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FAQ by Kythlyn

Version: 1.03 | Updated: 04/03/05

Pop'n Music 7 (Playstation 2)
Secrets FAQ and Track List

Written by: Ari Margo (Gamefaqs: Kythlyn)
Version   : 1.03

Copyright 2004 Ari Margo

This is a free document that is not intended for commercial
use. It is free to be distributed FREELY. It may NOT be used
to make money in ANY FORM. I give my permission
for this document to be modified and improved upon in a tasteful
manner as long as my name remains on the document. Most of the
information contained here was either discovered directly
from the game or obtained via one of Konami's Japanese
websites translated through Altavista's Babelfish. I
created this to spare other Pop'n fans the trouble
of deciphering poorly translated Engrish since no other
FAQs were available for this game at the time of writing.
This FAQ was NOT designed to be very in depth. It is
merely to give importers enough information to get the most
out of the game. If you need more in depth information about
the Pop'n Music series in general, there are very detailed
FAQs for other games in the series already available at 


Table of Contents: 

Section 1: Track List

Section 2: Side A
  1. Normal
  2. Battle
  3. Expert
  4. Challenge

Section 3: Side B
  1. Free Training
  2. Taisen Mode
    a. VS
    b. Tournament
  3. Expert 5
  4. Study

Section 4: Secrets
  1. How to unlock secrets.
    a. SONGS
  2. Special Options
  3. Difficulty Toggle
  4. Instant Give-up
  5. Omake
Section 5: Closing
  1. Version Information
  2. COntact Information


The list below is complete and contains all 97 songs
in the game in the order in which they appear in the game.
It contains the GENRE of the songs, the stages they appear
in (in NORMAL mode) and the difficulty ratings for each
of the challenge levels (Normal, Hyper and Extra).
The difficulty rating is represented by a two digit
number. The higher the number, the more difficult the
song. Not all songs have HYPER or EXTRA versions.
EXTRA versions must be unlocked in CHALLENGE mode
before they will be available (see Section 2.4 Challenge).
Press SELECT to change the challenge level.

This list does NOT contain the real title of the
song or the artist.

This first list contains all the songs that are available
by default the first time you play the game. Secret songs
which must be unlocked (see secrets Section 4.1)
are on the second list.

  |                  |     \      |      /
  |                  |      \     |     /
64|DEFAULT SONGS     |       \    |    /
  |                  |        \   |   /
  |                  |         \  |  /
INDUSTRIAL           1        09|17|24
INNOCENT             1        10|19|24
MODERN 80            2        10|24|..
AUTUMN               3        11|14|..
SHUFFLE              3        12|22|..
HAMO-ROCK            1        13|28|33
SYMPATHY 2           3        13|26|32
RONDO                2        14|32|35
MODE                 1        14|21|..
SMOOTH               1        14|21|31
MELANCHOLY           2        15|26|30
PUMP                 2        17|28|..
ANTHEM               1        07|22|..
PRECIOUS             1        09|20|..
RETRO FUTURE         1        09|21|..
DARKNESS             2        11|27|38
LOUNGE POP           1        11|20|..
Jr. R&B              1        11|25|..
CHEER GIRL           1        12|28|..
SUNNY                1        12|25|..
BALI TRANCE          2        13|29|36
CLUB JAZZ            2        13|25|..
POP FUSION           2        13|25|..
MISTY                1        13|27|37
HARD ROCK            3        14|29|40
POWER FOLK 5         3        14|29|..
VISUAL 2 remix       2        14|26|..
CRAZY TECHNO         2        16|28|34
J-ALTERNA            2        16|26|..
CIRCUS               1        17|22|..
GLAM ROCK            3        17|30|35
DISCO HOUSE          2        19|26|..
SWEDISH              1        21|27|..
BA-ROCK              2        21|26|..
KYOUGEKI             3        22|30|35
SHOWA AYO            3        23|32|..
SURF ROCK            2        23|32|..
DES-REGGAE           3        30|38|41
OI PUNK              3        17|27|41
SPANISH              3        14|..|..
SWING                2        13|24|..
HOUSE                3        13|27|37
REGGAE               3        13|24|..
TROPICAL             1        12|23|..
MIND                 1        11|18|18
KIDS                 1        10|17|27
80s POP              2        10|23|..
SPIRITUAL            2        09|12|..
J-DANCE              1        09|16|..
FOLKY                2        09|18|..
SKA CORE             2        09|..|..
CLASSIC 6            3        08|17|26
SCAT                 2        08|18|..
FUNK                 3        07|..|..
KUNG-FU              1        04|..|..
GIRLS POP            3        18|26|..
MARCHING             1        13|27|32
BLUES                3        10|24|..
KITERETSU            3        15|30|..
YAMATO               2        13|33|..
URUSEI               2        13|26|..
BARA                 2        11|26|30
RADIO                1        09|28|38
KITERETSU 2          1        08|19|26
  |                  |          |  |
  |                  |          |  |
33|SECRET SONGS      |          |  |
  |                  |          |  |
  |                  |          |  |
STUDY                *        07|21|27
CLASSIC 7            *        09|29|43
THERAPY              *        09|15|..
SWEAT                *        10|17|..
SPLASH               *        13|23|25
MIRACLE              *        21|39|..
NEW AGE remix        *        08|27|..
WINTER POP           *        12|22|..
NIGHT OUT remix      *        16|24|..
J-GARAGE POP remix   *        18|28|..
SOFT ROCK (LONG)     *        22|27|..
SPECIAL ENDING 2     *        30|39|..
CLASSIC 3            *        07|31|..
CLASSIC 5            *        07|36|39
KG                   *        09|17|23
LIVERPOOL            *        09|..|..
PERCUSSIVE           *        09|24|35
GROUP SOUNDS         *        10|..|..
TECHNO 80s           *        10|14|..
AMBIENT              *        10|18|..
DREAMY               *        12|..|..
ANALOG TECHNO        *        12|25|..
KANGTONG             *        13|29|..
NEWS                 *        13|..|..
NEO GS               *        13|28|..
CLASSIC              *        14|33|..
HEART                *        14|24|..
FUTURE               *        14|..|..
CLASSIC 4            *        16|41|..
FUNNY                *        16|..|..
CUBAN GROOVE         *        17|25|36
CLASSIC 2            *        18|36|..
ENKA remix           *        24|33|38


