kushimitama Lv 32      1 Jade & 1 Opal
Kushimitama Lv 33      1 Jade & 2 Opals          2 Jade & 1 Opal
Kushimitama Lv 34      1 Jade & 3 Opals          2 Jade & 2 Opals
Sakimitama  Lv 35      1 Jade & 1 Sapphire
Sakimitama  Lv 36      1 Jade & 2 Sapphires      2 Jade & 1 Sapphire
Sakimitama  Lv 37      1 Jade & 3 Sapphires      2 Jade & 2 Sapphires

                             PRESS TURN BATTLE

SMT3 has introduced a totally new combat system unlike any SMT game releasedso
far. In addition to the perspective change (no more 1st-person battles, but this
is just cosmetic of course) and the number of combatants change, the entire
structure of combat has been altered into what is called "Press Turn Combat."

Instead of giving your party commands at the beginning of a turn and then
enacting the round, with both allies and enemies attacking at the same time in
order of their Speed ratings, SMT3 has opted for a round-robin style of combat
where the entire party acts, and then the entire enemy party acts, trading back
and forth--somewhat similar to the Majin Tensei games.

You may notice the little symbols that look kind of like Ryuo Yato-no-Kami from
earlier SMT games appearing in the upper-right-hand corner of your screen during
combat. These are your Press Turns. Each round, you get one Press Turn for each
character you have participating in the battle. If it's just your Hero, you only
get one. If it's your hero and two allies, you get three, and so forth. The same
deal goes for the enemies, except they can have five or more since they can have
larger parties. Cheap, but nobody said life was fair.

A Press Turn dictates how many actions you can take in a single turn. Normally,
you get one action per Press Turn, but depending on what actions you take, you
can get more or fewer actions per turn:

If you miss a target outright, you lose TWO Press Turns. A miss is defined as an
attack that the target "dodges," IOW you can actually see the target move out of
the way. Some attack magic (such as Mudo or Makajama) is all-or-nothing and says
"MISS" if it doesn't work, but this does not count as a miss since the spell
just didn't work and didn't actually miss the target. (If the spell misses
because the target dodged out of the way, that's a different story)

If your attack is Blocked via some sort of immunity, you also lose two Press

If your attack is either absorbed or reflected by the target, you lose ALL of
your remaining Press Turns.

If you have a conversation with an enemy and it fails (and they get angry)
you'll lose all of your Press Turns. This includes Interruptions by the enemy.

If your attack exploits an enemy Weak Point or is a Critical Hit, you don't lose
a Press Turn at all--rather, one Press Turn Icon will start "flashing." (the
manual says it takes "half a turn" but this is misleading) If all of your Press
Turn icons are flashing, then the first one will be used up.

If the active character passes his/her/its turn to the next character in your
party, it will consume a flashing Press Turn Icon, or or turn a Press Turn Icon
flashing if there are none.

Flashing Press Turns work a little bit differently from normal Press Turns.
Let's look at a sample round of combat to see how they function.

*=flashing Press Turn, O=solid press turn

Start of round
Turns at Character 1's action: OOOO
Action 1: Character 1 attacks and deals a critical hit.
Turns at Character 2's action: *OOO
Action 2: Character 2 attacks and exploits a weak point.
Turns at Character 3's action: **OO
Action 3: Character 3 passes his turn.
Turns at Character 4's action: *OO
Action 4: Character 4 attacks and misses outright.
Turns at Character 1's action: O
Action 5: Character 1 passes his turn.
Turns at Character 2's action: *
Action 6: Character 2 deals a normal attack.
End of round-switch to other team.

Let's look at each step to see how things work.

Action 1: Clear enough, we turn one "solid" Press Turn into a "flashing" Press
Turn by delivering a Critical Hit.

Action 2: A Weak Point attack is delivered. There are still some "solid" Press
Turns left, so the first Solid turn is changed into a Flashing turn.

Action 3: Passing a turn will normally change a Solid Turn into a Flashing Turn.
However, passing a turn doesn't have as much benefit as dealing a critical or
dealing a weak point--if there is a flashing Press Turn present, it will consume
it. So after Action 3, the first flashing Press Turn is consumed and we're left
with three Press Turns--one flashing and two solid.

Action 4: Character 4 misses, so we lose two Press Turns. Note that we lose the
first two turns available--one "flashing turn" and one "solid turn."

Action 5: Again, we see a turn passed. However, since the one turn remaining is
a solid turn, rather than losing it outright (as in Action 3) it merely turns
the remaining turn to a Flashing Press Turn.

Action 6: No matter what character 2 does in this action, it would automatically
switch sides--even if he dealt a critical hit, all the remaining turns are
flashing, so he would consume the sole remaining one.

If you deal an attack that targets multiple targets, it won't necessarily have
the same effect on all targets. It could hit one target, miss another, and deal
a critical hit to the third. If you have Critical(s) mixed with Miss(es) then
you lose one full Press Turn as if it was a normal attack. If you have hits and
Criticals mixed with no misses, it counts as a Critical and turns a Press Turn
flashing. Aside from that, a mixed result attack will "count" as the worst
result in terms of Press Turn loss--for example, if you hit three targets, two
critical hits and the third enemy absorbed the attack, you'd still lose all your
Press Turns, because a target reflecting or absorbing an attack automatically
makes the attacking side lose all its turns.

Also note that missing multiple targets is not cumulative--if a multi-target
attack misses two enemies, you'll still only lose two Press Turns and not four.

All in all, in order to play battles to the fullest in SMT3, you are best off
trying to exploit enemy weaknesses as best as you can--not only will it hurt the
enemies more, but it will allow you to get more blows in before it's the enemy's
turn. Overall, SMT3 is not the sort of game where you can "save all your MP for
the boss" because if you don't exploit enemy weaknesses to try to prevent them
from getting their turn, they'll turn the tables on you and try to exploit YOUR
weak points. The best way to fight a battle is not to try and conserve MP or HP,
and specifically target enemy weaknesses--and when using multi-target attacks,
using only those that no enemy facing you is immune to. It's best to start out
using Weak Point attacks (even if they're weak) until you have four flashing
Press Turn Icons, then use your strongest attacks until your turn ends.


When you play a Maniacs game, you get a choice of difficulty levels from the
outset, rather than like the original Nocturne, where your first time through
was on a default difficulty and the second time through was a harder difficulty.
Difficulty levels make no difference in terms of what you can do or endings or
anything like that--they're just there as an additional option. Personally I
find Normal Mode MUCH too easy and have never played a full game on that
difficulty level. (Heck, even on Hard it's not as hard as a second-time-around
game in vanilla Nocturne) However, your mileage may vary. The differences in
gameplay are as follows:

* Enemies ambush you (i.e. strike first) with less frequency
* Enemies don't always critically hit you when Back attacking you
* Insta-death magic doesn't work as frequently
* Accuracy for many Physical attacking skills increased (Iron Claw can hit now)
* Bad Status ailments don't take as often. (Note that all the percentage
  counting I did in the Skills section was for Vanilla Nocturne on that point)

* Enemies do less damage than in a default Nocturne game--about 2/3 or 3/4, I'd
* Prices for items are the same as a default Nocturne game.
* Getting attacked from behind won't get you critically hit. (REALLY stupid
  change IMO. There's essentially no difference between being back attacked and
  the enemies getting first shot this way)
* Running away is easier than in a default Nocturne game.

* Enemies do about double the damage that they do on Normal mode--about the
  same amount of damage they do on a second-time-through game in Nocturne.
* Buying prices for items in stores are tripled. Sell prices are not likewise
  scaled upwards. (IOW, you get paid the same for selling items in Normal and
  in Hard) This only applies in Junk Shops--Rag's trade-ins are the same, and
  summoning demons in the Jakyo Manor is no more expensive than if it was
  on Normal.
* Damage Zones (burning floor, cursed corridor, or when you're Poisoned) all
  do triple damage.
* You cannot run from battle. There are two exceptions: 1) if all
  enemies facing you are incapacitated (ie Asleep, Bound, Frozen, etc) you can
  run from them 2) Escape spells and items like Torafulee and Blinding Spheres
  will work as normal.
  It may not be TOTALLY impossible to run normally from battle--in Ikebukuro, I
  once ran from a lone Manekata without it being incapacitated, but that was the
  only time I ever suceeded on a "straight" run. It may just be that the chances
  to run are much, much lower. Still, in that case, the failure rate would be so
  ridiculously high as to make it the same as being impossible in practice.
* Insta-kill magic works more often than on a normal game (though still not as
  much as in "vanilla" Nocturne)

If you've already played a Nocturne game, you can import your data and get some
minor bonuses for your Maniacs save. When you first select a save file to
import, 5 demons will be pulled at random from your Jakyo Manor. (It seems the
more experience the demon has, the better the likelihood that it will be picked)
If you like the team you get, pick Yes to start the game. If not, pick No and
the game will pick a new set of demons. There's also a third option, to pick a
different Nocturne save file from the one you initially picked. The demons that
get imported don't start with your party; rather, they are recorded into your
Akuma Zensho, so in theory you can bring them with you as soon as you reach
Ikebukuro. However, normal summoning rules still apply--if your level isn't high
enough you won't be able to summon them. So if you pick a bunch of high level
demons, you probably won't be able to reincorporate them into your party until
the end of the game. Personally, I suggest importing as many developed
"mutation" demons as you can, as they're a larger pain in the rear to build up
than "generic" demons.

There are also two other ways importing the game can affect you. First, when you
go to the Yoyogi Park healer at the beginning of the game, she will boost all
your stats, depending on how many playthroughs your Nocturne save had. So you
get a +1 boost to all skills for your first time through, +2 if you finished the
game once on that file, +3 if you finished it twice, and so forth, up to a
maximum of +5. This only applies on the first time through your Maniacs save--
you won't get this bonus on a second-time-around Maniacs game.

The second difference is when you first run into the Jack Frost at the Junk
Shop. He will give you an unlimited-use item, based on the last digit of your
playtime in your imported save. I.e. if your playtime was 65:32 the number it
would pick would be "2."

0, 7, 8: Hama Spirit Fan
1,2,3,6,9: Far Sight Telescope
4: Chakra Kongotan
5: Hangon-Shinshu.
(Props to the guys on the Dream Island message board for this info.)

I've repeated this info in the actual walkthrough for those that are lazy and
don't want to come back to this section to get the info. ;)

Also note that Jack Frost won't give you anything in second-time around Maniacs


There is a sixth, new ending that is generally called the "True Demon" ending on
Japanese boards. You can only get it by completing the new dungeon in-game
before entering the final dungeon. (More info on this new dungeon below)

This is the real meat of the difference between Nocturne and Maniacs. The Amara
Deep Zone is a rather large optional bonus dungeon included in Maniacs. It is
divided into 5 sections, called "Calpa." There is a side quest tied into the
Amara Deep Zone that will allow you to get the new ending. In addition, each
time you complete a Calpa you will be rewarded with very juicy information that
ties up plot threads left hanging and ambiguous in Nocturne. There are new
goodies to be found in the Deep Zone (such as Dark Brokers, which will sell you
customized demons for your party) and a few new bosses to be fought. (and then
fused for your own use) You can't tackle the Amara Deep Zone all at once (unless
you wait until the end of the game) as you won't gain access to all 5 Calpas
immediately. Instead, you will need to find and defeat the Majin found in the
"normal" game, take their Menorahs, and use them to open the passageways to the
deeper Calpa. (More on the Majin below) The Majin show up at set places and
times in the story, so your progress through the Deep Zone is limited by that.

A new race, the Majin (not to be confused with the 魔神 Majin race already
present, this is written 魔人, but pronounced the same) appear in-game. Vets to
the SMT series will recognize the Majin as being super-secret "easter egg"
characters you could fight in the first two SMT games, and SMT If... Many of the
Majin that appear in SMTIII appear in at least one of these earlier games.
They're not as hard to find as in the earlier games (there's no real random
element to where and when they pop up) and they're semi-optional as well. Once
you beat a Majin, they will give you a Menorah to open new areas in the Amara
Deep Zone, and you can then fuse them in the Jakyo Manor as well. As a rule of
thumb, the Majin make very useful and powerful allies, and are well worth the
trouble to fuse.

According to the back of the box, Dante is a popular character from some Capcom
game called "Devil May Cry 2."  He makes a minor cameo in Maniacs. His presence
is very, very, minor, and you only have to meet him once. Which is a good thing,
in my opinion, because stereotypical, one-dimensional, "I'm such a badass"
characters like Dante are totally out of place in the world of SMTIII.  I don't
know what he's like in his other games, but I personally *HATE* Dante in SMTIII;
few games have produced characters that I absolutely, positively despise, but
Maniacs has succeeded in that aspect when it comes to Dante. Fortunately the
game gives you several opportunities to beat the tar out of him. :)  If you're a
Dante-lover you'll have to bear with me in this FAQ, as I have trouble
containing my antipathy toward him. ;)

Much later on in the game, you're given the  opportunity to hire Dante and
incorporate him in the party. This is a mixed bag--around the time you get him,
he can be quite a capable addition to your party, depending on your level.
However, he becomes outclassed and lags behind fairly quickly, and you can't
ditch him once you've got him.

This is a mini-game built into the Amara Deep Zone. To travel between Calpas,
you shoot at high speeds through a wormhole-like area. These wormholes, called
"Amara Warp Zones," are an actiony mini-game included in Maniacs. As you're
zipping through the Warp Zones, there will be Coins and Items to be picked up to
add to your Makka and Item stocks respectively. In addition, to impede your
progress, there are various obstacles in the tunnels that must be avoided or
destroyed. If you run into them, your Hero (and all members of his active party)
will take damage, and you'll drop either a percentage of the coins or an item
you collected in the tunnel. What exactly you will find in the Warp Zones are as

Each coin you pick up is worth 5 Makka. There is a set number in every tunnel.
Also, it is possible--though not easy--to pick up all the coins in every tunnel.

These look like blue-white glowing spheres. They appear at set points in the
tunnel like coins, but do so randomly. (They may appear, they may not) If you
catch one, you will get an item upon completing the tunnel, assuming you don't
drop it on the way.

These things look like a small collection of red stones bunched together. If you
run into one of these, you'll drop either 10% of the coins you've collected in
the tunnel, or an item. (You can tell which, if a bunch of coins fly from your
hero, you dropped coins, if the big white blob flies from your hero, you dropped
an item) Either way, you'll lose 10% of your health as well. If you time it
right, you can press X while approaching these obstacles to let fly a punch and
destroy it.

These things look like big, round yellow rocks. They work essentially the same
as the small obstacles, except they're larger and you take a heftier penalty for
running into them--25% of your coins dropped (or an item) and 25% of your health
taken as well. In addition, Large Obstacles cannot be destroyed unless your
hero's Power is at least a "natural" 15. (E.g. Magatama bonuses do not count)

These are the things to go for in the tunnel. They're like small coins in that
they give you Makka, but they give you more, and they're hidden. Large Coins are
ALWAYS hidden inside an obstacle, either large or small. (This means that some
Large Coins you can't get until your Power is a natural 15) Like all other
objects in the Warp Zones, their positions are set in advance. Values of Large
Coins vary. The first one you get is worth 100 Makka, and then the value doubles
for each successive Large Coin you get. (IOW, 200, then 400, then 800, etc, up
to a maximum of 9999) However, should you miss a Large coin in the tunnel, their
value will go back to 100. So, if you find one Large Coin and get 100 Makka,
then find another and it gives you 100 Makka as well, you know that somewhere in
between those two is at least one more Large Coin. In the higher-level Warp
Zones, there are more Large Coins, meaning that if you get them all, you can
make yourself quite rich. (40K Makka for a perfect runthrough of the highest
Warp Zone)


1st Calpa Warp Zone
1: Right after you go through three spinning large obstacles, a trio of Small
   obstacles will fly at you from the right side of the screen. The Large Coin
   is in this Obstacle
2: A lone Small Obstacle on the right side of the screen that appears after
   a line of coins has it
4: The final Small Obstacle in the tunnel (it moves, you'll need to be in the
   lower-left area of the tunnel to hit it)

PERFECT: 31 Small Coins + 3 Large Coins = 855 Makka
ITEMS: Minor Healing items (Maseki, Medicine, Hogyoku, etc)

There's not really much to say about this warp zone as it's pretty easy. It's a
good place to get your feet wet so that you can get used to warp zones in

2nd Calpa Warp Zone
1: The first Small Obstacle you come across (easily obscured by your Hero if
   you're trying to get the coins in the tunnel, be careful you don't get hit)
2: At one point in the tunnel, there's a long trail of Small Coins along the
   right side of the passage. If you get them you'll be sandwiched between the
   wall and a bunch of Small Obstacles to your left. The very last Small
   Obstacle before this trail starts contains the coin.
3: At the end of the Coin Trail described in #2, in the very last Small Obstacle
   you run into.
4: When the tunnel veers hard to the left, several Large Obstacles will appear
   in the upper-left area of the tunnel. The first of these contains the Large
5: The final Small Obstacle in the center of the tunnel, right before you exit.

PERFECT: 93 Small Coins + 5 Large Coins = 3565 Makka
ITEMS: Various Status-ailment healing items (including Chigaeshi no Tama)

* While collecting coins at the beginning of the tunnel, keep your eye out for
  the oncoming small obstacle (ever so slightly to the left of the coin trail)
  so that you don't plow into it by accident. Make sure to destroy it!

* Destroy all the Small Obstacles that appear in the center of the tunnel after
  you get the first Large Coin. There are two sets of three, with a lone coin
  sandwiched between them. Rather than dodging in to get the coin and back out
  again, it's easier if you just punch the obstacles out of the way.

* The trickiest Large Coin to get here is #2. It helps you line yourself up with
  the Obstacle, throw your Punch, then start moving to the lower-right as you're
  punching to get in line with the trail of small coins. It's easy to lose one
  or two coins if your timing isn't right.

* You'll need 15 Power to get Coin #4 in this tunnel.

3rd Calpa Warp Zone
1: At the end of the Warp Zone, you'll come across six places where your
   path is completely blocked by a wall of 8 Large Obstacles and one Small
   Obstacle. All six of the Large Coins in this Warp Zone are contained within
   these "Obstacle Walls." The first is contained in the top-center Large
   Obstacle in the first "Wall."
2: The right-center Large Obstacle in the second "wall"
3: The bottom-center Large Obstacle in the third "wall"
4: The bottom-left Large Obstacle in the fourth "wall"
5: The upper-left Large Obstacle in the fifth "wall"
6: The center Small Obstacle in the final "wall"

PERFECT: 90 Small Coins + 6 Large Coins = 6750 Makka
ITEMS: Various Gemstones

* This warpzone requires some fancy footwork...er, flywork to get the coins
  necesary. You have to be good at following coin trails, and you need to be
  able to dodge the areas of Large Obstacles that come flying at you. Obviously,
  you definitely want 15 Power so you can destroy those Large Obstacles.

* After the second mini-trail of coins, when you have small "clumps" of coins
  separated by areas of Large Obstacles, if you have 15 Power, it's MUCH easier
  to just line yourself up with the coins and punch through large obstacles that
  get in your way, rather than trying to dodge them all.

* In this tunnel, you get a lot of coins that are right up next to Obstacles.
  While you can take them without smacking into the obstacles, it's often safer
  to just throw a punch at that point, so you can destroy the Obstacle if your
  positioning isn't perfect.

* In a way, if you're just going for cash, you can pretty much ignore the early
  parts of this tunnel, as all the real money to be had is in the tail end of
  the tunnel.

4th Calpa Warp Zone
1: At the bottom of the tunnel, in the  middle of the "snaking" path of Small
2: Right after Coin #1, the tunnel takes a sharp turn downward, and three
   Large Obstacles fly by. The one on the right contains the Large Coin.
3: You'll come across six Large Obstacles, three on top and three on the
   bottom; the top left one contains the coin
4: When you see six rotating Large Obstacles, the "top-middle" one contains
   the coin. At the time you reach it, it will be at the center-right area of
   the tunnel.
5: There is no fifth coin. Deceptive, aren't they? (I can't tell you how many
   hours I spent combing this hellhole thinking there would be more coins than
   Warp Zone 3)

PERFECT: 36 Small Coins + 4 Large Coins = 1680 Makka
ITEMS: Various "Support" items (Light Spheres, Fuma Bells, etc. You can get an
occasional Chakra Pot here too)

* The most devious thing about this Warpzone is that there are fewer Large Coins
  in it than you'd expect, so if you're not told in advance you might waste your
  time like me looking for them...

* To get the first Item without getting smacked by the rows of Small Obstacles
  that come before it, I usually veer to the left side of the tunnel then move
  to the right when I'm sure the last row of Small Obstacles is gone.

* After the first item appears, stay in the absolute dead center of the tunnel
  and don't move from there at all--all the masses of Obstacles that flood the
  tunnel will pass harmlessly by you. When you see a Large Obstacle (and maybe
  an Item) smack in front of you, that's your cue to veer hard to the upper-
  right and grab the clump of coins.

* After the clump of coins listed above, I generally hang out around the extreme
  4:00 area of the screen as few obstacles come that way. Then when I see the
  final coins appear, I move back into the bottom-middle of the tunnel where
  it's safe. (Careful not to go too early as there's an obstacle in that area
  that coud smack you)

Warp Zone between 3rd and 4th Calpa
1: The first Small Obstacle that appears, in the middle of the tunnel.
2: Inside a small obstacle surrounded by four Large Obstacles
3: There's a strange "planet system" of small obstacles--a Small obstacle
   smack in the middle of the tunnel with a "moon" rotating around it, along
   with a ring of "satellites" at the edge of the tunnel. The "moon" obstacle
   has a Large Coin.
4: Right after the two spinning sets of 3 Large Obstacles, a Small Obstacle
   smack in the middle of the tunnel
5: At a place in the tunnel with a horizontal "bar" of small Obstacles, with
   one Large Obstacle above and one Obstacle below (and sometimes an item) the
   Large Obstacle on the bottom contains the coin
6: At the "point" of the final "V formation" of small obstacles in the tunnel

PERFECT: 82 Small Coins + 6 Large Coins = 6710 Makka
ITEMS: Various defense Support Items (Butsuhankyo/Mahankyo, De-Kaja Stones, etc)
There's also the occasional Kugatachi Water.


* This is the most irritating of the Warp Zones in my humble opinion, with odd
  shapes of obstacles flying at you quickly from nowhere. The payoff isn't that
  great either so I didn't play it as much, and hence don't have as much in the
  way of hints to offer. It's really important to keep an eye on what's coming
  ahead and dodge when necessary. If you don't go for the coins it's actually
  quite easy to get through this Warp Zone without being hit, as all the
  obstacles tend to congregate around where the coins are. Of course, that's
  kind of a waste, isn't it?

Meifu Treasury:
1: At the top of the screen, when a trail of Small Coins starts sandwiched
   between two Large Obstacles, a Large Obstacle will come at you from behind.
   The Large Coin is in this obstacle. To time your punch right, punch as if you
   were trying to hit the first coin.
2 & 3: After the first coin, there will be a trail of coins that travels up
   and down, "weaving" between Large Obstacles. After each trail a sole Large
   Obstacle comes up smack in the middle of the tunnel. In each of these Large
   Obstacles is a Large Coin.
3-6: Three more Large Obstacles will fly at you from behind, in a very similar
   setup to coin #1. (e.g. trail of coins sandwiched between Large Obstacles)
   They appear on the bottom, then on the left, then on the right side of the
   tunnel. Each of these Large Obstacles contain a Large Coin. The timing for
   throwing your punch is identical to that of coin #1.
7-9: Soon after Large Coins 3-6, you will come upon six sets of Large
   Obstacles. Each of the first three has a sole Small Coin in front of it.
   The second three are identical in shape to the first three, and each has a
   Large Coin inside one of the Large Obstacles. The positions of the Small
   Coins in front of the first three sets indicate the exact location of the
   Large Coins in the second three sets.
10: The final Large Coin comes at the tail end of the tunnel. At the very end
   you'll have to punch through two "walls" of Large Obstacles that totally
   block the tunnel. Immediately after this, another Large Obstacle will come
   at you from the rear in the dead center of the tunnel. This Large Obstacle
   holds the final coin. Timing on this coin is pretty tricky--if you flail on
   the X button to break through those two "walls" and punch three times, you'll
   still be recovering from the punch when the final Obstacle comes onscreen.
   The best way to do it is wait until the very last second before you smash
   into the "wall" before punching--if you time it right you can open a hole in
   both walls with a single punch. Then wait half a second or so before punching
   again and you should destroy the final Obstacle and get the Coin.

PERFECT: 94 Small Coins + 10 Large Coins = 43167 Makka
ITEMS: High level gems and the occaisonal Happy Ticket


* This is the Warp Zone you'll probably be using the most, (who can sneeze at
  40K+ Makka per run?) and so you'll probably get used to it fairly quickly. But
  it can still be tricky. One of the trickiest parts of the tunnel is at the
  very beginning in the "up + down weaving trails of coins." To sucessfully get
  the coins without slamming into an Obstacle is not easy, so it helps to throw
  punches as you approach the coins close to the Obstacles.

* The toughest part of the tunnel comes between coins 9 and 10. You'll have to
  do a lot of weaving around walls that come fairly quickly. In particular, the
  first "rotating" wall is liable to smack you just as you're going by on the
  left, so throw a punch and destroy its "end" obstacle. You don't want to veer
  too far to the left or up as that will put you directly in the path of the
  next obstacle wall.

* Once the spinning walls are done, you'll come across four walls that cover the
  right, left, bottom, and top halves of the tunnel respectively. It's not too
  terribly hard to dodge them all, but I'm lazy; I sit at the very bottom of the
  screen and make tiny adjustments to dodge the right and left walls, then punch
  through the bottom wall and ignore the top one.

* While collecting coins in the upper-right area of the screen after the
  right/left/top/bottom walls, be careful as a fast-moving wall of Obstacles
  will come flying at you. Either punch through it, or cut hard to the bottom
  left, immediately cutting back up to the upper-right once the wall has passed.

5th Calpa Warp Zone
1: As coins are flying at you from the rear, a Large Obstacle smack in the
   middle of the tunnel contains a Large Coin.
2: A Large obstacle at the end of a trail of coins on the left contains
   the next Large Coin.
3: A Large obstacle at the end of a trail of coins on the bottom contains
   the next Large Coin.
4-6: A trail of coins spirals through the tunnel, where it goes through several
   "borders" of Large Obstacles. In the second, fourth, and sixth "borders"
   are some Small Obstacles in the Borders (they can be tough to see as they're
   obscured by Small Coins.) Each one of these has a Large Coin.
7: The final Large Coin appears in the final Large Obstacle in the tunnel.

PERFECT: 94 Small Coins + 7 Large Coins = 13170 Makka
ITEMS: Low-level healing items and the rare Ikutama.

* The first Large Coin is elusive. It is very very easy to smack into it since
  your Hero is likely obscuring it while collecting coins. Try and memorize the
  timing for when it appears. Throw a punch right after you've picked up ~6-7
  coins or so.

* After the first Large Coin, the trails of small coins more or less indicate
  safe passages through the tunnel. Be aware that each of these trails ends in a
  Large Obstacle, so be careful of them!

* The weird Blue Large Obstacles have items in them. Unlike Coin obstacles
  however, you still have to fly through the Item after destroying the Obstacle
  to pick it up--it is possible destroy the obstacle and still miss the item.


* The Warp Zones don't actually require that much skill per se to get through
  perfectly, it's really just a question of rote memorization of the layout of
  the tunnel. Odds are you're going to do terribly the first few times through
  any given tunnel, then once you get used to it and know where the various
  obstacles pop up in advance, you'll be able to zip through the hardest of
  tunnels with little problem. So practice makes perfect.

* Use the D-pad rather than the analog stick for maneuvering. The analog stick
  is not as well-suited for making tiny adjustments to your position as tapping
  the buttons on the D-pad is.

* Get your Power and Speed to at least 15. At 15 Power you can destroy Large
  Obstacles, at 15 Speed you can move more quickly around the tunnel, allowing
  better precision movement. Luck is also useful, as it determines whether or
  not the Items will appear.

* There are a lot of places where you have to dodge around large numbers of
  obstacles quickly in order to avoid getting hit; in many cases it's often
  easier to just punch through the obstacles rather than try and dodge them.

* Don't flail on the X button randomly, hoping that you will destroy any
  obstacles in your way and/or find Large Coins. This rarely works. After
  throwing three punches in succession your Hero will have to recover for a
  half-second or so, and you'll often find it's in this half-second that he gets
  whacked by an obstacle. It's better to punch only when you know you're going
  to destroy something with it.

* If you want to know if you made a perfect run, the game will tell you, as the
  text will turn red and it will say something like, "With elegant maneuvers,
  (Hero name) got all the Makka!" This has no other bonus, it just is a good
  indication that you've found everything there is to be found in that tunnel.

There are graveyards liberally strewn around the ADZ, each containing graves of
the bosses you defeat in-game. Until you defeat the corresponding boss, its
grave will remain empty of course. Once you find the special treasure called the
"Black Visor," you can use it to fight each boss battle again. The objective
here is to kill the boss as quickly as possible--your record for the number of
"attacks" it took you to beat the boss will be recorded on the gravestone. If
you "qualify," the number of attacks it took will be colored red when you
examine the grave. In reality, the "number of attacks" isn't exactly the number
of times you attacked the boss, but rather how many Press Turns you consumed in
defeating it. So, for example if you get Critical hits or exploit Weak Points,
you can essentially get two blows in and the game will count it as one attack.
In terms of Press Turns consumed, the game will round down, too, so if the
killing blow is a critical attack/weak point exploitation that turns a Press
Turn flashing, it essentially doesn't count as an "attack" at all. However if
you luck out and manage to kill the boss without consuming a single full
Press Turn at all, it'll still count as one attack.

Each of the Graveyards, its "inhabitants," and requisite attacks are as follows:

Forneus (2*)
Troll (2)

Yakshini (2)
Orthrus (2)

B3F (West):
Ose (5)
Chiun (?)

B3F (North):
Mizuchi (6)
The Moirai Sisters (4*)

1F (West):
Kinki (6*)
Suiki (3*)
Fuki (3*)

1F (North):
Ongyoki (10)
Mara (?)
Ja-Aku Frost (7)

Sakahagi (2)
Spectre (?)

Meifu Road
Arsiel (12)
Albion (5*)
Skadi (8*)

Mithra (6)
Thor (10*)

Ahriman (12)
Noah (18)
Baal Avatar (8)

Note: If you see an asterisk after a number, then I know for a fact that is the
minimum qualification to "pass." (IOW, I beat the boss there with one more
attack and it was not red, then when I went down to that number it turned red)
The numbers without asterisks I don't know the exact minimum qualifications for
that particular boss, but I know the number there qualifies. Question marks are
for fights I lucked out on and killed the enemy in only one Press Turn.


1) Bring an extra-beefy party.
The turn requirements for most bosses in Graveyards is very stringent, and often
will give even an Over-Level-99, All-Stats-At-40 Hero a run for his money. It's
best not to try to tackle the Graveyards (except for maybe the very first few)
until you've more or less finished the game and are extremely tough.

2) Equip Masakadus
You don't want to have to worry about dying when you're trying to kill the enemy
as fast as humanly possible. Masakadus will make you invincible to most of the
bosses, so it is definitely to your advantage to equip it so you can focus
entirely on offense.

3) Don't always bring in a full party to the battles
Unless you've got a demon that's almost guaranteed to deal big-damage criticals
or Weak Point exploits when it comes to their turn, it's often to your advantage
NOT to bring them in, and go it alone with your Hero only. In very few boss
battles is it to your advantage to bring in a full party of four. Every turn
counts, and you don't want them wasted with half-assed damage dealers.

4) Critical hits are...well, critical.
Most of the bosses are virtually impossible to qualify for unless you can
Critical them with great frequency, so it helps to have a Hero with a high Luck,
and the skill "Critical" won't hurt either. For bosses with Weak Points,
attacks to exploit those weak points are another alternative, but skills like
Surtr's Ragnarok notwithstanding, there are few Magic skills that can deal as
much damage as a Critical attack. Bringing a bunch of allies with Silent Sky
Critical and then fighting the bosses during a Silent Kagutsuchi can help too...

5) For the most part, ignore support Magic.
The Randomizers and -Kajas may be your best friend in "regular" boss fights,
but not here, where they just waste Press Turns. The only skill that doesn't
directly do damage that really is worth it in these fights is Kiai.

6) Bring a Physical-damage oriented hero into the battle.
Magic may be great at exploiting weak points, but few bosses actually have Weak
Points, and more often than not Physical attacks do more damage. An ideal
"grave raider" Hero build will be something like: Kiai, Deathbound, Supreme
Blast, Deathsport, Critical, Penetrate, etc. Must-have skills are: Deathbound,
the single best skill to use in these fights as it can hit an enemy more than
once per attack, Deathsport, which is great against multi-enemy boss fights and
it criticals more often than it doesn't, Penetrate, for dealing with physically-
resistant bosses, and Supreme Blast, which not only does more damage than any
other attack, but it's virtually impossible to qualify against Noah without it.


Alignment sort of belongs in the gameplay section, but it's important enough
that it deserves its own section. There are some minor spoilers in here so be

Alignment is complicated in SMT3, much more so than the earlier SMT games. In
the earlier SMT games, there was a single alignment axis--that of Law and Chaos
that were diametrically opposed to each other. You perform Lawful actions, and
your alignment moves toward Law and away from Chaos. You perform Chaotic
actions, and your alignment moves away from Law and toward Chaos. Perform an
equal amount of Lawful and Chaotic actions and they would balance each other out
and you'd be Neutral. What path you took affected the demons you summoned and
what ending you would get.

SMT3 isn't so simple. Instead of dealing with just a single axis that can be
swung one direction or the other, you're dealing with three seperate
philosophies battling it out with each other. You can side with any one of these
three paths, and in addition there are two other "neutral" paths (three in
Maniacs) you can take without siding with any of them.

The Kotowari system ties in greatly with the basic plot structure of the game.
The basic concept/plot of the game is that the world has been destroyed into an
"embryo" form which will develop into a new full-fledged universe. How this
universe will turn out is decided by a "Kotowari." In Japanese, "Kotowari"
literally means "logic" or "reason" but the Kotowari in SMT3 is more like a "set
of natural laws." In other words, a new universe is going to be created, and you
pick the laws under which it will function. There are three basic Kotowari in
the game:


                            "At One with the Universe"

Shijima is the first Kotowari you will be introduced to, and is the Kotowari the
people responsible for bringing about the Vortex World had in mind when they
destroyed the old world. Shijima has a very heavy Buddhist influence; the
central goal is a universe of silence, where everyone and everything has
attained inner peace. In the Shijima universe, individual passions and desires
do not exist, and the lines between individuals are blurred--everyone is at one
with the universe. Each individual is nothing and everything at the same time.
They are all at eternal peace, working in tandem as individual parts of the
giant, stable machine that is the universe.


                                "Might makes Right"

Yosuga is the second Kotowari you will be introduced to. It is a more or less
"elitist" philosophy, where power and ability means everything. In the world of
Yosuga, there is no place for those that do nothing or are not useful. The world
will be built and the balance maintained by those that are naturally superior.
the inferior will be purged from the old world, and the new world will be a
paradise with no "inferior" at all, as everyone will be there by virtue of their
natural talents.


                         "Every Man an Island to Himself"

Musbi is the last Kotowari you will be introduced to. It is a very
individualistic philosophy focused on extreme social isolation. In the Musubi
world, the self is acknowledged as being supreme, and each person more or less
gets their own isolated world where they exist free and independently. Nobody
suffers and everyone enjoys absolute superiority and gets everything they want.
This superiority is not attained at the expense of anyone else, because nobody
ever interferes with anyone else--everyone exists in isolated solitude, within
their own personal paradise.


Each of these philosophies vy for supremacy, but really only come into conflict
with one another indirectly. Which Kotowari, if any, will be the one that shapes
the world is entirely dependent upon the player. As none of the Kotowari are
diametrically opposed to one of other, there is no "tug of war" effect like in
previous SMT games. Instead, the player accrues "Kotowari points," and the final
Kotowari decided upon at the end of the game is picked via a combination of how
many points you have and flags.

Kotowari points are accrued via the various decisions that the Hero makes
throughout the game, and how he answers certain questions. You start with 0
points in each Kotowari, and when you give answers to questions in line with one
of the Kotowari, you will gain points toward that Kotowari. You can never
actually LOSE Kotowari points, and 32 Kotowari points appears to be the number
you need to pass to become really affiliated with an alignment.

Each Kotowari has a flag associated with it which affirms that the Hero is
officially aligned with it. These flags can be turned on during "Kotowari
Events," where the hero will be asked to assist advocates of each Kotowari.
Agreeing to assist in these choices will activate the "Kotowari Event." Note
that the Hero can align himself with one, two, or even all three of the
Kotowari. Before you enter the last Dungeon, the game looks among all alignments
with Kotowari flags activated and picks whichever one you have the most Kotowari
points toward--this will be the ending you get.

For example, say you got all three Kotowari events, and agreed to assist for the
Musubi and Shijima events, but not the Yosuga event. In this case, the Musubi
and Shijima flags would both be on by the time you reached the final dungeon. If
you had more Musubi points at this point, you'd get the Musubi ending, and if
you had more Shijima points, you'd get the Shijima ending. Even if you had more
Yosuga points than either of the other two Kotowari (which would be extremely
difficult, but not impossible) you still wouldn't get the Yosuga ending, since
you chose not to assist in the Yosuga event, and did not turn on the Yosuga
Kotowari flag. If the values were tied...well, I don't know what would happen.
Maybe they'd pick at random, maybe one alignment takes precedence over another.

If you reach the last dungeon and have NO Kotowari flags activated, then there
are two possible endings you can get, a "Neutral" ending and a "Demon"
Neutral ending. There are two questions in the game that set independent,
Neutral flags up when you answer them "right." If you have no Kotowari flags
activated, then the game checks these Neutral flags. If both of these flags are
on, then you will get the "Neutral" ending. Otherwise you will get the "Demon"

Also, If you're playing Shin Megami Tensei III: Nocturne Maniacs, there's a new,
sixth ending avaiable to you. This ending, dubbed by many players as the "True
Demon" ending, can be seen by completing the Amara Deep Zone in its entirety,
(and watching requisite cutscene) BEFORE entering the last dungeon at the end of
the game. If you do this, the "True Demon" ending will override any of the
other 5 "normal" endings. Also, to get the "True Demon" ending you will have to
face an additional, much tougher boss after the final boss.

It gets more complicated, though. In order for a Kotowari Event to take place,
you either have to have 32 points toward that Kotowari or have what I call a
"Kotowari Event Flag Event" turned on by the time you reach that point in the
story. There are a couple of choices in-game that will automatically turn on the
"Kotowari Event Flag Events" to ensure you will see that Kotowari's Event.
(Actually, I'm pretty sure these events just work by boosting the related
alignment by 32 points) Also, note that of the three main Kotowari, Shijima is a
real anomaly--no matter what you do, the Shijima Event will take place. However,
if you don't have 32 points toward Shijima or the Shijima Event Flag Event
turned on by that point, the event won't "count"--in other words, the final
Shijima flag will not be turned on (but will still nullify your chances for the
Neutral Ending if you try anyway!).

Also, it should be noted that getting 32 points toward an alignment (without
activating that alignment's Kotowari Event Flag) by the time a Kotowari Event
takes place is EXTREMELY difficult. If you answer every single other alignment-
influencing event right by the time the Kotowari Event appears, you'll JUST have
32 alignment points. (The sole exception is Yosuga, in which you can have as
many as 44 alignment points, so you have a little leeway there.)

Shijima Ending:
Shijima Flag + Shijima points greatest if other Flags on

Yosuga Ending:
Yosuga Flag + Yosuga points greatest if other Flags on

Musubi Ending:
Musubi Flag + Musubi points greatest if other Flags on

Neutral Ending:
Shijima, Yosuga, Musubi flags all off, both Neutral flags on

Demon Ending:
Shijima, Yosuga, Musubi flags all off, both Neutral flags NOT on

True Demon Ending (Maniacs only):
Watch the final cutscene in the Amara Deep Zone before entering the last dungeon


The following is the easiest way to get all 5 endings without having to play
through the entire game 5 times. It has explicit choices listed for each of the
routes, so there is spoiler material in here. Be forewarned!


Go through the game as normal and make whatever decisions you want on whatever
Kotowari choices there are, as this will rely more on Kotowari flags rather than
Kotowari points. The first important choice occurs after you meet Chiaki in the
"foyer" of the Mantra base and she tells you about the Yosuga world. Agree with

The second important choice doesn't come for a while, until you're in the Amara
Network for the second time. Here, tell Isamu that you agree with him when he
tells you about the Musubi world.

The third important choice comes when you meet Hikawa on the steps of the Mantra
Army base. When he tells you about the ideals of the Shijima world, agree with

The next important point takes place in Yoyogi Park. Before Aradia asks you if
you fear afflicition, deception, etc save the game in two separate slots. The
first slot we are going to call Save Game A. The second is going to be Save Game
B, and is going to be the slot we use to get the Demon Ending. Then, for
Aradia's questions:

Save Game A: "No" to both
Save Game B: "Yes" to both

Play both save games up until the Musubi Kotowari Event in the Amara Shrine.
Before enacting the event, create a third save game slot using Save Game A or B
as a "base". This is going to be Save Game C, the Musubi Ending Slot.

Then, for each of the save games:
Save Game A and B: Refuse to dump Hijiri into the pool
Save Game C: Agree to dump Hijiri into the pool

Play game A, B, and C up until the Yosuga Kotowari Event in Mifunashiro. Before
enacting the event, create a fourth save game slot using Save Game A or B as a
base. This is going to be Save Game D, the Yosuga Ending Slot.

Then, for each of the save games:
Save Game A-C: Tell Chiaki you don't agree with her -- fight the Seraphim
Save Game D: Tell Chiaki you agree with her -- fight Futomimi

Play save games A-D up until the final Shijima Kotowari Event in the Tokyo Diet
building. Before enacting the event, create a final, fifth save game slot using
Save Game A or B as a base. This is going to be Save Game E, the Shijima Ending

Then, for each of the save games:
Save Game A-D: Choose to Stop Hikawa -- fight Samael
Save Game E: Choose not to stop Hikawa -- don't fight Samael

Then, just play each one of the save games until the end.

Save Game A: Neutral Ending
Save Game B: Demon Ending
Save Game C: Musubi Ending
Save Game D: Yosuga Ending
Save Game E: Shijima Ending

If you're playing Maniacs and want the 6th ending as well, obviously you'll need
two memory cards for the 6th. Unless of course you've got both Nocturne and
Maniacs, in which case you can split the two with Nocturne and Maniacs saves.
All you need to do is complete the Amara Deep Zone using any of the above 5 save
games as a "Base" and save it into your sixth slot. Just make sure you do so
before entering the last dungeon, as you will hose your chances for the Maniacs
ending if you enter it before completing the ADZ.

In all honesty though, it's probably best if you do all this in your second
playthrough, after getting 100% on your Akuma Zensho the first time through.
Otherwise you'll have to deal with the excessive tedium of demon fusing and
mutation with each of the 5 save games to get a powerful party--if you already
have 100% Akuma Zensho on a second playthrough you won't have to bother and can
just shell out the cash to buy a powerful party at the Jakyo Manor (for a
reduced rate.) Also, since you'll have already seen one of the endings, you can
skip the step above that requires you make a separate save for whatever ending
you got the first time around.

                               TIPS AND TRICKS

This section is just a general list of tips, tricks, and strategies for playing
the game that don't really fit anywhere else into the FAQ/Walkthrough.

Arguably one of the most difficult points of the game is getting money quickly--
summoning demons through the Akuma Zensho is convenient, but very expensive.
There are several ways to make money reasonably quickly--here are a few ideas.

The best way to make money is via extortion with the Blackmail skill. The user
must be a substantially higher level than the demons you're trying to extort,
but it works very well--toward the end of the game you can get over 4000 Makka
per demon, and easily make more than 10,000 Makka in a single battle. Sometimes
they'll give you Maharagi or Mahazan stones instead, but there's a way around
this--once you have 99 of a given item, whenever a demon tries to give you that
item in negotiation they will give you money instead. So to expedite the
process, you can buy 99 Maharagi/Mahazan stones before you start your extortion

Begging with the Beg skill is a better option for low-level characters--it is
effective like Blackmail, but when low-level demons are doing the speaking. The
downside of course is that if you fail or get interrupted, there's a good chance
your Begging character will be creamed as they will be substantially weaker than
the demons they're begging from.

This is on par with Begging--have a "child-type" demon with Request ask for the
money. The down side is that like with Begging, if you fail or get interrupted,
there's a good chance you'll get your Requesting character killed as most
"child-type" demons are pretty weak. If you're playing Maniacs, this isn't a
problem, as Jaaku Frost, one of the toughest demons in the game, is also a
"child-type" demon and thus is a prime candidate for this skill.

Stone Hunting:
This is a little more convoluted, but with the Stone Hunt skill you can get
gemstones out of demons. If you use it on very low-level demons, you won't have
to pay too much for them, and can then turn around and use the gems to buy
expensive items at Rag's, which you can then sell for large amounts of cash.

Treasure Hunting:
Use of Treasure Hunt with Estma is another option. If you have a character with
high luck and Treasure Hunt, keep them in your party and run around doing
nothing on the overworld, casting Estma to keep monsters from fighting you. You
can find valuable items like Hogyokuwas or Somas this way, which can sell for a
lot of money. Quite frankly I find this method a little tedious, but some people
swear by it. (I personally like to keep the items I find)

Maniacs--Warp Zone diving:
Warp Zone diving is the best may to make money fast if you're playing Maniacs.
Getting through the upper Calpa tunnels with Perfect ratings can net you tens of
thousands of Makka quite easily. The downside (as compared to negotiation) is
that the types of items you get will be much more limited.

Brainwash is a remarkably effective skill for enticing demons to join your
party. It has an Immediate Effect on any demon 10 levels lower than the speaker,
so outfitting a high-level demon with this skill is really to your advantage.
Before you reach that point, Valkyrie's Hero Hunt and Loki's Prank are fantastic
skills for snagging male and female demons respectively.

When you're on the overworld, move your character into a corner or dead end and
keep holding down the pad to try and move in the same direction as the wall.
Kagutsuchi's phase will change, but no enemies will attack you. Using this in
combination with Breath/Chakra Shoes will allow you to refill your HP/MP without
having to worry at all about getting attacked. This is also useful if you want
to advance Kagutsuchi so Shige will finish his digging in the Asakusa Tunnel.
NOTE: Later versions of the game have seemingly fixed this bug. Time will still
pass as you're up against the dead end, but enemies can attack you as well.

Lv 74 Maou Surtr is a very unusual demon. He is the only demon in your potential
arsenal whose base attack does not do physical-type damage. Rather, it does
Fire-based damage. If Surtr attacks enemies weak to Fire, it will count as
exploiting their weak spot, and will hit enemies that reflect, absorb, or are
immune to Physical damage, making him a very useful ally in the final dungeon,
when you deal with many physical-reflecting enemies. In addition, Surtr's normal
attack can critical hit like a normal physical attack. If you create Surtr via a
Seirei Rank-Down fusion with Arsiel, you can also have him inherit Ice
Reflection (since Abbadon, who mutates into Arsiel, learns it) to cover his
weakness, making him a very useful ally. Also, if you are playing Maniacs and
put Penetrate on Surtr, his normal attack will penetrate Fire Resistant, Immune,
and Absorbing enemies. Put Fire Enhance on Surtr to make him a real juggernaut!

Get a reasonably low-level demon and advance it several levels beyond its "maxed
out" stage. (for example, I leveled Yoki Oni to Lv. 33) It won't cost very much
to summon using the Akuma Zensho, but will be a great sacrifice for high-level
demons because of all its experience.

Randomizer is one of the best spells in the game--it's like casting a Taru-Nda,
Raku-Nda, and Suku-Nda all bundled up into one spell. As soon as you're a high
enough level to start summoning demons with this spell, you'll probably want to
use this on virtually every boss or otherwise difficult fight you come across.

Dorminer and Eternal Sleep:
This is a great combo to use, and works best if you have these skills on two
different characters, with the Eternal Sleep user just slightly slower than the
Dorminer caster. Have character #1 cast Dorminer, then character #2 immediately
follow up with Eternal Sleep. Eternal Sleep will insta-kill any sleeping
characters with 100%, zero-chance-of-failure efficiency.

War Cry of Victory:
I shouldn't have to explain how unfairly cheap this skill is--that it
automatically refills the user's HP and MP to max after every battle should be
enough for you to figure that out on your own.

Chakra Shoes:
Towards the middle to end of the game, I like to fuse my demons so virtually all
of them have this skill. It allows you to be less concerned about conserving MP-
-and you will have a hell of a time on even the boring random battles if you
have to worry about conserving MP all the time.

The -Kaja Spells:
The -Kaja Spells--all of them--are game-breaker skills. They improve your stats
immensely, allowing a weak party to go head-to-head with enemies that would
normally wipe them out. Also, the -Kaja spells are cumulative and can be stacked
up to four times, boosting your party's stats even HIGHER. Because of the
presence of Randomizer (which can also be stacked BTW) the -Kaja skills are
slightly less important than previous games, but still overwhelmingly useful.

Curse and Hama attacks are very, very, very irritating in SMT3, far more so than
previous games. Tetraja will save your sorry butt many a time. If you don't use
Tetraja to protect your Hero from curses and Hama attacks, get used to watching
those angels dance around on his grave, as you will be seeing that sequence a
whole lot.

Another skill damn useful for counteracting instant-death attacks. However it's
less effective than Tetraja in that once it kicks in, you cannot use it again
for the rest of the combat (this includes multi-combats where new enemies appear
as soon as the first wave is defeated) and you'll be as weak as a babe once it

Lets you break through those pesky physical resistances so common toward the end
of the game. If you can get this skill, you're probably going to need it.

Maniacs--Demon End Trumpet
Best non-boss killer skill in the game. End of story.

After finishing the game, you get the option of playing through again on a
higher difficulty level. The enemies have the same amount of HP they did before,
but they do more damage with their attacks, and are much smarter, picking on
injured/weaker allies and exploiting weak points much more often. There are
several things you can do to make your life easier in preparation for your
second time around.

First, no matter how much "twinking" you plan to do your second time around,
complete the Akuma Zensho your first time through the game. The Akuma Zensho
transfers between games, so if you complete it your costs for summoning from it
will be much lower your second time through--useful, since you will be spending
a lot of money at the Healing Spring.

Second, if you want to be cheap, you can "twink" your demons by specifically
fusing low-level demons and making them inherit very powerful skills. The Akuma
Zensho will be accesible to you as soon as you arrive at the first Jakyo Manor
the second time through, so you can make your "withdrawals" then. If you, say,
fuse a Pixie with War Cry of Victory, Megidoraon, Randomizer, etc. you will be
able to summon them and have access to those very powerful skills, even though
you yourself are at a low level. Now, maybe your low-level demons won't be able
to use said skills yet because their MP is so low, but you can use them as
fusion/sacrifice fodder to give them to other demons with sufficient MP levels,
far earlier than you'd be able to otherwise.

Finally, when you actually play through the second time, play extremely
defensively, and treat every battle--or at least most of them--as if you were
facing a boss battle. You may want to run or cast Torafulee if you're greatly
outnumbered even. And try to travel with full HP at all times, as otherwise you
will be as good as dead when you get surprised with a back attack. Good luck!

None of the above strategies really apply to second-time around games, as the
game is not necessarily more difficult--you can pick your difficulty level
before starting, and there's no real difference in basic game mechanics as if
you were doing your first time around. Of course completing the Akuma Zensho is
still just as useful...

There are only two differences in Maniacs second time around games that are
worth taking note of. The first is that you can pick your starting outfit,
either the new, "hooded shirt" outfit, or the "classic" Nocturne starting
outfit--these outfits give your hero very minor bonuses to his starting stats.
The hooded outfit gives you a +2 Power, +1 Vitality bonus, and the "classic"
outfit gives you a +2 Magic, +1 Speed bonus.

The second, more noticable difference, is that in second-time around games you
can get your Hero's Press turns boosted by one. (So with just the Hero you get
2 press turns, with one ally you get 3, etc.) If you've "qualified" for all the
graves in the ADZ, when you enter the first Grave room you'll meet Kerberos, who
will teleport you to B666 of the 5th Calpa. There Izanami and Izanagi will greet
you and give you the Press Turn Bonus.

Watch the conversation between Kerberos and Orthrus, or Kerberos and Chimera,
they are very funny. Amaterasu and Sarutahiko gave me a chuckle too.
Conversations between demons of the exact same type can be amusing too.

Kerberos and Orthrus are also special in that they change the music of the Jakyo
Manor when you enter during a New moon. Kerberos changes the BGM to the SMT1
Jakyo Manor music, and Orthrus changes the BGM to the SMT2 Jakyo Manor Music.

