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Story Translation by MissMera / borgor

Version: 1.2 | Updated: 07/23/2007

Tenshi no Present - Marl Oukoku Monogatari
(Angel's Present - The Legend of Marl Kingdom )
Translation Guide by
[Ch 1, 3, 5] borgor (silmeria_silverbell at yahoo.com) and
[Ch 2, 4, 6] MissMera (aka Ellie, meralie@gmail.com)

Most Recent Update: 7/10/07, Version 1.2

V 1.0 Finished on:  1/15/07

Table of Contents

I.   Credits
II.  Version history
III. Foreword
IV.  Menu translation
V.   Translation

	*  Chapter 1 - Looking for a Mother...
	*  Chapter 2 - Will the Pumpkin Princess Overcome her Trial of Love?
	*  Chapter 3 - The Day the Nyanko Disappeared
	*  Chapter 4 - A Cat's Battle for Love
	*  Chapter 5 - The Tale the Angel has Given Us
		- Prologue - Princess Cherie
		- Part 1 - The Day their Eyes Met
		- Part 2 - To Each their Own
		- Part 3 - The Last Moments of the Ancient Civilization
		- Part 4 - Living in the Future
		- Part 5 - Proposal
		- Part 6 - The Dreadful Repetition
		- Final Chapter - Last Wish
	*  Chapter 6 - This is Marl! Everyone Work Together!

VII.  Legal information

(Please ALT+F and enter the name of the chapter to jump around quickly.)


Thanks to :
Nippon Ichi Software for this fantastic game
JWPce for being as useful as ever
GameFAQs for hosting this.

Version history

v 1.2 :  (7/10/07) I'm still on an editing kick!  I edited chapters 4, 5
and 6 to make them sound more professional.  Hopefully the whole thing is 
shiny now, and wont need any more attention for a while.

	*Standardized "Akuujo" (if it bugs you, I also wrote a note
on the bottom about that.) 
	*Changed all "Mysterious Forests" to "Wonder Woods." 
	*Edited Ch. 4-6 to make it sound more natural. 
	*Fixed lots of random things, like using the names from the 
American version of Rhapsody (Marjoly/Golonzo/Siegrind.)

v 1.1 (6/24/07)  : It's been a while!  Although I've been busy on a new
Little Princess project with Borgor, I decided to touch things up here.
This was seriously in need of editing. So I did!  Also, I realized my
previous stupidity:  Akuujo's castle is not called the "AkuAkuujo," it's
called... "The Akuujo."  How the hell did I do that?

	*Removed the -san/-samas. 
	*Edited the first two chapters to make them sound better.
	*Changed "Marjory" to "Marjoly," because that's what was used 
in the American translation of Rhapsody.

v 1.0 (1/15/07)  : Terribly sorry for not getting this up earlier!  Here's
the entire translation of Angel's Present.  It's still not perfect
(I'm sure that it's rife with mistakes I've overlooked, my chapters don't
have the song lyrics, and Borgor's going to add a section on game
mechanics) but it's a good start.  Here's the whole thing, from start to
finish, including the bonus chapter!

V 0.5 (11/21/06) : One Tuesday, two updates! Chapter 3&4 added! More coming
(probably) soon! Better start thinking about adding other sections too.

v 0.2 (11/21/06) : Uploaded Chapter 2! Everything except for the tail end of
Chapter 5 is already done. I (and this is Ellie updating for a change) am using
this as a trial run for my first GameFaqs upload. If everything works,
except the rest of the game shortly.

v 0.1 (11/07/06) : First chapter translated and corrected. As well as the menu
translations. Well most of them at least. Btw, we're a Tuesday today.


Well, work and the holidays managed to slow both Borgor and I quite a lot,
but we finally got this thing out to you.  I hope you enjoy it!

A few notes:  Borgor did chapters 1, 3 and 5, while I did 2, 4 and 6.
Although I edited the whole thing (so, if you have any problems with the way
things are worded, it'd probably be better to bug me), a lot of our personal
writing is still in here.  The biggest difference is just in the format.
I translated all of the town dialogue in my chapters, where Borgor just
translated the plot.  I put in larger walkthroughs.  Basically, this means
that my sections are more crowded (and probably harder to read) than his.

Of course, this could have been edited out.  But I couldn't bear to delete
all that. :(  I'm a terrible person.

Nonetheless, I hope you get a fun read out of this!


Alright, here is the Tenshi no Present translation guide/walkthrough at last.
It could have been here much earlier if the people doing it weren't so slow
but hey, it got done in the end so it's all that matters right? This was
written by Ellie and I, each one of us did half of it but, luckily for the
readers, Ellie reviewed the parts I did so that the whole thing looks neat
and sounds like English. However I still suck at romanizing the songs.
In any case I hope this document will help you enjoy the wonderful game that
is Tenshi no Present. Should you have any questions about something that is
not covered here, feel free to ask us, we'll add it, and with any luck we
won't take half a year to do it.

Menu translation

<<<<Main menu>>>>

- Skills : Use your characters' spells and skills. Consumes SP.
- Items : Organize and use your items. You can use, equip or 
discard them.
- Equipment : Equip accessories.
- Status : View your characters' status.
- Organize party : Pick row leaders and assign underlings to them.
- Order you characters : Lets you organize all of your party by
 fighting power, level, humans or monsters.
- Save : Save your game. This is available anywhere! Yay!

<<<<<Battle menu>>>>

- Fight : Opens up the fight sub-menu.
- Auto : Fight on auto mode.
- Run away : Heh...
- Auto mode choice : Lets you chose whether your characters will auto 
battle in simple mode (not using any skills) or full power mode.

<<<<Fight sub-menu>>>>

- Attack : Attack!
- Defend : Defend!
- Skill : Use you spells and skills. Consumes SP.
- Item : Use items.
- Puppets : Gives orders to your puppets, if your row leader is a 
puppet user. Counts as the row leader's action for that round.
- Present : Pastry attacks!  Available only to Cornet, Kururu and

After beginning a new game you'll be prompted to a screen with a big
present box.  Each of these boxes is a chapter.  Open the first box
to start the game!


                             CHAPTER 1

Long, long ago, on the outskirts of the capital of Marl Kingdom, there
was a small village called Orange. In this town lived a young girl who, 
thanks to a mysterious power, could become friends with puppets.

That girl's name was Cornet. Cornet dreamed of meeting the prince of the
kingdom and falling in love with him.

One day, while Cornet was in the Wonder Woods, she was rescued by a prince
and fell in love with him.

However, soon after saving her, the prince was turned to stone by the
evil witch, Marjoly!

And so Cornet, Kururu and all her other puppets set off on a journey
to save him...

===============================  Chapter 1  ===============================
========================  Looking for a Mother...  ========================

Cornet (narrating) : Prince Ferdinand was abducted by the evil witch Marjoly
just a few days ago... Though I set out on a journey to rescue him, the
truth is I don't have any idea how I'm actually going to do that. Thinking
back on it, right before I left I met with the prince's mother, Siegrind.
She seemed pretty sad. Well, that's to be expected of course. Anyone 
would be sad if their child had been abducted. But, since I don't have
a mother, I don't really understand those familial feelings all that well. 

I wonder what sort of person my mother was? Mom...

(The scene starts in a forest clearing.)

Cornet : Hey, Kururu.

Kururu : Yeah?

Cornet (narrating) : This is Kururu. She's a puppet I've been with for as 
long as I can remember. She's my best friend.

Cornet : Where are we, exactly? We've been in this forest for days already.
Are we lost?

Kururu : Nah, we're fine! It's just that we don't know where we are right 
now. Oh, and we don't have a map and we've only got a few leftovers to eat.
That's all!

Cornet (sweatdrop) : ...So in short, we're totally lost and are in a pretty
serious crisis.  And thanks to those monsters we encountered earlier, 
we just got separated from our puppets, too. This is really bad...

Cornet : (Sharte... Terra... L-kun... Are they all alright? They must be
pretty lonely. I've got to hurry up and find them!)

Kururu : Don't worry about such little details! We'll manage one way 
or another!

Cornet : ... And yet here I am, worried as can be.

Kururu : Geez, you're such a worrywart, Cornet. We're just lost. Relax!
What am I always telling you? "Girls take initiative!!" If you keep on facing
forward, you'll reach your goal for sure someday!


Song title : Onna ha Koudouryoku (Girls Take Initiative)

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Puppet Kururu (seiyuu : Maria Kawamura)
Cornet (seiyuu : Kaoru Fujino)
Etoile (seiyuu : Yuri Amano)

Onna no ko ni yuuki kureru
Totte oki no mahou no jumon

Nayanja (Cornet : dame!)
Kujikecha (Etoile : dame!)
Fight! genki wo dasou
Mezasu ha (yume)
Saa ikou (Etoile : ikimasu wa yo!!)

Matte itemo goal ha konai
Positive ni
Koudou aru nomi (koudou shyou!!)

Daredemo dekru koto yo (rakushyou~)
Okiraku ni sanpo (te wo tsu nai de)
Hajime no (ippo wo) fumi daseba (sokoniha)
Kibou ni michita sekai
(Soredemo) yuuki ga dase nai toki ha (me wo tojite)
Tonae you (minna de) mahou no jumon (isshoni)

Ai motome Koi motome Asu motome
Sorezore no omoiwo kanaeru tame
Koudou shyou yo

(Etoile : Oohohohoho! Saa! Koudou nasai!)


Cornet : ...Yeah, when did you get here?! Don't barge in like that!

Etoile : "Barge in...?" You're describing the magnificent entrance of
Etoile Rosenqueen as "barging in!?"

Cornet : Yes, and? You barged in. What else can I say?

Cornet (narrating) : This is Etoile Rosenqueen. She's the only daughter of
the head of the Rosenqueen Corporation, the richest family in the world.
She's my childhood friend. You can see what kind of person she is, so it
should be obvious why we always end up arguing. But we usually end up 
doing things together anyway. I wonder why.

Kururu : My, my, let's stop with the pleasantries, shall we? By the way, 
why are you  here, Etoile?  Are you lost, too?

Etoile : Ohooohohohohoho!! There's no way something that stupid could happen
to me, right? It would be simple impossible for Etoile Rosenqueen to be lost.
I merely  felt like taking a long trip.

Kururu : So you're lost.

Etoile : Of course not! I happen to be looking for this girl's 
home, that's all!

Cornet : "This girl?"

Etoile : Oh? Goodness, this is why I don't like little kids.
Come on, don't hide over there! Come out!

(A little girl, Eri, steps out from behind the trees.)

Kururu : Who's that kid?

Etoile : I certainly wouldn't know. She just popped out of nowhere while I 
was wandering around! Ah, this is such an ordeal! She moves slowly, is
constantly crying and asks to pee all the time...

Eri : I didn't ask to pee.

Etoile : Keep quiet. I was adding a little drama to it.
...Anyway, we were looking for her home when we just happened to stumble
on you. We even got separated from Momi and Hama. Really, misfortunes never
come alone, as they say.

Cornet : Hmm. Looking for her home, you said? A child-hater like you?

Etoile : That's precisely W-H-Y this is embarrassing!  But isn't there a
saying like "one man's trash is some other hag's treasure?" This is
simply perfect. I'll pass the baton on to you.

Cornet : ...hold it. Didn't you mess up the saying and say "hag" just now?

Etoile : Well then, if you'll excuse me, I shall take my leave. Fare you 
well! Ohooohohohohoho!!

Kururu : What are we going to do now?

Cornet : ...Well, we don't have much of a choice here, do we?
What's your name?

Eri : Eri.

Cornet : Are you alright? That girl was really scary, wasn't she?

Eri : Hum... A little bit. But she knocked out that big monster that was 
trying to eat me.

Cornet : I see. Well, Etoile herself is probably scarier than monsters, 
though. Eri, how can we find your house? Are there any distinct landmarks we
could use to spot it?

Eri : Hmm, my house is in a village with a very big mushroom.

Kururu : A very big mushroom?

Cornet : Well, how about tagging along until we reach that village?

Eri : For real? Thank you, miss!

(Eri joins the party. No, she can't be used in fights. But if you want to
play around with the battle system, here's a few combos you can try.  By 
assigning Kururu as Cornet's puppet, you can perform the combo move 
"Naniwa break". If you want to progress the story, go ahead and get 
wandering.  Go west you'll find two items on the way, a Protector and a 
Pheromone X. The Pheromone X increases the encounter rate, so don't equip it
unless you want to fight every third step. You'll also run into a couple of 
Rosenqueen employees. One will let you buy stuff while the other will tell 
you about your progress in this chapter. There's also a goddess statue. 
Talk to it and you'll see five choices.

- Pray (restore your HP/SP)
- Call Back (let a monster from a previous chapter join the party)
- Miracle (Discard a monster in exchange for money, items, experience, etc.)
- Explain (See a tutorial about the goddess statue)
- Back to the game

Discarding monsters allows you to recruit new ones if your Goddess storage
is full (you can have up to 72 characters maximum). There's no need to be
concerned about that for now though. Keep going east you'll soon find Sharte
trapped in the river.)

Sharte : Cornet... Cornet... I'm over here....
It's me.... Sharte....

Kururu : Sharte!

Cornet : Are you alright!?

Sharte : Yes... but I was so lonely here. Spending all this time in the river

Cornet : I'm sorry, Sharte. Let me warm you up.

Sharte : That feels so nice... Ah, your clothes got wet because of me,

Cornet : Don't worry about it.

Sharte : ....Thank you, Cornet. Please, I don't have any strength
left.  Could you play your trumpet? It fills us puppets with energy.

Cornet : Sure!

(So she does.)

Sharte : Thanks, Cornet. I feel better now.

Cornet : Glad to hear that.

Sharte : To express my gratitude I'll tell you everything I know.
(This is just another tutorial. Select the bottom choice to skip it.)

Sharte : Cornet, the other puppets must be lonely too.
Let's go find them.

Cornet : Sure.

(Sharte joins party)

(Another chest nearby has an offensive accessory.  Continue going east and
you'll  eventually reach Eringa valley.  There aren't really any twists or
turns on the path.)

======= Eringa Valley ========

Eri : This is it!

Cornet : This place... Is this your home, Eri?

Eri : Yep! This place is called Eringa Valley. Only Eringa live here.
I've been living here with my mother and two other people.

Cornet : Hold on. Didn't you just say that only Eringa lived here?

Eri : Yes.

(Before you can pry, she POOFS.  When the mist clears, she's turned
into an Eringa, too.)

Eri : Sorry miss, gya! I'm actually an Eringa too, gya!

Cornet : ....a-ah, I see....

Kururu : I thought you smelled like a mushroom.... But I had
no idea you could actually turn into one! Isn't that right?

Cornet : Right.

Eri : Oh right, gya! I've got something for you, miss, gya! And I want to
introduce you to my mom, too, gya. My mom's name is Erise and she's the most
beautiful woman in all the village, gya! Huh? Where's my mom, gya?
Say miss, will you come with me to look for Mom, gya?

Cornet : (Sigh) ...Fine.  Right, Kururu?

Kururu : She asked us to help her look, but...
(She looks around the village)
...I can't tell the difference between the men, women, kids or grown-ups.

Cornet : Who's this one?

Eri: He's my neighbor Eric, gya.

Kururu : Then, this one is?

Eri : That girl's my childhood friend, Erizabeth, gya.

Cornet : I... I don't see any difference at all.

Eri : Well, let's go, gya!

(Eri's joined the party in her Eringa form! She can now fight!)

(Explore the village. You'll learn that Erise left to look for Eri. In the
village shop in the southwest corner, you'll find that Momi has been captured
by the shopkeeper. Talk to the shopkeeper and he will tell you that he
recently acquired this strange being. You can buy him for 300 inochium.
Do buy him, of course. He will tell you how he got caught while looking for
Etoile. He found some food and grabbed it, and accidentally sprung one of
the Eringa traps. He joins the party, too. Once you're done exploring,
go off screen to the  left to find the deity of the village, Kinoko.
He's the giant mushroom.)

Kinoko : I'm the guardian deity of this place, Kinoko! Are you trying to
bring misfortune to this valley, gya?

1) Exactly, gya!
2) Not at all, gya! (Pick this to proceed.)

Cornet : Exactly, gya!

Kinoko : Then I won't let you go, gya.

Cornet : Not at all, gya!

Kinoko : Then I will let you go, gya.

Cornet : What was that? He sure trusts people easily.

Kururu : He isn't protecting anything, that's for sure.

Eri : Eringa are all very honest. Nobody lies, gya.

Cornet : Well, that's not the problem here, actually.

Eri : Come on, let's go inside, gya.

======= Eringa's Dungeon ========

(The moment you enter, you run into Etoile.)

Cornet : Etoile!!?

Kururu : Didn't you leave?

Etoile : N-no, I was tired and decided to rest here for a little while!

Kururu : Teehee, I bet she was worried about Eri and came to see how
she was. Right?

Cornet : Right!

Etoile : You! Stop making up things!
Ah?  By the way, I don't see Eri around here...?

Cornet : She's been standing in front of you the whole time.

Etoile : ...She certainly isn't. The only thing I see is that
mushroom-person-thing who....

Kururu : ...Happens to be Eri.

Etoile : ...  WHAT?!

Kururu : Yeah, it was pretty surprising.

Eri : Sorry miss, gya. I'm actually an Eringa.
Do you hate me because of it, gya?

Etoile : Huh, well...
Of course not! I was only a bit surprised! You could even be a toad and I,
for one,  wouldn't mind at all. Ohoohohohoho!!

Eri : Then will you come with us to look for my mother, gya?

Etoile : Your mother?

Cornet : Yeah, we found her house but her mother wasn't there, so....

Etoile : I see. Fine! In that case, Etoile Rosenqueen shall grant you her
strength! If I left this to Cornet and her poor eyesight, her whole life
wouldn't be long enough to solve this mystery!

Eri : Thank you, miss!

Etoile : D-don't get the wrong idea! I only want to carry my
responsibility as thoroughly as a true lady should...

Cornet : Hahaha, you're really not being honest with yourself, are you?

Etoile : What? Are you saying you don't believe me? Me, of all people?

Kururu : Alright, alright, we understand already. Let's just hurry and go!

(Etoile joined the party.)

(Time for some dungeon crawling! You'll first run into an Eringa who will
join your party if you pay him 300 Inochium. It's not necessary by any means,
so don't feel forced to hire him. If you hire him, he lets you know that 
Kururu will get a new combo attack if you set her up as a party leader with 
the Eringa behind her. Kururu needs to be level 30 for this though. Get the
mushroom in the middle of the big room next. It will let you enter through 
that golden gate on the left. In the room at the end of this area you'll 
find L-kun, a blue mushroom for the blue gate and Olivia, the girl who lost
the Miss Marl contest in "Rhapsody." She will mention seeing someone who 
looks like the prince in this dungeon.)

(Upon rescuing L-kun...)

L-kun : Ah Cornet! It's me! L-kun!

Cornet : What happened to you? How did you end up here?

L-kun : I sort of fell down here while looking for you, Cornet. I stayed
here 'cause I'm afraid of heights.

Cornet : I see. Sorry, L-kun. I'm going to rescue you now.

(She tries.  Instead, both of them crash down.)

L-kun : Whew, that was scary. I felt so lonely up there. I was wondering how
I would end up if you didn't come to save me, Cornet.

Cornet : I'm really sorry, L-kun.

(A grumbling sound echoes through the cave.)

L-kun : ...Don't worry. That's just my stomach growling.

Kururu : Huh? Don't tell me that you want to be fed?  You're a puppet! 
Even if you go all "prettyyyy pleaaaase" there's no way we're sharing.

L-kun : Oh no! Of course I don't eat!

Cornet : Then what do you need?

L-kun : Medium-cooked, that's how I like it.

Everyone : ...

L-kun : ....Hey, I was kidding! I just need Cornet to play her trumpet.
Once you do that, I'll be ready to go.

Cornet : Alright.

(So she does!)

L-kun : Thanks, Cornet! I'm completely full now!
I won't get lost again, I swear!

(He joins your party. Now, go back to the room with the statue and open the
door on the right. After entering you'll run into an event.)

Voice : Who's there?
Cornet?  Is that you?

(The prince enters.)

Cornet : Huh? Prince Ferdinand! How..?  Weren't you abducted by Marjoly?

Ferdinand : Yes. But somehow I managed to escape and make my way here.
Why are you here?

Cornet : I... Well, I....

Ferdinand : Were you coming to rescue me?

Cornet : Well, that's...

Ferdinand : Thank you. That makes me happy.

Cornet : Oh... There's no need to...

Ferdinand : No, I mean it. I... I think I...

Kururu : Look out, Cornet!

Cornet : Huh?!

Kururu : Something's definitely wrong! Wasn't the prince turned to stone
before he got abducted? And suddenly he shows up here, just like that?
This is just too weird!

Etoile : Kururu-chan is exactly right! I certainly can't allow this journey
to end in such a completely unfinished manner! The last boss hasn't
even showed up yet! There's no way I would accept such an anti-climatic 

Kururu : Er, I think you misunderstood me.... I didn't... Well, never mind.
In any case! Something's wrong here! Even if he begs and goes all
"prettyyy pleaaaase," I won't trust him!

Cornet : Kururu, shut up!

Kururu : Huh?

Cornet : We've worked so hard, and now we finally found the prince!
My first love... Abducted by an evil witch... I came this far just
so I could rescue him! And now we've found him!  Can't you
understand my feelings, even a little bit?! I...! Prince Ferdinand, I...

Etoile : That girl, she...!

Kururu : She's such an idiot!

(Kururu slaps Cornet while Etoile shoots at the Prince.)

Kururu : Cornet, you idiot! Enough already! Open your eyes!!

Ferdinand(?) : And here I nearly succeeded... I thought I finally found
some energy....How dare you get in my way! Nyyyaaaaaaa!!!!

(Ferdinand? turns into a red Nyanko with mean sunglasses.)

(Boss battle time. Not too hard as long as you get rid of his minions 

Nyanko: Tsk! Because of this stupid body, my powers are restrained... nya.
Just you wait, I'll show you my true nature soon... nya. My fearsome strength...
That which made me known as the Great Overlord.... Nyaaaaaaa!!!!!!

(He starts to glow villainously.)

Eri : Ah, you should be careful. The ground around here isn't very stable and
crumbles easily, gya.

Nyanko : I won't be deceived by such a pitiful lie....nya. I will send you
liars to the depths of hell...

(The ground crumbles suddenly, and he falls.  He leaves a blue chest behind.)

Nyanko : Nyaaaaaaa!!!?

Eri : See? I told you, gya.

Kururu : We didn't even have to do anything.
And he dropped something, too. Geez.

Etoile : Serves him right.

Cornet : ...I'm sorry. If I had listened to your warning, then...

Kururu : ...Well, considering the person you wanted to see suddenly appeared
before your eyes, I can understand your reaction.

Etoile : Oh my, did you forgive her already? Kururu sure is sweet!

Kururu : Won't you forgive her, Etoile?

Etoile : W-well, if you're asking me to... then...
Well, she should have trusted me a little more since I'm her friend!

Kururu : Etoile...
It's true, Cornet. Etoile is exactly right.

Cornet : Yeah... I'm really sorry.

Etoile : ...Well, it's fine as long as you understand.
In order to save the real prince, we have to find this mushroom's
mother first!

Kururu : (Teeheehee. I'm glad you've met such a good friend, Cornet.)

(Open the chest to get the key to the last gate. Then you should explore this
area a little further, since there are a few more items to get. Once you're
done,  go back and open the last door. Continue and you'll end up in the
Weird Woods, or "Ayashii no Hayashi." It's trying to be a cute play on the
sounds. Continue until you reach a hut.)

Signpost : Offer a "mushroom gill" if you want to enter.

Cornet : Mushroom gill?

Eri : The mushroom gill is a legendary remedy passed down from generation to
generation within the mushroom tribe, gya.

Kururu : Is that so. And? Where is it?

Eri : I don't know. It's supposed to be legendary after all, gya.

Etoile : (...Mushroom gill... That sounds somehow perverse.
Hah?! Oh no! What was I thinking, being so vulgar like that!!)

(Keep on going and take a left at the next crossroads. Hama is in
front of a pond.)

Hama : Ah, I feel so refreshed! Good, now I should be fine for three days.
Aaaargh!!! The zipper... The zipper got stuck! It huuuuurts!!!

(Hama falls into the weird pond.)

Cornet : Well, he fell in.

Kururu : Right?

Etoile : "Right," my ass! If we don't hurry and save him, Hama will...!

(The pond ripples and a mushroom appears behind three Hama-look alikes.)

Voice : I am the lord of all mushrooms, Truffle! Travelers, you have lost
something in this pond.  Was it this golden Hama? Silver Hama? Or this
average Hama? Which is it? Answer. Which is it? Answeeeeerrr!!!!

Cornet : Sigh. "Which one," he asks.  Well, it has to be the...
1) Gold Hama
2) Silver Hama
3) Average Hama

(If you pick 1 or 2 you'll have to fight Truffle, who will then join
your party. However, if you do that you'll never get Hama.)

Cornet : We want the average Hama!

Truffle : You're honest. Take this as your reward.

(You received the Mushroom's gill and a Machine gun Z.)

Hama : Whew! For a while I was wondering how things would turn out.
I, as a real man, must return this favor. Let me help you, boss!

Cornet : Who are you calling "boss?"

(Keep going further down that path you were on you'll run into the
last missing character.)

Terra : *pull, pull*
No! I can't get out!! Argh, I should have been more serious about dieting.
What an idiot I am!

Cornet : ...What are you doing there, exactly?

Terra : E-errm... Bathing!  Yeah, I saw these hot springs and jumped right
in! Ah, it feels so good! I love hot springs!

Kururu : Geez, she doesn't have much of a sense of humor.

Cornet : Come on now, get out of there.

Terra : I'm fine! Leave me alone! You're the one who left me behind in the
first place!

Sharte  : Stop it, sister. Cornet didn't do any such thing,
and you know it.

Terra : Hmph. I wonder? Humans, they're all so... They always end up 
forgetting about us!

Sharte : What's wrong?

Terra : Shut up! I just realized I got slimmer since I got stuck in 
this hole, that's all!

Sharte : Cornet.

(Cornet blows her horn and Terra's wounds are healed.)

Terra : ...

Sharte : If Cornet's feelings weren't sincere, she couldn't have done
something like that, right? You know that, don't you sis?

Terra : ....Hmph, well if Sharte insists so strongly, I'll agree to stay with
you for a while longer.

Kururu : Sigh... She's so not honest with herself, that girl.

Cornet : Hahaha.

Sharte : Thanks, Cornet.

(Terra joins the party.)

Etoile : (Since I can't hear puppets, I have no idea what all that was 
about! How boring!)

Kururu : What are you grumbling about, Etoile?

Etoile : Nothing!

Etoile : (Huh? now that I think about it....Kururu is a puppet too.
Why can I hear her voice and talk to her?)

(Now go back to the hut in the middle of the forest and enter it.)

Burg : Gahahahaha!! I'm not letting you go through, bang! You're trespassing
on the territory of the great witch, Akuujo, burg!! Well, it's hers
right now, but I've made plans so that one day it will be mine, bang!
I'll deal with you first, bang!

Erise : Have mercy, gya! I'm only looking for my daughter, gya!

Burg : Excuses are useless, bang!!

Eri : Mom!!

Erise : Eri!? Watch out, Eri!!

(Erise throws herself in front of Eri to protect her from Burg's attack.
Erise is diced into pieces.)

Eri : Mom!!

Erise : You're... not hurt... Eri?

Eri : I'm sorry, gya! I'm so sorry, gya!! This is all my fault...

Erise : Silly girl, gya... there's no need to apologize, gya...

Eri : Mom!! Wake up, gya!!
Mom!! Don't die gya!!!

Erise : Don't cry, Eri. Mother will always be by your side, gya.... Eri...
I'm so glad to have known you, gya.... Thank you...

Burg : Gahahahaha!! Die already, burg! You're next, bang!

Kururu : This.... I will never forgive you!!

(Cue boss battle against Burg, three Nyanshes and a Nyanta. If you have
any trouble with this battle, you can always level up in the forest by
the Goddess Statue.)

Burg : I'll remember this, bang!!  I'll make sure Akuujo hears about
this, bang!

Kururu : Huff.... Huff... hah....

Cornet : What's wrong, Kururu? You seem upset.

Kururu : ... This reminded me of something in my past...

Etoile : Your past?

Kururu : Never mind! More importantly, we've got to check on that kid's 

Eri : Mom....

Cornet : ...

Kururu : ...

Etoile: ...

(Eri's diced up mother starts to recover.)

Erise : Ah, that surprised me, gya! I thought I was a goner for a moment
there, gya.

Cornet : H-how...?

Kururu : Weren't you cut in half just now?

Erise : Ah that, gya? If my parts are still fixed together, it's easy to
heal myself, gya.

Cornet : Sigh, I see. Mushrooms are great... I guess.

Etoile : You shouldn't have used such misleading words, then!

Eri : Mother!

Erise : Aah, Eri!

(The two mushrooms begin to frolic around the room.)

Cornet : Mother, huh... Mothers are incredible. Using their own bodies to
shield their kids like that...

Etoile : Indeed. "Women are weak, but mothers are strong."
...Or so they say.

Cornet : Mom...
Say, Kururu?

Kururu : Hm?

Cornet : If my mom was still alive... Do you think she would protect
me like that?

Kururu : Cornet...
Of course! I'm sure that even now she is watching over you!

Cornet : ...You're right! Thanks Kururu! Sorry for asking you weird things
like that!

(She looks over at the two celebrating mushrooms.)

Cornet : But in that family's case.... I can't tell who's who.....

Cornet (narrating) : And that's how the Eringa family was happily united.
My journey is still far from being over, but I'm not going to get 
discouraged! "Girls take initiative," after all! Besides, just like 
Kururu said, I'm sure my mom is watching over me from somewhere...
Alright! I'm definitely going to rescue the prince!
Wait for me, Prince Ferdinand!

(The credits play for this episode while "Watashi wa Cornet"
(I am Cornet) plays.)

                             CHAPTER 2

Long, long ago, in the Kingdom of Marl, there was a tomboy princess
named Kururu.  Kururu's dream was to find a wonderful prince to fall in
love with.

One day, she met a young man named Cello, and they went on a great adventure
together.  At first they didn't get along. But during their time together 
their love began to bloom.


Cello's mother was an evil witch named Akuujo who tried to stop Cello and
Kururu.  It was very hard on them both to be so in love. But
despite all the times when it seemed like they would fail, Cello and
Kururu overcame many ordeals and ultimately defeated Akuujo.