Side A is the ARCADE style side of Pop'n Music 7.
Before choosing a mode, keep in mind that you can
select your PLAYER CHARACTER using the blue buttons
on this screen.

1. Normal Mode

NORMAL MODE is as basic as it gets. You play 3
stages of Pop'n Music. Each stage contains more
songs to choose from than the one before it. If you
look at the song chart above you can see which stages
contain which songs. Secret songs are always available
once they've been permanently unlocked through time
release and appear at the top of the list. 
If you win a level, you move on to the next stage,
though even if you fail the first stage you'll
always be able to get to at least Stage 2. If you
win all 3 stages, the game will be over.

2. Battle Mode

Battle Mode is... well, a bit strange. Basically,
using one controller, 2 players Battle in 3-Key Pop'n.
Player 1 gets the left side White, yellow and green keys.
Player 2 gets the right side white, yellow and green keys.
Before you select a song, you'll see a slot machine. 
Wait a couple seconds or press the red button and it'll
start spinning. When it finishes, prizes may or may not
be awarded to both players. The prizes are weapons for
in the game. If Player 1 has a prize, then Player 1 can
press the left side Blue Button to send an Ojama to
Player 2's side of the screen. Player 2 can do the same
thing to player one using the right side Blue Button.
At the end of the game, the person with the most points

3. Expert Mode

In EXPERT mode you have to survive 4 songs without ever emptying your groove
bar. Easier said than done, lots of the expert courses are very difficult.
Your bar will only fill up a tiny bit after each song is cleared.
Songs marked with a yellow icon are HYPER versions. EXTRA versions are marked
by a strange looking red icon.

If you want, you can also create up to four of your own expert courses by
pressing select on Original Course 1, 2, 3 or 4. Choose your songs and
press select to toggle the difficulty level.

Below is a list of the Expert Courses.

Songs marked with an * are not part of the default song list. If you play one
of these songs, it will be available to play in FREE mode ONLY on the
difficulty setting that you played it on here. You have to unlock the song
another way before it will appear on the normal song list. Some of the courses
on this list are not available by default and must be unlocked either with a
code or through time release methods. The HISTORY courses are created based
on the songs that you have played. The ORIGINAL courses can be configured
in any way you choose. Press SELECT to configure them.

