Review by methedemon

Reviewed: 06/17/05

I waited a long time for this one!

Digimon world 4 is different from the other digimon games, its an action-role playing game. At first I had my hopes up for this game, but to be honest I was not disappointed all.

You start off by choosing your digimon, between Agumon, Guilmon, Veemon, and the new face Dorumon, Dorumon is the main character. After you pick you pick one of them, you will be ready to start the game, or to have a good tutorial so you know the basics.

The game play is very simple, the digital world is divided into several areas. These areas are full of enemies, puzzles, and traps. Controlling your digimon is very easy too, you use the X button will lets you attack with your equipped weapon, the square button to block, the circle button to jump, you can also equip spells with you, and use it by pressing the X button. You can switch between melee and magic modes by tapping the R1 button.

Exploring dungeons is pretty fun, they are full of enemies and bosses, in order to open a door you must get the ID passes, you can get them at the end of a sub dungeon after you clear it from enemies.

You can have up to three weapons equipped to your digimon at the same time, you can equip spells, armors, and weapons, but if you need different weapons you can go back to the DIGI-LAB and switch items.

Digivolving is done by completing certain task, or reaching a high enough level. When your digimon evolve it becomes a completely different digimon, it evolves from a rookie weak digimon to powerful mega one. When you decide to evolve your digimon, you have to go the town and talk to the owner of the DIGI-LAB.

The other great feature is the four multi player mode, its lots of fun to gather your friends and explore the Digital world together. Also, there are many armors and weapons to collect, there is even digimon cards too, and not to forget all the items and stat building.

The story is based on the up coming digimon movie, you start the game as a new DSG (Digital security guard) your job is to keep peace everywhere, but somehow the Yamato server is changed and became the unknown Doom server, you must find the missing general, and stop the thing that making digimon go wild and attacking the home server.

The graphics are great, just look at the digimon, they look exactly like the ones on the TV, and the environments are well detailed, backgrounds are colorful. The music is great and not repetitive, but too bad there is No voice acting.

Overall this game is worth owning, it has a very addicting multi player mode, a good replay value if you want to level up your digimon and collect everything, there are some minor flaws like the sound and some long loading time but that won’t stop you from enjoying the good single player mode and even better multi player mode.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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