Their love came into full bloom.

In the end, Cello left Kururu to follow his mother to the Netherworld.
He promised he would return someday...

--Four years later--

Cello returned to Kururu, and they were safely reunited.

But there's one more challenge left for them to face.

===============================  Chapter 2  ===============================
=======  Will the Pumpkin Princess Overcome her Trial of Love?  ===========

(The story starts in the throne room of Marl Castle, where Kururu and
Cello wait before the King and Queen. The Rosenqueens, Sir Gio, Sonia and
Randy are watching.)

Kururu:  (My name is Kurusale Cherie Marl Q, and I'm the princess
of Marl Kingdom.  Recently, it seems like just about everyone has been
calling me the "Pumpkin Princess," although I think that's a really rude
way to address the 16-year old maiden they love!
Oh, that's right!
I'm in love with a wonderful young man named Cello.  Today I'm going to
introduce him to my father and ask for his permission to marry.  My father
to~tally spoils me, so he'll definitely give us his blessings.)


Kururu:  ...Huh?  ...What?  You were supposed to give us your blessings...

Ferdinand:  Don't be stupid!  What are you thinking?  Marriage?!  Absolutely
not!  I would never, ever permit some strange man from who knows where to marry
my adorable little girl!  And I could never trust someone who abandoned you
for four years!

Kururu:  Wait just a minute, father!  There's a reason that--

Cello:  Kururu.  It's true that I left you for four years.
There's no excuse for that.

Kururu:  Cello...
(This is Cello, the man who's going to become my fiancée.  Isn't he

Ferdinand:  Hmph!  That's an excuse in itself!  Unbelievable!  Your
name's Cello or something, right?  You're some sort of playboy,
aren't you!  I've heard that you're the son of that infamous witch,
Akuujo!  Are you planning to deceive my daughter and take over the kingdom?!

(Ferdinand steps back and moves to draw his sword.)

You may have deceived everyone else, but you wont fool me!

Cornet: Dear?  Maybe you should calm down a little...

Kururu:  (That's my mother, Cornet.  She's the incredible person who
saved my father when he was captured by an evil witch, and fell in
love with him too!  I respect her more than anyone!  I think my father's 
weak to her, too.)

Cornet:  Isn't it a little cruel to Kururu to be objecting like this?  I can
understand if you're concerned about giving your daughter away to
another man, but it's embarrassing for you to be so jealous about it.

Ferdinand:  D-don't be stupid!  I'm not jealous!  Letting the princess
of this country marry some man with a completely unknown lineage is
just so...

Cornet:  What are you saying, dear?  You married a village girl with an
unknown lineage, didn't you?

Ferdinand:  ...
That... that I did.  But the point is...
The answer is no!  I will not allow you to be married!

Kururu:  No!  Just a minute, father--!!

Crea:  Excuse me, your Majesty.  How about allowing Kururu to be married
if she wins this year's Miss Marl Competition?

Kururu:  (This is Crea.  She's been my friend since childhood.  Four years
ago, she helped Cello and I on our adventure.  She's my best friend in the
whole world.)

Ferdinand:  The Miss Marl Competition?

Crea:  Yes.  Because the contest depends heavily on one's abilities, it's
not easy to win.  It's something won through the determination and the 
people who support you through it.

Etoile:  I see!  If Kururu wins with Cello's support, then that will
prove that Cello is an appropriate candidate for marriage.  How clever,
Crea!  Just what I'd expect of my daughter!  What a good idea!  Ohhohohoho!

Kururu:  Father?

Ferdinand:  A-absolutely not!

Cornet:  Dear?

Ferdinand:  I... erm...
Very well, then!  If you win, I'll allow you to marry.

Kururu:  All right~!

(Kururu, Crea and Cello pull back to talk amongst themselves.)

Thanks, Crea!  I knew you were my best friend!

Cello:  Thank you, Crea.

Crea:  ....
(To Kururu:)
Not at all.  It was only natural.  After all:

(They step together, hold hangs, and sing~)

The two of us will always be together!

Kururu:  Ah ha ha ha!

Crea:  Teehee.  Well then, we should go register for the contest.

Kururu:  Right!

======= Marl Castle ========

Etoile:  The contest's entry rules are written on the bulletin board
in Mothergreen.  Do your best, Kururu.
Kururu:  Thank you, Etoile!
Etoile:  You hang in there too, Crea.
Crea:  Yes, mother!

Siegrind:  I wonder if all men with daughters do this?  After all, he is
a father first and the king second.
Kururu:  Grandmother Siegrind, you're his mother!  Can't you
convince him to change his mind?
Siegrind:  That's true.  But Ferdinand is being surprisingly stubborn
about this...

Ferdinand:  You two!  You haven't been smooching or anything, have you!?
Kururu:  N-no, nothing like that!  Right, Cello?
Cello:  R-right!

Cornet:  Do your best, Kururu.  Remember:  "Girls take initiative!"
Kururu:  Right!  Thanks, mom!

Gio:  The king has always been so lenient with you, princess.  To see him
object in such a way...
Kururu:  Uncle Gio, what do you think about what my father said?
Gio:  Cornet said that he was jealous, but I don't think that's the entire
case.  There may be another reason.
Kururu:  Another reason...?

Sonia:  Randy wants to hurry up and get married, but there's
no need to rush.  Princess, you too should go slowly and take the time to
earn your father's acceptance.  Do not go and get eloped!
Kururu:  It-it's okay, Sonia!  I wouldn't do anything like that.

Randy:  I also want to get married soon.  But I really have to
get the money for the ceremony... I really should have started 
saving.  Augh...
Kururu:  At least you don't have anyone objecting to your marriage.
Although I still have no idea why he said no.
Randy:  Well, princess, maybe it's because you're so cute?
Kururu:  I wonder if that's it...


Zolbaref:  My beloved Sonia is getting married to Randy...  I, Zolbaref of
the Dawn, am beyond consolation!

Sagely Woman:  Princess, didn't you ask Mustaki of Orange Village to
repair your puppets a while back?  Don't you think your puppets will
be lonely if you don't hurry back and retrieve them?

Cat Blocking the Northern Door:  I'm blocking the door, nya~~~ I'm blocking
the dooooor, nya~~~!

Guard at the Stairway:  Have you finished registering for the contest yet?
The rules for entering are written on the bulletin board in Mothergreen.

Woman in White:  Princess, since you're growing up now, what do you think
about retiring your pumpkin pants?
Kururu:  S-shut up!  These are my trademark!

Guard by the Stage Entrance:  The stage for the contest is just through
this door.  Right now they're preparing, so you can't enter.


Man in White:  When the king was kidnapped by the witch Marjoly, Cornet
saved him and became the Queen of Marl.  And, Princess Kururu, that is
how you were born.  This tale is called "The Legend of the Puppet Princess,"
and there isn't a person in all of Marl Kingdom who doesn't know it.

Sagely Woman:  Recently, the Marjoly Family and the Akuujo Family
seem to be getting busier. Hopefully nothing like 4 years
ago will happen again...

Maid:  Princess, this is where your parents had their magnificent wedding.
I wonder if I, too, will meet a prince on a white horse...

Guard:  I hid the national treasure, "The Light of Beauty," somewhere in
this castle by the order of Queen Cornet.  Where it's hidden is S-E-C-E-R-E-T.

======= Mothergreen Square ========

Guard:  That Goddess Statue was designed in the motif of the Ancients.
It really is beautiful, isn't it... Although you're an Ancient too, you
don't look a thing like it, with your pumpkin pants.
Kururu:  Ugh... But it's fine!  Cello doesn't mind at all, right?
Cello: R-right!
(...I really should stop doing that.  For as long as I've known her, she's 
worn those.  The only person who can put a stop to them is me!  That seems
like a big responsibility.)

Man in Green:  Good afternoon, princess!  Welcome to Mothergreen!
Thanks to you chasing away Akuujo 4 years ago, this town has been peaceful
to this day. Cheers to the pumpkin princess!

Middle Aged Woman:  Oh, Pumpkin Princess!  Good afternoon.  Are you on an
outing?  Take care, and come back soon.
Kururu: (I am really glad that everyone goes out of their way to talk
to me, but... Stop with
the "Pumpkin Princess" already!)

Old Woman:  In the marketplace over here, the rules to enter this year's
contest have been written.  Maybe I'll try to enter too.


Old Man:  Good afternoon, Princess.  Is the king well?
Kururu:  Y-yeah.  He's all right, I guess.
Old Man:  Huh?  Is something the matter?  Did you have a fight, or
something like that?
You two always seemed so close when you're together.
Kururu: ...

Little Girl:  Princess, your boyfriend is awesome.
Kururu:  Ah ha ha!  I know!
Little Girl:  It fills me with confidence to know that even Pumpkin
Princess can get a boyfriend!  Thank you, Princess!
Kururu:  What's that supposed to mean!?

Man at the Cafe:  Tomorrow, my daughter is getting married.  Ahh...
Farewell, my daughter...
Kururu:  Farewell?  But wont you be able to see her whenever you want?
Man at the Cafe:  Hmph.  A girl could never understand a father's

Woman at the Board:  It looked like Etoile solved the problem easily.  I
wonder if she'll tell me what the answer is?

Woman at the Board:  I came as soon as I heard the contest's entry rules
were posted, but I don't understand what it means at all.

Woman at the Board:  I don't get this ha~rd problem!


Customer:  This store is the Rosenqueen Company's shop.  It's a sign of
Etoile's magnificent management prowess.


Woman:  "Girls take initiative" is a great phrase.  Whenever I'm in a
difficult situation I just remind myself of that.  Whenever I
say it, it fills me with a strange courage!  Everyone should know about
this!  Behold, the new popular buzzword!


Little Girl:  Princess, you have fat feet.
Kururu:  H-how RUDE!  They say that it's healthy, you know!
(...Are my feet really fat?  My mother's feet are big, too, so maybe
big feet are something hereditary that I got from my ancestors.
A lineage of fat footed women... What a terrible lineage.)


(Kururu goes up to the message board and reads what's been posted!)

Kururu:  Let's see what this is... "All people wishing to enter the
contest must request 10 of 10 lives near where the Goddess rests
upon the stream."  What is this?  What's that supposed to mean?

Cello:  Does it mean we're already being tested?

Crea:  If you don't solve this riddle, Kururu, we can't get any

Kururu:  Goddess..?  10 lives...?  I don't get it at all.

Crea:  Do your best, Kururu!  Come on, what do you always say?

Kururu:  "Girls take initiative"!  That's right!  All right, I'll
do my best!

Crea:  (Tee hee.  Oh, Kururu, you're so simple.)

(If you can't figure out the puzzle on your own, you'll have to go back to
Etoile.  She'll spell it out for you.  Go to the castle. : )

Etoile:  Ah, Kururu.  Have you solved the bulletin board's riddle?

Kururu:  Ah, erm, not yet...

Etoile:  Ohhohohoho~!  Oh, Kururu, what will we do with you?  Well then,
I'll explain it just this once.  "All people wishing to enter the contest
must request 10 of 10 lives near where the Goddess rests upon the stream."

First is the word "Goddess."  If it's a Goddess in Marl Kingdom, then
it can only be a Goddess Statue.  Next is "spring."  A spring is a place
where there's a lot of water... So, if it's a place with a Goddess Statue
and a lot of water, then it must be the Mothergreen Fountain.

Finally, "10 lives."  In this world, the world "life*" brings to mind
thoughts of things like human life, and...?  Life, inochi, INOCHI*...
Do you see the difference?

In other words, you should buy 10 of the 10 inochium items in the store
by the Mothergreen Fountain.


*Throughout this section, the kanji for "inochi" (life) is used.
The trick here is that it means "life," but is pronounced "inochi."
Inochi sounds a lot like "inochium," the currency of Marl.

Etoile literally says "Inochi, inochi, inochi!"  She's pointing out
that while "life" was written on the board, they are referring,
in fact, to "inochium."


======= Guwanji's Store ========


(Here, you need to purchase 10 of the 10 inochium candies.
No worries, that's the only thing this store actually stocks.)

Guwanji:  It seems that there's an event called the Miss Marl
Contest in the works.  Are you participating in it?

Kururu:  I am!

You're quite an impressive girl to solve a problem that I,
Guwanji, worked all night to think up.  You may now enter the contest!

Kururu:  Woohoo!

Guwanji:  You may now sign the ENTRY FORM!  The theme of this contest
is, by King Ferdinand's strongest, STRONNNNGEST request, is, "Strength
is Beautiful."  Strength is beauty.  In other words, the women competing
will be making use of their hidden, inner power.  Therefore, the theme is
CoooMMBAAT!  The battles will be tournament-style!  The person left at
the end will be this year's "MISS MARL!"  Both fighting by yourself and
fighting with as many companions as you want are OOOKKKKK!!  Do you

Kururu: Yeah, perfectly!

Cello:  ...Combat, huh.  Am I the only one who thinks this sounds too easy?

Kururu:  It'll be fine.  It's pretty convenient.  It's something I'm really
good at, after all!  Anyway, as long as I have you two with me, there's no
way we can lose!  Right, Crea?

(Crea has, during this conversation, walked up to the counter and started

Kururu:  ?  ... What are you doing, Crea?

Crea:  What?  Obviously, I'm entering the contest.

Kururu:  Huh!?  You're entering, too?

Crea: Of course.  Aren't I the daughter of Etoile Rosenqueen, winner of the
highest number of consecutive wins in the Miss Marl Contest?

Kururu: No way... Does that mean you're abandoning Cello and I?

(Crea RUSHES to Kururu.)


Kururu:  Y-yes?

Crea:  I can't do it, Kururu.  Aren't you two facing a challenge of love?
If you took the easy road to victory, then your love will surely be damaged!
I... I... could never do such a thing to you!!

Kururu:  Uh...  That... that might be true.  ... I'm sorry, Crea.  I was
wrong to say that.

Crea:  Kururu... It will be very hard for me to fight you, my dear Kururu.
But, if we must fight each other, I won't hold back!

((She whips out her gun.))

I'll use all my power to do it!*

((*Note:  The assumption is that Crea was saying "I'll do it," but the
kanji reads "I'll get rid of you."  That explains why Cello points out:))

Cello: ...That's the wrong word, Crea.

Crea:  Oh, so sorry.  In any case, no matter what happens, we'll always be
best friends.  Overcome this trial and realize your love for Cello, Kururu.

Kururu:  Ah, I will!  Thank you Crea!  I'll do my best!

Crea:  Teehee.  That... is a little unnecessary, isn't it?  After all...

(The two of them stand side by side and sing:)

The two of us will always be together!

Kururu:  Ah ha ha ha!

Crea:  (...Kururu, I'm sorry.  In truth, I...)

Cello:  Kururu.  Now that we know the theme is "combat," shouldn't we get
the puppets ready?

Kururu:  !  The puppets...
(Little Ledgem... Koro... Billy, Tel, Kid...)
...Now that you mention it, what did I do with them?

Crea:  ...Kururu.  If we don't hurry, the contest'll start without us.

Kururu:  Y-yeah.

======= Orange Village ========

Pony-tailed Woman:  It's so nice to just relax and water the flowers
like this.  I'm so happy!

Middle-aged Man:  Welcome to Orange Village!  This line may be old,
but it's a good one.

Kung-fu Man:  HIIIIIIYAAAAAAAAAA!  It's time for Fei Fong's Marl Kingdom
Lecture!  Inochium is the source of life.  It supports our way of life,
and is an important source of energy.  Red Inochium is used as fuel, green
inochium is used as fertilizer, blue inochium creates water...
If you have enough inochium, you can even go shopping.
Old Woman:  4 years ago, when the Akuujo Family appeared, I thought it
was all over.  But thanks to the princess, our peace was restored.  Ever
since, this village has held a "Pumpkin Festival" to honor our princess.
Kururu:  ...What a wonderful, flattering pain in the rear.

Old Woman Stalking Mustaki:  I wonder if Mustaki is home now?

-------HOUSE #1:
Old Woman:  Even though our daughter's only a newlywed, she already came
back home.

Man:  A person spoiled by their parents like you will never be suitable for
Kururu:  Huh?!
Man: ...That's what we told our daughter when she got married.

Woman:  I shouldn't have gotten married.  Living at home and being spoiled
by my mother and father is much easier.

-------HOUSE #2:
Mother:  When I told my daughter the story of the "Terrible Overlord of
the Netherworld," she wet her bed.  She always wants to hear that story,
even though it terrifies her.  Kids are so cute.

Father:  Someday, my daughter will leave this family.  I wonder how I'll
feel about that then?

Girl:  I love my daddy!  When I grow up, I'm gonna be his wife!

-------HOUSE #3:
Man:  It seems like the big thing in Mothergreen is this contest.  Maybe
I'll go too.

Man:  Why would you ever work again after finally retiring?  It's better to
relax, instead.

Shopkeeper:  Good afternoon, Princess.  Welcome to Karl Rosenqueen's store.
After I gave up the president's seat to Etoile, I've just been bored, 
bored, bored...  That's why I decided to open a shop for fun.  Please
take your time browsing.

-------HOUSE #4:
Kid:  I'm Koro!  This dog's Koro, too!  We have the same name!  Right, Koro?
Koro:  Bark bark!

Father:  Finally, the child we were waiting for has been born.

Mother:  In this family, our son and dog both have the same name.
So when we call our son, they both answer.

Man Outside the Church:  The Princess's grandmother, Cherie, was a sister
at this church.  She was a beautiful person, and all of the men of the
village longed for her.
Kururu:  I want to become a woman like my grandmother.

Man:  My wife ran away.  The matters of men and women are ha~rd.

Little Girl:  I want to grow up fast and marry Michael!

Little Boy:  I'm practicing getting married to Caroline!

Cat in the Graveyard:  I don't know anything, nya~!  I don't know
anything, nya~!

======= Mustaki's House ========

Mustaki:  Oh, Kururu!  It's terrible!  While I was away,
the puppets I was watching for you disappeared!  "Little Ledgem,"
"Koro," "Billy," "Tell" and "Kidd!"  They're all gone!

Kururu:  What?!

Mustaki:  I don't think that they left by themselves... I wonder who
took them?


After the conversation:

Mustaki:  I'm sorry.  Those puppets were precious to you.  "Little Ledgem,"
"Koro," "Billy," "Tell" and "Kidd"... All of them are gone...


Puppet:  Ah, Kururu!  Hey, hey, if I you play your horn for me I'll give you
something good!
(If you do, you get a Candy Bomber.)

If you click on the bed:
This is the bed mother used to sleep in, long ago.  It still smells like your
gentle mother.

If you click on the nightstand:
Kururu opened the nightstand!
Inside, there is the lipstick mother used long ago.

Kururu:  This is what mom used to dress up with.
... But if that's the case, why does it look like it was used recently?
Could grandpa have...?!

======= The Wonder Woods ========

(Outside of Orange Village, they see a strange sight:  Puppet Kururu flies
down the road and into the forest, down a path that they hadn't seen before!)

Kururu:  That was...!

Cello:  Let's follow her!

(They follow Kururu through the forest.  This is not particularly hard,
considering that there is only one way to go.  They nonetheless follow her,
until they reach the end of the forest, where... they are faced with Little
Ledgem and Koro!)

Kururu:  Little Ledgem!  Koro!


Kururu:  Wh-what's wrong?

Cello:  Be careful, Kururu!  Something seems strange!

(Ledgem and Koro attack!  After the battle, both of them vanish
into thin air.)

Kururu:  What was that, just now?  Ghosts...?

Crea:  ...I can't believe that the puppets would attack Kururu.

Cello:  Maybe someone is controlling...  No.  That's not possible.
The only people who can control puppets are those descended from the
Ancients.  That's me, Kururu, Queen Cornet... And our departed Cherie.

Kururu: ...In any case, let's keep going.  If we stop now, we won't figure
out anything.

Crea:  ...That's exactly right.  "Girls take initiative," after all.

======= The Forest Cave ========
Just inside, in a small place where the sun breaks through the cave walls
enough for a patch of flowers to grow, they find the three Egg Brothers.

Kidd:  Kururu... How dare you come back for us after ignoring us!

Kururu:  Eh?

Kidd:  And after we worked so hard for you... I'll never forgive you!

(After the fight, they, too, vanish.  Kururu and party continue through the
cave until they find a room with a great big pond in the middle.  Puppet 
Kururu is flying over the pond, and the puppets are lined up behind her.  
As you approach, the puppet turns into Cherie.)

Cello:  Cherie?!

Kururu:  Grandmom Cherie?  Why are you here with my puppets?

Cherie:  "My"?  They did all they could to help you, and you still threw
them away the moment you had no more use for them.  And you feel you have
the right to say "my puppets?"

Kururu:  Throwing them away?   I never meant to...!

Cherie:  It pains me to see you making excuses, Kururu.  These poor 
puppets... In your stead, I will make proper use of them.  So, Kururu.  
Let's play together with your puppets...

(With that, Cherie turns into the Evil Mechanical Nyanko.  After you win,
he falls into the pond and proceeds to threaten you.)

Nyanko:  I was so distracted by controlling those puppets that a bunch of
kids managed to beat me... Nya. It seems I was overdoing my tricks... Nya.
But, don't think that you've won.  The real terror starts now...

(With that, he begins to charge up a super lightning attack.  Lightning
flies everywhere!  Sparks scatter!)

Nyanko:  Behold!  My Thunder of Judgment! Nya!

Cello:  Kururu, duck!

(Kururu does.  Cello casually flips his sword into the water.)

Demon Prince:  Nya?

(The sword acts as a lightning rod, and blows up the prince, still standing
in the water.)

Demon Prince:  S-s-s-s-s-s-s-shocking! NYA!!

(And he vanishes!)

Kururu:  T...that was dangerous...  Thank you, Cello.  You used your
sword as a lightning rod! How clever, my future husband~~!

Cello:  M-more importantly, the puppets are...

(The puppets are all freed from the Demon Prince's control.)

Koro:  Whinnee...

Kid:  Ow, ow, ow...  Hey, it's Kururu!

Ledgem:  Huh?  Where is this, puu~?

Kid:  Weren't we just at Uncle Mustaki's house?

Cello: Just as I thought, the puppets were being controlled by that guy
from before.  What in the world was he...?

Kururu:  In any case, I'm glad that everyone's okay!

Kid:  ... Hmph.  What do you mean by "everyone's okay?"  Didn't you forget
about us?  It's always the same for us puppets!  As soon as we're not needed,
we get thrown back in the closet!  We get covered in dust!  The worst humans
are the ones who only take us out to break us!  And then, finally,
they forget where they put us and forget us completely...

Kururu:  !

Kid:  Humans are always the same!

(Kururu rushes over to them.)

Kururu:  I would never... No.  You're right.  It's just like you said.
I was so busy thinking about getting married that I forgot all about you.
Even though you had helped me so much when I was in trouble...
I was being selfish.  I... I'm so sorry.

Kid:  ... H-hmph.  That's not enough.  If you want us to forgive you,
you have to promise two things!

Kururu:  Of course I will!  I promise!

Kid:  Okay!  The first promise is that you have to cherish us.
You have to talk to us once every day.  W-we puppets can't talk to normal
people, so... So it's lonely!

Kururu:  ...Right.  I understand.  What's the other promise?

Kid:  The second promise is... You have to play your horn for us again.
It... it's been so long since I've heard it!  That horn gives us
puppets strength!

Billy:  I love Kururu's horn, too!

Ledgem:  Me too, puu~

Koro: Bark bark!

Kururu:  Everyone... All right.  My gratefulness, my wish to
apologize... I'll put them all into this song.

**The puppets' wounds are healed, as are the wounds of their hearts!**

Kid:  Kururu.  Our promise... You better keep it!

(All the puppets join, except for Tell.)

Tell:  Hey, Kururu.  Everyone really missed you.  It was really scary
to think that we'd been forgotten by our beloved Kururu.  So that's why Kid
said those things... From now on, don't ever forget us again.

(Tell joins you, too.  Cello takes this opportunity to get his sword
back from the pond.)

Crea:  (... I can't hear the puppets.  But I can understand
their feelings.  They were only afraid of being separated from Kururu...
I understand those feelings well.  I, too...)

Cello:  That reminds me, isn't it about time for the contest to start?

Kururu:  Ah, right!  We've got to hurry!


(But it's not time for the tournament yet!  First, there's a brief side
thing to attend to:  The Light of Beauty.  It's hidden in that secret tunnel
between the castle and the Orange Village graveyard that you go through in
Rhapsody.  Just like before, you access it from Orange--go to the graveyard,
click on the tombstone in the center, and flip the switch!  (Alternately, you
could go click on Cherie's grave, right above it, for some quality "..."
from Kururu.))

Cat:  I dunno know anything about the treasure, I dunno anything about
the treasure, nya~

(There's a box propped up precariously over the water.  Clearly, the
correct thing to do here is to click on it and push it into the water.
Then you can cross through the area and continue through the rest of the
level.  There's really nothing else in your way between there and the pair
of large double doors, that lead to: )

(Despite it's name, it's just the chamber you found the Ancient Weapon
in in Rhapsody.  Now, it's full of cats.)

Cats:  Ahh, it's a bad guy!  A bad guy's here, nya!

Kururu:  Who's a "bad guy", huh, who?!

Cats:  We were asked by Cornet to protect the Light of Beauty from bad
guys, nya!

Crea:  That's the opposite of what you usually do, isn't it?

Cats:  Cornet is really generous, unlike Myao, nya!  We get lots of fish
just for working for her, nya!  If we beat you guys up, we'll definitely get
a bonus, nya!  We're looking forward to it, nya!


Cats:  Aaaahhh.  Even though we tried hard, we still lost, nya.  But we did
all we could, nya!  So Cornet will definitely forgive us, nya.  So, bye bye,
nya~!  We're going to look for our next job, nya!  This time, we're going to
try and ask Etoile, nya!

(You get the Light of Beauty.  If you proceed through the rest of the
dungeon, you exit in Marl Castle.)

======= Marl Castle : Contest Entry Hall ========

Guwanji:  Sorry to have kept you waiting.  All of the contestants have
now arrived.  Well then, without further delay, I, Guwanji, will introduce
all of our contestants.  Let's GOOOOOOO!  These are the warriors
participating in the MARL KINGDOM COOOOOOONTEST!

(Etoile steps forward!)

Strikingly beautiful! Amazingly intelligent! Incredibly arrogant!
She's also the record holder for the most consecutive wins in the Marl
Kingdom Contest!  Known to all as the super rich president of the Rosenqueen
Company, she's Etoile Rosenqueen!

(Sonia steps forward!)

Even a beautiful rose has its thorns.  She is Marl Kingdom's number one rose,
and the Captain of the Imperial Guards!  Sonia Frances Zeolight!

(Marjoly steps forward!)

This year, she's 1509 years old!  She's the wicked flower who runs rampant
in the Marl Kingdom!  Also appearing in our history textbooks, she's the most
wicked, most evil witch in history:  Marjoly!

(Cornet steps forward!)

The story of how she went on an adventure to save us from the
Marjoly Family will be passed down for years to come!  The Queen of Marl
Kingdom, Cornet Marl!

(Crea steps forward!)

A girl who possesses both the form of an angel and the strength of a demon.
Etoile Rosenqueen's only daughter, Createur Rosenqueen!

(Kururu steps forward!)

Her favorite word is "Initiative"!  In order to earn her father, King
Ferdinand's, acceptance for her marriage, she has to aim for victory
and do her best! The Princess of Marl Kingdom, Kurusale Cherie Marl Q!

Due to time constraints, I will not be introducing the rest of our

(Olivia, who is standing on the far left behind everyone else, stares.)

Kururu:  ...It seems like there are a lot of really impressive people
here.  And even though this is the "MISS" Marl Contest, there are people
here who are married or 1,000 years old...  This is all really messed up.

Guwanji:  As you all know, this year's theme is COMBAT.  The matches will
be held, according to King Ferdinand's wishes, in a special arena that was
prepared specifically for this purpose.  The arena is designed like a
dungeon, and each contestant will enter from a different door.  When one
encounters another contestant, they cannot proceed until one wins.  In
other words, the dungeon is like a tournament-style battle.  The person who
is left at the end will be this year's "Miss Marl Kingdom." Let's all pray
for good luck for all of our contestants today!  When you are all prepared
for the contest, please talk to me.

Kururu:  He went as far as to make a special arena.  Father, what are
you thinking?


In the contest room, before the contest starts:

Olivia:  I'm Olivia.  This year, I'm definitely going to win the contest!
...Well, that's what I thought, but the competition looks too strong.  Since
I can't win, I'll just give up quickly.  I'll look stupid if I get hurt.

Cornet:  I never thought I'd be participating in this contest again!
Kururu:  Mother.  Why are you...? Do you not want me to win?
cornet:  Of course I'm cheering for you, even now.  But I was asked by a
certain person, so...
Kururu:  ...A certain person?  Anyway, isn't this contest to choose the
"Miss" Marl Kingdom?  You're already married and you're over 30.
Cornet: Hmph... Don't say that.

Marjoly:  Hm~?  It's been a while, Pumpkin Princess.
Kururu:  Who's a pumpkin, who?!
Marjoly:  I had no idea that there was a wonderful event like this.
Maybe I should enter every year!

Sonia:  I'm sorry, Princess.
Kururu:  Why did you enter...?
Sonia:  Because...
Kururu:  (It seems she has some kind of reason.)

Etoile:  As the record holder for most consecutive wins, I am a bit 
competitive...  Since I'm in this contest, victory is mine.  Even if I 
face you, Kururu, I won't go easy on you.

Momi:  Lady Etoile really shouldn't be doing this...

Hama:  Women fighting is creepy...

Randy:  When we win this contest, we won't have to worry any more about the
wedding!  We'll have a wonderful wedding ceremony, a beautiful wedding dress,
and a gorgeous honeymoon trip!!  Go for it, Sonia!
Kururu:  Huh?  There's not supposed to be any prize money for this
contest, right?

Gao:  It's been a while since I've had a good brawl!  Just thinking about
it gets my blood burning!  I'm all worked up!  GUUUUUUUTTTTTSSSSS!

Crowdia:  Greetings, young lady.  I'd like to go as easy on you as possible,
but as this is a contest of beauty that will be impossible.  Beauty...
That is the word I exist for.

Myao:  Marjoly's doing pretty good for her age, isn't she!

Woman in White:  When you're ready, talk to Guwanji.