*=Secret Song

D|Song 1          D|Song 2         D|Song 3         D|Song 4           CHALLENGE
 |                 |                |                |
DEFAULT COURSES    |                |                |
 |                 |                |                |
N|KITERESTU 2     N|BARA           N|URUSEI         N|YAMATO           *
H|LOUNGE POP      H|J-ALTERNA      H|SWEDISH        H|CLUB JAZZ        * * *
H|POP FUSION      H|CIRCUS         H|BA-ROCK        H|RADIO            * * *
H|ANTHEM          H|Jr. R&B        H|DARKNESS       H|SHOWA KAYO       * * * *
H|*KANGTONG       H|*NEW AGE remix H|KYOUGEKI       H|BALI TRANCE      * * * *
H|CHEER GIRL      H|PRECIOUS       H|MISTY          H|SUNNY            * * *
H|GLAM ROCK       H|HARD ROCK      H|POWER FOLK 5   H|DES-REGGAE       * * * *
N|SYMPATHY 2      N|INNOCENT       H|MODE           H|SMOOTH           * *
 |                 |                |                |
SECRET COURSES     |                |                |
 |                 |                |                |
H|*CLASSIC        H|*CLASSIC 2     H|*CLASSIC 3     H|*CLASSIC 4       * * * * *
H|*TECHNO 80s     N|*FUNNY         N|*DREAMY        N|*NEWS            * *
N|*LIVERPOOL      N|*GROUP SOUNDS  N|*NEO GS        N|SURF ROCK        * *
E|*KG             E|MARCHING       E|*PERCUSSIVE    E|*ENKA remix      * * * *
H|*NIGHT OUT rmx  H|*SOFT ROCK (L) H|*J-Garage Pop  H|VISUAL 2 remix   * * * *
H|*SWEAT          H|*SPLASH        H|*MIRACLE       H|*CLASSIC 7       * * * *

4. Challenge Mode

In Challenge Mode you have to choose two challenges for each round of play in
order to earn bonus points and hopefully unlock an Extra Stage, CG or Movie.
There are a large variety of challenges that can be selected with the blue
buttons and the green buttons. The left blue and green buttons control
the left column and the right blue and green buttons control the
right column. Highlight the two challenges you want and then press the red
button. The number of points you will earn for the challenges appear on
the right side of the screen. You will only get these points if you both
complete the challenges and the stage. You will get additional points
depending on the difficulty of the song you select. If you earn a certain
number of points (see chart below) an EXTRA STAGE will be playable.
The higher that number, the more special Extra Challenges will be available.
If you fail to get that number of points, you will instead be awarded with
an image CG in the Omake Gallery once you clear Stage 3, or a movie.

When playing the EXTRA STAGE you're groove bar will be different than usual.
Instead of trying to fill the bar by the end of the level, you will instead
have to prevent the bar from emptying. If at any point your groove bar is
empty, the stage will end in failure.

There are many exclusive challenges that only appear if you get enough
points (see the song list to find out which songs have EX modes). To select
them, press the select button twice (once to switch to HYPER and again to
switch to EXTRA difficulty). Once you've played an EXTRA STAGE once, whether
or not you clear it you will be able to play it in EXTRA MODE (which was
formally a ???? on the FREE MODE list of Side B). Keep in mind that playing a
NORMAL or HYPER song in the extra stage will NOT unlock an EXTRA song for FREE
MODE. So if you're trying to fill up your entire song list in FREE MODE, then
always pick a song you have not yet played. It does not matter if you lose.
You can only play 1 EXTRA Stage per game in Challenge Mode. If you want to
unlock all of the challenge mode EXTRA stages, you'll have to get the right
number of points many times so that you can play them all one at a time. This
is very time consuming, but required to fill up your free mode list. Keep in
mind that even if you get the EXTRA Stage, not all of the EX challenges will
be available. For example, getting 54 points will get you an EX Stage, but
only about half of the EX challenges will be available. Getting an EX stage
with 125 points will have more available. The higher the number of points
when you get the EX Stage, the more EX levels will be available. In addition,
there are specific songs that have rare EX modes that will only appear for
very specific numbers. Keep at eye out for those EX songs that you didn't
see the last time you played... 