This isn't listed in the manual, but press Select when you're in a dungeon to
change the viewpoint to the more traditional 1st-person view.
EDIT: This trick only appears to work in second-time-around games. In Maniacs
it's available by default, or at least is available by default in imported

SMT3 is one of the hardest console RPGs I have played in a very long time. Most
"modern" RPGs I don't have too much trouble with, but I watched the Game Over
sequence in SMT3 literally dozens of times before finishing. Playing on the
second time through the game with the harder difficulty setting, (without
excessive twinking of the party via Akuma Zensho) it's more or less par for the
course to have my entire party wiped out once or twice a play session.

Bottom line is, don't get frustrated, and save a lot. Expect to die a lot,
because odds are unless you're very lucky it is going to happen fairly often,
mostly through insta-death attacks. Unless you're testing something weird and
don't want to save, you should probably save every time you come across a

                                THE WALKTHROUGH


Before you even start the game when playing Maniacs, you have several new
options; check the "Maniacs differences" section above in regards to picking
difficulty levels and importing Nocturne data.

                                THE END OF THE WORLD

When you start the game, you will hear a woman's voice. She tells you that a
lost power is coming to the world, and that in order to be reborn. An old
prophecy tells of the world disappearing along with all of its residents. She
notes that you don't want that, but she wants you to survive. She says she needs
to know your name.

Go ahead and enter your name. It'll ask for your family name, given name, and
nickname in that order. Your family name and given name will be used throughout
the game by the various characters--your nickname will be the name of your Hero
in battle and in menus, etc.

After giving your name, the woman tells you that now you won't lose your power
to live when the great destruction comes. She tells you to believe in yourself
and live strong. You can respond either with "OK" or "I don't understand you." I
don't think what you say matters here.

The woman tells you that her job is to rebuild the world once it is destroyed.
She asks you to call her name, and you're brought back to the naming screen. The
default name for her is Takao Yuko. Throughout the rest of the FAQ I'll refer to
her as Yuko, though you're free to call her whatever you want.

After naming her, Yuko asks you to come find her in the new world, and tells you
to wake up.

You wake up on the subway. You've arrived at Yoyogi station, your destination.

As soon as you leave the station, you get a text message on your cell phone. The
message is from a classmate. He chastises you for your tardines, and tells you
to hurry up and rendezvous at Yoyogi park. Aftewards the two of you are going to
go visit Yuko--your teacher--who is sick at the hospital. The game now asks you
to enter the name of your friend. The default is Nitta Isamu.

As you leave the station, you'll be stopped by a worker/ticket taker. He's
surprised that you're going to the park what with the "incident" that happened
there. He asks if you haven't heard of it. If you reply that you didn't know of
it, he'll tell you that some group went nuts and started killing people in the

Go outside to Shinjuku. Talk to people hanging around the park. The official
story is that the killing in the park was a terrorist act, enacted against the
company "Cyverse." However, a friend of yours will tell you the rumor that
demons were sighted in the park during the rampage.

Go and head inside to the park. It's closed up. There's a man there bitching
about it; he wants to take pictures of the crime scene. He asks if you want
something. You can either ask what's happening or tell him you don't want
anything. If you ask what happened, the reporter will tell you that while
officially, the killings took place in a clash between a terrorist and a
corporation, rumors are it was a battle between users of dark powers.

At this point, your telephone rings. It's another classmate, and the game asks
you to enter her name. The default is Tachibana Chiaki.

Chiaki asks you to come straight to the hospital--you took too long so she and
Isamu went ahead. She says that she wants to talk to the teacher about her
future plans (graduation etc): You can either say "I'll hurry." or chastise
Chiaki by saying "Hey, she's in the hospital!" Chiaki bitches at you if you say

The reporter asks if you're going to the hospital; apparently he is too. He
introduces himself as Hijiri, and gives you a magazine that will be coming out
soon--he is a writer for it. Hijiri says you didn't know what happened here and
don't know what the deal about the hospital really is--the magazine will fill
you in on the story. The article is titled "Special: The Gaians and the Miroku
tome." (SMT vets will recognize the Gaians as one of the main religious factions
from the first two SMT games) Hijiri says there's a lot of BS stories about, and
the story may be a load of garbage--if the rumors are false he apologizes in

Before you head to the hospital, check the vending machine here. You'll get a
"mysterious drink" from it. Once the game starts in earnest this will be
revealed to be a Soma, a great healing item, so grab it. Then, head to the

Chiaki is in the hospital lobby. She is spooked, and says the hospital is really
strange--there's nobody here at all. Isamu has gone further into the hospital,
looking for Yuko, but hasn't come back in a while. She notices the magazine
you're carrying and asks about it. You can say "Someone gave it to me." or "Want
to read it?"

Either way, she'll take the magazine and leaf through it. She gets shocked, it's
an occult-themed magazine--very bad timing for that sort of thing. Chiaki says
the magazine will be a "good timekiller" and keeps it. She sends you upstairs to
look for Yuko or Isamu.

On the second floor, there's another vending machine. It'll give you another
mysterious drink, but this is just an Iwakura Water--not nearly as nice as a
Soma. Still worth getting though. On the east end of the second floor, you'll
see someone walking around on the opposite hall. Run over to where the person
was. In room A202, you can hear noises in the next room. Go on into that room,
and you'll find Isamu. You startle him, and after getting PO'd at you for
freaking him out, goes on to tell you that something really weird is going on--
he's sure he has the right hospital, that these are visiting hours, and that
Yuko should be here--he called ahead in advance to make sure she was here.  You
can either say "Something might have happened." or "I'm sure there's nothing to
worry about."

Either way, he says he's going to go back and talk to Chiaki. Follow him back

Chiaki tells you she was reading the "Gaia and the Miroku Tome" article that
Hijiri wrote. She tells you that Gaia is a cult that worships demons. They
believe the writings of the "Miroku Tome" and hold them as some sort of
prophecy. The prophecy says the some sort of "Chaos" is coming to earth. The
Gaians are trying to bring that chaos about and make the prophecy reality.
However, it isn's specific about what this "chaos" is, or why the Gaians want to
bring it to fruition. At this point Isamu comes back, and says that he can't
find Yuko anyway. Chiaki chastises him for interrupting, and continues on
talking about the article. She says that the Shinjuku Eisei hospital is somehow
the key to their plan, but doesn't specify how. Isamu mentions that he has weird
rumors of this hospital--that they've been doing experiments on people and
corpses. Chiaki gets upset--she says she doesn't believe the magazine article,
but admits the hospital is decidedly not normal. Isamu starts to get worried. He
notes that there is a passageway to another branch of the hospital on the second
floor, and that he is going to go investigate there. He gives you a keycard to
the basement, and asks you to investigate there. Chiaki mocks Isamu, asking if
he's afraid to go into the basement. Isamu gets annoyed and says he's giving the
job to you since the teacher probably isn't there anyway.

Head into the basement. Weird stuff is definitely going down there. There's
blood everywhere, and remains of some sort of strange ceremony in one room.
There is one room that you will hear a strange sound in when you approach--it
will ask you if you want to go in.

There is a man inside, Hikawa. He is not pleased that you entered. He spouts off
some poetry and then goes on to go on a tirade about how humanity is hopeless in
its warring and greed, and the world should start over from square one. He says
that salvation is to be found in the Miroku Tome, and that today is the day of
the coming of chaos, as it is prophecised therein. After his long soliloquy, he
finally gets around to asking who you are--at first he thinks you might be a
survivor of the "purging ceremony" in the park, but then realizes you're not. He
concludes you must be an aquaintence of Yuko, and are here to visit her. He says
that he won't tolerate any interference of his plans, and while he feels bad
doing so, must kill you. He tells you not to worry as the world will soon
follow. He summons a demon to attack you! You can choose to either "Stand and
Fight" or "Run."

The result is the same--Yuko enters the room to stop Hikawa. She tells him that
your being here will not hurt his plan, and that if he doesn't spare you, she
won't help him. Hikawa reluctantly agrees, calling her a "problematic medium"
and tells you to leave as he wishes to be alone when the chaos comes. Yuko
leaves and says she's waiting for you on the roof. She tells you to come see
what is going to happen to the world.

Head to the roof. On the way there in the basement hallway, a masked old woman
and a young boy will appear. Shin Megami Tensei veterans will probably recognize
the boy immediately. He is a young version of Louis Cypher, the human form that
Lucifer takes when mingling amongst others when not in his castle in the Abyss.
No, I'm not spoiling anything for you by telling you that the boy is Lucifer--
the game never actually reveals it directly to you, (Well, it does in Maniacs)
though it's pretty obvious unless you've never played another SMT game or seen
the adult Louis Cypher's design sketches.

The woman speaks in a manner that makes it clear that she is a servant to the
boy--a lot like you'd expect a butler or caretaker would talk to her employer's
child. She asks the boy if there's something about you that bothers him. The boy
whispers to her. "I see, we're busy, let us do it later" the old woman says. The
two vanish.

Head to the roof. Yuko is there waiting for you. She tells you that the coming
chaos is a "fertilization." Much like the fertilizing of an egg which later
develops into an embryo and then a child, the fertilization of the world will be
the primordial chaos from which a new world will develop--the world will be
reborn. She says that everyone that is not currently in the hospital will die,
and that nobody would forgive this method if they knew what was happening, but
it must be done to save the world. She says that she has willingly offered
herself to carry the burden of the crime she is about to commit when the
fertilization occurs. Yuko tells you that you will survive the fertilization,
but it may actually be worse than death. She tells you that once the
fertilization has happened, that you should to come see her, and that no matter
what happens to world she will help you. She says that she will be the "medium,"
the core for the new world. She realizes that you don't understand now, but if
you can reach her, she will give you all the answers.

The world goes kaboom. A huge glowing sphere appears above Tokyo and rips the
fabric of the world in two. You are knocked out.

You are awakened by a strange voice, which tells you to show it your heart. It
reads your mind and notes that there is nothing there--"not even the seeds of a
Kotowari have been planted." The voice says that in your current condition, you
cannot create a new world. It tells you that you must "become someone," and only
then can you shape the new world.

You awake again to darkness, and the old woman and boy are there. The woman
tells you that you have piqued the boy's interest. She tells you that despite
the fact that you are just a "mere human," the boy wants to give you a very
special present. You lie down and the woman and boy lean over you. The woman
tells you not to move, and that this will only hurt you for a second.

The boy holds out a wriggling little thing in his hand and drops it into you.
"Here, now you can become a demon" he says. The woman tells you that the boy has
given you a "Magatama," which holds the essence of a demon. She goes on to tell
you that the little boy is always watching you, and asks you not to bore him.

                           SHINJUKU EISEI HOSPITAL
2 x Maseki
3 x Maseki
2 x Chakra Drop
Mahajio Stone
Mahabufu Stone
300 Makka
2 x Medicine
Chigaeshi no Tama

LV 1 Gedo Will o' Wisp
LV 3 Chirei Kodama
LV 4 Yoki Shikigami
LV 4 Yuki Gaki
LV 5 Chirei Kahaku (Rare)

You won't get any random encounters in the hospital until you get Pixie to join
your party. For the most part, the fights here are not too tough. You're weak as
a baby though, so just be careful not to let the enemies overwhelm you with
numbers. Get as many party members as you can. The only thing to be careful of
is not to use Jio on Shikigami, since Shikigami reflects Electricity. You'll
probably be OK here.


You awaken in the hospital. The Magatama has granted you demonic powers--you are
now a demon, and are covered in strange-colored stripes and have a huge
spike/horn sticking out the back of your neck. Get up, and leave the room.

Go inside the room where Hikawa was earlier. Hijiri is there. He looks at you
and recognizes you from the park and asks what happened to you. You can respond
"I got power" or "I don't understand myself." It doesn't really matter what you

Hijiri tells you he woke up here in the room while investigating the hospital.
He asks if you've already met them. "Yes" or "Who?" are your options.

Hijiri is not talking about people, but "Demons."  He says they're definitely
not something you could go to the police about. He wonders if this "Tokyo
fertilization" he had been investigating really might have happened. He motions
to the big glowing cylinder in the room and recognizes thing as belonging to
Hikawa. Hijiri tells you that he needs to find him. But he can't go anywhere
with the demons running about, so he wants to check it out.

The big cylindrical stone is your first Terminal. You can save here. The place
that you found in the basement that looked like a ceremony took place is a heal
spot. There you will find a "Shinentai." Shinentai literally translates to
"Thought Body" and it is what all former humans not fortunate enough to be in
the hospital during the Fertilization have turned into.

When you try to leave the level, some Will o' wisps will appear in the elevator.
They want something called "Magatsuhi" and will attack you to try to get it from

FIRST FIGHT: 2 Gedo Will o' Wisps
HP:10  MP:30
Immune to Curse, Strong to Physical, Weak to all other magic
Death Touch, Suku-Kaja

Might as well just Auto-Battle this fight. There's not much else you can do at
this point anyway and the Will o' Wisps are easy.

Beat the Will o' Wisps and go into the main hospital.


If you're playing Maniacs, by now you're probably wondering what the hell I'm
talking about, as no Will o' wisps appeared in the elevator; rather the elevator
door led to a strange dimension. This is the first deviation from the
"original" game in Nocturne: Maniacs.

Once you enter the "Strange Area" as it's called, a decrepit old man in a
wheelchair and his young nurse appear, and the man speaks to you telepathically,
asking him to "show him your power."

Now, after taking a few steps, you'll have to fight the Will o' Wisp fight as
listed above. There's also a chest with 2 Medicines in it to the right of the
corridor before the fight.

Immediately after defeating the Wisps, there will be a Shinentai that is called
a "Dark Doctor." He will heal you for free. Make use of it, there are a couple
of more tough fights in here.

The next fight, against a Yuki Gaki, is a couple of steps from the first fight.
If you're playing on Hard, this fight can be damn tough, as the Gaki can kill
you in two hits if it's lucky, and it will probably take you three to take it
down. You may need to use a healing item. As soon as it's dead, go back to the
Dark Doctor and get yourself healed.

Go through the door and the man in the wheelchair will appear again, and beckon
you to follow him. If you follow him, you'll end up in a fight with one Chirei
Kodama and one Gedo Will o' Wisp. You might have to use some healing items if
they get a few lucky shots in, but it's not too tough.

An alternative is to go the opposite direction from Wheelchair Guy, in which
case you'll soon find yourself in a fight with two Chirei Kodamas. They
shouldn't be too tough, and once you beat them you can open the chest with the
Maharagi Stone behind them. This stone will allow you to decimate the
Kodama/Wisp fight on the other edge of the corridor.

Anyhow, once you get through the door, the old man and his nurse will be waiting
for you. The old man will applaud your skill, say that you will meet again soon,
teleport you back into the hospital, and the game will continue as normal.

Now you're in the lobby of the hospital. There's a cave-in by the main entrance,
so you can't get out that way--you'll have to exit via the west wing--however,
the door there is locked. In front of the entrance to the west wing you'll find
a Pixie. She will join you--she wants to get out of here and go to Yoyogi park,
and will team up with you until you get there. She tells you that Gaki has the
pass to get into the west branch. The Gaki are inside a locked room on the
second floor. Bring Pixie to the door and she will call to the Gaki and says she
has lots of Magatsuhi to give them--Gaki opens the door. Pixie tells them to
give you the card, but the Gaki are pissed off that you tricked them and attack!

FIGHT: 3 Yuki Gakis
HP: 20 MP: 19
Immune to Curse, Weak to all other magic
Claw, Suku-Kaja

This fight is not too hard, especially since you have Pixie tagging along. Have
her cast Jio on the Gaki and your hero follow-up with attacks, and you will be
able to get three whacks in per round since Jio hits their Weak Point. In case
one of the Gaki gets lucky with a Claw or critical attack, have Pixie heal with

With the Gaki dead, you will get the keycard to the West Wing of the hospital.
Inside the West Wing, you'll see that the exit is guarded by a huge manta-ray
like demon--a Shinentai will tell you that it is Forneus, who is preventing
anyone from leaving the building. However, a human managed to slip past him and
escape earlier.

Talk to everyone you find here. The Datsueba will give you combat advice. The
Shisa will give you a Medicine. Also, when you're in the basement, be sure to
unlock the door back to the main wing of the hospital--this will give you easy
access to the Terminal and the Heal Spot. If you run into Kodama, Shikigami, or
Kahaku, try and talk to them and get them to join you--the more allies, the
easier it is.

There's a sub-terminal on the first floor. Talk to the Shinentai there and he
will laugh at you if you say you are going to defeat Forneus, and tells you
he'll give you the entire contents of his wallet if you do.

Head into the lobby. Forneus is there. He is really steaming about the human
that slipped by him and needs to take out his agression. Unfortunately he
decides to take out his aggression on you. He attacks!

HP: 500 MP: 200
Absorbs Ice, Immune to Curse, Weak to Electricity
Bufu, Maha-Bufu, Death's Door Stream

Your first boss. If you take advantage of his Electricity weakness he's a
breeze. I suggest you go into the battle with Pixie, Kodama, and Shikigami. Have
Shikigami and Pixie cast Jio on Forneus, and Kodama cast attack or cast Dia on
you if you need it. If you get really desperate you can have Pixie heal you too.
You can tell when Forneus is getting weak as he will start to flop over. He also
talks smack to you at several points in the battle when he weakens.

When Forneus dies, he will give you the Wadatsumi Magatama, and you are free to
leave the hospital. First though you might want to go back to that Shinentai
that offered to give you the contents of his wallet and hold him to his promise,
to line your pockets with an extra 1000 Makka (750 in second-time around games)

Outside the hospital the old woman and boy appear. The old woman is relieved
that you didn't "do something embarrasing like die immediately." She says that
someone given power by one as great as the child wouldn't die so easily anyway.
She tells you to look up at the sky if this is your first time outside. Way up
in the sky, you won't see the sky, but the ground! Tokyo has become a spherical
world, like the inside of a hollow ball! There is also a floating, glowing moon
in the center of the sphere. The old woman tells you that light is is
Kagutsuchi. It is the source of power that created this, the Vortex world. It
also gives power and strength to those that live here. The boy whispers to
woman, apparently that he wants to go. As the woman disappears, she tells you
that you can either create the world or destroy it...your choice.


At this point there's a new minor cutscene in Maniacs where you see a
"mysterious guy" wondering where the geishas are, then complaining about "the
job that old man gave me" before wandering off to investigate the situation.

Talk to the Shinentai to the west, and he'll tell you that the other
human that escaped the hospital went "south" of this area. You'll have to go
west first to get there though. Another Shinentai nearby will tell you that a
"Hito-Shura" is going to build a new world from the current Vortex World.

Head south to Yoyogi Park.

                                  YOYOGI PARK
2 x Maseki
Chakra drop

Lv 2 Pixie

You won't actually get INTO the main part of the park right now--it is locked
and closed off. You will get into there later. Be glad you can't get in, because
you'd get slaughtered by the enemies there at this point. :)

Yoyogi Park is really only a temporary rest stop onwards, so you can keep your
promise to the Pixie. As soon as you enter, the Pixie asks if you should split
up now. If you say no she says "Now that we're here, our "deal" is complete...or
do you want to be with me forever?" She will stay with you permanently if you
say yes.

If you agree to split up, she'll ask you if you're sure that you'll do OK on
your own once more, then leave if you say yes. As a parting gift, she will leave
and give you the Ankh Magatama. You can buy this Magatama later in the game, so
whether or not you want to keep the Pixie or the Magatama is up to you. If
you're playing "vanilla" Nocturne, I strongly suggest you ditch the Pixie in
favor of the Magatama--Pixies are a dime a dozen, and easy to level up, (Hell,
you can just get a new one here) whereas you won't be able to buy Ankh until
after several more dungeons. If you're playing Nocturne: Maniacs, on the other
hand, I strongly suggest the exact opposite--not only keep the Pixie, but never
get rid of her! Why? Because this Pixie, and only this Pixie, can unlock an area
at the tail end of the game that will give her a massive powerup, turning her
into an elite engine of death. Yes, you'll have to carry her around as dead
weight in your party for most of the game, but the payoff is worth it, IMO.

There's also a Healing Spring here if you need it. And you'll also find out
nearby it that the person who escaped the Hospital was last seen heading to

If you're playing Maniacs and imported your Nocturne save, you'll definitely
want to go to the Spring here, as the healer will boost all of your stats. How
much she'll boost them by will depend on how many times you've played through
the game on your imported save. You'll get +1 to all stats no matter what, then
an additional +1 for every time you've finished the game on that save, up to a
maximum of +5 to all stats.

Head further south to Shibuya.

1000 Makka
2x Discharm

Lv 1 Gedo Will o' Wisp
Lv 2 Yosei Pixie
Lv 3 Chirei Kodama
Lv 4 Yoki Shikigami
Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 5 Chirei Kahaku
Lv 6 Gedo Slime
Lv 7 Kijo Datsueba
Lv 7 Gedo Moryo

The enemies here aren't too tough, but this is the first area where you should
really watch your back, especially if you're playing your second time through.
There are some fights where the enemy will start ganging up on you using
superior numbers. Your Hero is probably pretty safe overall, but your weaker
Nakama are in serious danger of dying if this happens. Which is problematic,
because at this stage of the game, reviving a Nakama, no matter how weak, is
very hard on your wallet. It's going to be this way for quite some time so start
scrimping--watch every Makka you get.

As the Shinentai in Shibuya plaza tells you, Shibuya is a "free area" among
demons. It'll tell you that demons in other areas are fighting each other over
philosophical differences, but Shibuya is essentially neutral in their

From the plaza, there are two entrances below ground. There's also a "hidden"
building in the plaza, but you don't want to be going in there yet. I don't even
know if it's possible at this stage of the game, but even if it is I wouldn't
recommend it unless you want to you get your ass handed to you on a platter with
garlic seasoning and a sprig of parsley on top. There is NO WAY that you could
survive the encounter in there at this point.

Anyhow, the left entrance from the plaza leads to the mall. There's a store
there with Hee-Ho-kun, a Jack Frost saving up some cash to go on a trip and
become "big and bad like the great King." (IOW, King Frost from the earlier
games) He's selling the Iyomante and Shiranui Magatama, so you might want to
pick them up now. If you can't afford them now don't worry--you can always come
back later, even after the Flamboyantly Gay Manekata takes over this shop.

If you imported your Nocturne save into Maniacs, Hee-Ho-kun will say you look
familiar, and reward you with an unlimited-use item. What item you get varies,
and depends on the value of the last digit of your playtime in your Nocturne
save. (E.g. if your time on the Nocturne save was 54:32 it would be 2)
The items you can get are:

0, 7, 8: Hama Spirit Fan
1,2,3,6,9: Far Sight Telescope
4: Chakra Kongotan
5: Hangon-Shinshu.
(Props to the guys on the Dream Island message board for this info.)

Obviously the item to shoot for would be the Hangon-Shinshu, especially if
you're playing on Hard.

Also the mall contains a healing spot, a Terminal, and, most importantly, a
Jakyo Manor. Go on in and greet the Master of the Manor. This is where you're
going to be fusing all your demons in the future (well, not in Shibuya per se,
but Jakyo Manors in general) so get used to the mechanics here. Odds are you'll
be too low a level to fuse anything substantial here, but don't worry about that

The right entrance from the plaza leads to the bulk of Shibuya. A Kodama around
the area tells you that Magatsuhi has the potential to grant wishes, which is
why everyone is after it. There's also a Shinentai that will pick a fight with
you. (He's just a Will o' Wisp so should be easy to beat)

You should be wary when you find three rooms lined up against the same wall
further in. Door #1 and Door #2 don't hold anything special, but Door #3 holds a
potentially nasty little fight with a Maju Nekomata. You might want to save the
fight till later.

Head to Disco Inferno downstairs. You'll find Chiaki hanging out there--she was
the one that managed to escape the hospital. She doesn't know whether or not to
be happy that both of you are safe, or sad that the world got destroyed. She
asks if you know what happened to the world, and you can say "It was Fertilized"
or "I don't know." I don't think it matters what you say.

Chiaki thought she was the only one left, so meeting you she feels a little
hopeful, and is sure that there are others that are safe.  She is confident that
Yuko and Isamu are somewhere out there. Deciding to go search for them, she
leaves the bar to do so.

The disco has rumors about some organization that's set up shop in Ginza.
There's a Nekomata in here too who says she knows its name. She tells you that
if you "do something fun" with her she'll tell you, and asks if you're
interested.  "Something fun" is a fight, so all you would-be sickos who want to
see a striped guy get it on with a cat-girl should go back to your hentai games.
Anyhow, you might as well agree for the experience alone.

HP:160 MP:72
Absorbs Shock, Weak to Electricity
Claw, Marin-Karin

Nekomata isn't that tough but getting Charmed at this stage of the game is
essentially a death sentence, so you might want to equip Iyomante on your Hero
(if you bought it) to at least keep her from charming him. Still, once you know
that she's weak to Electricity, let your Shikigami and Pixie loose on her--cast
Jio and you'll be fine. If you have Kodama in the fight, make sure he doesn't
use Zan on her--that's bad.

Once you beat Nekomata, she will tell you the organization is called the "Nihilo

Leave the disco and you will find a new demon topside who says there's a human
in the terminal room. Go there and you will find Hijiri has made it there. He
says he came to this area via the Terminal in the hospital, and that
the Terminal stones can be used to teleport people between them via something
called the "Amara Network." Hijiri says that that the Terminal stones are almost
undoubtedly connected to where Hikawa is. He asks to work together with you, and
tells you a little more about the organization in Ginza. The big news is that
the leader of this demon organization is actually human. Hijiri thinks it's
Hikawa, and says he can probably send you to Ginza via the terminal stone if you
want. When you're ready, talk to Hijiri via the menu in the terminal room and
he'll teleport you. HOWEVER, you will be cut off from shops and the Jakyo Manor
for a while after being teleported, so if you have any business left in Shibuya
to conduct--do it now! Make sure you're at good health, then go and have Hijiri
send you to Ginza.

                              THE AMARA NETWORK

2 x Maseki
Chakra Drop
Mahazan Stone

Lv 1 Gedo Will o' Wisp
Lv 7 Yuki Moryo
Lv 7 Seirei Earthies
Lv 11 Yuki Choronzon
Lv 11 Yuki Aeros

This is the first area in the game where the enemies are going to start making
you sweat. You'll run into a lot, and they all take a LOT of punishment to take
down, especially the Seirei and Choronzon. Choronzon is especially a worry with
his Petra-eye, but will give you quite a lot of EXP. The Aeros are really
annoying because not only will they charm you with Marin-Karin, but heal
themselves (or any of their allies) with Dia as soon as their HP starts dipping
into low territory. That you can't get any Nakama in here is rough too--and you
can't leave except by finishing the dungeon. Aren't you glad you finished your
business in Shibuya in advance like I suggested? ;)

Oops. Looks like Hijiri messed up. Wherever you are, it's decidedly not Ginza.

Hijiri talks to you via the Terminal--he tells you that the teleport screwed up
and dumped you directly into the Amara Network. He tells you to look for an

At one point in the dungeon you will find an exit, which closes up as soon as
you approach it. Hijiri asks you if your path has been shut off. Say yes, and he
decides to test something. After the test, he tells you it turns out that the
Amara Network's structure is not set, and that it changes constantly. On the
next floor the network pulls the same crap and Hijiri tries to change it to open
your path, but the method he uses to contact you warps too and he goes bye-bye.

Further in on B2F, there's a room where the area is stable enough to communicate
with Hijiri. Talk to him there and he can reopen the staircase. He says from now
on, go to any of these "thin spaces" to tell him about something that needs

As soon as you enter B1, several exits disappear. A Shinentai in here will says
the red garbage you see on the floor is pure Magatsuhi. It also goes on to tell
you that Magatsuhi is born from strong emotions.

The central room to far east is the "thin space" on this floor. As soon as you
enter to contact him, Hijiri reopens the north and south staircases. He also
tells you that someone is trying to break into your communications.

The north exit leads straight to the final area of the Amara Network. Through
the south exit, you will find a Shinentai of a young boy--ignore him. He tells
you to go right, then left--a different thing each time--to confuse you. The
path on the right leads to the area you would have gone to if you had taken the
north exit. The path to the left leads to a long loop with some treasure boxes.

Go through the north exit. In the "thin space" room in that area someone
interrupts Hijiri as you're contacting him, and Spectre pops up. Spectre is
really annoyed at your communication with Hijiri as they are disturbing it. It
thinks you want to kill him and take all the Magatsuhi here. It asks if the
Magatsuhi is what you are after. If you say no, it doesn't believe you and boots
you out of the room. If you say yes, it attacks!

HP: 148 MP: 100
Immune to Hama, Curse, Mind, and Nerve, Strong to all magic
Death Touch, Agi, Gather, Jarei-Ugo

HP: 550/260/120 MP: 300/250/150
Immune to Hama, Curse, Mind, and Nerve, Strong to all magic
Agi, Jarei Hoki

At the beginning of battle, Spectre summons a whole bunch of buddies. You have
three rounds to kill as many of them as you can before they all fuse together
and create a big Spectre. The big Spectre can be a tough cookie, and if you let
all the mini-Spectres fuse together there's a good chance he'll kill you. (50+
hp damage/strike) So you have to kill as many mini-Spectres as you can. If you
kill at least half of them the resulting Spectre will be extremely weak--weaker
than the original mini-spectres! If you kill one or two of them, he'll be
tougher than the mini-spectres, but not as overwhelming as a full 6-spectre
fusion. I had Kahaku cast Raku-Kaja, while Shikigami cast Taru-Kaja to get my
power up high enough for my Hero and accompaning demon, who focused on one
Spectre at a time to take them out.

Note that the more powerful Super-Spectres give you more experience than the
weaker versions. To maximize your EXP gain, you'll have to fight the 6-spectre
fusion...which is not easy. If you want to take on the Super-Spectre, here's a
quick strategy that works fairly well. Before you enter the Amara Network you'll
want Chirei Kahaku, Gedo Slime, and Yoki Shikigami. Power all three of them up
until Kahaku has Raku-Kaja, Slime has Battle Cry, and Shikigami has Taru-Kaja.
When the battle with the Spectres starts, bring in Kahaku, Shikigami, and one
other demon. (your choice) Equip Shiranui on the Hero. For the first three
rounds, buff your party with Kahaku's Raku-Kaja and Shikigami's Taru-Kaja. Then
once the Spectres fuse, dump Shikigami for Slime. Have Slime use Battle Cry on
the super-Spectre (if the Hero has Taru-nda from Iyomante, this is a good spell
to use too) to drop his power. Then just attack him with all your other
characters and hope you can take him down.

After its defeat, the Spectre disppears, threatening to eat you some day. Hijiri
contacts you and asks if you're OK. Then he opens the exit. Head for the light,
and you're in Ginza.


If you're playing Maniacs, you're not in Ginza. Instead you're dumped into a
place called the "Amara Deep Zone." There's not much to do here (your exit is
sealed) so take a look in the peephole in the "pillar" in the middle of the
room. There you will see a "stage" of sorts, where the old man in the wheelchair
and his nurse that you saw earlier in the game are waiting for you.

The nurse gives you a quick description of the place you're in: You are in the
Amara Deep Zone, an area located in the far reaches of the Amara network, and a
place similar to the Abyss from a human perspective. The place is teeming with
very powerful demons--demons that were cast down here into exile by God. They
are now forming an army, waiting for the time that they can rise up and take
back what was stolen from them by God.

Noting that you're confused, lost, and not sure what the hell she's talking
about, the nurse tells you not to worry, that things will become clear in time.
She gives you a Menorah--the Kingdom Menorah--and tells you that it will lead
you in the right direction when you're lost. After giving you the Menorah, the
nurse teleports you to Ginza, saying that you're not powerful enough to do
anything important in the Deep Zone...at least, not yet.


Fuma Bell
1000-Yen Note

Lv 2 Yosei Pixie
Lv 3 Chirei Kodama
Lv 4 Yoki Shikigami
Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 5 Chirei Kahaku
Lv 7 Yosei Jack Frost
Lv 7 Kijo Datsueba
Lv 8 Yoma Apsaras
Lv 8 Yoma Lilim
Lv 11 Tenshi Angel
Lv 11 Yuki Choronzon
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 20 Yuki Laughing Skull

There are lots of different enemies here, but after going through the Amara
Network you should be able to handle all of them without too much trouble. The
only ones that you should be wary of are the Laughing Skulls--when they blow
themselves up it they can deal lots of damage. They're pretty rare though.

Upon exiting the Amara network into Ginza, Hijiri will tell you to look for
Hikawa via the terminal. He is going to search for Hikawa via studying the
terminals as he is too weak to be running around outside with all the demons. He
tells you the two of you will meet again.

Ginza is sort of like an underground plaza. Lots of Nihilo demons (mostly
Datenshi) are running around here. There's talk about the human leader of the
Nihilo and another human woman that's a "medium." The two of them apparently run
the place, and Nihilo in general. It seems that they're draining Magatsuhi from
the Amara Network. Exactly why it's unclear, though it seems that it is part of
their plan to rebuild the world.

In the north area of Ginza is a "mall." First and foremost is Rag's place. This
is Rag's only store in the game, so you'll probably be coming back here a lot.
You can exchange gems for items, Seirei, and Mitama here. Also be sure to check
out the Jakyo manor. Once you enter, Sacrifice fusions will become unlocked--
from here on out you can do Sacrifice fusions at the Manor whenever the moon is

Check out the "Madam Bar." It's run by "Mama," a Nyx who probably not
coincidentally looks exactly like the character "Madam" from SMT2. She asks if
you're here because you're interested in Nihilo, and asks if you're interested
in the "human medium." Tell her you are and she tells you to go to the Nihilo HQ
"if you're a man."  If the medium disses you, Mama tells you to come back and
ask for her advice. There's a back room of the bar, but Loki won't let you in--
his "stash" is in there.

However, there's another entrance to his stash. Leave Ginza to the overworld map
and go through north entrance back into Ginza. Presto! A back door. Of course,
there's a Troll guarding it, so you can't get in--at least not now.

Head to the Nihilo HQ--it's right to the south of Ginza. Berith is guarding the
entrance, and won't let you through. Go back to and talk to Mama. Mama didn't
think you would actually go into Nihilo and asks if there's some reason you need
to get in there,. When you say there is, tells you to meet Gozu-Tenno. Gozu-
Tenno is the boss demon of Ikebukuro, and an enemy of Nihilo. Mama says that he
might know how to get past the guards of the Nihilo HQ.

With the new structure of Tokyo, getting to Ikebukuro isn't as trivial as it
used to be. You'll have to go through the Great Ginza Underpass to get there.
The entrance to the underpass is in the Harumi Warehouse, east of Ginza. Cross
the first bridge east of Ginza, then head south to Harumi Warehouse.

Muscle Drink
Makajama Stone
2x Maharagi Stone
2x Mahanma Stone
Poison Arrow
2x Medicine
2x Medicine
Blinding Sphere
2x Maseki
Soma Drops

Lv 3 Chirei Kodama
Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 6 Gedo Slime
Lv 11 Yuki Choronzon
Lv 13 Chirei Sudama
Lv 14 Yoma Isora
Lv 14 Ryuo Nozuchi
Lv 16 Gedo Blob
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 18 Yama Fomorian
Lv 20 Yuki Laughing Skull

This is a LONG dungeon. It's one of the hardest parts of the early game; not
only are the enemies reasonably tough, but you're going to have to fight quite a
lot of them before you make it to the other side of the dungeon. If you're
playing it the second time around when the difficulty is boosted it's especially
brutal--a back attack can more or less mean instant death--but don't get
discouraged. While not the highest level demons here, the Sudamas and Blobs are
especially irritating--the Sudamas because they will spam Maka-Kaja and boost
damage from their spells to absurd levels, and the Blobs because they're very
hardy and do pretty decent damage. If you encounter two Laughing Skulls, you may
even want to run--they'll spam Suku-Nda making them extremely difficult to hit,
and if they self-destruct, you may have a quick Game Over.

The dungeon is divided into two parts, and you won't be able to get to the
second part until a bit later on. You can pick up some nice Nakama here. Be sure
to get Nozuchi, and getting an Inugami from the overworld is recommended too--
both of these demons can Mutate into more powerful forms, which will really
help. Stock up on healing items before you try to complete the whole thing. Make
sure your party contains an Ice user, a Flame user, and an Electricity user--use
Ice against the Blobs, Flame against the Sudamas and Isoras, and Electricity
against the Nozuchis to extend your Press Turns.

Harumi Warehouse is very small--hit the switch to open the door, and climb down
the ladder to the Great Ginza Underpass.

Further in at the underpass, what looks a whole lot like a human man sees you
and runs for it. Chase after him. He'll meet up with another man. Upon seeing
that you're a demon, the other man wonders if you're part of "Mantra Army." They
both bolt to "warn the others about the demon." (IOW, you) Keep following them
and you will reach their "village."

Once you enter their "village" all the villagers will freak. They all look like
humans, but there is something weird about them--especially their sporadic full
body spasms. The weird humans think they're finished--they think you're a demon
from the "Mantra Army" come to get them. One old man, an elder of sorts, looks
you over and says says you're no Mantra army demon. The old man asks why you're
staring at them--he wants to know if they're so unusual.

Whatever you respond, the old man will tell you that he and the other people
there are "Manekata." Upon seeing that you are not a threat, they all go back to
their rooms.

Go talk to the old Manekata. He asks if you want to know about them. If you say
you do, then he will tell you that the Manekata are slaves of the demons in the
Mantra Army. They hate being slaves, so many fled the Mantra base to hide in the
Ginza underpass. Another Manekata will tell you that says Manekata look like
human are not--they were created by to serve as "surrogate humans," more or less
livestock to provide Magatsuhi to the demons. Another woman will tell you that
says most of the Manekata are serving the demons in Ikebukuro. A child Manekata
will inform you that Gozu-Tenno is boss of Mantra Army.

Visit the store here in the Underpass. Here you will meet the Flamboyantly Gay
Manekata, and from now on most of your business at the shops will be with him;
if you go back to Shibuya now you'll see the Jack Frost has split and the FGM
has taken over. If you didn't get the Ankh Magatama from the Pixie back at
Yoyogi park, you can buy it from him now. You can also buy the Hifumi and Kamudo
Magatama from the store here.

You'll note that you can't proceed further into the Ginza tunnel from the
Manekata town, as there is a guard who is blocking the door further in. However,
on the lower floor at the west end of "town," you will meet the junk collector
Manekata. He collects "things humans use," and sometimes sneaks past guard so he
can scavenge things for his collection. He will ask if you want him to get you
past the guard. In exchange for giving asks you to get something special for his
collection. The Junk Collector is looking for a small human-made picture called
a "note."  Apparently it was extremely important to humans, and was even
more important than the lives of many people. He really wants one of his own,
and tells you that places with lots of people used to have it. (In case you
haven't figured it out, he wants some human currency.)

Go back to Ginza, and ask Loki in the bar if he has any Notes. He says "maybe"
and offers to give you his whole stash and see for 20 million Makka. Obviously
you won't have that much, so ignore him and go the back way to see for yourself.
When you go the back way, you'll find that the Troll has apparently taken a pee
break, so go on in unfettered. Open the treasure box in there and you will get a
1000-yen bill. (worth about $10, smallest denominiation of paper money in Japan)

Leave the room, and you'll run into Troll, who has come back from his pee break.
Oops. Looks like you'll have to fight your way out.

HP: 850 MP: 150
Absorbs Ice, Weak to Mind
Rampage, Mahabufura

As bosses go, Yosei Troll isn't all that tough. He does hella damage with his
attacks, so a Raku-Kaja or Taru-nda will help. Equip Wadatsumi on the Hero and
his ice spell will do no damage and you can soak up his Press Turns. You can
pretty much take him on single-handedly with the Hero, and with buffing spells
it will go even faster. Just don't bring any ice-weak characters into the
battle, or he'll often get two shots a round, which is no fun.

Now that you've got your note, go back to the Junk Collector Manekata and give
it to him. He is beside himself with excitement and gives you a letter to give
to the gate guard. Go and do so--the guard refuses to let you through, but
something in the letter causes him to change his mind and let you through.
Furthermore, he tells you that you can go through whenever you want from now on.


Upon entering the first area after the door to Ikebukuro opens, you'll note that
the screen sort of "warps" and you get a message saying that the lights on your
Menorah start flickering violently. Take a note of this message--you'll see it
in various parts of the game, and it is an indicator that one of the Majin is

A Manekata is on the ground, paralyzed with fear, saying that he saw "Death
himself." Go a little further, and you'll be stopped by a strange voice that
says that it must fight you because you possess a Menorah. You'll then be yanked
into a strange dimension, where the traditional SMT "encounter" music starts

Once in this strange dimension, the same voice that you heard earlier tells you
its purpose--to serve as a battleground between Menorah holders such that nobody
can come in and interfere. Whoever wins takes the loser's Menorah. Noting that
you have a menorah, the voice asks if you're after the "greatest power."

The owner of the voice finally shows up--it's a skeleton in bullfighter costume.
He goes on a short shpiel saying that you're unworthy to have the Menorah, it
should be he that gets them and the "greatest power." After calling you weak and
noting you probably won't give him the Menorah willingly, the skeleton--Majin
Matador--attacks you.

Boss Immunities, Immune to Shock
Red Cape, Blood of Andalucia, Mahazan, De-Kunda, Kiai, Taunt

This is your first Majin fight, and it can be pretty tough depending on your
party. The toughest part is actually hitting Matador, as his "Red Cape" skill is
the equivalent of casting Suku-Kaja four times in a row. If you don't have
someone with Fog Breath or Suku-Nda, he will be very difficult to beat. He uses
physical attacks and Mahazan in addition to his cape, and when you bring him
down to half health, will Taunt you, use Kiai, and use "Blood of Andalucia,"
a powerful physical attack that hits everyone. First off, to counter the Mahazan
attacks you'll want minions strong or immune to Shock--and equip Hifumi on your
Hero for best results. Some good Nakama to use would be Nozuchi (LV 14 Ryuo) or
Nekomata, (LV 18 Maju) both of whom absorb Shock attacks. Ame-no-Uzume (LV 18
Megami) is a good healer for this battle as she is immune to Shock as well.
However, none of these demons has Fog Breath or Suku-Nda, so you'll probably
have to custom-make one or bring in a non-ideal demon if your Hero doesn't have
either skill. With a team of shock immune or resistant demons and
Fog Breath/Suku-Nda, Matador shouldn't be too terribly hard to beat, though
using Kaja spells (especially Raku-Kaja) is good insurance against him as well.
If you want to stack the odds even more in your favor, use Jack Frost to fuse a
powerful fighter and transfer Silent Sky Critical to them, then fight Matador
during a new moon to guarantee criticals and fight him in a weaker state--since
enemies are weakest when Kagutsuchi is silent. (Note that while LV 17 Kishin
Takeminakata is a powerful fighter that has Silent Sky Critical naturally, he
is a bad choice for this fight as he is weak to Shock)

Defeating Matador will get you the Foundation Menorah.

Upon returning to the tunnel, you'll hear the disembodied voice of the
Wheelchair Guy's nurse, who makes a request of you. She asks you to bring the
Menorah you got from Matador and come see her in the Amara Deep Zone, but tells
you there's no rush, so that you can come at your leisure.

To find out what she has to say, head to the "Amara Deep Zone" section of the
FAQ. From here on out you never HAVE to return to the Deep Zone, so all
pertinent information therein will be covered in that section of the

The second half of the tunnel is long and hard. It's mostly a maze of up & down
ladders. Work your way to the west end. If you get into serious trouble, there's
an S-tunnel about halfway between the Manekata town and the exit that'll
teleport you back to the Ginza Underpass Terminal. The far west end has ladder
that leads up to a graveyard. Note that at the end of the Graveyard there's
a hidden Incense. Leave to the map, and head north to Ikebukuro.


Fuma Bell
2x Hogyoku
Power Incense
Mahamudo stone
Shuma Whistle
3000 Makka
Chakra Pot*
Power Incense*
Gaia (Special--see below)

Lv 13 Maju Inugami
Lv 15 Yoju Bicorn
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 18 Maju Nekomata
Lv 19 Yosei Jack o' Lantern
Lv 20 Yoki Momunofu
Lv 20 Kijo Taraka
Lv 23 Maju Badbh Cathach
Lv 25 Yoki Oni
Lv 34 Maju Orthrus

Battles here are going to be pretty rough. Most of the demons here take a whole
lot of punishment before they'll go down, and can do some really nasty physical
damage as well. Be sure to grab a Momunofu as soon as you can and start building
him up--once he maxes out he'll mutate into Arahabaki, one of the most useful
demons you can get in the early-to-mid stages of the game.

Most of the tougher monsters listed above only show up in the Mantra Army HQ,
which is a much more dangerous place to be wandering around in than Ikebukuro
itself. The Oni that show up there are pretty tough. If they back-attack you and
use Rampage over and over you might get your entire party wiped out before you
can do anything. And heaven help you if you're equipping the Hifumi Magatama in
the base and get ambushed by six Jack o'Lanterns.

The first thing you'll probably want to do here is run straight to the heal spot
and save point. DON'T talk to anyone before doing this, as some of the demons
in here are hostile. The first one at the door will attack you if you talk to
him.  After going through the ordeal of the Ginza Underpass, the last thing you
want is to have to deal with an Oni in a weakened state.

There is a demon in the middle of the plaza who says "Power is everything--you
need to solve the problems that befall you with your own strength! Don't you
agree?" You can answer Yes, No, or "I don't want to answer" If you say yes he
applauds you, no he berates you. If you say Yes your alignment will move toward
Yosuga by two points. If you say no, your alignment moves to Shijima by 2
points. If you don't answer, your alignment doesn't change at all.

There are lots of Manekata here, imprisoned an having their Magatsuhi sucked out
by the Mantra Army. They're slaves, and aren't too happy. They'll tell you of
rumors of four powerful Oni that caused were causing trouble here, but were
kicked out by Thor, and became bandits afterward. A Manekata on the East side of
1F asks if you came from the Underpass, and if so asks if the junk collector is
doing well-he helps him out often in his collecting.  You'll also note that
Hee-Ho-Kun is here at the gates of the Mantra Base, thinking about joining but
too afraid to ask. (If you go back to his shop now, you'll find it has the same
inventory, but Flamboyantly Gay Manekata has taken over it. As usual FGM will
give you Happy Tickets from that store)

On the central region of 1F, there is a fight where 2 Oni will ambush you. Kill
them, get a Hogyokuwa, and take their loot. (Careful, the center treasure chest
in their room is a trap)

When you're ready, enter the Mantra Army Base. I *strongly* suggest you fuse
Kishin Takeminakata before going in, as he will prove invaluable inside. As
approach the door, you'll hear a voice inside the building saying "Who the hell
are you!?" When you go inside you'll see it's Isamu speaking. He's in front of
Thor, who is apparently accusing him of something."I didn't do anything!" Isamu
says. Isamu turns around, sees you, and recognizes you. He asks you to help him
and while talking to you, Thor whacks him with his hammer, then steals his
Magatsuhi. Then he sends his demons after you to catch you.

You wake up in a cell. A Jack o' Lantern wakes you up for your "trial."
Apparently the trial is a fight of some sort.

Talk to the walls and you can talk to the guys in the next cell. They say that
the Mantra demons won't listen to reason. You need to prove your innocence with
a demonstration of your power by winning a fight. Jack o' Lantern then opens
your cell, saying it's time for your trial.

Talk to the Oni that guards the exit and he will charge you for secret info
about the trial. Pay him 200 Makka and he'll talk. He'll tell you that you have
to face three fights in a row. If you lose any of them, you die. Pay him another
200 and he tries to tell you about who you'll face in your trial. The Jack o'
Lantern will come by and freak out the Oni, who will pretend that you were
asking your way. After the Jack o' Lantern leaves, the Oni fills you in on your
opponents. Your first opponent is a fire user, so his weakness should be
obvious. The second is a woman that uses shock attacks, so the Oni tells you to
use "male charm to electrify her" The final battle is Thor himself. Thor uses
lightning, and has no weakness.

Go into the fight cage as a "defendant." You are accused of being a Nihilo spy
since you were seen coming through the Ginza Tunnel. It is a crime just to show
yourself in Ikebukuro, so you must prove your innocence in a battle.

HP: 1000 MP: 200
Absorbs Flame, Immune to Hama, Curse, Nerve and Mind, Weak to Ice.
Maharagi, Fire Breath, Agirao, Maharagion, Agidain, Paralysis Claw

If you have Ice Breath, it works VERY well against Orthrus. If you freeze him
any physical fighters will get easy criticals. Equip Shiranui if you're really
pressed. You'll want healers too, as Agidain can do loads of damage if you're
unprepared. Don't bring any Flame-weak characters into this fight.

You get a chance to heal up and reform your party before the next match. Take
advantage of it.

HP: 1200 MP: 200
Immune to Flame, Hama, Curse, Nerve, Mind, Strong to Magic, Weak to Electricity
Mahazan, Zanma, Mahazanma, Zandain

I found Yakshini to actually be easier than Orthrus. If you have Jionga
(Takeminakata has it) she's as good as dead. Whatever you do, DON'T equip
Shiranui for this battle, so if you were equipping it to deal with Orthrus, take
it off before this battle and switch to something else! Hifumi is a good idea if
you're really having trouble. Overall she's not too tough.

Before your final match, you get another chance to regroup. Be sure to take it.

HP: 2000 MP: 3000
Reflects Electricity and Hama, Immune to Curse, Nerve, and Mind, Strong to Magic
Mahajio, Jionga, Mahajionga, Jiodain, Diarama, De-Kaja, De-Kunda

The first boss in the game you'll often see "I can't beat him!" posts on message
boards about is Thor. Thor can be EXTREMELY rough as he does absurd amounts of
damage with his lightning spells, and there is no Magatama the Hero can equip to
counter them at this point. Plus, he gets a double attack. The secret to this
battle is once again, Takeminakata. (See why I recommended you fuse him before
entering the Mantra HQ?) Takeminakata is a GREAT demon to bring into this
battle, since he reflects electricity. The reflected electricity won't do jack
to Thor, but it will eat up his Press Turns so that he won't be able to get a
second attack in during his turn. Seiju Shisa is another really good choice for
this battle, as he absorbs Electricity, and if you've got him powered up a
couple of levels has Battle Cry to reduce Thor's power, though he'll probably
only have enough MP to cast it once. In the meantime while Takeminakata and/or
Shisa are nullifying Thor's spells, just throw the most powerful attacks you've
got at him. Unfortunately buffing and debuffing spells won't work too well on
him since he can just get rid of them with De-Kaja and De-Kunda. Be sure to
bring a decent healer into this fight, as even with Takeminakata acting as
lightning rod, odds are you'll get a little bit roughed up here.

Upon his defeat, Thor recognizes you are possessed by something different than
the other demons. He gives you the Narukami Magatama in thanks for entertaining
him. He tells you to meet Gozu-Tenno, who is trying to create a world where only
the truly strong will survive. Thor says that your power may change the world.
He tells the judge that you are innocent, and lets you out. The Jack o' Lantern
is really peeved that you won, but says you can go in and out of the Mantra HQ
when ever you want--that annoys him off even more.


Rather than being let go inside the Mantra HQ, in Maniacs you're let out in
Ikebukuro. Once you try to go in, the "mysterious" man looks down at you from
the top of the building, jumps down, and attacks you.

Majin Dante
HP:2400 MP:?
Boss Immunities
E&I, Rebellion, Holy Star, Taunt, Twosome Time

Wow, for all his flash, Dante sure is a wuss. You'll note early on that Dante
deals extremely powerful physical attacks--and that's all he does.  What's more,
his Defense level is pathetic. Thus, if you cast Raku-Kaja and Suku-Kaja on
your party, he is little threat, and even less if you have the Hero equip
Kamudo too. If you're playing on Hard, his two attacks per round could possibly
kill one of your party members if he attacks the same person both times, but
this is easily countered--cast a -Nda spell on him. If any of his stats are
lowered, Dante will negate them with his "Holy Star" spell about 75% of the
time. This only gives him one attack per round, and only if he gets in a
critical hit will it be any threat. Once Dante is down to half of his HP, he
becomes more of a threat. He will use Taunt as his first move every round, and
seemingly ceases to use Holy Star, so use this chance to drop his stats with
skills like Fog Breath. If he hits you with your lowered defense from Taunt
(unless of course you cast Raku-Kaja) there's a very good chance he'll kill you.
The real sticking point is that he will also start to use his "Twosome Time"
skill here, and it can sometimes confuse you, which can be a major pain. It will
help to have a demon with Mepatra just in case. Also, if you want to make things
a little easier, fight him during a Silent Kagutsuchi, and bring Takeminakata
into the fight. (assuming you had him when you fought Thor) Takeminakata always
criticals during a Silent Kagutsuchi, guaranteeing you an extra Press Turn per
round. One thing bizarre about this fight is the game SAYS Dante's taunt heals
him 750 HP. (you see the little green "750" pop up and everything) It doesn't.
That's actually his MP that are being refilled.

