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In LEAGUE SERIES BASEBALL 2 you get to manage your own unique baseball team to victory against thousands of league opponents. You decide which players to field, what tactics to use and when to bring out the big-hitters! You are given total control of your team's roster and tactics. Every decision could mean the difference between sweet victory and bitter defeat...
Using all your baseball know-how you must guide your team to the top of the league. Or you can challenge a friend to an instant-access game in the two-player VS. Mode!
- Intuitive control system lets you get straight into the action so you'll be batting like a pro in minutes!
- VS. Mode lets two players fight to tally up the most home runs. Use tactical expertise and skilled play to defeat your opponent.
- Edit the rosters and tactical play for any of 4000 playable teams in the one-player mode.
- A great random weather system means conditions can change at any time.

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