Here is a chart describing what you will get at the end of each game based on
your total number of challenge points:

18  - 32 : CG 
33       : Movie 
34  - 37 : CG 
38  - 39 : Movie 
40  - 48 : CG 
49       : Movie 
50  - 53 : CG 
54       : EX Stage 
55  - 58 : CG 
59       : Movie 
60  - 63 : CG 
64       : Movie 
65  - 68 : CG 
69       : Movie 
70  - 72 : CG 
73       : EX stage 
74  - 76 : CG 
77       : Movie 
78  - 81 : CG 
82       : EX stage 
83  - 84 : CG 
85  - 86 : Movie 
87  - 89 : CG 
90  - 91 : EX stage 
92  - 98 : CG 
99       : Movie 
100 - 101: CG 
102      : Movie 
103 - 108: CG 
109      : EX stage 
110 - 111: CG 
112      : Movie 
113      : CG
114 - 116: Movie 
117      : EX stage
118 - 119: Movie 
120 - 121: CG 
122      : Movie 
123      : CG 
124      : Movie 
125 - 129: EX stage
130 - 131: Movie                                           
132 - 134: EX stage 
135 - 136: Movie 
137 - 139: EX stage 
140 - 141: Movie 
142 - 151: EX stage 
152      : Movie 
153 - 163: EX stage 
164      : Movie 
165 - 174: EX stage 
175 - 176: Movie 
177 - 188: EX stage 
Here are a few brief descriptions to help you navigate the menus. The default
selection (which says NASHI in hirigana) means that you don't want any
challenge for that column, and you will receive 0 points.

##,###       : Get more points than the number shown. The choices are 
               50,000, 60,000, 70,000, 80,000, 90,000, 95,000 and

               For 25,000, you need to get LESS than that many points and STILL
               CLEAR THE STAGE with a FEVER combo (full groove gauge).

MAX (COMBO)##: Try to get a combo that is larger than the number shown
               before the song is over. The choices are 50, 100, 150, 200,
               250, 300, 400 and 500.

BAD ##       : Try to get less than the number of bads shown. The choices are
               100, 50, 20, 15, 10 and 5.

NO BAD       : Do not get any bads or you will not get any bonus points.

ALL GREAT    : Do not get any goods or bads or you will not get any bonus

ALL GOOD     : Do not get any greats or bads or you will not get any bonus
               points. In my opinion this is IMPOSSIBLE.

Hi-Speed X2  : This activates High Speed 2 during certain sections of the
               song. Be warned that if you already have High Speed on from
               your game options than this will stack and be that much
               faster! I recommend turning such options off before trying this.

MINI POP     : The notes will be much smaller than usual.

SUDDEN       : This activates SUDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will appear towards the bottom of the screen).

Skinny POP   : The notes will be very thin.

Dance        : The rival character will dance on the main screen to blind you.

Ninja Hi Spd : Hi Speed with blinking horizontal notes.

HIDDEN       : This activates HIDDEN mode at certain points in the song (the
               notes will vanish towards the bottom of the screen).

Bara Bara    : Changes the shape of the notes so that some are fat and others
               are skinny.

Gura Gura    : The whole playing screen moves around making you dizzy.

HELL         : When this is active in the game, you'll notice your groove meter
               flashing. During this time correctly played notes will barely
               fill the meter at all, but missed notes will be much more

FAT POP      : The notes will be much bigger than usual.

CHARACTER POP: This turns all of the notes into an icon of your rival. It can
               be tough if you depend on the colors of the notes to guide your
               hands because instead of having blue, yellow, green, red and
               white, there will be only 2 colors depending on the character.
               Also, for rivals that have 2 characters, you'll see BOTH of
               their heads in the icon, and that makes it even more confusing.

Hi-Speed X4  : Just like Hi-Speed X2 but even faster.

Ojama        : With this enabled, whenever you start playing well your rival
               will activate its OJAMA, which is basically some sort of visual
               distraction. Some rivals have REALLY challenging OJAMAs.

Wiggle POP 1 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.

SQUISH 1     : The screen is squished from the top and the bottom
               so that the playing area is smaller.

SQUISH 2     : The screen is squished from the left and the right
               so that the playing area is smaller.

White POP    : The notes are drained of their color and all turn white. This
               makes it much more difficult to figure out which line the notes
               are on.

               TIP: The notes on the top row of the controller are
               skinnier than the notes on the bottom row of the controller. So
               Buttons 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9 (Whites, Greens, and Red) will have
               notes that are wider than that of buttons 2, 4, 6 and 8
               (Yellows and Blues). That will make this challenge easier.

EXCITE       : This can add a lot of challenging distractions as you play. The
               notes will actually move to a different row! This is very
               difficult on high speed.