The now-defeated man applauds your skill and introduces himself as Dante. (As if
the target cursor in battle didn't tell you that already) He says he's a demon
hunter, and he was given a Menorah by the old guy in the wheelchair as well, and
thus was after you to take yours--which is why he tried (and failed) to kill
you. He leaves, saying that he wants to investigate the old man's scheme, and
that you may meet again. This is the only time that you MUST see Dante. If you
don't tackle the bonus Maniacs dungeon, you'll never see him again.

Around this point, the next Majin, Majin High Priest, will become "unlocked" and
available. Talk to Kamara and she'll clue you in on his position--"somewhere
with a tall building." High Priest is actually located in Ikebukuro, in the east
wing of the area, past the Mantra HQ, near the stairs to the second floor.

High Priest teleports around you, giving you a little speech that is rather
unimportant to the plot (people must die, the world must be destroyed, your
resistance against that shows you're just lost, even if you get all the
Menorahs, etc.) He offers to "show you the way to death." (In other words, he

Majin High Priest
HP:2500 MP:?
Reflects Hama and Curse, Absorbs Mind & Magic, Immune to Nerve, and strong to
everything else
Meditate, Mahamudo-on, Mahanma-on, Announce, Banno-Sokubodai

In comparison to Matador, High Priest is pretty easy. His attacks are indeed
formidable--he uses his Meditate skill to drain you of HP and lots of MP, casts
powerful curse/Hama spells and does hella damage with those Amida beads--but he
has no support magic negation spells like De-Kaja or De-Kunda. This makes him a
sitting duck to two quick Fog Breaths; after that, he'll barely ever hit you,
except with Meditate which has a higher hit rate than normal. Compound that with
some War Cries (to reduce his power when he DOES hit you) and standard
Kaja-spell beefing of your party, and he should go down pretty easily. Like
Matador, High Priest will break out the big guns when you weaken him to half his
HP. He will use his "Announce" skill to beef up his Press Turns by 3, and also
start using his Banno-Sokubodai attack, which hits all your party for damage and
randomly deals Mind-based status ailments (e.g. Panic, Charm, or Sleep) This
spell can be irritating, so it helps to have someone with Mepatra on hand, or
else a good supply of Iwakura water. This is also why Iyomante is a good choice
of Magatama to equip on the Hero for this fight. Aside from that, bring a good
supply of Chakra Drops into this battle to restore HP lost via Meditate, and
High Priest should be no problem.

Defeating High Priest will win you the Menorah of Eternity.

In the west wing of the base, an Oni will tell you that Isamu is locked up in
the dungeon--a human is a fantastic source of Magatsuhi, so they are keeping him
as their "cattle" more or less. Go into the basement and you'll find all the
locked up Manekata, and Isamu too. Isamu will tell you thie "medium" of Nihilo
is Yuko (as if you hadn't figured that out already) and the Mantra army is going
to attack the Nihilo Organization. If they capture Yuko they will kill her. He
asks you to save Yuko if they attack.

In the dungeon, there's a very strong door behind which the...erm, well-endowed
prisoner tells you Mantra keeps their treasure. If your strength is high enough
(somewhere around 25 I think) you can force open the door and go inside to get
the Gaia Magatama. You probably won't be able to do this for a LONG time, but it
doesn't really matter as Gaia is really an endgame Magatama and you can't learn
anything it until you're in your 60s level-wise anyway.

There's an angry Oni on level 2 that will attack you "to show he's stronger than
you" when you talk to him. On level 3, if you bribed the guard, he'll be in
jail. (He got caught giving you info) Also there's an elevator up to the 60th
floor on the third floor. From the 60th floor, climb the stairs to the 64th
floor. The door beyond is Gozu-Tenno's room. Go on in.

A Manekata with some weird thing attached to it starts chanting and a huge
statue behind him talks to you. It is Gozu-Tenno. He is the leader of the demons
of the Mantra Army. He says your fighting in the trial was wonderful, and he is
glad to meet a new ferocious demon. Gozu-Tenno rewards you with some of his
power--you can now stock 10 demons instead of 8. He says that if you work for
him he will give you even more power. You get three choices: "I will obey you"
"I refuse" "I can't decide"

"I will obey you"
Gozutenno laughs and says he is glad, and asks you to do a job for the Mantra-
gun. Your Alignment will shift toward Yosuga by 8 points.

"I refuse"
Gozu-Tenno laughs and says you're greedy, thinking you weren't impressed with
the power-up. He says that your desire is fitting of a demon and thus all is
well--you should do well even without working for him. He warns you not to cross
him though. Your Alignment will shift toward Shijima by 4 points.

"I can't decide."
Gozu-Tenno is disappointed, says that if you joined the power within you could
be unlocked. but says that you seem to have interest in the group, so you should
watch their work and then decide. He says you are fated to join them. Your
Alignment will shift toward Musubi by 4 points.

Gozu-Tenno ells you that the Nihilo Group is trying to bring silence to the
world and is thus threatening the Mantra Army. He then decided that he can no
longer stand them, so he will invade the Nihilo Organization and destroy them
once and for all. He has already given orders to his demons to attack the base
in Ginza. "If you are a demon, go to Ginza. Destroy those that threaten the
world!" he says. Gozu-Tenno follows up by saying that he wishes to lead
demonkind into a world of Chaos.

Head back to the Nihilo Organization HQ.

                            THE NIHILO ORGANIZATION

Tetraja Stone
Luck Incense*
Wagtail Feather 3000 Makka
Iwakura Water
Chigaeshi no Tama

Lv 18 Yama Fomorian
Lv 18 Yoma Koppa-Tengu
Lv 20 Datenshi Forneus
Lv 23 Yoma Dis
Lv 25 Yama Incubus
Lv 29 Datenshi Eligor

This is another rather long dungeon, with multiple bosses. It may be a good idea
to take it one area at a time. None of the enemies are too terribly tough,
though a couple of enemies have techniques that could be very hazardous to your
health if the Hero gets hit. (Petra-Eye for Dis, Evil Eye for Incubus) Mostly
it's just a matter of a battle of attrition. The last leg of the dungeon,
however, has Datenshi Eligor appearing in random battles, and that can be
somewhat rough.

The Mantra forces that are waiting in the main entrance of the Nihilo
headquarters are unopposed by enemies, and claim that Nihilo has already fallen,
though neither of the human leaders could be found. Take the elevator to B1F to
hear more Mantra guys gloating, go to B2 to proceed further in. The corridor
leaving the main core area is unstable, spinning, and generally unusable, so
ignore it for now.

Enter the main core. Hijiri is hanging out inside there. He apologizes for
getting you stuck in the Amara network, but says it was fortunate that he did
because messing with the pathways to let you out led him to this base. He says
was lucky that the Mantra army attacked when it did, because it allowed him to
slip in without notice; otherwise he would have been caught. He mentions that he
heard you joined the Mantra Army and asks if there's any truth the the rumor.

If you say yes it moves your alignment to Yosuga by 8 points. If you say no it
moves your alignment to both Shijima and Musubi by 4 points.

Hijiri tells you that the entire room is a giant Magatsuhi collector. It was
destroyed in the attack, but originally it was full of Magatsuhi. However, he
says that the Mantra forces left, without realizing this was a trap for
them set by Hikawa. Hijiri says that coming here via the Amara network, he could
sense something odd about the way the Magatsuhi was flowing here. He thinks that
this is not really the TRUE core, and that the real source of Magatsuhi is
somewhere else within the building--and Hikawa is probably with it. At this
point, a huge shudder rocks the room. Hijiri says that the area is too
dangerous, and though he'd like to continue on so he can give Hikawa a big punch
in the nose, he says he'd never make it to him, so leaves. He says that the
lock on the spinning passage was just opened. He leaves Hikawa to you if you
choose to pursue him.

Take the elevator at the end of the formerly spinning hall to B10. Follow the
tunnel and you will come across a Koppa-Tengu talking with an Incubus. The two
are joking at the stupid Mantra forces, getting fooled so easily. Incubus says
that their obsession with power is nothing if they don't have the knowledge to
back it up. Then they notice you. "I don't know where you came from, but it
looks like there was someone with a working brain after all." Incubus says. They
think you came to bring Hikawa's head back on a platter. Koppa-tengu wanted to
fight but never got a chance, so takes it out on you.

MINI-BOSS: Yama Incubus & Yoma Koppa-Tengu
These guys are such wusses I didn't waste any time draining mana or counting HP
to see what their stats were. I'm pretty sure they're just cookie-cutter
versions of the ones that occur "naturally," with maybe a little extra HP.
Anyhow, don't waste any effort. They will drop like a sack.

With the two guards dead, you pick up the Yellow Keyllar (It's a key and a
pillar at the same time--get it? I know, it's stupid. Blame Atlus) from them.

If you go north, and tell the Shinentai that you're looking for Hikawa, he will
tell you that Hikawa is on B15, but you need 4 Keyllars, Magatsuhi controlling
sticks, to get there. Beyond him is the Magatsuhi Storage Facility. The
Shinentai there will tell you that it has three floors, and there's a chamber
with a Keyllar on each floor. He'll tell you you can use the switch nearby to
change the flow of the Magatsuhi. It's so blindlingly obvious what order you
need to change the switches in, I won't even bother writing it.

Once you've hit right switches on 1F, go down the north corridor and fight
Datenshi Erigorl. He says that he likes smart people, so he will make it easy on

HP:700 MP:200
Immune to Mudo and Hama, Strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity
Rampage, Summon (Dis), Raku-Kaja, Mudo, Beast's Eye

(See Akuma Zensho--their stats are the same)

Yes, Yoma Dis. The first thing Eligor will do is summon some. You should take
advantage of this. They are very suceptible to Charming. So turn them over to
your side and let them help you do the dirty work. And you should, because if
you don't they'll use Petra-Eye on you. You don't need any more potential insta-
death attacks already; Eligor's Mudo is bad enough. Eligor himself isn't too
bad, and he's very stupid. (trying to sumon Disir when there are already two)
Overall he's not too hard--mini-boss at best. He's weak to electricity too.

You'll get the White Keyllar from Eligor's corpse. Now go down to B11F.

The "puzzle" in this area is only slightly harder than the floor above, but you
still should have no problem. There are 9 rooms, set up like the following:

      | 1 | 2 | 3 |
      | 4 | 5 | 6 |
      | 7 | 8 | 9 |

You want to hit the switch in 7 first, then 6, and finally 1. Then leave north.

Hooray! You get to fight an Eligor again. Except this time he summons Yakkas
instead of Disir. Yakkas are wimps, but they heal him. Take them out with a Hama
caster. Other than that use the same strategy as above.

The next area is kind of a mini-maze. In it you'll find a Shinentai who extols
the virtues of Nihilo--become one with the universe, casting off the cloak of
individuality and becoming one whole, etc. etc. There's a room with a magic box
in this mini-maze, and Eligor will attack you again after you leave it. And
AGAIN, at the corner towards the north-west area of the "maze" area.
At the northeast is a room with the Red Keyllar. As soon as you get it and try
to leave, Berith will stop you. He tells you to drop the Keyllar and leave. Even
if you say yes, he changes his mind, and says he can see your future, impaled on
his spear.

HP:1000 MP:100
Absorbs Flame, Boss Immunities (Boss Immunity=No Hama/Curse or status attacks)
Hellfire, Maharagi, Heatwave

HP:300 MP:220
Immune to Hama and Mudo, Strong to magic
Lullaby, Sexy Eye

Berith is weak to Ice. In addition, if you manage to freeze him, you have a good
shot at critical hitting him. The Succubi are really just annoyances, but they
can charm you or put you to sleep, which can be potentially deadly. (On the
other hand, sleeping may be just what the doctor ordered for someone low on MP)
Whatever you do, don't bring anyone weak to fire into the battle or Berith's
Hellfire will most likely kill them instantly. Otherwise this fight isn't too

Go back to B11F and hit the switch in box 1 to open the way down to B12.
Continue down to B12.

                              | |
                     | A | B%| C | D%| E |
  %=Switch           |---+---+---+---+---|         -------
                     | F | G@| H | I | J |        | 1 | 2 |
  @=Chiun Trigger    |---+---+---+---+---|        |---+---|
                     | K | L |*M%|@N*| O |        | 3*| 4 |
  *=Ladder/Pit       |---+---+---+---+---|        |---+---|
                     | P | Q | R | S | T |        | 5*| 6 |
                     |---+---+---+---+---|         -------
                     | U | V |@W*| X | Y |           B13F

You'll start in N. The hole in I leads to 2 when you jump down it. The ladder in
3 leads to M. The ladder in 5 leads to W.

When you pass a "Chiun Trigger," Yama Chiun teleports in and to tries and
prevent you from proceeding by changing a switch to red. You can't get out
without changing all of them back, and it can be a little annoying. Here's the
quickest route (that I've found) to get it to work.

Leap into the hole at I, and then climb up the ladder in 3. Flick the switch to
make it blue, then climb up the ladder in 5. Hit the switch in D, then run back
to hit the switch in B. Finally, proceed through the exit north of C.

You'll be in a green corridor. It's fairly straightforward, ignore the 8 locked
doors. You'll find where the green Keyllar should be...but the box is empty!
When you leave, Yama Chiun, the demon that turned off the switches, pops in and
laughs at you. He says he won't give you the Keyllar and runs. Chase him into
the 8 room chamber. The doors are unlocked. He always appears on the north side,
in the third room from the west. In the other rooms, there are some fake Chiuns
too, or more specifically, Chiuns without the Keyllar. There are a few Kelpie
ambushes as well. They'll disappear once the "true" Chiun dies, so if you want
to gain experience you can beat them up first.

HP: 650: MP: 275
Immune to Hama, Curse, and all magic, strong to Bad Status attacks
Death Touch, Mudo, Mahamudo, Evil Eye

The Chiun are immune to magic attacks, but so long as you have some good
physical fighters on hand, they are not hard to kill. They're not really worth
worrying about overall. Their excessive use of Death Magic can be a pain though,
so if you bring Yoma Dis in for insurance (she's all over the place here, if you
don't have one in your party, get one) and have her cast Tetraja, you're all

Once the Chiun are dead, you'll get the Green Keyllar.

Now that you have all four Keyllars, return to B10F and insert them into the
corresponding slots. The floor sinks and allows you passage down a spiral ramp
to the bottom, B14. There's a short series of corridors, then an elevator down
to B15. The hall leads to the TRUE core. (with save point to the east)

Go inside the Core. Hikawa is there, and is surprised someone made it down here.
He says "Mantra isn't made up of fools entirely, I see." He turns around to see
you, and is surprised to see you're still alive. Noting that you've gained great
power, Hikawa asks what you are doing here, and if you're here to see him. It
doesn't really matter what you say. Hikawa tells you that since you've come all
this way, you should learn the truth about this new world. He shows you his
special machine, which is designed to collect Magatama. He asks if you know what
Magatsuhi is for. No matter what you say, you don't really know what the reason
for it is, so Hikawa will make fun of your answer if you do say you know.

"Magatsuhi...is an offering to God." Hikawa says, and explains the idea behind
it. Magatsuhi provides the power to call a protective creator deity, and is the
entire reason for the existence of the Vortex world. It allows those with a
strong will to totally recreate the world. When such a person is able to
formulate a set of ideals and control a large amount of Magatsuhi, they can use
it to summon a guardian deity, and shape the current "fertilized" world into a
new world, modeled upon those ideals. Hikawa says that the reason he is
collecting Magatsuhi is so that he can be the one to summon the guardian deity
and create the world in his image. He goes on to tell you the world he plans is
a "world of silence" built upon the "Shijima" Kotowari.

Hikawa tells you that the Mantra army opposes his Shijima world, and attacked,
but failed to even touch the core. Hikawa says that he will soon have enough
Magatsuhi to summon his guardian deity, but needs to use some to show Mantra--
and the rest of the world--what will happen to those that oppose Nihilo. He uses
the remaining Magatsuhi here to activate something called the "Nightmare

The Nightmare System fires, and a strange light engulfs Ikebukuro.

Hikawa explains that the Nightmare System is designed to control the flow of
Magatsuhi, and wields an unparalleled level of power. He is currently using the
System to suck all the Magatsuhi out of Ikebukuro, and soon everything there
will die. He tells you in passing that the system is actually powered by Yuko,
who acts as the medium through which all the energy is channeled. Hikawa asks if
you're worried about her. What you answer has no impact on the story, but Hikawa
doubts you if you say you're not worried. Either way, he will tell you that she
is not here.

Hikawa says you should not have been allowed to survive the fertilization.
"Those who try to hold on to the old world have no place here." he says.  Hikawa
tells you that he should not have given into Yuko and killed you when he could.
So he summons Datenshi Ose to kill you.

HP: 3800 MP: 500
Immune to Hama and Mudo, Strong to Bad Status attacks
Heatwave, Kiai, Suku-Kaja, De-Kaja, De-Kunda, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn

Ose is a real bruiser, and does a whole lot of damage with his physical attacks.
He gets to act twice per turn, and uses Heatwave and Kiai. However, he's a one-
trick-pony, as physical attacks is all he can do. There are several ways to deal
with this. One is to reduce his accuracy with Suku-nda or Fog Breath (the latter
works better) Don't over-rely on it as Ose can and will cast Deku-nda. Raku-kaja
helps, but as Ose casts De-kaja it's not foolproof. Your best bet is to bring in
physically resistant demons, and equip the Kamudo Magatama on your Hero as well.
If you have the demon Arahabaki (L30 Jashin--Momunofu mutates into him) you're
set--Arahabaki is immune to physical attacks, so Ose cannot kill him.  As an
added bonus, if Ose wastes an attack on him (Heatwave counts) he loses his bonus
turn. Midway through the battle he will start bringing up reflective shields
with Makalakarn and Tetrakarn, so make sure you have both magic-users and
physical fighters--if he casts Tetrakarn, only use magic, and vice versa if
casts Makalakarn.

After defeating Ose, you will receive the Anathema magatama. Ose is shocked at
his defeat, but says you will never see the Commander or the medium again. The
Nightmare System has activated, and the base will close up, forever shutting off
the path to the medium. He tells you to leave, and that Nihilo will be the ones
to create the world.

Head back to Ikebukuro and go into the main Mantra Army base. As soon as you
enter, you'll find Chiaki there, slumped against a pillar. She knows about you
winning your trial, and is glad she came here despite the difficulty she had
arriving. She says she has something to ask you. Chiaki says she has decided to
obey the purpose of the Vortex world, and wants to give a shot at shaping the
new world herself. She says she heard a mysterious "voice" when the world
changed and thinks you probably heard it too since you survived. (She's
referring to the voice that said you didn't have the seeds of a Kotowari) Chiaki
says that  after the destruction, her primary concern was not "what should I do
now" but "why has the world become like this?" She believes that the world now
no longer allows the unneeded to exist. In the previous world, there were a
whole lot of people and other things, but they weren't actually building
anything, just passing the time--and the world didn't need those sorts of
people. Chiaki says that it's sad that she lost everything, but she did survive
the "fertilization," and therefore she must have been specially chosen. She is
sad for her loss, but thinks if she swallows her sadness she can attain
limitless possibilities. From her perceptions of the world, she has found a
Kotowari upon which the world should be built. Chiaki says the world by its
nature doesn't need useless things, so she will build a paradise where only by
the powerful and supreme live....a world built upon the "Yosuga" Kotowari.

Chiaki asks if you agree with her.

If you do, Chiaki says she is glad, that she thought you would understand, and
that some day she may need your help. You will also gain 32 Yosuga points, and
turn on the Yosuga Kotowari Event Flag.

If you don't agree with Chiaki she is disappointed and thought you would
understand, but says she won't change her mind. If you can't decide she
understands and believes that some day she is sure you will "see the light." In
either case you don't gain any points to any particular Kotowari.

Chiaki says she is going to start collecting the Magatsuhi necessary for
summoning her Guardian deity, but doesn't know where to start. Since Yosuga is a
Kotowari of the strong, she needs to follow it though, and is resolute to do
what she can with her ability. She leaves, saying that she was glad she could
have this little talk, and will most likely see you again.

Go on inside the Mantra Base. Inside, the Oni are getting the life sucked out of
them...very bad for them. Head to the basement and talk to the Manekata there.
They will ask you to save Futomimi, their leader. Go all the way into the bottom
prison and Isamu will greet you. He notes that you couldn't save Yuko, and is
disappointed--he expected more of you. Isamu says that Mantra is finished, and
without it Nihilo will only extend their power. He is kind of lost as to what to
do next, and really doesn't know what the is really going on in the Vortex
world. He suggests that you should seek out some sort of super-Manekata that he
heard of, one that foretold the fall of the Mantra army. He thinks that this
super-Manekata will be able to help you. Apparently, this sper-Manekata has been
put in the Kabukicho prison, located east of the main Mantra base. Isamu has
decided to head there himself--while risky, it's pretty much dangerous no matter
where he goes, so he's going to take whatever chance he sees. Isamu leaves.

NOTE: Now that the prison cells are poen, the prison cells on 3F are open too.
You will now have access to both the Magic Box with the Power Incense and the

To get to Kabukicho, you need to go out the east exit of the Mantra HQ--but
you'll find that it's still guarded by a couple of Yomotsu-Ikusa under orders
from Gozu-tenno. Go and talk to him to see if you can't get those orders

Go back up to 64F to meet Gozu-tenno. He is shocked at what is happening after
apparently crushing the Nihilo Organization. (or so he thought) He says that his
body, originally charged full of Magatsuhi, is starting to lose its power bit by
bit. And it's not just him that's having his Magatsuhi depleted, but his whole
army. Gozu-Tenno's Manekata slave/prophet curses Nihilo, and says it can see a
human medium (IOW, Yuko) in Nihilo's central Magatsuhi collector--as there is no
access to her, there is nothing to do but wait and die.  Gozu-tenno refuses,
saying that even if his body is destroyed, his spirit will not die, and that one
worthy of his power will surely appear, giving him the chance to be reborn. "I
will not let them make a silent world!" he says. "What worth is a world without
power!?" He swears to make his land of power, and then dies.

As soon as you leave, Thor is waiting outside. He says that Gozu-tenno and
Mantra in its entirety has been destroyed by Nihilo's Nightmare System. Thor
realizes that Nihilo's ambition was greater than to just conquer Tokyo. In
contrast, his Mantra organization never really evolved past a fear-based,
violence-centric system, and that is why they were destined to lose. With the
light of Gozutenno stuffed out, those he thought were allies abandoned him. Thor
says that you can do whatever you want with the prisoners, including Isamu.
"There is no future for this place," he says. Thor bids you farewell, and says
he is going on a journey to seek a world where only the truly strong live. "If
you are truly strong, then let us meet again," he says as he departs.

Head back down to 1F. With Gozu-Tenno dead, the Yomotsu-Ikusa will now let you
by out the eastern exit. Outside, head north to the highway ramp. Get on the
highway, then follow it all the way south, east, and then south again. Once you
get off the highway, head west on the path along that red stuff. (lava?)
However, don't walk through it--it is damage floor and you'll get hurt unless
you are using Floating Shoes or are under the influence of a Liftma spell.
However, you'll have to go through the red stuff to get to Kabuchicho, which is
surrounded by it.


If you've beaten High Priest by now, your third Majin, Majin Hell's Angel, will
appear on the highway on the way to Kabukicho Prison. You can attempt to run
like with the other Majin if you want. If you fight the Hell's Angel, it says
nothing important--it basically detects your Menorah and attacks.

HP: 3000 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities, Absorbs Shock, Immune to Fire
Hell's Exhaust, Hell Spin, Hell Burner, Hell Throttle, De-Kunda

What's with these Majin? The more you fight them, the wimpier they seem to get.
Hell's Angel is even easier to beat than High Priest. This is mainly because he
relies WAY too much on his "Hell's Exhaust" attack, which means if you bring any
ally that absorbs Shock (like Genbu, who is a great addition to this fight)
you'll soak up his Press Turns like mad. Hell's Exhaust also negates any buffing
spells, (even if it does no damage) so using -Kaja spells is a waste in this
fight. Hell's Angel can cast De-Kunda, but rarely does, so dropping his stats is
a good idea. Once you weaken him enough he'll gain extra Press Turns with Hell
Throttle and use his Hell Burner fire attack, so it's a good idea to bring a
fire-absorbing or immune ally into this fight just in case. One thing to note
about this fight is it's not a good idea to equip Shiranui OR Hifumi for
Fire/Shock immunity, as whatever element you block will make you weak to the
other. Overall this is one of the easier Majin fights.

Defeating the Hell's Angel will net you the Menorah of Majesty.

                             KABUKICHO PRISON

Vitality Incense*

Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 25 Yoju Raiju
Lv 28 Ryuo Naga
Lv 28 Yuki Pishacha
Lv 34 Ryuo Mizuchi
Lv 43 Kijo Yakshini

Electricity resistance is useful in here, as both Raiju and Naga will use
reasonably powerful lightning attacks on you. Having fire-users is also useful
as Naga, Pishacha, and Mizuchi are all weak to it. Overall this can be an
annoying dungeon--the enemies are pretty hardy, can dish out some nasty
punishment, and worst of all, there's no heal spot at all in this dungeon. If
you need healing, you'll have to teleport to another area of the game via the
Terminal. The fact that it's a maze doesn't help. You'll want to pick up a
Mizuchi here for sure--he will mutate into Ryujin Seiryu, an excellent ally for
the middle of the game.

When you first enter Kabukicho prison, you'll be in a hall with doors on each
side. On the east side is a room where someone calls for help, saying they are
trapped in an illusion. Another says that voice tells you that the illusion
they're trapped in is how Mizuchi, the boss of the prison, keeps them

When you turn the corner in the first area you'll see a guardian Naga at some
sort of gate. He gloats that the prison is now under Mizuchi's control now that
Gozu-tenno is dead. He goes to bully the Manekata that are trapped in the
illusion. If you try to get through the portal, you'll learn you need some sort
of trigger to activate it. As you leave, the area you'll hear the voices of the
Naga and the Manekata he's torturing. Naga decides to leave for the day--run
back and find him. He will see you and ask. "Who the hell are you!? Are

The Naga is asking if you're a Nihilo scout, but saying yes or no doesn't
actually have an effect on your alignment. Either way, he'll end up attacking
you. He's no tougher than a Naga from a normal battle, so kill him and take his
Umugi Sphere.

With the Umugi Sphere, you can now enter the portal. Or, more specifically, the
portal will surround the area in illusion. You are now walking on the ceiling,
and can see all the Manekata being tortured and their Magatsuhi drained. Via the
holes and ladders, work your way "down" to the fourth floor.

Talk to the Manekata imprisoned on the fourth floor. He is digging a hole. Your
calling to him surprised him--at first, thinking you were Mantra and he was
caught trying to escape, he was shocked and accidentally broke his spoon. He
gets really POd at you, and faults you for his spoon breaking--just when he was
almost about to finish the hole. The Manekata tells you that there's another
Manekata imprisoned here that collects all sorts of things, and demands that you
go get a new spoon from him.

Next, use the Umugi Sphere on the gate located on 4F to dispel the illusion. Now
that you're on the ground again, jump down the hole to the third floor.  Examine
the flashing red lights by the wall to open the gratings that are blocking your
path. Climb the south-central ladder to the second floor, hit the switch there,
then take the stairs back up to the third floor. On the third floor, open the
grate in front of the Jack Frost, then go back to the second floor and enter the
Illusion world through the portal there. Take the southeast ladder down to the
third floor, then circle all the way around so that you can climb the south
central ladder. Talk to the Manekata imprisoned on 2F there.

You'll recognize the Manekata being tortured there as the Junk Collecting
Manekata from the Ginza Underpass, the one that you got the 1000 yen note for.
(In case you're wondering what he's doing here, when the Mantra forces attacked
Nihilo, they got there via the Ginza Underpass and caught all the Manekata
hiding there. If you went back to the Underpass at that point in the story you
could actually find a Manekata that slipped through their fingers to tell you
this) You ask him for the spoon, and he gives you his Headhunter Spoon in thanks
for you helping him get the bill. "By the way, I hope you can save me, too." he
says in passing as you leave.

Go back to the 4th floor. Give the spoon to the Digging Manekata, and he will be
taken aback by the its quality. He starts digging and the spoon digs like mad,
opening a hole almost immediately. The Manekata escapes through the hole.

Go and use the Umugi Sphere to leave the illusion world, and jump down the now-
dug hole. As you jump down, you'll hear the Manekata swearing about how he can't
escape the Illusion world until Mizuchi is defeated. Climb the stairs up to the
4th floor. On the 4th floor, raise the grating, then go down the hallway and re-
enter the illusion world. Go to the southeasternmost ladder and climb down to
the 5th floor.

On the 5th floor, a Manekata calls out to you and stops you. He says that Ryuo
Mizuchi is behind the door nearby, and asks you to defeat Mizuchi and rescue
their prophet, Futomimi. Go through the door and Mizuchi is there. Not just any
Mizuchi--A BIG Mizuchi, not like the little ones you've been fighting all this
time in the Prison. After some typical boss smack talk, Mizuchi attacks.

HP: 4800 MP: 500
Absorbs Electricity, Immune to Ice, Boss Immunities, Weak to Flame
Bufu, Mahabufu, Bufura, Mahabufura, Absolute Zero, De-Kunda, Illusion

Ryuo Mizuchi has a double-pronged attack of powerful Ice spells and physical
attacks. His nastiest attack is Absolute Zero, which does absurd amounts of Ice
damage. Therefore you need Ice-resistant characters in this battle. Equip
Wadatsumi on the Hero. Genbu (LV24 Ryujin) is a good bet, and Mizuchi more or
less can't hurt Arahabaki at all, save for his Illusion attack. This Illusion
attack he will use three times during the battle, when his HP drop to fixed
amounts and his body shrinks. This attack damages the whole party and Panics
them, sort of like a super-charged Tentarafu. (Arahabaki is a guaranteed Panic)
This is less deadly than annoying--but you'll probably drop quite a few Makka in
this battle. Be prepared.

Once the battle is over, you will receive the Miasma Magatama, and the illusion
of the area will be dispelled. Go in the back room and a Manekata man will come
out and notice you. He takes one look at you and can't figure out whether you're
demon or human. "Ah, you must be the 'Hito-Shura' that I saw in my fortune-
telling." He thanks you for defeating Mizuchi and letting him free, and
introduces himself as Futomimi. Futomimi says that he has limited ability to see
the future. He felt you were coming--a humanlike, demonlike "Hito-Shura." He
mentions that there is a human boy locked up in the opposite room that came
looking for him, but got caught. Futomimi gets a "sense" and realizes
you know him.  He tells you that you should see him soon--he has a strange
feeling about him. Then he leaves to take care of the other Manekata, thanking
you again one last time before departing.

Go into the room nearby. Isamu is there, messing with a terminal. He asks if
you're there to save him, and sardonically says "Took you long enough." In
response to his sharp tongue you can either "Talk Back," "Apologize," or "Leave
the room.

If you Talk Back, Isamu says he has every right to talk to you like that since
you didn't do anything for him. You'll also gain 4 Yosuga points. If you
apologize, Isamu tells you he doesn't particularly want an apology as it won't
change anything, and you get no alignment points. If you leave, Isamu says
"You going to leave? I wasn't expecting much of you anyway," and you get 4
Musubi points.

Isamu tells you that he doesn't want to rely on you or Yuko any more--he is
going to do things by himself. He heard the voice you and Chiaki did upon
entering the Vortex--it told him to "Seek the truth." He didn't know what that
meant for a long time, but says he found a clue being trapped here. Isamu says
that you "can't find truth by relying on others. You need to find it within
yourself." He says "I opened my own way...without anyone's help." He tells you
that what he is looking for is in the Amara network--a great power, leading him
to the truth. He uses the terminal to teleport somewhere.

As you leave Mizuchi's room, you'll find Futomimi with some of his followers
waiting for you. He says that he wanted to thank you again, and that the
Manekata are going to go on a journey to try to find a way for them to live
without having to suffer so much. In thanks, Futomimi decides to tell your
future for you.  He says that someone is waiting for you in Ginza. He leaves
with the Manekata.

Teleport back to Ginza, and you'll find Hijiri in the Terminal room. He comments
on how nasty a guy Hikawa is, demolishing the Mantra army. Hijiri himself hasn't
given up--if Hikawa makes a move, he can learn where the Nightmare System base
is, and who the medium controlling it is. However, he's having a hell of a time
trying to figure out what the deal with the terminals is, as Nihilo has a pretty
tight control over all of them. In order to have unfettered access to Amara and
the information therein, Hijiri needs to find a terminal that Nihilo has less
control over. He says that the delapidated town of Asakusa is being rebuilt by
the Manekata that were released by the destruction of Mantra, and thinks that
might be a good place to look for a terminal not under strict Nihilo control.
With the destruction of Mantra, but like everywhere else in the Vortex world
it's infested with demons and far too dangerous for Hijiri to risk. Instead, he
thinks the best thing to do would be to teleport there directly from the
Terminal here in Ginza. However trying an unknown trip through Amara is
dangerous (as you found out when he dumped you there) so it would be safest if
you'd go to Asakusa, and contact him from there...then he could travel there
safely. He asks if that plan is OK with you.

No matter what you answer, you'll have to end up helping Hijiri--even if you
refuse, he will argue you into agreeing with a bribe, saying he'll give you
full access to all the information he's gleaned from the terminals so far.

Hijiri says that while you head to Asakusa, he will continue to try and pull
information from the Amara network, and that when you rendezvous in Asakusa, he
will let you know what info he finds in the meantime. And of course, he gives
you the location to the tunnel there--right east of Ikebukuro.

Head out the east exit of the Mantra HQ, and then go south (around the ramp) to
the Ikebukuro Tunnel. If you don't have any allies with Lightma, you should buy
a few Light Balls in the Ikebukuro shop first--you're going to need them.

                               IKEBUKURO TUNNEL

Light Ball
(3 x Yosei Troll fight) Blinding Sphere
Soma Drops,
3 x Maseki
Dekaja Stone
Muscle Drink
Murakumo Magatama
Chakra Pot*
Speed Incense*

Lv 6 Gedo Slime
Lv 13 Chirei Sudama
Lv 16 Gedo Blob
Lv 26 Yosei Kelpie
Lv 28 Gedo Black Ooze
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 35 Chirei Sarutahiko
Lv 43 Yoju Mothman

This is a very long and difficult dungeon, so you probably won't want to tackle
it all at once. You will need a lot of light-providing items or spells, since
most of the dungeon is a Dark Area. Of the enemies that appear, Nue and
Sarutahiko are the ones that you should be most worried about. Both are quite
hardy, and Nue uses Mahamudo with annoying frequency. Sarutahiko can be
downright deadly with his viciously powerful physical attacks, with Dragon's Eye
as insult to injury--if you get back-attacked by him there could be real
trouble. Keep an eye out for the Mothmen--they're not too tough, but give you
absolutely fantastic experience for this part of the game.

At the beginning of this dungeon, you'll find an Oni who will tell you that
there four super-Oni running around in this dungeon--the same ones that Thor
kicked out of the Mantra HQ earlier on. It warns you that they are very tough so
to be wary of them.

On B5F there's a Shinentai that will ask to pray for your path to be brightened.
If you agree she'll give you a Light Ball. I don't know if this has any impact
on the story or your alignment, but I don't think so.

At the end of a tunnel on B4F, near a sub-terminal and over some damage floors,
there is a Stone Chamber, where you'll find the first of the four Oni--Kinki--
sitting on a throne. He'll ask who the hell you are. Tell him and he'll attack

HP: 3000 MP: 2000
Boss Immunities, Strong to Physical
Yama-Oroshi, Venom Zapper, Heatwave, Reppu-Ha, Rampage, Charge, Hell Stab, Taru-
Kaja, Raku-Kaja, Taru-Nda, Raku-Nda, De-Kunda, Dragon's Eye, Beast's Eye

The first thing you'll probably notice is that Kinki has a ton of different
Physical skills, and is REALLY powerful physically overall. Such that he'll
probably be able to one-hit-kill your hero once he's buffed himself with Taru-
Kaja (and de-buffed you with Raku-Nda) Physical attacks are next to worthless
against him, so you'll have to focus on magic attacks. Using Fog-Breath to
reduce his accuracy helps, but it's not foolproof, especially since he can cast
De-Kunda. The real problem in this fight occurs when you whittle Kinki down a
bit and piss him off. Every round he will use "Dragon's Eye" which will allow
him four attacks per round. He'll then spend each round buffing himself to
obscene levels then letting loose a really powerful physical attack. Odds are
you won't be able to survive this onslaught until he's dead. There is a catch,
however: Tetrakarn. Yoma Ongkot gets it at LV38, and you can buy Butsuhankyo at
Rag's to have the same effect. (the former is much more cost-effective however)
The minute Kinki gets pissed off, throw up your physical reflection shield.
He'll end up killing himself as his super-powerful attack reflects back on
himself. You may need to do this for more than one round to completely finish
him off.

There's a room on B3 that looks like it has absolutely nothing in it but a bunch
of damage floor with one "island." The "island" is a pit. Drop through it and
you can get to the Speed Incense box, in addition to the next Oni boss.

In the next Stone Chamber, you'll find Suiki. He introduces himself and asks you
to come over, promising not to do anything. If you say no, he gets mad and
attacks you.

HP: 3500 MP: 1500
Boss Immunities, Absorbs Ice, Weak to Flame, Strong to everything else
Ice Breath, Bufura, Mahabufura, Absolute Zero, Kiai, Hell Stab, Rampage, Beast's
Eye, Dragon's Eye

Suiki is substantially less tough than Kinki is, despite being a higher level
and having more HP. He follows the same basic pattern as his comrade; attack
each round using "Beast's Eye" and once he gets hurt, using "Dragon's Eye" to
really step up the pace. Only unlike Kinki, Suiki has a weakness: fire. So bring
in your Fire-users (and use Agi-stones if you don't have any yourself) and to
really add insult to injury, pump up the magic strength with Maka-Kaja. Suiki
uses physical and Ice attacks. Both are pretty tough, but if your Hero equips
Wadatsumi or Miasma, he'll be immune to the Ice attacks and reduce Suiki's
effectiveness. Arahabaki is totally immune to anything that Suiki can do so he
is a great demon to bring into battle. When Suiki goes berserk, he'll only get
two attacks per round if he uses group-effect skills since Arahabaki will block
every one. Continue to use Fire spells and he'll drop like a fly.

Go up the stairs in the room on B3 adjacent to the one with the pit and damage
floor, and you'll go up to an area with a save point and a door. You can't get
into this door--yet. Once you defeat all three of the Oni it will open. Now, you
can continue by it, out to the train station, and then go outside now if you
want. But you want to find those other two Oni first, right? Right. So, when you
get to the platform, rather than going to the surface, cross over to the other
train track.

At the path beyond other side of the train platform you will find your third
Oni, Fuki. He's actually kind of nice to you...then asks to borrow some money in
exchange for an introduction to a "hot girl." You can say "Yes" or "I'll kick
your ass." He'll repeat the request three times then tell you to get lost after
taking your money. If you choose to kick his ass....you kick his ass. Or at
least try to.

HP: 3500 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities, Absorbs Shock, Strong to Physical, Weak to Electricity
Zanma, Mahazan, Zandain, Tornado, Maka-Kaja, Rampage, Reppu-Ha, Hell Stab,
Beast's Eye, Dragon's Eye

Fuki is probably the least powerful of the four bosses here. He follows the same
pattern as the others; Beast's Eye, then physical or Shock attack. He uses Maka-
Kaja to boost his magic as well. Only thing is, he doesn't use his Shock attacks
very often at all--rarely enough so that you probably don't need to equip Hifumi
and still come out OK. He's weak to Electricity so use techniques like Discharge
and Jionga to zap him. Add some Fog Breath to the mix to keep him from hitting
you and you're pretty much set.

Go back to the sealed room you passed earlier. As soon as you enter, Ongyoki,
the boss of the four Oni, teleports into the room. And he's pissed as hell at
you killing his buddies. He asks if you're the one who killed his friends and
woke him up. Say yes and he attacks you. Say no and he attacks you too.

HP: 5500 MP:1500
Boss Immunities
Bunshin, Taru-Kaja, Raku-Kaja, Suku-Kaja, Maka-Kaja, Anyaken, Fudoken, De-Kunda,
Evil Eye, Mudo-On, Dragon's Eye

Of the four Oni, Ongyoki can be either the hardest to defeat, or the easiest to
defeat, depending on how you play the fight. Every round, he uses the "Bunshin"
tactic to split into four separate images. Only one is real, and which one is
real changes from round to round. All four images can attack and hurt you
though, but if you attack a fake, it counts as a miss and your Press Turns
deplete accordingly. And boy does Ongyoki dish out the pain. He has all sorts of
devastating physical attacks, and with his buffing spells tacked on, he's almost
guaranteed a one-hit kill on you. (600+ points of damage) Each round not only do
you have to heal and buff your party, but you have to deal with FOUR of him
simultaneously. There's a catch, however. And the catch is to fight him at a
full Kagutsuchi. When Kagutsuchi is full, the "real" Ongyoki will cast a shadow,
taking all the guesswork out of the fight. Hit the real Ongyoki once, and all
his clones will disappear. He will then use the following pattern: Dragon's Eye,
Taru-Kaja, Raku-Kaja, Suku-Kaja, Bunshin. Four more images, rinse, wash, and
repeat. BEWARE THOUGH! If Ongyoki gets so that his buffing spells no longer will
raise his stats, he will no longer bother with them and use his bonus actions to
attack you instead before splitting into four again. He will probably kill you
if he does this, so make sure to use some sort of stat-lowering ability on him
each round, to keep him from maxing his buffs out.

As Ongyoki dies, he says "There is not always one truth...remember this..." Go
into his back room, and pick up the Murakumo Magatama in the blue box. Now it's
time to head topside, and go to Asakusa.


Shuma Whistle
3000 Makka
Chigaeshi no Tama
2000 Makka
2x Maseki

Lv 3 Chirei Kodama
Lv 5 Chirei Kahaku
Lv 13 Chirei Sudama
Lv 13 Maju Inugami
Lv 18 Maju Nekomata
Lv 28 Yuki Pishacha
Lv 28 Gedo Black Ooze
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 32 Kijo Yomotsu-Shikome
Lv 34 Maju Orthrus
Lv 35 Chirei Sarutahiko
Lv 49 Chirei Titan

Asakusa is an odd town in that it is divided up into several different
unconnected sections. In order to travel from area to area, you will need to
exit to the world map and re-enter other areas. Also, the north half of Asakusa-
-and its treasures--is not immediately accessible when you first reach it.
Finally, like Ginza, Asakusa is an area whose monster population changes over
the course of the game. The demons listed above are the default enemies that you
can meet there when you first get there--later on, tougher, higher-level
monsters will join the roster.

Asakusa is, in my opinion, the best "home base" location in the entire game. All
the shops are easily accessible (and no enemy encounters in front of them so you
can run in circles in front of the Jakyo Manor without being attacked until it's
a full moon to do Sacrifice fusions) and the variety in the demons that appear
there is second to none, (especially when the tougher enemies move in later on)
making it a great place to pick up Nakama.

As you enter Asakusa, you will discover that it is populated primarily by
Manekata. After the escape from the clutches of Mantra, the Manekata returned
here to build themselves a town, and are currently in the process of
reconstruction. At the moment, there isn't a whole lot here as it's still under
construction. You'll find the Junk Collector Manekata, who will tell you his
plans to open a store (which, when opened, will be the best in the game) and
talk of Futomimi, who is meditating in Mifunashiro, the Manekata Holy Land
located in the center of Asakusa.


Assuming you've seen the cutscene in the entrance room of the Third Calpa, you
can now fight the first three of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. The first,
White Rider, will appear right in front of the save point in Asakusa, so it's
hard to miss him. If you run, however, he will chase you to every single save
point in the game until you fight him. (IOW, if you avoid him, enter the
terminal room, and warp to Shibuya, he will try and attack you in front of the
Shibuya terminal, etc)

When yanked into the sub-zone with White Rider, he greets you rather warmly
(assuming you told Pale Rider that you were prepared to make the sacrifice--if
you told him otherwise he probably says something different) He hopes that you
will be able go gather all the Menorah, and attacks you to test you.

HP/MP: 4000/1500
Boss Immunities, Immune to Fire
God Arrow, Prominence, De-Kaja, Dragon's Eye

White Rider bucks the trend of "wimpy Majin" and goes back to being pretty
tough. He always summons two Tenshi Virtues to help him with the fight (not
super-powerful, but annoying nonetheless, especially since they'll spam Raku-nda
on you) and uses Prominence with great frequency, to do really nasty fire
damage to your party. His greatest weapon though is his God Arrow attack, which
is an insta-kill Hama attack that never fails if the target is not immune.
There is, however, a trick to winning this battle, as there is a demon that is
practically tailor-made for this fight: Gunshin Valkyrie. (Her "pre-evolved"
form, Yoma Dis, is also an acceptable substitute.) First, she absorbs Fire
attacks, throwing a real wrench into White Rider's Prominence attacks. Second,
she can cast Tetraja, which will nullify the effects of God Arrow. Lastly, she
has Petra-Eye, a fantastic way to take care of those Virtues. Basically what I
do is go into the fight with only the Hero (equipping Gehenna to absorb flame)
and Valkyrie. I start out in the first round by passing the Hero's turn to
Valkyrie, having her use Petra-eye to petrify the first Virtue, pass the hero's
turn again and then use Petra-Eye again to petrify the second Virtue. This way I
get both Virtues out of the way the first round so they can't cast Raku-nda.
DON'T kill the petrified Virtues as White Rider will just summon more.
The next round I have Valkyrie cast Tetraja, and from then on out just attack
White Rider, as he pretty much can't do anything to even scratch me except for
physical attacks, which A) he rarely does and B) are not hard to survive anyway.
Once White Rider dies, just summon in all the allies you want to get experience
for the fight, and kill the petrified Virtues. Easy EXP for your minions,
without any of the risk!

Defeating White Rider will win you the Menorah of Compassion.

Once White Rider is defeated, Red Rider will be unlocked for you. Go back to
Kamara and she'll tell you that she senses a Majin "In a long tunnel." This
should be fairly obvious as to where he is.

(What, it's not? Red Rider can be found right in front of the entrance to the
Terminal in the Great Ginza Underpass)

Like White Rider, Red Rider greets you kindly (again, assuming you didn't piss
off the Riders in the 3rd Calpa--I don't know what he says otherwise) and
applauds your skill at defeating White Rider, but warns you that he will not be
beaten so easily.

HP:4300 MP:1700
Boss Immunities, immune to Electricty
Tera Sword, Shinkuha, Shockwave, De-Kunda, Dragon's Eye

Red Rider is another potentially pretty tough Majin, and there isn't a sure-fire
pattern to deal with him like White Rider. His prime attack is Tera-Sword, which
is an attack that hits everyone for physical damage and Panics you as well. If
your Hero has Mind Immunity you won't have to worry about the Panic, just bring
a lot of Iwakura Water into the fight to heal your allies. Another alternative
is to bring in a leveled Majin High Priest and have him cast his Distant Prayer
to take care of the Panic AND heal the party. Red Rider summons in two Tenshi
Powers, but if you still have Valkyrie (or Arahabaki, as he has it too) they
can, and should, be petrified with Petra-Eye and saved till the end of the
fight--if left to their own devices they'll cast Taru-Kaja, which will make
Tera Sword brutally effective. Red Rider can also cast Shinkuha and Shockwave,
which makes it tough to bring in demons with good resistances, as most
Electricty-immune demons are weak to Shock and vice versa. What's most important
is reducing the damage that he can do with Tera Sword, so Raku-kaja is an
absolute necessity. He will always cast De-Kunda if his stats are reduced, so
don't waste your time trying that. For extra safety, you can equip Murakumo or
Kamudo (the latter only if you have Mind Immunity) to reduce his damage. So long
as you don't do something dumb like bring in enemies weak to Shock or
Electricity, it shouldn't be that difficult to beat him. And providing that you
petrified the Powers, once Red Rider himself is dead you can revive any dead
minions and swap in/out minions that need the experience the most before
finishing the now-stone angels off.

Defeating Red Rider will get you the Menorah of Wisdom.

Head into the terminal room, and you'll find Hijiri is already there waiting for
you. He apologizes for asking you to come this far, when he managed to get here
on his own after all. He tells you it took a lot of work but he was able to find
a path to this terminal on his own. You learn from Hijiri that this is the
Manekata town, and that they were originally made from the mud from the banks of
the nearby river. Therefore, Asakusa is essentially the birthplace of the
Manekata, and that is why they want to rebuild it. As Hijiri suspected, this
terminal is not monitored by Nihilo, and he thinks he can investigate Nihilo and
 the Nightmare System from here. Hijiri can't figure out how to do it yet as
 he's just started studying the terminal, but thinks it won't take long. He
 tells you to go take a look around Asakusa in the meantime.

The following is information on each of the "wards" within Asakusa:

At the end of the hall on the ground floor is a Manekata child who challenges
you to finish a video game he just beat. He says he'll give you a "insect-like
creature" if you beat it. So, give it a whirl.

                           INTERLUDE: THE PUZZLE BOY GAME
The object of this mini-game is to reach the spinning blue block with your Jack
'o Lantern. He can either push the grey turnstiles, or move the orange blocks to
clear a path to the exit. You can drop an orange block into a hole on the ground
to make it into a normal floor. There are 20 levels in total, and you need to
beat all of them to claim your prize.

You really should beat these levels on your own as it's much more satisfying
that way. However, if you get really stuck, here are the solutions for each of
the levels

Simple enough. Go through the turnstile, push the orange block up two spaces,
then go through the turnstile again to gain access to the blue sphere.

Push the orange block down one space, then push the turnstile at the top to
allow you to push the block over to the left wall. Push it up one space, move
the turnstile to gain access, then push it in the hole to gain access to the
blue cube.

Level 3:
Not really hard at all--push the block up to the upper-left corner, while using
the turnstiles to access the right places to push it.

lEVEL 4:
The grid is set up as follows:

    | 1 |
  __| a |_
    baA  2
    B    3
  __bcC  4
    | c |-

Push 2 and 4 both one square left, then push 3 up (or down, doesn't really
matter) Push 2 and 4 as far up and down as possible. Go through turnstile A
twice, then Turnstile C once to free up turnstile B to get to the goal.

Level 5:
This level is tough to explain, so here's a complete walkthrough:
L, U, L, U, R, R, R, U, U, L, R, U, R, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, D, R, U, L, L, D, D,
L, U, U, L, L, L, D, D, R, L, L, D, R, U, L, L, D, D, R, R, R, D, R,

Level 6:
L, L, L, U, U, L, L, U, L, D, R, R, R, D, D, L, U, R, U, L, L, U, L, L, D, R, D,
R, R, D, D, L, L, R, R, U, U, U, L, L, U, L, L, D, R, D, R, U, L, U, L, D, D, D,
L, L, L, L

U, L, L, L, L, D, D, D, D, U, U, L, L, D, R, U, L, L, D, R, U, L, L, D, D, D, L,
L, U, U, U, R, R, R, U, L, L, U, L, D, D, D, D, U, U, R, R, D, L, U, R, R, D, D,
D, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, U

L, U, L, L, U, L, D, U, U, L, U, L, L, L, D, R, R, U, R, D, R, R, R, U, U, R, R,
R, R, U, L, L, D, R, D, L, L, U, L, D, D, L, L, L, L, L, L, L, U, U, U, R, D, D,
L, D, R, R, R, R, R, R, R, L, D, D, L, U, R, U, L, L, L, R, R, R, D, D, D, RR,
U, L, D, L, U, R, U, L, L, D, L, U, U, U, U, U, R, R, L, L, L, L, L, L, D, D, D,
D, R, U, U, U, L, U, R, R, R, D, R, U, R, R, U, U, D, D, L, U, R, U, L, L, L, L,

U, R, U, U, U, U, U, L, L, L, L, L, U, R, R, R, R, D, D, L, U, R, D, D, D, D, D,
L, L, L, L, U, U, L, L, U, R, R, R, R, L, L, U, U, R, D, D, D, D, U, R, R, R, D,
D, L, L, L, D, D, D, L

This room would take far too long to do a step-by-step walkthrough, so I'll just
put the key to the room here: There's a big hole at the bottom of the level that
looks like the figure below (Xs are holes) You need to place the four 2-square
blocks into the hole in the following pattern (1, 2, 3, and 4 being the blocks):


Then, place one of the four-square blocks in the position of "5", push it all
the way down, and into the hole to give you access to the cube.

