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Scoring System/Crisis Mission Guide by Hikari_Koryo

Updated: 05/15/06

Time Crisis 3 Scoring system and it's applications to the Crisis missions 

         This FAQ was made for readers of all skill levels although there will
be a few things that I will expect you to learn or practice on your own and if
you're planning on using a controller to play this game, reading this will only 
be a waste of time so go do something else that's more productive.
Table of Contents //////////////////////////

Scoring system                                                            xky01
  "The Dead shot" factor                                                  xky02
  "The Anatomy" factor                                                    xky03
  Sub Combo shots factor                                                  xky04
  Total Combo factor                                                      xky05
  Pre Kill Shot factor                                                    xky06
  Time factor                                                             xky07
Scoring Big                                                               xky08
  Training                                                                xky09
  The general theory                                                      xky10

On to the Crisis Missions                                                 xky11

Contact                                                                   xky12


First of all the scoring system remains the same throughout all the modes 
of the game. So let me begin with the scoring system.

Scoring system  ///////////////////////////                               xky01

There are quite a few components that add up to your score.

1.I termed it the "The Dead shot" factor.                                 xky02

For each and every 10 shots in a chain of consecutive shots 
that you don't miss, you'll get a 
500x(number of consecutive shots/10) bonus with a cap at 5,000.
For example, 
suppose you fire 110 consecutive shots without missing you'll get a
500+1000+1500+2000+.....+4500+5000+5000 points as a "Dead Shot" bonus
(a simple geometric series)

As for how to determine what shots hit

For the Hand Gun
any shot that hits, counts

For the Machine Gun
any shot that hits, counts

For the Shot Gun
Only the center shot counts(out of the 5),meaning you have to hit a target 
with the center shot to keep the Dead Shot bonus chain active

For the grenade
Doesn't count and resets your chain to 0

Note: This should be fairly obvious but mixing shots from different guns will
not disrupt your chain.

Note2: Shots that hit even very unimportant stuff like dishes and fruit baskets
count as a hit as long as the target "reacts" 
ex. dishes break

2."The Anatomy" factor                                                    xky03
This factor only effects the shots that "kill"

For normal enemies(meaning any enemy that takes only 1 shot to kill)

A head shot gives 800 points per/kill
A torso shot gives 400 points per/kill
and shot to any of the limbs give 200 points per/kill

For bosses where the "kill shot" hits does not matter.
They'll still give the same amount of points.

Note: The kill shot for bosses refers to the shot that depletes the green bar 
not the light blue one. Although they do have similar traits, namely they'll 
both give considerably more points but the actual kill shot will give 
noticeably more.

3.Sub Combo shots factor                                                  xky04
Sub Combo shots are shots that hit the same enemy after the "kill shot"

For normal enemies 

only 2 more can be applied.
How much you get depends on the "kill shot"

Head Shots
1st combo gives 180 points
2nd combo gives 260 points

Torso Shots
1st combo gives 140 points
2nd combo gives 180 points

Head Shots
1st combo gives 120 points
2nd combo gives 140 points

Example: say you make a head shot followed by 2 more shots to the same enemy,
you'll get
800+180+260=1240 points

Note: For sub combo shots after the kill shot, it doesn't matter 
where the shots hit. They'll still give the same amount of points.
Ex. Hitting a normal enemy 3 times in the head gives the same amount of points
    as fist making a head shot followed by 2 more shots to the leg which is
    1240 points.

Hope you saw the direct hierarchy relation.

For Machine Gunners
It takes 5 shots to kill them and 3 more shots can be applied.

For the melee attackers with claws
It takes 3 shots to kill them and 3 more shots can be applied.

For Bosses

No sub combo points can be gained after the actual kill shot(the shot that 
depletes the green life bar) however, after the shot that depletes the 
light blue bar which I shall call "sub kill shot"(just for easy reference),
an infinite number of sub combo shots can be applied giving 100 points 
for each shot that hits. The only limit to this is the amount of time the boss 
remains on screen for you to shoot him before he begins a new "sub life bar"
(the light blue bar) 


4.Total Combo factor                                                      xky05
I call the blue number that appear at the upper left hand corner of the screen 
"Total Combo"
The only additional points you'll get for this section will be from 
"Kill Shots" while the Total Combo is still active.