OMG POP      : The screen is FLOODED with notes. Blinding. You can barely see
               the real notes falling behind the flood. I can't even clear the
               easiest songs like this.

Wiggle POP 2 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out a lot.

ALWAYS ON    : This one is tricky. Basically if you select this for one of your
               challenges then the other challenge will be activated throughout
               the entire song instead of fading in and out all the time. This
               option will only be available if you've already selected the
               other challenge and it is a challenge that can be lengthened
               throughout the song (such as FAT POP). 

Hidden +     : In this mode you barely get to see the notes before they
Sudden         vanish. Very tough.

EXCITE +     : Excite mode plus Ojama. Lots of distractions.

Inverted     : The screen inverts so that the notes fall from the bottom
               of the screen and up to the top. For some reason my brain
               doesn't like to make sense of the notes going that way.

Wiggle POP 3 : The notes will wiggle back and forth and zoom in and out.
               High Speed will also be enabled. 

Hidden +     : This is rediculous. Don't bother even trying this unless
Sudden +       you have practically memorized the song your are playing
Hi Speed       because you will barely see the notes at all.


Side B is the CONSOLE style side of Pop'n Music 7. Here you can 
play game modes that are not available in arcades.
Before choosing a mode, keep in mind that you can
select your PLAYER CHARACTER using the blue buttons
on this screen.

1. Free Training Mode

In Free Training Mode you can play any song that you have played before. 
That's all there is to it. The coolest thing about this mode is that you
can play the songs that you only unlocked temporarily (either with a code
or with that song's specific requirement). So say for example you unlock
THERAPY and play it in NORMAL mode. The next time you play NORMAL mode,
THERAPY might be locked again, however if you go to FREE mode, you'll be
able to play it whenever you want (until the time release unlocks the song
for NORMAL mode). Another important thing to remember is that if you play
any song in EXPERT mode before you play it in NORMAL mode, you will only
be able to play the version of the song you played in EXPERT, be it
NORMAL, HYPER or EXTRA. Just because you played a HYPER in EXPERT mode
does not mean that it will appear on the NORMAL list in FREE mode.

2. Taisen Mode

a. VS Mode

This is another strange 2-player mode. In this one you both use different
controllers. At the start of the game, player 1 controls the left four
note columns, and player 2 controls the right four. As the game
progresses, the middle bar (which could be controlled by BOTH players)
shifts to the left or to the right, changing how many bars the players
have control over. Sound confusing? It is. The best way to understand is
to play it.

b. Tournament Mode

Tournament Mode is basically a 4-player tournament for VS Mode.

3. Expert 5 Mode

This is like Expert Mode on A-Side, except it is 5-key instead of 9-key.

4. Study Mode

Study mode is filled with various tutorials that can teach you how to
play the game... assuming you can read Japanese.



There are many Secrets in Pop'n Music 7. They
can be unlocked by methods in this section.

One method of unlocking songs is by time-releasing them.
In order to time release the songs, you must play SIDE A.


The only time the timer advances is when you are actually playing
a song. Navigating the menus does not count. Watching the staff
roll does not count. Only actual gameplay counts. Once
enough time has elapsed, the secret songs will start
becoming available and the secret expert courses will
also begin to unlock. By this method you can eventually
unlock all of the secret songs and expert courses.

Songs can also be unlocked by meeting specific requirements.
Because I have not been able to find an accurate translations
of the challenge requirements, I will not attempt to include
them here because there's no point in publishing potentially
bad info. Needless to say, if you suddenly notice a secret song
on the list that wasn't there earlier, you probably fulfilled
one of those requirements. Play the song so that it is in
free mode because the next time you play it won't be on the
main list unless it was time released.

The third way to unlock songs is by entering secret codes.
You can also unlock Expert Courses, Player Characters 
and a few EXTRA versions of songs by this method.
When you enter an unlock code for a song, the secret song will
be available on its appropriate stage in Arcade mode. If you
play the song once it will be forever unlocked in Free
mode, whether or not you clear it.

The secret codes must be performed on the Title Screen
where you would choose a mode while HOLDING SELECT.
If you are successful you will hear a sound effect.
Then when you play in Arcade Mode,
the secret will be available one time only. If it
is a song, it will be on its appropriate stage, and
then permanently in Side B's FREE Mode once you play it.
If you want to unlock several songs quickly, enter
three codes and then you can unlock three songs in one

Pop'n Controller

Left  White  = Button A / Button 1 / L2
Left  Yellow = Button B / Button 2 / L1
Left  Green  = Button C / Button 3 / D-pad Left
Left  Blue   = Button D / Button 4 / D-pad Up
Red Button   = Button E / Button 5 / D-pad Right
Right Blue   = Button F / Button 6 / Triangle
Right Green  = Button G / Button 7 / Circle
Right Yellow = Button H / Button 8 / R1
Right White  = Button I / Button 9 / R2

Don't forget to HOLD SELECT!