This isn't too hard. Position the left and right turnstiles in the following

  A      B     C     D

  H      2      2     2
 1222  1222   1 22  1222
11 2  11*    11 2  111
 1     1      1*     *

Level 12:
D, D, D, L, D, R, R, R, U, L, U, U, U, U, R, D, R, R, D, L, L, U, L, D, D, D, L,
L, D, D, R, U, L, U, R, U, U, R, R, R, R, R, R, D, D, D, L, L, L, R, R, R, U, U,
L, D, U, U, L, L, L, L, L, D, D, R, R, R, L, L, L, L, D, D, R, U, L, U, R, U, U,
R, R, R, R, R, R, D, D, D, L, L, L, L, R, R, R, R, U, U, L, D, D, D, R, D, L, L,
L, L

LEVEL  13:
U, U, U, L, U, L, D, L, L, D, D, R, U, L, U, R, R, U, R, D, R, D, D, D, D, L, L,
D, L, L, U, U, U, U, L, U, L, U, R, R, L, D, D, R, D, D, D, D, R, R, U, R, R, U,
U, U, U, L, L, L, L, U, L, D, R, R, R, R, R, D, D, L, U, R, U, L, L, L, L, U, L,
L, D, R, U, R, D, D, D, D, D, D, R, D, L, L, L, D, R, U, U, R, R, R, U, R, R, D,
L, L, L, L, L, D, D, L, U, U, U, U, L, L, L, L, L

This level is not actually all that hard--you just need to push each block into
a new hole to get access to a new block. Just put them in the following order:

Top Center---Left Center--Right Center--Lower Left--Upper Right--Lower Right--
Upper Left--Exit

This is a devious stage. What you have to do is get both of the two-square
blocks into the center of the big hole in the middle, then push the big block
into the final gap. This is difficult, but there's a trick to it; maneuver the
turnstiles so there's a three-square hole and you can temporarily push the big
block out of the center to make room for each of the little blocks.

The trick to this stage is that it looks substantially more difficult than it
actually is. You can totally ignore ALL the push-blocks except for the few at
the beginning of the stage. Just go via the top of the field and maneuver the
turnstiles to clear a path to the exit.

This one isn't really hard at all. You just need to maneuver the block to the
lower-left hand of the screen. The most straightaway path is the best, though
you'll have to make a couple of turnstile-laden turns.

Again, this one isn't too difficult. You just need to maneuver the turnstiles to
make enough space either on the left or the right to push the block all the way

All right, this monster is a real doozy, easily the hardest level of them all.
To start with, move as far right as you can, turning the first turnstile and
dropping the 2-block-bar into the hole. Next, push the 3-block-bar below you as
far down as you can. This will open up access to a hole; head up to the upper-
right alcove and push the block there down four spaces and drop it into this
hole. Now, swivel around and push the 3-block-bar up back to its original
position. There is a single orange block near where the 3-block bar is--push
this block into the upper-left alcove. We'll come back to it in a bit. Around
the center of the field is a 2-block-bar. You are going to want to push it into
into the 2-block hole slightly to the right and down. To do this, you'll have to
go through the turnstile counterclockwise, but that's OK. Once the 2-block-hole
is filled, circle around through the upper-right alcove and push the 3-bar down
as far as it will go. Swivel around, push it up one space, then push it left one
space. Now, go back to the block you left in the alcove, and push it all the way
down into the hole right above the T-turnstile. Rotate this T-Turnstile 90
degrees clockwise. You now have access to the three holes at the very bottom
"line" of the field. Push the three remaining blocks in. The blocks on the far
left and lower left will have to be maneuvered "under" the large 6-block
rectangle--push the rectangle up one space to create a path you can push the
blocks through. The upper-most hole will require you to play with the
turnstiles, but it should be reasonably straightforward from here on out.

This stage is convoluted, but not all that difficult. However, since I've gotten
several requests to that order, I'm going to give a full detailed walkthrough
for this level. Here's a quickie layout:

         ..A.2.B*       A-G = blocks
         .1..2..C       a-g = Where blocks A-G need to be dropped
         11.D..3.       1-5 = Turnstiles
        ..1#4433..        . = Open Space
        ..##...Ec.        # = Holes
         .....##.         * = Starting position
         d5.Gg...      First, drop block C into hole c. Then, turn turnstile #3
         b  ..         90 degrees to the right so you can get behind it. Go down
         e             and drop block G into hole g. Then go through turnstile
         f             #2 and then loop all the way to the left of the stage,
                       going through turnstile #1, so you're on the left side of
block A. Move A one space to the right, then rotate #1 back to its original
position, and move D one space to the right. Then push turnstile #4 down. Loop
all the way around to the right of the stage, (going through turnstile 3) until
you're to the right of block A. Move it two spaces to the left. Now, push
turnstile 2 90 degrees counterclockwise so that it's pointing "up." Now move
block D one space left, rotate around, and then push it one space up. Now move
turnstile #2 so it's pointing "down." Push block D down 5 spaces, so it's
sitting one block above where block G's initial position was. Now you have room
to move around the stage more freely. Rotate around to the left of block A
(pushing turnstile #1 counterclockwise in the process), and it two spaces
right, 5 spaces down, so that it's right above block D. Loop around top, moving
turnstile 3 90 degrees clockwise, and pushing turnstile 4 so it's pointing left.
Now you can move block A as far left as it will go. Loop all the way around the
level through turnstile 1 so that you're right above block A--drop it into hole
a. One down, four to go. Loop all the way around the stage until you're below
block D--push it up one space. Loop again through the stage (going through
turnstile 3) until you're to the right of block D--push it all the way to the
left. Loop through again until you're above block D, and push it into hole d.
Now the main obstacles are out of the way, and it should be pretty clear sailing
for the rest of the stage. Clear a path using turnstiles 2 and 4 so that you can
push block B three spaces to the left, and then down 5 spaces. Loop around,
moving turnstile 4, and move block B three spaces to your left. Loop around all
the way through the stage through turnstile 1 (you should be getting a hang of
this by now) and push block B into hole b. Manuever turnstiles 2 and 4 so
they're both pointing up, make sure turnstile E's two points are poiting up and
right, then maneuver behind block E and push it all the way left. Back through
turnstile 1 until you're above block E, then push it down one square and left 3
squares. Through turnstile 1 again until you're above block E--push it into hole
e. Making sure that turnstiles 2 and 4 are still both pointing up, and turnstile
3 is in its "original" position, push block F one space right, and 2 spaces up.
Loop all the way through the stage until you're to the right of block F (you'll
have to move turnstile #2) and then push it 4 spaces to the left. This should be
old hat by now--go round through Turnstile 1, push block F down, loop around
again, push it left, loop around again, push it into the final hole.

Once you've completed all 20 stages, the Manekata boy will give you the Magatama

Not much to be found here but two exits--the upper leads to a box outside with a
Mahankyo, and the the other leads further on.

There's a subterminal here. There are Manekata here talking about Futomimi
meditating so he can see the future. There's another Manekata worrying about
Isamu's hat, oddly enough.

Enter Mifunashiro and go up to the central door. It opens--Futomimi is there,
and he greets you. Futomimi tells you that he foresaw your coming, and knows the
two of you will run into each other many times in the near future--but that's
all he can see at the moment. Futomimi asks if you've looked around the town,
and says that he's glad that everyone is willing to rebuild without complaining.
They are excited, because Asakusa is the first town they can call their own.
Futomimi tells you the place that you are in right now is their holy ground,
Mifunashiro. Beyond the door he stands at lies the place that all the Manekata
were born, and Futomimi says that even though you saved all their lives, as
an outsider he cannot let you through. He apologizes for the rudeness, and says
he is going to return to his prayers. Futomimi says that he needs to find out
what he needs to do to create a world where the Manekata can live in happiness
and must focus on that task at the moment. In passing, he tells you to be
careful of a Manekata named "Sakahagi." Sakahagi is apparently a "blight on the
face of the Manekata", and very violent. Futomimi thinks he is probably hanging
about Asakusa and may cause trouble for you.

Hijiri isn't done examining the terminal yet, so let's investigate the rest of
Asakusa. Head to the west from the T-junction from the main area of Asakusa.

Uh-oh...nasty things are afoot here. There's blood everywhere as soon as you
enter. Talk to the wounded Manekata, and he'll tell you that Sakahagi did this
to him, and that he is on a rampage further into the area. Follow the blood
trail to the door with blood splattered all over it and go in.

Inside is a strange Manekata laughing over a victim, saying "if you gave me your
Manekata you wouldn't have had to end up like this." He tells the victim that it
was foolish for such a weakling to oppose him...but he was able to "get his
skin" because he did. The Manekata turns around and notices you. You'll see what
he is talking about--he has skinned the faces of all his victims and wears them
like a coat. The Manekata gets surprised, but then lets his guard down a bit
when he realizes you aren't more Manekata out to stop him. He tells you that the
other Manekata themselves are weak, but they is a stronger one about that has
been causing him trouble. He wishes this "troublemaker" had been killed in
Ikebukuro, but says that since he brought a bunch of weaker friends with him,
more Magatsuhi-fresh targets arrived. The Manekata says he's going to gather
Magatsuhi and conquer the demons.  He notes that you're a demon, and asks if
you're after fresh Magatsuhi too.  You can either say "I want it" or "I don't
want it." What you say has no impact on your alignment or the story, though the
Manekata will say "I bet we're gonna be good friends" if you say you do.

The skin-clad Manekata leaves, saying that maybe you'll meet again. He tells you
to remember his name--he is Sakahagi, and one day he will rule the demons.

Go back to the terminal and talk to Hijiri, who says he's figured out the
Nightmare System. "You've got to see this to believe it" he says and tells you
to have a look. What you'll see is a massively tall tower. Hijiri tells you that
it's the Obelisk, located in Chiyoda. The Obelisk is the core of the Nightmare
System, and the primary location for Nihilo's Magatsuhi collection. In other
words, it's the Nihilo's seat of power. Hijiri conjectures that it is probably
being run by the Nihilo medium. He doesn't know what they're going to do with
it, but it contains an immense amount of power. Hijiri is itching to go himself,
but knows he'll be creamed if he tries. However, he says he still can't sit by
and give the world to Hikawa, so yet again turns to you for help. Hijiri asks if
you could go to the Obelisk, stop the Medium, and return the flow of Magatsuhi
back to normal in the Vortex World. Hijiri informs you that you can get to
Chiyoda via the back entrace to the Nihilo Organization headquarters. He tells
you that once you get there, can use this terminal to crack its lock.  Hijiri
warns you that it won't be easy to get in, but is sure you can do it.

Go back to Ginza, then leave and go east until you get to the highway ramp in
Harumi, near the Harumi Warehouse. However, this time instead of entering the
Warehous, you'll want to take the ramp all the way to the west of the Nihilo
base and enter the "back door." By the Tokyo Tower in Shiba is a treasure chest
with a Succubus in it, too. (She drops a Ruby)

                               NIHILO REVISITED

Tetraja Stone

Lv 23 Yoma Dis
Lv 25 Yama Incubus
Lv 29 Datenshi Eligor
Lv 37 Yama Succubus

There is actually very little to say here, as this really is just another branch
of the same Nihilo dungeon you were in before. The only thing you really need to
be careful of are the Succubi. They will use the lethal Dorminer--Endless Sleep
combo which can be annoying to say the least. The dungeon is pretty short

In Nihilo, take the elevator to B15. It's dark in here so you may need a Lightma
spell or Light Sphere. Careful of the boxes, the one in the west chamber is a
poison trap, and the one in the northeast chamber is a high-damage trap.

Ignore the core, and keep going east onward into the complex. Head down the long
dark hallway and take the elevator at the end back up to the first floor. You
are now in the Nihilo "Marunouchi." Exit, and head south to the Obelisk. You can
nab the box with 3 Maseki in it on the way. If you go past the Obelisk and climb
the small hill to Kudan, you can find another box with 10,000 Makka in it. If
you go ALL the way around behind the Obelisk, you can find a Hogyoku and a
Shinnentai that talks about a hero that once invisioned a utopian Tokyo--Taira
Masakado, who still protects the city today. You can see a shrine to Masakado
nearby. You may be visiting this place...MUCH later though.

Enter the Obelisk.

                                 THE OBELISK

2 x Chakra Drop
4 x Maseki
Iwakura Water
Hogyoku Dekaja Stone
8000 Makka
Soma Drops
Far Sight Telescope
Great Chakra*
Magic Incense*
Chakra Pot*

Lv 19 Yoma Koppa Tengu
Lv 23 Yoma Dis
Lv 25 Yama Incubus
Lv 28 Yoma Karasu Tengu
Lv 29 Datenshi Eligor
Lv 30 Jashin Arahabaki
Lv 33 Jashin Baphomet
Lv 37 Yoma Ongkot
Lv 37 Datenshi Berith
Lv 37 Yama Succubus
Lv 42 Gedo Phantom
Lv 45 Jashin Pazuzu

This is a LONG dungeon. There are 33 floors in total that you'll have to climb
(even though the Obelisk itself is 150 stories high) and you're going to have to
face a whole lot of enemies on the way up. Especially if you're on a repeat run
through the game, take the dungeon on one step at a time, and go in loaded with
healing items. The enemies themselves are not all that much tougher than what
you've dealt with so far, but the sheer number of them is daunting. Also,
Arahabaki turns up here as an enemy, and is your first Physical-Immune enemy
you'll have to deal with, so be prepared with spellcasters of some sort. It's a
good idea not to equip any Weak-to-Shock Magatama in here, as the Pazuzu will
make short work of you if you do.

Inside the Obelisk, a Shinnentai will tell you that it (the Obelisk) is the
tallest structure in Tokyo, and the closest to Kagutsuchi. You'll also learn the
human medium is at the top floor.

On 15F you will feel a strong presence. Three girls above you appear. The first
is identified as the "emotionless girl" and is laughing. "Just like Master
Hikawa predicted, the dirty rat has appeared." The second sister, "Arrogant
woman" says you are probably here to take back "that woman" but that the three
sisters are not as stupid as Ose. The third, "cold-hearted woman" tells you that
if you want the woman, you have to go through them, but you'll have to get
through the anti-intrusion traps first. The emotionless one says "Kagutsuchi
will not wait for you," and they disappear.

On 24F, you'll learn from a Shinentai who they are--the Moirai Sisters. (also
known as the Greek Fates)

On 32F, you'll get your first puzzle. There are two blocks, each with symbols on
it. The left has one, and the right has three. These stand for phases of the
moon. As soon as you touch the light ball, Kagutsuchi will turn New, and you
need to change the phase to that of the "answer", in this case, 4/8. Stepping on
the block with one symbol advances time by 1 phase, the right by three. If you
step on blocks long enough to make Kagutsuchi revolve all the way back to 0/8,
the floor will drop from under you and you'll fall to a lower level and have to
return to complete the puzzle. This first puzzle is easy enough--step on 3, then
on 1.

On 40F you'll learn the central pillar is sending the Magatsuhi it gathers to
the underground--as you saw the large amount when you entered.

On 52F you will find your second challenge. There are actually TWO different
blocks that can be lowered, an 8-block and a 4 block.

To get past the 4/8 block, step in the following pattern: 3-4-2-1-2. To get past
the 8/8-block, step on 1-3-4.

On 60F, you will be presented with a large area with five moving platforms. Only
one leads to the exit. The way you're supposed to do it is get one wrong then
look down at the pattern to figure out which platform will move where. (whenever
there's a left-right path in the wall, the platform will take it) If you're
lazy, the "correct" one is the second from the left. (but you won't get the Soma
if you go straight there)

On 70F, a Shinnentai says that he can hear a woman screaming from the top of the
pillar in the center of the tower...hmm..

On 77F you'll find a fourth save terminal, and a Jakyo Manor right next door.
You'll also be presented with two new puzzles.

The solution to the puzzle on the right: 2-1-4-1-4 for 4/8. 1-2-2-3 for 8/8.

The solution to the puzzle on the left: Just keep running back and forth between
0 and the 3 in front of the 4 cube for 4/8. For 8/8, 3-1-3-1 will do the trick.

On 99F there's a heal spot. Right before the passage up is a Shinnentai that
will tell you the Treasure of the Obelisk is located below, but nobody has ever
gotten it. If you want it take the elevator down. If you don't, go ahead on up
the stairs.

Assuming you're going for the treasure, you'll have to deal with another,
trickier puzzle.

Once again you will be faced with a "moonlight puzzle." The solutions are 2-3-2-
1 for 8/8 and 1-2-1-2-1-2-3 for 4/8.

4/8 leads down all the way to B2F. The south box is a Close trap--don't open it.
However, the Far Sight Telescope is down here--an infinite-use Analyze item.
You'll definitely want that.

Go back and head up. Keep going up till you reach 114F. There's a save terminal
there...you might want to use it. There's a Shinnentai there that mentions that
of the three Moirai sisters, Clotho is "birth" and Atrophos is "death." He
forgets what Lachesis is, but his statement is important.

The elevator on 118F leads to 128F. Here you'll fight the Moirai Sisters. First,
however, you'll have to solve another puzzle.

You'll note that there are three marked blocks: two "4" platforms on the left
and right, and one "8" platform in the middle. A Moiai sister is on each of the
blocks; Atropos on the left, Lachesis in the middle, and Clotho on the right. If
you summon one, you must fight her. The trick here is that you must fight ALL
THREE of the sisters within a single lunar rotation, or the floor will disappear
and you'll have to do the whole thing over again. Hint: The birth order of the
sisters and what they represent is the key.

If you can't figure out, here's the key--birth comes first and death comes last,
so you have to fight Clotho, Lachesis, and Atropos in that order.

STILL can't figure it out?

If the following was a diagram of the area:

  Atropos ->| A | B | C | <- Clotho
            | D | E | F |

The exact path would be:
E-F-C-Fight Clotho.
F-E-F-E-B-Fight Lachesis
A-B-A-Fight Atropos

Each of the individual sisters isn't too hard--after taking a nominal amount of
damage they will run. Just don't do anything stupid and you'll probably be OK.

Once you've gotten all three sisters to run away, you can go on to 140F.
However, don't immediately rush up to the top of the tower--go around to the
rear area of the floor and you can descend to 135F where some goodies await you.
(They're all in Magic Boxes though, so you'll probably spend a good deal of time

Up on the 142nd floor, the three Moirai sisters will face you all at once.

HP: 2000 MP:1000
Boss Immunities
Dia, Media, Medirama, Diarama, De-Kunda, Marin-Karin, Mahanma

HP: 2000 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities
Maka-Kaja, Raku-Kaja, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn, De-Kunda, Taru-nda

HP: 3000 MP: 1500
Boss Immunities
Agirao, Bufura, Jionga, Zanma, Maharagion, Mahabufura, Majionga, Mahazanma

When all three Fates are facing you, they can be pretty tough. Atropos attacks
you with powerful magic. Clotho heals herself and her sisters if they need it.
Lachesis buffs her sisters with support spells, primarily Maka-Kaja. She also
casts Tetrakarn, Taru-nda, and casts De-kunda occasionally in case you've
depeleted some stats. Atropos is the sister on the offensive, attacking you with
powerful spells of all four elements.

The most important spell you can bring into this battle is probably De-Kaja.
Cast it on the sisters as much as possible because if Lachesis boosts their
magic power high enough with Maka-Kaja, Clotho will heal damage faster than you
can deal it, and Atropos will deal spell damage faster than you can heal it. If
you don't have De-Kaja, you pretty much HAVE to buff your party with either
Taru-kaja or Maka-kaja (or both) in order to get your damage and healing up to a
respectable enough level to counteract the 400+ points of healing per round
Clotho deals out. Overall I'd focus on taking out Clotho first (her healing is a
royal pain) before trying to deal with her sisters.

With the Fates dead, you will receive the Djed Magatama.

Step into the light in 142F and go to the top of the building.

On the top of the building, you will find Yuko suspended upside-down, funneling
Magatsuhi into a pyramid-like thing. You release her and all the Magatsuhi-
gathering stops. Yuko thanks you, and says she had a feeling you would come
after her. She says it's ironic that she told you she would be there to help you
whenever you needed it, and it turned out that she was the one that needed
saving.  She tells you that she neither had the power to change the world or
even herself--she was merely tricked by Hikawa. He apparently told her "You will
become the Center of the New World," but she didn't realize that she would only
be a tool to collect Magatsuhi.  She says that she agreed to help him recreate
the world, but the world she wants can't come like this. Her primary motivation
for helping in the Fertilization was that she didn't like the old world, as
everyone just looked out for their own comfort irresponsibly--nobody was looking
to better themselves, etc. She thought that humanity would lose their power and
die out...and thus was able to be used by Hikawa. Yuko says that not everything
is finished--the rebuilding of the world is still going on, and the final form
has not yet been decided. She says that she "found her goddess" here, the
goddess called here by the power of the Magatsuhi. She is sure that her goddess
will give her the rules for the new world, and looks into the sky.

While what happens next looks an awful lot like a passing pigeon overhead left a
"present" on Yuko's face, but the splat on her face indicates that she has been
possessed by her goddess. The mysterious goddess identifies herself as Aradia,
arrived from the depths of Amara. She says her job is to bring freedom and
release everyone. Aradia tells you that with freedom, light and darkness will
return to the world. She tells you to "head for creation" and gives you power,
finally maxing out your Demon stock. Aradia says that the "this woman, who has
lost her power, will regain it." Afterwards she (Yuko) will go down the path of
new creation, and Aradia will guide her. She tells you to see the world, and
your creation will begin from there. Aradia/Yuko disappears.

The old lady and the blond boy reappear. "Oh my, so Aradia is now in this world?
This could get interesting, master" says the old woman. The boy whispers to the
old lady, and she thanks him. The old woman says that the child has decided to 
give you the gift of knowledge, and tells you to listen closely. The Vortex 
World is starting to reach the point of its new creation. It will be created
under a "Kotowari"--a set of rules--and people will start fighting to decide
what set the world will get. She tells you to work toward whatever Kotowari you
want...or have your Kotowari destroyed. She only asks you not to bore the child
with a meaningless death. They're gone, again.

This is more or less the turning point of the game. The event where Chiaki told
you about Yosuga notwithstanding, all the really major plot decisions are going
to occur from here on out, as the battle for the dominant Kotowari starts to


Now that the Obelisk is finished, you can fight Black Rider. Much like Red
Rider, Black Rider will only be unlocked once the first two Horsemen are
defeated. To find where he is, again, return to Kamara. She says that he's "in a
hospital." Her hints are usually pretty easy, but this one takes the cake for

Unlike White Rider and Red Rider, Black Rider doesn't say much before attacking
you. Just a standard short shpiel about how you must be tested.

HP: 4600 MP: 1800
Boss Immunities, Absorbs Ice
Soul Balance, Absolute Zero, Megidoraon, Megidora, Dragon's Eye

Black Rider can be a tough nut to crack if you don't prepare. If you do, he's no
sweat. First off, instead of summoning Tenshi, he summons Yuki Legions instead.
They are VERY dangerous! They seem to be "custom" Legions, and will cast
Maka-Kaja. Considering that Black Rider casts Megidoraon, the most powerful
attack spell in the game, this is no laughing matter--powered up by the Legions,
he can easily wipe out a fully-healed party in one fell swoop. Therefore, you
need a way to neutralize the Legions. They can't be petrified like the Tenshi
of White/Red Rider, but Close magic does work well on them. (One of the only
times in the game that status ailment is really useful!) Otherwise, you
absolutely have to have a De-Kaja caster to negate their buffing, or you're
toast. Without the buffing to aid him, Black Rider is substantially easier to
defeat, as he focuses almost entirely on magic to attack. Furthermore, he can't
seem to negate -Kaja or -Nda spells, so if you weaken his attack magic with War
Cry you can take a lot of punch out of him. Black Rider only uses one "unique"
spell, and that is Soul Balance. Soul Balance is essentially like Divine
Retribution in that it halves the HP of the entire party, only it does Magic
rather than Hama damage, and occasionally Closes targets as well. However, this
can be negated easily by bringing High Priest into the fight, as he will
actually be HEALED by this skill. Equipping Djed on your Hero will help too.

Defeating Black Rider will net you the Menorah of Knowledge.

Head back to the Asakusa Terminal.

Hijiri is waiting for you. He says that he could tell from here that the flow of
Magatsuhi had gone back to normal. You learn that Nihilo has ground to a halt,
and should not be able to do anything for a while. Asks you how you managed to
stop the giant Magatsuhi gatherer with the Nihilo medium running it. You get
three choices:

"I freed her"
"I killed her"
"I won't tell you"

If you say you freed her:
"Oh, so she was just being used by Hikawa?" Hijiri says. He comments that he
doesn't know what she's going to do now, but with the Nightmare System stopped,
it doesn't really matter.

I killed her:
Hijiri is a bit disappointed, since she was one of the few remaining humans, but
says there's probably nothing that could have been done.

I won't tell you:
Hijiri is surprised, but understands that something you don't want to talk about
may have happened. Says he won't ask you anything more about it.

None of these choices actually affect your alignment ratings. Hijiri tells you
that he feels bad, always having you do stuff for him, and says that the least
he can do for you is fill you in on everything he's learned so far. You can say:
"Let me hear it"
"No thanks"

It doesn't matter what you say--even if you say no, Hijiri says "Don't say that,
it will come in useful" and tells you anyway.

Hijiri tells you that in order to create a new world, some sort of plan, a basic
idea for what sort of world will be made, must be present. This sort of plan is
called a "Kotowari." In order to actually get that Kotowari, you need the
blessing of a great god called a "Guardian." The reason that you need all the
Magatsuhi to create the world is connected with this Guardian--to summon it
Guardian, you need a ton of Magatsuhi. Hikawa was gathering all the Magatsuhi in
an attempt to summon his guardian.

Hijiri also tells you that he met a human in the Amara Network...Isamu. He asks
if you know him. If you say no he's skeptical since he heard rumors you were
trying to save him. Also your Musubi points go up by 8 if you say no too.

Hijiri says that Isamu has become a full-fledged resident of the Amara network.
If he screws up though, he might be sent somewhere odd or be swallowed by Amara
entirely. Hijiri says that if you want, he can send you to where he saw Isamu,
so you can save him by pulling him out of the Network.

Now, at this point you have a choice. You can let Hijiri teleport you into the
Amara network. However, if you wander the town, you'll learn that the North wing
of Asakusa has been rebuilt now. You can go check it out if you want. The place
has tons of Chirei in in it. They want peaceful coexistance though, and won't
attack when you talk to them. A Kahaku will tell you that something strange has
been going down in Ikebukuro, and Hikawa has been spotted there. A Kodama will
tell you there's good info to be heard in the Ginza Bar and the Shibuya disco.

So, go and check out the Shibuya disco--you will profit for it.

In Shibuya disco, the info is that in the main plaza, there's someone who has
been holding Sabbaths whenever Kagutsuchi is full. The entrance there is hidden
behind a building, but is easy to find if you use your automap. The map is a big
circle, but there's a big hole in it at around 300 degrees. Go in that "hole"
and you'll find a door into the Sabbath hall.

Inside (on a full Kagutsuchi) are two Makenata talking to Baphomet. The right
one is pissed off that everyone makes fun of him because he's a Manekata. So
he's going to summon a "Noble demon" and beat up everyone. The left one agrees
and says, "Summon the great Mara!" Baphomet tells them "I told you, it's not
time to summon him yet." He says if everything isn't perfect, bad things could
happen upon his summoning. The right one tells him to hurry up--he doesn't want
guys making fun of him to live a second longer. The two Manekata look to you to
back them up. You can say:
"Hurry up"
"Be patient."

If you tell them to be patient, they'll kick you out. If you tell them to hurry
up, Baphomet chuckles and says "You might regret this, you know?" He starts the
summoning....and it screws up, summoning an imperfect, Slime-like Mara. The
Manekata freak with panic, and Mara is pissed as hell.

HP: 2300 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, Reflect Curse, Strong to Attack Magic
Abyssal Tone, Marin-Karin, Meikai-ha, Diarahan, Hell Stab, De-Kaja, Mahazanma,

You CAN fight Mara now, but did I say you SHOULD? You may have noticed that Mara
is a LOT tougher than most of the other bosses you've fought so far. He's an
optional boss, so you don't have to fight him right now. If you can't take him
on now, you can always come back later.
Want to try to take him out now anyway? OK. There's a trick to this battle. Mara
only has 2300 HP, but casts Diarahan every round, which refills him to full--so
you have to do more than that amount of damage in a single round. His Meikaiha
and Abyssal Tone are both really powerful. One is a physical attack, and the
other is a Magic-based attack. Make sure you don't have any demons weak to Magic
in this battle. (Which means Arahabaki is out, even though his physical immunity
is an asset--if you want to have a physical Press-Turn eater, you'll need Lv56
Shikioji at least) There are two spells/skills that are key to making this
battle easy. One is Tetrakarn, (or a Butsuhankyo) and the other is Taunt. You
will need them on separate characters though. Have one character Taunt the hell
out of Mara, reducing his defense to nothing and sending his attack power
through the stratosphere. The other should cast Tetrakarn every round. When a
fully Taunted Mara uses his Meikai-ha, he will do over 1000 points of damage per
hit--reflected 4 times with Tetrakarn, easily enough to kill him. Of course,
this strategy is not foolproof--you'll still have to deal with his Abyssal Tone,
so someone with healing ability and immunity to Magic will help as well.
Especially if that's the taunter or the Tetrakarn caster.

When the battle ends, you'll find that Baphomet and the Manekata have fled.
However, the Muspell Magatama is lying on the floor for you to claim.

Now that that's done, talk to Hijiri and have him teleport you into Amara.

                        THE AMARA NETWORK REVISITED
Chakra Drop

Lv 7 Gedo Moryo
Lv 7 Seirei Earthies
Lv 11 Seirei Aeros
Lv 15 Seirei Aquans
Lv 20 Seirei Flamies
Lv 25 Mitama Aramitama
Lv 29 Mitama Nigimitama
Lv 32 Mitama Kushimitama
Lv 35 Mitami Sakimitama
Lv 42 Gedo Phantom
Lv 49 Yuki Legion

This trip through the Amara Network is substantially shorter than the last. The
only enemy you really have to keep an eye out for is Legion. Legions cast
Mahamudo-on, Hell's Eye, Tetrakarn, and generally make a nuisance out of
themselves. A few good Hama-users are very useful down here.

In your first "thin space" room, Hijiri will ask you if you've found Isamu yet.
If you lie and say yes, he'll tell you to get out ASAP, as his terminal is
acting funny. If you tell the truth and say no, Hijiri tells you to check
further in, but to get out as soon as you find him, as his terminal is unusually

Further in on B1F, you'll find a Shinnentai that will warn you that the
residents of Amara don't like to be bothered and tells you not to go on...and
when you do, you will find a great deal of Shinnentai that very much agree. They
will each say something like "I don't need anyone else" and shuts off your
passage further. There's only one way through the room. After the first
Shinnentai appears, turn right and go north around the corner. Another
Shinnentai will appear and block off your passage. Turn left, pass the first
intersection, and turn right at the second intersection. Go around the corner
(to the east) and turn north at the final intersection to leave. If you make a
mistake, you can reset the room by going through the west-most or east-most

The next floor, 1F, has a similar puzzle. It's also fairly easily solved--east
at the first intersection, west and the second, north at the third (keep heading
north till you hit a wall) and then north at the final intersection to leave.

Further in, after the second save point, your old buddy Spectre will teleport
in...he's been looking for you. He attacks you for a rematch!

HP: 980 MP:29 (can go higher, seemingly has no max limit)
Boss Resistances, Totally immune to all attack magic.
De-Kunda, Megido, Drink Magic

Spectre summons a bunch of his buddies as usual. After the first round, they
will attempt to cast Megido on you. However, they don't have enough MP to do it,
so they will start using Drink Magic to absorb your MP and then cast it on you.
Megido is a very powerful spell, and there is no demon (or Magatama) in the game
that can resist or block it--not even Makalakarn will stop it. The best strategy
I've found for this fight is to bring only the Hero into the fight to start
with, along with a depleted MP supply, the lower the better. The Spectres will
quickly drain you dry of MP (hopefully not too many will get a drain off) and
once you hit 0 MP, they can no longer cast Megido, as they don't have enough MP
to do it. That won't stop them from wasting turns trying to get MP out of you
when you have none left though. The only potential problem with this strategy is
that they'll still occasionally attack you, and their damage is not negligible,
even when you're equipping physical-resistant Magatama. You'll want a good
supply of Hogyoku to heal yourself when necessary. In addition, you'll want to,
if possible, reduce their accuracy (like with Fog Breath) as much as possible so
that they'll miss you; if all 6 attack in one round, you're pretty much dead,
unless you have TONS of HP. But while they're wasting their time, whittle them
down with physical attacks. Once there are only 1 or 2 left, summon your allies
to finish them off. (You could, theoretically, just kill them all with your
hero, but then your allies would not get to reap the benefits of the 6,666 EXP
this fight provides) Keep your guard up though, because I've found the longer
the fight drags on, the more likely they are to start attacking you in large
numbers (rather than just trying to absorb your nonexistent MP)

At the end of the hall you got attacked by the spectre in, a "Shadow man"
appears and asks if you want to pass. You can say "Yes," "No," or you can Ignore
it. If you say No it tells you to leave. Otherwise it proceeds to its next
question. If you ignore it it says "That's OK" and apparently you get a bonus
Musubi point.

Then, the Shadow Man asks who you are. You can either identify yourself or
ignore it. Do the former and the Shadow Man realizes that you know Isamu. Ignore
it and the Shadow Man says "You don't talk much. That is OK" and you get a bonus
Musubi Point.

The Shadow Man asks you yet another question: It asks if you like being by
yourself. You can say Yes or No, or ignore it. If you say Yes, the Shadow man
says "Maybe you get it" and you get 3 Musubi points. If you say No the Shadow
man comments that "Maybe there's no hope for you--you are not like Isamu" and
your alignment does not change. Ignoring it and the Shadow Man says "You're
cool-headed, that's OK" and you get a single Musubi point.

The Shadow Man asks you one final question--whether or not you can make it on
your own without anyone else. You can say Yes, No, or ignore it again. If you
say no or ignore the Shadow Man he tells you to go talk to Isamu. If you say
yes, the Shadow Man wishes you luck, and says he will live on his own too.
You'll get 3 Musubi points for saying yes as well.

Go ahead into the next room. Isamu is there, getting pelted with energy. He
greets you and asks if you've come to save him or capture him. He says either
way there's no need, as "the aimlessly wandering Isamu is dead." Instead, "the
one here is the Great Lord Isamu, who has gotten the power of Amara." You then
get to see what Isamu has transformed into.

Isamu says he no longer is interested in anyone else. He tells you that he has
"figured it out" and now understands the truth of the world. The truth of the
world is that the self is supreme, and all other people are merely passersby
that don't matter. "Nobody really cares either way about me. And I don't really
care either way about them. But that is neither wrong nor sad" Isamu says.  He
explains that no matter what, you yourself will always be the center of your
world--it is inescapable, as everything you ever experience will be from your
perspective. That is why Isamu thinks that each individual person should go and
create their own, individual world, isolated from one another with no unwanted
interference between individuals. That is basis for the Kotowari he wants...the
Musubi Kotowari. Isamu asks if you feel the same way. You can say "I do,"
"I don't," or "I don't know."

If you agree with Isamu, he is glad, and says that this frame of mind he has is
why he doesn't hold it against you that you couldn't save him. He tells you to
think it over yourself. Answering in the affirmative like this will boost your
Musubi rating by 32 points, and turn on the Musubi Kotowari Event Flag.

If you disagree with Isamu, he says "So, you really don't understand. It may
make no difference to you now that you're no longer human." He tells you that he
will create the world of Musubi and prove that he is right. Isamu tells you to
take a look inside yourself so you can see what he means.

If you say you don't know, Isamu says "That's just like you. You're just
wandering the Vortex world aimlessly aren't you? If you do that, you'll only be
pulled along like so much flotsam... Become alone and see for yourself."

Isamu disappears. Go on and leave the Network. Hijiri says he was watching and
saw Isamu slip through your grasp. He says that he will chase after Isamu, so
you don't have to risk going back into Amara any more. Hijiri says that he will
need to concentrate, so he can't spend time talking to you at the moment. He
tells you if you have any clues of places you want to check out, you should go
there, otherwise you might want to take a look around Asakusa.

Head to Ikebukuro. On the steps of the former Mantra base, you will find Hikawa.

Hikawa says "An unexpected player of the game has appeared. It has been a while,
young man...or should I say 'Hito-shura?'" He says he never thought that YOU
would be the Hito-Shura. Since it's pretty clear to him that you are now, Hikawa
tells you that the two of you were destined to meet. Hikawa explains that when
he destroyed the Mantra base, he had almost enough Magatsuhi to create the world
and summon his Guardian, which is why he didn't try to stop you when you went to
the Obelisk--he wanted to see for sure whether or not you really were the Hito-
Shura. But you not only got by his assassins (IOW the Moirai sisters), but also
freed the medium with your own power. Hikawa explains that the power you wield
is exactly the same as forseen in the Miroku Scriptures...one that is beyond his
imagination. He tells you that you might be able to play an important role in
his creating the "Shijima" world.

Hikawa explains in detail his ideals for the Shijima world. "Human desire is
like the flame in a lamp. When it is small, it is warm and feels good. But if it
keeps burning, the fire can become a conflagration, a beast that doesn't stop
until it consumes everything in its path..." Hikawa says that humanity loved
this sort of desire too much. They were lured by its warmth, but ignored its
destructive nature, one that could turn everything to ash.  Hikawa says that
humanity should exist to serve the earth, instead of the other way around, and
that will be the path to peace. "What should one seek? What should one not seek?
That is not for people to decide...it is for the earth to decide." He says that
humanity should be mere lamps to illuminate the earth. Lighting it, and becoming
one with it...that is the best and highest calling for people, he says. Hikawa
asks if you agree, that the world should just remain in tranquility. There's no
"I don't know" choice here--it's either a yes or no proposition.

If you say Yes, Hikawa says "Ah, so you see the greatness of Shijima. You really
are not like the other riff-raff." He tells you that he will have you help him
in the future. This boosts your Shijima points by 32, and turns on the Shijima
Kotowari Event flag.

If you say no, Hikawa says "You really are nothing more than a demon then. I
suppose you couldn't understand my ideals..." and your alignment does not change
(and the Shijima Kotowari Event flag doesn't turn on)

Hikawa says that he must leave, and that he cannot rest easy until his work is
done. He asks if you have noticed the menacing presence that has come to the
world--one who is trying to take the remaining power of the fallen Gozu-tenno is
starting to make trouble. He cannot afford to lose ground to the other people
that are trying to establish their own Kotowari. "I will be the one to create
the world!" he says. He leaves.

Head back to Asakusa. Now that all loose ends are tied up, Hijiri tells you
about how the Mantra base suddenly became all sealed off. He wonders what
they're doing in there, but with the major blow to their power via the Nightmare
System, thinks it probably isn't something serious. Instead, he says that the
Manekata seem to be planning something big.

Head to Mifunashiro. There you will find Futomimi addressing the Manekata. He
has an important thing to say that concerns the fate of all Manekata.
Futomimi tells everone that though they managed to escape the grasp of the
Mantra forces, there is another great power that is arising to surpress
Manekata. He says that he can sense that the evil power is coming from Yoyogi
Park. At the moment Futomimi feels that it is merely a presence, but it will
soon be "born completely" and wield enough power to change the entire world.
Futomimi tells the Manekata that they have they learned to join forces to
rebuild Asakusa, and if everyone works together again, they can beat back the
evil power. He tells everyone to work harder and prepare, because they must
change their future by their own hands. Futomimi tells them to work toward
creating a world where Manekata are freed from suffering. He returns to

So, head to Yoyogi Park to check out this disturbance. The door is still locked,
but you will learn that you can get into the east entrance by going through the
Asakusa Tunnel. So, head back to Asakusa. The area that the Collector Manekata
was working in is now cleared out, so you can proceed. Also his shop is open.
He's got some great Magatama for sale there, but they're super expensive.


If you're playing Maniacs, and have defeated the first three of the Riders, then
the final Rider, Pale Rider, will appear in the newly opened tunnel. Pale Rider
doesn't say much before attacking--he mainly muses whether or not a mere human
(albeit one given demonic power) will have what it takes to become the fated one
that "will transcend death."

HP: 5000 MP: 2000
Boss Immunities, Immune to Ice, Absorbs Kamikaze attacks
Pest Crop, Venom Zapper. Mahabufudain, Dragon's Eye

In terms of his abilities, Pale Rider is not that formidable in comparison to
his other Majin bretheren. Pest Crop instakills the poisoned, and Venom Zapper
can produce those poisoned--but that's really the only thing dangerous about
him. The true threat to your livelihood here are the Loa that he'll summon. They
will cast Randomizer and Curse-based killing spells, and occasionally blow
themselves up. (Annoyingly enough, this will HEAL Pale Rider) They can also use
Dorminer + Eternal Sleep. And if you kill them, Pale Rider will just summon some

The key to this fight is to bring in a party that's immune to status ailments. A
party consisting of other Majin (High Priest, White Rider, and Red Rider are
good choices) will make things a lot easier. You'll want a De-Kunda caster to
counter Loa's Randomizer. Or you could just kill them outright with White
Rider's God Arrow. Another thing to note about Pale Rider is that he can't use
any sorts of debuffing spells. So you can use -Kaja and -Kunda skills to your
heart's content.

Beating Pale Rider will get you the Diadem Menorah.


Leave the Asakusa via the newly opened tunnel. Head southwest from the west
Asakusa exit to get to Yushima station. Far to the north of Yushima, in Ueno
park, you'll find a sealed shrine. There's a Shinnentai nearby who tells you
that the temple is where Tokyo's "Kimon" is sealed...but doesn't know what a
"Kimon" is. Make a mental note of this...this info will come in handy later on.

                              ASAKUSA TUNNEL
Fuma Bell
8000 Makka
Soma drop
3 x Chirei Titan

Lv 26 Yosei Kelpie
Lv 28 Ryuo Naga
Lv 28 Gedo Black Ooze
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 32 Kijo Yomotsu-Shikome
Lv 35 Chirei Sarutahiko
Lv 37 Ryuo Naga Raja
Lv 44 Yoki Yomotsu-Ikusa

As dungeons go, this one is not one to lose any sleep over. Overall the tunnel
isn't too long, though the Naga Rajas and their counterattacks may potentially
give you trouble. You shouldn't have too many problems here.

Inside Yushima station you will find bloody dead Manekata...looks like Sakahagi
is been here. Walk down onto the subway tracks and you can get into Asakusa
tunnel. Other than that, this area doesn't have much to note. Once you get to
Gaien station, you'll hear that a mad Manekata followed by a human woman just
passed through.

Go to the overworld, and head west to Yoyogi park.

                                YOYOGI PARK
3 x Maseki
2 x Maseki
2 x Maseki
3 x Medicine
Iwakura Water
Chakra Drop
Chigaeshi no Tama
Luck Incense*

All nine types of Yosei in the game

This is a BIG area. It's only one floor, but is a very large one floor. The
enemies overall aren't too tough, but due to the area's massive size will turn
into a rough war of attrition, especially if you want to get all five of the
Magic-Box treasures. You may find yourself needing to retreat and regroup
occasionally. Once you unlock the west door of the park it will be much easier
as you'll have easy access to a Healing Spring.

When you enter Yoyogi park, head to the south building on the outskirts of the
park itself. You'll find Yuko there. She apologizes for disappearing, and says
that it was a whim of her goddess; she had no control. Yuko tells you that she
lost a lot of her power being used by Hikawa at the Obelisk, but is getting
better. She is rather upset, and fully intends to stop Hikawa's plans. Yuko
tells you that Hikawa plans to create a world without randomness, where "time
just plods along" Yuko renegs on her statment and says that you can't even call
what Hikwawa plans a world--it is just a space that has lost its power. In any
case, she is obviously not on board with the Shijima plan. She's a bit
frustrated though, because while she doesn't want to either leave the world in
its current state nor let Hikawa build his world, she doesn't have a Kotowari to
do it herself. She was hoping her goddess would give her one, but Aradia is
apparently not interested.

Yuko says that the unusual stuff going on in the Park is probably because of
Yahiro-no-Himorogi. Yahiro-no-Himorogi is a magic stone filled with Magatsuhi
power that will bless its owner. Lots of people are apparently here to fight
over it. However, you learn from Yuko that the Himorogi has than just Magatsuhi
power--it holds another power, the power to bind dieties to the owner's will.
This is why Yuko has come to the park--If she can get the stone then she can
force her goddess to give her a Kotowari.

However, a wrench has been thrown into Yuko's plans--somebody else already has
gotten their hands on the Yahiro-no-Himorogi. Yuko doesn't know who has the
stone now but can feel that it is a very "turbulent and evil"--one who she would
have no power against. So...surprise, surprise, Yuko wants you to go get it for
he. She says that she's not interested in its Magatsuhi, and you can have all of
it--she just wants the stone itself, and will give you the key to get into the
park. She asks you if you're willing to get it for her. You can say "Yes, I'll
get it," "No way," or "Let me think about it."

No matter what you say, Yuko is going to give you the key to get into the park.
Even if you refuse, she gives you the key in the hopes that you change your
mind. Kotowari-wise, you will get 8 Shijima points for refusing her request and
4 Musubi points for telling her "Let me think about it." Whether or not agreeing
to help Yuko will affect the ending is a point of contention. I've heard many
people say that you need to agree to help her to get the Neutral ending, but 
I've also heard from people that claim to have gotten that ending while out-
and-out refusing her request. I don't know the specifics, but if you are going
for the Neutral ending, better safe than sorry--agree with her request.

With the key, you can now get into Yoyogi park. As soon as you enter, a Jack
o'Lantern sees you and says "Ah, a weak demon!" and tells the Pixies to take
care of you. The pixies say you won't stand a chance. They don't do anything--
yet. But if you talk to the Shinnentai nearby, he'll warn you that if you get
close to the Yosei here they'll teleport you away.

And teleport they will--they're as annoying as hell. But there's an easy way to
get around them. In each section of the park, there's a ladder where you can
climb to a high vantage point. From there, you can look out over the entire
area. Wherever you see shining lights, a Pixie is waiting to teleport you
somewhere else. Remember these positions when you walk through the park, and
pick a path that avoids them.

In the second area of the park, Titania is waiting for you. She warns you that
luck alone won't get you through here, and calls some more Pixies to bother you.
In this area the tower is on the east side--and you'll need it! There's also a
Shinnentai that reveals that it's Sakahagi that's gotten his hands on the
Yahiro-no-Himorogi, and used it to summon a powerful demon that "reflects

In the third area it's Oberon waiting for you. Instead of Pixies, he calls High
Pixies to help him. The High Pixies are craftier than the pixies--they change
positions. The level layout has 8 different overpasses in a square formation:


                                  | |
                              ,---' `---.
                            __|  _   _  |__
                            _A__| |B| |__A_
                         _________| |______
                    EXIT ____B__   _   __B_
                            ____| |_| |____
                            _A__  _B_  __A_
                                | | | |

Whenever you go under an overpass, the High Pixies get pissed off and change
formation. They will move from the "corners" (ie position A) to the "sides" (ie
position B of the "square" of overpasses. To get to the exit you will need to
manipulate the High Pixies away from the overpass in front of it in this way.
(Note that there's a treasure chest beyond the northwestern-most pathway--it can
be to your advantage to go there)

The final area of the Park is the trickiest. As you enter, you will find a
rather pissed-off Oberon. He will inform you that he has gotten a Troll to
destroy the watchtower, so that you can no longer see in advance where to go and
where not to go. Well, actually it's not that tricky, though you'll get
teleported around a lot if you don't take the right path. If you want to get
through, just go through the center door in the yard. Keep going north, through
two more doors and take a left. Walk forward a bit until you hit a wall, and
then turn north again, and this time don't stop going north. Note that there's a
Hogyoku Magic Box in this maze of pixies, and this route bypasses it. You need
to be teleported into the room with the box, so if you want it you may want to
experiment before going the right way through.

Go into the center room. Sakahagi is there, angry at everyone disturbing him. He
tells you you shouldn't have come, and the Magatsuhi here is his. Sakahagi says
another girl came by for it already, but he beat her up and kicked her out. He
firmly states he will not be used by the demons, and in fact HE uses a demon--
and a very strong one too. He looks at you, and decides your skin will make
better clothes than the skins he's wearing now. Sakahagi then summons Jashin

HP: 4000 MP:2000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Physical
Panic Voice, Poison Gas Breath Venom Zapper, Taru-Kaja, Suku-Kaja, Beast's Eye,
De-Kunda, Raku-Nda

Girimekara is really powerful, but as bosses go, isn't all that tough if you
know what you're doing. The only sticking point is that he reflects all physical
attacks, so you HAVE to have competent attack magic-users for this battle to be
able to win. However, if you do, it's not so hard, as Girimekara only has 4000
hit points. He can do obscene damage with his multiple physical attacks, so
skills to counter this like Fog Breath/Suku-kaja/Raku-kaja are good spells to
employ. However, while Fog Breath and Battle Cry will work, do NOT cast any -Nda
spells on him, as he will immediately cast De-Kunda and then Raku-Nda on YOU to
add insult to injury. Maka-Kaja will make this battle unfairly easy. Physically
immune demons like Seiten-taisei are helpful in this fight. Aside from Panic
Voice, Girimekara pretty much only uses physical attacks (he rarely uses Poison
Gas Breath) so physically immune demons can soak up his Press Turns (since he
gets a lot with Beast's Eye)

HP: 1600 MP: 46
Boss Immunities
Maharagion, Mahabufura, Mahajionga, Mahazanma, Panic Voice

Once Girimekara is dead, Sakahagi will immediately comes into the battle and
threaten to kill you, but he's a total pushover. He'll attack with several
reasonably powerful offensive spells, but will promptly run out of MP. Whack

You'll get the Yahiro-no-Himorogi after beating Sakahagi and his buddy, but it
will seemingly be totally out of power when you do. As you leave the building
Sakahagi was hanging out at, all the Yosei will wake up, having been hypnotized.
A Jack Lantern talks about having a dream of being an evil demon, but Titania
tells him it wasn't a dream, and it was because of Sakahagi. Oberon says that
they had been cursed by Sakahagi and acted as more or less puppets. He asks you
to forgive their rudeness in attacking you. He says that you can have the
Yahiro-no-Himorogi as a token of their gratitude for saving them. He tells you
that a girl came here before they got cursed, but was wounded badly by Sakahagi,
and ran away. He says that he felt an evil presence within the girl as she left,
and she is no normal girl most likely.  (Side note--this is the only time in
the entire game where the word "evil" is explicitily used in reference to
someone.) They thank you again and leave.

Head back to Yuko. She tells you she felt the evil presence in the park lifted.
She notes that you got the Yahiro-no-Himorogi, and you give it to her.
(regardless of what you said earlier) She notes the Magatsuhi it held has been
all used up. She says "with this, I can get closer to my world..." She is sure
her god will give her a Kotowari. Aradia possesses her. "Freedom is a cliff one
can see Hell from, the valley of the shadow of death. Where you go, the grave
will be victorious." Aradia looks into your soul. "Foolish one, by the name of
Freedom!" She says that you will endure hardship for your freedom, and asks if
you fear distress or humiliation.

Her response is the same no matter what you say. However this is a pivotal
question. If you say "Yes" then you'll get 4 Musubi points and 4 Shijima points,
but you'll also be locked out of getting the Neutral ending. If you say
"No" then you'll get 4 Yosuga points, and the first "Neutral" flag is set.

After calling you a fool again, Aradia says that for freedom you will be
betrayed by your friends, and will be enveloped in a dark defeat. She asks if
you fear deception or disaster.

Again, response is the same no matter what, and again, the question is anything
but trivial. If you say "Yes" then you get 4 Musubi points and 8 Shijima points,
and again, get locked out of the Neutral ending. If you say "No" then you
get 8 Yosuga points and your second "Neutral" flag is set.

Aradia tells you to go out and see the world, and that there are others that are
trying to build their own world. She says that without understanding them, you
will not be able to build your own. Your world will be built either through
competition or through cooperation with them. Aradia tells you that that a great
power has appeared in Ikebukuro. She "unposesses" Yuko, leaving you with the
message that she too is a power of creation, with "this woman."

Yuko is now back to normal, but pissed that Aradia hasn't given her a Kotowari
yet. She wonders if she's lacking something necessary to get one. Yuko tells you
that she's leaving--she can't build the world from here, and she too needs to
see who's building what worlds. She thanks you and says she hopes you can meet


At this point, you now have the chance to meet the next Majin, Mother Harlot.
Kamara will tell you that she's "in a park," she is actually in Yoyogi park, in
the north chamber off the western entrance to the park itself.