For Head Shots
80x(n-1) for that kill
n is the order of the kill in that Total Combo

For Torso Shots
40x(n-1) for that kill
n is the order of the kill in that Total Combo

For Head Shots
20x(n-1) for that kill
n is the order of the kill in that Total Combo

You kill 3 normal enemies (all with 1 shot);the 1st one with a limb shot 
,the 2nd one with a torso shot and the last one with a head shot, you'll get
20x(1-1)+40x(2-1)+80x(3-1)=200 additional points as a Total Combo bonus.

5.Pre Kill Shot factor                                                    xky06
Pre Kill Shots are shots that hit enemies prior to the kill shot.(which should
be fairly obvious that this can be applied only to bosses and complex enemies
solely due to the fact that it takes more than 1 shot to kill them.)

Pre Kill Shots award 100 points per shot without any changes.

6.Time factor                                                             xky07
The Time factor is the time left after each section or mission.
The more time left the more points but how much points are awarded in relation
to the time left vary from mission to mission. On average 1000 points are 
awarded for each second that is left on the clock.

Scoring Big!!!  /////////////////////                                     xky08
     To score high points, you'll need only 2 things
1.You'll have to know how it is done.
2.You'll have to have the abilities to actually put the "how" into practice.

     Seeing as the No.2 is the more basic factor of the 2.I shall go into it

Training                                                                  xky09
      First, properly learn how to hold and aim a hand gun. That I trust I can
leave in your hands. For the PS2,Time Crisis 3 offers the most precise shooting

system making it an ideal training environment. I recommend training with the
Crisis mission 1 on the 4th day because this mission offers non-stop random
targets both moving and pop-up which together create the ideal training 
environment under the constraints of an economical budget.
      Train every day for at least 30 mins. If you find time to train with both
hands that will be even better. And condition your mind to subconsciously aim
only for head shots. This habit/reflex will really come in handy.
      After a month, hopefully you'll be what I like to call a "Dead Shot".
To my standards, that means being able to get 3 head shots in one second using
no more than 3 bullets. Clearly you'll have to be able to aim by heart anywhere 
on the screen in 0.3 seconds. Trust me, this is a minimum requirement if you're 
even thinking of getting all the gold medals in the Crisis missions.

The general theory                                                        xky10

        What have we learned from my analysis of the scoring system?
You'll soon notice that the theory itself is very simple as well as logical
but the practice itself is far from practical.

-Only go for head shots and nothing else.
-Don't miss.
-Always try to keep the "Total Combo" active by shooting targets quickly 
 one after another.
-Follow up your shots to the max after the enemy has been defeated but 
 remember not to over do it or the extra shots will count as a miss.
-Be as swift as possible and save time.

       On many occasions you'll be forced to sacrifice one or many of those
factors. It should be obvious that the logical choice of which to sacrifice is
the factor that yields less points IN THE LONG TERM which can be accurately
calculated through my analysis with a simple mathematical process.

On to the Crisis Missions /////////////////////                           xky11

        Probably the only things worth mentioning in the entire game are the 
Crisis Missions. For any other aspects of the game, it shouldn't take more than
2 tries for a skilled marksman with a good understanding of the game's system
to accomplish with the highest rank measured by the game's default.
        As for the Crisis Missions themselves, their standards for the gold 
medals are much much higher but still ,most of the missions are either "fixed" 
of have finite patterns meaning that with just a few plays through the mission, 
you will be able to know

-Enemy placements
-Enemy numbers
-Enemy types
-Enemy movement speed and patterns
-Enemy behavior
-Enemy attack patterns
-Enemy reactions (to our actions)

      This acquired information will allow you to at least have a chance to
aim at a target even before it appears on screen. That is a huge tactical 
advantage. All that will allow you to plan exactly how and when to do what. 
Also, upon calculation(through means of my analysis of the scoring system)
you will discover that there is a considerable gap between the maximum score 
possible and the actual requirements for the gold medals, implicitly 
demonstrating quite a degree of leniency. To put it in simple words "If you're 
good (say the 90th percentile of an average population)(which is like the top 
10%),this should be nothing more than cake"
      The Final mission however, does stand above the rest in terms of relative
difficulty. So I see it justified for me to hold you hand through this one. 
Final Mission 