WINTER POP          : 139222113
SOFT ROCK (LONG)    : 421299
SPECIAL ENDING 2    : 177777779
NEW AGE remix       : 197364
J-GARAGE POP remix  : 96321478
NIGHT OUT remix     : 62398741
HEART               : 46644321
CLASSIC 5           : 9999666644449999
KG                  : 963369963369
SWEAT               : 639639639
CLASSIC 7           : 77767776777
SPLASH              : 111222333666
THERAPY             : 8899663344
STUDY               : 1234678993
MIRACLE             : 333666999666
KANGTONG            : 46382133
LIVERPOOL           : 789461396
PERCUSSIVE          : 741896
CUBAN GROOVE        : 99998888321
ENKA remix          : 144671684
GROUP SOUNDS        : 9993333661
CLASSIC             : 111111112
CLASSIC 2           : 22222222333322222
CLASSIC 3           : 33321233333
CLASSIC 4           : 9966449944
TECHNO 80s          : 1988888888
FUNNY               : 2222222266489
DREAMY              : 366366366
NEWS                : 147369147369
NEO GS              : 98746321
ANALOG TECHNO       : 1234678996
AMBIENT             : 46821369
FUTURE              : 9274321


BALI TRANCE (EX)    : 337337337
HARD ROCK (EX)      : 624624624
DEATH REGGAE (EX)   : 79846321

*NOTE: For these you have to actually get to an EX Stage in
challenge mode for them to be playable once you enter the code.


NAKATEKU COURSE     : 7779996666999
SANA COURSE         : 3337777777999
CLASSIC COURSE      : 9649964996499649
HELL 7 COURSE       : 44447777777999999999
GS COURSE           : 9874123698746321
REMIX COURSE        : 666666444499993
EX COURSE           : 789741461237391
HYPER 7 COURSES     : 881188777733


NANA                : 1727374767778797
Study MIMI & NYAMI  : 4321363233283

2. Special Options

There are 4 gameplay special options that can be adjusted on the
options menu. They can also be adjusted on the loading screen for
a song. Press select before the song begins and then you can
change the options.

High Speed: The notes scroll faster. There are four levels to this
setting. The choices are off (slowest), X2, X3 and X4 (fastest).

Mirror: In this mode, the note patterns are completely reversed. The A
row will be on the I row and the I row will be on the A row. B will swap
with H. E will swap with G. D will swap with F. E will remain unchanged.

Hidden: In this tricky mode, the notes will actually vanish before the
reach the bottom the the screen, making the game much more challenging.

Random: When this is on the note patterns are randomized. Songs that you 
thought you mastered can be much more challenging with this on.

3. Difficulty Toggle

On the music select screen, press select to toggle the Difficulty
Style from Standard 9-Key to HYPER or EXTRA.
Those settings are much more difficult.

4. Instant Give-up

If for whatever reason you decide that you want to quit playing a
song before it is over, just press start and select.

5. Omake

To unlock the various images and movies in the Omake section,
play through Challenge mode over and over again, each time
choosing a different player character.

Please note that if you get an EXTRA stage you will NOT unlock a
new picture in the gallery. Refer to the chart in the
Challenge Mode section. Use the blue buttons to cycle
through your collection and the red button to select something.
If you want to switch from the image gallery to the movie
gallery, press a yellow button.

SECTION 5: Closing

1. Version Information

0.50 : First Version, incomplete Track List and Expert Course List.
0.75 : Track List around 75% done. All non-secret songs complete.
0.85 : Track List and Expert Course List are almost done.
0.95 : Track List completed, but still needs in game sorting. 
1.00 : Track List completed and sorted. Expert courses completed.
1.01 : Fixed a typo and made a minor update.
1.02 : Konami changed the address of the Pop'n site, so I updated the URL.
1.03 : Fixed a typo. ...yes, just a single letter.

2. Contact Information

If you want to contact me for any reason, I can be e-mailed at:
gamefaqskythlyn AT gmail DOT com

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