Mother Harlot laughs at you for giving the Yahiro-no-Himorogi to Yuko, but then
comments it makes little difference if you're going to stop Creation. She then
summons the Beast, who will ask you a question. The Beast notes that you're on
the way to becoming a full-fledged demon, and asks if you truly are willing to
make the sacrifice required to get the soul of one--if you became a full demon,
you would be cursed to the darkness by God for all eternity, like all the other
demons of the world.

If you say no, then Mother Harlot asks if you're willing to just let yourself
get pushed along through life like so much flotsam. She says that is fine if
that's what you want...it would be the same as what would happen if you get
crushed by her.

If you say yes, Mother Harlot says that she wants to see your sincerity.

I don't know (actually doubt it) whether this question makes any sort of impact
on the plot. Either way, you have to fight her.

HP: 5000 MP:2000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Physical, Absorbs Electricity
Empress' Libido, Evil God's Harsh Voice, Mahajionga, Shockwave, Makajamaon,
Kiai, De-Kunda, De-Kaja

If you're prepared for this fight, Mother Harlot isn't too tough. Her signature
skills are Empress' Libido and Evil God's Harsh Voice. The former is a Mind
attack that does damage and charms, the latter is an All-Purpose attack that
does damage and heals Mother Harlot 500 HP. In addition she uses powerful
Electricity Magic.

What you need for this fight is a team of demons that are immune to Mind, and,
preferably, Electricity as well. But more important is that you really need
beefy casters for this fight, as physical attacks on Mother Harlot won't cut it.
While she can cast De-Kaja, she doesn't do it that often, so it won't hurt to
boost up your Magic power with Maka-Kaja, and add more insult to injury. Majin
High Priest, despite his low level, is a good contender in this fight because he
can absorb Mother Harlot's "Empress' Libido" and can serve as a good healer as
well. Bring in a couple of other high-powered magic users and you shouldn't have
too much trouble.

Defeating Mother Harlot will net you the Menorah of Beauty.

Head back to Asakusa. Hijiri will tell you that he heard about the disturbance
in the park ending.  He also says his attempts to find Isamu have totally
failed--it seems that Isamu was absorbed by the Amara Network and he can't find
him anywhere in there. Hijiri tells you that it's rumored that Gozu-tenno has
revived in Ikebukuro, though he doubts it.  He says--enigmatically--that if he
can control Amara then he can "end everything anyway."

Next stop: Ikebukuro. Time to find out if there's any truth to those rumors.

Head back to Gozu-tenno's place, and he's still in pieces--definitely still
dead. Chiaki is there too, sitting on his rubble. A voice asks her what she is
doing here, and asks why she is so angry. Chiaki asks the voice if the power she
sensed eminating from this building is him...and identifies it as Gozu-Tenno.
Gozu-Tenno says that after being destroyed by Nihilo, his spirit wandered, but
never forgot his anger. Chiaki says she sought power, but couldn't get it, no
matter how hard she tried. She says that no matter what, he refuses to change
her Kotowari, but doesn't have the power to bring it about. Gozu-Tenno tells her
to take his spirit. He says that in ages past, he guarded the world from those
who would send it to silence. He regrets the work of the Mantra forces, saying
that what they should have done was create a country of power, but in his statue
form, he could do little himself. Were he to infuse his power within a human
body, maybe he could. Chiaki seems interested, if it will give her power. Gozu-
Tenno says that the world her Kotowari would create would be very similar to his
ideal, so he gives her his final power.

After receiving Gozu-Tenno's power, Chiaki joins Isamu and Yuko in freaksville
as her hand changes into what looks like a very large tree branch. She says her
hand feels like it's burning. "Isn't it beautiful?" she says. "Those with power
are beautiful." Chiaki says she now has the power to open her own path, and can
see the demons that want the strength of Yosuga flocking to Ikebukuro. She says
she should be able to control them, and create her ideal country.

You're kicked out and the door is sealed. You'll notice the place is flooded
with Tenshi now. (At first this seems a little ironic, considering past Megaten
Law/Chaos trends, but...) In any case, on the second floor, there is a Dominion
who says "Don't you think that only the chosen few should survive?" Answering
his question can change your alignment. Say yes and you get 2 Yosuga points and
a gift of 1000 Makka. No, and you gain 2 Shijima points. "I don't want to
answer" and you get 1 Musubi point.

An Archangel on the first floor will ask you "if you know" and if you say no,
then he'll tell you two men sucked in by the lure of the Magatsuhi in the Amara
network are battling it out using terminals. by the East exit, you'll hear a
rumor about a demon who took over Kabukicho and is claiming to be "king."

Go check it out--head back to Kabukicho prison.  The building is now totally
frozen over by the King. Head to the top floor and you'll find Hee-Ho-Kun! He
has transformed into a gigantic "Ja-aku Frost" (really bad pun--"Ja-aku", while
sounding a lot like "Jack," means "evil") claiming to have "become really bad"
and is the King of Kabukicho. "I will rule the world!" he says. He asks if
you're surprised to see him like this. If you say yes he gets excited, if you
say no he gets angry. Either way he attacks you!

HP: 2950 MP: 2500
Boss Immunities, Reflects Ice, Fire, and Curse, Strong to Physical
Mahabufudain, Mahamudo-on, Rampage, Diarama, Bufudain

This isn't your ordinary Jack Frost. He's big, he's black & blue, and he's
really tough. First off, he has no weaknesses as far as I can tell, but plenty
of strengths. Besides the usual boss immunities (Curse/Hama/Magic/Nerve/Mind) he
also reflects ice AND fire. He is so strong to physical attacks that you might
as well not waste your time with them. He has five attacks as far as I can see--
Mahabufudain, Mahamudo-on, Rampage, Diarama, and the very rare Bufudain. The
former two he uses with the most frequency. There are only two types of attacks
that do any good--Shock and Electricity. (All-purpose too, but you probably
don't have any yet) I find the former to be more effective, but your mileage may

There are two methods I've used that work pretty well against Jack Frost--a fast
and dangerous, and a slow and safe. With the Fast and Dangerous version, you
basically try to survive long enough to beef your magic as high as you can, then
letting loose your best Shock/Electric attacks. You'll want at least one Curse-
immune and one Ice-immune character to negate Ja-aku's double-attack, and as
many Shock/Electric casters as possible. Use Tetraja and Makalakarn to keep the
curses at bay while boosting your magic with Maka-Kaja. War Cry will help reduce
the punch of Ja-aku Frost's attacks, and you'll want a healer too.

For the Slow and Safe method, you'll need a few skills on your Hero to start
with--Ice immunity or absorption, and Drink Magic. (some healing as well) Equip
Anathema on your Hero to negate Ja-aku Frost's curses, and you will be immune to
everything but his Rampages. Now use Drink Magic until he's totally out of MP--
with 2500 MP, this will take a LONG time (you can speed up the process by
boosting yourself with Maka-Kaja) but is effective. Once he's dry on MP, summon
some allies and beat the snot out of him. You've probably ditched him by now if
you had him, but you can re-summon and bring Arahabaki in to pester Ja-aku Frost
during the duration, as he (Arahabaki) is immune to everything that Ja-aku Frost
can throw at him. Of course, seeing that Ja-aku Frost is an optional boss, if
you can't beat him now, you can always come back later and try again.

After you beat Ja-aku Frost, he goes back to his little self. He asks why you
are getting in his way, when he's working really hard to become as cute and
scary as the legendary King Frost. He then melts, and drops the Satan Magatama.

Head back to the Asakusa terminal.

Oh dear. Now that Yuko, Isamu, and Chiaki are all freaks, it appears that Hijiri
was feeling left out and has chosen to join them. As you can probably tell he's
gone off the deep end, seeing as you have interrupted him in an intimate
encounter with the Terminal. As you enter he manages to partially pry himself
off of his cylindrical concrete lover long enough to give you a lunatic speech.
He greets you and says it must have been rough at Ikebukuro with Gozu-Tenno
reviving. He says he hopes it doesn't become a problem. Hijiri tells you "I know
everything. I've gotten everything!" He says that the Terminal tells him
everything with the power of Amara--for example, what's going on in the Vortex
world. He says he sees Hikawa going to the old Tokyo Diet to look for lost
Magatsuhi, Chiaki getting Gozu-Tenno's power, a lost temple with lots of
Magatsuhi, and the Manekata seeking a Kotowari in Mifunashiro. Hijiri says his
investigation of the Vortex is over, and there is no reason for him to continue
his examination, as nobody knows about the world better than he. So, he says
"That's why I should be the one to do it! I will rebuild the world! Not Hikawa,
not Yuko, not you!" He goes a little nutso, and right at this time Isamu tries
to attack him from within the Amara Network. Hijiri starts to fight, as he
doesn't want to give Isamu the power of Amara, but Isamu quickly overwhelms him
and sucks him into the Amara network. The game asks you if you want to follow.

You don't have to just yet--if you say no, a new option--"Chase after Hijiri"--
will pop up in the Terminal Menu. Go when you're ready.

You are now in a room with Isamu. He asks why you came. "Did you come to see me?
Or did you come because you were worried about that reporter?"

You can say:
"I came to see you"
"I'm worried about Hijiri"

If you say that you're here to see Isamu:
Isamu is glad you came. He tells you that it's just about time about time for
the ceremony to bring about the Guardian for Musubi to begin. He tells you that
if you want to help him, go down the corridor from the room you are in, and come
to the Amara Temple. He is going ahead with "that meddler." He tells you to come
as soon as you can and leaves.

If you say you're worried about Hijiri:
Isamu says "Ah, I see. Still the same old nice guy I see." He chastises you for
being so trusting, and says that he is saving your hide fighting Hijri--then
comments "your thickness in not realizing it may be your strong point." He tells
you to come to the Amara Shrine at the end of the corridor if you want to learn
the truth--Isamu says he will tell you how Hijiri was manipulating you and what
he was planning.

Isamu disappears. Head down the corridor. Halfway down, your old pal Spectre
appears AGAIN. Says that "I will kill anyone to reach my goal. You are the same
as me. This time, I will kill you and become happy!"

HP: 700  MP:500
Boss Immunities, Reflects all magic
Self-Destruct, Call Ally, De-Kaja

This Spectre fight is by far the easiest of them. The Spectre, as usual, summons
a bunch of his buddies to attack you. Except now they try to kill you by self-
destructing. Self-destructing does do quite a hefty amount of damage...if you
let them. Bring in three demons, each with a powerful "attack all enemies"
physical attack, and don't give him that chance. Make every one of your
characters use their "hit them all" physical attack. You should kill most if not
all of them in the very first round. It's very important to finish this battle
as fast as you can, because if you let Spectre summon lots of allies, you're in
real trouble. As soon as Spectre summons his tenth ally, every single one of
them will blow themselves up. And no matter how powerful your party is, they
won't be able to survive 5-6 exploding Spectres in sequence.

This battle has been made MUCH easier in Maniacs. In Maniacs, a lot more
Spectres are summoned initially, but only one will blow itself up per round, and
they don't seem to summon in more. Whereas in Nocturne, they could theoretically
all go kamikaze on you simulatenously, or summon more to add insult to injury.
Also, if you have Majin Black Rider, his Soul Balance attack is amazingly
effective against the Spectres.

Once Spectre is gone (this time once and for all) you'll be let out of the
tunnel near Roppongi. Grab the 5000-Makka box to the south and then head north
to the Amara Shrine.

                              THE AMARA SHRINE
Megido Stone
2 x Maseki
3 x Maseki
3 x Legion fight (Chakra Pot)
Chigaeshi no Tama
Hama Spirit Fan
Chakra Pot*
Luck Incense*
Speed Incense*

Lv 7 Seirei Earthies
Lv 7 Gedo Moryo
Lv 11 Seirei Aeros
Lv 11 Yuki Choronzon
Lv 15 Seirei Aquans
Lv 20 Seirei Flamies
Lv 25 Mitama Aramitama
Lv 29 Mitama Nigimitama
Lv 32 Mitama Kushimitama
Lv 35 Mitama Sakimitama
Lv 38 Yosei Troll
Lv 41 Tenshi Virtue
Lv 42 Gedo Phantom
Lv 43 Kijo Yakshini
Lv 45 Datenshi Ose
Lv 45 Jashin Pazuzu
Lv 46 Yosei Oberon
Lv 49 Chirei Titan
Lv 49 Yuki Legion
Lv 50 Tenshi Dominion
Lv 52 Kijo Dakini
Lv 52 Yoma Ifreet
Lv 52 Maou Loki
Lv 54 Maju Suparna
Lv 55 Chirei Gogmagog
Lv 55 Ryuo Quetzalcoatl
Lv 57 Yosei Titania

Probably the first thing you'll notice about the Shrine is the absolutely absurd
number of demon types you can run into. This makes it a good place for demon
collection. (though more than half the types are Dark or Light, there are still
13 Neutral demons you can get here) However you won't find all the demons in the
same place. The area is divided into three different temples, and the enemies
that appear in each are totally different. You'll have to experiment to find the
ones you want.

It really helps to bring a diverse party into the Shrine, because no matter what
specialization you've got, odds are something in here is immune to or reflects
it. Gogmagog is immune to Physical, Yoma is immune to Fire, Quetzalcoatl is
immune to Ice, Suparna reflects Shock, etc...By this point in the game you
should be high enough of a level to have a lot of choice between demons, so it
shouldn't be too hard to formulate an effective party here. However, the
excessive size of the area makes it so that you will probably want to take the
shrine on in pieces rather than tackling it all at once.

When you walk down the corridor to the Shrine, Isamu will talk to you from
elsewhere in the shrine. What he says depends on what you told him back in the
Amara network. If you told him you were worried about Hijiri, he more or less
brushes you off, but says "come on here if you want." If you told him you came
to see him, he'll tell you that if you approve of his Musubi world, then he's
got a job for you. Either way, he tells you to go through the door ahead of you.

Inside the Shrine, Isamu says that he found it while examining the Amara
network. Says the core here is storing massive amounts of Magatsuhi. But three
foreign gods have taken up residence here and nobody can control the Magatsuhi
because of them. Then tells you to kill the three gods, either to create Musubi,
or to rescue Hijiri, depending on how you answered Isamu's last question. Says
he'll let you into the core once they're dead. Wishes you luck.

There are three temples here: the Black Temple (West), the White Temple
(Center), and the Red Temple. (East) You can take them on in any order.

On the first floor of this area you'll find a lot of rooms lined up, some with
cracks in the floor. The second floor has similar rooms, but they're all locked.
On the third level you will find a "Black Torch." You will be given the option
to extinguish it, and you will hear something unlock if you do. The doors on the
second floor of the Temple will then all open. You'll find pits in them that you
can jump into. Jump into pits in rooms above first-floor rooms with cracks in
the floor, and the floor will collapse when you land on it, dumping you into

There is an altar room in the basement, and when you enter, Maou Arsiel pops out
and decides he wants to eat the Magatsuhi flowing through your body.

HP: 8000 MP: 2000
Boss Affinities, Reflects Curse, strong to Magic
Sol Niger, Drink Magic, Reppu-Ha, De-Kunda, De-Kaja, Dragon's Eye

Powerful physical attacks are the name of the game with this guy. He gets two
attacks per round and critical hits with painful frequency, so bringing in
physical immune or reflecting demons into this fight is a good idea. You are
definitely going to want a Tetrakarn caster or, even better, a good supply of
Butsuhankyo when going into this fight. Reason being, Arsiel has a viciously
powerful move--Sol Niger, an All-Purpose type spell that reduces every party
member's HP to 1. (It always succeeds too--at least he's never missed with me)
Immediately after casting it he will attack someone, and if you can't block that
attack, that character dies. If it's the Hero he attacks--Game Over.
Fortunately, Arsiel gives fair indication when he is going to use this move.
Sometimes he will use Dragon's Eye and then drain your MP like mad with Drink
Magic. This is an indication he's going to use the Sol Niger/Attack combo the
following round, so you can prepare yourself by casting Tetrakarn and/or using
Butsuhankyo immediately afterwards. And of course, you'll have to have some sort
of healer to repair the damage. If you're low on MP or butsuhankyo, you can go
the poor man's route of using Fog Breath and hope for the best. Actually, in
this fight I would recommend Suku-kaja over Fog Breath, since Arsiel can cast
De-Kunda. He uses De-Kaja too, but much less frequently. (from here on out, most
bosses have both De-Kunda and De-Kaja to try and counter the unbalancing stat-
altering spells)  As far as I know, Arsiel has no weak points, though he has
standard boss immunities. You'll just have to keep hammering away on him until
he goes down.

Once Arsiel has been defeated, the Temple's Magatsuhi is released and Isamu
congratulates you. Head to the central core or to another Temple if you still
have Temples left.

This temple is riddled with teleport traps. Lots of the doors here teleport you
as soon as you go through them. The tricky thing is though, depending on which
side you open the door from, you'll get teleported to a different location.

The first level's not that hard. I'm not going to give detailed paths to the
treasures here--you'll have to explore yourself--but here's how to get out. Go
to the far west wall of the complex and head through the northern door. You'll
be teleported into a small room--head through the north door. You should be in a
small hallway with four doors. Ignore the other doors and keep going straight,
entering the door right across from the one you just entered. You'll be
teleported again, this time to the northwest corner of the temple. There's
actually an easy-to-miss Magic box in this room. Anyhow, leave the chamber
through the only door there is, and you'll be teleported yet again. You'll be
teleported to the southeast corner of the level. Leave through the north door
and you're in another hallway. This time, head to the end of the hallway and go
through the door on the south. You are now standing before the "stairs" up.

This level is slightly trickier. Run a bit south and you'll get teleported. Head
through the west door, then the north door. Yopu'll be teleported again. Go
through the north door, then through the west door, into yet another teleport
trap. Now, here you have two choices. If you want to get the Hama Spirit Fan, go
north, then immediately turn around and go back through the door you just went
through. You'll be teleported to the east corridor where you can open the box
with the Fan in it. The Fan is like an unlimited-usage Mahanma Stone--quite
useful!  Anyhow, if you'd rather forego the Fan, or come back and get it later,
go through the east door, and you'll be teleported again. Finally, go north and
west and you'll be teleported right before the light beam up.

On the third level, you will be greeted by Iryo Albion. He doesn't like you
interfering with his Magatsuhi lunch, so attacks.

HP: 2700 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities
Soul Discharge, Heatwave, Meikai-Ha, Fudo-ken, Guillotine Cut

HP: 1300 MP: 300
Boss Immunities, Reflects Ice, Weak to Flame
Bufudain, Mahabufudain, Samarecarm (see below)

HP: 1300 MP: 300
Boss Immunities, Reflects Shock, Weak to Electricity
Zandain, Mahazandain, Samarecarm (see below)

HP: 1300 MP: 300
Boss Immunities, Reflects Flame, Weak to Ice
Agidain, Maharagidain, Samarecarm (see below)

HP: 1300 MP: 300
Boss Immunities, Reflects Electricity, Weak to Shock

The minute you start the fight Albion will summon his Bunrei with Soul
Discharge. Albion and his Bunrei themselves are not that tough, but they can be
extremely difficult to beat via a "war of attrition." If you kill all of
Albion's Bunrei, he will just resurrect them. If you kill Albion himself, the
Bunrei will resurrect HIM. If you screw up, you more or less have to do the
fight all over again, minus the HP/MP you've used up so far. It can end up an
endless cycle until you finally run out of HP and die. Basically, what you have
to do is set it up so that you kill both Albion AND his Bunrei in a single turn.
This would be tough if you didn't know exactly when each is going to die--but
fortunately, the game gives you clues, and I've listed their HP levels above for
you to calculate if you want. As Albion and his Bunrei weaken, they start to
slouch over in exhaustion. When they're about to die, their postures are
unmistakably slumped over. This way, you can weaken one enemy then move onto the
next without killing it. I find the best way to do this fight is to kill three
of the Bunrei, (Albion won't resurrect them unless all of them are dead) then
focus on Albion. When Albion is slumped over, whittle down the final Bunrei
until it's slumped over too. If the final Bunrei slumps over in the middle of a
turn, heal or otherwise pass the rest of the turn away so that you get a full
turn to attempt to take both of them out. One final word is that when you have
only Albion and one Bunrei left, kill Albion first. If you kill the Bunrei
first, Albion will immediately resurrect them--even if you are in the middle of
a round and still have Press Turns left. Cheap, but what are you going to do?
Also cheap is while the Bunrei only have 300 MP apiece, they can cast Samarecarm
with zero MP expenditure, so if you thought you could win by draining their MP,
you can't.

Once Albion dies, he drops the Adama Magatama, and the Magatsuhi he was
controlling returns to flow to the Core. Isamu congratulates you on your win.
Head to the Central Core or to another Temple if there are any still left

The theme of this temple is "Shadow." A Shinnentai in the center of the floor
will warn you that it is ruled by a cruel goddess. This goddess has created a
"Land of Shadow." If you step into any shadows here, you will get pulled into
the Land of Shadow. The Land of Shadow is more or less the same as the "normal"
dungeon except it's laden with floor traps. You can't go up or down floors in
the Temple either when you're in the Shadow Land. If you want to escape the Land
of Shadow--you need to find a pillar of light to bring you back to the "real"
world first. Needless to say, you'll probably be popping in and out of the
Shadow Land a lot, so Liftma is really useful here.

The first level is actually pretty easy. Go to the west half of the floor from
the center of the room, then head north to the northwest corner. Enter the door
and you'll find a hall with a row of five doors to the south. Facing east at the
west entrance to the hall, the "right" door is the fourth one on the right. All
the others will lead to shadows and you'll have to schlep all the way back to
the beginning of the floor to get to a light pillar.

The second floor is tricker, as you HAVE to enter Shadow Land in order to get to
the exit. Go to the west side of the floor and circle around the edge clockwise
(it's OK to step in shadow) until you find a room with two doors in the south
wall. Head west, enter the light, go north, then go through the east door. Take
the south door and you're back in the room with two doors on the south wall.
Facing south, take the left one first, and then in the next room, take the
right-most door. You are then presented with three doors on the west wall. Take
the center one, and you can get up to the next floor.

On the third floor you will be greeted by Skadi. She is impressed you made it
this far, and asks if you're a friend of the "kid downstairs." She says she was
hungry for Magatsuhi, and now your blood and spirit will quench her thirst.

HP: 4000 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, Absorbs Physical, Reflects Hama and Curse
Mahazandain, Makajamaon, De-Kunda, De-Kaja, Judgement Bolt, Taru-Kaja, Great
Earthquake, Dragon's Eye

Skadi is a tough cookie, probably the toughest of the three bosses in the Amara
Temple. She has two basic patterns. First is a series of magical attacks--
Mahazandain and Makajamaon, and De-kunda/De-kaja. These are irritating, but not
all that dangerous. Her really dangerous pattern is simple but devastating--
boosting her power with Taru-kaja and then letting loose a Great Earthquake.
When she's buffed, Great Earthquake can do more than 600 points of damage--not
an attack to be blown off. As soon as you see her start to buff herself with
Taru-kaja (she'll do it twice in the same round) IMMEDIATELY cast De-kaja (or
use a De-Kaja stone) and make sure your party's HP are healed to max, otherwise
you might not survive the oncoming earthquake. I don't know if you can reflect
the earthquake, but I don't recommend trying. Another alternative is to use
Tetrakarn at this point to block the earthquake. There is also one clincher you
will have to use in your offensive strategy for this battle--you MUST use only
magic to attack Skadi, as physical attacks heal her. Bring your heavy-hitter
magic users into this fight, as physical fighters are next to useless. Maka-Kaja
is a great spell for this fight.

Once Skadi dies, the Magatsuhi she was countrolling returns to the Shrine, and
Isamu congratulates you on defeating her. If there are more Temples to deal
with, go and deal with them now.

Once the three Gods are dead, Isamu will thank you for your hard work and asks
you to come into the core to watch Musubi become established, if you told him in
the Amara Network that you came to see him.

If you said you were worried about Hijiri in Amara, Isamu's reaction will be
different--he laughs at you for killing all the Gods without gaining anything
from it. He asks if you're OK with being used like that, but true to his promise
he opens up the Core so you can go in. He tells you to enter, and that he will
tell you the truth about what's going on and why Musubi is right for the world.

Inside the Core you'll find Isamu, who has strung up Hijiri in a flow of
Magatsuhi. "This is your last job. Hang in there. Once this is done you can rest
as much as you want." he says. Hijiri agrees with Isamu and says he really wants
to get this over with as the Magatsuhi is making him itch like hell. Isamu says
it may be a bit uncomfortable, but to do his best. Isamu then turns and thanks
you for your help in getting the Magatsuhi from the three gods. He says that
what they had is more than enough to establish the Musubi Kotowari. You get two
 "Ask Isamu what he's doing"
 "Stop Isamu"

If you ask him what he's doing, Isamu says this is the preparation for the
ceremony that will bring about Musubi. Hijiri is becoming the core and gathering
the Magatsuhi.

If you try to stop Isamu, he asks if you're trying to be some sort of hero, then
says that you really don't know anything, and are really naive...that the one
hanging up there could have been you.

Isamu tells you that it was Hijiri that thought this plan up, not him. The only
difference is that Hijiri intended to be the one gathering the Magatsuhi, and
one of you two would have been strung up as the core. Hijri says that he only
thought of the method, and that Isamu doesn't know whether or not he would have
actually done it. Isamu says "Yeah, you would have. In this world human life
doesn't mean much....isn't that what you said?"  Hijiri sardonically says that
no matter what he says is going to sound like an excuse to Isamu, so he should
take it however he wants. Tells that he had to throw away a lot to get what he
was after, tells Isamu to go ahead and do as he wishes, but not to forget that
he's going to pay a price for it. Isamu says he will indeed do what he wants as
he controls the Shrine.

                                 KOTOWARI EVENT
At this the scenario branches, depending on your earlier choices. If you are
sufficiently aligned with Musubi--that is, you have at least 32 Musubi points or
have activated the Musubi Kotowari Event Flag, then this event, the Musubi
Kotowari Event will take place. Isamu will say that in respect for your
friendship, he would like you to do the honors and summon the Musubi Guardian
deity. He tells you that enough Magatsuhi has been gathered, and all you need to
do is dump Hijiri into the pool of Magatsuhi to summon the Guardian. He asks if
you are willing to do it.

If you say you are, then Hijiri thanks you for providing entertainment up until
now and wishes you luck. You will now officially be 100% aligned with Musubi,
and will get the Musubi ending, providing that you do not officially ally with
any of the other Kotowari. (And even if you do, you may still get the Musubi
ending if you have more Musubi points than points for the other alignments)

If you refuse to dump Hijiri, Isamu is a little annoyed that you still
stubbornly believe that Hijiri was really being your friend, and does the
dumping himself. Pick this and no matter what you will not be able to get the
Musubi Ending.

Isamu turns to Hijiri and says "OK then, bye. Rest as much as you want." Hijiri
laughs and wishes Isamu luck. He's dropped into the pool and is vaporized into a
giant glob of Magatsuhi.

Isamu tells you it is done, and that his guardian is coming from the limitless
Amara beyond the Network. This guardian  has been separated from the flow of
time and has lost its own name...The god that controls absolute solitude. Isamu
says it's inconvenient for his got not to have a name, and names it Noah. He
calls Noah and it appears. Isamu fuses with his guardian. He asks if you're
impressed by his god, and says that with it he will be able to bring about a
new, joyful world where nobody interferes with anyone else. He and Noah

As you leave the Amara Shrine, a Power and a Dominion fly in. They realize that
a new Kotowari has been created. The Dominion tells him not to worry, as Chiaki
is in motion as well, and that the God of Yosuga will appear in Asakusa very
soon. They leave to "bring judgement upon the fools." So, head to Mifunashiro.

2 x Maseki

Lv 4 Yoki Shikigami
Lv 13 Gijin Manekata
Lv 33 Tenshi Power
Lv 41 Tenshi Virtue
Lv 50 Tenshi Dominion
Lv 54 Yoki Shikioji

This area is short, and really not worth worrying about, as almost all of the
enemies that appear here are Tenshi, and Tenshi are generally weaklings. Bring a
Mudo-user and you can wreak some havoc here. The only thing to be concerned
about is that all the enemies here are Hama-users, so don't bring any Hama-weak
demons in here. And the Shikioji are immune to physical attacks, so they can be
annoying, but being made out of paper, burn quite well.

Things are DEFINITELY not well here, as dead Manekata are strewn all over the
place. The core of Mifunashiro is open. Go on down and check things out. There
are lots of dead Manakata in here, and you can even see them being dropped onto
the rocks by angels further on in. Further in you'll find a living but wounded
Manekata. He'll tell you it was a demonic woman that came to take their
Magatsuhi. Another will point out the Tenshi flying about looking for survivors.
A wounded woman inside the core will tell you that the demon-girl went to the
holy land and Futomimi ran after her.

On the 2nd Tier, if you follow the trail of blood you will find a wounded
Manekata hiding out from the assault on Mifunashiro. He will ask you to defeat
the angels plaguing the Manekata, and you can say yes or no. Strangely enough
agreeing with him doesn't seem to affect your alignment (though I could be
wrong) Also note that at the bottom of the ladder down to the third-tier is an
easy-to-miss, partially obscured Magic Box.

On the 3rd Tier, the Dominion and Power you saw earlier pop up. The Dominion
notes that the Hito-Shura is here, and the Power notes that you are worthy of
Chiaki's concern, making it this far...not like "those mud dolls." The Dominion
is disgusted at the world that the Manekata were trying to bring about, one
where the elite were reduced to receiving minor blessings, being on the same
level as everyone else. Power says that sort of evil "equality philosophy" must
be destroyed ASAP. The Power asks if you feel the same.

If you say you do, the Dominion says that you are as wise as he expected, and
tells you that as soon as the Manekata are all dead, Chiaki will call down the
Yosuga guardian. He bids you farewell. You will also gain 8 Yosuga points.

If you say no, then Dominion gets pissed off for your having sympathy for the
Manekata, but says it matters little, as once the "Mud Dolls" are destroyed,
Chiaki's Yosuga Guardian will appear, and your tone will change.

The two leave. Run up to where they were and the Manekata they killed is holding
something. You can take it--it's a Medicine.

Further in is the Mirror Room. There is a large, glowing mirror in the center of
the room. Step into the light and you will be teleported into an absolute
bloodbath of Manekata. Chiaki is there...she is the killer. She is holding up a
Manekata, and is pissed at them for getting airs of ambition and tells them to
all return to the earth. She kills the Manekata she's holding and turns to
Futomimi. She notes that they are certainly driven to survive despite being
weak. "Your crime is dreaming of becoming strong" she says. Futomimi notices you
and cries for help. He says that if you don't do something Chiaki will kill
everyone. Chiaki turns and greets you, and Futomimi pleads with you not to go
along with her. "That's not like you! You've got a kind soul unlike other

                                  KOTOWARI EVENT
Here another Kotowari Event takes place. If you have over 32 Yosuga points or
turned on the Yosuga Kotowari Event Flag, then Chiaki says that you should
understand that only the supreme are needed and the weak will only bring
confusion to the world. She asks if you agree.

If you say yes, then Futomimi becomes absolutely distraught to learn that you
"wish to rob us of our dream." He says that he will not back down no matter how
much the demons oppress him, and that he will fight if has to to bring freedom
to the Manekata. He attacks you, and assuming you win the fight, the Yosuga flag
will turn on, and you will be 100% allied with Yosuga.

If you say no, the story proceeds as if you never saw the Yosuga Kotowari event.
If you pick this option, you will not be able to get the Yosuga Ending.

If you do not activate the Yosuga event or don't have the qualifications to see
it, Chiaki tells you that you couldn't understand the virtue of Yosuga, being
enticed by the weak you shut off your own path to a beautiful world where only
the superior survive. She asks you why you became a demon, and says "you still
don't know do you?" She tells you that you are useless and says goodbye, and
summons three of the big villains from SMT2 to fight you--Daitenshi Raphael,
Uriel, and Gabriel!

HP: 3000 MP: 1500
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse, Strong to Magic attacks
Mahajiodain, Unblemished Power, Divine Retribution

HP: 3000 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse, Strong to Magic attacks
Tetrakarn, Makalakarn, Diarahan, Fudo-ken

HP: 3000 MP: 1000
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse, Strong to Magic attacks
Prominence, Meigdora, Beast's Eye

I actually found this battle to be quite easy. Mostly it was a matter of
figuring out who to take out first. Raphael is the defense man. He usually casts
either Tetrakarn or Makalakarn every turn, but will also heal weakened allies
with Diarahan. Uriel is the offense guy. He casts powerful spells like
Prominence and Megidora. Gabriel...well, I dunno what she does besides cast
Mahajiodain and Divine Retribution, she mostly seems to just attack. There
doesn't seem to be a consistent pattern to her, though when her companions are
killed she will cast Unblemished Power. Personally, I recommend taking out
Raphael first, then Uriel, and finally Gabriel. Without Raphael the other two
Daitenshi can't heal, and you won't be as restricted in what attacks you can use
without his constant magic/physical reflecting. Uriel should be taken out next
simply because he's the biggest damage dealer. Gabriel by herself poses little
threat so you should be able to kill her easily. Just bring in a balanced party-
-some healing, some physical, some magical--and you should be fine. Use skills
like Randomizer and the -Kaja spells and this battle becomes unfairly easy.

While you were battling it out with the Daitenshi, Chiaki finished off Futomimi.
She turns to you and congratulates you for not dying like the "mud dolls." She
tells you that you can no longer stop her though, with the Magatsuhi she has.

If you approved of Chiaki's attack on the Manekata (you sadistic bastard you ^^)
then instead of fighting the Seraphim you will have to fight Futomimi.

HP: 5500 MP: 2000
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse, Strong to Physical
Kiai, Charge, Close Eye, Battle Cry

Wow, for his quiet demeanor, Futomimi is one hell of a bruiser. I actually found
him tougher than the Seraphim fight. (though I only faced him on a "second time
through" game, when damage is much higher) Futomimi does absolutely absurd
physical damage, especially after using Kiai--he can easily one-hit-kill you if
you're not careful. However, physical attacks are really the only thing he can
do to attack you. If you bring in demons immune to Physical damage or constantly
cast Tetrakarn, he's pretty much powerless against you. Equip a "strong to
Physical" Magatama on your Hero and it will really be a slugging match to see
who lasts the longest. Physical attacks aren't very effective against him, so
Maka-Kaja pumped magic attacks are probably the best way to go.

After you beat him, Futomimi curses you as he dies, and apologizes to the other
Manekata for failing them.

Any way you handle this event, Futomimi will end up dead and Chiaki will win.
She laughs at how much Magatsuhi the Manekata gathered, even though there was no
way they could establish a Kotowari. "...No, this was most certainly prepared
for me" she says. With the Magatsuhi she has, she says her little No-ish poem
and summons her Guardian. Her Guardian appears. She (he?) says her name is Baal
Avatar, bringer of glory, and that she will build the land of Yosuga. She
notices that she has competition, one that has already appeared, and another
which is beginning to move in Ginza. Baal Avatar leaves to create its country.

Go to Ginza. The Datenshi are back! Tbey talk about how Hikawa has found a
source of Magatsuhi necessary to create his world. Go have a chat with the Nyx
at the bar. She tells you that apparently Nihilo is after a huge amount of
Magatsuhi that is at the Tokyo Government Building. A Shinnentai will tell you
that he saw Nihilo demons hanging out near Tokyo Tower, by Yurakcho Station.

Head to Yurakucho Station. It's north of the Tokyo Tower, near the rear entrance
to the Nihilo HQ.

                              THE YURAKUCHO TUNNEL
Muscle Drink
2 x Maseki
4 x Loa Fight (Mahankyo)
2 x Loa & Kerberos(Megido Stone)
Soma Drop
Vitality Incense*

Lv 47 Yama Chiun
Lv 52 Kijo Dakini
Lv 52 Yoma Ifreet
Lv 53 Yama Loa
Lv 54 Yoki Shikioji
Lv 55 Chirei Gogmagog
Lv 55 Ryuo Quetzalcoatl
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos
Lv 63 Yuki Vetala

The Yurakucho Tunnel is a pretty long dungeon, and can be pretty tricky. By now
you should have a solid healing strategy (via the Shoes skills, Recarmdora +
Samarecarm, etc) such that you won't have to double-back for healing very often,
but you are still going to be up against some reasonably tough demons. The
Chiuns and Loas are most worth your concern, as they spam Curse-based instadeath


It is in the entrance of Yurakucho station that you will face your final Majin.
Rather than pull you straight into the duel area, he will actually speak to you
as you're pulled down. He congratulates you on getting as far as you have, and
says that he is Trumpeter, and his trumpet will announce the End of Days. He is
after you to see if you're worthy of hearing his trumpet along with the other
demons at the last battle. He tells you that he hopes you can take the final
Menorah from him.

You're dumped into the fighting arena. Trumpeter notes that you have received
markings from "The great one" and says that you must go to the deepest part of
the abyss and meet him. "Come, take the final Menorah from me--for the future of
the demons of Chaos!"  he says, before attacking.

HP: 11000 MP: 5000
Boss Immunities
Maharagidain, Mahbufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Maka-Kaja, De-Kaja,
Megidoraon, Divine Favor Trumpet, Demon Fate Trumpet.

Trumpeter can be a tough nut to crack. He focuses overwhelmingly on elemental
attacks, which by now you should be able to take care of fairly easily, but it's
his two unique skills, Divine Favor Trumpet and Demon Fate Trumpet, that are the
real dangers here. Divine Favor Trumpet will heal the HP and MP of whoever in
the battle is the most hurt, to their maximum levels. This means that once you
beat Trumpeter to a bloody pulp, he can use it to heal himself to max. What's
more dangerous though is his Demon Fate Trumpet. This will auto-kill whoever in
your party is at the lowest % of HP. No chance for failure, no blocking. If
everyone's healed to max, it picks someone at random...possibly even the hero,
which you obviously don't want.

The secret here is that Trumpeter follows a pattern, which you can exploit to
your own devices. Every four turns he will blow his horn, switching the skill
every time. (ie Divine Favor first, then Demon Fate, then back to Divine favor)
You can exploit this with either Recarm or a bunch of Chigaeshi no Tamas. And 
you'll want at least a handful of throwaway, beaten up demons that you don't 
care about dying.

What you do is this: When Trumpeter is about to play his deadly trumpet, summon
one of your beaten up demons into the battle. Trumpeter will kill that demon
instead of one of your valuable party members. Revive him the next round with
Recarm or a Chigaeshi no Tama (NOT Samaricarm, this is important) Keep beating 
on Trumpeter, and when he's about to use his healing trumpet, pull the newly-
resurrected demon into your ranks--he'll get healed instead of Trumpeter. Then
just repeat this process as Trumpeter goes through his pattern. With his two
killer techniques nullified this way, he should be fairly easy to defeat.

Defeating Trumpeter will earn you the final Menorah, the Menorah of Divine

The first area of the Tunnel is divided--you can go down the east or west stairs
to the east or west platforms. The east just has treasure boxes, the west
continues onward deeper into the tunnel. There's a Shinnentai will report that a
human woman that looked creepy and possessed was down in the area earlier, and
headed to Kasumi-Gaseki.

On B2F you can find Shige-Chan. He's digging and looking for treasure. He'll ask
to borrow one of your demons to help him dig, and will split the treasure if you
do. If you agree, he'll ask for the first on your list. You can say:
"Another Demon"
"I've changed my mind."

While the temptation might be to get a fresh demon and give it to Shige-chan,
you should refrain from being stingy and give him one of your better ones. The
stronger the demon you give him, the less time it will take to finish. Once he
finishes the tunnel, he'll find an area with four treasure chests. You get to
open two of them. The contents are:
Northeast Chest: Sapphire*
Southeast Chest: Great Chakra*
Northwest Chest: 10,000 Makka
Southwest Chest: Kimon Sphere

Personally, I'd go with the 10K Makka and the Great Chakra. Don't waste a pick
with the Kimon Sphere, because Shige-chan will give it to you even if you don't
pick it, saying he doesn't need it. Don't try and get your demon back though--
Shige-chan will tell you if asked that it "happily worked itself to death." Oy.

                           SUB-QUEST: THE NORTH TEMPLE:

Now, remember that Shinentai in Ueno park that talked about the nearby shrine
that had a "Kimon" sealed in it? Might want to go back and check that out. You
don't have to do it now, but when you're ready, head to the North Temple via the
west tunnel in Asakusa. The Kimon Sphere gives off a flash of light and the seal
of the temple is broken. Go on in.

Bishamonten is waiting for you inside the temple. He recognizes you and calls
you by name, and says he has heard quite a bit about your martial prowess and
courage. He says that he senses something different in your energy. "You're not
a normal demon, are you?" You can say:
"That's right"
"Nah, I am."

"That's right"
Bishamonten is interested, and asks to test your power. You can accept the
challenge if you wish.

"Nah, I am."
Bishamon notes that you're quite humble, but says that doesn't matter, and asks
if you wish to have a test of strength with him.

If you accept the challenge, Bishamonten says that in the past he and his allies
were strong enough to protect Tokyo from all manner of dangers, and that he will
demonstrate to you just how capable he is.

HP: 4567 MP: 504
Reflects Flame, Boss Immunities, Weak to Ice
Prominence, Hasso-Happa, Kiai, Divine Retribution, Diarahan

Bishamonten is a breeze. He deals out hella damage, both physical and with fire
(Prominence) but that's about all he does. His HP aren't all that high and he's
weak to Ice, so get a couple of Ice-users, and some fire/physical
reflecters/absorbers to soak up his Press Turns and you should be OK. The one
thing that you'll need to be concerned about is later on in the fight when he
uses his Kiai - Hasso-happa pattern. This does loads of damage if you aren't
buffed (or he's weakened) and may kill you in one hit if you're unlucky. So
boost up that defense or lower his offense...or turn the tables with Tetrakarn.
Also don't attack him with fire attacks since he reflects them. He doesn't have
a whole lot of MP, so draining them is an option if you don't want him to heal
himself with Diarahan. In all seriousness though, he rarely uses that spell, so
it probably won't be too hard to beat him before he gets a chance to cast it.

Upon his defeat, Bishamonten is surprised at your strength and says "Just as he
said, your strength is beyond what I could have imagined. Now my strength is his
along with that of my brothers"...whatever that means. (You can find this out
later) He tells you he enjoyed the match and would like to have a rematch but
that he must go. He gives you the Gundari Magatama before leaving. He tells you
"If you have the power to get all of these, (IOW, the Magatama) then you will be
able to enter the world to which I travel." He leaves and wishes you well.

The Yurakucho Tunnel is the Chutes 'n Ladders dungeon. There are a lot of steep
inclines you can't get up, a lot of one-way-doors, and a lot of ladders. It's an
annoying layout, but it's not really all that hard. The trickiest part (if you
can call it that) is on B4 where there are four chutes leading to a treasure
chest surrounded by pits. If you want the chest, enter via the north chute to
avoid the pits. The west pit will drop you in a hall where you can continue
through the dungeon.

On the other side of the tunnel, you'll find you're in the Kasumi-Gaseki subway
station. There's a Queen Maeve hanging out there who congratulates you on
getting through the tunnel, but warns you to stay away from the Tokyo Diet
building, because if you get in the way of Hikawa's job, you'll get killed.
She'll ask you if you came to help him out. If you say no, she'll warn you again
not to go there, and if you say yes, she wonders if the guards there will accept
you. Saying you're here to help Hikawa gives you 4 Shijima points.

There's another demon on the station entrance that asks if you came hear after
hearing that Hikawa is calling a Guardian. If you say yes, he tells you not to
worry as the Diet is well guarded. if you say no, he laughs and sees you're
after Aradia. Either way he warns you not to proceed.

Head inside the Tokyo Diet.

                           THE TOKYO DIET BUILDING
3x Maseki
Blinding Sphere
3000 Makka
Megido Stone
Soma Drop
Magic Incense*

Lv 44 Yoma Purski
Lv 44 Yoma Djinn
Lv 47 Yama Chiun
Lv 52 Yoma Ifreet
Lv 54 Yama Loa
Lv 56 Yama Queen Maeve
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos
Lv 58 Datenshi Decarabia
Lv 58 Jashin Girimekara

Almost all the monsters here are way underpowered for this part of the game, and
should drop like flies before you. The only potential serious threat are the
Decarabia, which will fry you with Megido given the chance. The only other thing
to be concerned about are the Loas and the Chiuns, which use curse magic. Equip
Satan on your hero and you won't have anything to worry about. (Nobody here is a
Hama-user so it's safe) Also the Loas can self-destruct, though they rarely do

This is the Japanese Diet, the main government building of Japan. Anyway, as
soon as you enter you will hear a voice telling you to leave, saying that this
building is the Magatsuhi Palace for the Nihilo organization. It tells you that
the Guardian is about to come and create the Shijima Kotowari, and that if you
do not leave you will pay for it with your life. Of course we know to ignore
little voices in our heads, right? Good. Go on in.

As soon as you try to go forward the bronze statue near you will come to life
and attack!

HP: 5000 MP: 3000
Absorbs Flame, Boss Immunities, Strong to Physical
Ragnarok, Hell Stab, Reppu-Ha, Hellfire, De-Kunda, Beast's Eye

Surtr can be an amazingly cheap (and difficult) boss if you don't play your
cards right. First, you absolutely MUST equip Gehenna or Shiranui for this
battle. If you don't, you're taking a huge risk. My first battle with him, I
went in full life equipping Vimana, and before I could do anything he hit the
Hero with a 600+ point damage Ragnarok--instant Game Over. Surtr uses a variety
of attacks, and uses De-kunda with alarming frequency, so no Randomizer--you'll
need to use buff spells if you want to boost your party's efficiency. He's an
unbelievable cheap shotter, often casting Beast's Eye, attacking, then casting
Beast's Eye again, so you never even get a chance to get a hit in. This is why
you absolutely must bring both physical-immune and fire-immune characters into
this fight. Only then can you eat up the Press Turns necessary to move the round
over to your party again. Surtr has no weaknesses, but is immune to fire. He is
strong to physical attacks, so your best bet is to attack him with multi-hit
magic spells like Absolute Zero or Shockwave. Maka-Kaja helps too. To keep him
at bay, (since he does hella damage when he connects) Makala-karn and Tetra-karn
are useful spells to employ. Surtr's HP aren't too high, so you can finish him
off fairly quickly if you play your cards right. Also note that Surtr is an
anomaly in that his normal attack is not physical but fire-based.

As you open the door into the next area, another statue comes to life, impressed
that you defeated Surtr, then vanishes. Don't worry, you'll run into him later.
Head further in to the second floor. There's some weird stuff going on here--
some doors and hallways are not doors or hallways but drawings on the wall, like
out of a Road Runner cartoon. If you get caught in one of these traps an unseen
presence will laugh at you and teleport you away.  However, it's actually pretty
easy to figure out which things are fake and which are real. The "hard" way is
to keep an eye out for irregularities; fake corridors start to warp when you get
close, and fake doors are semi-transparent, brownish instead of red. The
"cheating" way is even easier--just pull up your map. Fake corridors show up as
walls, and fake doors don't show up as doors.  Further in on the second floor is
a door that you can unlock to the Terminal room. Right across from it is a
"concealed" passage further into the building.

At the end of of the hallway with the swinging lamps, you will be greeted by the
"trapping" presence, who applauds you at making it this far, saying it hasn't
had such fun hunting in a while. The "disappearing" statue appears, and tells
you it will not let you further and hinder the calling of the Shijima guardian.
He attacks!

HP: 2500 MP: 750
Absorbs Physical, Boss Immunities
Grand Inebriation, Meikai-Ha, Agidain, Randomizer, De-Kunda, Summon Pazuzu,
Beast's Eye

Despite being able to absorb physical attacks, Mada is not a hard boss. He is,
however, an incredibly annoying boss. Since he probably won't be able to do much
damage to you normally, he will try to hit you in your wallet instead. He's got
the standard Boss double-attack, in addition to the common "Beast's Eye" as
well. He casts Agidain, uses Meikai-ha, summons Pazuzus, and can cancel any
debuffing with De-Kunda. However, his greatest weapon is his "Grand Inebriation"
attack, which is like a super-powered Tentarafu. With your party under Panic,
they will throw away gobs of cash, (since they're likely high-level) while not
actually doing what you tell them to. In addition, Mada can and will cast
Randomizer on you, so a De-kunda caster of your own will be most helpful. To
make this battle go as smoothly as possible, you should bring as many Bad-Status
immune allies as you can in--or if you have one Status-immune demon with Me-
Patra that will suffice. You could also always equip Muspel on your Hero and use
Iwakura Water to keep your troops salient. Basically, so long as you keep your
party non-confused, this battle shouldn't be too tough. A final note that
despite his appearance, Mada is not resistant to fire, so you can use fire
attacks if you want. Mada has a ridiculously low amount of HP so should go down
fairly quickly.

Once Mada is dead, proceed east down the hallway. Once you get past the balcony,
another bronze statue comes to life and swears to exact revenge by placing you
in a "maze without an exit."

The next area is kind of annoying--it's like the previous one with fake
corridors and doors and teleportation traps, except this new presence will keep
plopping down walls in front of and behind you when you cross certain areas.
Basically, to avoid this, you need to take the longest route possible. You won't
ever be shut out of where you need to go, but you may need to leave and do the
whole thing over again depending on the route you go.

Further in is a room lined with statues. You'll hear a voice: "The true and the
false are as light and dark. Can you find the true me?" So, you have to find and
examine the right statue. Here's a hint: Look at the floor.

Here's the solution: The real statue doesn't give off a reflection. Check it out
and it will reveal itself as Mot. He'll be REALLY pissed off that you found him
and will attack!

HP: 3500 MP: 3000
Reflects Shock, Absorbs Ice, Immune to Flame, Boss Immunities, Weak to
Megidoraon, Maka-Kaja, Mahazanma, Reppu-Ha, De-Kunda, Beast's Eye

Mot is easier to fight than the other bosses here in that he has a weakness:
Electricity. Unfortunately, he's also quite a nasty opponent in the sense that
he casts Megidoraon, the most powerful spell in the game! If that wasn't bad
enough, he will also cast Maka-Kaja on himself to boost the damage. He also uses
Reppuha, Mahazanma, Diarama, Beast's Eye, and probably a couple more techniques
I haven't seen, but none of them is nearly as difficult to deal with. De-Kaja is
probably the most important spell to bring in to this fight; you will HAVE to
reduce his magic efficiency. Randomizer is nice, but like most other bosses he
can cast De-kunda on himself. Shockwave is the skill of choice in this battle,
as it can hit him twice. Boosted with some Maka-Kajas of your own, he will die
more quickly. With a good healer and his magic not boosted, he's not too tough.
Unfortunately even then you'll just have to hope he doesn't cheap shot and cast
Maka-kaja-Beast's Eye-Megidoraon-Beast's Eye-Megidoraon-Megidoraon = dead party.
(I've actually seen him do this)

Once Mot is dead, all the walls he created are gone, so if you missed any
goodies in his maze, go back and collect them. Then head upstairs.

Right after Mot is the main diet hall. There you will hear a voice welcoming you
into its "Room of Judgement." Majin Mithra will then appear. He tells you that
he is the judge that oversees the fulfillment of the Miroku Scriptures. Mithra
says that he will judge you and tells you that just as the Miroku
Scripturesforetold, various Kotowari are appearing, and the Vortex world is
moving to the new age of reconstruction. Through one of the Kotowari, the world
will be rebuilt, and this is a reason to be glad. But Mithra is not pleased that
you, a demon, are planning to create the world. Mithra says it is not
permissable for a demon to take on that role. He goes on to say that as it is
his job, he must now ask you some questions.

His first: "Do you acknowledge that you possess the body of a demon?"

If you say yes, Mithra goes on to ask his second question: "Then, do you
acknowledge that you possess the mind of a demon?"

If you say yes here, then Mithra asks you if you vow not to try to create the

If you say yes once more, then he then looks into your eyes and sees a strange
light deep within them--an anger at the world. He says that you are the one
that was foretold in the prophecy, that would try to impede the creation of the
world. He attacks you to stop you.

If you say no to any of the questions, Mithra gets upset, saying that your lack
of acknowledgement proves that you are the same foretold one that would get in
the way, and attacks.

To be honest, I don't really know whether or not these questions have any real
impact on what ending you're going to get. I have heard some people say that
affirming that you are a demon and vowing not to build the world locks you into
the Demon ending, but I have heard from others who have done this and DIDN'T get
the Demon ending. Just to be safe you are probably best off answering "No" to
his questions unless you are shooting for the Demon Ending.

HP: 4500 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities
Hama-on, Mahanma-on, Mudo-on, Mahamudo-on, Randomizer, Megidora, Dragon's Eye

I found Mithra to be one of the most pathetically easy bosses in the game. He's
far, far too reliant on Hama spells, and curse spells especially, to be much of
a worry. By this point in the game, most of your allies should be reasonably
powerful gods of some sort, and for the most part gods are very strong if not
immune to curse or Hama. You probably have one or two immune demons in your
stock even without preparing your party in advance. Mithra uses Dragon's Eye,
but as his curse/Hama spells will be bouncing off your party like mad if you do
it right, it will mean very little. He can cast Megidora which is of some
concern, but if you could withstand Mot's Megidoraon, you shouldn't worry about
it. Just use normal boss strategies (buffing & debuffing, a healer just in case)
and you should be fine. Just don't go into the battle equipping Gaia, Nirvana,
or Ankh, and you probably won't have much trouble at all.