Left Cat:  Do your best, nya~

Middle Cat:  I can't stand it when our idiot masters bring us along, nya~.

Right Cat:  It's such a pain that our masters brought us here, nya~



Guwanji:  When you're prepared for the contest, talk to me.
>I'm ready!
>I need more time.

Well then, princess, use this key and enter from that door over there.  For
all of the other contestants, there will be doors down this way with your
names written on them, so please enter from your own door.

(Everyone goes off to find their own doors, and Crea leaves your party.)

Crea:  ...Kururu.  It's time for us to say goodbye.  Let's both... do our

Kururu:  Yeah.  Thank you, Crea.

Crea:  ...

Cello:  What's wrong, Crea?

Crea: ... No.  It's nothing at all.

(She leaves.)

Kururu:  I wonder what's wrong with Crea?  She didn't seem happy at all.

Cello: ...


Guwanji, after everyone's gone:  This door is for the other contestants to
enter from.  Princess, please enter from the door over there.  Just for you,
princess, I will give you Guwanji's super secret one point advice.  If you
think it's getting dangerous, pull back, arrange your equipment and level up.
After that, remember your "Frequent Saves."  With that, there's no way
you can lose.

======= Contest Grounds ========

(Kururu uses the key on the door on the far left, and then enters into the
SPECIAL ARENA.  When they cross the very first bridge, though...)


Kururu:  !

(Zolbaref LEAPS down from somewhere high above and... crashes not onto the
land, but into the water on the sides of the platforms.)

VOICE #2:  Hey, wait for me!

(Gio leaps down and lands on the platform.)

Gio:  Sorry to have kept you waiting, princess!  If you want to go any
further, you will have to defeat Zolbaref and I!  ...Eh?
Where did Zolbaref go?

Kururu & Cello: ...

(Zolbaref drifts down the water, underneath the platform and down off
the screen...)

Zolbaref:  Hyaa...aa.....a....

Gio: ...

(Finally, Zolbaref re-enters, crashing down beside Gio, panting and heaving
his axe.)

Zolbaref:  Huff, huff, huff...!  Ha... fu... ha.... hi.....  GYAH!  Sorry
to have kept you waiting, princess!  If you want to go any further, you
have to defeat me, Zolbaref of the Dawn, and General Gio!  Before we start,
you must know that we by no means came here to show off!  We came because
we were worried about the princess!  I'll say it again!  We by no means
came here to show off!

Gio:  Let's go, Zolbaref!

Zolbaref:  Yes, sir!!  This time we'll show these young kids our power!


Gio:  Incredible, Princess!  You've grown so much. I...
I am truly moved!

Zolbaref:  We will lend you all the skill we have!

**Gio and Zolbaref join your party.

Kururu & Cello: ...

Kururu:  Despite what they said, those two really did only come here
to show off, didn't they...?


Cat:  Have you guys saved, nya?  "Frequent Saves."  That's fundamental, nya.

======= Opponent #1 : SONIA ========

Kururu:  Sonia..! Randy..!

Sonia: ...

Randy:  I wasn't expecting to face you so soon, princess.  But
today I won't go easy on you.  For the wedding money!  Please prepare
yourself, Princess!


Sonia:  Well done, Princess.  That you've become this strong is...

Kururu:  Sonia...

Sonia:  Forgive me, Princess.  The truth is... we entered the contest
because were told by the king that we would receive a million inochium
if we won.

Kururu:  What?!  My father said that?!

Randy:  I'm sorry, Princess.  There was nothing I could do.  Sonia didn't
want to enter, but I convinced her that we had to have that money...

Sonia: ...Anyway, this is for the best.  I don't think I want the marriage
money enough to interfere with the princess's happiness.  We will make sure
the princess is happy first and get married later.

Kururu:  (In any case... Father went as far as using a bribe... That's 


Cat:  Your next opponents are our masters.  They're stupid but strong, nya.
... Stupid, though.

======= OPPONENT #2:  THE MARJOLY FAMILY ========

Marjoly:  Hohohohoho!  Behold, the Marjoly Family!

Kururu:  By any chance, were you invited by my father, too...?

Marjoly:  Eh~?  What are you talking about?  I entered just to waste some

Kururu:  (Sweatdrop)
You're here just to waste some time, huh.  Because for me my future
depends on me winning this.

Marjoly:  Ho~hohohohohoho!!  Let's go, Pumpkin Princess!  We will show you
the special technique we prepared just for today!


Crowdia:  Ha!  My beautiful self is a blazing light!  The light that
consumes my very life!

Myao:  How's this, nya~!  The Ultimate Four Body Combination:
The Marjoly Family Special, nya!

(A huge vortex of black energy swallows the room.  The Marjoly Family
is absorbed with in it, join together, and--)

Kururu:  A-ah?!  T-this looks pretty awesome!

(It sputters.  It starts to smoke.)


(The energy then EXPLODES DRAMATICALLY in smoke and flame, leaving the
Marjoly Family in a heap on the ground.)

Kururu: ...

Cello: ...

Cats:  They messed up again, nya~.  They didn't combine at all, nya.

Marjoly:  Ugh... huff...  V-very well done, Pumpkin Princess.  It's quite
impressive that you've managed to cause us this much damage.

Kururu & Cello: ...

Kururu:  We haven't done anything yet.

Marjoly:  That's why you shouldn't get too cocky!  The real battle
starts now!  Prepare yourself!


Marjoly:  This was just a fluke. You didn't really beat us.
You'll have to repay this favor someday!

Myao:  Nyahahahaha!  That was fun, nya~!  We'll play again sometime, nya~

Gao:  Gahahahahaha!  Thanks to you guys, I worked up a good sweat!  Thanks!

Crowdia:  Adios, young lady.  I'll pray for your good fortune from the
other realm.

Cats:  Protecting our masters is suuu~ch a pain, nya.  We dunno who sent
it, but it was such a huge bother when they sent us an invitation letter
to this contest, nya.

Cello:  An invitation letter?

Kururu: ...No way, an invitation letter?  Did my father... did my father
invite them here!?

Cello:  Stop.  We can't jump to conclusions.  He's your father,
isn't he?

Kururu:  ...Yeah.  That's right.  Thank you, Cello.

Cello:  Y-yeah.

Kururu:  ...More importantly, we were really saved by those people's
stupidity, huh?

Cello:  Yeah.  We should be grateful they're so stupid.

Kururu:  Yeah... I'm grateful! <3


Cat:  All of your opponents from now on are really tough, nya.  If you
don't check your equipment carefully and gain some levels, do you think
you can win?

======= OPPONENT #3:  ETOILE ROSENQUEEN ========

Etoile:  ...This is terrible, Kururu.  Even though I truly was wishing from
the bottom of my heart for you to be happy... Why is fate so cruel?!  
Oh God, what a fool you are... Hm, well, that being the situation,
this will be a serious battle!  Momi!  Hama!  Let's go!

Momi:  Got it, ma'am!

Hama:  Leave it to us!


Etoile:  Phew, I must have somehow managed to come unprepared.  With this,
my record for consecutive victories is broken.  That's too bad, but
there's nothing to be done about it now.

Momi:  She might say that, but the truth is that she was very worried
about you, princess.  Even at her age, our lady isn't very honest about
her feelings.

Hama;  That's right--After all, the lady was intending on refusing to enter
the contest for the princess's sake.  But when the king asked her to
enter, there wasn't much she could do.

Kururu:  Eh!? Are you kidding?  Then, just as I thought, inviting the
Marjoly Family to this contest was my father's doing...?

Cello: ...It seems your father really hates me.

Kururu: ... (Father...)

(Kururu reminisces.  Long ago, when she was just a little girl, she once
talked to her father in the throne room of Marl Castle.  She was sitting in
her mother's throne, swinging her legs as she talked to her father.)

Kururu:  Heyy, father?

Ferdinand:  Hm?  What is it, Kururu?

Kururu:  Today I made friends with a girl named Crea.  Aaand, I promised to
play at her house next time!  So faaather~, is it okay if I go?

Ferdinand:  Even if I tell you no, you'll just sneak away by yourself,
won't you?

Kururu:  I-I wouldn't do that!

Ferdinand:  Ah ha ha.  It's all right.  You can go.

Kururu:  Really?!

Ferdinand:  But, until you reach her house you have to let Randy go
with you, okay?

Kururu:  Yeah, of course!  Thank you!  I looo~ve you, father! <3
When I grow up, I'm going to marry you!

Ferdinand:  Ha ha ha, is that so!  You're going to marry me, Kururu?  Then
I'll look forward to it.

(Back in the present, Kururu is awfully downtrodden about all this.)

Kururu:  (Even if he doesn't like Cello, for I can't believe that my kind
father would interfere this much... Why are you doing this, father...?)


Etoile:  Even after I went through so much trouble to prepare this secret
weapon... It'd be a waste to just throw it away, so I'll give it to you,

**You got "Grenade Machine Gun!"

Etoile:  You beat me, so you'll definitely win the tournament, Kururu!

Hama:  Miss Rosenqueen was intending on refusing to enter the contest for
the princess's sake.  But when the king asked her to enter, there wasn't much
she could do.

Momi:  Are you tired?  Then leave it to Momi!

**Momi uses a strange "power."  Your HP and SP are healed!



Cat:  If you give me 1000 inochium I'll join your party, nya.

>Pay the inochium
>Don't pay.

Cat:  Thanks, nya!  With this I can buy a lot of fish~ <3

**"Nyanko" joined your party!

======= OPPONENT #4 : CREA ========

Kururu:  Crea...

Crea: ...Cello.  
I wont let you have Kururu!

Cello:  ...Huh!?


Kururu:  Are you okay, Crea?!

Crea:  Don't come near me!

Kururu:  Huh?!

Crea:  A terrible person like me deserves to be alone...

Kururu:  ...What are you saying, Crea?

Crea: ...

Kururu:  What's wrong, Crea!?  I don't understand!

Crea:  ...

Kururu:  Answer me!  Haven't we always been together?!

Crea:  I... Somewhere in my heart, I couldn't accept you and Cello
getting married!!  Even though we had always been together since we were
children, I felt like you were leaving me... Even though I knew there was 
nothing I could do about it, I couldn't let Cello take you away from me!  
Being alone is just too scary!

Kururu:  Crea...

Crea: ...

Kururu:  Silly.  I'm not going anywhere.  Getting married doesn't change
anything about our friendship.  We will always be together.

Crea:  Kururu... But, I...

Cello:  Crea.  I know that Kururu is very precious to you.  And I
understand feeling that I interfere with that.  But I... I'm grateful to you,
too.  I came from a very far away place to this world.  And when I was alone,
I was found by my mother, Akuujo. Because I was afraid of being alone again,
I did anything my mother told me to.  I committed crimes and my heart became
more and corrupt... 
That was when I met Kururu... and you, Crea.  
While I was traveling with you, my heart gradually healed... And I was able
to regain my human heart.  Thanks to that, my mother and I were really able
to become true family.  I was saved by you and Kururu... By all the
kindness of all of you.

... Thank you, Crea.  I think of you as an irreplaceable friend.  That's
why I don't want you to feel like you'll be alone.  You're not.  You
are Kururu's friend... and mine as well.

Crea: ...!!  Cello... Kururu!  I'm so sorry!  I'm so very sorry,
Kururu, Cello!

Kururu:  You don't have to apologize!  Right, Cello?

Cello:  Right.  The three of us will always be together from now on.

Crea:  Right... Thank you.  From here on, would it be okay if I went
with you?

Kururu:  Of course, Crea!  The three of us together will win this

Crea:  Definitely!

**Crea joined your party!

(Off on the side, Etoile and her bodyguards are watching.)

Etoile:  Ooo~hohohohoho!  Youth is such a beautiful thing!


Etoile:  When I see Kururu and Crea together, it reminds me of myself and
Cornet from long ago~.

Momi:  Friendship is a beautiful thing.

Hama:  Youth, huh... Makes me want to go back to those days, too.



Cat:  Do you guys know about the "Popo's Tear?"  There's a fish called a
Popo that carry jewels that give off a light as radiant as the sun.  It's
said that Marjoly is searching for it, but it's really hard to find, nya.

Kururu:  Hmmm, the "Popo's Tear," huh?

Cello: ...

Kururu:  Huh?   What's wrong, Cello?

Cello: Ah, nothing... That just reminded me that my mother's group are all
weak to the light of the "Popo's Tear."

Crea:  It's surprising to hear that there's something that the entire
Akuujo Family is weak to.

Kururu:  Hmmmmmmm.   It sounds like something that might come in handy,
so maybe it would be good to go look for it.

Crea:  That's right.  If you're looking for Popos, they live in the
"Natalie River" in the Wonder Woods.

Cat:  Do you want to return to the Contest Meeting Hall?

Cat: see you later~

======= Natalie River ========

(TO GET TO THE NATALIE RIVER PIER, go to the Wonder Woods.  At the
junction between Orange Village and the road that leads to the cave, go
right.  This time, when you come to the sign, instead of going north down
the path towards the cave, go south and you'll quickly dead end at the river.)

Crea:  So all we need to do is fish for the Popo who live here and get
the "Popo's Tear," right?

Cello:  But how are we going to go fishing?  What will we use for bait...?

Crea:  There's no need to worry.  The Popo are a carnivorous fish.  Since
they occasionally attack humans as well, if we just stand right here, then...

(Popo rush up to the dock!)

See? <3

Kururu:  Just as I thought.  We're the bait...

(FIGHT!  During the fight, all of the Popo will drop treasure chests.  All
of them include Popo's Tears.  All you have to do to successfully win is
open at least one of the chests before finishing the battle.)

Kururu: We did it!

**Now it's time to go back to the tournament area!  Prepare for a long
trek through the rooms you've went through before, with no opportunity
for healing other than the occasional Goddess statue.  So be sure to save
your attacks, because...


======= OPPONENT #5: THE AKUUJO FAMILY ========

Everyone: !!

Cello:  Mother... why are you here?

Guwanji enters and:
Guwanji:  Iiiiiii'll explaaain!  Akuujo is a special LAST MINUTE ENTRY,
invited by KING FEEERDINAAAND!  Four years ago, Marl Kingdom was engulfed
in terrible fear by this very Akuujo Family!  For those who faced them,
there was ONLY DEATH!  We wish you happiness in the NEXT WORLD!

Kururu, Cello, Crea:  (Sweatdrop)

Akuujo:  ...That's the gist of it.  I came right away the moment I heard
that my adorable son was getting married.  Even if Kururu did help me before,
marrying you is an entirely different story.  I've decided that we must
meet one more time for me to determine if you are really an appropriate
match for my son.

(The Akuujo 4 strike a pose!)

Four years ago, my sickness weakened me, but this time you shall have
no such luck!  Come!

Cello:  Now, Kururu!  Use it!

Kururu: Eh, "it?"  Ju-just a second, dear!
Uhmmmmm... uh...... What is "it" again?

>Popo's Tear is the THIRD OPTION

Kururu used the "Popo's Tear!"

Akuujo:  T-t-this light is...!?

RanRan:  It... it couldn't be...!!!!?

FonFon:  AaaaaaaaAAAAAAAAAaa!  It's bright, it's briiiiiiiGGGGHHHHTTT!

NyanNyan:  ...W-why, nya?!  Why do they have the "Popo's Tear," nya?!

Akuujo:  That's it!  Cello!  Did you tell her about this?!

Cello:  I... I'm sorry, mother!  I didn't mean to, but...!  But...!
I have to win no matter what!  Forgive me, mother!

RanRan:  Hold up, Cello!  You want to marry Pumpkin Pants enough to go
this far?!

FonFon:  Right, that's right!  If you want to get married so bad, I'll
allow it!

NyanNyan: ...Idiot.  Of course someone as flaming as you would give in.


Akuujo: (Sweatdrop)
...All of you.  This is a serious issue for just mother and child, so stop
interfering.  We've already spent too much time talking.  Show me just how
prepared you are!


Akuujo:  Hm.  So you beat us.  It can't be helped, then.
Your marriage... I will allow it.

Cello:  Mother.

RanRan:  Aaaa~hhh, you're not being very honest~  Didn't you really
come to say "Thank you for 4 years ago?"

FonFon:  Really!  Akuujo's such a shy person. <3

NyanNyan:  Teeheehee.  Even though she's an adult, she's so embarrassed.
Isn't that cute, nya?

Akuujo:  Silence, all of you!

Kururu:  Mother in law.

Akuujo:  Hm.  You can't call me that yet.  Before you can,
you'll have to win the contest.  Hm, do your best.

(And they vanish in a pool of dark light!)



Cat:  It's finally time for the finals, nya.  Do your best, nya.


Cornet:  You've done so well getting this far, Kururu.  Once you defeat
me you'll win the tournament.

Kururu:  No way... Mother... I, I could never fight you...

(Ferdinand enters.)

Ferdinand:  Then you'll never get my permission to marry.

Kururu: Father!

Ferdinand:  If you defeat us and win the tournament, I will permit you
to marry.

Kururu:  Why, father!?  Why are you trying so hard to stop me?!
Sonia, Marjoly and all... That was all your doing, wasn't it!?  Are
you that unhappy with me marrying Cello!?

Ferdinand: ...
... I don't need to answer you.

Kururu:  !!!
I understand, then...!  I don't know you anymore, father!  I'll defeat
you and marry Cello!  I'll live on with Cello even if I can't be with you!
I hate you, father!


Kururu:  ...Now you'll permit us to marry, right?!

Ferdinand: ...

Cornet:  Kururu.  Do you think that your father was interfering just to
be mean to you?

Kururu:  Huh?

Cornet:  This is marriage, Kururu.  That is when a child leaves their
parents.  They go and start a new life together with the person they love.
That is marriage.  Until now, your father and I have watched over you.
But from now on, the two of you will have to live together.  
Of course, we'll be here to help you if you're ever in trouble,
but someday we won't be needed by you anymore... Your father had
to make sure that his precious little Kururu had the resolution to do that.

Kururu:  ...
Then, father, that's why you put on this act...?

Cornet:  But, of course, I still think he's just jealous. <3

Ferdinand: AHEM!  Kururu.

Kururu: Y-yes, father!

Ferdinand:  ...Be happy.

Kururu: ...Thank you, father.

Ferdinand:  Cello.

Cello:  Yes.

Ferdinand:  Please take care of Kururu... Of my daughter.

Cello: ...Yes!  ... Father in law!

======= Marl Castle Chapel ========

(And so, the two were married in the church of Marl Castle, in front of
Bishop, um... Guwanji.)

Guwanji:  Cello, do you swear to take this woman as your wife, to love for
the rest of your life?

Cello: ...Yes.  I do.

Guwanji:  Kururu, do you swear to take this man as your husband, to love
for the rest of your life?

Kururu:  Yes... I do.

Guwanji:  Then, you may kiss the bride <3

(And so the two embrace and kiss.  After the wedding, everyone--absolutely
everyone in Marl--is gathered in the throne room (now converted into a
banquet hall, with tables and everyone eating and hanging out.))

Kururu:  ...

Cello:  What is it?  Are you tired?

Kururu:  No.  It's just...

Cello: Just?

From the other side of the room:
Etoile:  Hey, hey, Kururu!  Don't just stand there, come over here!

Crea:  Mother.  You've drunk too much.  Isn't that your fifth glass of wine?

Cello:  Ha ha ha.  It seems like everyone is waiting for us. How about
saying hello to everyone?

Kururu:  Yeah, I'll do that.

**And so begins the long process of talking to everyone in the wedding:

Akuujo:  Hm.  Wedding ceremonies are such a waste of time.  But I must
attend this one.  ...Congratulations.
Kururu:  ...!!  Thank you, mother-in-law.

Marjoly:  I suppose I ought to congratulate you.  Do your best,
Pumpkin Princess.

Etoile:  Congratulations, Kururu.
Kururu:  Thank you, Etoile.
Etoile:  Right now, you're the spitting image of your mother when
she was young.
Kururu:  Really?
Etoile:  I want you to be happy, Kururu.

Crea:  Congratulations, Kururu.
Kururu:  Thanks, Crea.  Thank you so much for everything.  If you
hadn't been there...
Crea:  Stop it, Kururu.  We're best friends.  We'll still always 
be together.
Kururu:  Right!  Hey, now it's your turn to find your prince, Crea!
I'll help you, too!
Crea:  Teehee.  Thank you, Kururu.

Hama:  The cigars seem better than usual today.

Momi:  I wonder if I should start working out more?

Nyanshe:  Thanks for the invitation, nya.

Gio:  Princess, congratulations.  Your uncle Gio is just so,
so happy for you...
Kururu:  Thank you, Uncle Gio.

Sonia:  Congratulations, princess.  The king presented us with our very own
marriage ceremony.  Princess, I would very much like you to attend.

Randy:  Congratulations, Princess.  So it's finally time to hang up the 
pumpkin pants!
Kururu:  Hm?  What do you mean?
Randy:  Wait.  Does that mean you're still going to...
Kururu:  Of course.  I'll still wear them.
Randy:  What?
Kururu:  I've worn them so long!  Even after marriage, even when I become 
an old woman, I'm always going to wear them!  I'm determined to keep doing 
it until everyone in Marl Kingdom appreciates the pumpkin pants!
Randy: Ah. Is... is that so.
(What a pain that's going to be for Cello.  But hey, it's not
my problem anymore, so it's no big deal. <3)

Nyanko:  Kururu, you're so pretty, nya~  It's just like "The Pumpkin that
was Transformed into a Cantaloupe," nya~.
Kururu: O-oh really?  ... Thanks.

Myao:  For today only the villains are on break!  You should be
grateful, nya!

Crowdia:  Congratulations, adorable lady.  That dress truly does suit you.
Kururu:  T-thank you.

Gao:  If I get to eat food this delicious, you should get married every day!
Kururu:  If I got to be this happy all the time, I'd want to get married to
Cello every day, too.

RanRan:  I should take the chance to get married to Gao-rin, too~ <3

FonFon:  I want to find a nice person and get married soon, too~.
(NOTE:  The game specifies that he -says- person, while the character they
use is for a MAN.  So basically, the heavy implication is, "I should find
a nice man and get married, too.")

NyanNyan:  Keesheeshee... Just for today, I'm not fighting with Myao.

Mustaki:  Congratulations, Kururu.  Somehow, I've been able to see my
granddaughter get married.  It seems like I've lived a long time.

Siegrind:  Congratulations, Kururu.  You did very well.
Kururu:  Thank you, Grandmother Siegrind.

Cornet:  Congratulations, Kururu.  You're so beautiful.  I just know your
grandmother Cherie is proud of you right now.  It's fascinating how
my husband put on such a harsh display just to test your determination. 
He's so incredible. <3

Ferdinand:  Congratulations, Kururu.
Kururu:  Father...  Thank you for all you've done for me.  I promise
I'll be happy.
Ferdinand:  Good.  Do your best, Kururu.


Kururu:  Phew~.

Cello:  It's been a long day.

Kururu:  Yeah.  But I'm glad that everyone seems so happy.

Cello: ...Kururu.

Kururu:  Hm?

Cello:  What were you going to say before?

Kururu: Ah.... Well.  It's nothing important, but... Everyone being
here like this, and being with you... I was thinking about how very happy
I am right now.

Cello:  ...Yeah.  I am too, Kururu.

Kururu:  Teehee.  Let's do our best from now on too, Cello.  Let's be
happy together.

And with that, the lights dim, the people pull to the sides, and Kururu
and Cello dance, and sing "Futari dake no Sekai" (A World Just for
Two People) to the credits.

                             CHAPTER 3

Long, long ago in the Kingdom of Marl, there was a group of evil witches
who called themselves the Marjoly family.

The leader of the Marjoly family: Marjoly, self-proclaimed most 
beautiful woman in the world.

The witch who solved everything with guts alone: Gao, the master 
of willpower.

The witch who soared freely through the skies on her beautiful wings:
Crowdia, the narcissist swordswoman.

And the magician:  Myao, mistress of the Nyanko cats.

Their infamous reputation was on par with even the Gods and Devils 
themselves. This is a story about the everyday life of these women,
when they were having some trouble with their cats...

================================  Chapter 3  ===============================
=====================  The Day the Nyanko Disappeared  =====================

Guwanji (Voiceover):

They are the devils who dwell within the deepest depths of

A forbidden existence embraced by the seeds of evil.

Magnificent, yet cruelly inhuman. Fascinating, but oh so wicked.

They are the Marjoly family. Since ancient times, they have been hated, 
feared and respected.  However.  Even these women possess a single, 
fatal weakness. And that would be...

That they are all complete idiots.


Song title : Sabato!

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Marjoly (seiyuu : Tomizawa Michie)
Crowdia (seiyuu : Yamada Miho)
Gao (seiyuu : Jingujii Yayoi)
Myao Karukansky (seiyuu : Tamura Yukari)

Kurayami ni kodama suru yokubou no shirabe
Kamigami ni kinjirareta akuma no shanikusai
Sei naru gishiki majo no utage

Chi ni ueta saidan ni ikenie wo sasage
Haitoku no mana wo sakebu shinpi no majo shukai

Kuroki jaaku na ai no honoo yo
Warera ni chikara wo (warera ni chikara wo) atae tamae
Eloim Essaim
Kotae tamae negai kanae tamae
Yami no keiyaku Eloim Essaim

Sabato sabato yuuwaku no
Sabato sabato amai ringo
Sabato sabato tabeshi mono
Utae odore shukufuku seyo

Sabato sabato norowareshi
Sabato sabato shi no sanbika
Sabato sabato utaumono
Kui aratamenu hokori takaki ta tenshi
Tsumibukaki aku no hana


Marjoly : ...

Myao : I-is there something wrong, Marjoly?

Gao : Did you strain your back or something?

Marjoly : Something feels strange. Like something's missing...

Crowdia : Now that you mention it, I do not see the Nyankos today.

Marjoly : The Nyankos? Bah, leave them be. They're probably somewhere running
after mice or something. They'll come back eventually. More importantly,
what's wrong with the song? All of you!  Once more from the top!

Guwanji : (Voiceover) But the Nyankos didn't come back the next day,

(In Gao's room.)

Gao : Aaah~ I'm sooo hungry! Somebody, hurry up and bring me food already!

Guwanji : (Voiceover) After two days...

(In Crowdia's room.)

Crowdia : This room is getting awfully messy. It must be cleaned soon.
After all, the place where I live must remain constantly beautiful.
Somebody, come and clean this room now!

Guwanji : (Voiceover) After three days...

(In Myao's room)

Myao : Ugh, I think these clothes are starting to smell funny, nya. I've been
wearing them for three days already, nya! How filthy, nya! Somebody, go do the
laundry now, nyaaaa~!

Guwanji : (Voiceover) And finally, after a week...
With the Nyankos still nowhere to be found, the Marjoly family found itself
in quite a lot of trouble...

(Back in Marjoly's throne room, there's mold everywhere and mushrooms have
begun to grow on the floor.)

Marjoly : Listen up, you guys! This is the most serious crisis the Marjoly
family has ever faced! Now listen verrryy carefully to what I'm going to say!!
Gao! You will prepare the meals!!

Gao : !

Marjoly : Crowdia! You will clean the rooms!

Crowdia : !

Marjoly : Myao! You will wash everyone's clothes!

Myao : !

Gao, Crowdia and Myao : ...

Marjoly : What is it? Do you have a problem with that!?

Gao : Bah, you can make all the demands you want, but I still have no idea 
how to cook a meal.

Crowdia : I concur! How could someone as refined and elegant as I am be
asked to clean?!

Myao : Yeah, nya! These are all jobs for the Nyankos, nya!!

Marjoly : ...It can't be helped then. In that case, there's only one thing
left to do! We will go look for the Nyankos! We're going to bring every 
single one of them back and force them to do the cooking, the cleaning, the
laundry and everything else that needs to be done around here!

Gao : Alright! I'm all fired up!

Crowdia : Haha, this sounds like it will be entertaining.

Myao : Yeah, punishment, nya! Punishment, nya!!

(You're now free to move around and yes, you're really going to play as the
Marjoly family in this chapter. They're all pretty strong, and come with tons
of useful skills from the start. Setting up all of the family under Marjoly
will allow you to perform the "Marjoly family" combo move, one of the most
powerful attack in the game. If you put all three idiots together then you'll
get a new combo move too, the "stupid trio dance" which is another all-attack
move. Your current goal is Nyankotown, but explore Beauty Castle to find some
funny comments about the current situation.)

(Upon examining the mushrooms left of Marjoly's throne...)

Gao : Think we can eat those mushrooms?

Marjoly : There's no way I'm eating that! Eat them by yourself if you want to!

(Upon examining a second set of mushrooms)

Crowdia : This unbearable hunger... Should I ease it with these?
No! I mustn't! Someone as elegant as myself has pride!
I mustn't stoop so low!!

(Upon examining yet another set of mushrooms...)

Myao : (I'm so hungry, nya~ Should I eat those mushrooms, or should I not...
what a dilemma, nya~!!)

(Upon examining the Marjoly's statue left of the throne...)

Marjoly : Such an intolerable amount of dirt... It spoils my beauty!

(Upon examining the Marjoly's statue right of the throne...)

Marjoly : Hmm, no matter how much I look, my beauty never ceases to amaze me!

Crowdia : Well, that's only natural.

Gao : Statues don't get old, after all.

Myao : Yup, nya! Considering its age, this statue withstands time much better
than Marjoly nya!

Marjoly : S-H-U-T U-P !!

(Upon examining the Shadow of Beauty.)

Marjoly : (....Keeldear.)

Myao : What's wrong, Marjoly?

Marjoly : Hah, nothing.

(If you go behind the throne there'll be a room with a statue of a young man.
The statue looks very neat compared to the Marjoly statues. There are some
words engraved on it "My eternal love, Keeldear.")

(Entering the cafe south of the throne's room, you'll see some footsteps in
front of the fridge.)

Myao : Nyanko footprints, nya!!

Gao : Those bastards!! They've been stealing my food!!

Crowdia : What do you mean, Gao?

Gao : This thing is called a "Wonderful Dimensional Freezer" and you can fit
loads of stuff in it.  I keep tons of my precious meat inside! I was
thinking it was pretty weird that I couldn't find the key for it...
So it was their doing!!

Crowdia : Hum, so the Nyankos only desired some meat...?

Gao : But I wonder if they're alright? That Dimensional Freezer's really
big inside. I even got lost once....

Myao : W-what's going to happen to them?

Gao : Well, I'm pretty sure they died inside.

Crowdia : In other words, here is where the Nyankos' fates were sealed...

Gao : Gahaha! It ended like that because they were so greedy!

