Do ally stats change?

  1. I remember at the beginning of the game will o wisps would die after 10 damage, but after I got one (also at the beginning of the game), it had 30 hp. Do only hp and mp change? Is this the case for every demon?

    User Info: LargeNSwift

    LargeNSwift - 3 weeks ago


  1. Yes, it is. Demons you fight and demons in your party are usually different, and they'll have different HP counts. Additionally, sometimes you'll fight demons with skills that wont be unlocked yet when you recruit that demon. Its wierd, and maybe a bit annoying, but it's Nocturne.

    User Info: __bubbletea__

    __bubbletea__ - 3 weeks ago 3   1
  2. Hp/mp, and even the skills of demons can change. You'll come to see when you make boss demons that some of them don't have the OP skills that made them so deadly. And some of them will. *Cough* Evil Melody *Cough*

    User Info: Maskados

    Maskados - 3 weeks ago 2   0
  3. If they didn't change it from the PS2 version, you should be able to fuse other demons with Mitama to raise the demon's stats.

    User Info: Rhiethreal

    Rhiethreal - 1 week ago 1   0
  4. Typically All stats level up and how far they can depends on the demon.

    Even using the Incense won't improve them beyond those so I suggest keeping them for the high level demons.

    On a final note save frequently as on rare occasions they will try to power up a skill at level up, but this often results in an undesirable one so you may feel the need to reload. Success is based on luck stat so try to get it up.

    User Info: GerinTheFox

    GerinTheFox - 3 weeks ago 1   1

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