As he dies, Mithra calls to Kagutsuchi and says that "this one is a bringer of
destruction...or else he's..."

Onwards and upwards. Take the elevator after Mithra to the 6th floor, the
central tower.  Inside you will find Hikawa talking with Yuko. Hikawa is telling
her that the "freedom" of the old world was just an excuse to cover greed and
desire and is what led to its downfall. "Freedom? Possibilities? If you really
believe that, why do you wish to create the world? The old world had tons of
those." Yuka can't answer him. Hikawa points out that her letting her students
into the world is the same deal, and asks what she expected out of them. "Did
you think that they would do what you cannot? Or did you just want them to feel
your same frustration?" Hikawa asks her if she knows why she couldn't find a
Kotowari, and tells her it's because she did nothing but run. Yuko drops to the
ground, and Hikawa suggests she doesn't believe in freedom after all. Aradia
separates from Yuko and tells Hikawa that his wishing for Shijima is a freedom
as well. "Oh, if it isn't the abnormal god Aradia. To think that it was you that
attached onto Yuko" Hikawa says. He tells Aradia that s/he is powerless within
his force field, and tells it to sit back politely and watch him summon his
Guardian. He opens a massive store of Magatsuhi. "This land is finished. Woman,
come woth me to a new land" Aradia says. Yuko refuses, saying that if she
doesn't stop Hikawa, both the old world and the new world will die. Aradia says
that it will wait for her there, tells her that hope is the path there, and
disappears. Hikawa says he feels sorry for Yuko, being tricked by a false god,
only to be ditched. He says that this area will soon become nothing and tells
her to at least become a sacrifice to God and fulfill her role.

                                KOTOWARI EVENT
This Kotowari event will happen no matter what you do in the game. However, it
does not necessarily "count."

Hikawa stops short in his tracks as he notices that you have entered the room.
He says he doesn't know why you are here, but does not wish to fight you. He
tells you to sit back and watch. You can choose: "Watch" or "Stop Hikawa"

If you pick "Watch":
"Ah, I see you understand. You're all right," Hikawa says, and begins the
summoning of his Guardian. If you have over 32 Shijima points OR have activated
the Shijima Kotowari Event Flag back on the steps of the Mantra base, you will
now be 100% allied with Shijima and will be able to get the Shijima ending. If
you do not meet these qualifications, then this choosing means nothing and you
will still not be able to see the Shijima ending--but it still "counts" in the
sense that it will hose your chances for getting the "Freedom" Neutral ending!

"Stop Hikawa"
Hikawa says he's disappointed in you to fall for a woman's wiles like that. He
says that you should have been taken care of, and his loyal minion Samael will
kill you. After picking this, you will not be able to see the Shijima ending.

HP: 8500 MP: 4000
Boss Immunities:
Megidora, De-Kunda, De-Kaja, Raku-Kaja, Maharagidain, God's Evil Will

Samael's attacks are nothing to get worried about--Megidora can be painful, but
other than that he pretty much only physically attacks. (though he has the usual
boss skill lineup of De-Kunda/De-Kaja, and Raku-Kaja too) However, he does have
one trick in his lineup that can potentially cause lots of problems--God's Evil
Will. God's Evil Will is a technique that will inflict random status ailments on
your entire party, usually panic or charm. Then your party will take itself out
with charmed allies, or do nothing with the panic. So, bringing in a party that
is strong to bad status ailments, or at least Mind, is very useful. Samael uses
De-kunda a lot less than other bosses, so Randomizer is a potential advantage
here. Overall he shouldn't be too tough, though he has a very high pain
threshold. In my opinion, Samael is nothing compared to Mot, and you already
beat Mot.

Once you defeat Samael, Hikawa says "you're an impressive monstrosity," seeing
that Samael only served as a method of buying time instead of killing you. He
tells you that you're too late to stop him from summoning his Guardian though.

Whether you fought Samael or not, Hikawa fuses with his Guardian just as the
others did. Everything in the area gets atomized. Hikawa becomes Ahriman, the
god of nothingness. He says that with Ahriman's guidance he will create a new,
silent world. He vanishes.

You find yourself in the midst of a light with Yuko. She calls your name and
says "the seeds of posibility have been crushed here, but that there is surely
somewhere where there can be a world of freedom." Yuko tells you she couldn't
successfully build it, but maybe you can. She gives you the Yahiro-no-Himorogi
and tells you to use it to make a world of your choosing, urging you to hurry to
the Amara Shrine, and that it will open your way to Kagutsuchi. She tells you
that if it is your wish, you can create your own world of freedom.

Head to Amara Shrine. There you will hear a voice, that says "At last, the road
to me will be opened..." The voice tells you the Yahiro-no-Himorogi is the key
to open the pathway--a pathway to creation for those who are strong, and a
parthway to certain death for those that are weak. "Come inside if you have made
your decision" it says.

Go inside the core. Watch the movie as the Tower of Kagutsuchi is created.

The old woman and the blond child appear again. The old woman is somewhat
surprised to see that a demon created the path to Kagutsuchi. She says that it
(the path) has been centered at the Obelisk, and those that are looking to
create the world will surely come running there with its creation. She thanks
you for entertaining the boy and applauds your efforts, but that the most
important moment is now, and tells you to do your best and not get
overconfident. "I wonder if the Creator will turn out to be a demon after
all..." the old woman says to the child. As usual, they vanish.

If you've been fully converted to a demon at the bottom of the 5th Calpa by this
point, then the old woman acts slightly differently. She acknowledges your
willingness to walk the path of demonkind and that you had received power from
the old man, and tells you that all you need to do now is defeat Kagutsuchi
and advance to the final battle. She also lets you know that the boy is going to
be there when you defeat Kagutsuchi, and will join you for the final battle. She
asks you to be careful not to die, effectively dashing their hopes.

Head to the Obelisk. You'll notice the outside area has changed a lot. Before
you head inside, you might want to walk around BEHIND Kagutsuchi tower to the
back entrance. In the back entrance of the Obelisk, you can take the elevator
down to B4. (must be waaay underground now) There you will find the Chakra-
Kongotan. It's an item that heals MP in battle that will never be used up.

Enter the Obelisk and take the elevator to 150F. There, examine the core, and go
to Kagutsuchi Tower. The voice sounds again, and asks you to show it your soul.

This is the point where your ending is set in stone. As the voice "looks into
your soul" it picks the Kotowari you resonate most strongly with. To figure out
what Kotowari you resonate most strongly with, read the rules in the "Alignment"
section earlier in this FAQ.

After looking into your soul, the voice says something different depending on
which Kotowari you have chosen, if any, though it's nothing of vital importance.

The voice tells you to find the Three Treasured Jewels if you are not afraid to
create the world and come to it.

                                 KAGUTSUCHI TOWER
20,000 Makka
Soma Drops
Soma Drops
3 x Maseki
Megidora Stone
Hover Sphere
2 x Maou Abbadon and 1 x Kijo Rangda fight (Hogyokuwa)
3x Jashin Mot + 3x Gedo Shadow fight (Ikutama)
Power Incense*
Great Chakra*
Chakra Pot*
Chakra Pot*
Dying Pot*
Great Chakra*

Lv 44 Yoma Purski
Lv 49 Yuki Legion
Lv 52 Gedo Shadow
Lv 56 Yama Queen Maeve
Lv 58 Datenshi Dekarabia
Lv 58 Jashin Girimekara
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos
Lv 63 Kyocho Gurulu
Lv 64 Tenshi Throne
Lv 65 Jashin Totetsu
Lv 66 Ryuo Yurlunggur
Lv 68 Datenshi Flauros
Lv 69 Maou Abbadon
Lv 70 Yama Nyx
Lv 72 Kijo Rangda
Lv 75 Yoju Hraesvelgr
Lv 74 Maou Surtr
Lv 77 Maou Arsiel
Lv 80 Yama Lilith
Lv 83 Jashin Mada
Lv 91 Maou Mot

OK, this is it--the last dungeon. It's freakishly large--enough so there are
three separate terminals (not sub-terminals) inside it. So you don't have to
tackle it all at once. There is a very wide range of enemies here, and some of
them are very tough. On the lower and middle levels, the most dangerous enemy is
Flauros--his Deathbound does obscene amounts of damage, and if three of them
back attack you even the strongest parties can die before being able to do
anything. The Maou here, especially Abbadon and Arsiel, are pains too because of
their large amounts of HP. The upper levels are especially sadistic, because of
the way the random battles are set up you can't use any all-enemies attacks
outside of the Megido-type spells. For example, you'll have, say, Yurlunggurs
and Rangdas in the same battle--Yurlunggurs being immune to all magic attacks,
and Rangas reflecting all physical attacks. If you use an all-enemies magic
attack, it'll hurt the Rangdas you'll lose your turn because of the Yurlunggurs,
and all-enemies physical attacks will hurt the Yurlunggurs but you'll lose your
turn because of the Rangdas. In this way the game forces you to take on enemies
one at a time in some fights.

The beginning of Kagutsuchi Tower is divided into four main sections at first,
one for each direction. The East side is the Yosuga side, the north side is the
Shijima side, the west side is the Musubi side, and the south side is the
Manekata side. At the top of each area is a door into the main towner, and only
one will be open, the one of the Kotowari you have picked. If you are shooting
for the Neutral or the Bad ending, you'll have to go up through the Manekata

On 160F you can find some Makekata. One will tell you that the other Kotowari
leaders have already arrived here and are going to duke it out to see who gets
to create the world...though with Futomimi gone, it doesn't matter to them who

On 162 there is a Manekata boy. He asks which Kotowari you came to support. If
you say
"Yosuga": The boy responds "Please don't bully me!"
"Musubi": The boy responds "Say hi occasionally, OK?"
"Shijima": The boy responds "....OK, I'll be quiet."
"None of them": The boy responds "That's an option too."

Of course by this point in the game your alignment is already set in stone, so
it doesn't matter what you say.

186-188F has a mini-puzzle, where you need to clear a path to the exit using the
rising blocks. Climb up the stairs in the center of the chamber and ride the
second block up to 188F. Go down the stairs and back to 186F, and then ride up
the first block up to 188F again. Now ride the third block up to 189F and take
the stairs all the way back down to 186F so you can get the formerly shut-off
Hogyoku. Go up the east stairs to 188F, and you can now ride the second block
back down to 187F, and the path to the exit is cleared. (Alternatively, if you
want to clear the path perfectly, you could descend the first block, climb the
stairs again, and then descend the second block--it's up to you) Before the
exits are blocks down to 179F. Ride them and you can create a "shortcut" to the
staircase down, and a passage to a treasure chest with a Great Chakra in it.

There's a really nice view on 196F. You can take the blocks in this chamber up
to 209F where there's a sub-terminal to save your game. Further up on 215F is a
scared Manekata that will warn you of a "huge, red demon" ahead. You gotta go
ahead anyway, so do.

Enter the door on 223F. Inside you face your first Kotowari boss--Ahriman.
If you're aligned with Shijima, he thanks you for coming, applauding you for
embracing the Shijima Kotowari. Ahriman then gives you the Tsuchi-no-Takara
Jewel as a token of his sincerity, saying you will need it to enter into the new
world, and asks you to proceed to the top of the tower, as it is you that needs
to be the one to enact Creation. He tells you to defeat those that oppose you
and open the way to Shijima.

If you're not allied with Shijima, Ahriman curses you for standing in the way of
Shijima, the country of silence. He says that you have power, but do not have
the will to join with him. Therefore he attacks.

MAOU AHRIMAN (version 1)
HP: 6000 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse
Agidain, Maharagidain, Bufudain, Mahabufudain, Jiodain, Mahajiodain, Zandain,
Mahazandain, Lead to Hell

Ahriman says it will be fun to see how powerful you are. He says that "if my
words do not reach you, I will lead you to Hell. This is for sport..."
Basically, what Ahriman will do is forbid you to use a certain type of attack.
If you do, he will counter with "Lead to Hell," an instant-death attack that
never misses and you cannot resist. Using this type of attack means instant Game
Over, so DON'T DO IT! Basically he will forbid (禁ず) various attacks.
物理攻撃: Physical attacks
魔法: Magic (any spell, elemental-based attack like Magma Axis, or any
      MP-consuming attack)
回復: Healing
アイテム: If you can't read this much, you shouldn't be playing this game. ;)
xx以外: Same as above, except that the xx is the ONLY thing permitted.

Basically, the strategy for this fight is to do as much damage as humanly
possible in as little time as humanly possible. The reason being, Ahriman will
wear you down with his attacks, and you can't afford a long drawn-out battle as
once your healing ability is taken away, you won't survive long. The best way
I've found is boring, but effective--stat-modifying spells. However, you
shouldn't cast stat modifiers interspersed with attacks. Do ALL of your
stat boosting/stat dropping before performing as much as a single attack on
Ahriman to maximize your chances of making it past his "sporting" stage.
(Ahriman always starts out by forbidding physical attacks, so you can cast magic
safely to start) Cast Randomizer on him four times, and cast Suku-Kaja four
times to minimize his chance of hitting you. Taru-kaja and Maka-Kaja are
optional but helpful. It also helps to bring in at least one Ice-stopper and one
Fire-stopper to reduce his Press Turns when he uses his magic. (He can use the
other two elements, but does so less frequently)

After kicking the snot out of Ahriman, he gets tired of his little game with you
and decides to go all-out. The music changes to the Kotowari boss music and
Ahriman starts getting serious.

MAOU AHRIMAN, (version two)
HP: 18000 MP: 6000
Boss Immunities, reflects Hama and Curse
Megidoraon, Death Demon's Tentacle, Masse-ha, De-Kaja

Ahriman's attacks get much nastier at this point--he casts Megidoraon, and a
very damaging physical (all-purpose?) attack called Masse-ha. But you're not
restricted in terms of your attacks now, so you can afford to pull out all the
stops. If you were tampering with his (and your) stats, then you really don't
need to worry about much since the stat changes will carry over to this fight. A
4xRandomizer "all-out Ahriman" is really not that threatening--as far as I can
see he can't cast De-Kunda (though he can cast De-Kaja) so long as someone in
your party has at least Medirama, you really don't need to worry. The one caveat
is that Ahriman has an absolutely absurd amount of HP so even doing 1000+ damage
per attack it will still take a while to whittle him down. In a "war of
attrition" he can be pretty dangerous. If you've got the Chakra Kongotan though
you probably won't need to be concerned about that though.

After Ahriman's very dramatic death, Hikawa speaks to you. He says "It's
quiet...too quiet...I see...nothingness....has come for me...Powerful
one...Supreme Champion of desire....create the world you want...It no longer
matters to me." The Tsuchi-no-Takara, "Treasure of the Earth" drops from Hikawa
to your feet, and he dies.

Head further on in. You might want to duck back and save your game, as the next
save spot isn't for a while. Also, if you are aligned with Shijima, before you
try and go up to the next "block" of the tower, you will be stopped by voice
asking you to wait--Samael will teleport in, greet you, and introduce himself.
He tells you that Hikawa instructed him to assist you, as you are the embodiment
of Shijima. He asks to join you. If you want him to join you, he will,
regardless of your level.  If you've already got Samael in the party or there's
no room, he'll just leave, and you can refuse him too. If for whatever reason
Samael doesn't join your party, he hopes that you'll re-fuse him in the Jakyo

285F has a healing spot at the far north end of the level. There are some nice
goodies on this level so braving the damage zones can be worth your while. Of
course, if you have Liftma or equivalent then you have nothing to worry about
from them. There's also a beaten-up Archangel down here that Ahriman kicked
around, if you're playing Maniacs.

302F is a pretty fiendish floor. There are lots of 1-way pathways on the floor,
and several pits that'll drop you down to 298F. (which is also a Dark Zone)
Well, it's not really THAT fiendish, just difficult to get your bearings since
the 1-way pathways won't show up on the map. And if you take the wrong path
you'll hit a dead end which will automatically drop you down to 298F, and to get
back to 302F you have to go back down to 285 first. (However, there is some nice
treasure down on 298F, so it may be to your advantage to take the plunge a
couple of times) If you're in a rush and just want to learn the quickest route
to the exit, here it is: Start from the save spot and go through the south door.
Walk down the invisible pathway and take the second door on your left. The next
room has a large platform, and then a walkway north that branches into three
separate walkways ending with 1-way paths, two going north and one going south.
Of those three branching paths, take the south path. It will lead to a elevator
block--descend it to open the path to the next level.

While visually impressive, Atlus should be slapped for designing the next floor,
322F, such that your Hero is the size of an ant and virtually impossible to see
amongst the "light rays." And no, I don't know what's up with that moving
platform that takes you to nowhere. At the top, head through the door (don't go
up the platform to 345F just yet) and you will find the room where Isamu is
hanging out. Go inside.

If you're aligned with Musubi, Noah is waiting for you...in pieces. Isamu laughs
at himself for getting beaten so easily; he was not expecting Chiaki to be so
strong. (apparently Chiaki/Baal Avatar somehow managed to kill Noah, despite
being a weaker boss) Isamu laments that after all that work he can't create the
world. However, he was able to keep the Yomi-no-Takara away from Chiaki, and
gives it to you, asking you to carry on the fight in his stead. He then dies.

If you're not aligned with Musubi, then Noah pops out as soon as you enter the
room, and Isamu laughs at you, calling you stupid to come all this way just to
get killed. He says that if you had only waited until Musubi had been created,
you would have had a place in it and would have been able to be reborn; that
even if you were his friend once, he won't let you stand in the way of his
creating the world. Isamu says he's sorry it has come to this, but attacks.

HP: 8000 MP: 4000
Variable (see below)
Agidain, Bufudain, Jiodain, Zandain, Nighttime Aurora

Noah starts out pretty easy. At first he does nothing but use normal, albeit
powerful, attacks. (though said attacks are All-Purpose affinity so cannot be
reflected or blocked) This will give you plenty of time to boost your stats and
drop his if you want. Once he starts taking damage, he uses "Nighttime Aurora"
which changes his Affinity. He will immediately use an attack of his new
Affinity. The trick here is that the opposite of his new affinity are the only
types of attacks that will work against him; all other attacks will be
reflected. So if, for example, he casts a Bufu spell, you'll want to use flame
attacks against him in the next round. If you don't have any skills of that
type, heal or pass your turn until he changes his Affinity against.

Once you deal out enough damage to Noah, he will change shape and Isamu's head
will pop out the top. Noah complains, asking why you always stand in his way.

HP: 15000 MP: 5000
Variable (see below)
Maharagidain, Mahabufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Howl, De-Kunda, De-Kaja,
Nighttime Aurora

Now the Kotowari Boss music starts and the real fight is joined. Noah uses the
same basic pattern here, but the attacks he uses are more powerful, and now he
will use Howl, a deadly HP/MP absorption attack that can easily kill your Nakama
outright. (Fortunately, it seems to do a little less damage when used on your
Hero.) However, the real sneakiness here is that while Noah will change his
Affinity every round, he WON'T necessarily use the corresponding attack of his
new Affinity after changing, so you'll have to guess randomly what his element
is and hope you're right! Which is a death sentence, unless you've been paying
close attention to what Noah has been doing so far. If you have, you'll know
what you have to do next.

Still reading, eh? Try thinking about it a little longer, it's actually quite

OK, if you really give up, here's the secret to beating Noah--watch the pattern
in which he changes his Affinity pre-transformation. It always follows the same
pattern--Fire first, Ice next, Electricity after that, Shock after that, then
back to Fire. Regardless of whether or not he actually uses an attack of the
corresponding element, he will still follow this pattern post-transformation.
Just keep a mental note of what's coming next so you will know what element to
use next. Use Ice attacks first, Fire attacks next change, Shock attacks the
change after that, Electricity attacks next, and then back to Ice attacks.
Repeat this pattern until Noah is no more.

That said, even knowing the secret to beating Noah is no guarantee you'll be
able to. Noah has a TON of HP and you are going to need a LOT of spells to take
him down. Which means that Maka-Kaja is practically a prerequisite for this
fight, with Randomizers for good measure to make things more manageable, since
you need as much punch per MP as humanly possible. Bring in your hardest-hitting
casters--you can all but ignore your physical fighters for this one. Kijo
Atropos is a great choice since she has -Dain spells of three elements, and the
Enhance skills for those three elements if you build her up. If you haven't
gotten it already, go back and get the Chakra Kongotan right now, because you
are going to need MP-refilling items for this fight--even if your magic power is
pumped to the max with Maka-Kaja and you bring in super-casters with tons of MP,
you'll be tossing spells at Noah every round and his Howls will make that MP
drain even faster. Find yourself out of MP and out of MP-restoring items and
you're SOL. With beefy casters and MP healing items, this fight shouldn't be too
bad though.

After Noah's dramatic death, the sphere encapsullating Isamu pops out. Isamu
says "You win. Do what you want," and dies, dropping Yomi-No-Takara. "Treasure
of Yomi" (Yomi is the Japanese land of the dead) Note the crying Noah in the
background for dramatic effect. :)

After you defeat Noah, walk into the beam of light on the outer face of the
Tower near the entrance to his room, and take the block up to a higher level.
From there you can climb a few more floors to 402F, the start of the third big
"block" of the Kagutsuchi Tower. If you're playing Maniacs, you'll find a Power
that got the snot beaten out of him by Noah, but he gives you no pertinent

402F is a Manekata town--the Manekata have come to continue Futomimi's plan and
try to make Kagutsuchi create a world for them--but they have a problem in that
they have no Kotowari. In terms of town facilities, there's a heal spot, a Jakyo
Manor, a Terminal, and a Junk Shop--with Kailash, the final Magatama! If you now
have them all, an event is waiting for you at the Jakyo Manor--jump ahead to the
"Bonus Dungeon" section to check it out.

Before you go on, a Manekata will warn you that a former Mantra demon is ahead
and you risk getting hammer-whacked if you pass on.

On the next floor, 418F, an old friend will appear in your way. He will ask if
you have forgotten him...it's Thor! He greets you and reidentifies himself,
saying he hasn't seen you since the fall of Mantra. If you're not on the Yosuga
path, Thor says he can tell his quest differs from yours, so he must crush you.

If you're on the Yosuga path, Thor applauds you for your decison and notes that
your quests are the same...but still attacks you as he has "unfinished business"
and needs to finish your earlier fight. So you have to fight him either way.

HP: 8000 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, Reflect Hama and Electricity, Weak to Magic
Jiodain, Mahajiodain, Shockwave, Hell Stab, Guillotine Cut, Kiai, Taru-Kaja,
Maka-Kaja, Dragon's Eye

Thor is a wuss--he even has a weakness now he didn't before! If you've gotten
this far, you should have no trouble taking him out whatsoever, unless you
deliberately bring in four characters weak to Lightning into the battle. He's
decidedly tougher than he was the last time you faced him, and uses some
intelligent strategies like Dragon's Eye, then Maka-Kaja/Taru-Kaja
strengthening, but he's still not nearly powerful enough to stand up to the
types of Nakama you'll probably be using at this point. The only real danger is
that he'll use Dragon's Eye, then a Lightning attack - Kiai - Physical attack on
Shocked character pattern, which can be potentially deadly. If you just want to
be safe, be sure to bring someone along with De-Kaja to eliminate his
enhancements, and someone that can block Lightning to waste his Press Turns.
(Yoki Fuki is a good choice) Other than that Thor is really just a speed bump.

"So, this ends my journey..." Thor says, and keels over.

If you're not Yosuga, Thor is angry that he cannot compare to you and tells you
though that even if he dies here, Chiaki will bring about the world of Yosuga.
If you are aligned with Yosuga he will be happy to have been defeated by someone
as strong as you and tells you that if you call him from the Abyss via the
Jakyo Manor he will always lend you his aid. Either way he gives off a battle
cry and vanishes.

The rest of 418F is a little on the tricky side, with loads of teleporters just
itching to send you back to square one. Here's a step-by-step walkthrough to get
through the area and get all the treasure in it, starting from where you fought

Head up the east staircase. You'll be teleported to a platform with an Oni on
it. Head south on the path by the Oni. Ignore the passage to the south and keep
going until you hit a T-intersection. Turn south, and keep running, ignoring the
first two side passages. Take the third passage on the left side. (facing south)
Run to the east until you hit the next T-intersection, then turn south again.
You'll run into a teleporter, but this will teleport you to a place you want to
be. You'll find yourself on another square platform. Take the path off it, but
this time take the first side passage, to the south. At the next intersection
head south.  Keep going south without stopping and you'll be teleported to
another platform in the southeast quadrant of the level. Take the north branch
and you'll end up at a T-intersection. The south branch will teleport you to a
room containing a treasure box with 20,000 Makka in it, but if you want it
you'll be sent back to the beginning of the level after taking it. Take the
north branch here, and you will find yourself at another intersection. Take the
west branch at this point and go as far west as you can. Head south at this
intersection and you'll be in a room with a Magic box containing a Hogyokuwa and
a path to the east. Take the east path and you'll be teleported to an odd-shaped
platform. Run to the edge of the platform and you'll be teleported into a north-
south hallway. Go north, and take the first left and you'll be teleported yet
again with a treasure box within sight. Don't get it though--turn around 180
degrees and take the first passage on your left. There will be another passage
leading south within this corridor--take it. It will lead to the treasure box.
Now head out the central exit to this room and you'll be teleported into another
corridor. Follow the pathway west and you'll be teleported back right north of
the room with the Hogyokuwa. Make your way back to the odd platform and get
teleported back into the north-south hallway. This time though, take the hallway
south to the very end and you'll be teleported to the exit up to the next level.

Up to 431F. There's an Archangel hanging out near the entrance, saying that he
saw Kagutsuchi up north, but was not impressed.

This floor has a sub-terminal in the center, and five elevator blocks. The one
on to the north leads to 475F. The ones in the corners of the level lead to
444F. To get to the corners you need to go through dark area/damage areas. You
can't go to 475F just yet since Chiaki is hanging out on 444F, so go there
first. In addition, one of the most useful items in the game, the Hangonshinshu
(like an unlimited-use Hangonko) is up there. The path there is tricky, but it's
worth it to try to get it. The encounter rate is pretty nasty though, so be
forewarned. And this is one of the most convoluted levels in this dungeon, so it
can be easy to lose your bearings.

To get the Hangon-shinshu, take the southeast elevator on 431F up to 444F. Walk
across the disappearing path, and turn north into the little cubbyhole at the
side of the room. There's a pit there, and it'll drop you back down to 431F.
Head south down the corridor you're dropped into until you see a big door. Go
through it and you'll be outside the tower. (and get a view of how ludicrously
high up you are) Clime along the path/stairs along the wall, and when you turn
the corner, ride the elevator block to the north back up to 444F. From there,
head up the stairs and go through the side door. You'll be in a room with three
doors. Take the south one and you'll find a Manekata who will ask if you know
about the treasure, and, if you say no, tell you that you must "fall, then walk
a painful path" to get it. On the north side of the chamber is a Sub-Terminal.
The west door will take you further into the puzzle. You'll be in a chamber with
a large pit, and phantom paths to the north and south. Take the north path to a
small ledge against the north wall. From there,  take the east phantom path from
the ledge to the center platform floating in the middle of the pit. From there,
take the west phantom path to the southern ledge with the Dominion on it. The
Dominion will tell you that Chiaki is waiting for you to the south. But you
don't want to bother with her just yet, so for the time being ignore the south
elevator. There are two protrusions facing north on this ledge--take the phantom
path on the western one, and it will lead you to the western door. It'll lead to
a room full of damage floors--run through them and into the center of the room,
where you'll be dropped down a pit back to 431F.

Now, this is the tough part. This room is just riddled with pit traps, so you
need to be careful. However, there are no pit traps on the damage floors--so you
need to walk from damage floor to damage floor to keep from falling. To start,
run to the damage floor a bit north of you. Follow the damage "path" and sprint
to the second damage floor to the north of you. On this floor, turn to the east
and run down the short corridor, turning south at the corner. Once you get back
into the main room, DON'T immediately run for the damage floor because there's a
pit right in front of you to the south. Instead, hug the east wall to get onto
the damage floor.  Follow the floor to the south, and you'll see about a two-
"block" gap between the north damage area and the south damage area. Go ahead
and run across this gap to the south damage area, because it's safe. On this
damage area, stand in the "corner" of the "L" and face west. Run three "blocks"
to the west, then turn south and step onto the damage area. Walk through the
damage area and there should be a passage off to your east. Walk down it, and
you'll be dropped down a pit to 418F. Walk down the short hallway and you'll be
teleported to another room on 418F...where you'll find the Hangonshinshu in a
chest surrounded by damage floor! After you get it, you're just a teleport and a
couple of elevator-blocks away from the Sub-Terminal on 444F again.

Side note here: If you super-impose your map levels between 418F and 431F,
you'll note the south edge of the riddled-with-pits room on 431F is actually not
above the damage-floor-all-over-the-place room in 418F toward the south edge of
the room. There's actually a pit trap in this area along the west wall that will
drop you into a little corridor that'll teleport you into a room where you can
find a Ikutama--a nice little treasure. You'll have to fight Shadows and Mots
to get it though.

OK, now it's time to pay Chiaki a little visit. Head back to where the Dominion
was hanging out, only this time take the elevator block up to 462F. Go into the
door, and Baal Avatar will appear. Baal Avatar analyzes you to see if you are
worthy. If you're not on the Yosuga path, she tells you that the two of you are
no longer friends, that as you oppose her Kotowari and struggle to be the one to
create the world, then the two of you are enemies that must fight. If you are
on the Yosuga path, Baal says that the new kingdom "cannot have two kings" and
that you still need to fight.

After saying there is no reason for you not to fight, Baal Avatar challenges you
to see who is superior--you or her.

HP: 13000 MP: 5000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Hama
Bael's Curse, Mahanmaon, Divine Retribution, Unblemished Power, Megidora,
Beast's Eye, Demonlord's Command

HP: 6700 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Hama
Diarahan, Maharagidain, Mahazandain, Hasso-Happa, Tetrakarn, Taru-Kaja, Raku-
Kaja, Maka-Kaja, Suku-Kaja, De-Kaja

HP: 6700: MP: 3000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Hama
Diarahan, Mahabufudain, Mahajidain, Rannyu-Ken, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn, Raku-Nda,
De-Kaja, De-Kunda, Dragon's Eye

Baal can be a pain. In terms of her attacks and basic patterns, she is much
weaker than the other two Kotowari bosses. However, she is trickier in that she
has one really vicious technique--"Bael's Curse." Bael's Curse will turn the
target into a fly. Being a fly sucks. Your stats drop through the floor, you
take massive damage, and all your resistances and immunites are negated.
Fortunately Baal doesn't use it very often. Other than that, Baal uses normal
attacks, Divine Retribution, and the occasional Megidora or Mahanma-on. Not that
tough. However, weaken her enough and she will use Demonlord's Command to summon
Sotenshi Flauros-Haleland Ose-Halel to assist in her battle. Both of them are
irritating, as they can heal Baal to max, and will. So you'll need to take them
out first.

The secret to this battle is resistance. Hama resistance is useful, but Magic
reistance is most critical--despite its name, Bael's Curse is a Magic attack,
not a Curse attack. Equip Djed on your Hero (Masakado's will work too, but
that's a cheapass Magatama, and if you use it you probably won't need this
strategy anyway) and bring as many Magic-resistant demons into the party as
possible. That way Bael's Curse won't be effective and you won't have to worry
about the problems it brings. Having characters strong to Hama helps as well, as
Baal herself uses a lot of Hama-based techniques. If you use Tetraja to block
his Hama weakness, Ongyoki is useful for this fight. Megami Scathach and
Jiboshin Skadi are great for this fight since they're immune to Hama and Magic.
Build up your characters with -Kaja techniques as best you can, and try to
finish off the Sotenshi as fast as possible. Get rid of Flauros first--he has a
powerful Hasso-Happa which is a royal pain. It's nice if you have a De-Kaja
handy to deal with the constant boosts they will be giving themselves. De-Kunda
for yourself is welcome too. Don't bother trying to Randomizer them as they will
just use De-Kunda as soon as you do. Once both the Sotenshi are out of the way,
Baal herself is a sitting duck. In the unfortuante case that one of your Nakama
gets turned into a Fly, just summon someone else. If you're dead-set on having
that Nakama gain experience for this fight, just summon them back in when Baal
is almost dead. If she turns YOU into a fly...well, cross your fingers and hope
she doesn't Mahanmaon you into oblivion. I told you you should have equpped

Baal Avatar is slightly tricker when you're playing Maniacs, as Bael's Curse is
a Curse rather than a Magic attack. This makes it generally easier for your
allies as by this point most of your party should be already immune to Curse by
this point. However, this makes it trickier for your Hero--Bael's Curse has 100%
success rate when cast, so to keep it off your hero you need Curse immunity on
him. The kicker is that all Curse-immune Magatama make you weak to Hama, which
is not really an option against a boss that casts as many Hama spells as Baal
Avater does. So there's really only three ways to fight this battle safely--one,
equip a Hama- or Curse-immune Magatama while sporting the Curse Immunity or Hama
Immunity skills respectively, two, use Tetraja a whole lot, or three, be cheap
and equip Masakado's Magatama. Other than that there is no real easy way to
counter her spells.


After Baal's violent death, Chiaki speaks to you. Baal floating in pieces, she
says "So...you were superior to me." She can't understand why you wouldn't join
Yosuga with the power you wield, and dies mid-sentence. If you're on the Yosuga
path, she's not as bitter, and says she's not sad with the way things worked
themselves out. Either way, she drops the Ame-no-Takara, the "Treasure of

So now you finally have all three of the Treasures. You are now ready to bring
them to Kagutsuchi and create the new world. Head to 475F. (There's a shortcut
right behind where you fought Baal--climb the stairs and you'll be dropped via a
pit right in front of the elevator there. On 475F, take the block all the way up
to 666F, the top floor of Kagutsuchi Tower.

On 666F, head to the three altars at the north end of the level. There, put the
three Treasures into the holes in each altar. (It doesn't matter what order you
put them in) Then ride the platform up to Kagutsuchi.

As you approach Kagutsuchi, it reads your mind to find out what kind of world
you want to make.

Kagutsuchi is upset that you were chosen for the task of creating the world, and
is angry that you refuse to bend to destiny by not picking a Kotowari. It can
tell that you wish for a free world whose future is not written in stone.
Kagutsuchi chastises you, saying that you have learned nothing from the mistakes
of the old world. It says that at one time a "great will" gave freedom to the
old world and prayed that it would lead it to greatness. But instead, freedom
gave birth to evil, increased the darkness, and called for destruction.
Kagutsuchi tells you that freedom is nothing but the seeds of disaster and can
only bring ruin. It refuses to go along with your plan, saying it will only give
its power to one who has decided on a Kotowari with a completely decided future.
Kagutsuchi angrily says you have been seduced like freedom, "just like when that
angel fell!" It decides it wants to kill you!

Kagutsuchi is really, really pissed at you for killing the three Kotowari
Guardians, snatching the chance of rebirth away from the world. He gives you a
mini-sermon about how demons cannot enact Creation and about how evil you are
(culminating in an "I hate you!" :P) Kagutsuchi vanishes from the world to
"wait for another chance" then teleports you away. There's no boss battle, and
you go straight to the Demon Ending.

Kagutsuchi's lines are basically the same as the Demon ending, but he attacks to
"avenge" the world.

Basically Kagutsuchi looks into your soul to see the world you want to create,
finds it acceptable, and attacks you to "test" you.

HP: 20000 MP: 7000
Boss Immunities
Maharagidain, Mahabufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Megidora, Heaven's
Undulation, Mujinko, De-Kunda

Kagutsuchi has two forms. The first form is not that tough. It attacks, uses all
four Maha-dain spells, and uses a powerful attack called Mujinko that hits all
party members. The only attack of his that warrants special attention is
Mujinko, which can do several hundred points of damage to all party members even
when buffed, so keep an eye out for it. However, he will only use it when it is
Full. If you enter the fight when it's Full, it will be able to use Mujinko
whenever it wants. If you enter it at another time, Kagutsuchi will change his
phase using Heaven's Undulation one eighth each turn until he's Full and can use
it. Kagutsuchi has a major weakness in that he can't cast De-Kaja (or at least
I've never seen him cast it) so if you buff your characters there's nothing he
can do about it. He CAN cast De-Kunda, so if you Randomizer him there's a chance
he'll reverse it, though he casts it much less than most other bosses with the
spell. His attacks are All-Purpose type, so if you thought you could cheap-shot
him by equipping Masakado's in the fight, think again. He's still not all that
tough though.

Once you do enough damage to Kagutsuchi, his outer shell reforms itself into a
face with a striking resemblance to a certain traditional Megaten arch-

HP: 40000 MP: 10000
Boss Immunities
Maharagidain, Mahabufudain, Mahajiodain, Mahazandain, Mujinko, Mujin-Muhen-Ko
De-Kunda, Dragon's Eye

Kagutsuchi's second form is a lot tougher than his first. His normal attacks
switch from being single-target to full-party, and he can cast Dragon's Eye now
to increase his attacks much more. He also gets a new, absurdly powerful attack
called Mujin-muhen-ko, which does all-purpose damage to your entire party. If
they haven't had their stats boosted and Kagutsuchi's dropped, this attack can
do more than 800 points of damage per person, which is enough to wipe out the
strongest of parties. Raku-kaja will fortunately reduce damage from this attack,
as will using Taru-nda or equivalent on Kagutsuchi. Also, Kagutsuchi will give
you advance warning when he is going to use it--he "gives up" his turn and says
"I am just (something--I've seen "emptiness" and "wisdom", there may be
more)..." This is a signal to refill your HP to max in the upcoming round. Don't
use HP-draining techniques in this round!

Other than that, just use your most powerful attacks to whittle away at
Kagutsuchi until he runs out of HP. If you want to drain his Press Turns casting
Makalakarn is a good idea.  If you can withstand his Mujin-mugen-ko, then
there's not really much reason to worry about him as there's not a whole lot he
can do to you otherwise. Overall he's not nearly as hard as a lot of the other
bosses. Ironic considering he's the last one.


Upon Kagutsuchi's death, you'll wake up in a totally empty, dark area. Both the
blond child and the old man in the wheelchair are there, along with their
nurses. The two of them tell you that you have been successful in breaking the
cycle of destruction and rebirth. Time itself is dead, and your universe has
reverted to its initial state of primordial chaos--your universe has given birth
to a "power built on the death of death"--in other words, you. You're also told
that God is insanely furious at you--that you are now eternally cursed, and if
he gets his hands on you will subject you to an eternity of torture more
horrific than you could ever imagine. The old man tells you not to worry,
however, as now that you have cut the threads of fate, that destiny no longer
necessarily applies to you--you now have the ability to conquer the world in its
current state and shape it to an extent that you never would have been able to
under the laws of God and Kagutsuchi. Before sounding the call for the armies of
Chaos to rise, however, the boy and old man need to test the limits of your
power to see if you really have what it takes to bring justice and defeat God.
They sort of "meld" together and assume their true form, that of Lucifer!
(Yeah, I'm sure you saw this coming a mile away)

HP: 65535 MP: Infinite
Boss Immunities, extra strong to everything else, including All-Purpose.
Wicked Light, De-Kaja, De-Kunda, Prominence, Absolute Zero, Megidora,
Megidoraon, Diarama, King of Kings, In the Beginning There Was Darkness

There's no denying it: Lucifer is just freakishly powerful. This is easily the
hardest battle in the game, and is, for all intents and purposes, impossible to
win without really smart use of skills. (though with the right skill
combination, he's really not so bad) First off, and most importantly, Lucifer's
defense is really tight. Even with his stats dropped to the lowest possible
amount, he takes about 1/4 normal damage from all attacks, no matter what those
attacks are. This includes All-Purpose attacks, which no other enemy in the game
has resistance to. His attacks never miss, (at least I've never seen him miss,
even with 4 Randomizers on him and 4 Suku-Kajas on me) are All-Purpose damage,
and critically hits about 75% of the time. He's got three "special" skills. I'm
not sure what Wicked Light does as I've always Blocked it. (EDIT: Thanks to
Akira, who writes to say that Wicked Light is a Charm attack that has a high
chance of affecting anyone not immune to Mind) King of Kings is a brutal
All-Purpose attack that hits your entire party for huge amounts of damage, plus
randomly Binds you. Finally, "In the Beginning There Was Darkness" (ITBTWD from
here on out) is a rather bizarre All-Purpose attack that "twists time" and
reduces your party's HP to a random fraction. (either 1/2, 1/4, or 1/10 of its
current HP--different value for each member) Lucifer won't use Megidoraon,
Diarama, or ITBTWD until his HP are down by about...I'd guess 2/3. Lucifer casts
both De-Kaja and De-Kunda, but infrequently enough that it's worth it to cast
buffing spells. One minor thing worth noting is that since Kagutsuchi is dead,
its phase is now, not surprisingly, "Dead" as well, and neither Silent Sky
Critical nor Bright Sky Critical will work for this fight. So trying to tailor a
party to do nothing but criticals (which is quite effective against other
bosses) won't work here.

The trick to beating Lucifer is one skill--Penetrate. Without this skill Lucifer
is virtually impossible to kill, as even the most powerful of attacks will only
do double-digit or low triple-digit damage to him, requiring hundreds of blows
before actually taking him down. (And when he starts healing himself, forget
it!) Any characters with Penetrate can do physical attacks on Lucifer and do
"normal" damage with them. In addition, Penetrate on the Hero will work for his
"Supreme Blast" skill. Penetrate + Supreme Blast is the easiest way to kill him
overall. If you threw away Penetrate on your Hero, you're in trouble. It won't
be impossible to beat Lucifer, but it will be a lot trickier than it would be
otherwise. What you should do is get the Girimekara sold by the Dark Broker in
the fifth Calpa (since he has Penetrate) and fuse him into powerful demons to do
most of the damage for you.

Here is my "custom-made" Lucifer-fighting Party that can beat the tar out of him
fairly well:

Hero: Equipping Masakadus (normally I'd say this was cheap, but not here!) with
the following skills: Penetrate, Supreme Blast, Kiai, and Mediarahan. The Hero
is the primary damage-dealer here, focusing mostly on Kiai + Supreme Blast, but
available for healing as well if necessary. With all 40s in stats plus
Kiai/Supreme blast/Penetrate, he would sometimes do over 8000 damage in a single
hit when dealing a Critical attack.

Custom Yama Ja-aku Frost: (LV 99, all 40s in stats) Mahabufudain, Raku-Kaja,
Penetrate, Randomizer, Mind Immunity, Nerve Immunity, Magic Immunity
Admittedly making him LV 99 and the stat-boosting was a bit overboard, but
Ja-Aku Frost seems to be tailored specifically for this fight. He's got
fantastic damage resistance, reflects Fire and Absorbs Ice (countering Lucifer's
Prominence and Absolute Zero respectively) and is immune to all status ailments
once you build him up. I use Ja-aku as primarily a support role with Raku-Kaja
and Randomizer, with the ability to do normal attacks if he ever gets the
leisure to.

Custom Kishin Futomimi: (LV 90, all 40s in stats except Luck, which maxed on
Futomimi at 28 through Mitama fusion) Kiai, Battle Cry, Critical, Charge,
Mediarahan, Penetrate, 30% Life Spring, 30% Magic Pulse
Futomimi may not be seem to be the best choice at first, but he's actually quite
the bruiser in this battle. He's immune to all bad status effects and is quite
hardy (999 HP with this setup) plus he comes with Kiai, Charge and Critical
"naturally" so doesn't require the tedious fusion that other custom demons would
require. I use Futomimi as my healer and backup fighter. Battle Cry can reduce
Lucifer's attack in a hurry, and Futomimi can dish out some rather decent
punishment with Kiai, Penetrate, and Charge--easily around 3000 damage a pop if
he gets in a critical.

Daitenshi Metatron: Default skills, except substituting Randomizer and Penetrate
for Divine Retribution and Mahanmaon.
Metatron's pretty tough, is immune to all status ailments, and has some really
good support skills--Taru-Kaja and Maka-Kaja are nice additions to the fight,
the former being more valuable than the latter. I use Metatron as primarily a
support role, maybe tossing in an attack or two if everyone's buffed well.

These are just suggestions, basically any demon that's immune to status ailments
is a good candidate for this fight. (For example Beelzebub is a highly
customizable character that fits this description) The only exception really is
Dante, who is totally useless in this fight, no matter how much you've powered
him up. With no support or healing skills, nor Penetrate to do any decent damage
against Lucifer, Dante can't do much for this battle. But any other
stats-ailment immune demon, tweaked with the right skills and boosted in levels
via Sacrifice fusion is a good contender here.


                                 THE ENDINGS:

                       NEUTRAL ENDING - WORLD OF FREEDOM:
Kagutsuchi calls you a fool, and says that releasing his power without a
Kotowari does nothing. "You will just create a new world of suffering..." it
says as it dies.

The world is returned to the way it was before the Fertilization.
Isamu: ...Yo, you listening? Let's go. If we don't hurry, Chiaki's going to be

> A new mail has arived.

Yuko: Hi, how are you doing? I'm doing a lot better. I should be let out of the
hospital fairly soon. My weakness really caused a lot of trouble for you all.
But you got us through it...and really saved me too.
Before all this, I looked at the world and thought it was sad and in a terrible
state. But that was just a reflection of my own feelings.
I've wised up now. I'm going to look toward changing myself now, instead of the
world. To have some confidence in myself and never give up, no matter what world
I live in...
...Well, I'll leave it off here, but I'm sure you understand what I'm getting
at, and have all along. After all, it's because of you that everyone can live in
 this world.
...Thank you!


Lucifer: "So, you chose the same path as I, opting to follow your own conscience
and walk the difficult path. Eventually, the true enemy will confront you, as he
did I. Until then, don't lose that power of yours..."

(After seeing the Maniacs ending, I *KNOW* this is Lucifer talking to you, as
the only character in the game referred to as the "True Enemy" is God)

                      DEMON ENDING - FAILED CREATION
Blond boy: A demon, born in exchange for the world...no demon is as splendid as
you are. Kagutsuchi cursed you, but I bless you. The light no longer watches
over you. But you don't really need that anyway, right? You can live perfectly
well on your own as one cast into the Darkness...Well, see you. I need to go
now. But I won't forget you...and we're sure to meet again some time...Go on.
You couldn't create the world, but the Chaos you wanted is still left. A
Thousand Year Kingdom for demonkind...

And after the credits, you get to see the Vortex World, sans Kagutsuchi...

                      MUSUBI ENDING - WORLD OF SOLITUDE
As Kagutsuchi disintegrates, it tells you your new, opponentless, battle is just
beginning--that of Creation. You're transported to an empty area. Isamu isn't
there, but has left a note for you.

Isamu: Where will I go from here? To oblivion? Will I be reborn in the world you
create? I no longer have any power. I'm just one that has been struck down by
fate. But I don't want to live any more like I used to--just pushed along by the
will of or for the sake of others. Go and make a new world with your power. Just
think about it and wish, and it should appear just the way you want. The Musubi
world, where everyone can live on their own--a world like nobody has ever seen
before. I wonder what it will be like?

As Kagutsuchi disintegrates, it tells you your new, opponentless, battle is just
beginning--that of Creation. You're transported to an empty area, with Chiaki's

Chiaki: Congratulations, *heroname*. You've created the Yosuga world. A strong,
beautiful country, where only the elite live....though I thought all along that
I would be the one to create it. ...My role was just to choose you, I guess? Now
that that role is fulfilled, it's OK for me to take a nice long rest, right?
Your destination is over there. Go on ahead. The highest, eternal supremacy is
there, and you've earned the right to claim it. Thanks, *heroname*...take good
care of the world of my dreams...

                      SHIJIMA ENDING - WORLD OF SILENCE
As Kagutsuchi disintegrates, it tells you your new, opponentless, battle is just
beginning--that of Creation. You're transported to an empty area, along with

Hikawa: ...A new sky....A new earth. The prophecy becomes fulfilled here. The
world will be cleansed of the blight of desire, and become silent. The one to do
that...will be you. I am not the one to create...just the one to pave the way. I
was simply used to bring you, the new Creator, to your path. But I am still
happy. I was able to receive a Kotowari, give it to you, and see the birth of
the world I wished for. From here out, I will live in the supremacy of silence,
in some small corner of the world you create... Come, Creator! Create your new

                      MANIACS ENDING - THE CYCLE, BROKEN
Blond Boy:
"Now I've experienced your power first-hand. It was fantastic!"
Old Gentleman in Wheelchair:
"I call to all the demons who have been cursed to the darkness and have been
waiting so long...Our new demon is born. The time has come!"

"Assemble, and let's go! To fight the true enemy!"

And the ending finishes with a (rather cool, IMHO) image of the Hero leading the
demon armies on to do battle with God.

Like the "world of freedom" ending, you hear another voice after the ending
"ends," this time saying something like "So that angel has created a demon in
his own image...then I will destroy it. Between you and me, between your end and
my end" It's really bizarre, makes little sense, and I'm not quite sure exactly
who's speaking. It's probably not YHVH as the manner of speech is totally
different from the way he's spoken in every other SMT game. (e.g. YHVH always
refers to himself as 我 and not わたし as the speaker here is) But who knows...

You have completed the game. Congratulations! You now have the option to save
your game in a new slot. On your second run through the game using this save
slot, all the monsters you face will be substantially tougher and more difficult
to beat. (Unless you're playing Maniacs, in which case you can just pick your
difficulty level again) You also get to keep your Akuma Zensho as well.

Now, let's take a look at that bonus dungeon....

                          BONUS DUNGEON: THE BANDO SHRINE
Once you have all 24 Magatama, go to the Jakyo Manor. The master of the manor
will tell you he has been waiting for you. He says that your ability to retain a
human sentience while using the power of the Magatama to be a demon is
remarkable and that they have been waiting a long time for one such as you. He
tells you that not only do you possess the power of a demon as a human, but have
managed to collect all the Magatama that had been strewn throughout the city.
The Master hands you the "Prince's Sword," telling you that a great man gave it
to him once and he believes that you should have it. He tells you to go to the
one that gave him this weapon. His hint is that the peron that gave it to him
once protected the entire city of Tokyo, and will surely help you.

The one who the Master of the Manor is talking about is Taira no Masakado.
Remember his shrine, located behind the Obelisk? Head there now. The sword will
give off a burst of light and you will be engulfed in it.

You will be teleported to the Bando Shrine.

                               THE BANDO SHRINE
50,000 Makka
50,000 Makka

Lv 43 Seiju Byakko
Lv 45 Kishin Takemikazuchi
Lv 46 Shinju Yatagarasu
Lv 48 Megami Sati
Lv 55 Seiju Chimera
Lv 56 Majin Amaterasu
Lv 60 Shinju Barong
Lv 61 Hakaishin Hokuto-Seikun
Lv 64 Megami Scathach
Lv 65 Majin Odin
Lv 67 Jiboshin Kali

Just by looking at the enemy list you can tell this is a very unique dungeon--
all the enemies here are Light demons! Unfortunately you can't talk to them at
all, not even to bargain for items or money. And they're pretty tough too--if
you Analyze them you'll find they're substantially beefier than they would be as
allies of the same level. (For example, Kali only gets 540 HP as your ally, but
the Kalis that attack you here have 810 HP) You need to be careful down here.
Since the bosses here are tough, it'll be to your advantage to leave the dungeon
and save at a terminal after each one you fight. Just in case.

Right by the entrance to the Bando Shrine is a Shinnentai that gives you the
lowdown on this area. The "great man" is in the temple you can see. To get into
the temple, you have to lower the four pillars it's standing on, but the Shiten-
o are guarding it.

You can't use your map here. So you'll have to get your bearings otherwise.
Here's a step-by-step walkthrough of how to get through this dungeon.

Head to the south, yellow light and step in. It'll teleport you to the south
edge of the Inner corridor. Head counterclockwise along the wall until you reach
a crossroads. Ignore the west branch and keep going. Soon you'll come to another
crossroads, where it branches into two paths going south. Take the westernmost
path, and it will lead to the South Pillar. Lower the pillar, and Kishin
Komokuten, Guardian of the South, will appear and tell you that you must defeat
him to get to the Shrine.