Myao : You're one to speak, nya!! Marjoly! Wh-what should we do, nya!?

Marjoly : ...we should hurry and go inside.

(You need a key to get in there, so head to Nyanko Town for now. Burg is only
in the cafe here for tutorial purposes, so feel free to ignore him. There's a
vending machine next to him selling some of the most powerful inochium gems,
but are they are incredibly costly.  You'll find Nyanko Town deserted. Even
the bar is empty,  although there's still tons of alcohol left behind. Enter
the room on the left side of the screen with a blue door to get the
following event)

Marjoly :  "How to Make a Christmas Tree, For Cats and Dummies"?

Myao : A Christmas tree, nya?

Marjoly : Oh, that's right, Christmas is tomorrow.

Crowdia : Ah, Christmas! The holy night! The favored time of lovers!

Myao : Sweet, sweet cakes, nya!

Gao : Tons of plump turkeys!

(The three start to hop around like crazy.)

Marjoly (sweatdrop): Sometimes, I wonder if I'm not the stupid one for
bringing you along... Hmm? Seems like something's stuck in it.

(You got the key to the Wonderful Dimensional Freezer!)

(Now you can enter the freezer. But, as usual, we're going to take a
detour to witness some optional events. After all, it's not like we
often get to play as the Marjoly family! So, for now, let's go south
to the castle's lower floors. Moving around Beauty Castle will require
some platforming skills. Getting down is pretty easy, since falling will
take you to the bottom floor, but getting back up can be a pain.)

(Trying to enter the room in the hallway one floor below Nyanko Town...)

Gao : This is my room, so you can't go in.

Crowdia : Why?

Gao : Ah well, I was totally hungry you see, so I started hitting the walls
and the ground and smashed them all up!

Marjoly : Don't destroy my castle, Gao!

(Trying to enter the same room a floor below)

Crowdia : Beyond this door is my room. It has become a place unbefitting
my beauty... You must not enter without my permission.

Myao : Nyahahaha. You mean it got totally messy, nya.

(Another floor below is Myao's room, right after Golonzo.)

Myao : Y-you can enter Myao's room! There's nothing special inside, nya!
We might as well keep going, nya!!

Gao : Yeah, because it's full of stinky, dirty clothes, right?

Myao : Th-that's not true, nya! My room smells like flowers, nya!!

(Speaking to Golonzo...)

Golonzo : My, my. If it isn't Marjoly. You look as beautiful as ever.
(Damn it! Just you watch!! I'll get away from here one day and
Marl kingdom will be mine!!)

(On the bottom level of the castle you'll a bunch of large puppet looking
 things shaped like extremely cutesy versions of the Marjoly Family.)

Marjoly : What are these?

Crowdia : They appear to be puppets modeled after us.

Myao : Who did this, nya?

Crowdia : If someone has done this within the walls of this castle without
being noticed... It would have to be the Nyankos' doing.

Myao : Why would they do that, nya?

Gao : Hey, maybe they tried to make voodoo dolls. Gahahaha!

Marjoly, Crowdia and Myao : !!

Marjoly : (No way.... Could the reason all the pretty young boys have been
rejecting me lately be because those cats wanted revenge for those times
I burned their tails...?)

Crowdia : (Could it be that they harbor hatred towards me for the time
when, in order to make a fur coat, I had them contribute their own fur...?)

Myao : (I-I didn't do anything bad to them, nya! Well, I've only worked
them to the bone and teased them now and then, but that's all, nya!
This is just a miscommunication, nya!)

Marjoly, Crowdia and Myao : (sweatdrop)

Gao : Huh? Did I say something weird?

Marjoly : Ho..ho, ho Hoooohohohohoho!! Don't be silly! Putting a curse
on us like that... T-the Nyankos would never do that!  Right, you all!?

Crowdia : Th-that is precisely right! After all, the bond we share
with the Nyankos is strong! Right Myao!?

Myao : O-of course, nya! We're always so nice to them, nya!!

(The dull chord of a tragic realization.)

Marjoly : C-come on! Enough fooling around. Let's hurry and
look for the Nyankos now!

(Now it's finally time to head to the freezer. Be sure to grab all
the accessories on the way there. There are a few good ones that
reduce SP consumption by more than half.
You can use the "Marjoly family" move like crazy now. ^^)

======= Wonderful Dimensional Freezer ========

Marjoly : Uuuuh! C-c-cold!!

Myao : Brrrrrrrrr! We're going to freeze, nya!!

Crowdia : Marjoly! It's dangerous to remain idle!
Let us move around to warm up our bodies!

Marjoly : Good idea!

(They all strike poses to warm themselves up.)

Marjoly : G-Gao! Aren't you cold?

Gao : Not at all!

Crowdia : How come!?

Myao : Why, nya?!

Gao : Isn't it obvious!! GUTS! As long as my heart is burning,
the cold doesn't affect me at all!

Marjoly, Crowdia and Myao : (sweatdrop)

Marjoly : Err, you... Never mind. Let's forget about that nonsense and look
 for the Nyankos.

(Going all the way to the right, you'll reach an impassable cliff.)

Marjoly : Oh? Is there no way to get to the other side?

Voice : Marjoly...

Marjoly : Keeldear!?
...Impossible. Why am I having those kind of hallucinations?

(If you read the signpost there:)

Signpost : Defeat all the Manmofu and you may reach the land of illusions

(Now go back and head north to get the following event. All of the ice blocks
along the way can be melted, but always be at full health before you do.
The blocks sometimes hide chests, but a lot of them hold frozen Hydra and
T-Rexes as well.)

Nyanko : W-we're the Nyankos of the Marjoly family, nya!! If you lay a finger
on us our mistresses will come after you, nya!! So you'd better not eat us,

Manmofu 1 : Mofu?

Manmofu 2 : Mofumofumooofu.

Nyanko : Nya? Can they understand us, nya?

Manmofus : Moofumofumofu.

Nyanko : Nyahahaha. Well it's good that you understand, nya. Even if they
can't understand our words, we're communicating through our hearts, nya.

(Suddenly, the Manmofus become furious, bearing their teeth and roaring at
the Nyankos.)

Nyanko : Nyanyanyaaa!!!? They didn't understand us at all, nya!!

(Myao leaps forward and hurls fireballs at them, but the Manmofus dodge
and the Nyankos get roasted instead.)

Myao : Ah... I missed, nya.

Crowdia : Novice.

Gao : You suck!

Myao : Shut up, nya!! I didn't miss by much, nya! When I really get 
serious, I...!

Marjoly : Enough already! Stop arguing and dispose of them!!

(Battle against the two manmofus. They can be fairly tough enemies.
If Myao is on the front lines anywhere, watch out for her health. Otherwise,
it should be an easy fight. You're playing as the Marjoly gang, after all.)

Nyankos : Mistress! We were so scared, nya!

Myao : You! Why did you leave without telling me, nya!?

Nyankos : Well, that's....

Marjoly : Bah, leave it be. For now, finding the other Nyankos takes priority.
We'll have them explain the situation later, in COMPLETE detail.
Is that clear?!

Nyankos : Totally clear, nya!!

Myao : Then come along with me for now, nya.

Nankos : Understood, nya. We'll follow Myao anywhere, nya.

(The four Nyankos joined! Assign them as underlings and you'll get a new
attack that all of the Marjoly family can use, the "Nyanko strike,"
Basically it involves kicking a nyanko into the enemy. The actual definition
of the attack is "Attack by throwing a Nyanko. I wish you wouldn't do it, nya"
If you thought Prinnies were the ones who took the most abuse think again.
Oh and yes, Crowdia gets a unique special move if you assign her three Nyankos
as underlings. It's the Nyanko balloon corps, aka the Nyanko Anti-Aerial
Defense Corp, the one who protects Beauty Castle in chapter 6 of Little
Princess. Enough of my ramblings now, go north and examine the book on the way.
It's on the far northwest corner of the screen.)

A Nyanko diary has been discarded here. read it?
1) Yes
2) No

Diary : "Yesterday, Myao said she was going to prepare the meals herself
because she wanted to make something that would make her boobs bigger, nya.
I wish she would learn than some things are just impossible no matter how
hard you try, nya."

Crowdia : Hm.

Gao : Gahahaha!! Even the Nyankos say so!!

Myao : Unyanyanyanya~!! Stop laughing, nya!!
(Those damn Nyankos! I'll make them pay for this later nya!!)

(Go north and then head east, cross the "bridge" and you'll get the 
next event)

Nyanko : Nyan-nyan-nyan~!

(Two Manmofu appear and the cats start to run like crazy and stumble on Gao)

Gao : What's wrong, you guys? Don't I always tell you? No matter how strong
the opponent is, you can never run away! If you start to run then it's all
over! No matter how hard or painful things get, you've got to grit your
teeth and face it! Not for the sake of anyone else, but for yourself!!
This is what "guts" are all about!!! I'll show you!!
Here I coooooome!!! GuuuuuuuuUUUTTTSSSS!!!!

(She bounds towards the Manmofus, lands hard, and gets stuck head-down in
a pile of snow.)

Gao : I, I slipped!

Everyone else : ...

Crowdia : Oh dear, what a troublesome person...

Myao : I can't even look at someone so stupid, nya.

Marjoly : ...guys, go help her.

(Myao melts the snow with her fire spells.)

Gao : Gahahaha! Sorry about that! I put too much strength in my jump!
Well, let's do it correctly now...
Here I coooooome!!! Guuuuuuuuuuuutss!

(Battle against the two manmofus. Same as last time.)

Nyankos : Mistress!!

Marjoly : You! What are you doing, hiding in a place like this?

Myao : That's right, nya! When you left so suddenly, I was...! I...!

Nyanko : What's wrong, nya?

Myao : Nothing, nya!! I'll punish you all later, nya!!

(More Nyanko joined! Go take a look at the book north of where you are.)

A nyanko diary has been discarded here. read it?
1) Yes
2) No

Diary : "Today Gao made us dive 100 meters as part of her
special training to overcome death, nya. Tomorrow will be the special
death-resistance training of being immersed in water for 24 hours, nya.
If she keeps this up, we're all going to die, nya~"

Gao : Effort! Courage! Guts! Ah, this is such a moving story!!

Marjoly : Geez, you... I wish you'd stop doing things based on your
own delusional logic already.

(Now go all the way to the west, cross that sort of bridge and you should
see another one of those diaries.)

A nyanko diary has been discarded here. read it?
1) Yes
2) No

Diary : "Everything will be ready for tomorrow.... nya. We will... our
mistresses...for sure, nya." The diary is so filthy that nothing more
can be read...

Crowdia : What could they have been planning to do to us?

Gao : Probably get revenge for all the times we bullied them!

Myao : ...p-perhaps nya.

Marjoly : Is this how they intend to return our kindness? Heh, interesting! 
We'll toast them before they can do anything!

(From there go north. You'll have two choices there, either north again
or east. North is a goddess statue. East is the next event.
You'll probably want to go to the statue first.)

Nyanko : Ah! What do you think of this nya?

Nyanko #2 : Not bad, nya. If we do this then Marjoly and the others....

(Two Manmofus appear, rush the cats and trap them against a cliff.
One of the Nyankos falls off.)

Nyanko : Nyaaaa~!!!

Nyanko : ...he fell, nya. What should we do, nya? Go rescue him, nya?

Nyanko : Bah, don't worry about him, nya. We'll fall next, nya.

Nyanko : You got a point there, nya.

(Crowdia suddenly soars on screen, carrying the fallen Nyanko.)

Nyankos : Crowdia!!

Crowdia : Hmn. Did you forget, my dear kittens? Didn't I tell you to
always add the word "elegant" to my name?

Marjoly : Hoohohohoho!! Well done, Crowdia! Nice timing! You two! You should
learn from her too and...

(She turns around to find that Myao and Gao are busy building snowmen.
Gao's is ridiculously big.)

Marjoly : ... LISTEN TO ME!!

Gao : All done!!

Myao : Ahaha, when it snows you've gotta make snowmen, nya!

Crowdia : Oh dear... What troublesome people.

(Battle against the two Manmofus. Same as last time.)

Nyankos : Wahaaaah!! It was so scary, nya!!

Marjoly : Do you know if there are any more Nyankos
wandering out here?

Nyanko : We don't know, nya. We all got separated, nya.

Marjoly : Geez! I can't believe how helpless you all are!

Nyanko : Wahaaaaah!!

Myao : Stop crying now, nya. Follow me and don't leave my side, nya.

Nyankos : *sobbing* Yes, nya~

(There's another diary in the area. Let's read it, diaries are fun)

A nyanko diary has been discarded here. read it?
1) Yes
2) No

Diary : "Because Crowdia shaved our fur, we've been really cold
lately, nya~"

Myao : Crowdiaaaah~

Crowdia : T-that's wrong! I only needed a little to make a fur coat!
I think I even rewarded them with some canned fish so they wouldn't 
get angry!

(Now, go back to the first room that you entered.  On the left is the exit
where you saw the Ghost Keeldear. Now that you've beaten all the Manmofus,
you can pass.)

Myao : *humming*....Marjoly! I can smell Nyankos on the other
Side, nya!

Marjoly : There are Nyankos there, huh... But how are we going to cross
that gap? Myao and I can use our magic to fly, but...

Crowdia : I can elegantly fly to the other side with these beautiful
wings of mine.

Gao : With my guts I can jump over that easily!!

Marjoly : I see. Then our problem is the Nyankos.

Myao : Marjoly! I just got a good idea, nya!

(They all crowd together, start to plan, and...)

Marjoly : That's quite bright of you, Myao!

Myao : Hehehehe~. I'm blushing, nya~

(They then force the Nyankos to make a living bridge across the cavern
by linking their hands and feet together.)

Crowdia : Ah, what a magnificent sight...

Gao : Gahahaha! Hang in there, Nyankos! And don't forget : Guts!!

(The Marjoly gang crosses by walking across them.)

Nyanko : Ouch ouch ouch! So heavy, nya! Marjoly, you're the heaviest one,
nya!! Please go on a diet, nya!

Marjoly : Shut up! If I went on a diet it would ruin my curvaceous body!

Gao : Curvaceous body? Who do you think you're kidding?

Crowdia : Oh, ignorance is such a dreadful thing.

Myao : After all, you're already sagging, nya!

Marjoly : ...You do know I heard all of that?

Voice : Marjoly....

Marjoly : !

Voice : Marjoly....

Marjoly : That voice!  Is that...?

Voice : Marjoly....

(A beautiful man appears before them.)

Marjoly : I-impossible...!  Keeldear!?  It can't be! He's no longer....!
Oh, it doesn't matter! Even if it's a dream, an illusion or a ghost,
anything will do! Just as long as I can meet you again...!

Gao : Who's that guy?

Crowdia : Who knows? Perhaps a man who dumped her long ago?

Myao : You think so, nya? She's not acting like she normally does, nya.

Marjoly : Aah, Keeldear!! I missed you so much...!

Keeldear : I missed you too, Marjoly. Actually, I'm in a difficult situation
right now... Please...your strength... The strength that defeated the
Manmofus... That mighty energy... Give it to me... nyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!

(Cue a battle against that persistent little Nyanko and three Metal Gelees.
He's gotten a frightening power-up since last time, so be prepared to lose
all of your Nyankos in the fight. For this battle it's best to use Marjoly as
a leader and use the trio as her underlings and fire away. As usual, metal
enemies are weak to physical attacks and are immune to magic.)

Nyanko : To think that there are people who possess as much strength as I...
What a surprise.... Nya.

(Gao creeps up behind him with a baseball bat, which she gets ready...)

Nyanko: Fine... Then I shall make you all my vassals.
Vassals of the "Dreaded Overlord..."

(Gao wallops him and he goes soaring off into the horizon.)

Myao : Good riddance, nya~

Gao : Who was that guy, anyway?

Marjoly : ...

Crowdia : Marjoly. What was that...?

Myao : Who's Keeldear, nya?

Marjoly : Keeldear was my....  Never mind. It's a very old story.

(Just down from where you fought the Nyanko, the rest of Marjoly's
undiscovered Nyankos are huddling in the snow.)

Nyanko : Brrrr~.  It's so cold, nya~

Nyanko : What's going to happen to us, nya?

Nyanko : ...

Nyanko : I wonder what our mistresses are doing now, nya?

Marjoly : We're right here.

Nyankos : Mistresses!!

Marjoly : We've been looking for you guys. Come on, let's go home.
You have some explaining to do, anyway.

======= Beauty Castle - Marjoly's room ========

Marjoly : You have to explain yourselves if you expect us to understand.
Why did you disappear suddenly? Explain yourselves!

Nyanko : Well, that's... nya...

Nyanko (Among themselves) : You say it, nya!
Why should I be the one to do it, nya? You say it, nya!
Wasn't it your idea, nya? So you tell her, nya!

Marjoly (getting mad): I don't care who tells me! Just spit it out already!

Nyanko : Actually, nya.... We wanted to express our gratitude for you
always taking care of us, nya... And we wanted to organize a
Christmas party, nya!

Marjoly : A Christmas... party...? For us...?

Nyanko : To get the ingredients for the party we went into Gao's
freezer, nya. But.... we all got lost inside, nya.

Nyanko : No matter what we do, we always fail, nya. Even if we fight as
champions of justice we lose, nya. Even when we try to bully humans
we fail, nya.

Nyanko #2: We only wanted to be praised, nya... But we ended up just
causing more trouble for you, nya.

Nyanko #3: We're really useless Nyankos, nya.

Nyanko #4: We're sorry mistresses, nya!

Marjoly : You guys...

Gao : ...

Crowdia : ...

Myao : ...

Marjoly : You stupid... The ones who should apologize are us.

Crowdia : What you have done has moved our hearts.

Gao : You guys are important to us, after all!

Myao : After all, we're all part of the Marjoly family, nya.

Marjoly : That's right. You're not useless Nyankos. You're magnificent Nyankos.
Please continue to support us from now on.

Nyankos : Mistresses!

Guwanji (Voiceover): And so, on Christmas night...

(The entire throne room is decked out and ready for a Christmas party.
There's a big Christmas tree set up, and many tables.  The giant
"voodoo dolls" everyone saw before are actually just large, large,
clunky tree ornaments.)

Marjoly : How many centuries has it been since we had a Christmas party?
I'm the simple type, so I usually dislike showy stuff like this but....
Today we're celebrating the Nyankos, so it's fine.

(You can talk to everyone here.  The Nyankos will mostly say silly stuff,
like how they're going to clean, cook and wash stuff like mad now, or brag
about the cooking they came up for the party. One of them boasts about not
crying while he was lost. Another one fusses about the Overlord, but Marjoly
tells him that's she's the strongest person in the universe, so she could
handle any Overlord easily. ^^)

(If you talk to the Nyanko gazing outside...)

Nyanko : Ah! Look, Marjoly! It's snowing, nya!

Myao : How pretty, nya~

Crowdia : Wonderful...! What a fantastic night!

Gao : This kind of stuff isn't half bad now and then.

Nyanko : Mistress.

Marjoly : Hm?

Nyanko : Merry Christmas, nya.

Marjoly : Yes... Merry Christmas.
Alright! Since we're all here now, how about doing the usual thing?

Nyankos : Yes, nya!!


Song title : Sabato!

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Marjoly (seiyuu : Tomizawa Michie)
Crowdia (seiyuu : Yamada Miho)
Gao (seiyuu : Jingujii Yayoi)
Myao Karukansky (seiyuu : Tamura Yukari)

Kurayami ni kodama suru yokubou no shirabe
Kamigami ni kinjirareta akuma no shanikusai
Sei naru gishiki majo no utage

Chi ni ueta saidan ni ikenie wo sasage
Haitoku no mana wo sakebu shinpi no majo shukai

Kuroki jaaku na ai no honoo yo
Warera ni chikara wo (warera ni chikara wo) atae tamae
Eloim Essaim
Kotae tamae negai kanae tamae
Yami no keiyaku Eloim Essaim

Sabato sabato yuuwaku no
Sabato sabato amai ringo
Sabato sabato tabeshi mono
Utae odore shukufuku seyo

Sabato sabato norowareshi
Sabato sabato shi no sanbika
Sabato sabato utaumono
Kui aratamenu hokori takaki ta tenshi
Tsumibukaki aku no hana


(The only difference between this song and the one they sang at the beginning
of the chapter is that they actually get to fry Golonzo this time. ^^)

Marjoly : Humm, perfect! This is how things ought to be!

(Cue credits for the Marjoly Chapter. Mostly consists of the Marjoly gang
posing near their "voodoo puppets" while the Nyankos do silly stuff :D)

                             CHAPTER 4

The shadows draw you towards a dark era of history,
where sweet voice tempts the innocent sheep into the deep night.
Oh pitiful criminal, your punishment is nigh.
For your day of judgment is near...

================================  Chapter 4  ===============================
========================  A Cat's Battle for Love  =========================

(The story starts out with a Nyanshe scurrying across a dreamlike background
of bubbling water with fish swimming behind her.)

Pekonyan: Pokonyan? Pokonyan?  Where are you, nya~?

Pokonyan:  I'm here, Pekonyan.

Pekonyan:  Huh?  Why are you in a place like this, nya? Come on, let's go
home, nya~.

Pokonyan: I can't, nya.

Pekonyan:  Eh?  Why, nya?

Pokonyan:  Pekonyan. Look at me. Today I became a Nyanko and a servant to
Myao of the Marjoly Family, nya.  You are a Nyanshe and servant of her rival,
NyanNyan of the Akuujo Family, nya. So we can't see each other 
anymore, nya...

Pekonyan:  N-nyo! Aren't we old friends, nya?! You promised to marry me,
nya! After all that, how could you...?

Pokonyan:  It's hard for me too, nya. But ours is an unattainable love, nya.
... I have to go nyow. Goodbye, Pekonyan.

Pekonyan:  Wait, Pokonyan!!


(Pekonyan wakes with a start in her room, in the Nyanshe Town of
Akuujo's Castle.)

Nyanshe:  Wake up nya, Pekonyan. It seems Akuujo is going to give a very
important announcement today, nya! Won't you be punished if you're late, nya?

Pekonyan:  A dream... Pokonyan... What am I supposed to do nyow?
An unattainable love... nya.

(On the table is a pendant. Click on it! It's a fantastic, all-stat raising

Pekonyan: I nearly forgot the pendant that I got from Pekonyan, nya.

(You got the "Pendant of Love!")

======= Nyanshetown ========

Top Cat:  Everyone's gathering in the "Audience Chamber," nya.
If you don't hurry you'll be scolded again, nya!

Bottom Cat:  The masters work us really hard, nya.

Left Cat:  The "Audience Chamber" is where everyone's meeting nya.


Bottom Cat:  My soul cries for anyone who thinks that fish bones are a cat's
favorite food, nya. For cats, the best food is SASHIMI nya!!

Middle Cat:  Recently we've had nothing to do, nya.  But maybe it's a good
thing when villains have nothing to do, nya.

Cat at the table:  Buy something, nya!
(The cat sells all the healing items/armor/weapons you get in this chapter.)

Click on the Bar:  "Eel Alcohol", "Salmon Alcohol" and "Halibut Alcohol"
from all over the world are lined up here.
Pekonyan:  You must be 20 years or older to drink, nya!

(NOTE:  That's the legal age in Japan.  Same for cigarettes and driving.)


Walking Cat:  We have reaaaaaaally strict rules called the "Nyanshe Laws."
Nyanshe Law, Number 1:  You are not allowed to disobey your master's orders.
Nyanshe Law, Number 2:  When you speak, you must always end with "nya."
Nyanshe Law, Number 3:  When you come home, you must wash your hands and
Nyanshe Law, Number 4:  Always greet everyone properly.
Nyanshe Law, Number 5:  You cannot stay up late.  You can play up to two hours
of videogames a day.
Nyanshe Law, Number 6:  After dinner, you must brush your teeth.
And so on, nya.  Even an elite Nyanshe like me occasionally
breaks the rules, nya.

Standing Cat:  We're members of the Akuujo Family, nya! Live proudly and
never forget that! That's the law of the Nyanshes!


Cat:  What are we gonna have for dinner tonyight?  Yesterday's fried
mackerel was the best, nya~

======= The Akuujo ========

(NOTE ON THE NAME: PUN. The literal, ugly translation is ambiguous.
It seems to mean something like "Evil Sky Castle" or "Castle of Emptiness."
(The first kanji is not particularly common.) It's pronounced the same 
as Akuujo's name. So Akuujo lives in the Akuujo.  Fun!)

(Akuujo's Castle is pretty easy to navigate. Basically, the Nyanshe area is
off to the far left. There are few other places to go. If you go out of
Nyanshe Town and head down the northern path you'll reach the Audience Chamber
and all of the private rooms of the Akuujo Family. If you head right (past the
row of cats) you'll hit the dungeon.)

<--- Nyanshe Town
(Up) Audience Chambers, The Masters' Rooms
---> Lots of Monsters

(Continue to the north.  The screen will turn about a  bit as you continue.
There's a big, open room with a stairway to the left and one to the north.
The north one leads to two rooms--The far right room is NyanNyan's, and the
one closer to the stairs is FonFon's.  The left staircase leads to RanRan's
room and a ramp up to the Meeting Room.)

The Cat on the Ramp:  If you climb this spiral staircase, you can reach the
Audience Chamber, nya.

Cat:  This stairway's such a pain to climb, nya.  Do you want to warp to the
top, nya?

Cat Climbing agonizingly to the top:  Going out of your way to climb the
stairs without warping takes an admirable amount of guts, nya! I'll give
you this for being so strong!
**You got "Burning Battle Spirit!"

Climbing Cat:  Unyaaaaanyaaaa~~?? I'm getting dizzy, nya~!

Cat at the top:  Do you want to warp to the bottom, nya?

======= The Audience Chamber ========
(In the Audience Chamber all of the Akuujo Family is waiting around.
All of the Nyanshes are standing in rows. As soon as Pekonyan enters,
she scurries into the back of the line.)

Akuujo:  It seems like everyone's here now.  Today I, Akuujo, have an
important announcement. I have finally discovered who possesses the
"Shadow of Beauty" that we have been searching for.

RanRan:  So who is it, Akuujo?

Akuujo:  Marjoly!

Pekonyan: Did she say Ma-ma-Marjoly nya?!

Other Cats:  ...

Pekonyan:  (Sweatdrop)

Akuujo:  Correct.  Our next target shall be the Marjoly Family. Despite being
incredible idiots, morons, buffoons, dunces... They are very strong. Do you
all understand that? That means I don't care how you attain it! Use whatever
means you have! Use every shard of guile you possess! It doesn't matter what
you do to obtain our objective! Slaughter the entire Marjoly Family if you
must!  We must acquire the "Shadow of Beauty" from Marjoly no matter what!
All for my eternal youth! Ah ha ha ha ha ha ha ha!

(She vanishes then in a poof of magic.)

RanRan:  There's no one more evil than Akuujo, huh!

FonFon:  Rea~lly, she's the epitome of villainy. Overwhelming~~ <3

NyanNyan:  ...I admire her, nya~. Keesheeshee.

The cats part and the masters leave. Pekonyan is left alone in the chamber,
thinking to herself.

Pekonyan: (W-what should I do, nya?!  This is terrible, nya!  If we fight
the Marjoly Family, then I'll have to fight Pokonyan... I could never fight
the Pokonyan I love, nya!  I have to think of something!!)


In the Audience Chamber, you can look out the window into the swirling,
dark red skies of the Netherworld.  (Much like the later game of Disgaea.)
Click on it, and:
*The Netherworld sky stretches out outside the window.
Pekonyan:  How romyantic~.  Someday, I want the two of us to watch the sky
together, nya~

======= Nyanshetown ========

(Pekonyan is greeted by a crowd of cats he moment she enters.)

Cat:  Ah, Pekonyan.

Pekonyan:  Why are all of you gathered here, nya?

Cat:  We got called by RanRan, nya. It sounds like something about Akuujo's
next birthday, nya. They want to have a meeting when Akuujo's gone, nya~

Pekonyan:  When Akuujo's gone, nya?
(She sighs.)

Cat:  What's wrong, Pekonyan?

Pekonyan:  (Maybe... maybe if... Akuujo was gone, then... I wouldn't have
to fight my beloved Pokonyan! ...Assassinyation!
If I assassinate Akuujo, she'll leave this world forever! I have nyo
other choice! But... could I do such a thing, nya?  Unyah!  I can't be weak,
nya! This is all for the sake of love, nya!  Didn't someone once say,
"Girls Take Inyitative?" This isn't an unattainable love, nya!
I've got to try my best, nya!)

She sings "Watashi ha ai ni ikiru neko" (I Am a Cat who Lives for Love)

Cat:  Pekonyan.  What was that, just nyow?

Pekonyan:  Nya?  A-all of you are still here, nya?!  Nya... nyahahaha....
I'm just speaking to myself, nya!  Don't worry about it, don't worry about it!

Cats:  ...
T-that's some impressive talking to yourself, nya...


Bottom Cat:  We're taking care of this area, nya.

Middle Cat:  Every time something happens, everyone breaks into song, nya.
I wonder why? It's a strange phenomenyon!

Top Cat:  The meeting about Akuujo's birthday is in "RanRan's Bedroom,"
nya. You should go soon, nya.


RanRan:  So, so, what should we do?

FonFon:  Hmmm, we~ll then...

RanRan:  I think an "Antique Torture Set" would be good.

Pekonyan:  (This is RanRan, nya.  She's the first or second fastest person in
the world, and can use a type of eastern martial arts called Kung Fu, nya.)

NyanNyan:  ...I would suggest a "High Class Incense Set."

Pekonyan:  (This is NyanNyan.  She doesn't stand out much, but she's really
only second to Akuujo in magical power.  She's also the master of us Nyanshes,

FonFon:  We~ll then, a "Good Rest Coffin" would be really maidentastic~.

Pekonyan:  (This is FonFon. He's the strongest person in the Akuujo Family.
Even though he's a man, this weirdo's still called a "witch" for some reason,

RanRan:  What's "maidentastic"?  Is that some sort of homosexual slang?

NyanNyan:  Keesheeshee... Well, FonFon is flaming after all, nya~.

FonFon:  What are you TALKING about?!?!  WHO is FLAMING?!?!

Pekonyan: ...A-ah, is it okay for me to talk? I always have thought that
the best thing for a birthday is a cake, nya~. Even more than splendid gifts,
a cake can convey your true feelings, nya~....


Pekonyan: ...If I'm being presumptuous, I'm sorry, nya...

(SILENCE.  The masters look at each other.)