       The key to this mission is balancing speed with "perfect scoring". Using
grenades effectively can save you several seconds but diminishes your 
opportunity for "perfect scoring"(meaning shooting fast with no misses)
It should be noted that the Total Combo bonus for this mission is very minor
as you are constantly forced to lose your chain by the bosses going off the 
screen for too long. So for practicality, ignore that factor if you just want 
to get the gold medal. What DOES matter is the Dead Shot bonus. If you miss any 
shot before the 200th, I see very little margin for you the get the gold medal.
       On to the practical walk through for this mission. Please note that I 
specifically said "practical" meaning this method will not yield the highest 
scores possible but rather will statistically yield the most points when 
considering risk and potential rewards.(to my finding at least)
       As soon as you can fire you'll see Wesley in the upper left hand corner 
of the screen. Here I recommend shooting him with the machine gun until he 
jumps down. Then Alan will come in from the right. Switch to shooting Allan 
for a while then switch back to shooting Wesley as soon as you get a clear line 
of fire. Wait just after their attack to deplete Wesley's sub life bar and 
follow it up as much as you can then deplete Alan's sub life bar. Both of them 
will leave the screen and the camera will turn to the right. Alan will be 
around the center of the screen so take him out with the machine gun. 
After that, he'll leave and Wesley will pop up at a roof top on the upper left 
hand corner of the screen. Here I recommend ignoring him. Now Alan will pop up 
at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Use the Machine Gun. After that, 
Wesley will appear at around the center of the screen with Alan in back of him. 
Take them both out with the Machine Gun. They'll both leave and Alan will 
pop out briefly at the far side of the path. I recommend ignoring him here. 
Then Alan will come out again from the upper right hand corner of the screen.
Continue with the Machine Gun until he drops behind a wall and get ready to 
shoot him again as he pops up again. Make sure you deplete his sub life bar 
before he takes cover behind the wall again. By now you should be out of 
Machine Gun bullets so switch to the Shot Gun and take care of Wesley as he 
appears right un front of you. You should be able to land 10+ shots 
pausing only to evade his fire and his kick that he performs after 
his sub life bar has been depleted. Now switch to the hand gun and unload 
on Alan who will be appearing (without a sub life bar) in the upper left hand 
corner. Now you'll see them both. I recommend using a grenade here which should 
finish Wesley and quickly change to the hand gun and let Alan have it. 
The screen will turn to the right and as soon as it does get a grenade shot 
in which if done right, will finish Wesley and leave Alan's sub life nearly
depleted. Quickly change to the hand gun and unload on Alan. As he leaves, get 
ready to give Wesley a few more shots as he appears at a roof top on the top
right corner of the screen. Now this is a tricky part. Weaken Alan with your 
hand gun and finish him off with a grenade before he can take cover. If he does
take cover, a well placed grenade shot should be able to hurt him enough to 
finish him. Now change to a hand gun and land some hits on Wesley as he runs 
across the screen on the far side. Then quickly change to the shot gun and land
2 shots on Alan right before you are forced to dodge his flying kick. 
Continuing with the shot gun, let Alan have it followed by Wesley. Now ready a 
grenade and finish both Alan and Wesley in one shot as the screen turns to the 
right. Then quickly change to the hand gun and follow up the attack. 
After this, it's the final showdown. Ready your hand gun and let Wesley have it 
as soon as you can see him but keep an eye out and quickly change to the 
grenade and launch it at the wall behind Alan(or at Alan himself)as soon as you 
get the opportunity. By now they should be both near the end so change to the 
shot gun and finish them once and for all. With any luck you should have a 
score worthy of the gold medal.
Copyright Rupp Rojjanavaroe 12/5/2006
Contact                                                                   xky12
If you find any mistakes or have any comments, Please contact me at

"I merely used my eyes and my brain", Sherlock Holmes

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