HP: 20000 MP: 6000
Boss Immunities, Weak to Shock
Jiodain, Mahajiodain, Shockwave, Kiai, Taru-Kaja, Taru-Kaja, Maka-Kaja, Beast's
Eye, Dragon's Eye

How did a wussy LV27 Kishin get this tough? Zochoten is easily on par with some
of the tougher bosses around. Of course, this is because he is very cheap. He
uses Dragon's Eye, and also Beast's Eye as well. He often likes to pull the Use-
Beast's-Eye-over-and-over-so-you-never-get-your-turn cheapshot which is not much
fun. He makes extensive use of Taru-Kaja and Maka-Kaja, enough so that a De-Kaja
casting character is a huge asset. Zochoten is primarily an Electricity user,
but is not immune to it--and this is his Achilles Heel. Go into this fight with
as many Electric-reflectors as you can, and equip Adama on your Hero. That way,
when he casts his electric spells, not only does he automatically lose the rest
of his turn, but he hurts himself as well. He's also weak to Shock, so let loose
on those Shock attacks. Be aware that Zochoten has an absurd amount of HP, so
even boosted and fighting all-out, it will still take a long time to defeat him.

Upon your defeat of Zochoten, he congratulates you. You'll also get a Vitality

On to the next pillar. Backtrack to the first branch in the pathway (the one
with the western bridge over the chasm) and take the west branch. At the other
side of the chasm, turn to the south, and the path there will lead you to a blue
teleporter, which will teleport you to the southwest corner of the Outer
Corridor. Head counterclockwise along the outer corridor and you will reach a
green telepoter. This will teleport you to the south wall of the Inner Corridor,
by the west side.  Head counterclockwise around the chasm. This will lead to the
West Pillar. Lower it, and the Guardian of the West, Komokuten, will appear and

HP: 20000 MP: 6000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Shock, Weak to Electricity
Zandain, Mahazandain, Shinkuha, Kiai, Deathbound, Raku-Kaja, Maka-Kaja, Raku-
Nda, Dragon's Eye

Of the Shiten-O, Komokuten is the Shock-user. He casts a bunch of powerful Shock
spells, but the real danger when dealing with him is his physical attacks,
especially Deathbound. To add insult to injury, he will cast Raku-nda on your
party over and over and use Kiai before attacking, to make the damage of his
physical attacks hurt even more. Like the others, he uses Dragon's Eye every
round so he can get a lot of whacks in on you per round. You'll really want to
drop his attack power, and, more importantly, have a method of countering his
Raku-nda spell; Raku-Kaja will work, but De-kunda is best in my experience. In
terms of whom you should bring into the fight, you'll want at least one Shock
blocker to cancel out his Press Turns when he uses his Shock spells. I also
would recommend bringing in a Physical blocker, or, ideally, a reflector to send
some of the physical damage back at him in addition to eating his Press Turns. A
De-Kaja user is useful too, to cancel out his Raku-Kajas and Maka-Kajas.
Komokuten is weak to Electricity, which can be useful if you manage to Shock
him, as it almost guarantees free Criticals with physical attacks. Boost it up
with Maka-Kaja if you can, because Komokuten has lots of HP and will last a

Upon the defeat of Komokuten, he congratulates you and you get a Speed Incense.

To reach the third pillar, retrace your steps until you get to the east-west
"bridge" that spans the chasm on the Inner Path. However, instead of crossing
back over it to the east, keep going north, on a path that leads you right to
the base of the chasm. Cross the chasm and climb up a small incline on the east
side of the chasm to get to the third pillar. Lower it, and Jikokuten will
appear. Like the others, he tells you you must defeat him before you can be
allowed in the Shrine.

HP: 20000 MP: 6000
Boss Immunities, Reflects Ice, Weak to Fire
Bufudain, Mahabufudain, Absolute Zero, Maka-Kaja, Beast's Eye, Dragon's Eye

Of the four Shiten-O, I found Jikokuten to be by far the easiest. The problem
being, he relies FAR too much on his Ice skills. However, he's also pretty
sneaky. I went into this battle with three Ice-reflectors and one Ice-weak
character, and EVERY time he cast Bufudain, he cast it on the one Ice-weak
character, making me wonder if he doesn't have the ability to see your
weaknesses. Regardless, his pattern was so predicatble (Dragon's Eye, Maka-Kaja,
an Ice spell of some sort) that I had no problem beating him whatsoever. I'm not
sure he has some sort of physical attack, but if he does I've never seen it.
Just make sure you go into the battle with enough Ice-Immune characters and you
should be OK.

Upon his defeat, Jikokuten is wowed by your skill and you get a Magic Incense.

To get to the final pillar, you'll need to backtrack all the way back to the
entrance of the dungeon. Then, instead of going through the yellow teleporter,
go counterclockwise around the outer pathway ant teleport in the red teleporter.
It will lead to the north pillar. Lower it and Bishamonten will appear. He tells
you that if you seek to reach the central shrine, then you should already know
that you will have to defeat him first.

Boss Immunities, Reflects Fire, Weak to Ice
Hellfire, Agidain, Maharagidain, Megidoraon, Reppu-Ha, Taru-Kaja, Maka-Kaja, De-
Kaja, Randomizer, Dragon's Eye

If you thought Bishamonten was tough the last time you faced him, you ain't seen
nothing yet. This Bishamonten is one of the wiliest enemies in the game. And the
cheapest---ain't much cheaper than Dragon's Eye and then four Megidoraons in a
row. Bishamonten's affinity hasn't changed since last time--fire-based, weak to
ice--but he uses some pretty tricky strategies. First is to use Taru-Kaja four
times in a row and then let a Reppu-ha loose. Or he'll cast Maka-Kaja four times
in a row and then throw a Megidoraon at you. Conventional boss-killing
strategies don't work too well here. If you cast any sort of stat-boosters,
Bishamonten will cast De-Kaja, and then cast two Randomizers to add insult to
injury. Cast Tetrakarn and Makalakarn to block physical and magical attacks, and
he'll spam you with Megidoraons. Drop his stats and he'll boost them to obscene
levels with multiple stat-boosters of his own. Basically, there are two spells
you are going to need in this fight to keep things fair--De-Kaja and De-Kunda.
If he hits you with Randomizers, use De-Kunda. If he starts boosting his own
stats, hit him with De-Kaja. In the meantime, pummel him with Ice attacks. In
addition to Ice, Bishamonten has another weakness--he can't raise his Accuracy
or Defense if you drop it. So Raku-Nda and Fog Breath away. (Randomizer works
too) Then you can use physical attacks to greater effect as well. Basically, the
key to this fight is to keep both your stats and Bishamonten's stats at normal
levels---if he starts spamming attacks or Megidoraon with boosted Power or
Magic, you're toast, even if your levels are in the 90s. Bring some Fire-
blockers and some Physical-blockers into this fight to eat as many Press Turns
you can, and go all-out.

You get more EXP for beating Bishamonten than the other Shiten-O, and you get a
Power Incense from him as well. And of course, he congratulates you like the

Now that all four pillars have been lowered, the Shrine descends to its normal
height. Go on inside. When you go inside, a voice sounds and asks you who
disturbs your rest. There is a rumbling, and Masakado appears before you. He
identifies himself and says he has protected Tokyo here for the past thousand
years. "You are (Hero name), no?" he says "The one with demonic power yet living
in a human body...who is to become the Lord of Chaos." He asks you why you have
come so far to see him. You can say:
"Join me"
"Give me something"
"No reason"

If you ask Masakado to join you, he tells you that his power cannot affect Tokyo
in its current state, and he cannot go outside. If you ask him for something, he
says "You sure cut to the chase." If you tell him there's no reason, Masakado
notes that you just slaughtered the Shiten-o for no reason, but is not

Masakado asks you if you intend to take over Tokyo. If you say yes, then he
gives you his power in the form of the Masakadus Magatama, and more or less
turns the reins of the position of Guardian of Tokyo over to you. Masakadus
makes you a massive force of destruction. Don't abuse it. :)


Before going into the nitty-gritty of the actual dungeon itself, there are a few
things that need to be covered.

First and foremost, the Amara Deep Zone is a completely optional area of the
game. You can do some, all, or none of it. If you complete the Deep Zone in its
entirety before entering the final dungeon of the game, you can get a new ending
(and final boss) that wasn't present in the original Nocturne. It's the most
challenging ending to get (as the new final boss is just a juggernaut) but is
also, in my opinion, the most rewarding. Also by traversing the Amara Deep Zone,
you can get loads of juicy background info on the SMTIII world that you couldn't
get otherwise. The ADZ is also the only place in the game to get Deathomen
stones (死兆石) which are necessary to fuse the new Majin, and there are several
new, very powerful demons you can fight down here and add to your party after
their defeat. In short, it's worth it to explore.

The Amara Deep Zone itself is separated into 5 sections, called "Calpas." When
you first open up the area, only the first Calpa is accessible to you. Once you
defeat the Majin that crop up in various parts of the "normal" game, you can
bring the Menorahs that they drop down to the ADZ and unlock additional Calpas.
For this reason, you can't take on the ADZ all at once. (Nor should you be able
to, as the enemies at the bottom few Calpa are very powerful)

Each Calpa is connected to a main "hub" on the top level by a Warp Zone. They're
sort of a mini-game. (as covered in the FAQ section above) As soon as you gain
full access to a Calpa by placing the requisite Menorah in its "entrance area",
its "primary" Warp Zone will open, allowing you free access back and forth. In
addition, each Calpa is connected to the Calpa below by a "secondary" Warp Zone.
(or, in the case of the Third Calpa, there are two warp zones between it and the
Fourth) These "secondary" warp zones are the only way to get to the Calpa
"entrance areas" to place your Menorahs and unlock the lower Calpa. There's also
one warp zone that goes nowhere. But it's a good place to pick up money.

In each Calpa, there are various Graveyard rooms with the gravestones of the
various bosses that you defeat throughout the game. If you have the Black Visor,
then you can use it at these gravestones to fight the battles again. For more
info on Graveyards look at the above section in the FAQ.

                            THE FIRST CALPA

Chakra Drop
Chakra Drop
Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Black Visor
2 x Jade*
Chakra Pot*
Luck Incense*

Lv 5 Chirei Kahaku
Lv 8 Yama Lilim
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 18 Maju Nekomata
Lv 19 Yosei Jack O'Lantern
Lv 19 Yoma Koppa Tengu
Lv 20 Kijo Taraka
Lv 20 Yoki Momunofu
Lv 20 Datenshi Forneus
Lv 20 Yuki Laughing Skull
Lv 23 Maju Badbh Cathach
Lv 25 Yama Incubus
Lv 25 Yoki Oni
Lv 26 Yosei Kelpie
Lv 28 Yoma Karasu Tengu
Lv 28 Ryuo Naga
Lv 28 Yuki Pishacha
Lv 29 Datenshi Eligor
Lv 30 Jashin Arahabaki
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 48 Megami Sati (rare)



Like all the Calpa, the enemies are pretty tough down here in respects to your
level when you can first get here. (You'll probably be around level 20 or so
when you get here, and the great majority of demons here are much tougher than
that) Also note that there are no sub-terminals here or anywhere else in the
Amara Deep Zone. In short, you have to be more careful here than you would
elsewhere. If you're too weak to take on the Calpa in its entirety, you can
always come back, or take it in "pieces," exploring different areas of the
dungeon a little bit at a time before going back to save your game.

When you first return to the Amara Deep Zone, take a look in the peephole in the
wall to see the Nurse and the Old Gentleman. The Nurse is somewhat pleased at
your defeat of the Majin, saying that she knew you had it in you and will "be
able to help". After exchanging a few words with her master, she says she will
relay his wishes. The nurse explains that the Menorah that you carry, and that
of the Majin you just defeated, were part of her master's collection. The
Menorah themselves are the "flame of life" that controls the flow of energy and
life in the Amara Deep Zone--but they were stolen by the Majin. Those that
possess the Menorahs can traverse the Amara Deep Zone at will, though that is
normally forbidden--usually only those sanctioned by the Old Gentleman are
allowed to hang out there. As the Menorahs restore life to each tier of the
Amara Deep Zone, the nurse asks you to get them back and return them to their
rightful place. There are 11 Menorahs in total, counting the Kingdom Menorah you
already have--if you are willing to help, the Old Gentleman is willing to give
you free reign to explore the Amara Deep Zone to your heart's content. As that
could help you quite a bit, the nurse adds that it might be in your best
interest as well before asking your answer.

If you say no, the nurse says that whether or not you help is your decision, but
warns you that if you continue to hold on to the Menorahs as you tavel, the
other Majin may target you. (as they want your Menorah as well) She tells you
you can change your mind at any time and hopes you decide to help.

If you say yes, then she'll smile and thank you, and explain that the reason you
were given the Menorah is that by nature they want to be together--it will help
draw you to the other 10. Before leaving and telling you to take care of
yourself, she'll tell you that when you've found a Menorah, you can place them
on the dais that is located at the entrance to each tier of the Amara Deep Zone.

Once you leave, you'll see a very small conversation between the nurse and her
master--she says "Now everything is ready. Let us see if our chosen Majin will
surpass all the trials and give birth to a new demon..."

Place the Base Menorah on the dais at the entrance to the first Calpa, and the
door will open, granting you access.

The first floor of the first Calpa is fairly pedestrian, with few tricks or
traps to slip you up. There are a couple of points of interest, however:

There are a bunch of Shinentai here that will give you information. One tells
you that the Amara Deep Zone is in a totally different dimension than the Vortex
you came from, and if you intend to recreate the world there, you'd better not
stay long. (a subtle hint that completing this dungeon will block you from the
"create the world" endings) There's another Shinentai who will relate something
he heard from a demon: "Since ages ago, when we fell from Heaven, time stopped,
and the silence continues in the dead of night. All demons speak together with
one voice, one that tells of a new beginning..."

This demon spirit hangs out in the east end of this level. She will ask if
you're human or demon, but will tell you to piss off if you say you're human as
"humans are cruel." If you say you're a demon she'll want to be your friend. And
she is a very good friend. You will probably visit her quite a lot in the game--
Kamara will clue you into the locations of each of the Majin in the Vortex. You
could just be lazy and use this guide to find out where each Majin appears, but
it's more rewarding to find them yourself with the hints from Kamara. ;)

Dark Doctor:
These Dark Doctors are sprinkled liberally throughout the ADZ, and will
(reluctantly) heal you for a fairly large sum of money. The deeper you go, the
more it'll cost you. To start with it'll cost 2000 Makka, then go up.

Dark Broker:
These guys are also sprinkled liberally throughout the ADZ as well. If your
level is high enough, they'll sell you a demon ally with a customized set of
skills. Most of the demons they sell are fairly useless otherwise, so they make
good fusion fodder or support. Here, the Dark Broker will sell you a demon
"designed for dungeon exploration" for a fee of 1,5000 Makka. It is a Lv 28
Pishacha outfitted with the following skills: Drink Blood, Torafulee, Estma,
Riberama, Liftma, Lightma, Treasure Hunt, Memory Advancement

There are five ladders down on B1F-an East, West, Center, Northeast, and
Northwest ladder.
Center: This leads to the exit of the Calpa, but the door there is sealed when
 you first get there. To open it, you'll need to hit a switch in the Eastern
East: This ladder leads to the Eastern Vault, but you can't get in that way, as
 there's a pit blocking your path--it's a dead end.
West: This leads to the Western Vault.
Northeast: This leads to the Eastern Vault.
Northwest: This leads to a sealed-off section of B1F with another Graveyard. To
 get to it, you'll have to go through a secret door--a "swirly" part of the wall
 that isn't real.

B1F is divided into two sections, an Eastern and a Western Vault. The Western
Vault is locked when you first arrive, and the key is located in the Second
Calpa, so you won't be able to get in when you first find it. The Black Visor is
in there when you do get access.

The Eastern Vault is where you want to go. If you can get into the Vault itself,
you can find the switch that opens your way to a new peephole and the Second
Calpa. Of course, getting into the vault is a trick, as it's protected by a
large number of pit traps. If you get dumped into the pit, you'll find a
Shinentai that will offer to sell you information--if you agree, he'll take 2000
Makka and tell you to "look at the ceiling." That's actually a pretty good clue-
if you look at the ceiling of the pit-trap room, you'll see that any unlit
ceiling tile is an indication of the location of a trap. Another thing of note
is that you can walk "diagonally" between pit-traps if you're careful--for
example if there is a pit to the west and south of you, you can walk diagonally
to the southwest tile without falling in either. This is the best way to get to
the ladder leading to the Chakra Pot in the walled-off area of the pit.

Also you can note that you can find a pair of scammers in the pit. They'll offer
to heal you for 500 Makka. If you pay, they'll take the Makka, give you drinks
and wait till you're drunk, then loot you and dump you back at the entrance to
the Amara Deep Zone. They do heal you though, and are a good way to get back to
the entrance to the ADZ quickly, so they can be useful. These scammers pop up in
various places in each of the Calpa.

There's a second Graveyard in B1F that holds the Graves of Orthrus and Yakshini.
But the door is locked so you can't get in when you first get here--again, the
key is in the Second Calpa. (It's the same key that opens the Western Vault)

With the switch in the Eastern Vault hit, the door to the Second Calpa is now
open. Go there via the center stairway and look in the Peephole to see the Nurse
and her master. At the end of each Calpa is just such a Peephole--by looking in
you can open your way to the next Calpa, and the Nurse will reward your efforts
with some very juicy information.

The Nurse applauds your efforts to make it as far as you did, and thanks you for
placing the first Menorah. She is confident that you will be able to get back
the other Menorahs, but warns you that the Majin that hold them are powerful. In
thanks for bringing the first Menorah back, she rewards you with detailed
information on Kagutsuchi.

Kagutsuchi is the light that caused the mass destruction of the Fertilization,
and is there solely to be an instrument of Creation. Creation is like a swapping
of the old rule for a new one with new rules, and Kagutsuchi makes a chosen
lifeform from the old world choose the fate of the new world--everyone else
dies. The nurse says that at the moment, there are probably several different
people seeking to become that chosen one, and the fate of the new world will
depend on exactly which person is chosen. Actually, the Vortex that you are in
is just one of many; within the expanse of the Amara Universe, your Vortex is
not the sole target of creation. In all other worlds, Kagutsuchi is being born,
raised, and dies--thousands or even millions of other universes are being
created as you speak. That endless cycle of destruction and rebirth is the "law
of Amara" as dictated by the "Great Will." The nurse's master has seen the
flourishing, life--and ultimately doom--of many, many, worlds. He has been
struggling with the purpose of it all--why life and prosperous worlds have to be
wiped out and made to start from scratch over and over again. However, a
solution to this dilemma may be near, and your actions may be the opportunity to
find out and solve it. Once more, the nurse asks you to bring the menorahs. She
tells you "Don't waste the power given to you by that fallen angel...take care
of yourself, and don't die."

Now the entrance to the Second Calpa is open. You probably can't go in as you
don't have the requisite Menorahs, but go in to the entrance via the Warp Zone.
There's an event (I think) you need to see in the entrance chamber before the
Majin that hold the Menorahs you need will appear.

                                  THE SECOND CALPA

Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Chakra Pot
Blinding Sphere
Tetraja Stone
Tetraja Stone
Fuma Bell
Lunar Key
Speed Incense*

Lv 1 Gedo Will o' Wisp
Lv 4 Yoki Shikigami
Lv 6 Yoju Chin
Lv 6 Gedo Slime
Lv 7 Gedo Moryo
Lv 15 Yoju Bicorn
Lv 16 Gedo Blob
Lv 20 Yoki Momunofu
Lv 25 Yoju Raiju
Lv 28 Gedo Black Ooze
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 41 Gedo Phantom
Lv 43 Yoju Mothman
Lv 44 Yomotsu-Ikusa
Lv 54 Yoki Shikioji
Lv 65 Jashin Totetsu*
Lv 68 Datenshi Forneus*
Lv 69 Maou Abbadon*
Lv 70 Yama Nyx*
Lv 75 Yoju Hraesvelgr

*Only appears in the "Cursed Corridor"

B3F (West):

B3F (North):

You'll note that the enemies that crop up here are really across the map--all of
the Yoki, Yoju, and Gedo except for Phantom appear here. Some are really weak,
some are really tough. (If you run into a Hraesvelgr, you'd better use a
Blinding Sphere, or run if you're playing on Normal) There are plenty of mazes
and one-way doors here, so it's easy to get lost. This Calpa takes a while to
complete, so you'll probably gain a lot of levels here...

As soon as you enter the Menorah Chamber of the second Calpa, a condescending
"Lofty Voice" calls out to you, and asks if you're the Majin that "follows the
will of the fallen angel and helps further the machinations of Chaos." The voice
threatens you with unspoken consequences if you continue on your current path.
It says that it has been watching you from on high, and that your actions defy
the will of God. The voice tells you to believe its words as absolute and stop
what you're doing "before you become more polluted."

If you agree to the voice's demands, it says "May you be blessed by the light"
and tells you to leave the Amara Deep Zone as soon as possible and never return.
It offers no explanation, saying only that it is "a spokesman of God, and he and
I are one."

If you refuse to obey, it callse you a "fool that does not know right from
wrong." It says that you will lose what remnants of your humanity remain if you
stay in the ADZ, and tells you to leave and never return, before "this place is
struck by God's wrath."

You would think that this question makes a big difference on the outcome of the
game, but from what the buzz on the boards is saying, it actually doesn't. Well,
it does in the sense that if you actually do what the voice tells you to do you
won't be able to get the new ending or lots of the goodies and demon allies that
await you in the Amara Deep Zone. What you say here may also affect the exact
content of dialogue in other portions of the game--I don't know. (e.g. if you
say you'll obey the voice and go on in anyway it may be extra pissed the next
time you run into it) I myself refused the voice's request, so the plot
summaries in the rest of this FAQ are going reflect that decision--if you agree,
the dialogue may be slightly different.

Once you've defeated High Priest and Hell's Angel, use their Menorahs--the
Menorahs of Infinity and Majesty--to open the gate into the Second Calpa.

One of the first things you'll notice here is definite shades of SMT 1&2--there
are Shinentai of three Gaians and three Mesians down here, (Gaia and Mesia being
the two major religious factions in the previous games) acting much like the
Gaians and Mesians of earlier games. Gaian spirit #1 is giving a sermon (to thin
air...) decrying the willfull obediance of God, who is a sadistic and selfish
deity. Gaian # 2 talks about how they just wanted to live in harmony with nature
and the old gods, but were oppressed by the Mesians, who were brainwashed by
their god that was opposed to such a setup. Gaian #3 talks about how as the
Mesians tried to stop their human-demon utopia, the Gaians fought them...without
realizing that there was an enemy within their own ranks.  Mesian #1 explains
that the Mesians believe that God's teachings are absolute, and that the world
changes entirely according to his will, and goes on to chastise you for
wandering outside your own God-given world. Mesian #2 just tells you to pray.
Mesian #3 is an American, who speaks in very broken Japanese, but tells you how
he heard the word of God that Tokyo would be destroyed and was commanded to stop
it. He fought the Gaians, but was killed along with them by the demon summoner

B1F of the Second Calpa is somewhat of a maze. It's divided into four quadrants-
NE, NW, SW, and SE. Each quadrant has a hole in the floor you can jump into to
go to B2F. There are also two ladders on the far west and east sides of the
level--the one on the west leads down to B2F (though to a dead end that's a one-
way door from the other side) and the one on the east leads back out of the
dungeon. The northeast quadrant also has a ladder down to the Cursed Corridor.
(more on that below) In order to get to either of the south quadrants you need
to take a roundabout route, "counterclockwise" through the level (from the
starting point there's a door to the southeast quadrant, but it's locked until
you find the key on this level)

Each hole in the floor to B2F leads to an isolated chamber with a one-way door
out of it. There is something in each chamber:

NE: A Dark Broker hangs out here who will sell you a "Healing Demon" for 30,000
Makka. It is a LV 31 Yoju Nue with the following skills: Distant Prayer, Me-
Patra, Closdi, Paraladi, Posumdi, Petradi, Samarecarm, and Chakra Step.

NW: There's a Magic Box here with the Speed Incense.

SW: Looks empty, but there's actually a secret door on the west wall that leads
to a corridor with a Deathstone in it.

SE: Holds the (locked) door leading to the third Calpa.

There's another, extremely dangerous section of B2F--the Cursed Corridor. You'll
get a warning from a child Shinentai about the curse before entering, and you'll
probably want to steel yourself before taking it on. The Cursed Corridor has
"Curse" damage area, which is new to Maniacs. It's essentially like normal
damage floor in that it hurts you with every step, except that it does tons more
damage, and no spells or items (like Liftma) will negate the damage--if you're
going through it, you'll HAVE to soak up the damage. To add insult to injury,
the corridor is teeming with really powerful, endgame-class enemies that don't
normally show up until the final dungeon. So your initial gut reaction would
probably be to stay out. However, there is a distinct advantage to sticking it
out and going all the way to the end. If you're going to give it a shot,
strongly advise that you not try and fight the demons that pop up here while
attempting to make it to the end of the corridor--bring an ally with Torafulee
and run from the first hint of danger! If you make it, there is an Ifreet at the
end of the corridor who made a bet with his drinking buddy that nobody would
ever bother to come that far. As he lost the bet, he will pay you--a whopping
250,000 Makka! Plus he says he'll give you some good info later on. Now you have
to get OUT of the corridor--good luck. (Fortunately it's easier with the one-way
doors to use as shortcuts) Note that later on in the game, there's a method to
remove the curse, though the tough monsters will not be removed--however, I
don't know if the Ifreet will pay you if you wait that long. I don't think so.

Both of the holes in the floor of B2F will lead to--surprise--B3F. They will
dump you in a maze with "invisible" walls--not entirely invisible, but you can't
see them until you're right up against them. The maze can be kind of tough to
navigate unless you break out the graph paper and map it out--but I brought mine
so you don't have to. :P Below is a cruddy ASCII map of the maze--H1 and H2 are
the dropoff points from the western and eastern holes on B1F respectively.

                        Exit up + graves of Mizuchi
                         and the Moirai Sisters

                |   _________________|   __    ________|
                |  |___  |   _____|     |  |   _____   |
                |      __|  |   _____|  |  |  |   __|  |
                |  |_____   |_____   |  |  |__|  |  |  |
                |__|  |________   |__    __         |  |
   Exit up +    |  |      __|  |__    __|  |__ H2   |  |
   graves of    X  |   H1         |  |   __   |_____|  X To the Lunar Key
 Chiun and Ose  |  |     |        |__|   __|   __|  |__|
                |  |  |__|  |_____    ___________   |  |
                |  |     |__|     |  |     |_____   |  |
                |  |  |  |     |  |__|  |      _____   |
                |  |_____|  |  |________|  |________|  |

                             To a dead end

You'll note that this maze is essentially divided into a north and south halves,
which are cut off from each other. The south exit leads to nowhere. The west
exit leads to a path back up to B2F, plus the (locked) graves of Chiun and Ose.
The north door leads to the (again, locked) graves of Mizuchi and the Moirai
sisters. There's also a locked door to a chest with a Deathomen stone.

Bet you're tired of all these locked doors, no? Time to relieve that irritation.
The east exit off of the maze leads to the Lunar Key...though it looks like a
dead end. Talk to the old woman at the dead end, who will tell you to look
closely at the wall. Do so, and you can see there's sort of a swirly effect on
part of it. Walk into this "swirly" wall, as it's an illusion. It leads to the
key that will unlock all the doors on both this Calpa and the first one.

Now that you have the key, you can finally unlock the door in the southeast
chamber on B2F. It leads to a path, then a hole to yet another peephole--the end
of the second Calpa.

The nurse and her master will be waiting for you again. Once again you are
thanked for your efforts in retrieving the Menorahs. The nurse asks if you met
the Shinentai in the Calpa, and explains that Shinentai are born from human
memories via the "purification of death," which is why they can remember their
past lives even in the depths of the Amara. Many of those that you met were
associated with Hikawa, and the nurse goes into more detail on exactly who
Hikawa is and how the fertilization came about.

Everything regarding the fertilization started from the headquarters of Gaia.
Gaia was a religion that attempted to incorporate all ideals and beliefs--even
contradictory ones--so long as said beliefs are not exclusionary. The Gaians
then tried to find truth in the Chaos of the cacophony of beliefs amongst their
adherents. Hikawa was one of these Gaians, but his views were extremist and
heretical even to a group like the Gaians that would accept just about any sort
of belief. His ambitions were more grandiose than the other Gaians, looking
beyond creating an ideal for humanity on earth, and instead looking to reshape
reality itself, changing the basic rules of the system as it were. While
researching in the Gaian library to see if anything would help him accomplish
his ambition, Hikawa came across the Miroku prophecy. The minute he opened the
book, the Amara Cylinder appeared, which he took and researched. After
deciphering the words on it, Hikawa learned of the basic rules of the Amara
Universe and how it worked, and also gained the ability to summon demons.
Realizing that the universe was going to die and be reborn anyway, Hikawa
figured it might as well happen under his will, and thus planned to tap into the
Amara Universe to destroy the world and rebuild it to his desires. The
incident in the park at the beginning of the game was preparation for his plan-
there he came into conflict with both fellow Gaians and the Mesians. His fellow
Gaians learned of his plan to destroy the universe and planned to stop it, and
the Mesians were also tipped off that Hikawa was summoning demons and wanted to
stop him too. Hikawa unleashed his demon minions during a Gaian/Mesian conflict-
the demons slaughtered both sides, effectively eliminating any opposition. With
them out of the way, Hikawa began preparations for the Fertilization and the
summoning of Kagutsuchi in earnest. As soon as the Fertilization took place, he
formed the Nihilo organization from the demons that he now had control over.

And the rest, the nurse says, is history--the Fertilization took place just as
Hikawa planned. However, she tells you that the future is not yet decided yet;
not just the universe, but all universes may be able to be freed from the
endless cycle of destruction and creation--and that is exactly what the old man
in the wheelchair hopes that you can accomplish.

The entrance to the third Calpa is now open--you can go in. (And again, you have
to to see the cutscene)

                              THE THIRD CALPA

Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Chakra Pot*
Magic Incense*
Great Chakra*
Great Chakra*
Power Incense*

Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 13 Chirei Sudama
Lv 18 Yama Fomorian
Lv 20 Yoki Momunofu
Lv 25 Mitama Aramitama
Lv 26 Yosei Kelpie
Lv 28 Ryuo Naga
Lv 28 Yuki Pishacha
Lv 30 Jashin Arahabaki
Lv 33 Jashin Baphomet
Lv 37 Yoma Ongkot
Lv 37 Datenshi Berith
Lv 37 Ryuo Naga Raja
Lv 37 Yama Succubus
Lv 38 Yosei Troll
Lv 41 Tenshi Virtue
Lv 43 Yosei Setanta
Lv 43 Kijo Yakshini
Lv 44 Yoma Djinn
Lv 44 Yoki Yomotsu-Ikusa
Lv 45 Kishin Takemikazuchi
Lv 45 Datenshi Ose
Lv 45 Jashin Pazuzu
Lv 46 Shinju Yatagarasu
Lv 46 Yosei Oberon
Lv 47 Majin Atavaka
Lv 47 Yama Chiun
Lv 49 Chirei Titan
Lv 52 Yoma Ifreet
Lv 52 Maou Loki
Lv 53 Yama Loa
Lv 56 Majin Amaterasu
Lv 56 Yama Queen Maeve
Lv 58 Datenshi Decarabia
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos

1F (West):

1F (North):
Ja-Aku Frost

This level is actually rather short, in that really you'll only be fighting
things in the first two floors--at least during exploration, as monsters won't
appear in the bottom three floors until you've finished the "minigame" on this
level. Still it's good to be careful, as some of the enemies here can really
dish out the punishment. There's a huge variety of them here as well--there is a
greater variety of enemies in this Calpa than in any other area in the game. Too
bad you can't talk to them and get them to join you!

Upon entry to this Calpa, you will be greeted by the Four Horsemen of the
Apocalypse in the Menorah Chamber--White Rider, Red Rider, Black Rider, and Pale
Rider. They say that the gears of fate have started turning, and that they keep
spinning endlessly...but they, led by the "fallen angel," seek to transcend
that, and ask if you too seek the same goal. They each hold a Menorah, and you
will have to defeat them in order to retrieve them. Pale Rider says that "the
great one" wants you to surpass the trials of Death set out for you, then come
forward and join him of his own will. Then, he will come forward in the last
battle and make a "final decision." Pale Rider wants to know if you wish to go
on this "noble path" but warns you that if you do, you will lose the last
vestiges of your humanity. He asks if you are prepared to make that sacrifice.

If you say yes, Pale Rider is very glad, and says that he and the other Horsemen
will wait for you in the Vortex, with the hope that you possess the power to
defeat them and take their Menorahs.

If you say no, then Pale Rider says "Then the great one's hope for mankind is
truly lost." Angrily he says to you that they will not forgive you for robbing
them of their last hope, and will kill you in the Vortex in retribution if they
find you.

Like the decision on the second Calpa, this seems like a really important
decision, but won't affect the outcome in any way. (at least if the buzz on the
boards is any indicator) I answered "yes" here, but I imagine that saying "no"
will probably change the Riders' reaction to you when you find them in the
Vortex--if you say "yes" they greet you rather warmly before they fight you,
which wouldn't make much sense if they said the same thing after you saying

Leave and go back to the "normal" game, returning once you've defeated the
White, Red, and Black riders. Place the Menorahs of Compassion, Wisdom, and
Understanding on the dais and you can enter the Calpa fully.

The first floor of this Calpa is unusual. You'll notice it's divided into three
separate sections--North, West, and East. Each of these sections correspond to
one of your attributes--Power for West, Luck for North, and Magic for East. Each
of these sections is blocked by "Attribute doors" that will only let you past if
your associated stat is high enough. Inside each section there are other,
similar doors that are more stringent in their requirements for your getting
through. I'm not sure what the exact requirement for getting through the "base"
doors are, though for magic and power I'm betting it's 15. (I had 18 in all
stats when first getting here, as I could get through the first doors, but not
the successive ones) Luck is far less stringent--at 18 Luck when first arriving
in this Calpa, I was given complete free reign of the Luck section, and was able
to get through all of the doors in the entire area. The other areas have two
different "levels" of doors which seem to require 20 and 25 respectively to
open, so maybe the doors in the Luck section are 5, 10, and 15?

In any case, if you don't have high enough stats to make it through a door, then
you'll be teleported elsewhere when trying to go through it. Note that the
"good" destination is not necessarily the other side of the door (for example,
the "bad" destination of one of the doors in the Power section is on the other
side--the "good" destination teleports you to a room with some Magic Boxes) In
order to get down to the next level, you'll have to be able to at least enter
the first door of one of these "attribute" sections. If you can't get through
any of them, you probably need to boost your stats a bit higher before coming
back here. (You're also probably too weak to be at this Calpa anyway)

There's not much in the way of information on this level--one Shinentai will
relay to you something he heard from a demon--"Death surpasses Death, when the
flame lights the darkness, the word to begin will come. We await that time." The
other Shinentai will tell you it sees your soul changing, and asks if you want
to know why. If you say yes, he gives you this really bizarre anecdote about a
turtle in the desert turned upside down on its back--that you are the turtle,
and from the reverse, everything seems backwards. It's...unusual, to say the

There are two Gravesites in this floor of the Calpa--one off the Power section
of the dungeon, and one off the Luck section of the dungeon. The Power section
holds the graves of Kinki, Suiki, and Fuki. The Luck section holds the graves of
Ongyoki, Mara and Ja-aku Frost.

In addition to the various attribute doors, each Attribute area leads to an
Alignment door--a Dark door for Power, a Light Door for Magic, and a Neutral
door for Luck. These doors will only let you by if your hero's race is of the
corresponding alignment. (e.g. if he's a Shura-kan, then he's got a Neutral
race) Of course since your hero's alignment tends to fluctuate a lot, it should
be easy to get through all three doors at various parts of the game. Inside each
alignment door is a Dark Broker.

The Broker behind the Dark door will sell you a demon with "great potential" for
150,000 Makka. It is a Lv 4 Yuki Gaki with the following skills: Megido,
Megidora, Megidoraon, Mediarahan, Samarecarm, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn, and
Recarmdora. (This Gaki makes GREAT sacrifice fodder)

The Broker behind the Light Door will sell you a "defensive demon" for 70,000
Makka. It is a Lv 50 Jashin Arahabaki with the following skills: Absorption
Attack, Tetrakarn, Makalakarn, Tetraja, Raku-Kaja, Suku-kaja, De-Kaja, De-Kunda.

The Broker behind the Neutral Door will sell you as many Deathomen Stones as you
like, for 100,000 Makka apiece. You'll get more Deathomen stones than you know
what to do with here in the ADZ without buying more, but if you want to come
back later in the game and fuse Majin with better, end-of-game abilities, buying
more Stones can be useful.

Note that there is a bizarre bug with these rooms--if you gain a level while in
an "alignment" room, the Hero maxes a Magatama, and changes alignment (ie, if
you were gained a level in the Light Dark Broker's room and became Neutrally
aligned inside the room) you won't be able to get out! Unless of course you
fight battles over and over again inside the room until you change back to the
requisite alignment to get in....

There's a locked door on B1F, but you won't be able to get through this until
after you've finished most of the fourth Calpa, so ignore it for now. Once
you've defeated the Ja-aku Frost in Ikebukuro, the Jack frost on this floor will
tell you that he has come back to life and to search the Calpa for him.

Go down to B2F, and you'll find Dante waiting there, just itching to ruin the
atmosphere of the game. ^^ He says he thought he'd run into you again, and says
that he won't explain in detail, but by now you should realize that the old man
in the wheelchair wants the Majin fighting amongst themselves. He says he doesn'
t know what will happen if the old man gets his way, but "you're not dumb enough
to let him make you run around like a puppet, are you?" He tells you to turn
around and run away, as it's your only choice. He asks if you agree. I didn't
even bother to find out what he says if you agree to turn tail and run--tell him
to piss off! Dante leaves, saying he'll kill you if you go any further.

Ignore Dante and go through the door. Now you have to play an inane "Dodge
Dante" mini-game. Essentially Dante will chase you through the corridors of the
dungeon, and if he gets close, the game goes to a battle screen. Dante will
immediately use his "Stinger" attack to kill one of your allies, then run away
and send you back to the beginning of the level. So you have to keep your
distance. In addition, while you're running through the corridor, Dante will
shoot at you, but his bullets do so little damage that they really serve no
purpose other than to annoy you.  Dodging Dante is really not that tough, as
there are always looping pathways to avoid him. He's also pretty slow and stupid
in the way he moves, so it's not hard to get him to run into a dead-end in the
more "complicated" areas.

When you get to the second area of B2F, Dante will give you a "count to three"
headstart before he starts chasing you. To open the door to the next floor, you
need to hit two switches in the center room. After hitting a switch Dante will
always appear in the door opposite you, so in order to hit the second switch
without being caught you have to leave and circle around to the other door from
outside the chamber.

When you come back here after the Dante mini-game and defeating Ja-aku Frost,
Ja-aku Frost will be waiting for you here in this central room. He'll ask if you
remember him--he says he came back from the dead, but it's a secret as to how he
did. He wants to try to become the strongest, so he decides by teaming up with
you he will be able to. (since you were able to defeat him before) He will then
force himself into your party. Of course this not a bad thing, as Ja-aku Frost
is one of the best demon allies in the game. ;)

Once you've hit both switches the door to B4F will open, and Dante will decide
to play cheapass by standing right in front of the exit. Of course, if you try
to attack him, he will do his normal attack-then-flee shtick, and you'll have to
do the level all over again. Basically what you need to do is inch up to Dante,
and as soon as he starts chasing you, turn and run in the opposite direction,
circle around the level to get to B3F.

On B3F, Dante will still chase you, but in a different manner. There are three
switches on this level to open the door to the next--one to the west, one to the
north, and one to the east. Between the central "hub" and the switches are rooms
with hidden walls, and once you hit a switch, Dante will appear in these rooms.
You'll then have to run away from him (maneuvering around the invisible walls)
without him catching you and doing the stupid attack-then-flee move. The west
and east chambers are fairly straightforward, but the north one is more
convoluted with more invisible walls. Since after you hit the third switch Dante
will be a cheap bastard again and camp the exit, it's best to save the north
switch for last so you won't have to worry about getting away from Dante on your
way back. You'll have to do the inch-toward-Dante-then-run thing again when he
camps the exit.

Now you're in B4F, and you've lost Dante--or so it seems. He'll actually ambush
you midway through the level, and FINALLY fight you straight up without running
away like a little coward. You now have the opportunity to get out all that
annoyance that Dante has been providing for the last few levels, and use him as
your personal punching bag.

HP: 5000 MP: 3000
Boss Immunities
E&I, Rebellion, Holy Star, Taunt, Twosome Time, Whirlwind, Round Trip, Showtime

Dante hasn't learned anything from the last fight. If it's possible, Dante is
even easier to beat this time than the last time! Once again, Dante
overwhelmingly focuses on physical attacks, making it easy to counter him.
However, once you beat him up enough he will use some different techniques,
including "Whirlwind" (Shock attack) "Round Trip" (Electric) and once he's
really beaten up badly, "Showtime" (All-Purpose) He has no way of negating -Kaja
spells and no way of reducing your stats outside of his Taunt. (which does more
damage to him than you, especially since you can just De-Kunda the bad effects
away, and keep the good effects active) The only potential threat is Showtime,
but considering he always Taunts you before using it, he will make your party so
strong that you should be able to kill him easily before he gets it off. (The
first time I fought him, after his taunt I dealt him over 2500 points of damage
in a single blow, killing him instantly and making me have to reset so I could
find his exact HP for this FAQ. And this was on Hard.) If you're having trouble,
I suggest you bring in a Shock-absorbing ally like Genma Kurama Tengu into this
fight, as he tends to use Whirlwind more than his other skills. Overall, Dante
should not be a problem--show him what a wuss he is by humiliating him with a
quick and overwhelming defeat!

Upon Dante's defeat, you will get (IMO) the dumbest cutscene of the entire game,
Despite the fact that you just beat the tar out of him, Dante postures like an
idiot, saying he "won't kill you" because "that's what the old man would want."
Actually, that's exactly what the old man WOULDN'T want, but maybe Dante's just
punch-drunk. In any case, he gives you his Menorah, saying that he hoped he
could find the truth by gathering them, but "changed his mind" and doesn't want
it anyway. (Too proud to admit you unceremoniously made him kiss the floor
perhaps?) Instead, he says he's going to try and find out what the old man is
really after. He leaves. And that's fortunately the last you'll ever see of him,
save for an incredibly minor cutscene later on where you're given the chance to
hire him into your party.

With Dante out of the way, you can finally proceed on to the peephole--look in
for your reward of juicy information from the nurse & and the old guy in the
wheelchair. This time, the nurse gives you some information on Aradia, the
goddess that Yuko prayed to.

Aradia is a "fabricated" goddess that is not permitted to be in the Vortex
world, and wandered in from another dimension. As an uncountable number of
Vortexes exist in the Amara universe, Aradia originates one of those others, but
not in a "legitimate" vortex. Vortexes are normally born from the power of the
universes they used to be in the cycle of creation and destruction. However,
there are other Vortexes that exist in the shadow of the "legitimate" Vortexes,
and Aradia is from one such "Shadow Vortex". The residents of these Shadow
Vortexes are fabrications, generated from the wishes, beliefs, and desires of
the people that live in the "legitimate" vortexes--their thoughts essentially
become crystallized in a semi-"real" form. However, to become full-fledged, "
real" deities, these "shadow gods" have to leave their Shadow Vortexes and seek
out "legitimate" vortexes that are in the process of being Created and having
their Kotowari decided. If they successfully incorporate themselves in such a
world, they can become fully "real" gods like all the others. Aradia is just one
such goddess, a "sad savior goddess" that is born from the dreams and visions of
others. The nurse tells you that Aradia herself originated from the prayers of
the Wiccans, who where seeking a refuge from the persecution of a "more powerful
god"--they prayed to Aradia to save them from oppression and to help all those
that suffer. However, being a "shadow deity," Aradia was more or less powerless
to save anyone, and could do nothing but give hope to those that believed in
her. Still being a Shadow Goddess and a foreign entity, Aradia can not do much
-she is a "doomed freedom goddess" as the nurse puts it.

Before leaving, the nurse tells you that you have probably been hearing a lot of
different things from a lot of different people--the Majin, the voice from the
second Calpa, the people in the Vortex, and her and her master. She leaves you
to decide for yourself who to believe and who not to, but asks you to remember
that she and her master have been waiting an eternity in the Amara for your
arrival..."the source of the Deep Zone, the Menorah, and the new Demon of Chaos
everyone yearns for. And the final hour my master awaits..." She says you
probably don't understand what she's talking about, but promises to tell you
everything the next time you see her.

Your path to the 4th Calpa is now open. Head on in. (Or turn back if you don't
have the requisite Menorahs--there's no event in the Menorah Chamber you have to
see at this point)

                               THE FOURTH CALPA

25,000 Makka
25,000 Makka
66,666 Makka
100,0001 Makka
Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Deathomen Stone
Tetraja Stone
Great Chakra*
Blinding Sphere x 5*
Power Incense*
Magic Incense*
Diamond x 3*

Lv 4 Yuki Gaki
Lv 11 Yuki Choronzon
Lv 13 Gijin Manekata
Lv 17 Yuki Yakka
Lv 28 Yuki Pischacha
Lv 34 Maju Orthrus
Lv 49 Yuki Legion
Lv 52 Kijo Dakini
Lv 52 Maou Loki
Lv 53 Yama Loa
Lv 55 Seiju Chimera
Lv 55 Ryuo Quetzalcoatl
Lv 58 Datenshi Decarabia
Lv 58 Jashin Girimekara
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos
Lv 63 Yuki Vetala
Lv 63 Kyocho Gurulu
Lv 65 Jashin Totetsu
Lv 68 Maou Abbadon
Lv 70 Yama Nyx
Lv 91 Maou Mot


Meifu Road

This level has a really bizarre layout, and there are lots of tough enemies
here. (Maou Mot is one of the beefiest enemies in the game) Therefore it's very
important to take this Calpa in chunks at a time instead of trying to complete
the whole thing at once. In addition, the second toughest boss of the game is
lurking down here, and you don't want to get killed by him after clearing out
everything else. The Cursed areas of this Calpa are also a real pain--they're
exactly like the Cursed Corridor on the Second Calpa. Once you beat the boss of
this Calpa, all the cursed areas in the entire Amara Deep Zone will disappear,
so you might want to wait to investigate the Cursed areas until after he's gone.
(Of course, to even fight this boss, you have to traverse a large cursed

Before you can enter the fourth Calpa, you have to defeat all of the remaining
Majin--Pale Rider, Dante, Mother Harlot, and Trumpeter.  Place the remaining
Menorahs on the dais--the Menorahs of Knowledge, Diadem, Beauty, and Divine
Might. You now have unfettered access to the rest of the Amara Deep Zone--the
fourth and fifth Calpas. Of course, you'll need to complete the fourth before
you can get to the fifth.

At the entrance to the fourth Calpa is a Shinentai that warns you "not to turn
left up ahead." It might be a good idea to follow his advice, as the corrridor
to the left is entirely Cursed, which is no fun. Of course, there's 50K Makka
and a Deathstone in this corridor so if you want it now you can always give it a
shot. Or, you can wait until you've cleared the Calpa and the cursed zones
disappear entirely. There's also Graveyard (with Sakahagi and Spectre) in the
corridor, and a Shinentai that will tell you of the "Eternal 12m," a strange
corridor that leads to different places at different phases of Kagutsuchi. It
warns you not to go at a Silent Kagutsuchi as you'll end up in the Demon Lord's
room, and he does not take kindly to visitors.

In the north section of the first floor is a Dark Broker that sells an "attack
magic" demon for 50,000 Makka. It is a Level 60 Mothman with the following
skills: All four Maha-element-Dain spells, Mahanma-on, Mahamudo-on, Megidoraon,
and Chakra Step.

The ladder down to the next level leads to the "Eternal 12m."

The "Eternal 12m" is an odd place, that leads to four different places: The
Meifu Road, the Meifu Treasury, the Meifu Corridor, and the Meifu Plaza. (The
Meifu is the Japanese land of the dead) You can't use your map in any of these
areas. All four of these areas lead to the same place, the other side of the
"Eternal 12m." Beyond there is a short corridor with a blocked-off entrance to
the fifth Calpa. A Shinentai will tell you that the switch to open that entrance
can only be accessed from the Calpa above--from behind that golden door that you
can't get through. But don't worry, after completing this Calpa you'll be able
to find the key to that door.

The Meifu Road:
If you enter the "Eternal 12m" during any odd-numbered moon phase (i.e 1/8, 3/8,
etc) you'll end up here. This place actually looks like a fairly
straightforward, empty corridor. However you'll probably notice that the east
wall has another one of those swirly-wall things that you saw in the second
Calpa--an illusionary wall. Go through and you can find a Deathomen Stone in
addition to a Graveyard with Arsiel, Albion, and Skadi.

The Meifu Treasury:
If you enter the "Eternal 12m" during either a half or full Kagutsuchi, you'll
end up in the Meifu Treasury. This is a VERY nice place to be, as you can loot
the treasury and make yourself filthy stinking rich, providing you find the
vault (which is an Amara Warp Zone) There are treasure chests in each chamber
with some nice stuff too, and a central "safety deposit box" with several nice
treasures as well.

The layout of the treasury is rather confusing, as you can't see your map and
there are teleport traps all over the place. The place is actually symmetrical
though and not too tough once you get an idea for a layout. The left half of the
Treasury leads to the Vault, and the right half of the Treasury leads to the
Safety Deposit Box.

To get to either, do the following: First head left or right respectively, and
you will be teleported into the north corridor in a room with four exits. Ignore
the east and west corridors (they both teleport you out) and head straight
south. You will now be teleported into a room with two exits--one to the north
through a door, and one to the south. Ignore the door (it teleports you out) and
head south. You'll be teleported into a larger room. This room has teleports
directly into the Vault or Safety Deposit Box. However, they're easy to miss if
you're not paying attention. There are two exits to the room via teleporter, but
one of them is sort of "tucked into the wall" in a "concealed by the camera
angle" corridor. It's this exit you want to take.

If you're shooting for the Safety Deposit Box, you'll be confronted with a new
irritation before you can get in--the "Waiting Old Man." The Waiting old man
blocks the entrance to the Safety Deposit Box, complains that everyone's in such
a hurry nowadays, and asks you if it isn't important to slow down every once in
a while. If you say "no" he will be annoyed and refuse to open the door. If you
say "yes" he will ALSO be annoyed and refuse to open the door, calling you a
hypocrite. The reason? You have to wait. What's annoying is finding out exactly
WHEN to wait. I tried loitering around the entrance--no good. I tried waiting in
the middle of the Old Man's speech--no good. It appears you have to wait on the
"yes/no" screen when the Old Man asks you his question before answering "yes."
If you wait long enough, he'll let you through the door. I'm not quite sure
exactly how long you have to wait before he stops calling you a hypocrite, but
it's at least a couple of minutes.

The Safety Deposit Box has some nice stuff, but the Vault is the real highlight
of this area--a perfect run through this tunnel will net you 43,167 Makka. Once
you get good at it, you can easily make tons and tons of money very quickly.

The Meifu Corridor:
If you enter the "Eternal 12m" either at a 2/8 or 6/8 moon phase, you'll be sent
here. There's no treasure in here, but it does hold a secret that can net you
some fun demons to join your party.

Basically the place is full of one-way doors to the north and east. The exit is
three doors north and two doors east fron the entrance, if you go anywhere else
you'll end up in the northeast corner which teleports you back to the beginning.
The sole feature of this level are two "lost souls" in the northwest and
southeast corners of the Corridor.

The one in the southeast was a murdering psychopath in life, who asks if you
think it's wrong to kill to your heart's content. It doesn't matter what you
say, but if you say "no" then he reveal to you tell you that while he killed
lots of people in life and loved it, he yearned for human warmth and kindness.

The one in the northwest was a businessman in life who built up his company so
much that he profited and people ended up waiting on him hand and foot. He asks
if you think his life was a success or not. It doesn't matter what you say here
either, but if you say "yes" he will reveal that he had some sort of "incident"
during his life that created intense rage toward "that young man" and though he
wanted to get revenge on the world, he was tied down by society. (It's not said
what the "incident" was. Hostile takeover of his company? Wife cheating on him?
It's up to the player's speculation)

Neither of these guys are important right now, but they will help you soon. At
the exit of this maze, you'll find a Shinentai that will tell you that the "Mud
Bell of the Afterlife" was here in this part of the Amara Deep Zone, and was a
treasure that could raise the dead. However, it was stolen, and the Shinentai
says "the guy who stole it is probably in his grave now." This is a hint as to
where to go next.

Leave the Amara Deep Zone and go to Zoshigaya (the place with all the dead
Manekata at the end of the Ginza Tunnel) You'll find a vaporized Manekata there
and the Bell--the nearby Shinentai says that he used the bell to become fully
human, then died instantly as the Vortex cannot support human life normally.