RanRan:  That's a really good idea.

FonFon:  Rea~lly. If we did that, we could make the largest cake in the world!

NyanNyan:  ...We could have all the candles for Akuujo's age, too.

RanRan:  Then who's going to get all of the ingredients?

All Three:  ...

RanRan:  I'm not doing it!  Noooooo~ way!  I've gotta go look for my
precious "Gao Poster!"

FonFon:  It's the same for me~!  Something important of mine was stolen,
and it's a bi~g problem!

NyanNyan:  ...I have something important to look for too, nya!

Pekonyan: I-I'll do it, nya!  I'll take care of it, nya!

NyanNyan: ...Well said, Pekonyan.  You're the pride of my family, nya.

RanRan:  Then have fun~!

FonFon:  Thanks a lot~ <3

NyanNyan:  ...Do your best, nya.  Keesheesheeshee...

(The three exit.)

Pekonyan: (...Well done, nya.  Next I'll make the cake, and once I put poison
inside of it Akuujo will... She'll never be able to recover.)

======= RanRan's Room ========

Cat:  The ingredients you need for our deluxe cake are a "Demon's Egg",
"The Candles of the God of Death", "The Cream of Hell"... And finally,
"The Giant's Sponge Cake," nya.  The convenient thing is that you should be
able to find all of the ingredients here in the Akuujo, nya.
Pekonyan: T-those are really impressively named ingredients, nya...

Pekonyan:  RanRan~.  Could you please help me, nya~.
RanRan:  No way!  I absolutely can't!  I can't find my precious,
precious beloved "Gao Poster!"  It's super annoying!

======= FonFon's Room ========

Pekonyan: FonFon~.  Could you please help me, nya~.
FonFon:  Ca~n't.  I'm busy right now.  I need to work some more on my
beautiful muscles~ <3
Pekonyan:  I don't think you nyeed to at all~
FonFon: Is that so... Then, if you find my latest, high-tech muscle building
drink "Space Protein" for me, I'll help you.  It was stolen by someone, and
now I don't know what to do~
Pekonyan:  Space Protein... right?  I got it, nya!

======= NyanNyan's Room ========

Pekonyan:  NyanNyan~.  Could you please help me, nya~.
NyanNyan:  ...I'm busy looking for something.  Get out of my way, nya.
Pekonyan:  Looking for something, nya?  What are you looking for, nya?
NyanNyan: ... A book called "The Magic Writings of Personality Switching" nya.
It's supposed to be around here, but nyow it's gone.

======= The Akuujo ========

Cat By the Staircase:  It seems like all of the masters are looking for things,
but I wonder if they were found yet?

Gold Cat:  From here on the path is full of danger, so it'd be good to hire
some help, nya.

Red Cat:  I'm a Level 1 "Nyanshe," nya.  If you give me 10 inochium I'll join
your party, nya.

Silver Cat:  I'm a Level 7 "Nyankii," nya.  If you give me 500 inochium, I'll
help you out, nya.

Orange Cat:  I'm a level 15 "Nyannou," nya.  If you give me 3,000 inochium
I'll follow you anywhere, nya.

======= Nyanshetown ========

Bottom Cat:  I heard you were making a cake, Pekonyan. Do your best, nya.

Top Cat:  The masters always make the Nyanshes do all the nasty work, nya.
They're such difficult bosses, nya~.


Bottom Cat:  The Akuujo Family and the Marjoly Family have been rivals for
many, many years, nya. They've fought and fought each other but they've never
reached a conclusion, nya.

Middle Cat:  We're suddenly so busy, nya~.  The rest of a warrior is always
short, nya~

Right Cat:  Do you know the story of the "Terrible Overlord" who is
resurrected once every 10,000 years?  I think it's just a fairy tale, but if
it's true I wonder whether he or Akuujo would be stronger, nya?


Cat:  I'm looking forward to the cake you make, Pekonyan!


Walking Cat:  RanRan, FonFon and NyanNyan all seem stupid, but they're
actually incredible. RanRan can do every type of martial arts, and she's the
first or second fastest person in the world, nya.

FonFon's greatest pride is that he can break even through a crag with his
physical beauty, nya.

NyanNyan is a magic user second only to Akuujo, nya.

What do you think?  All of them have some sort of merit, nya~.

Standing Cat:  It's been a long time since we fought the Marjoly Family, nya!
This time we'll take them out, nya!!

======= Outside the Dungeon Entrance ========

Top Cat: I'm an information seller, nya!  The dungeon that starts here is
really complicated, nya.  "I'm really bad at difficult dungeons!" ...For all
of you like that, nyever worry! I'll tell you all the information
you nyeed for free!

Where do you want to know about?

>The 100 Meter Trap
>The Magical Door
>The Stubborn Crag
>The Strange Barrier
>I don't need information!

>The 100 Meter Trap
The "100 Meter Trap" is a trap-laden path that nyo one has ever passed.
To get there, from "The Room of the Dreaming Cat" you can enter "The Room
of the Cat Howling at the Moon." The order is "Dream / Moon," okay?
If you think you'll forget it, you should write yourself a memo, nya.

>The Magical Door
"The Magic Door" is a door that has been sealed with magic, nya.  To get
there, from "The Room of the Dreaming Cat", go to "The Room of the Cat
Living for Love" and "The Room of the Cat Prowling in Darkness" in that
order.  The order is "Moon / Love / Darkness", okay?  If you think you'll
forget it, you should write yourself a memo, nya.

>The Stubborn Crag
"The stubborn Crag" is a biiig,  biiiig crag.  To get there, from "The Room
of the Dreaming Cat," go to "The Room of the Cat Living for Love," "The Room
of the Fish Snatching Cat" and "The Room of the Cat Eating Snow" in
that order.  The order is "Dream / Love / Fish / Snow," okay? If you think
you'll forget it, you should write yourself a memo, nya.

>The Mysterious Barrier
Did you know that because of a mysterious barrier, there's a path you can't
enter in "The Room of the Dreaming Cat?"  Even I don't know anything about it,
nya.  But if you sort through everything else you have to do, you'll
definitely find a way to enter, nya! There may be something related to the
barrier's "Heart Design," nya.  There's nothing else to do, nya.

Bottom Cat: Breaking nyews! Breaking nyews! What news do you want to hear, nya?

>Nyanko Eyewitness Report 1
>Nyanko Eyewitness Report 2
>Nyanko Eyewitness Report 3

>Report 1
There is information inside about how, according to a Nyanshe on patrol,
someone resembling a Marjoly Family Nyanko was spotted.  The scene of the
spotting was: "The Room of the Cat Living for Love," nya.

The "The Room of the Cat Living for Love" is the room next to the "The
Room of the Dreaming Cat," nya.  Because he may not still be there, you should
search in every nook and cranny, nya.

>Report 2
There is information inside about how, according to a Nyanshe on patrol,
someone resembling a Marjoly Family Nyanko was spotted.  The scene of the
spotting was: "The Room of the Cat Picking Flowers."  To get there, from
"The Room of the Dreaming Cat" go to "The Room of the Cat Living for Love,"
"The Room of the Fish Snatching Cat," "The Room of the Cat Eating Snow" and
"The Room of the Cat Picking Flowers," in that order, nya.

The order is "Dream / Love / Fish / Snow / Flower," okay?  If you think
you'll forget it, you should write yourself a memo, nya.

>Report 3
There is information inside about how, according to a Nyanshe on patrol,
someone resembling a Marjoly Family Nyanko was spotted.  The scene of the
spotting was: "The Room of the Cat Longing for the Sky."  To get there, from
"The Room of the Dreaming Cat," go to "The Room of the Cat Living for Love,"
"The Room of the Fish Snatching Cat," "The Room of the Cat Wet With Tears,"
"The Room of the Cat Chased by a Dog," and "The Room of the Cat Longing for
the Sky," in that order, nya.

The order is "Dream / Love / Fish / Tear / Dog / Sky," okay?  If you think
you'll forget it, you should write yourself a memo, nya.

======= Dungeon Walkthrough ========

(Skip if you're not actually playing the game.)

The Room of the Dreaming Cat  : This is your starter room, just south of the
two information cats.  The Mysterious Barrier is on the top right corner,
above the angel statue.  Come here when you have finished getting all 3 other
>RIGHT :  The Room of the Cat Howling at the Moon.  There are some chests in
here, but the only exit leads to the 100 Meter Trap.
Go here with RanRan in your party.
>LEFT : The Room of the Cat Living for Love

The first blue chest is in this room, near the bottom.  Get it and defeat
the miniboss inside to get RanRan's Gao Poster.
>LEFT (by the sign) : The Room of the Cat Prowling in Darkness : There's
nothing much here but the exit to the Magic Door.  Go here with NyanNyan
in your party.
>BOTTOM : The Room of the Fish Snatching Cat

>RIGHT : The Room of the Cat Eating Snow
>LEFT :  The Cat Soaked in Tears.  The sign before the entrance reads,
"DANGER AHEAD."  Be careful of that!  To handle the enemies inside you
should be about 15+, or whatever level you are after you get NyanNyan
to open up the Magical Door.

>RIGHT (by the sign):  Heads to the Great Cliff. Go here with FonFon.
>DOWN :  Heads to the room of the Cat Picking Flowers. There is a blue
chest in here with NyanNyan's Personality Switching Book in it.

If you go into the Room of the Cat Soaked with tears, it's a direct line to:
The Room of the Cat Soaked in Tears : The room behind the sign marked
The Room of the Cat Chased by a Dog  : Again, direct.  Get the chests.
There's a statue by the south exit.
The Room of the Cat Longing for the Sky : The room really just circles around.
There's not even really any chests in here.  Just go around the bend to
the blue chest. FonFon's Space Protein is in it.

So that's it!  Basically:
*Get RanRan's Poster in the Cat Living for Love
*Get RanRan
*Go to the 100 Meter Trap on the other side of the starting room
*Get NyanNyan's Book in the Cat Eating Snow room
*Get NyanNyan
*Open the Magical Door on the other side of the Cat Living for Love
*Get FonFon's Space Protein in the very last room in the hard area
*Get FonFon
*Go to the Great Cliff on the other side of The Cat Eating Snow
*Get yourself prepped and open up the Mysterious Door with the 3
Love Shards.
The Barrier is right in the first room of the dungeon.

Now that that ghetto overview is out of the way, it's time to translate
the text.


Cat:  A Nyanko from the Marjoly Family was seen walking around here, nya.
Is the Marjoly Family attacking us already, nya?

(There is a blue chest in the bottom part of the room.  Head over there to
see a Nyanko messing with it.  Pekonyan gasps when she sees him.)

Pekonyan: P-Pokonyan!?

(He disappears!  When you open the chest...)

You got the "Gao Poster!"
For some reason, there were monsters inside, too!


Something glows from the bottom of the chest.
**You get a "Shard of Sorrow!"

Pekonyan: So the one who stole the master's precious Gao poster was
Pokonyan... T-that can't be it, nya!

======= RanRan's Room ========

Pekonyan: RanRan~! I found your "Gao Poster," nya!

RanRan:  Kyaaa~!!!!  You're JOKING!  Really!?  Super lucky~!  Thank you!
So just as I thought, someone stole it, right!?  Did you slaughter him?!

Pekonyan: O-of course, nya!
... Could that have really been you, nya?  It couldn't have been.)
...More importantly, RanRan, I'd like you to help me gather the
ingredients for the cake, nya!

RanRan:  Sure, that's fine.  But because they're soooo annoying,
you should take care of all the little enemies!

**RanRan joined your party!

======= The 100 Meter Trap ========

If you come here without RanRan, the cat says:

This path is filled with lots of traps.  If you don't have incredible speed,
it's impossible to cross, nya~.  In any case, do you want to return to
Nyanshe Town?


Pekonyan:  RanRan~.  Because of the traps, we can't go any farther.
Couldn't you do something, please, nya~?

RanRan: Okay~ <3  That'll be a cinch!  A~llriiight...

(She prepares herself for the dash.  And then... SHE BOLTS ACROSS THE TRAPS,

Pekonyan: Amyazing, amyazing!!  RanRan, you're amazing, nya!

RanRan:  Really?  But that was too easy.  Running's just the same as loving.
All you have to do is go in a straight line.

Pekonyan: Are you in love too, RanRan?

RanRan:  Na~turally! <3

Pekonyan: ...And, for that person, would you unwaveringly do your best
for them, nya?

RanRan:  Of course!

Pekonyan: ...Then, just for example, okay, nya?  If your master got in
the way of you being with them, what would you do, nya?

RanRan:  By master, do you mean Akuujo?

Pekonyan: J-just for example, nya!

RanRan:  Okay, then~.  In my case...

Pekonyan: In your case, nya...?

(RanRan does a flaming kick!)

RanRan:  I'd take her out! <3  First, okay~?  I'd strangle her with all my
strength, until she definitely stopped breathing, right~?  Then, lesse~....
Using a ton of oil, I'd fry her until she was well done!  And just in case I
was still worried then, so she definitely wouldn't revive again...

Pekonyan: T-that's enough, nya!  You've said too much all ready, nya!

RanRan:  Really?  But I was just getting to the good part.

Pekonyan: (...She's really prepared to do it, isn't she, nya.  But, just
as I thought, without that sort of determination it'd be impyossible.
To have the cat I love or to have my master... It's the ultimate decision,
nya!  Love is a cruel mistress, nya...)

**One of the "Shards of Sorrow" became a "Shard of Love!"

(Near the button RanRan pushed, there's a large blue chest.
Search it to get the Demon's Egg.)

RanRan:  Great.  Should we go back now?


RanRan:  I'm glad that we found one of the cake ingredients~ <3

Cat:  Incredible, RanRan~! Then, do you guys want to return to Nyanshe Town?


Sign:  (Down)   The chests I have left below are treasures of resolution.
You may only chose one.


Cat:  A Nyanko from the Marjoly Family was seen around here.
It couldn't be a spy, could it, nya?!


(At the end of the room there's another blue chest. If you approach,
you'll see a Nyanko messing with it.)

Pekonyan:  Pokonyan!?

(He vanishes!)

Pekonyan:  Wait, nya!  It's me, nya!  Pekonyan!

**You get "The Writings on Personality Changing Magic."
For some reason, there were monsters inside, too!


Something glows at the bottom of the chest.
**You get a "Shard of Sorrow!"

Pekonyan:  ...Pokonyan.  Was that really you, nya?  ...If so,
then why, nya...?

======== NYANNYAN'S ROOM ========

Pekonyan: NyanNyan~! I found "The Writings on Personality Changing Magic!"

NyanNyan:  ...Well done, Pekonyan! What an achievement!  ...With this book...
keesheeshee... I can really surprise that stupid Myao~ <3  ...So, where was it?

Pekonyan: It... it was dropped around here, nya! That doesn't mean that
anyone stole it, nya!  Really, nya!

NyanNyan: ...Is... is that so, nya.  You seem a little suspicious, nya.
...Well, no matter.  As a reward for finding my book, I will help you find
the ingredients for the cake, nya. But you all will take care of the little
enemies.  I'll be watching from afar, nya.

**NyanNyan joined your party!

======== THE MAGICAL DOOR ========

Pekonyan: NyanNyan~.  It looks like this door won't open, nya~.
Could you please do something, nya?

(NyanNyan steps forward, and with a single spell knocks the doors open.)

Pekonyan:  Ah, it opened, nya!

NyanNyan: ...Ahyem.  Show some respect, nya.  Even Myao of the Marjoly
Family's magic is nothing before mine, nya.

Pekonyan: NyanNyan?

NyanNyan: ...Hm?  What is it, nya?

Pekonyan: Hypothetically, nya?  If there was a Nyanshe who was in love
with one of Myao's servants, what would you do, nya?


Pekonyan: O-of course, it's a hypothetical question, nya!

NyanNyan:  ...I would never forgive that cat!!  According to the Laws of
the Nyanshe, I'd destroy them, nya!

Pekonyan:  Is that so, nya...
(Is me and Pokonyan's love truly unattainable, then, nya~?  Someone,
please tell me, nya!!)

**One of the "Shards of Sorrow" became a "Shard of Love!"

(Behind the door is a blue chest with the Cream of Hell in it.
Get it and go back to the cat at the door.)

Cat:  NyanNyan's Magic is unmatched, nya!  By the way, do you want to go
back to Nyanshe Town?


<---  DANGER from here on


Cat:  A Nyanko from the Marjoly Family just passed by here, nya.
Why could he possibly be here, nya?

(And finally, the last chest with a mystery cat:)

Pekonyan:  Ah, wait nya!


Pekonyan:  (Is it my imagination, nya...
That cat..
Looked so much like Pokonyan...)

**You get the Space Protein.
For some reason, there were monsters inside the treasure chest, too!


Something glows from the bottom of the chest.
**You got a "Shard of Sorrow!"

Pekonyan:  It smells like Pokonyan... It couldn't be... nya.

======== FONFON'S ROOM ========

Pekonyan: FonFon~!  I found the "Space Protein!"

That is definitely my "Space Protein!"  I'm glad you found it~.
...So, did you catch the criminal?

Pekonyan: H-he was just a step ahead of us, and managed to run away, nya!
(I can't say anything that will make them think Pokonyan did it, nya...)

FonFon: Really. Well, what can you do. Anyway, since you went out of your
way to find this for me, in return I'll help you find the cake ingredients.
But I HATE dealing with WEAK things, so you'll be handling all the
weak enemies~ <3

**FonFon joined your party!

======== THE STUBBORN CRAG ========

Pekonyan: FonFon~. This wall's in our way, and we can't go any farther, nya~.
Could you please do something about it, nya~?


(He punches the wall, and it explodes!  And then he strikes a pose.)

FonFon:  No matter how many times I look, I'm so terribly beautiful~.
My precious muscular body~ <3

Pekonyan: FonFon, you love your own body, nya?

FonFon:  I do~. Isn't it wonderful~?

Pekonyan: But ... Just imagine, nya?  If you lost the muscular body you loved,
what would you do, nya?

FonFon: W-whaaaaat?!

Pekonyan: It... it's just imagining, nya!

FonFon:  Okay then... If I lost this beautiful muscular body,
I probably wouldn't be able to live~.

Pekonyan: Is that so, nya?  Losing the thing you love is very painful,
isn't it, nya~...(Pokonyan... I don't want to lose you, nya...)

**One of the "Shards of Sorrow" turned into a "Shard of Love!"

(Check the blue chest.  Inside are the Candles of the God of Death.)

Cat:  FonFon, you're so cool, nya~.  Maybe I should start training from
tomorrow, too, nya~?  In any case, do you want to return to Nyanshe Town?

======== THE MYSTERIOUS BARRIER ========

When you approach the barrier, the 3 Shards of Love begin to glow and the
way opens.  As it opens, you see Pokonyan walking off down the path.
You follow him to the end of the corridor, where he stands on something...
huge, circular, and buried under a ton of foliage.  He looks just like
Pokonyan, if not for the electrode sticking out of his head.

Pokonyan(?):  Pekonyan.

Pekonyan: Po-Pokonyan?!  Then it was you all along, nya?!
Why are you in a place like this, nya!?

Pokonyan(?):  I risked my life to come here and meet you.

Pekonyan: !

Pokonyan(?):  So, Pekonyan!  Run away with me, nya!
To a world with nobody else!

(Pekonyan backs away suddenly.)

Pokonyan(?):  What's wrong, Pekonyan?

Pekonyan: W-who are you, nya?!

Pokonyan(?):  Who...?  I'm Pokonyan.

(Pekonyan HISSES.)

Pekonyan: You're lying, nya!!  The real Pokonyan... The Pokonyan I
love would never steal, nya!!  And what is that antenna sticking out of
your head, nya?!  It's too suspicious, nya!

Pokonyan(?):  ...Oh, damn it.  Kukkukku...  I thought I had the perfect
disguise. Nya.
Impressive that you saw through it... Nya.
If that's the case, I'll have to take the energy I need to resurrect myself...


Nyanko:  It's laughable that things as lowly as cats would be able to face I,
the Great Overlord... Nya! With my fire of rage, I will burn all of you into

(Flames rise around him! ... And catch the vines around him on fire.)

...Ah, damn it. Nya! My flames of rage caught them on fire. Nya!

(With one huge explosion, the entire area he's standing on bursts into flames)


(And he flees from his perch... and off a cliff.)

Pekonyan: Looks like he burned himself, nya...
...But if I stay here any longer, I'll be burned too, nya!

(So Pekonyan runs too.  Later, everyone is waiting outside the room,
standing and wondering.)

Pekonyan: So, I wonder who that was just nyow... Well, no matter.
Although it definitely wasn't Pokonyan, no matter how much I think about
it I won't figure it out, nya.

RanRan: Hey, hey, hey~  What's that over there?

(They rush over to where the cat was standing before, and realize...
it's a giant, steaming sponge cake!)

FonFon:  It's huuuge~.  What is it?

NyanNyan: ...Hm hm hm, nya!  This is "The Giant's Sponge Cake," nya!
...Somehow, it's perfectly well cooked.

Pekonyan: Eh!? ... Then that means that we've now collected the Demon's
Eggs, the Candles of the God of Death and Hell's Cream... And with this,
this "Giant's Sponge Cake," we...!  We did it, nya!  With this, we can
make the birthday cake, nya!!

======== NyanNyan's Room ========

(And so, back in NyanNyan's room, everyone stands before the huge,
beautiful cake they've just made.)

RanRan:  Phew, a~~ll finished!!

FonFon:  Despite the way the ingredients were named, they only made a
normal cake <3

NyanNyan: ...Pekonyan, I'll leave it to you to carry the cake, nya.
Be careful not to destroy it, nya.
...The rest of you are going to decorate the room, nya.

Cats:  Okay, nya!

(Everyone leaves except for Pekonyan.)

Pekonyan: ...

(She goes over to NyanNyan's cabinet of poisons.)

There should definitely be some around here, nya...  ...!  Here!
(If I put this poison in the cake... Everything will be okay, nya...)

MYSTERIOUS VOICE:  Is that really okay, nya?  For you to sacrifice
someone else for your love, nya?

Pekonyan: W-who is it, nya?!

(Another Pekonyan appears on the other side of the cake.)

Pekonyan: A...aaaahnnyyaaah!  There's another me, nya!

VOICE:  Will you kill someone for the sake of love, nya?  For the person you
love, will you betray people who are important to you, nya?  Do you think
that will make the cat you love happy, nya?  What is love, to you?

Pekonyan: ...


Cats:  Congratulations on your birthday, Akuujo!!

RanRan:  Hey, Akuujo.  Blow out the candles.  Everyone decorated the cake
just for you!

FonFon:  We got the per~fect number of candles for your age~

NyanNyan: Keesheeshee... Though, of course, all 999 of them wouldn't fit, nya...

Cats:  Make a wish, nya!  Make a wish, nya!

Akuujo:  A wish?  Well, then. I desire only one thing. That is to acquire the
"Shadow of Beauty," attain eternal youth, and live beautifully forever!!

Pekonyan, Voice Over:
That is how the great battle with the Marjoly Family began.  That other me who
appeared back then... That was definitely my conscience, nya.

Whether I put the poison in the cake or not after that is a secret.  No matter
what I chose, Akuujo is still stubbornly living on, nya.  In the end, even
though I didn't change anything, now I have a much more forward-facing way
of thinking than I used to, nya.

There is no such thing as unattainable love.

I think I'll keep these words in my heart, and try to do my best from now on.


Cue Ending Song:  "Kanawanu ai nado nai to shinjite" : "I believe there's no
such thing as unattainable love"

                             CHAPTER 5

Both happiness and hardships arrive equally.
People feel happiness because there are hardships,
and because of those hardships, people feel happiness.
I will continue to share this story in order to make people realize
how precious happiness really is.*

(* Text from the cover of the "Tenshi no Present" instruction manual.)

================================  Chapter 5  ===============================
====================  The tale the angel has given us  =====================

------------------------------  Prologue  ----------------------------------
--------------------------  Princess Cherie  -------------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : The Ancients...
Compared to our time, their world was very different... Their affluent 
society possessed a level of technology and a knowledge that are much 
higher than what we currently possess. However, in every era of human
history, people have engaged in disputes and conflicts. The Ancient
Civilization, after reaching the peak of its prosperity, was destroyed
by its own people's greed. This is the story of a young girl living amidst
those troubled times...

Cherie : Pweeetty please, Cello?

Cello : You're always like this, Cherie.

Cherie : But I'm a normal girl too, you know? Now and then I want to go
out and play, too.

Cello : Cherie, you're the princess of this country.

Cherie : That's right. But the "Princess Cherie" everyone knows isn't the
real me. This kind and responsible face I put on is just an act.
Sometimes I feel just like a bird in a cage, with no real freedom at all.
I'm only able to be my true self in front of you and my big brother Keel.

Cello : ...alright, I give in. So, where do you want to go?

Cherie : I heard my big brother talking with an advisor earlier. They were
saying something about a legendary treasure stored in a hidden treasure

Cello : A treasure?

Cherie : That's right! There are two jewels, and they can grant any wish you
have! What were they called again?  ...ah, right! "The Light of Beauty" and
"The Shadow of Beauty!"

Cello : ...

Cherie : Aw, you don't believe me!

Cello : Well, you see...

Cherie : I know. But maybe those jewels can cure my big brother.
And maybe... Maybe it can stop the war.

Cello : ...Cherie.  Right, then let's go find that treasure room.

Cherie : Thank you, Cello.

(Cello joined the party!)

(Now you can look around the city of the Ancients.  Oddly enough, no one
seems to have wings.  ...That detail aside, there's not much to the city.
Cherie's brother is in his room, in the upper left hallway of the town.)

Keeldear : Hi Cherie, what's up?

Cherie : How are you feeling today, big brother?

Keeldear : I'm fine. I feel like I've been getting better lately.
The coughing has stopped and the fever's hardly there at all. It's 
alright! I'll be all better soon.

(You're now free to move around. Ask around and you'll learn that a
witch named Marjoly has been very active and causing a lot of trouble,
but most of the men are too smitten to care. The soldiers are being their
useless selves and telling you not to go in the treasure room alone because
it's filled with monsters, while talking about an old legend about a
"Great Overlord" who awakens every 10,000 years.  No one seems to take
that very seriously, though. Also, Keeldear is the best swordsman of
the country despite his illness. 

Your goal for now is to exit the Aerial Garden and enter that tower on the 
bottom of the screen. It leads to the treasure room. Don't worry if you 
fall off of one of the platforms. You'll always land relatively close to 
an elevator that will take you back up to where you are. (It will take you 
more or less back to the beginning of the area, though, so you will want to 
be kind of careful.) On the first floor you'll find Ledgem, who will join 
you if you talk to him. On the second floor you'll find one of those 
mutant rose near the treasure room. He'll ask you if you want to fight. 
If you win, he'll give you an item to cure Flail, who is lying sick in 
someone's room in the Aerial Garden.  You may have to do a bit of leveling
to beat him. Ignore the blue treasure chest for now)

(Inside the treasure room.)

Cherie:  Ah?  What's that?

Cello:  This is...?

Cherie:  Yeah!  This's got to be it!  So, let's try and wish, okay?  If...
if these really can grant any wish... Please grant my wish! Cure my brother
Keel's illness!  Remove war from this world!

Cello:  ...

Cherie: ...So? Did you feel anything?

Cello:  Nothing.  But maybe it doesn't work immediately.

Cherie:  ...Maybe so.  Then let's take these with us to make sure it works.

Cello: ...?
What's wrong, Cherie?

Cherie:  A... chill came over me just now...  I wonder what it was?

Cello:  I don't know.  But whatever it was, I don't think it's good.

Cherie: ...
Let's go.  I suddenly feel... like we shouldn't be here.

(Now you must go back to the Aerial garden. The shortest way is to fall down
and use the elevator on the bottom floor to go back to the beginning. But
before you hop on the elevator back up, go to the corner of that basement
on the west side. The dark sphere that was here before has now disappeared,
and instead you'll be able to meet the Dark Knight. Apparently the jewels
were sealing the Great Overlord, and you just broke the seal. Cherie doesn't
know what he's talking about, though. Now, despite all this chitchat, you
don't actually want to get near him, much less try to fight him.  He's well
over level 100, and you'll probably only manage to beat him if you replay
this chapter after clearing the game. If you do take him on, don't forget
to equip the light of beauty on Cherie for the Awakening attack, which is
her strongest attack.

As soon as you get back to the Aerial Garden...)

Cherie : Big brother! Why are you here? Are you feeling okay?

Advisor : The reason we are here is because you worried us, Princess!
Leaving your room without notice and sneaking inside the treasure vault?
Why, your pranks are getting out of control!

Cherie : ...

Advisor: Princess!

Cello : Cherie didn't do anything bad! She only wanted to go out once
in a while!

Advisor : You stay quiet!

Keeldear : Cherie.  Cherie, look at me please. I understand how you feel.
Wanting to play when you never can enjoy yourself, longing for freedom when
you have none... I've felt the same, and I understand how you feel. I'm not
angry at you. But to me, the advisor, Cello, and everyone else, you are
very important. As long as you don't forget that, everything's all right.

Cherie : I'm sorry.

Keeldear : You don't need to be too hard on yourself. You're still a child,
after all. It's alright if you tell us how you really feel.

Cherie : Big brother... I love you!

Cherie (narrating) : The Light of Beauty and the Shadow of Beauty. For
someone like me, living without freedom, they were wonderful treasures 
and a wonderful little adventure. But we had no idea back then that 
those two treasures would affect our lives in such a dramatic way...

-------------------------------   Part 1  -----------------------------------
-----------------------  The day their eyes met  ----------------------------

Cherie (narrating) :

Wherever there is light, there is darkness.
Wherever there is virtue, there is evil.

In a way very different than the war, there was one who would bring us
all tragedy. And that was...

Marjoly : The Light of Beauty... The Shadow of Beauty... Treasures that can
grant any wish!  Ahaha, now THAT is something worth learning about!
Such wonderful treasures could only be worthy of someone of my caliber!
My one and only wish... That's simple! I want a fine-looking man!! I've
been in this world for (beep) hundreds of years and (beep) decades! And
for all that time, I've never encountered love! The way things are going,
I'll die before becoming a woman!


