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Reviewed: 07/05/03 | Updated: 07/05/03

Good sim, great price

While stumbling through Best Buy the other day, I came across the game Metropolismania. I like niche games like Harvest Moon or even Mad Maestro and this one seemed to call to me. So i bought it. A few days later, I was hooked.

The game had a very simple concept, create a town that would soon become a mega-city with your help. The idea was to have balance between residential, commercial, and infrastructural areas. I liked the fact that if you built a house too close to a factory the resident would get angry and leave. There weren't just houses though, there were several types of buildings including appartment complexes, hospitals, culture classes, and police houses, which looked like a big police hat, moot!

The look of the game was simple. Sure, it was better than any Playstation 1 game, but I found that it wasn't close to the visuals of Animal Crossing. The colors were bright enough that it didn't hurt my eyes and the residents looked pretty good. I did see one graphical error whenever a businessman tried to move his hand with the suitcase, it would go right through his co-worker that was standing next to him (woah). There are several choices for viewing the city, my personal favorate was the up-in-the-sky view.

Getting back to that angry resident...i guess i didn't make friends with him. There's levels of friendship: ''Stranger'', ''Know the face'', ''Acquaintance'', ''Friend'', and ''Best Friend''. The levels increases after talking, listening, answering riddles, giving presents, or relating to them (If you talk to a ''Workaholic'' about ''Working Overtime'', they will relate to you and increase your relationship-meter higher).

The sound...what can i say about that? It was... typical for what you'd hear in any second class video game.

Turns out that there were only 6 stages. You might think that that is a problem, but the stages can go as fast or as slow as you wanted it to go. If you wanna reach your population goal and other goals for the city as quick as possible, good for you. But if you wanna make friends, and cater to each of them, they will end up becoming good friends that you could call and talk to when you get to another town.

I think that Natsume knew that the game wasn't going to be a wild success, but that didn't mean that they were gonna bring out some third rate game. The game will be a hit for anyone who liked the concepts of Harvest Moon, Rollercoaster/Railroad Tycoon, The Sims, or even Animal Crossing. Then again, you might also like it if you are a casual gamer, fanboy, cheap or a Virgo.

Rating:   4.0 - Great

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