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Searching for a girl in the sky, will the dreams of a fairy tale story come true?

Air is a romance game which is expressed in a fantasy setting of a storyline, but it happens in the real life. Of course, you won't find it true, but the tale of the story of this game will lead you to the fun and enjoyable of the storyline. Which makes this game rated a quite high marks. And it deserves the marks given

Released by NEC Interchannel, and developed by Key and Visual Arts. This games provides a deserve fun and enjoyable anime-romance game. It hits quite a high selling rate on Japan, so for Anime lovers, pick up this game is a wise choice for Anime lovers, If you manage to pick it up, you're lucky.

Memorable and remembrance, this game is quite enjoyable in a sense that it sets on with quite simple and non fancy introduction words and sentences. And the story is quite long. You might get asleep during the game process (since you can't understand Japanese, if you do, you won't get asleep). But enjoying the story will make you remember this game forever. And I guarantee you.

Storyline and Presentation = 10
The story is set on Summer, you play the game as Kunisaki Yukito, a traveling entertainer, which your job is to use ''magic'' to get the doll/puppet move. Yes, unfortunately, you can't earn much with this job. You consistently failed to earn money. And always get yourself into some bad luck which you can't help sympathizing yourself. (I did)

You set the journey since you're young, and your journey is to find a girl which is on the opposite of a sky, similar to finding an angel. You were always told by your mum as a fairy tale. Hence, after you mum passed away. You set out the journey to find the girl. Where in the process in your journey, you'll met three girls:

-Misuzu Kamio, the sweet, cheerful, emotional girl.
-Kana Kirishima, the hyper, energetic, yet cute, always wear a bandana, and has a unexpected past life which she herself don't even know.
-Minagi Tohno, she won't show her emotions and expressions much, but has a deep affection of her mother, and have quite a strong interest on you.

You have to proceed the storyline, and find the girl opposite of a sky, will your dreams came true or not depends on how you play the game, choose the storyline wisely, it have 3 different ''good'' endings to the storyline. Depends on which girl you got in the end.

Graphics and Artwork Presentation = 8
Graphic is greatly drawn, quite comfortable and well construct, I only have problems on the character designs, well, it doesn't mean the characters are not pretty and ugly, neither the character designs are worse. Is just that the female characters that appeared in the game looks very ''underage'' for me. It seems every female character looks like 11-13 years old for me, except for Kana-chan and her sister Hijiri-san looks a bit ''adult'' for me. And the proportion of the characters seems a bit out for me, but overall it can be overlooked. Since the overall drawing is greatly acceptable, Good in color setting of characters.

Neither you like it or not, I still love the artwork of this game. The opening animation is the only ones I really don't like it. Because the arrangement and setting is poor. But it gets better at the near end of the animation though.

Sound ~ Music presentation = 12
Another good point of playing this game is the music which plays along with the game. It is very comfortable to listen with, the melody and arrangement setting is very calm and peaceful. Every theme suits the character well. For my favorites, I love Misuzu-chan's theme.

In addition to that, no spooky, out of tune and uncomfortable feeling of the song. Overall the game music is well composed in the way where mood of the music flow very accordingly to the scene. Should deserve more than a 10 marks.

Sound~ Voice acting presentation = 10
Voice acting of this game is no joke. Despite that some famous Voice actress is in this game, their voice acting is great! Indeed an experienced voice actress. Being such old in age, their voice can turn to 16-17 years old of voice! No comments on the Yukito's voice. Misuzu's voice is really a kid's voice! But Minagi's voice is too soft. Kana's voice is hyper! Well, it does suit the character's though, So I have no complains on that.

Some famous voice actress is in this game, Misuzu's mother, Haruko Kamio voice acting is done by Hisakawa Aya (Skuld from Ah! My Goddess) and Uraha voice acting is done by Kikuko Inoue (Belldandy from Ah! My Goddess)

Gameplay Presentation = 6
The gameplay suffers the same old style since your option is only press circle button during the whole story, but whatever it is, since it has multiple endings, Your decision must be wise according to your taste. It has also featured the rewind features, where if you done something or make decisions that you don't like in the game, you can ''repeat'' the whole process again. Replay is also quite high since you can get only one ending in the game, you have to play it again to unlock the remaining CG's, and get a different ending.

Where Air has quite a long storyline presentation. You can unlock more stories after you completed the scenarios there are three of them:

''Dream'' - Story revolves between you and the three main female characters.
''Summer'' - Story take place at the ancient Japan timeline. Where your story begins with you and two female characters. Kanna and Uraha.
''Air'' - Story about you as a crow, been taken by Misuzu as a pet, you will see the story happens between Misuzu and Yukito by you as a crow.

Fun? It's not easy to unlock it, especially if you lack of knowledge of Japanese language.

Overall presentation
Tired of killing and fighting? If you seek for a calm and peaceful storyline with fantasy elements, this is game that you're seeking for, not just for romance, as to bring back the inner childhood of yourself. Hey! you can tell the fairytale to your next generation, too! It's good to dream about angels, innocent, and yet believable, pure and unharmed.

Anime lovers should get this game, To buy or rent is depends on you, but what should you really concern is about how the game makes you play it. Overall 9 marks is pretty much acceptable. I should have give a higher marks. But Gameplay and Artwork section makes me tune down the game a little bit.........

Finally, This game is really good. Pick it up if you were:
Anime lovers, willing to learn Japanese, have quite a knowledge of Japanese language, and open minded. I do hope there is an TV Anime series coming out. But just pray for it.

Sometimes fairy tales is not just for kids......

Rating: 9

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