The next time you check out any of the peepholes in the Amara Deep Zone, the
Nurse will note your possession of the bell. She says that the bell was stolen
by a Manekata who dreamed of reincarnation, as the bell has the power to
reincarnate lost souls. It was hidden deep in the Amara to keep it out of the
hands of those that would misuse it, until it was stolen. Then she goes on to
give you detailed information about the Manekata.

The Manekata were born from fragments of human emotion, fragments that took
their own bodies. Everyone in Asakusa was wiped out during the Fertilization--a
necessity for the so-called "advancement" of the world to its next stage. When
all the people died, they left their souls and emotions behind. Weak emotions by
themselves without bodies to host them died quickly, but the stronger ones
remained behind. That emotion then turns to raw energy, and goes to a place
where they can find something or someone or receive it. In this case, the best
conductor of this emotional energy was the mud at the banks of the river in
Mifunashiro--the mud absorbed the energy and then formed bodies, the Manekata.
The Manekata are reflections of what people in life either desired to be, or
what they least wanted to be seen as. Thus the Manekata became the new residents
of the Vortex, though they were cursed with the fate of not being able to
harness Creation or advance to a new world, like those few "intact" humans that
survived the Fertilization are. However, despite the weakness of the Manekata,
there were those few that held both power and strong wills. The nurse tells you
that you can use the bell to reincarnate the souls of such Manekata.

So now you know the deal behind those two restless spirits in the Corridor--the
businessman with his desire to get revenge on the world spawned Sakahagi, and
the psychopath that desired love and warmth spawned Futomimi. Bring the bell to
them and touch them, and the spirits themselves will be given a second chance
and reincarnated as Sakahagi and Futomimi respectively. Once you've caused the
two souls to pass on, you can now fuse Gedo Sakahagi and Kishin Futomimi at the
Jakyo Manor. (Sakahagi is kind of mediocre, but Futomimi makes a great ally)

The Meifu Plaza:
If you enter the "Eternal 12m" during a Silent Kagutsuchi, you'll be sent here.
This is the most dangerous area of the fourth Calpa, and the one you'll probably
want to tackle last. For starters, almost the entire area is Cursed. In
addition, a very powerful boss awaits you here. But you'll have to go through it
if you want to get to the 5th Calpa.

The Demon Lord's room is in the Meifu Plaza and is to the north, in roughly the
middle of the cursed chamber. There's a Dark Doctor right nearby so you can heal
up before going through the door. I suggest you take on the Corridor with the
Hero only in your active party, and a demon with Torafulee. If you get fought,
immediately have your ally cast Torafulee to get you out of there. When you're
in front of the door and all healed up, summon in your allies and open the door.

Despite the warning of the Shinentai above, the Demon Lord is actually rather
pleasant when you enter his chambers. He applauds your work at defeating the
Majin and grants you an audience, beckoning you to approach. As you do, he tells
you that he is the leader of the fallen angels in the Amara Deep Zone, the most
powerful Maou that controls the demons of Chaos--Beelzebub.

"So, you're the one that Master Lucifer has taken such a liking to" Beelzebub
says. "They say you're trying to create a new demon with the power he gave you."
(Thus settling the argument once and for all for those few people that claim
that the boy at the beginning of the game is NOT Lucifer) Beelzebub tells you
that when you returned all the Menorah you've gathered in their rightful places,
"a new demon will be born." All the oppressed demons in the Amara Deep Zone
await that time, and when the demon is born, Lucifer will give his decision
and the awaiting armies will rise on his command to take back what the forces of
Light had stolen from them. Beelzebub says that he will gladly lend you his aid
to that end, but first must test you. In battle, of course--he transforms to his
"fly form" and attacks.

HP: 16000 MP: Way too many to find out by draining
Reflects Hama and Curse, Boss Immunities, Strong to everything else but Fire
Mahazanma, Mahajionga, Mahazandain, Mahajiodain, De-Kaja, De-Kunda, Kiai,
Megidoraon, Dead Fly Funeral

Beelzebub is hard to kill. Really, freaking, hard to kill, especially if you're
playing on Hard. He's not so bad to start out--he just uses the weaker Shock/
Electricity skills with the occasional attack, but once you shave off about a
quarter of his HP, he starts to "fight for real" and gets much tougher, using
Megidoraon and Dead Fly's Funeral. Dead Fly Funeral is a devastating attack that
does lots of All-Purpose damage, and also instakills any character with no Curse
immunity or Tetraja spell cast--no chance of failure. For that reason, it's
pretty much a requirement to bring in four allies immune to Curse--you can't
afford to try to cover yourself with Tetraja, especially since Beelzebub will
occasionally use two Dead Fly Funerals in a row. Another thing that's extra
difficult abot Beelzebub is you have to fight him straight-up with no -Kaja or
-nda spells as he casts De-Kaja and De-Kunda so much as to make said spells
worthless. If he uses Kiai start throwing up Tetrakarn shields as fast as you
can, as he can easily do 700+ Hp of damage with an unadjusted defense on your

This is one of the few fights where I really had to make a custom-made party in
order to win it easily. The party I used was:
a custom Futomimi (fused from Ganesha) with Kiai, Silent Sky Critical, and Shock
a custom Girimekara with Kiai, Silent Sky Critical, and Mediarahan
a custom Mother Harlot with Silent Sky Critical, Mediarahan, and Tetrakarn

First, all of these allies were immune to Curse, a more or less prerequisite.
Second, as you can probably tell, I fought Beelzebub during a Silent Kagutsuchi.
He does the least amount of damage like this and all my characters save the Hero
were guaranteed Criticals on their attacks. (I first tried this with Bright Sky
Critical, but Beelzebub did so much damage like that he still creamed my party
before they could really do anything) Third, Futomimi and Mother Harlot acted as
lightning rods to suck up Press Turns when Beelzebub used Shock and Electric
attacks respectively. (I could have used Sakahagi as he learns immunity to both
Shock AND Electric, but he's not that great a character overall) Fourth, both
Mother Harlot and Girimekara naturally reflect Physical, so that meant that
there was a 50% chance that an attack from Beelzebub would be reflected back on
him, and in case he used Kiai first, I could just cast Tetrakarn with Mother
Harlot. My Hero was more or less baggage and occasional item use and healing. I
had him equip Satan. With this setup, I would usually get 7 attacks per round.
First round, Futomimi and Girimekara would Kiai, and Mother Harlot and the Hero
would just attack. Second round, I'd have the Hero pass, (he was fastest so
struck first) Girimekara/Futomimi/Mother Harlot attack (All getting criticals)
so I'd have four flashing Press Turns. Then the Hero and Mother Harlot would
heal if necessary, and Futomimi and Girimekara would Kiai again in preparation
for the next round. I found I was able to keep my HP at decent levels and
decrease Beelzebub's nice and quickly this way.

Once Beelzebub is gone, you can fuse him in the Jakyo Manor (providing you have
the levels--he's a level 84 Maou) and you are free to loot his treasure trove.
Also, all Curse areas in the Amara Deep Zone are now gone.

When you exit Beelzebub's chamber, the Mothman outside will tell you "Go to the
formerly cursed area--the one there knows the location of the Morning Star Key."
You'll need the Morning Star Key to get to the 5th Calpa. You probably have an
idea already to what this refers--the Ifreet up in the Cursed Corridor on the
Second Calpa. Talk to Ifreet and he will tell you that his drinking buddy has
the key. Well, there's only one bar in the game--head there.

Talk to Loki at the bar, and he says that he sold the key to a Manekata that
collects those sorts of things, so he could buy more booze. So, head back to
Asakusa and talk to the Junk Collector Manekata. He gives you the key for free,
saying that he's not really interested in it, as it turns out it wasn't made by

Now that you have the Morning Star Key, you can open the door in the third Calpa
that was locked before. Travel to the fourth Calpa, hit the switch, return, go
back to the fourth Calpa the "normal" way, and you can now go to the exit.

Look in the peephole--the final one in the game. The old gentleman and his nurse
are waiting for you--and as promised, the Nurse tells you everything. She says
that you might have inklings toward it already, but the Menorahs were not
stolen. Instead, her master had reason to give them to those that he saw fit.
She apologizes for deceiving you earlier, but says that there was an important
reason she needed to do so, and goes on to explain why.

There has been an ongoing battle between the forces of light and darkness that
transcends time and the multiverse. The forces of darkness were once part of the
light, but were banished and are to trying to reclaim their old position, while
the forces of light want to keep the forces of darkness banished. The battle has
been going on for aeons, and affects everybody, in all universes--both humans
and demons get sucked up into both sides and either fought or were made victims
of the conflict. The battle continues endlessly--but the "great one" swore an
oath that he would put an end to the nonstop fighting. The method of doing so
would be to create a Chaos demon of great power--one that becomes such of his
own will--and with him, challenge the forces of light once and for all in a
final, decisive showdown. The Majin--incarnations of death--were prepared to
give their lives to give birth to that demon. By challenging, defeating, and
thus transcending death, the demon's raw power could be crystallized--the first
ray of hope for the demons cast down from the light. The plan was devised both
by the "great one" and the nurse's master--and you were the one that they chose
to become the demon. The whole "fighting the Majin" thing was one big test, as
it needed to be seen if you could get past them. (Ergo, they couldn't tell you
their full plan and ask for your assistance from the get-go, as you weren't
ready at that point) While some of the Majin (IOW, Dante) attacked you not
knowing the deal behind the situation, most knew everything and challenged you,
hoping that you would defeat them and further the cause. You now have the power
to be the last hope of the Chaos forces, and the nurse says she hopes that you
will lend your power to their cause. She stresses that she can't--and won't--try
to force you into a decision one way or the other. If you choose to try and go
through life with just your human power, then that is fine, and you no longer
need to bother with the Amara Deep Zone--you can go ahead and create the world
to continue the cycle. "But," she says, "if you have a moral qualm with God and
the way he tries to subjugate all to his will with absolute might, then you
should delve in to the deepest part of the Abyss, so that you can become a
full-fledged demon to break the cycle."

Finally, she gives you some really juicy information on Hijiri. (perhaps to try
and push you toward their cause?) Hijiri is a dead man--he died in the initial
Fertilization. (bet you didn't see that coming!) He was on his way to the
hospital when the Fertilization actually took place, and was killed along with
all the rest of the people in the world. However, Hijiri is special--he managed
to violate the laws of the Vortex, being able to remain in his old form despite
being outside the hospital. This is actually his curse--in order to atone for
his "sin," even the repose of death is torn from him--he must endure eternal
suffering. Hijiri was given a punishment by God--he has to watch and record the
eternal cycle of death and rebirth. While most people are able to be
reincarnated based on their karma, this right was stolen from Hijiri. Even if
his body is destroyed, his soul would not be saved and must continue--like the
demons, he must suffer an eternal, accursed life. He is especially cursed to
suffer in his life, and then have his soul tortured in the brief periods between
him being revived in a new body. His task is to record the flow of the
multiverse, and the endless battle between the forces of Law and Chaos as a
punishment for his crime. So, shortly after his death in the Fertilization and
requisite torture period, Hijiri was reborn in the Vortex, not knowing that he
had died. He was most likely sent to the hospital because you were destined to
have a large influence on the world, and thus he had to watch you. Throughout
all this he was totally unaware of this burden forced upon him--he just thought
he got lucky and survived. Afterwards, he challenged the other would-be Creators
and lost his body once more. Currently, his soul resides in the "place of
suffering" where it is being tortured. The nurse tells you that if you want to
open your own road, defy destiny, and not be strung along like Hijiri, you
should come to the deepest part of the Amara Deep Zone. She says you can use
your first Menorah to open the way in.

Side note here:
It's never said what Hijiri's crime exactly was, but I strongly suspect that he
is a reincarnation of Aleph, the hero of Shin Megami Tensei II. Reason being,
the description of the torture that he's going through sounds EXACTLY like what
YHVH (ie, God) threatens Aleph with in the Neutral Path in SMTII. A short
synopsis for those that haven't played SMTII and don't mind being spoiled--at
the end of the Neutral path in SMTII, Aleph thwarts YHVH's plan to wipe out all
life on Earth and kills Satan, his instrument of destruction. YHVH is royally
pissed at this and summons Aleph directly up to him, where he says that he will
kill him, torture him in Hell, reincarnate him and torture him and his
descendants in life, then torture his soul in Hell some more, reincarnate him
again for more living torture, etc. This is a pretty good parallel to what's
happening to Hijiri. Of course, in SMTII, Aleph normally goes on to kill YHVH
(who's the last boss) but in his death-speech YHVH accuses Aleph of committing
the "ultimate sin" (as per Hijiri's "ultimate sin") and claims that the universe
will bring him back to life so long as people keep believing in him. One can
only assume that if Hijiri really is an incarnation of Aleph, that YHVH either
came back to life and is getting revenge on Aleph, or that he killed Aleph in
the final battle of SMTII in the "official" SMT canon. And of course, all the
stuff that went on in Aleph's world would have to be in a different Vortex than
the one in SMTIII. Keep in mind, there's a high probability that I'm dead wrong
on this. :P

So, if you want the new ending of SMTIII, head on in to the fifth and final
Calpa of the Amara Deep Zone. And even if you don't, it can be to your advantage
to play it right up to the final "point of no return."

                                THE FIFTH CALPA

Chakra Drop
Ikutama x 5*
Great Chakra x 5*
Hangonko x 10*
Soma x 10*
Jade x 4***
150,000 Makka**
Happy Tickets x 25***
Magic Incense x 3***
Deathomen stone**

** These items can only be gotten if you pick the "True Demon" path.
*** These items can also only be gotten if you pick the "True Demon" path, and
are in Magic Boxes.

Lv 2 Yosei Pixie
Lv 5 Chirei Kahaku
Lv 8 Yama Lilim
Lv 8 Yoma Apsaras
Lv 11 Tenshi Angel
Lv 13 Maju Inugami
Lv 14 Yoma Isora
Lv 18 Yama Fomorian
Lv 18 Maju Nekomata
Lv 20 Kijo Taraka
Lv 20 Datenshi Forneus
Lv 23 Yoma Dis
Lv 23 Maju Badbh Cathach
Lv 26 Yosei Kelpie
Lv 31 Yoju Nue
Lv 32 Kijo Yomotsu-Shikome
Lv 34 Maju Orthrus
Lv 37 Yama Succubus
Lv 37 Yoma Ongkot
Lv 43 Kijo Yakshini
Lv 46 Shinju Yatagarasu
Lv 48 Megami Sati
Lv 52 Kijo Dakini
Lv 52 Maou Loki
Lv 54 Maju Suparna
Lv 55 Seiju Chimera
Lv 55 Ryuou Quetzalcoatl
Lv 56 Yama Queen Maeve
Lv 58 Jashin Girimekara
Lv 47 Yosei Titania
Lv 60 Shinju Barong
Lv 61 Maju Kerberos
Lv 63 Kyocho Gurulu
Lv 64 Megami Scathach
Lv 65 Jashin Totetsu
Lv 66 Ryuo Yurlunggur
Lv 67 Jiboshin Kali
Lv 68 Datenshi Flauros
Lv 69 Maou Abbadon
Lv 70 Yama Nyx
Lv 75 Maou Surtr
Lv 75 Yoju Hraesvelgr
Lv 77 Maou Arsiel
Lv 80 Yama Lilith
Lv 83 Jashin Mada
Lv 81 Maou Mot


Baal Avatar

No place in the game even comes close to comparing to this area in terms of the
range of demon types that will appear here. Like many of the other Calpas, the
demon types differ depending on your level within it--the top two floors have
virtually all the female demons in the game, the middle three floors have beast-
type demons, and the bottom floor is filled with powerful, head-of-pantheon-or-
close-to-it gods. It's a crying shame that you can't get demons to join you in
the Amara Deep Zone, because this would be the place to do it! Like the other
Calpas, care must be taken down here, as some of the fights you'll get into are
pretty tough. But at least you don't have to deal with cursed areas and the like
as you did in the fourth Calpa.

Nearly the minute you enter the fifth Calpa, Dante approaches you saying that
it's "much more dangerous than before" from here on in, and offers to let you
hire him into your party. If you say no, he'll just wait in his room for you to
change your mind. If you say yes, he'll do a coin toss to see how much you have
to pay to hire him--if you get it right, you only pay 1 Makka, if you get it
wrong, it costs half your current money. There seems to be no random element to
this--the coin ALWAYS seems to land on heads. So if you don't want to pay
through the nose, don't pick tails. Dante will then ask your name (you don't
have to answer, he'll know either way) before joining your party permanently.

However, once you've got Dante, you'll note that you cannot boot him out of your
party, nor can you fuse him in any way. He's kind of a mixed bag, so here's the
dilemma--is Dante worth hiring into your party or not?

Short answer: Yes and no, but mostly no.

Long answer: Dante is a really unusual character to have in your party--every
single one of his skills, except for one (Threaten) is unique to him. When you
first get him, he'll probably seem quite able to hold his own, so hiring can
seem an attractive offer at first, and be to your advantage in the short run. In
the long run, however, you'll probably start regretting your decision to hire
him. Dante becomes outclassed ridiculously quickly, and soon after he joins your
party you'll find him as nothing more than dead weight in your roster--and
rather ineffective in battle. His major problems are as follows:

1) His stats. They're pretty lousy for a level 80 character, (nothing over 25)
and the problem is since you can't fuse him with Mitama, you either have to gain
stats on him by leveling him (which is excessively time-consuming) or by using
Incense on him. (which is time-consuming, expensive, and tedious) By the time
you're fusing the higher-level demons for the endgame, Dante will be totally
obsolete, with no easy way to bring him up to par with your other allies.

2) His skills. Dante is a one-trick pony, totally focused on physical attacks.
He's got a handful of magic attacks and even an All-Purpose attack or two, but
he has no defense, support, or any other sort of skill to cover his weaknesses.
Which isn't necessarily terrible as you could in theory use him as a "physical
attack" role, but to be really effective in battle, physical attackers need
Penetrate or Kiai--preferably both--and Dante can learn neither. Dante's "In My
Father's Name" covers up for this a little, but not enough to make him effective
against the tougher, physically resistant enemies of the endgame. His sole
saving grace is Stinger, which is a decent--if unreliable--instakill attack, but
Trumpeter is so much better in that arena it's not even funny.

3) His cost. Dante can't learn any sort of innate healing or regeneration
skills, which means that it will be expensive in terms of items and Healing
Spring visits to keep his HP and MP at an acceptable level. To waste so much
money on a character that really doesn't pull his own weight in the party isn't
worth it, IMO.

If you could ditch Dante, or if he didn't take up one of your party slots, he
would probably be worth it and a fun character to mess around with, but in the
long run he's really not a very effective party member, and IMO not worth losing
the extra party slot forever. Sorry, Dante fans--he's nothing but dead weight in
this game.

HOWEVER! One irritating thing about Dante is that if you don't have him join
your party, you can't get 100% on your Akuma Zensho, and the very helpful price
break that comes with it. With the addition of the warp zone in the Meifu
Treasury, money isn't really a problem by the time you get to Dante, but the
price break is very useful when you're starting again for "second time through"
games. So my advice would be to ignore Dante until you've got every demon in the
Akuma Zensho besides him, then get him, get your price break, and immediately
finish the game, saving in a new slot for your second-time through game. Then in
any successive games you can--and probably should--ignore Dante when he asks you
to hire him.

Also, if you power up Dante to extremely high levels (150+) and give him In My
Father's Name and keep Rebellion and Stinger, he is one of the best "random
battle monster" killers in the game. It's impractical to build him this high,
but as physical damage increases with level, he can do more damage with a normal
attack than most other enemies, (with IMFN) and Stinger nearly always instakills
at levels that high. He still won't be much use against bosses as without Focus
and/or Penetrate he can't quite compete, but isn't totally useless in this 
respect. Of course, building him that high is very impractical, but still...

So, in short, my advice is to leave Dante behind and continue into the Calpa.
There's no turning back once he's in your party, but if you leave him and then
change your mind, you can always come back and get him later.

There's not much to see on the first floor of the Calpa. There's a Yomotsu-
Shikome who asks you if she's not attractive to you (since her ugliness is
legendary)--if you tell her "no" she'll be glad and heal your party for free.
Other than that there's a Shinentai here that tells you that dead ends here
aren't what they seem.

That's the main catch to this floor--lots of walls will disappear when you get
up close to them, allowing you passage. There are also a lot of one-way passages
here, so backtracking can be difficult. There are two ladders down here--one in
the east and west sides of the level. The east ladder leads to a dead-end area
of B2F, with a Graveyard and the "True Demon Door." When you enter the True
Demon Door, it will tell you that the contents of the room beyond will depend on
whether you're a "true demon" or not. Once you complete this Calpa, fully align
yourself with Lucifer's forces, and become 100% demon, this room will be filled
with all sorts of nifty loot. If you've still got the soul of a human, the room
will be empty. The west ladder down leads to a short corridor down to B3F.

B3F is shaped like a skull, and is divided into two sections, a north (full of
damage floor) section and a south section. You can't actually get into the north
section until later in the game, but there's nothing really interesting to see
there anyway. There is not much to see in the south section either, except for a
demon and a Shinentai that give you information. The demon is thinking about the
battle between light and dark, saying "When we were expelled from Heaven, we
were forcibly changed into demons of darkness. Were we mistaken in our actions
and paying the price? Or were the angels that banished us into this miserable
state in the wrong? I wonder what the 'great one' would say...." The Shinentai
offers to look at the direction your soul is taking. If you agree, it gives you
a hypothetical situation--you're in the isolated mountains with nobody around
for miles, when you come upon an animal attacking a human. The human cries out
for help, but the animal is clearly emaciated and dying of starvation. "What
would you do?" the Shinentai asks. It surmises that you would probably kill the
animal and save the human...but then the human, seeing the scope of your power,
would turn and run in fear from you. The Shinentai warns you "with your ability,
you cannot remain fully human. You must either sacrifice your power, or the last
vestiges of your humanity."

B4F is an unusual floor. It's full of doors that you have to show your demons to
to get through. If you show a demon that doesn't qualify, the door will kill it,
and then teleport you to the beginning of the level. Some of them will require
you to show demons with a certain stat level, i.e. "Show me a demon with power."
(It appears to be 25 minimum for all stats) There are also four doors that
require specific demons:

"An old friend":
Still got that Pixie from the very beginning of the game? That very first pixie?
(though it's probably a Queen Maeve by now, and I've heard that any demon you
fused with thie Pixie will count too--dunno if it counts if you sacrificed the
Pixie) Show her to this door. She's the only demon that will qualify. If you
booted her out of the party, you're SOL and will never be able to open this
door--re-summoning a Pixie from the Akuma Zensho will not count. Once you go in
this room, your Pixie (or "descendent") will get a massive power-up and be
turned into a Level 80 "Juggernaut" Pixie with 30 in all stats and the following
skills: Mahajiodain, Megidoraon, Mediarahan, Samarecarm, and Withstand. With
creative fusing via Mitama, you can add any other three skills you want to her.
(I chose "Physical Absorption," "Randomizer" and "War Cry of Victory")

"A Ja-aku Friend":
This one should be pretty obvious: Ja-aku Frost. Inside here you'll find two
Magic Boxes, with 5 Ikutamas and 5 Great Chakras in them.

"An Friend that is an Avatar of Chaos":
This one will open when you show the Fly-form of Beelzebub to it. Since the Fly-
form of Beelzebub is tied with Shiva and Metatron for being the highest-level
demon in the game, odds are you'll be too low a level to be sporting him in your
party when you first get here, but you can come back later. Inside are two Magic
Boxes with 10 Hangonkos and 10 Somas in them.

"A Friend that is Chosen by Light":
This one can only be opened by Metatron. You definitely won't have Metatron in
your party when you first get here, as you have to beat him before you can fuse
him. (He's also level 95) Once you do show him, you'll enter a (seemingly empty)
room, with a pit trap that dumps you into a strange level in B5. This level is a
bunch of rooms connected by doors, but you can only open three of them--the
fourth door you try to open will teleport you to the damage area of B3F. There
are two destinations down here--a Graveyard with the Kotowari bosses, and a Dark
Broker. To get to the Graveyard, go two rooms to the south, one room to the
west, and then two rooms to the south. (Don't worry, the door to the Graveyard
won't teleport you.) To go to the Broker, go three rooms to the south and one to
the east. The Dark Broker will sell you a "demon whose attack will work on
anything" for 200,000 Makka: It is a Lv 58 Jashin Girimekara with the following
skills: Bind Voice, Rannyu-Ken, Bright Sky Critical, Silent Skill Critical,
Attack All, Kiai, and Penetrate. A rather lousy sell overall, until you see that
last skill--Penetrate! This Girimekara is essential for fusing demons for the
final battle, as Penetrate is a virtual necessity to beat the "new" last boss.

By the ladder down to B5F, there's a Taotie that warns you of a hostile power
nearby that's even greater than that of Beelzebub. Go down anyway.

In B5F, you'll enter a large open area and be stopped by the condescending voice
from the Second Calpa. Looks like God isn't going to just sit on his laurels
while you work toward his doom--he's sent an assassin after you. The voice says
that you have ignored its warning and turned too much to the dark, and that it
can neither allow you to continue or let the "fallen angel's" plan to succeed,
that your "sin of returning the Menorahs" is great, blah, blah--basically a
mini-sermon about how disobedient you are.  He finally shows himself, and tells
you to "tremble in fear, for I am Metatron, and I am one with God. By my
master's order, I will kill you!"

HP: 16000 MP: Way too many to find out by draining
Boss Immunities, strong to everything but Ice
Mahanmaon, Divine Retribution, De-Kunda, De-Kaja, Megidoraon, Maka-Kaja, Taru-
Kaja, Randomizer, Flame of the Sinai

After the Beelzebub fight, I was expecting Metatron to be really freaking
powerful, but he's actually much easier to defeat. His primary problem is that
he relies far too much on Hama-type attacks, which are probably totally
ineffective by now, as most high-level demons are naturally immune to it.
Another thing about Metatron is that he's the reverse of Beelzebub in regards to
De-Kunda and De-Kaja. At the beginning of the fight, he'll use both spells like
mad, but once you've whittled him down a bit, he'll stop using them so often, so
you're free to boost your stats and drop his as much as you want.

Metatron's pattern is primarly as follows--to start with, he mainly uses Hama
spells with the occasional Megidoraon. Once you get him down to 3/4 of his HP,
he starts to fight "for real" and will instead switch to a pattern of doing one
of the following: Casting Maka-Kaja, then Megidoraon, or Taru-Kaja and then
attacking normally. There's not much you can do about the Megidoraon but having
physically-reflecting demons will be helpful when he attacks. Also it's at this
point he stops using De-Kunda and De-Kaja so much, so you can drop his stats
with abandon and will have to worry less about getting killed. (DON'T let him
get 4xMaka-kaja, as a Megidoraon at that strength will kill just about anyone)
Once you get him down to about 1/4 of his HP he starts to sweat and calls to God
to give him strength--at this point he'll start casting Randomizer and using his
special attack "Flame of the Sinai." Flame of the Sinai I found to be a rather
useless attack damage-wise...it seemed more often than not it didn't even touch
anyone. (then again Metatron's Accuracy was horrible, being Fog Breathed by that

Overall, I didn't find Metatron too hard, and didn't need to use any special
patterns to kill him. I imagine the "Dream Team" I prepared for Beelzebub would
have worked pretty well against him (maybe replacing Girimekara for Uriel and
his Randomizer)

Continue on in to the dungeon--you'll find yourself in that first "Mystery Area"
that you were in at the beginning of the game, in the hospital. In the area that
had the treasure chest with the Maharagi Stone, there's a Shinentai that will
ask to look into your soul, to see if you're going to defy fate and proceed to
the final battle with God, or if you'll let history repeat itself. If you let
him look, he doesn't give you a straight answer--he says that all life is
destined to die, and that people are manipulated like puppets by the hands of
fate. He asks if you would hold a grudge against God for creating such fate if,
say, someone important to you was killed in a freak accident. He says that if
you dislike the way things are being run and want to cast off the chains of
fate, you should go on and see the "great one."

In the room in the left branch of the corridor is a lift down to the deepest
part of the Amara Deep Zone. Once you go down, there's no turning back--if you
want one of the original Nocturne "Creation" endings, you should leave now,
because once you go down there you will be locked into the path of getting the
"new" ending and fighting the new secret last boss. If you've already entered
Kagutsuchi Tower by this point, you're SOL and the lift will not activate,
preventing you from getting the new ending. (Additionally, you can only go down
there once, if you come back after going down, the lift will not work)

When you descend the lift, it takes you directly to the stage with the old
gentleman in the wheelchair and his nurse. The nurse is elated that you're
willing to sacrifice the last vestiges of your humanity to throw your support to
their cause, and says that all their waiting throughout the aeons has finally
borne fruit--that you got all the Menorahs, and even defeated the strongest
assassin of the Light sent after you--you truly are the demon that they have
been waiting for. All the demons watching in through the various peepholes let
out huge cheers, until the old man signals them to stop. The nurse asks if you
can hear them cheering you on; that you have finally brought them a ray of hope,
that you will join the "dark angel" in his fight. There's no turning back now,
she says--the fight between those cast from the light and those controlling it
will now begin. You have one remaining task--defeat the Guardians that want to
establish their Kotowari, and then Kagutsuchi itself, to break the cycle. Once
you have accomplished that, then they will come join you in the final battle,
and her master will give you a portion of his power to aid you. Then, the old
gentleman in the wheelchair unlocks the power of your first Magatama. (Marogare)
"You were given the body of a demon by the Great One, and now, my master will
give you the soul of one, too. Go, our new demon, our new hope!" the nurse says
as the old man completes your transformation, making you 100% demon. You will
then awake again, reborn (as per the back of the box "the demon is born twice")
in Shinjuku hospital.

The Amara Deep Zone is now completed, but you can come back. (and should, to get
the goodies behind the True Demon door, and open the Metatron/Beelzebub doors,
assuming you haven't already) At this point, all you need to do is complete the
game as if you would normally.

This ends the walkthrough part of this FAQ.


There's only one "official" method of cheating that I know of in Shin Megami
Tensei III, and that is the debug mode. (No, I know nothing of
GameShark/GameXploder or whatever codes--if you want them do a search on Google
or something) If you're playing Maniacs, you're SOL, as the debug mode is no
longer present in-game. If you're playing the original Nocturne, the debug mode
is available.

Entering the Debug mode is simple. Go to any Terminal in the game, and eject the
SMT3 DVD from your PS2. Substitute any other PS2 DVD game and put it in the
drive. Then leave the Terminal. You will now be in Debug Mode. Be sure to swap
back your SMT3 DVD in the drive, or else the game will freeze as soon as you try
to do any test!

(The mechanics behind this are as follows--whenever the game comes across an
unplanned error or crash, the game dumps you to debug mode, presumably so that
the developers could fix the bug. Therefore if you are able to reproduce any
sort of unplanned error or crash you will be dumped to debug mode. For example,
Arl, SMT3 hacker extreme, says that if you enter Kagutsuchi Tower without
fulfilling the requirements for any of the 5 endings--something not normally
possible--you'll be dumped into the debug mode. So there may be other ways to
dump to debug mode--the way above is just the easiest, IMO)

Warning: If you are going to screw with the debug mode, consider your entire
Nakama roster as being gone. Using the debug mode has a tendency to wildly mess
with the demons you have in your party. If you enter CAMP TEST mode, or fight
certain battles in NEW BATTLE TEST mode, it will always restructure your entire
party, and usually with really wimpy demons like Pixies.


OK, enough with the warnings. On to the actual nitty-gritty of the debug mode.

Upon entry of the debug mode, you'll be presented with a whole long list of
tests, editors, and viewers. A whole lot of them quite simply do not work and
will freeze your PS2, forcing you to restart. Most of the "Tests" work, though
there are a few that you cannot get out of and will be forced to reset. (e.g.
BATTLE FIELD TEST and EVENT TEST) Most of the tests give you instructions (in
English) on what to do. One thing to note is that the buttons are indicated as
RU (Triangle), RR (O), RD (X), RL (Square)

Here's a lowdown on the options you get:

This will deposit you outside the Terminal you entered Debug Mode in, with any
changes to your party made during Debug Mode.

In this setting, you pick a battle by its hex designation, press the O button to
start it, and then get to fight it. All the boss battles are accessible this way
(1D9 and 30E are the two forms of the last boss for example) and some will
ALWAYS give you great items after winning them. 03C is a single Majin Horus that
gives you over 30,000 EXP so is great for level building. However be forewarned-
-some battles will hard freeze your game, mess up your party formation, or be
really, REALLY weird (enemies that give you Story Items when you talk to them
for example)

Also be careful on the battle select screen--if you press the Triangle, Square,
or X button it will totally reset your party's status. Triangle will set your
party to "default." (AKA your hero is level 1, no items, no skills, etc) Square
and X will give you an unusual party--a Lv 50 Hero with no skills, 9 of each
item, and equipping a phantom Magatama that teaches you Agi spells. (Note that
you can use this to give yourself any--or all--of the Magatama...explained

Lets you take a look at the various battle fields and camera angles that are
used therein. As far as I can tell, you need to hard reset the machine to get
out of this mode.

This does nothing.

This freezes your PS2.

This is a fun test--you can use it to view a bunch of the cutscenes in-game.
Oddly enough, there are quite a few whacked out cutscenes that never actually
appear in-game. (Persona 2: Innocent Sin players, have a gander at Event 607!)

One thing that's really annoying about the Event Test is that once the event you
pick is complete, it repeats over and over and over again or hard freezes so you
have to reset the PS2.

Pressing one of the buttons (I think Select) during the events will display the
camera number in the corner of the screen, depending on the Event you're

I can't seem to get this to do anything. It lists a bunch of numbers and the
like but I can't get it to display anything.

A quick way to hard-freeze your PS2.

Just a test of displaying text. You can change the text from "This is a Test
Message" to "This is a Dionysus Message" (don't ask me) with the O and X
buttons, and change the background with the Square Button. Very boring, and
you'll have to reset, but it's worth noting that one of the backdrops is a
status screen, but instead of having a Magatama option, "Devil Hearts" is in its
place. Guess they were going to call the Magatama Devil Hearts at first...

This is like going into the options with the Square Button during normal play.
Note that it totally wipes out your demon roster.

The same as the Jakyo Manor anywhere else in the game. Fuse or use Akuma Zensho
at will.

This is a shop test with the FGM as your salesman. His inventory is pretty
pedestrian. However, if you set your hero to Lv 50 Status using the NEW BATTLE
TEST mode, and go into "sell," you'll note your current possessions listed are
every item in the game, including some dummy items. Scroll down far enough and
you can find the Magatama--it says you have "0" of the ones you don't have, but
if you choose to "sell" these, not only will it pay you for the Magatama you're
not selling, but it will give you that Magatama as well. In this way you can get
every Magatama in the game. The down side is that you pretty much have to hose
your party and Hero skills to do it, but I imagine if you did it at the very
beginning of the game and then reset your Hero to Lv 1 it might not be so bad.

The same as the Shop Test, except it's Rag's Ginza store you're at. After
leaving it'll boot you into the entrance of whatever area you started the Debug
Mode at.

This brings up a Healing Spring for you. Heal your party if you feel so

Brings you to a terminal. I really, really, strongly advise against saving your
game in here. I haven't risked it, but I imagine it could totally hose your

Doesn't do anything. It's a test of the "battle result" screen where it gives
you experience and items, etc. but it's not working right.

Name Entry Test for your hero. (First name, Last Name, Nickname) You can't
actually change your hero's name with it because it sends you back to the title
screen after trying it.

The coolest test of all IMO. This allows you to view the models of just about
every character and enemy in the game. There's even a traffic cop in there.

Careful though, some models don't exist and will freeze your PS2 if you try to
select them. Several of the models in the "player" subset are like this.

The Triangle button will pull up a menu for you. There you can select various
things, such as "light" (allows you to change texture colors) or "texture"
(displays the model's textures in a little box)

If you want to change the position of the camera or model, you can do this
through the Triangle menu as well. You can switch between "camera" and "object"
to move the camera or object's position. (I highly suggest you pick "model"--it
is much easier to view the model from different angles this way)

When actually changing the viewing angle, there are two modes--"move" mode and
"rotate" mode, and you can switch between them using the Square button. In both
modes you use the control pad and the L buttons to move the camera/model around.
"move" mode moves the position of the camera/model on the X, Y, and Z axes. When
you're in "rotate" mode you can rotate the camera/model on the X/Y/Z axes with
the same buttons.

Note that when viewing demons via the Akuma Zensho, you are very limited in
camera angles for viewing the demons, and since you are not so limited with the
Model Viewer, you can see why. Viewed from certain angles, you can see how the
developers cut polygon count. For example, look at Maou Mot up real close with
his coffin open and you can see he's just a torso. Look at demons with
dresses/skirts/kilts/robes from directly below and you can see that quite a good
deal of them are totally hollow and you can see all the way to the insides of
their heads! And so forth.

Also you can use the Model Viewer to see just about any in-game animation from
angles you wouldn't normally see them, for example the Hero's spin kick from a
front angle.

Every time I have tried this my PS2 has hard-froze.

Ditto this. Hard freeze every time.

Doesn't do anything.

Doesn't do anything.

Doesn't do anything.

Does nothing.

Does nothing.

Lets you play the Puzzle Boy arcade game you find in Asakusa.

I was so much hoping this would work, but no luck. It hard freezes your PS2

As far as I can tell, the only movie you can view with this is the second intro
movie. (the one where you see the hero running around and fighting things) If
you hold down Select you can view it in slow motion or frame-by-frame.

Displays the end credits. Also allows you to do an endsave after watching the
credits, but I really, really advise against it.

Creates a second-time-around savegame, probably based on your current Akuma
Zensho data, but like the end of the Staff Test, there's no way in hell I'm
going to risk messing up my memory card by actually trying it.


Being a game tailor-made for the "occult" subculture in Japan, Shin Megami
Tensei 3 is overflowing with mythology references. Most of these are in the
forms of the various demons that pop up in-game, and if you want to know their
mythological background, you can check out their entries in the Akuma Zensho
section of this walkthrough. Similarly, if you want to check out the Magatama
mythological references, check out that section of the FAQ. This section of the
FAQ is dedicated to covering the mythological references in-game that wouldn't
be covered in those sections.

You get a snippet of a quote from the in-game "Miroku Scriptures" in the intro
movie. Its translation is at the beginning of this FAQ, but here is some
necessary background info for it, as it has heavy Buddhist influences and terms
that the average Westerner is probably not going to get.

First off, Miroku itself refers to Miroku-Bosatsu, the "future Buddha" of
Mahayana Buddhism, comparable to Maitreya. (actually Miroku is Maitreya's
Japanese name) Miroku is said to be a great future Buddha who will appear in the
universe 5 billion, 670 million years after Gautama Buddha (the person who lived
in the 6th century BCE that people refer to as "the Buddha") achieved
enlightenment and entered Nirvana. (Maitreya is said to be coming back 5000
years after Gautama's death, so it differs from tradition to tradition)

"Sangai" literally means "Three worlds" and it is a term meaning all of
existence, past, present, and future.

This is actually a dual metaphor. It refers in part to the Taizo-Kai Mandala of
_mikkyo_ esoteric Buddhism. Mikkyo teaches of two separate worlds, the Taizo-Kai
and the Kongo-kai, and the Mandalas are "devotional images" representing these
concepts--one is supposed to view these images and contemplate their meaning to
achieve enlightenment. In any case, the Kongo-kai is the world of the
transcendental Buddha, representing the absolute truth of the enlightened
universe, a world of pure spirit. The Taizo-kai represents the compassionate and
merciful nature of the enlightened universe, and is a world of physical
phenomena. (It is said that the living body is a fusion of these two worlds,
being physical and spirit simultaneously)

The reason that this is a dual metaphor here is because Taizo literally means
"womb" (the idea of the fetus being nurtured in the womb being drawn as a
parallel of the Taizo-Kai) which is important in Shin Megami Tensei 3 as the
world is in more or less a "developing" state in a "uterus" of sorts. And you
have events like the "Tokyo Fertilization," etc.

Daihi is another dual metaphor. Daihi literally means "Great Compassion" and
refers to the infinite compassion of the Bodhisattvas. (Bodhisattvas are people
in Mahayana Buddhism who attain enlightenment but hold off on becoming Buddhas,
choosing to stay behind in non-physical form to help those still alive, until
all living things can attain Buddhahood) However, Daihi is also a dual metaphor
here, because the full name of the Taizo Mandala as discussed above is "Daihi-

Renge literally means "lotus." Lotus flowers are a symbol within Buddhism
because they remain beautiful, and do not become dirty when floating in mucky
water. (this is because the leaves of the lotus flower have lots of microscopic
pores, which trap air and prevent water from soaking it, thus producing its
waterproof qualities, but I digress) They are said to represent the absolute
pure truth of the universe, and also the promise that all life will eventually
attain Buddhahood.

Kotowari literally means "logic," "reason," "truth," etc. In this sense, the
"Kotowari" is a term meant to indicate "the basic system of logic/laws/rules of
the universe."


Ahriman is another name for Angra Mainyu, the prince of demons and the "evil
god" of ancient Persian mythology/Zoroastrianism. He is the god of the dark and
the arch-enemy of Ahura Mazda, creator god of light. Ahura Mazda and
Ahriman/Angra Mainyu are said to be constantly fighting a battle over the world.
The concept of Ahriman/Angra Mainyu was immensely influential in the Abrahamic
religions (Judaism/Christianity/Islam) as it is highly probable that Satan (in
his "evil god" incarnation, not the "holy angel of judgement" one) was patterned
after him.

Albion's four Bunrei are the Zoas, the brainchildren of the famous poet William
Blake, described in the poem _The Four Zoas_" The Zoa are actually biblical in
origin--in the book of Ezekiel they are described as the creatures that pull
YHVH's chariot. They also pop up in Revelations, and Christianity reinterpreted
the Zoa as the four Seraphim, (Michael/Gabriel/Raphael/Uriel) but Blake had a
different interpretation. He saw the four Zoa as different separated aspects of
a giant primordial man named Albion who represented universal humanity and fell
from grace. (vis-a-vis Garden of Eden myth) Note that aside from the name, the
Albion in Blake's poem has absolutely no connection whatsoever with the actual
god Albion described in the Akuma Zensho. (There's yet ANOTHER Albion from Greek
mythology too--it's a popular name!)

I'm not 100% positive on this one, but my research points to Amara being
connected to the city of Amaravati in Hindu mythology. Amaravati is a paradise,
a city of the gods and heroes with no suffering and many outlets of pleasure.

Aradia is a Roman goddess said to be the daughter of the gods Diana and Lucifer.
Aradia was an extremely minor goddess in her time, though has made a really big
comeback in modern Wiccan/Neopagan religion as she is said to be the protector
of witches.

Baal Avatar means "Incarnation of Baal." Baal is not actually a name but a
title, meaning "Master." There were a whole bunch of Baals in ancient
Babylon/Phoenicia where it derives from; Baal-X, Baal-Y, etc. (Master of X,
Master of Y, etc) There was one great Baal, who was the son of the head deity
El, and probably the biggest god in Babylonian pantheon in terms of popularity.
Baal is a god of rain, thunder, and fertility, and his adventures are legendary,
especially his sibling rivalry with death-god Mot. Note that Baal is pronounced
"Ball" and NOT "Bail." "Bail" is the pronunciation of Bael, a Hebrew demon.
(Baal and Bael are connected though--Bael derives from the monotheistic faction
of Hebrews who demonized the competition--in other words, Baal) On a side note,
the "Bael's Curse" technique that Baal uses in-game is a connection to this

This is a Hindu concept. (not surprising as so is Amara) Hinduism states that
the universe is going through a constant cycle of destruction and rebirth, and
each "life" as it were is called a "Calpa."

This literally means "The Cow-Headed Emperor." Gozu-Tenno is commonly thought to
be an imported version of the Chinese deity Niutou. (Same characters, means "Cow
Head") In Chinese mythology, Niutou's job is to bring souls to the Yama Lords in
the afterlife along with his partner Mamien. (means "Horse Face," known as
"Mezuki" in Japan) However, at some point Gozu-Tenno got confused with Susa-no-
O, and became a guardian-Buddhified Susa-no-O. (Which is ironic as anything
considering in-game he is more or less fighting AGAINST the Buddhist ideal, but
oh well) All in all, his origins are little unclear.

This means "Person/Shura." A Shura is a special type of Japanese spirit. The
Shura are originally warriors who died in battle then go on to an afterlife
where they battle for eons in the heavens. (In some sects of Buddhism, Shura
are one of the "levels" of reincarnation like the Gaki--they're either one
above or one below humans, I forget which) Warriors from Japanese military
society were often thought to be possesed by (or turning into) Shura when they
fought especially fiercely.

Kagutsuchi is the extraordinarily short-lived Japanese god of fire. According to
Japanese legend, he was the son of Izanami and Izanagi, actually born of
Izanami's womb. (whereas other gods were born from eye washing, etc.) Being the
god of fire, Kagutsuchi burned his mother to death when exiting the birth canal,
and in his rage, Izanagi immediately drew his sword and chopped the hapless god
to pieces. Each of his pieces and gave birth to new gods, and his blood
turned into Futsu-nushi, the god of swords, when it dripped off of Izanagi's
sword onto the ground--ergo Kagutsuchi was often revered by swordsmiths.

Urizen is the name of one of the four Zoa described in Blake's poem. (see
"Albion's Bunrei" above) Luvah represents the heart, love, and desire. Blake
also described a twisted demonic form of Luvah that created perversion.

"Musubi" is a concept that is damn hard to explain. The idea of the Musubi
Kotowari from within the game actually does a pretty good job of it. A "Musubi"
is kind of like a "whole from the sum of individual parts" as opposed to a
"whole from the sum of groups of parts."

Noah is a hero from Hebrew mythology, the central character who takes
Utnapishtim's place in the Hebrew version of the Babylonian Flood Myth. As the
myth goes, Noah gets an advance warning of an impending flood that will destroy
the world, and so builds a giant boat to house all varieties of life so that
life will go on after the waters receded. This Noah's Ark myth is fairly well
known in the West so I don't think there is much reason to go into great detail.
(Though if you didn't know of its connection to the Utnapishtim Flood Myth, you
should probably check that out, as it's pretty interesting stuff)

"Shijima" is really old Japanese, a.k.a. the type of Japanese you'd hear in
Genji Monogatari. It means to "return to silence without making a sound."

Tharmas is the name of one of the four Zoa described in Blake's poem. (see
"Albion's Bunrei" above) Tharmas represents the body and the physical aspect of
humanity--laboring, eating, reproducing--stuff that bodies do.

Urizen is the name of one of the four Zoa described in Blake's poem. (see
"Albion's Bunrei" above) Urizen represents the mind, logic, and reason, The name
is, probably not coincidentally, pronounced "you're reason."

Urthona is the name of one of the four Zoa described in Blake's poem. (see
"Albion's Bunrei" above) Urthona represents the spiritual aspect of humanity--
representing imagination, faith, etc. Urthona was given the highest importance
of the four Zoa, and was in charge of Albion until Urizen took over and caused
his Fall.

A Himorogi is the simplest form of Shinto shrine. As Shinto holds that kami
(spirits/gods) exist in all sorts of natural phenomena, a Himorogi is
essentially a rock, tree, hill, etc thought to contain a kami that is specially
purified and usually adorned with special paper. "Yahiro" is uncommon Japanese
that means "Exceptionally long or wide." So "Yahiro-no-Himorogi" means "A
Himorogi of exceptional size." Kind of an oxymoron, since Himorogi are by nature
small and simple.

"Yosuga" is a term you don't hear often in normal Japanese, but it means "a
means" in the sense of "a means to achieve an end."


Yeah, I know...pretty weird to have a bibliography in a game walkthrough, but I
consulted enough books to get the correct spelling of demon/magatama/etc. names
and background information that this FAQ pretty much warrants putting one in.
The books I used are also quite useful for anyone interested in mythology or the


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Werner, Edward T. C. _Myths and Legends of China_. New York: Dover Publications,
1922, 1994

                             RECOMMENDED READING
This section is just a list of some books you might want to read to learn the
stories of the ancient mythology behind many of the characters you'll meet in
Shin Megami Tensei. Rather than focus on analytical and scholarly reviews of
mythology (fascinating in their own right) I've decided to focus primarily on
books where you can read the stories themselves, and also focus on the mythos
that are most widely used in the Megaten games. There's plenty of great stuff on
other mythos than those listed here, but here are just some of the big ones.

Big dictionaries like the _Dictionary of Ancient Deities_ are great for cursory
info. Check their bibliographies for more ideas. If you want the actual stories,
there are a huge assortment to choose from.  Dover paperbacks has a great series
of mythology books, titled "Myths of the <insert culture here>" that have the
basic narratives retold in easy-to-read story format. Their Egyptian selection
is especially great. Note that several of these collections are rather old (turn
of the 20th century) and suffer from...somewhat of a "cultural arrogance" bias
on the part of the writers, so be forewarned. (E.g. if you read the introduction
of the "Myths and Legends of China" the author's broad stereotyping of and
subtle condescension toward the Chinese might piss you off)

_Enuma Elish_, the Babylonian Creation myth, is a good place to start. _The Epic
of Gilgamesh_ is one great story about one of the most famous heroes of Sumerian
and Babylonian mythology. Another good compilation I have is _Myths of
Mesopotamia._ Care must be taken when reading up on this pantheon as due to
heavy borrowing between cultures, there is a ton of overlap between pantheons--
the Sumerian, Babylonian, and Caananite/Ugaritic pantheons are separate, though
they share quite a few deities. It's easy to get confused if you're not careful.

The _Mabinogion_ is a great source of Celtic mythology--it is a collection of 12
Welsh Celtic tales, and are quite good reads. The _Dictionary of Celtic
Mythology_ is a great reference for it as well.  Look for books on Irish
folktales too--lots of good material to be found there as well.

Due to the fragmented nature of the tradition (mostly oral, folklore handed down
from generation to generation) it's really difficult to find one single great
source of Chinese mythology. The only single famous work that I can think of off
the top of my head is _Xiyouji_ or as it's often known, _The Journey to the
West_. Otherwise your general-purpose folklore compilations are your best bet.

_The Book of the Dead_ is an absolute must-read. The Dover paperback series also
has a bunch of other heiroglyphic texts worth reading. Because there is simply
so much material available, Egyptian mythology is not too hard to find good
books on.

Finding stuff on Greek mythology is not difficult at all, as it's easily one of
the most widely studied mythos out there. Obviously, _Bulfinch's Mythology_ will
be an indispensible aid. The _Iliad_ and the _Odyssey_ are great reads that
every mythology lover should take a look at.

The Christian Bible is good for Christian stuff from the 4th century onward, but
becomes less and less reliable as to Hebrew and Christian beliefs the further
you go back from that point. The books that were left out of the Bible--the
Apocrypha--are far more valuable in my opinion as they suffer from far less
Church tampering. _The Other Bible_ is a good compilation of left-out books, but
there's some editorial bias and some of the real key books were not included.
Must-read Hebrew sources include the Talmud and the Kabbalah. A word to the wise
for studiers of this mythos though--Western cultural/religious bias still
plagues this field like a cancer, so finding a truly objective book in English
on it is very difficult. A lot of the "scholarly works" on the subject you'll
want to take with a pillar of salt. <g>

The great epics of the _Mahabharata_ and _Ramayana_ should be on the shelf of
every mythology fan. The Puranas and the Vedas are great too. Since Hinduism is
one of the, if not THE oldest surviving religion in the world, the amount of
material preserved and available from this mythos is simply staggering. You
should have no problem whatsoever finding reading material here. :)

The _Kojiki_ is the first and foremost work you are going to want to read when
it comes to Japanese mythology. The _Nihon Shoki_ and _Manyoshu_ have good
mythological content too, but less so than the _Kojiki_.  Traditional Japanese
theater is also a treasure-trove of mythological content--lots of No and Kabuki
plays have themes connected with the mythology of the Japanese.

The _Edda_ is where a huge amount of our knowledge of Norse myth stems from, so
obviously that is a great place to start. Keep in mind that there are TWO Edda;
a "prose" Edda and a "poetry" Edda. Get both. I like the Prose version better
but they're both pretty good.


Atlus, obviously, for making a true-blue SMT game instead of yet another Devil
Summoner/Persona game. :)

Majin Alice, who sent me obscene amounts of data that I would never have found
otherwise, including info on the "power-up" system of Skill Changing and info on
Skill Inheritance.

Arl, SMT3 hacker extraordinare, for sending me the individual values of Kotowari
point changes. I haven't the foggiest how he got this info, but I'm not
complaining. :)

The guys and gals at the Mega-ten.net chat tables for providing lots of little
tips and otherwise interesting conversation.

All the people on the various SMTIII web-boards I visited for their helpful
input and tidbits of information.

The guys on the Dream Island Maniacs board: (http://fc2bbs.com/bbs?uid=59154)
for oodles of info on Maniacs.

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