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Reviewed: 04/24/06

Digimon World 4!

Digimon World 4!

This is a really fun and exciting game!

Basically, you start out as a rookie Digimon who finds out they’re a DSG, a Digital Security Guard, and the Yamato Server is under attack.

So now, you go and beat up enemies with a hack and slash type game play, with millions of weapons, armor, and equipment. You start out as a LV.1 Digimon, who can eventually get to LV.999.

There’s a dungeon. You start in the dungeon, and you can find maps of the dungeon layout throughout the dungeon. Enemies are here to attack you, and they can cast negative spells on you like poison, freeze, and such. There are switches that unlock a certain doorway, and HP regenerators before a boss.

The boss is a big enemy, and after defeated, you get to open treasure chests with items and use the portal to advance to the Home Server, basically like a town that you digivolve, or evolve into stronger forms, and buy and sell items.

There’s also this guy named MetalEtemon, who requires a plentitude of money, or BITS, for him to make rare items.

After you beat the game, a new mode, Hard Mode is unlocked. The enemies are much tougher, and you get to keep your stats, levels, and Digimon, as well as the items you’ve got. But you have to start out fighting the first boss again.

After you beat that, there’s a Very Hard Mode, which adds to the replay value.
You can go through challenging and mind puzzling puzzles to obtain new digivolutions and rare equipment, as well as BITS. There is a BITS doubling trick, which is a careless mistake made by the creators of Digimon World 4. You could have 9,999,999 BITS at the very beginning!

The new Digivolutions are better than your Rookie Digimon, with higher starting stats and better MP attacks. Unfortunately, you start at LV.1. When you Digivolve, there’s a cool show depicting the current Digimon doing a pose and Digivolving into your new Digimon. There are a total of 16 different Digimon, which adds to the replay value.

Each Digimon also has their own weapons, called Signature Weapons, and can be obtained by strenuous work to achieve it.

Sadly, there are cons to this game as well. Most games, usually start the game easy, and harder as it progresses. This game, Digimon World 4, unfortunately starts the game hard, ridiculously hard. The enemies do nearly quadruple the damage you do to them, and they kill you in about 1-2 hits. Don’t mention the bosses. The first boss can kill you in one hit.

As you progress through the game, you can level up, and the levels will become ridiculously easy, quite unbalanced for a game. There is also a super fast leveling up place where you will level up insanely fast.

Digimon World 4 is quite short, taking about 8 hours to finish. All the replay stuff are quite repetitive, really. Beating Hard and Very Hard Mode as well as beating it with all 16 Digimon, that’s like beating the same game 48 times! You can do it, if you can stand repetitiveness.

Also, some of the weapons have typos in them; some players may find that they have enough skill to equip a weapon, but not really being able to equip it.
After all these cons, this game can be fun in multiplayer mode! You can have up to 4 players simultaneously fighting enemies. But there will be more enemies. This game was meant for multiplayer.

But only the first player will get all the rewards and everything. The other players will still be on the first dungeon, while the first has already beaten the game with the other players. The prizes for side-quests will only be given to Player 1.
All in all, this game is quite repetitive with little or no story at all. This game also is fun, entertaining, and addictive, as well as requiring a sharp mind. The level of entertainment is increased threefold if you play multiplayer. This is a standard RPG, and even non-Digimon fans may play it. I advise you to buy it; it is definitely a game to collect.

My final score is: 9/10.

Rating:   4.5 - Outstanding

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