Song title : Aku no Joou  (Queen of Evil)

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Marjoly (seiyuu : Michie Tomizawa)

Karisome no yoru ni
Yyuutsu na toki moteasobu
Ware ha fushichou
Jounetsu no tango
Kodoku ni mai odoru
Tsumibukaki sadame

Koi ni mayou aku no joou
Mekurumeku ai no tomoshibi
Chou wo sasou amai wana

(Sou wakatte itemo moe agaru no ga ai)
(Soshite chiri iku no ga koi)

Towa no yami ni utsurou
Mashou no kuroi bara
Souyo kyoufu ni obie
Sakebe ware no na ha


(* Note: This is the same tango song as in Little Princess, but with a
much more dynamic and impressive choregraphy this time.)

Marjoly : Onwards! In the search for love!! Ohooohohohoho!! To experience
all love has to offer!

(Scene skip back to the Aerial Garden.)

Cherie : Say, big brother... Is it true that those treasures can grant any

Keeldear : It's true. They've been handed down through our ancestors for
generation after generation. Originally, they were created to seal the
dreaded Great Overlord who was threatening the lives of the people of
that time.

Cherie : The dreaded Great Overlord?

Keeldear : Hahaha. Well, I doubt any such a being really existed. But it's
said that when many people bring their thoughts and hearts together,
those jewels will grant their wish. Since then, the treasures have been 
hidden in case there ever came a time when we needed to use them.

Cherie : Hmmm, bringing their thoughts together, huh... You know, I
wished for your illness to be cured, big brother.

Keeldear : Haha, you're so sweet, Cherie. But now that you mention it,
I've been feeling really good today.

Cherie : Really?

Keeldear : Really. So from now on, don't touch that treasure again, alright?

Cherie : Yes, big brother!

Keeldear : You're a good kid.

(He starts coughing like mad.)

Cherie : Big brother!

Keeldear : I'm alright. It's just a little cough. Since you wished for it,
my illness will definitely be cured, right?

(He leaves.)

Cherie : Brother.... Say, Cello. Let's go find that treasure and wish for
my big brother Keel to be cured again!

Cello : Eh? But I heard that Prince Keeldear had it stored it in some
secret place.

Cherie : That's why I want you to help me find it! Right? Pweeeeety please?

Cello : ..Pulling that line again...  Fine, alright.

Cherie : Thank you Cello!

(It's time to roam around again!  Clearly enough, the secret room that the
jewels are hidden in is the mysterious Goddess statue at the end of the
upper left hallway.  But, just like in Little Princess, you have to have the
password before you can get in. Look around in the Aerial Garden and
you'll get a key. That key must be used to open the blue chest in the
treasure hall, just in front of where you found the Light and Shadow of
Beauty.  Inside, you'll find a letter from Cherie's father revealing that the
password is actually "Cherie." How surprising! Go back to that secret room
and check the goddess statue.  Before you do, make sure that you get Flail
from the guy in the Aerial Garden.  You should definitely be able to defeat
the mutant plant in the treasure hall now.  You'll want to do this soon,
because you won't be in the Aerial Garden for much longer.)

(Inside the secret room...)

Cherie : The password is... "Cherie."  ... It opened!

(A loud explosion!)

Cherie : Wh-what?

Soldiers : Emergency!!  Intruder!

Advisor : Guards, tighten the defenses at once!

Cello : Let's hide somewhere, Cherie. The king's brother's troops may be

Cherie : R-right.

(Before they can act, the door is blown open and a soldier is sent flying
across the room. Marjoly enters afterwards.)

Marjoly : Hooohohohoho!! Is this where the treasure room is? No matter how
well you hide it, it's futile! That treasure belongs to me, the great

Cherie : ...who is she?

Cello : ...no idea.

Marjoly : You there, don't you know the great Marjoly? She who strikes fear
into the hearts of man?!

Cherie : ...nope. No idea. Isn't that right?

Cello : ....yup, never heard of her.

Marjoly : Then allow me to enlighten you!

(All of a sudden, the music changes and Marjoly strikes a pose!)

Marjoly : Mightier than the gods, colder and more calculating than the
devil... She works endlessly tirelessly to achieve her cherished dream :
To make all beautiful young men her own, and to establish her paradise on 
this earth: THE HAREM! She is the beautiful woman and the greatest 
witch in this world! That is I! Marjoly!

Cherie : ...is she an idiot?

Cello : ...probably.

Keeldear : This as far as you're going, you witch!

(Keeldear bursts into the room.)

Keeldear : Are you alright, Cherie?

Cherie : Keel!

Keeldear : I'll deal with this! Cello! Take Cherie with you and escape!

Cherie : You mustn't! Big brother, with your illness, you'll...!

Marjoly : Hohohohoho!! What fool would dare to pick a fight with the great

(Keeldear turns around and unsheathes his sword. Which looks suspiciously
light saberish.  But never mind that! As soon as he faces her, he
immediately drops his sword.)

Cherie : ...K-keel?

Keeldear : Y-...you...

Cherie : What's wrong?! Is your illness acting up again...!?

Keeldear : You're beautiful... Absolutely beautiful.

Cherie : Huh?  Big brother... Is your head alright?

Marjoly : Aaah... This is him! This is the man I've been looking for!

(Her heart audibly races.)

Marjoly : Aaah... My heart is about to explode! Is this... Is this love?

Cherie (narrating) : From the day their eyes met, the two fell in love.
Ahh... My beloved brother... To think that he would leave us in such a
disturbing way...

------------------------------   Part 2  -----------------------------------
-------------------------- To Each Their Own  ------------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : Many days after that terrible, fateful day...

The two treasures were kept out of harm's way, and we all returned to our
usual, peaceful lives. But ever since the day that witch Marjoly came, 
the smile that my dear brother always carried disappeared, and he
seemed tormented all the time. People started to gossip, and
many believed that he had been bewitched by Marjoly. And then, one day...

Cherie : Someone! Someone, hurry!

(Cello rushes into Cherie's room.)

Cello : What's wrong Cherie!? I'm coming in!

(He enters!)

Cello : What happened, Cherie!?

Cherie : Cello... When I woke up, I found this letter beside me...

Cello : A letter?

Cello (reading the letter) : This is...

Keeldear's letter : To my beloved sister,

Cherie, please listen to me. I've fallen in love with a woman. These past
days, my thoughts have been dominated by her. Although I've only met her
once, my feelings are sincere. 

As some people have started to notice, my illness is a terminal one. I 
won't live much longer. As my death is ultimately unavoidable, I found 
myself losing my will to live. But after I  met this woman, I found 
myself thinking that I want to live on for the first time in a very 
long time. 

It pains me to abandon my duties as a prince, but my last wish is to 
leave the Kingdom along with the Shadow of Beauty. I'll leave the 
consequences of this act to the gods. 

We won't meet again. This is my first and last selfish choice. I am sorry. 
I hope you'll be able to forgive me. Don't be sad now, Cherie. For 
every meeting, there is also a goodbye. It is because we can say 
goodbye that new acquaintances are made. That is life. I'm sure 
you will understand that someday, too. 

I am leaving you my favorite instrument to remember me by. It 
might be useful to you later on. Farewell Cherie, my cute little sister. 
I will never forget your kindness.

--Your unworthy brother.

(Mysterious horn acquired!)

Cello : Could this be... what they mean by "eloping"?

Cherie : No, it can't be! My big brother wouldn't ever want to leave me!
Saying that his illness is terminal... There's no way that's true!
My big brother would never die like that! I can't believe this letter!
It's just like everyone says! This witch cast a dreadful spell on my brother
to control him! I'm sure of it! That's the only explanation!

Cello : Please calm down, Cherie.

Cherie (taking a murderous stance) : Don't you tell me to "calm down!"
We've got to go rescue my brother from the clutches of that evil witch!

(Time for more dungeon crawling! Head over to Keeldear's room and you'll
find a completely innocuous massive black sphere.  This will take you to
Beauty Castle.  Talking to folks around the Aerial Garden will turn up a few
weird conversations, like an old woman who wonders if Marjoly is accepting
apprentices so she can learn how to enslave men, too.)

(When you first investigate the glowing sphere...)

Cherie : How strange. What could this be? Space seems to be warped here...

(She touches the sphere, which starts to pulsate.)

Cherie : What was that!?

Cello : ...I've read about this somewhere. Among the lost magics is a spell
that allows you to distort and connect space.

Cherie : What do you mean?

Cello : In short, once you connect two places with this magic, you can travel
from one to another instantaneously, no matter how far apart they are.

Cherie : I see... So that means that she really did drag my brother away!

(Examine the sphere and select the first choice to be taken to Beauty Castle.
The layout is the same as in Chapter 3, but this time you start at the
bottom and will have to reach Marjoly's room at the top. Since the Marjoly
"family" hasn't been formed yet there's no one else but Marjoly inside so
you don't have to worry about missing any optional events.  Just focus on
getting up the damn moving platforms.)

(Once you reach Marjoly's room door...)

Voice 1 : Hahahaha.

Voice 2 : Teeheehee.

Cherie : Shh, be quiet! I can hear my brother's voice!

Cello : Let's take a look inside...

(He starts to peep.)

Cherie : S-stop, Cello! What if my brother and that witch are doing
something perverted in there?!

Cello (sweatdrop) : ...Cherie. You read too many weird books*.

(*Note:  The phrase "hen na hon" means not only "weird books" but is also a
common reference to porn.  Tsk, tsk, Cherie!)

Cherie : S-sorry...

(They both move to peek into the room. They see Keeldear and Marjoly sitting
together on the throne.)

Keeldear : I'm so glad to have met you, Marjoly.

Marjoly : Me too. This is the first time I've ever felt like this. This...
This is love, isn't it.

Keeldear : Yes... I didn't even know that life could be so wonderful before
I met you.

Marjoly : Keeldear. I love you.

Keeldear : I love you too, Marjoly. And our feelings...if they can reach the
Shadow of Beauty, then even my illness will...

Marjoly : Yes, of course it will be cured! There's no way it wouldn't be.
And if it doesn't hurry up and cure you, then I'll just blow it all away
with one of my spells!

Keeldear : Hahaha, scary! But, thank you. You make me so happy.

Cherie : Big brother... I've never seen him smile like that before...
Even for me, he never smiled like that.  Big brother... He really IS in love
with her.

Cello : ...Cherie.

Cherie : ...Goodbye, big brother.

Cherie (narrating) : Sometimes it's hard to understand what makes people
happy. Sometimes people seem unhappy but really aren't. And sometimes it's
the other way around. My brother Keeldear and the woman he loved ran away
to live in a world all by themselves.  

...I don't really understand love yet, but if my beloved brother is happy, 
then things are fine the way they are. But... When I think about how that 
Marjoly person is going to be my sister-in-law, I don't feel so good 
anymore, somehow...

-------------------------------  Part 3  ------------------------------------
-------------  The Last Moments of the Ancient civilization  ----------------

Cherie (narrating) : Up until now, I haven't given much thought to my own
happiness. Now, when I remember how peaceful those days were, I realize how
precious they really were. Perhaps is it only when tragedy occurs that
people realize how much they lost...

Advisor : A few days ago we stopped receiving reports from the agent we
posted in the king's brother's castle. This letter is his last message...
It says that the king's brother has started to make his move.

Cherie : ...

Advisor : And according to rumor, the king's brother's army is steadily
increasing in strength. We must prepare ourselves, too, if he happens

Cherie : I see. Uncle has... I understand. I'm entrusting this matter
to you. Please do your best so that the casualties among the citizens are

Advisor : Understood.

(He pauses.)

Advisor : ...if we only had the prince Keeldear here at a time like this...

Cherie : Didn't you promise not to mention him?

Advisor : ...I did. Please forgive me. Well then, today is the prayer
ceremony. Please come to the altar soon.

Cherie : Alright.

Cello : Cherie.

Cherie : It's alright, I'm fine.

(Head up to the top floor.  The altar he mentioned is on the top of the
Aerial Garden, where the shard of the Shadow of Beauty was found in
Little Princess.

**NOTE:  If you have anything left to do (like getting Flail) then do it
before you go up to the altar!  This is the last time you'll have in
the Aerial Garden.)

Advisor : I was waiting for you. Please, this way Princess.

(Cherie goes to the top of the altar and begins to pray.)

Cherie : Oh ancient gods, please grant us your protection.

Cherie : (I can pray as much as I want, but if it doesn't stop the war
then what's the point? ... Oops, I shouldn't be thinking like that now...)

Soldier : Emergency, Princess!

Advisor : What is it!?

Soldier : The king's brother's troops are attacking!

Advisor : What!?

Cherie : Uncle...!

(The scene cuts to a large number of ancient weapons blowing into the Aerial

Cherie : What ARE those?

Advisor : Most likely, those are the new weapons they've been building.

(They rush into the Aerial Garden and begin to mow people down.)

Advisor : This place won't hold long! Princess, use the Light of Beauty and
escape to the future!

Princess : The future?

Advisor : Yes! This is what Lord Keeldear wished you to do if something like
this ever occurred. Please survive and tell our descendants about the
foolishness of war!

Cherie : But being the only survivor would be...!  No! I want to help fight!

Advisor : You mustn't! You must survive no matter what, Princess!
Do you understand, Cello? I'm entrusting the Princess to you! Princess...
I'm proud to have served under you. Farewell!

Cherie : Why? Why can't people stop fighting...!?

Cello : ...we should hurry, Cherie. You're the enemy's main target.

Cherie : No! I refuse to run and leave everyone behind!

Cello : Stop it, Cherie! There's no way we can win in this situation!!
Right now it's our duty to survive!

Cherie : No! No matter what enemy I must face, I'll fight to the end!
I'd rather die with everyone here than run away!

Cello : ...!!

(He turns around and slaps her.)

Cello : ...sorry, Cherie. but if you die here then everyone's efforts would
be in vain. You're the hope of the people. It's all so you can
travel to the future that they... They are willing to throw their lives

Cherie : ...You're right. I understand. I must carry out my duty...

(Go back downstairs and head to the room with the Light of Beauty. You might
want to talk to people around but it's pretty depressing since half of them
are dying, and the rest are in hysterics. The warp point towards Beauty
Castle  is still working somehow. But unless you have anything you wish to
do, just head to the room with the Light of Beauty.  Where...)

Cherie : A treasure that can grant people their wishes if they feel strongly
enough... And it's still not enough to stop the war.  It's probably because
there is too much hatred in the world. But I'm sure the world is peaceful 
in the future. If we believe that and pray, then we will surely be 
transported to the future.

Cello : ...Yes.

Cherie : We may end up in a different future from each other. We may not
meet again. But as long as we're alive our thoughts will be together,
even if we are separated.

Cello : Cherie...

Cherie : Come on, don't make that face! Smile, Cello, smile!

Cello : Cherie?

Cherie : ...I'm sorry.  But... But... why? Why did he have to come to this!?
I don't understand! Why?! I don't want to go anywhere! I want to stay with
everyone! I want to be with you, Cello!!

Cello : Cherie...
(I, too... I don't want to let you go.  But...)

Cello : You can't do this now, Cherie. You have to fulfill your duty, don't
you? Come on, let's travel to the future together.

Cherie : ...okay. Cello. Hold my hand tightly. Let's believe in our
feelings! And travel to the future...!
Answer our feelings!

Cello : Light of Beauty!

(With that, they are both warped away in a flash of light. The screen
opens to the Wonder Woods, were Cherie lies alone in the forest. A young boy
finds her, and then runs off to fetch his father.  Then Cherie wakes up.)

Cherie : Cello!? Cello, where are you?!

Cherie (narrating) : And that is how the Light of Beauty transported me to
the world of the future. I soon learned from the history books that my
country had been completely destroyed. I was all alone in the future.

-------------------------------  Part 4  ------------------------------------
------------------------  Living in the Future  -----------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : It's been a year since I came to the future. It's 
peaceful here. Maybe all of the sorrow and hopes of those who died in the
war were finally rewarded. 

The person who found me lying in the forest was a man named Mustaki who 
lives in a place called Orange Village. He brought me to his home and 
cared for me like I was a member of his family. Everyone else in the 
village was very kind to me too. This was the peaceful world we had
wished for. But...

Cherie : ...thanks for the meal.

Mustaki : Done eating already?

Cherie : Yes. I'm going to take a walk in the forest.

Mustaki : Are you going to look for that Cello boy again?

Cherie : ...

Marius : Forget it dad, she's always like that.

Mustaki : You keep quiet, Marius.

Marius : Hmph, what's with you?

Mustaki : Cherie, it's been a year since we met in that forest. We were
thinking about making this your birthday and holding a little celebration for
you. Of course, it will only be a modest one. How about it?

Cherie : ...I see. Thank you very much. Well, I'll be going now.

Marius : Wait right there! We're all doing our best to be kind to you and
make you comfortable! Why are you being so rude when we just offered to 
celebrate your birthday?! Every day, all that's on your mind is Cello, Cello,
Cello! How long are you going to keep looking for some guy you'll never 
find, anyway!?

Cherie : So what?! You don't understand anything about me!
Who would want your attention to begin with?! Cello, he... He always had such
wonderful presents for me on my birthday! Cello, he...! Cello is the only
friend I have!

Marius : !!!

(Marius runs away.)

Cherie : ...

Mustaki : Hohoho. Marius is still such a kid.

(Free to move at last! Don't forget to equip Cello's puppet on Cherie, now
that you have the chance. Mustaki will just tell you to forgive Marius
because he's in that silly age where boys can't help but pester girls. Exit
the house you'll be in Orange village, which looks the same as ever. Speak
to people around if you like.  Mostly, they just comment about what a sullen
girl Cherie is. One will warn you about the fact that demon cats have been
seen in the Wonder Woods. The village is also home to a precocious little
girl named Siegrind. Once you're done, exit the village and go left to
get the next event.)

Cherie : Cello.... Where could you be? The people in this world are nice to
me, but there's no one who can really understand me. No one even
asked about who I really was. There's no way they could understand...
Even Marius. I thought he was a little like Cello at first, but...

(She strikes up her "murderous intent" pose) : I HATE HIM!
He's so mean to me! So Cello...where are you? I'm so lonely...
Oh, ancient gods! Pretty please, let me see Cello again.

(Now that Cherie's done talking to herself, continue to the left. You're
going the same way you did in Chapter 2: Towards the cave! But before that,
Cherie will reach the place where she first arrived in this world.)

Cherie : I've been here for one year, now... "As long as we're alive, our
thoughts will be together, even if we're separated," I told him... Cello
agreed with me, but... But it's horrible being alone. If I have to be this
lonely, then I'd rather go back to my own time.  I miss everyone.
Cello... Big brother...

(A Nyanko then blasts across the screen.)

Cherie : Who's there!? Is someone... there?  Cello?

(Four Nyankos surround Cherie and begin to dance happily.)

Nyankos : Yay! Yay! It's lunch time, nya!! Let's look for a good meal, nya!

(...Then they leave.)

Cherie (sweatdrop) : Cats? ...Maybe I'm so tired that I'm imagining things?
It was probably my imagination. I should go back and rest.

(You'll be given a choice to go back to Orange village or not.
>Return to Orange Village
>Keep Walking
You'll want to go home.)

(Back home...)

Mustaki : Welcome back, Cherie. Did you see Marius?

Cherie : No.

Mustaki : I see. Sorry to ask you this, but could you go look for him?
I was just about to get the celebration ready.

(Time to go wander in the forest again. The girl at the village entrance
tells you that Marius left for the cave in the forest, so it's time to
head there for real this time. You can find the Sexy Pants in there if
you want to level up a bit faster.  Marius is off by the pond at the
end of the cave.)

(When you arrive, he's been surrounded by those Nyanko from before.)

Nyanko : We Nyanko will be taking that crayfish, nya!!
That's gonna be our lunch, nya!

Marius : No matter what, I'm not letting you guys have this!
This, this is...!

Cherie : Marius!

Marius : Ah! Cherie!

Nyanko : What's with you, nya? Are you gonna get in our way, nya?

Cherie : What are you!?

Nyanko : What are we, nya?

(The Nyanko strike a pose.)

Nyanko : We are the Nyanko of the "Marjoly family," who strike
fear into the hearts of men, nya!

Cherie : The Marjoly Family?

Nyanko : How about that, nya? Bet you're scared, aren't nya?

Cherie : Marjoly?  That woman's still alive?
(She sweatdrops)  Talk about being stubborn...

Nyanko : What are you blabbering about, nya! We're taking that food now, nya!

(Cue boss battle against three Nyankos and a Nyano. Eeeasssy.)

Nyanko : We lost, nya!

Nyankos : Run away, nya! Run away, nya!

(They run away so fast some crash into the wall on their way out.)

Cherie : Are you alright?

Marius : M-mind you own business! I could have handled those cats by myself!

Cherie : (Grr!)
Ah, is that so.  I'm sorry, then. Goodbye.

Marius : Ah, w-wait!

Marius: Here! It's your birthday, right?
(He hands her the crayfish.)
Here, this is for you!

Cherie : ...

Marius : Take it.

Cherie : T-thanks.

Cherie : (A crayfish?  what am I supposed to do with this?)

Marius : About that Cello guy... I don't know what kind of guy he is, but I
know what I can do! I can even get you more of these if you want! So... so...
Don't say you're all alone anymore!

Cherie : ...!!

Cherie : (...All this time I've only been looking to the past, even though
we chose to live on in the future... And that's why I never noticed
everyone's kindness. No, that's not it. I noticed it, but I refused to
acknowledge it. I was afraid that I would forget about the past if I
accepted the future. But.. That's right! As Marius said, I'm not all alone!
I will stop looking only at the past. I'm sure Cello must be doing fine
wherever he is, too! I have to accept my fate and live with the people
around me! I'm sure there are many good things in this world, too!)

Cherie (Smiling) : Thank you, Marius.

Marius (Blushing madly) : S-stop it already...
But I think this is the first time I've seen you smile, Cherie.

Cherie : Is that true? Heehee.

Cherie (narrating) : Marius was the first friend I made in the future.
Thanks to him I was able to smile again. I truly was grateful to him then.
But as that crayfish struggled in my hands... Well, I still didn't know
what to do with that!

-------------------------------  Part 5  ------------------------------------
------------------------------  Proposal  -----------------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : Good times always pass by quickly. Together with Marius,
my childhood days passed by in a flash. I've become a full-fledged adult,
and I now work as a sister in the Orange village church. As for Marius, he
has been traveling around the country learning to paint.  I haven't seen
him for several years. Today is my birthday, and it's the first time that
Marius will return to the village in a very long time.

Cherie : Oh, ancient gods! Yesterday was another peaceful day. Thank you very
much. I pray that today will be the same.

Marius : Cherie.

(Cherie's visions blurs, and for a moment she thinks she sees her brother in
the doorway.)

Cherie : (Big brother?!)

Marius : Don't you recognize me? How cold! It's me! Me! Marius!

Cherie : Eh? Marius!?

Marius : Bah, I guess I'm not surprised you don't recognize me. It's been a
long time since we last met.  I'm home, Cherie. Happy birthday.

Cherie : ...A-ah.  Thank you. Welcome back, Marius.


Cherie : (Ah, that surprised me. For a minute there I thought it was my


Cherie : (What? Why is my heart racing? Is it because Marius looked like my
brother? Or is it because he's matured so much since then? Or could it be...?
What's wrong with me? Why am I paying this much attention to him,
anyway?  Could I...?)


Marius : (Huh? What's wrong with her? She's spacing out. Did I say something
Well, I've got some things to attend to, so I'll be heading home now.


Cherie : (I wonder how Marius thinks of me? Like a sister? A childhood
friend? Or...)

(Although Marius has long since gone, Cherie is deep in thought. A maid
enters the church and sneaks up on Cherie.)

Siegrind : Cherie~ <3

Cherie : KYAH! S-Siegrind! You surprised me!

Siegrind : Kyahaha <3 The castle gave us the day off, so I came to play.
What's up? What were you thinking about?

Cherie : Siegrind. Could you listen to me for a second? Pretty please.

Siegrind : Of course! If it's a request from my "big sister" I'll listen
for as long as you want!

Cherie : Okay, so this is all hypothetically speaking, right?

So there's this young girl. After a long time, she meets a boy that she had
only thought of as a friend before.  But once she sees him again, 
she starts to think that he looks really cool, and finds herself
paying a lot of attention to him. That girl would really like to know what
the boy thinks of her. Now then, what do you think she should do?

Siegrind : Hmmm, well... This calls for a full strength frontal attack!
Asking directly is the best thing to do! I, Siegrind the love specialist,
am never wrong about this kind of things!

Cherie : R-really!? I guess chickening out is not an option, huh... Bracing
oneself and taking initiative... That's right! Initiative! "Girls take
initiative!" Hrm.  That sounds like wise advice, if I say so, myself.

Cherie (narrating) : "Girl take initiative!" That was the historic moment
when that catchphrase was born.

Cherie : Thank you Siegrind! Bye!

Siegrind : ... So, who's that girl she was talking about, anyway?

(Now you're finally free to move! Don't get all excited about Cherie being
all grown up, though. She's still no stronger than when you left her. The
only difference is that she now uses her angelic form when she uses battle
skills like "Awakening." She's got new voice clips in battle, too.  If you
chat to people around the village, half of them tell you to get on with
things and marry Marius. On the message board is a picture of Cello that
Cherie put up a while back, with a request to tell her if he's seen.
There's also a comment on how Siegrind is extremely fond of Cherie and
savagely attacked a would-be pervert who tried to peep on Cherie. Like
always, you can go take a look at Mothergreen, but aside from shopping
there's nothing to do there except chat with people.

You're gonna want to go to Mustaki's house.)

Mustaki : Welcome back, Cherie.

Cherie : Eh? Where's Marius? Didn't he come back here?

Mustaki : Ah, Marius went to Mothergreen  to shop for some painting
materials. It seems like there's a painting he want to finish today. It
looks very important to him.

Cherie : A painting?

Mustaki : Yes, I think it's that one over there.

(Cherie notices a half finished painting that's propped up against the table.
It's clearly a picture of her face.)

Cherie : (Who's this woman? I've never seen her before. Could she be...
Marius's lover?!)

(Cherie starts to FUME.)

Cherie : (Grrr... Well isn't she quite the beauty!?)
Augh!  I can't handle this!

(She rushes out of the house.)

Mustaki : ...? What is she so mad about?

(Outside, Cherie is boiling over.)

Cherie : (Why does it bother me so much? The very thought that Marius likes
someone else put me in a horrible mood. Why?)

Siegrind : Cheeeerie~~ <3

Cherie : Kyaah!? S-Siegrind!

Siegrind : Kyahaha <3 What's wrong, big sis? Still deep in thought?

Cherie : Siegrind. Could you listen to me for a second? Pretty please.

Siegrind : Of course!

Cherie : Okay, this is all hypothetically speaking, alright?

So there's a young girl. Recently this young girl is quite interested in a
certain boy. But that boy might be going out with another girl already. This
makes the girl extremely mad. Now then, what do you think she should do?

Siegrind : Hmmm, well... That would be jealousy!  Jea-lous-y! She's angry
because she loves that boy. So I think she should ask that boy to find out
if he really has a girlfriend or not!

Cherie : I-I see! But if she asks and he answers "I've got a girlfriend!"

Siegrind : What will happen, will happen! It's much better than not knowing
and never knowing the truth, isn't it?

Cherie : That's true. Thank you, Siegrind.

(If I remember correctly, Marius left to go shopping in Mothergreeen.
Alright! "Girls take initiative!" I've got to try my best!)

(Cherie rushes off, leaving Siegrind standing confused in the street.)

Siegrind : So, who's that girl she was talking about, anyway?

(As soon as Cherie enters Mothergreen...)

Karl : Hello there, Cherie. What a coincidence that we should meet here,
of all places.

Cherie : Karl!

Karl : I was thinking about how I wanted to meet you, too. How perfect!
Could this be the work of fate? What do you think, Sebastian?

Sebastian : It most certainly is, Sir Karl.

Karl : So, have you given thought to my marriage proposal?

Cherie : ...

Karl : Well, that's fine. Take your time and think about it carefully. It's
a very important matter, after all. By the way, I heard that today was your
birthday, and have come to give you a present. Sebastian!

Sebastian : Right away, sir!

Karl : This is my present for you, Cherie.

Sebastian : Here, sir.

(He takes a jewel box out of his pocked and opens it.)

Karl : This ring was made from the most beautiful jewel ever found, excavated
far overseas. But even this beautiful jewel looks like a mere pebble in the
shadow of your beauty. To be so beautiful could almost be a sin... Ah, no,
excuse me. Was I sounding a bit conceited? Hahaha.

Cherie : I... I cannot accept such an expensive present.

Karl : Why? Presents have nothing to do with money, do they? They simply
symbolize feelings. In this case it may have been a little pricey,
but this present isn't given with any ill-intent.

Cherie : That may be the case, but...

Karl : I know you dislike my job. That's why you're so reluctant to marry me,
correct? It's true that I have increased industrial production and developed
this country's economy through the market of weapon development. And as a
result, there are those who call me a weapon dealer. However, I am merely
running a business that satisfies my customers' needs.

Cherie : ...you call making tools of murder a "business?"

Karl : What a stern way to put it... But I'm only selling what's been made,
really. The way they're used depends only on the intent of the buyer.

Cherie : ...

Karl : ...Let us continue this discussion another time, then. I will
withdraw for today. Please think seriously about my proposition. We're
going, Sebastian!

Sebastian : Yes, sir!

Cherie : (That person doesn't understand at all... The foolishness of war..!
The dreadfulness of war..!)

(Marius is hiding off in a corner by the gate.  He's watched all of this,
and now looks shocked.)

Marius : (MARRIAGE!? Then that ring he showed her earlier must
have been an engagement ring! Then... why have I been bothering...)

(He leaves.  You take control of Cherie again. Enter the shop behind the
fountain and talk to the old man. If got Flail when you were in the Aerial
Garden, the old man will mention that the dragon is pregnant.  He'll help
you out, and you'll get the "Flail Kid" puppet. There's is also a Nyanko
looking to work part time for 2000 inochium in that shop. Hire it if you
wish, though don't expect him to be strong.)

(Head back to Mustaki's house.)

Cherie : Ah, Marius! You're back?

Marius : ...

Cherie : (Have courage, Cherie! Ask him about his relationship with that
woman in the painting. "Girls take initiative," Cherie!)

Cherie : Errr... You know Marius, there's something I want to talk to you
about, but...

Marius : ... I already know.

Cherie : What? What... do you mean?

Marius : It's about the marriage, right?

Cherie : !

(Cherie gets immediately furious.)

Cherie : (Marriage? Did he say MARRIAGE? He's going to marry the woman in 
that painting?! Grrr! This is unforgivable!)

How could you! If that's how it is, then why did you even bother coming 
back? You don't give a damn about the fact it's my birthday, do you!? Hurry
up and go back to her already!

