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Reviewed: 06/03/05

An intresting attempt at another Sim Town.

Anyone remember Sim Town? Back after Sim City 2000 was released, Maxis made a a more simpler version for the kiddies, called Sim Town. In Sim Town, you can look inside people houses, and listen to their complaints. You then solve the complaints. It also had the fun disasters that made playing the game a blast.

Well, Natsume, king of the mistranslations, broken grammar and fun simulation games (Harvest Moon, River King, etc.) decided to try to do the same. With more shoddier results.

In the game you play the role as the yellow clad Metropolismaker. You basically plan the cities using chalk in about 5 different camera angles. Instead of putting zoning in, people apply to move in. You then plop them down at a place.

Controls are shoddy. Your character is more of a pointer. You don't have a total 360 degree movement. Instead, you move with the camera. Think a less thought out version of the original Resident Evil's control scheme. You can't move horizontal, and by moving in the horizontal, you move the camera.

Now, after planting roads with chalk, and plopping staff houses (family houses) and other people in, they start complaining. They want some nice items, such as hospitals, schools and super stores. But sometimes they want the bizarre, like a residential and office. They complain they are too far from the residential and office. What does that mean? They also complain that there is no place for their families. WHAT? It's not like all the stores are adult-oriented. I mean, the fish market is for families. It's not like the shopkeep has sex with the fish. Or, at least I hope not.

Graphics are mediocre. There are better on the Playstation 2, but there are definitely worse. The details (like seeing people inside the places), are nice. Characters have a real Japanese style, because half of the game's graphics are in Japanese.

The music is unforgetable. That's all you really need to know about that. The voice over (I've seen one so far), is alright.

The game is programmed shoddily. Women will say that they got to get to their wives, even though theyre married to a man. Even a young girl will say that. And meeting people just to get more and more citizens to move in is annoying. Also, when only one person in the whole town only knows one person that can build a hospital, yet ten people know a connection to high schools, you have a problem.

I hope this game was going to be good, but its ends up to be a shoddy version of SimTown. Rent this game first, because it is actually addicting somewhat.

I give it a 3/10.

Rating:   1.5 - Bad

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