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Reviewed: 07/25/05

Digimon World 4 Reviewed

After about 2-3 years, Bandai has released a new game in the Digimon World series, cleverly called.....Digimon World 4. After the first Digimon World, Bandai started to decline with each installment of Digimon World.

The first Digimon World was kind of Digimon Tamagochi based, in the sense that you could care for and raise your digimon. It was a great success and was even stamped with the "Greatest Hits" label. The second Digimon World lost in comparison to first Digimon World. In the second game you get stripped of almost all freedom to walk around. Digimon World 2 featured many more Digimon as well as a buggy system. This one, however, had no greatest hits label and was only like by some. The third Digimon World abolished the usual 3D game play and restricted it to cut scenes and battling. Digimon World 3 was and awful failure and was placed on the bargain shelf in all the local Zellers and possibly other stores. Probably desperate, Bandai decided to make another installment for fear of losing their fans. Sadly, Digimon World 4 was a big disappointment. To many, it would seem the Bandai is "Abusive" to it's fans in the sense that they can't even seem to make a decent game anymore. Bandai insists on torturing all of their fans and wasting theirs and others money.

You start this game out by creating a digimon out of the 4 digimon presented. These digimon include Season 1's Agumon, Season 2's Veemon, Season 3's Guilmon, and some odd blue fox like type digimon named Dofumon. After choosing and being told that your a Digital Security Guard you get sent off on a mission to a newly appeared server to find a group that hasn't contacted anyone back in the main server. A pathetic story at that.

This time instead of the bump-into and fight system, the bump-into to have a tedious long fight system, and the random fight system, you are presented with real-time battle. You can attack, jump, guard and run around. In the early levels you feel like throwing the controller at the ground in an attempt to smash it. Bandai tried to make this game more co-op orientated and limited people who don't actually want to commit social suicide by inviting a friend to play with you. Bandai also attempts to make a sort of "puzzle and trap" system but in place of traps Bandai decided to make monsters pop-up out of nowhere. Sometimes this can be a problem considering Bandai seems to like the idea of sending many digimon after you. Sometimes even 6-8. Also, in this game, Bandai gives digimon weapons. Add in the really sad excuse for a "Guard System" and you lower the rating by a full 1 point. The guard lasts for only mere seconds making it impossible to predict when to use it. Instead of using the guard at all, I was forced to rapidly hit the X button and run if the digimon got too close. Another poor decision was to make the enemies take off huge amounts off your digimon. In this game, when you die, you can have a friend use a Raise Chip. Sadly, most digimon fans are closet digimon fans meaning they don't tell anyone they like it for fear of being ridiculed. Of course the children seem to enjoy digimon. Also you are restricted to allowing the camera to move for you because the L1 and R1 buttons are occupied by MP techniques and HP techniques and Items. As for the music, you should just spare your ears the torture and shut the volume off.

Digimon World 4 is a complete failure in the Digimon World series. Bandai should give up the ghost before going bankrupt or continue making these games in hopes that one day they might actually make a good game like the first Digimon World. Readers are advised to save their money.

Rating:   2.0 - Poor

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