Marius : "Her?" What are you talking about? Shouldn't YOU be going back to
HIS side?

Cherie : Who are you talking about?

Marius : The man you met in Mothergreen! You're getting married to him,
aren't you?

Cherie : (Mothergreen? I see... He's thinking of Karl.  Alright then, if
that's the case...)

Cherie : That's right! I'm going to marry him! Unlike you, he's really
gentle and extreeeemly rich! Next to him, you're nothing! A~ah, I'm such a
lucky woman!

Marius : ...!!

(Marius storms out of the house.)

Cherie (looking at the painting) : So, Marius is getting engaged to this

Cherie : (Pft! What an ugly hag!)

(She starts kicking the painting.)

Mustaki : Oh? Marius is planning on marrying the girl in that painting? But 
I was sure that it was you that he...

(He stops and looks at the painting.) Why, this is a painting of you, Cherie.

Cherie : Huh? This is... me?

Mustaki : No matter how you look at it, there's no mistaking it. Besides,
look here. It's written here:  "To my beloved Cherie, happy birthday."

Cherie : It can't be... This beautiful girl is me...?

(She immediately flushes and clutches her hands to her heart~)

Oh really? This is really me? Oh, this is so embarrassing! Oh, that
Marius, he even wrote "beloved," silly him~!

...Ah. Ah, wait!  This is no time for me to be silly! I told Marius
something terrible! I told him that I was getting engaged to Karl... What
should I do?!

(Head out of the house and try to exit the village.)

Siegrind : Cherie~ <3

Cherie : Ahhh! S-Siegrind!

Siegrind : Kyahaha <3 What's wrong, big sis? Looking for something?

Cherie : Siegrind. Could you listen to me for a second? Pretty please.

Siegrind : Alright! (Really, just how many times does she use that
"pretty please" thing?)

Cherie : Okay, this is all hypothetically speaking, alright?

So there's a young girl. This young girl is in love with someone. But they 
have a big misunderstanding and fight. The guy ran out of the house
and his whereabouts are unknown. Now then, what do you think she should do?

Siegrind : Hmmm, well... She should go to a place full of memories for both
of them! I think she should look somewhere like where they first met or had
their first date. This may sound a bit effeminate, but there are quite a
number of men like that! How do you put it... Men can be real romantics!

Cherie : Whoa, you're sharp! I might know the place, then!

Siegrind : Good, good!

Cherie : (A place where Marius and I have old memories...)

Cherie : Thank you, Siegrind!

(She rushes off.)

Siegrind :  So who is that girl Cherie keeps talking about?

(Head off towards the cave and you'll run into Karl Rosenqueen.)

Karl : Hello there, Cherie. I hope that today, at last, you will give me an
answer. I suppose that answer is "yes"?  It's only natural after all, since
there's no better man than me in this world... Won't you answer me, my angel?
Ah, well, excuse me. Was I sounding a bit conceited? Hahaha.

Cherie : My answer is "NO!!"

(She runs away leaving Karl frozen in his pompous poise.)

Karl : ...Sebastian.

Sebastian : Yes, sir?

Karl : ...Is it possible that I was just rejected?

Sebastian : Indeed, sir.

(Okay, back to Cherie. Your goal is to go back to the cave where Cherie
fought off the cats and got the crayfish from Marius. Karl and Sebastian are
still in the forest, but Karl's too overwhelmed with shock to do anything.
On your way you'll see a flash of light as someone teleports into the

Cherie : Cello!? Cello... Cello, is that you?

Cello : ...Cherie?

Cherie : That's right. It's me, Cherie. I'm so glad... So glad you're safe.
I'm really, really glad... Even though I always knew you were alive, I
couldn't help but worry deep in my heart... But now you're here, Cello!

Cello : ...

Cherie : Cello?

Cello : ...sorry. It seems like I'm a bit tired.

Cherie : I-I see. You just arrived from the past, after all. You can
rest at my home.

Cello : ...It's fine. If I had some food, I'd get better right away.

Cherie : Right! I'll prepare a delicious meal for you right away!

Cello : ...That won't be necessary. I've got a delicious meal right in front
of me, after all.

Cherie : Huh? Y-you mean me!? Oh... You're embarrassing me, Cello! <3

Cello (?) : Let's eat...nyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

(It's that mysterious Nyanko again! He got a Queen and a Princess Bee with
him, but they're not that bad really.)

Nyanko : It would seem I wasted another opportunity... Nya.

Cherie : What... are you!?

Nyanko : Have you forgotten me? You're the little girl that broke the seal...

Cherie : Seal...?

Nyanko : To express my gratitude, I will let you go today... nya. Little
girl, we'll meet again somewhere... nya. Never forget my name... I am the
dreaded Great Overlord...nya.

(He warps away in a whirlpool of black magic.)

Cherie : Dreaded Great Overlord... Where have I heard that before? Oh, 
that's not important!  I've got to hurry and look for Marius!

(Once you enter the back of the cave...)

Marius (pouting) : What's with her, anyway... Being seduced by that kind of
guy... Hmph. Who cares if he's rich!
(Sigh.) I knew it wasn't a good idea to leave home to study for such a 
long time. If I had known this would happen, I'd have just forgotten 
about painting... Damn...

Cherie : Ma--

Voices : It's lunch time, nya! Lunch time, nya!

(A bunch of Nyanko appear out of nowhere and run circles around the
still-pouting Marius.)

Nyanko : Nya!? There's a miserable-looking man ahead, nya!!

Marius : Shut up! Who's a miserable-looking man, huh?

Nyanko : Then what are you, nya? I bet the girl you liked dumped you for
some rich guy, right, nya?

Marius : You--! ...For a bunch of cats, you're pretty sharp.

Nyanko : What a pitiful guy, nya.

Marius : Shut up!

Nyanko : What, nya? Wanna fight, nya? A dumped guy looking for fight! How
uncool, nya. That kind of guy deserves some punishment, nya!!

Other Nyankos : Punishment, nya! Punishment, nya!!

(Cherie steps in.)

Cherie : Stop right there! I won't let you harm someone so important to me!

(Same battle as you fought ages ago in this cave.  Easy.)

Nyanko : We got beaten, nya!!

Nyankos : Run away, nya! Run away, nya!

(Yet again, as they rush out the door they run into the wall.)

Cherie : Are you alright?

Marius : Cherie... M-mind you own business! I could have handled those cats
by myself!

Cherie : (Grrr!)

Cherie : Ah so! Sorry about that, then! Farewell.

Marius : Ah, w-wait!

(He goes into the pond.)

Marius : Ah, here's one!

(He catches a crayfish and gives to Cherie... again.)

Marius : Here! It's your birthday, right? This is for you!

Cherie : Marius...

Marius : Do you remember? When we were kids, I gave you one for your

Cherie : Yes. I remember really well... We haven't changed a bit since then,
have we? I'm sorry Marius. I misunderstood... I thought you were in love
with that girl in your painting. Then I got mad and lied about getting

Marius : Hm? But, that's a picture of... Aaaaah! You saw it!?

Cherie : Sorry.

Marius : (Craaaap~ And here I was intending to tell her how I felt when I 
showed her that painting! It's not like I can propose to her using 
something like a crayfish... Arrgh! "Men take initiative!!" This is a 
battle of the heart!!)

(He throws away the desperately struggling crayfish.)

Marius : Ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-ch-Cherie!!

Cherie : Y-yes!

Marius : I-I-I-I-I-I!! Ma-ma-ma-ma-ma, mari, mama...

Cherie : Calm down, Marius. Just take your time and it'll be okay.

Marius : Y-yeah.
Cherie. Marry me.

Cherie : Okay.

Marius : Really? Seriously? Yahooooooooooo!!!!

(The screen pans down the cave, where Karl and Sebastian are spying.)

Karl : It would seem that there is no room for me to fit in between those
two. The defeated should leave peacefully. A true gentleman must accept
defeat honorably. I hope you will be happy, Cherie. Ah, well, excuse me.
Was I sounding a bit conceited? Hahaha. ...we're going Sebastian.

Sebastian : Yes, sir.

(We return to Cherie and Marius kissing.  The scene fades into a scene of
them kissing during their wedding.)

Cherie (narrating) : And that was how Marius and I got married. Even now,
I'll never forget that day. I was happy.

--------------------------------  Part 6  -----------------------------------
----------------------  The dreadful repetition  ----------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : A long time ago... In the world that people now call
the "Ancient civilization," I was born. To escape the foolishness of the
wars that destroyed the Ancient civilization, I escaped to the future. The
world of the future was peaceful. I felt safe. But it is the nature of
humankind to repeat its mistakes...

(A brief scene shows Marius, dressed as a soldier, leaving Cherie and

Cherie : Oh ancient gods. Please, please... Watch over Marius...

(The next scene shows a group of soldiers coming to Mustaki's house. They
bring the news that Marius has died.  Cherie falls to her knees.)

Cherie (narrating) : Without warning, reason or mercy, war has robbed me of
all of my most cherished possessions... No matter how much I cry, I will
never hear his voice again. No matter how much I mourn, I will never see
him again... Sudden,  unforeseeable death... That is war. Why does humankind
keep on repeating the same mistakes again and again?

(The scene shifts to the inside of Marl Castle. Deep in the castle,
Golonzo is talking to Polyanski and Mustaki.  Cherie is eavesdropping.)

Golonzo : Even though it's painful to admit, our army is currently at a
disadvantage. If the situation is left unattended, we will be defeated and
suffer a disastrous number of casualties. To break through this situation,
we need to revive that mechanized puppet that we excavated from the ruins
of the Ancient civilization! According to the documents that were found
with it, this is a weapon that brought divine retribution to the
the enemies of its creators! Mustaki! Polyanski! Lend me your strength! You
possess the knowledge and skills to revive this thing! You must hurry and
awaken it!

Cherie : Mustaki!

Mustaki : Cherie!! Why are you here!?

Cherie : Stop it, Mustaki! That weapon must never be used again!
It shouldn't even have been brought into this world!

Mustaki : I know. But this to end the war as quickly as possible.
Too many families have lost their loved ones already.

Cherie : Mustaki... But if you awaken that thing, more people will

Golonzo : What are you saying? We will use its power for the sake of
establishing peace! Besides, Mustaki eagerly offered to help us in order to
get revenge for the death of his son! What do women and children know about
matters of war? Leave at once!

Cherie : So you're the one who talked him into doing this!?

Mustaki : Cherie. You're bearing Marius's precious child. You should go
home and rest.

(Cherie gets dragged away by soldiers.)

Cherie : Mustaki! Mustaki, think this over! That is something you must not
ever awaken!

Cherie (narrating) : I couldn't stop them by myself, and before long that
dreadful weapon was revived. It was immediately sent to the front. With its
absurd power, it easily repelled the neighboring country's invasion. Peace
was restored once again. The reason I came to this world was to tell
people about the foolishness of war... But in the end, I changed nothing.
I cursed how powerless I was.

(Back in Mustaki's house.)

Mustaki : Pull yourself together, Cherie. No matter how sad you are, it
won't bring Marius back. You're carrying his child, aren't you? For the
sake of that child, you have to live on.

Cherie : ...

Mustaki : Well, I have an appointment in Mothergreen. I'm leaving for a
little while.

Cherie : (I couldn't do anything. I couldn't protect the man I loved...
I couldn't stop the fighting... Marius, what should I do?)

(What should you do? Go to Mothergreen and talk to Mustaki, Polyanski and
Karl. Then you can trigger an even when you get back to Orange. Talking
to people won't be very fun, as most people have lost someone in the war
and everyone's depressed. The only thing interesting is the fact that
Siegrind won the Miss Marl contest sometime in this solemn mess, and is
about to become the next Queen.)

(Mustaki in Mothergreen.)

Mustaki : I received a letter telling me to come here, but no one's 
here. It's the same for Polyanski... Whoever sent it didn't leave a
name.  Is this a prank?

(Polyanski, who's next to him.)

Polyanski : Oh, you are the one who was so fiercely opposing the work on the
Ancient Weapon. But you should know that I've worked for a very long time to
use using the Ancients' knowledge to benefit people. And then Golonzo
himself approved this project and gave me a chance to work with an artifact
of the Ancient civilization... It felt like the chance of a lifetime.
Please don't think badly of me.

Cherie : ...

(Also, talk to Karl in the shopping district of Mothergreen.)

Cherie : Karl...

Karl : Cherie... I heard about Marius.  It's a terrible shame.

Cherie : ...

Karl : If I had listened to your advice before... If I had stopped
manufacturing weapons, then maybe this wouldn't have happened. Sebastian
too, died protecting me from an assassination attempt from the enemy. I've
put a stop to my previous business. I will now direct my efforts towards
serving the people of my country. Cherie, thanks to you my eyes are 
finally open.  But the losses we had to suffer for that to happen were

Cherie : (Indeed... And we only understand how much we lost once it's too

(Now head back to Mustaki's house, and you'll see who sent the letters.
Golonzo is sneaking around in Mustaki's house.  He sneaks off towards
the graveyard.)

Cherie : (That person... If I remember correctly, that's Golonzo.)

Cherie : What is he doing, entering someone's house and sneaking around
like that?

(In the graveyard.)

Cherie : (What is he doing here..?)

(He opens up that secret passage to Marl castle.)

Cherie : Whoa, what a surprise! I never noticed there was a hidden underground
path here. Where could it lead to?

(Enter and you'll find yourself in the same underground waterway that you
went through in the Princess chapter. Keep going left to go to Marl Castle.
Try to enter the door on the right on the first floor and you'll get the
following scene.)

Voice : Hohohohoho!

(Scene switch to the inside of the room where Golonzo is standing alone.)

Golonzo : That worked so well! I managed to get that stubborn Mustaki and
that eccentric old Polyanski out of the way so nicely! With the data
gathered here, I can start mass producing this gigantic puppet! Once this
is achieved, Marl Kingdom--No! the whole world will be mine! The world 
will belong to me, the great Golonzo!! Mwa ha ha ha!

Cherie : (This is terrible! What should I do? ...Or rather, what can I do?
Do I have the strength to stop him? I was never able to change anything.
Marius... Please, grant me courage!)

(A ghostly image of Marius appears behind her.)

Cherie : (That's right! "Girls take initiative!!")

(Run back to Mustaki's house!)

Mustaki : Oh, Cherie. Do you happen to know what happened to that data
that we stored here? I can't find it. I was sure I kept it here, though...

Polyanski : Sheesh, you're getting senile. Getting old is miserable.

Cherie : (I know! If I tell everything to Mustaki, I'm sure he'll

Cherie : Mustaki, listen to me. Something terrible happened! I heard him!
That man, Golonzo, he's...!!

Mustaki : What's with you, all of a sudden? What terrible thing?
Calm down and explain properly.

(The screen blacks out as Cherie explains.)

Cherie : And that's what happened.

Mustaki : So it was Golonzo, huh...

Polyanski : Then that means he's the one who asked us to go to wait in
Mothergreen... He used that time to steal our data.

Cherie : If we let him have his way, then the whole world will be in danger!
If he mass-produces that Weapon, then this world... Will surely know the
same fate as the Ancient civilizations!

Polyanski : ...? As far as I know, we still haven't found an explanation as
to why that civilization disappeared.

Cherie : But I know! The world you're calling the "Ancient civilization"...
The foolishness of war... The terror that Weapon brought to so many
people... I know them all too well!

(She changes to her angelic form.)

Polyanski : Oooh! Those white wings...! Those are like the ones that the
Ancients bore!

Mustaki : Cherie...! You're...!

Cherie : I'm sorry Mustaki... I've hidden this all this time.

(The screen flashes back to the destruction of the Aerial Garden while
Cherie tells her story.)

Cherie (narrating) : And so I told them about what I had witnessed so long
ago. The fate of the world of the past.. And the sorrow that war brought
to so many people...

Mustaki : ...

Polyanski : ...

Mustaki : I understand. Let's destroy the weapon. Then we can burn all the

Polyanski : I see. I agree. But if we do that, we won't be able to work for
the royal family anymore.  And here I wanted to date a girl from the
nobility at least once... Sigh. I guess there's no helping it.

Cherie : Thank you, Mustaki and...

Polyanski : Polyanski. People call me the "Great Sage Polyanski." But a
cute girl like you can call me Polin <3

Cherie : Haha.  Thank you, Polin.

Mustaki : Then we'll go ahead to the castle and bring the weapon outside.
Cherie, you go to the castle's laboratory and get back the data that
Golonzo stole. Here is the Lab's key.

Polyanski : What are we going to do once we get the weapon outside the
castle? Even without attempting to destroy it, it's unlikely that we won't
get by unnoticed.

Mustaki : That's right...

Cherie : In that case, I know a good place. There's an underground passage
below the graveyard in the church. If we destroy the weapon down there,
nobody will notice.

Mustaki : Good. Then we'll meet in that underground passage.

(They all start to leave.)

Mustaki : ...Cherie. Take care not to overexert yourself. Your body is
especially precious right now.

Cherie : Thanks, Mustaki. I... I'm glad to be your daughter.

Mustaki : ...I'm the one who should be saying that. I'm sorry for not
understanding your feelings until now. Forgive me.

Polyanski : Little girl. Once we're done with that thing, you'll have to
tell me all about the Ancient civilization. I'll prepare tea for the two
of us <3

(They leave.  The spirit of Marius appears behind Cherie again.)

Cherie : (Marius... Thanks for giving me courage.)

(Well, now it's back to Marl castle. The soldiers in Mothergreen won't block
the way anymore, so there's no need to crawl underground again. Go directly
to the lab.  That's where Golonzo was hanging out earlier! The data is that
shiny spot on the right side of the room. When you approach the notes you'll
trigger a fight with the 3 puppets, so be prepared for a fight.)

Albatross : Selfishly creating us, and then taking away our only purpose...
Humans are really....

Duke : Don't say that, Albatross. The war is already over, and thus our
purpose is as well.

Chiba : You may say that, Duke, but I will forever resent those three!
Mustaki, Polyanski and Golonzo!

Duke : Stop it, Chiba. I share your feelings, but...

Cherie : You three... Could you be the puppets that Mustaki made?

Albatross : Y-you can hear our voices?

Chiba : Could you be one of those rumored "Ancient People?"

Cherie : ...yes, I am.

Duke : I see. As you said, we are the puppets Mustaki and his companions
created. We were created as weapons to stop the war. But we were discarded,
even before we were made more than prototypes, because of the revival of
that Ancient Weapon!

Chiba : It's mortifying!

Albatross : The three of us would never have lost against that bony, Ancient

Cherie : I see. Then how about coming with me? If you stay with me,
I think you'll find what you're searching for.

Duke : Are you saying that we'll be able to face the Ancient Weapon?

Cherie : Yes... Most likely.

Duke : ...Fine. However, shall we test to if you're truly worthy to be our

(Cue battle against the three Mustaki-hating puppets. This is probably the
most difficult fight in the entire Cherie chapter, so be prepared. Duke's
element is water, Chiba's is wind and Albatross's is fire. Don't forget to
charge up a fully powered pastry attack before starting this fight!)

Duke : Magnificent! We now recognize you as our master.

Albatross : We would like to know the name of our new master.

Cherie : Cherie. My name is Cherie.

Chiba : Lady Cherie. We will now be your swords.

Duke : From now on, the three of us will be fighting for you!

Albatross : Yeah, let's go!

(The three puppets join your party.)

Cherie : It might just be my destiny to fight that weapon... Your dream
might come true shortly.

(Now it's time to go back to the underground passage. Head to the big
gate in the middle of the waterway, behind the Goddess Statue.)

(Once you go through the "Netherworld Gate," the room underneath
the graveyard of Orange Village...)

Mustaki : Here, Cherie.

Cherie : This place, it's...?

Polyanski : Ruins from the Ancient civilization. If we destroy the Weapon
here, it should be okay.

Mustaki : Alright. I will turn it off. Everyone, step back.

(Mustaki pulls out some kind of remote and switches the Weapon off.  It
starts again a few seconds later. Mustaki pushes the switch again, but to
no effect. Polyanski takes the switch from him, pushes it like mad, and
ends up breaking it.)

Polyanski : Noooooooooo!!

Mustaki : This is bad! That thing is moving of its own will!
That... That thing is alive!

Cherie : Just as it was designed in the past, this Weapon was made to
operate by itself. Is it trying to bring that nightmare to this era, too?
You two stand back. I'll handle this! Since it only recently awakened, it's
still possible to stop it! This time I'll stop it once and for all!

(Battle against the Ancient Weapon! If you won the earlier fight against
the puppets, you'll find this one much easier. The Weapon has more power
and HP but it's also fighting alone.)

Cherie : Huff, huff, huff...!

Polyanski : Ah, that was scary. (I even wet my pants...I guess it's my age.)

Mustaki : Cherie, are you alright?!

Cherie : Yes... I'm fine. But more importantly... Stopping this thing
completely will be difficult. If this isn't done properly, it'll just start
to move again...

Mustaki : In that case, let's seal it here.

Polyanski : I see, that's fine.

(They leave the room and lock the door.)

Polyanski : Good, now nobody can get in here without this key.

Mustaki : We awoke a dreadful thing...

Polyanski : Yes... This was a terribly foolish thing to do.

Cherie : I wish everyone could realize that.  It's because they don't
understand this that mankind keeps repeating the same mistakes. Maybe,
one day...

Cherie (narrating) : The Ancient civilization was swallowed in war, and
disappeared entirely. Does mankind never learn from its past errors? Are
the sacrifices the past made all in vain? Why do people keep on repeating
the same mistakes? But I have faith that someday, everyone will

------------------------------  Final Chapter--------------------------------
--------------------------------  Last wish ---------------------------------

Cherie (narrating) : It's been several years since the end of the war...
And since I lost the man I loved. But he left me with the seed of a new
life. I named our child "Cornet." That child gave me new hopes and dreams
for life. Painful times do not last forever, and happiness always replaces
them in time. She taught me that.

Cherie : Cornet, what game shall we play today?

Cornet : Hmmm, I wanna play adventuring with Kururu!

Cherie : Haha. Cornet, you really like Kururu, don't you?

Cornet : Yeah! Because she's a puppet my mommy made!

Cherie : I see. Cornet, just like your mother, you have the power to make
friends with puppets.

Cornet : The power to make friends?

Cherie : That's right. That horn I gave you will let you make your wishes
come true. If you play it, you'll make friends with lots of puppets!

Cornet : But I have you, Mom!

Cherie : Yes. There's the chance that I won't always be by your side,

Cornet : Waaaaah!  Noooo!

Cherie : Ah, sorry, sorry! I was just kidding. It's alright. Mom will
always be by your side until you find happiness.

Cornet : Really? You promise?

Cherie : Of course. I promise.

Cornet : Then let's make a pinky promise!

Cherie : Okay.

Cherie&Cornet : Pinky promise!  If I lie, I'll eat a porcupine!

Cherie&Cornet : Done!

Cornet : Hehehe, I love you, Mom!

Etoile : Cornet! Let's go play!

Cornet : Ah it's Etoile!

Cherie : Hello, Etoile!

Etoile : Good day to you, Aunt Cherie.

Cherie : (Aunt..? Sigh. I guess that has to be expected, since I'm Cornet's
mother and all.)

Cherie : Oh my, Etoile. You're wearing that hair band I gave you. It suits
you very well.

Etoile : Th-thanks.

Cornet : Ah! Etoile is embarrassed!

Cherie : Hahaha. Etoile, is your father at work today again?

Etoile : ...yes.

Cherie : Geez! That Karl, how could he neglect his cute little daughter?
What a poor father! I was so right not to marry him!

Cornet : Mom? What are you getting angry about?

Cherie : Huh? Ah, it's nothing. I was just talking to myself. Come on now,
healthy kids should play outside.

Cornet&Etoile : Yes!

Cherie : ...Well then, I've got to clean the church today.

(If you talk to Etoile outside.)

Etoile : Cornet keeps saying "Girls do initiative" or something like that.

Cherie : Teeheehee. Etoile, I'd like it if you stayed Cornet's friend.

Etoile : Yes!

(Talking to Cornet.)

Cornet : Today, I'm playing adventure with Etoile!

Cherie : Okay. Take care when playing.

(Go inside the church, and...)


Song title : Aruite Ikou (Cherie's version)

Lyrics : Shinkawa Sohei
Melody : Satou Tenpei

Cherie (seiyuu : Maria Kawamura)

Nani yorimo taisetsuna hitoshii hito yo
Mujaki de yogorenonai sono egao
Nakimushi de amaenbou watashi no tenshi
Hayaku ookiku natte genki ni sodate

Kanashii toki mo kujikesou na toki mo
Kono uta wo utatte akaruku ikite hoshii

Kibou to isshoni aruite hoshii
Yume wo wasurezuni aruite hoshii


Cherie : Whew. All done. It's a lot cleaner now.

Cherie : Oh, Ancient Gods. This is kind of a silly wish, but... Pretty
please, let Cornet grow up as a kind and healthy girl. Marius, please watch
over her, too.

(Suddenly, an earthquake occurs!)

Cherie : That earthquake... That wasn't normal. Could it be related to that
thing underground? I have to go tell Mustaki!

(Inside Mustaki's house.)

Cherie : Mustaki! That earthquake just now...!!

Mustaki : Right. You felt it too.

Cherie : Then it's related to that thing underground?
... Ah, Cornet? Where's Cornet?

Mustaki : Wasn't she playing outside home just a bit earlier?
Didn't you see her on the way?

Cherie : Cornet!

(She rushes outside)

Cherie : Cornet! Cornet!

(You'll have to go back to the church again. You'll find Etoile in the

Etoile (sobbing) : Cornet... Cornet is... Waaaahhh!

Cherie : Don't tell me she's inside?!

Etoile : Y-yes... Waaaaaah!

Cherie : Alright, I understand. Come on, Etoile, stop crying. You wait
right here, alright?

Cherie : (Marius! Please protect our little girl!)

(Head underground. Your goal, of course, is the Gate of the Netherworld.)

Cherie : Cornet! Aaah, my dear Cornet!!

Cornet : Waaaahhhh! Mooom!!

Cherie : You shouldn't be here, alright? Never come here again, okay?
Pretty please?

Cornet : O-okay...  Sniff...

(Golonzo, sneaking around in the shadows, is irked.)

Golonzo : (Hmph! To think that someone would get here this fast! All when
I finally found the Ancient Weapon, the key to realizing my ambition....!)

(He leaves as the weapon starts to approach Cherie.)

Cherie : I-impossible... It's still moving...

(It keeps moving closer!)

Cherie : Stand back, Cornet!

Cornet : B-but Mom, you'll...

Cherie : Please, Cornet! Listen to your Mom!

Cornet : O-okay!

(She hides behind a pillar.)

Cherie : A weapon created by people to kill people... Following the
instructions it was given so long ago, it continues to revive again and
again...  The sin doesn't lie with it, but with the people who made it.
But this doesn't belong in this era...This shouldn't have ever existed at
all! Fall back into slumber!! With all the memories of the world of the past!

(Battle time with the Ancient Weapon. Same as last time.  It does tend
to use special attacks a little more often, though.)

Cornet : You did it, Mom!

Cherie : I told you not to come closer, Cornet!

(The weapon gets up and starts to attack again. Cherie turns into her
winged form, and protects Cornet.  She turns around to attack it once more.
She drives it away, but falls to the ground soon afterwards)

Cherie : ...!

Cornet : Mom!

Cherie : You're not hurt, Cornet?

Cornet : I'm sorry! I'm so sorry, It's all my fault!

Cherie : Haha, don't be silly. There's no need to apologize.

Cornet : Mom!! Wake up! You promised to stay with me until I became happy!
We even did a pinky promise!

Cherie : Cornet... Haha, you're right... Then I'll remain by your side.
Until you find happiness.

Cornet : Mom! Don't die!

Cherie : I'm so sorry... I don't have any strength left. Please, Cornet.
Play your trumpet... If you do, then I can do one last thing...

Cornet : O-okay.

(Cornet plays her trumpet.)

Cherie : Don't cry, Cornet. Your mom will always, always be at your side!
Oh, Ancient Gods! Hear my final request!

Cornet : Mom!

Cherie : Cornet... I'm so glad to have met you.  Thank you...

Mustaki : No! Cherie!

(You then see Cherie's "soul" leave her body and enter the Kururu doll.
It gets up and starts to move.)

Cornet : Mom...

Cherie (narrating) : With my final breath, I using my remaining strength
to transfer my soul into the body of a puppet. As the puppet Kururu, I 
befriended Cornet. Cornet never realized who I was, but we still
became wonderful friends. 

For every meeting, there is also a goodbye. Its because people part that 
new acquaintances can be made. Life might simply be about repeating that 
cycle over and over... And thus, once Cornet found true happiness, I 
left her side. People may have thought of my life as a happy one. They 
may have thought the opposite. Was I happy? I don't know, myself. 
But there's one thing I'm sure of : My life was satisfying.

There are both hardships and happiness in life. People feel happiness
because there are hardships, and because of those hardships, people feel
happiness. I want everyone to realize how precious happiness really is. 
Always and forever... And finally, I would like to express my
deepest, deepest gratitude and say...

(The credits roll to the theme of Cherie's version of the song "Arigato"
("Thanks.") After the credits roll you get one last piece of art showing
Cornet and puppet Kururu together.  It closes with Cherie saying: "Thanks".)

                             CHAPTER 6


**This is an extra chapter designed for all of you who cleared everything
else but still think, "It's not enough!"  Please enjoy this chapter to your
heart's content.


The legendary God of Destruction, reborn once every 10,000 years...
Sometimes razing the earth with scorching flames,
Sometimes drowning humanity beneath surging waves.
From time immemorial he has been called
"The Terrible Overlord..."

===============================  Chapter 6  ===============================
================  This is Marl!  Everyone Work Together!  =================

(The chapter opens with a dark, creepy voice over.)

People call me the Terrible Overlord...
Where, when and how was I born?  Even I know not.
But, for what reason was I created?  That I instinctively understand...
It is simply a matter of following the instincts surging in my very genes...
And that is to utterly destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy, destroy
this world!
My preparations are complete.  In just a few days, I shall be reborn from
my eternal slumber...

(In Marl Castle, we find the King, Queen, Kururu and Cello gathered in the
throne room.  Kururu and Cello are standing before the king and queen, who
are seated in their thrones.)

Ferdinand:  When you two have children, what do you intend to name them?

Kururu:  Huh?  We haven't thought about that at all. Right, Cello?

Cello: (Blushing)  Y-yeah.

