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Reviewed: 04/13/03 | Updated: 04/13/03

A hit stealth title

This game has been a long time in the making and has received much attention. After the release of the Xbox version people were skeptical that the PS2 version could be as good, it being an older console than the Xbox. However when the makers released the information that the PS2 version would be refined, with exclusive extras, people became more interested in the port. So with a bit of background I will now continue with my review.

GRAPHICS - Well with the graphics UBI-Soft sure did a fine job I must say. Considering that the PS2 is far older and less graphically capable than the Xbox. The special exclusive effects that are reflections, smoke effects and heat rising effects sure do top the graphics off nicely with this game. The lighting effects have been done superbly and show the kind of visuals the PS2 is capable of. The cut scenes have also been nicely done adding depth to the game. Overall the graphics make the game play easy.

SOUND - The game is Dolby Pro-Logic II compatible for those with surround sound. Generally the sound is good and in tense moments it definitely boosts the atmosphere. You will come across guards whistling and singing to themselves as well, however the same tunes do become a bit repetitive.

GAME PLAY - This game has tried something different in terms of game play. It's done this by emphasizing light and dark elements. In this game you won't stand much of a chance running into a mission shooting everyone in machine gun mode!! Instead you are supposed to shoot out lights or turn them off, hide in the dark shadows and slowly sneak passed the enemies. Alternatively you can quietly sneak up on enemies grab them and knock them out by delivering a direct blows to their heads. Overall the game play is great.

CONTROLS - The controls can be very comfortable or they can be a pain in the bum, it all depends on how comfortable YOU feel with them. They can be fiddly though having to press lots of buttons at the same time.

LIFE SPAN - This game doesn't offer much in terms of replay value however you could go through the game on hard, after playing it on easy, just shooting most people in the head instead of being really stealthy. The first time you complete this game it will take you about 15 hours.



SOUND - 9/10

GAME PLAY - 10/10


LIFE SPAN - 8/10

OVERALL - 9/10

If you want to get a taster of what this game is about I suggest you rent it. You might finish this game in one rental but this game is definitely one for your collection, as it is sure to be a PS2 classic.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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