Review by Iraqistan

Reviewed: 09/03/04

Strangley Addicting

Game Play 8/10
Wow. You start off with a empty space of land where you're some guy in a yellow suit that has to build a whole community.You ask residents to refer someone to move in to the town than a population increase bringing you closer to your goal. You get a goal in the beginning of the level that you have to achieve for instance 500 people in your town or 1000 people with 15% of the buildings being entertainment facilities. This game doesn't get too old too quick because there are so many types of people and buildings to be built. Families have complaints such as they want a police station, restaurant etc. You create roads and plot the buildings there is also a major problem in each town that must be solved such as a thief.

Control 10/10
I can't really remember any time i had a problem with the controls. X is the action button, Square opens a menu of things to do, O lets you go into buildings, and triangle jumps. In the menu you can make roads, check out your phone book, look at any purchases, eat food, look at your salary and cash flow. You ask residents to refer someone to move in to the town than a population increase bringing you closer to your goal. Everything here is very nicely laid out.

Graphics 9/10
These graphics have a cartoon like look to them but all in all aren't bad. Buildings stay where they're supposed to and you don't walk through them. The game has some really detailed buildings but there's not to much to put down when a game goes for a cartoon-ish look. Definitely not the best looking game of the year.

Sound 7/10
The musics not too bad but the only time people actually talk is during mission briefings which come every two days or so of game play. The reason why i give this a seven is because the people in town don't talk or move their mouths they just make beeping noises.

Story 1/10
Worst story line ever not like they were aiming for number 1 story but they could've tried a little harder. Ok here it is. Electronics are destroying all purpose of actual conversation between neighbors and friends, so here take this cell phone (not joking) go to this location and make a good old fashioned town out of it and call me when your done......WHAT!!!!!!

Replay Value 8/10
There are five different main scenarios And after you pass those you replay them with slightly harder challenges so the game could keep on going forever as long as you can stand it.

Overall 8/10
Not a bad rent or real cheap buy. You'll give at least 2 weeks of game play out of it until you are bored. It's worth a try for game play but everything else can get pretty humorous without any intentions from the programmers.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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