Cornet:  Oh, really?  Well then, your mother will have to choose for you.
Well then, for example... If it's a boy, we'll call him Potemkin.
If it's a girl...

(Everyone in the room sweatdrops.)

Kururu:  ...That's enough!  You don't need to do anything.  We'll think
about it ourselves.

(In a sudden flash of light, Cherie appears, in angelic form, flying
above the group.)

Kururu:  Grandmother!?

Cello:  Cherie!

Cornet:  Mother!  What in the world is going on?

Cherie:  Marl Kingdom is on the brink of a great crisis.  Please.  Come
with me.

(In another burst of light, Ferdinand, Cornet, Kururu and Cello vanish
from the room.  The scene cuts to the knights, who are waiting outside of
the throne room.)

Geo:  Really!  Then the grandchild I've been waiting so long for is on
its way!

Sonia:  Father!  Don't talk so loudly!

Geo:  What are you so embarrassed about?  This is wonderful news!  Well
done, Randy!  You really came through!

Randy:  Ah ha ha!  Thank you, sir.

Zolbaref:  (Watching from the top of the stairs)  Oh... Sonia is in a
completely different world now... Zolbaref of the Dawn is truly distraught!!

(Again, a mysterious flash of light engulfs the room.)

Zolbaref:  Eeeh?  What's that light?

(Cherie stands above the group of three senior knights.  Everyone has only
enough time to be surprised before they vanish.)

Zolbaref:  S-sonia!

(He leaps from the top floor and lands HARD on the stairs.)

Zolbaref:  Halt, you witch!  Hand over Sonia!  Otherwise, this Zolbaref of
the Dawn will be forced to use my Super Secret Ultra Death Blow...

Cherie:  It can't be helped, I suppose.  I'll take this one, too.

(In Mothergreen, Etoile is standing around with her henchmen and Crea in
the business district of town.)

Etoile:  So, Crea.  Today is the first time in a while that you've been
able to go shopping with your wonderful mother.  If you see anything at all
that you like, even a little, I'll buy it all for you. So don't hesitate
to ask your mother, all right?

Crea:  Yes, mother.

(Another flash of light, and Cherie steals them away, too.  The scene
changes yet again to The Akuujo, where Akuujo and her minions are standing

Akuujo:  It seems as if that fool Marjoly now has more free time than she
knows what to do with!  Shall we go and pay her a special visit?

RanRan:  Agreed!

FonFon:  Agreed~ <3

NyanNyan:  ...Super agreement,  nya.  Keesheeshee.

(Cherie appears once again and steals all of the Akuujo 4 away, leaving
the Nyanshes to panic alone by themselves.  The scene cuts yet again to
two normal cats dozing on the bridge in the Wonder Woods.)

Cat:  Nya~
Cat:  Meow~

(And Cherie appears once again.  She transforms them back into Pekonyan
and Pokonyan and spirits them away.  The scene cuts once more to Beauty
Castle, where Marjoly and crew are sitting around and plotting.)

Marjoly:  Ah, nothing to do~~  Is there really -nothing- interesting to do
around here?

Gao:  Hunt down boys?

Crowdia:  Smooth out your wrinkles?

Myao:  Dye your gray hairs, nya?

Marjoly:  Are you guys looking for a fight?!

(Cherie appears, and...)

Cherie:  Ah... This is the one person I really don't want to bring along,
but...  Some things you can't help, I suppose.

(And she sweeps them away too.  The scene changes, one last time, to a
giant, empty cavern.  A giant spell circle flashes along the floor and
everyone appears within it.  Everyone looks confused when Cherie descends
into the middle of the crowd.)

Cherie:  Everyone.  I am terribly sorry for bringing you all to a place
like this without explaining myself.  However, I desperately need
your strength.  Do you all know the story of the Terrible Overlord who 
is resurrected once every 10,000 years?

Cornet:  The Terrible Overlord?

Kururu:  The one in that old fairy tale?

Cherie:  Yes.  But it is not just a fairy tale.  Although he was supposed
to have been sealed in ancient times, he seems to be on the brink of
reviving.  If the Overlord awakens, the entire world will be so ravaged that
not even the weeds will be able to grow for 100 years.  Please!  Please help
me stop the resurrection of the Overlord!  With your combined strengths, 
we can save Marl Kingdom!

Marjoly:  The Overlord, huh.  Doesn't that seem interesting?  Sounds like
a perfect way to waste some time.

Cherie:  So who's with me?

(Everyone in the room strikes their distinctive pose in agreement.)

Cherie:  Thank you, everyone.  Then, before we go and destroy the
Overlord... Cornet, Etoile, King Ferdinand.

(The three step forward.)

This is my gift to you.

(All of them revert to their teenage forms.)

Cornet:  W-what is this?

Cherie:  I have temporarily returned you all to your best days.  It may be
unnecessary, but when we fight the Overlord I would like all of you to be
in perfect condition.

Etoile:  Hmph, are you saying you're doing me a favor because you think
I'm -old-?  How unbelievably rude!

Marjoly:  Ho~ ho ho ho ho!  Humans are such piteous creatures, aren't they.
In the span of a heartbeat they turn into hags!

(Cornet and Etoile stare in disbelief.)

Etoile:  Ugh...!  Insulted by the absolute last person I'd want to hear
it from!  I, Etoile Rosenqueen, have never been so humiliated!

Cornet:  N-now, now.  Although I COMPLETELY understand how you feel,
just ignore it. Ignore it.

Cherie:  Well then, everyone.  Are you ready?  Let's go and destroy 
the Overlord!

(The entire, massive, swollen group of people tries, all at once, to gather
together.  The result, understandably, is chaos.)

Gao:  Ah ha ha!  It's like a party, a pa~rty!

Etoile:  Well, in any case, this is the most exciting development in a
while!  I'm a little worked up now!

Pekonyan:  Y-you're hurting me, nya!  Don't push, nya!

FonFon:  Oh no~ <3  Did somebody just touch my butt~?!

Myao:  You should have given Marjoly back her youth too, nya!

Crea:  Tee hee, Kururu.  It looks like we'll be able to go on another
adventure together <3

Pokonyan:  Whee~, how fun, nya!  It's like a picnyic!

(Finally, with one huge POP, everyone manages to smoosh together into a
single party, leaving Cherie--your lead character for this chapter--somewhat

Cherie:  ...Will these people really be able to do it?  For some reason,
I'm really nervous all of a sudden.

(The next room you enter is full of unique and famous NPCs from the games,
including frog men from the Frog Kingdom, the BlueCat Captain, pirates,
performers from Rosenqueen land and Guwanji.)

Captain:  I'm the Rosenqueen Company's pirate--... Er, Ex-Pirate and current
employee.  At Cherie's request, the Rosenqueen Company has come to lend all
of its strength to supporting the destruction of the Overlord.  This time,
the Rosenqueen Company has brought its elite Bureau of Intelligence.  Please
ask them for information relating to the Overlord.  We have also put out a
10,000,000 inochium bounty for anyone who can destroy the Overlord, and have
thus gathered a band of reckless bounty hunters.  You may be able to get
information from them, as well.

Guwanji:  The conte--....!!  The next--!!  AuuuuGGHH!

Do you remember me?  I am Guwanji, your Guwanji, everyone's Great Idol
Guwanji.  Today, I've come with some top notch information for you.  The
levels of the monsters in this dungeon are determined by the highest level
character in your party.  For example, if your highest character is the level
300 Marjoly, then some terribly strong monsters will appear.  If there's a
big difference between Marjoly and the other people in your party, then
they're going to get wiped out in an instant.  Consequentially, it's
important to pay attention to levels when organizing your party.  If you
don't organize your party well, it won't matter how high your characters'
levels may be.  However, if you defeat high level monsters you'll get a lot
of experience, so you can organize your party so your strong characters can
help the others earn experience.

The Overlord is very strong.

Please do your best.  That is all for Guwanji's Advice!

Frogman:  When I heard that Marl Kingdom was in trouble, I, Keropian, came
from the Frog Country to help, kero.  ...What I mean to say is that I have
information for you, kero.  The Little Overlord disguises himself as the
person that people want to see most, kero.  Because he preys on the weakest
part of a person's heart,  he's a terrible foe, kero.

Guy on Stilts:  The Overlord is resurrected once every 10,000 years, and
then he brings the world to the brink of destruction.  Although no one has
seen what he looks like, he's left legends in every country in the world.
Gao:  Oh yeah~.. If even the super-old Marjoly's never seen him, that must
mean that one none has!
Marjoly:  Shut up!  Who are you calling old?

Juggling Man:  The Overlord doesn't seem to be able to restore itself to
full power until after it's resurrected.  Our results from analyzing a few
eye witness reports have confirmed that the Overlord is using something that
looks like a cat to move around.  We have been calling that cat "the Little

Unicycle Woman:  The Overlord's other form, "The Little Overlord" steals
energy from those who have a very powerful life force.  We've received
damage reports from every country in the world and believe that it may be
one factor in the Overlord's quick recovery.  Perhaps there is one among
your group who has met the Little Overlord...?

(The sailor is your item/weapon merchant, and the pigtailed woman sells
you armor.)

Portgama:  I am the new King of the Frog Kingdom, Portgama, kero.  Is there
anything you'd like to ask me, kero?
(He's the guy who reads the general game information guide to you this
time.  Not very interesting.)


Continue into the dungeon.  For the most part, this is a very direct dungeon.
There's only 5 levels, and while each floor is a relatively long maze,
you'll probably find your way around the dungeon well before your entire
party is high enough to beat the Overlord.  The trick to this dungeon is
to put Marjoly and Akuujo's people up front, so they can take the brunt of
the damage, and leave everyone you want to level in back.  You're going to
want everyone to be at least 100 before you try to finish this chapter, and
probably a bit higher.

On floor 1, just one down from where you start, you find yet another room
with a few cameos and the bounty hunter team from Rosenqueen.


Burg:  Hello everyone.  This time, Burg is here to support you!  I'm done
with being a villain.  From now on, I live to help people.
... Of course, that means that if you pay me 1,000,000 inochium, I'll
become your ally.

>Don't Pay

Don't:  Are you turning down Burg!?  Even after I went to so much trouble
to wash my hands of being a villain, the world won't accept Burg as he
is... It's so tragic...

Do, but no money:  You don't have enough inochium.  Come back later.


Eri the Mushroom:  Good afternoon, Cornet~!
Cornet:  Huh?
Eri:  Did you forget me, gya?  I'm Eri, the Eringa!

Cornet:  Ah!  The one from back then!  ...No, of course I didn't forget you.
It's just that all of you look the same.
Eri:  These days, I'm working for the Rosenqueen Company as an information
gatherer in the Eringa Valley, gya!  I've brought you some super top secret
information, gya!  I'd like you to listen carefully:

The Overlord seems very strong!  Be careful, gya~!

Cornet:  Is... is that it?
Eri:  That's it, gya!
Cornet: ... Thank you for this valuable information.  I'm sure it'll be a
big help.


Penguin:  Penpenpenpenpenpenpenpenpenpenpen.
Kururu:  W-what?  What's this thing saying?
Crea:  I'll translate for you.  Hmmm....  Ah!  I see.  I understand now.
Kururu:  What is it?

Crea:  The penguin said that because the Overlord is a machine, someone
ought to be controlling it from inside.
Etoile:  Oh~hohohohoho!  Marvelous, Crea!  You can even understand the
language of penguins!
Cornet:  Hmph.  Hey, Kururu!  Were you even listening when you were at
school?  Why can Crea understand when you can't?
Kururu:  ...Come on, we didn't have a penguin language class at school!
Cherie:  (Ah ha ha.  Cornet's truly become a mother, hasn't she.  But it's
surprising how she's grown to be so much like her own mother.)


Shirtless Man with a Sword and Shield:  You guys came to destroy the
Overlord?  A bunch of kids like you should be hiding at home at your
mothers' teats!

Kneeling Woman:  Hey, hey, I came to ask the Overlord for his autograph!

Man with a Hat over his Eyes:  This is no place for amateurs.  You should
escape while you still have your lives.

Angel Cat:  The Overlord who kills even women in children, huh... That's
pretty funny, huh.  Me?  I'm a bounty hunter.  I'm an outlaw who'll run
face first towards danger for the prize money!


On floor B1, swerve very far left right outside of the stairway you came
down.  You'll be in a giant color block puzzle where stepping on the colors
on the ground causes the blocks to rise or fall.  In the middle, you find

Olivia:  I'm Olivia.  I'll tell you some extremely useful information.
What do you want to hear about?
>Inheriting Magical Resistance
>The Hidden Elements of Magical Resistance

>Inheriting Magical Resistance
If you use the Angel Statue's "Miracle" ability, you'll somehow be able to
inherit other monsters' magical resistances! When "Miracle" returns a monster
to your party, it bases it on the highest leveled monster in your party.
That base monster's resistance and magic are acquired by the monster you
receive from the Goddess.  That means that you can make monsters with a very
high resistance level without using items or partners!  Aim for the strongest
monster you can. <3

(**NOTE:  This refers to the Holy/Shadow/Fire/Wind/etc elements that your
monsters have.  You normally raise and lower these stats by equipping items
or changing the party arrangement.)

>The Hidden Elements of Magical Resistance
When your characters level up, their stats are influenced by their magical
resistances.  If you have high resistance levels, you'll get bonuses to your
stats when you level up, and will be able to make even stronger characters!
Conversely, if you have negative resistances, that detracts from your stats
as you level, so you should be careful.  The stats that each magical
resistance affects are as follows:
Fire:  Influences attack power
Water:  Influences defense
Wind:  Influences speed
Earth:  Influences intelligence
Holy: Influences HP
Dark: Influences SP
Lightning: If you have any negative resistances, it corrects these
detractions to an equal amount as your Lightning Statistic

...Well, that's the gist of it.  Your magical resistances also affect your
own magical power and reduce the damage that you take from those elements,
so it's a ve~ry important property!


(Once you beat the block puzzle, you find yourself in a room, mostly empty,
with a red jewel floating in the center.)

Voice:  Wait...

(The Little Overlord appears in the middle of the room.)

Cherie:  Y-you...!
(Cutesy blushy smile)  Who -are- you?!

Little Overlord:  Have you forgotten...?
I first met you many years ago...

(The entire party flashbacks, remembering all of the times they fought
and defeated him.)

Cornet:  Now that you mention it...

Kururu:  Yeah!  I've definitely seen you before!

Pekonyan: (with a wicked grin) Oh, is that so, nya...

Marjoly:  I certainly haven't forgotten!  This guy disguised himself as my
most precious person!

Cherie:  ...!!

Little Overlord:  Although I failed to steal your energy, I've steadily
been regaining my power.  Very soon I will awaken...

Akuujo:  Then, you are...

Little Overlord:  Indeed...
This is the form I used to hide myself within the world...
I am indeed, The Terrible Overlord!

NyanNyan:  This guy is, nya...!

Crowdia:  The Terrible Overlord?!

Little Overlord:  Hm... I'd like to show you my true form, but that
will take a little longer yet...
Until then, I wont allow you to interfere...


Little Overlord:  W-well done...
I will allow you a temporary victory...
But, next time you will not be the same.  Prepare yourselves...

(With a burst of dark magic, he vanishes.

In the room:
-You get the "Red Orb!"
-You get "The Key to the Green Orb's Chambers")


On B2 (the dreadful floor with all of the teleporters) one path leads to
the eastern door, and from there to a dead end with a green door.  Now you
have the key to this door, and open it to find a room with a green jewel in
it.  As you watch, the Little Overlord appears again!

Little Overlord:  Until I have completely awakened... I'll keep you busy
for a short while...


Little Overlord:  I thought you were just normal humans, so I let my 
guard down...
Such negligence seems to be a bad habit of mine...
That was also the case when I was sealed by you useless humans...

Cornet: Sealed?

Little Overlord:  Indeed...
I was sealed by some curious jewels known as the Light of Beauty and
Shadow of Beauty...
I was woken from my eternal sleep one day by a single little girl...
Thanks to her, I was once again able to revive myself...
Look forward to my complete revival!

(With that,  he vanishes.)

Kururu:  Whoever broke the Overlord's seal has got to be something else.

Myao:  She deserves a punishing, nya!

RanRan:  We should all gang up on her~ <3

Cello:  The Light of Beauty and Shadow of Beauty...?

(With this, the scene cuts to a flashback of Cherie's Chapter.  Cherie and
Cello stand in the vault that held the Light and Shadow of Beauty.)

Cherie:  Ah?  What's that?

Cello:  This is...?

Cherie:  Yeah.  This has got to be it.  So, let's try and wish, okay?  If...
if these really can grant any wish... Please grant my wish! Cure my
brother Keel's illness!  Remove war from this world!

Cello:  ...

Cherie: ...So? Did you feel anything?

Cello:  Nothing.  But maybe it doesn't work immediately.

Cherie:  ...Maybe so.  Then to make sure, let's take these with us.

(She removes the Light and Shadow of Beauty jewels off their stands.  Then
she stops, seeming startled by something.)
Cello: ...?  What's wrong, Cherie?

Cherie:  A... chill came over me just now...  I wonder what it was?

Cello:  I don't know.  But whatever it was, I don't think it's good.

Cherie: ... Let's go.  I suddenly feel... like we shouldn't be here.

(As she leaves, she takes one last look at the horned creature buried in
the rock behind the jewels.  The scene cuts back to the present day, where
Cherie is facing the entire group.)

Cherie: What?  So it's my fault that the Overlord is reviving...?
(She blushes in embarrassment.)  Teehee. <3

Kururu:  You can't just "tee hee <3" about this!

Marjoly:  My, my.  So after asking us to save Marl Kingdom and fight under
you, this turns out to be is a~~~ll your fault?

Akuujo:  People call us Witches, and even we would never do anything
-that- evil.

Pokonyan:  So you look innocent even while you creep wickedly 
in the shadows, nya~?

Gao:  You could get the death penalty for that sort of thing!

Cherie:  B-but, lots of good things happened because those jewels were
here, too, so everything was OK in the end, right...?

Kururu:  I guess that's more or less right...

Cornet:  We can't start worrying about whose fault it is now.  The
important thing is to defeat the Overlord, right?

Cherie:  (Wonderful, Cornet!  Nice follow-up!  Brilliant, my daughter!)

Ferdinand:  I agree.  I believe that defeating the Overlord should be our
highest priority.

Kururu:  That's right!  "Girls take initiative!"  You've got to clear your
name, grandmother!

Cherie:  Thank you.  It's just like you said.  "Girls take initiative!"
To clear my name!

(In the room, you find:
-You get the "Green Orb!"
-You get the "Key to the Blue Orb's Chambers!")


After you get two of the jewels, the shops move to the entrance of B3.
Also, the captain has a bit of new info for you.

Captain:  The Overlord is the strongest enemy you'll face.  Steadily
raising levels, carefully equipping yourself and perfectly organizing your
party are essential.  If you do that, you'll eventually be able to defeat
him.  We of the Rosenqueen Company will support you until the very end.


(On B4, you run into Mustaki and Polyanski!)

Mustaki:  Ah, you're here!

Polyanski:  We've been waiting for you.

Cherie:  What are you doing in a place like this!?

Polyanski:  We heard that you were fighting the legendary Overlord.  We
decided to help and came as fast as we could.

Mustaki:  This is a present from Polyanski and I.

(He gives you Puppet Kururu.)

Puppet Kururu:  Co... Cor...net...

Cherie and Cornet:  !

Cherie:  This is...!

Mustaki:  Are you surprised?  Because she spent so much time with Cornet,
a part of her heart was left in this puppet.

Polyanski:  Hmph.  It's a phenomenon called "Memory Retention."

Cornet:  No way... I thought I'd never be able to see you again... Kururu...

Kururu (the girl): Mother...

Etoile:  It can't be helped.  Kururu was Cornet's best friend... And also
her mother.

Cherie:  Cornet.  Using the power of your memories, play your horn
and try to...

Cornet picks up Kururu carefully and puts her to the side.  Then she plays
her trumpet.  Light envelops the puppet.
-New life was blown into Puppet Kururu!

Puppet Kururu:  ...! Cornet!  I get to see you again!

Cornet:  Yeah... Definitely!

Puppet Kururu:  Do you remember, Cornet?  "Girls take initiative!"  Let's
go on another adventure together, okay?

Cornet:  Okay!

Puppet Kururu became your ally!


After the scene, Mustaki and Polyanski have a few more words for you:

Mustaki:  We prepared this Goddess Statue for you, so please heal yourself.

Polyanski:  After studying texts from the Age of the Ancients, I believe
that the Overlord may have some relation to that Ancient Weapon.  This is
just my guess, but what if the Overlord had been the prototype for the
Ancient Weapon?  Of course, he was sealed away because he was too
dangerous, but...  It's possible that the ancients used the Overlord largely
as a model for the Ancient Weapon.  And for that reason, they were 
destroyed...  There is a lot in common between the Overlord and everything
we know about him and the Ancient Weapon.

...Well, like I said, that's just my guess.  I've got 10 more years in me
yet.  I'll use them to confirm this with my own eyes.  If you think of it
that way, I'm pretty strong.


The door that you unlock with the Blue Key is actually way back up on 1F,
in that area between the starting area and the first save point.  Hurray for
yet more backtracking!  There's nothing immediately visible in this room,
but the Little Overlord appears immediately regardless.

Little Overlord:  My resurrection is now just a matter of time...
Soon, no one will be able to stop me...


Little Overlord:  Impressive...
...Still, you are too late...
Already, the countdown to my resurrection has begun...
Once I completely finish reviving, I'll be level 10,000...  Prepare

Everyone: ...

Cherie:  Huh?  Hello?  What did you say just now?  Level...?

Little Overlord:  Level 10,000...
You had better level up as much as you can...

(He vanishes, leaving a dark blue orb in his wake.)

Cherie:  Level 10,000, huh...  What should we do?  We can't possibly do that.

(In the room:
-You get the "Blue Orb!")


Now you have to go back down to B5--but not down the stairway to the huge
double doors.  First, you need to break the seal.  On B4, head east east
east east east, following the south floor for most of the trip, and
continue that way for about an eternity.  Eventually you'll find another
stairway that goes down to B5.  It'll lead to just a single room, with a
glowing cauldron within it.

Click on it!

-A mysterious light emanates from the stand.
The orbs respond!
You put down the "Red Orb."
You put down the "Green Orb."
You put down the "Blue Orb."

A huge pillar of light erupts from the stand.

-A seal somewhere seems to have been broken!
The orbs do not respond anymore...


Once you unseal the room, go up to B4 again (and preferably heal) and then
head to the other B4-B5 exit.  You'll find all of the shopkeepers and the
Rosenqueen bounty hunters.

Guy with Hat:  If... you get that 1 in 10,000 chance...  and actually
defeat him... it wont be because of your own power!  It'll be because I
already did most of the work!  Don't forget that...

Kneeling Woman:  He... did this to me...?  Maybe this pain is...
rather nice <3

Kitty Angel:  Oooouuff... I didn't lose.  I just didn't want... to pick
on someone so weak...

Shirtless Knight:  I-I'm scared, mommy~~~!!

Captain:  The Overlord is right ahead.  You're about to face the final
battle!  You'd better equip yourself perfectly.  Of course, don't forget to
save, either.  The Overlord is stronger than you've ever imagined.  Don't go
in unprepared.  You should take a lesson from all of those bounty hunters
over there...


(Head downstairs, go through the door.  Tada!)

Overlord:  Impressive, to come this far...  I commend you.
Behold...  This is my true form!

(Dark magic fills the room, and a giant metal knight, resembling a huge
version of the Ancient Weapon, appears.)

Cherie:  This is the Overlord's true form...!

Kururu:  H-he's huge...!!

Crea:  He looks terribly strong, doesn't he.

Randy:  We've got to fight this?  Give me a break.

Sonia:  Now is not the time to whine.  If you're a man, act like one.

Etoile:  There's no doubt that this will be a drawn out battle.  If we
don't push ourselves too hard and do consistent damage, we should be
all right.

Marjoly:  What are you going on about?  It's not over yet!  Isn't that
right, you guys!  Let's show them plenty of what the Marjoly Family can do!

(The Marjoly Family strikes a pose.)

Akuujo:  All of you!  We're not going to be outdone by the Marjoly Family!
Let us show them all the true power of the Akuujo Family!

(They pose, too.)

Pekonyan:  Leave it to us, nya!!

Pokonyan:  This Nyanko and Nyanshe will do their best to pick up all of
your bones when it's over, nya!

Myao:  You idiots!  You're fighting too, nya!

Cherie:  ...Excuse me.  This is the final battle, you know... Maybe you all
should be just a little more focused right now.

Overlord:  ...How long to you intend to make me wait?  Are you prepared
now?  Nya!?
>We're ready.
>Not really.

If you say no, he'll state that he'll wait as long as you need.  If you
say yes, you immediately begin the battle.

(After battle #1.)

Overlord:  I started with a level closer to you humans... You should
realize how little power I was using...
Humans never change, no matter what era...  They continue to wage their
foolish wars, slaughter each other and destroy themselves...
To close the curtain on the age of human history... That is the reason
I exist...

(A flash of light explodes from him, the screen is swallowed in light,
and you are dragged into battle with form #2.  After you defeat it...)

Overlord:  What's wrong... Nya?
I am only using 30% of my power... Nya...

Cherie:  The Overlord is incredibly strong!  At this rate...!

Overlord:  I shall give you a rare gift...  This is me at 100% power...

(He begins to flash, glow and make horrible flailing gestures as he backs
up and...!! ...Topples over backwards.)


(He begins to smoke.)

Cherie: ...

Kururu:  Is it... over?

Cornet: ...Looks like it.

Cherie:  Then, does that mean we won?  We won?!  Then Marl Kingdom is
saved?!  Everyone, thank you so much!

Cornet:  ...Is it really all right, for us to win like this?

Cherie:  It's fine, it's fine! Everything's great as long as it's over!

Pokonyan:  L-look at that,  nya!

(A Nyanko explodes out of the Overlord's prone form.)

Cherie:  Was this Nyanko controlling the Overlord...?

Marjoly:  I don't think so. Wasn't the Nyanko the one being controlled 
by the Overlord?

Myao:  Hey you, do you remember anything up until nyow?

Nyanko:  Y-yes, nya.  That is, uhm, nya...  I was looking for a fragment
of the Shadow of Beauty, nya...

(The scene flashes back to the storeroom of the Aerial Gardens where the
jewels used to be before Cherie took them out.)

Nyanko:  Where,  where, where, nya~

(He walks up to the huge, half-buried form of the Overlord.)

Nyanko:  What could this be, nya?  Well, doesn't have anything to do with
mye!  I've got a job to do,  nya!  Otherwise Myao will yell at me again, nya~

Overlord:  Here, kitty... here, kitty... Come over here.  I've got a lot of
fish for you~

Nyanko:  Really,  nya?!  I'm coming, I'm coming, nya!

(The scene cuts back to the present, where he's telling this story.)

Nyanko: ...And the next thing I knew I was here, nya.  Somehow, it feels
like I've been dreaming, nya...

Marjoly:  It all makes sense now.  The Overlord is a machine, after all...
So without someone inside to operate it, it can't move.  That's why it used
this Nyanko to collect the energy for its resurrection.  That's also why
it kept saying that annoying nya nya nya nya nya all the time!  But...
the Overlord must have been incredibly stupid to use a Nyanko.

Crea:  Tee hee~.  The most impressive one here may just be this Nyanko.

Cornet:  What should we do with the Overlord, mother?

Cherie:  We should use the Light of Beauty and Shadow of Beauty to seal
him once more...

Marjoly:  I won't allow it!  I'll never allow you to use the Shadow of
Beauty for something like this!  It's a memento of the precious person who
gave it to me!

Cherie:  ...Then, we have no other choice.

(She walks off the screen towards the Overlord.  After a long moment, she

Cherie:  That should do it!

(The screen slides over to the Overlord.  Cherie has put up a sign in front
of it.  Kururu goes up to read it...)

Kururu:  What does that say..?  "Wet Paint?"

Cherie:  If we leave this here, no one will go near it.

(Everyone sweatdrops.)

Cornet:  Do... do you really think so?

VOICEOVER, CHERIE:  Even though everyone looked worried for some reason,
the important thing is that now Marl Kingdom... No, the entire world has
been saved from a terrible crisis.  The Terrible Overlord who revives once
every 10,000 years...

The next time he revives...

Well, we'll worry about that then.

END.  Cue "Otenba Hime" (Tomboy Princess), followed by "Kotori"
(Little Bird).

Thanks for clearing all of the chapters!  You can play them all over again,
so please continue to enjoy this game. <3  Do you want to save your clear

                                ~~THE END~~


Akurjo vs. Akuujo!
You may have noticed that Cho Hakkai and Borgor's "Little Princess"
translation uses "Akurjo," while this one uses "Akuujo." Why is that?

"Akurjo" comes from the official Japanese "Little Princess" book.
LP was never released in America, so we have no other official reference. 
As this is the official spelling that the Japanese developers of the game 
chose, it can be considered canonical.  My only problem with this
spelling is that it changes the pronunciation of her name:  An English 
speaker would probably pronounce "Akurjo" as "Ah-ker-joe." Japanese don't 
always understand the complexities of English pronunciation, and I think this
might have been a misunderstanding on their part. They may have simply
assumed that because the "AR" pronunciation in English is often expressed 
in Japanese as "AA" that "UU," going backwards from Japanese to English,
would be spelled the same way.

"Akuujo" is the literal romanization of her name.  That's how it's written
and pronounced in Japanese.  In Japanese, her name is pronounced

Overall?  I think both are acceptable spellings of her name.  One was 
chosen by the Japanese developers and one is a literal romanization of 
her name. Both are official in some way.  I simply prefer "Akuujo" because 
it preserves the original pronunciation.

All the other names!
In this translation, the name romanizations used in the English version of
"Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure" are used, and not the official names in
the Japanese "Little Princess" book.  The only ones that are different
from Borgor/Cho Hakkai's "Little Princess" translation are:

Goronzo --> Golonzo
Marjory -->  Marjoly
Sieglinde --> Siegrind

All of the latter names are the ones used in the American version of
Rhapsody.  These are used in this translation because non-Japanese
readers are probably more familiar with these names and spellings.

Legal information

Copyright 2006 by Boris Buljan and Elizabeth Spencer. This guide is 
intended for private and personal use only. It can not be reprinted, 
reproduced in parts or in its entirety in any form or shape. It can not be 
used for profitable, commercial or promotional purposes. Redistribution in 
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