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Reviewed: 07/17/03 | Updated: 07/17/03

Fun simcity-like game...

Graphics: 6/10
The grapfics where nothing special. They where good enough to where they didnt destract me from the gameplay. Every one in the game and severly over sized heads and tiny bodys. Overal, that graphics are nothing special, but fine as thay are. Anything better may have been to good for this sort of game.

Sound & Music: 7/10
The music as you where playing was ok. It wasnt a ten second loop, nor was it loud and annoying. There where plenty of sound, as in when you jumped, phone ringing, placing a house, and much more sounds.

Story: 6/10
Not much of a story there, and the little bit that is there is good. Your a person that the goverment choose to go to several empty spots of land, and build towns. They said that people dont talk enough any more, and you need to change that, by building towns. Dont ask me how thats suposed to help. And they make you dress in funny yellow clothes. The story dosnt realy matter much in the game, and each level has its own sub story, well, most of them.

Gameplay: 10/10
Great! You walk around and basicly take care of a town, mix of simcity, small bit of darkcloud, and a dash of the sims. You can place any of 200 diferant unique bussiness. You get them by befriending the towns people and asking them to introduce you. You have hunger that effects your speed, you place roads, and can just annoy your towns people.

Controls: 7/10
Althoe not the easyest contralls to learn, you can get used to the quickly. Every buttion has a use and no four buttion commands. So, overall, easy and fast to learn, and posably a bit fun.

Replay Vallue: 9/10
While is not realy meant to be replayed is fun to go back to earler levels and so what you could have done better. I find it vary fun to go back and spend a lot more time on the first level than I did the first time. Going back and doing levels again has no real meaning but it can be loads of fun.

Overall: 8/10
A good simcity type game. I would sugjest you rent it befor you buy, or try out a friends coppy. This game takes a lot of time to play, about a week or so for each level for me, in the higher levels. If your into games like this, it will be vary addicting and fun, if you not, you will hate it and not be able ot play it for 5 minuts.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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